Holy Childhood (Mascoutah) Catholic Marriages 1858 –1931

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Marriages (1858–1931)

Burials are published in Mascoutah Township Cemeteries


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Groom and
Groom Location
Bride and
Bride Location
Married Groom Father Groom Mother
Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ADELHARD, Johann STAB, Teckla 26 Oct 1863 KEHRER, Adam; Martin SCHOFFEN & Agnes TEMMERMANN
ALBER, Herman REINHARDT, Margaret 24 Apr 1901 Alber, Henry HERMSIN, Helena Reinhardt, George SCHLICH, Maria WUNDERLICH, Frank; Joseph Reinhardt; Johanna Reinhardt & Maria RENSING
ALBER, Theodore CONSTANZER, Anna Maria 26 Jun 1883 Alber, Jacob HEITZMANN, Juliana Constanzer, Richard GRILL, Catharina GOLD, Emil; August Constanzer; Anna GRIMMER & Theresa Alber
ALBERD, Jacob HEITZMANN, Juliana 26 Nov 1858 FRIEDERICH, John
ALBERT, Jacob HEITZMANN, Juliana 26 Nov 1858 FRIEDERICH, Johann
ALBRECHT, Erwin Joseph MUETH, Bertha 20 Nov 1929 Albrecht, Henry Not listed, Catharina Mueth, Francis Not listed, Catharina Mueth, Emil & Angela EICHENSEER
ALBRECHT, Heinrich SCHWARTZ, Catharina 31 May 1870 SPAETH, Daniel & Susanna Schwartz
ALBRECHT, John (From Nashville, IL) KWIATKOWSKI, Martha Maria (From Nashville, IL) 10 May 1928 Albrecht, Herman HUNDMANN, Ida Kwiatkowski, Stanislaus RYBACKI, Maria BRENDEL, Cyril Joseph &Eugenia Olivia FRIEDERICH
ARNOLD, Wilhelm H. MCCARTHY, Helena 8 Sep 1878 Arnold, Johann FLYNN, Catharina McCarthy, Daniel BUCKLEY, Maria STILLEY, Wilhelm & Johanna HUGHES
AUBERG, Marcel WETRER, Maria 26 Jul 1864 SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Dom. & Elisa Auberg
AUBRY, Joseph F. SCHAEFFER, Theresa 14 Apr 1890 Aubry, Marcell H. LEPERCHE, Margaret Schaeffer, Dominic WETZER, Margaret Leperche, George; Joseph Schaeffer; Emma MOLL & Maria WETZER
BACH, Blasius SCHWARZ, Margaret 11 Jun 1866 PAUSBACH, Phil. & Elisa TEMMERMANN
BAHL, Philipp HESDORFER, Catharina 21 Jan 1873 Bahl, John KREMPF, Maria HESSDÖRFER (Hessdoerfer), Phil. GRIESBAUM, Barbara HULLIONG, Dominic & Josephina Hessdoerfer
BARRICK, Anton Forest (From Dayton, OH) LILL, Maria A. 26 Jun 1923 Barrick, Jona HOLCRAFT, Alice Lill, Jacob LANG, Barbara Lill, Francis J. & Catharina KUEHN
BARTHELME, Marin FRIEDERICH, Catharina 24 Jan 1882 Barthelme, Valentin JUNG, Magdalena Friederich, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Friederich, Michael & Margaret Friederich
BASELER, Nicolaus LITTNER, Catharina 29 Feb 1859 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier & Louise SCHREMP
BASLER, Christian CHRIST, Dina Juliana 24 Nov 1903 Basler, Francis LITTNER, Christina Christ, Michael SCHNEBELIN, Juliana Basler, Peter & Josephina LAQUET
BASLER, Victor HAAS, Josephina 27 Oct 1896 Basler, Francis LITNER, Christina Haas, Laurent HOPFINGER, Catharina Basler, Christ; August Seb. Haas; Louisa Haas & Mary Basler
BASSLER, Julius KLOHR, Lydia (Non-Catholic) 22 Feb 1922 Bassler, Victor HAAS, Josephina Klohr, Henry FRIES, Emma Klohr, Robert & Adela Haas
BAUER, Joseph RIST, Ida B. 22 Sep 1909 Bauer, Oswald JOTTE, Maria Rist, Joseph MUETH, Maria BESKE, Bernard & Maria Rist
BAUER, Laurent (Widower of Catharina MÜLLER (Mueller)) KEHRER, Thecla 25 Apr 1876 Bauer, Leonard FAESER, Theresa Kehrer, Adam STAUB, Anna Kehrer, Gabriel & Maria Kehrer
BAUER, Lorenz MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina 5 Oct 1869 PAUSBACH, Philipp & Mar. Mueller
BAYER, Sebastian LORENZ, Margaret 26 Nov 1867 EHRLINGLER, Herrmann & Susanna Lorenz
BEATTY, Jacob Henry (Protestant) LAUKS, Maria 9 Apr 1888 Beatty, Jacob LORD, Elizabeth Lauks, Johann MEYER, Maria Beatty, Nephi & Sophia KUEHN
BEE, Carl SIEBEN, Anna 20 Nov 1883 Bee, George HAAS, Helena Sieben, Johann BRICKNER, Magdalena WILHELM, Joseph & Anna Louis
BENEDIK, Franz (Widower of Maria Benedik) HORNBERGER, Maria 22 Jul 1873 Benedik, Christopher DITSCH, Anna Maria Hornberger, Johann ENSLEN, Barbara HUMEL, Karl & Catharina WEBER
BERGHEGER, Francis William ALEXANDER, Emma (Non-Catholic) 17 Jan 1922 Bergheger, Henry BRINCKMANN, Emma Alexander, Albert CONKLIN, Sarah Alexander, Herman & Ida Bergheger
BIEBEL, Eugene TOLLOEKEN, Magdalena 20 Sep 1910 Biebel, Christian MOLL, Josephina Tolloeken, John COLLIGNON, Maria HESS, Julius & Bertha MEYER
BIEBEL, Oliver LEGENDRE, Margaret (From St. Louis, MO) 19 Jun 1928 Biebel, Christian MOLL, Josephina Legendre, Peter Not listed, Margaret Marriage took place at St. Nicholas in St. Louis, MO.  [Entry crossed out]
BILLHARTZ, John SCHREMPF, Anna 9 Nov 1896 Billhartz, Herman PLETZ, Sophia SCHREMP, Joseph WANGLER, Barbara MOLL, Richard & Anna BORG
BLAEIS, Francis KUEHN, Catharina 3 Apr 1894 Blaeis, Michael BENDER, Theresa Kuehn, Andrew MEYER, Maria Blaeis, Edward & Maria WOMBACHER
BLAEIS, John RIEGER, Anna 13 Aug 1888 Blaeis, Michael BENDER, Theresa Unknown Rieger, Christina MOLL, William Edward & Elizabeth Blaeis
BLAES, Gilbert (From Belleville) JUNG, Anita 12 Jun 1928 Blaes, Nicholas DOLL, Anastasia Jung, Arthur LAQUET, Josephina Blaes, Otto & Florentia Jung
BLAES, William N. KÜHN (Kuehn), Bertha H. 27 Sep 1916 Blaes, Nicholas TOLL, Anna Kuehn, Henry J. Blaes, Ado & Catharina Kuehn
BORG, Ignatz KRÄSSIG (Kraessig), Genevieve 15 Jun 1869 LEGENDER, Peter; Johann FRIEDERICH; Margaret WEIDNER & Magdalena Kraessig
BORG, Julius LYONS, Flora Wilhelmina (Non-Catholic) 22 Jan 1907 Borg, Ignatius KRAESSIG, Genevieve Lyons, George HOFMEISTER, Maria LEGENDRE, Michael & Rosa Legendre
BOSELER, Nicolaus LITTNER, Catharina 27 Feb 1859 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier & Louisa SCHREMP
BREITENBÄCHER (Breitenbaecher), Karl HUBER, Maria 4 Jun 1868 Huber, George & Agnes TIMMERMANN
BRENDEL, Conrad LILL, Elizabeth 1 Feb 1905 Brendel, John BLANK, Anna Lill, Jacob LANG, Barbara Brendel, Joseph; Anton HAAS; Maria Lang & Catharina Lill
BRENDEL, Jacob John VOGT, Estella Louisa 2 Jun 1927 Brendel, Conrad LILL, Elizabeth Vogt, Bernard MUNIER, Isabella Brendel, Anton & Viola Vogt
BRENDEL, Johann BLANK, Anna 27 Feb 1865 HAAS, Johann George & Georg Haas
BRENDEL, John FRIEDERICH, Cecilia 23 Jan 1900 Brendel, John BLANK, Anna Friederich, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Brendel, Joseph; Oscar Friederich; Lena Friederich & Anna GANZ
BRENEL, Sebastian BOHN, Genevieve 17 Oct 1865 PAUSBACH, Ph. & Ag. TEMMERMANN
BREY, Peter KUEHN, Ernestina 28 Nov 1882 Brey, Damasus SCHLEGEL, Crescentia Kuehn, Joseph WELZ, Theresa STAUB, Peter; Carl MEYER; Maria BUKERE & Anna GULLI
BREY, Wilhelm TENTING, Sophia 31 Jan 1882 Brey, Damasus SCHLEGEL, Crescentia Tenting, Johann Herman BUNEMANN, Catharina Tenting, August & Elizabeth Brey
BUCHHEID, Heinrich BIRG, Ludgardis 3 Feb 1868 WORMS, Heinrich & Carolina WINKLER
BUCHHOLZ, Karl Theodor (Widower of Catharina Julia LINDEN) WINKLER, Elizabeth 21 Jul 1874 Buchholz, Johann Heinrich HOEFELER, Maria Margaret Winkler, Stephan BECKBICHLER, Theresa
BÜHR (Buehr), Frederick MOLTER, Catharina 28 Nov 1865 Molter, M.; Louis VAN HATTEN; Diende Rosal Van Hatten & M. GRIMMER
BURKHARD, Michael JAEGER, Margaret 31 Oct 1874 Burkhard, Sebastian Not listed, Anna Jaeger, Adam ZIMMER, Magdalena
BUSS, Joseph WAIGAND, Anna 11 May 1886 Buss, Albert APKEN, Adelheid Waigand, Philipp HAHN, Jacobina KUEHN, Francis; Adam Waigand; Emma ECKERT & Marg. SCHAEFFER
BÜTTNER (Buettner), Johann LODES, Anna 27 May 1872 Buettner, Johann DISSLER, Margaret Lodes, Friederich BRENDEL, Barbara SOELLER, George & Johann HORN
BUTZ, Anton RIESS, Amanda (Non-Catholic) 13 Oct 1891 Butz, Stephan LOHMANN, Maria Riess, Friederich SAUERWEIN, Margaret RIST, Anton; Henry KUEHN; Sophia Kuehn & Agnes BRENDEL
BUTZ, George FRIEDERICH, Margaret (From New Memphis) 3 Feb 1908 Butz, John Not listed, Laura Friederich, Peter GRIMMER, Margaret Friederich, Otto B. & Clara HOFFARTH
CHRIST, Albert WOLFERSBERGER, Ottilia 5 Apr 1910 Christ, Michael SCHNEBELEN, Julia Wolfersberger, Michael BRAUN, Louisa Wolfersberger, Otto & Isabella REHBERGER
CHRIST, Carl (Non-Catholic) KERN, Wilhelmina 19 Jan 1896 Christ, John DONNER, Maria Kern, Oswald WILHELM, Rosa Kern, Wilhelm & Louisa Kern
CHRIST, Heinrich HEIZ, Mar. Anna 21 Jun 1869 STOCK, Michael; Joseph Christ; Theresa Christ & Maria RESTOCK
CHRIST, Julius W. STAUB, Lentania 9 Jan 1906 Christ, Michael SCHNEBELIN, Julianna Staub, August WOLFERSBERGER, Carolina Staub, Edmund & Edna POIROT
CHRIST, Michael SCHNEBELIN, Juliana 10 Feb 1876 Christ, Nicolaus EBERHARD, Christina Schnebelin, Bartholomew HEINRICH, Barbara TÜRK (Tuerk), Johann & Nicolaus Christ
CHRIST, Nicolaus DETTMAR, Emma 22 Apr 1879 Christ, Nicolaus EBERHARD, Christina Dettmar, Wilhelm GRÜN (Gruen), Barbara WORMS, Louis & Theresa ALBER
COFFER, Carl E. (From Scott Field, IL) OVERBERG, Francisca 11 Jun 1929 Coffer, Frederick WILLIAMSON, Laura Overberg, Herman WUEBBELS, Theresa BAHRICH, John J. & Maria S. OSBORNE
CONSTANZER, Bernard GRILL, Margaret 29 Nov 1858 Grill, Francis & Margaret SCHEMP
CONSTANZER, Bernard GRILL, Margaret 29 Nov 1858 Grill, Francis & Margaret Johanna
CONSTANZER, Richard GRILL, Catharina 16 Oct 1858 Grill, Francis
CONSTANZER, Richard GRILL, Catharina 16 Oct 1858 Grill, Francis
COX, Isaac George LINCK, Anna Maria 20 Sep 1888 Cox, Samuel GRIFFIN, Maria Linck, Fred FRIEDERICH, Anna Margaret Linck, George; Frank MOORE; Kate TEMMER & Isabella Linck
DAILEY, Patrick MILLER, Bertha 29 Jan 1901 Dailey, Patrick MCGEWN, Hanna GRAUL, Frederick HENRICH, Margaret Dailey, James & W. H. BRESN Mixed religion marriage
DAUGHERTY, John P. (From St. Louis, MO) KUEHN, Clara 22 Jul 1915 Daugherty, John Logan (From Mt. Vernon, IL) Kuehn, Francis L. Kuehn, William & Anna Kuehn
DENIUS, Nicolaus DOHRER, Bridget 8 Aug 1859 BAHN, Caspar & Francisca ZENGE__
DENIUS, Nicolaus DOHRER, Bridget 8 Aug 1859 BOHN, Caspar & Francisca ZINGELE
DEWITTE, Konstans VAN KLOSTER, Amalia 13 Dec 1870 De Witte, John LAUWERS, Barbara Van Kloster, Thomas OHSOMMER [?], Barbara De Witte, Edward & Silvia Van Kloster
