Immaculate Conception (East St. Louis, Illinois) Catholic Burials

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Burials (1904–1957)

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Name Died Age Father Mother Where Buried Comment
ADOMAITIS, George 16 Jan 1915 10y Mt. Carmel
ADOMAITIS, John 11 Oct 1953 70y Adomaitis, Joseph Mt. Carmel Husband of Mary
AGLEN, Anna 5 Aug 1916 47y Mt. Carmel Wife of Anthoni Aglen
ALEKSA, Pranciskus 27 May 1912 16m Aleksa, Prancisckus Mt. Carmel
ALESKA, Francis 11 May 1931 45y Mt. Carmel Husband of Helena MATULEVICIA
ALEX, Francis 8 Jun 1942 21y Alex, John Mt. Carmel Drowned accidently.  Body found the next day.
ANCEREVICIENE, Ludovica [Louisa] 28 May 1922 49y GRINIUS, John KURZNIS, Petron. Mt. Carmel
ANDRIUKATIS, Anton 4 Sep 1913 29y Mt. Carmel From Tilden, IL
ANDRULIS, Francis 28 Jun 1933 51y Mt. Carmel
ANDRUSKA, Benedictus 27 Jul 1923 10m Andruska, Joseph NAVOSAITE, Anna Mt. Carmel
ANEKENE, Barbara 31 May 1932
ANNEX, Albert 16 Mar 1948 38y Annex, Ambrosi Mt. Carmel From Chicago, IL.  [See record.]
ANTANAVICIUS (NUTULIS), Peter 25 Apr 1953 76y Antanavicius, George Mt. Carmel
ANTANOVICH, John 24 May 1932 49y Mt. Carmel
AUDIEJAITIS, George (Born Oct 1897; from Madison) 14 Jul 1903 Audiejaitis, Andraki ILGAUIKE, Anna Mt. Carmel Suv. Gub. Marjauipolis distr. Garliavos par. Treidu guiko Jurgiuskiu sadz
AUGAITIS, Vincent 22 Sep 1927 52y Mt. Carmel
AURILA, Joseph 2 Jun 1917 11y 20d Aurila, S. Mt. Carmel
AURILA, Maria 30 Jul 1950 43y Aurila, Samuelis Mt. Carmel
AURILA, Simeon 16 Mar 1935 56y Aurila, Anton KUIZIKAITE, Anna Mt. Carmel
AURILIENE, Not listed 6 Jun 1938 Mt. Carmel
AURYLA, Antonius 6 Nov 1904 11d Auryla, Simeon LINKAITE, Domicelia Mt. Carmel Kannae gub. Rossieusis distr. Girdiskui par.
BAIKAUSKIS, Bronislava 18 Sep 1915 1y Baikauskis, George Mt. Carmel
BAJORAITIS, Edward 13 May 1922 3m Bajoraitis, George URTONAITE, Anna Mt. Carmel
BAJORAS, Alexander 9 Apr 1948 78y Bajoras, George Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel
BAJORIS, Magdalena 7 Dec 1931 68y Mt. Carmel Wife of Alex. Bajoris
BALIK, Francis 12 Oct 1904 10y Balik, Joseph Mt. Carmel [(15) is written next to the age.]  Ex Galicia, Emigdot parochie Krosue distr Herta Polska pagi
BALLUTATIS, Anna 30 May 1915 43y Ballutatis, Constantin Not listed, Veronica Mt. Carmel
BALTRUNAITE, Victoria 17 Jun 1923 1y 10m Baltrunaite, Joseph LINKEVICAITE, Casmira Mt. Carmel
BALTRUNAS – HLADYSHEVSKY, Casimira 20 Apr 1950 55y LINKEVICIUS, Not listed Mt. Carmel
BALTRUNAS, Francis 6 Sep 1920 9m Baltrunas, Joseph LINKEVIAUTE, Casimira Mt. Carmel
BALTRUNAS, John 2 Dec 1926 5w Baltrunas, Joseph JENKEVICE, Casimira Mt. Carmel
BALTRUNAS, Joseph 5 Aug 1918 Infant Baltrunas, Joseph LIKINIE, Casimira Mt. Carmel Probable new born Baptized at home.
BALTRUNAS, Joseph 27 Dec 1934 42y Mt. Carmel
BALTRUSZAITIS, Anna 30 Oct 1904 2m Baltruszaitis, Paul Not listed, Veronica Mt. Carmel
BARDAUSKIS, Anna Maria 27 Sep 1914 4m Bardauskis, Joachim Mt. Carmel
BARTIUIKUITE, Helena (From St. Louis, MO) 2 Sep 1904 2m Bartiuikas, Francis Not listed, Veronica Mt. Carmel Tewalci gub. Vilkavisclasid distr. Naumiecio par Nokvarsa pagi
BARTUSEVICIUS, Casimir 5 Mar 1940 56y Mt. Carmel
BASSLER, Augustus 2 Jun 1935 69y Bassler, Sebastian Mt. Carmel
BAUGH, Thomas Levi 22 Aug 1922 Mt. Carmel
BEEBER, Francis Louis 25 Jun 1943 10y Beeber, Francis ALEX, Louise Mt. Calvary Drowned accidently.
BERTASEVICIA, Anna 5 Feb 1931 40y Mt. Carmel Wife of Casimir
BERZINIS, John 23 Dec 1927 6y 6m Berzinis, Franc. JUSKAITE, Marcella Mt. Carmel
BERZINIS, Joseph 24 Aug 1917 1y 6m Berzinis, Francis JUSKAITE, Marcy Mt. Carmel
BRAZAS, Joseph 5 Nov 1955 76y Mt. Carmel
BRAZAUSKIUTE, Sophia 24 Aug 1904 9y Brazauskis, Joseph Mt. Carmel Kaunensis gub. Rosieusia distr. Girdiszkiu par Kleiekin
BRAZINSKIS, John 8 Oct 1942 58y Mt. Carmel Husband of Helen.  Died in Coulterville, IL.
