Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Marriages (L – Z)

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Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
LA BERTA, Salvatore (Baptized 1901 at St. Joseph) KOHL, Amelia  (Baptized 2 Oct 1911 at St. Mary in __mantown, IL) 27 Aug 1930 La Berta, Leonardo Not listed, Francesca Kohl, Stephen ZIRKELBACH, Magdalena O’MALLEY, Margaret & Fred KASTNER, Jr.
LA BRAECHT, Joseph BERNARD, Louisa 26 Oct 1900 La Braecht, Joseph DESCHESUE, Delia Bernard, George SPIELMANN, Aloysia Sisters Julitta & Cyrisca in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LA CROIX, Frank (Baptized 22 Sep 1908 at St. Luke in Belleville) GRAINGER, Mary (Baptized in England) 14 Jun 1930 La Croix, Frank WILD, Margaret Grainger, George MINTO, Margaret Anne RICKERT, Arthur & Garnet Rickert
LADOWSKY, Paul (Non-Catholic) HEMANN, Anna 20 Jul 1886 Ladowsky, August BLOESE, Augusta Hemann, William HOCK, Catharina REEB, John & Maria Hemann [See note below entry]
LAEUFFERT, Henry G. (Non-Catholic) SCHNEIDER, Paulina A. 11 Feb 1907 Laeuffert, Carl PRESS, Johanna Schneider, Laurent FUGER, Maria A. Laeuffert, Johanna & Maria Schneider
LAFORE, John (Baptized 3 Mar 1904 at St. Luke) KRONENBERGER, Estelle (Baptized 3 Aug 1897 at cathedral) 25 Nov 1926 Lafore, John GRIMMIG, Margaret Kronenberger, Dominic ZULAUF, Catharine Lafore, Eugene & Frances Lafore
LAKENBURGER, Anton Jos. (Born 11 Aug 1900 in Breese, IL) HOSTMEYER, Ella [?] (Baptized Evangelical 22 Oct 1904 Breese, IL) 21 Aug 1923 Lakenburger, Anton HUELSKAMP, Anna Hostmeyer, Fred VOGT, Mary FANGMEYER, Albert & Catherine KREITER
LALLEMENT, Dominic DOLICH, Maria 28 Feb 1859 Lallement, Louis Not listed, Margaret Dolich, Carl Not listed, Catharina Dolich, Carl & Frederick BAUMANN
LAMB, Garth (Not baptized) SPRINZ, Adella (Baptized 22 Mar 1904 at cathedral) 25 Apr 1927 Lamb, William GILLAM, Ida Sprinz, Anton HERZOG, Mary Sprinz, Arthur & Viola Herzog
LAMBERT, Caspar WEBER, Louisa 26 Dec 1847
LANDMANN, Jacob (Lutheran) BOEHM, Christina 19 Sep 1843 STEINWASSER, John & John Leonard SCHIEFFER
LANE, Francis W. (Baptized 21 May 1899 at St. Vincent in St. Louis) DOYLE, Loretta A. (Baptized 2 Oct 1896 at St. Bridget in St. Louis) 12 Mar 1925 Lane, Frank D. SULLIVAN, Catherine Doyle, John O’BRIEN, Anna RUEDIGER, Walter & Mollie KOENIG
LANG, Francis R. HERMANN, Barbara 5 Jul 1899 Lang, Francis Joseph RENNER, Elizabeth Hermann, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara Hermann, Edward & Elizabeth Lang
LANG, George Michael KRETSCHMER, Francisca (Widow) 28 Jun 1887 Lang, G. M. LAFORSE, A. M. MAEULE, Joseph FIES, Francisca HENNIGHOEFER, Phil J. & Maria Hennighoefer (Mrs. Phil J. born RENNER)
LANG, Herman (Baptized 3 Feb 1901 at cathedral) NENNINGER, Rosalinda (Baptized Jan 1923 at cathedral) 31 Jan 1923 Lang, Frank HERMANN, Barbara Nenninger, Paul SCHOBERT, Sophia Lang, Joseph & Clara Lang
LANG, Martin HOFRICHTER, Maria Anna 8 May 1895 Lang, Francis RENNER, Elizabeth Hofrichter, Eli WEIDENKOPF, Elizabeth Lang, Francis & Elizabeth FUCHS
LANGE, Martin MEISTER, Elizabeth 22 May 1877 Lange, John WIENER, Francisca Meister, Philipp BIEHL, Maria Elizabeth Meister, Jacob; Carl SCHANUEL, Maria GERBER & Margaret KAUP
LANGE, Peter M. TISCH, Maria E. (Widow of Edward Tisch) (Protestant) 30 Oct 1894 Lange, August Henry WELSCH, Maria Anna BOHLSEN, Henry TILLMANN, Angela FOSTER, Francis & Anna Bohlsen
LANGENSTEIN, Andrew (Baptized 3 Mar 1903 at St. Luke) BIEKERT, Elsie (Baptized 6 Aug 1904 in Lebanon) 18 Feb 1925 Langenstein, Charles HEITMAN, Mary Biekert, John OECHSLE, Frederike Langenstein, Charles & Lena Biekert
LANIER, William FEY, Augusta 18 Oct 1900 Lanier, George ROBINSON, Lola Fey, Zachary FAULSTICH, Maria TOBIN, Simon & Mechtilda KOCH Mixed religion marriage
LANTER, Arthur (Baptized 1901 at St. Luke in Belleville, IL) SPRECHER, Marie (Baptized 21 May 1899 at cathedral) 24 Sep 1924 Lanter, Joseph STOECKEL, Emily Sprecher, Albert BOSSLER, Rose Lanter, Joseph & Emma Sprecher
LANTER, John VOELLINGER, Cornelia 22 Nov 1910 Lanter, John POIROT, Josephina FOURNIER, Victor BOUL, Magdalena JOFFRAY, George & Louisa Fournie
LAQUET, John (Baptized 18 Aug 1901 at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL) DIERBERGER, Mary A. (Baptized 13 ___ 1903 at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL) 30 Jul 1924 Laquet, John SUESS, Elizabeth Dierberger, Xavier MEYER, Anna Laquet, Oscar & Amilia Dierberger
LAQUET, Theodore (Baptized 24 Apr 1884 in Mascoutah) FAULSTICH, Susanna (Baptized Sep 1880 at Cathedral) 10 Oct 1911 Laquet, John SUESS, Elis. Faulstich, Wendelin WERNER, Magdalena Laquet, Oscar & Hilda MAY
LATTMAN, Carl (Baptized 21 Sep 1887 in Germany) BUCHMAN, Estella (Baptized 16 Jul 1895 at Cathedral) 16 Jul 1913 Lattman, William WACHTE, Francis Buchman, Albert WEHRING, Cecilia Buchmann, John & Minnie Buchmann
LATTMAN, William (Baptized 14 Feb 1861 in Hofspiegelberg) LUDWIG, Maria (Baptized _3 Jun 1875 at Cathedral) 29 Apr 1912 Lattman, J. Conrad GREMMEL [?], Wilhelmina Ludwig, Benedict SCHEIBEL, Catherina MOLLES, John & Gertrude KLOCKNER
LATTMANN, Charles (Baptized 21 Sep 1887 in Hanover, Germany) BUCHMANN, Estella (Baptized 28 Jul 1895 at Cathedral) 16 Jul 1913 Lattmann, William WAECHTER, Francisca Buchmann, Albert WEHRUNG, Cecilia Buchmann, John & Emma Buchmann
LAUER, Jacob (Baptized 4 Mar 1894 at Cathedral) STOEHR, Minnie (Baptized 13 Aug 1916 at cathedral; born 10 Mar 1896 – convert) 16 Aug 1916 Lauer, Nicholas KEIL, Katherine STÖHR (Stoehr), Henry BERTHOLD, Mary Lauer, William & Mary L. KUHLMAN
LAUF, Arthur Val. (Baptized 9 Feb 1895 at cathedral) HABERSTOCK, Anita M. (Baptized 17 Nov 1894) 16 Oct 1918 Lauf, Jacob BAUER, Catherine Haberstock, Peter HOFF, Anna Lauf, Clemens & Cecilia Lauf
LAUF, Valentin SCHNEIDER, Maria 22 May 1901 Lauf, Christian FRIES, Catharina Schneider, Alexander FUGER, Gertrude NUERCHTRATY, Peter & Josephina Lauf
LAUGNER, Ernest (Non-Catholic) SCHILLING, Augustina 7 Jul 1908 Laugner, August PENNO, Ernestina Schilling, Joseph LUGGE, Anna LENZ, Leo & Anna Schilling
LAURENT, Emil MELLIERE, Emilia 21 May 1901 Laurent, Theodore GRIVET, Maria Melliere, Xavier ALBERT, Maria OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER Family is from Prairie Du Rocher, IL
LAUTER, August (Baptized 13 Apr 1891 at St. Luke) LOUIS, Adela (Baptized 4 May 1891 at Cathedral) 25 Nov 1913 Lauter, Aug. VERNIER, Louisa Louis, Frank VOELLINGER, Anna Louis, Henry & Maria Lauter
LAUTER, Frank J. (Baptized 11 Sep 1892 at St. Luke in Belleville) GUNDLACH, Theckla L. (Baptized 15 Mar 1894 at Cathedral) 3 May 1916 Lauter, August VERNIER, Louisa Gundlach, Jacob J. BECHERER, Louise Lauter, Clarence & Elizabeth Gundlach
LAUTH, Christopher (Born 28 Jun 1900; baptized at St. Paul in Athens, OH) KESSLER, Helen (Born 3 Jan 1903 & baptized Evangelical) 3 Jan 1924 Lauth, James SHEA, Johanna Kessler, Charles ERHARDT, Ida Lauth, Mary 7 James Lauth
LAUTNER, John A. (Baptized 24 Jan 1891 at cathedral) BIETSCH, Adela (Baptized 28 Feb 1894 at cathedral) 13 Sep 1916 Lautner, John G. GLEICH, Elizabeth Bietsch, Michael BECHERER, Louise GRIMM, Theodore & Olivia Lautner
LAUTZ, Adam (Widower) GUENTHER, Magdalena 19 Jun 1907 Lautz, Adam MUELLER, Josephina Guenther, John SAX, Barbara Guenther, Joanna & Maria HERRMANN
LAUTZ, Bernard BAUER, Elizabeth 22 Apr 1884 Lautz, Friederich ADAM, Maria Bauer, Peter CARL, Philippina
LAUTZ, Frederick Martin ADAM, Maria Barbara 21 Oct 1856 Lautz, Frederick C. Not listed, Joannetta Adam, Jacob Not listed, Maria BAQUET, Christophor & Nicholas RABO
LAUX, Edward Elmer (Born 21 Jul 1893 & baptized 20 Dec 1920 at St. Luke in Belleville) BERKEL, Frances Mary  (Born 9 Mar & baptized 12 Mar 1900 at __ in Smithton, IL) 23 Apr 1931 Laux, Carl JUERGENS, Sophie Berkel, Ignatius KLINGLER, Catherine (Caroline) SCHROEDER, Arnold & Ida Berkel
LAWRENCE, Guy (From Lebanon, not baptized) HUSTER, Irena (Baptized 14 Dec 1893 at St. Joseph in Lebanon, IL) 5 Feb 1912 Lawrence, David SCOTT, Ella Huster, Carl MUELLER, Maria DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich Had gone to St. Mary’s in St. Louis – sent here. Rev. A. Kuhl called to get dispensation.
LEBKIECHER, Leonard KARR, Elizabeth 8 Feb 1876 Lebkiecher, Adam HAHN, Maria Eva Karr, Peter ESCHENFELDER, Apollonia Karr, Theodore; Peter CHUSE; Martha BAUER & Bertha ROMEIS
LEBKUECHER, Albert KNEVELKAMP, Maria 31 Dec 1908 Lebkuecher, Leonard Knevelkamp, Carl THEBUS, Carolina BERGMANN, Mathew & Louisa DIETRICH Mixed religion marriage.  Previous civil marriage 29 Oct 1908
LEE, John SCHLERNITZAUER, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1875 Lee, James PALMER, Maria A. Schlernitzauer, Andrew KALMES, Maria MEERS, John & Maria HERZ
LEE, Robert A. (Not baptized) MORGENSTERN, Eva (Not baptized) 6 Aug 1924 Lee, Arthur MCLEOD, Demetria Morgenstern, Frank SIEDLER, Catherine LETTER, Ed. & Eva SCHILB
LEEF, John M. (Baptized 22 Jul in Grand Fork, IL) LUEHM, Lillie (Baptized Evangelical in Highland, IL) 25 Mar 1915 Leef, Joseph H. SCHWARTZ, Johanna Luehm, Albert WILD, Mary DIETRICH, Josephina & M. BEDEL
LEHMAN, Joseph William (Baptized 22 Sep 1882 in Fulton, MO) FALLER, Ida (Widow of Julius Faller. Baptized 14 Nov 1890) 15 Apr 1915 Lehman, Ursus Not listed, Carolina BENEDICK, Christopher HEMMER, Mary Lehman, Albert C. & Bertha Benedick
LEHMANN, Christian WILKING, Maria Rosina (Protestant) 17 Jun 1844 STOLBERG, August & Andreas MEYER
LEICH, Leopold MEYER, Catharina 26 Apr 1893 Leich, John Bapt. GROSS, Margaret Meyer, Francis Joseph MEYER, Margaret Leich, Clara; Louis Meyer; Maria Meyer; Michael BITSCH & Louisa BECHERER
LEIDENHEIMER, John (Baptized in Waterloo 28 May 1885) MEIER, Susanna (Baptized at St. Bernard in St. Louis 29 Jul 1891) 1 Feb 1910 Leidenheimer, Francis OESHSNER, Regina Meier, Laurent HIEMENZ, Barbara FUERST, Arthur & Florence Meier
LEITHE, Joseph HERZOG, Catharina 3 Nov 1863 Leithe, Johann KELLIE, Martha Herzog, Laurent GEIRBACHE, Barbara BECHERER, Jacob & Carl Herzog
LEITSCH, Fred (27y, from Carlyle) SCHROEDER, Catherine (30y, from Carlyle) 20 Feb 1917 Leitsch, Frank HOFFMANN, Rosa Schroeder, George MULCAHY, Margaret ZIEREN, Geo. & Mary AARNS
LEMAR, Robert (Born 14 Nov 1902 in Dixon, MO.  Not baptized) REPETTO, Florence (Born 25 Aug & baptized 20 Sep 1907 at St. Charles Borromeo in St. Louis, MO) 19 Nov 1925 Lemar, John W. LEEK, Adeline Repetto, Rocco BRIGGIS, Mary RYAN, Frank & Beulah Lemar
LEONARD, Henry (Widower) WEIBERT, Elizabeth (Widow) 1898 Leonard, Edward STOCKMANN, Maria DINGES, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Dinges, Henry & Maria HIRTH [Entry appears between Jun & Nov 1898 entries.]
LEOPOLD, Julius MUELLER, Bertha 21 Feb 1898 Leopold, Joseph ROESSEL, Philippina Mueller, Carl NICKLES, Louisa SCHAEFFER, F. & Elsa Leopold Mixed religion marriage
LEPAGE, Stephan BUX, Margaret 20 Jan 1903 Le Page, Joseph HAGEN, Catharina Bux, Francis BORN,  Emilia Le Page, Albert & Apollonia KISSEL
LERCHER, John DAUBACH, Emma 8 Nov 1897 Lercher, Aloysius RITSCH, Anna Daubach, Jacob REH, Elizabeth FUGER, Joseph & Ella HURST
LERCHER, Joseph L. (Born 13 Jan 1908 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville) KRUPP, Hazel (Born 16 Sep 1908 & baptized Evangelical at St. Paul in Belleville) 6 Jun 1931 Lercher, Otto BROEKER, Clara Krupp, Gustave GREEN, Mary HEPP, Eugene & Grace Krupp
LERCHER, Otto (Baptized 17 Nov 1877 in Tirol, Riez; widower of Clara d. 20 Jul 1910) KEMPF, Mrs. Mary (Baptized 16 Dec 1874 at Cathedral; widow of Nicholas Kempf d. 2 Oct 1904) 11 Jan 1912 Lercher, Aloys GRIETOCH, Anna MUELLER, Karl KERN, Maria Kempf, Mary & Carolina MILLER
LESCH, John FEUCHT, Bertha 26 Nov 1901 Lesch, John HENN, Catharina Feucht, Carl BOLL, Maria KOHL, Mathias & Magdalena Feucht
LESCONES, Martin (Baptized Nov 1894 in Dubois, PA) BOYLE, Mary (Baptized Apr 1901 in Pinckneyville) 3 Apr 1918 Lescones, William GRAVICH, Eva Boyle, Dan DOOLIN, Hattie LETTER, Edw. & Josie DIETRICH
LETTER, Eugene (Born 14 Aug 1904 & baptized at cathedral) FREEMANN, Dorothy (Baptized Episcopalian 17 Sep 1906 in Bloomington, IL) 9 Apr 1926 Letter, William HAMESSER, Mary Freemann, T. C. MARTIN, Leta RIDER, Eugene & Regina Strassbaugh
LETTER, William REITNER, Anna Maria  (Born STAUMESSER) 29 Nov 1892 Letter, John Staumesser, George HELLD, Elis. ADRIAN, Simon & Lina STRA_TMANN [This entry appears with May 1892 entries & appears to be crossed out.]
LETTER, William KREITNER, Anna Maria 29 Nov 1894 Letter, John HEMMER, Christina HAUMESSER, George HELD, Elizabeth ADRIAN, Simon & Lina STÖRTMANN (Stoertmann)
LETTER, William Friederich TROST, Amalia John 26 Oct 1880 Letter, John HEMMER, Christina Trost, Leopold SONNTAG, Amalia HUSS, Francis & Maria ALBRECHT
LEWALLEN, Caspar )Baptized in St. Louis) QUININ, Dorothy (Baptized 24 May 1905 in Germantown) 2 Feb 1920 Lewallen, Sylvester LITTLE, Rose Quinin, Bernard LAMMERS, Mary WINKLER, Bernard & Catherine MILLER EVANS
LEY, Joseph SCHRECKENBERG, Maria 25 Apr 1876 Ley, Peter ROSBACH, Anna Maria Schreckenberg, George KIRCHNER, Barbara SCHMIDT, John & Elizabeth BRENNER
LEY, Peter SCHAEFER, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1863 Ley, Peter RASBACH, Anna Maria Schaefer, Laurent ENGELAUF, Eva SAILER, Philipp & Maria Ley
LIBLER, John NARTICK, Christina 31 Aug 1851 LOOTZ, John & John KRAHER
LICKENBROCK, Bernard GULTHEIS, Elizabeth 13 Feb 1849 LYMANN, Theodore & Peter WEBER
LILL, Edmund (Born 11 Jun & baptized 7 Jul 1878 at cathedral) WAGNER, Mathilda (Born 12 Jan 1884 & baptized 20 Jul 1931 at __ in Belleville) 21 Jul 1931 Lill, Jacob HILLEBRAND, Louisa Wagner, Rudolph SIPPLE, Susan Lill, Jacob & Mrs. Barbara Lill Revalidation marriage
LILL, Francis MAYER, Maria Anna 25 Jan 1857 Lill, Joseph Not listed, Maria Anna Mayer, John Not listed, Eva STOLTZ, Peter & George Mayer
LILL, Francis MAUSOLF, Martha 16 May 1903 Lill, Francis MEYER, Maria Mausolf, Francis SCHAEFER, Amalia OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER
LILL, Frank (Baptized 9 Feb 1904 at cathedral) CRABTREE, Rubey (Baptized 21 ___ 1921 at cathedral) 7 Jul 1922 Lill, Frank MAUSOLF, Martha Crabtree, John HOBBS, Minnie BAQUET, Mathew & Caroline Baquet Revalidation of civil marriage
LILL, Jacob LANG, Barbara 18 Jan 1887 Lill, Jacob HILLEBRANDT, Louisa Lang, Francis RENNER, Elizabeth DEUSLER, J. & Anna Lill
LILL, Louis MARTIN, Alwilde (Non-Catholic) 2 Jun 1883 Lill, Louis DÖRR (Doerr), Walburga Martin, David ORR, Elisa Lill, Peter & Francis WEIBERT
LILL, Peter STEITZ, Catharina 20 May 1846 Steitz, Jacob & Maria Steitz
LILL, Peter PFEIFER, Theresa 5 Nov 1885 Lill, Jacob HILLEBRAND, Louisa Pfeifer, Thomas SCHOEN, Margaret BAUER, Carl J.; Anna Lill; Henry BUCHMANN & Barbara SCHMOLL
LINDAUER, Albert (Non-Catholic) MUETH, Ida 19 Apr 1911 Lindauer, William GROSSMANN, Maria Mueth, Aug. REINHARDT, Barbara Mueth, Joseph & Lydia Lindauer Family belongs to Smithton & lives in Belleville
LINDAUER, Oliver (Born 15 Jul & baptized 22 Jul 1911 at cathedral) ENGEL, Mercedes (Born 10 Sep & baptized 13 Oct 1912 at St. Luke in Belleville) 3 Aug 1931 Lindauer, Oliver MUETH, Ida Engel, Gustave HERMAN, Rose Mueth, Werner & Celeste GRAEBER Revalidation marriage
LINDER, John POLSTER, Cunigunda 6 Feb 1853 HULLION, Dominic & John ZAHN
LINDNER, John SCHMITT, Cardulla 23 Apr 1860  Lindner, Carl BERSAN, Anna (Widow) Schmitt, John FEDDER, Christina Fedder, George & John BOTTER
LIST, Harold (Baptized 27 Sep 1891 in Carlyle) JOFFRAY, Cecilia (Baptized 19 Oct 1889 in Bartelso) 18 Oct 1911 List, Nic. JUSTICE, Cora Joffray, Nicholas JACK(obs) el, Anna Maria Joffray, Frank & Louise DIETRICH Eloped 1910 & married before justice of the peace in Tennessee. Remarried at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LOBSINGER, Anton BOUCTREAUX, Clemontina 1 Apr 1845 MEYER, Louis & Adelheid DEMENT
LOBSINGER, Arthur (Baptized 31 Jul 1895 at St. Mary in Belleville) GRIMMIG, Magdalena (Baptized 28 Mar 1895 at Cathedral) 4 May 1916 Lobsinger, George FRICK, Catherine Grimmig, Wendelin FEIST, Elizabeth Grimmig, Wendel & Josephine DIETRICH This couple was married 31 [sic] Feb 1916 in civil ceremony.
LOBSINGER, Arthur (Baptized 31 Jul 1895 at St. Mary in Belleville) GRIMMIG, Magdalena (Baptized 28 Mar 1895 at Cathedral) 27 May 1916 Lobsinger, George FRICK, Catherine Grimmig, Wendel FEIST, Elizabeth Grimmig, Wendel & Josephine DIETRICH
LOBSINGER, Charles (Baptized non-Catholic 14 Oct 1898) ISSELHARDT, Aurea (Baptized 24 Nov 1901 at cathedral) 28 Nov 1918 Lobsinger, Joseph WELTZ, Mathilda Isselhardt, Charles FRUEKE, Anna SCHANNEL. Laurence & Not listed MIDDENDORF
LOBSINGER, Joseph MUELLER, Margaret 25 Sep 1861 Lobsinger, Michael FRIENT, Margaret Mueller, Joseph DIENST, Elizabeth HERR, Henry & George GASS
LODCKEN, Joseph MITTENDORF, Maria 28 Nov 1843 KOPER, Anton & Francis KETTLER
LOEHR, Edward (Baptized 27 Jul 1904 at cathedral) MEYER, Theo  (Not baptized) 10 Apr 1929 Loehr, John FIEDLER, Elizabeth Meyer, Alfred Not listed, Emma SCHUSTER, Florety & Ethel Meyer
LOESER, Bernard (Baptized 6 Dec 1871 in Barbeck Westf., Germany) KIRCH, Katharina (Hurtig) (Baptized 15 Nov 1872 in Gelsenkirchen Westf, Germany) 17 Sep 1917 Loeser, Jacob Not listed, Helen Kirch, Joseph Not listed, Maria Kirch, Joseph & Elizabeth BRAUN
LOHED, Adam LOHED, Magdalena 13 Apr 1851 SCHWEBEL, John Dispensation for first degree relationship
LOHORGE, John Philip SCHERLE, Joanna 15 Apr 1850 WISCHLER, Adam & Leonard WAGNER
LOIET, John LOOS, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1843 Loos, John & Daniel LIEBLER
LONGBRAKE, George (Convert 1907 in Kansas City) KLINGLER, Alvina (Baptized 1895 in Smithton) 23 Apr 1919 Longbrake, John CAREY, May Klingler, John KRUPP, Philobena GARDNER, Herbert & Frances Klingler
LOOS, John BOESER, Francisca 30 May 1846 Loos, John & George Michael BOESZER
LORDEN, Henry (Baptized 10 Nov 1889 in Centralia) ROBERTS, Anna (Not Baptized) 23 May 1912 Lorden, Michael GARNIER, Anna Roberts, Byron COPPLE, Rose DIETRICH, Josephina & Helena GUNDLACH
LORE, Townsend B. (Born 16 Jun 1879 & baptized Methodist in Tamaroa, IL) HARTMAN, Anna (Born 21 Sep 1896 & baptized at St. Mary in Carlyle, IL) 9 Jun 1931 Lore, Stephen JONES, Emaline WESSLING, George LAMMERS, Anna ROHR, Ben & Mary Rohr
LORENZ, Arthur W.  MUELLER, Catherine (Cathedral) 11 Feb 1920 Lorenz, George HUBERT, Clara Mueller, John LOUIS, Catherine BERTELSMAN, Aloys & Cecilia Bertelsman
LORENZ, Edward (Baptized 19 Mar 1897 at St. Luke) BERTELSMAN, Helen (Baptized 22 Oct 1900 at cathedral) 30 Apr 1924 Lorenz, George J. HUBER, Clara Bertelsman, John SONTAG, Emily Lorenz, Fred & Rose Lorenz
LORENZ, Fred E. (Baptized at cathedral) HEINEMAN, Aurelia (Baptized Evangelical in Belleville) 30 Jul 1924 Lorenz, George HUBER, Clara Heineman, Adam SCHWARTZ, Elizabeth RANDLE, Harold & Rose Lorenz
LORENZ, Herman (Baptized 7 Feb 1894 at Cathedral) EHRIG, Mary C. (Baptized 7 Apr 1893 at Cathedral) 19 Aug 1914 Lorenz, George HUBERT, Clara Ehrig, William ZINSER, Mary Lorenz, Arthur & Rosalia Zinser
LOUIS, August CHRYSTOPHE, Maria Barbara 7 Jan 1850 Louis, Francois & Alarie SCHMISSEUR Witnesses signed record
LOUIS, Eugene BERTELSMANN, Maria Elizabeth 28 Oct 1884 Louis, August CHRISTOPH, Maria Barbara Bertelsmann, Francis WINKLER, Maria Gertrude Louis, Francis; Henry Bertelsmann; Carolina Louis & Anna Maria Bertelsmann
LOUIS, Francis BERTELSMANN, Anna Maria 4 Mar 1886 Louis, August CHRISTOPH, Maria Barbara Bertelsmann, Caspar BUEHLMANN, Clara Maria Bertelsmann, L. Henry & Lizzie Louis
LOUIS, Francis G. VOELLINGER, Anna 16 Nov 1880 Louis, Henry KARLSKIND, Marianna Voellinger, Joseph STOCKEL, Agnes Stockel, Joseph & Louisa Louis
LOUIS, Francis J. BAUMANN, Maria 17 Nov 1904 Louis, Joseph GLAD, Veronica Baumann, John SCHWIND, Maria Baumann, Martin & Maria MUELLER
LOUIS, Isaac GLAD, Josephina 22 Aug 1854 Glad, Eugene; Nicholas MEYER; Henry Louis & Augustina Louis
LOUIS, Johann Baptist DAVERDOIT, Maria 12 Jan 1846 Louis, N. M. & Maria Daverdoit
LOUIS, John B. KERN, Catharina 5 Nov 1872 Louis, Nicholas MARZLOW, Maria Anna Kern, Nicholas BAQUET, Joanna ISCH, (John) Nicholas & Isabella Kern
LOUIS, Joseph HEINRICH, Glad__ Josephina 14 Nov 1888 Louis, Joseph KLOCH, Eugenia Heinrich, George ___TIN, Elizabeth (From St. John the Baptist in Smithton (Formerly Georgetown) St. Clair County, IL BIEBEL, Joseph; Francis Louis; Carolina Louis & Maria BALDWACK Bride is from St. John Baptist, St. Clair County, IL
LOUIS, Joseph (Widower) CLAUDE, Eugenia 13 Apr 1852 Louis, Henry & Nicolaus MEYER
LOUIS, Leon HERKERT, Wilhelmina 12 Nov 1879 Louis, August Not listed, Maria Barbara Herkert, Francis Joseph FUNBECK, Francis Louis, Eugene & Catharina REEB
LOUIS, Nicolaus DAMMRICH, Elizabeth Maria 18 Oct 1870 Louis, John & Michael Dammrich
LOW, George PILLE, Maria 18 Dec 1907 Low, Henry HERZOG, M. Pille, Henry HAAR, Catherina LODDEKELT, William & Elizabeth LODDEKE Mixed religion marriage
LUCASH, Frank (Baptized 1887 at cathedral) BAUER, Marcella (Baptized 28 Jul 1898 at cathedral) 20 Jun 1928 Lucash, John YECHO, Mary Bauer, Joseph SCHAEFER, Minnie Bauer, Sylvester & Lucille SCHNEIDER
LUCASH, Joseph MOLL, Regina 9 Feb 1898 Lucash, John WOTTOWA, Maria Moll, Francis (Adoptive father) Not listed, Maria FRIES, Edward & Anna Lucash
LUCASH, Joseph (Baptized 3 Sep 1882 at cathedral) KLING, Estella (Baptized 4 Feb 1894 at cathedral) 26 Sep 1917 Lucash, Joseph VRATNEY [Uratney?], Anna Kling, Michael FRIES, Mary Lucash, Adolph & Ida Kling Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
LUDWIG, Alphonse STAUDER, Olinda 5 Jun 1906 Ludwig, George OSTER, Mathilda Stauder, John DUMBACH, Amalia NOLD, George & Sophia Ludwig
LUDWIG, Benedict BINDEL, Anna 24 Apr 1873 Ludwig, Andrew REITH, Anastasia Bindel, John Not listed, Maria SCHROLL, John & Daniel GASTNER Note on left margin says Benedict Ludwig married Catherina  SCHELBEL at St. Clair County in a civil marriage on 24 Apr 1873. Copy of marriage license appears on image 58.
LUDWIG, Bernhard LUTZ, Elizabeth 27 Sep 1864 Ludwig, Andrew Not listed, Anastasia Lutz, Jacob GRUNDLI, Catharina [Right margin has bride listed as DUFFEN___]
LUDWIG, Edward (Widower from Hilibone[?], IL) KNAPP, Theresa (Widow of Laurent Knapp who died 29 Sep 1887) 10 Oct 1889 Ludwig, Amand & Maria Ludwig (Mrs. Amand)
LUDWIG, George OSTER, Mathilda 5 Feb 1880 Ludwig, Joseph HERTEL, Sophia Oster, William KOHL, Christina Ludwig, John & Anna HANNAUER Mixed religion marriage
LUDWIG, John J. FUNSCH, Barbara 15 Apr 1880 Ludwig, Joseph HERTEL, Sophia Funsch, George REITERMANN, Anna Maria Funsch, George & Anna HANNAUER
LUDWIG, Joseph SIMONEAU, Margaret __ Apr 1875 Ludwig, Andrew REITH, Anastasia HESSE, Francis SENDLINGER, Margaret Ludwig, Amand & Nicolaus BUER
LUECKEN, John Herman HERTLEIN, Maria 25 May 1886 Luecken, John Henry LODIKE, Anna Margar.  (From Kleinbassen, Hannover, Russia) Hertlein, George MEMMEL, Walburga BAUER, J. & Maria Memmel
LUEKEN, John Bernard VERMEULEN, Nathalia 12 Mar 1870 LUEKEN, John Henry LODEKEN, Maria SCHOOLEN, Joseph BÖLKE (Boelke), Christina KISSEL, John & Henry PABST
LUEKEN, Joseph  BAUER, Carolina 25 Apr 1882 LÜCKEN (Luecken), Henry LOEDEKE, Margaret Bauer, Aloysius HERTLEIN, Maria Anna Bauer, George & Maria Hertlein
LUGAR, E. F. (Non-Catholic) FARRAR, Nellie B. 16 Dec 1896 Lugar, John F. CAMPBELL, Sara Farrar, Henry FARRELL, Catharina HAGEN, Margaret & Catharina DIEKER Permission for bride from St. Theresa in St. Louis
LUGGE, William ARENDER, Elizabeth (Widow) 28 Sep 1909 Lugge, Joseph HAMMER, Anna HOERFEL, Ignatius KIEFER, Agnes Lugge, Herman & Anna JARROBECK
LUGGE, William (Baptized 29 Nov 1892 in Gladbeck, Germany) DRESSEL, Cecilia (Baptized 9 Apr 1893 at cathedral) 11 Jul 1917 Lugge, Herman HASEBRINK, Josephine Dressel, Sr., Henry JUEN, Sophia Lugge, Alfred & Marie Dressel
LUNTE, Raymond (Baptized 1896 in Okawville) HEBENSTREIT, Ida (Baptized 1897 in New Baden) 17 Mar 1919 Lunte, Henry TROST, Anna Hebenstreit, Joe MENTEL, Mary LETTER, Edw. & Josie DIETRICH
LUTZ, John William LOCKHART, Maria 15 Aug 1847
LUX, Omer (Born 3 Apr 1910 in Waldron, IN & baptized at St. Vincent in Prescott, IN) SANDERS, Sarilda (Born 1 Dec 1908 in Greensburg, IN & baptized 17 Sep 1931 at St. Joseph in Shelbyville, IN) 5 Dec 1931 Lux, George VOGELSANG, Pearl Sanders, William VINCENT, Clara RITTEL, August & Catherine VOGEL
LUX, Peter ADAM, Maria 31 Dec 1844 ISCH, Nicolaus & Nicolaus PERRING
M___ [?], Theodore BERTING, Maria 26 Dec 1865 FRANK, Henry & Catharina SEIDLER
MAC DONLAD, John DOBBINS, Wanda [Appears at end of 1927 entries.]
MACKE, Christoph MANN, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1871 Macke, Christoph DUWALD, Catharina Mann, John MULLIGAN, Elizabeth Macke, Jacob & Carolina SCHELLMANN
MADDEN, Hubert (Baptized Non-Catholic in Herrin, IL) DURKIN, Catherine (Baptized in Du Quoin, IL) 25 Nov 1915 DIETRICH, Josie & May Dietrich
MADER, Dominic FAULSTICH, Josephina _9 May 1884 Mader, Christophor ST EVE (SENTIFF), Catharina Faulstich, Cyrill NIETLING, Francisca WAGNER, M. (From Georgetown) & Maria Faulstich
MADOCK, Michael DANNAVAN, Anna 4 Oct 1857 GANNON, Michael & Margaret FURLONG
MAELBRAUER, Nicholas TUERTH, Anna Maria 30 Jul 1854 Tuerk, John & Martin RASP
MAGER, Clyde (Born 12 Sep 1909 & baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) STOELZLE, Eugenia (Born 29 May & baptized 4 Jun 1912 at cathedral) 16 Jul 1931 Mager, Frank UHL, Clara Stoelzle, Frank BRICHLER, Magdalene Mager, Wilbur & Lucille DOBBINS
MAGIN, Joseph DEGENHARDT, Christina 31 Oct 1871 Magin, Joseph GIPHARD, Anna Maria Degenhardt, Valentin VEITH, Maria Elizabeth NEHRING, Carl & Joanna Nehring
MAHONEY, Thomas BRAMLET, Emilia (Non-Catholic) 1 Oct 1906 Mahoney, James KEVER, Helena Bramlet, Ruben MCCOY, Maria SCHLICH, Margaret & Josephina DIETRICH
MAI, Oswald FAULSTICH, Maria 28 Sep 1893 Mai, Ernest THERICH, Christina Faulstich, Wendelin WERNER, Magdalena HOEFFKEN, Maurice & Louisa Faulstich Mixed religion marriage
MAIER, Andrew (76y) KAMENZ, Maria (Widow) 18 Aug 1885 Maier, John DEMLER, Catharina HACK, John BRANTZ, Catharina SCHATZ, Michael & Godfride GERSTNER
MALACARNE, Selinav [?] (Baptized 14 Feb 1895 in Lomon, Italy) MONTANA, Rosa (Baptized 21 Feb 1899 in Louisville, KY) 12 Apr 1919 Malacarne, John B. GAJO, Louisa Montana, Santo BETTER, Anne LOHMAN, G. H. & Ed LETTER
MANK, Francis BECKER, Louisa 6 Nov 1906 Mank, Andrew WELKER, Catharina Becker, John KLAMM, Gertrude Mank, George & Augusta Mank
MANK, Gilmore (Born 13 Jan  & baptized 22 Feb 1908 at cathedral) REEB, Helen Cecilia (Born 31 Jan & baptized 2 Feb 1908 at cathedral) 5 Sep 1931 Mank, Jacob NESBET, Eleanore Reeb, Peter KAUP, Amanda Mank, Russell & Marie Reeb
MANN, Philipp FRICK, Josepha 14 Oct 1867 Mann, Adam Not listed, Christina Frick, Sebastian Not listed, Maria Frick, Francis & Maria HERS
MANNING, Thomas CARROLL, Margaret 30 Jan 1882 Manning, Michael MCDONALD, Maria WALSH, Dennis GRAHAN, Helena SUFFINGER, Joseph & Friederich DUFAIS Validation of civil marriage in St. Louis [?]
MANNION, William (Born 20 Oct & baptized 6 Nov 1910 at St. Joseph in East St. Louis) SKIKAS, Nellie (Born 13 Jan & baptized 30 Jan 1915 at St. Luke) 27 Nov 1931 Mannion, William Not listed, Anna Skikas, Stanislaus SRIENIKIA, Philomena Mannion, Patrick & Anna Skikas
MANULE, Carl (Non-Catholic; 18 Jul 1895) MUELLER, Celeste (Baptized 27 Jan 1899 at cathedral) 25 Sep 1917 Manule, Henry PALISCH, Mary Mueller, Fred KRONENBERGER, Eleonora REISS, Frank & Josie DIETRICH Revalidation of civil marriage
MANZ, Henry (Baptized 19 Sep 1885 at Holy Trinity in Evansville, IN) ROBINSON, Gertrude (Baptized 20 Nov 1899 in ___ntryville, IN) 22 Oct 1924 Manz, Henry GLESIGE, Elizabeth Robinson, Gertrude ALEXANDER, Cora TECKLENBURG, Marie & Eva SCHILB Previously married 2 Feb 1906 by Meth. Minister
MARER, Lorenz HERMAN, Cunigunda 21 Sep 1848 BIEBEL, John & Catharina Biebel
MARLIN, Albert James (Baptized at St. Philip in Edgemont, SD) FINKLEIN, Margaret (Baptized 26 Oct 1927) 26 Oct 1927 Marlin, Joseph LAGER, Mary Finklein, Louis FISCHER, Lulu Marlin, Leo & Eleonora Marlin
MARNELL, Richard PATTERSON, Maria 3 Apr 1892 Marnell, John KENNEDY, Winiford Patterson, Robert B. CARRABER, Elisa WÜRZ (Wuerz), Jos. & Francisca PAULUS
MARQUAT, Valentin CLAUS, Margaret 4 May 1848 REITERMANN, John & Francis YOUNG
MARSHALL, Guy Ed. (12 Jul 1892 in Centralia, IL not Baptized) DICKENSON, Ann L. (baptized 7 Apr 1897 in Centralia, IL) 4 Aug 1916 Marshall, Charles P. BULLEN, Anna Dickenson, James LAUSON, Nora LOHMAN, George & Joe DIETRICH
MARTIN, Eugene SCHEFFKNECHT, Julia 14 Apr 1885 Martin, Nicholas KOCH, Catharina Scheffknecht, Joseph SCHMITTLING, Margaret Scheffknecht, George & Carolina KREITNER
MARTIN, George HERTLISKA, Magdalena 12 Jul 1853 FISHER, Joseph; George HEINRICH & Anna Hertliska
MARTIN, Henry (Baptized 1872 in County Roscommon, Kiltoom, Ireland) SCHUBERT, Emma (Baptized 27 Jan 1879 at St. Joseph’s in St. Louis, MO) 31 Dec 1911 Martin, Michael COYLE, Ellen Schubert, Charles DAUBERT, Helena VIERHELLER, Leo & Louisa DIETRICH
MARTIN, Jacob ACKERMANN, Anna 24 Oct 1896 Martin, Adrian HOFEN, Elizabeth Ackermann, Michael MOHR, Maria HERTLEIN, George & Maria Martin
MARTIN, John EBNER, Elizabeth 26 Jun 1901 Martin, George WIEST, Helena Ebner, John SCHANNEL, Elizabeth Schannel, Henry & Maria Wiest
MARTIN, Louis STAUDER, Margaret 27 Jan 1857 Martin, Ferdinand Not listed, Catharina Stauder, John Not listed, Margaret WURM, Conrad & John BAUMANN
MARTIN, Phillip VOLK, Josephina 9 Jan 1911 Martin, Adrian HORN, Elizabeth Volk, Joseph SCHWARZKOPF, Theresa BERGMAN, Matthias & Josephina DIETRICH [See record]
MARX, Edward GLUTH, Regina 20 May 1855 DEGENHARDT, Christoffer & Joseph SAUL
MARX, Edward MAKEL, Josephina 9 Sep 1860 Marx, Edmund PFIEL, Theresa Makel, Balzer Melchior ___, Anna DEGENHART, Valentin; Andrew MUELLER; Maria SAUER & Elizabeth NOLL
MASERANG, Jacob (Widower of Catharina GEOFROI) WERNER, Maria Eva (Widow of George Werner) 11 Oct 1864 Maserang, Dominic KARLSKIND, Odilia MARTIN, Bernhard SCHULTZ, Catharina Ursula FAULSTICH, Wendelin & Bernhard Martin
MASRANG, Joseph KNECHT, Carolina 9 Jun 1868 Masrang, Jacob GEOFROIX, Catharina Knecht, Joseph SCHUMACHER, Catharina GILB, Johann & Christoffer Knecht
MASRANG, Michael FROMANG, Margaret 21 Apr 1863 Masrang, Jacob SCHOFRA, Catharina Fromang, Michael RENO, Maria Masrang, Jacob & Nicholas Fromang
MASRONG, John KRUPP, Philippina 8 May 1873 Masrong, Jacob GEOFFROY, Catharina Krupp, Adam SCHWEGEL, Elizabeth Masrong, Jacob & Nicolaus Masrong
MASSA, Anthony (Baptized 3 Apr 1884 in Chicago) WAMSER, Alma (Baptized 18 __ 1888 in __vansvill, IL) 16 Apr 1925 Massa, John ARRARAS, Theresa SPILLMAN, Henry MEYER, Margaret JAEGER, Edmund & Lydia FIETSAM Bride married Raymond Wamser 5 Nov 1912 in civil ceremony.  Deemed invalid.