DICKHAUT, Arthur Philip FRIEDERICH, Hilda H. 31 May 1927 Dickhaut, Phillip GLEIS, Elizabeth Friederich, Adolph REINHART, Elizabeth Dickhaut, Oscar H. & Genevieve R. GRIMMER
DIERBERGER, Mathias HAAS, Emilia 2 Apr 1866 Haas, George & App. LITTNER
DINGELER, Joseph STURM, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1899 DÄNGELER (Daengeler), William FEUCHT, Maria Lill, Michael ECKERICH, Catharina Lill, Jacob & Barbara LANG
DOLISI, Nicolaus HEIM, Wilhelmina 5 Nov 1878 Dolisi, Nicolaus HENNERLE, Anna Maria Heim, Johann REIBEL, Elizabeth FRIEDERICH, Peter & Elizabeth Heim
EHRHOLD, Louis GERDES, Anna 24 May 1887 Ehrhold, August KREBS, Elizabeth Gerdes, William TRENDMANN, Louise HOMMEL, Hieronymus; Bernard Gerdes; Marg. Ehrhold & Magdalena Ehrhold
EIHAUSEN, Wilhelm BECKER, Anna Maria 10 Apr 1883 Eihausen, Herman LÜKEN (Lueken), Bertha Becker, Jacob KUEHN, Lugarda ALBER, Theodore; Jacob MIHL; Anna CONSTANZER & Maria Mihl
ESCHBACHER, Joseph BREY, Louisa 26 Jul 1892 Eschbacher, George PFAFF, Catharina Brey, Daman SCHLEGEL, Crescentia Eschbacher, Louis & Margaret Brey
ESWINE, John A. VOLLMER, Anna 2 May 1905 Eswine, Louis RUEBENEUKER, Maria Vollmer, William SPAETH, Theresa Eswine, Carl; Frank Vollmer; Emma Eswine & Francisca Vollmer
FELLIN, Ralph CONDON, Ella 5 Oct 1903 Fellin, Alexander PAROLINI, Maria Condon, Joseph H. STINER, Anna J. MORRISEY, Bernard & Catharina HELFERICH
FIESS, Franz CHRIST, Theresa 2 Feb 1875 Fiess, Wendelin SCHERER, Catharina Christ, Nicolaus EBERHARD, Christina (Written as Christian) Christ, Nicolaus & Emilie Fiess
FOELLER, Joseph ALBER, Theresa 28 Sep 1886 Foeller, John BEIL, Maria Anna Alber, Jacob HEITZMANN, Juliana RENSING, John; Peter GRIMMER; Anna Grimmer & Wilhelmina Alber
FREIDRICH, Elmer SCHAEFFER, Dorothea 28 Sep 1921 Friedrich, Nicholas G. SCHEIBEL, Theresa Schaeffer, Joseph D. ROSENBERGER, Susanna FRIEDERICH, Bernard & Otilda Schaeffer
FREY, Daniel WELKER, Paulina 26 Jan 1893 Frey, Joseph KLEIN, Catharina Eva Welker, Jacob RUCK, Barbara GANZ, William; John Welker; Maria Welker & Catharina Welker
FRIEDERICH, Bernard HAAS, Pearl Catharina 27 Jun 1929 Friederich, Nicholas SCHEIBEL, Theresa Haas, John WOLF, Anna Haas, Anton & Norma ZOTTMANN
FRIEDERICH, Carl ANSCHLING, Maria Margaret 4 Jun 1889 Friederich, peter GRIMMER, Margaret Anschling, Paul TONI, Elizabeth Friederich, John Louis & Henrietta Anschling
FRIEDERICH, Edward SCHNEIDER, Adele 24 Nov 1898 Friederich, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Schneider, Emil HERR, Elizabeth Friederich, Rudolph & Cecilia Friederich Dispensation for 4th grade blood relationship
FRIEDERICH, Gerhard Henry HILL, Ida Maria 7 May 1917 Friederich, Peter ALBERS, Maria Ottilia Hill, John HAMILTON, Rachel Friederich, Otto Bernard & Clara Maria Friederich Previously married in civil ceremony 28 Oct 1915
FRIEDERICH, Jacob LOUX, Maria 13 Oct 1874 Friederich, Nicolaus KIEFER, Anna Loux, Louis NOHL [?], Elizabeth HUMMEL, Karl & Catharina KONSTANZER
FRIEDERICH, Johann NOEL, Magdalena 31 Oct 1863 STEEVENS, Bernard & Agnes TEMMERMANN
FRIEDERICH, Johann George MOLL, Louisa Francisca 18 Jan 1881 Friederich, Johann FISCHER, Elizabeth Moll, Joseph Martin ANSELM, Elizabeth Moll, Wilhelm Edward; Henry Friederich; Elizabeth Catharina Moll & Marg. Friederich
FRIEDERICH, Julius SEYFRIED, Christina Isabella 10 Jul 1894 Friederich, Nicholas KRÄSSIG (Kraessig), Carolina Seyfried, Louis SCHLICHTER, Anna Friederich, Francis H.; Adolph GENEZ; Magdalena Friederich & Ottilia HESSE
FRIEDERICH, Michael Johann LINTZ, Louise 31 Jul 1883 Friederich, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Lintz, George MILLER, Christina SCHWAB, Johann; Johann STRUB; Magdalena Friederich & Maria Lintz
FRIEDERICH, Nicolaus KRÄSSIG (Kraessig), Carolina 16 Oct 1866 Kraessig, Ignatius & Catharina SCHWARZ
FRIEDERICH, Nicolaus (Widower) KLEIN, Elizabeth 19 Jan 1871 Friederich, John JAGER, Margaret Klein, Johann MAURER, Maria Friederich, John & Francisca DEIMEL
FRIEDERICH, Peter GRIMMER, Margaret 18 Jan 1860 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Catharina Friederich
FRIEDERICH, Peter KAISER, Maria 19 Jan 1860 STERN, Christian & Catharina Friederich
FRIEDERICH, Peter GRIMMER, Margaret 18 Jan 1860 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Catharina Friederich
FRIEDERICH, Peter KAISER, Maria 19 Jan 1860 STERN, Christian & Catharina Friederich
FRIEDERICH, Philipp WILHELM, Catharina 16 Aug 1883 Friederich, Nicolaus PIEFER, Anna Wilhelm, Roman SEEGER, Josephina Wilhelm, Joseph & Margaret EHRHOLD
FRIEDERICH, Sr., Peter ALBERS, Maria 4 May 1886 Friederich, Nic. KIEFER, Anna Albers, Herman BOSKE, Anna Maria Friederich, Sr., Jacob & Theresa SCHMITZ
FRIEDERICH, Theodore NIWA, Maria Barbara 8 Oct 1895 Friederich, Nicholas KLEIN, Elizabeth Niwa, Joseph HESS, Gertrude Niwa, Leonard; Nic. Friederich, Jr.; Augusta WAIGAND & Veronica Niwa
FRIESS, Henry George (Non-Catholic) FRIEDERICH, Maria Elizabeth 26 Dec 1893 Friess, John Henry FUNK, Catharina Friederich, Sr. Nicholas KLEIN, Elizabeth Friederich, Theodore; William G. Friederich; Ida ROEHL & Elizabeth Catharina FISCHER
FÜNE (Fuene), Martin KROPS, Margaret 15 Sep 1864 Fuene, Theodore & Christina HARTZMANN [?]
GANZ, George KEIM, Theresa Maria 5 Nov 1908 Ganz, William KOENIG, Maria Keim, Philipp BILGER, Sophia Keim, William; Benjamin SCHWARTZ; Sophia WELKER & Catharina Ganz
GANZ, Leopold RUCK, Maria 15 Jan 1867 VON HATTEN, Louis; Mich. Ruck; Barb. Ruck & Paulina Ganz
GARBS, Christoph GARTIESER, Louisa Maria 21 Feb 1889 Garbs, Dieterich STAHL, Elizabeth Gartieser, Joseph GERARD, Carolina WAIGAND, Francis & Friederica Garbs Mixed religion marriage
GARBS, Joseph RIESS, Agnes 1 May 1917 Garbs, Christian GARTISER, Louisa Riess, George BRENDEL, Barbara Riess, Theodore & Edna Brendel
GARBS, Lawrence (From Belleville) BRENDEL, Ruth 15 Jun 1926 Garbs, Christian GARTHÄUSER (Garthaeuser), Louisa Brendel, John FRIEDERICH, Cecilia Garbs, Harold & Blanche Brendel
GENEZ, Adolph J. HESSE, Sussanna Othilia 30 Oct 1900 Genez, Sr., Emil MICHEL, Maria Hesse, Joseph FIXARI, Othilia Genez, Edward; John Julius Hesse; Ida ROEHL & Louise Genez
GENEZ, Emil Th. SCHUESSLER, Anna 7 Jun 1899 Genez, Emil MICHEL, Maria Schuessler, Adam LIPPERT, Maria GOLD, Henry; Edward Genez; Louise Genez & Catharina Schuessler
GENZ, Emil MICHEL, Maria 25 Feb 1868 DAMERLING, Mathias & Elisa TIMMERMANN
GIRARD, Amahle VANKLOSTIN, Julia 2 Oct 1865 MEBREUER, H. & Gustavia VICTORE
GIRHAR, Francis WEGANDT, Elisa 10 May 1864 Wegandt, Maria; Maria HOULLION; Michael WOLFERSBERGER & Anton PAROI
GLASSEN, Julius WILHELM, Josephina 26 Feb 1878 Glassen, Victor ENDERLE, Catharina Wilhelm, Roman SEEGER, Josephina Wilhelm, Catharina & Aug. BENTING
GOLD, Emil SCHUMAKER, Margaret 15 Feb 1887 Gold, Joseph WOLF, Margaret Schumaker, Herman MEYER, Adelheid Schumaker, Henry & Josephina Gold
GRASSMANN, Francis Louis (From St. Louis, MO) DUNLAP, Maria Theresa (From St. Louis, MO) 16 Nov 1927 Grassmann, John LAFRITZ, Ida Dunlap, Thomas QUINN, Sarah BRENDEL, Cyril Joseph & Leona P. WOMBACHER
GRIESBAUM, Anton HINTERMANN, Josephina 16 Jan 1894 Griesbaum, Anton YOST, Elizabeth Hintermann, John AMBRUSTER, Eva Hintermann, Louis & Francis Griesbaum
GRIESBAUM, Joseph WANGLER, Christina 7 Feb 1860 LINGLER, Bernard & Barbara [Unreadable]
GRIESBAUM, Joseph WANGLER, Christina 7 Feb 1860 SINGLER, Bernhard & Barbara MORLOCK
GRIMMER, Johann ZIMMERMANN, Catharina 6 Apr 1875 Grimmer, Johann SCHEMEL, Magdalena Zimmermann, Johann PIERE, Maria Zimmermann, Johann & Maria Grimmer
GRIMMER, Nicolaus FOELLER, Catharina 23 May 1887 Grimmer, Johann SCHEMEL, Magdalena Foeller, Johann BEIL, Anna Maria Foeller, Franz Anton; Peter Grimmer; Anna Grimmer & Elizabeth KIEL
HAAS, Alfred Louis OHLENDORF, Edna Anna 29 Jan 1924 Haas, Konrad FIEDLER, Catharina Ohlendorf, Victor STAHL, Louisa Haas, Erwin & Emma Haas
HAAS, Anton (From New Baden) LILL, Catharina 7 Jun 1910 Haas, Joseph FRIEDERICH, Elizabeth Lill, Jacob LANG, Barbara Friederich, Arthur; Francis Lill; Anna Haas & Maria Lill
HAAS, August S. WOLFERSBERGER, Maria 24 Apr 1900 Haas, Laurent J. HOPFINGER, Catharina Wolfersberger, Michael BRAUN, Louisa Wolfersberger, Anton J.; Phil. Haas; Catharina Haas & Elizabeth LAQUET
HAAS, Conrad BISCHOFF, Wilhelmina 22 Nov 1923 Haas, Conrad FIEDLER, Catharina Bischoff, Philipp REINHARDT, Catharina Haas, Alfred L. & Emma Haas
HAAS, Elmer John (From Lebanon) OVERBERG, Theresa Henrietta 9 Jun 1925 Haas, Joseph FRIEDRICH, Elizabeth Overberg, Herman WÜBBLE (Wuebble), Theresa Overberg, Jr., Herman & Ruth BRENDEL
HAAS, Erwin John JUNG, Edna Amalia 16 Oct 1930 Haas, Conrad FIEDELER, Catharina Jung, Christopher VOGT, Anna Haas, Raymond C. & Verena Haas
HAAS, George ZEILMANN, Catharina 22 Aug 1864 Zeilmann, Joh. & Carolina HOHL
HAAS, George LINDNER, Catharina 22 Aug 1865 Lindner, John; Appolonia Lindner & G. Haas
HAAS, George HOLL, Carolina 17 Jun 1867 Haas, Francis; Maria LAUX; Joseph Haas & Cath. FORSTER
HAAS, Hugo ORLET, Theresa 17 Sep 1912 Haas, Joseph HATT, Carolina Orlet, John RECKMANN, Lena Orlet, George & Otillia Haas
HAAS, Johann LINDNER, Apolonia 18 May 1862 HAAS, Johann G. & Juliana TEMMERMANN
HAAS, Johann WOLF, Maria 27 Feb 1865 Haas, T. G. & Mich. Wolf
HAAS, Johann Lorenz HOPFINGER, Catharina 23 Sep 1867 Hopfinger, Johann & Anna GLASSEN
HAAS, Joseph HATT, Carolina 30 Aug 1870 ANDERLE, Franz; Albert BENZ; Maria Anna NAGELI & Maria Hatt
HAAS, Joseph FRIEDERICH, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1886 Haas, John LINDNER, Apollonia Friederich, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Haas, George; Marcel SCHNEIDER; August MOLL; Carolina Friederich; Carolina Haas & Sophia KUEHN
HAAS, Oliver George MUELLER, Amelia Christina 21 May 1919 Haas, Joseph FRIEDRICH, Elizabeth Mueller, John KONURZ, Margaret LILL, Frank; Elmer Haas; Ruth BRENDEL & Meta E. Haas
HAAS, Oscar Nicholas (From St. Jacobs, IL) WOMBACHER, Elizabeth Anna 21 Jan 1920 Haas, John KOEHLER, Magdalena Wombacher, Martin MEYER, Maria Wombacher, Arthur & Olga K. Haas