BRAZIUSKAS, Helen 19 Sep 1946 53y AUGUSTINAS, Not listed Mt. Carmel From Coulterville, IL
BRUCAS, Matthias 31 Aug 1927 51y Brucas, Stanislav Not listed, Catherine Mt. Carmel
BRUKAS, Anthony 31 Jan 1940 72y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly
BRUZIENE, Agnes 24 Aug 1908 45y ZIMONTAS, Not listed Mt. Carmel
BUCIUNAS, Anthony 21 Aug 1940 25y Buciunas, Thadeus Not listed, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Died in an auto accident
BUCUINAS, Thad. 5 Jun 1928 50y Bucuinas, Thad. TILVECKAITE, Elizab. Mt. Carmel
BUITKUS, Francis 10 Oct 1923 80y Buitkas, Laurent MUSTMISINSKA, Ursula Mt. Carmel
BUITKUS, Joseph 14 Feb 1947 68y Mt. Carmel
BUITKUS, Petronele 21 Apr 1952 60y Mt. Carmel Pu. Wife of Casimir
BUITKUS, Raphael 12 Oct 1931 10m Buitkus, Ant. KILCAUSKIS, Josepha Mt. Carmel
BUKSIENE, Barbara 31 Jan 1923 33y MICUSIUS, Mich. CIBELSKI, Hel. Mt. Carmel
BURAKAS, Casimir 1932 40y Mt. Carmel Not a church funeral.  [See record]
BUROKAS, Gertrudis 28 Jul 1925 7m Burokas, Casimir KERSULIS, Elizab. Mt. Carmel
BUROKUS, Joseph 1 Aug 1918 1m Burokas, Casimir KERSUK, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
BUTKAITE, Maria 13 May 1921 8m Butkaite, John JAKERTAITE, Anna Mt. Carmel
BUTKUS, Anna 19 May 1932
BUTKUS, Joseph 8 Mar 1937 46y Butkus, Joseph GRICUIS, Not listed Mt. Carmel
BUTKUS, Petronelia 7 Nov 1905 1y Butkus, Jonas TLIKERTIKE, Maria Mt. Carmel  
CESMELEVICIA, Peter 29 Jun 1927 75y Calvary, Granite City, IL From Madison
CIGINSKIS, George 27 Jul 1913 28y Ciginskis, Anton Mt. Carmel From Dauksei Suvalka
CIRTAUTAS (Cirtautiene), Maria 3 Jan 1920 50y VALAITIS, Franc. Mt. Carmel
CIRTAUTAS (Cirtiff), Augustas 4 Oct 1948 57y Mt. Carmel
DAGIS, John 30 Oct 1933 51y Mt. Carmel
DANYS, Joseph 20 Dec 1938 57y Danys, Joseph Mt. Carmel
DAPKUS, Casimir 28 Oct 1914 28y Dapkus, Jasiuis Mt. Carmel
DAUJOTAS (DOWET), Heva 26 Jul 1947 48y Mt. Carmel Wife of Apolinari Daujotas
DAUJSTAS, Apolinas 6 Nov 1939 63y Daujstas, Joseph Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
DEKSNYS, Rev. Antonius 28 Jun 1949 82y Deksnys, Francis LAPELYTE, Joanna St. Casimiri in Chicago, IL
DIDZBALIENE, Maria 10 May 1945 68y JUGONAS, George Mt. Carmel
DIDZBALIS, Adam 26 Nov 1929 55y Didzbalis, Isidor Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
DIRAITIS, Casimir 2 Mar 1905 2m Diraitis, George Mt. Carmel Luvalei geb. Vilkaviskis, distr. Graziskiu par Grauziuiei sadz
DOCKA, Dolly 2 Jul 1932 14y Docka, Casimir SENIUNAS, Martha Mt. Carmel
DUDA, Casimir [Casiuus?] 27 Apr 1948 60y Mt. Carmel
DUMSAS, John 15 Nov 1924 51y Dumsas, George Mt. Carmel From Belleville, IL
DUPKUS, Casimir 24 Jun 1915 8y Dupkus, Casimir Mt. Carmel
DUSAVICH, Felix 29 Dec 1940 57y Tilden, IL Husband of Louise born STAIGAITIS
DVARICKIS, Jacob 11 Nov 1928 69y Dvarickis, George MARCUIA, Maria Mt. Carmel
DVASECKIENE, Magdalena 12 Nov 1932 61y Mt. Carmel
EICAS, John 9 Jun 1928 46y Eicas, Vinc. SVEDAS, Maria Mt. Carmel
EICHAS, Joseph 5 Jul 1949 66y Mt. Carmel Died after an accident.
EIDULIS, John 16 Dec 1928 50y Mt. Carmel
EIMAUCIUS, John Paul 30 Mar 1905 10d Eimaucius, Joseph Mt. Carmel Rossieusis distr. Girdiskui par. Ringales sadz
GACIAS, Joseph (From Viltro) 16 Aug 1911 45y Mt. Carmel
GALVONAS, John 31 Dec 1952 65y Galvonas, Peter Mt. Carmel
GALVONUS, Stanislas 8 Mar 1915 Galvonus, John
GARMAPAVICE, John 27 Sep 1911 3m Garmapavice, Constantin
GATAVECKAS, Damazius 1 Sep 1937 Mt. Carmel Age is listed as 50 or 70
GEDVILA, Simeon 14 Oct 1905 1y Gedvila, Vincent DELHER, Maria Mt. Carmel Sauliu distr. Triskiu par. Taurageniu sadz.
GEDVILAS, John (From French Village) 7 Nov 1904 24y Gedvilas, Rapleaelis MOEKIKE, Maria Mt. Carmel Rossiensis distr Gaurae par Serapiniszkui pagi
GEDVILAS, Juliasus 1 Nov 1915 57y Mt. Carmel From Laukusa Lithuania
GELVONAS, Ann 20 Nov 1940 Mt. Carmel Wife of John Gelvonas.  Died suddenly at St. Mary’s Hospital
GERCIS, Joseph 10 Oct 1913 1y 8m Gercis, Anton Mt. Carmel
GERVÉ, George 12 Oct 1909 42y Gervé, John Mt. Carmel ex Suvalki gub. Mariumfilipav Garlavos parochi Kampiska Kaimo
GLOCK, Joseph W. 7 Jun 1931 65y Glock, Dan. Not listed, Josephine Mt. Olive, St. Louis, MO Husband of Anna EILERS Glock
GRICIUS, Adam 17 Jan 1951 66y Mt. Carmel Husband of Michalina.  Died suddenly.