MASSRANG, Jacob HOFEN, Maria Eva 23 Nov 1865 Massrang, Jacob GEOFROIX, Catharina Hofen, Mathias FREIST, Barbara FAULSTICH, Wendelin & Not listed Massrang
MATHES, Johann SCHIEK, Maria Theresa 17 Aug 1865 Mathes, Johann RUDOLPH, Catharina Schiek, Francis Xavier AHERLE, Anna Maria REUTER, George; Joseph MEMEL; Phil. Aug. FAULSTICH & Maria LOBSINGER
MATHES, John HASSELSTAB, Maria 7 Oct 1879 Mathes, John RUDOLPH, Catharina Hasselstab, Peter ELBERT, Catharina SCHONDER, Francis & Carl ESCHMANN
MATHES, John HOEFFKEN, Maria Anna 22 Sep 1897 Mathes, John SCHICK, Theresa Hoeffken, Henry KLETTENBERG, Bernardina BAUER, Ma__ & Elizabeth Hoeffken Married at St. Philipp in French Village, IL
MAULE, John A. (Born 23 Jul 1902 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville) HEFTI, Ottilia (Born # Dec 1903 & baptized at St. Mary in ___ville, IL) 24 Sep 1924 Maule, Alex SULLIVAN, Julia Hefti, William SMITH, Elizabeth MCGLYNN, Robert & Dorothy Maule
MAUREN, Jacob HAGEN, Magdalena 9 Aug 1849 HOLZENKOPH, Kunrath & Barbara Holzenkoph
MAURER, Caspar LUCIUS, Maria Elizabeth (Widow) 24 Jan 1886 Maurer, Nicholas SCHUERTS, Magdalena WELSCH, Wolfgang KOEHLER, Barbara FLACH, Nicholas & Anna BAUMGARTNER
MAURER, Jacob BOOHL, Margaret 14 Jun 1870 Boohl, Leonard & Elizabeth BOHL
MAURER, John (Widower of Elizabeth HILDEBEIDEL)) MAURER, Salome (Widow of Francis Maurer) 16 Jan 1895 Maurer, Simon MILLER, Margaret Hildebeidel, George KNAPP, Elizabeth HAGEN, Rev. H. J. & Rev. J. VAN DE RIET
MAUS, Francis MEYER, Louisa 11 Jan 1876 Maus, Francis BECKLER, Francisca Meyer, Nicholas LOUIS, Veronica Maus, George & Catharina Meyer
MAUS, Friederich CAREY, Margaret 29 Dec 1875 Maus, Francis BECKLER, Francisca Carey, William REDWOOD, Margaret ALLEN, Joseph & John MCCARTHY
MAUS, George HESS, Carolina 1 Oct 1879 Maus, Francis DAYLE, Helena Hess, Henry HOLFRETH, Sophia STARK, Francis & Anna Maus
MAUSOLF, Francis (Baptized 16 Aug 1859 in Stagers, Germany) MERTZWEILER, Agnes (Non-Catholic) 20 Apr 1911 Mausolf, Nathaniel FEDKE, Regina BEYER, Not listed THIELS, Henry & Clara Thiels
MAUTERER, Laurent KOHM, Frieda 7 Nov 1865 Mauterer, Anton KOHLMELL, Waltburga Kohm, Valentin SPECK, Margaret KALKBRENNER, Damian; Carl KNOBEL & Hyeronimus NOLD
MAYER, August EHLERS, Anna Maria (Widow) 25 Jul 1852 OBERLANDER, George & Elizabeth EILERMELING
MAYER, Clement (Baptized 23 Mar 1902 in Smithton) UNDERWOOD, Lena (Baptized 3 Dec 1926 at St. Elizabeth Hospital) 21 Jun 1927 Mayer, John QUIRIN, Mary SMITH, Walter WEBER, Myrtle DREMAN, Richard & Frances Dreman
MAYER, Francis WILLIAMS, Roxie (Non-Catholic) 19 Apr 1906 Mayer, Louis VOLLMER, Elizabeth Williams, Henry HELVEY, Addie OESTROLE, Jr., John & Frieda KLOCK
MAYER, Francis Joseph (Widower) VOEGTLE, Barbara 24 Jul 1854 Voegtle, Ignatius & Anton Nicholas RABO
MAYER, George MARTIN, Inez (Non-Catholic) 20 Apr 1903 Mayer, George KLAPP, Elizabeth Martin, Louis TAYLOR, Maria Mayer, Ignatius & Adela MATH__
MAYER, Ignatius TREDEMANN, Lulu (Non-Catholic) 26 Jun 1907 Mayer, Anton KLAPP, Elizabeth Tredemann, John SEIME, Maria ROESCH, Joseph & Maria SCHMITT
MAYER, William (Baptized 14 Apr 1874 at Cathedral) LAW, Ethel (Baptized 1885 in Fort Dodge, IA) 21 Jun 1912 Mayer, Louis VOLLMER, Elis. Law, Harry WADE, Eva HOLTMAN, Anna & Josephina DIETRICH Previous civil marriage 12 May 1904.
MAYERHOLFER, Anton ENDRES, Anna Maria 11 Nov 1852 SCHESS, John & Francis SCHIELE
MAYR, Joseph MAYR, Victoria 27 Sep 1846 Mayr, Willibald & Nicholas Mayr
MCCABE, Terence DURUTT, Lucinda (Widow) 18 Apr 1854 CLARK, Anna & Anton HELMICH
MCCARTHY, Addis (Baptized 11 Feb 1896 at St. Patrick in Alton, IL) RULE, Lottie  23 Jul 1917 McCarthy, James BURNS, Margaret RULE, Jess MOELLER, Anna McCarthy, Margaret & Julia McCarthy Revalidation of marriage 1 month prior.
MCCORMACK, James MURPHY, Bella 22 Apr 1903 McCormack, Patrick MALONEY, Bridget Murphy, John DOWLING, Margaret FLANNERY, William J. & Josephina BERGIN
MCCORMICK, James M. (Baptized Presbyterian) SAX, Catherine (Baptized 12 ___ 1899 at cathedral) 23 Aug 1926 McCormick, George MAXWELL, Rose Sax, George HELFRICH, Catherine McCormick, Charles A. & Marie Sax
MCCUNE, James L. (Baptized in O’Fallon, IL) BIRKNER, Olivia 6 Jul 1924 McCune, Peter HILDEBRAN__, Elizabeth Birkner, Leonard KLEIN, Mary MCMANEMY, Charles & Irene McManemy Married at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MCGORRY, Benedict O’BRIEN, Catharina 21 May 1853 WAHL, Hubert; Helena ROB & Madelein LACROIX
MCLAUGHLIN, James (Baptized 28 Nov 1895 in Mt. Vernon, IL) SEIFFERT, Dorothy (Baptized Evangelical 15 Jan 1902 in St. Louis) 19 Apr 1922 McLaughlin, James CURTISS, Eleonor Seiffert, William HERTRUSTEIN, Mina HOFF, Rev. William & Catherine REINHART
MCNAMARA, John Francis MCCORMICK, Honora Emma 5 Apr 1904 McNamara, Patrick MCCORMICK, Julia McCormick, James RAGAN, Margaret OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER Married 4 Apr 1904 in Paducah, KY Dispensation for second degree blood relationship.  
MCNARY, John KAVANAUGH, Maria T. 22 Apr 1896 RENNER, Eva & Cath. DIEKER Permission from St. Theresa in St. Louis
MECK, Henry (Non-Catholic) HERZOG, Margaret 23 May 1900 Meck, Henry DEPPE, Gustine Herzog, John WEBER, Sophia DIETRICH, Henry & Maria Herzog
MECKLENBURG, Julius (Baptized 19 Jan 1896 in Chicago ?) CLAUS, Emilia (Baptized 20 Apr 1894 at cathedral) 24 Nov 1921 Mecklenburg, Julius LEBKUECHER, Helen Claus, William J. WOTTOWA, Theresa MEYER, Louis A. & Cecilia ZURMUEHLER
MEDER, Herman (Baptized 10 Nov 1897 in Pinckneyville) MOHR, Ella (Non-Catholic 4 __ 1898  from Freeburg) 6 Apr 1918 Meder, Ludwig HAAS, Frieda Mohr, Ernest DEIBEL, Bertha Meder, Henry & Erma Mohr
MEDER, Herman (Baptized 14 Nov 1887 in Pinckneyville, IL) WALTERS, Ruby (Born 4 Jun 1903 in Wayne City, IL; not baptized) 15 Nov 1921 Meder, Ludwig HAAS, Frieda MEDER, Louis [sic] ANDERSON, Rena HOFF, W. & F. KAISER
MEDER, Philipp (Widower) STAUDER, Theresa 14 Nov 1859 Meder, Gerhard (Deceased) KEPPLER, Anna Maria Stauder, Francis HENNI, Katharina ARENS, William & Josef Stauder
MEENAN, Thomas L. (Baptized 19 Mar 1900 at St. Bernard in Chicago) KARR, Margaret (Baptized 30 __y 1899 at cathedral) 23 Jun 1927 Meenan, Peter HOGAN, Delia Karr, Adam FLACH, Kate Meenan, Jan_ J. & Catherine Karr
MEES, Adam ERNST, Anna _0 Oct 1877 Mees, William BECKER, Margaret Ernst, George KIEFER, Maria Rosa Mees, Michael & George Ernst
MEES, Johann FLORI, Barbara 19 Apr 1868 Mees, William BECKER, Margaret Flori, Johann MEES, Helena SIEDLER, Anton; William MICHEL & Theresa Flori Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
MEES, Wilhelm BECKER, Margaret 3 Sep 1844 Becker, Michael & John Mees
MEES, William EWERS, Elizabeth 1 Feb 1853 Ewer, Albin & William Mees
MEIDINGER Johann CRASS, Christina 23 Jul 1872 Meidinger, Johann FIEZ, Barbara Crass, Lothari MADISON, C___ FIES, Carl; George GROSS; Margaret RIESER & William Fies
MEISEL, Conrad RECORDON, Catharina 19 Feb 1898 Meisel, John Not listed, Maria Recordon, Carl GILLEO, Eleonora GASS, Maria & Catharina DIEKER Mixed religion marriage
MEISTER, Alois (Baptized at cathedral) DINGES, Elvira (Baptized at cathedral) 24 Jun 1925 Meister, Jacob BRETZ, Clara Dinges, Frank GRUENEWALD, Emilia Dinges, Irvin & Scholastica Bretz
MEISTER, Clemens (Baptized 17 Jan 1890 at Cathedral) DINGES, Bertha (Baptized 7 Nov 1886 at Cathedral) 22 Oct 1913 Meister, Jacob BRETZ, Clara Dinges, Fred STAUDER, Anna Meister, Aloys & Adella OEXNER
MEISTER, Jacob BRETZ, Gertrude 12 Oct 1880 Meister, Philipp BIEHL, Catharina Elizabeth Bretz, Henry STÜBER (Stueber), Margaret SCHLEGEL, Carl
MEISTER, Michael TRIBOUT, Ida 18 Jun 1890 Meister, Philipp BIEL, Catharina Tribout, Louis GASS, Maria WOTTOWA, Francis J. & Maria Tribout
MEISTER, Phillip (Born 26 Aug 1882; baptized at cathedral) SAMSTAG, Amanda (Born 28 Nov 1883; baptized at cathedral) 30 Jun 1920 Meister, Jacob BRETZ, Clara Samstag, Charles DINGES, Gertrude Meister, Aloys & Elvira Dinges
MELCHERS, Frederick William FOERSTER, Cordula 27 Apr 1891 Melchers, Ferdinand QUION, Elizabeth Foerster, Conrad SCHMITT, Margaret (From Peopolis, Hamilton County, IL) Foerster, Joseph & Maria Melchers
MELLON, Logan P. (Baptized 15 Aug 1863 at St. Lawrence O’Toole in St. Louis) MILLER, Mrs. Minnie (Baptized _5 May 1871 at Cathedral) 4 Jan 1912 Mellon, Patrick WAMSER, Bridget WAMSER, Henry BECKER, Anna BROGMAN, M. & L. DIETRICH This marriage took place in rectory at 5:45.  The Cathedral burnt at 6 p.m.
MELSCHER, Peter WUNDEL, Marianna (Widow) 10 Sep 1854 URBERGER, Carl & Joseph FUGER
MENTEL, Adam EISENHAUER, Henrietta 1 Aug 1906 Mentel, John ESCHENFELDER, Louisa Eisenhauer, Adam BRUNS, Maria Mentel, Louis & Elizabeth Mentel
MENTEL, Adam (Baptized 1895 in Harrisonville, IL) BRENNAN, Margaret (Baptized 1897 in ___ral, IL) 14 Oct 1927 Mentel, Joseph HARBOUGH, Mary Brennan, John CUDAHY, Mary Mentel, William J. & Ethel BARNETT
MENTEL, Michael VOELLINGER, Elizabeth 11 May 1897 Mentel, John ESCHENFELDER, Louisa Voellinger, Jacob DAHM, Christina Mentel, George; Emma Voellinger; Adam Mentel & Barbara Voellinger
MENTEL, William J. (Baptized 1888 in Harrisonville, IL) BARNETT, Ethel (Baptized 1926 at St. Patrick in ___ur, IL) 14 Oct 1927 Mentel, Joseph HARBOUGH, Mary Barnett, Isaac MYERS, Alice Mentel, Adam & Margaret BRENNAN
MERCURIO, Charles (Baptized 19 Dec 1885 at St. Patrick in St. Louis) SCHNIPPER, Erma (Baptized 17 Dec 1891 at St. Luke) 31 Mar 1928 Mercurio, Casimir CAPONE, Ignatia Schnipper, George MEYER, Margaret CAURAR, j. W. & Jos. JACHMAN Revalidation marriage
MERKEL, Edward KAHLHOVER, Barbara (Widow) 3 Apr 1854 BOSSLER, Dominic & H. HELMICH
MEROD, Oscar (Baptized Evangelical 4 Nov 1899) SCHNEIDER, Emelia (Baptized 22 Apr 1908 at St. Luke) 29 Jun 1927 Merod, Louis TIMMERMESITER, Sophie Schneider, Theodore FRANZ [?], Rose Merod, Harold & Rose Schneider
MERSINGER, Valentin NOLD, Thecla 26 Jan 1856 Mersinger, John Not listed, Phillipina Nold, Carl Not listed, Magdalena Mersinger, Frederick & Maria Nold
MERTZ, Charles (Born 3 Sep 1900 & baptized Evangelical in Belleville) BOEHS, Wilhelmina (Baptized 13 Jul 1904 at cathedral) 6 Oct 1925 Mertz, Robert SCHLENK, Paulina Boehs, Carl THIRON, Louisa KAISER, Fr. & Louisa DIETRICH
MERTZEN, Charles (Baptized 17 Mar 1891 in Germany) FRIESS, Ida (Baptized 19 Mar 1899 in Mascoutah) 23 Jul 1915 Mertzen, Charles AUGENETTEN, Catherina Friess, Henry  FRIEDERICH, Mary Friess, Alma & Mary Friess
MERTZEN, Henry C. (Baptized 24 Jan 1890 in West Germany) FRIESS, Alma K. (Baptized 7 Feb 1897 in Mascoutah, IL) 29 May 1918 Mertzen, Carl ANJONETTE, Catherine Friess, Henry  FRIEDRICH, Mary Friedrich, Elmer & Mary Friess
MERZ, Joseph HECK, Monica 24 Oct 1852 OBERLE, Martin & Philipp ANGERT
MESSMER, Francis BISCHOFF, Francisca 25 May 1869 Messmer, Laurent FEDER, Philippina Bischoff, Jacob GRASS, Elizabeth SIBERT, Frederick & Stephan SCHAEFFER
METH, John VON DORUIS, Fidella (New convert) 12 Apr 1899 Meth, George ARNOLD, Josephina Von Doruis, Bernard LEID, Anna FRIES, George & Maria ZOTTMANN
METZE, John GREEN, Ludwina 19 Jan 1893 Metze, Joseph SIEBER, Catharina Green, Daniel HOHM, Magdalena MÜLLER (Mueller), August & Louise MEYER
METZE, Leo V. (Born 12 Jul 1909 & baptized 13 Jul 1909 at St. Augustine in Hecker, IL) HORN, Anna (Baptized Evangelical at St. John in __ Athens, IL) 30 Aug 1930 Metze, Frank RIST, Mary Horn, John GERMED, Margaret Metze, Theodore & Myrtle HAMMEL
METZE, Peter WASNER, Maria Thecla 5 May 1868 Metze, Johann GLANZ, Maria Dorothea Wasner, Johann ARNS, Magdalena SCHMIDT, Herman; Berhard KAMP; Margaret STAUDER & Anna SCHÜTZ (Schuetz)
METZGER, Louis J. (Baptized Evangelical) MENTEL, Alice (Baptized 31 Jan 1886 in Waterloo) 20 Apr 1915 Metzger, Frank AMEND, Rosetta Mentel, John ESCHENFELDER, Louisa Mentel, Alvin & Carolina Metzger
MEYER, Aloysius L. ROGGER, Louise [New convert?] 23 Nov 1892 Meyer, Nicholas LOUIS, Veronica Rogger, Irvin BALLHAUS, Anna Louis, Francis & Maria BAUMANN
MEYER, Andrew SELTENRICH, Elizabeth 11 Sep 1849 SCHATZ, Michael & J. Thomas REINBALD
MEYER, Andrew 21 Dec 1858 [See next entry]
MEYER, Andrew (Widower) DENKEL, Elizabeth 21 Dec 1859 Denkel, Andrew [See record] Duplicate entry with different year.
MEYER, Anton (Baptized 26 Oct 1896 in Paderborn) SEHLINGER, Laura (Baptized 16 Nov 1897  at St. Luke’s) 9 Jun 1920 Meyer, William SCHOENBORN, Elis. Sehlinger, Tony KREFELKAMP, Paulina Sehlinger, Emil & Anna Meyer
MEYER, August (Baptized at cathedral) BECKER, Ida (Baptized Evangelical) 9 Jun 1922 Meyer, Nicholas (Deceased) Not listed, Mary PAULY, Anna
MEYER, Edward LANG, Valida 11 Jan 1911 Meyer, Leonard HEIBEL, Crescentia Lang, Rudolph GROH, Catharina SCHAEFER, Henry & Maria ZIMMERER
MEYER, Francis MYER, Margaret 27 Aug 1865 Meyer, Joseph DEUTSCH, Catharina Myer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude  FLACH, Nicholas; Joseph GROSSHAN; Elizabeth Grosshan & Frederica Myer
MEYER, Francis BRAUN, Wilhelmina 23 Jun 1874 Meyer, Andrew Joseph WEBER, Maria Braun, John VACIUS, Catharina STAUDER, John & Anna Braun
MEYER, Francis SENZEL, Catherina 7 Jun 1908 Meyer, Francis FROEHLIG, Catharina Senzel, Andrew OSTERBAUER, Maria HILPERT, John & Magdalena ABEGG
MEYER, Frank (Born 30 Dec 1897 & baptized 1905 in Beckemeyer, IL) SCHLUEKER, Florien (Born 27 ___ 1904 & baptized 28 Jan 1904 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) 24 Jul 1925 Meyer, Fred KINDER, Elizabeth Schlueker, Bernard KAPP, Mary Schlueker, Cecilia (Mrs. Jos.) & Mary HECKENBERGER
MEYER, Frederick GODELL, Magdalena 10 Sep 1850 LOBSINGER, Anton & John Baptist Godell
MEYER, Frederick WORMS, Maria 1 Nov 1868 Meyer, Carl MYER, Gertrude PIYUNG, Anna Worms, Henry; Louis GERMAIN; Catharina WINKLER & Anna SCHUETZ  
MEYER, Frederick TSCHUR, Maria 7 May 1872 Meyer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude Tschur, Francis NATTIG, Anna
MEYER, Frederick MAYER, Maria 1 Oct 1896 Meyer, Francis Joseph WOLF, Marianna Mayer, Francis Joseph MAYER, Margaret Mayer, Louis & Elizabeth Mayer
MEYER, George KAISER, Maria 26 Oct 1856 Meyer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude Kaiser, Anton Not listed, Marianna DINGES, Carl & Frederick BAUMANN
MEYER, George BRENNER, Theresa 21 Jul 1861 Meyer, Johann KRUPP, Eva Brenner, Joseph ISLER, Thecla RENNER, Jacob & Jacob MUELLER
MEYER, Henry RAAB, Anna 20 May 1902 Meyer, Joseph KUAB, Maria Elizabeth Raab, John HARZ, Maria MCDERMOTT, George & Elizabeth Mc Dermott
MEYER, Henry (Baptized Protestant 1888 at St. Paul in Belleville) BEELMANN, Mary (Baptized Nov 1897 in St. Libory, IL) 22 Jun 1928 Meyer, Sigmund HOFFMANN. Ida Beelmann, William KELLER, Caroline Beelmann, Caspar & Theresa Beelmann Revalidation marriage
MEYER, Ignatius GUTH, M. Anna 28 May 1854 FUGER, Joseph & Joanna MOSER
MEYER, Jacob BILLHAUS, Josephina 29 Nov 1849 STEINWASSER, John & Magdalena KEICHES
MEYER, John REICHENBERGER, Barbara 9 Sep 1849 BAUER, John & David RANK
MEYER, John KOCH, Elizabeth 3 Dec 1850 BAUER, Michael & Mathias Meyer
MEYER, John ADAMS, Catharina 26 Nov 1872 Meyer, John REICHBERGER, Barbara Adams, John Peter BECKER, Catharina KAUP, Bernard & Maria Meyer
MEYER, Joseph MENEGNE, Maria 6 Apr 1851 CHANDLER, Samuel & Andreas MEYER
MEYER, Joseph WILDING, Rosa Maria 17 Jun 1873 Meyer, Nicholas LOUIS, Veronica Wilding, John FLEISCHBEIN, Carolina Meyer, Nicholas; Carl EMIER; Bertha ROMEIS  & Louisa Meyer
MEYER, Joseph HOEFFKEN, Maria 5 Jun 1905 Meyer, George KAIST, Maria Hoeffken, Theodore FUST, Bernardina Hoeffken, William & Rosa GASS
MEYER, Jr., Henry (Non-Catholic) ESCH, Catharina 26 Oct 1901 Meyer, John BECKER, Maria Esch, Carl HERMANN, Barbara Esch, Herman & Anna MUEHLHERR
MEYER, Len (Baptized 2 Aug 1910 at St. Luke) SCHOENHOFEN, Marie  (Baptized 2 Aug 1903 at cathedral) 1928 Meyer, John LOUIS, Caroline Schoenhofen, William MINOR, Adela Meyer, John B. & Caroline Meyer
MEYER, Leonard HEIPEL, Crescentia 2 May 1882 Meyer, John REICHENBERGER, Barbara Heipel, Michael ANDEL, Maria RAMPENTHAL, Friederich & Anna ZAHN
MEYER, Louis BAUDREAUX, Armentina 5 May 1851 CABANNÉ, Francis; Carolina HAY & Hypolito Baudreaux
MEYER, Louis YAUCH, Rosina 14 Jun 1858 Meyer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude Yauch, Valentin Not listed, Maria Anna DINGES, Carl & George Meyer
MEYER, Louis (Baptized 20 Jun 1915 at Cathedral) BOSSLER, Catherina (baptized 1 Jul 1893 at Cathedral) 23 Jun 1915 Meyer, Louis CULLI, Carolina Bossler, Michael BRANDMEYER, Ottilia STETGNER, Frank & Stella  [?] Bossler
MEYER, Nicholas HOFSTETTER, Theresa 26 ___ 1857 Meyer, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth Hofstetter, Joseph Not listed, Helena HOFFNER, Francis & Jacob RENNER
MEYER, Nicolaus LANG, Veronica 12 May 1845 Meyer, Louis Ch. & J. B. Lang
MEYER, Nicolaus NEWKIRCH, Wilhelmina 3 Oct 1848 WEINHEIMER, Baltasar & Joseph Meyer
MEYER, Walter A. (Baptized 22 May 1898 at cathedral) SPRINGER, Viola A. (Baptized Lutheran 10 ___ 1896) 26 Oct 1924 Meyer, Nic. BOOS, Mary Springer, Herman BREITWIESER, Sophie DIETRICH, Bertha & Eva SCHILB Married 14 Oct 1920 by Justice of the Peace.
MEYER, William (Non-Catholic) SCHUETZ, Maria 15 Aug 1907 Meyer, Francis KLEIN, Catharina Schuetz, John MAURER, Maria SMITH, Francis & Theresa Schuetz
MEYER, Xavier A. (Baptized 29 May 1905 at St. Luke in Belleville) SCHOENHOFEN, Anna (Baptized 1905 at cathedral) 3 Nov 1927 Schoenhofen, William MINOR, Adela Meyer, John P. LOUIS, Carolina STRUPP, Arthur & Adele Schoenhofen [Parents are switched; see record]
MEYERSICK, Anthony (Baptized 14 Nov 1897 at St. Mary in Belleville) HOFFMANN, Martha (Baptized 20 Feb 1904 in Belleville) 8 Dec 1923 Meyersick, Bernard THILN, Anna Hoffmann, Joseph BOOS, Rose Meyersick, Rose & Catherine REINHARDT
MEYRES, John WEBER, Emma 19 Jan 1881 Meyres, Patrick MCMAHON, Margaret Weber, Adam HENRY, Margaret RAMPENTHAL, T. & Margaret MEES
MICHEL, Herman SCHMIDTLEIN, Margaret 7 May 1857 Michel, John Peter Not listed, Maria Anna Schmidtlein, Jacob Herman Not listed, Agnes LOBSINGER, John Peter & Charles Lobsinger
MIDDENDORFF, Herman Nicolaus RAMING, Christina 1 Aug 1847 ROSEMANN, Joseph & Joseph LUDEKET
MIEHL, John  HALTEMEIER, Theresa __ Aug 1874 Miehl, Stephan BAATZEN, Catharina Haltemeier, Sebastian PEIFFER, Barbara LILL, Peter & Andrew RENZEN
MIESNER, Henry ERHARDT, Carolina 6 Aug 1868 Miesner, Henry BUSCHE, Maria Anna Erhardt, Johann BRAUN, Maria NEPHEN, Jacob; Adolph KEMP; Anna Nephen & Heleonora JOCH
MIGNE, Hiacynth HESS, Anna 10 Apr 1855 Migne, Louis & Victor OURS
MILLER, Bernard L.  (Born 6 Jun 1891; baptized 5 Dec in Capuchin, MI) KARR, Lydia Louise (baptized 27 Jul 1894 at cathedral) 14 May 1918 Miller, Frank N. WALTER, Mary Karr, Sr., Theodore  BAUER, Martha COMAR, John & Josie REIS
MILLER, Charles J. (Baptized 27 Sep 1890 at St. Luke in Belleville) SCHOBERT, Mary Magdalene (Baptized __ Oct 1893 at Cathedral) 28 Jun 1916 Miller, Charles P. KERN, Mary B. Schobert, John PEIFFER, Wilhelmina Schobert, Theodore & Amelia Miller
MILLER, Francis SCHMIDT, Emma (Non-Catholic) 30 Sep 1891 Miller, Joseph BRILLMEYER, Wilhelmina Schmidt, August UHN, Maria Schmidt, Fred.; All BUCHMANN; Elis. Schmidt & L. WEHRUNG
MILLER, Gus C. MEYER, Louisa 12 Jun 1895 Miller, Carl NICOLAUS, Louisa Meyer, George BRENNER, Theresa SCHAEFFLER, William; Joseph Meyer; Bertha Meyer & Josephine GRONE
MILLER, Hugh (Baptized 21 Aug 1905) CANGE, Mary (Baptized 22 Dec 1907 at cathedral) 21 Sep 1929 Miller, George LOUIS, Helen Cange, Victor GRIMMIG, Mary DIETRICH, Louise & Mary SCHLARMAN
MILLER, John (Born 24 Nov 1904) MEINKOTH, Ethel (Born 4 Jul 1904 & baptized at __nton, IL) 15 Sep 1925 Miller, John KLEMME, Johanna Meinkoth, Herman KRUMRAY, Mary Meinkoth, Cornelius & Marg. Meinkoth Mixed religion marriage
MILLER, Joseph E. GLADT, Josephina 18 May 1881 Miller, Michael KARLSKIND, Not listed Gladt, Eugene ARMBRUSTER, Not listed
MILLER, Joseph T.  GAUBATZ, Olivia (Baptized 2 Sep 1910 at cathedral) 7 Sep 1929 Miller, Joseph VERDER___, Lena Gaubatz, Louis  ABEGG, Lena DIETRICH, L. & E. SCHILB
MILLER, Sidney J. (Baptized 12 May 1903 at St. Luke in Belleville) SLOGIER, Anna (Baptized 29 Jun 1909 in O’Fallon, IL) 23 Nov 1927 Miller, George S. LOUIS, Helen Slogier, Steve DUDLALISH, Frances Miller, Hugh & Charlotte Slogier
MILLER, Theodore (Baptized 16 Jun 1894) WALTER, Elsie (Baptized 1904 in New Athens, IL) 28 Nov 1923 Miller, Bernard NOSBUSCH, Mary Walter, Louis SCHUETZ, Rose LINDOW, Theresa & Fred SCHNELL
MILLMANN, John WONDERLICH, Barbara 29 Jun 1849 Millmann, Matthew & Ferdinand Wonderlich
MINES, John (Protestant) HARRIS, Anna 3 Jan 1882 Mines, George SALVE, Margaret MCCAFFREY, Anton CONWAY, Catharina Mines, Frederick & Elizabeth MADDEN
MINIE, Edward HUBERT, Christina 26 Dec 1882 Minie, Joseph GERMAIN, Not listed Hubert, Not listed Mixed religion marriage
MINIER, George TRIBOUT, Adelena 10 Apr 1866 Minier, Paul GROSS, Magdalena Tribout, Bonaventure FOURNIER, Margaret Veronica Tribout, Sylvester; Francis BOUL; Magdalena JUNK & Maria Boul
MINIER, Hyacinth ADAM, Louisa 25 May 1858 Minier, Paul Not listed, Magdalena Adam, John Not listed, Louisa GROSS, Louis & Paul MEYER Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
MINIER, Joseph CHERMING, Christina 28 Feb 1859 Minier, Paul Not listed, Magdalena Cherming, John Louis Not listed, Maria RABO, Nicholas & Dominic CHERMIN Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
MINIER, Louis HEITER, Elizabeth 28 May 1864 Minier, Hyacinth GEOFROY, Magdalena Heiter, Joseph BRUST, Theresa SCHLERNITZAUER, Andrew & George Minier
MINNIE, Louis  ADAM, Louisa 3 Jan 1860 Minnie, Hyacinth SCH__, Magdalena Adam, Louis GERMAIN, Elizabeth Minnie, Baptist & Peter Adam Duplicate entry in new format.
MINNIE, Louis (23y) ADAM, Louisa (20y) 3 Jan 1860 Minnie, Hyacinth SCHOFFREAU, Magdalena Adam, Louis GERMAIN, Elizabeth Minnie, Baptist & Peter Adam Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
MITH, Joseph LUNKENHEIMER, Catharina 4 Mar 1848 STEMMELER, John & Caspar Mith
MODGLIN, Kenneth Samuel (Born 15 Feb 1908 in Makanda, IL & not baptized) LIPINSKY, Antoinette (Born 10 May 1910 & baptized at St. Adalbert in East St. Louis) 5 Dec 1931 Modglin, James Arthur SWOFFORD, Mary Belle Lipinsky, Anthony MOSZKO, Rose Lipinsky, Rudolph & Margaret BAUZA
MOEHLE, Edward (Lutheran) KREHER, Minnie (Baptized 17 Mar 1887 in Smithton, IL) 8 Dec 1920 Moehle, Vollrath VOGES, Henrietta KREHER, Jacob ROSS, Barbara WAIGAND, Arthur & Georgiana FRICK
MOEHRL, Jr., Reinhold (Baptized non-Catholic 22 Jan 1883 in Belleville) WUEST, Hilda (Baptized 11 Jun 1888 in Freeburg, IL) 7 Sep 1918 Moehrl, Sr., Reinhold MARTIN, Elizabeth Wuest, Jacob REINHEIM, Mary Martin, Jacob & Elizabeth Martin
MOELLER, Alexander ERNST, Catharina 15 Sep 1862 Moeller, Christian GEHN, Elizabeth Ernst, George STAHL, Theresa ZAHN, Baltazar & Ovendelin [?] Ernst
MOELLER, Vincenz ZAHN, Anna 26 Sep 1853 BAUER, Joseph & Balthasar Zahn
MOGENSTURM, Henry REUHENBERGER, Barbara 18 Apr 1887 Marriage to sanctify civil marriage
MOHR, William (Non-Catholic) CHRISTMANN, Maria 28 Apr 1897 Mohr, August MILLER, Maria Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Christmann, George & Emilia Mohr
MOLITOR, George VEICHER, Catharina 25 Oct 1846 STEINWASSER, John & Michael WIPPEL
MOLL, Lawrence (Baptized 23 Apr 1901 in Evansville, IL) BLAMPSFARD, Elsie (Born at sea & baptized 14 Aug 1904 at ___nville, IL) 21 Oct 1923 Moll, Joseph KLEBO__, Flora Blampsfard, Joseph BARBEAU, Anna COURAR, John & Louise DIEDERICH Revalidation marriage
MOMSEN, Walter (Born 14 Dec 1894 & Baptized 16 Dec 1914 at Cathedral) FLACH, Cecilia (Baptized 19 Mar 1898 at Cathedral) 2 Mar 1916 Momsen, William HOFMEISTER, Julia Flach, Nic MORGEN, Elizabeth Flach, Louis & Anna Flach
MONKEN, Clarence G. (Born 11 Mar 1900, not baptized) BOHN, Marie C. (baptized 28 ___ 1904  in __ton, IL) 21 May 1925 Monken, George REIBOLD, Ida  Bohn, John HOH, Emma Bohn, John & Luella Monken
MONKEN, George STAHL, Catharina 12 Nov 1848 Monken, Joseph & Philipp SNOMART [?]
MOONEY, John BUENTGEN, Gertrude 26 Jan 1909 Mooney, John HOSKINSON, Maria Buentgen, Joseph FORSTER, Antonia SCHNEIDER, Peter & Catharina Buentgen
MOONEY, Michael WILKINS, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1856 Mooney, John Not listed, Margaret Wilkins, George Not listed, Elen BYRNE, Thomas & Maria DAY
MOONEY, Patrick (Baptized in Pennsylvania) IRWIN, Sarah 17 Oct 1912 Mooney, James TOOHL, Cath. Irwin, John BRIGHT, Hannah EFFMAN, B. & L. DIETRICH [See record]
MOORE, Francis (Widower; Protestant) KILLEY, Julia (Widow) 15 Jan 1895 Moore, John Jacob SCHOLL, Catharina BRAUN, Peter MANNING, Emma OBERT, Bartel & Gertrude HAHN
MORGAN, Aloysius (Baptized 18 Aug 1900 at St, Mary in East St. Louis) REEB, Alvina (Baptized 6 Oct 1892 at cathedral) 29 Nov 1928 Morgan, Patrick CALLAN, Anna Reeb, William HERR, Margaret SCHULTE, William & Stella Schulte
MORGAN, Gerald Dean (Non-Catholic from Sparta) MCKONE, Marie Anna (Baptized 11 Nov 1899 at [St} Charles Borromeo in Dover, NH) 5 Nov 1919 Morgan, Benj. F. BROWN, Nina McKone, Michael MICHEL, Jeane ULRICH, Aug. & Nina Morgan
MORGENSTERN, Francis WENEL, Catharina 2 Feb 1858 Morgenstern, Jacob Not listed, Helena Wenel, John Not listed, Catharina ALBRECHT, Anton & Peter SAUL
MORIARTY, Patrick (Baptized in Ireland) HICKS, Mrs. Katharine  19 May 1917 Moriarty, John O’CONNOR, Mary WIGINGTON, Commodore LYNN, Caroline BRENNAN, Mike & Josie DIETRICH Mixed religion marriage
MORISEY, Thomas LOTZ, Margaret 25 Nov 1879 Morisey, Thomas MUREN, Margaret Lotz, Henry HILD, Magdalena Morisey, John & Charlotta FERRIER
MORITZ, E. George (Baptized 19 Oct 1888 at St. Barbara in St. Louis, MO) STRUBE, M. Irene (Baptized 23 Nov 1897 at St. Joseph in St. Louis, MO) 13 Jun 1916 Moritz, Martin ROBERT, Lilly Strube, John RIEFLE, Genevieve BEDEL, Myra & Josephine DIETRICH
MORMAN, David KLAIR, Maria Elizabeth 19 Mar 1850 KIMAN, Conrard & Henry Klair
MORMANN, Dietrich EPING, Maria Anna 2 Feb 1856 Mormann, John Henry Not listed, Maria Angela Eping, Gerard Henry Not listed, Gertrude  Eping, Henry & William JOHNSON
MORRISSEY, John  (Baptized 10 Aug 1890 at College Church in St. Louis) FRITZ, Lena (Baptized 11 Jul 1913 at Cathedral) 18 Feb 1914 Morrissey, John SHANAHAN, Joanna Fritz, Leonard KUEHN, Magdalena Fritz, Theodore & Anna Morrissey
MOSBACHER, Henry HEINRICH, Theresa (Widow of Joseph Heinrich) 9 May 1865 Mosbacher, Jacob VOGT, Catharina LOHRBEER, Xavier SPINNER, Maria Anna STAUDER, Adam
MOSER, Anton ZOELLER, Regina 27 Apr 1852 Zoeller, Francis; Elizabeth Zoeller & William BOLTE
MOUNTAIN, John ROSENTHAL, Maria 2 Jul 1874 Mountain, John BRODERICK, Maria Rosenthal, John Not listed, Friederica RAINEY, J. & Marg. SWEENY
MUCKENSTURM,  Anton EISENMANN, Catharina (Widow) 22 Aug 1901 Muckensturm, Thomas SEGER, Magdalena KELLER, Caspar SUNTERE, Catharina WITT, John & Justina Muckensturm
MUCKENSTURM, Adolf SCHAEFER, Mechtilda 15 Oct 1907 Muckensturm, Henry KELLER, Mathilda Schaefer, John HOFFMANN, Mechtilda Schaefer, Peter & Anna Muckensturm
MUCKENSTURM, Emil MATHES, Anna  14 May 1907 Muckensturm, Henry KELLER, Justina Mathes, John HASENSTAB, Maria RUDOLPH, Aloysius & Maria Muckensturm
MUCKENSTURM, Joseph (Baptized 13 Mar 1884 in Belleville) REEB, Rosa (Baptized 6 Oct 1887 in Belleville) 3 May 1910 Muckensturm, Henry KELLER, Justina Reeb, Peter GUGGEMANN, Maria Reeb, John & Anna Muckensturm
MUDD, Elmer (Born18 Aug 1909 & baptized at St. Boniface in Evansville, IL) HASENSTAB, Gertrude (Born 22 Jun 1910 & baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis) 26 Nov 1931 Mudd, Albert HESS, Caroline Hasenstab, Charles TUERCIK, Anna REEB, Theodore & Helen Hasenstab
MUEHL, Benedict KOEN, Not listed 22 Mar 1856 Muehl, Simon Not listed, Clara Koen, Nicholas Not listed, Maria Anna BRUNNER, Francis & Damian KALCHBRENNER
MUELLER, Adolph HARTMANN, Margaret 26 Sep 1854 Hartmann, George; Michael SCHATZ & Anna Schatz
MUELLER, August (Baptized 28 Aug 1902 at cathedral) MADER, Josephine (Baptized 18 ___ 1894 at cathedral) 3 Apr 1929 Mueller, Anton KRAUS, Agnes Mader, Dominic FAULSTICH, Josephine Mader, Frank & Mildred SCHILB
MUELLER, Blasius KIENTZ, Maria 31 Jan 1871 Mueller, Joseph HENKE, Clara RITTER, John Not listed, Elizabeth DIETZ, Francis & Andrew MARTIN
MUELLER, Charles Swegel REINHARD, Regina 3 Apr 1857
MUELLER, Daniel (Protestant) HERGERT, Regina 20 May 1858 Mueller, Henry Not listed, Susanna Hergert, John Not listed, Anna Maria Hergert, John & Bernhard PAULI
MUELLER, Emil (Baptized 1890 at St. Jacob) HERSMANN, Clara (St. Jacobs) 16 Feb 1920 Mueller, John HORN, Amelia Hersmann, Louis WILHE, Emma HEUS, Edward & Melba SEGER
MUELLER, Eugene GEOFFROI, Magdalena 30 Sep 1855 OURS, Victor & Louis MIGNE
MUELLER, Ferdinand (Baptized 1896 at cathedral) LINDENBERGER, Odelia (Baptized 13 Dec 1891 at cathedral) 1 Feb 1921 Mueller, Joseph SCHEIBEL, L__ Lindenberger, Steve Not viewable Mueller, Joseph & not viewable Previously married before a justice of the peace in Waterloo.  [Bottom of page not viewable]
MUELLER, Frank (Baptized 10 Jul 1881 at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis) NAEGER, Rosina (Baptized 17 Apr 1877 at St. Joseph in __zell, MO) 8 Nov 1929 Mueller, William SPECK, Margaret WOLK, Peter ZERWIG, Rosina DIETRICH, Louise & Eva SCHILB Revalidation marriage
MUELLER, Frederick HENKE, Catharina 10 Apr 1849 OTTKE, Gerhard Henry & Barbara HOLZENKOP
MUELLER, Frederick BECKER, Margaret 11 Nov 1852 Becker, Carl & John KIEFER
MUELLER, George (Born 8 Apr 1892 & baptized in Freeburg, IL) BIEKERT, Rosa (Born 21 Jun 1900 & baptized in Mascoutah, IL) 26 Aug 1920 Mueller, Henry REINECK, Lena Biekert, John OECHSLE, Frederike WEIK, Thomas & Elisie Biekert
MUELLER, Henry DINGES, Margaret 25 Sep 1888 Mueller, Martin HENNEMANN, Catharina Dinges, Carl MEYER, Catharina FLACH, Louis; Martin Hennemann; Catharina Mueller & Bertha GEIGER [St. John Baptist in Smithton, St. Clair, IL is mentioned.  See record.]
MUELLER, Jacob DE MARSTER, Adelhaid 7 Oct 1851 CHANDLER, S. & Joseph MEYER
MUELLER, John WAMSER, Wilhelmina 10 Aug 1892 Mueller, John STEINAGEL, Elizabeth Wamser, Henry BECKER, Anna BAUER, John; Cath. Bauer & Elizabeth Wamser
MUELLER, John (Non-Catholic) MEIER, Florentina (Baptized 8 May 1894 at St. Francis De Sales [in St. Louis]) 5 Jun 1912 Mueller, John HIRTH, Mary Meier, Laurent HIMENZ, Barbara SCHOPP, Fred & Olivia WEBER
MUELLER, John E. (Baptized 14 Dec 1891 at Cathedral) GUNDLACH, Frieda A. (Baptized 29 Jan 1896 at cathedral) 6 Feb 1918 Mueller, John LOUIS, Catherine Gundlach, J. J. BECHERER, Louise Gundlach, Elis.