HAAS, Theodore John HUSCHLER, Anna Wilhelmina 22 Apr 1920 Haas, Konrad FIEDLER, Catharina Huschler, Joseph FRIEDRICH, Matilda Haas, Alfred; Conrad W. Haas, Jr.; Emma Haas & Adel Huschler
HAAS, William LANTER, Emilia 15 Feb 1898 Haas, John George LINDNER, Carolina Lanter, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Melinda Haas, Joseph; Xavier Haas; Maria Lanter & Louise Zimmermann
HAAS, Xavier LAQUET, Catharina 9 May 1922 Haas, Joseph HATT, Catharina Laquet, John SUESS, Elizabeth Laquet, John A. & Clara Haas
HAEGELE, Joseph ULRICH, Marianna 7 Apr 1863 WITMANN, Nicolaus & P. WOLF
HAEGELE, Leo TRUTMANN, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1858 Haegele, Joseph
HAEGELE, Leo TRUTMANN, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1858 Haegele, Joseph
HAERTING, Irwin John KUEHN, Aurelia J. Victoria 22 Sep 1924 Haerting, Irwin Carl DOLESE, Adelina Kuehn, John Henry MEYER, Catharina Kuehn, J. H. & Adelia Haerting Mixed religion marriage
HANS, John (Non-Catholic) KIEL, Sophia 8 Nov 1893 Hans, Michael BECKER, Margaret Kiel, Joseph BEIL, Catharina Kiel, Nicholas & Veronica NIWA
HARPER, Francis Albin (From New Baden, IL) WOMBACHER, Edna Maria 1 Jun 1927 Harper, Oscar BARKER, Annabella Wombacher, Martin MEYER, Maria Wombacher, Arthur P. & Caroline T. HOERDT
HASS, George LODES, Cunigunda 7 Jul 1861 PFEIFER, Jacob & Margaret BERL
HATORCK, Anton PATOCSKA, Maria 13 Jun 1917 Hatorck, Joseph KRAWAL, Francisca Patocska, John KOZEL, Maria HULLIUNG, Nicholas & Maria Hulliung Previously married in civil ceremony 5 Dec 1908 in Virden, IL
HAUS, George BASLER, Amalia Maria 21 Apr 1903 Haus, John George LINDNER, Apollonia Basler, Francis LITTNER, Christina Basler, Peter; Conrad BRENDEL; Josephina LAQUET & Dina CHRIST
HEBENSTREIT, Joseph A. MENTEL, Maria 4 Sep 1888 Hebenstreit, Valentin SPRINTZ, Catharina Mentel, Anton HEN, Catharina LINCK, Louis & Elizabeth KOLMER
HEILIGENSTEIN, Leonard PFEIFER, Maria [?] 23 Feb 1859 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
HEIMANN, Henry LENEPKE [?], Elizabeth 23 Nov 1858 Heimann, Bernard & Margaret KÖTER (Koeter)
HEIMANN, Henry LEMPKE, Elizabeth 23 Nov 1858 Heimann, Bernard & Margaret KOTER
HEIMANN, Joseph (From New Baden, IL) HOERDT, Edna Sophia 1 Jun 1927 Heimann, Francis MALINA, Agnes Hoerdt, Edmund FIETSAM, Theresa Hoerdt, Allen & Leona P. WOMBACHER
HEINTZE, Edmund (Non-Catholic) LINCK, Isabella 1 Jul 1891 Heintz, Albert WIEDENHÖVEN (Wiedenhoeven), Emma Linck, Friederich FRIEDERICH, Margaret Heintze, Ernst & Mathilda Linck
HEITZMANN, Louis RIMLINGER, Ottilia 15 Sep 1860 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Catharina Friederich
HELSDÖRFER (Helsdoerfer), Johann KOHLE, Anna 12 Feb 1877 Helsdoerfer, George STIEFLER, Margaret Kohle, Elias LINDNER, Maria BINZ, Albert & Lena Lindner
HEMMER, Peter Wilhelm QUIGLEY, Julia Anna 2 Jul 1878 Hemmer, Anton EHRLINGER, Elizabeth Quigley, Michael WHELAN, Helena BECKER, Aug.; Tony Hemmer; Maria Hemmer & Hel. Quigley
HENNERICH, Adolph BRENHAN, Ida 10 Jan 1906 Hennerich, Andrew HAUN, Josephina Brenhan, John BERGHAGEN, Elizabeth BARTTELBORT, Otto; Joseph Hennerich; Mary Hennerich & Bertha Brenhan
HERZOG, Gregory KALMER, Elizabeth 10 Nov 1891 Herzog, Carl HEILMANN, Maria Kalmer, Francis HEMPE, Maria Herzog, Carl; Anna Herzog; John CURAN & Catharina Kalmer
HESSE, Joseph (Widower of Catharina SCHOLMEYER) FIXARI, Ottilie 4 Jun 1872 Hesse, Titus SCHOLMEYER, Juliana Fixari, Florenz CREMER, Ottilie FRIEDERICH, John; Matthew VOLLMER; Anna GLASSEN & Mary HORNBERGER
HINDERMANN, John HUSS, Ida 24 Jan 1893 Hindermann, John AMBRUSTER, Eva Huss, Francis ZINCK, Eva Hindemann, Louis; Edward Laurent Zinck; Maria Magdalena Zinck & Magdalena SCHWARTZ
HINDERMANN, Louis FRIEDERICH, Sophia Nov 1902 Hindermann, John AMBRUSTER, Eva Margaret Friederich, Jr., Nic. KRÄSSIG (Kraessig), Carolina Friederich, Henry & Clara Friederich
HOFFMANN, Conrad KEHM, Anna Maria 14 Aug 1867 TEMMERMANN, Agnes & Philipp PAUSBACH
HOFHEINZ, Walter A. (From St. Louis) BURKHARDT, Anna Louisa (From St. Louis) 12 Feb 1929 Hofheinz, Albert LANDOLT, Maria Burkhardt, George FEIND, Paulina SCHAEFER, Elmer J. & Elva Ida HOMMEL
HOGG, Andrew SCHAEFFER, Maria 28 Nov 1918 Hogg, Fridolin WOERNER, Katharina SCHAEFER, Stephan MUEHLHERR, Maria Hogg, Leo & Bertha Hogg
HOLZAPFEL, Henry OESTREICHER, Maria 13 Nov 1883 Holzapfel, August FUNCK, Catharina Oestreicher, Johann BRUGER, Magdalena SIMONS, Albert & Maria LAUX
HOMMEL, Gustav E. RIST, Maria 16 Apr 1912 Hommel, Carl BREITENBACH, Maria Rist, Joseph MUETH, Maria Rist, John & Emilia Josephina Hommel
HOMMEL, Hieronymus HOMMEL, Maria (Protestant born Breitenbach) 9 Apr 1888 Hommel, Wendelin WEIHAUS, Maria Anna BREITENBACH, Henry BÄHR (Baehr), Maria LINCK, Louis & Ida HUSS Dispensation for first degree relationship
HOPFINGER, Anton MOELLER, Victoria 5 Feb 1878 Hopfinger, Thomas MUSEL, Carolina Moeller, Vincent ZAHN, Anna Hopfinger, Thomas; George Moeller; Anna Moeller & Mary Hopfinger
HOPFINGER, Arthur G. SCHMITZ, Margaret M. 14 Jan 1913 Hopfinger, Anton MUELLER, Victoria Schmitz, Nicholas ILLGEN, Emilia HAAS, Louis & Adele Elizabeth SCHEEL
HORN, Johann BRENDEL, Anna Ursula 21 Aug 1870 SÖLLER (Soeller), George & George Brendel
HOTINET, P. MARTIN, Josephina _4 Apr 1865 AUBERG, M.; Lisa Auberg & Eugene MARSCHAL
HOULLION, Nicolaus PARENTIN, Louisa 30 Apr 1867 Parentin, Christ.; Martin Houllion; Josephina Parentin & Not listed WELKER
HUBER, Anton SCHAEFER, Francisca 23 Jun 1908 Huber, Caspar ACKERMANN, Maria Schaefer, Philipp STRAETER, Theresa Schaefer, Joseph & Helena LAQUET
HUBER, John Alois ROEHL, Ida 17 Sep 1906 Huber, Caspar ACKERMANN, Maria Roehl, John BENZ, Maria SIEDLER, Alois; Alfred Roehl; Louisa GENEZ & Josephina Huber
HULLIUNG, Albert SCHAEFFER, Elizabeth Louisa 20 Oct 1908 Hulliung, Nicholas WANGLER, Maria Schaeffer, Stephan MUEHLHER, Maria Schaeffer, Laurent & Helena Hulliung
HUND, Alfred (From Powell Park County, WY) JUNG, Amelia 23 Oct 1917 Hund, Henry RUDOLPH, Sophia Jung, Henry VIETSAM, Maria Hund, Arthur T. & Edmina Jung
HUND, Edwin MOLL, Francisca 18 Jun 1922 Hund, Henry RUDOLPH, Sophia Moll, Albert ZINCK, Josephina Moll, Emmet G. L. & Alma F. WOMBACHER
HUND, Henry RUDOLF, Sophia 22 Jan 1884 Hund, Bernard SWEISS, Magdalena Rudolf, Joseph MELLY, Francisca Melly, Emil; Hieronymus HOMMEL; Sophia Melly & Rosa Hund
HUND, Henry PISTER, Emilia 12 May 1896 Hund, Bernard SCHWEISS, Magdalena & Sophia RUDOLF (Deceased) Pister, Conrad WILHELM, Paulina WAIGAND, Jacob & Philippina Pister
HUSCHLER, Joseph FRIEDERICH, Mathilda 10 Jun 1897 Huschler, Joseph KOHL, Ursula Friederich, Sr., Peter GRIMMER, Margaret Huschler, Daniel Samuel & Maria Friederich
HUSKAMP, August FIES, Marianna 12 May 1868 LAGER, Joh. & Louisa Fies
HUSS, Ludwig SPAETH, Theresa 6 Nov 1877 Huss, Franz LINCK, Eva Spaeth, Joseph GANZ, Theresa WOERNER, Elisa & Jos. Huss
JANNING, Herman Joseph SCHAFFNER, Margaret 26 Jan 1904 Janning, Bernard Henry JUNGERMANN, Anna Maria Schaffner, Martin STEFFELIN, Catharina BAUER, Joseph & Theresa Bauer
JEKO, Andreas GÜNTHER (Guenther), Theresa 27 Nov 1858 SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Louis
JEKO, Andreas GUNTHER, Theresa 27 Nov 1858 SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Louis
JESENCIC, Ernest ZUPANCIC, Julia 9 Jan 1923 Jesencic, Paul KNEZ, Maria Zupancic, Anton SKOBE, Joanna AUGUSTINE, Aug & Anna JESENICK
JIT__AM, Johann TRENLE, Cunigunda 9 Jun 1863 FEDER, Johann & Victoria HESS
JOHNSON, Clyde (Non-Catholic) SUMMERS, Cleopha (From Cannelburg, IN) 11 Feb 1918 Johnson, John William JUGERSON, Adelia Summers, William CASSADY, Susanna WEIL, Walter & Eleonora Weil Previously married in a civil ceremony 27 Dec 1917 in Belleville, IL
JOKISCH, Emmanuel GULLI, Magdalena 10 Apr 1883 Jokisch, Francis ZIMMER, Theresa Gulli, Barnabas EHRHARDT, Agatha MEYER, Carl; Anton SEHLINGER; Anna Gulli & Catharina KERN
JOKISCH, Johann KUHNER, Catharina 15 Sep 1867 Jokisch, Francis & Maria Kuhner
JUNG, Arthur S. LAQUET, Josephina 15 Jan 1907 Jung, Peter STAUB, Rosa Laquet, John SUESS, Elizabeth Laquet, Theodore; Edmund Jung; Rosa Jung & Catharina A. Laquet
JUNG, Cornelius Jacob SIEBENBÜRGER (Siebenbuerger), Anna Antonia 26 Oct 1920 Jung, Peter STAUB, Rosa Siebenbuerger, Henry WUBBELES, Theresa OVERBERG, Jr., Herman & Erwina WAIGAND
JUNG, Cornelius Peter HAAS, Maria Lilian 10 Sep 1923 Jung, Henry FRETSAM, Maria Francisca Haas, Conrad FIEDLER, Catharina
JUNG, Edmund WOMBACHER, Louisa 3 May 1915 Jung, Peter STAUP, Rosa Wombacher, Martin MEYER, Maria Jung, Cornelius & Elsa Wombacher
JUNG, Joseph (From Engelmann Twp.) HELMIG, Emma (From Pinckneyville, IL) 20 May 1908 Jung, Joseph NOLD, Maria Helmig, William BISCHOF, Wilhelmina Jung, William J. & Emilia C. Jung
JUNG, Joseph (From Fayetteville, IL) WELKER, Catharina 28 Feb 1911 Jung, Christian ZELLER, Maria Welker, John KARST, Anna Welker, William & Thecla Jung
JUNG, Julius BRENDEL, Agnes 25 Oct 1898 Jung, Anton WOLFERSBERGER, Margaret Brendel, John BLANK, Anna Brendel, George; Emil ZINCK; Carolina SCHMITT & Carolina Jung
JUNG, Theodore (From Fayetteville) MUETH, Maria 24 Oct 1917 Jung, Christian ZÖLLER (Zoeller), Maria Mueth, Carl NEFF, Margaret Jung, Edward & Helena Mueth
JUNK, Christian DÜMONT (Duemont), Emma 1 Jun 1864 PAUSBACH, Phil. & Angela TEMMERMANN
JUNK, Joseph NOLL, Maria 9 Apr 1860 ESCHMANN, Johann; Chr. Junk & Theresa Junk
JUNK, Joseph NOLL, Maria 19 Apr 1860 ESCHMANN, Johann & Christina JUNK  
KAMPSCHRÖDER (Kampschroeder), John JANSEN [?], Frederica 11 Oct 1859 Jansen, Theodore & Margaret KÖTTER (Koetter)
KAMPSCHRÖDER (Kampschroeder), John JANSEN, Frederica 11 Oct 1859 Jansen, Theodore & Margaret KOTTER
KARPEL, Francis (From New Baden, IL) BIEBEL, Laurinda L. 22 Sep 1927 Karpel, Vincent SCHMANSKI, Maria BIEBEL, Oliver ZINCK, Anna Biebel, Oliver J. C. & Anna BROWY
KAUFFMANN, Andrew BLAEIS, Ida 4 Sep 1906 Kauffmann, Laurent KARLIN, Carolina Blaeis, John RIEGER, Anna Kauffmann, Louis & Louisa Blaeis
KAYSER, Mathias (Widower of Anna Mar. LAPPE) BAHL, Rosina (Widow of Johann Bahl) 28 Nov 1871 Kayser, Laurent SCHEURER, Anna Maria BECK, Mathias MEYER, Anna Maria HAEGLE, Joseph & Maria Anna Haegle born ULLERICH (Mrs. Joseph)
