Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Marriages (A – K)

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Marriages (  A – K  )

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Groom & Groom Location Bride & Bride Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
ABBEG, Not listed WEIHRAUCH, Not listed 21 Jun 1911 Abbeg, Frank EISELE, Maria Weihrauch, Herman BUENTCHEN, Gertrud Couple lives in East St. Louis now.
ABEGG, Edward MUELLER, Catharina _3 Jan 1878 Abegg, Andrew HERR, Anna Maria Mueller, Martin BOLINGER, Magdalena EPPLE, Carl & John ACKERMANN
ABEGG, Edward (Widower) MEYER, Catharina (Widow) 16 Oct 1894 Abegg, Andrew HERR, Maria Magdalena FREHLING, George LORBEER, Rosa HERMANN, Francis & Maria WEBER
ABEGG, Frank EISELE, Maria 15 Sep 1885 Abegg, Andrew HEER, Maria Eisele, John ZELLER, Ursula RAMPENTHAL, Fred & Maria GERBER
ACKER, Caspar JOCH, Eleonora 24 Apr 1873 Acker, Christopher MEES, Tecla Joch, Christian GLORY, Catharina Joch, Joseph & Emma Joch
ACKER, Philipp SCHUCKMANN, Maria 1 Aug 1863 GUNDLACH, Jacob & his wife
ACKERMANN, Edward F. (From Carlyle, IL) GUNDLACH, Louisa M. 30 May 1907 Ackermann, Stephan SCHLAFLY, Maria Gundlach, Jacob HERR, Wilhelmina GUNDLACH, Peter & Bertha Ackermann
ACKERMANN, Francis ZULAUF, Elizabeth 15 Feb 1849 STEIGEMEYER, Joseph & Catharina Steigemeyer
ACKERMANN, George (Baptized 23 Apr 1905 in Mascoutah, IL) HABERKORN, Theresa (Baptized 19 Apr 1903 at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) 4 Jul 1923 Ackermann, Louis WEIDLER, Amalia Haberkorn, Henry STEGER, Emelia REEB, Jr., Conrad & Agnes Steger
ACKERMANN, Johann STARK, Catharina 5 May 1868 Ackermann, Jacob MUELLER, Catharina Stark, Francis LAUER, Elizabeth Ackermann, Jacob; Catharina Ackermann; Martin Stark & Maria BAUMANN
ACKERMANN, Johann ISELHARDT, Elizabeth (Lutheran) 17 Sep 1878 Ackermann, Francis ZULAUF, Elizabeth Iselhardt, Mishner [?] ELBE, Maria Ackermann, Francis & Francis BUX
ACKERMANN, Leonard ECKERICH, Bertha 1 Nov 1873 Ackermann, Francis ZULAUF, Elizabeth Eckerich, Martin MAGIN, Maria Anna STARK, Stephan & Michael RENNER
ADAM, Germain GASS, Christina Stephania 15 Jul 1862 Adam, Johann LOUIS, Maria Gass, Stephan PFEIFER, Catharina REIS, John & Nicholas GERMAIN
ADAM, Jacob RENO, Catharina 26 Dec 1861 Adam, Jacob BASTIN, Maria Reno, Martin RIRICH, Catharina HELMICH, Anton & Michael LOBSINGER
ADAM, John STAAB, Anna Maria 4 Jul 1852 KEHRER, John; Gabriel BERG & Phillipp SCHNEIDER
ADAM, John Peter BAECKER, Catharina 17 Jan 1854 Baecker, J. Peter; Michael STRUTZ & Rosina BACKARD
ADAM, John Peter KLEIN, Louisa 1 Feb 1859 Adam, Jacob Not listed, Maria Klein, John Nicholas Not listed, Margaret RABO, Nicholas & Francis SCHAEFER
ADAM, Joseph HUG, Louisa 31 Dec 1878 Adam, Johann Peter BECKER, Catharina Hug, Anton Rudolph WILLI, Regina Adam, Peter & Magdalena Adam
ADAM, Joseph William (Born 15 Aug & baptized 16 Aug 1908 at St. Luke) LARUFFERT, Aurelia Mary (Born 4 Aug & baptized 18 Aug 1907 at cathedral) 27 Aug 1931 Adam, Joseph FOURNIE, Louise Laruffert, Henry SCHNEIDER, Paulina SCHILLING, Sylvester & Dorothy Laruffert
ADAM, Peter HERZOG, Magdalena 6 Jun 1865 Adam, Louis GERMAIN, Elizabeth Herzog, Laurent GERSBACH, Barbara Adam, Louis & Michael Germain
ADAM, Peter HEIDMANN, Gertrude 29 Apr 1873 Adam, Louis GERMAIN, Elizabeth Heidmann, Paul KARG, Elizabeth RING, Maria; Maria HOMBERGER; Georg Heidmann & August KLEIN
ADAM, Peter ALBRECHT, Theresa 4 Nov 1891 Adam, John Peter KLEIN, Louisa Albrecht, Anton MATHES, Theresa NEUNER, George & Juliana Albrecht
ADELHARD, John ADELHARD, Kunigunda 21 Apr 1858 Adelhard, John Not listed, Kunigunda Adelhard, John Not listed, Margaret LOBSINGER, Anton & John BAUER
ADLER, Alexander KNERLE, Maria 24 Sep 1874 Adler, Andrew BAUER, Margaret HEFELE, Nicholas NAGLER, Cunigunda ABST, Stephan & G. MEYER
ADLER, Henry HOHM, Anna Maria (Non-Catholic) 24 Apr 1905 Adler, Andrew RAPP, Maria Hohm, Carl LENZ, Elizabeth Adler, Joseph & Elsa Adler
ADLER, Max DILL, Mathilda (Non-Catholic) 22 Apr 1903 Adler, Max BAUMGART, Elizabeth Dill, John SKAER, Catharina Adler, Andrew & Margaret BIEN
ADLER, Peter WRIGHT, Anna 28 Jul 1885 Adler, Anton MONDSHEIER, Rosina MAGOTTA, John JUNJ, Veronica GOODNICK, Felice & Bessie STAHL
ADOLPH, Joseph Oliver (Baptized 26 Feb 1904 at Sacred Heart in East St. Louis) STICKA, Anna Mary (Baptized 9 Apr 1905 at cathedral) 19 Feb 1925 Adolph, Jr. H. LITTLE, Pearl Sticka, John ROTH, Catherine Sticka, William & Mathilda KERN
AITKEN, Robert R. (Non-Catholic) CONNOR, Catharina 24 Feb 1897 Aitken, Alexander RUTHERFORD, Sara Connor, James QUIGLEY, Maria Anna Connor, Charles & Myrtle Aitken
ALBERS, Bernard Henry (Widower) MAUEN, Anna Maria 3 Jul 1847 SALLER, John Henry; Anton KUPER & Theresa WEH
ALBRECHT, Aloysius CONRATH, Elizabeth 26 Feb 1876 Albrecht, John SIEGWART, Crescentia BECKER, Urban Becker, Jacob
ALBRECHT, Anton MATHIAS, Julianna 14 Feb 1856 Albrecht, Joseph Not listed, Barbara Mathias, Not listed Not listed, Catharina SCHMIDT, Jacob & Michael BAUER
ALBRECHT, Anton HASSELBLACH, Anna 10 Jan 1893 Albrecht, Anton MATHES, Juliana Hasselbach, Nicholas DEIBEL, Anna DURST, Louis; Julia Albrecht; Jos. BAUER; Elis, Hasselbach; John Mathes & Elis, Albrecht
ALBRECHT, Irwin J. (Baptized 2 May 1896 in Mascoutah) HOERNES, Elizabeth M. (Baptized 14 Aug 1898 in Paderborn) 2 May 1923 Albrecht, Henry SCHWARZ, Catherine Hoernes, Max WELZBACHER, Theresa Hoernes, George & Irma MIDDENDORF
ALDAGL, Oscar (Baptized Lutheran 1905 in Carlyle, IL) GEIGER, Georgia A. Baptized Feb/Mar 1910 AT St. Mary in Carlyle) 26 Dec 1929 Aldagl, Henry PLEITNER, Minnie Geiger, George KESSNER, Ruby DIETRICH, Louise & Eva SCHILB
ALLENBERG, Stephan LUCASH, Elizabeth 15 Jul 1908 Allenberg, August WAGNER, Barbara Lucash, John ISCHA, Maria Allenberg, Francis & William TECKLENBERG
ALTMANN, Paul B. (Born 1899 in North Judson, IN & baptized Methodist) GUETTERMAN, Zita Mary L. (Born 29 Dec 1903 & baptized 7 Jun 1904 at cathedral) 26 Aug 1925 Altmann, Otto B. WHITEMAN, Nettie Guetterman, Dan GUETTERMAN, Catherine Guetterman, J. & Agnes Guetterman
AMANN, John CORDIE, Anna 20 Nov 1901 Amann, Laurent LOCHER, Crescentia Cordie, Dominic LORBEER, Helena Cordie, Nicholas & Helena Cordie
AMANN, Joseph (Baptized 1906 at cathedral) KNOBELOCH, Elsie (Not baptized) 12 Feb 1930 Amann, John CORDIE, Anna Knobeloch, William SCHNEIDERWIND, Dena Amann, Albert & Hilda Knobeloch
AMANN, Julius (Born & baptized at O’Fallon, IL 25 Feb 1895) THOUVENOT, Amelia (Baptized at cathedral) 4 May 1920 Amann, Joseph BUECHLE, Theresa Thouvenot, Emil KRUPP, Mary EHRSTEIN, Frank & Isabella Thouvenot
AMANN, Laurent MEYER, Crescentia 9 Jun 1850 Meyer, Joseph & Joseph FORN
AMANN, Walter (Baptized 17 May 1904 at cathedral RAPP, Anna (Baptized 1 Jun 1904 at cathedral) 5 Sep 1928 Amann, John CORDIE, Anna Rapp, Gregory BAECHLE, Barbara Rapp, Joseph & Rita Rapp
AMMEL, Jacob COURTIER, Maria 18 Sep 1870 BAUER, Nicolaus & Dominic Courtier  
AMSHEIN, John NEIMANN, Maria 16 Sep 1847 DIEHL, Peter & Anton Amshein
ANALTOWSKI, Joseph (Baptized 18 Mar 1889 in Poland) ZUKOWSKI, Stella (From Poland) 21 Feb 1922 Analtowski, Victor ZIELINSKI, Helen Zukowski, Felix OSTROWSKI, Anna JABLOWSKI, Alex & Josephine STIPPEY
ANDERLAN, Emanuel GUTH, Catharina 1 Sep 1861 Anderlan, Paul BECKER, Rosa Guth, Joseph SPICKLIG, Anna Maria Guth, Francis & Elizabeth HEILMANN
ANDERSON, Guy GETTING, Margaret 13 Sep 1893 Anderson, L. H. CRIPPIN, Amy Eliza Getting, August QUIRIN, Barbara Quirin, George & Louisa Quirin Mixed religion marriage