MUELLER, Joseph PFIFFNER, Regina (Widow of Henry Pfiffner) 18 Jan 1865 PFFIFFNER, Anton & Anna Maria ALBRECHT
MUELLER, Joseph SCHEIBEL, Louise 13 Oct 1891 Mueller, Joseph PIFFNER, Regina Scheibel, Maurice FOLS, Amalia Scheibel, Joseph; Carl Scheibel; Regina MÜLLER (Mueller) & Cathar. Mueller
MUELLER, Joseph D. FISCHER, Anna Maria 21 Sep 1852 LOBSINGER, Anton & Hubert WAHL
MUELLER, Joseph D. FINK, Frederica 31 Jan 1853 KALKBRENNER, Damian & Louis Kalkbrenner
MUELLER, Joseph D. (Baptized 27 Nov 1883 at Cathedral) MUNIER, Hilda (Baptized 12 Apr 1887 in Smithton) 17 Nov 1914 Mueller, John F. LOUIS, Catherina Munier, John Baptist HEILMAN, Anna Mueller, John & Louise HAUSMAN
MUELLER, Paul A. (Baptized 28 Jul 1898 at St. Luke in Belleville) FOHL, Rose M. (Baptized 8 Mar 1899 at cathedral) 26 Oct 1922 Mueller, John BLAIR, Elizabeth Fohl, Bernard DINGEL, Bertha Mueller, Joseph & Frances Fohl
MUELLER, Phillipp (Relict of Catherine Mueller) OHNESORGE, Margaret (Relict of Francis Ohnesorge) 27 Dec 1855 STARK, John & Nicholas RABO
MUENZ, Raymond W. (Baptized 14 Mar 1927 at cathedral) ARNOLD, Bernice (Baptized Apr 1909 at St. Luke in Belleville) 28 Nov 1928 Muenz, John B. SCHWENT, Veronica Arnold, Arthur J. MUNIE, Ida SACHS, Harry L. & Mary O’NEILL
MUETH, Aloys (Baptized 30 Dec 1888 in Paderborn, IL) ROSS, Selma (Baptized 29 Aug 1915 Non Catholic) 23 Oct 1915 Mueth, August REINHARDT, Barbara Ross, Fred BAUER, Mary DIETRICH, Josephine & Myra BEDEL From Smithton, IL
MUETH, Carl MUETH, Maria 3 Jun 1901 Mueth, John SCHOENBORN, Catharina Mueth, Carl ENDRES, Catharina OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER Dispensation for second degree blood relationship
MUETZ, Anton ELMLINGER, Bridger __ Jan 1854 Not listed, Joseph & Anton
MULKEY, W. C. STOLLENBACK, Edith (Episcopalian) 19 Aug 1909 Mulkey, John H. CANTRELL, Margaret Stollenback, L. B. FREEMANN, Prudentia Allen HEYMAN, Mr. & Mrs. STONE
MÜLLER (Mueller), Anton J. KRAUS, Agnes 21 Jan 1892 Mueller, Jos. D. FISCHER, Anna Maria Kraus, Philipp HURST, Adelhaid Kraus, Max. & Lena PHELPS
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernhard SCHALIK, Catharina 23 Nov 1843 MEYER, Andreas & Not listed JUNCK
MÜLLER (Mueller), Bernhard RIEDMYER, Ursula (Widow of Peter Riedmyer) 21 Jun 1866 Mueller, Francis FETZER, Rosina AURACHER, Jacob BOCK, Catharina BRUNNER, Francis Joseph & Joseph Riedmyer
MÜLLER (Mueller), Carl KERN, Maria Barbara 3 Nov 1870 Mueller, William RIEHL, Margaret Kern, Nicholas BAQUET, Joanna Mueller, Philipp & Catharina Kern
MÜLLER (Mueller), Edward Julius (Non-Catholic) GASSINGER, Anna Maria 10 Aug 1850 REBEIN, Justin & Magdalena STAUDER
MÜLLER (Mueller), Frederick WÜBBE (Wuebbe), Mary Ann 22 Aug 1847 LEONARD, George & Andreas MEYER
MÜLLER (Mueller), Frederick KRONENBERGER, Laura 6 Sep 1893 Mueller, Jacob SCHUHMANN, Theresa Joanna Kronenberger, Sebastian KOCH, Anna Maria Mueller, Jacob Henry & Catharina Kronenberger Mixed religion marriage
MÜLLER (Mueller), John LOUIS, Catharina 17 Nov 1881 Mueller, Joseph D. FISCHER, Anna Maria Louis, Joseph KLAADT, Eugenia Louis, Joseph & Maria Josephina Mueller
MÜLLER (Mueller), Joseph AMMEL, Theresa 9 Jun 1870 DAMERICH, Michael & Elizabeth Damerich
MÜLLER (Mueller), Michael GRÜN (Gruen), Apolonia 24 Nov 1842 HEILMANN, Lorent & Carl WAGNER
MULLER, Wilhelm BOELLER, Seraphina 20 May 1867 Muller, Anton WITEHABER [?], Catharina Boeller, Francis STHESEL, Barbara Boeller, Francis & Maria RIECHERT
MULLIGAN, Michael HACKETT, Catharina 21 Feb 1871 Mulligan, Patrick THONELINSAR, Agnes Hackett, John MURPHY, Rosa Anna ECKERT, John & Agnes Mulligan
MUNIE, George DAMMERICH, Magdalena 22 Nov 1892 Munie, George TRIBOUT, Adelina Dammerich, Michael DOSER, Elizabeth MICHAEL, Emil; Elis. Dammerich & Lena Munie
MUNIER, George SCHWARTZ, Maria 30 Oct 1906 Munier, John Baptist HEILMANN, Anna Schwartz, Francis BLEISCH, Maria Schwartz, Joseph & Bertha Munier Married by Rev. J. Munier
MUREN, George William (Baptized 28 May 1904 at cathedral) WAGNER, Vera (Baptized Lutheran 8 May 1905) 1 Mar 1927 Muren, William BUCHMAN, Catherine Wagner, John WEIS, Emma SCHAEFER, Walter & Emma Muren
MUREN, Jacob HAGEN, Catharina 13 Jan 1848 BIEBEL, John & Francis Hagen
MUREN, Laurent N. JOCH, El___ 27 Nov 1888 Muren, Laurent HERMANN, Cunigunda Joch, Bernard ACKER, Agnes Muren, Francis & Emma Joch
MUREN, William (Non-Catholic) BUCHMANN, Catharina 30 Jul 1903 Muren, Nicholas MILLER, Maria Buchmann, Valentin HERZ, Margaret WACHTEL, Valentin & Emma SAEGER
MURPHY, Alfred (Baptized 29 Jul 1893 at St. Joseph in Leigh-Lancashire, England) PRESCOTT, Ada (Baptized 20 Sep 1893 in the Church of England in Atherton, England) 24 Jul 1921 Murphy, Daniel HARDMAN, Ann Prescott, James KIRBY, Clara Murphy, Daniel & Eliz. HARGREAVES Revalidation. St. Elizabeth Hospital
MURPHY, Edward MCAULIFFE, Agnes 29 Jun 1899 Murphy, Michael Not listed, Maria McAuliffe, James GREENE, Bridget OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER Bride & groom from East St. Louis
MURPHY, Harry (Born 24 Jan 1873 in Patterson, N. J. & not baptized) HARST, Johanna (Born 4 Mar 1876 & baptized at cathedral) 22 May 1926 Murphy, Fred SIMPSON, Sarah Harst, John BUENTGEN, Margaret TIEMAN, Ernst & Hanna YOUNG
MURPHY, Richard MORRISSEY, Catharina 27 Nov 1873 Murphy, Henry JACOB, Elisa Morrissey, Thomas MOOREN, Anna MCCARTHY, Peter & Julia DUNN
MUSSNER, Caspar RIED, Carolina 17 May 1881 Mussner, Peter PLONER, Catharina Ried, Jacob EBERHARDT, Maria GROSTSTEINER, Aloysius & Maria SCHIEFER
MYER, Anton KLAPP, Elizabeth 27 Dec 1866 Myer, Joseph DEUTCH, Catharina Klapp, Michael TRAUT, Maria Myer, Francis & George Myer  
MYER, William (Protestant) MOESER, Barbara 16 Jun 1866 HOHNER, Maurice & Carl SCHOTT
MYERS, William BECKER, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1890 Myers, Jacob FRITE, Maria (Non-Catholic) Becker, Frederick NOLD, Lucata HORNBERGER, John & Louisa Becker
NADERER, Mathias ZOELLER, Margaret 29 Dec 1852 ORTH, Jacob & Maria Johanna ANGERT
NAGEL, Peter SCHAL, Maria Magdalena 16 May 1871 Nagel, Peter SEIFLE, Theresa Schal, Friederick KINZ, Maria Anna SCHUMERT, Valentin; George Schumert & Rosa JAGGI
NASAL, Joseph JUNG, Rosa  (Widow of  John Jung) 13 Aug 1860 Nasel, John GEBR___, Agatha WERNER, George ___, A. M___ MUELLER, Jacob & Theodore JOUEN
NATHERER, Mathias KAEL, Walburga 14 Apr 1851 STOECKLE, Michael & George MEYER
NATTERER, John RIBLING, Sophia 12 May 1885 Natterer, Mathias ZELLER, Margaret Ribling, Henry BRUNNER, Maria ALBRECHT, Gustav & Elis. Ribling
NATTERER, Peter WINKLER, Elizabeth 9 May 1876 Natterer, Mathias KELLER, Walburga Winkler, Nicholas THOMAS, Maria Magdalena Winkler, Philipp & Gertrude WIRTSCHORECK
NAUROCKI, Frank (Born & baptized 8 Jan 1893 in St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) CZARNECKI, Elizabeth (Born 26 Aug 1895; baptized in St. Casimir in St. Louis, MO) 12 May 1920 Naurocki, Joseph MIHOTAJEWSKA, Louisa Czarnecki, Theodore RAJECK, Praxeda Czarnecki, Frank & Louisa NAURAHI
NEEF, Emil (Baptized 9 Dec 1920 at cathedral) FOHL, Mamie (Baptized 3 Apr 1890 at cathedral) 22 Nov 1921 Neef, Frederick SCHERER, Mary Fohl, Bernard DINGEL, Bertha Fohl, William & Cecilia Fohl
NEFF, Joseph FURCK, Margaret 15 Nov 1866 Neff, Christofor PEZNER, Maria Anna Furck, John SCHRAUT, Catharina WEBER, Henry; Wilhelm LANGENSTEIN; Maria Schraut & Elizabeth BECKER
NEHRING, Aaron (Born 14 May & baptized 18 May 1904 at St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL) ZINK (NEWA), Regina (Born 27 ___ & baptized 14 Jul 1910 at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL) 30 Dec 1930 Nehring, Joseph SCHWARTZ, Elizabeth Newa, Veronica Schwartz, Cornelius & Amelia KLASS
NEHRING, John SCHMITT, Eva 31 Oct 1852 Nehring, Andrew & Michael Schmitt
NEIGHBORS, Eugene (Non-Catholic) REISER, Anna Maria 30 Oct 1895 Neighbors, Cassi FISCHER, Barbara ECKERT, John  REHM, Maria STOLZ, Michael & Amanda Reiser
NENNINGER, Erwin (Born 6 Aug 18_9 in Shiloh Valley, & baptized Evangelical in Mascoutah) ZULAUF, Rosalia (Born 24 ___ & baptized 29 Aug 1897 at cathedral) 27 Nov 1930 Nenninger, Paul SCHUBERT, Sophie Zulauf, John HERMAN, Rose Schubert, Orvil & Marie Schubert
NESBIT, Walter (Non-Catholic) MARXER, Regina 29 May 1902 Nesbit, Carl GREEN, Helena Marxer, Joseph BENZ, Maria Magdalena HEROLD, John J. & Frieda KUNZ
NESBITH, Calvin (Not Baptized) SCHAEDLER, Elis. 18 Jul 1912 DIETRICH, Josephine  & Leona BEDELL Previous civil marriage in 1907
NEUBAUER, August SCHMIDT, Rosa 20 Jun 1901 Neubauer, Valentin HORTTMANN, Elizabeth Schmidt, Max KNAUS, Angelina ROCKEMANN, Walter & Maria Schmidt Mixed religion marriage
NEUHEUSLER, Joseph PIFFNER, Anna Maria 26 Aug 1850 MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob & Teresa KARLSKIND
NEUMANN, George DORST, Barbara 24 Jun 1884 Neumann, Joseph RADWOROSOSKI, Maria Dorst, John WAGNER, Catharina ARMBRUSTER, Peter & Catharina ZIMMERMANN
NEUNER, Adam FICK, Agnes 2 Oct 1856 Neuner, John Not listed, Margaret Fick, Michael Not listed, Anna HOPT, Francis & Martin BRAUNSCHREIDER
NEUNER, Clement (Baptized 2 Dec 1904 at St. Luke) HARGROVES, Dorothy (Baptized 3 ___ 1907) 11 Oct 1927 Neuner, Joseph FEDER, Elizabeth Hargroves, Thomas STEINMETZ, Elizabeth SCHWAEGEL, Henry & Agnes Hargroves
NEUNER, John HART, Carolina 3 Oct 1882 Neuner, Adam FICH, Agnes Hart, Andrew VEDER, Catharina SCHUBERT, George & George Veder
NEUNER, John KLEIN, Emma (From Freeburg, IL) 21 Jun 1904 Neuner, John WOELFEL, Margaret Klein, Bernard BENEDICT, Louisa Klein, Bernard & Theresa Klein
NEUNER, Joseph FEDER, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1892 Neuner, Adam FRICK, Agnes Feder, John TRUTTMANN, Catharina Feder, William & Maria Neuner
NEWSUM, Victor (Born at St. Louis, MO /Evanston, IL; not baptized) WOLF, Carrie (Born 30 Oct 1906 & baptized at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) 19 Jun 1926 Newsum, Oliver LEE, Not listed Wolf, George VOLLMER, Carrie MEDER, Henry & Barbara Wolf
NICHOLSON, John WILSON, Isabella 16 Apr 1874 Nicholson, Patrick FLETCHER, Anna HOLMES, John & Maria Anna Holmes
NICIPORSKY, Francis Kicertium REEB, Elizabeth 27 Aug 1877 Niciporsky, Mathias LINKE, Juliana E. Reeb, Jacob JORG, Margaret Reeb, Nicholas & Anna DICKERSON
NICOLAY, Otto (Baptized 8 Dec 1893 in Sandoval) STRANG, Blanche (Baptized Methodist) 5 Jan 1914 Nicolay, Christopher STEIN, Theresa Strang, Daniel ABERNATHY, Emma DIETRICH, J. & M. BEDEL
NIEBUR, Clemens F. (Born 9 Apr 1895 & baptized 10 Apr 1895 in Germantown, IL) SCHNEIDER, Catherine (Born 6 Jan 1896 & baptized 9 Jan 1898 at cathedral) 24 Jun 1924 Niebur, Clemens ALBERS, Margaret Schneider, Anton MUELLER, Catherine HEIDEMANN, Aloys & Dorothy EMGE
NIECASSE, Michael HERMANN, Maria (Born Maria RUMI) 16 May 1895 Niecasse, Nicholas NUFFER, Maria Hermann, Philipp KUNZ, Margaret RICHARD, Anton & Barbara ESCH
NIEDENFIHR, Henry HONER, Elizabeth 5 Oct 1887 Niedenfihr, Gotlieb ABFELD, Anna Honer, (Maurice) Moriz PFISTER, Elizabeth Honer, Anton; C. REIS; Margaret ADAM & Tillie MEYER
NIEMETH, Oscar (Baptized 24 Feb 1889 Freeburg- Baden) WALTERSPIEL, Stella (Baptized 4 Apr 1892 at Cathedral) 20 Oct 1914 Niemeth, Matthias TRITSCHLEER, Elis. Walterspiel, Maximilian MAENLY, Kunigunda KELLEY, John & Frieda Walterspiel
NIEMEYER, Walter (Non-Catholic 1893 in St. Louis) RITZHEIMER, Florence (Baptized 26 Apr 1896 in Trenton, IL) 19 Jun 1916 Niemeyer, William WITTIG, Tillie Ritzheimer, Francis WEHRMANN, Elizabeth DIETRICH, Louise & Josie Dietrich
NIEREN, Francis ADAMS, Maria 29 Jan 1856 Nieren, Andrew Not listed, Anna Elizabeth Adams, Louis Ada Not listed, Elizabeth RABO, Nicholas & Louis Adams
NIEREN, Joseph MASSRAMM, Maria 29 Jan 1856 Nieren, Andrew Not listed, Anna Elizabeth Massramm, Michael Not listed, Christina RABO, Nicholas & Louis ADAM
NIGH, Charles R. (Born 13 Nov 1902 & baptized Presbyterian in Shawneetown, IL) MORONEY, Ann (Born13 May & baptized 19 May 1902 at __ in Charleston, IL) 17 Sep 1925 Nigh, Charles RUTHERFORD, Pearl Moroney, James DONAHER, Mary PLUCKETT, C. A. & Donald S. GRANT
NINTEMAN, John (Born 22 Mar 1894 & baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis) MOKWA, Mrs. Ameilia (Born 12 Nov 1893 & baptized at St. Vincent de Paul in St. Louis, MO) 23 Jun 1924 Nintemann, George SCHIMWE__, Elizabeth DIETIKER, Sam SPECHT, Teresa GOELZ, John & Catherine REINHARDT
NOELTNER, Joseph (Baptized 2 Sep 1873 in Ulna, Baden, Germany) CLEVER, Frances (Baptized 7 Jan 1892 __den a/d Ruhe, Germany) 24 Jul 1918 Noeltner, Joseph BAHLINGER, Magdalena Clever, Herman KOPMANN, Louise LANHAM, Emanuel & Maria Clever
NOLD, Valentin (Widower of Catharina MONKEN) BAUER, Margaret (Widow of John C. Bauer) 29 Apr 1889 Nold, Valentin KALKBRENNER, Margaret SCHULZ, John Bauer, Margaret BECKER, Frederick & Louis Becker
NOLD, Valentin (Widower) MONKEN, Catharina (Widow) 31 Jan 1888 Nold, Valentin CALKBRENNER, Theresa STAHL, Henry SCHELL, Carolina STAUDER, Peter & G. OECHSLE [Oeschle?]
NOLDE, Henry (Widower) BRUNNER, Barbara (Widow of Joseph Brunner) 9 [Oct] 1862 KIRCHGESSNER, Not listed KUEHN, Anton & Theresa FRAUT [?]
NOSER, Adolph HASENSTAB, Catharina 31 May 1899 Noser, Alexander EBERHARDT, Maria Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Maria Hasenstab, George & Anna Noser
NOYER, Joseph ST PIERE, Maria 10 Apr 1855 SCHUMMERT, Joseph & Alex GIRARDIN Multiple witnesses signed the entry.
NUHSLE, John Andrew HAENDEL, Gertrude (Widow) 19 Nov 1849 KISCHLER, John Joseph & John Laurent SCHNEIDER
OBERBAUER, George BRUNNER, Emma 16 Feb 1882 Oberbauer, Balthasar WAGNER, Elizabeth Brunner, Michael SCHWARZTERRAUBER, Henry & Louisa Brunner
OBERBAUER, John SCHÖNSTEIN (Schoenstein), Elizabeth 23 May 1875 Oberbauer, Balthasar WAGNER, Elizabeth Schoenstein, Xavier LILL, Maria Oberbauer, George & Margaret Schoenstein
OBERDING, Leo (Baptized 25 Aug 1886 in Trenton, IL) HOHE, Ferol (Baptized 12 Sep 1891 in Trenton, IL) 7 Jul 1913 Oberding, Frank KNAUS, Catherine Hohe, John VENGE, Elizabeth FIX, Eugene & Josephina DIETRICH
OBERDING, Leo (From Trenton, IL) HOHE, Zero H. (From Trenton, IL) 7 Jul 1913 Oberding, Francis KNAUS, Catharina Hohe, John WENZE, Elizabeth FIX, Eugene & Josephina DIETRICH
O’BRIEN, Edward HENYSSY, Maria 24 May 1868 O’Brien, Michael RYAN, Maria Henyssy, Johann BUCKLEY, Catharina Heck, J. C. & Bridget BUCKLY
OBST, Arthur W. KRONENBERGER, Maria 18 Oct 1905 Obst, Frederick SEIBEL, Elizabeth Kronenberger, Sebastian KOCH, Anna Maria FUCHS, Joseph & Anna Kronenberger
O’CONNELL, John (Baptized 30 Jan 1888 at St. Mary in East St. Louis) MEILERT, Martha (Baptized 26 Mar 1888 in [?] Preussen) 13 May 1912 O’Connell, John  FAY, Catherina Meilert, Henry LAUBE, Mathilda HEUER, Henry & J. Minor, Sr. Brought letter from St. Augustine in St. Louis, MO
OECHSLE, Joachim BRUNNER, Maria 12 Nov 1848 Brunner, John  & Francis Brunner
OEQNER [Oexner?], Michael STAUDER, Maria A. 22 Nov 1892 Oeqner, Peter STADLER, Elizabeth Stauder, Adam RING, Maria U. Stauder, Adolph & Maria TRIBOUT
OESCHEL, John SCHNEIDER, Gertrude 10 Nov 1896 Oeschel, John HEES, Maria Schneider, Laurent FUGER, Maria TUSHAUS, Henry & Maria Schneider
OESTERLE, Francis MERTENS, Anna (From New Madrid, MO) Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret Mertens, Leon WECKERMANN, Elizabeth SCHOERDER, Francis & Alwina  Oesterle Appears between 3 Jun & 18 Jun 1901
OESTERLE, George WADE, Carolina (Non-Catholic) 7 Oct 1903 Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret Wade, George BUNNIG, Anna HASENSTAB, George & Catharina Oesterle
OESTERLE, George (Baptized 4 Sep 1903 at cathedral) GUY, Agnes (Baptized Apr 1902 in Spengler, PA) 14 Sep 1922 Oesterle, Frank MERTENS, Anna Guy, Joseph STIMUER, Bridget REINHARDT, C. & Josie DIETRICH
OEXNER, Elmer W. (Not Baptized) LEPAGE, Alvina K. (Baptized 12 Apr 1904 at St. Philip in East St. Louis) 26 May 1919 Oexner, Wendelin RHIAN, Susan LePage, Stephen T. BUX, Margaret U. LePage, Margaret  U. & Josie DIETRICH
OGLE, Walter E. (Born 6 Jun 1883; not baptized) ADLER, Elsie (Baptized 18 Jul 1891 at cathedral) 7 Sep 1927 Ogle, E. B. BADGLEY, Nellie Adler, Andrew RAPP, Mary Ogle, Kirby & Hazel Adler
OHL, Richard (Non-Catholic) BREIDENBACH, Sophia 31 Jul 1906 Ohl, George EMGE, Josephina Breidenbach, Rudolph WILLSTUNER, Elizabeth DITTMANN, Edgar & Theresa Breidenbach
OHLE, John L. (Baptized Lutheran 1 Apr 1873 in Baltimore) LEWIS, Mary E. (Baptized 4 Jul 1887 in Ohney, IL) 8 Aug 1914 Ohle, Henry PETER, Pauline Lewis, Richard ANDERSON, Sahrah DIETRICH, Jos. & Bertha Dietrich
OHLENDORF, John (Non-Catholic) BUECHELE, Helena 24 Nov 1898 Ohlendorf, Henry SCHUCK, Maria Buechele, Leopold ERNST, Helena Buechele, George & Barbara Buechele
OHNESAY, Francis BECHTEL, Paulina (Protestant) 27 Jul 1862 Ohnesay, Francis PFIFI, Margaret Bechtel, Johann VOLK, Paulina STARK, Francis & Johann ZULAUF
O’MARA, Michael HORTON, Maria Anna 15 Sep 1865 O’Mara, Michael SMITH, Maria Horton, William FARNER [?], Maria MULLCONRY, Michael & Maria Mullconry
OMERZA, Joseph ZINK, Maria 31 Dec 1883 Omerza, Francis HODIN, Agnes Zink, Nicholas D__MANN, Maria MAYER, Joseph & Agnes MASON
OPP, Louis SCHILDROTH, Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) 28 Apr 1891 Opp, Philipp ENSTEIN, Margaret Schildroth, Carl BRECKENRIDGE, Phoebe REN___, Frederick & Catharina Schildroth
O’ROURKE, Dennis (Widower) MORRISON, Adelina 14 Aug 1899 OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER [See record – St. Louis mentioned]
O’ROURKE, Mark ELLIS, Maria Frances 18 Apr 1853 Ellis, Thomas; Anton SCHUMMERT & Elizabeth REEB
O’ROURKE, Thomas WATKINS, Maria 19 Sep 1900 O’Rourke, Thomas MCGRATH, Helena Watkins, Arthur PATRICK, Virginia OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER
OSER, John ZAHN, Catharina 12 Jul 1857 SOMMER, Peter & Adam NEUNER
OSTERMANN, Bernard (Baptized 28 Feb 1875 in Breese) VOETMANN, Anna (Baptized 8 Jun 1889 in Waterloo) 19 Jan 1911 Ostermann, Theodore BEINING, Anna Voetmann, Bernard ESCHENFELDER, Anna SCHAEDLER, Cornelius & Maria Voetman
OTTWEIN, John FREI, Magdalena 13 Jan 1848 LOTZ, John & John LOHET
OURS, Victor DAVEROIS, Catharina 2 Apr 1850 Ours, Nicolaus & Hiacinth GERMAIN
OVERBAUER, John ABEGG, Elizabeth 15 Jul 1908 Overbauer, John SCHOENSTEIN, Elizabeth Abegg, Edward MUELLER, Catherina Overbauer, William & Helena Abegg
OVERBAUER, William SCHUETZ, Anna 2 Aug 1909 Overbauer, John SCHOENSTEIN, Elizabeth Schuetz, John MAURER, Maria MINOR, Mr.
OWENS, Lyman (Not baptized) ERLINGER, Lidwina (Baptized at cathedral) 12 Aug 1919 Owens, David HINES, Emily Erlinger, Joseph HOLDENER, Blandina Erlinger, Fred & Olivia Erlinger
PABST, Henry RIEGER, Louisa 16 Nov 1876 Pabst, Joseph HILT, Catharina Rieger, Francis X. MOSER, Joanna BORG, Michael; Amalia Rieger; Catharina Pabst & George HASSLER
PAGI, Jac. SOSI, Maria 16 Nov 1884 Marriage to sanctify 29 Sep marriage.
PALMER, Carl DICKINSON, Anna 29 Mar 1883 Palmer, Jacob DOUGLAS, Sara Dickinson, Thomas SEGAR, Eva DINGES, Henry & Elizabeth POHL
PANTLER, Edwin (Baptized 16 Dec 1900 in Evansville, IL) PHEGLEY, Anna (Baptized 3 Feb 1900 at St. Leo in Modoc, IL) 18 Jun 1925 Pantler, A. J. MUERER, Celestine Phegley, Amos LONERGAN, Marg. Phegley, Percy L. & Agatha R. Pantler
PAPP, John BAUER, Barbara (Widow) 5 Oct 1853 SCHATZ, Michael & Andrew MEYER
PAQUIN, Christophor FANI, Maria Anna 6 Feb 1843 Fani, Peter & Nicolaus KERN
PARO, Leo (Baptized 5 Jun 1889 at St. Michael in Radom) PARO, Mrs. Mary (Born WILHERING) (Born 18 May 1893 & baptized at St. Michael in St. Louis – a convert) 18 Aug 1920 Paro, Frank JERASHI, Anna WILHENNING, Henry PAUHOLA, Mary MILLER, B. L. & Stella STENGER
PARRON, Severin GUNDLACH, Susanna 15 May 1877 PARON, Xavier ISCH, Barbara Gundlach, Philipp BEHNING, Eleonora Gundlach, Jacob; Margaret Gundlach; Philipp PEPEL & Rosa Isch
PARTRIDGE, Fred (Not Baptized) MULCONNERY, Rosa (Baptized 31 Oct 1883 at Cathedral) 7 Apr 1915 Partridge, Robert LAWRENCE, Emma Mulconnery, Michael CAREY, Mary SEIBERT, Stephan & Mary HAYES
PASCOE, Jacob H. (Non-Catholic) MEYER, Maria 4 Jan 1904 Pascoe, Jacob NELSON, Jessie Meyer, Carl SCHMIDT, Sophia Meyer, Michael & Margaret BIEN
PAULE, Gottlieb (Born 1 Mar 1893 & baptized in Freeburg, IL) LANGENSTEIN, Cora Mae (Born 24 Nov 1904 & baptized Lutheran at ___, IL) 10 Mar 1925 Paule, John SMITH, Rosa Langenstein, William REHG, Julia REEB, Peter & Luella Reeb born Paule
PAULI, John SCHMIDT, Rosina 20 Aug 1878 Pauli, Bernard WEBER, Margaret Schmidt, John MACHLI, Joanna HELLWIG, Anton & John MUELLER
PAULI, John Baptist HERZINGER, Anna 14 Sep 1856 Pauli, Peter Not listed, Ursula Herzinger, Francis Not listed, Barbara RIEDMEYER, Joseph & Bernhard MORTAN
PAULI, Louis SAUER, Catharina 7 May 1889 Pauli, Bernard WEBER, Margaret Sauer, Nicholas ABBEGG, Maria Sauer, Nicholas & Anna Sauer
PAULI, Patrick (From Kansas City, MO) 18 Sep 1888 [This entry appears with the Brauch + Metze marriage on the same day.  See record.]
PAULICH, Valentin PETROVICH, Anna (Baptized in Austria) 17 Sep 1911 Paulich, Joseph OMERON, Maria Petrovich, John FER, Catharina HUNLAN, George & Anna Hunlan Notification of marriage sent to this home parish.
PEAR, J. J. SCHWELLENSATTLE, Maria 11 Nov 1903 Pear, George Not listed, Maria Schwellensattle, Louis LOCHNER, Elizabeth KEEFE, George H. & Josephina Schwellensattle
PEEL, William D. (Baptized at a Christian church in MO) WINTER, Leona (Baptized Oct 1908 at cathedral) 11 Nov 1929 Peel, Joachim WILSON, Margaret Winter, Herman KIEFER, Dela CHRISTIAN, Norma & Henry HOCHER
PEIFFER, Anton SCHMISSEUR, Maria Anna 10 Apr 1877 Peiffer, Sebastian HAPERER, Rosalia Schmisseur, John LOFFIN, Maria Anna ISCH, Anton; Louis Schmisseur; Nicholas PARING; Maria Schmisseur; Rosa Isch & Louise Schmisseur
PELLIN, Edward (Baptized 10 Jan 1906 at St. Paul in Collinsville, IL) BAECHLE, Adele  (Baptized 25 Oct 1910 at cathedral) 30 Nov 1929 Pellin, Frank OBERTA, Mary Baechle, Charles WITTENAUER, Pauline Baeschle, Elmer & Pauline Baeschle
PENCINEAU, John Baptist No family name, Bridget 4 Jun 1856 Pencineau, John No family name, William Not listed, Maria  BEE, John & Louisa TROKEY This is a Negro couple.  [See record]
PENSENAU, William SANDHERR, Augusta 12 Jan 1900 Pensenau, Narcisse Not listed, Felicitas Sandherr, Henry (Deceased) WILLIWER, Henrica Sandherr, Alexander & Louisa Sandherr
PERRING, Francis PFEIFFER, Catharina 26 Nov 1844 LUX, Peter & John MARZLAUF
PETERS, Bernard (Non-Catholic) THOM, Albertina 6 Oct 1903 Peters, George HARDER, Frederica Thom, Andrew BECKER, Anna Thom, Albert & Florence BRIESACHER
PETERSON, Dr. Alvin A.  (Non-Catholic Baptized 7 Feb 1891 in Chicago, IL) DUNN, Edna  (Baptized 14 Jul 1897 in ___lt, MN) 2 Apr 1918 Peterson, C. A. WALTZE, Caroline Dunn, James BURNS, Martha DIETRICH, Louise & Josie Dietrich
PETRE, Edward LUDWIG, Wilhelmina (From Waterloo) 26 Jun 1892 Petre, Huton KUTSCHER, Gertrude Ludwig, Anton BRAUTIGAM, Theresa SCHM___, Henry & Lizzie MENDELL Dispensation for third degree blood relationship.
PFEIFER, Henry KLEIN, Francisca 24 May 1892 Pfeifer, Thomas SCHOEN, Margaret Klein, John KILLNIG, Francisca LADERMANN, Adam & Anna WHITNEY
PFEIFER, Sebastian HAPPEREIN, Rosalia 17 Sep 1849 Happerein, John Claude & George OBERLANDER
PFIFFNER, Alexander BEVERT, Maria Lucinda 4 Jan 1855 Pfiffner, Henry; Robert KELLER & Jacob MOORE
PFIFFNER, Henry PFIFFNER, Regina 20 Apr 1852 Pfiffner, Anton & Maria Anna Pfiffner
PFIFFNER, Joseph Nicholas ALBRECHT, Anna Maria 29 Apr 1862 Pfiffner, Anton Not listed, Maria Anna Albrecht, Carl PFIFFNER, Anna Maria ALBRECHT, Alois & Elizabeth LUTZ Dispensation for second degree blood relationship
PFIFFNER, Nicholas (Widower) WHITESIDE, M. Lucretia 16 Jan 1855 Pfiffner, Alexander; Henry Pfiffner & Sarah Whiteside
PFIFFNER, Nicolaus POITE, Sarah 19 Feb 1852 FAITE, Mose; Henry Pfiffner; Qipe Faite & Maria Pfiffner
PFLUGER, Robert PFIFFNER, Catharina 1 Apr 1851 Pfiffner, Henry & Anna Maria Pfiffner
PFLUGMACHER, August HARST, Anna 15 Nov 1893 Pflugmacher, Michael SCHAEFER, Eva Harst, John BUENCHEN, Margaret Harst,  Joseph; Maria DAHM; Joseph DOUSSARD; Joanna Harst; Louis Dahm & Barbara Pflugmacher
PFLUGMACHER, Joseph SCHAEFER, Catharina 27 Oct 1856 Pflugmacher, Mathias Not listed, Maria Schaefer, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth Pflugmacher, Michael 
PFLUGMACHER, Michael SCHAEFFER, Eva 27 Nov 1855 Pflugmacher, Mathias Not listed, Maria Anna Schaeffer, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth Pflugmacher, Joseph & Nicholas RABO
PFUHL, William (25 Jan 1890, not baptized) GASS, Hilda (Baptized 19 Feb 1901 at cathedral) 8 Feb 1923 Pfuhl, George JAEGER, Anna Gass, Peter HOEFFKEN, Catherine DIETRICH, L. & Marg. SZUTA
PHILIPP, Anton Henry REIS, Anna Maria 20 Oct 1886 Philipp, Henry GEIGER, Margaret Reis, Michael (Mayor of Belleville) EBERLE, Apolonia Reis, H. G.; M. J. HELLER; G. J. Eberle; Maria FELDMAN; Maria Reis & Lizzie Reis
PHILLIPS, Lawrence (Born 1 Nov 1904 & baptized in St. Louis Cathedral) GRANDCOLAS, Florence (Born 8 Jul 1906 in St. Louis, MO) 2 Jun 1926 Phillips, William WESSELS, Mary Grandcolas, John NIESS, Ida FANGMEIER, Herman & Cordelia MOHR
PICK, Henry KAUFOLD, Agnes 6 Sep 1893 Pick, Francis KUPFERSCHMITT, Josephina Kaufold, Theodore DIERKES, Wilhelmina SCHOENHOVEN, Theodore; Theodore Kaufold; Lizzie Kaufold & Theresa KRAMER
PICKER, John LIBKER, Maria 17 Sep 1857 —-
PIEK, Henry BUECHLER, Josephina 24 May 1898 Piek, Francis KUPFERSCHMID, Maria Buechler, Daniel SCHNEIDER, Josephina Buechler, Nicholas & Josephina KRAMER
PIEPER, Michael  WEBER, Magdalena 26 Oct 1910 Pieper, Peter OBERHOFER, Maria ZWINGAUER, Conrad SCHWEGLER, Mag_. BERGMANN, Matthias & Louisa DIETRICH
PIOYROT, Francis Xavier LOUIS, Maria Martha 12 Oct 1870 PIORGROT, Victor & Carolina Louis Note in left margin says “Should be POILOT.”
PIPER, Ernest (Born 15 Jan 1909 in Carbondale, IL & not baptized) WOLL, Luella (Born 29 Jun 1909 & baptized at St, Andrew in Murphysboro) 1 Aug 1931 Piper, William MORRIS, Hallie Woll, John  SCHNEIDER, Catherine SAX, John & Catherine VOGEL
PIRCHER, Joseph BOHLSEN, Catharina 24 Oct 1893 Pircher, Jacob HERMANN, Catharina (From Reeb Station) Bohlsen, Henry TELLMANN, Angela BERTHOLD, Johann & Anna Bohlsen
PITCHFORD, Monroe (Non-Catholic) SMITH, Lillian (Baptized 5 Oct 1882 or 1892 in Effingham; East St. Louis) 30 Jun 1913 Pitchford, Granville CLOVE, Isabella Smith, William FERWIN, Julia GROOTEUS, John & Louisa DIETRICH
PLATZKOETTER, John DAHLMANN, Anna 28 Oct 1903 Platzkoetter, John GUSE, Elizabeth Dahlmann, Herman SPRINGOT, Agnes HECHENBERGER, Roman & Elizabeth Dahlmann
PLUMLEM, Joseph P. (Baptized Mar 1889 at St. Philip in French Village) MACK, Bessie (Baptized Aug 1894 in Piedmont, MO) 24 Nov 1920 Plumlem, August PREVOST, Jane Mack, John SULLIVAN, Mary WULLER, Paul & Frances WATTESKOTTE
POELKER, Alphonse (Baptized 21 Jul 1900 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) JUNKER, Agnes (Baptized 22 Dec 1903 at St. Cecelia in Bartelso, IL) 17 Apr 1923 Poelker, Joseph VOENNIES, Anna Junker, Herman BECKER, Elizabeth Junker, Rudolph & Anna Voennies
POELKER, Fred (baptized 27 Mar 1897 in Aviston) PILLE, Catharine (Baptized 17 Jul 1895 at St. Dominic in Breese) 2 May 1918 Poelker, Ben SCHEVELING, Mary Pille, Henry HAAR, Catharine LETTER, Edward & Mary LOW
POEPPING, Arthur F. (Baptized 1895 at SS Mary & Joseph in St. Louis, MO) VOGT, Alma J. (Baptized at St. Boniface in St. Louis, MO) 2 Aug 1924 Poepping, Paul B. WALSH, Marg. C. Vogt, Martin J. WILLIAMS, Catherine E. DIETRICH, Louisa & Eva SCHILB
POIGNEÉ, John DRESEL, Margaret 29 Oct 1903 Poigneé, John KLOESS, Catharina Dresel, Laurent FELLNER, Anna Fellner, Maurice & Anna Fellner (Brother and sister)
POLLAZZON, Caesar (Born 3 Aug 1886 in Vottago, Italy) HAGEDORN, Johanna (Born in St. Louis, MO & baptized 25 Jun 1897 at St. Casimir in St. Louis) 21 Oct 1920 POLAZZON, Paul DE LUCIA, Maria Hagedorn, Frank GRANTZELT, Gertrude Hagedorn, Walter & Gertrude Hagedorn
POLSTER, John BRENDEL, Burgunda 10 [Dec] 1857 Polster, George Not listed, Maria Brendel, George Not listed, Margaret ARNS, William & Martin BRAUNSREITER
PORKANCZKY, Peter KOVACI, Maria 24 Jun 1893 Porkanczky, Stephan Not listed, Maria Kovaci, John FORKES, Maria THOMAS, John; Anton MUDDY & Stephan POTASKI
PORTAT, Edward MUNSA, Maria 13 Dec 1852 FRANCISCO, H. W. Dennis & Laurent Munsa
PORTER, Joseph M. HASENSTAB, Margaret 15 Apr 1855 Hasenstab, Peter; George HEBERER & Adam AULBACK
POSEY, Robert (Non-Catholic) WRZESNIEWSKI, Catharina 24 Feb 1903 Posey, Robert DIXON, Virginia Wrzesniewski, Leon MEYESKA, Veronica PUDLOWSKI, Rev. T. T. & Catharina DIEKER Marriage annulled Jan 1928.  [Catharina] married Harry MILLER 14 Apr 1928.   [He] died 26 [?] Feb 1929.  All records at All Saints Church 5403 Clemens Ave. St. Louis, MO
POWER, John JARVAIS, Melona 16 Jan 1856 Power, Thomas Not listed, Gracia Jarvais, Louis Leonard   SMITH, John; Margaret DECAULIEN & Filomina DeCaulien
PRASSI, Virgil (24y; from Tirol.) ANSELM, Anna (22y; from Tirol.) 1 Oct 1884 Prassi, Philipp SANKER, Candidre (From Tirol.) Anselm, Simon ZAMBOL_, Angelica KOENIG, Carl & George HERTLEIN
PRENDERGAST, Joseph Edward (From St. Louis) OSTERLOH, Ada (From Cairo) 12 Sep 1894 Prendergast, Michael O’NEIL, Bridget Osterloh, Martin WAGNER, Catharina BUTLER, John & Maria Agnes Prendergast
PREUSING, John (Protestant) HILD, Maria 4 Feb 1858 Preusing, Frederick William Not listed, Emalia Maria Hild, Michael Not listed, Eva Maria Hild, Mehli & Anton LOBSINGER
PREUSS, Anton P. YOCH, Frieda 7 May 1902 Preuss, Edward SCHURICHT, Concordia Yoch, John ACKER, Thecla Preuss, Jacob & Thecla Yoch
PRICE, Edward Millon EVERS, Maria Anna 18 Nov 1862 Price, Johann LEMMER, Maria Evers, Alois POETSICH, Anna Maria BEGULE, Andrew & Helena BOWLER
PROBST, Joseph KUEHNE, Maria Anna (Widow of Johann Kuehne) 24 Oct 1861 Probst, Joseph CETERLE, Maria Anna SELINER, Michael GNUER, Catharina  STOHN, Anton & Catharina Stohn
PROBST, Lester Jacob (Born 30 Mar & baptized 9 Apr 1899 at St. Agatha in St. Louis, MO) WINKLER, Mary (Born 9 Aug & baptized 15 Aug 1899 at __ in Smithton, IL) 15 Sep 1925 Probst, Fred KELLER, Helen Winkler, Frank KLINGLER, Mary Winkler, Robert & Theresa Winkler
PROFFER, Harold (Born 12 Sep 1909 in Jerseyville, IL & baptized 20 Oct 1931 at cathedral) SCHAUERTE, Agnes (Born 1 __ & baptized 6 ___ 1907 at cathedral) 21 Oct 1931 Proffer, Thomas BORUFF, Jennie Schauerte, Martin (Deceased) OGE, Rose HANLON, Walter & Amanda REEB
PROSCHKA, Frank (Baptized 3 Oct 1857 at Hördz, Bohemia) ADAMZIH, Antonia (Baptized 1 Jun 1882 in Bohemia) 22 Sep 1921 Proschka, Lorenz NEUBAUER, Anna Adamzih, Joseph HEFER, Francisca WIESCHEN, Anna & Mrs. Mary BALLOCH Revalidation of 1907 civil marriage
PUNSWICK, Henry (Baptized 23 Dec 1927 at cathedral) KROPP, Ella (Baptized 16 ___ 1907 at St. John in Smithton, IL) 1 Sep 1928 SCHEDIAN, Axel BACHBURG, Martha Kropp, Jacob MUETH, Mary HERMAN, Christ & Viola Herman
PURNELL, Edwin B. KAIN, Margaret 6 Oct 1903 Purnell, Edwin W. BURTON, Georgiana Kain, Thomas LILLIS, Anna MYERS, Maria & Catharina DIEKER Mixed religion marriage
QUIRIN, Frederick (Baptized 27 Jan 1886 in Smithton) WEGNER, Maria (Baptized 1_ Oct 1890 in Belleville) 3 Feb 1910 Quirin, Fred GEPPERT, Odilia Wegner, Martin SEMRAN, Mathilda Wegner, Martin & Emilia Quirin
QUIRIN, George FLACH, Elizabeth 5 May 1897 Quirin, Phil. KOOB, Maria Flach, Nicholas MEYER, Eva Flach, Nicholas & Maria Quirin
QUIRIN, Philip (Baptized 8 Dec 1893 at Smithton, IL) STIFFLER, Amanda (Baptized 20 ___ 1895 in Paderborn, IL) 20 Jun 1922 Quirin, Philip OGER, Josephine Stiffler, John HANDRICH, Margaret WINKLER, Robert & Margaret ECKHARDT
QUIRIN, Philipp HEINRICH, Maria A. 30 Jul 1872 Quirin, George BRANBURGER, Margaret Heinrich, George STEPPICH, Catharina Heinrich, George & Helena FINKLEIN Dispensation for second degree blood relationship
RADAU, Max (Baptized Evangelical  10 Nov 1877 at Flatow, West Preussen, Germany) NOELKE, Minnie (Baptized 3 Jan 1896 in Waterloo, IL) 31 Mar 1919 Radau, Charles BARTZ, Otilia Noelke, Louis HECK, Margaret Noelke, Henry & Josie DIETRICH
RAETZ, Eugene Henry (Born 29 Apr 1904 & baptized Evangelical at St. Paul in Belleville) ESCHMAN, Ottilia G. (Born 28 ___ 1903 & baptized at cathedral) 22 Sep 1925 Raetz, Henry MOEH_L, Frieda Eschman, Adam FIX, Frieda BARTLING, William & Frieda Bartling born Eschman
RAGEN, Paul W. (Born 13 Aug 1899 in Trenton & baptized 1911 in Carlyle, IL) ANDRES, Maurine A. (Baptized  Lutheran 5 Feb 1904 in Breese, IL) 9 Jul 1925 Ragen, William  REINSCHMIDT, Mollie Andres, Charles HEILMANN, Cora STOLLE, Elmer & Evelyn Stolle
RAMPENTHAL, Ferdinand WETZEL, Louisa 27 Jan 1892 Rampenthal, William SCHAEFER, Helena Wetzel, Xavier MARX, Amalia Wetzel, Carl & Amalia Wetzel
RANDAL, John Edward 14 Sep 1859 [This entry is crossed out.]