KEHRER, John GRIMMER, Christina 9 Oct 1906 Kehrer, Peter SCHUPP, Albertina Grimmer, John ZIMMERMANN, Catharina Kehrer, Joseph & Catharina MEYER
KEHRER, Joseph RINKER, Anna 22 Jan 1907 Kehrer, Peter SCHUPP, Albertina Rinker, Frederick DUNCAS, Elizabeth Schupp, John & Anna Kehrer
KEHRER, Orval Joseph SCHAEFFER, Sylvia M. 22 Aug 1928 Kehrer, John A. GRIMMER, Christina Schaeffer, Joseph D. ROSENBERGER, Susanna Schaeffer, Elner & Anna STIEN
KEHRER, Peter Anton SCHUPP, Albertina 17 Apr 1883 Kehrer, Adam STAHL, Anna Maria Schupp, Joseph LENDER, Theresa Schupp, August & Regina ZINCK
KERN, Blasius SAUTER, Rosina 21 May 1872 Kern, Jakob BERNER, Ursula Sauter, George KLEIBER, Magdalena Kern, Ernst & Barbara Kern born SPATZ (Mrs. Ernst)
KERN, Carl DICKHAUT, Anna M. 21 Nov 1905 Kern, Matthew GULLI, Maria Dickhaut, John FUNK, Maria Kern, John & Ella Dickhaut
KERN, Mathias GULLI, Maria 4 Sep 1866 Kern, Oswald & Philumena Gulli
KERN, Oswald WILHELM, Rosalia 14 Nov 1870 Kern, Johann REISER, Clara Wilhelm, Roman SÄGER (Saeger), Josephina MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann & Josephina Wilhelm
KESSLER, George Walter (Non-Catholic from Freeburg, IL) KUEHN, Anna Margaret 12 Jun 1919 Kessler, Louis SCHAEFFER, Maria Kuehn, Francis L. SCHAEFFER, Margaret Kuehn, William Louis & Edna Kessler
KETTLER, Henry (From Paderborn, IL) ORLET, Anna (From Paderborn, IL) 29 Aug 1911 Kettler, Francis STOCKEL, Anna Orlet, John RECKMANN, Helena Kettler, Herman & Maria Orlet
KEYSER, Johann WELSCH, Margaret 6 Apr 1869 FRIEDERICH, Peter & John Welsch
KIEFER, Heinrich KIEFER, Barbara (Widow of Joseph Kiefer) 3 Jun 1872 Kiefer, Siemon FIESS, Barbara FIESS, Wendelin SCHERER, Catharina SPAETH, Faustin & Adelheid Spaeth (Mrs. Faustin) born GANZ Dispensation for 1st degree relationship.
KIFER, Joseph FIES, Barbara 13 Aug 1867 Fies, Joseph & Phil. PAUSBACH
KIHM, Jacob FRIEDERICH, Anna 18 Sep 1866 Friederich, Michael; L. Kihm & Margaret WEIDNER
KIMM, Jacob (Widower of Anna FRIEDERICH) EHRHOLD, Elizabeth (Widow of August Ehrhold) 16 Nov 1875 Kimm, Christian SCHULTHEISS, Helena KREBS, Joseph BONGELA, Elizabeth FRIERDICH, Johann & Magdalena MÜLLER (Mueller)
KIMM, Philipp EHRHOLD, Margaret 15 Jul 1891 Kimm, Jacob FRIEDERICH, Anna Ehrhold, August KREBS, Elizabeth POHLMANN, Henry & Magdalena Ehrhold
KITSEN, John (Non-Catholic) ZINCK, Rosa 29 Aug 1893 Kitsen, Chrystoph RUDOLFSKY, Gottlieber Zinck, Louis HOFART, Maria Zinck, Edward & Augusta WAIGAND
KLEES, Heinrich RUDOLF, Maria Louisa 20 Feb 1879 Klees, Peter GARTNER, Elizabeth Rudolf, Joseph MELLY, Francisca Rudolf, Jacob; Geo. Rudolf; Bertha DINGEL & Sophia Rudolf
KLEIN, Arthur J. HAAS, Emma C. 10 Jun 1925 Klein, Paul RICKENBERG, Elizabeth Haas, Konrad FIEDLER, Catharina Haas, Erwin & Elsie A. Haas
KLEIN, Edward L. ZIMMERMANN, Lucia 25 Nov 1915 Klein, John NIVAE, Catharina Zimmermann, John GRIMMER, Maria Zimmermann, Frederick & Maria MATTERN
KLEIN, John NIWA, Catharina 3 Feb 1891 Klein, Nicholas ROTH, Anna Niwa, Joseph HESS, Gertrude MUETH, Louis; Leonard Niwa; Veronica Klein & Maria Niwa
KLEIN, Louis FRÖHLING (Froehling), Sophia 14 Nov 1858 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Catharina Friederich
KLEIN, Louis FRÖHLINGER (Froehlinger), Sophia 14 Nov 1858 SCHMIDT, Jacob
KLINGELHOEFER, Gustav FRIEDERICH, Rosa Anna 23 Nov 1910 Klingelhoefer, Frederick WETZEL, Maria Friederich, Peter ALBERS, Maria Friederich, Henry & Margaret Friederich
KLINGELHOEFER, William T. HAAS, Appolonia 6 Nov 1917 Klingelhoefer, Frederick WETZEL, Anna Haas, Konrad FIEDLER, Catharina Haas, Theodore J. & Anna M. HUSCHLER
KNAUS, Andreas LANDER, Katharina 6 Nov 1866 Lander, Peter & Katharina Knaus
KOCH, Anton J. SIEDLER, Maria Anna 5 Sep 1900 Koch, Herman WIETER, Maria Adelheid Siedler, Anton THOMANN, Elizabeth Siedler, Alois; Herman Koch, Jr.; Mary Koch  & Clara Siedler
KOEHR, Louis Henry (From Belleville, IL) WOLFERSBERGER, Cordelia Ida 12 Oct 1927 Koehr, Louis KRAMER, Josephina Wolfersberger, August SCHUPP, Maria Koehr, Elmer & Onita Wolfersberger
KOFFER, Simon RINK, Anna 27 Apr 1859 JACOBS, Edward & Maria WANGER
KOFFER, Simon RINK, Anna 27 Apr 1859 KREBS, Edward & Maria WANGER
KÖNIG (Koenig), Andreas GUTH, Anna 30 Oct 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
KONIG, Andreas GUTH, Anna 30 Oct 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
KÖRBER (Koerber), George GÜNTHER (Guenther), Margaret 16 Sep 1862 HASS, Johann; Johann BAUER & Barb. ADELHARD
KORTE, Henry A. (From St. Libory, IL) REIBOLD, Ella C. (Non-Catholic from Lebanon, IL) 8 Jun 1911 Korte, George KRUSE, Anna Reibold, John NOLD, Catharina Korte, Bernard & Hilda Reibold
KRAUSS, Jr.,  Peter FRIEDERICH, Maria Elizabeth 23 Nov 1893 Krauss, Sr., Peter VONDERHEID, Maria Friederich, Jr., Nicholas KRAESSIG, Carolina Friederich, Julius & Christina SEYFRIED
KRIEG, Joseph LIEBIG, Anna (Non-Catholic) 22 Mar 1892 Krieg, Joseph HEINEMANN, Maria Liebig, Adam MILLER, Wilhelmina Liebig, Henry G. & Anna Regina Krieg
KUEHN, Andrew HADEL, Maria Louisa 7 Mar 1905 Kuehn, William REHRIG, Magdalena Hadel, William MOUTTON, Maria COX, Thomas & Louisa GENEZ
KUEHN, Arnold William PARKS, Frieda May (From Belleville) 11 Nov 1929 Kuehn, J. Henry MEYER, Catharina Parks, Oscar WAELTZ, Catharina SCHILLING, Nicholas & Katherine Kuehn
KUEHN, Arthur J. L. FAUL, Georgiana L. 27 Nov 1924 Kuehn, William L. REEB, Catharina BEATTY, John SCHUBERT, Sophia Kuehn, E. H. & Sophia P. DUMONT
KUEHN, Francis SCHAEFFER, Margaret 19 Oct 1886 Kuehn, Lucas KLEIN, Margaret Schaeffer, Dominic KLEIN, Margaret RASP, Martin; Albert MOLL; Catharina Schaeffer & Sophia Kuehn
KUEHN, John Henry MEYER, Catharina 12 Feb 1893 Kuehn, Andrew MEYER, Maria Meyer, George NOLD, Victoria Kuehn, H. N.; Hugo G. Meyer; Blondina BAHL & Maria Kuehn
KUEHN, Louis D. (From Ava, IL) RIST, Clara 15 Apr 1915 Kuehn, Louis SCHAEFFER, Martha Rist, Anton ZINCK, Maria Kuehn, Irvin & Josephina Rist
KUEHN, Ludwig SCHAEFFER, Martha 22 Feb 1881 Kuehn, Lucas KLEIN, Margaret Schaeffer, Dominic WETZER, Margaret Kuehn, Theresa; William L. Kuehn & Catharina Schaeffer
KUEHN, Oscar H. RIESS, Anna 18 Jun 1913 Kuehn, Francis L. SCHAEFFER, Margaret Riess, George BRENDEL, Barbara Riess, John E. & Clara W. Kuehn
KUEHN, Wilhelm WOLFERSBERGER, Christina 13 Feb 1888 Kuehn, Andrew MEYER, Maria Wolfersberger, Franz HULLIUNG, Elizabeth Kuehn, Henry & Maria LAUKS
KUGELMANN, George (Protestant) MEYER, Catharina 30 Oct 1876 Kugelmann, Johann QUART, Anna Meyer, Johann George KOENIG, Barbara Kugelmann, Elis.; Anna CONSTANZER; Sigmund STOCK & Heinrich WINCH
KUHL, Nicolaus REISLEINER, Francisca 7 Aug 1865 Kuhl, Joseph & Marianna Reisleiner
KÜHN (Kuehn), Andreas MEYER, Maria 24 Sep 1861 Kuehn, Wilhelm; Nicolaus HOULIAN; Anna Meyer & Maria Houlian
KUHN, Wilhelm ROHRIG, Magdalena 9 Aug 1864 KIFER, Heinrich & Catharina Rohrig
LAMPE, Joseph ALLGEYER, Friderika 12 Dec 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
LAMPE, Joseph ALLEGEIER, Friederica 12 Dec 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
LANTER, Edward P. HAAS, Louisa 4 Sep 1900 Lanter, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Melinda Haas, Laurent HOPFINGER, Catharina ZEILMANN, Laurent; Francis Zimmermann; Ida Wolfersberger & Rosa GRIMMER
LANDER, Joseph (27y) ZIMMERMANN, Melinda (21y) 22 Nov 1872 Lander, Dominic ROSCH, Margaret Zimmermann, John PIERRE, Maria Lander, Dominic & Catharine Zimmermann
LANDER, Ludwig SCHNEBELIN, Carolina 14 Oct 1871 Lander, Andreas KASSER, Dorothea Schnebelin, Bartholomew HEINRICH, Anna Barbara KNAUS, Andreas & Margaret Schnebelin born BORN
LANTER, Dominic WEBER, Anna 29 Feb 1876 Lanter, Dominic RESCH, Margaret Weber, Blasius HERR, Catharina Lanter, Peter & Catharina Weber
LANTER, George S. SCHAEFFER, Cecilia J. 2 Apr 1913 Lanter, Joseph S. ZIMMERMANN, Malinda Schaeffer, Stephan MUEHLHER, Maria Schaeffer, Emil & Ottilia Lanter
LANTER, Julius WILHELM, Louisa 11 Apr 1918 Lanter, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Malinda Wilhelm, Joseph BREY, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Oscar & Ottilia Lanter
LANTER, Louis (Widower of Catharina SCHNEBELIN) LANTER, Margaret 1 May 1876 Lanter, Andreas CASSER, Dorothea Lanter, Dominic RESCH, Margaret Lanter, Peter & Margaret WEBER Dispensation for 2nd grade relationship
LAQUET, Christoph WEITER [?], Maria Elizabeth 29 Apr 1862 Laquet, Nicolaus & Martin SCHONBORN
LAQUET, Joseph MOLL, Catharina 16 Nov 1875 Laquet, Ernst BONISCHO, Elizabeth Moll, Martin ANSELM, Elizabeth Moll, Franz & Maria WINTER
LAQUET, Joseph HEMANN, Clara 10 Jul 1907 Laquet, Peter SCHAEFER, Anna Hemann, Clement DANIEL, Anna Laquet, Otto; Elizabeth Hemann; Joseph SCHAEFER & Ella Laquet
LANTER, Arthur SCHUBKEGEL, Elise 23 Feb 1927 Lanter, Edward P. HAAS, Louisa Schubkegel, Edward MALLRICH, Carrie Schubkegel, Stanley & Amelia Lanter
LAUX, Johann MEYER, Anna Maria 22 Nov 1864 DRESSLER, Johann & Christina WOLFERSBERGER
LEGENDER, Peter WEIDNER, Margaret 8 Jul 1869 VAN KLOSTER, Peter & Maria WOLF
LEGENDRE, Theodore PISTER, Philippina 24 May 1898 Legendre, Peter WEIDLER, Margaret Pister, Conrad WILHELM, Paulina Legendre, Michael; Jacob WAIGAND; Margaret Legendre & Magdalena Waigand
LEPS, Andrew Carl MOHR, Barbara 14 Dec 1878 Leps, Andrew KETTIG, Maria Mohr, Franz WALTER, Eva Elizabeth FOELLER, Johann & Johann TRAUB
LEY, Joseph HUSCHLER, Lydia M. 15 Oct 1918 Ley, Joseph SCHRECKENBERG, Maria Huschler, Joseph FRIEDERICH, Matilda HAAS, Theodore J. & Anna M. Huschler
LIETZ, Ernst MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Catharina 25 Nov 1869 Mueller, Franz & Elizabeth PREUNER
LINDER, Joseph RIX, Carolina Maria 16 Oct 1878 Linder, Johann SCHEITH, Louisa Rix, Friederich HENN, Anna Maria Rix, Adolf & Maria OESTREICHER
LINDNER, Andrew KOHLER, Carolina (Non-Catholic) 21 Nov 1895 Lindner, Michael KÖRBER (Koerber), Eva Kohler, William DIETZ, Maria Lindner, Louis & Maria Kohler
LITTNER, Michael KLEIN, Margaret 2 Apr 1861 FRIEDERICH, Johann & Jul. TEMMERMANN
