Holy Rosary (Fairmont City) Marriages (1922-1931)

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Compilation copyright Gloria Dettleff

Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ALEMAN, Abraham (From Guadalajara, Mexico) MENA, Clotilda (From Zacaticas, Mexico) 14 Oct 1926 Aleman, John RAMIREZ, Rosa Mena, Nicolaus CASTENEDA, Paula Aleman, John and Joanna Mena
ALEMAN, John (From Guadalajara, Mexico) ZABALA, Maria S. (From St. Rosa, Mexico) 4 Jun 1927 Aleman, John RAMIREZ, Rosa Zabala, Stephan RAMIREZ, Thomasa CASILLAS, Frederick and Maria Casillas
ALLEN, Dewey (Non-Catholic) THOMAS, Iva (From Sacred Heart Congregation) 27 Sep 1930 Allen, Asoph FLORY, Mary Thomas, Anthony ALLEN, Josephine Thomas, Allen and Esther Allen
ARRIOLA, Taurino (From Zaragoza Tlavhvalilo Durando Mexico) LECHOWICZ, Amelia (From St. Adalbert in East St. Louis, IL) 8 Apr 1929 Arriola, Taurino ALONZO, Concepcion Lechowicz, Martin Not listed, Mary Ann QUEST, Harvey [Appears in 1930 entries.  See record for notes.]
BARRON, Antelmo (From Mexico [born] in 1909) RIVERA, Ramona (From Austin, TX [born] in 1913) 12 Apr 1931 Barron, Bonifacio MASENO, Isabel Rivera, Antonio GARCIA, Antonia HERNANDES, Fermia and Mary BELLANUEVA
BARTHELEMY, Alfred (From East St. Louis, IL) SCHULTZ, Ida Joanna (From Fairmont City) 29 Jul 1927 Barthelemy, August Not listed, Francisca Schultz, John Not listed, Amelia DEKUM, Francis J. and Anna Dekum [Near death ?]
BENSON, Arthur BRUNOLD, Irene 5 Sep 1930 VODDE, Madeline and Claracille Vodde Married in 1913 by Justice of the Peace.  Mr. Benson now taking instructions
BIGG, Joseph (From Johnstown, PA) PILCH, Maria (From Madison, IL) 15 Sep 1923 Bigg, Joseph Not listed, Julia Pilch, Samuel Not listed, Maria ENGET, Francis and Sophia BRILLO Mixed religion marriage
BROWN, Manuel (From Mexico) RAGIS, Rosa (From Mexico) 28 Nov 1930 Brown, Benito MONS HENSAN [?], Rosalia Ragis, Mariano LOPEZ, Jesus Brown, Joseph and Mrs. Ruth Brown
BRUSKE, Joseph (From Hillsboro, IL) KOCUREK, Julia (From Holy Trinity in St. Louis, MO) 19 Dec 1931 Bruske, Steve STAJENSKI, Victoria Kocurek, Paul MOTUSEK, Mary KREKOVICH, Nick and Frances Krekovich
CHESTLY, George (From St. Joseph in East St. Louis) IUINTO, Mary (From St. Paul in Webster, PA) 9 Jun 1931 Chestly, Steve SEDICK, Sophie Iuinto, John LEPARA, Theresa GREGORICH, John and Alberta Chestly
COX, William R. (From East St. Louis, IL) MAJOR, Maria (From Flat River, MO) 2 Mar 1930 Cox, William R. STEDENSON, Goldie Major, Anthony Not listed, Anna KALISH, Michael S. and Rosa Kalish
CRISTEL, Patrick (From St. Patrick in East St. Louis, IL) HUSKAMP, Edna (From Centerville Station) 25 Apr 1931 Cristel, Michel LYNCH, Margaret Huskamp, August TROMBLY, Alvina DOSCHKE, Walter and Mrs. SINKOVICH
DASHKE, Walter George (From East St. Louis, IL) SKARO, Helena (From Fairmont City, IL) 24 Jan 1924 Dashke, Richard Not listed, Amelia Skaro, Valentin Not listed, Francisca Skaro, Clara and Floyd HUSHKAMP