ANDRES, John WILSON, Eva (Non-Catholic) 27 Dec 1897 Unknown Unknown BAMBERG, William OBERT, Pastel Bride & groom are from Harrisonville, IL
ANDRES, Walter HAMILTON, Pearl (Baptized 1892 in Massillon, OH) 12 Feb 1919 Andres, Frederick MARTIN, Mary Hamilton, Marcus VICTOR, Elizabeth Hamilton, Clyde & Antoinette M. KLEIN
ANGERT, Philipp HUBER, Joanna (Widow) 7 Jan 1849 EIMER, Simon & Christoffer Baquet
ANNEHÄNSEL (Annehaensel), Carl KOPPER, Maria Anna 6 Jul 1850 LOBSINGER, Anton; Margaret Lobsinger & Margaret HERBEIN
ANSLINGER, John RUNDLE, Gladys (Non-Catholic) 19 May 1909 Anslinger, Michael MUELLER, Catharina Rundle, Walter POTTER, Francesca SCHUESSLER, Herman & Eleonora KLEMME
ANTOINE, Joseph BOSQUE, Josephina 25 Jun 1845 ELLES, Unreadable & Susanna BUTTLER
ANTRAM, Jacob ROEBEN, Magdalena 31 Jan 1905 Antram, Robert SAX, Carolina Roeben, Henry FELSHAUS, Magdalena EDSLER, William & Laura BOYZAN Permission from Rev. George REIS of St. Libory in St. Louis
APPLE, Arthur (Non-Catholic) WAGNER, Anna (Baptized 1894 at Cathedral) 2 Nov 1914 Apple, Louis HILTZ, Minnie Wagner, Michael PAULE, Catherina Wagner, R. & K. Wagner
AQUART, Reimund ACKERMANN, Sara 16 May 1867 Aquart, Reimnard DOUSART, Maria KLEINIG, John & Boobt JONKERS
ARMBRUSTER, Herman (Born 25 Dec 1902 & baptized at cathedral) STERTHMAN, Leona (Baptized 24 Feb 1906 at St. Luke) 22 Aug 1925 Armbruster, Louis COERS, Lena Sterthman, Fred GASENSCHMIDT, Lena Sterthman, R. J. & Mary SARDIGA
ARMBRUSTER, Joseph (Baptized at cathedral) GRONEMEYER, Louise (Baptized Lutheran in ___ IL) 6 Jan 1925 Armbruster, Louis CORN, Lena Gronemeyer, Henry HARHAUSEN, Louise Armbruster, Louis & Sophie Gronemeyer
ARNOLD, Arthur MUNIER, Ida 13 Jun 1906 Arnold, August NEHRING, Theresa Munier, Edward HUBERT, Christina Munier, Otto & Mathilda Arnold
ARNOLD, Elmer J. ARMBRUSTER, Clara E. 16 May 1928 Arnold, Joseph OGE, Martha Armbruster, Louis COERS, Lena Arnold, Cyril A. & Clementine Armbruster
ARRAS, Roger C. (Baptized Evangelical 6 Nov 1901 in Freeburg) HEMAN, Alvina (Baptized 2 ___ 1905 in ___town) 4 May 1929 Arras, Edward GROH, Bertha Heman, Ferdinand MAUE, Margaret Arras, Delmar & Maria WESSELMAN
ASHTON, Harry (Baptized Methodist 16 Mar 1900 in Patoka) SUDA, Evelyn (Baptized 6 May 1904 at St. Francis De Sales in St. Louis, MO) 10 Nov 1923 Ashton, Abraham BUSS, Laveda Suda, Anthony SCHMITT, Ida LEONARD, Ralph & Florence FALK
ASMUS, Hans (Non-Catholic) SPRINZ, Antonia 18 Feb 1903 Asmus, Fritz GUETACHOOR [?], Beata Sprinz, Anton PROBST, Agnes STEFFEN, John & Agnes Sprinz
AUER, John NEWMAN, Lillian (Baptized 22 Aug 1885 & also not-Baptized [?])) 9 Nov 1912 Auer, John STARK, Anna Newman. Charles CROSS, Agnes DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich Revalidation of civil marriage.
AUER, Joseph ACKERMANN, Emmerentiana 28 Oct 1908 Auer, John STARK, Anna Ackermann, John ISSELHARDT, Elizabeth Auer, John & Maria KAISER
AUG, John LAUX, Elizabeth 24 Jun 1902 Aug, Andrew GOEBEL, Eva Laux, Valentin WEIGAND, Helena Aug, George & Emilia Aug
BACH, Blasius JOFFRAY, Maria 12 Sep 1893 Bach, Blasius SCHWERZ, Anna Margaret (From Bartelso) Joffray, Peter STARK, Margaret Bach, Peter & Margaret Joffray
BACHMANN, Julius E. STOLTZ, Rosa 11 Apr 1869 Bachmann, Christian Not listed, Wilhelmina Stoltz, Francis Not listed, Margaret Stoltz, Louis; William GRUNMYR; Machtilda KUEHN & Dorothea MERZ
BACKER, Henry KOELLER, Theresa (Widow of Francis) 10 May 1847 DINGWERTH, Bernard & William HARWERTH
BADGELY, Marion E. HEMMER, Magdalena 16 Nov 1869 Badsely, Efrain V. LITTLE, Malinda Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena GEOFROIX, Nicholas & Johann Peter ADAM
BAECHLE, Clarence William (Born 16 Feb & baptized 18 Feb 1912 at cathedral) CHINN, Georgia Elizabeth (Born 26 Feb 1913 & baptized in Williamsburg, KY) 24 Sep 1931 Baechle, Theodore BECHERER, Caroline Chinn, Charles JARBOE, Lucy KOLB, John & Florence GANSMANN
BAECHLE, Eugene (Baptized 24 Feb 1888 in O’Fallon) HERR, Eleonora (Baptized Evangelical 24 Jul 1892) 22 Oct 1919 Baechle, William SCHWAEGEL, Louisa Herr, Louis RHEIN, Phoebe Baechle, Oscar & Bertha Herr
BAECKER, Jacob BAECKER, Wilhelmina 26 Sep 1853 SCHMITT, Andrew; H. HEINRICH & Nicano Baecker Dispensation for blood relationship
BAEHR, Ullric KESPERLEIN, Margaret (Protestant) 7 Jan 1858 Baehr, John Not listed, Margaret Kesperlein, John Not listed, Elizabeth LOBSINGER, Anton & John FEEDER
BAGD, Michael MOESKEL, Margaret 7 May 1855 POWER, John; John Moeskel & Anna MCDONNEL
BAGLEY, Walter (Non-Catholic) OGRINC, Mary 22 Jul 1919 Ogrinc, John LEUGGEL, Mary BERKEL, Arthur & Mildred MCADAMS
BAGWELL, Cline (Non-Catholic; 14 May 1890 in Godsden, AL) HIGGINS, Catherine (Baptized 21 Aug 1896 in Centralia, IL) 17 Jul 1916 Bagwell, James TODD, Emma Higgins, Henry GAFFNE, Helen DIETRICH, Louise & Bertha Dietrich
BAHL, John BECK, Rosina 14 Feb 1855 STOEKEL, Michael & Kalben SCHLASH
BAHR, John FRANKE, Hedwig 3 May 1882 Bahr, George SCHRODT, Rosalia Franke, Joseph MASHNER, Joanna Franke, Joseph & Anna Franke
BAILEY, James (Non-Catholic) FREY, Elizabeth 19 Apr 1906 Bailey, George ROWAN, Rebecca Frey, George STADEL, Carolina GOODWIN, John W. & Elizabeth WAMSER
BAIRD, William (Baptized Methodist in Sparta, IL) NEWMAN, Catherine (Baptized 25 Jun 1898 at St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) 8 Aug 1923 Baird, John L. MURPHY, Pearl Newman, John HASS, Mary REINHARDT, Catherine & Mrs. Marie MEYER
BALCHITIS, Joseph (Baptized 20 Dec 1890 in Russia) KEMANT, Elizabeth (Baptized 22 Sep 1895 in Benald, IL) 4 Jan 1914 Balchitis, Casimir SIMKINS, Wilhelmina Kemant, John FRANZ, Catharina FRELIGER, Joseph & Maria HAMM
BALDUS, Edgar (Baptized Jun 1898 at St. Luke in Belleville) EISENBERG, Margaret (Baptized Episcopal at St. George in Belleville) 4 Jun 1930 Baldus, August THOMAS, Augustina Eisenberg, Emil HERMAN, Minnie Baldus, Albert & Marie Baldus
BALLARD, Andrew (Born 6 Aug 1904 in Denton, TX; not baptized) BESSA, Alice (Baptized 26 Apr 1907 at cathedral) 19 Jan 1927 Ballard, G. W. BAKER, Florence Bessa, Herman ROESCH, Rosa Roesch, Jos. P. & Eleonora Roesch
BALTES, Francis MEYER, Maria Agnes 5 Jul 1864 Baltes, Andrew OULLIANT, Susanna Meyer, Joseph BARLEI, Not listed MCBRIDE, John & Laura LACROIX
BAMBER, William F. DUNLAP, Nancy 27 Sep 1870 WILLERMANN, A. E. & B. GUITHUES
BANN, James W. (Baptized 1 Jun 1894 in DuQuoin) KASSEBAUM, Dolores (Baptized 24 Jan 1899 in Lebanon) 18 Feb 1919 Bann, Patrick J. BOETCHER, Minnie Kassebaum, August LAUBNER, Helen Bann, Thomas & Romana Kassebaum
BAQUE, John WIESROCK, Maria Barbara 27 Aug 1850 Wiesrock, Michael & Carl DOLCH
BARBE, John C. CHENOT, Maria Anna 25 Nov 1852 Chenot, John Joseph; August Joseph Chenot & Elizabeth SCHMITZEN
BARBEAU, Lee ((Baptized 4 Oct 1875 in Prairie du Rocher) KLEBOLT, Mrs. Helen (Baptized 21 Aug 1889 in _heryville, MO) 16 May 1922 Barbeau, John-Baptist MCNAB, Louisa SIMPSON, Isidore MARTIN, Rose NOLL, Lawrence & Elsie Barbeau
BARKER, Leo (Baptized 14 Dec 1888 at Ellis Grove, Kaskaskia) MEIER, Lottie (Lutheran) 30 Jan 1913 Barker, Thaddeus HIRNEMAN, Anna Meier, Adam MENKE, C. WALKER, William & Josephina DIETRICH
BARNHART, Frederick (Non-Catholic) KIEFER, Lena 25 Apr 1900 Barnhart, Perry HALL, Mechtilda Kiefer, Henry THOMAS, Elizabeth Barnhardt, Harvey & Joanna HASSLER
BARTHOLOMEW, August PAYEUR, Francisca 5 Sep 1854 FOURNIE, Silvester; Francis ROYER; Mathilda Royer & Maria KORMLI [?]