LODES, Johann ZEILMANN, Margaret 16 Sep 1872 Lodes, Sebastian FÖRSTER (Foerster), Anna Zeilmann, George KNÜRL (Knuerl), Eva ZÖLLER (Zoeller), George & John BRENDEL
LUCIUS, Alfred E. SCHMIDT, Maria Otilla (From Hecker, IL) 17 Jun 1913 Lucius, R. W. HESSDOERFER, Josephina Schmidt, Edward J. FELLER, Louisa Schmidt, Daniel E. & Catharina Schmidt
LUCIUS, Rudolf HESSDÖRFER (Hessdoerfer), , Josephina 2 Oct 1876 Lucius, Carl WELSCH, Elizabeth Hessdoerfer, Philipp GRIESBAUM, Barbara TIMMERMANN, Joh. T. & Francisca HEINZMANN
LUECHTEFELD, August (From St. Libory) DIECKER, Francisca (From Lively Grove, IL) 11 Nov 1913 LÜCHTEFELD (Luechtefeld), August RATKE, Maria Diecker, Henry ALBERS, Anna Luechtefeld, Edward & Maria Luechtefeld
MÄDLER (Maedler), Ferdinand GESSMANN, Barbara  (Widow of Peter Gessmann; born STARK) 5 Nov 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
MAEDLER, Ferdinand GESSMANN, Barbara  [Widow of Peter Gessmann; born STARK] 5 Nov 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
MANK, Andreas WELKER, Catharina 8 Jan 1867 Welker, Jacob; Faustin SPAETH; Catharina Mank & Susanna Welker
MATTERN, Joseph SOMMERS, Birdell (From Okawville) 23 Jan 1912 Mattern, John KRAUTH, Elizabeth Sommers, Joseph BESKE, Catharina JOUNG, John & Auria Sommers
MAURET, Friederich HOF, Bertha 17 Nov 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
MAURET, Friederich HOF, Bertha 17 Nov 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
MAYER, Amand RINGWALD, Catharina 8 Mar 1859 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Rosina BECK
MEBREUER, Heinrich MARSHAL, Eugenia _ 10 Jun 1866 AUBERG, Marzel & Julia TEMMERMANN
MEIERS, Matthew MATTERN, Barbara 22 Jan 1903 Meiers, Nicholas BECKER, Susanna Mattern, John KRAUTH, Elizabeth Mattern, Joseph; Christian WISNAESKY; Katharina Mattern & Elizabeth LAUER
MERKLE, Martin SCHÖLLER (Schoeller), Cunigunda 5 Jun 1859 GOTTELEBENET, Laurent & Barbara HAUCH
MERKLE, Martin SCHOLLER, Cunigunda 5 Jun 1859 GOTTESLEBEN, Laurent & Barbara HAUK
MEYER, Amand RINGWALD, Catharina 8 Mar 1859 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Rosina BECK
MEYER, Benjamin TUMBECK, Magdalena 6 Nov 1866 Tumbeck, Theodore & Margaret WEIDNER
MEYER, Carl GULLI, Anna 8 May 1883 Meyer, Ignatz GUTH, Anna Maria Gulli, Barnabas EHRHARDT, Agatha Meyer, Leopold; Arthur Alber; Maria LAUX & Catharina KERN
MEYER, Francis FROEHLIN, Rosa Catharina 24 Nov 1885 Meyer, Joseph BOELE, Catharina Froehlin, Johann George LORBER, Rosa BUSS, Joseph & Rosa Froehlin
MEYER, George NOLD, Victoria 30 Oct 1869 Nold, Melchior & Philipp PAUSBACH
MEYER, John EHRHOLD, Maria 12 Jan 1892 Meyer, John LANDGRAF, Eva Ehrhold, August KREBS, Elizabeth WAIGAND, Henry; Jacob Waigand; Mathilda KIMM & Elizabeth Kimm
MEYER, John ROERICH, Ida 19 Feb 1896 Meyer, John THOMAN, Elizabeth Roerich, Matthew GRUENEWALD, Catharina OBERNEUFEMANN, Joseph; Catharina FEDER; Alois SIEDLER & Mary Siedler
MEYER, Joseph BRUKKER, Magdalena 11 Feb 1862 MÜLLER (Mueller), Vincenz & Anna MULLER
MEYER, Joseph George ADAM, Margaret 20 Nov 1860 FRIEDERICH, Johann & Agnes TEMMERMANN
MEYER, Jr., Anton WOMBACHER, Elizabeth R. 13 Jan 1903 Meyer, Anton MULLER, Louise Wombacher, Peter WETZER, Elizabeth Wombacher, Louis & Margaret Wombacher
MEYER, William KARST, Helena Maria 6 Jun 1909 Meyer, George NOLT, Victoria Karst, Henry HENSEN, Maria Karst, Carl & Bertha Meyer Mixed religion marriage
MIDDENDORF, Henry George FRIEDERICH, Joanna Maria 22 Jan 1919 Middendorf, Henry BECKER, Catharina Friederich, Adolph RHEINHARDT, Elizabeth Friederich, Elmer; Laura Middendorf; Edward Middendorf & Adele Friederich
MIMMACK, Alfred R. FRIEDERICH, Magdalena 9 Apr 1885 Mimmack, William PYKE, Rebecca Friederich, Peter KEYSER, Maria STARK, Hieronymus; Christ SÄNGER (Saenger); Ida Friederich & Bertha FUNCH
MOLL, Albert D. ZINCK, Josephina 10 Jan 1893 Moll, George PERRIN, Maria Theresa Zinck, Laurent JUNG, Theresa Zinck, Anton & Maria Magdalena Zinck
MOLL, Daniel SCHWARZ, Susanna 27 Nov 1877 Moll, Christian BUTZ, Maria Anna Schwarz, Anton SUTLER, Barbara Moll, Franz; Aug. Schwarz; Maria Schaeffer & Elis. Moll
MOLL, Francis SCHAEFFER, Maria 29 Jan 1878 Moll, Christian BUTZ, Maria Anna Schaeffer, Dominic WETZER, Margaret Schaeffer, Stephan & Martha Schaeffer
MOLL, George PERRING, Mar. Ther. 13 Apr 1869 Perring, Nicolaus & Mar. Elis. Moll
MOLL, Joseph DAULIS, Maria 1 Oct 1861 Daulis, Jacob; Michael MOLTER; Maria Daulis & Catharina Molter
MOLTER, Michael HAAS, Barbara 4 Jun 1867 Haas, Jac.; Francis Haas; Catharina HUHL & Magdalena VON HATTEN
MONKEN, Henry GARTISER, Anna Maria 26 Apr 1881 Monken, Henry PAUSCH, Juliana Gartiser, Joseph GERARD, Carolina Gartiser, Francis & Catharina Gartiser
MORRISEY, Edward KNOERR, Josephina 14 Jan 1903 Morrisey, Thomas LOTZ, Margaret Knoerr, Jacob TORLOTHING, Maria Morrisey, Joseph & Ida Knoerr
MUELLER, Henry F. (From Belleville) WORMS, Olivia 12 Jun 1912 Mueller, William (Non-Catholic) SCHI___DANZ [?], Maria Worms, Louis HOPFINGER, , Maria Worms, Ado & Elizabeth Anna Mueller Mixed religion marriage
MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Catharina 9 Jan 1860 EHRINGER, Friederich & Maria Anna WANGER
MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Catharina 9 Jan 1860 EHINGER, Friederich & Maria Anna WANGER
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johann WEICHSEL, Maria Philippine 30 May 1871 Mueller, Michael GRÜN (Gruen), Apollonia Weichsel, Johann SCHUBINGEL, Sophia PAUSBACH, Philipp & Maria Mueller
MÜLLER (Mueller), John BLAEIS, Elizabeth 3 Apr 1894 Mueller, Paul GANGLOFF, Elizabeth Blaeis, Michael BENDER, Theresa Blaeis, Joseph & Catharina Mueller
MULLER, Peter PARROT, Barbara 4 Jun 1865 PAUSBACH, Ph. & X. Parrot
NADLER, Henry W. BRENDEL, Edna 4 Jun 1918 Nadler, Adam BLUMHORST, Elizabeth BRENDEL, John FRIEDERICH, Cecilia HAAS, Oliver; Ruth Brendel; Edwin RIESS & Meta S. Haas
NEMINGER, Paul ZINK, Philippina 7 Nov 1859 HUSS, Francis & Anna FRIEDERICH
NEURINGER, Paul ZINGK, Philippina 7 Oct 1859 HUSS, Francis & Anna FRIEDRICH
NIEMANN, Dietrich Herrmann from Prussia HEIDGERS, Maria Gesina from Hannover 7 Jan 1858 Niemann, Henry (Deceased) Not listed, Elizabeth Heidgers, Herrmann Henry MEYER, Katharina Niemann, Henry & Adelheid WANGELBOHL Married in Germantown
NIEMANN, Herrmann WOLTERS, Margaret 24 Apr 1860 Wolters, Herrmann & Agnes TIMMERMANN
NIEMANN, Herrmann WOLTERS, Margaret 24 Apr 1860 Wolters, Herman & Agnes TIMMERMANN
NIETERMILLER, Joseph FRIEDERICH, Maria 6 Oct 1896 Nietermiller, Joseph HULLIUNG, Maria Friederich, Sr., Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Friederich, Edward; Oliver Biebel; Louise Nietermiller & Cecilia Friederich
NIWA, Leonard FRAZIER, Margaret 3 Jul 1900 Niwa, Joseph HESSE, Gertrude Frazier, John HANSON, Maria FRIEDERICH, Mariel; Edward Niwa; Maria ZAHN & Veronica Niwa
NOLD, August B. KUEHN, Theresa 14 Feb 1882 Nold, Hieronymus KAERENGAESSNER, Barbara Kuehn, Lucas KLEIN, Margaret Kuehn, Wilhelm & Catharina SCHAEFFER
OESTREICHER, Michael VÖGLE (Voegle), Catharina 28 Feb 1865 MULLER, Herrmann & Catharina Muller
OFFERMANN, Peter J. PAULUSSEN, Margaret 31 Aug 1900 Offermann, Peter DAHMEN, Anna Maria Paulussen, Peter William SEBESKI, Anna Christina LONGERICH, Henry & Mrs. Henry Longerich
OHL, Elmer Roland BRENDEL, Blanche 13 Sep 1927 Ohl, Jacob BARTH, Lillian Brendel, John FRIEDERICH, Cecilia Brendel, Wilbert & Augusta HEIMBERGER Mixed religion marriage
ORLET, George WILHELM, Amalia Crescentia 24 Oct 1916 Orlet, John RECKMANN, Helena Wilhelm, Joseph BREY, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Louis & Maria Orlet
OTTING, Johann ZINGLING, Barbara 3 Mar 1862 Zingling, George; Xavier GÜNTHER (Guenther) & Maria Zingling
OTTO, Francis MOSER, Adelheid 5 Aug 1861 Moser, Xavier & Amalia Moser
PAROIT, Anton HOULION, Maria 19 Jun 1864 MEYER, Anton
PARROT, Nicolaus WOLFERSBERGER, Christine 13 Feb 1866 Wolfersberger, M. & A. PARENT
PARROT, Victor FIESS, Louise 5 Nov 1872 Parrot, Xavier ISCH, Barbara Fiess, Wendelin SCHERER, Catharina Parrot, John B. & Peter LAQUET
PAUSBACH, Philip MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria 9 Feb 1865 MULLER, Peter & Catharina Muller
PERRIN, Nicolaus FUESS, Emilia 23 Feb 1882 Perrin, Francis PFEIFER, Catharina Fuess, Wendelin SCHERER, Catharina Perrin, Jr., Francis & Elizabeth Fuess
PFEIFER, Joseph MEYER, Lena 8 Aug 1865 Pfeifer, Jacob  & Lisa TEMMERMANN
PFEIFER, Joseph FRIEDERICH, Magdalena 21 Nov 1905 Pfeifer, Sr., Joseph MEYER, Magdalena Friederich, Nicholas KRÄSSIG (Kraessig), Carolina Friederich, Henry & Maria M. Pfeifer
PFEIFER, Michael LAQUIT, Barbara 14 Apr 1859 Laquit, Christoph & Anna FRIEDRICH
PFEIFFER, Jacob BERGER, Maria Magdalena 4 Nov 1880 Pfeiffer, Jacob HELFERICH, Catharina Berger, Jacob REISLEINER, Francisca WINTER, Jacob; Franz GATIESER; Mary KIEL & Mary Berger
PFEIFFER, Michael LAQUIT, Barbara 11 Apr 1860 Laquit, Christoph & Anna FRIEDRICH
PIERE, Joseph HOPP, Maria 29 May 1865 PAUSBACH, P. & Lisa TEMMERMANN
PLAB, Jacob SCHOPP, Carolina born Friederich 31 Oct 1898 Plab, Joseph FUCHS, Maria FRIEDERICH, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret Friederich, Cecilia & Otto BARTHELME
POIROT, John Baptist FUESS, Catharina 26 Sep 1876 Poirot, Xavier ISCH, Barbara Fuess, Wendelin SCHERER, Catharina PERRING, Nicolaus & Josephina Fuess
POIROT, Peter MUNKEN, Theresa 1 Nov 1869 GULION, Martin & Maria Poirot born Gulion
POOLE, Laclede Arthur DIERBERGER, Emilia Rosa 4 Mar 1930 Poole, Henry ASHE, Genevieve Dierberger, Francis Xavier MEYER, Anna WOMBACHER, Arthur P. & Minnie WOLFERSBERGER
RAMPENTHAL, Wilhelm G. ALBER, Alwina Christina 19 Aug 1884 Rampenthal, Wilhelm SCHAEFER, Helena Alber, Jacob HEITZMANN, Juliana Rampenthal, Fritz; Maria Rampenthal; Emil GOLD & Theresa Alber
RAPP, Johann BRENNEL, Maria 24 Feb 1881 Rapp, Dominic MEIER, Bibiana Brennel, Christian [?] BOHN, Genevieve Brennel, John; Joseph KIEL; Louise Rapp & Catharina Rapp
RASP, Martin SCHAEFFER, Catharina 9 Nov 1886 Rasp, Martin USRIUM, Veronica Schaeffer, Dominic WETZER, Margaret Rasp, John; Dominic WOMBACHER; Theresa Schaeffer & Magdalena Rasp