DOMINGUEZ, Arnaldo (From Mexico) SCHLUETER, Cecilia (From Greenfield, IL) 6 Jun 1924 Dominguez, Francisco Not listed, Maria Schlueter, Joseph Not listed, Cecilia WILLRES, Joseph and Anthony KOBILINSKI Mixed religion marriage
DONATTI, Premo (From Macon, MO) DOUBRAVA, Josephine (From Checo Slovacia [Czechoslovakia]) 17 Jun 1931 Donatti, Joseph COMBELLI, Aurelia Doubrava, Rudolph VEVECA, Anna LUBAK, John and Anna Lubak
FELTY, Herbert (Non-Catholic) TEULLADO, Olympia (From Mexico) 21 Nov 1930 Felty, Sylvanus BURKHARDT, Barbara Teullado, Joseph MARTIN, Isabelle VOLLMAN, Mildred and Rose HARSH
GARCIA, Andreas (From Guadalajara, Mexico) MESA, Francisca (From Navawete, Mexico) 10 Feb 1929 Garcia, Daniel AGUILAR, Cenobia Mesa, Julian PAREDES, Juliana CAMPOS, Isidore and Josepha HERNANDEZ
GARCIA, Benjamin (From Oviedo, Spain) CARRIL, Avelina (From Oviedo, Spain) 16 Sep 1922 Garcia, Joseph FERNANDEZ, Maria Carril, Anthony PEREZ, Joanna Garcia, Joseph and Maria CUETO
GARCIA, Joseph (From Aviles, Spain) CUETO, Conceptio (From Aviles, Spain) 23 Feb 1924 Garcia, Nicasius GALAN, Emmanuela Cueto, Joseph SUAREZ, Rosa Garcia, Emmanuel and Albina Cueto
GARCIA, Leocadius (From Leon De Las Aldamas, Mexico) ELIZONDO, Maria (From Aguas Calientes, Mexico) 27 Jun 1927 Garcia, Leonard GORDILLO, Francisca Elizondo, Raymund RANZEL, Ventura Garcia, John and Josephina CRUZ
GIRON, Arnulphus (From Exzatlan, Mexico) AGUILA, Mariana (From Lagos Moreno, Mexico) 24 Aug 1926 Giron, Severus PAREDES, Juliana Aguila, John FAZIO, Sixta VANEGAS, Peter and Joanna LINA
GONZALEZ, Arsenius (From Aviles, Spain) CUETO, Elivira (From Aviles, Spain) 20 Oct 1928 Gonzalez, Laureaus HERPERS, Adela Cueto, Benedict GARCIA, Elizabeth Garcia, Juoseph and Albina Cueto
HALLOWS, Arthur Charles (From Caseyville, IL) POWELL, Maria F. (From Collinsville, IL) 8 Sep 1927 Hallows, Charles Not listed, Elizabeth Powell, George  Not listed, Maria JOHNSON, Herman and Ruth DEKUM
HUSKAMP, Floyd (From St. Patrick in East St. Louis, IL) STRUENSE, Rose (From Coll, IL) 24 Dec 1930 Huskamp, August TROMBLEY, Alosia Struense, John BUDKA, Anna SKARO, Walter and Bernice Skaro
JOHANESSEN, Henry (From Norway) STRUENAS, Catherina (From Fairmont City) 27 Oct 1925 Johanessen, Christian Not listed, Helena Struenas, John Not listed, Anna VERHARST, Arthur and Rosalia Verharst Mixed religion marriage
KOFLER, Joseph (From Austria) HUMMER, Elizabeth (From Austria) 22 Mar 1930 Kofler, Joseph CEZ, Maria Hummer, Joseph PRICK, Anna ARTINGER, Carl and Maria Artinger
KOSA, John (Baptized 13 Jan 1911 at St. Catherine in Austria) PISKUR, Catherine (Baptized 21 Sep 1911 at St. Joseph in St. Louis) 17 May 1930 Kosa, Henry MIKITA, Theresa Piskur, Philip SKUPNIK, Anna SMOSKI, Wallace and Julia Kosa
KREKOVICH, Matt (From Jugo Slavia [Yugoslavia ?]) NOVICH, Mary (From St. Cyril in East St. Louis) 6 Jun 1931 Krekovich, John HECIMOVICH [?], Catherine Novich, George MATEOVICH, Louise PAWLEK, Frank and Julia Pawlek
KREKOVICH, Nicolaus (From St. Louis) KOCUREK, Frances (From Holy Trinity in St. Louis) 22 Nov 1930 Krekovich, John DASOVIN (?), Catherine Kocurek, Paul MOTUSAK, Mary PLAZA, Jennie and Sam Kocurek