BASTIAN, Stephan HULLION, Elizabeth 25 May 1858 Bastian, Peter Not listed, Elizabeth Hullion, Jacob Not listed, Anna M. WETZER, Jacob & Nicholas OMEHR
BAUER, Andrew HILBERT, Magdalena 21 Apr 1887 Bauer, George HOFFMAN, Philippina Hilbert, Carl DEUZ [?], Magdalena Bauer, G.; H. JUEN; Lena EBNER; F. FUHRMAN; B. WALTER & J. REISER
BAUER, Caspar KRAUS, Gertrude 24 Apr 1884
BAUER, Caspar (Baptized 15 Feb 1861 in Bierstadt in Worms, Germany) BEHRMAN, Catherine (Baptized in 1882 in Lively Grove) 12 Sep 1912 Bauer, Andrew BRICKMAN, Maria Behrman, Louis LAKE, Maria Helena Bauer, Dominic & Carolina Behrman
BAUER, Casper J. (Baptized 28 Jun 1891 at cathedral) REEB, Olivia M. (Baptized 29 Jun 1894 at cathedral) 27 Sep 1916 Bauer, Dominic DINGEL, Rosa Reeb, William HERR, Margaret Reeb, Arthur & Mayme Reeb
BAUER, Damian DUIGEL, Rosa 28 Apr 1887 Bauer, Andrew BRINKMAN, A. M. Duigel, Christofer HUG, A. Maria SOEDDE, Henry & Louisa WEIDENBACH
BAUER, George REISSEN, Philippina 3 Aug 1852 Bauer, Joseph & Francis HOFFMANN
BAUER, George (Baptized 17 Dec 1886 at Cathedral) RISCHAR, Pauline (Baptized 4 Nov 1879 at Cathedral) 15 Feb 1916 Bauer, Casper KRAUS, Gertrude TRIBOUT, Louis GASS, Mary BIEBEL, Arthur L. & Lena Bauer
BAUER, Gustav (Non-Catholic) HORTTMANN, Lena 3 Apr 1894 Bauer, Herman STEINECKER, Emilia Horttmann, Carl DAUBECK, Catharina ERVIN, Jacob & Louise Horttmann
BAUER, Henry ROMEIS, Maria 12 Oct 1845
BAUER, Henry BOSSELICK, Magdalena 23 Apr 1863 Bauer, Peter BECKER, Maria Bosselick, Johann BECKMAN, Anna BIEBEL, Johann & Peter MUELLER
BAUER, Jacob Michael BAUMANN, Maria Anna 21 Nov 1882 Bauer, Peter KUHL, Philippina Baumann, Laurent SCHMUTZ, Philippina ROSE, Philipp T. & Theresa Baumann
BAUER, Johann MAKE, Catharina 11 Oct 1864 Bauer, George FITTLER, Anna Make, Christofer DUWALD, Catharina MASERANG, Jacob & Bernhard MARTIN
BAUER, John HIRL, Barbara 21 Jun 1853 Bauer, Michael & Stephan Hirl
BAUER, Joseph SCHLEZBAUM, Barbara 6 Apr 1851 SCHMITT, Jacob & John Schlezbaum
BAUER, Joseph REICHENBERGER, Cressentia 16 Mar 1854 SCHIELE, Francis & George TEMPLER
BAUER, Joseph SCHAEFER, Wilhelmina 16 Feb 1897 Bauer, Michael MATHES, Elizabeth Schaefer, Louis (Non-Catholic; deceased) BORST, Margaret Bauer, Mathias & Theresa STAUFENBIEL
BAUER, Joseph BECHTOLD, Carolina 10 Aug 1902 Bauer, George RETHLE, Eva Bechtold, Henry MEIDINGER, Maria Bechtold, Albert & Ida Bauer
BAUER, Mathias HOEFFKEN, Anna 9 May 1900 Bauer, Michael MATHES, Elizabeth Hoeffken, Theodore Not listed, Bernardina BESKE, Herman & Bernardina Hoeffken
BAUER, Michael MATHEES, Elizabeth 6 Apr 1851 SCHMITT, Jacob & John SCHLEZBAUM
BAUER, Michael HOFRICHTER, Catharina 1 May 1894 Bauer, Michael MATHES, Elizabeth Hofrichter, Eli WEIDENKOPF, Elizabeth LANG, Martin & Maria Hofrichter Mixed religion marriage
BAUER, Philip (Baptized 19 Apr 1897 at Bürstadt, Germany Hessen) MAURER, Bertha (Baptized Jun 1906 in ___stein-Tyrol) 28 Nov 1928 Bauer, Franz [V?] KORBUS, Eva Maurer, Joseph NEUMEYER, Gisella Bauer, Leonard & Lizette Bauer
BAUER, Philipp (Baptized 29 Jun 1889 in Bierstadt Hesse-Darmstadt Germany) DRESSEL, Rosa (Baptized 14 Oct 1889 at Cathedral) 11 Jun 1913 Bauer, Henry HERB, Catharina Dressel, Henry JUEN, Sophia Bauer, Caspar & Cecilia Dressel
BAUER, Quirian NUERTSCH, Crescentia 17 Dec 1854 SCHELL, Anton & Margaret Bauer
BAUER, Sylvester (Baptized 15 Sep 1903 at cathedral) SCHNEIDER, Lucilla (Baptized 15 Sep 1904 in Du Quoin, IL) 12 Sep 1928 Bauer, Joseph SCHAEFER, Minnie Schneider, Erhardt MEYER, Margaret SPINDLER, Wilburt & Margaret REISS
BAUM, Bartholomew WALSTER, Margaret 6 Nov 1850 KREBS, Joseph & Nicholas Walster
BAUM, Charles M. (Baptized 23 Jan 1874 in Red Bud, IL) WOLDRON-BAUM, Louise (Baptized 8 May 1896 in Red Bud, IL) 18 Feb 1920 Baum, Jacob ENTZENAUER, Barbara Waldron, Jos. BLAIS, Elis. GRUENEWALD, M. J. & Josie DIETRICH [Bride’s baptism year could be 1876]
BAUM, Simon RIESENBERGER, Margaret 15 Jun 1880 Baum, Patrick WALTER, Marianna Riesenberger, Peter Not listed, Margaret BERGMANN, Joseph & Catharina Bergmann
BAUM, Simon SPIES, Joanna 10 Nov 1885 Baum, Patrick WALTER, Marianna Spies, Carl DETROIT, Margaret Spies, Jacob E. & Louisa PRINKEL Mixed religion marriage
BAUMAN, Ferdinand MUENCHER, Barbara 11 Jul 1858 Bauman, Francis Not listed, Apolonia Muencher, Adam Not listed, Elizabeth KALKBRENNER, Damian & Alois HILDENBRANT
BAUMANN, Friederick ZINSER, Catharina 21 Apr 1845 BIEBEL, Nicolaus & Jacob BAWE
BAUMANN, John SCHWENDT, Maria Anna 13 Jan 1857 Baumann, Frederick Not listed, Elizabeth Schwendt, Martin Not listed, Maria SATEL, Martin & Urban ZINTZER
BAUMANN, Louis LOUIS, Victoria 12 Nov 1896 Baumann, John SCHWIND, Maria Louis, Joseph GLAUD, Eugenia Louis, Francis & Maria Baumann
BAUMANN, Robert PATRICK, Anna (Widow) 2 May 1899 Baumann, Christian ROESSLER, Apollonia RISCHAR, John HUTH, Eva Rischar, John & Clara TROPP
BAUMANN, Urban BORN, Carolina 1 May 1879 Baumann, Friederich ZINSER, Carolina Born, Anton RECH, Philippina (From Millstadt) BUX, Laurent & Lizzie Baumann Mixed religion marriage
BAUMGAERTNER, Peter GEHRES, Elizabeth (Lutheran) 29 Nov 1843 MEYER, Andreas & John HAHN
BAUMGART, Carl [ECKEL], Anna Maria 14 Jan 1868 Baumgart, Joseph RAPP, Francisca [Eckel], Melchior Gertrude [Entry very light. ]
BAUMGARTEN, Jos. B. (Baptized 18 Nov 1885 in Wisloch, German) FRAUKE, Mary (Baptized 2 Feb 1890 at cathedral) 7 Sep 1918 Baumgarten, Ludwig LILLA, Elizabeth Frauke, Joseph KNAPP, Mary Frauke, John & Agnes Frauke
BAUN, Thomas J. (Born 6 Aug 1898 & baptized at St. Mary in East St. Louis, IL) PFEIFFER, Frieda (Born 28 Jan 1899 & baptized in New Baden, IL) 24 Aug 1920 Baun, Patrick BOETCHER, Minnie Pfeiffer, Joseph HAAS, Caroline Pfeiffer, Gilbert & Minnie Baun
BAUR, John SCHULZ, Margaret 4 Oct 1870 Baur, Peter & Maria HEMMEL Dispensation for second grade blood relationship
BAWO, Jacob BRAUN, Catharina 22 Nov 1842 KARLSKIND, Sebastian & Jacob WETZER
BEASELEY, Logan (Baptized Methodist 17 Mar 1896 in Memphis, TN) TURECK, Augustina (Baptized 10 Sep 1902 in New Haven, NY) 20 Oct 1923 Beaseley, Grant WILLIAMSON, Laura Tureck, Ignatz VETKOVICH, Martha Tureck, John & Mildred SCHWOEBEL
BEAUMONT, Levi (Baptized 1923 at cathedral) METZE, Adela (Baptized 19 Oct 1903 in Smithton, IL) 4 Jul 1923 Beaumont, Sr., Levi DAVIS, Phoebe Metze, Frank RIST, Mary Metze, Tony & Aurelia YOUNG
BEAUMONT, Sylvester (Born 1907 & not baptized) WUNSCH, Aurelia (Baptized 1910 at St. Mary in Belleville) 29 Oct 1929 Beaumont, William CHARLTON, Emily Wunsch, Eugene ZIMMERMANN, Emelia Wunsch, Helen & Irene WILBERT
BECHERER, Alexander (Baptized 10 Jul 1881 at cathedral) HOFFMANN, Marie (Baptized 9 Aug 1896 at cathedral) 19 Oct 1921 Becherer, Jacob ARNOLD, Mary Hoffmann, Frank BOEHL, Henrietta BIETSCH, Walter & Martha Hoffmann
BECHERER, Anton FOURNIER, Maria Louisa 23 Oct 1860 Becherer, Joseph HO___, Maria E. Fournier, Anton HEILM___, Maria E. Becherer, Jacob & Louis TRIBUT
BECHERER, Benjamin MITCHELL, Catharina E. 15 May 1895 Becherer, Anton FOURNIE, Louisa Mitchell, Jacob SCHWINN, Maria Becherer, Theodore; Elizabeth Mitchell; Arthur Fournie; Clementina MUELLER; Frederick Mitchell & Margaret RHEIN
BECHERER, Edward HARST, Margaret 29 Nov 1894 Becherer, Richar__ BENEDIC, Agnes Harst, John BUENCHEN, Margaret Becherer, Joseph; John Harst; Joseph Harst & Theresa Becherer