REEB, John MICHEL, Elizabeth Catharina 27 Oct 1859 KREBS, Joseph & Elizabeth KINDERS
REEB, John MICHEL, Elizabeth Catharina 27 Oct 1859 KREBS, Joseph & Elizabeth KINDERS
REHBERGER, Andrew LINCK, Elizabeth 11 May 1886 Rehberger, Andrew POSS, Barbara Linck, Fritz FRIEDERICH, Margaret Linck, Anna Maria; George Linck; Catharina Rehberger; Johann Rehberger & Joseph HAAS
REHBERGER, Raphael (From Lebanon, IL) HAAS, Mathilda C. 22 Apr 1914 Rehberger, Andrew LINCK, Elizabeth Haas, Joseph HATT, Carolina Haas, Xavier & Elizabeth Rehberger
REHG, Elmer Th. RIST, Josephina 18 Apr 1918 Rehg, Henry GREEN, Elizabeth Rist, Anton ZINCK, Maria Magdalena MOLL, Emmett G. L. & Adelia Rist
REINHARDT, George HOLZAPFEL, Catharina E. 4 Jun 1907 Reinhardt, George SCHLICH, Maria Holzapfel, Henry OESTREICH, Maria E. Reinhardt, Joseph & Olivia Holzapfel
REINHARDT, Henry STEINKAMP, Ida 27 Sep 1898 Reinhardt, George SCHLICH, Maria Steinkamp, Herman HESKER, Maria RIES, Fred.; George Reinhardt; Margaret Reinhardt & Maria Steinkamp
REINHARDT, Raymund KUEHN, Laura 24 Nov 1921 Reinhardt, Herman BERNIUS, Elizabeth Kuehn, Francis SCHAEFER, Margaret STEHLICK, Rudolph & Corine WORMS Mixed religion marriage
REINNECK, John (From Freeburg Twp.) KESSLER, Anna 19 Apr 1917 Reinneck, Anton SCHWARZ, Louisa Kessler, Henry SCHNAR [?], Emma Reinneck, Carl & Metilda GRANDCOLAS
RENSING, Heinrich HEITZMANN, Christina 8 Nov 1864 Rensing, Johann & Anna WOLTERS
RENSING, Martin REINHARDT, Joanna 24 Apr 1906 Rensing, George Henry KAULING, Anna Maria Reinhardt, George SCHLICH, Maria Rensing, Julius; John Reinhardt; Louisa ZIMMERMANN & Mathilda Rensing
RHEINHARD, George SCHLICH, Maria 14 Jan 1868 BAUMGÄRTNER (Baumgaertner), Frederick & Catharina LERCH
RICHTER, William S. (From Belleville, IL) HAAS, Adele Anna 5 May 1926 Richter, Anton LANGE, Elizabeth Haas, August WOLFERSBERGER, Maria Haas, Erwin & Mathilda Lange
RIESS, Friederich REINHARDT, Anna 25 Apr 1900 Riess, Friederich SAUERWEIN, Margaret Reinhardt, George SCHLICH, Maria Reinhardt, George; George Riess; Joanna Reinhardt & Anna Riess
RIESS, George BRENDEL, Barbara 15 Jul 1890 Riess, Friederich SAUERWEIN, Margaret Brendel, John BLANK, Anna Brendel, George & Catharina Brendel
RIESS, John Emil (From Freeburg, IL) RIST, Adelia 14 Apr 1920 Riess, George BRENDEL, Barbara Rist, Anton ZINCK, Maria Magdalena Riess, Theodore G. & Edwina Theresa Rist
RIESS, Theodore E. KUEHN, Clara A. 2 Apr 1913 Riess, Otto HAGIRT [?], Emilia Kuehn, William REEB, Catharina Kuehn, Arthur & Emma Riess
RIESS, Theodore George DOEBERT, Erna 4 Dec 1924 Riess, George BRENDEL, Barbara Doebert, Henry GRAWL, Catharina KUEHN, Oscar & Anna Kuehn Mixed religion marriage
RIST, Anton J. ZINCK, Magdalena 18 Feb 1896 Rist, Joseph MUETH, Maria Zinck, Laurent JUNG, Theresa Rist, Joseph; Edward L. Zinck; Carolina Emilia Jung & Elizabeth M. Rist
RIST, August BAUER, Theresa 31 Jan 1905 Rist, Joseph MUETH, Maria Bauer, Oswald JOTTE, Wilhelmina Rist, John; Eugene Bauer; Wilhelmina BESKE & Ida Rist
RIST, Jr., Joseph JUNG, Agnes (Widow) 23 Nov 1909 Rist, Joseph MUETH, Maria BRENDEL, John BLANK, Anna Brendel, Joseph & Anna RIESS
ROCH, Victor NIWA, Victoria 25 May 1880 Roch, Johann Peter CHARPANTIER, Cecilia Niwa, Sebastian ISCH, Agnes FOELLER, Johann & Magdalena Niwa
RODENMAYER, Joseph BECKER, Emma G. 20 Nov 1895 Rodenmayer, George HELFERICH, Elizabeth Becker, Jacob KUEHN, Lugarda Becker, Theodore & Louisa M. VOELLINGER
RÖHRIG (Roehrig), Peter GLASSEN, Ida 25 Feb 1862 LIPPERT, Karl & Margaret Roehrig
ROTHAUG, Michael (Protestant) MOLL, Elizabeth 26 May 1885 Rothaug, Conrad RUNNAR, Anna Maria Moll, Martin ANSELM, Elizabeth Moll, Johann & Emma Moll
ROTHER, August SEIBERT, Catharina (Widow  of Anton Seibert) 2 Dec 1873 Rother, Johann KUNSTENDORF, Johanna NEWA, Sebastian NIES, Agnes KUEHN, Andrew & John GRIESMAR
RUDOLF, Jacob SCHAFFER, Catharina 8 Aug 1899 Rudolf, Joseph MELLY, Francis Schaffer, Martin STEPHLING, Catharina WAIGAND, Nicholas & Margaret Schaffer
SAGER, Adolph RATZINGER, Cleopha 12 Apr 1864 TEMMERMANN, Agnes & Juliana Timmermann
SCHAB, Heinrich WEITNER, Magdalena (Widow of Weitner & born FRIEDRICH) 28 Apr 1859 Friedrich, Michael & Catharina Friedrich
SCHACHNER, Edgar Carl (Non-Catholic from O’Fallon, IL) WALTER, Maria Magdalena 30 Jun 1909 Schachner, John SCHILDKNECHT, Carolina Walter, Joseph KEHRER, Maria Walter, Anton & Christina Schachner
SCHAEFFER, Joseph WEBER, Louisa 9 Jan 1894 Schaeffer, Dominic WETZEL, Margaret Weber, John WILHELM, Paulina Weber, Louis; Nicolaus WAIGAND; Emma PISTER & Maria Cecilia WOMBACHER
SCHAEFFER, Laurent E. JUNG, Rosa 14 Nov 1910 Schaeffer, Stephan MUEHLHER, Maria Jung, Peter STAUB, Rosa Jung, Cornelius & Margaret Schaeffer
SCHANAHAN, John (From Mount Vernon) MOLONEY, Maggie 5 May 1873 Schanahan, Daniel O’BRIEN, Marie Moloney, John HENREHAN, Bridget Moloney, John & Maria HANMORE
SCHEEL, Frederick Edward OHL, Erna Anna (Non-Catholic) 25 Jul 1920 Scheel, Edward ZAHN, Emma Ohl, Jacob BARTH, Lillian Scheel, Milton & Elvira Scheel
SCHEEL, Theodore (Non-Catholic) SCHEEL, Amelia 16 Sep 1920 Scheel, Maximilian VAN WINKLE, Johanna ZAHN, Balthasar WILKE, Bridget Scheel, Fred & Erna Scheel Dispensation for 1st grade relationship
SCHERER, Johann HORSCHLER, Maria 24 Nov 1874 Scherer, Peter EMEL, Catharina Horschler, Joseph KOHL, Ursula Scherer, Nicolaus& Magdalena Horschler
SCHMIDT, Edward Leo (From Alton, IL) WOMBACHER, Laura Maria 19 Jul 1922 Schmidt, John William SIMON, Maria K. Wombacher, George F. GLATZ, Anna Catharina Schmidt, William W.; Alma F. Wombacher; Meinrad  J. JOHL; Joseph KAMP & Freda M. Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Sebastian LINDNER, Anna 27 Aug 1877 Schmidt, Johann BRAENDEL, Anna Margaret Lindner, Johann BOHLE, Cunigunda Braendel, Johann & Joh. Lindner
SCHNEIDER, Edward LILL, Elizabeth 30 Jun 1885 Schneider, Peter FROST, Catharina Lill, Michael ECKERIG, Catharina LANG, Frank; Jacob Lill; Barbara Lang& Maria BOUR
SCHNEIDER, Marcell Carl MOLL, Elizabeth 13 Nov 1888 Schneider, Carl BIEBEL, Agnes Moll, Christian BUTZ, Maria Moll, Albert & Agnes Schneider
SCHNEIDER, Nicolaus KIELWEY, Magdalena (Widow of John Kielwey) 16 Apr 1874 Schneider, Heinrich UNGERMANN, Margaret (Non-Catholic) HOPFINGER, Thomas HEIDLER, Anna M. SCHLOSSER, Christian & Jacob BREITENBERG
SCHNEIDER, Samuel FRIEDERICH, Anna 10 Jun 1862 Schneider, Jacob & Catharina Friederich
SCHOBERT, Adam WOHLFARTH, Eva 10 Sep 1888 Schobert, John G. THIM, Margaret NEITEL, Joseph WALDMÜLLER (Waldmueller), Walburga Schobert, John & Cunigunda ZAHN
SCHOBERT, George BUETTNER, Katharina 7 May 1907 Schobert, George ___?, Cunigunda Buettner, John LODES, Anna SCHOBER, Joseph & Maria FICK
SCHOBERT, John PFEIFFER, Wilhelmina 13 Oct 1890 Schobert, George ZAHN, Margaret Pfeiffer, Joseph MEYER, Magdalena Pfeiffer, Jr., Joseph; George Schobert; Cunigunda Schobert & Maria Magdalena Pfeiffer
SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Landolina LUTT, Catharina 30 Nov 1859 [This entry is crossed out]
SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Louis LUTT, Catharina [Note: Also spelled Laux & Lux] 30 Oct 1860 WOLF, Peter & Martin SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn)
SCHOPP, Friederich FRIEDERICH, Carolina 28 Feb 1888 Schopp, Laurenz LERCH, Maria Friederich, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret KARCH, George; Edward Friederich; Christina LINTZ & Ida BERNIUS
SCHRAMKE, Edmund KLEIN, Margaret Maria 17 Sep 1930 Schramke, Thomas WIETRZKOWSKA, Clara Klein, Philipp KLEIN, Anna SCHEEL, Homer Martin & Muriel Cecelia FRIEDERICH Mixed religion marriage
SCHRAMKE, Thomas TRUSCHKA, Maria (From Blue Island, IL) 5 Feb 1927 Schramke, Michael JASCHEMSKI, Elizabeth Truschka, Joseph RESCHKE, Rosa WILHELM, Joseph & Elizabeth BRENDEL
SCHREMPF, Erwin Joseph (From Damiansville) WOMBACHER, Estella Elizabeth 8 Oct 1919 Schrempf, William Wombacher, Dominic LOUI, Catharina Wombacher, Gildhart & Marie ROBBINS
SCHROEDER, William J. (Non-Catholic) SCHEEL, Adelia E. 18 Feb 1919 Schroeder, William WARMUTH, Amanda Scheel, Edward ZAHN, Amelia Scheel, Frederick & Erna A. Scheel
SCHUBERT, William KIEL, Anna 15 Oct 1889 Schubert, Robert ROCH, Elizabeth Kiel, Nicholas REISLEINER, Francisca Kiel, Nicholas; Bernard Schubert; Anna BASLER & Sophia Kiel Mixed religion marriage
SCHUCHMANN, George HEBENSTREIDT, Elizabeth born Hempe 6 Jun 1900 Schuchmann, Carl PALTS, Helena HEMPE, Joseph SCHIEFERDECKER, Catharina Hebenstreidt, Joseph & Gertrude NIWA born HESS “Two old people”  Mixed religion marriage
SCHWAB, Henry FRIEDERICH, Magdalena 28 Apr 1859 Friederich, Michael & Catharina Friederich
SCHWARTZ, Christian RICKELMANN, Emma 28 Feb 1870 SELINGER, Anton & Maria Anna Schwartz
SCHWARZ, Anton GLANIG, Emma 26 Oct 1871 Schwarz, August SUTERER, Barbara Glanig, George CLAM, Clara Glanig, Adolph; Felix Schwarz; Christina CRASS & Susanna Schwarz
SCHWEND, Oscar C. (Non-Catholic from Baden, Baden, IL) FRIEDERICH, Ida 8 May 1918 Schwend, Carl GILGEN, Louisa Friederich, Adolph REINHARDT, Elizabeth RIESS, Lester & Adella Friederich
SEIBERT, Louis GUTWEIN, Catharina 23 Sep 1884 Seibert, Anton NIWA, Catharina Gutwein, Peter FRECKWINKEL, Helena COLLIGNON, August & Maria Collignon
SELINGER, Anton FAUST, Louisa 23 Jan 1866 KURTZ, Franciz & Maik DAMMERICH
SEYER, Louis WATSCHINGER, Louisa 26 Nov 1889 Seyer, Diederich POIROT, Carolina Watschinger, Joseph RENTH, Laureta Watschinger, Henry; John GERMAIN; Catharina Seyer & Margaret Watschinger
SEYFRIED, Louis TORLOTING, Anna  born SCHLICHTER (Widow) 4 May 1869 STREIF, Joh. Mich. & Wilhelm MÜLLER (Mueller)
SHANON, Patrick (From Mount Vernon) FANON, Catharina 2 Jul 1872 Shanon, Johann DIWIVNY, Catharina Fanon, James O’HARRON, Bridget FALLON, Mack & Margaret Fanon
SHELEY, Johann Wesley PENSONEAU, Harrieta Diana 24 Dec 1882 Sheley, George TATE, Hanah Pensoneau, Louis Perry HAWLEY, Harrietta Diana EPLE, Carolina; Maria IBERT & Emil LOUI Married 5 years prior by civil ceremony.