GRIMAILA, Josephina 8 Apr 1945 65y Mt. Carmel
GRINIENE, Joanna 4 Aug 1955 64y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph
GRINIUS, Joseph Michael 18 Dec 1956 69y Grinius, Martin Mt. Carmel
GRYBAUSKAS (GREB), John 29 Aug 1952 52y Mt. Carmel Died suddenly.
GRYBAUSKIS, Francis 31 Dec 1924 63y Mt. Carmel
GRZIMATA, Johanna 15 Nov 1904 11m Grzimata, Anton Mt. Carmel
GUDAVICIUS, Marianna 17 Jul 1954 69y Mt. Carmel Wife of Leonard
GVAZDAUSKIS, Stanislaus 15 May 1934 70y Mt. Carmel Was found dead with no local relatives.
IDELL-AIDULIS, Adolpha 28 May 1955 78y Mt. Carmel
IGNATUVICUITE, Luzana 7 Oct 1913 7m Ignatuvicuite, Maria
ILEVICIENE, Rosalia 23 Mar 1919 31y Mt. Carmel
ILEVISCIUS, Joseph 1 Apr 1918 20m Ilevicius, Simon MACIUJANSKIS, Rosa Mt. Carmel
ILGUNAS, Thomas 13 Aug 1929 56y Ilgunas, George Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel
ILGUNIENE, Magdalena 11 May 1921 Mt. Carmel
IVANAUSKAS, Julius 31 Oct 1952 56y Mt. Carmel
IVANAUSKAS, Simon 23 Nov 1934 60y Mt. Carmel
IVANAUSKIENE, Anna 22 Jul 1921 27y 8m 10d Mt. Carmel
IVANAUSKIS, John 22 Jul 1921 Ivanauskis, Michael MACIULUTE, Anna Mt. Carmel [Probable infant]
IVANAUSKIS, Sophia 11 May 1918 25y Ivanauskis, Ferdinand GINTILAS, Sophia Mt. Carmel
JACHINEWICZ, Stanley 13 Nov 1955 49y Jachinewicz, Anthony Mt. Carmel
JAKUBENAS, Paul 4 Sep 1943 66y Jakubenas, Joseph Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
JANONIS, Cazimir 9 Oct 1913 5m Mt. Carmel
JANONIS, Stanilaus 16 Aug 1918 9m Janonis, Thad. SAMILAITE, Petronilla Mt. Carmel
JANULAITIS, Andr. 16 Feb 1923 37y Janulaitis, Bartol. MIKALAUSKIS, Barbara Mt. Carmel
JANUSAUSKAS, Sylvester 21 Aug 1940 60y Mt. Carmel Died at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, MO
JANUSAUSKIENE, Veronica 1 Mar 1939 66y ZIMANTAS, Joseph Mt. Carmel
JASAITIS, Alphonsus 22 Aug 1918 1y Jasaitis, Peter IGNOTOVICIA, Maria Mt. Carmel
JAUCEVSKIS, Peter May 1905 36y Jaucevskis, Thomas Mt. Carmel Raseinu distr. Jraudviles par.
JAUCIAUSKIS, Vytautas 26 Sep 1905 6m Jauciauskis, Peter KARKAUSKAITE, Catharina Mt. Carmel Suvalci gub.  Surdegui par. Riezgaliu sadz
JERECKIS, Joseph 26 Apr 1922 Mt. Carmel
JEREIKES, Vladislaus 6 Dec 1912 3y Jereikes, Joseph Mt. Carmel
JOCIS, Anna 11 Jun 1931 47y Mt. Carmel Wife of Simeonis
JOCIUS, Simonas 28 Apr 1953 84y Mt. Carmel Husband of Petronella
JONIKAS, Antonius 22 Oct 1917 51y Jonikus, Anton MOCKUS, Monica Mt. Carmel Kauno Redybs
JOZAYT – JUSZAITIS, Frances 8 Jun 1951 67y Mt. Carmel Wife of Peter JOZAITIS
JUCIENE, Angela 30 Jul 1920 57y Juciene, Thomas VALAITE, Not listed Mt. Carmel
JUCIUS, Barbara 14 Dec 1948 77y Mt. Carmel Wife of Peter.  Died as a patient in Altonis Meriful Hospital
JUCIUS, Joseph (From Zeigler, IL) 14 Mar 1931 44y Mt. Carmel Husband of Mille
JUKNEVICIUS, Antonius 30 Apr 1939 63y Juknevicius, Andrei Not listed, Anele Mt. Carmel
JUNGELAITIS (YUNGEL), Sam 26 Aug 1941 53y Mt. Carmel Husband of Veronica
JUNGELAITIS, Veronica 14 Jan 1942 Mt. Carmel Widow of Sam.  Died in an auto accident.
JURGELAITIS, Valentin 30 Sep 1928 51y Mt. Carmel From Brooklyn, N. Y.
JUSKYS, Benedictus 8 Nov 1905 2y Juskys, Anton ADOMAVICE, Stanislava Mt. Carmel Rosieusis distr. Girdiskiu par. Rusbiskiu sadz
KALVAITE, Lucia Zita 1 Oct 1923 5w Kalvaite, Paul DASKAITE, Anna Mt. Carmel
KAMINSKIENE, Elizabheta 6 Jun 1938 68y URBUTIS, George Not listed, Magdalena St. Mary, Edwardsville, IL
KANAVIEREKIS, Justinus 1 Jan 1906 42y Kanavierekis, Xavier Mt. Carmel Pauevezio distr
KANCIUS, Casimir 18 Mar 1929 77y Kancius, Isidor PULGAUSKIS, Barbara Mt. Carmel
KANTAUSKAS, Frank 10 May 1937 47y Kantauska, Paul Mt. Carmel
KANTAUSKIS, Monica 25 Jul 1942 52y Mt. Carmel Widow of Francis Kantauskis.  Died suddenly in doctor’s office.