RANDECKER, John ZELLIENER, Theresa 6 Aug 1855 OBERLE, Martin & Anna Maria BEITER
RANDLE, S. Harold (Born 19 Oct 1902 & not baptized) DEGEN, Elza Katherine (Born 2 Aug 1903 & baptized at cathedral in 1920 or 1921) 20 Jul 1927 Randle, Edward SUTTON, Mary Jane Degen, William WIEMER, Lena DOUSSART, Roland & Ethel Wiemer
RANDOLPH, Francis C. HARST, Josephina 31 Jan 1884 Randolph, Edgar F. ROSE, Annetta (From St. Louis) Harst, John BÜNDCHEN (Buendchen), Margaret SMITH, Charles D. & Catharina Harst
RANO, Edward John (Protestant) MCPARLIN, Maria 14 Sep 1859 Rano, John LOUIS, Maria Mc Parlin, Berhard MCSCHOEN, Maria LANAN, George W.; Archibald HUTTON; Sarah BUSCHE; Maria Anna WATSON & William BUSHE
RAPP, Carl ADLER, Anna 23 Feb 1892 Rapp, Carl GREVERING, Christina Adler, Max BAUMGART, Elizabeth Adler, Francis & Wilhelmina LETTMEYER
RAPP, Clemens (Baptized 1897 in Paderborn) LOUIS, Stella (Baptized 1899 at cathedral) 21 Jan 1930 Rapp, Charles ADLER, Alvina Louis, Frank VOELLINGER, Anna Rapp, Arthur & Helen SCHLEGEL
RAPP, George BAUER, Waldburga 8 Dec 1852 KIRCHBERGER, Sebastian & Mathias SCHMITT
RAPP, Gregory BUECHELE, Barbara 13 Aug 1901 Rapp, Jacob HERZOG, Gertrude Buechele, Leopold ERNST, Helena Rapp, Jacob; Anna Buechele; Leopold Buechele & Maria Rapp
RAPP, Henry E. REIS, Elizabeth 5 Feb 1890 Rapp, Vincent KRACH, Juliana Reis, Valentin APFELD, Josephina
RAPP, Jacob (From Paderborn, IL) FEUCHT, Angelina 19 Aug 1902 Rapp, Jacob HERZOG, Gertrude Feucht, Carl BOLL, Maria KAPPRICH, August, Maria Rapp; George Kapprich & Maria BECHERER
RAPP, Valentin POTH (Potk), Elizabeth (Lutheran) 3 Jun 1845 STUMPF, George & John Rapp
RAPP, William (Baptized 18 Dec 1898 in Damiansville, IL) STARK, Frieda (Baptized 18 Oct 1895 at cathedral) 30 Oct 1923 Rapp, John SAUZEK, Mary Stark, Stephen ROEDER, Minnie Rapp, John & Minnie Stark
RASP, Arthur  (Baptized 29 Jul 1894 in O’Fallon) HUSCHLE, Alma (Baptized 20 May 1893 at cathedral) 24 Sep 1919 Rasp, Joseph CLEISATTLE, Lena Huschle, August WOLSCHOCK, Theresa Rasp, Walter & Olivia Huschle
RASP, Joseph KLEESATTEL, Magdalena 18 Apr 1882 Rasp, Martin VERION, Veronica Kleesattel, Jacob HUBER, Magdalena FAULSTICH, Emma & Carl HARDT
RASP, Julius  GRIMMIG, Ann  5 Sep 1927 Rasp, Victor AMANN, Mary Grimmig, Wendelin FLAMUETH, Susan MERZ, John C. & Freda WITT
RASP, Theodore (Baptized 12 Jun 1896 in O’Fallon, IL) BARBEAU, Sophie (Baptized 1891 in Prairie du Rocher) 23 Oct 1924 Rasp, Martin SCHAEFER, Catherine Barbeau, Louis SCHWEAR, Jeanette MUELLER, JM & J. FELDMAN
RATHHEUN, Paul KISSEL, Catharina 13 Jun 1900 Rathheun, Jacob BAUMGARTNER, Barbara Kissel, John DAMSKY, Victoria Rathheun, Joseph & Apollonia Kissel
RAU, Michael GAIN, Maria Eva 20 Jun 1857 Rau, Peter Not listed, Margaret Gain, William Not listed, Margaret FLOCK, John & Jacob GINDER
RAUCH, John A. (Baptized 11 Oct 1891 in St. James, MO) SCHOTT, Stella (Baptized Protestant 4 Nov 1898 in Norfolk, VA) 15 Oct 1924 Rauch, Alex J. DUNLAP, Isabell Schott, Henry Louis JOSLAN [?], Viola Louisa NECKER, William & Ruth Schott
RAUTH, Adam  (Non-Catholic) KERCHNER, Elizabeth 15 Apr 1890 Rauth, Frederick SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Kerchner, Anton SCHLEHR, Carolina FENNER, John & Catharina Kerchner
RAUTH, John (Non-Catholic) DAENZER, Maria 4 Aug 1881 Rauth, Friederich SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Daenzer, Francis REACHNER, Catharina KERCHNER, Emil &  Maria Rauth
RAUTH, John Edward (Born 10 Jul 1896 & baptized 1892 [sic] in Freeburg) STRACK, Rosa (Baptized non-Catholic 24 Nov 1896) 23 Jun 1916 Rauth, Gustav WUEST, Catherine Strack, Wendel REICHERT, Sophie FRIEDRICH, Isidor & Frida Rauth
RAYMER, Walter (Baptized 1904 at cathedral) STARK, Wilhelmina (Baptized 1902 in Taylorville, IL) 28 Jun 1930 Stark, Jacob HOCHEN, Amalia Raymer, William DURBAN, Martha Stark, George & Eleonora Stark [Parents are switched]
REAKA, Frederick (Non-Catholic) GREENER, Catharina 6 Jun 1907 Reaka, Frederick SANDKUEHLER, Johanna Greener, George SCHOBERT, Maria Reaka, William F.; Emma POSER; George Greener & Christina BECHERER 
REBHAN, George Carl (New convert) GUNDLACH, Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) 27 Feb 1889 Rebhan, Emil MUELLER, Catharina Gundlach, Jacob ACKER, Christina BRUECHLER, John; Thecla Gundlach; Jacob Gundlach; Lulu BECHERER; Frederick TIEDEMANN; Louisa Rebhan
REDLE, Adam SCHARFENBERGER, Agnes 7 Oct 1847 URBAN, Francis & Valentin Scharfenberger
REDMOND, John LAFFERTY, Anna 21 Sep 1875 Redmond, John HAMILTON, Maria Lafferty, Henry CONNELL, Margaret HOLMES, John & Maria Anna Holmes
REEB, Adolf HELFRICH, Cecilia 12 Apr 1904 Reeb, Nicholas EHRSTEIN, Catharina Helfrich, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Lucia Helfrich, Robert & Cecilia Reeb
REEB, Aloys (Born 9 Jan 1904 & baptized at cathedral) MOLITOR, Martha (Born 14 Apr 1909 in Bartelso, IL) 19 May 1926 Reeb, Peter GUGGENMUSS, Mary Molitor, Frank SCHROEDER, Mary KERCHEMEYER, Edward & Agnes E. BACH
REEB, Benjamin (Baptized 2 Dec 1900 at cathedral) PONISKE, Clara (Baptized 10 Apr 1896 in Chester, IL) 28 Jun 1921 Reeb, Peter GUGGEMUS, Mary Poniske, John DRAGER, Bertha Poniske, Frances & Charles Reeb
REEB, Christian ROMEIS, Catharina 3 Oct 1847 Romeis, John & Eva Romeis
REEB, Christian KLEIN, Antonia 1898 Reeb, Peter RUST, Elizabeth Klein, Peter KUENZ, Margaret Klein, Albert & Maria ANDRIES [Entry appears between Jun & Nov 1898 entries.]
REEB, Clement (Born 22 Jun 1901 & baptized at St. Mary) HOEFFKEN, Olivia (Born 8 Jan & baptized 12 Jan 1908 at cathedral) 27 Nov 1930 Reeb, Peter KLEMKE, Mary Elizabeth Hoeffken, August CORDIE, Ida Hoeffken, Emil & Norma CHRISTIAN
REEB, Conrad WEBER, Carolina 29 Oct 1895 Reeb, Peter RUST, Elizabeth Weber, Peter MOHR, Bertha Reeb, Christ. & Amanda FISCHER
REEB, Fred (Baptized 12 Aug 1889 at Cathedral) MOEHRL, Clara (Baptized 17 Jun 1913 at Cathedral) 12 Apr 1915 Reeb, Philip FUESS, Marg. Moehrl, Reinholdt MARTIN, Elis. IGEL, Nic & Augusta Moehrl
REEB, Jacob ZEILMANN, Margaret 14 Oct 1849 REEB, Peter & Not listed HUNRATH
REEB, Jacob FRICKE, Magdalena 28 Jan 1897 Reeb, Nicholas EHRSTEIN, Catharina Fricke, Theodore (Deceased) BERTELSMANN, Maria VONNAHME, Conrad & Barbara GERMAIN
REEB, John REEB, Elizabeth 18 Aug 1858 Reeb, Peter Not listed, Margaret Reeb, Philipp Not listed, Elizabeth BERGS, William P. & August HERRMANN Dispensation for second degree relationship (cousins via mother).
REEB, John STRAUBINGER, Maria 7 Jul 1891 Reeb, Peter RUST, Elizabeth Straubinger, Benedict RUGAE [Ruge?], Maria (From Fayetteville, IL) Straubinger, John & Elizabeth Reeb
REEB, Nicholas ERSTEIN, Catharina 8 Sep 1861 Reeb, Philipp FRANZ, Elizabeth Erstein, Sebastian SEMMLER, Rosa Reeb, Philipp & Rosa Semmler
REEB, Nicolaus KIEHN, Christina 6 Apr 1880 Reeb, Jacob GEORG, Margaret Kiehn, Christian STARK, Mina Reeb, Jacob & Catharina Reeb
REEB, Peter RUST, Elizabeth 4 Jan 1857 Reeb, Peter RELF [?], Margaret Rust, Henry Not listed, Catharina Rust, John & John Reeb
REEB, Peter GUGGEMUS, Maria 7 Sep 1880 Reeb, Peter RUSS, Elizabeth Guggemus, Joseph RITTMEIER, Maria Reeb, John & Maria HACKER
REEB, Peter N. (Widower) KAUB, Amanda 19 Sep 1901 Reeb, Nicholas EHRSTEIN, Catharina Kaub, Caspar HOFFMANN, Helena Reeb, Adolf & Apollonia KISSEL
REEB, Philipp HUG, Catharina 22 Oct 1854 JACOBS, Peter; John Reeb & Christian ETTUNG
REEB, Philipp FUESS, Margaret 25 Aug 1885 Reeb, Nicholas EHRENSTEIN, Catharina Fuess, William SCHOPP, Maria Reeb, William & Margaret HERR
REEB, Philipp MEYER, Frederica (Non-Catholic) 1 Jun 1906 Reeb, Peter KLEMKE, Louisa Meyer, Henry SCHUTZ, Not listed FRUEK_, H.; P. PLACIDUS, O. S. B.; & Philipp Reeb
REEB, William HERR, Margaret 27 Oct 1887 Reeb, Nicholas EHRSTEIN, Catharina Herr, Henry HOFFMAN, Maria Reeb, Peter; Frederick RENNER; Lizzie RUDOLF & Lizzie OPP
REEVES, William M. CLARK, Marianna Joanna 24 Feb 1870 REINEK, Conrad; Elizabeth Reineke & Elizabeth KEMME
REGNIER, Walter O. (Baptized 5 Apr 1900 in Beaversville, IL) PORTMONDO, Isabell (Baptized 26 Mar 1904 at St. Luke) 5 Jul 1928 Regnier, John Baptist RENO, Mary Portmondo, Dr. B. H.  THOMAS, Josephine Portmondo, Ventura & Sylvia Portmondo
REHM, Caspar BAUER, Maria A. 9 Jan 1853 Bauer, Joseph & George RAPH
REHUR, Caspar BRANDEWALD, Marianna 26 Apr 1870 REISS, Albert & J. Brandewald
REICHERT, Elmer W. (Baptized Evangelical 9 Jun 1899 in Freeburg, IL) SCHAUERTE, Rose B. (Baptized at St. Andrew Church in Murphysboro, IL) 28 Apr 1927 Reichert, William RAUCH, Clara Schauerte, Martin OGE, Rose
REICHERT, George REITERMANN, Magdalena 3 Aug 1851 Reitermann, John & Davide RÜNKE (Ruenke)
REICHERT, George FRIEDLÄNDER (Friedlaender), Ida Theresa 8 Feb 1877 Reichert, Joseph RAUTH, Maria Friedlaender, William DAVIS, Maria ROHR, Louis & Clara QUELLMALZ
REICHERT, Jacob HERMANN, Frederica 3 Jun 1850 BECHERER, Joseph & Laurent RUX
REILMANN, Paul (Born 5 Feb & baptized 6 Feb 1904 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) VAN ALT, Rose (Born 18 May & baptized 20 May 1906 at St. Dominic in Breese, IL) 19 Jan 1926 Reilmann, John SPANGLER, Emma Van Alt, Henry MAUE, Theresa MOLLAS, John & G. F. HARTMANN
REIME, Adalbert GUNDLACH, Olinda 24 May 1918 Reime, Frank ZIMMERMANN, Josephine BECHERER, Anna Reime, Hindfried & Viola Gundlach
REIME, Francis ZIMMERMANN, Josephina 23 May 1893 Reime, Paul FRENZEL, Paulina Zimmermann, Maximillian SCHICK, Maria Zimmermann, Joseph; Thecla Reime; Clemens Reime; Eve GERBER; Nicolaus HERZLER & Amanda KAUB
REIME, Winifried (Baptized 27 Nov 1898 at cathedral) KUHLMAN, Winifrieda (Baptized  20 Dec 1899 at ___ Lake, MO) 6 Jun 1922 Reime, Frank ZIMMERMANN, Josephine Kuhlman, Henry MODDOCK, Jennette FIX, Hugo & Anna ZAHNER
REINECK, Martin BRAUN, Elizabeth 24 May 1857 Reineck, John Not listed, Elizabeth Braun, Conrad Not listed, Susanna FLUCK, John & Nicholas SEBASTIAN
REINHARDT, Francis (From Paderborn) HEROLD, Maria 15 Apr 1902 Reinhardt, Leon MARXER, Maria Herold, John ENGLERT, Carolina Herold, Adam & Maria Reinhardt
REINHOLD, Michael WASSER, Maria 4 Nov 1849 HEILMANN, Paul & Anton FOURNIE
REINIGER, Benedict ENGLER, Sophia 12 Apr 1853 AULBIETCH, Adam & Jacob DAMRICH
REININGER, Anton WALZ, Francisca 2 Jul 1878 Reininger, Joseph BENS, Magdalena Walz, Michael SAUER, Crescentia ERNST, Bernhard & Magdalena HUSCHLE
REININGER, Benedict (Widower of Sophia Reininger) SCHAUSLER, Catharina 21 Jul 1856 Schausler, Xavier Not listed, Rosa KLEWAI, John & Joseph Reininger
REININGER, Joseph TRUMBLER, Louisa 9 Aug 1857 Reininger, Theodore Not listed, Catharina Trumbler, Phillip Not listed, Magdalena SCHNEINER, Christofer & Peter Schreiner
REIS, Charles J. (Baptized 9 May 1885 at cathedral) FELLNER, Olivia (Baptized 4 Jan 1889 at cathedral) 9 May 1917 Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Fellner, Peter TRENZ, Katharina Fellner, Othmar & Elizabeth RIES
REIS, George KARR, Lina 29 Oct 1879 Reis, Valentin FREIHAUT, Catharina Karr, Peter ESCHENFELDER, Apollonia Reis, Henry F. & Anna Reis
REIS, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth 24 Jul 1866 Reis, Valentin FRIEHAUT, Catharina Kissel, Valentin FRITZ, Catharina Reis, Bartholomew; Johann FRANZ; Barbara Reis & Elizabeth SCHLERNITZAUR
REIS, Henry F. (From Carondolet (South St. Louis)), MO GANAHL, Emilia Elizabeth 25 Sep 1889 Reis, Valentin APFELD, Josephina Ganahl, Christian NEUER, Maria (From Los Angeles, CA) Reis, Carl; Louis Ganahl; Josephina Reis & Tillie Ganahl
REIS, Henry George BLOME, Maria 27 Sep 1893 Reis, Michael EBERLE, Appollonia Blome, B. H. KIRST, Catharina Blome, Joseph; Rosalia Reis; Herbert Blome; Anna Eberle; August Reis & Theresa NIESING
REIS, Herman (Baptized 30 Nov 1879 at cathedral) KARR, Amilia (Baptized 31 [sic] Sep 1885 at cathedral) 2 Oct 1917 Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Karr, Theodore  BAUER, Martha Reis, Carl & Lydia Karr
REIS, Johann AMEND, Elizabeth 13 Oct 1868 Reis, Bartholomew HERTLING, Maria Amend, Peter BERG, Margaret BAUMANN, Johann & L. Reis
REIS, John Marcell (Baptized 17 Aug 1888 at Cathedral) CHUSE, Lucie Magdalena  (baptized 23 Dec 1890 at Cathedral) 4 Aug 1914 Reis, Joseph B. MERSINGER, Maria Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha WULLER, George & Stella Reis
REIS, Valentin HAFFNER, Maria 1 May 1889 Reis, Valentin APFELD, Josephina Haffner, Nicholas LEI, Catharina Reis, Carl; George RIETERMANN; M. Haffner; Julia Haffner; Josepha Reis & Anna SCHALL
REIS___, Albert BAUER, Anna Maria 13 Aug 1866 Reis__, Adam Not listed, Maria Bauer, Anna M. Bauer, George & Hasper REHM
REISACHER, Fidel BERBERICH, Magdalena 2 Sep 1850 Reisacher, Joseph & George MEYER
REISACHER, Joseph LAUBER, Anna 1 Feb 1857 Reisacher, Xavier Not listed, Agatha Lauber, George Not listed, Josepha RUPP, George & Casper RENE
REISART, John RITTER, Margaret 19 Oct 1848 Ritter, George & John ROTH
REISS, John HOFFMANN, Manda [?] 5 Sep 1847 WENZEL, Philip & Michael GERLINGER
REISSEN, Benjamin KRAMER, Magdalena 27 Jan 1904 Reissen, John BECKER, Margaret Kramer, Francis KUPFERSCHMIDT, Francisca Reissen, Joseph & Clara Becker
REISSEN, John J. REISEN, Theresa Rosa 18 May 1893 Reissen, Jacob SCHUMERT, Maria Reisen, Albert BAUER, Maria SCHILLING, Patrus & Amanda Reisen
REISSEN, Philipp (Widower) HERPIN, Theresa (Widow) 28 Jan 1886 Reissen, John SCHMUTZ, Herman SCHMISSEUR, Emil FRIES, Joseph
REISSER, Oscar (Born 21 Jan 1896 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville) DAVIS, Lily (Baptized Presbyterian; born 14 Jan 1891) 27 Sep 1921 Reisser, John Not listed, Theresa Davis, George REINHARDT. Elizabeth PORTMONDO, Dr. B. H. & Mrs. B. H. Portmondo
REISSERT, John (Widower) RAUH, Margaret (Widow) 29 Dec 1850 MÜLLER (Mueller), Andreas & Maria SEIBERT
REISZER, Jacob SCHUMERT, Maria Johanna 3 Sep 1867 Reiszer, Francis SCHNEIDER, Christina Schumert, Anton PULSING, Maria Catharina Schumert, Anton; J. SCHILLING & A___ MULTER
REITER, Aegidius (Giles) SCHMIDT, Josepha 23 Jan 1860 Reiter, Zachary MEYER, Catharina Schmidt, Anton KÜMMICH (Kuemmich), Joseph KÜNZ (Kuenz), Joseph & Rew MCLABROIS
REITER, Aegidius (Giles) SCHMIDT, Josepha 23 Jan 1860 Reiter, Zachary ME___, Catharina Schmidt, Anton KÜMMICH (Kuemmich), Josephina KÜNZ (Kuenz), Joseph & Rew MCLABROIS Duplicate entry in new format.
REITERMANN, John KIEHN, Maria _9 Apr 1875 Reitermann, Andrew SCHAEFER, Anna Maria Kiehn, Frederick REISPIG, Susanna CHUSE, Peter; Valentin SCHUMERT; Emma FEIS & Lena Kiehn
REITERMANN, Valentin KELLER, Elizabeth 9 Sep 1866 Reitermann, Andrew SCHAEFER, Anna Maria Keller, Adam GERLACH, Margaret Reitermann, Elizabeth [Married by civil contract]
REITHER, William (Protestant from Nashville, IL) HORTTMANN, Elizabeth 2 Oct 1889 Reither, Philipp H. NAGEL, Maria Horttmann, Carl DAUBACH, Katharina KLAES, J. & Anna Klaes born Horttmann
REITHER, William (Widower; Non-Catholic from Nashville, IL) HORTTMANN, Louisa 1 Jan 1898 Reither, Philipp NAGEL, Maria Horttmann, Carl DAUBACH, Catharina KLOES, John & Mathilde Horttmann Dispensation for first degree relationship
REMMEL, Michael (Widower) MUELLER, Barbara (Widow) 6 Jan 1848 LOTZ, John & John George Lotz
RENFORT, Herman (Widower) WERKMEISTER, Elizabeth 6 Sep 1855 SCHMACKERS, Henry & Francis Renfort
RENNER, Carl P. GILBERT, Mabel 10 Feb 1902 Renner, Francis SCHUESSLER, Elizabeth Gilbert, Alfred JENKINS, Susanna HAHN, William & Daisy Gilbert
RENNER, Francis SCHÜSSLER (Schuessler), Elizabeth 2 Jun 1881 Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena Schuessler, Valentin BAUMANN, Wilhelmina BEST, John & Lena Renner
RENNER, Michael EBEL, Wilhelmina 25 Jul 1876 Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Helena Ebel, John BEST, Peter & Barbara Renner Mixed religion marriage
RENNO, Anton SCHILT, Margaret 28 Feb 1859 Renno, Louis Not listed, Susanna Schilt, Laurent Not listed, Barbara BURNS, Louis & Laurent Schilt
RENO, Anton WHITESIDE, Ida Maria 8 Feb 1877 Reno, Martin RORICH, Catharina Whiteside, William MCCAULLEY, Sara STRUPP, Carl & Maria Reno
RENSING, Bernard LOUIS, Mechtilda 19 Feb 1903 Rensing, G. H. Louis, Henry KARLSKIND, Maria Rensing, Martin & Cecilia BERTELSMANN
RENSING, Johann STAUDER, Maria 8 Nov 1887 Rensing, Henry HEINZMAN, Christina Stauder, John Adam MOSBACHER, Maria WEIS, William A.; Catie Stauder; H. APKEN & Julia Rensing
RENTH, Herman (Baptized Evangelical Nov 1908) KEHRER, Rachael (Baptized Jun 1927 in New Baden, IL) 20 Apr 1929 Renth, Peter J. STEIN, Mary Kehrer, Joseph RINKER, Anna Renth, Elmer & Ruth Kehrer
RESCHAR, John M. TRIBOUT, Paulina 6 May 1903 Reschar, John HIRTH, Eva Tribout, Louis GASS, Maria Tribout, Edward & Maria born Reschar
RESÉ, Henry (Protestant) BERKEL, Maria Anna 4 Jan 1857 Berkel, Frederick Not listed, Maria Eva BAUMAN, Frederick & Joseph DORN
RETTLE, Clifford (Born 14 May 1902 & baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) SCHAEFER, Otilda (Baptized 22 Feb 1899 in Ava, IL 8 Apr 1924 Rettle, Frank WORMS, Magdalena Schaeffer, Joseph ROSENBERGER, Susan Sutton, Clarence  & Anna KOCH Revalidation marriage
REUGERS, Joseph BIRKNER, Ethel Maria 18 Aug 1904 Reugers, Henry FUCHS, Margaret Birkner, John ARMSTUTZ, Elizabeth FARMBAUER, John & Margaret Reugers
REUTER, Edwin SCHIEFFERDECKER, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 1 Aug 1906 Reuter, John REICHERT, Emma Schiefferdecker, William LINSER, Louisa OBERT, Barthel & Margaret SCHLICH
REUTER, John REINHEIMER, Frieda 29 Jun 1910 Reuter, John REICHERT, Emma Reinheimer, William DIPPLE, Anna Reuter, Adolph & Ida Reichert
REUTERMANN, George HAFFNER, Minnie 4 May 1892 Reutermann, Valentin KELLER, Elis. Haffner, Nicholas LEY, Gertrude Haffner, Julius & Elis. GINTER (From Alton, IL)
REUTERMANN, Valentin G. (Born 1 Nov & baptized 6 Nov 1898 at cathedral) LEINER, Lorinda (Born 31 1901 & baptized 7 Sep 1901 at cathedral) 9 Sep 1925 Reutermann, George HAFFNER, Wilhelmina Leiner, Arthur DEIMLING, Elizabeth Leiner, Jacob & Henrietta FISCHER
RHEIN, Felix (Not Baptized; 10 Jan 1880) OESTERLE, Lorraine (Baptized 4 Sep 1893 at Cathedral) 8 May 1915 Rhein, Valentin KREPPELT, Emma Oesterle, Martin WEYHAUPT, Emilia GILBERT, W. A. & Serena Oesterle
RICE, Franck J. (Baptized Sep 1885 in Kenosha, WI) DIETRICH, Mary (Baptized Jan 1892 at cathedral) 24 Jun 1919 Rice, Nicolas KEENAN, Ellen Dietrich, George KUELLER, Mary CLEARY, Jos. & Josie Dietrich
RICHARD, Carl VOEGLE, Albertina 12 Jan 1871 Richard, Mathias MEYER, Maria Voegle, John VOGEL, Helena FEGLE, Jacob, Mathias Richard & Carolina Richard
RICK, Walter (From St. Louis) HERR, Olivia 2 May 1906 Rick, Carl KYNAN, Ida Herr, Louis GUNDLACH, Margaret Herr, Eugene; Walter WRIGHT; Cordula Herr & Emma Rick
RICKERT, Clarence (Born 27 Mar & baptized 10 Apr 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville, IL) WAIGAND, Lorene R. (Born 8 Nov & baptized 15 Nov 1903 at __ in Smithton, IL) 19 Aug 1925 Rickert, Gottlieb ACKERMANN, Anna Waigand, Martin KRUPP, Louisa Rickert, Elmer & Marie Waigand
RICKERT, Orvil (Baptized Evangelical at St. Paul) SCHILLING, Margaret (Baptized Jun 1908 at cathedral) 14 Sep 1929 Rickert, John KRUPP, Anna Schilling, Joseph MARTIN, Caroline FRANKE, John & Mae BOSWORTH
RIEDMEYER, Joseph BECK__, Not listed 14 Jun 1863
RIEDMEYER, Peter AURACHER, Ursula 17 Nov 1860 Riedmeyer, Joseph SCHOSS___, Barbara Auracher, Jacob SCHM___, Eva WECHSLER, Mathias & Francis SCHARTZ
RIEDNER, Joseph RENNER, Theresa 6 Jan 1856 Riedner, Joseph Not listed, Barbara Renner, Anton Not listed, Agnes BALLE, John & Francis SCHLETZBAUM
RIEHL, Francis SCHIELE, Theresa 7 Jan 1851 Riehl, Jacob & Francis Schiele
RIEMAN, John (Non-Catholic from Trenton, IL) SEGER, Augusta (Baptized in Trenton, IL) 17 Oct 1917 Rieman, Charles SIMON, Anna Seger, Adolph FABER, Helen Seger, Henry & Josephina Seger
RIES, Jacob REIS, Maria 4 Jun 1889 Ries, Jacob Maj. MAURER, Josephina Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Reis, Valentin; George GLEICH; Henry Reis; Maria Ries; Ida Reis & Josephina EBERLE Rev. Dominic Plut of St. Mark, Shakafee County of Scott, MN.  [See record]
RIESENBACHER, Nicholas BOSCH, Anna 5 May 1868 Riesenberger, Peter GLANIG, Margaret Bosch, Michael ACHLRICH, Johanna MAUDER, Joseph; Herman STREIKER; Elizabeth BOSH & Margaret Riesenberger
RIESENBERGER, Joseph LOEB, Emilia (Non-Catholic) 23 Aug 1893 Riesenberger, Nicholas BOSCH, Anna Loeb, John KINSIERT [?], Wilhelmina ADLER, Maximilian & Margaret Riesenberger
RIESENBERGER, Louis RUESTER, Anna 3 Apr 1893 Riesenberger, Nic. BOSCH, A. Ruester, Nicholas LEY, Louisa Ruester, Albert; Margar. Riesenberger; John MUELLER & Laura Ruester
RIESS, Fred C. (Baptized 3 Feb 1903 in Edmont, OK) BROWN, Norma (Baptized 5 Jan 1907 in ___rkso__, IN) 15 Oct 1927 Riess, George BRENDAL, Barbara Brown, Clarence HAAK, Blanche GARTS, Joseph & Agnes Garts
RIGET, Francis D. ECKERT, Emma 1 Jun 1886 Riget, Joseph BÜHLER (Buehler), Elizabeth Eckert, John (Non-Catholic) DANNER, Joanna (From O’Fallon, IL) Riget, Joseph & Louisa Eckert
RIGET, Harold (Baptized Apr 1894 at cathedral) KINDLER, Loraine (Baptized 30 Mar 1899 at cathedral) 8 Jun 1922 Riget, Frank ECKERT, Emma Kindler, Anthony HARTMANN, Rosalia ZIERCHER, Frank & Julia Ziercher
RINCK, Francis ROLLES, Angelica 22 Nov 1855 Rinck, John Not listed, Anna Rolles, Michael Not listed, Angelica KARRILAN, Henry & Anna Rinck
RINCK, John CHENOT, Augusta 12 Feb 1889 Rinck, Francis ROLLES, Angelica Chenot, August BOUL, Elizabeth BRUECHLER, George; John GUHRMANN; Catharina Rinck; Agnes GUNDLACH & Lulu Chenot
RINCK, William J. (Baptized 30 Mar 1890 at Cathedral) BRICHLER, Eleonora (Baptized 30 Nov 1893 at Cathedral) 11 May 1915 Rinck, John CHENOT, Augusta Brichler, John GUNDLACH, Thecla Rinck, George & Frieda Gundlach
RINDERER, David PFIFFNER, Anna 28 Feb 1848 PFIFFNER, Alexander & Elizabeth Rinderer
RING, Johann ESCHENFELDER, Anna Maria 1 Oct 1863 Ring, Johann SCHMIDT, Anna Eschenfelder, Andrew ENGELMANN, Barbara RENER, Jacob
RING, John MAUS, Elizabeth 26 Jan 1875 Ring, John SCHMIDT, Anna LEBKIECHER, Adam HAHN, Eva Lebkiecher, Leonard & Elizabeth KARR
RIPP, Edward SEPERT, Margaret 10 Jul 1853 KNAPP, Carl & Francis HAVERKAMP
RIPP, John STAUDER, Anna Margaret 17 Aug 1886 Ripp, Laurent STEINMETZ, A. M. Stauder, Nicholas STELFRICH, Catharina GOTTSCHALK, Louis; Julius Stauder; M. HERTZLER; E. Stauder & Cath. RODEMEIER
RIPPLINGER, Peter MARKO, Gertrude 19 Sep 1893 Ripplinger, Peter SCHMITT, Lena Marko, Carl GEIGER, Monica HADORN, Louis & Johanna Ripplinger
RISCHAR, Adolph DRESSEL, Barbara 21 Jul 1909 Rischar, John HIRSH, Eva Dressel, Henry JUEN, Sophia Dressel, Henry & Bertha BAUER
RISCHAR, John HIRTH, Eva 24 Jun 1860 Rischar, Anton ___, Mag___ Hirth, Philipp KNA__, Elizabeth WACHTER, Anton &  George Hirth
RITTER, John GEISSLER, Regina 13 Nov 1848 Ritter, George & John ROTH
ROACH, Lawrence (Baptized 25 Jul 1903 at St. Luke in Belleville) GRANDCOLAs, Aurelia (Baptized 15 Feb 1903 at cathedral) 27 Nov 1924 Roach, John SCHREIBER, Wilhelmina Grandcolas, Walter STRAUBINGER, Elizabeth Roach, Leo & Esther Grandcolas
ROBKE, Bernard MAYER, Catharina 3 May 1906 Robke, Henry MAYER, Adelaid Mayer, William BAUER, Maria GRASIUS, John & Gesina CORDES
ROCHELL, Herman (Baptized in Germany) QUITMEYER, Elizabeth (Baptized 19 Dec 1883 in Damiansville, IL) 9 Oct 1912 Rochell, John LOHMAN, Maria Quitmeyer, Henry SIEBERT, Catharina Rochell, Herman & Elis. Rochell
RODEMEYER, Valentin HOVEN, Margaret 11 Nov 1873 Rodemeyer, George HELFERICH, Elizabeth Hoven, Mathias FAUST, Maria Barbara Rodemeyer, George; John STAUDER; Margaret Stauder & Margaret Rodemeyer
RODENBERG, Henry HOFFMANN, Paulina 15 Nov 1884 Rodenberg, William KLUEWER, Catharina Hoffmann, Erhard HUHN, Wilhelmina Rodenberg, Francis & Mathilda BRAUCH Mixed religion marriage
RODENHEISER, John MAUS, Mina (Non-Catholic) 4 May 1886 Rodenheiser, Ernst ESCHENFELDEN, Maria Barbara Maus, William Not listed, Elizabeth ESCHENFELDER, George & Emma Maus
ROEDESHEIMER, Adam KNOBE, Anna 1 Nov 1884 Marriage to validate civil marriage
ROEDESHEIMER, Jacob MARX, Anna Margaret 17 May 1881 Roedesheimer, George BERTRAM, Anna Maria Marx, Peter BORCHNER, Elizabeth SCHMIDT, Anton & Barbara RÖDESHEIMER (Roedesheimer)
ROEHRICH, Philip ZINK, M. Anna 10 Oct 1854 Zink, John & Philip Roehrich
ROEMER, Francis (Baptized 1 Mar 1885) DAHLMAN, Joanna (Baptized 2 Jun 1885 in Glasbeck, Westfalen) 23 Nov 1910 Roemer, Peter FLUCKER, Theresa Dahlmann, Herman SPRINGOT, Agnes Dahlmann, William & Paulina Dahlmann
ROESCH, Arthur (Baptized 17 Jun 1885 at Cathedral) JACOBS, Anna (Baptized 28 Jul 1895 at Cathedral) 18 Jun 1913 Roesch, Philipp WAIGAND, Anna Jacobs, Peter HERRMANN, Maria Jacobs, Peter & Anna Jacobs
ROESCH, Henry FALTUS, Amanda 5 Jun 1907 Roesch, Philipp WEIGAND, Maria Faltus, Francis J. HESSELDEUSZ, Elizabeth Faltus, Francis & Magdalena Roesch
ROESCH, Joseph (Baptized 14 Feb 1885 at Cathedral) HARTLEB, Eleonora (Baptized 28 Nov 1911 at Cathedral) 29 Nov 1911 Roesch, Philip WAIGAND, Anna Hartleb, Oscar STRUEBIG, Anna Roesch, Arthur & Clara HOEFLER
ROESCH, William (Baptized 12 Feb 1875 in Belleville) BOMANN, Catharina (Baptized 8 Mar 1885 in Freeburg) 1 Sep 1910 Roesch, Philipp WAIGAND, Anna Bomann, Francis SCHMIDT, Regina Roesch, Joseph & Hilda Bomann
ROESCHLER, Valentin ACKERMANN, Catharina 28 Mar 1853 GOT, Anton & Nicholas KLEIN
ROESSNER, William BLOME, Theresa 17 May 1899 Roessner, Michael KERBER, Margaret Blome, Bernard H. (Deceased) KIRST, Catharina Blome, Joseph; Mathilda Roessner; George Blome; Elizabeth LAUX; Jacob Roessner & Catharina BRUEGGEMANN
ROETER, George FRANK, Maria 17 Aug 1865 Roeter, Leonard SCHWAB, Elizabeth Frank, Christoffer Not listed, Margaret KNOBEL, Carl Joseph; Jacob SICH; Maria SCHRANK & Louisa LUY
ROHR, Anton (baptized 1860 in German) LEBKUECHER, Emma (Baptized 1864 in New Albany, IN) 14 May 1918 Rohr, Anton MOOG, Margaret Lebkuecher, Adam HAHN, Eva MECKLENBURG, J. & Emilia CLAUS
ROLFINGSMEYER, Augustin (Baptized Lutheran 1894) SOMMERS, Nettie (Baptized 2 Mar 1895 in Germantown) 16 May 1917 Rolfingsmeyer, Fritz ROSENBAUM, Mary Sommers, Joseph DUMBECK, Anna Sommers, Anthony & Mary STEIN
ROMAN, Horatio H. BUTLER, Debra H. Maria 24 Feb 1862 Roman, W. Wilhelm Not listed, Elizabeth Butler, Johann C. OGLE, Elizabeth Roman, Richard & Isabilla Ogle Mixed religion marriage
ROMAN, Nichard OGLE, Isabella 21 Nov 1864 Ogle, Joseph BONEAU, Not listed Mixed religion marriage
ROMEIS, Michael MUELLER, Eva 23 Sep 1847 REEB, Christian & Catharina Romeis
ROMELIUS, William (Born 4 Mar 1900 in Belleville, IL) SCHMITTLING, Mary (Born 10 Mar 1897 & baptized at cathedral) 26 Nov 1925 Romelius, Peter KECK, Catherine Schmittling, Anton MARTIN, Theresa Schmittling, Anthony & Matthilda Schmittling
ROMING, Benedict ORTHAUS, Elizabeth (Widow) 29 Sep 1850 Roming, Henry & Joseph ROSEMANN
ROMPEL, Carl J. HERBEIN, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1897 Rompel, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Catharina Herbein, Joseph DOLICH, Margaret REIS, Valentin M. & Maria Her___
ROMPEL, Jacob GUNDLACH, Anna 7 May 1896 Rompel, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Catharina Gundlach, John BIEBEL, Catharina Gundlach, Philipp & Margaret Rompel Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
ROSE, Elden L. (Born 3 Aug & baptized 9 Aug 1905 at St. John in Smithton, IL) BERKEL, Anne Margaret (Baptized 28 Mar 1905 at First Baptist Church in Fonde, KY) 4 Oct 1930 Berkel, Ignatius KLINGLER, Caroline Rose, John MACE, Nammie Elizabeth GROTE, H. B. & Teresa WINKLER [Parents are switched]
ROSE, Jacob BISCHOFF, Anna Maria 4 Jun 1860 Rose, Henry GRAF, Magdalena Bischoff, Jacob ___, Elizabeth BERGS, Peter William & Stephan SCHEFFLER
ROSTOLLAN, Pascal HEGELE, Elizabeth 8 Aug 1878 Rostollan, Joseph Simon PASCAL, Margaret Catharina Hegele, Leon TRUTMANN, Elizabeth FULCETTY, Johann & Maria DENSEL
ROTH, Andrew (Baptized 1901 in Paderborn, IL) HELLDOERFER, Mathilda (Baptized 1903 in Black Jack, IL) 13 Mar 1922 Roth, George NILBING, Maggie Helldoerfer, George EDELHARDT, Barbara ORLET, Jacob & Katie Roth
ROTH, Conrad NAU, Anna Maria 4 Oct 1845 HOFSCHULTE, August
ROTH, George HUMMEL, Regina 25 Nov 1845 Roth, Conrad; Michael Hummel & Anna Maria Roth
ROTH, George SPENGLER, Loretta 8 Jan 1907 Roth, Leonard DELAMAR, Josephina Spengler, John WILD, Bertha LEHR, George & Wilhelmina Spengler
ROTH, John AMRHEIN, Veronica 11 Sep 1848 RITTER, George & Anton Amrhein
ROTH, Leonard HESS, Gertrude 8 Jun 1852 RITTER, Anna Maria; Christina SCHMITT; Frederick MENZE & Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller)
ROTH, Rudolph (Lutheran) HARSZY, Minnie (From Freeburg) 27 Nov 1919 Roth, Adam G. HERTLEIN, Elizabeth RIX, Adolph STENGEL, Juliana MURPHY, Judson D. & Minnie Roth
ROTHANG, George (Non-Catholic) WLASAK, Joanna 3 Jul 1907 Rothang, Adam HAUS, Sallie Wlasak, John LEMEKE, Louisa Wlasak, Francis & Alwina WIENHOLD
ROURKE, Thomas LIVELY, Anna 22 Feb 1860 Rourke, William LA ___, Maria Lively, John MCMANNIS, Maria TEMME, Rendus & Francis BALTES
ROUSSELL, John (Baptized 9 Jul 1894 at St. Fidelis in Mahanoy, PA) EISEMANN, Anna (Baptized 7 Aug 1890 at St. Philip in French Village) 22 Nov 1911 Roussell, Nick KOHLER, Martha MUCKENSTURM, Anton KELLER, Catharina GEOLAT, Victor & Anna Muckensturm
RUDOLPH, Aloysius KIRCHGESNER, Eva 22 Jun 1869 Rudolph, Joseph MYER, Maria Anna Kirchgesner, George PLATZ, Margaret NOLD, Hieronymus; Laurent MAUTERER & Elizabeth BRUNNER
RUDOLPH, Clemens (Baptized 4 Apr 1887 at Cathedral) KLATT, Mathilda (Protestant) 17 Apr 1913 Rudolph, George STARK, Christina Klatt, Albert SMITH, Susanna LONG, Ernest & Louisa Klatt
RUDOLPH, George STARK, Christina 17 Aug 1865 Rudolph, George WESTERBERGER, Elizabeth Stark, Francis BUTZ, Elizabeth Rudolph, Johann; John Stark; Maria DIEH & Elizabeth Stark
RUDOLPH, John DOSSER, Maria Theresa 11 Sep 1883 Rudolph, George WESTENBERG, Elizabeth Dosser, Anton HIERONYMUS, Magdalena BAUER, Michael & Theresa ALBRECHT
RUDOLPH, John DINGES, Maria 12 Jun 1895 Rudolph, George STARK, Christina Dinges, Carl MEYER, Catharina Dinges, Francis & Theresa Rudolph
RUEBEL, Peter (Baptized 6 Jul 1859 & baptized 23 Dec 1928 at cathedral) KALBFLEISCH, Mrs. Elizabeth (Born 2 Apr 1874 in Millstadt & baptized Reformed Evangelical) 14 Oct 1930 Ruebel, Peter FRUTH, Elizabeth WAGNER, George SCHUBERT, Elizabeth BREWER, Brady & Mayme Brewer
RUEBEL, Peter (Baptized 6 Jul 1859 in Belleville) NAIDT, Mary (Baptized 7 Sep 1859 in Paderborn, IL) 13 Jun 1916 Ruebel, Peter FRUTH, Elizabeth Naidt, Andrew FEDER, Catharina LE TEMP, August & Bertha Le Temp Married 8 Jul 1884 in civil ceremony in St. Louis.