SICHEN [?], Johann BRUNKNER, Magdalena 13 Sep 1864 BURG, Anton & Joh. Brunkner
SIEFERT, Gerhard C’SSEAU, Barbara 30 May 1866 PAUSBACH, Philipp & Agnes TEMMERMANN
SIMONS, Ephraim KLAMM, Eva 3 Nov 1874 Simons, Abraham CHIRAUX, Maria Klamm, Friederich ECKEL, Clara BABST, Heinrich & Susanna SCHWARZ
SOMMERS, Anton (From Okawville) MATTERN, Catharina 23 Jan 1912 Sommers, Joseph BESKE, Catharina Mattern, John KRAUTH, Elizabeth Sommers, Harry & Joanna Mattern
SPEICHINGER, Sylvester (From Millstadt, IL) GRIEBEL, Frieda Catharina 8 May 1931 Speichinger, Herman Not listed, Catharina Griebel, Henry Not listed, Anna Speichinger, Alfred & Irene MUELLER Mixed religion marriage
STAUB, August WOLFERSBERGER, Carolina 13 Nov 1877 Staub, Stephan STUNER, Magdalena Wolfersberger, Martin CHIRAD, Catharina Staub, Jacob & Maria GATIESER
STAUB, John LINTZ, Maria 26 Feb 1884 Staub, Stephan STUNER, Magdalena Lintz, George MILLER, Christina SCHNEIDER, Marcell & Elizabeth FRIEDERICH
STAUB, Nicolaus BIEBEL, Maria Magdalena 2 Apr 1872 Staub, Stephan STUNER, Magdalena Biebel, Johann STERN, Elizabeth Biebel, Christian & Rosina Staub
STAUB, Robert (Foundling from New York) SCHEURER, Catharina 1 Jun 1903 Staub, Aug. (Foster father) WOLFERSBERGER, Carolina (Foster mother) Scheurer, Philipp REHRIG, Maria Staub, Robert & Wilhelmina WELKER Groom’s biological parents are unknown.
STECHER, Aloysius MEYER, Walburga 4 Jun 1867 Stecher, Francis; Anton SCHIDEUR; Anna GLASSEN & Elisa Stecher
STOCK, Anton (From French Village) HEMMER, Margaret 11 Jan 1870 Stock, Michael; George Hemmer; Elizabeth KLEIN & Theresa Louise WINTER Dispensation for 4th grade relationship
STRATHMANN, Herman J. (From Palmyra, MO) WAIGAND, Elleonora C. 11 May 1910 Strathmann, John DICKER, Maria C. Waigand, Philipp P. WILHELM, Paulina Strathmann, F. J. & Emilia Catharina WEBER
STREB, Franz Xavier SCHATZ, Sophia Wilhelmina 7 May 1878 Streb, Franz PATZ, Walburga Schatz, Friederich Wilhelm KRUMWIEDE, Maria BAECHLE, Wilhelm & Maria Louisa STEIERT
STRICHER, Johann BUEHLER, Emma 17 Jan 1882 Stricher, Anton POWE, Catharina Buehler, Ambreus ALGEYER, Maria Anna BUWER, Stephan & Maria OESTREICHER
TELLES, Johann (From Ste. Genevieve, MO) MANK, Catharina 20 Feb 1871 Telles, John REICHERT, Barbara Mank, Johann OESTREICH, Catharina Mank, Nikolaus; Peter Telles; Mar. Mank & Catharina KONSTANZER Dispensation for 3rd degree blood relationship
TELLOEKEN, John Joseph COLLIGNON, Maria Magdalena 12 Jan 1886 Telloeken, Bernard Henry REICHERING, Adelheid Collignon, Christoph NIWA, Magdalena Collignon, Alexander & Emma BIESER
TERLOTIN, John Nicolaus SCHLICHTER, Anna 29 May 1865 PAUSBACH, Ph. & Agnes TEMMERMANN
THOUVENOT, Roland Joseph (From Belleville, IL) MATTERN, Althea Catharina 26 Dec 1931 Thouvenot, Emil [?] KRUPP, Maria Mattern, George GOERGENS, Catharina ZIMMERMANN, Norbert & Luella ROTH
TITZE, George (Non-Catholic) SCHUBERT, Francisca 22 Feb 1911 Titze, Carl WILB, Not listed Schubert, William C. KIEL, Anna Titze, Francis; Albert Schubert; Odilia SCHEUERN & Georgiana Schubert
TRENZ, Joseph HAEGELE, Maria 27 Aug 1860 MULLER, Wilhelm
UHLIG, Edward SEYER, Adelheid 9 Oct 1888 Uhlig, Friederich KEHLER, Catharina Seyer, Diederich POIROT, Catharina FUHRMANN, Francis; Louis SEIER; Catharina Seier & Henry BOUR
VAHLKAMP, Bernard T. (From Fayetteville, IL) MUETH, Magdalena E. 22 Nov 1922 Vahlkamp, Bernard J. SCHUETTE, Josephina Mueth, Carl NEFF, Margaret Mueth, Emil & Anna Vahlkamp
VAHLKAMP, Cornelius Francis (From Fayetteville) JUNG, Edwina 18 Jan 1922 Vahlkamp, Henry BOUCHER, Margaret Jung, Henry VIETSAM, Maria Jung, Cornelius P. & Elizabeth Vahlkamp
VAN KLOSTER, Peter GULLY, Wilhelmine 16 Apr 1872 Van Kloster, Thomas OBSOMMER, Barbara Gully, Barnabas ERHARD, Agatha VERHEYDEN, Edward & Catharina Gully
VOEGELE, Carl Anton (From Highland, IL) FRIEDRICH, Maria Magdalena 22 Oct 1919 Voegele, Francis Xavier SPECHART, Maria Friedrich, Julius SEIFRIED, Christina WILHELM, Alfred & Josephine Voegele
VOEGELE, Francis Xavier (From Highland, IL) ZIMMERMANN, Catharina M. 14 Nov 1907 Voegele, Francis Xavier SPECKERT, Maria Zimmermann, John T. GRIMMER, Maria Zimmermann, Nicolaus & Rosa Voegele
VÖGELE (Voegele), Michael DE HARDT, Catharina 9 May 1868 REVERIUS, Louis & Cervisia VON KLORTIN
VOGT, Anton FAUST, Clara 28 Jan 1878 Vogt, Zyrius GANTER, Cecilia Faust, Gotfried FLEMMIG, Anna Maria Christina HAEGLE, Joseph & Maria Anna ULRICH
VOGT, Edward JUNG, Frieda 18 Apr 1917 Vogt, Henry MUNIER, Elizabeth Jung, Henry VIETSAM, Maria Jung, Cornelius & Ella E. Jung
VOLLMER, George O. STAUB, Elleonora 1 Jun 1910 Vollmer, William SPAETH, Theresa Staub, John LINTZ, Maria Staub, Eugene; Melvin Vollmer; Francisca Vollmer & Alma Staub
VOLLMER, John WEBER, Mathilda H. (Non-Catholic) 4 Mar 1905 Vollmer, John JOST, Magdalena Weber, George L. SOMERLOT, Anna Vollmer, Philipp D. & Louisa M. Vollmer
VOLLMER, Matthew SCHAEFER, Magdalena (Widow of Heinrich Schaefer) 14 Apr 1874 Vollmer, Matthew WÖRTZ (Woertz), Margaret SCHAPER, Philipp Jacob ARHEIT, Barbara HESSE, Joseph & Mrs. Elizabeth LUZINE born WESCH
VOLLMER, Wendelin GUTWEIN, Anna Maria (Protestant) 28 Apr 1879 Vollmer, Anton OX, Francisca Gutwein, Jacob AMELUNG, Augusta HUSCHLE, Franz & Martin LITSCH
VOLMER, Anton SCHWARZ, Maria 26 Jun 1860 SCHMIDT, Jacob & Juliana TEMMERMANN
VOLMER, Wilhelm SPÄT (Spaet), Theresa 1 Aug 1865 WANGLER, Anton & Lena HOFARD
WACHTER, Anton FUESS, Theresa (Born Christ) 1 Oct 1888 Wachter, Anton KALBERER, Maria CHRIST, Nicolaus EBERHARD, Christina RISCHAR, John & Eva HIRTH
WAIGAND, Joseph J. FRIEDERICH, Barbara 3 Oct 1911 Waigand, Philipp WILHELM, Paulina Friederich, Nicholas KRESSID, Carolina Friederich, Julius & Helena Friederich
WAIGAND, Julius W. JUNG, Alma P. 10 Apr 1913 Waigand, Philipp WILHELM, Paulina Jung, Henry FIETSAM, Maria Waigand, Adolph & Emilia Jung
WAIGAND, Nicolaus JUNG, Carolina 21 Jan 1902 Waigand, Philipp HAHN, Jacobina Jung, Peter STAUB, Rosa Waigand, Philipp; Arthur Jung; Magdalena Waigand & Rosa Jung
WAIGAND, Nicolaus HAAS, Catharina 16 May 1905 Waigand, Phil. HAHN, Jacobina Haas, Laurent HOPFINGER, Catharina Haas, Philipp & Magdalena Waigand
WAIGAND, Oliver Henry SCHULTZ, Katharina Josephina (From Washington, MO) 20 Feb 1921 Waigand, Henry Francis STEIN, Amelia C. Schultz, Joseph Francis HOELSCHLER, Catharina Charlotte Waigand, Julius William; Alma P. Waigand & Olivia __ Schultz
WAIGAND, Philipp WILHELM, Paulina 25 Feb 1884 Waigand, Franz PAUSBACH, Anna Maria Wilhelm, Roman SEEGER, Josephina Waigand, Frank & Louise Wilhelm
WALTER, Joseph KEHRER, Eva Maria 31 May 1881 Walter, Alois SCHMEIDMANN, Henrica Kehrer, Adam STAUB, Anna FRANKE, Fred; Ant. Kehrer; August Kehrer & Susanna FRIEDERICH
WANGELER, Landolin SCHREMP, Louise 7 Mar 1859 SINGELER, John & Francisca GRIESSBAUM
WANGELER, Landolin SCHREMP, Louisa 7 Mar 1859 LINGELER, Johann & Francisca GRIESBAUM
WANGLER, Anton GROSS, Louisa 28 May 1867 GRIESBAUM, George; Land. Wangler & Agnes TIMMERMANN
WANGLER, Emil ALLGEIER, Agatha 7 Nov 1871 Wangler, Philipp KILLIAN, Apollonia Allgeier, Joseph BRENDLE, Theresa MOLL, Daniel & Rosina STAUB
WEBER, Blasius HEER, Katharina 16 Dec 1866 TEMMERMANN, Agnes & Elizabeth Temmermann
WEBER, Edward KNOERR, Anna Louisa 9 Oct 1888 Weber, Blasius HERR, Catharina Knoerr, Jacob TORLOTHING, Maria Torlothing, Peter; George Knoerr; Henry KUEHN; Emma Knoerr & Elizabeth WOLF
WEBER, Louis WOLF, Anna Dorothea 27 Aug 1894 Weber, John WILHELM, Paulina Wolf, Peter BALL, Maria WAIGAND, Jacob & Dorothea STAHLER
WEBER, Wilhelm BRENDEL, Catharina 28 Apr 1893 Weber, John WILHELM, Paulina Brendel, John BLANK, Anna Weber, Louis; George Brendel; Louisa Weber & Agnes Brendel
WEGANDT, Peter GIRHAR, Magdalena 10 May 1864 WOLFERSBERGER, Franz; Elisa HOULLION; Christian Wolfersberger & Franz Wegandt
WEIDKAMPE, Heinrich SCHOPP, Crescentia 5 Jun 1867 TIMMERMANN, Juliana & Elisa Timmermann