BECHERER, Jacob ARNOLD, Josephina 16 Aug 1864 Becherer, Joseph BOSHARDT, Maria Arnold, Henry BLUT, Margaret HERZOG, Carl; Henry Arnold; Catharina Becherer & Magdalena HERZOG
BECHERER, Jacob A. WACHTEL, Catharina 22 Nov 1888 Becherer, Anton FOURNIER, Louisa Wachtel, Henry ZIEHUES, Elizabeth GUNDLACH, Jacob & Louis Becherer
BECHERER, Joseph (Widower) HERZOG, Barbara (Widow) 13 Nov 1848 HERMANN, August & Carl DOLET
BECHERER, Leo (Baptized 14 Jul 1881 at Cathedral) BAECHLE, Louisa (Baptized 25 Mar 1881 in O’Fallon, IL) 26 Aug 1913 Becherer, Joseph KLINGLER, Josephina SCHWAEGEL, William Not listed, Louisa Baechle, Eugene & Francisca Baechle
BECHERER, Leonard HARST, Barbara 31 Jan 1894 Becherer, Anton FOURNIER, Louisa Harst, John BUENCHEN, Margaret Becherer, Bernard; Theodore Becherer; Johanna Harst & Cath. MITCHEL
BECHERER, Leonhard (Widower) ASCH, Emilia (Widow, new convert) 6 Jun 1900 Becherer, Anton FOURNIE, Maria Louisa ULRICH, Carl BREHME, Henrietta Becherer, Gustav & Mrs. Gustav Becherer
BECHERER, Paul (Baptized 24 Dec 1892 in Marshall, MO) HEAFNER, Eleanora (Baptized 4 Mar 1897 at cathedral) 1 Oct 1919 Becherer, Frank DERLETH, Emma Heafner, Louis LEHR, Mary Becherer, Victor J. & Elizabeth KOST
BECHERER, Richard BENEDICK, Theresa 23 Nov 1854 MESSE, Louis & Anton Becherer
BECHERER, Richard BENEDICT, Agnes 3 Feb 1857 Becherer, Joseph Not listed, Eva Benedict, Philipp Not listed, Maria Becherer, Labert & Henry Benedict
BECHERER, Theodore PHILLIPS, Adelia Anna 24 Jan 1899 Becherer, Anton FOURNIE, Louisa Phillips, Oliver BAILEY, Sara [Elizabeth KEENAN is crossed out] Phillips, Clarendon & Elizabeth KEENAN
BECHTHOLD, Arthur (Baptized 13 Oct 1888 in Belleville, IL) KREMMER, Mary (Baptized 12 Apr 1889 in Belleville, IL – Non-Catholic) 27 Nov 1913 Bechthold, Henry MEIDINGER, Mary Kremmer, John WAGNER, Anna Kremmer, John & Frida Kremmer
BECHTHOLD, Henry (Baptized 20 Sep 1868 at cathedral) CORDIE, Hilda S. (Baptized 6 May 1889 at cathedral) 31 Aug 1916 Bechthold, Henry MEIDINGER, Mary Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helena Cordie, Anthony & Mollie Cordie
BECHTOLD, John HERTLEIN, Rosa 28 Oct 1902 Bechtold, Henry MEIDINGER, Maria Hertlein, George MEMEL, Walburga Hertlein, John & Emilia Bechtold
BECHTOLD, Joseph (Baptized 11 May 1881 at Cathedral) CORDIE, Agnes (Baptized 28 May 1886 at Cathedral) 25 Oct 1911 Bechtold, Henry MEIDINGER, Maria Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helena Bechtold, Arthur & Rosa Cordie
BECHTOLDT, John (Baptized 1875 at cathedral) ODEN, Rose Bader (Evangelical) 1 Nov 1928 Bechtoldt, Henry MEININGER, Mary BADER, William KUEKI, Anna HERMAN, Arthur & Catherine Herman
BECKER, Adam MEES, Clara 3 Sep 1844 Becker, Michael & John Mees
BECKER, Aegidi (Giles) RODENBERG, Agnes 22 Aug 1882 Becker, Anton SCHÜTTE (Schuette), Maria Rodenberg, William CLEVER, Catharina Rodenberg, Henry & Paulina HOFFMANN
BECKER, Bryan (Baptized Lutheran  in Mascoutah, IL) LERCH, Aurelia 3 Sep 1928 Becker, Fred OGDEN, Ida Bell Lerch, Leopold MEYER, Catherine HOFFMANN, George & Olivia VALTKAMP
BECKER, Clarence (Baptized 21 Dec 1926 at cathedral) WALKER, Marcella (Baptized 1906 at cathedral) 30 May 1927 Becker, John KLA__, Gertrude Walker, William FRUEKE, Catherine
BECKER, Eugene ENGLERT, Eva 11 May 1853 AULBACH, Adam; Jacob DAMRICH & his wife born TRENTLEY
BECKER, Frederick KRAPP, Margaret 10 Oct 1852 WEBER, Philipp & Martin OBERLE
BECKER, Frederick NOLD, Luitgard 11 Apr 1860 Becker, Carl KIEFER, Magdalena Nold, Valentin KALKBRE__, Margaret Kiefer, John & Anton Becker
BECKER, Jacob KÜHNE (Kuehne), Luitgarda 13 Jun 1859 Becker, Jacob DUNKEL, Anna Maria Kuehne, Nicholas WELZ, Anna Maria Becker, Carl & Michael KLEIN
BECKER, John KLAMM, Gertrude __ Oct 1876 Becker, Jacob Not listed, Mina Klamm, Christian SADLER, Maria SCHULER, Carl & Elisa BAUMANN
BECKER, John HEIDENRIECH, Not listed 22 May 1928 Becker, Louis FOHL, Anna Heidenriech, Louis KECK, Elizabeth SCHLEGEL, Helen & Anne EHRHOLD Revalidation marriage
BECKER, Louis BECKER, Magdalena 22 Dec 1889 Becker, Friederich Becker, Friederick NOLD, Not listed Dispensation for third degree blood relationship
BECKER, Louis William FOHL, Anna Maria 19 Feb 1884 Becker, Urban SCHOLL, Wilhelmina Fohl, Peter HESPIN, Anna Fohl, Henry & Maria ZINK Mixed religion marriage
BECKER, Nicholas REMELE, Maria 15 Jun 1866 Becker, Francis SCHMIDT, Maria Remele, Johann GRUALD, Crescentia WITTENAUER, Josef & Johann HEITH
BECKER, Raymond SCHINDHELM, Elizabeth 22 Jan 1867 Becker, Laurent HICK, Catharina Schindhelm, Peter LANGHEIM, Barbara ADAM, Peter; Andrew FRISHMANN & Catharina Adam
BECKFELD, Joseph (Baptized 14 Mar 1900 at St. Joseph in Gladbeck, Westphalia, Germany) SCHMIEDER, Anna (Baptized 27 Feb 1906 at St. Joseph in Gladbeck, Westphalia, Germany) 15 Oct 1929 Beckfeld, Bernard FRIEDHOFF, Gertrude Schmieder, Werner KRAEMER, Francisca JACHMANN, Joseph & Anna PLATZLCOESTER
BECKMANN, William HOERTHLER, Maria 17 Jun 1846 Beckmann, Conrad & Conrad MEYER
BEDEDICK, Frank A. (Baptized 3 Apr 1887 at cathedral) HOHREIN, Theresa (Baptized 7 Oct 1888 in O’Fallon) 6 Sep 1916 Benedick, Christopher HEMMER, Mary Hohrein, John FINK, Mary Hohrein, Louis & Bertha Benedick
BEELMANN, Henry YUNCKER, Maria 29 Apr 1902 Beelmann, Caspar RUETTER, Maria Catharina Yuncker, Martin SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria Anna Yuncker, Vincent & Meta MOHR
BEGEMANN, Stewart (Non-Catholic) BURRIS, Maria (Widow) 10 Nov 1900 Begemann, Henry DUGLESS, Rebecca ROBERTS, Michael COLLINS, Catharina OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER
BEIL, Johann HEKEL, Catharina 23 Nov 1864 Beil, Joseph UHLAN, Johanna Hekel, Jacob BRUNNEMACHER, Elizabeth SCHELLMANN, Joseph Fr. & Jacob RENNER
BEISCH, John (Widower[?]) KRAMER, Maria 11 May 1886 Beisch, Andrew KAUFMANN, Christina Kramer, Marc SCHUIELL [?], Catharina WASMANN, Carl & Magdalena FOHR
BELCOUR, William ATCHISON, Carolina Elizabeth 16 Nov 1851 BAUMANN, John & Jacob MUELLER
BELER, Christian (Widower) REIS, Anna M. (Widow) 18 Jun 1855 RABO, Nicholas & Anton HELMICH
BELL, Lawrence (Baptized 4 Aug 1886 at Sacred Heart in Du Quoin, IL) GLUECK, Johanna (Baptized 2 Oct 1887 in Kelso, MO) 9 Jul 1914 Bell, Mathias MAURER, Susana Glueck, John SCHERER, Johanna VANDELOO, Jacob & Theresa Vandeloo From Red Bud, IL
BELLEVILLE, John (Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) ELTRICH, Gertrude (Baptized 15 Apr 1906 at St. Luke in Belleville) 22 Jun 1926 Belleville, John HARRIS, Elizabeth Eltrich, Frank REISEN, Mary Eltrich, Henry & Sylvia Belleville
BELVEDERE, Pasqual GUETTERMAN, Catherine (Born 23 May 1902 & baptized at cathedral) 11 Aug 1926 BELLVEDERE, Coxaime [?] Not listed, Camella Guetterman, Dan Not listed, Catherine Guetterman, John & Agnes Guetterman
BELWUR, Francis DINGLE, Sara Anna 13 Dec 1849 MORRISSON, D. & Jacob William HUGHES Witnesses are Non-Catholic
BENEDICK, Christoph HEMMER, Maria 14 Jan 1879 Benedick, Francis Not listed, Margaret Hemmer, Anton IRLINGER, Elizabeth BECHERER, Francis & Antonia M. Hemmer
BENEDICT, Christoph CHRISTOPH, Josephina 26 Jan 1875 Benedick, Francis Not listed, Margaret Christoph, Joseph DOBERVOIR, Maria Benedick, Louis & Carolina LOUIS
BENEDICT, Franzis (Widower) [Crossed out] 31 May 1892 Benedict, Chrystoph DIETSCH, Anna M. [This entry is crossed out and appears completed on the next page.]