RUEDIGER, Not listed (Baptized 27 Mar 1888 at Cathedral) REBHAN, Not listed (Baptized 27 Mar 1891 at Cathedral) 18 Jun 1912 Ruediger, Adolph KNOPP, Mary Rebhan, George GUNDLACH, Elis. SOPP, Robert & Adela Gundlach
RUJAWITZ, Emil (Baptized 28 Jul 1896 at St. Mary in Belleville) BAUER, Cecilia (Born 6 Nov 1897 & baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) 21 Apr 1920 Rujawitz, John KLUG, Maria Bauer, Andrew HILFERT, Lena
RUJAWITZ, Joseph LARCHER, Helena 16 Oct 1882 Rujawitz, Francis Not listed, Maria Larcher, Caspar GREIF, Theresa Rujawitz, John & Catharina GHIAETLI
RULE, Jesse (Born 26 Nov 1894; baptized 2 Jun 1920 at cathedral) KLINGLER, Frances (Born 31 Aug 1898; baptized at cathedral) 23 Jun 1920 Rule, Henry GEIGER, Emma Klingler, John KEUFF, Philipina Klingler, (John) Clement & Selecta THOMAS
RUMON, John ULLEM, Magdalena (Widow) 23 Nov 1847 DAMRICH, Jacob & Michael REISS
RUNDE, Louis (Baptized 5 Jan 1888 in Belleville) DINGES, Marie (Baptized 9 Sep 1890 at cathedral) 15 Oct 1921 Runde, G. A. WENZ, Anna Dinges, Fred STAUDER, Not listed DIETRICH, L. & C. RHEINHARDT
RUPP, George LAUBER, Carolina 10 Apr 1855 BAUER, John & John Lauber
RUPPERT, George HOPPE, Frieda (Non-Catholic) Ruppert, Nicholas JAEGER, Elizabeth Hoppe, Oswald KEPPER, Maria JOHNSON, Carl & Rosa Ruppert Appears between  Feb & Apr 1901
RUSS, Fred J. (Born 20 May & baptized 31 May 1903 at cathedral) VOELKEL, Aurelia (Born 26 Sep & baptized 4 Oct 1908 at __in Belleville) 14 Apr 1931 Russ, John FLACH, Anna Voelkel, August SCHNEIDER, Eleanor DOLLEN, Waldo & Viola Voelkel
RUSS, John FLACH, Anna Maria 18 Jun 1901 Russ, Adam LAUB, Frederica Flach, Nicholas (Deceased) MEYER, Eva Meyer, John & Maria Russ
RUSS, Leopold BRACKE, Louisa  22 Apr 1879 Russ, John DIETZ, Bridget Bracke, Carl ELEND, Louisa EPPLE, Coelestin & Catharina HONER
RUSSELL, David (From St. Louis, MO, not Baptized) PREISINGER, Theresa (Baptized 24 Dec 1887 in Perryville, MO) 17 Oct 1912 Russell, David BRANDEL, Silva Preisinger, George STOLBING, Margaret DIETRICH, Bertha & Louisa Dietrich
RUST, Christofor BESH, Catharina (Widow of Valentin Besh) 27 Dec 1866 Rust, Henry KREMLER, Catharina REEB, Peter SCHEEB, Margaret Reeb, Peter & Peter Reeb
RUTZ, Adam OTT, Maria 16 Oct 1895 Rutz, George VETH, Maria Ott, Valentin HOFFMANN, Maria Ott, John; Josephina GRONE; Emil SCHILDROTH & Theresa RUDOLPH
RUTZ, Adam (Widower) DUMBECK, Magdalena 23 May 1901 Rutz, George FETH, Maria Dumbeck, Frederick AUSCHLING, Maria Rutz, John & Wilhelmina Dumbeck
RUYAWETZ, John KLUGE, Rosa 25 Feb 1884 Ruyawetz, Francis DOETSCH__, Maria Kluge, William MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina BIRNSTIEL, Adolph & Catharina Kluge
SAAL, John SCHWARZENBACH, Maria 9 Jun 1885 Saal, Peter MORGENSTERN, Maria Schwarzenbach, Freder. STAUDER, Margaret Schwarzenbach, Jr., Fred & Marg. Schwarzenbach
SAAL, John Peter MORGENSTERN, Anna Maria 8 Jan 1849 Morgenstern, Jacob; John PAURTBACHER & Christian OTT
SAALWECHTER, Jacob KARL, Elizabeth 17 Jun 1866 Renewal marriage
SAINTEFF, Louis BRINKLER, Maria 11 Apr 1847 Brinkler, John Louis & Joseph COLLINS
SAINTEVE, Edward LEIDENHEIMER, Maria Eva 9 Oct 1888 Sainteve, John KLOTZEN, Theresa Leidenheimer, George SCHMIDT, Charlotte Sainteve, Albert & Emilia Sainteve [St. Anthony in Chicago, IL is mentioned.  See record.]
SAINTEVE, John KLOSTZER, Maria Theresa 8 Jan 1852 MUELLER, Jacob & Anton SCHOENING
SAINTEVE, Julius (Born & baptized in Chicago 19 Mar 1892) WOTTOWA, Helen (Born 8 Oct 1896; baptized at cathedral) 29 Jun 1920 Sainteve, Edward LEIDENHEIMER, Eva Wottowa, Mathias HERMANN, Louise Wottowa, Rudolph & Frieda Sainteve
SALTZ, Johann William BLACH, Anna Catharina 19 Jan 1869 Saltz, Theodore BUESCH, Anna Blach, William DINSFEL, Elizabeth HERR, Martin & Eloisio EVERS Dispensation for  first grade lineage & third degree blood relationship
SANDHOLZER, Gebhard BURGER, Catharina 31 Jan 1859 Sandholzer, Joseph (Deceased) Not listed, Margaret Burger, Chrisostom Not listed, Catharina JUEN, Theodore & Joseph NASAHL
SANDMAIER, Louis HAEUSLER, Anna 21 Oct 1903 Sandmaier, George SCHNEIDER, Crescentia Haeusler, Caspar HANDSCHUH, Barbara FELLNER, Louis & Rosa ERHARDT
SANDMEYER, Joseph DRESEL, Maria 19 Oct 1904 Sandmeyer, Joseph HASSELBACHER, Barbara Dresel, Laurent FELLNER, Anna LINDENBERGER, Otto & Olivia Fellner
SANTEL, Herman Henry EILERING, Anna Maria 27 Jun 1847 SATEL, John Herman & Anna Catharina Santel
SATTEL, Joseph SCHMUTZ, Maria Anna 29 May 1866 Sattel, Martin BAUMANN, Elizabeth Schmutz, Michael BOESCH, Rosina WEIBEL, Martin & Johann Baumann
SATTLER, John WARMUTH, Josephina 29 May 1895 Sattler, Peter MESCH, Elizabeth Warmuth, Jacob FISCHER, Maria Barbara Warmuth, Francis & Lena PHELPS
SATURDAY, Carl Frederick DINGES, Gertrude 28 Oct 1879 Saturday, Michael HELLER, Christina Dinges, Carl MEIER, Catharina THIERAN, Julia & Joseph H. FISSIER
SAUER, Edward J. (Baptized 18 Jun 1904 at St. Luke) DANCK, Bertha Lauf (Baptized 1 Jun 1907 at cathedral) 5 Oct 1927 Sauer, Nicholas SMITH, Carolina LAUF, Jacob BAUER, Mary Lauf, Clemens & Virginia BELMAN
SAUER, Jacob CALLAGHAN, Maria 6 Feb 1868 Sauer, Johann Not listed, Catharina Callaghan, Henry JACKSON, Sarah ABBEG, Robert; Helena Abbeg; Berhard Sauer & Maria Elizabeth Not listed
SAUER, Nicholas ABEGG, Maria 12 Nov 1867 Sauer, Johann Not listed, Catharina Abegg, Andrew FAUST, Catharina Sauer, Jacob; Robert Abegg; Maria REIS & M. ZATCH
SAUER, Nicholas SCHMITT, Carolina 16 Nov 1892 Sauer, Jacob KELLEHAEN, Elizabeth Schmitt, Peter (Deceased) LOUIS, Emma Sauer, John; Maria Sauer; Philipp FIX & Louisa HIRTH
SAUERHAGE, Jacob CLASSEN, Francisca 8 Jun 1903 Sauerhage, Fred. FRISCH, Not listed Classen, Nicholas JEHLING, Not listed Classen, Frederick & Maria Sauerhage
SAUERLÄNDER (Sauerlaender), John Peter SCHÜRMAN (Schuerman), Maria Catharina 1 Nov 1858 Sauerlaender, John Not listed, Maria Catharina Schuerman, Joseph SAUERLANDER, Henry & Maria Catharina Sauerlander
SAUERWEIN, Roy (Baptized 14 Mar 1923 at cathedral) CHRISTMANN, Rosalia (Baptized 1903 at cathedral) 18 Jun 1923 Sauerwein, Conrad RUESTER, Eleonore Christmann, T. J. MEINERT, Catherine REIS, Marcus & Marie KLAUS
SAX, George HELFERICH, Catharina 25 May 1882 Sax, Nicholas MERKLER, Barbara Helferich, George REBLING, Louisa OPP, Louis & Catharina ZIMMERMANN
SAX, John H. (Baptized 5 Jul 1887 at Cathedral) HAUSMANN, Estella (Baptized 21 Jul [?] 1894 at Cathedral) 24 May 1916 Sax, George HELFRICH, Katherine Hausmann, Joseph Peter BERKEL, Anna  Hausmann, Edwin & Elizabeth Sax
SCHAAL, George (Non-Catholic) FLACH, Elizabeth 17 Sep 1885 Schaal, Philipp ROTH, Elizabeth Flach, Conrad NIEDER, Barbara SCHMIDT, John & Lizzie Schmidt
SCHAAL, Theodore (Born 14 Feb 1899 in Belleville) GROOM, Viola (Belleville 19 Aug 1899) 22 May 1920 Schaal, George FLACH, Elizabeth Groom, Samuel HAAS, Elizabeth BLEISCH, Theresa & Mrs. E. MORTON Revalidation.  Married in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHADER, Jacob IRLINGER, M. Anna 4 Sep 1855 Irlinger, Jacob & Peter FOHR
SCHADER, Philipp LOBSINGER, Maria 24 Jul 1866 Schader, Martin RUPP, Elizabeth Lobsinger, Anton FRIANG, Margaret SAAL, Peter & Joseph Lobsinger
SCHAEFER, Anthony (Baptized 4 Jul 1881 in Germany) FOHL, Anna (Baptized 16 Jan 1882 at cathedral) 22 Nov 1921 Schaefer, Lois BANGERT, Christine Fohl, Bernard DINGEL, Bertha Not listed, Joseph & Rose Fohl
SCHAEFER, Dominic ADAM, Margaret 19 Feb 1854 ZINSER, Urban & Jacob Adam
SCHAEFER, Francis ADAM, Maria 27 Jun 1857 Schaefer, Francis Not listed, Margaret Adam, Jacob Not listed, Bastin GROSS, Louis & Anton KRANKULAR
SCHAEFER, Frank H. (Baptized 3 Oct 1890 at cathedral) BUENTGEN, Margaret M. (Baptized 27 Aug 1890 at cathedral) 11 Oct 1916 Schaefer, John H. HOFFMANN, Mathilde Buentgen, Joseph FORSTER, Anthonia Schaefer, Law. & Marie WEIHRAUCH
SCHAEFER, Henry SCHABER, Magdalena 22 Feb 1868 Schaefer, William Schaber, Not listed RAMPENDAHL, William & Helena Schaefer
SCHAEFER, Henry (Born 9 Feb 1889; cathedral) MCCAULEY, Lenora (Born 8 Dec 1900) 16 Apr 1920 Schaefer, John HOFFMAN, Mathilda McCauley, William BENJAMIN, Edith Schaefer, John & Mathilda Hoffman
SCHAEFER, Joseph (Baptized 27 Aug 1908 at cathedral) SCHLUETER, Johanna (Baptized 5 Jul 1908 in Germantown) 6 Feb 1929 Schaefer, Joseph MERKLIN, Eva Schlueter, Herman SCHLARMAN, Lucy Schaefer, Charles & Veronica Schlueter
SCHAEFER, Nicholas WETZER, Margaret 25 Oct 1853 Wetzer, Jacob; John Wetzer & Dominic LOUIS
SCHAEFER, Peter (Baptized 23 Nov 1886) HOFFMANN, Bertha (Baptized 23 May 1888 in Belleville) 22 Jun 1910 Schaefer, John HOFFMANN, Mathilda Hoffmann, Frank BELL, Henrietta Schaefer, Henry & Emelia Hoffmann
SCHAEFER, Phillip KLEMM, Machtilda 22 Jun 1865 Schaefer, Laurent REITERMANN, Anna Maria ANDERSON, Samuel HENRICKS, Catharina HELFRICH, Nicholas & Eva Schaefer
SCHAEFER, Stephan MÜHLHERR (Muehlherr), Maria 10 Jan 1882 Schaefer, Laurent RENNER, Magdalena Muehlherr, Ehrhardt KILIAN, Elizabeth RASP, Joseph & Katharina Schaefer
SCHAEFER, William BOESCH, Wilhelmina 9 Feb 1882 Schaefer, Carl FREYER, Christina Boesch, Valentin REEB, Catharina Reeb, Nicolaus & Philipp Reeb Mixed religion marriage
SCHAEFFER, Herbert (Born 31 Jan 1905 & baptized Lutheran in Hoyleton, IL) FELDMANN, Agnes (Born 8 Apr & baptized 12 Apr 1903 at cathedral) 26 Nov 1931 Schaeffer, Henry MASCHOFF, Marie Feldmann, William LANM, Agnes Schaeffer, Melvin & Rose Feldmann
SCHAETH, Joseph GANZ, Theresa 6 Mar 1855 SPAETH, Faustin & Conrad WERNER Groom listed as SPAETH in right margin.
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Anton KENNEL, Elizabeth 12 Aug 1850 OURS, Victor & Josing Kennel
SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Dominic (Widower of Margaret born AD__) WITTICH, Anna Elizabeth (Protestant) 16 Jan 1860 Wittich, Henry MAR__, Anna KLEIN, Sebastian & Wilhelm SCHILLING
SCHAFFER, Martin KAUL, Catharina 11 Jan 1857 Kaul, George HARTMAN, George & Adam NEUNER
SCHALL, John PEI, Maria Anna 29 Jul 1857 Schall, Carl & Peter Pei
SCHALL, John LEI, Maria Anna 20 Oct 1857
SCHALLER, George HOLDENER, Magdalena 26 Apr 1864 Schaller, Johann Michael WAKERMANN, Elizabeth Holdener, Wendelin FESSLER, Anna Maria HOLDNER, Melchior; Joseph KOENIG & Anna Catharina Holdener
SCHALLER, Louis (Lutheran) WACHTEL, Anna 23 Feb 1879 Schaller, Louis BASCHE, Susanna FLACH, Adam OSTERMEYER, Maria Flach, Adam & Maria Flach
SCHANNEL, Carl SEILER, Magdalena 4 Feb 1873 Schannel, Anton PIEPER, Magdalena Seiler, Joseph ANDRES, Magdalena Schannel, Anton; Joseph VOELLINGER, Joseph; Francisca Seiler & Elizabeth SCHLERNITZAUER
SCHANNEL, Carl SEILER, Francisca __ Nov 1874 Schannel, Anton PIEPER, Anna Maria Seiler, Joseph ANDRES, Magdalena COW, Leo & Gabriel SAILER
SCHANNEL, Ewald (Baptized 26 Dec 1885 at cathedral) KRAEMER, Della (Not baptized) 12 Oct 1918 Schannel, Henry E. DEMMERLE, Elis. Kraemer, William FEIZER, Clara Schannel, Herbert & Lulu KOCH
SCHANNEL, Isadore (Baptized 9 Aug 1891 at St. Luke) SCHLOSSER, Angeline (Baptized16 Apr 1899 at cathedral) 28 Jun 1921 Schannel, John BEQUERET, Ida Schlosser, John RINCK, Catherine Schannel, Arthur & Margaret Schlosser
SCHANNEL, John BERTELSMANN, maria 12 Sep 1905 Schannel, Carl SEILER, Francis Bertelsmann, F. J. EVERSMANN, Anna Schannel, Theodore & Elizabeth Bertelsmann
SCHANNUEL, Servatin HENNINGER, A. M. Adelhaid 28 Apr 1851 Schannuel, Anton & Jacob MEISTER
SCHANUEL, Anton PIEPER, Maria Magdalena 16 Aug 1847 KOHN, Henry & Laurent Schanuel
SCHANUEL, Anton STOEKEL, Clara 4 Feb 1862 Schanuel, Conrad KNOEPLER, Anna Maria Stoekel, John HOLZHEIMER, Agnes Schanuel, Xavier & Valentin KISSEL
SCHANUEL, Anton (Widower) DEPENDENER, Anna Maria 12 Oct 1852 WAHL, Hubert & Jacob MUELLER
SCHARFENBACH, Frederick MARTIN, Margaret (Widow of Louis Martin) 15 Oct 1861 Scharfenbach, Conrad HOPPENHAUER, Anna Maria STAUDER, Johann KLANIG, Magdalena DEMERLE, Johann & Peter Stauder
SCHATT, Henry NEFF, Catharina 27 Jul 1852 DOLEB, Carl; Henry FERING & Leonard SPATH
SCHATZ, Michael GRUBER, Maria Anna (Widow of Laurent Gruber) 27 Apr 1869 Schatz, Thomas Not listed, Margaret WACHTER, Johann KEACH, Barbara BETZ, Michael & George BAUER
SCHAUERTE, Clement (Baptized 11 Jul 1896 in Murphysboro, IL) EHRET,Toleda (Baptized 11 Jul 1903 at cathedral) 20 Jun 1923 Schauerte, Martin OGE, Rose Ehret, Charles SCHMITTLING, Anna BRICHLER, Edmund & Rose Schauerte
SCHAUERTE, Martin (Baptized at St. Andrew in Murphysboro) RATHEIM, Marcella (Baptized 9 Oct 1904 at cathedral) 20 Oct 1926 Schauerte, Martin OGE, Rose Ratheim, Paul  KISSEL, Catherine BRICHLER, Raymond & Rose Schauerte
SCHEBE, Anton KLOECKLE, Regina 7 Mar 1855 SAAL, Peter & Michael WENDELIN
SCHEEL, Milton (Baptized 6 Mar 1898) CONDON, Elvira (Born 18 Aug 1902; baptized Methodist) 22 Jul 1920 Scheel, Edward ZAHN, Emma Condon, Thomas SCHUBERT, Mathilda Scheel, Balthasar & Georgiana FAUL
SCHEFFKNECHT, Anton CAPERSON, Helena 2 May 1893 Marriage ceremony to sanctify civil marriage.
SCHEFFKNECHT, Edward J. (Born 29 Feb 1900 & baptized 11 Mar 1900 at cathedral) HOEHN, Margaret S. (Born Aug 1904 & baptized at __ church) 18 Jun 1924 Scheffknecht, Joseph WOLKE, Margaret Hoehn, Peter WUEST, Louise DURFEE, Warren & Edna FINKLEIN
SCHEFFKNECHT, George KREITNER, Carolina 14 Apr 1885 Marriage to sanctify civil marriage
SCHEFFKNECHT, Louis WOLTER, Mechtilde 1 May 1893 Marriage ceremony to sanctify civil marriage.
SCHEIBEL, Joseph LECHLEITER, Balwina 27 Mar 1855 MEIDINGER, John; Alois ZETTEL & Barbara Meidinger
SCHELIEWISH, Victor (From East St. Louis) SERGIFF, Anna 11 May 1913 SZELIGIEWICZ, Louis CABOLZKA, Carolina Sergiff, William PELOIKER, Carolina SCHRENDER, John & l. J. DIETRICH
SCHELL, Anton BAUER, Margaret 17 Dec 1854 Bauer, Quirin & Crescentia NUERTSCH
SCHELLMANN, Johann ARNOLD, Aurelia 12 Apr 1865 Schellmann, Francis G. Not listed, Magdalena Arnold, George SLUPP, Magdalena Schellmann, Joseph & Joseph KOENIG
SCHELLMANN, Louis HEMMER, Isabella Maria 11 Jan 1882 Schellmann, Joseph SCHALLER, Katharina Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena GOFFRAY, Gustav & Louisa Schellmann
SCHELTCHEN, John VERLIN, Rosalia 4 Jan 1857 Scheltchen, John Not listed, Catharina Verlin, Joseph Not listed, Margaret KISSEL, Valentin & Antonia LOBSINGER
SCHEMEL, John SCHWARTZ, Anna 30 Jan 1853 PAGEL, John & John WELSCH
SCHENCK, Henry (Baptized 5 May 1886 at St. Boniface in Quincy, IL) HOFF, Olinda (Baptized 17 Feb 1892 in Fayetteville) 7 Oct 1913 Schenck, Henry HOLTGREVE, Elizabeth Hoff, Herman ROCHE, Emerentiana ROSS, Albert H. & Edna Hoff
SCHENKER, Joseph WETTLE, Elizabeth 22 May 1852 ANGERT, Philip & Martin OBERLE
SCHENZING, Frank (Born 31 Jan 1902 & baptized in New Athens) EHLERS, Emma (Born 16 Sep 1903 & baptized Lutheran 4 Oct 1903 in Campbell Hill, Jackson, IL) 6 Aug 1925 Schenzing, Frank HILL, Ada Ehlers, Claus BARTELS, Minnie SIEDLE, Alias & George MCNABB
SCHEPERS, Bernard (Widower) REEB, Catharina 9 May 1893 Schepers, John Herman NEHEYSTEN, Elizabeth Reeb, John PAUTZ, Margaret BOETTINGER, Adam & Elizabeth SCHELL
SCHER, Francis BUECHLER, Maria Magdalena 18 Aug 1896 Scher, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina Buechler, Albert KUNZ, Elizabeth Scher, Phil. & Julia Buechler
SCHER, George GUETTERMANN, Anna 5 May 1885 Scher, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina Guettermann, Adam SCHWARZ, Carolina Guettermann, Dom. & Emma Scher
SCHER, John SCHWARZTRAUBER, Emma 29 Jul 1891 Scher, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina Schwarztrauber, Jacob KLEIN, Margaret Schwarztrauber, Walter & Maria KISSEL
SCHERER, John Baptist LINDER, Maria Odilia 24 Feb 1852 GUHSSEN, Peter & Anna Maria HERMANN
SCHERER, Nicholas CHERMING, Elizabeth 23 Nov 1869 Scherer, Peter DARM, Margaret Cherming, Hiacynth GUNDLACH, Anna Maria Cherming, Nicholas, Catharina & Magdalena; Johann Scherer; Elizabeth Gundlach & Agnes MULLIGAN
SCHERKENBACH, August ACKERMANN, Barbara 26 Feb 1878 Scherkenbach, Wilhelm ALPERSCHEID, Elizabeth ECKRICH, Martin MAGIN, Maria Anna EPPELE, Hermann & Frid. Scherkenbach
SCHERLE, Frank (Baptized 15 May 1890 in Evansville, IL) LING, Mabel (Not baptized) 28 Oct 1919 Scherle, Henry WITHMER, Clara Ling, William S. THOMPSON, Dora SPREITLER, Henry & Anna HAMMEL
SCHERLE, Henry J. (Born 18 Oct 1899 & baptized in Evansville, IL) SIMPSON, Alice (Born 18 Nov 1901 [?] & baptized at St. Patrick in Ruma, IL) 3 Jun 1924 Scherle, Henry WITMER, Clara Simpson, Henry WHALEN, Elizabeth Scherle, Emiel & Margaret Simpson
SCHERMAING, Tasing GUNDLACH, Anna Maria Carolina 22 Aug 1843 URN, Nicolaus & John Gundlach
SCHERMING, Michael HUMMEL, M. Theresa (Widow) 19 Apr 1853 MIGNE, Hyacinth; Andrew NEHRING & John MARZ
SCHERMING, Peter KERN, Magdalena 12 May 1850 LOBSINGER, Anton & Peter HEMMER
SCHEURER, Alois SCHOENINGER, Rose 11 Oct 1885 Scheurer, Joseph BELKAM, Rosa Schoeninger, Francis Joseph HAEFNER, Rosalia HOFFMAN, Christian & Catharina BAUER
SCHEWE, Albert SEMRAN, Antonia 22 Jan 1894 Schewe, John KULTZ, Albertina Semran, Martin SCHMITT, Wilhelmina Semran, Anton & Anna Semran
SCHEWE, John (Baptized 2 Feb 1895 at Cathedral) HUBERT, May (Not Baptized) 5 Apr 1915 Schewe, Albert SEMRAN, Elis. Hubert, John KELMAR, Louise WEGNER, John & Anna Schewe
SCHICK, Michael DEMERLE, Margaret 29 Aug 1858 Schick, Francis Not listed, Maria A. Demerle, William Not listed, Catharina GERWER, John & William THIEL
SCHIERMIER, Walter (Baptized Lutheran 29  Dec 1899) PATTERSON, Irene (Baptized 16 Aug 1903 at St. Luke) 23 Sep 1921 Schiermier, Louis STEIN, Ida  Patterson, Walter EDELHARDT, Thecla A. Edelhardt, Thecla (Mom) & Helen WITTMEIER
SCHILB, John EDWARDS, Jeanetta (Baptized 11 Jun 1930 at cathedral) 12 Jun 1930 Edwards, George SWANER, Elizabeth Schilb, Catherine & Eva Schilb Revalidation marriage
SCHILLING, Charles (Baptized 18 Dec 1894 in Dahlgren, IL) THOM, Mathilda (Baptized 28 Mar 1900 in Germany) 9 Nov 1921 Schilling, Anthony BRANDT, Josephine Thom, Albert LENZ, Caroline Thom, Julius & Agnes Schilling
SCHILLING, Francis FIRNKES, Elizabeth 17 Apr 1906 Schilling, Nicholas BECKER, Anna Firnkes, August FLACH, Maria GRAF, Carl & Elizabeth Schilling
SCHILLING, Jacob SCHUMERT, Maria Magdalena 5 Jun 1866 Schilling, Michael MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Anna Schumert, Anton RABO, Catharina Rabo, Nicholas; Anton Schumert & Maria Johann Schumert
SCHILLING, Nicolaus BECKER, Anna Maria 9 May 1874 Schilling, Michael MULLER, Anna Maria Becker, Friederick KNAPP, Margaret ZIMMERMANN, Johann & Catharina Knapp
SCHILLING, Peter JUNG, Elisa 3 Nov 1870 Schilling, Michael MÜLLER (Mueller), Marianna Jung, John WERNER, Rosa Schilling, Niclaus & Margaret Schilling
SCHINDLER, George (Baptized 7 Dec 1885 in Belleville) AMANN, Clara (Baptized 3 Jan 1892 in O’Fallon) 24 Jan 1911 Schindler, Maurice REININGER, Catharina Amann, Joseph BUECHLE, Theresa Schindler, Anton & Maria Amann
SCHINZING, Bernard (Baptized 28 Dec 1898 in Manchester, MO) BRETSCH, Dora (Baptized Evangelical 18 Jun 1904) 22 Aug 1923 Schinzing, Frank HILL, Ada Bretsch, Fred KINN, Catherine SCHNELL, Fred & Louise DIETRICH
SCHLAEGER, Carl A. (Non-Catholic) ALLERY, Julia P. 7 Aug 1895 Schlaeger, Jacob CARL, Barbara Allery, John B. CHATILLION, Felicity FARMER, Octavia & Eva RENNER [Rev. Ferlaud from Cahokia is mentioned.]
SCHLEGEL, Carl RIUCK, Helena 18 Apr 1899 Schlegel, Anton HERRMANN, Barbara Riuck, Francis ROLLES, Angelica Schlegel, August & Margaret FRIE__
SCHLEGEL, William J. GANTNER, Elizabeth 24 Sep 1894 Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Barbara Gantner, Victor SATTLER, Carolina Sattler, John & Emma Schlegel
SCHLEICHER, James (Born 5 May 1904 in Belleville, IL  & not baptized) BOYER, Philomena (Baptized 21 Aug 1907 at St. Mary in Renault, IL) 23 Jan 1926 Schleicher, Fred SMITH, Sarah Boyer, Louis ZAGER, Susanna STUEMPLER, Henry & Leora Stuempler born Schleicher
SCHLERNITSAUR, Andreas CALMES, Maria 16 Dec 1849 BONART, John & George HESSERER
SCHLERNITZAUER, Joseph EIMER, Carolina 8 Oct 1867 Schlernitzauer, Claude WASSRAN, Barbara Eimer, Simon ANGERT, Maria Anna THIEL, William & Maria YAEGER
SCHLERNITZAUER, Joseph KLINGE, Dorothea 29 Mar 1875 Schlernitzauer, Joseph WASSERO, Catharina FLUCK, Salomon KÖHLER (Koehler), Catharina STOLZ, Carl & John Koehler
SCHLERNIZAUER, Joseph KLEIN, Francisca 10 Jan 1854 Schlernizauer, Joseph & Michael Klein
SCHLETZBAUM, Francis SCHAAD, Elizabeth Maria Teresa 30 Mar 1856 Schletzbaum, John Not listed, Anna Schaad, Melchior Not listed, Barbara GROSS, Jacob & Joseph BURGHART
SCHLETZBAUM, Francis SCHAAD, Elizabeth Maria Teresa 30 Mar 1856 Schletzbaum, John Not listed, Anna Schaad, Melchior Not listed, Barbara GROSS, Jacob & Joseph BURGHART Duplicate entry crossed out.
SCHLETZBAUM, John FRILL, Margaret 2 Mar 1858 Schletzbaum, John Not listed, Anna Frill, Joseph Not listed, Sabina WERNER, Nicholas & John POLSTER
SCHLICH, John KLOCK, Emilia 29 Apr 1890 Schlich, Joseph WETZEL, Margaret Klock, Nicholas BASTIAN, Theresa HERMANN, John & Catharina Schlich
SCHLICH, Joseph (Baptized 5 Oct 1889 in Okawville) STAUDER, Adela (Baptized 29 Jul 1892 in New Athens) 7 May 1913 Schlich, Henry HAGEN, Elis. Stauder, Julius MINOR, Maria Stauder, Frederick & Margaret WEISS
SCHLÖMER (Schloemer), Anton HARWICK, Maria 10 Dec 1850 KALMER, Mathias & N. MUELLER
SCHLOSSER, Edwin (Born 17 Apr 1897 & baptized at cathedral) PORTEN, Kathryn (Born 16 Nov 1874 & baptized at Pinckneyville, IL) 12 Oct 1920 Schlosser, John RINCK, Catherine Porten, Jos. LOUIS, Mary SCHANNEL, Isador & Angeline Schlosser [Bride’s birth year could be 1894.]
SCHLOSSER, George STRASSER, Maria 3 Apr 1857 Schlosser, Andrew Not listed, Ursula Strasser, Peter Not listed, Anna Maria SCHNIEDER, Andrew & Joseph GUKENMUS
SCHLOSSER, John RINK, Catharina 18 Apr 1893 Schlosser, Christian SPEISER, Maria RINCK, Francis ROLLES, Angelina Rinck, John & Magdalena Rink
SCHLUETER, Herman SCHLARMANN, Lucia 30 Jan 1908 Schlueter, Herman MUELLER, Maria Schlarmann, Theodore WELLING, Dorothea Schlueter, John & Mrs. John Schlueter
SCHMIDT, Al R. (Baptized 20 Jun 1904 at cathedral) BIESER, Phroso (Evangelical) 30 Mar 1929 Schmidt, Herman LAUF, Elizabeth Bieser, Ivan P. STOLL, Anna ECKARDT, Richard & Bertha Eckardt
SCHMIDT, Anton RÖDESHEIMER (Roedesheimer), Barbara 31 May 1881 Schmidt, Mathias STEIN, Barbara Roedesheimer, George BERTRAM, Anna Maria DIETRICH, George & Maria Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Bernard MEIDINGER, Emilia 28 Sep 1904 Schmidt, Francis LIBBERT, Gertrude Meidinger, John CROSS, Christina Meidinger, Adolf & Theresa Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Edward FAHNEKOPF, Elizabeth 27 Sep 1866 Schmidt, Christian KROP, Sophia Fahnekopf, Michael HOVAR, Annie Fahnekopf, Michael & John Kohnekopf
SCHMIDT, Francis BECKER, Magdalena 25 Nov 1880 Schmidt, John KIEHM, Catharina Becker, Jacob Not listed, Wilhelmina SCHUH, Nicholas & Lina KOCH
SCHMIDT, Fred (Baptized Presbyterian Jan 1901) WERKMEISTER, Myrth (Baptized 25 Feb 1907 at cathedral) 29 Mar 1924 Schmidt, Julius WEBER, Elizabeth Werkmeister, Frank KRIEG, Mary Schmidt, William & Iva Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Fred J. (Baptized 28 Aug 19__ at Holy Rosary in St. Louis) [Year overwritten] HERMAN, Hilda (Baptized 16 Mar 1904 at St. Luke) 29 Nov 1928 Schmidt, August KAUF, Catherine Herman, Gregor ESCHMAN, Margaret GRONECK, John & Emma GEIGER
SCHMIDT, Frederick (Non-Catholic) DREVES, Anna Ca__ 24 Feb 1892 Schmidt, Frederick KRATZ, Leonetta Dreves, Frederick GROTMAN, Florence HALE, Thomas & Theresa Dreves
SCHMIDT, George Conrad HEHMANN, Margaret 22 Nov 1868 Schmidt, Stephan Hehmann, Bernhard PATH, Catharina KEATIN, Johann & Anna MEISTER
SCHMIDT, Herman BOSCH, Elisa 2 May 1871 Schmidt, Joseph GROEDE, Christina Bosch, Michael UHLRICH, Joanna Schmidt, John; Henry PAPST; Amalia Bosch & Maria BAUMANN
SCHMIDT, Herman LANG, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1903 Schmidt, Herman BOSCH, Elizabeth Lang, Francis RENNER, Elizabeth Schmidt, Robert & Maria Lang
SCHMIDT, John SLAGER, Elizabeth (Widow of Peter Slager) 21 Oct 1866 Schmidt, Oswald SCHREIER, Dorothea BOUL, Not listed VEGEL, John & Michael Schoemacher
SCHMIDT, John (Baptized 26 Feb 1894 at cathedral) KLING, Ida (Baptized 23 Oct 1895 at cathedral) 8 Oct 1919 Schmidt, Joseph WANGLER, Martha Kling, Michael FRIES, Mary Mueller, Edwin & Cecilia Kling
SCHMIDT, Joseph (Baptized 24 Mar 1882 in Belleville) REEB, Cecilia (Baptized 18 Nov 1885 in Belleville) 20 Sep 1910 Schmidt, Anton ROEDERSHEIMER, Barbara Reeb, Philipp FRIESZ, Margaret Reeb, Frederick
SCHMIDT, Matthias (Baptized 21 Mar 1886 in Belleville) HAUBRICH, Olinda (Baptized 20 Jul 1891 in Belleville) 23 Nov 1910 Schmidt, Joseph WANGLER, Martha Haubrich, Nicholas HEISER, Catherina Schmidt, Joseph BREIDENBACH, Cecilia
SCHMIDT, Nicholas HAMMER, Elizabeth 12 Jul 1881 Schmidt, Carl Anton Joseph KREIBE, Christina Hammer, Andrew ZELLER, Barbara WITTAUER, Christian & Margaret (Mollie) TISCH
SCHMIDT, Robert SCHELLMANN, Carolina 3 Nov 1874 Schmidt, August PFAFF, Louisa Schellmann, Joseph SCHALLER, Catharina STOELZLE, John; Eugene Schellmann; Bertha Schellmann & Louisa Schmidt
SCHMIDT, Theodore HEINRICH, Maria Meta Henrietta (New convert) 14 Apr 1887 Schmidt, Benjamin Not listed, Maria Magdalena (From Pittsburg, PA St. Joseph Church) Heinrich, Oscar LANG, Joanna Schmidt, Will. A.; Emil DORN & Jos. THIES [This entry appears twice.  Second version has bride as Meta Henrietta Maria.]
SCHMIDT, Theodore HEINRICH, Meta Henrietta Maria (New convert) 14 Apr 1887 Schmidt, Benjamin Mot listed, Maria Magdalena (From Pittsburg, PA St. Joseph Church) Heinrich, Oscar LANG, Joanna Schmidt, Will. A.; Emil DORN & Jos. FRIES [This is a duplicate entry with small differences]
SCHMIDT, Thomas MATHEWS, Elizabeth 31 Dec 1875 Schmidt, Thomas TOBIN, Helena Mathews, William STOUT, Jacob & Rosa HONER
SCHMIDT, William HAUPT, Eva 31 May 1870 Haupt, Peter & Maria STEINBRECHER
SCHMIEDLING, Nicholas LOUIS, Maria Josephina 24 Nov 1868 Schmiedling, Johann HORNBECK, Maria Anna KLOT, Eugene Louis, Joseph August; Eugenia Louis; Joseph Schmiedling; Dominic FROMANG & Louisa CHRISTNER Bride was adopted by Joseph Louis
SCHMIEDT, Jacob MATHIES, Catharina (Widow) 15 Nov 1844 SPIEL, John & Andreas MEYER
SCHMIERBACH, Valentin GRUBER, Bridget 23 Jun 1874 Schmierbach, George METZ, Margaret Elizabeth Gruber, Laurent WACHTER, Barbara Schmierbach, Peter & Elisa ZAHN
SCHMISSEUR, John Nicholas LOUIS, M. Anna (Widow) 16 Aug 1853 HELMICH, H. & John ANGERT
SCHMISSEUR, Joseph (Baptized 29 Mar 1887 at St. Luke’s in Belleville) ZOGG, Lena (Baptized 16 Feb 1888 at cathedral) 25 Sep 1917 Schmisseur, Louis REBHAN, Amilia Zogg, Robert ABEGG, Lena ISCH, Xavier & Clara Zagg
SCHMITLING, Joseph FROMENT, Magdalena 23 Feb 1857 Schmitling, John Peter Not listed, Maria A. Froment, Nicholas Not listed, Maria A. WISROCK, Nicholas & Michael LOBSINGER
SCHMITLING, Joseph HEID, Agatha 10 Jun 1867 Schmitling, Peter HORNBECK, Maria Anna Heid, Anton KALKBRENNER, Elizabeth GRONS, Louisa & Carl KOENS
SCHMITT, Andrew HUGER, Elizabeth 26 Feb 1854 LEONARD, Nicholas & Joseph Schmitt
SCHMITT, John (Widower) OCHS, Margaret (Widow) 19 Nov 1846 LOHTTEL [?], John & Thomas HERMANMULLS [?] [Out of order. Month could be Dec.]