KASMAUSKAS, Antonius 9 May 1952 68y Mt. Carmel Husband of Joanna
KASPUTIS, Anna 31 Jul 1914 9m Kasputis, Anton Mt. Carmel
KASSLY (KAUSJREDA), John 6 Sep 1934 54y Mt. Carmel
KASTANTINAVICIUS (KOSTI), Stephen 30 Dec 1952 65y Mt. Carmel From Fairmont City, IL.  [See record]
KAVALINIAS, Peter 11 Aug 1934 60y Kavalinias, Joseph Not listed, Catharina Mt. Carmel
KENTRUSIS, Heva 4 Nov 1930 80y LATVIS, Geo. Mt. Carmel From Kincaid, IL
KERDULIS, Hypolitus 26 Sep 1928 Mt. Carmel
KERSULIS, Anton 18 Mar 1929 40y Kersulis, Paul LAUCIUS, Anna Mt. Carmel
KESERAUSKIENE, Agatha (From Fairmont City) 4 Nov 1918 40y TLOPKAUSKIS, Joseph Not listed, Petronilla Mt. Carmel Suvolky, Hovilky
KESERAUSKIS, Francisca 20 Nov 1915 9m Keserauskis, Peter Mt. Carmel
KESERAUSKIS, Marianna 19 Jul 1951 74y Mt. Carmel Wife of Peter Keserauskis.  Died suddenly.
KIKAS, John (From St. Louis) 14 Jul 1905 6m Kikas, Casimir SLAVIUSKIUTE, Marcella Mt. Carmel Urlkaviskis distr. Et par. Lausbalin sadz
KINDER, Agatha 4 Jan 1951 Mt. Carmel Wife of Casimir Kinder.  Died at St. Mary’s Hospital
KINDERIS, Casimirus 14 Feb 1954 73y Kinderis, Joseph Mt. Carmel
KITRUSIS, George 29 Dec 1943 86y Mt. Carmel From Kincaid, IL
KOPKA, Vladislaus 20 Jul 1905 6m Kopka, Joseph Mt. Carmel Vilmaus red. Traku distr Nedziugui par. Mikueinan sadz
KOPUSTAS (MILLER), Haeva 11 Apr 1954 69y Mt. Carmel Widow of John
KOPUSTAS, John 13 Jun 1952 78y Mt. Carmel Husband of Haeva
KOPUSTAS, Thomas 26 Apr 1929 14d Kopustas, Vinc. JOZAITIS, Anton Mt. Carmel
KOPUSTOS, Adelaide 15 Feb 1920 1y 2m Kopustos, John STALKEVICIUTE, Heva Mt. Carmel
KOUSTAUTIN, Joseph 7 Apr 1915 30d Koustautin, Not listed
KREIVINAS, Francis 30 Jan 1922 21y Kreivinas, Anton BOTYSUITES, Mar. R. Catholic in Westville, IL
KRIVINE, Francisca 13 Sep 1918 25y BRAZAUSKIS, Joseph ZIMOUTAS, Ver. Mt. Carmel
KUBILIUS, Joseph 8 Jan 1921 39y Kubilius, Joseph KAUBIATE, Angela Mt. Carmel
KUCINSKAS, Felix 24 Nov 1915 60y Kucinskas, Simeon Not listed, Dorothea Mt. Carmel From Uzugoscei
KUCIUSKA, Maria (Maryann) 26 Aug 1933 60y Mt. Carmel
KULPINSKIS, Peter 12 Jun 1956 68y Mt. Carmel From Fairmont City
KULPINSKIS, Petronella 9 May 1956 67y Mt. Carmel Wife of Peter Kulpinskis.  From Fairmont City
KUPCIUNAS, Elizabeth 12 May 1940 63y Holy Cross
KUTKA, Helena 7 May 1916 2y 6m Kutka, Rochi SERATCH, Marcella Mt. Carmel
LAGANUS, John 2 Dec 1937 48y Mt. Carmel He was not married.
LAGZDIN, Jacob 23 Mar 1919 32y Lagzdin, Peter Mt. Carmel
LAUDANSKIS, George 1 Oct 1946 60y Mt. Carmel
LAUGULIS, John 22 Dec 1937 Holy Cross
LAURINAICAITE, Juliana 1 Dec 1921 6y Laurinaicaite, Peter JANULAICIUTE, Maria Mt. Carmel
LAURINAITIS, Peter 6 Jul 1935 52y Mt. Carmel Mary is mentioned
LAVANAS, Johann 10 Sep 1933 58y Lavanas, Dominic Mt. Carmel
LENKTIS, Francis 16 Dec 1921 19y Lenktis, Francis SKURZINKUS, Gertrude Tilden, IL Public Cemetery From Tilden, IL
LENKTIS, John 6 Aug 1936 27y Lenktis, Frank SKUZENSKETE, Gertrude Tilden Cemetery
LEVANAS, Antonius 18 Jan 1945 78y Levanas, Dominic JONAITIS, Agnes Mt. Carmel
LIONAITIENE, Maria 30 Apr 1906 26y KEBLERIS, Not listed Mt. Carmel Raseinu distr Jurburko par. Pazlekiu sadz paliko uyra Lauryna Lionaiti
LOROCKA, Anna 12 Apr 1905 7m Lorocka, Roclei Mt. Carmel Rasseiun distr. Jurburks par. Lumkusui pagi
LOROCZKA, Joseph 16 Feb 1905 Mt. Carmel
LOROCZKA, Joseph 28 Mar 1905 2y Lorocka, Rochi Mt. Carmel Rasseiun pav. Jurburks par. Lumkucui sadz
LUKOSEVICIA, Agatha 30 Sep 1918 33y Lukosevicia, Stanislav LUKOS, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel From Fairmont City
MACUILIS, John 9 Jan 1928 39y Macuilis, Franc. Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel
MACYS, Antonius 10 Jul 1948 77y Mt. Carmel From Madison, IL.  Husband of Domitilla.
MAJAUSKAS, James 5 Mar 1941 60y Mt. Carmel Died in Chicago, buried here.