BENEDICT, Franzis (Widower) GLORIUS, Christina (Widow) 31 May 1892 Benedict, Chrystoph DIETSCH, Anna Maria Glorius, John ARNDT, Elizabeth OBERT, Bartholomew & Eugenia LOUIS
BENEDICT, Richard Francis DOLD, Amilia 19 Nov 1903 Benedict, Francis Not listed, Maria Dold, Engelbert LENDER, Carolina ROLITZ, Jonne & Catharina Dold
BENJES, Friederich BROECKE_, Anna 18 Oct 1884 STAPHANO, Rev. P. P. & Laurent Mixed religion marriage
BENNER, Carl (Baptized 22 Dec [sic] 1923 at cathedral) PETERS, Veronica (Baptized 26 Mar 1902 in __ Clement, MO) 26 Sep 1923 Benner, Herman FISCHER, Joanna Peters, John H. KORTE, Elizabeth Peters, Alphonse & Bertha TRUTTMANN
BENNETT, Harry W. (Baptized 14 Mar 1927 at cathedral) HOFF, Elinor (Baptized 10 ___ 1901 in Fayetteville) 30 Mar 1927 Bennett, George W. FRETH, Mary Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma Hoff, August & Edna SCHUSTER
BENNI, Jacob LACHER, Barbara 8 Sep 1857 —- Not listed, Raphael
BERBLINGER, Henry SEITZ, Theresa 10 Jan 1858 Berblinger, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth Seitz, John Not listed, Francisca BRAUN, Frederick & John OSER
BERCHHOLZ, Philip J. SCHMITT, Catharina 19 Apr 1848 HALZENKOPH, Barbara & Elizabeth EVERS
BERCHTOLD, John OPP, Catharina 1 May 1879 Berchtold, Christian HEIDINGER, Maria Anna Opp, Philipp EHRSTEIN, Maria (From West Belleville) Opp, Louis & John Berchtold
BERG, Adam (Baptized 14 Mar 1879 in Du Quoin) TINSLEY-JONES, Catherina (Baptized 24 Feb 1912 in DuQuoin) 6 May 1914 Berg, Adam KNAPP, Elis. Jones, Anson BELLAMY, Mary C. BERGEN, M. & M. BEDEL
BERG, Gabriel ZIMMERMANN, Maria 15 Aug 1852 KEHRER, John; John Adam Kehrer & Maria Kehrer
BERGER, Carl B. RISCHAR, Maria 30 Sep 1903 Berger, Boniface PUSS, Emma Rischar, John HIRTH, Eva Rischar, Carl & Anna KAPP
BERGER, Ignatius SCHERER, Catharina 6 May 1887 Berger, Andrew STORK, Walburga KAHLER, Henry & Maria Scherer
BERGER, Joseph BOWLAN, Maria 29 Mar 1875 Berger, Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina Bowlan, Anton WHITE, Maria ALLEN, William; John ROACH & Helena Roach
BERGKOETTER, Henry DETERS, Tecla 18 Feb 1849 TERFER, Gerhard & Patrick POWER
BERGMAN, Reinhard John (Baptized 8 Apr 1901 at St. Boniface in St. Louis, MO) SCHWANINGER, Helen Barbara (Baptized _6 ___ 1906 at St. Stanislaus in St. Louis, MO) 14 Apr 1925 Bergman, John Adam MESTER, Mary C. Schwaninger, Frank TRUHLER, Antoinette LETTER, Edward & Lena ROESH
BERGS, Peter William BISCHOF, Phillipina 23 Feb 1859 Bergs, Francis Not listed, Christina Bischof, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth SCHAEFLER, Stephan & Jacob Bischof
BERKEL, Adam REISER, Maria 28 Jan 1868 Berkel, Frederick MYER, Eva Reiser, Adam Not listed, Philippina HERTLEIN, Joseph & George BAUER
BERKEL, Frederick HOLDENER, Magdalena (From Harmony Station) 11 Feb 1890 Berkel, Laurent NEFF, Apolonia Holdener, Melchior FUCHS, Elizabeth Berkel, Ignatius & Catharina Holdener
BERKEL, Ignatius (Born 18 Aug & baptized 12 Sep 1869 at St. John in Smithton) BECKER, Mrs. Mary (Born 30 Aug & baptized 13 Nov 1879 at St. John in Smithton) 27 Nov 1930 Berkel, Ignatius SCHAEFER, Mary SCHMIDT, John EMMERICH, Magdalena WINKLER, Frank & Mary Winkler
BERKEL, John (Baptized 1898 in Smithton) BEQUERET, Jennie (Baptized Jan 1899 in St. Mary, MO) 23 Jul 1919 Berkel, Jacob BECHERER, Anna Bequeret, Paul NURDIN, Mary Berkel, Arthur & Mildred MCADAMS
BERRY, Buddy (Baptized 1907 in St. Louis) CIALLELLA, Alvira (Baptized Nov 1911 in Collinsville, IL) 1 May 1929 Berry, Curly COLLINS, Haddie Ciallella, Charles DAUDREA, Josephine STAMPER, William & Mrs. William Stamper Revalidation marriage
BERSNER, John N. WILLMANN, Bertha 7 Apr 1902 Bersner, Maximilian NEITHART, Catharina Willmann, Conrad SCHOCH, Agatha Willmann, Joseph & Eleonora BEDEL
BERTELSMAN, Aloys (Baptized 29 Oct 1894 at cathedral) MUELLER, Cecilia (Baptized 4 Sep 1893 at cathedral) 22 Oct 1919 Bertelsman, Henry F. HOLDENER, Catherine Mueller, John F. LOUIS, Catherine Dahm, Lawrence & Olinda Mueller
BERTELSMANN, Elmer D. (Baptized 21 May 1897 at cathedral) GUNDLACH, Elizabeth C. (Baptized 13 Apr 1897 at cathedral) 28 May 1918 Bertelsmann, John H. SONNTAG, Amalia Gundlach, Jacob J. BECHERER, Louise BRICHLER, Elmer & Helen Bertelsman
BERTELSMANN, Henry EVERSMANN, Maria Elizabeth 18 Apr 1882 Bertelsmann, Henry HAMM, Gertrude Eversmann, Mathias OKNIEFMANN, Catharina Bertelsmann, Elizabeth & Henry Hamm
BERTELSMANN, Henry C. HEMMER, Magdalena 27 Apr 1893 Bertelsmann, Caspar BUEHLMANN, Clara Hemmer, John BEIL, Margaret KISSEL, Joseph& Gertrude Bertelsmann
BERTELSMANN, Henry F. HOLDENER, Catharina C. 22 Apr 1890 Bertelsmann, Francis WINKLER, Gertrude Holdener, Melchior FUCHS, Elizabeth Bertelsmann, Francis & Maria Magdalena SCHALLER
BERTELSMANN, John LOUIS, Louisa 31 Jan 1882 Bertelsmann, Caspar BÜHLMANN (Buehlmann), Catharina Louis, Henry KARLSKIND, Maria Anna Louis, Francis & Anna Maria Bertelsmann
BERTELSMANN, John Caspar SACKS, Teresa Apr 1872 Bertelsmann, Henry HAMM, Maria Gertrude Sacks, John WINZE, Maria Bertelsmann, Johann; Johann Bertelsmann; Elizabeth REIS & Maria Reis
BERTELSMANN, John Caspar EVERSMANN, Anna Helena 11 Nov 1879 Bertelsmann, Francis WINKLER, Maria Gertrude Eversmann, John Martin OBENOVEMANN, Anna Catharina Eversmann, J. Henry & Elisa Eversmann
BERTELSMANN, John H. FORBECK, Catharina 16 Apr 1890 Bertelsmann, Henry HAMM, Gertrude Forbeck, Joseph (Deceased) BEHMER, Elizabeth Bertelsmann, Henry
BERTELSMANN, John H. (Widower) SONNTAG, Emilia 28 Nov 1894 Bertelsmann, Henry HAHN, Gertrude Sonntag, Nicholas KLOCK, Maria Anna VENVELO, John & Adele FIRNBACH
BERTELSMANN, Melchior (Baptized 8 Dec 1900 / 1901 at cathedral) REUTERMANN, Viola (Baptized 27 Apr 1902 at cathedral) 8 Nov 1922 Bertelsmann, Henry F. HOLDENER, Catherine Reutermann, Joseph MASERONG, Margaret Reutermann, Roland & Ella CANGE
BERTELSMANN, William (Baptized Jul 1895 at cathedral) MANK, Alvina (Baptized Sep 1898 at cathedral) 9 Sep 1919 Bertelsmann, Frank SCHRADEMEYER, Anna Mank, Nicolas SPAETH, Lena Mank, Oscar & Magdalena Bertelsmann
BERTHOHL, Daniel FISHNER, Elizabeth 5 Sep 1847 BERTOHL, Jacob & Andrew MEIER
BERTKE, Theodore FELDOTTO, Josephina 6 Dec 1894 Bertke, Theodore DIEKER, Elizabeth Feldotto, John DIECKHAUER, Joanna OBERT, Bartholomew & Eva RENNER
BERTLESMAN, Otto (Baptized 2 Aug 1908 at cathedral) LATKE, Emma (Baptized 15 Nov 1907 at St. Anthony in Lively Grove, IL) 30 Sep 1930 Bertlesman, Henry HOLDENER, Catherine Latke, Herman GRETEN, Catherine Bertlesman, Cornelius & Christine Latke
BERTORELLI, Carl B. KURTZ, Julia 9 Apr 1885 Bertorelli, Louis JUNG, Anna Kurtz, Jacob FAUST, Catharina Kurtz, M. & M. LEBKÜCHER (Lebkuecher)
BESKE, Herman ROESCH, Rosa 1 May 1906 Beske, Adolph BAUER, Bertha Roesch, Philipp WEIGAND, Maria Roesch, Arthur & Wilhelmina Beske
BESSE, Jacob HAFFNER, Adela 20 Oct 1909 Besse, John KRUPP, Catharina Haffner, Martin ACKERMANN, Maria Besse, Robert & Ameliana Hoffner
BESSE, John BERTELSMANN, Louisa 27 Oct 1908 Besse, John KRUPP, Catherina Bertelsmann, Henry EVERSMANN, Elizabeth Besse, Frederick & Emerentiana Bertelsmann
BETZ, Joseph IGEL, Elizabeth 25 May 1881 Betz, Michael WACHTEL, Francisca Igel, John ZELLER, Walburga SCHMIDT, Joseph & Martha WANGLER
BETZ, Michael WACHTER, Francisca 8 Dec 1852 SCHLEZBAUM, John & Joseph MEMMEL
BETZ, William (Baptized Evangelical 14 Jul 1898) VERMEULEN, Agnes (Baptized 23 Sep 1901 in Centreville Station) 4 Sep 1922 Betz, Henry F. ALHEIN, Mary Vermeulen, Frank VAN CLOOSTER, Julia SCHAEFER, Evelyn & Catherine REINHARDT
BEVIRT, Hugo (Baptized Methodist 3 Dec 1897) PAULY, Florence (Baptized 8 Aug 1913 at cathedral) 29 Nov 1924 Bevirt, John H. JACOBS, Elizabeth Pauly, Henry VOHLKAMP, Anna Pauly, Emil & Edith Bevirt
BEYER, Arthur (Baptized non-Catholic 3 Sep 1894 in Belleville) ZIMMERER, Elsie (Baptized 14 Oct 1897 in Trenton, IL) 28 Oct 1919 Zimmerer, John Not listed, Mary SCHUMERT, Kate & Theresa BERTSCH Revalidation of civil marriage
BEYER, Emil (Born 16 Jul 1894 & baptized Evangelical) AMBRUSTER, Marie (Baptized 27 May 1896 at cathedral) 15 Oct 1920 Beyer, Louis SCHROEDER, Louise Ambruster, Louis KOERS, Lena Ambruster, Herman & Catherine Ambruster Revalidation of civil marriage of 13 Oct 1915
BICKERT, William (Baptized Feb 1905 in Colby, KS) BLAIER, Loretta (Baptized 19 Jan 1909 at cathedral) 28 Nov 1929 Bickert, John OESCHLE, Frieda Blaier, Joseph LAUTZ, Josephine Blaier, Jr., Joseph & Magdalena HERRMAN
BICKET, John OESCHLE, Frieda 15 Jan 1895 Bicket, John SCHMITT, Rosa Oeschle, John FINK, Catharina SCHILLING, Dom. & Josephina FUSSNER
BIEBEL, Hyacinth (Baptized 31 [sic] Apr 1893 at cathedral) HUBERT, Irma (Born 31 Oct 1891,  Baptized by Fr. Grooken [?] but no record) 23 Apr 1921 Biebel, Nicholas MEISTER, Mary Hubert, William MULLIGAN, Mary Biebel, Nic & Ethel MUSKOPF