SCHMITT, Louis HAEUSSLER, Catharina 23 Aug 1853 VOELTI, George Christophor & Joseph SCHINTLER
SCHMITT, Louis ROESCH, Catharina 3 Apr 1894 Schmitt, Joseph MEYER, Christina Roesch, Philipp WEIGAND, Maria Roesch, William & Augusta Weigand
SCHMITT, Mathias STEINER, Barbara 8 Dec 1852 FIEGEL, John & Sebastian KIRCHBERGER
SCHMITTLING, Anton MARTIN, Theresa 24 Dec 1890 Schmittling, Joseph HEITH, Agatha Martin, Anton BUSCH, Anna Maria MOHR, William & Maria CHRISTMANN
SCHMITTLING, August BEEVER, Edna (Non-Catholic) 11 Nov 1903 Schmittling, Nicholas Beever, Ephraim LITTLE, Rebecca EHRET, Anna & Catharina DIEKER
SCHMITTLING, Edwin (Baptized 4 Nov 1892 non-Catholic in Belleville) TRAVIS, Pearl (Baptized 12 Feb 1891 at Cathedral) 11 Apr 1912 Schmittling, Anthony MARTIN, Theresa Travis, William WERNER, Emma Schmittling, Joseph & Josie Travis [Believe Baptism information is switched.  Schmittling, Edwin Baptized in Feb 1891 at Cathedral]
SCHMITTLING, Frank (Baptized 22 Jul 1895 at cathedral) REISBICH, Magdalena (Baptized 1 Mar 1898 at cathedral) 13 Dec 1916 Schmittling, Anthony MARTIN, Theresa Reisbich, Herman FICKINGER, Margaret BEDEL, Myra & Josie DIETRICH
SCHMITTLING, Henry DAHLMANN, Wilhelmina 19 Sep 1911 Schmittling, Nicholas FRANZEN, Catherina Dahlmann, Herman SPRINGOT, Agnes Dahlmann, William & Paulina Dahlmann
SCHMITTLING, Joseph KELLER, Wilhelmina (Protestant) 10 Oct 1889 Schmittling, Joseph HEITH, Agnes Keller, John KLOS, Jacobina Schmittling, Eugen & Maria FIX
SCHMITTLING, Joseph A. (Baptized 1 Apr 1893 at cathedral) ESCHENFELDER, Agnes M. (Baptized 2 Feb 1893 at cathedral) 25 Oct 1916 Schmittling, Anthony MARTIN, Theresa Eschenfelder, Theobald VOTTMANN, Philomena Schmittling, Frank & Mamie Eschenfelder
SCHMITTLING, Nicolaus BRUCK, Katharina 29 Oct 1883 RENNER, Jacob & Carl KUENZ
SCHMITTLING, William (Baptized 21 Nov 1904 at cathedral) BRUCH, Agnes (Baptized 22 Feb 1906 at cathedral) 18 Feb 1925 Schmittling, Anton MARTIN, Theresa Bruch, Conrad BOSSLER, Mary Schmittling, Fred & Florence Bruch
SCHMITTNER, Andreas JAHN, Anna 17 Jan 1848 PLATHE, Herman & Barbara HOLZENKOPH
SCHMITZ, William (Baptized 9 Oct 1887 at St. Libory, IL) FAUKE, Elizabeth (Baptized 9 Jun 1891 in Fayetteville, IL) 5 Aug 1914 Schmitz, George KOELLER, Elizabeth Fauke, Henry RUTENFRANZ, Maria BEELMANN, Caspar & Maria Schmitz
SCHMUTZ, Herman DIERBACH, Maria 30 May 1865 Schmutz, Michael Dierbach, Johann BAUMANN, Regina SCHLEGEL, Anton & Laurent Baumann
SCHN___, Sebastian (Widower of Anna Maria FUESS) KUEF___, Francisca 28 Jan 1861
SCHNEIDER, Alexander FUGGER, Gertrude 6 Apr 1880 Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria Anna Fugger, Joseph ECKERT, Catharina EISELE, Maria & Joseph MOSER
SCHNEIDER, Benjamin EBERHARD, Josephina 26 May 1886 Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria Anna Eberhard, Sebastian Not listed, Catharina
SCHNEIDER, Bernard GAUSMANN, Louisa 25 Jun 1901 Schneider, Laurent FUGER, Maria Gausmann, Henry PFEIFFER, Francisca Gausmann, John & Rosa Schneider
SCHNEIDER, Charles BIEBEL, Agnes 24 Nov 1850 Biebel, John
SCHNEIDER, Dominic FOHL, Clara 30 Oct 1895 Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria Anna Fohl, John STAMMER, Maria FINKLEIN, Laurent & Elizabeth HURST
SCHNEIDER, Emil HERR, Elizabeth 17 Nov 1874 Schneider, Carl BIEBEL, Agnes Herr, Philipp SCHLERNITZAUER, Christina GUNDLACH, Jacob & Wilhelmina Herr
SCHNEIDER, Erhard MAYER, Margaret 15 Nov 1892 Schneider, Guendelin SCHWARZ, Catharina Mayer, Anton KLAPP, Elizabeth GRIPP, Joseph & Maria Mayer
SCHNEIDER, Joseph JANSSEN, Louisa 12 May 1868 Schneider, Wendelin SCHWARTZ, Catharina Janssen, Gerhard FILIER, Hendrina Janssen, Henry & Elizabeth SCHOENSTEIN
SCHNEIDER, Joseph ZING, Josephina 19 Oct 1875 Schneider, Wendelin SCHWARZ, Catharina Zing, John MEDER, Magdalena HUSS, Francis & Elizabeth MOHR
SCHNEIDER, Laurent ZELLER, Maria Anna 12 Nov 1848 WETZER, Jacob & Jacob MEYER
SCHNEIDER, Laurent John FUGGER, Maria Anna 9 May 1876 Schneider, John Laurent ZELLER, Maria Anna Fugger, Joseph ECKERT, Catharina FOHL, Peter & Andrew Fugger
SCHNEIDER, Lawrence (Baptized 10 Feb 1901 at cathedral) SNOW, Gladys (Baptized 20 Aug 1903 at cathedral) 10 Jul 1923 Schneider, Anton MUELLER, Catherine Snow, William HERTLING, Mathilda MEYER, Le Roy & Viola Snow
SCHNEIDER, Leon BACHER, Josephina 25 Nov 1880 Schneider, Francis BIESER, Maria Eva Bacher, Joseph HAWERDE, Maria BUX, Laurent & Lena EICHHOLZ
SCHNEIDER, Martin BLEISCH, Regina 28 Jul 1861 Schneider, Martin ERB, Theresa Bleisch, Francis Not listed, Agnes SCHERMING, Dominic & Michael WESTRICH
SCHNEIDER, Peter KRAPP, Paula 19 Jun 1853 INGLERT, Adam & Philip Schneider
SCHNEIDER, Peter BUENTGEN, Catharina 17 Aug 1909 Schneider, Frederick SCHMIDT, Maria Buentgen, Joseph FOERSTER, Antonia SCHOBERT, Oscar & Margaret Buentgen
SCHNEIDER, Philipp LIPPERT, Eva 4 Jul 1852 KEHRER, John; Gabriel BERG & Adam Kehrer
SCHNEIDERJANS, Joseph H. (Baptized 10 Jan 1903 in St. Libory, IL) NEUNER, Marie (Baptized 14 Mar 1905 at cathedral) 21 Jun 1927 Schneiderjans, Henry RAKER, Mary Neuner, John KLIN, Emma GENTRY, Henry & Dorothy HOPP
SCHNELL, Francis (Baptized 12 Apr 1892 in Colgate, OK) CROCKER, Sudie Maria (Baptized 18 Jun 1912 at Cathedral – new convert) 19 Jun 1912 Schnell, Fred FREUND, Helena Crocker, Joseph PHILLIP, Rosa Crocker, J. & Lena Schnell
SCHNELLE, William F. C. HARDING, Theresa 23 Jul 1884 Schnelle, William Friederich SPAAR, Elizabeth Harding, Benjamin GARDENER, Francisca Catharina MAUS, George & Henry Maus
SCHNIERS, Francis JUNG, Philippina 28 Jan 1902 Schniers, Herman HOLTMANN, Anna Jung, William HOFFMANN, Theresa Schniers, John; Anna Jung; Carl Jung & Catharina Schniers
SCHÖBEL (Schoebel), John STROHMANN, Maria 25 Dec 1849 OPP, Jacob & Michael RAO
SCHOBERT, Henry (baptized 8 Apr 1895 at cathedral) SEIPP, Catherine (Baptized 1 Jun 1897 in O’Fallon) 8 Jan 1920 Schobert, George BUETTNER, Catherine Seipp, Henry HILDEBRAND, Catherine LOHMAN, Henry & Mary KLUCKER
SCHOBERT, John (From O’Fallon) KERN, Louisa 7 Feb 1893 Schobert, John ZAHN, Cunigunda Kern, John KURZ, Francisca Schobert, Adam; Livia FOSTER; George NEUNER & Francisca Schobert
SCHOBERT, Nicholas (Born 19 Dec 1898 & baptized at cathedral) KUMMERICH, Georgina (Born 4 May 1902 & baptized Evangelical at St. Paul) 5 May 1924 Schobert, George Not listed, Julia Kummerich, Edward WEIS, Lilly MUELLER, Joseph & Clara HEUZEL Revalidation marriage
SCHOBERT, Oscar (Baptized 8 Nov 1887 in O’Fallon) SCHEIBEL, Clementina (Baptized 16 Jul 1887 in O’Fallon) 14 Sep 1910 Schobert, George SORUB, Elizabeth Scheibel, Maurice VOLZ, Emiliana Schobert, George & Anna Scheibel
SCHOBERT, Theodore K. (Baptized 24 Jul 1891 at cathedral) GABEL, Frieda (Baptized 5 Apr 1898 non-Catholic) 30 Oct 1916 Schobert, John PFEIFER, Wilhelmina Gabel, Henry GERMANN, Sophie Schobert, Joseph & Mary Gabel
SCHOEN, John (Baptized 11 Apr 1900 at Cathedral) SCHOENSTEIN, Adela (Baptized 21 Jan 1889 at Cathedral) 7 Aug 1912 Schoen, Michael PFEIFER, Barbara Schoenstein, Phil. MOTT, Maria
SCHOEN, Michael OBERGRIESSER, Barbara 14 Oct 1884 Schoen, Michael LINDN__, Maria Anna Obergriesser, Jacob PFEIFFER, Maria Pfeiffer, Henry & Teresa Pfieffer
SCHOEN, Michael LANG, Maria 20 Jun 1908 Schoen, Michael PFEIFER, Barbara Lang, Francis RENNER, Elizabeth Schoen, Michael & Anna JACOBS
SCHOENBORN, Francis FALTUS, Emma 18 Oct 1900 Schoenborn, Peter FLORI, Elizabeth Faltus, F. J. Not listed, Elizabeth BAEHM, Michael & Amanda Faltus
SCHOENBORN, John (Baptized 8 Apr 1887 in Paderborn) LETTER, Hilda (Baptized 23 Jul 1888 at Cathedral) 25 Aug 1912 Schoenborn, Frederick BREBEL, Margaret Letter, William TROST, Amalia Schoenborn, William & Catherine VOEGTLE
SCHOENBORN, Louis WERKMEISTER, Anna 27 Apr 1898 Schoenborn, Louis MARXER, Catharina Werkmeister, Henry BECHTOLD, Catharina Schoenborn, Joseph & Anna Werkmeister
SCHOENBORN, Nicholas MADER, Veronica 16 Oct 1906 Schoenborn, Peter KNAPP, Margaret Mader, Dominic KLEIN, Margaret Mader, Alfred & Anna Mader
SCHOENHOFEN, Peter (Baptized 18 Nov 1887 in Zemmer C.Trier) FUHRMANN, Wilhelmina (Baptized 19 Mar 1888 in Belleville) 7 Sep 1910 Schoenhofen, John COURAR, Susanna Fuhrmann, Dominic EISELE, Margaret Fuhrmann, Edward & Olga DENGLER
SCHOENHOFEN, William MINOR, Adela 15 Oct 1902 Schoenhofen, Mathias COURAR, Elizabeth Minor, Alonzo KEHRER, Maria Minor, Joseph & Anna BLASS
SCHOENHOFEN, William (Baptized 4 Nov 1877 in Zenner, Germany) FAUKE, A. Emilia (Baptized 30 Jan 1886 in Fayetteville, IL) 19 Jun 1916 SCHÖNHOFEN (Schoenhofen), Mathias COURAR, Elizabeth Fauke, Henry TRUTENFRANZ, Mary BEDEL, Myra & Josephine DIETRICH
SCHOENLEIN, Vincent FISCHER, Marianna 2 Jan 1853 DOLIG, Carl & Sebastian Fischer
SCHOENSTEIN, Philipp MATT, Maria 28 Aug 1883 Schoenstein, Xavier THILL, Maria Matt, William BIECHLE, Maria SCHLEGEL, A. & Philipp KETTERER
SCHOFRA, Nicholas RENO, Margaret 2 Apr 1861 Schofra, Joseph HEMMER, Maria Reno, Martin RIRICH, Catharina Schofra, Joseph & Catharina Reno Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
SCHONDER, Adolph KAESBERG, Paulina (Non-Catholic) 24 Nov 1909 Schonder, John OESTERLE, Anna Kaesberg, Adolph DINGES, Maria Kaesberg, Francis & Catherina Oesterle
SCHONDER, John OESTERLE, Anna 13 Jan 1880 Schonder, Conrad SCHICK, Margaret Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret STARK, Francis & Lucia Oesterle
SCHOPP, Henry (Non-Catholic) SCHWARZENBACH, Magdalena 15 Nov 1893 Schopp, John EHRET, Catharina Schwarzenbach, Frederick STAUDER, Margaret Schopp, Julius& Maria Schwarzenbach
SCHOPP, Henry (Non-Catholic; widower) WEIHAUPT, Louisa 7 Jan 1904 Schopp, John EHRET, Catharina Weihaupt, Hieronymus AMSTUTZ, Charlotte STOLZE, Albert & Alna Weihaupt
SCHOTT, Adolph (Baptized Methodist in Belleville) CHRISTMAN, Esther (Baptized 2 Feb 1908 at cathedral) 5 Jan 1927 Schott, Edward F. HUG, Bertha Christman, Victor WEISS, Lulu FELDMANN, J. M. & Eva SCHILB
SCHOTT, Carl STEHLING, Paulina 27 Apr 1864 Schott, Carl KAESLING, Johanna Stehling, Andrew GRAUS, Catharina HOHNAR, Maurice & Elizabeth PFISTER Validation of civil marriage in St. Louis
SCHRECK, Simon DINTZLER, Francisca 8 Mar 1859 Schreck, Mathias Not listed, Francisca Dintzer, Francis Not listed, Eva STAUDER, Wendelin & Joseph Schreck
SCHRODI, John BUX, Christina 30 Jan 1855 KAUP, Kaspar; Joseph Bux & Joseph FELINGER
SCHRODT, Bernard SUMPER, Christina 24 Apr 1850 ROSEMANN, Joseph & Theresa RAUMING
SCHROEDER, Albert (Baptized 29 May 1898 Evangelical in Glen Carbon, IL) KROTZ, Christine (Baptized 4 Jan 1902 at St. Mary in Edwardsville) 15 Jun 1921 Schroeder, Christ F. KASTILER, Anna Krotz, Paul SCHLEMER, Florence MEYER, Joseph & Mildred Schroeder
SCHROEDER, John GUITERMANN, Margaret 27 Feb 1851 Guitermann, George Michael & John SCHMITT
SCHUBERT, Orvil (Baptized 1923 at cathedral) ZULAUF, Marie (Baptized 14 Aug 1900 at cathedral) 17 Oct 1923 Schubert, Louis PERROTTET, Sophie Zulauf, John HERMANN, Rose WOTTOWA, John & Margaret Zulauf
SCHUCK, F. Caspar (Widower) MUHL, Catharina 2 May 1854 WELSCH, Frederick & George GLANIG
SCHUESSLER, Walter STAUDER, Adela 11 Feb 1908 Schuessler, Nicholas NERING, Maria Stauder, Peter SCHMIDT, Catherina Schuessler, Herman & Maria MATHEWS
SCHUETZ, Adam PFANNEBECKER, Lina (Non-Catholic) 16 Apr 1906 Schuetz, John MAURER, Maria Pfannebecker, William SCHNEIDER, Henrietta WILSCHEID, Martin & Anna Schuetz
SCHUETZ, Martin MARTIN, Barbara 24 Feb 1866 Schuetz, Stephan LANGHEUSER, Margaret Martin, Bernhard SCHUELTZ, Catharina Ursula Martin, Martin & Adrian Martin Married 10 years prior in civil ceremony.  Dispensation for second degree blood relationship.
SCHUETZ, Peter Bernard VOELKER, Emilia L. (Non-Catholic) 12 Feb 1895 Schuetz, George GONDOLF, Margaret VOELKEL, Carl BERTELOCH, Anna Berteloch, John & Bertha Voelker
SCHUHMACHER, Michael SPINDLER, Maria 10 Mar 1863 Schuhmacher, Haspar FEIT, Helena Spindler, Not listed CISELE, Johann & Johann VIEGEL
SCHULTE, William M. A. (Baptized 7 Jul 1895 at St. Joseph in St. Louis) REEB, Estella M. (Baptized 29 Jan 1900 at cathedral) 22 Apr 1925 Schulte, August BOEHS, Anna Reeb, William HERR, Margaret GRUENEWALD, Ralph & Pauline Reeb
SCHULZ, August GLAUBER, Maria K. 1 Jul 1886 Schulz, Michael GEBHARD, Augusta Glauber, John L. FOSSELMAN, Maria C. MEYER, Frederich & Emilia KLOCK
SCHULZ, Carl Joseph WOLF, Carolina 10 Feb 1885 Schulz, Bern. NEUENDORF, Maria Carolina Wolf, Jacob MILLER, Philomena WEIS, Peter A.; Mag. ADAM; John SAAL & Maria COUR__
SCHULZ, Francis Michael HOFFART, Augusta 3 Nov 1864 Schulz, Carl BREUNIG, Margaret Hoffart, Joseph KASTNER, Maria Eva SCHRANT, Joseph & George BRUCHER
SCHUMACHER, Francis LOYER, Rosalia 19 Aug 1903 Schumacher, Oswald Not listed,  Johanna Loyer, George Not listed, Rosalia KRAUS, Max & Nellie MCGLENN
SCHUMERT, Anton PULSING, Maria Catharina 12 Sep 1844 MEYER, Andreas & Friederick BAUMANN
SCHUMERT, Arthur (Baptized 1898 at cathedral) MCILWAIN, Ruby (Protestant) 3 Jul 1919 Schumert, Val. KELLER, Rosa McIlwain, Louis SEELY, Della Schumert, John & Lorella ACKER
SCHUMERT, George SCHROEDER, Maria (Non-Catholic) 29 May 1888 Schumert, Anton PEL___, Anna Maria Schroeder, Godfried HARTMANN, Louisa WEISS, John Val. & George Schumert
SCHUMERT, John (Baptized 8 Jul 1897 at cathedral) ACHER, Lorella (Baptized Evangelical; 24y) 30 Oct 1919 Schumert, Val. KELLER, Rose Acher, Charles BODMAN, Clara Schumert, Fred & Edna Bodman
SCHUMERT, Valentin LOBSINGER, Louisa _9 Nov 1875 Schumert, Anton PILSER, M. Catharina Lobsinger, Michael FRIANT, Margaret Schumert, George & Gertrude DINGES
SCHÜRGER (Schuerger), George BUEGLER, Crescentia 26 Jul 1855 Schuerger, George; Anton SPRINTZ & Maria SPRINZ
SCHUSTER, Fred C. (Baptized Protestant 23 Oct 1886) HOFF, Edna (baptized 23 Apr 1894 in Fayetteville) 26 Nov 1914 Schuster, Fred PETRI, Louise Hoff, Herman ROCHE, Emma Schuster, William & Ella Hoff
SCHUTZ, George SCHUBERT, August 16 Nov 1875 SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), George GUNDOLF, Margaret Schubert, Bernard GANS, Margaret SCHUETZ, Thomas & Adela WANGELIN
SCHWAEGEL, Adolph (Baptized 8 Nov 1888 in Smithton, IL) FELLNER, Barbara (baptized 14 Apr 1897 at cathedral) 12 Jun 1918 Schwaegel, Jacob MUNIE, Louise Fellner, George LOSHORN, Anna Schwaegel, Otto & Cecilia BRIELMAIN
SCHWAEGEL, Emil (Baptized at St. Peter Cathedral) MEYER, Christina (Protestant – Belleville) 15 Aug 1911 Unknown, Peter Schwaegel, Barbara Meyer, Adam BIEBER, Christine BAECHLE, Eugene & Gertrude BERTELSMANN
SCHWAEGEL, Joseph (Baptized29 Sep 1886 in Smithton) FELLNER, Anna (Baptized 4 Mar 1887 at Cathedral) 11 Nov 1911 Schwaegel, Jacob MUNIER, Louisa Fellner, George LOOCHORN, Anna Schwaegel, Adolph & Adela THOMA
SCHWAEGEL, Otto (Baptized 13 Jul 1891 in Smithton) HUSCHLE, Magdalena (Baptized 27 Feb 1896 at cathedral) 14 Oct 1919 Schwaegel, James MUNIER, Louise Huschle, August WOLSCHOCK, Theresa DAMMRICH, Clarence & Eleanora Schwaegel
SCHWAKE, Oscar (Baptized Christian 21 Aug 1906) CAMPBELL, Ruby (Baptized 13 Jun 1902 at Mt. Vernon, IL) 28 Jun 1927 Schwake, Oscar THIRY, Louise Campbell, William YOUNG, Minnie KOENIG, L. & M. Koenig
SCHWARTZ, August KURTZ, Anna 9 Nov 1879 Schwartz, Anton SUDDE, Barbara Kurtz, Jacob PABST, Catharina Kurtz, Julia & Nicholas AMMEL
SCHWARTZ, Felix BRAUN, Margaret 9 Apr 1874 SCHWARZ, Anton SUTTER, Barbara Braun, John VONDERHEID, Elizabeth Schwarz, August & Joanna Schwarz
SCHWARTZ, Francis PLEISCH, Maria 1 Jul 1861 Schwartz, John MOHR, Maria Pleisch, Francis Not listed, Agnes FRICK, John & L. HEUSER
SCHWARTZ, Henry MEYER, Josephina 6 Oct 1867 Schwartz, Johann Jacob RASZSENBERGER, Rosina Meyer, Joseph SCHERRICH, Margaret REMPF, Michael & Louis GLOES
SCHWARTZ, Joseph ZINK, Magdalena 18 Apr 1865 Schwartz, August SUTTERER, Barbara Zink, Joseph Schwartz, Anton & Josephina Zink
SCHWARTZTRAUBE, Jacob (Protestant) KLEIN, Margaret 6 Apr 1863 Schwartztraube, Nicholas FERKEL, Barbara Klein, Nicholas Klein, Nicholas & Jacob ALIN
SCHWARZ, Joseph (From Black Jack) MILLER, Mathilda 3 May 1898 Schwarz, Philipp MERSINGER, Barbara Miller, Joseph AMMEL, Eva (Deceased) Miller, Luetta; Henry GRONE; Estella Miller; Valentin Mersinger; Philipp Mersinger & Maria BECHLER
SCHWARZ, Walter  ZAHN, Margaret (Baptized 27 Nov 1903 at cathedral) 2 May 1923 Schwarz, Henry ZINK, Kate Zahn, Fred FUCHS, Mary STAUDER, Arthur & Mary Fuchs
SCHWARZTRAUBER, Henry MARTIN, Barbara 11 Mar 1884 Schwarztrauber, Henry BUB, Dorothea (From Bavaria) Martin, Adrian HOFFEN, Elizabeth PLAUWITZ, Gustav & Maria Martin  
SCHWARZWELLER, John FAULSTICH, Magdalena 8 Sep 1891 Schwarzweller, Jacob SELL, Catharina (From St. Louis) Faulstich, Wendelin RENNER, Magdalena HERTLEIN, George & Louise Faulstich
SCHWEBEL, John KNAPP, Anna Barbara 25 Dec 1860 Schwebel, Henry ___, Margaret Knapp, Jacob ___, Barbara MAGNET, Christoff & Philipp HIRT
SCHWEGMANN, Herman SCHAFF, Anna 12 Nov 1870 STUPH, Louis & Elizabeth HETTELEIN
SCHWEIKART, Anton THOMAS, Catharina 2 Aug 1852 Schweikart, Joseph & Joseph HERBEIN
SCHWEIKERT, Edward (Born 13 Dec 1901 & baptized at St. Paul’s) TRUTTMANN, Matthilda (Baptized 31 May 1902 in Hecker, IL) 2 Jun 1926 Schweikert, John GRIEBEL, Emelia Truttmann, Louis HELFRICH, Catherine RIDER, Eugene & Regina STRASSBAUGH
SCHWEINFURTH, Othmar (Baptized Evangelical in Smithton, IL) STEHLICH, Aurelia (Baptized Sep 1908 at cathedral) 9 Oct 1929 Schweinfurth, Henry FAISTLE, Elizabeth Stehlich, Frank THOM, Mathilda Stehlick, Lee & Iona Schweinfurth
SCHWELLENSATTLE, John (Baptized 1920 at cathedral) GAUSEPHOL, Rosa (Baptized in Bartelso, IL) 29 Jun 1921 Schwellensattle, Louis LACHNER, Elizabeth Gausephol, Peter LAMMERS, Theresa BUTZ, Henry & Frances Gausephol
SCHWEMMER, Leo James (Born 2 Jul 1895; baptized in Holy Trinity in St. Louis, MO) SCHANNEL, Maxilinda (Born 16 Feb 1893; baptized at cathedral) 24 Jun 1920 Schwemmer, Ignatius PREIS, Mary Schannel, Henry DEMMERLE, Elizabeth SCHMITT, Peter & Adelaide STENGER
SCNEIDER, Arnold (Non-Catholic) SCHUETZ, Barbara Theresa (Baptized 28 Aug 1892 in Belleville) 24 Nov 1910 SCHNEIDER, Joseph ARNOLD, Magdalena Schuetz, John MAURER, Maria OVERBAUER, William & Anna Schuetz
SECKINGER, August LIEDEN, Carolina 21 Sep 1851 SIEBERT, Alois & John BAUER
SEGER, Edwin (Baptized 1 Sep 1891 in Trenton, IL) REEB, Edna (Baptized 20 Apr 1899 at cathedral) 31 Oct 1918 Seger, Anton ESTERPREIS, Sophie Reeb, Conrad WEBER, Carrie FISCHER, William & Laura Reeb
SEGMEIER, Francis BERTELSMANN, Clara Maria 4 Feb 1873 Segemeier, Ernest HAGEMANN, Magdalena Bertelsmann, Henry HAMM, Gertrude Segemeier, Theodore; John Bertelsmann; Elizabeth Segemeier & Maria Bertelsmann
SEHLINGER, William (Baptized 2 Apr 1894 at St. Luke in Belleville) MEYER, Catherine (Baptized 9 Nov 1899 in Smithton) 9 Jun 1920 Sehlinger, Tony KREFELKAMP, Paulina Meyer, William SCHOEBORN, Elizabeth Meyer, John & Aurelia Sehlinger
SEHR, James (Born 24 Feb 1902 & baptized at cathedral) MANK, Adela (Baptized 14 Jun 1904 at cathedral) 18 May 1926 Sehr, Herman FUSSNER, Josephine Mank, Nic. SPAETH, Lena Sehr, Joseph & Loretta Mank
SEIB, William (New Convert) FUCHS, Elisabeth 23 Sep 1896 Seib, Adam BRUMM, Catharina Fuchs, Louis ULRICH, Elizabeth STOLZ, Joseph & Sophia Seib
SEIBERT, Anton NEBO, Catharina 22 Apr 1855 ST. EVE, John & John Seibert
SEIBERT, Otto (Born 15 Jun 1901 in New Baden, IL) DIETRICH, Minnie (Baptized 23 Mar 1903 in New Madrid, MO) 5 Jul 1926 Seibert, Louis GUTREIN, Catherine Dietrich, Edward GERMAIN, Sarah LETTER, Edward & Kate Seibert
SEIBERT, Stephen (Baptized 19 Aug 1889 in DuQuoin) PETRY, Emma (Baptized at St. Luke in Belleville 1909) 11 Mar 1919 Seibert, Joseph DEMMER, Carolina BECKER, Joseph HAUSMANN, Louisa WOLF, W. & Josie DIETRICH
SEIBOLD, William DEROUSSE, Maria 29 Jan 1907 Seibold, Carl YAKEY, Rosa De Rousse, Edward MELLIER, Sylvia De Rousse, Carl & Margaret SCHLICH Bride & groom from St. John in Red Bud, IL
SEILER, Joseph FUGGER, Catharina 15 Apr 1875 BUCHMANN, Carl & Louis FOURNIER
SEILER, Philip SCHAEFER, Eva (Widow) 17 Aug 1852 HARTMANN, Paul; George MENZ & Bernard POUL
SEILER, Philipp GRUMMRICH, Christina (Protestant) (Widow of Henry Grummrich) 16 Jan 1873 Seiler, Michael GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), Catharina SAUL, Anton & Adam SAX
SEITZ, Otto E. (Baptized Evangelical) SCHEIBEL, Elizabeth B. (Baptized 1894 in O’Fallon) 19 Jul 1927 Seitz, John MEHL, Elizabeth Scheibel, Wendel PREFTZER, Anna WAGNER, Eugene & Leona Scheibel
SEITZ, Peter GIPFERLE, Philippina 14 Nov 1871 Seitz, Kilian BEHR, Maria Gipferle, Jacob DIERHEIMER, Maria SOUTHWARD, Jacob & Maria Gipferle
SELIER, Matthew STAUDER, Elizabeth 15 Jan 1857
SELINER, Joseph WELSCH, Catharina 18 Nov 1880 Seliner, Anton HACK, Theresa Welsch, Friederich MIEHL, Apollonia Welsch, Francis & Maria WILDE
SELZER, August WEIDMANN, Maria (Non-Catholic) 30 Jan 1893 Selzer, Jacob STURM, Elizabeth Weidemann, Gotefried BIEBINGER, Carolina VAHLKAMP, George & Catharina HERR
SEMMELROTH, Arthur (Born 19 Nov 1903 in Belleville & not baptized) CHRISTIAN, Norma (Born 1 May 1908 & baptized at cathedral) 26 Dec 1931 Semmelroth, Herman GOELITZ, Louise Christian, Edmond KIEFER, Louise RUMKWITZ, Julius & Doris KLINGELHOEFER
SEMRAN, August STEVENSON, Anna B. 1 Apr 1908 Semran, Francis SCHMIDT, Louisa Stevenson, John (Adoptive father) Not listed, Maria (Adoptive mother) Semran, John & Henry Semran
SENN, John BIECHLER, Elizabeth 16 May 1875 Senn, Henry NUSBAUM, Elizabeth MOHR, John ABST, Stephan &  Maria VANASNSANDER [?]
SERTH, Emil (Baptized 12 Sep 1875 in Freeburg) TRENTMAN, Elis. (Baptized 23 Sep 1890 at St. Libory) 24 Feb 1914 Serth, Henry REICHERT, Louisa Trentman, Henry HEUER, Louisa DIETRICH, L. & J. Dietrich
SERVOS, Joseph R. (Baptized 18 Aug 1897 in Movar, IA) DORNBACH, Anna (Baptized 31 Aug 1895 at cathedral) 24 Aug 1919 Servos, John MORRIS, Ellen Dornbach, William  BERKLE, Elis. Dornbach, John & Lorena SEMMLER
SHANAHAN, Patrick MCGRATH, Maria 17 Nov 1896 Shanahan, Michael LAWLER, Maria McGrath, Robert MULRENNER, Maria OBERT, Bastil & Catharina DIEKER
SHANER, Chris (Born 15 Apr 1896 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville) HOEFFKEN, Elenonora (Born 10 May 1899 & baptized at cathedral) 20 Oct 1920 Shaner, George BOUL, Amilia Hoeffken, Maurice HIRTH, Margaret Shaner, George & Cecilia GASS
SHANNESSEY, Edmond (Baptized 3 Apr 1874 in Cairo, IL) KLEIN, Ella (Baptized 29 Sep 1874 in Cairo, IL) 14 Dec 1915 Shannessey, Edmond GARETT, Bridget HEARLEY, Dennis FITZGERALD, Maria BEDEL, Myra & Josie DIETRICH
SHENDAUER, John BAUER, Barbara 22 Jul 1862 Shendauer, Johann ADELHARDT,  Barbara Bauer, John FIEDLER, Anna BRUTO, Anton & Anna MUENSTER
SHEPHERD, Calvin (Baptized Methodist) NEWTON, Beatrice (Baptized 27 Feb 1906 in Elizabethtown, KY) 11 Jan 1925 Shepherd, Lon ATHERTON, Anna Newton, William CAHILL, Eileen Newton, Elzy & Lillian Shepherd
SHINE, John W. MITCHELL, Margaret 27 Mar 1895 Shine, Dennis ROACH, Catharina Mitchell, John FOY, Catharina OBERT, Bartholomew & Eva RENNER Bride & groom from St. Louis
SIDDALL, Herbert (Non-Catholic) BUCHMANN, Bertha 15 Oct 1902 Siddall, Eli TAYLOR, Elizabeth Buchmann, Ignatius SELNIER, Maria Siddall, Eli & Mercedes BEDEL
SIEBEN, William (Born 28 Apr 1894 in Smithton; not baptized) JANSSEN, Minnie (Baptized 20 Aug 1896 in Freeburg, IL) 14 Sep 1916 Sieben, Jacob SCHLOERER, Catherine Janssen, Bernard ALBERS, Cresina KOESTERER, August G. & Amanda Koesterer
SIEBERT, Aloysius KNOSP, Marianna 4 Feb 1849 MACKE, Joseph & Chrotoffer Macke
SIEBERT, James T. (Baptized Episcopalian at St. Paul, MN 9 Mar 1901) PAULIN, Delphine D. (Baptized 30 Oct 1903 at St. Barbara in St. Louis) 20 Jan 1923 Siebert, Charles DEVER, Anna Paulin, Charles SEIBEL, Lilian DIETRICH, L. & C. REINHARDT
SIEDLER, Joseph F. CLEMENS, Marianna 11 Jun 1865 Siedler, Joseph SIGRID, Maria Magdalena Clemens, Johann HISIGER, M. Siedler, Anton & Odilia STEIN This couple was previously married in a civil contract
SIEFERT, Michael Frederick (Protestant) BISCHOFF, Elizabeth 1 May 1858 Siefert, William Not listed, Eva D. Bischoff, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth SCHÖFLER (Schoefler), Stephan & Jacob Bischoff
SIEKMAN, Milford (Baptized Jul 1903 in O’Fallon, IL) FOURNIE, Garnet  21 Jun 1928 Siekman, Henry KINSELLA, Elizabeth Fournie, Isadore DAMMERICH. Elizabeth Kinsella, Thomas & Elva Fournie
SILBERER, Joseph WETZEL, Magdalena 7 Feb 1859 Silberer, Paul Not listed, Maria A. Wetzel, John Not listed, Clara MOSKOP, Carl & Phillippina Wetzel
SILMACK, William MACHOTE, Rosa 12 Jan 1891 Silmack, Joseph Not listed, Anna Machote, John Not listed, Veronica Silmack, Joseph & Jessie ZITTA
SILTMANN, William KINDLER, Maria (Widow of Jacob Kindler) 21 Jun 1859 SILDMANN, George MEHLMANN, Maria ADAM, Jacob BASTIL, Maria GRANKOLAS, Anton & Francis SCHAEFFER
SILVESTRI, Celeste (Born 14 Apr 1908 at Cavasso Nuovo, Italy & baptized at Sam Remiglio church in Udine) MALACARNE, Mary Elizabeth (Born 9 Jun 1913 & baptized at cathedral) 26 Nov 1931 Silvestri, John BIANCAROSA, Santa Malacarne, John GAIO, Louise Malacarne, Robert & Julia MELCHIORETTO
SILVEY, Arzo (Baptized Baptist 1895) GILLENBERG, Catharine (Baptized 2 Sep 1898 in Murphysboro) 13 Sep 1919 Silvey, Oliver HYSELL, Rhoda Gillenberg, John SCHUH, Margaret LETTER, Edw. & Josie DIETRICH
SINDEL, John HAGEN, Margaret 14 Nov 1851 Hagen, Francis & John SCHUSTER
SINS, Irwin  KRAECHAN, Mary  28 Nov 1923 Sins, Peter DICKHAUT, Bertha Kraechan, Nickolas Not listed, Catherine BURNS, Fred & Leona Burns born Sins
SISK, Harold (Born 22 Dec 1909 in Central City, KY & baptized 20 Dec 1930 at cathedral) BRAUN, Marcella (Born 18 Oct & baptized 30 Oct 1910 at St. Luke) 3 Oct 1931 Sisk, Martin HUDSON, Nola Braun, John BEYER, Adeline BAUER, Anthony & Helen GANTNER
SITZMANN, Louis ZAHN, Catharina 15 May 1883 Sitzmann, John Not listed, Regina Zahn, George TISSLER, Margaret FEDER, George & Maria OESTERLE
SKALA, Stephan (Baptized in Hungary) WITTMEYER, Mary (Baptized in Hungary) 2 Feb 1918 Skala, Jacob KOLENTZ, Maria SERDONER, Andreas Not listed, Francisca GRIESBAUM, Emil & Theresa BERTSCH Married in St. Elizabeth Hospital; revalidation of civil marriage.
SKRABEL, Carl (Baptized 23 Aug 1886 in Germany) LAMI, Mary 27 Feb 1919 Skrabel, Vincenz HAUSCHEL, Elizabeth Lami, Henry YUNG, Catharina KLINGENHAGEN, Frances & Josie DIETRICH Mixed religion marriage
SLADE, Frank (Baptized Methodist 27 Dec 1888 in Belleville) BELLEISLE, Martha (Baptized 14 Apr 1894 in St. Ann Church in Menominy, MI) 19 Mar 1922 Slade, Amos HUFF, Ida Belleisle, Isidore LUTH, Ida WITTMIER, Helen & Anna WIERSCHEM Revalidation of 1912 civil marriage
SLOTZNER, Francis (Non-Catholic) BECKER, Louisa (Widow) 14 Oct 1886 Slotzner, Emil DOST, Christina Rodenberg, William CLEVER, Catharina Rodenberg, Fr. & Matilde BRAUCH
SMITH, David (Lutheran) MOHR, Viola (Baptized 19 [Jun?] 1898 at St. Henry in East St. Louis, IL) 15 Nov 1919 Smith, Homer KOLLMEYER, Mathilda Mohr, William CHRISTMAN, Mary PETH, Arthur & Coredlia Mohr
SMITH, George W. (Protestant) KINNZ, Maria Louisa 8 Jun 1869 Smith, George W. WEIDEN, Catharina Kinnz, William C. KANE, Not listed LEONHARD, Edward F. & Gustav A. KORNER
SNYDER, Carl J. (Born 4 Dec 1896 in Nashville, IL & baptized at cathedral 1 Sep 1897) ALLEN, Eloise (Born 16 Mar 1906 & baptized Methodist) 23 Jun 1924 Snyder, John Charles A. ECKHARDT, Hedwig Allen, Bert EMMERSON, Beryl MEEKS, Theo. & Clyde Allen
SODAM, Edward (Baptized 1 May 1893 at cathedral) SCHAUM, Dora (Baptized 14 Mar 1893 in Belleville, IL) 16 May 1923 Sodam, George HAMULA, Mary Schaum, Louis GREEN, Elizabeth WEGNER, John & Florence RICHARDS
SODAM, Joseph (Baptized 31 Aug 1898 at cathedral) KEMPF, Theresa (Baptized 17 ___ 1896 at cathedral) 20 Feb 1924 Sodam, George HAMULA, Mary Kempf, Nic LERCHER, Mary Kempf, Nic & Anna Kempf
SODDERS, Lowell (25 Sep 1895; not baptized) KOESTERER, Elenora (Baptized 28 Sep 1897 in Freeburg, IL) 20 Oct 1923 Sodders, Frank COR__, Benitha Koesterer, Joseph REINHEIMER, Gertrude DIETRICH, Josephine & Catherine REINHARDT
SOMMER, George SCHILLING, Maria 30 Jan 1849 Sommer, Joseph; Martin Schilling & Joseph LITHKA
SOMMER, Peter STOECKLE, Anna Maria 14 Apr 1851 Stoeckle, Michael & George MEYER
SONNENBERG, John (Mt. Olive, IL) ROWLAN, Estelle (Baptized 25 Aug 1894) 6 Apr 1923 Sonnenberg, Christ. FENWICH, Elizabeth Rowlan, John WEBER, Cora Rowlan, Roy & Ethel Rowlan
SONNTAG, Edward HERZLER, Anna Gertrude 17 Oct 1894 Sonntag, Nicholas KLOCK, Maria Anna Herzler, Jacob WEIBERT, Crescentia FERRENBACH, Nicolaus; Jos. KISSEL; Emil Herzler; Ida Herzler; Maria SCHMISSEUR & Theresa Weibert
SOPP, Robert (Baptized 20 Sep 1912 at Cathedral) GUNDLACH, Adela (Baptized 10 May 1888 at Cathedral) 11 Nov 1913 Sopp, Philip A. TEHBRUHOFF, Anna Gundlach, Philip BECHERER, Magdalena Sopp, Henry & Maria Gundlach
SORGMANN, Ignatz (Born 3 Sep 1893 & baptized at cathedral) HARTMANN, Marie (Born 11 Jun 1900 & baptized in Bruch, Bohemia in Europe) 28 Oct 1920 Sorgmann, Mathias KORDT, Mary Hartmann, Anthony WALTER, Elizabeth Hartmann, Frank & Frank SEDLACEK
SOUTHEIMER, George HERDE, Elizabeth 22 Oct 1908 Southeimer, Michael GEENE, Veronica Herde, Aloysius PUSCH, Anna Herde, Ernest & Maria ABEGG
SOVALSKI, Frank (16 Feb 1898 East St. Louis, IL) RILEY, May (Methodist) 1 Jun 1920 Sovalski, Frank Unknown, Pauline Riley, Ruben Not listed, Elizabeth BLEISCH, Theresa & Mrs. E. MENGER Revalidation of 18 Apr 1918 marriage.
SPAET, Joseph FROMENT, Christina 1 Feb 1857 Spaet, Christofer Not listed, Elizabeth Froment, Nicholas Not listed, Maria FEE, Nicholas & Henry LOUIS
SPAETH, Edward (Baptized 7 Mar 1904 in Carlyle) EDWARDS, Dorothy (Born 17 Feb 1907 in St. Louis & baptized Methodist) 31 May 1926 Spaeth, Conrad KEMPER, Anna Edwards, Homer KLEBER, Cora LETTER, Edward & Wilhelmina Spaeth
SPAETH, John MAGIN, Margaret 7 Aug 1858 Spaeth, Daniel Not listed, Magdalena Magin, George Not listed, Barbara SPAT, Janstin & Anthony KALKBRENNER
SPAETH, Oscar W. (Carlyle 1891) FIETSAM, Lillian M.  (Baptized 1898 at cathedral) 11 Nov 1919 Spaeth, Conrad KEMPER, Mary Fietsam, Hubert HUMMEL, Louise Hummel, Arthur & Wilhelmine Spaeth
SPARN, Edward (Born 1895, not baptized) JEROME, Esther (Baptized 20 Jun 1897 in Cahokia) 29 Jun 1922 Sparn, Herman MUELLER, Emma Jerome, Albert  PLUFF, Elizabeth Jerome, Oscar A. & Edna EBLE Edward Sparn is a Free-Mason
SPÄT (Spaet), Francis BOSCH, Amalia 2 Feb 1874 Spaet, Gregory VIEHKOCKS, Carolina Bosch, Michael ULRICH, Joanna ECKS, Carl; Mina SCHAOR; Anna VOGEL & Frederick Bosch
SPECKERT, Henry Carl (Baptized 5 Sep 1888 at St. Vincent De Paul in St. Louis) HAUSMANN, Bernadine (Baptized 14 Jul 1891 in __hthan, IL) 28 Jun 1916 Speckert, Henry WINTERBAUER, Rosa Hausmann, Peter HEILMANN, Gertrude REINIGER, Cornelius & Lena Hausmann
SPEIER, Laurent EMMIS, Louisa 22 Nov 1849 WINGERTER, John & Anna Maria Wingerter
SPIERING, Herman SCHIKALI, Francisca 26 Nov 1872 Spiering, Herman KRATZ, Augusta Schikali, Thomas FISCHER, Marianna ZIMMERMANN, Maximilian & Thomas FLUCK
SPIES, Edward (Non-Catholic) RUDOLPH, Theresa 28 Nov 1901 Spies, Jacob SCHUENLER, Elizabeth Rudolph, George STARK, Christina Rudolph, George & Alma STAUDER
SPINDLER, Henry MEYER, Louisa 15 Sep 1903 Spindler, Adam MEYER, Louisa Meyer, Anton KLAPP, Elizabeth Meyer, Ignatius & Florence SCHAEFER
SPINDLER, William (Born 14 May & baptized 4 Jun 1905 at cathedral) MCDADE, Catherine (Baptized 15 Sep 1907 in ___Mineral, KS) 16 Sep 1930 Spindler, Henry MEYER, Louise Mc Dade, William FINLEY, Margaret Meyer, Lawrence & Margaret Mc Dade
SPRECHER, Albert BOSLE, Rosa 24 Dec 1885 Sprecher, Florian VOGT, Clara Bosle, Anton ANSLINGER, Louisa
SPREITLER, Frank J. (Baptized 1896 in Evansville, IL) VEATH, Eleonora 25 Sep 1920 Spreitler, Charles WITTMER, Anna Veath, George STUDLE ,Barbara Spreitler, Henry & Elenora GRASS Mixed religion marriage
SPREITLER, Isadore (Baptized 8 Jul 1901 in Evansville, IL) SCHERLE, Martha (Baptized30 Oct 1904 in Evansville, IL) 4 Mar 1924 Spreitler, Lawrence PAUTLER, Lena Scherle, Henry WITHMER, Clara Spreitler, Ralph & Mary Scherle Married at St. Vincent Hospital
SPRINGMANN, George HUND, Katharina 30 Nov 1859 Springmann, Josef (Deceased) HODAPP, Helena (Deceased) Hund, Andrew (Deceased) ROHRBACH, Elizabeth SCHINDLER, Josef & Anton HUSCHLE
SPRINZ, Anton HERZOG, Maria 23 May 1899 Sprinz, Anton PROTEST, Agnes Herzog, John WEBER, Gertrude Sprinz, Joseph & Margaret Herzog
SQUADRO, Anthony (Baptized in Italy) CURTI, Maria (Baptized in Italy) 6 May 1910 Squadro, Pietro ANTONIN, Margaret Curti, Giovanni PARESI, Angela DIETRICH, Josephina & Berta Dietrich
ST. LEGER, Not listed KUNKEL, Catharina 10 Aug 1911 St. Leger, Randolph ELDER, Sara Kunkel, Andrew Not listed, Elizabeth WOOTERE, John & Josie DIETRICH Bride & groom Catholic but Baptisms are unknown.