KREKOVICH, Steve (From Austria) KOCUREK, Pauline (From Holy Trinity in St. Louis) 22 Nov 1930 Krekovich, John DASOVIN (?), Catherine Kocurek, Paul MOTUSAK, Mary Kocurek, Julia and Jos. BRUSKE
KUPP, William (From Fairmont City) PREUTZEL, Catharina (From East St. Louis) 5 Sep 1924 Kupp, George Not listed, Anna Preutzel, Henry BOSLER, Catharina THOMAS, Anthony and Josephina Thomas
LANDON, Edward (From Jerseyville, IL) LINCH, Margarita (From Dallas, TX) 27 Mar 1924 Landon, Mildo Not listed, Holda Linch, Patrick Not listed, Catharina FENTON, Daniel and Rosa Fenton Mixed religion marriage
LIRA, Cleophas (From San Pedro del Rincon Mexico) RUIZ, Trinitas (From San Pedro, Monterrey, Mexico) 11 Jun 1922 Lira, Patrick TORRES, Alexia Ruiz, Louis GUERRERO, Basilia GUERRA, Anthony and Maria PEREZ
MALIZEWSKI, Bernard (From Poland) MACZEROWSKI, Maria (From Iola, KS) 28 Oct 1924 Malizewski, Michael FEDORSKI, Justina Maczerowski, Adam SKARO, Stella MAREZUCH, John and Anna Maczerowski
MANSINAS, Augustin (From Durango, Mexico) VARGAS, Amata (From Reynova Tamaulysas, Mexico) 7 Jul 1923 Mansinas, Theophilus GOITIA, Maria Befuzium Vargas, Marcus HERNANDEZ, Rosa DUGGAN, Anna and Vera MIESZEZAK
MENENDEZ, Valentin (From Salina, Spain) GONZALEZ, Delphina (From La Arena, Spain) 15 Jun 1929 Menendez, Emmanuel RODIGUEZ, Genevosa Gonzalez, Emmanuel GARCIA, Eulogia SUAREZ, Joseph and Avelina Menendez
MEYER, Carl (Non-Catholic) CARRON, Emaline (From Bloomsdale, MO) 1 Aug 1931 Meyer, Charles STEEL, Emma Carron, Carl JACOBS, Margaret SMITH, Moody and Marge Smith
MORA, Louis (From Patzenaro, Mexico) RUIZ, Maria J. (From Luiroga, Mexico) 22 Jan 1924 Mora, Modestus ROSAS, Elenteria Ruiz, Peter OLGUIN, Salud Mora, Gabriel and Resuguin ALEMAN
MUFFO, Dominic (From Tossacisia, Italy) SANTI USONIO, Violeta (From Tossacisia, Italy) 7 Aug 1922 Muffo, Thomas Not listed, Maria Josepha Santi Usonio, Romeus Not listed, Conectina Muffo, Anthony and Maria Muffo
NAVARRO, Manuel (From Mexico) PICKFORD, Elizabeth 11 Dec 1931 Pickford, Ralph DUNN, Flora ARRIOLA, Robert and Carmen Arriola
OMELSON, Stephan (From East St. Louis, IL) BRILLO, Sophia (From Bonne Terre, MO) 30 Jun 1928 Omelson, George Not listed, Francisca Brillo, Alex PIPHORECHA, Sophia Brillo, Stephan and Cecilia Omelson
PAIC, Mike (From Europe) TRAVARIC, Catherine 24 Nov 1931 Paic, John Not listed, Mary GREGOVICH, John and Catherine KOKOTOVICH
PELO, Laurent (From Fulton, N. Y.) ARAMOVICH, Maria (From Russia) 16 Apr 1929 Pelo, William Not listed, Elsie Aramovich, Constantin Not listed, Veronica Aramovich, Alexander and Wartawa JUCHNIEWICZ
PIHIR, John (From St. Adalbert in East St. Louis, IL) DUSEK, Mary (From Checo Slovia [Czechoslovakia]) 1 Aug 1931 Pihir, Joseph VODDERKA, Mary Dusek, Alois DOLEZOL, Mary Pihir, Frank and Rose Dusek
PROLETZ, George (From Croatia) OBRADOVICH, Catharina (From Croatia) 8 Dec 1929 Proletz, Hilarius Not listed, Subieta Obradovich, Nicolaus MITROVICH, Clara KOLROTOVICH, Nicolaus and Anna Kolrotovich [Near death ?]