BIEBEL, John GUNDLACH, Catharina 25 Jan 1853 Gundlach, Philipp (father) & Philipp Gundlach
BIEBEL, John (Baptized 23 Feb 1887 at Cathedral) KRAUS, Elizabeth (Baptized 6 Jul 1898) 9 Dec 1915 Biebel, Nicholas MEISTER, Maria Kraus, Carl WIEGAND, Emma Biebel, John Alph. & Maria Biebel
BIEBEL, Joseph E. LOUIS, Carolina 22 Apr 1891 Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catharina Louis, Joseph GLAD, Eugenia Biebel, Hyacinth & Victoria Louis
BIEBEL, Jr., Nicholas MEISTER, Maria 4 May 1886 Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catharina Meister, Philipp BIEHL, Catharina Meister, Michael; John Biebel; Joseph Emil Biebel; Josephina Sophia DIETRICH; Margar. Gundlach & Agnes Gundlach
BIEBEL, Nicholas MUELLER, Magdalena 4 Sep 1860 Biebel, John ___, M. P. Mueller, Michael KE___, Christina GUNDLACH, Phl. John & John Biebel
BIECHLER, Albert KIEHNZ, Elizabeth 9 May 1874 Biechler, Nicholas MIEHR, Elizabeth Kiehnz, Joseph RITTER, Maria Biechler, William & Francis Kiehnz
BIECHLER, William WETZEL, Louisa 9 May 1876 Biechler, Nicholas Not listed, Elizabeth Wetzel, Andrew Not listed, Elizabeth Biechler, Adam & Maria Biechler
BIEHL, Arthur (Baptized 13 Jun 1900 in Smithton) KRONENBERGER, Mamie (Baptized 3 Sep 1899 at cathedral) 6 Feb 1923 Biehl, George LINDER, Rose Kronenberger, Dominic ZULAUF, Catharine Biehl, Elmar & Catherine Kronenberger
BIEKERT, John (Baptized 7 Dec 1896 at cathedral) WEIHRAUCH, Marie (Baptized 22 Jul 1893 at cathedral) 24 Jan 1922 Biekert, John OECHSLE, Frieda Weihrauch, Herman BUENTGEN, Gertrude SCHAEFER, Fred & Paula Weihrauch
BIEKERT, Joseph (Baptized 21 Mar 1897 at cathedral) MUELLER, Mamie (Baptized Jan 1923 at cathedral) 8 Feb 1923 Biekert, John OECHSLE, Frieda Mueller, Henry REINEK, Lina KRIEG, Martin G. & Lena Biekert
BIEKERT, Walter (Baptized 30 Dec 1898 in Mascoutah) BEYER, Carrie (Baptized Evangelical 1 Dec 1904) 7 Sep 1922 Biekert, John OESTERLE, Frederica Beyer, Theodore FISCHER, Carrie Beyer, Frank & George Beyer
BIER, Engelbert (Baptized 8 Mar 1886 in Feldbach, Germany) SCHAUTER, Mary (Baptized 12 Dec 1888 at cathedral) 22 May 1917 Bier, Joseph DENNER, Mary Schauter, John BUDELL, Mathilde BIETSCH, Joseph & Agnes Schauter
BIER, Paul DAUBACH, Anna 5 Nov 1908 Bier, Joseph HAAS, Catherina Daubach, Frederick FOURNIE, Catherina Bier, Frederick & Irma Daubach
BIERMAN, Cleve (Baptized Baptist 1914 in Centralia) RUBENACKER, Catherine (Baptized 1895 in Evansville, IN) 17 Nov 1921 Bierman, William F. KINGSLEY, Letha Rubenacker, E. C. HAWKINS, Mary Elizabeth DIETRICH, L. & Viola WILBERT
BIEVER, John Stephan ETINGER, Elizabeth 19 Feb 1884 Biever, Stephan BINTZ, Maria Etinger, Adam SENGES, Catharina RASP, Martin & Anna GEIER
BILLHARTZ, William Oliver (Baptized 22 Apr 1900 in Damiansville) ENGELHART, Marie (Baptized 1905 in New Baden) 14 Nov 1924 Billhartz, Fred GRIESBAUM, Melina Engelhart, James COFFMAN, Bernice SCHOENE, Arthur & Loretta Schoene
BINGHEIM, Johann RIESENBERGER, Maria 22 Jun 1862 Bingheim, George BENTON, Amalia Riesenberger, Peter KLANIG, Margaret Not listed, Peter & Not listed STAUDER This couple was married in a civil ceremony in St. Louis by John JAKO
BINS, John MORGENSTERN, Helena 13 May 1852 SAAL, Peter & Elizabeth KALET
BIRK, Henry (Born 1 Sep 1912 & baptized at Immaculate Conception in Jackson, MO) SCHMUKE, Laura (Baptized Lutheran 9 Jan 1911 in Jackson) 20 Oct 1930 Schmuke, Joseph E. HUNTER, Marie A. Birk, Henry RUST, Minnie Schmuke, Joseph E. & Mary Hunter Schmuke [Parents are switched]
BISCHOF, Julius (Non-Catholic) BRICHLER, Mabel (Baptized 24 Jul 1892 in Belleville) Bischof, Julius LINK, Lena Brichler, John GUNDLACH, Thecla (Deceased) Bischof, Not listed & Josephina DIETRICH Appears at end of 1910 entries.
BISCHOFF, John GERARD, Paulina 15 Jun 1851 WUFFET, Joseph & Jacob MUELLER
BISSEL, William (Widower) KANE, Elizabeth K. 23 Nov 1851 KINNEY, William & Adolph BERKELM
BITSCH, Michael BECHERER, Louisa 30 May 1893 Bitsch, Adam KEMPFF, Magdalena Becherer, Jacob ARNOLD, Maria Josephina Becherer, Louis & Eva Bitsch
BITSNER, Hubert A. (Baptized at cathedral) BOLLMAN, Helen (Methodist) 4 Aug 1925 Bitsner, John N. WILLMANN, Bertha Bollman, Oswald RANDLE, Sarah Bollman, Milton & Hilda M. NEIDHART
BIVER, Walter (Baptized 22 May 1894 at cathedral) KIRK, Nellie (Baptized 24 Nov 1919 at cathedral) 25 Nov 1919 Biver, John EDINGER, Elizabeth Kirk, Oscar KLOTZ, Mary REEB, Ben & Ida SEMRAN
BLAES, Otto J. (Baptized 30 Jan 1900 in Mascoutah) JUNG, Malinda E. (Baptized 26 Nov 1908 at St. Luke) 19 Jun 1929 Blaes, Nicholas DOLL, Anna Jung, August FEDER, Elizabeth Feder, Irwin  & Eleonore FRIES
BLAES, Paul (Baptized Jan 1894 in Mascoutah, IL) BUCHHOLZER, Clara (Baptized 1903 at cathedral) 12 Sep 1928 Blaes, Nicholas DOLL, Anna Buchholzer, Anton REHM, Anna Buchholzer, Adolph & Mary MEYER
BLAIES, Joseph W. (Born 29 Nov 1904 & baptized at cathedral) HERMANN, Magdalene (Born 12 Jan 1906 & baptized at cathedral) 21 May 1931 Blaies, Joseph LAUTZ, Josephine Hermann, Fred GUENTHER, Barbara Hermann, George & Dorothy CROOKS
BLEISCH, Martin WANGLER, Theresa 7 Apr 1891 Bleisch, Joseph Not listed, Agnes Wangler, Sebastian WEHRLE, Theresa Wangler, Martin; Anton SCHNEIDER; Maria ZIMMERMANN & Crescentia Wangler
BLIM, Clem (Baptized 27 Sep 1903 at St. Boniface in Evansville, IL) DILL, Clara (Baptized Nov 1928 at cathedral) 29 Nov 1928 Blim, John MEYER, Rose Dill, Charles KAISER, Kate SCHANK, Harold & Josephine LEONARD
BLIM, George (Born 23 Jul 1902 & baptized in Evansville, IL) ISSELHARDT, Clovina (Baptized 6 Nov 1905 at St. Paul’s) 21 Jul 1926 Blim, John MEYER, Rose Isselhardt, George SCHAAB, Lena Blim, Clement & Clara DILL
BLIM, Otto BRUTTO, Olinda (Baptized 5 Dec 1903 at cathedral) 28 Nov 1923 Brutto, Joseph ZOGG, Emma Blim, Fred SCHMIDT, Anna Brutto, Walter & Helen NECKMEISTER [Parents are switched]
BLOME, Francis (Widower) FORRESTER, Johanna (Widow) 16 Jan 1907 Blome, Bernard J. (Adoptive father) KUSCH, Catharina PEACH, Salomon HOOLIGAN, Maria Blome, Joseph & Cecilia Blome (Mrs. Joseph)
BLOME, George ULLERICH, Gertrude 11 Jun 1902 Blome, Bernard H. KUST, Catharina Ullerich, Frederick MILLER, Louisa Blome, Francis & Stella FUNSCH
BLOME, Henry (Baptized 27 Feb 1885 in Belleville) GLASER, Anna (Baptized 27 Nov 1887 in Belleville) 15 Jun 1910 Glaser, William SCHLEGEL, Anna Glaser, William & Lilly REIS [Bride’s parents duplicated as groom’s parents.]
BLOME, Joseph LINDENBERGER, Cecilia 21 Jun 1906 Blome, Bernard KIRST, Catharina Lindenberger, Stephan MAGIN, Elizabeth Lindenberger, Otto; Henry Blome; John NISING; Rosa GISSY; Anna GLASER & Isabella BRONSCHWIG
BLYTHE, George (Non-Catholic) PIEPER, Mary (Baptized in Nokomis, IL) 18 Mar 1930 Blythe, Albert Not listed, Flavia Pieper, Frank ETLING, Johanna DIETRICH, Louisa & Eva SCHILB
BOEHM, John ROOK, Francisca Elizabeth 1 Jan 1846 LANTMANN, Jacob & Fredrich WEBSTER Mixed religion marriage
BOEHS, Jacob JAMPEL, Anna (Non-Catholic) 29 Nov 1905 Boehs, William PINCKEPAUK, Augustina Jampel, William John REICHEL, Maria BAUER, Francis & Sophia BIRKNER
BOEHS, Joseph HOEFFKEN, Elizabeth 9 Sep 1903 Boehs, William PINKEPAUK, Augustina Hoeffken, Henry KLATTENBERG, Bernardina Boehs, Conrad & Maria Hoeffken
BOETTIGER, Adam (Non-Catholic) SCHNEIDER, Theresa 30 Apr 1902 Boettiger, Robert BECKER, Margaret Schneider, Alexander FUGER, Gertrude GAUSMANN, Louisa & Rosa Schneider
BOHAN, Daniel Joseph MCDERMOTT, Anna Maria Josephina 30 Oct 1884 STENGER, P. Stephan & P. Laurent HUTH (Both O. S. B.)
BOHLSEN, Henry HACKER, Anna 16 Nov 1880 Bohlsen, Henry FELLMANN, Angela Hacker, Friederich HELDORFER, Margaret KNAP, John & Maria Bohlsen
BOHLSEN, John STAEHLE, Louisa 5 Feb 1891 Bohlsen, Henry FELLMANN, Angela Staehle, Christian HEGLE, Elizabeth FOHR, Nicholas & Anna Bohlsen
BOLD, John Christian (From St. Louis) KELVER, Helena Regina 3 Jun 1896 Bold, Joseph Louis MUELLER, Josephina ECKERT, A. (Adoptive father) GERMAIN, Magdalena (Adoptive mother) Germain, L. & L, Bold Married in Lebanon, IL
BOLLMAN, Jesse A. (Born 19 Dec 1902; not baptized) LOELKES, Margaret E. (Baptized 15 Dec 1904 at cathedral) 18 Feb 1925 Bollman, Oswald RANDLE, Sarah Loelkes, Walter HARTMAN MILLER, Mary BIRSNER, Hubert & Helen Bollman
BOLLMAN, Wesley W. (Baptized 17 Mar 1907 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in St. Louis, MO) RISCHAR, Ida H. (Baptized at cathedral) 28 Nov 1928 Bollman, Oswald RANDALL, Sarah Rischar, John TRIBOUT, Pauline GROSSPITCH, Marcel & Loretta Grosspitch
BONEAU, Benjamin LACROIX, Helena A. 12 Jan 1858 Boneau, Joseph Not listed, Felicita La Croix, Rene
BONNARD, John WETZER, Maria 2 Sep 1845 Wetzer, John & Margaret Wetzer
BORG, Ignatius REINHARDT, Emma (Baptized 2 Apr 1868 & baptized 23 Sep 1924 at ___) 23 Sep 1924 Reinhardt, Ferdinand RIGET, Barbara FRIESS, Marie E. Married at St. Vincent – revalidation when one was near death.