STAMMER, Joseph MELLI, Clara 27 Jan 1853 MELLI, Michael & Joseph RUNHELF
STARK, Anton SCHERMER, Anna 14 Feb 1882 Stark, Francis LAUER, Elizabeth Schermer, Jacob FREY, Friderica HERMANN, Joseph & Joseph ANTON
STARK, Francis HAUK, Anna 12 May 1881 Stark, Francis BITSCH, Elizabeth Hauk, Julius BISHOP, Eva BUX, Laurent & Eva Stark
STARK, Friederich WEIBERT, Catharina 13 Nov 1879 Stark, John ROTH, Catharina Weibert, Francis KEHR, Catharina Stark, George & Eva Stark
STARK, George ZULAUF, Louisa 13 May 1862 Stark, Francis FROHNHÖFEN (Frohnhoefen), Elizabeth Zulauf, Samuel MEYER, Elizabeth Stark, Johann & Not listed Zulauf
STARK, Jacob BOSKA, Josephina 24 Oct 1876 Stark, Francis LAUER, Elizabeth Boska, Joseph JAVOURECK, Catharina ACKERMANN, John & Elizabeth BAUER
STARK, Jacob HACKER, Emilia 17 Apr 1901 Stark, George ZULAUF, Elizabeth Hacker, Frederick HELLDOERFER, Margaret Hacker, Bartholomew & Eva Stark
STARK, John EISENHAUER, Elizabeth 6 May 1908 Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa Eisenhauer, Jacob SCHNEIDER, Barbara Eisenhauer, Albert & Eleonora YOUNG
STARK, Peter OESTERLE, Catharina 2 Feb 1910 Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret WEIGAND, Frank & Ella JUNG
STARK, Philipp SCHMISSEUR, Maria 27 Nov 1877 Stark, John ROTH, Catharina Schmisseur, Joseph RITTER, Elizabeth Stark, Friedrich & Francis Stark
STARK, Philipp MENZ, Sophia 17 May 1881 Stark, John ROTH, Catharina Menz, John BENZ, Margaret Stark, Maria & John BU__
STARK, Stephan SCHMITTLING, Margaret 6 May 1879 Stark, John ROTH, Catharina (From Belleville) Schmittling, Joseph FROHMANN, Magdalena  Stark, Francis & Maria Schmittling
STARK, Stephan (Widower) ROEDER, Wilhelmina (Non-Catholic) 13 Oct 1892 Stark, John ROTH, Catharina Roeder, Carl BRINGHAUS, Friederica Stark, Friederick & Barbara GUENTHER
STASIK, Simon J. (Baptized 4 Oct 1892 in Zarniki, Poland) THOLMAN, Beatrice (Baptized Methodist _4 Jun 1901 in Patoka, IL) 15 Oct 1921 Stasik, John BAZANT, Elizabeth Tholman, Oscar NELSON, Florence KAISER, F. & C. RHEINHARDT
STAUB, Eugen (Baptized 8 Apr 1887) PRESSWOOD, Bertha (Baptized 1 Dec 1896 in Pinckneyville) 19 Apr 1914 Staub, John LINTZ, Maria Presswood, Herman POHRTER, Mary Staub, John & J. DIETRICH
STAUDER, Adam MOSSBACHER, Maria 11 Oct 1857 Stauder, Vendelin Not listed, Margaret Mossbacher, Jacob
STAUDER, Adam RING, Maria 7 May 1861 Stauder, John GLANIG, Magdalena Ring, John SCHMIDT, Anna MUELLER, Jacob
STAUDER, Adam METZ, Maria M. 12 Feb 1890 Stauder, A. J. MOSBACHER, Maria Metz, Joseph DUCKOCHEIDT, Catharina (From Cobden, IL) Stauder, Joseph & Catharina Metz
STAUDER, Adam PORTER, Margaret 4 Sep 1893 Stauder, John GRAN__, Magdalena HASENSTAB, Peter EL___, Catharina MATHIS, John & Maria Hasenstab
STAUDER, Adolph TRIBOUT, Maria 31 Jan 1893 Stauder, Adam RINK, Maria Tribout, Louis GASS, Maria Tribout, Jacob & Elizabeth born GUENTHER
STAUDER, Arthur (Baptized 29 Dec 1900 at cathedral) ZAHN, Stella (Baptized 15 Apr 1906 at cathedral) 22 Jun 1927 Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary Zahn, Fred FUCHS, Mary Stauder, Joe & Marie SCHOENHOFEN
STAUDER, Arthur (Baptized Aug 1907 at St. Mary in Belleville) KRUPP, Aurelia (Baptized Jun 1906 at cathedral) 29 Nov 1928 Stauder, Adolph TRIBOUT, Mary Krupp, Philipp THOMAS, Mary Stauder, Ida & Leonard NAUMANN
STAUDER, Cyril (Baptized 19 Jan 1899 in Venice, IL) HAUBRICH, Olivia (Baptized 1921 at cathedral) 25 Jun 1923 Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary Haubrich, Frank SIPPEL, Catherine Stauder, Joseph & Ethel KLEIN
STAUDER, Fred (Baptized 22 Feb 1891 in New Athens, IL) GRUENEWALD, Eleonor (Baptized 18 Mar 1897 at cathedral) 14 Jun 1922 Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary Gruenewald, Joseph RUDOLPH, Elizabeth Gruenewald, Ralph & Eleonor FISCHER
STAUDER, John GLANIG, Magdalena 5 May 1849 HUMPS, Matthew & Nicholas Stauder
STAUDER, John DAUBACH, Amalia 11 Apr 1883 Stauder, Adam RING, Maria Daubach, Peter SPIEKER, Amalia Ring, Jr., John & Bertha Stauder
STAUDER, Joseph HEILMANN, Catharina 4 May 1863 Stauder, Francis HENI, Jacobina Heilmann, Laurent MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaret GUTH, Philipp & Maria Heilmann
STAUDER, Joseph KOCH, Paulina (Non-Catholic) 11 May 1892 Stauder, Peter SCHMIDT, Katharina Koch, Jacob NESTLE, Katharina KELLER, Jacob & Anna Stauder
STAUDER, Joseph RUDOLPH, Anna 29 Aug 1905 Stauder, John DAUBACH, Emilia Rudolph, George STARK, Christina LUDWIG, Alphonse & Olinda Stauder
STAUDER, Michael FUNSCH, Ghisella 11 Oct 1905 Stauder, Peter SCHMIDT, Catharina Funsch, George ROMEIS, Eva Funsch, Leandro & Adela Stauder
STAUDER, Nicholas ETZKORN, Maria Eva 27 Feb 1865 SCHWARZENBACH, Theodore & Peter Etzkorn
STAUDER, Nicolaus HELFERICH, Catharina 13 Apr 1846 RIESENBERGER, Peter & John Stauder
STAUDER, Peter SCHMIDT, Catharina 3 May 1859 Stauder, John Not listed, Magdalena Schmidt, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth Stauder, Nicholas & Peter’s brother Nicholas Stauder
STAUDER, Raymond (Baptized 1 Dec 1896 in New Athens, IL) BACHINGER, Elizabeth (Baptized 22 May 1899 in Germany [?]) 16 Jun 1920 Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary Bachinger, Wenzel BLAU, Elizabeth Stauder, Fred & Eleonora GRUENEWALD)
STAUDER, William ECKERLE, Emilia 28 Oct 1879 Stauder, Nicolaus HELFERICH, Catharina Eckerle, Ignatius WALDERSPIEL, Amalia Stauder, John & Bertha Eckerle
STAUTER, Nicholas SCHMIDT, Maria Anna 27 Jan 1857 Stauter, Ferdinand Not listed, Catharina Schmidt, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth BAUMANN, John & Conrad WURM
STEELE, A. D. CLEARY, Maria J. 7 Jul 1900 Steele, Jacob MONTROY, Maria Cleary, John SUPPEL, Joanna OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER
STEFFENS, Walter (Baptized non-Catholic in Beaver Prairie) MCQUADE, Susan (Beaver Prairie 1895) 3 Jul 1918 Steffens, Charles W. GESSLER, Lena McQuade, George CHILDERSON, Elisa BRUNSMANN, Harry & Margaret McQuade Mixed religion marriage
STEGEMEYER, George SIEBERT, Elizabeth 17 Jan 1847 Siebert, Aloysius & Joseph Stegmeyer
STEGMAYR, Carl GAERDNER, Elizabeth 16 Jul 1896 Stegmayr, Joseph HARGREVES, Carolina Gaerdner, Frederick STEGER, Theresa Gaerdner, Peter & Laura Stegmayr
STEGMEIER, Joseph HARGRAVE, Carolina 19 Nov 1872 Stegmeier, George SIEBERT, Elizabeth Hargrave, Thomas EDWARDS, Sara MEYER, John & Maria Meyer
STEGMEYER, Gottlob (Lutheran) RODEMEYER, Maria 13 Aug 1878 Stegmeyer, Christoph BATHCUM, Odilia Rodemeyer, George HELFERICH, Elizabeth WEINGAERTNER, Johann & Conrad HAISER
STEHLICK, Francis THORN, Mathilda 15 Nov 1898 Stehlick, Joseph JACOB__, Rosa Thorn, Andrew BECKER, Anna GUNDLACH, Peter & Albertina Thorn
STEHLICK, Fred (Baptized 30 Aug 1901 at cathedral) CONNER, Lucille (Born 1904) 21 Jul 1921 Stehlick, Frank THOM, Mathilda Conner, Edward CHAMBERLIN, Agnes Stehlick, Frank & Magdalena FLUCK
STEHLICK, Jr., Frank (Baptized 16 Sep 1899 at cathedral) FLUCK, Magdalena (Baptized 23 Oct 1903 at cathedral) 3 Jul 1923 Stehlick, Sr., Frank THOM, Mathilda Fluck, John BRANDTMEYER, Anna Stehlick, Leo & Louise Fluck
STEIERT, William (Baptized 16 Oct 1879) SCHANNEL, Elsa (Baptized 21 Nov 1885) 14 Oct 1912 Steiert, Peter LAMPF, Theresa Schannel, Henry DEMMERLE, Elizabeth Schannel, Ewald & Maxlyn Schannel
STEIGMEYER, Jacob BARLEY [?], Marianna 14 May 1853 WAHL, Hubert & Joseph SCHLEZBAUM
STEIN, Leonard (Baptized Jan 1895 in DuQuoin, IL) SORGMANN, Anna (Baptized Jul 1874 in DuQuoin, IL) 22 Sep 1920 Stein, Andrew KERN, Catherine Sorgmann, Mathew KORD, Mary Sorgmann, Ignatz & Marie HARTMAN [Bride’s birth year could be 1894.]
STEINHEIMER, Gustav (Baptized Lutheran 1894 in Darmstadt) WAELTZ, Clara (Baptized 1902 in New Athens) 24 May 1923 Steinheimer, John JUENGER, Kate Waeltz, George KOHNKEN, Elizabeth ORTH, Walter & Elsie Waeltz
STEINWASSER, Frederick WESSLER, Margaret 24 Apr 1888 Steinwasser, Johann KAICHER, Maria Magdalena Wessler, Stephan KASTEL, Maria Kastel, Johann & Emma GERMAIN
STEINWASSER, John (Widower) KEICHER, Magdalena 5 Jul 1846 MEYER, Jacob & John ROMEIS
STEMER, Christian (68y) JUEN, Regina (64y; widow of Theodore Juen) 23 Sep 1884 Stemer, Anton BITSCHMAN, Anna Maria BADLOG, Not listed FENNER, Wilhelm & A. Maria WALTER
STENGEL, Charles S. (Baptized in Kansas City, MO) LAWSON, Edna (Baptized in ___dale, CA) 18 Aug 1924 Stengel, Louis E. JORDAN, Jennie Lawson, John W. FAVILLY, Marg. Lawson, Leut. Lawrence A. & Mr. Lawrence A. Lawson Married at bishop’s house.
STENGER, Aloys J. (baptized 30 Jan 1901 at cathedral) REIS, Amelia A. (Baptized 25 Sep 1898 at cathedral) 19 May 1925 Stenger, Joseph HERR, Elizabeth Reis, Joseph B. MERSINGER, Mary Stenger, Ralph & Bertha KOHL
STENGER, Joseph HERR, Maria Elizabeth 30 May 1888 Stenger, John C. KNECHT, Cunigunda Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Herr, Francis & Elizabeth SCHMIS___ Inquiries in St. Leon, IN on behalf of Joseph Stenger
STERN, Christian JAN, Anna Maria 15 Jul 1847 Jan, Carl & Richard HEYMULTER
STERNAU, Walter (Baptized 16 Feb 1920 at cathedral) SCHOENBORN, Mary (Prairie du Long) 17 Feb 1920 Sternau, Adolph BARTHELHEIM, Anna Schoenborn, John ROTH, Anna MEURER, William & Barbara Schoenborn
STETZNER, Frank (Baptized 31 Oct 1894 at cathedral) BOSSLER, Asella (Baptized 27 Aug 1895 at cathedral) 4 Oct 1916 Stetzner, Frank RODENBERG [?], Elizabeth Bossler, Sr., Mike BRANDMMEYER, Odelia DAHLMANN, William & Sophie MOESINGER
STINGHAM, Frank (Baptized Methodist 9 Apr 1899 in Mt. Pulaski) LANG, Marie (Baptized 23 __ 1897 at St. Henry in East St. Louis) 15 Dec 1920 Stingham, Hubert BOSTIN, Corn. Lang, George MAEMELE, Frances Lang, Arthur & Geneva JEROME
STOCK, Aloysius REINBOLD, Maria Anna 31 Dec 1849 FOURNI, Anton & Michael Reinbold
STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Joseph W. MEROD, Charlotta (Non-Catholic) 23 Apr 1889 Stoeckel, George SCHARFENBERGER, Maria Merod, Michael GÖLZ (Goelz), Carolina Stoeckel, George & Anna Stoeckel
STOCKEL, Anton LOUIS, Carolina Regina 11 May 1880 STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Valentin DAMMERICH, Margaret Louis, Henry KARLSKIND, Marianna Stoeckel, Joseph & Helena Louis
STOCKMAN, Simon (Baptized 24 Sep 1894 in Belleville) SCHMIDT, Anna  (baptized 22 Dec 1889 in Belleville) 28 Oct 1914 Stockman, Carl RICKERT, Theresa Schmidt, Anton ROEDESHEIMER, Barbara Schmidt, Mathias & Sophia RICHARDSON
STOCKMANN, Frederick FEDER, Anna Maria 19 Nov 1891 Stockmann, Carl GIESE_KE, Sophia Feder, John TRUTTMANN, Anna Maria NEUNER, Joseph & Elizabeth Feder
STOCKMORE, Herman HAR, Lewisa 10 Nov 1846 Har, Benedict & Gertrude LEONARD
STOEBER, Carl (Non-Catholic 15 Oct 1858 in Millstadt, IL) WACHTENDORF, Bertha (Baptized 2 May 1867 in Freiburg, Baden) 16 Dec 1916 Stoeber, John TESTMEYER, Johanna FEHRENBACH, Havier KRENNELBACHER, Anastasia MINER, Alonzo & Anna BRODAG Bride is from St. Louis, MO, sick and in St. Vincent Hospital in Belleville.
STOECKEL, George A. VOGT, Appollonia 17 Nov 1892 Stoeckel, George LOUIS, Maria Vogt, Peter KOCH, Maria Vogt, Henry & Anna Stoeckel Mixed religion marriage
STOECKEL, Herman STOECKEL, Agnes Adelheid (Widow) 13 May 1849 FEDER, George & George HARTMANN
STOECKEL, John SCHAF, Christina 19 Jan 1851 WERNHOFF, Albert & Clement KNOEBBE
STOECKLE, Michael BECK, Julia 27 Aug 1848 MEYER, John & Joseph DORN
STOEKEL, Valentin DAMMERICH, Margaret 30 Jan 1855 Dammerich, Martin & Joseph FELINGER
STOELZE, Frank (Baptized 5 May 1892 in Chicago) BRICHLER, Magdalena (Baptized 17 Feb 1894 at Cathedral) 25 Jan 1912 Stoelze, Anton SCHWIND, Amalia Brichler, John  GUNDLACH, Thecla Stoelze, Theodore & Elizabeth Stoelze Married in St. Vincent’s Hospital
STOELZE, Theodore A. (Baptized 3 Sep 1887) KARR, Emilia L. (Baptized 5 Feb 1893 at Cathedral) 10 Nov 1915 Stoelze, Anthony SCHMIDT, Emelia Karr, Adam FLACH, Catherine Karr, Memie & John DENZLER
STOELZLE, Fidel MOLITOR, Catharina 19 May 1851 SCHUMMERT, Anton
STOELZLE, John SCHLUPP, Bertha 31 Jan 1876 Stoelzle, Fidel KARGE, Catharina Schlupp, Jacob MITSCHLER, Rosalia Stoelzle, Anton & Louisa KARR
STOFFELKAMP, Joseph EVERS, Theresa 1 May 1866 Stoffelkamp, Christian STRACKER, Angela Evers, Alois BOETERICH, Maria Anna
STOKES, Herbert (Baptized Presbyterian 16 Jun 1889) BIER, Clara (Baptized 29 Jun 1894 in Cicero, IN) 5 Nov 1914 Stokes, George MARSCH, Sarah Bier, Joseph DEMMER, Mary Bier, Engelbert & Hilda SINS
STOLL, Adam HOFFART, Not listed 21 Feb 1857 Stoll, Mathias Not listed, Francisca Hoffart, Henry Not listed, Magdalena MOLL, Joseph & Helena ZINK
STOLL, Edwin (Baptized 22 Oct 1905 in Freeburg) WALKER, Dorothy (Baptized 9 ___ 1908 at cathedral) 29 Dec 1927 Stoll, Joseph CASPERSICK, Mary Walker, William FRUEKE, Catherine Stoll, Leo & Elsie SCHEIBEL
STOLTZ, Carl SCHLERNITZAUER, Elizabeth 12 Aug 1866 Stoltz, Francis GERARD, Margaret Schlernitzauer, Joseph MASSRANG Catharina Stoltz, Louis; Rosa Stoltz; Johann FRIERDIG & Julia KEMPF
STOLTZ, Francis MAURER, Bernardina 2 Nov 1856 Stoltz, Francis Maurer, Jacob
STOLTZ, Jacob KARLSKIND, Regina 19 Sep 1858 Stoltz, Francis Not listed, Margaret Karlskind, Dominic Not listed, Barbara HILL, Frederick & Anton LOBSINGER
STOLTZ, Ubald J. DORN, Maria 24 Feb 1897 Stoltz, Carl SCHLERNITZAUER, Elizabeth Dorn, Joseph PFAFF, Elizabeth Dorn, Emil & Maria Stoltz
STOLTZ, William DEMERLE, Elizabeth 2 Jun 1863 Stoltz, Francis GERHARDT, Margaret Demerle, William Not listed, Margaret Stoltz, Carl & Johann DEMMERLE
STOLZ, Louis LOUIS, Eugenia 7 May 1872 Stolz, Francis GERHARD, Margaret Louis, Joseph KLATT, Eugenia Louis, Leon; Theodore KLAR; Rosa Stolz & Josephine Louis
STOLZE, Otto WELZ, Frieda 20 Oct 1909 Stolze, Ignatius SAHLENDER, Eleonora Welz, Oswald KNAPP, Christina Welz, William & Alma Stolze
STOOKEY, George W. WINSTANLY, Margaret 26 Aug 1846 Winstanly, John; Thomas Winstanly & Carl HAMILTON
STOOKEY, Jacob (Not Baptized) DUNLAP, Cordelia 30 Jan 1883 Stookey, Thomas A. SHORT, Cyrilla Dunlap, Thomas HILL, Nancy RAUCH, Alex & Isabella Dunlap
STÖRGES (Stoerges), Francis PEEPERS [?], Louisa 11 Feb 1850 SCHNIEDER, Eberard & Maria KALKEBACHER
STORNER, Edwin (Lutheran) GAUSMANN, Louisa (Baptized 25 ___ 1902 at cathedral) 22 Jun 1921 Storner, John BAER, Margaret Gausmann, John MEYER, Anna FALK, Jos. H. & Cath. Gausmann
STORNER, Jacob (Non-Catholic) KLOCK, Louisa 12 Apr 1904 Storner, John BAER, Margaret Klock, Martin ROEDER, Frieda QUELLMALZ, Alfred; Frieda Storner; Henry EMIG & Frieda Klock
STRADT, Bernard Albert SUMPER, Anna Maria 24 Nov 1849 BOSERNAN, Bernard Joseph & Barbara ELZEKONTZ
STRAIT, H. M. _eath (Baptized 22 Apr 1886 in Braidwood, IL) COREGLIA, Lucia (Baptized 22 Apr 1886 in Braidwood, IL) 30 Apr 1913 Strait, John HARRIS, Julia Coreglia, Joseph BERGOZNER [?], Christina DIETRICH, Josephina & Bertha Dietrich Dispensation from Pinckneyville
STRASSBAUGH, Archibald (Baptized 16 Jun 1901 in Morrisonville, IL) BUCHMAN, Aurelia (Baptized 6 ___ 1906 at cathedral) 14 Apr 1926 Strassbaugh, Francis FLEIGH, Mary Jane WOTTOWA, John WOTTOWA Strassbaugh, Catherine Wottowa, John & Catherine Wottowa Strassbaugh, Jr.
STRAUBINGER, John REEB, Elizabeth 17 Oct 1893 Straubinger, Benedict RUGE, Maria Reeb, Conrad WEBER, Carolina Straubinger, Joseph & Catharina RUST
STREICHER, Amand JUNCKER, Theresa 4 May 1869 Streicher, George SCHWENINGER, Scholastica Juncker, George HAGEN, Margaret BUB, Frederick & Elizabeth STARK
STRICKER, Erwin (Born 4 Feb 1885 & baptized in Mascoutah, IL) HERZING, Margaret (Baptized 2 Mar 1884 in __ton, IL) 16 Jun 1925 Stricker, John BUEHLER, Emma Herzing, John HOCK, Catherine Herzing, Emil & Magdalena FRIEDERICH
STRITTMATTER, John CHRISTMANN, Rosa 11 Jan 1905 Strittmatter, Stephan KELLER, Elizabeth Christmann, Anton SEBASLER, Elizabeth Strittmatter, William & Elizabeth Christmann
STRUB, Carl RENO, Maria 23 Apr 1878 Strub, David Not listed, Elizabeth Reno, Martin REHRICH, Catharina JOFFRAY, John E.; El. Strub & Marg. ADAMS
STRUB, David HEMMER, Francisca 21 Oct 1884 Strub, Robert STREHLE, Anna Elisabeth Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena Strub, Louis; George SCHOBERT; Elizabeth Strub (Non-Catholic) & Emilia Hemmer
STRUPP, John MADERO, Amalia 3 Feb 1880 Strupp, David STRÄHLE (Straehle), Elizabeth Madero, John WORTH, Joanna Madero, Adolph & Elizabeth Strupp
STUEMFLER, Herman (Baptized 13 Dec 1888 in St. Libory, IL) FRANKE, Agnes (Baptized 5 Sep 1898 at cathedral) 15 Jun 1920 Stuemfler, Ben. OTTEN, Elizabeth Franke, Jos. KNAPP, Mary Franke, Jr., Jos. & Elenora MALACARNE
STUEMPLER, Henry (Baptized 20 Jun 1895 at St. Libory) SCHLEICHER, Lena (Not baptized) 26 Apr 1915 Stuempler, Bernard OTTEN, Elizabeth Schleicher, Fred SMITH, Sarah BUGGER, Otto & Maria GUNDLACH
STUEVE, Bernard REINERS, Susana Maria 21 Jul 1846 OTTENS, Frederick & Bernard KOEBBE
STUEVER, Joseph STEINWASSER, Anna 30 Oct 1879 Stuever, Francis PLÖGEL (Ploegel), Gertrude Steinwasser, John KEIGE, Magdalena WIRTH, John & Lucia Steinwasser
STUMPF, Julius THOMAS, Catharina 22 Nov 1870 Stumpf, Julius DIETMANN, Catharina Thomas, John Peter REISBOLD, Catharina KIEFFER, Henry; Julius GONNMELICH; Magdalena Thomas & Selina RACKER
STUMPH, John SCHWAB, Magdalena 10 Feb 1853 Schwab, Joseph & George HABERKORN
SULLIVAN, Charles J. HARRIGAN, Maria 5 Feb 1885 Sullivan, Thomas FENNAN, Agnes Harrigan, William CASS, Maria SCHMERR, Michael & Minnie KEATING
SULLIVAN, Jeremia ROACH, Helena 26 Jan 1878 Sullivan, John (Deceased) SHEA, Catharina Roach, John CANNALLY, Helena Shea, Thomas & Maria BOWLAN
SULLIVAN, Timothy BOOTH, Margaret 28 Sep 1873 Sullivan, John Not listed, Julia Unknown Unknown BURN, Laurent & Anna Burn
SULLIVAN, Timothy MULLIGAN, Catharina 9 Jan 1883 Sullivan, John Not listed, Julia CONNERTY, John O’NEIL, Anna BURNS, Laurent & Lisabeth MOONEY
SULLIVAN, William J. (From Chicago) CONWAY, Maria (From St. Patrick in East St. Louis) 4 Nov 1896 Sullivan, Martin DUNDON, Maria Conway, John NEILL, Joanna OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER
SULLIVAN, William L. (Baptized 26 Feb 1896 in Jacksonville, IL) KNOWLTON, Mrs. Eva (Baptized Methodist; born 21 Jan 1896 in Centralia) 27 Nov 1920 Sullivan, John SHEA, Mary A. POOLE, Louis HOFSTETTE, Rose DIETRICH, J.  & A. HOERNSCHEMEY
SUTTON, Clarence (Non-Catholic) KOCH, Anna (Baptized 5 Oct 1901 at cathedral) 8 Apr 1924 Sutton, Eugene KEEN, Elizabeth Koch, Conrad MUELLER, Sophie RETTLE, Clifford & Otilda SCHAEFFER Revalidation marriage
SWANTON, Frank (Baptized 5 Jun 1882 at St. John Nepomuk in St. Louis) BONSTKA, Beulah (Baptized 4 Jan 1902 at St. John Nepomuk in St. Louis; Maryville, IL) 18 Jan 1918 Swanton, Thomas BABKA, Anna Bonstka, John HICKS, Ellen LETTER, Ed & Josie DIETRICH
SWITALA, Not listed (Baptized 10 Jan 1880 in Russia) EISENHAUER, Not listed (Baptized 16 Jun 1885 in Hecker, IL) 2 May 1911 Switala, Franc. MUSELAK, Maria Eisenhauer, Philip HELFRICH, Gertrud TRUTTMANN, John & Louisa Eisenhauer The couple belongs to Caseyville
SZEPANSKI, Max RYAN, Margaret 17 Mar 1904 Szepanski, Robert Not listed, Agnes Ryan, Thomas CARR, Ellen Szepanski, George & Lotta Ryan
TANNER, Francis D. (Non-Catholic) KRISNER, Josephina 11 Nov 1890 Krisner, Louis P. & Andrew FRESCHMANN [25 November is written at end of entry.]
TAPHORN, William (Born 7 Jun 1901 in Nashville, TN & baptized Presbyterian) ARMBRUSTER, Catherine (Born 26 Oct 1898 & baptized at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) 3 Mar 1924 Taphorn, William VANHORN, Lillie Armbruster, Louis COERS, Lena BEYER, Emil & Marie Beyer
TAYLOR, Henry UNTEREINER, Catharina 13 Jan 1881 Taylor, Henry TISH, Margaret JEOFFRAY, Joseph Jeoffray, John & J. JOCH
TECUM, Michael KLOCK, Marianna 10 Jan 1848 MEYER, Andreas & Christophor ENDER
TEMPLER, George STENGER, Anna Maria 14 Dec 1853 GROS, Jacob & George KNELLER
TENNER, Jacob G. CHENOT, Lulu M. 22 Nov 1893 Tenner, John B. SEITZ, Maria Chenot, August BOUL, Elizabeth Chenot, John P. & Sophia Tenner
TERREGROSSA, Nicholas (Born 10 Mar 1911 & baptized at St. Charles Borromeo in St. Louis, MO) FEY, Ethel Frances (Born 6 Jul & baptized 13 Jul 1913 at cathedral) 19 Aug 1931 Terregrosso, Vincenzo QUATTERCH, Josephine Fey, Joseph GOTSCH, Louise GREGORY, George & Alvera SCHULINE
TERRELL, Clinton C. (Born 21 May 1903 & baptized Methodist in Cairo, IL) GREANEY, Marion (Baptized 29 Jul 1904 at St. Joseph in ___, IL) 12 Jul 1925 Terrell, Clinton HOWLETT, Belle H. Greaney, William CARROLL, Loretta Greaney, Carroll & Warren STACK
TETZLOFF, Walter Louis (Lutheran) CRASS, Anna Agatha (Baptized 20 Feb 1900 at cathedral) 23 Apr 1924 Tetzloff, Alex SCHARRE, Anna Crass, George KEMPF, Sophie DHOM, Minnie & Joseph Crass Married at St. Joseph in Granite City, IL
TEUTING, William S. (From East St. Louis) WITTENBRINK, Francisca 21 Jan 1908 Teuting, Christian BEASEY, Henrietta Wittenbrink, Philipp BLEEN, Maria Wittenbrink, Francis & Adela FORBES
THEBUS, Richard FLUCK, Bertha 22 May 1886 Thebus, William KINAFALLER, Maria Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth BEUTSCHER, Francis & Anna BURKHARDT Mixed religion marriage
THEBUS, William J. (Baptized Feb 1899 at St. Luke in Belleville) FOURNIE, Marie (Baptized Sep 1906 at St. Luke in Belleville) 4 Nov 1929 Thebus, George MONTAIN, Margaret Fournie, Arthur SUNKEL, Ida BUTZ, Joseph & Margaret Fournie
THEIS, John (Non-Catholic) HERZOG, Anna 18 Jun 1896 Theis, John MUNSTER, Anna Herzog, Carl HIELMANN, Maria Eva Herzog, George & Catharina Herzog
THIELE, Francis RILL, Catharina Francisca 20 Nov 1849
THIES, Francis GAIN, Margaret 18 Jun 1892 Thies, Mathias BRANDT, Maria Gain, Henry REPPEL, Elizabeth WEINRICH, George & Lena BURKHARDT
THOM, Jacob ZOELLER, Josephina 1 Nov 1853 Thom, Alexander; M. Anna ROMEIS & Sarana BOPLE
THOM, Julius (Born 28 Jan 1896 & baptized in Germany) GUTJAHR, Thecla (Baptized 15 Dec 1896 in Lively Grove, IL) 6 Apr 1925 Thom, Albert LENZ, Carolina Gutjahr, Peter ALBAUCH, Clara KLINK, Mae & Eva SCHILB
THOMA, Frederick KNOEBEL, Sophia 5 Nov 1863 Thoma, Joseph Not listed, Maria Anna Knoebel, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Maria BOSCH, Nicholas & Joseph CHENOT
THOMANN, Alfonso (Baptized 14 Dec 1894 in O’Fallon) HUBER, Estelle (Baptized 6 Dec 1898 at cathedral) 30 Sep 1919 Thomann, Joseph OURS, Louisa Huber, Louis WOLSCHOCK, Anna Thomann, Ed. F. & Estelle REEB
THOMAS, Francis Anton GAIN, Magdalena 31 Jan 1864 Thomas, Johann REINOLD, Catharina Gain, William BRAUN, Margaret Thomas, Johann & Jacob MUELLER
THOMPSON, Oscar W. (From Leon Indian Territory; not baptized) BROWN, Clara (Baptized 27 Apr 1886 in Tipton, IL) 6 Feb 1912 Thompson, Sam. FARRAL, Ortin Brown, John GROSSMANN, Cath. HARPER, Mrs. C. O. & L. DIETRICH
THOUSSAIN-CANGE, Anton MARINELLI, Louisa 31 Dec 1859 Thoussain-Cange, Paul (Deceased) FOURNIE, Veronica Marinelli, Louis MASSON, Maria Marinelli, Louis & Anton Fournie
THOUVENOT, Anthony (Baptized 4 Feb 1902 at cathedral) SCHWAEGEL, Amanda (Baptized 14 Apr 1901 at cathedral) 26 Sep 1928 Thouvenot, Louis KRUPP, Katie Schwaegel, August KOBRUCK, Teresa Schwaegel, Walter & Olive Thouvenot
THOUVENOT, Anton (Baptized 15 May 1888 in French Village) BLANCHE, Rosa (Baptized 3 Dec 1886 in Kansas City, KS) 19 Sep 1910 Thouvenot, Laurent LOUIS, Maria ROSS, W. C. CRAWFORD, Nellie Ross, Rolly & Josephina DIETRICH
THOUVENOT, Carl CHRISTOFF, Maria (Widow of Joseph Christoff) 5 Apr 1864 Thouvenot, Leopold ROUSEL, Victoria DA-VEROIX, Johann Louis ZELLER, Catharina Thouvenot, Leopold; Joseph CHIGLER & Helena MUZZARELLI
THOUVENOT, Cornelius (Baptized 5 Mar 1905 at cathedral) AMANN, Helen (Baptized Nov 1908 at cathedral) 27 Apr 1927 Thouvenot, Emil KRUPP, Mary Amann, Joseph BUECHLE, Theresa Amann, Jos. & Anna Amann
THOUVENOT, Isidore (Baptized 27 Aug 1895 at cathedral) REUTHERMANN, Aurelia (Baptized May 1900 in Belleville) 20 Jan 1920 Thouvenot, Emil KRUPP, Mary REUTERMANN, Joseph MASERANG, Margaret Reuterman, Roland & Isabel Thouvenot
THOUVENOT, Laurent LOUIS, Maria Catharina 8 May 1866 Thouvenot, Leopold ROUSEL, Victoria Louis, Johann Bap. DEVINROIT, Maria MYER, Nicholas & Not listed Louis
THOUVENOT, Vaner (Born & baptized at Freeburg, IL 21 May 1898) ROTH, Mary (Born 4 Jan 1900 & baptized 17 Oct 1921 at cathedral) 19 Oct 1921 Thouvenot, Louis KRUPP, Catherine Roth, Frank BEUSS, Hermina Roth, Wilmer & Olivia Thouvenot
THUL, Peter SCHNEIDER, Maria Paulina 6 Jan 1877 Thul, John MORGENS, Catharina Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria Anna STAUDER, John; Alexander Schneider; Amalia RIEGER & Joanna KELLER
THUL, Peter SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria Magdalena 15 May 1884 Thul, John MERGENS, Catharina (From Germany) Schlernitzauer, Andrew KALMES, Maria Schlernitzauer, Anna & Joseph ___
TIEMANN, Ernst W. HARST, Minnie 13 Jan 1908 Tiemann, Louis ALTHAUS, Louisa Harst, John BUENTGEN, Margaret Tiemann, Henry & Maria Harst Mixed religion marriage
TIERNEY, John (Born 13 Apr 1897 & baptized at St. Mathews in St. Louis, MO) KAPS, Anna (Born 7 Nov 7 1875 & baptized at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO) 14 Aug 1920 Tierney, John P. YAEGER, Isabella Kaps, William MUSER, Amalia HENRY, O. C. & Bertha DIETRICH
TIPLING, George [From St. Louis?] GIEFENKAMP, Sara C. (Widow) 13 Jul 1900 Tipling, Carl DOUGLAS, Helena GRUNTLEY, Francis FANNIG, Francisca WEGMANN, A. & J. H. BRUNS
TODD, George (Baptized 17 Oct 1886 at St. John in Loogootee, IN) FELDMANN, Ida (From Holland) 14 Jun 1921 Todd, John ALVIN, Theresa KOHNER, Anton KLEIN, Mary Todd, Raymond & Irene BRUGGEMANN
TOEBBEN, Herman (Born 6 Jan 1872 in Florissant, MO) MEYERSICK, Anna Maria (Born11 Aug 1883 & baptized in Fayetteville, IL) 6 Jul 1920 Toebben, Herman MEYER, Margaret Meyersick, Bernard THIEN, Anna TAPPEL, Herman & Margaret Meyersick
TOUSAINT, Francis DELORME, Adelina 10 Feb 1857 Tousaint, Christofer Not listed, Margaret Delorme, Denis Not listed, Emelia MEAMBIER, Alexander & Rosalia Meambier
TRIBOUT, Emil HEINRICH, Catharina 2 Feb 1875 Tribout, Bonaventure FOURNIER, Margaret Heinrich, George MARTIN, Elizabeth Fournier, Joseph & Emilia Heinrich
TRIBOUT, George (Baptized 10 Jun 1900 at St. Luke in Belleville) OESTERLE, Lucille (Born 15 __ 1907; baptized at cathedral) 21 Jan 1925 Tribout, George BLETTE, Anna Oesterle, Frank MERTENS, Anna Oesterle, George & Mrs. Anna Oesterle Married by Justice of the Peace 3 Jun 1925 in Waterloo.
TRIBOUT, Jacob STARK, Eva 25 Nov 1902 Tribout, Louis GASS, Maria Stark, Jacob George (Deceased) ZULAUF, Louisa Stark, John & Paulina Tribout
TRIBOUT, Louis RUSS, Frederica (Widow) 23 Feb 1892 Tribout, B. FOURNIER, Margaret LAUB, Ambrose REIS, Martha MEISTER, Michael & Ida Meister
TRIBOUT, Ralph (Born 25 Oct & baptized 5 Nov 1905 at St. Luke) KRUPP, Violet (Born 2 Jul 1913 in Belleville & baptized in Christ church) 6 Feb 1932 Tribout, George BLETTE, Anna Krupp, Charles EDELMANN, Minnie Tribout, William & Eleanor WEBER
TRIBOUT, Sylvester BOUL, Maria Anna 19 Feb 1867 Tribout, Bonaventure FOURNIER, Margaret Boul, Chrysostom DAHM, Maria Anna Fournier, Jacob; Christina Dahm; Christian Boul & Francisca Boul
TRIBUT, Louis GAHS, Maria 18 Sep 1865 Tribut, Bonaventure FOURNIER, Margaret Gahs, Stephan PFUSTER, Catharina Tribut, Sylveri & Peter GEHS
TRIERWEILER, Mathias JAGGI, Maria 28 Aug 1871 Trierweiler, Mathias LOUIS, Anna STÖKEL (Stoekel), Jacob WIESS, Anna Maria FABER, Anton & Maria ZIMMERMANN
TRIGORA, Joseph (Baptized 2 Mar  1890 in Sicily) PULVERENTE, Margaret (Baptized 28 Mar 1902 in Sicily) 5 Jul 1919 Trigora, Antonio VACARO, Marianna Pulverente, Rosario PALACINO, Polma SOLLAMI, Cologero & Maria COLAIAMI
TROELFEL, John STUBS, Maria 7 Feb 1854 Stubs, Michael; Sophia Stubs & Joanna TRELFEL
TROST, Leopold ERNST, Maria Eva 6 Apr 1869 Trost, Peter FALLET, Magdalena Ernst, Nicholas UHRIG, Margaret ECKERLE, Ignatius & Joseph KOENIG
TRUTTMANN, Arthur J. (Baptized Dec 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville, IL) FINK, Eliza (Baptized in ___ville, IL ___) 25 Sep 1924 Truttmann, Joseph PURTLE, Mary Fink, Herbert CHALMERS [?], Mary MILLER, John & Helen VETTER
TRUTTMANN, Joseph STATELIN, Maria Anna 26 Nov 1855 TOPP, Barbara Statelin, Joseph  ABEGG, Not listed ABIEK, Louis & Not listed BURGE
TRUTTMANN, Joseph Anton PROBST, Agatha 1 Sep 1856 Truttmann, Joseph Not listed, Anna Barbara Probst, Isfrid Not listed, Christianna Truttmann, Clement & Catharina Truttmann
TUCKER, Charles (Baptized 8 Jan 1884 in St. Mary, MO) STIEF, Frances (Baptized 27 Sep 1891 at cathedral) 5 Nov 1919 Tucker, Gabriel ROND, Anna Stief, Joseph LOOS, Bertha Stief, Joseph & Theresa Stief
TURBER, John D. HEUBERGER, Anna Maria 13 Nov 1850 ENDRES, Anton & John MEYER
UFFELMANN, Carl HAMME__, Not listed 9 Nov 1864 Mixed religion marriage
UHL, Felice [Felix?] ERTELT, Emilia 16 Apr 1902 Uhl, Louis KIMM, Agnes Ertelt, John SCHAUTER, Agnes Uhl, Renn__ & Maria SCHOEDLER
ULLENHAUT, Henry Herman ECKERLE, Bertha 22 May 1883 Ullenhaut, Henry SCHWENE, Elizabeth Eckerle, Ignatius WALTERSPIEL, Amalia Eckerle, Joseph & Bertha DEMUTH
UMPHRIES, Francis (Non-Catholic) FRIEDERICH, Anna 7 Jun 1906 Umphries, Jacob VAN WINKEL, Sara Friederich, Peter GRIMMER, Margaret Friederich, Henry & Rosa Friederich
UNDERWOOD, Edward OGLE, Louisa 4 Jun 1873
UNTEREINER, Peter GEOFROIX, Catharina 26 Oct 1869 Untereiner, Christoffer BUTINE, Elizabeth Geofroix, Joseph HEMMER, Maria Hemmer, Peter & Nicholas Geofroix
UNTERFANGER, John HOFFMANN, Helena 22 Oct 1848 RIESENBERGER, Peter & Bernard Unterfanger
VAHLKAMP, Arnold B. (Born 16 Jul 1903 & baptized 18 Jul 1903 in Fayetteville, IL) ISSELHARDT, Anita (Baptized Evangelical 8 Jul 1902 in Belleville, IL) 24 Jun 1925 Vahlkamp, John MIDDENDORF, Cecilia Isselhardt, George SCHAAB, Lena Vahlkamp, Albert & Clovina Isselhardt
VAHLKAMP, George GEIER, Theresa 28 Nov 1895 Vahlkamp, George KALTENBACH, Maria Geier, Anton WOLLENSCHLAEGER, Maria Vahlkamp, Henry & Catharina EDINGER
VAHLKAMP, Hubert (Born 13 Jan & baptized 24 Jan 1892 in Freeburg Fayetteville) MOLL, Sophie (Baptized 10 Nov 1890 in Prairie du Rocher) 23 Jan 1923 Vahlkamp, Fred STEIMAN, Dina BARBEAN, Louis SCHWEAR, Genetti ERHARDT, Roland & Martha PETRI
VALBERS, Henry ZINSER, Maria 24 May 1887 Valbers, Peter DREEVES, Catharina Zinser, Urban SAX, Rosa Zinser, Emil; F. BLOME; Gertrude MAYER & Anna SARES
VALBERS, Henry ZINSER, A. W. 24 May 1887 Valbers, John Peter DREEVES, Catta Zinser, Urban SAX, Rosa
VALENTIN, Joseph ODORIZZI, Emilia 24 Jan 1911 Valentin, John BLASICH, Virginia Odorizzi, Bartholomew COSTANZI, Orsola Odorizzi, Celestin & Albino Odorizzi
VAN BERNUM, John REINAN, Maria 5 Nov 1866 Van Bernum, Henry TROOS, Maria Magdalena Reinan, Louis HAMER, Maria WARSCHINGER, Adam & Henry SCHMIT
VAN BORGEN, Not listed (Baptized 3 May 1900 in St. Louis, MO) CLANCY, Loretta (Baptized 14 Apr 1901 in St. Louis, MO) 14 Jul 1923 Van Borgen, Bernard PROUT, Alice Clancy, Louis SYNDER, Sadie SCHUERMANN, Harry & Helen Schuermann
VAN DORN, William (Born 27 Sep 1906 & baptized at Leopold, MO) HARTMANN, Estelle (Born 4 Sep 1913 & baptized at ___meyer, IL) 17 Oct 1930 Van Dorn, John TENHOLDER, Johanna Hartmann, Joseph WESSLING, Anne BEYKIRCH, F. & M. ZIMMER
VANCE, Elmer (Non-Catholic) YUNG, Josephina 24 Sep 1907 Vance, William RAUSCH, Maria Yung, Joseph WEBER, Theresa GOLDSCHMIDT, Jacob & Lena Yung
VEATH, Rudolph (Baptized 6 Oct 1927 at cathedral) MEYER, Aurelia (Baptized 17 Apr 1906 at cathedral) 18 Jan 1928 Veath, Henry DROG, Lena Meyer, Joseph HOEFFKEN, Mary Meyer, Paul & Loretta BAUER
VECHTLE, Jacob PILCHER, Louisa 24 Oct 1871 Vechtle, Jacob RIESTER, Crescentia Pilcher, Joseph SCHNIPPE, Anna BASER, Julius; Amalia MEYER & Elizabeth SCHÖNSTEIN (Schoenstein) 
VERNIER, Edward A. (Baptized 17 Nov 1895 at St. Mary in Belleville) SCHAUTER, Agnes C. (Baptized 3 Oct 1898 at cathedral) 13 Apr 1920 Vernier, August CRANNAGE, Sara Schauter, John BUDEL, Mathilda
VERNIER, Walter (Born 2 Jun 1899 & baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) GAUSEPOHL, Emilie (Born 17 Mar 1904 & baptized in Bartelso, IL) 27 Feb 1924 Vernier, Albert WOODWORTH, Mary Gausepohl, Peter LAMMERS, Theresa Vernier, Lloyd & Agnes Gausepohl
VETTER, Gustav WRIGHT, Josephina (Non-Catholic) 26 Sep 1907 Vetter, John BRUMMER, Josephina Wright, Thomas SELNIER, Veronica Vetter, William & Margaret FISCHER
VETTER, Herman H. (Baptized Dec 1894 at cathedral) PETERS, Ella (Baptized Evangelical) 5 Jun 1919 Vetter, John J. RIBBLING, Elizabeth Peters, Christ HENTZE, Mary Vetter, Geo. & Anna Peters
VETTER, Johann BRUNNER, Josephina 17 Jan 1882 Vetter, Francis GOETZAUM, Appelonia Brunner, Johann SEGER, Elizabeth BISHOF, Julius & Anna DICKINSON
VETTER, John (Widower) RIBLING, Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) 21 Apr 1891 Vetter, Francis GÖTZ (Goetz), Apollonia Ribling, Henry BRUNNER, Maria FOHR, Nicolaus & Catharina Ribling Dispensation for second degree relationship
VETTER, William KOEHLER, Laura 1 Jun 1872 HERR, Martin
VETTER, William (Baptized 11 Mar 1888 in Belleville) MEYER, Anna (Baptized 18 Aug 1891 in Belleville) 19 Jun 1912 Vetter, John BRUNNER, Josephine Meyer, Francis KLEIN, Katharina Vetter, Herman & Mary SAEGER
VIERHELLER, Edward HERR, Anna 26 Jan 1887 Vierheller, Louis EIDMAN, Margaret Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Herr, Frank; Cecilia BOUL & Elizabeth Herr
VIERHELLER, Edward M.  (Born 26 Jul 1868; baptized at cathedral) NAGLE, Mrs. Irene B. (Baptized 17 Feb 1880) 17 Feb 1920 Vierheller, Louis EIDMANN, Margaret CRAWFORD, Elijah B.  LAIR, Mary J. ZELLER, Rev. A.  & Miss Josie DIETRICH
VIERHELLER, Joseph A. (Baptized 27 Apr 1890 in St. Mary in St. Louis) ALBRECHT, Emerentiana (Baptized 23 Jul 1894 at Cathedral) 24 Jun 1914 Vierheller, Edward HERR, Anna Albrecht, Anthony HASSELBACH, Anna Vierheller, Leo A. & Luetta M. Albrecht
VIETMANN, Walter (Non-Catholic) MUELLER, Helena 10 Oct 1917 Vietmann, Henry ANDREGG, Mary Mueller, John F. LOUIS, Catherine Mueller, John E. & Frieda A. GUNDLACH
VITALE, Nicholas (Baptized 23 Nov 1896 at St. Joseph in Sicily) FIOREDIMONDO, Petrina (Baptized 12 Jun 1902 at __zi, Sicily) 25 Jul 1921 Vitale, Louis VITALE, Marie Fioredimondo, Joseph PALAZZOLO, Maria Vitale, Paul & Mary Vitale Revalidation
VOEGELI, Joseph MOLLER, Marietta (Orphan) 28 Nov 1901 Voegeli, Jacob FOURNIE, Maria Louisa HERR, Louis(Adoptive father) GUNDLACH, M. (Adoptive mother) Herr, Eugene & Olivia Herr
VOEGTLE, Jacob J. (Baptized 9 Aug 1879 in Belleville) ELLIOTT, Elizabeth (Baptized Dec 1879 in PA) 24 Oct 1918 Voegtle, Jacob POCKE, Louise SHIUMERS [?], James MAC, Bridget LETTER, Edward & Josie DIETRICH
VOEGTLE, John NEHRING, Elizabeth 23 Jun 1908 Voegtle, Jacob BILLGER, Louisa Nehring, Carl BIEBEL, Rosa MAGER, Edward & Rosa Nehring
VOELKEL, Otto (Non-Catholic) ERNST, Carolina 18 Oct 1892 Voelkel, John HINDERKORN, Louisa Ernst, Wendelin HASHMANN, Dorothea Ernst, Wendelin & Barbara BAECHLE
VOELLINGER, Adam DAMM, Elizabeth 18 Nov 1873 Voellinger, Jacob MEYER, Margaret Anna Damm, John (Deceased) WAGNER, Barbara Voellinger, Francis; Clara WILD; John Damm & Hedrina OPP
VOELLINGER, George Joseph KARR, Elizabeth 9 Jun 1881 Voellinger, Michael RUST, Christina ROESTER, Friederich RIEDEL, Catharina HERKERT, Francis Joseph & Elizabeth Herkert
VOELLINGER, Jacob VOELLINGER, Christina 22 Aug 1870 Voellinger, Jacob MEYER, Anna DAMM, John WAGNER, Barbara Voellinger, Jacob & Louis Damm Note on left margin mentions 24 & 28 Nov 1870.  [See record] 
VOELLINGER, Jacob MUNIE, Isabella 15 Jul 1896 Voellinger, Jacob DAHM, Christina Munie, Joseph  GERMAIN, Christina Germain, Louis & Anna Voellinger
VOELLINGER, Joseph DAHM, Christina 27 Oct 1868 Voellinger, Jacob MYER, Anna Maria Dahm, Johann WAGNER, Barbara Voellinger, Jacob; Stephan SCHELLMANN & Elizabeth Dahm
VOELLINGER, Joseph BUDDE, Helena __ Nov 1875 Voellinger, Joseph Not listed, Agnes Budde, Engelbert PAGEL, Catharina Budde, Jacob & Anna Voellinger
VOELLINGER, Joseph (Baptized 7 May 1853 at Cathedral) HERR, Catharina (Baptized 2 Oct 1863 at Cathedral) 24 Sep 1913 Voellinger, George J. STOCKEL, Agnes Herr, Martin DOLCH, Barbara VIERHELLER, Leo & Stella STENGER
VOELLINGER, Joseph (Widower) ST. EVE, Maria Elizabeth 15 Feb 1887 Voellinger, Sr., Joseph STOECKLE, Agnes St. Eve, John KLOTSER, Theresa Stoeckle, Valentin & Joseph FRIES
VOELLINGER, Michael GUNDLACH, Maria Elizabeth 17 May 1881 Voellinger, Jacob MEYER, Maria Anna Gundlach, Philipp John BIEBEL, Margaret Gundlach, Philipp & Susanna Gundlach
VOELLINGER, Peter  SCHMISSEUR, Maria Helena 20 Nov 1877 Voellinger, Jacob MEYER, Anna Schmisseur, John Nicolaus MARTZLER, Maria Anna Voellinger, Michael & Maria Schmisseur
VOELLINGER, William REUTERMANN, Anna 22 Nov 1905 Voellinger, Adam DAHM, Elizabeth Reutermann, Valentin KELLER, Elizabeth KLAUS, J. L. & C. L. Voellinger
VOLGES, Christian FICKERS, Adelheit (Widow) 26 Oct 1847 MEYER, Joseph & Richard HAY
VOLK, John (Baptized 5 Apr 1913 at Cathedral) MUCKENSTURM, Anna (Baptized 25 Jan 1893 at Cathedral) 6 May 1913 Volk, Adam HERGENROETHER [?], Martha Muckensturm, Henry KELLER, Justina Muckensturm, Henry & Helena FRITZ
VOLKMANN, William (Baptized 8 Sep 1898 in Hecker, IL) GRANDCOLAS, Edna (Baptized 19 Jul 1899 in Freeburg, IL) 21 Jun 1922 Volkmann, Henry BENEDICT, Mary Grandcolas, Christ MAHLMANN, Bertha Grandcolas, Elmer & Catherine KERN
VOLLET, Johann KARL, Carolina 2 Mar 1862 Vollet, Johann DOHM, Elizabeth Karl, Enfried DIETRICH, Dorothea SCHELLMANN, Joseph & Michael KLEIN Mixed religion marriage
VOLLMER, August MILLER, Elizabeth 9 May 1894 Vollmer, Anton SCHINDLER, Catharina Miller, Joseph PROBST, Wilhelmina Mixed religion marriage
VOLLMER, Rudolph (Baptized 15 May 1830 in Mascoutah) ESSENPREIS, Emerentiana (Baptized 3 Jun 1882 in Pierron) 23 Apr 1910 Vollmer, William SPAETH, Theresa Essenpreis, Joseph WHERLE, Margaret DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich Couple had civil marriage 26 Mar 1906 – found taking the [diocesan] Census.