RAMIREZ, Francis (From Mexico City, Mexico) ROSALES, Maria Aloysia (From East St. Louis, IL) 12 Nov 1928 Ramirez, Francis GUERRERO, Marcellina Rosales, Joseph C. GARCIA, Vincentia Rosales, John and Carmen Rosales
RANGEL, Sveander (From Salamanea, Guansjueto, Mexico) MENDOZA, Dolores (From Guadalajara, Mexico) 7 Dec 1923 Rangel, Crux MORENO, Athanasia Mendoza, Blasius URBIUS, Martina MARTINEZ, Rudericus and Pilar ALCANTARA
RECKLEIN, Leo (From Fairmont City; baptized at St. Patrick in East St. Louis) DUGGER, Mary (Non-Catholic from Coll, IL) 20 Oct 1928 Recklein, Louis PAPIN, Sarah BATTOE, John HOPLEY, Nellie Baltoe, Francis and Bessie Baltoe
REISS, Edgar Rudolph (From East St. Louis, IL) BARTHELEMY, Anna (From East St. Louis, IL) 27 Jun 1928 Reiss, William Not listed, Mactilda Barthelemy, Alfred SCHULTZ, Ida Joanna ALLEN, Dewey and Iva THOMAS
SANDOVAL, Franciscus (From Jerez, Mexico) LOPEZ, Angela (From Chihuahua, Mexico) 26 Dec 1922 Sandoval, Carlos CABRAL, Theodora Lopez, Benedict DE LA CRUZ, Paschala RANGEL, Leander and Joanna Rangel
SANTOS, Anthony (From Monterrey, Mexico) LOGRASSO, Lena (From St. Louis, MO) 6 Jun 1925 Santos, Valerian GUTIERREZ, Jesusa Lograsso, Dominic Not listed, Gratia ZABALA, Stephan and Thomasa RAMIREZ
SCHMIDT, Ed (From Prairie Du Rocher) WASIELEWSKI, Sophie (From Cleveland, OH) 22 Nov 1930 Schmidt, Frank PELATE, Addie Wasielewski, Vincent VYSTALK, Catherine BEDNARICK, Ignatz and Mary CHETLA
SHEROKY, Joseph (Baptized 1 May 1910 at St. Cyril and Methodius in East St. Louis, IL) BROMBOLICH, Helen (Baptized 15 Mar 1913 at St. Cyril and Methodius in East St. Louis, IL) 26 Apr 1930 Sheroky, Emil PROHASKA, Antonia Brombolich, John ROSANDIC, Rose Brombolich, Michael and Maxine WAYNE
SHOLAYA, Dragutinus (From Croatia) JAMBRECHOVICH, Josephina (From Croatia) 8 May 1927 Sholaya, Michael Not listed, Lucia Jambrechovich, Gabriel Not listed, Catharina MLINARICH, Marcus and Julia Mlinarich
SHULACH, Anthony (From St. Louis, MO) RALEY, Rosa (From Fairmont City) 25 Apr 1926 Shulach, George TEMROSS, Magdalena Raley, Joseph VERZAL, Maria MALIZEWSKI, Bernard and Maria MARKS
SKARO, Frank KONKIEL, Frances 16 Aug 1930 Skaro, Valentin Not listed, Frances Konkiel, John CHRYANAWSKI, Sophie ZOTKA, John and Mary Skaro
SKRA, Joseph (From Austria) MARKS, Anna (From Fairmont City) 14 Jul 1925 Skra, Michael Not listed, Maria Marks, Adam SHARO, Stella ZATKA, John and Sophia Marks