BORG, Michael MEYER, Amalia 23 Oct 1877 Borg, Ignatius MARTIN, Catharina Meyer, Francis Joseph VESHTLE, Barbara EPPELE, Herman & August HERCHENBACH
BORGMEIER, William FEDER, Maria 19 Jun 1883 Borgmeier, John SOMEIER, Angela Feder, John TRUTTMANN, Catharina Borgmeier, Henry & Carolina Feder
BORN, Anton (Baptized 27 Jun 1902 at cathedral) STIPPEY, Marie (Baptized 22 Jul 1905 in Danville, IL) 7 Feb 1923 Born, Arnold FORSTER, Catherine Stippey, George RUDKOWSKI, Mathilda HOERNIS, Alvin & Maria JARDIGA [?]
BORRENKOT, Frederick Aloysius Herbert WEINRICH, Anna 4 Feb 1875 Borenkot, Herman Joseph KRAPOHL, Sophia Weinrich, Gottfried GROTTMANN, Julia LEIDIG, John; Theodore KARR; Bertha SCHLOPP & Elisa Karr
BORZER, Henry (Non-Catholic) REICHERT, Catharina 8 Sep 1906 Borzer, John HUG, Elizabeth Reichert, George FRIEDLAENDER, Ida ATKINS, Albert & Ida Friedlaender
BOSCH, Friederick GIEDEMANN, Margaret 27 Nov 1876 Bosch, Michael ULRICH, Joanna Giedemann, Adam SCHWARZ, Carolina FOHR, Joseph; Carl SCHANUEL; Anna Giedemann & Elisa DEMMERLE
BOSCH, Joseph KANZLER, Bertha (Non-Catholic) 9 Jun 1886 Bosch, Michael ULRICH, Johanna Kanzler, Maurice VOGT, Christina Bosch, Emil & Gustav SCHMIETERY
BOSLER, Carl DICKHAUT, Catharina (New convert) 11 Jan 1887 Bosler, Anton HAMECHER, Maria Dickhaut, Valentin GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), Margaret SPATE, Joseph; Rosa Spate & Carolina POIROT
BOSSLER, Anton (Widower) HERMAN, Catharina 7 May 1900 Bossler, Andrew MUELLER, Barbara Herman, Carl KNAUS, Maria OBERT, B. & Christina HAMMAND
BOSSLER, Bernard WEYMANN, Pelagia 10 Jan 1905 Bossler, Michael BRANDMEYER, Ottilia Weymann, Andrew FRELIGER, Elizabeth BERGEN, Frederick & Eugenia Bossler
BOSSLER, Emil Joseph (Born 27 Aug 1898 & baptized at cathedral) REICHERT, Catherine Edith (Baptized 21 Sep 1904 at St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL) 2 Mar 1925 Bossler, Michael BRANDMEIER, Odilia Reichert, Benjamin SCHROEDER, Alma STETZNER, Frank Jos. & Vera Marg. FENOUGHTY
BOSSLER, Michael (Baptized 24 Mar 1881 in Garburg, Alsace) WEGMAN, Catharina (Baptized 22 Sep 1886 in Wittelbrun, Alsace) 3 Feb 1910 Bossler, Michael BRANDMEYER, Odilia Wegman, Andrew FRÖHLIGER (Froehliger), Elizabeth Bossler, August & Anna MADER
BOSSLER, Nic (Baptized 21 Jan 1891 at Cathedral) LEHMAN, Adela (Baptized Lutheran 11 Dec 1892) 19 Feb 1914 Bossler, Michael BRANDMEYER, Cecilia Lehman, George DUERN, Elis. FRUTH, Henry & Flora Lehman
BOSWORTH, William (Baptized 24 Jul 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville) RISCHAR, Leona (Baptized Jun 1908 at cathedral) 11 Jun 1930 Bosworth, Thomas SCHILLING, Mary Th. Rischar, John (Deceased) TRIBOUT, Pauline FRANKE, John & Mary Bosworth
BOUER, Joseph (Widower) REISS, Amanda (Widow) 2 Sep 1849 HUNDSDORFER, Peter & Ferdinand KOCH
BOUL, Andreas HORN, Sophia 28 Nov 1846 WUNDERLUT, Andreas;  John BETZEL & Anna Maria Boul [Out of order. Month could be Dec.]
BOUL, Arthur KURZ, Elizabeth 21 Apr 1874 Boul, Leonard HERR, Elizabeth Kurz, Jacob FAUST, Catharina Boul, Leonard; Edward Kurz; Anna Kurz & Bertha Boul
BOUL, Francis Philipp MULLIGAN, Maria Henrietta 25 May 1869 Boul, Leonhard GERMAIN, Maria Anna Mulligan, Peter BRADLY, Maria Boul, Isadore & Agnes Mulligan
BOUL, Isadore PULLUM, Sarah 14 Jun 1873 Boul, Leonard GERMAIN, Anna Maria Pullum, Jacob MARTINEZ, Margaret HERR, Carl & Wilhelmina Herr
BOUL, Johann DUNN, Adelina (Protestant) 26 Feb 1863 Boul, Leonhard GERMING, Maria Dunn, Peter FETER, Susanna Boul, Francis; Magdalena Boul & Nicholas MORSCHEIN
BOUL, Leonard HERR, Elizabeth 27 Dec 1849 STOLTZ, Francis & Louis John GERMAIN
BOUL, Leonard MEYER, Theresa 21 Jul 1881 Boul, Leonard GERMAIN, Maria Anna Meyer, Francis Joseph VOEGTLE, Barbara EPPELE, Carl H. & Louisa C. Meyer
BOUL, Nicholas BERTELSMANN, Maria Catharina 26 Nov 1874 Boul, Michael GERMAIN, Magdalena Bertelsmann, Caspar BÜHLMANS (Buehlmans), Clara CHENOT, August & John GUNDLACH
BOUL, Victor GRANDCOLAS, Anna Grandcolas, Philipp Not listed, Anna [See images 199 & 200; 1903 entries]
BOZZA, Jacob William (Protestant) TURKINTON, Elizabeth Anna 19 Apr 1864 Bozza, Robert MILLER, Lucretia GILLIGAN, Anna GANNON, Michael J. & Daniel MUSSELMANN
BRACK, Ignatius MEYER, Eva 1 May 1856 Brack, Mathias Not listed, Anna Maria Meyer, John B. STECKEL, Michael & Peter SOMMER
BRADLEY, Daniel LYNSCH, Maria 20 Sep 1874 Bradley, Jacob WELSH, Anna LYNSH, Jacob MCLAUGHLIN, John & Louisa ANSCHLING
BRADLY, Johann Not listed, Margaret 26 Nov 1864 Bradly, Jacob WELCH, Anna SROEAL, Maria MCNULTY, Michael & Joanna McNulty
BRADY, John BITTELSON, Margaret 28 May 1855 GARRET, John; John BRADY & Magdalena CHAING
BRAND, Frederick WASCHLER, Elizabeth 3 Sep 1846 SAUL, Joseph; Ed Brand & Christina Saul
BRAND, Frederick HESS, Margaret 8 Jun 1852 RITTER, Anna Maria; Christina SCHMITT; Frederick MENZE & Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller)
BRAND, Frederick STOECKEL, Margaret (Widow) 5 Jun 1854 SIEBERT, Alois & Carl Brand
BRANDENBURGER, Walter (Baptized in Christ Church in Belleville) SCHLEGEL, Irma (Baptized 18 Apr 1900 at cathedral) 1 Sep 1919 Brandenburger, Fred HELEN, Anna Schlegel, William GANTNER, Elizabeth Brandenburger, Harry & Aurelia Schlegel
BRANDSTETTNER, George RENNER, Magdalena 2 Oct 1895 Brandstettner, George BENZ, Elizabeth Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena BECKER, Theodore & Eva Renner
BRANDT, Edmund MEYER, Catharina 15 Feb 1854 GROSSHEIM, George & William MUHN
BRANDT, Jacob HEBEIS, Eva 17 Apr 1849 Brandt, Frederick & Joseph Brandt
BRANDT, Joseph FAUSTENBERG, Rosa 5 Jun 1854 SIEBERT, Alois & Joseph BRAND
BRAUCH, Francis J. GRAND, Maria 21 Jun 1892 Brauch, Francis NEFF, Eva Grand, Francis BRUCKER, Elizabeth Brauch, William & Theresa WACHTER
BRAUCH, John Valentin BERKEL, Anna Maria 28 Sep 1887 Brauch, William SCHMITT, Elizabeth Berkel, Michael HAMBURGER, Catharina RIECK, J.; William Brauch; F. E. WEDEL; Cath. Berkel; Magd. Berkel & Theo Brauch
BRAUCH, Joseph METZE, Helena 18 Sep 1888 Brauch, Francis Joseph NEFF, Eva Metze, Joseph SIEBERT, Catharina Brauch, Valentin; John Metze; Theresa Brauch; Bertha MILLER
BRAUN, Carl HAMMER, Barbara 30 Aug 1870 PAPST, Henry & Helena HECKER
BRAUN, Gottlieb KAUFMANN, Bertha 24 Apr 1907 Braun, Peter STUMPF, Elizabeth Kaufmann, Anton DUFFUER, Margaret Kaufmann, Louis & Theresa Braun
BRAUN, Irwin (Born 17 Nov 1894 & baptized in O’Fallon, IL) SCHANTER, Caroline (Born 13 Sep 1891 & baptized at cathedral) 18 Oct 1921 Braun, John SCHUETZ, Mary Schanter, John BUDEL, Mathilda Schanter, Hyacinth & Amelia Schuetz
BRAUN, John SCHWEBEL, Maria 14 Apr 1874 Braun, John SCHREMPF, Theresa Schwebel, John FROMME, Maria Braun, Peter; Louis Braun; Anna Schwebel & Elisa BAUER
BRAUN, John SCHUETZ, Margaret 20 Nov 1888 Braun, John VONDERHEIDE, Elizabeth Schuetz, George GOLDOLPH, Margaret Schuetz, Peter & Thecla GUNDLACH
BRAUN, John Baptist VONDERHEID, Elizabeth 17 Apr 1854 REEB, Christian & Jacob FUNK
BRAUN, Julius (Baptized 20 Dec 1884 at Cathedral) SCHWARTZ, Helena (Baptized 9 Apr 1882 at Cathedral) 2 Jul 1912 Braun, Peter STUMP, Elis. Schwartz, Anton REINNIGER, Amalia
BRAUN, Philipp (Baptized Protestant 14 Jun 1860 in Rheinhessen) JILLENSEGER, Mary L. (Baptized 17 Apr 1858 in St. Moritz, Switzerland [?]) 17 Oct 1915 Braun, Philipp P. HÖRSH (Hoersh), Anna M. MUHR, Franz Jos. KERN, Catharine ALTHOFF, Katie & Mary Grawe
BRAUN, Tobias FICKER, Gesina 8 Aug 1847 LIMBERG, Lucas & Aloysia WENDEL
BRAUN, Walter (Baptized 10 Sep 1880 at St. Luke’s) LAUER, Florence (baptized 18 Jan 1891 in Du Bois) 18 Oct 1911 Braun, John RIPPLING, Sophia Lauer, Nicholas KEIL, Catherine Lauer, Peter & Elsie Braun
BRAUNESECUTHER [?], George (Baptized German Evangelical 26 Sep 1896) SCHLEGEL, Aurelia (Baptized 27 Oct 1895 at cathedral) 4 Oct 1920 Braunesecuther, Charles HUNTER, Henrietta Schlegel, William GANTER, Elizabeth Braunesecuther, Julius & Florence CONSIDEIRE