WEIL, Walter P. JUNG, Eleonora Christina 21 May 1917 Weil, William VITT, Helena Jung, Leonard PETRI, Barbara ALBRECHT, Henry & Rosa ROY Previously married in civil ceremony 25 May 1916 in Carlyle, IL
WELKER, Jacob RUCK, Barbara 14 Jan 1868 Ruck, Michael & Susanna Welker
WELKER, Joseph WAIGAND, Elizabeth 11 May 1886 Welker, Franz GLAUB, Maria Waigand, Peter GERARD, Magdalena BILLHARTZ, Jacob; Frank Waigand; Anna LOUI & Louise GARTIESER
WELKER, Martin GANZ, Paulina 25 Nov 1873 Welker, Franz GEBHARD, Barbara Ganz, Lorenz HECK, Maria Welker, John; Wilh. Ganz; Margaret LANG & Adelheid WERNER
WIDMANN, Stanislaus REISSLEINER, Marianna 21 Jul 1859 Reissleiner, Not listed & Maria WANGER
WIDMANN, Stanislaus REISSLEINER, Marianna 21 Jul 1859 Reissleiner, Not listed & Maria WANGER
WIEBELE, Stephan WANGERPOUL, Maria Adelheid 24 Apr 1860 JANSEN, Theodore & Catharina KOHNEN
WIEBELE, Stephan WANGERPOOL, Maria Adelheid 24 Apr 1860 JANSSEN, Theodor & Catharina KUHNER
WIENDERICH, Friederich BAIER, Maria 31 Oct 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
WIENDERICH, Friederich BAYER, Maria 31 Oct 1858 LANDWEHRLEN, Xavier
WIESER, August VAHLENKAMP, Maria 26 Jul 1864 Vahlenkamp, Bernard & Lena KALDENHAUS
WILHELM, Joseph BREY, Elizabeth 31 Jul 1888 Wilhelm, Roman SEEGER, Josephina Brey, Damasus SCHLEGEL, Crescentia WEBER, Wilhelm & Louise Brey
WILHELM, Louis FRIEDERICH, Anna 17 Apr 1917 Wilhelm, Joseph BREY, Elizabeth Friederich, Julius SISFRIED, Christina Wilhelm, C. & Louisa Wilhelm
WILHELM, Oscar Joseph LANTER, Ottilia M. 20 Apr 1920 Wilhelm, Joseph BREY, Elizabeth Lanter, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Malinda Wilhelm, Alfred & Elsia A. HAAS
WINTER, Jacob KIEL, Maria 15 Feb 1881 Winter, Andrew WEBER, Elizabeth KIEL, Joseph BEIL, Catharina LAQUET, Michael; Victor BASLER; Joseph Foeller; Anna Kiel; Elizabeth Kiel & Theresa WEBER
WOLF, Joseph (Protestant) CONSTANZER, Catharina 30 Oct 1877 Wolf, Joseph HEINRICH, Barbara Constanzer, Richard GRILL, Catharina FOELLER, Catharina; Susan SCHWARZ; Aug. Constanzer & Jos. SEELOS
WOLFERSBERGER, Anton Julius LAQUET, Anna Elizabeth 19 Feb 1901 Wolfersberger, Michael BRAUN, Louisa Laquet, John SUESS, Elizabeth SPAETH,  Marcel; August Wolfersberger; Anna Wolfersberger & Josephina Laquet
WOLFERSBERGER, August W. SCHUPP, Maria 5 Jun 1906 Wolfersberger, Michael BROWN, Louisa Schupp, August ZINCK, Josephina Schupp, John & Ottilia Wolfersberger
WOLFERSBERGER, Francis HOULLION, Elisa Jun 1864 Wolfersberger, Michael & Christine Wolfersberger
WOLFERSBERGER, Francis KUEHN, Sophia 8 Feb 1893 Wolfersberger, Michael BRAUN, Louisa Kuehn William REHRIG, Magdalena Kuehn, Henry N.; Anton Julius Wolfersberger; Maria Kuehn & Anna Wolfersberger
WOLFERSBERGER, Joseph HOPFINGER, Maria 23 May 1876 Wolfersberger, Martin GERARD, Catharina Hopfinger, Thomas MUSIER, Carolina Hopfinger, Anton & Carolina Wolfersberger
WOLFERSBERGER, Michael BRANN, Louisa 10 Feb 1868 ALBRECHT, Heinrich & Margaret Wolfersberger
WOMBACHER, Arthur Peter HOERDT, Carolina Theresa 3 Jun 1930 Wombacher, Martin P. MEYER, Maria Hoerdt, Edmund FIETSAM, Theresa Hoerdt, Allen & Helen Hoerdt
WOMBACHER, Carl LOUI, Anna Margaret 26 Feb 1889 Wombacher, Peter WETZER, Elizabeth Loui, Martin IBERT, Maria Loui, Joseph & Margaret Wombacher
WOMBACHER, Dominic LOUI, Catharina 19 Jan 1891 Wombacher, Peter WETZER, Elizabeth Loui, Martin IBERT, Maria Anna Loui, Joseph; Martin Wombacher; Elizabeth Wombacher & Louise HEMMEL
WOMBACHER, Elmer NOBE, Selma (From Belleville) 1 Aug 1921 Wombacher, Carl LOUIS, Anna Nobe, William HAMLIN, Zanna [?] Wombacher, Louis M. & Elsa HAAS Mixed religion marriage
WOMBACHER, George SCHAEFER, Elizabeth 21 Oct 1873 Wombacher, Johann MICHEL, Eva Schaefer, Dominik WETZER, Margaret Schaefer, Stephan & Maria Schaefer
WOMBACHER, Gildart CREPPS, Cornelia (From Trenton, IL) 28 Feb 1922 Wombacher, Dominic LOUI, Katharina Crepps, John HAAS, Louisa Crepps, Walter & Laura M. Wombacher
WOMBACHER, Louis Martin HAAS, Elsa Maria Sophia 17 Oct 1922 Wombacher, Carl LOUI, Anna Haas, August WOLFERSBERGER, Maria Wombacher, Joseph A.; Eleonora O. Haas; Phily L. BAUER & Emilia FAUST
WOMBACHER, Martin MEYER, Maria A. 9 Feb 1893 Wombacher, Peter WETZER, Elizabeth Meyer, Anton MULLER, Louisa LOUIS, Joseph A.; George F. Wombacher; Anton Meyer; Elizabeth Wombacher & Rosa M. Meyer
WORMS, Frederick J. FRIEDERICH, Ida R. 14 Aug 1905 Worms, Matthew HUSS, Agatha Friederich, Nicolaus KLEIN, Maria E. Worms, Theodore & Anna KNAPP
WORMS, Heinrich WINKLER, Carolina 5 Apr 1869 Worms, Louis & Elis. Winkler
WORMS, Joseph CHRIST, Magdalena 5 Mar 1867 Worms, Heinrich; Heinrich KR___; Maria Worms & Louisa WINTER
WORMS, Louis Alfred GARTISER, Maria 27 Sep 1881 Worms, Joseph TINJON, Anna Maria Gartiser, Francis SCHIRA, Catharina Gartiser, Francis & Louisa Gartiser
WORMS, Louis Alfred WOLFERSBERGER, Maria 14 Feb 1888 Worms, Joseph PIGNON, Anna HOPFINGER, Thomas MUSIER, Carolina Hopfinger, Philipp & Anna Hopfinger
WORMS, Robert E. TAYLOR, Helena (From New York, N. Y.) 24 Aug 1911 Worms, Louis HOPFINGER, Maria Unknown Unknown MUELLER, Henry & Olivia Worms
WORMS, Theodore KNAPP, Anna 8 Jan 1906 Worms, Matthew HUSS, Agatha Knapp, Adam KNELLER, Elizabeth Worms, Arthur & Ida Knapp
YOUNG, Julius A. FRIEDERICH, Viola Anna M. 29 Oct 1930 Young, Julius BRENDEL, Agnes Friederich, Oscar HEGNER, Alvina RIST, John Elmer & Muriel Cecilia Friederich
YUNG, Anton WOLFERSBERGER, Magdalena 3 Sep 1871 Yung, Anton GROSS, Margaret Wolfersberger, Martin SCHIRA, Catharina Yung, Peter & Carolina Wolfersberger
YUNG, Peter STAUB, Rosina 28 May 1872 Yung, Anton GOOSS, Margaret Staub, Stephan STUNER, Magdalena Staub, August & Carolina Staub
ZEILMANN, Johann HAAS, Anna 27 Jun 1864 Haas, Johann G. & Appolonia LINDNER
ZIMMERMANN, Francis RIST, Elizabeth 13 Nov 1905 Zimmermann, Jr., John GRIMMER, Maria Rist, Jr., Joseph MUETH, Maria Rist, Jr., Joseph; Frederick Zimmermann; Maria Rist & Lucia Zimmermann
ZIMMERMANN, Frederick J. MATTERN, Maria 11 Jan 1916 Zimmermann, John GRIMMER, Maria Mattern, John KRAUTH, Elizabeth Grimmer, Francis & Emma Grimmer
ZIMMERMANN, Johann G. GRIMMER, Maria 30 Apr 1878 Zimmermann,  Johann PIERE, Maria Grimmer, Johann SCHEMEL, Magdalena Zimmermann, Joseph & Anna Grimmer
ZIMMERMANN, Nicolaus A. (From Trenton) MATTERN, Joanna C. 27 Nov 1929 Zimmermann, John GRIMMER, Maria Mattern, John KRAUT, Elizabeth Zimmermann, Fred J. & Marie Zimmermann
ZINCK, Albert Otto HINDERMANN, Alvina Marg. 14 Sep 1927 Zinck, Otto LAUTER, Maria Hindermann, Louis FRIEDERICH, Sophia Hindermann, Louis & Edna M. Zinck
ZINCK, Anton POIROT, Carolina Eleonora 7 Nov 1893 Zinck, Laurent JUNG, Theresa Poirot, Nicholas WOLFERSBERGER, Christina Poirot, Edmund; Edward Zinck; Maria Magdalena Zinck & Anna Maria Poirot
ZINCK, Edward L. BIEBEL, Emilia L. 10 Jan 1901 Zinck, Laurent JUNG, Theresa Biebel, Christian MOLL, Josephina Biebel, Oliver D.; Otto Philipp Zinck; Anna W. Zinck & Cecilia C. Biebel
ZINCK, Francis (From Belleville) STAUB, Alma 5 Jun 1912 Zinck, William (Non-Catholic) GIPFEL, Anna Staub, John LINTZ, Maria Staub, Eugene & Anna Zinck
ZINCK, Louis MOLL, Emma Francisca 10 Jan 1893 Zinck, Laurent JUNG, Theresa Moll, George PERRIN, Maria Theresa Zinck, Edward Laurent  & Carolina Emilia Jung
ZINCK, Otto Philipp LANTER, Maria L. 7 Jan 1904 Zinck, Laurent JUNG, Theresa Lanter, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Melinda Zimmermann, Francis; George Lanter; Lina SCHWARZ & Lina Zinck
ZINK, Felix JUNK, Magdalena 25 Feb 1868 Junk, Peter & Regina Zink
ZINK, Lorenz JUNK, Theresa 2 Sep 1861 Junk, Christ; Felix ZINK & Lisa TEMMERMANN
ZINK, Louis HOFFARTH, Maria 7 Nov 1859 HUSS, Engelhard & Maria MICHEL
ZINK, Louis HOFFARD, Maria 7 Nov 1859 HUSS, Engelhardt & Maria MICHEL
ZINK, William (Non-Catholic) NIWA, Veronica 26 Jan 1917 Zink, William GÜPFEL (Guepfel), Anna Eva Niwa, Joseph HENE, Gertrude Niwa, Joseph & Gertrude Niwa
ZÖLLER (Zoeller), George BRENDEL, Barbara 20 May 1865 HAAS, John & Lisa TEMMERMANN

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