VON BERNUM, Albert HALTNER, Catharina 27 Nov 1855 Not listed, Christina Haltner, John BALO, Michael & Anton HELMICH
WACHTEL, Aloys (Baptized 16 Dec 1898 in Paderborn, IL) HARSZY, Eleonora (Born 5 Dec 1905 & baptized 29 ___ 1925 at cathedral) 22 Sep 1925 Wachtel, George ARMBRUSTER, Eva Harszy, Henry LOEB, Mary Wachtel, August & Frances RANGE
WACHTEL, Henry TIENERT, Elizabeth 10 Apr 1860 Wachtel, Andrew ___, Christina Tienert, Henry FRETCHLER, Barbara GROSS, Louis & Peter STAUDER
WACHTEL, Joachim John FLACH, Anna 1 May 1877 Wachtel, Philipp Anton WALD, Marianna Flach, Adam OSTERMEIER, Maria Flach, George; John Flach; Elisa Flach & Maria Flach
WACHTER, Anton RICHARD, Margaret 13 Sep 1857 —- Richard, John
WACHTER, John A. (From Pender, Dacota County, NE) RODENMEYER, Emma 2 Oct 1888 Wachter, Anton RICHA___, Margaret Rodenmeyer, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth Rodenmeyer, Joseph & Theresa Wachter
WACHTERMAN, Theodore R. (Baptized 24 Apr 1904 at St. Francis de Sales in St. Louis, MO) GROEBL, Marie A. (Baptized 1 Mar 1910 at St. Francis de Sales in St. Louis, MO) 15 Jun 1928 Wachterman, Theodore WOLKER, Mary  Groebl, Oscar SCHAA_, Anna WITT, Joseph & R. M. GRONE
WAGNER, Bernard (Baptized 17 Aug 1898 in O’Fallon) BOYER, Mary (Baptized 14 Jan 1900 in Renault) 29 Nov 1922 Wagner, Michael PAULI, Catherine Bayer, Louis ZEIGER, Susan RENO, Loyd & Catherine SCHILT
WAGNER, Edwin (Presbyterian) ZINK, Hilda (Baptized 7 Feb 1897 at cathedral) 23 Jun 1920 Wagner, Rudolph SIFFEL, Susan Zink, Emil KRONENBERGER, Catherine Zink, Elmer & Marie Kronenberger)
WAGNER, Johann MUELLER, Margaret 17 Oct 1861 Wagner, George GEBHARDT, Carolina Mueller, Philipp Not listed, Margaret STARK, Johann & Philipp Mueller
WAGNER, Johann George EIMER, Hermina 5 Mar 1867 Wagner, Nicholas STARK, Elizabeth Eimer, Johann Wagner, Peter; Rudolph Eimer; Carolina Eimer & Amanda Eimer
WAIGAND, Carl (Baptized in Kinmundy, IL) FRICK, Anna (Baptized in Smithton) 25 Jun 1913 Waigand, Francis WETT__, Barbara KREHER, Jacob ROSS, Barbara Waigand, Michael & Wilhelmina Kreher
WAINWRIGHT, George (Born 24 Jan 1892 in Belleville, IL; not baptized) RENNER, Edna Frances (Baptized 22 Aug 1895 at cathedral) 31 Aug 1918 Wainwright, Jacob GAHR, Louise Renner, Martin DAMMERICH, Frances LOESSER, Adolph & Alda SCHLAFF
WAINWRIGHT, Lester (Born 13 Jan 1904 in Belleville & not baptized) MUETH, Cecilia (Born 10 Jan 1902 & baptized in Hecker, IL) 25 Oct 1930 Wainwright, John CROSS, Nellie Mueth, Jacob SCHMERBACH, Margaret VOGEL, Catherine & Margaret ZIMMER
WALK, Anton REINBOLD, Genevieve 13 Jul 1848 MEYER, Andreas & Joseph WONDET
WALKAMP, Stephan GEIER, Angelina 10 Nov 1891 Walkamp, Theodore BORGMANN, A. M. (From Fayetteville) Geier, Anton WOLLENSCHLÄGER (Wollenschlaeger), A. M. VAHLKAMP, Bernard & Theresa Geier
WALKER, B. _ HARTOIN, Rosa 28 Nov 1907 Walker, B. L. CUMMINS, Esther Hartoin, Dom. GRANDCOLAS, Maria Hartoin, Anton & Clara STUBSCHMIED
WALLER, Anton BORDILL, Elizabeth 22 Aug 1846 RITTER, Philip & August HOFFSCHULTE
WALSH, David Francis SULLIVAN, Genevieve Cecilia 9 Oct 1905 Walsh, Michael LYONS, Maria Sullivan, Timothy DAGGET, Margaret FRUEKE, Catharina & Margaret SCHLICH Permission from Rev. Coffey of St. Leon in St. Louis
WALSTER, Martin  MUELLER, Johanna (Baptized 12 Aug 1894 at Cathedral) 3 Sep 1913 Walster, Henry ROARK, Maria Mueller, Frederick KRONENBERGER, Eleonora DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich
WALTER, Andreas BRUNNER, Margaret 24 Jul 1849
WALTER, Michael (Baptized 19 Dec 1890 at Cathedral) RENSING, Ida (Baptized 12 Jun 1891 at Cathedral) 22 Sep 1915 Walter, John F. TRIBOUT, Adele Rensing, John STAUDER, Mary Walter, Jas. H. & Rosa Rensing
WALTER, R. John TRIBOUT, Adelaid 4 Oct 1888 Walter, Laurent BEITER, Anna Maria Tribout, Louis CASS, Maria SCHLEGEL, August; Anton ADAM; Ida Tribout & Catharina EBNER
WALTER, William SCHMIDLING, Christina 23 Oct 1882 Walter, Laurent BEITER, Anna Maria Schmidling, Joseph FROMMONG, Magdalena BRUTSCHER, Wendelin & Maria Schmidling
WALTER, William (Baptized 24 Aug 1885 at Cathedral) REEB, Elizabeth (Baptized 22 Dec 1887 at Cathedral) 10 Jun 1913 Walter, William SCHMITTLING, Christina Reeb, Philipp FUESS, Margaret Walter, Carl & Alvina Reeb
WALTERSPIEL, Maximilian MENDEL, Cunigunda 10 Jul 1883 Walterspiel, Joseph SIGWART, Philomena Mendel, Joseph FUESS, Francisca ECKERLE, Joseph & Emma OESTERLE
WAMBERGUE, Jr., Moise (Born 15 Nov 1903 & not baptized) GABEL, Loretta (Baptized 5 Aug 1906 at cathedral) 14 Apr 1925 Wambergue, Sr., Moise FAIDLEHR, Leona Gabel, Herman BECKER, Anna Wambergue, Ben. & Lora KNOWLES
WAMSER, George CHRISTIAN, Louisa 7 Feb 1889 Wamser, Henry WUG___, Christina Christian, Carl RENNER, Maria Anna (Deceased) LANG, Martin & Maria BRENDLE
WARD, Albert (Non-Catholic) ADELHARDT, Emma 15 Nov 1899 Adelhardt, Francis
WARHUBER, J. Baptist (Widower) KARLSKIND, Elizabeth 13 Jun 1854 ISCH, Anton & Dominic LALLEMANN
WARING, Nicholas RADLER, Genevieve 22 May 1855 OURS, Victor & John Radler
WARNER, Charles A. (Baptized 7 Jun 1912 Carlyle – Non-Catholic) DIEKEMPER, Martha  (Baptized 11 Dec 1894 Carlyle) 24 Mar 1913 Warner, Henry HOHL, Elizabeth Diekemper, Fred BECKER, Catharina Diekemper, Edwin & Lillie Diekemper
WARREN, Clarence (Not Baptized) CANGE, Emiliana (Baptized 23 Aug 1894 at Wetaug, IL) 23 Nov 1913 Warren, Benj. BADGET, S. Cange, Edw. KAESMEYER. Elis. EFFMAN, B. & Josephina DIETRICH
WARRING, John L. WESHLER, Anna 12 Aug 1885 Warring, Nicholas (From Duca___) CUDDLER, Genevieve Weshler, Stephan KESTEL, Maria Kestel, John; Emilie DORN & Maria Lena LANG
WASEM, Charles (Baptized Evangelical) FISCHER, Margaret (Baptized 24 Dec 1901 at cathedral) 4 May 1922 Wasem, Jacob LEONHARDT, Lena Fischer, Walter FIX, Lena SCHILLING, Ed & Agnes FELDMAN
WASHLER, George HEBEIS, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1843 RAPP, Andreas & Jacob Rapp
WASSER, John (Baptized 3 Sep 1884 at St. Luke’s in Belleville) LOUIS, Olivia (Baptized 11 Apr 1889 at Cathedral) 7 May 1912 Wasser, Michael RECKELMANN, Nora Louis, Frank VÖLLINGER (Voellinger), Anna LAUTER, Aug. & Adela Louis
WATKINS, Edwin B. (Baptized in Christian Faith 1913 in Allensville, KY) HOEFFKEN, Estella C. (Baptized 4 Jun 19_9 at cathedral) 12 Aug 1929 Watkins, Mathew F. BELL, Lucille Hoeffken, Martin MOELLER, Katherine Hoeffken, Martin & Ruth PLACE
WAUDRACHECK, Anton (Widower) MAYER, Louisa (Widow) 16 Apr 1901 WARDRACHECK, John MICHAEL, Anna FUCHS, Conrad VOLLMANN, Margaret Fuchs, Francis & Anna DETTMEIER
WEAVER, Aloysius (Baptized 2 Jun 1891 at St. Mary in Paragould, AR) IRWIN, Agnes (Baptized 15 ___ 1899 at St. Agatha in New Athens, IL) 23 Jun 1925 Weaver, Philip STAUD__, Eva Irwin, Dr. Edward (Congressman) FLACH, Emilia Weaver, John & Elga DAGEN
WEBB, John D. (Baptized 29 Dec 1893 at St. Markus in St. Louis, MO) MURPHY, Clemence (Baptized 6 Feb 1897 at St. Joseph in Clayton, MO) 22 Jul 1916 Webb, Charles R. WALSH, Catherine Murphy, James GRACE, Johanna DIETRICH, Jos. & Louise Dietrich
WEBER, Carl BERTELSMANN, Anna 29 Oct 1878 Weber, Friederich HESSE, Magdalena Bertelsmann, Henry HAMM, Gertrude Hamm, Henry & Elizabeth URS
WEBER, Frederick HESS, Magdalena 5 Aug 1851 DOLCH, Carl; Joseph CHEOFRA & Magdalena Hess
WEBER, George DAHM, Francisca 9 Jun 1846 BOUL, Chrisostymus & John Dahm
WEBER, Henry BECKER, Elizabeth 3 Jan 1867 Weber, Jacob DIEGBRETH, Catharina Becker, Jacob DUNKEL, Anna Maria DERLETH, Gerard; Joseph NEFF; Louisa WILD & Emma PUDERER
WEBER, Herbert (Lutheran) BIEBEL, Clementine (Baptized 7 Aug 1903 at cathedral) 4 Apr 1921 Weber, John JAEGER, Lena Biebel, Nic MEISTER, Mary Biebel, Nic H. & Agnes HOERNSCHEMEYER
WEBER, John STRESER, Kunigunda 19 Sep 1853 SCHLEGEL, Joseph; Theresa HERMANN & Julian MORROW
WEBER, John HERGET, Catharina 14 May 1854 FOUL, Bernard; Margaret Foul; John FINK & Eva Fink
WEBER, John DINGES, Margaret 28 May 1885 Weber, Frederick HESS, Magdalena Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Dinges, Henry & Anna Weber
WEBER, Oscar (Baptized Evangelical in Belleville, IL (1888), 33y) FISCHER, Mrs. Gase Celia (Baptized 1888 in Belleville, IL) 25 Feb 1922 Weber, Phil. L. ENRIGHT, Adelhaid FISCHER, Henry HARST, Catherine COURAR, John & L. DIETRICH
WEBER, Philip MEYER, Anna Maria 28 Jan 1851 MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob & Herman LIERMANN
WECK, George (Born 22 Feb 1911 at Council Hill, OK.  Baptism unknown) SCHMITTLING, Agnes Josephine  (Born 20 Sep & baptized 1 Oct 1911 at cathedral) 13 Jun 1931 Weck, Edward WARREN, Margaret Schmittling, Anton MARTIN, Teresa Schmittling, John  & Mathilda Schmittling
WEDEL, Edward F. HEMAN (HEHMANN), Margaret 13 Sep 1888 Wedel, George HARRIS, Ma___ Heman (Hehmann), William HOHK, Catharina HUND, Florent & Maria Heman
WEDEL, Michael (Non-Catholic) WIENHOFF, Maria 24 Sep 1907 Wedel, Adam JOST, Teresa Wienhoff, John KING, Margaret STOECKEL, John & Emma Wedel Permission from Waterloo, IL
WEEKS, Mathias BERNDAMER, Walburga 9 Jan 1851 SCHIELE, Francis & Alois STAMMER
WEIBEL, Martin SATTEL, Gertrude 28 May 1860 Weibel, Joseph Anton N___, Gertrude Sattel, Martin BAU___, Elizabeth BAUMANN, Frederick & Nicholas Weibel
WEIBERT, Adam DINGES, Elizabeth 17 Oct 1876 Weibert, Francis KARR, Catharina Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Weibert, Catharina & Jacob MEISTER
WEIGAND, Francis (Baptized 24 Mar 1883 in Mascoutah) JUNG, Eleonora (Baptized 18 Mar 1888 in Belleville) 29 Jun 1910 Weigand, Francis VETTER, Barbara Jung, George STARK, Anna Jung, Lilly & John Weigand
WEIHAUPT, Carl HEINRICH, Elizabeth 2 Feb 1875 Weihaupt, Jakob MOSTHOF, Elizabeth Heinrich, George MARTIN, Elizabeth WIESCHEAS, Carolina & George Heinrich
WEIL, Edward (Not Baptized) GANNON, Della (Baptized 19 Mar 1890 at Cathedral) 14 Oct 1914 Weil, Jacob RUCKRIEGEL, Marg. Gannon, Michael HEMMER, Rosa NIEDERFREHER, Maurice & Frieda Hemmer
WEIMLING, William MUELLER, Maria 17 Aug 1890 Weimling, George CHRISTMANN, Margaret Mueller, Paul GANGLOFF, Elizabeth Christmann, William & Carolina Mueller
WEINGAERTNER, Monroe T. (Born May 1895 & baptized Presbyterian) LINDENBERGER, Ida B. (Baptized 11 Jun 1894 at cathedral) 11 May 1925 Weingaertner, Henry KELLENBRINK, Winnie Lindenberger, S. F. MAGIN, Elizabeth MUELLER, Ferd & Odelia Mueller
WEINHEIMER, Balthasar BAUER, Eva 5 Apr 1844 BAUMANN, Friederick & Jacob FEY
WEIS, Anton BUSER, Anna Maria 5 Feb 1867 Weis, Xavier SCHERLE, Francisca Buser, Peter KOMER, Maria WERL, Leopold & Joseph SATTEL
WEIS, Joseph L. BOUL, Cecilia 11 Apr 1893 Weis, Joseph LENNARTZ, Christina Boul, Leonard HERR, Elizabeth WUERZ, Joseph Anton & Josephine REIS
WEIS, Peter STAUDER, Emma 3 Oct 1888 Weis, Joseph LENERTZ, Christina Stauder, Nicholas HELFRICH, Catharina Weis, Joseph L.;  Julio Stauder; Maria MINOR & Maria WILL__ from Montrose, MO
WEIS, William FERNAU, Johanna 7 Oct 1891 Weis, Joseph LENNARTZ, Christina Fernau, August KRAUS, Louisa HERZLER, Nicolaus & Rennie STÖLZLE (Stoelzle)
WEISHAAR, Gallam STUMPF, Margaret 26 Apr 1870 Stumpf, Julius & Elizabeth MEYER
WEISSENSTEIN, John THEOBALD, Louisa (Non-Catholic) 25 May 1902 Weissenstein, John KELMER, Victoria Theobald, Abraham KALLER, Catharina Theobald, Jacob & Catharina Theobald
WEISSENSTEIN, Joseph  KUNZ, Wilhelmina (Non-Catholic) 24 Jun 1905 Weissenstein, John KELM, Victoria Kunz, Henry STEPHANHAUER, Emilia FRUEKE, Francis & Catharina DIEKER
WEISSENSTERN, Carl WAGNER, Elisa (Non-Catholic) 12 Nov 1898 Weissenstern, John KOELBE, Victoria Wagner, Max GUNDLACH, Anna GRUENEWALD, Elizabeth & Maria GARB___
WELLINGHOFF, Frank George (Born & baptized 11 Aug 1893 in Bartelso, IL) ZIMMERMANN, Ruth (Born 24 Mar 1904 & baptized in Pilgrim Evangelical church in St. Louis, MO) 4 Feb 1931 Wellinghoff, George GRAWE, Anna Zimmermann, John KUSGEN, Julia Wellinghoff, John L. & Emma Zimmermann
WELLINGHOFF, Herman (Baptized Feb 1906 at cathedral) GRANDCOLAS, Amanda (Baptized 28 Aug 1910 in New Athens) 28 Nov 1929 Wellinghoff, George GRAISER, Anna Grandcolas, Christian MAHLMANN, Bertha HECKENBERGER, Joseph & Loretta Heckenberger
WELSCH, John SCHWARTZ, Maria 16 Jan 1853 MANCK, John & John FIEGEL
WELSCH, Martin J. (Baptized 14 Aug 1904 at St. Mary in Madonnaville) HOFFMAN, Ruth M. (Baptized Evangelical 27 ___ 1905 in ___rystown) 27 Aug 1929 Welsch, Joseph BERT_, Mary E. Hoffman, Jacob HOFFMEIER [?], Alice Welsch, Elizabeth & Alice Hoffman
WENK, Christian ZOELLER, Francisca 23 Oct 1855 SCHNIDER, Laurent & Anton HELMICH
WENSCHEL, Andrew HULLER, Francisca 11 Apr 1860 Wenschel, Wendelin K___, Maria Anna Huller, Joseph BAUER, Maria Anna REHM, Haspar & John Bauer
WERKMEISTER, Henry STICKA, Anna 1 May 1901 Werkmeister, Henry BECHTOLD, Catharina Sticka, John BLAMATT, Josephina ROESCH, W. & Theresa Sticka
WERNER, Carl FROMMONT, Theresa 21 Jul 1875 Werner, Frederick WEISSE, Maria Frommont, Nicholas WISROCK, Margaret Frommont, August & Elisa BAQUET
WERNER, Louis (Non-Catholic) CONRAD, Marie (Baptized 2 Feb 1893 at St, Bernard in Springfield, OH) 26 Feb 1919 Werner, Frederick WIER, Catharine Conrad, Emil HORN, Emma Werner, Amiel & Helen Conrad
WERNER, Nicholas SCHLETZBAUM, Maria 21 May 1857 Werner, George Not listed, Susanna Schletzbaum, John Not listed, Anna KAUP, Caspar & H. Schletzbaum
WERTHE, William Bankern (Non-Catholic) BECKER, Carolina 27 Dec 1888 Werthe, William Adolph BANKERN, Abigail Jane Becker, Nicholas REIN___, Maria Becker, John & Crescentia Becker
WES, William GUNDLACH, Susanna 18 Feb 1868 Wes, Henry Not listed, Philippa Gundlach, Johann SCHICHTEL, Eva HERR, Martin & Francis VOLK
WESOLIC, Peter (Born 28 Jul 1903 & baptized in Germany) WAIGAND, Erwina (Born 7 Aug 1902 & baptized at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah) 21 Oct 1931 Wesolic, Joseph KNOWSKI, Frances Waigand, Nicholas JUNG, Caroline Wesolic, Francis & Lillian Waigand
WESSEL, Theodore SAINTEVE, Cecilia 6 Feb 1895 Wessel, Bern. NIEGENHAUER, Gert. Sainteve, John CONRAD, Anna M. BRIESACHER, Gustav & Lizzie WUN__
WEST, Elmer (Baptized Evangelical at St. Paul) FREES, Margaret (Baptized 21 May 1905 at cathedral) 17 Oct 1928 West, Fred APPEL, Adele Frees, George W. ETTELDORF, Elizabeth BEACH, Douglas & Elizabeth Beach
WESTERFELDHAUS, Henry HANEWINKEL, Gertrude 21 Jul 1846 KOEBBE, Bernard & Bernard STUEVE
WESTRICH, Joseph L. (Non-Catholic) WITTMEIER, Rosa 29 Nov 1900 Westrich, Joseph SCHAALE, Marg. Wittmeier, John FRIES, M. HEROLD, John & Carl Westrich
WESTRICH, William GLATT, Maria Emilia 28 Oct 1902 Westrich, John SIEGFRIED, Joanna Glatt, Sylvester GROSS, Maria BREIDENBACH, John & Margaret BUX
WETZ, Oswald KNAB, Christina 14 Apr 1885 Wetz, Daniel KOHN, Gertrude Knab, Philipp HOG, Elis. RODENBERG, Francis Mathilda BRAUCH
WETZEL, Carl KNOBEL, Maria Anna 13 Jul 1877 OFER, Jacob KÖTTING (Koetting), Adelheid BAUMANN, Laurent & Joseph HERPINE
WETZER, John SCHLEZBAUM, Anna 10 Aug 1852 Wetzer, Jacob; John Schlezbaum & Sebastian PHEFEIFER
WEYGANDT, Charles (Baptized Protestant, 45y) RODEMAYER, Clara (Baptized 19 ___ 1884 at cathedral) 18 Nov 1922 Weygandt, Charles S. OHLENDORF, Anna Rodemayer, Valentin HOFEN, Margaret SCHWARZ, Edward & Ida Rodemayer
WEYGANDT, Oscar (Baptized Evangelical  in Millstadt, IL 1891) WEIK, Sophie E. (Baptized 1895 in Freeburg) 10 May 1917 Weygandt, Philipp KELLER, Margaret Weik, Charles REINNECK, Elizabeth Weik, Thomas & Alma Weygandt
WEYHAUPT, Arthur GUETTERMANN, Anna 9 Oct 1907 Weyhaupt, Carl HEINRICH, Elizabeth Guettermann, Daniel MEYER, Anna Guettermann, Frederick; Alice WERNER; Daniel Guettermann & Pearl Weyhaupt 
WHITE, John (Non-Catholic) BURTZ, Rosa 18 Feb 1909 White, James ANDERSON, Sabilla Burtz, Henry IGO, Theresa BERGMANN, Math. & Josephina DIETRICH
WHITE, Thomas (Non-Catholic) HASSLER, Clara 16 May 1905 White, James BARTER, Maria Hassler, Jacob IGEL, Barbara Hassler, John & Tellie ROSENTHAL
WHITE, William (Baptized at Cathedral) HUMMEL, Anna (Baptized 15 Apr 1888 in Mascoutah) 23 Jun 1914 White, Frank ROLAND, Mary Hummel, William SCHMIDT, Elenora LUCASH, Joseph & Estella RINK
WHITEMANN, Nicholas FRIEDERICH, Magdalena 20 Oct 1850 Friederich, John & Magdalena Friederich
WHITNEL, George T. (Baptized Methodist 21 Nov 1898) SAX, Amanda M. (Baptized 8 Aug 1897 at cathedral) 6 Jul 1922 Whitnel, Lindorf TRAMMEL, Amanda Sax, George HELLFRICH, Catherine MCCORMICK, John & Catherine Sax
WIECZORECK, Andrew (Born 20 Aug 1899 & baptized at Forest City, PA) JACKSON, Iva (Born 1902 – Baptist; not baptized) 12 Oct 1920 Wieczoreck, Vincent BRUZASKA, Frances Jackson, Fred VON OSDALE, Ella MUELHERR, Walter & Amelia JOERGENS
WIELAND, Anton MOHR, Maria (Widow) 3 Dec 1850 BAUER, Michael & Mathias MEYER
WIEMAR, George (Baptized 13 Jul 1890 at Cathedral) EMGE, Antoinetta (Baptized 7 Jan 1891 at Cathedral) 26 Sep 1911 Wiemar, William RODEMAYER, Barbara Emge, Peter GEIGER, Sabina Emge, Edward & Maria Wiemar
WIEMER, William RODEMEYER, Barbara 24 Nov 1881 Wiemer, William SALZ, Gertrude Rodemeyer, John KLINGELSCHMIDT, Maria BRÜGGEMANN (Brueggemann), Francis & Michael BORG
WIESE, Henry (Born & baptized in St. Anthony in St. Louis, MO) BAUER, Cornelia (Born 5 Jul 1899 & baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) 29 Sep 1920 Wiese, Christopher WUEBBEN, Margaret Bauer, George LAUF, Mary ALBERS, William & Frances Bauer
WIESEN, Charles (Baptized 24 Oct 1891 at Cathedral) HILPERT, Theresa (Baptized 13 Dec 1895 at Cathedral) 8 Feb 1916 Wiesen, John MICHELY, Anna Hilpert, Joseph WEBER, Gertrude HONER, Edward & Louisa Wiesen
WIESEN, Jacob (Widower) REEB, Cecilia (Widow of Adolph Reeb) 11 Nov 1908 HELFRICH, Jacob SCHELMANN, Helena Wiesen, George & Cecilia Reeb
WIESEN, Nicholas HILPERT, Maria 28 Nov 1906 Wiesen, John (From West Belleville) MICHAELIS, Anna Hilpert, Joseph WEBER, Gertrude Hilpert, John & Lucia Wiesen
WIGLESWORTH, Jacob THRELFALD, Helena 10 Jun 1854 FRICK, Jacob & Sarah Frick
WILDEMANN, Jacob J. (Non-Catholic) RUDOLPH, Maria 26 May 1906 Wildemann, William ESHLOCK, Elizabeth Rudolph, George STARK, Christina Rudolph, Cyrill & Margaret SCHLICH
WILDERMANN, Orrin J. (Non-Catholic) KOESTERER, Elizabeth 16 Apr 1907 Wildermann, J. L. WILDERMANN, Maria Koesterer, Jacob FIEDLER, Maria Wildermann, Myrtle & Margaret SCHLICH
WILDHABER, John ULLRICH, Katharina 15 Jun 1852 MUELLER, Jacob & Theresa SIEDLER
WILKAITIS, John (Baptized 20 Sep 1887 in Russia) EISENHAUER, Louisa (Baptized _2 Nov 1889 in Hecker) 12 Nov 1912 Wilkaitis, Carl Not listed, Maria Eisenhauer, Philip HELFRICH, Gertrude WINSLOW, Thomas & Augusta Eisenhauer
WILKEMEYER, Francis T. (Baptized 1 Feb 1898 in Ryan, IA) DIETRICH, Magdalena (Baptized 17 Mar 1906 in New Madrid, MO) 9 Oct 1929 Wilkemeyer, Benj. HAMMER, Mary Dietrich, Edward DERMAN, Sarah SEGER, Edward & Phoebe CRUISE
WILLIAMS, Clarence E. (Baptized 15 Apr 1877 in Baptist church in Prospect, NY) BECKER, Mary Agnes (Baptized 22 Sep 1889 at St. Libory in St. Libory, IL) 11 Oct 1911 Williams, William R. Becker, Henry Not listed, Maria RIGOT, Louis L. & Ida Becker
WILLIAMS, Robert HANLEY, Maria 7 Oct 1856 Williams, John Not listed, Maria Hanley, Michael; Not listed, Sally RABO, Nicholas & Anna Maria HOLDENER
WILLSCHEIDT (WILSCHERD), Martin SCHUETZ, Elizabeth 1 Oct 1903 Willscheidt, John MAUZ, Elizabeth Schuetz, John MAURER, Maria Schuetz, Adam & Maria Schuetz
WILMES, Francis RODENMEYER, Margaret 3 Feb 1891 Wilmes, Anton GREVE, Not listed Rodenmeyer, George HELFRISH, Elizabeth ERK___, Hubert & Juliana Rodenmeyer
WIMMER, Jacob GUENTHER, Anna 29 May 1906 Wimmer, Mathew BRANDT, Margaret Guenther, John SAX, Barbara Guenther, John & Magdalena Guenther
WIMMER, Mathias BRANDT, Margaret 1 Feb 1870 MEINERT, William; John SCHÖNESTEIN (Schoenestein); Margaret STETTELL & Louisa SCHÖNSTEIN (Schoenstein)
WIMPE, Herman WEHE, Theresa 26 Aug 1847 SAUER, John Henry & Anna Maria ALBERS
WINKLER, William MARTIN, Catharina (Widow) 6 May 1852 BAUER, Joseph & John SCHETZBAUM
WINSTANLEY, Thomas (Widower) MCLEAN, Elizabeth (Widow) 11 Sep 1851 STOOKEY, George; Margaret Stookey; Benjamin BONEAU & Henrica TRUNDLE
WINTER, Edward KRONENBERG, Eleonora (Baptized 12 Jun 1892 at Cathedral) 7 Feb 1911 Winter, Fred SATTLER, Elis. Kronenberger, Henry FLUCK, Matilda Kronenberger, John & Amanda HEFTI [Duplicate entry of 8 Feb 1911 entry.]
WINTER, Edward (Born 27 Oct 1887; baptized 7 Feb 1911 in Belleville) KRONENBERGER, Eleonora H. 8 Feb 1911 Winter, Frederick SATTLER, Elizabeth Kronenberger, Henry FLUCK, Matilda Kronenberger, Francis H. & Amanda HEFTI [Duplicate entry of 7 Feb 1911 entry.]
WINTER, Henry LANDGRAF, Catharina 16 May 1853 Landgraf, Jacob; Joseph Landgraf & Eva Landgraf
WINTER, Henry J. (Baptized non-Catholic in Belleville) WINTERBAUER, Rose L. (Freeburg 1894) 7 Aug 1918 Winter, John RUEHL, Margaret Winterbauer, Charles MASERANG, Rose CONRATH, John & Helen RUDOLPH Mixed religion marriage
WINTER, Herman (Non-Catholic) KIEFER, Adela 10 Oct 1906 Winter, John RUEHL, Margaret Kiefer, Henry THOMAS, Elizabeth STERN, Philipp & Louisa Kiefer
WINTERBAUER, Elmar (Baptized 16 Feb 1888 in Freeburg) FRIEDERICH, Alma (Non-Catholic) 6 Jun 1914 Winterbauer, Carl MASSERANG, Rosa Friederich, George MOLL, Louisa Friederich, Arthur & Sophia REINHEIMER From Freeburg
WIRTZ, John KELLINER, Maria Anna 5 May 1846 PETRI, Leonard & Michael Kelliner
WISCH, Theodore (Baptized 21 Jan 1892 in Jefferson City, MO) KRETSCHMER, Ester (Baptized 2 Nov 1898 at cathedral) 27 Jun 1917 Wisch, William MEHME__, Bernadine Kretschmer, Louis SAUER, Julia Wisch, Joseph & Irene Kretschmer
WISINSKI, Eugene (Baptized 1890 in Westfalen Hessler) SCHUSTER, Clara (Baptized Evangelical 4 Nov 1894 in Mario, IL) 4 Nov 1913 Wisinski, August WARNER [?], Anna Schuster, John FRUTH, Emma Wisinski, Aug. & Anna Schuster
WISNEWSKI, August (Baptized 5 May 1890 in Freeburg, IL) WILES, Amber (Non-Catholic 17 Dec 1891 Decatur, [?]) 27 Nov 1915 Wisnewski, August WARMA, Anna Wiles, Charles TINGEL, Catharine Wisnewski, John & Ellie HEIL From Freeburg, IL
WISROCK, Nicholas FROMENT, Maria 28 Nov 1848 Froment, Nicholas & Michael BAQUET
WISSMANN, Alexander ZOELLER, Josephina 26 Jun 1849 Zoeller, Francis & Michael WOLF
WISSROCK, Michael GLAUBER, Susanna 12 Aug 1879 Wissrock, Nicholas FROHMANN, Maria Glauber, John CLOSEMANN, Catharina Wissrock, Francis & Maria Glauber
WITT, Francis RIESENBERGER, Margaret 11 Apr 1899 Witt, Joseph SEYER, Carolina Riesenberger, Nicholas BOSCH, Anna Witt, Carl & Bertha Riesenberger Married by Rev. O. Witt, O. S. B.
WITT, Harry (Baptized 16 Jul 1890 in Trenton, IL) HOH, Louise (Baptized 11 Oct 1891 in Damiansville, IL) 17 Jul 1916 Witt, Daniel HERBESTREIT, Minnie Hoh, Gustav REISACHER, Mary BILLHARTZ, Frank & Ildephonsa Witt
WITT, John (Baptized 16 May 1881 in Diersburg, Baden) FOHL, Eleonora (Baptized 11 Sep 1883 in Belleville) 19 Apr 1910 Witt, Joseph SAEGER, Carolina Fohl, Bernard DINGEL, Bertha Fohl, Edward & Mary Fohl
WITTAUER, Christian TISCH, Amalia 16 Nov 1882 Wittauer, John THIEM, Margaret Tisch, Carl John HAMMER, Magdalena TISH, Maria & John BRAUN
WITTAUER, George (Baptized 1 May 1896 at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) HOLICKE, Catherine (Baptized 25 Aug 1900 at cathedral) 30 Sep 1918 Wittauer, Christopher BOUL, Amalia Holicke, Anton SEMRAN, Anna FISCHER, Julius & Anna Fischer
WITTAUER, Johann (Widower) LENZ, Anna 19 May 1863 Witthauer, Berhard STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Catharina Lenz, Henry Not listed, Anna SCHUSSEL, Joseph & Jacob BEEDEL Mixed religion marriage
WITTAUER, John TIEM, Margaret 3 Nov 1852 MUELLER, Jacob; Jacob KATTENBACH; Maria O’NIEL & Sara KAERZ
WITTENAUER, Joseph SPIELMANN, Maria Bridget 20 Apr 1876 Wittenauer, Anton SCHNEIDEBERGER, Rufina Spielmann, Daniel VONARX, Maria Anna EICHHOLZ, Philipp & Francisca Eichholz
WITTENBORN, Everett Arthur (Baptized Methodist in Randolph County) COLVIS, Evelyn (Baptized 1903 at ___ Help Church in Chester, IL) 26 Nov 1924 Wittenborn, Charles D. ALBERT, Sophie Colvis, Harry JANY, Rose LETTER, Ed. & Louise DIETRICH
WITTLICH, Arthur (Non-Catholic) BOSSLER, Eugenia 29 Oct 1907 Wittlich, Philipp Bossler, Michael BRANDMEYER, Odelia Bossler, Nic. & Frieda Wittlich
WITTMEIER, John FRIES, Maria 30 Apr 1854 ENDRES, Anton & Kaspar KAUB
WITTMEYER, John FRIES, Margaret 25 May 1858 Wittmeyer, Erhard Not listed, Julianna Fries, George Not listed, Christina MUTLE, John Andrew & Hasper KAUP Dispensation for first degree relationship.  [See record]
WIWI, Nicholas FROMENT, Veronica 22 Feb 1857 Wiwi, Anton Not listed, Theresa Froment, Nicholas Not listed, Maria A. RENO, Martin & Louis Reno Dispensation from Chicago
WOELFERT, Otto (Non-Catholic from St. Louis) MULLER, Julia 14 Apr 1887 Woelfert, Frederick PASCH, Elis Muller, Martin BOLLINGER, Magd. CARRELL, W. U. & Elis Muller
WOERNER, E. Arnold (Baptized 26 Sep 1896 in New Baden, IL) BELLEVILLE, M. Lilly (Not baptized; 28 Feb 1898 in Belleville) 13 Jun 1916 Woerner, William JAEGER, Mathilde Belleville, Sylvester DOVE, Louise BEDEL, Myra & Josephine DIETRICH Married 28 May 1915 in civil ceremony.
WOHLFART, Casimir NEIL, Eva 2 Jun 1861 Wohlfart, Anton KERLING, Theresa Neil, Joseph WALTMÜLLER (Waltmueller), Waltburga BETZ, Michael & Mathias SCHMIDT
WOLF, Adam THOMAS, Magdalena 29 Apr 1873 Thomas, John REINBOLD, Catharina VOLL, John & Maria STAMMER
WOLF, Jacob KRIEG, Maria 22 Aug 1857 Wolf, John Not listed, Frederica Krieg, Nicholas Not listed, Elizabeth SICKMANN, Theodore & Adam OTHO
WOLF, John (Non-Catholic) OESTERLE, Elizabeth 25 Apr 1889 Wolf, Adam SAENGER, Margaret Oesterle, John HEILMAN, Margaret MINIE, Hyacinth; Carl HERZLER; Elizabeth FLUCK & Maria Oesterle
WOLF, Peter BALL, M. Anna 9 Jun 1853 Wolf, Andrew; John MUELLER; Elizabeth PAFF & Eva Mueller
WOLF, Philip (Baptized 13 Jan 1888 at St. Mary in Alton) SIPPEL, Johanna (Baptized 7 Jul 1884 in Belleville) 5 Mar 1910 Wolf, Adam THOMA, Magdalena Sippel, Peter GRIEB, Joanna DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich Married in civil court Aug 1908.  Found the couple while taking [diocesan] census)
WOMBACHER, Peter WETZER, Elizabeth 20 Jul 1858 Wombacher, John Not listed, Eva Wetzer, Jacob Not listed, Anna M. Wetzer, Sebastian & Jacob Wetzer
WOODEL, Aloysius BEBLOW, Margaret 22 Oct 1872 Woodel, Joseph SCHULTHEIS, Anna Maria