MAJAUSKAS, Peter 6 May 1937 47y Majauskas, Sylvester STURBIS, Anna Mt. Carmel
MANKEVICUIS, Julius 26 Dec 1937 67y Holy Cross
MARKS (MARKUS), George 7 Jul 1955 62y Mt. Carmel Husband of Helen
MARTISIUS, Vitoldus 4 Nov 1914 Martisius, Andrei
MASOTAS, Irena 25 Jun 1904 7y Masotas, John CARLIN, Grace
MATIEKASTIENE, Johanna 10 Dec 1934 54y DAPKUS, Silvester Mt. Carmel
MATULEVICIA, Joseph 4 Nov 1924 56y Mt. Carmel From Zeigler, IL
MAZEIKA, Ignatius 5 Jan 1915 27y Mazeika, Not Listed Mt. Carmel From Christophor, IL
MEGIEU_, Monica 11 Feb 1912 27y Mt. Carmel
MEISTINIKAS, Simon 7 Feb 1914 32y Meistinikas, Thadei Mt. Carmel From Nemaksciu par
MEISTIVICKAS, John 19 Jan 1926 58y Meistivickas, Tad. JERMOSKAITE, Leocadia Mt. Carmel
MELIAUSKIS, Constantia 19 Apr 1916 34y TREJONIS, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph Meliauskis
MENCIUSKAS, Casimir (Charles MENCH) 13 Apr 1954 70y Mt. Carmel
METRIKAS, Alphonsus 14 Mar 1923 40y 5m Mt. Carmel
MICKUS, Joseph 1 Jul 1931 39y Mt. Carmel Husband of Agatha
MIELDAZIS, Casimir 3 Nov 1915 4m Mieldazis, Casimir Mt. Carmel
MIELESKA – MILLER, Alexandra (Widow) 15 Jul 1954 73y Mt. Carmel
MIELESKA, John 19 Jun 1905 6m Mieleska, John BERTOSIKE, Alexandrae Mt. Carmel Kanno red ir apska Grirkiskiu par Sasiu sadz
MIKALOJUNA, Anastasia 4 Jun 1930 65y Mt. Carmel Wife of Nicolas
MIKELIONIS, Stanislaus 2 Feb 1923 48y Mikelionis, Nicod. Not listed, Rosalia Mt. Carmel
MIKUCKAS, Bronislava 24 Aug 1912 1m Mikuckas, Vincent Mt. Carmel
MILDAZIS, Casimir 15 Aug 1929 48y Mildazis, George Mt. Carmel
MILIUSIS, Casimir 9 Feb 1912 50y Not listed, Elabieta Mt. Carmel
MINKEVICIA, Casimir 1 Aug 1928 34y Minkevicia, Carl VAICIEKANSKIS, Hedvigis Mt. Carmel From Madison, IL
MISKIVAITE, Stanislava 16 Feb 1920 9y 9m Miskivaite, Joseph BOSANINTE, Maria Mt. Carmel
MITCHELL-MICIUL, Antonia 2 Dec 1945 56y ZIMOLAITIS, John Mt. Carmel
MIZER, Peter Anthony 10 Oct 1953 69y Mizer, Adam Mt. Carmel
MONTVILIENE, Anna 14 Mar 1943 86y DAPKUS, Anton Not listed, barbara Mt. Carmel
MORKEVICIUS, Antonius 12 Nov 1949 62y Morkevicius, Julius Mt. Carmel Husband of Emilia.  Died suddenly at St. Mary’s Hospital.
MOTEKAITIS, John 7 May 1926 64y Motekaitis, Hieronymus Not listed, Veronica Mt. Carmel
MOUTVILAS, Michael 29 May 1906 40y Moutvilas, Thomas Mt. Carmel Raseinu distr. Girdiskas par. Ringaliu pagi
MUSTEVICKAS, Stanislaus 3 Apr 1930 64y Mustevickas, Tad. JERMOSKAITE, Leocadia Mt. Carmel
MUSTNISISKAS, Mart. 11 Oct 1923 58y Mustnisiskas, Thad. JES__OSKAITE, Leocadia Mt. Carmel
NAVICKAS (NOVICH), Casimir 5 Feb 1945 68y Navickas, Ada Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
NEVINSKIS, Catharina 6 Feb 1931 49y Mt. Carmel Wife of John
NORECKA, Petronella 24 Aug 1948 59y Mt. Carmel Wife of Peter Norecka
NOREIKAITE, Dorothea 26 Apr 1926 1y 1m Noreikaite, Peter MICUILAITE, Petronilla Mt. Carmel
NOREJKA, Stanislaus 25 Jan 1916 1y 3m Norejka, Stanislaus AUGUSTOWSKA, Euphemia Mt. Carmel Notation: Morbus jecoris
NOREKA, Euphemia 28 Jun 1916 31y AUGUSTOWSKA, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Stanislaus Noreka
NORKUS, John 30 May 1955 82y Norkus, John Mt. Carmel
NORKUS, Petronele 8 Sep 1948 68y Mt. Carmel Wife of John Norkus
NORVAISA, Joseph 26 Jan 1930 44y Norvaisa, Louis Not listed, Veronica Mt. Carmel
Not listed, Francis 12 Apr 1914 61y Mt. Carmel
Not listed, Julianus 14 Dec 1912 1y Not listed, Joseph Mt. Carmel
NOWICKIS, Casimir (From Virden, IL) 12 Jun 1909 33y Nowicki, Aloys St. Louis, MO Born in appido Uiventis Siaulin par Kauno gub
PAPLAUSKIS, Antonius 16 Jul 1938 58y Paplauskis, Joseph Not listed, Paulina Mt. Carmel
PASKEVICAITE, Josepha 5 May 1922 12y Paskevicaite, Anton BALTAKIS, Anna St. Adalbert
PASKEVICIUS, Antonius 8 Apr 1947 67y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna
PASKIVICE, Joseph 13 Nov 1914 4m Paskevice, Anton Mt. Carmel
PAULAUSKIS, Charles 26 Oct 1942 59y Mt. Carmel [See record.]
PAULAUSKIS, Dionisius [Dennis] 23 Feb 1915 26y Paulauskis, Joseph Mt. Carmel From Everai Sithuas
PECIUKONIS, Augustin 16 May 1927 50y 1m 3d Mt. Carmel Born 12 Apr 1877
PETRAITIS, Anton 15 Mar 1931 54y Mt. Carmel
PETRAUSKAS, Anna 7 Jun 1950 59y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph.  From St. Louis, MO
PETRAUSKAS, Antonius 2 Apr 1948 Mt. Carmel [Ages 85y and 68y are listed]
PETRAUSKAS, Joseph 23 Nov 1952 67y Mt. Carmel
PETRAUSKIS, Justina 23 Dec 1929 49y SAMASAITE, Not listed Mt. Carmel From Fairmont City
PETRAUSKIS, Matthaus 10 Aug 1917 9m Petrauskis, Joseph SKIMBERASKIN, Anna Mt. Carmel
PETRAVICIENE, Maria 13 Aug 1926 42y Mt. Carmel
PETRIKAS, Rimantas (Raymond) 22 Nov 1956 19y Petrikas, Joseph Mt. Carmel Died from a vehicle collision accident.