SPENCER, Alexander MARKS, Sophie 29 Nov 1930 DOSCHKE, George and Helena Doschke
STARK, Joseph (From St. Adalbert in East St. Louis, IL) LAFLAME, Marjory (From Fairmont City) 7 Mar 1931 Stark, Joseph BARTISH, Julia Laflame, Oliver GIRLEY, Eva Stark, Steve and Irma PADO
THOMPSON, Everett (From Beaumont, TX) MERCHUT, Julia (From Fairmont City) 24 Oct 1925 Thompson, John Not listed, Etta Merchut, George Not listed, Julia WARDELL, William and Bernice KICIELINSKI
THOMPSON, Harry (Baptized 25 Sep 1930 here) CZYBRUSKA, Stella (From Poland) 27 Sep 1930 Thompson, John Not listed, Etta CYBRUSKA, Daniel Not listed, Catherine Cybruska, Adolph and Helen Cybruska
TORRES, Jose (From Mexico) FLORES, Mary (From Mexico) 23 May 1931 Torres, Joseph LOPEZ, Sylvaria Fores, George CRUZ, Cayjatare GUITERREZ, J. L.  and Hermelinda Gutierrez
TOTH, Michael (From St. Louis, MO) SIMON, Maria (From Fairmont City, IL) 7 Dec 1923 Toth, Michal Not listed, Maria Anna Simon, John BARYNA, Maria ZABALA, Stephan and Thomasa RAMIREZ
UGAR, John (From Immaculate Conception in East St. Louis) ROZA, Anna 21 Nov 1930 Ugar, Anthony Not listed, Anna Roza, Mike LYMUK, Pauline KOFLER, Joseph and Elizabeth Kofler
VANEK, Frank (Baptized 21 Jul 1907 at Sacred Heart in East St. Louis) KORBEL, Elsie (Baptized 5 Sep 1912 at Our Lady of Lourdes in Cleveland, OH) 7 Jun 1930 Vanek, Leopold SMOTLIK, Mary Korbel, Joseph ROSIC, Julia Vanek, Louis and Mamie KORLAK
VERDU, Joseph (From Petrel, Spain) ROLLAND, Emmanuela (From St. Louis, MO) 17 May 1927 Verdu, Joseph PICO, Maria Dolores Rolland, Oliver MEEK, Laura CASALS, Aniertus and Rita Casals
WEILBACHER, George (From East St. Louis, IL) PARKS, Susanna (From East St. Louis, IL) 23 Jan 1926 Weilbacher, Frederick Not listed, Christina BOYLE, Patrick Not listed, Maria ROBERTSON, George and Susanna MORIARTY
WICKERY, Alfred (From Fairmont City) GRYZWACZ, Maria (From Poland) 24 Oct 1928 Wickery, Jacob Not listed, Anna Gryzwacz, Francis Not listed, Carolina KOBILINSKI, Anthony and Maria PLAZA
WUEISWILL, Anthony RUPEREKA, Casimir [Casimira?] 21 Nov 1930 KOFLER, Joseph and Elizabeth Kofler proxy John CHETLA and Mary Chetla
YAKUBOVICH, Frank (From Austria) PARADOWSKI, Genevieve (From St. Louis) 26 Apr 1930 CZMARKO, John and Julia PAMI
ZOTKA, John (From Europe [born] in 1902) SKARO, Mary (From Bartels, OK) 29 Sep 1931 Zotka, John ROHAK, Eleanor Skaro, Valentin SOBRAKE, Frances THOMAS, Allen and Clara Skaro

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