PETRUS (PETRAVICIUS), Walter 23 Nov 1940 64y Mt. Carmel
PICKIS, Ludovica [Louisa] 1 Nov 1931 74y Mt. Carmel Wife of Casimir Pickis
PILIPEUAS, Walter (Vladas) 28 Mar 1948 52y Mt. Carmel Domitilla is mentioned.
PLENAITIS-KITRUSIS, Pearl 27 Dec 1943 60y Mt. Carmel [See record.]  From Kincaid, IL.
PODERIS (PODERIENE), Agatha 12 Dec 1918 33y Mt. Carmel Suvalken Ud.
POPLANSKIS, Leonard 18 Sep 1923 18d Poplanskis, Anton CEPLAUSKIS, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
POSKUS, Cecilia 16 Jul 1928 1y 1m Poskus, John BALTRUSAITIS, Maria Mt. (Carmel) Calvary, Granite City, IL From Madison
PRICMONTAS (FRESHMAN), Bernard 24 Dec 1946 64y Pricmontas, John Mt. Carmel Husband of Gratilda
PRICMONTAS (FRESHMAN), Gracilda 21 Dec 1956 70y Mt. Carmel Wife of Bernard
PUKELIS, Anton 20 Jul 1931 53y Pukelis, Ant. Holy Cross
PUZAUSKIS, Joseph 24 Dec 1923 48y Puzauskis, Peter ANCEREVICIA, Anna Mt. Carmel
PUZAUSKIS, Phranciscus 15 Feb 1938 Mt. Carmel
RACAS, Casimir 18 Feb 1927 1m 10d Racas, Ladislas STARINSKAITE, Anna Mt. Carmel From Fairmont City
RACHAS, Ladislaus (Walter) 20 Aug 1952 69y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna.  From Fairmont City
RADZIAUSKIENE, Maria 16 Apr 1935 49y MARTINKUS, Simeon DAPKUS, Anna Mt. Carmel
RADZIAUSKIS, Anna 20 Nov 1904 14m Radziauskis, John MARTIUKAITE, Maria Mt. Carmel
RAUKAS, Antointte 2 Feb 1942 Mt. Carmel Widow of Joseph Victor.  Died in her sleep.
RAUKAS, Joseph Victor 26 Jan 1942 58y Mt. Carmel Husband of Antoinette.  Died suddenly
RAUKAS, Ladislaus 27 Jul 1919 11y Raukas, Daniel NAGVECKI, Regina Mt. Carmel
RAUKAS, Peter 27 Oct 1914 9m Raukas, Peter
RAUKAS, Regina 3 Jan 1951 77y Mt. Carmel Widow of Danielis
REMEIKIS (Remeikiene), Domitilla 13 Oct 1925 54y SEPUTIS, Vincent ACAITE, Petronilla Mt. Carmel From Wash. Park
REMEIKIS, Vincent 15 Oct 1934 74y Mt. Carmel
RESTIENE, Elisabeth 2 Mar 1943 65y JONCIUTIS, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of George
RESTYS, George 18 Jul 1944 73y Unknown Unknown Mt. Carmel
RICKUS, Antonius 2 Apr 1951 64y Mt. Carmel
RICKUS, Marciana 30 Sep 1914 36y KEUDERATE, George Not listed, Anna
RIESTIS, George 7 Jul 1914 4m Reistis, George Mt. Carmel
RIESTIS, Julia 11 Mar 1912 3m Riestis, George Mt. Carmel
RIMKUS, Casimir 3 Jul 1904 4m Rimkus, Joseph RUTKAUCKES, Hedvigis
RIMKUS, Helena 2 Jan 1935 28y ZIZERSKIS, Stephan SRCYENSKI, Catharina Mt. Carmel
RIMKUS, Stanley 23 Oct 1956 69y Rimkus, Stanley Mt. Carmel Husband of Veronica
RINGAILA, Louis 16 Mar 1937 65y Ringaila, Mike Holy Cross
ROBERTS, Maria 10 Mar 1934 22y LEIKAUSKIS, Bronislav RO___VICAS, Carolina Mt. Carmel From Alton, IL
ROSKUS, Anton 29 Jul 1923 60y Roskus, Barthol. ZAROMBA, Rosalia Mt. Carmel
RUDOKAS, John 28 Aug 1930 80y Mt. Carmel
RUVEIKA, Peter 18 Sep 1913 7m Ruveika, Hipolite Mt. Carmel
SABUTIS, Francis 19 Mar 1925 44y Sabutis, Peter Not listed, Salomea Mt. Carmel
SAMOSKA, George 6 Feb 1944 50y Samoska, August DABALSHYTE, Magdalena Mt. Carmel He leaves his wife Haesam, 3 sons and 3 daughters
SAMOSKA, John 25 Jul 1923 1y 8m Samoska, George LUNKUTAITE, Heva Mt. Carmel
SAMOSKA, Stanislaus 29 Sep 1919 4m Samoska, George LUNKUTIS, Heva Mt. Carmel
SAMOSKAITE, Stanislava 16 Mar 1923 2y 6m Samoskaite, George LUNKUTIS, Heva Mt. Carmel
SAMZATY, Wilma 6 Sep 1934 3y Samzaty, John RALS, Helena Mt. Carmel From Washington Park
SAPOLIS (ZABULIS), Francisca 23 Oct 1954 62y Mt. Carmel Wife of John
SAVICKAS, Vincent 4 Dec 1954 56y Mt. Carmel Husband of Bernice.  Name aslo spelled SAVITSKAS & SAVIDIU.  Died in Christian Welfare Hospital
SAVICKIS, Anton 30 Dec 1928 72y Savickis, John Not listed, Maria Mt. Carmel
SEGZDA, John 20 Dec 1937 80y Mt. Carmel
SIMANAVICIUS, Anna 29 Apr 1949 63y Mt. Carmel From Granite City, IL.  Wife of John Simanavicius
SIMKAUSKIS, Franc. 4 Jun 1929 41y Simkauskis, Sebastian AUKSDEVICIA, Petronilla Mt. Carmel
SIMKIENE, Barbara 28 Dec 1921 48y KIZAS, Aug. Mt. Carmel
SIMKUS, Antanina Maria 24 Apr 1954 73y Mt. Carmel
SIMKUS, Elizabeth 11 Aug 1917 3w Simkus, Francis ZILVIKE, Antonina Mt. Carmel
SIMKUS, Hieronymus 22 Aug 1927 52y Simkus, Michael Not listed, Barbara Sts. Peter & Paul, Collinsville, IL From Wash. Park
SIMKUS, Joseph 29 Sep 1918 2m Simkus, Hieronymus ASMOVICKE, Anna Mt. Carmel
SIMKUS, Joseph 21 Apr 1931 52y Mt. Carmel Husband of Petronilla
SIMKUS, Stanislava 10 Jan 1918 4y Simkus, Francis ZELVECITE, Antonina Mt. Carmel
SIMKUS, Veronika 10 Aug 1913 2y Mt. Carmel
SIMKUS, Vincentius 31 Oct 1912 1y Simkus, Vincent Mt. Carmel
SIRAKAS, Casimira 12 Feb 1957 73y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph
SIRAKAS, Joseph 1 Apr 1947 72y Mt. Carmel Husband of Casimira.  Died at St. Mary’s Hospital
SIRVINSKIS, Bonifatius 27 May 1933 48y Mt. Carmel
SKIKAS, Stanislava (Stella) 3 Jan 1952 43y Mt. Carmel
SLAPKAUSKATE, Anna 20 Mar 1915 20y Mt. Carmel From Suvalki gub.
SLEZIENE (SLACK), Ludovika 30 Sep 1951 61y NORVAISTAS, Joseph Mt. Carmel Wife of Paul.
SOUTHHARD, Anna 1 Mar 1947 38y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph Southard.  Died at St. Mary’s hospital.
SRIVGIS, Casimir 21 Jan 1930 38y Srivgis, Louis CASYN, Stanis. [?] Mt. Carmel
STALIORAITIS, Anna 30 Oct 1905 2m Stalioraitis, Michael JAVEUIKE, Anna Mt. Carmel Stawopolis distr Viscekin Rudos par. Jures sadz.
STALORAITIS, Michael 19 Sep 1917 43y Mt. Carmel Suvalky Redpkos
STANIS, Francisca 13 Mar 1918 4d Stanis, Peter GEDIULAITE, Jul. Mt. Carmel
STANKEVICIUS, Anne 3 Jul 1942 74y Mt. Carmel Wife of Joseph Stankevicius
STANKEVICIUS, Joseph 6 Oct 1952 85y Stankevicius, Peter Mt. Carmel
STANKUS, Casiusizus (Charles) 26 Apr 1948 35y Stankus, Joseph Mt. Carmel (Ancio, Italy)
STANYS, Vincent Nov 1938 Stanis, Thomas Mt. Carmel
STARKIS, Michael 9 May 1912 57y Mt. Carmel From Nemaksciai
STASKEVICE, Peter (From St. Louis, MO) 1 Aug 1905 1m Staskevice, Joseph TZALIUNSICE, Helena St. Louis Pauevezio distr. Puzupeun par Paistriecui pagi
STAUIBARAUSKIS, Peter 15 Mar 1914 52y Mt. Carmel
STEBERAUSKIS, Andr. 10 May 1931 39y Steberauskis, Peter ILGUNAS, Maria Mt. Carmel
STEBERAUSKIS, Peter 25 Aug 1927 31y Steberauskis, Peter ILGUNAS, Maria Mt. Carmel
STEPANOVICIA, Vincent Grinius 25 Feb 1930 56y Mt. Carmel Husband of Eleonora TAMOSAITIS
STILNOWICZ, Jacob 10 Aug 1904 1w Stilnowicz, George MAIROWICZ, Maria Mt. Carmel
STREUKAS, Bronislaus 21 Jul 1915 26y Streukas, John Mt. Carmel From Erzvilkas
SUKLIS, John 21 Mar 1923 45y Suklis, Caspar JOCAITE, Maria Mt. Carmel
SUKYS, Andr. 25 Jan 1922 46y Sukys, Joseph BALKEVICIUTE, Dominica Mt. Carmel
TAMASAUSKAS, Phranciscus 14 Dec 1937 40y Tamasauskas, John MELDAZUIS, Agnes Mt. Carmel
TAMEDYTIS, Joseph 19 Nov 1925 52y Tamedytis, John Not listed, Angela Mt. Carmel
TAMELIS, Casimir 25 Aug 1949 60y Tamelis, John Mt. Carmel Husband of Heva.  Died suddenly.
TAMOLINAS, Joseph 30 Sep 1911 months [sic] Tamolinas, Anton Not listed, Jeva Mt. Carmel  
TAMOSAITIS, Anna 25 May 1954 72y Mt. Carmel Widow of John
TAMULYNAS, Antonius 24 Jan 1918 33y Tamulynas, Anton Not listed, Victoria Mt. Carmel Krivkalaukis par. Suvalku ud.
TARUAPAVICIUS, Maria 14 Jul 1944 52y BARAUSKAS, Not listed Mt. Carmel Wife of Constantin
TELISIUS, Peter 14 Sep 1912 32y Mt. Carmel
TILIPENAS, John 26 Feb 1932 47y Mt. Carmel Husband of Magdalena
TOLISIUS, Agatha 13 Sep 1927 46y Mt. Carmel
TOLISIUS, John 9 Jul 1931 Tolisius, George MACIULIS, Agatha Mt. Carmel
TOLIUSIS, George 4 Sep 1943 58y Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary’s Hospital
TREIGIS, Joseph 26 Jul 1904 3m Treigis, Casimir Mt. Carmel
TRIJONIS, Ona 20 Oct 1913 6m Trijonis, Jonas Mt. Carmel
TUMOSA, John Casimirus 31 ___ 1914 5d Tumosa, Cazimiri Mt. Carmel
TVARIJONAS (TRAINOR), Agatha 28 Apr 1944 63y Mt. Carmel Wife of Francis Tvarijonas-Trainor
TYRPAK, Julia 19 Jun 1953 50y Mt. Carmel Wife of Nick Tyrpak
UGA, Anna Sep 1936 Mt. Carmel
UGA, Antonius 2 Sep 1949 70y Mt. Carmel
UOGA, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1931 39y Mt. Carmel Wife of Antonio.  From Fairmont City
UOGA, Joseph 7 May 1919 10m Uoga, John KUCUISKIS, Anna Mt. Carmel
URBAN, Casimira 18 Apr 1945 71y SVIGA, Not listed Mt. Carmel
URBAN, Joseph 24 Mar 1952 56y Mt. Carmel Husband of Zoe
URBAN, Vincent 2 Sep 1949 16y Urban, Joseph Mt. Carmel Died suddenly in an accident.
URBANAVICIUS, Joseph 14 Dec 1949 85y Urbanavicius, Francis Mt. Carmel
URBANOS, Ignatius 9 Dec 1931 56y Mt. Carmel Husband of Casimira
URBONAS (URBONAITE), Domitilla 5 Jan 1919 5y Urbonas, Bronislav MIKUCIUNEKS Salomea Mt. Carmel From Granite City
URBONAS, Agatha 22 Oct 1928 45y GLOBIS, Joseph Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
URBONAS, Antonius 22 Oct 1919 34y Urbonas, George Not listed, Josepha Mt. Carmel From Granite City
URBONAS, Francis 24 Dec 1940 51y 11m Mt. Carmel Widower of Agatha
URBONAS, Joseph 12 Sep 1918 6m Urbonas, Bronislav MIKUCIUS, Salomea Mt. Carmel From Granite City
URBONAS, Magdalena 30 Dec 1956 60y Mt. Carmel
URBONAS, Stanley 6 Dec 1954 57y Mt. Carmel Husband of Magdalena.  Died suddenly
URVICZIUS, Peter 26 May 1926 63y Mt. Carmel
VACKUS, Casimir 24 Jan 1928 38y Vackus, John TELINSKIS, Anna Mt. Carmel
VAICIULIS, Casimir 25 Jun 1917 36y Mt. Carmel
VAICIULIS, Joseph 4 May 1947 81y Mt. Carmel Husband of Maria
VAICIULIS, Maria 26 Sep 1956 79y VAITAVICH, Stanley Mt. Carmel First burial from new church
VAICIUNAS, Joseph 24 Jan 1942 63y Calvary in St. Louis, MO Died in an auto accident.
VAIJVILLA, Antonius 24 Jul 1935 54y Not listed, Heva Holy Cross
VAISIS (WEISS), Antonius 6 Aug 1933 59y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna
VAISVILA, Ignacius 19 Feb 1949 66y Mt. Carmel Husband of Domitilla.  [See record]
VAITKUS, Ignatius 16 Nov 1924 47y Vaitkus, John Mt. Carmel
VAJERADA (WAIWADA), John 14 Apr 1934 59y Mt. Carmel
VALANTIEJUS, Antonius 28 Feb 1943 67y Valantiejus, John Not listed, Francisca Mt. Carmel From Washington Park
VANECKIS, Michael 19 Jan 1942 67y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna
VAREIKIS, Anna 1 Oct 1952 69y JAMULAITIS, Not listed Mt. Carmel
VASAITIS, Francisca 22 Dec 1939 28y ASTRAUSKAS, Peter Benld
VERCEKIS, Adelia 31 Oct 1904 9m Vercekis, John CERVIUSKIUTE, Anna Luvalei gub. From St. Louis
VILCAUSKAS, Ignatius 5 Sep 1939 49y Vilcauskas, Casimiri Mt. Carmel
VISTARTAITE, Loreta 7 Jun 1924 14m Vistartaite, John URBONAS, Anna Mt. Carmel
VITKAUSKAS, Edmund 16 Jan 1953 36y Mt. Carmel From Collinsville, IL. Died suddenly.
VULKATIS, Stanislaus 25 Jul 1915 38y Vulkatis, Joseph Mt. Carmel
WRIGHT, Rosa Maria 19 Jun 1953 22y Mt. Carmel Wife of Robert Wright
YANONIS, Thaddeus 4 May 1945 60y Mt. Carmel
YANUS (JANUSAUS), Peter 14 Dec 1956 47y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna
YENAS (JAMUSAUSKIENE), Catherine 18 Dec 1935 46y Mt. Carmel
YONIKAS (JONIKAS), Peter 26 May 1944 75y Yonikas (Jonikas), Peter Mt. Carmel
YOVAISKA, Paul 11 Dec 1932 St. Adalbert
ZAGARAS, Joseph 19 Sep 1946 Mt. Carmel Husband of Domitilla
ZAILIUIS, William 31 Jul 1916 Mt. Carmel [Brother of ?] Antonia SHIMKUS
ZALATA, Francis (From St. Louis) 28 Oct 1905 35y Mt. Carmel 5665 DeGiverville Ave. (Shevlin’s MU)
ZALECKIS, Roman 8 May 1933 55y Mt. Carmel Husband of Magdalena URBONAS
ZAVECKIS, Joseph 16 Nov 1917 39y Zaveckis, Barth. TLUIZINSKIS, Anna Mt. Carmel
ZAVESKIS, Adam 9 Jan 1952 70y Zaveskis, Bartholomew Mt. Carmel Husband of Maria
ZAVITSKY, Robert John 28 Jun 1951 1m Zavitsky, Adolph Mt. Carmel
ZICHUS, John 4 Feb 1957 67y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna
ZIEZKUS, Peter 4 Aug 1904 1m Ziezkus, George BASIUKAITE, Anastasia Mt. Carmel
ZILINSKIENE, Viktoria 8 Jul 1932 53y Mt. Carmel
ZILLEN (ZELECKIS), John 28 Aug 1952 46y Mt. Carmel Husband of Anna.  Died suddenly after an accident.
ZILLEN-BAYORIS, Magdalena 6 Jul 1936 51y URBAN, Mich. ODECTIS, Anna Mt. Carmel East St. Louis address: 916 Exchange Ave.
ZIMONCUIS, Joseph 30 Sep 1928 54y Zimoncuis, John CERNAUSKIS, Anna Mt. Carmel
ZIMONTAITE, Anna 1 Mar 1919 9y Zimontaite, Joseph Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel
ZIMOUCIUS, Anna 21 Jun 1918 7m Zimoucius, Cypriano STURMA, Anna Mt. Carmel
ZIZAS, Genevieve 21 Sep 1918 6y 7m Zizas, Alexandro CAIKAUSKIS, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
ZLEBEN (ZLIBINIENE), Marcella 12 Nov 1945 59y ZUKAUSKAS, Not listed Mt. Carmel Born in 1885.  Wife of Francis
ZOINIAKEVICE, Magdalena 6 Jul 1912 8m 11d Zoiniakevice, John Mt. Carmel

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