BRAUTIGAM, Francis SCHER, Anna Maria 24 Jul 1891 Brautigam, Frederick August BERGFELD, Anna Maria Sophia Scher, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina FEHR, Adolph & Emilia Brautigam
BRAUTIGAM, Joseph ROHLFING, Henrietta (Non-Catholic) 26 Aug 1896 Brautigam, Caspar BRECHT, Magdalena Rohlfing, Frederick BAUM, Julia Brautigam, Edward & Lena Rohlfing Married by Rev. P. LIMACHER of St. Peter in Waterloo, IL
BREHM, Joseph SCHAEFER, Maria 11 Nov 1865 Brehm, Joseph ISELE, Magdalena Schaefer, Leon PEIL, Regina LINSER, Isedrich; Joseph FOURNIER & Adam HERLIN
BREIDENBACH, Aloys (Baptized 16 Jun 1894 at cathedral) AYDT, Barbara (Baptized 9 Oct 1897 in Dahlgren) 24 Oct 1922 Breidenbach, John A. SCHMIDT, Sophie Aydt, Solomon PAUL, Mary WELLINGHOFF, Frank & Cecilia Breidenbach
BREIDENBACH, Joseph (Baptized 27 Jul 1883 in Kinmundy) IGEL, Maria (Baptized 13 Mar 1886 in Belleville) 6 Apr 1910 Breidenbach, John SCHMIDT, Sophia Igel, Joseph CORDIE, Josephina Igel, Nic. & Maria Breidenbach
BREIDENBACH, Martin VOSS, Lauretta 7 Oct 1909 Breidenbach, John SCHMITT, Sophia Voss, Ernest HETTENHAUSEN, Elizabeth Breidenbach, Joseph & Maria IGEL
BREILMEYER, Joseph PROBST, Marianna 10 Apr 1855 SPRINZ, Conrad & Nardbert BIGELE
BREINER, Andreas SHÄSS (Shaess), Elizabeth 2 Feb 1850 STOLTZ, Francis & Jacob FAMERICK
BREINER, Balthasar FRITZ, Otila 29 Apr 1852 SCHOPP, Jacob; Jacob DAMMRICH & Andreas Breiner
BREITENBACH, John Adam SCHMIDT, Sophia __ Aug 1880 Breitenbach, Joseph FAITH, Anna Maria Schmidt, Mathias SCHLOSSER, Barbara BETZ, Joseph & Maria Schmidt
BREITSCH, Urban HAAS, Maria 18 Jan 1860 Breitsch, Joseph LAM___, Maria Haas, John AUBER, Lucia Haas, Nicolaus & Conrad Haas
BRENDEL, Anton (Born 6 Nov & baptized 10 Nov 1907 at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah) TURECK, Anna (Born 16 Sep 1912 7 baptized 29 Sep 1930 at cathedral) 24 Sep 1930 Brendle, Conrad LILL, Elizabeth Tureck, Ignatz VITIRENZ, Martha Bredel, Martin & Eleanor MATYSAK
BRENDLE, Johann STAMMER, Maria 24 Apr 1866 Brendle, Thomas FALCH, Anna M. Stammer, Daniel SAUER, Catharina Sauer, Bernhard; Elizabeth RUSS & Maria ABBECK
BRENDLE, John CHRISTIAN, Maria 9 Nov 1876 Brendle, Christian Thomas FALCH, Marianna RENNER, Michael MAGIN, Marianna
BRENFLEH, Valentin FUNSCH, Barbara 2 Mar 1848 Funsch, John & Francis REICHERT
BRENNAN, Jacob (Baptized 26 Feb 1877 at St. Malachy in St. Louis, MO) YOUNG, Alice H. (Baptized 4 Feb 1885 at St. Mary in Norfolk, VA) 1 Aug 1910 Brennan, John WALTERS, Mary Young Walter J. MEHAGAN, Catherine TETHERS, John T. & Mrs. John T. Tethers
BRENNER, John A. REITERMANN, Elizabeth Feb 1872 Brenner, John KLUG, Magdalena Reitermann, Andrew SCHAEFER, Maria Reitermann, John; Julius KOHL; Anna Brenner & Mina HERGERT
BRESSERT, Walter (Non-Catholic) HOEF, Cecilia (Baptized May 1894 in Renault) 15 Jul 1919 Bressert, Henry MEYER, Mary Hoef, John MANN, Josephine BEDEL, Claud & Josie DIETRICH
BRICHLER, Alonzo Paul (Baptized 20 May 1890 at Cathedral) HOHM, Mathilda (Baptized 4 Jun 1889 in St. Paul Church) 1 Jan 1912 Brichler, John GUNDLACH, Thecla Hohm, Charles LENZ, Elizabeth KRIEGER, Joseph & Magdalena HERR
BRICHLER, Edmund A. (Baptized 31 May 1903 at cathedral) RENNER, Ruth 26 Jul 1924 Brichler, John GUNDLACH, Thecla Renner, Charles GILBERT, Mabel Brichler, Elmer & Mary Brichler
BRICHLER, John KLEIN, Anna (Widow) 27 Aug 1911 Brichler, John MUNIE, Magdalena WOLTER, William NIES, Maria GROOTENS, John & Margaret SCHIFFKNECHT
BRIESACHER, Arthur WIRSCHING, Elizabeth 18 Jun 1903 Briesacher, Henry CONRAD, Catharina Wirsching, George LAMBERTUS, Eva BORN, Eva & Cedilia Briesacher
BRIESACHER, Gustav WEYHAUPT, Olinda (From Smithton) 22 Apr 1902 Briesacher, Henry CONRAD, Catharina Weyhaupt, Carl HEINRICH, Elizabeth Briesacher, Arthur & Pearl Weyhaupt
BRIESACHER, Herbert (Baptized 16 Nov 1904 at cathedral) GEORGEL, Josephine (Baptized Jun 1910 at immaculate Conception in St. Louis) 28 Nov 1929 Briesacher, Arthur WIRSHING, Elizabeth Georgel, John SLAPHAUSKA, Mary Georgel, Joseph & Mildred Briesacher
BRIESACHER, Raymond (Baptized Evangelical 16 Oct 1900 at St. Paul Church) ALBRECHT, Luetta (Baptized 1 Aug 1899 at cathedral) 14 Sep 1921 Briesacher, William SEIFERT, Mary Albrecht, Anton HASSELBACH, Anna KLEIN, Edwin & Helen Albrecht
BRINNER, Andreas ZUY, Catharina 8 Mar 1847 EIMER, Simon & John Joseph MONKEN
BROCK, Robert (Born 11 Oct 1896 in Ferguson, MO & baptized Presbyterian) GRUENEWALD, Emma (Born 3 Sep 1897 & baptized at cathedral) 21 Jan 1926 Brock, Fred E. BOHNE, Josephine Gruenewald, Val FUCHS, Agnes Gruenewald, Frank; Minnetta FISCHER & Agnes Gruenewald
BRODEN, James SMITH, Agnes 9 Nov 1899 Broden, Francis RYAN, Eleonora Smith, William PECK, Lutitia Broden, William & Anna BECKER [Out of order.  Appears between Jul & Sep 1899]
BRONS, Raymond N. (Baptized 13 Feb 1893 at St. Joseph in Peoria, IL) BEDEL, Zita M. (Baptized 15 May 1893) 12 Oct 1915 Brons, Charles A. LEITNER, Maria Bedel, John WEIS, Maria A. SCHIRAK, C. J. &  Myra  Bedel
BROOKE, Lee D. DONNELLY, Maria 28 Aug 1895 Brooke, Benjamin C. MOCKBEE, Sara Joanna Donnelly, John MCCANNAE [?], Anna RENNER, Eva & Agnes YOCH Bride & groom from St. Louis
BROPHY, Jacob J. MAHONEY, Bridget  (Widow) 30 Nov 1895 Brophy, Laurent EGAN, Helena WARD, Daniel MCSHANE, Maria OBERT, Bartel. & Eva RENNER
BROWN, Harry D. (Born 2 Apr 1904 & baptized 7 Apr 1928 at Annunciation in St. Louis, MO) FRIESH, Mary (Baptized 8 Feb 1904 ? cathedral) 18 Oct 1928 Brown, W. C. WEST, Hollie A. Friesh, Joseph BRINKMAN, Anna FRAZIER, Prestel & Tillie SCHMITTLING
BROWN, Ovid (Born 14 Oct 1894. Member of Masson sect [?]) SENDELBECK, Anna (Baptized 2 Oct 1898 at Sts. Peter & Paul) 11 Oct 1921 Brown, Hannibal A. BARTON, Orpha Sendelbeck, John BRINKMANN, Catherine HOFF, Rev. William & Catherine REINHART
BRUCH, Conrad BASSLER, Maria 11 Oct 1904 Bruch, John FRANZEN, Catharina Bassler, Michael BRANDMEYER, Odilia SCHMITTLING, Carl & Eugenia Bassler
BRUCH, Conrad (Baptized 7 May 1876 in Crystal Springs, OH. Widower) GIRARD, Louisa (Baptized Mar 1890 in __burg, Lorraine) 26 Apr 1910 Bruch, John FRANZEN, Carolina Girard, Bernard FROEHLICHER, Maria SCHMITTLING, Carl & Catharina Schmittling
BRUCH, Conrad (Baptized 7 May 1876 in Crystel Springs, OH.) MOEHRLE, Mary (Baptized Non-Catholic in St. Louis, MO 12 Jan 1883) 22 Dec 1915 Bruch, John FRANZEN, Catherine Moehrle, Mathias Not listed, Louise LUCASH, Adolph & Catherine SCHMITT
BRUCH, Jacob SCHAARSCHMIDT, Magdalena 5 May 1898 Bruch, John FRANZEN, Catharina Schaarschmidt, George STEHL, Catharina Bruch, Conrad & Carolina Bruch [Appears between Feb & Apr 1899 entries.]
BRUEGGEMANN, George WITTMEYER, Margaret 10 Oct 1894 Brueggemann, F. J. BLOME, Anna Wittmeyer, John FRIES, Margaret Wittmeyer, John; Michael Brueggemann; John MOSER; Rose Wittmeyer; Maria Brueggemann & Cath. NIESING
BRÜNNER (Bruenner), Francis SCHWEIGART, Catharina 14 Nov 1849 UNRATH, Frederick & Barbara ELZEKOPH Witnesses are Non-Catholic
BRUNNER, George QUERIN, Margaret 24 Nov 1881 Brunner, John BECKER, Sophia Querin, George BRABURGER, Margaret LILL, Jacob & Friederich Querin
BRUNNER, Michael CLAUS, Margaret 23 Dec 1849 Brunner, Francis & John BEISSEL
BRUSS, Charles (Born 18 Jul 1903 & baptized in Swansea in Christ church) NEIGHBORS, Drusilla (Born 28 Feb & baptized 3 Apr 1904 at St. Luke in Belleville) 7 Apr 1931 Bruss, Henry HOFFMANN, Emma Neighbors, Eugene REISSER, Anna Neighbors, Roy & Margaret LONGERICH
BRUTCHER, Joseph HEIDELBERGER, Stephania 17 Jul 1866 Brutcher, Jacob HEIDINGER, Anna Maria Heidelberger, Anton GRAPP, Theresa MANN, Philipp & Elizabeth RUSS
BRUTSCHER, Wendelin SCHMIDLING, Maria 10 Jul 1883 Brutscher, Fidel RÖSCH (Roesch), Anna Maria Schmidling, Joseph FROMMONT, Lena Brutscher, Francis & Lena RUST
BRUTTO, Anton BRAUN, Margaret 30 Aug 1857 Brutto, Martin Not listed, Anna LINDNER, John & Anton SCHUMERT Bride is listed as KRAUN on right margin
BRUTTO, Walter F. (Born 4 May & baptized 10 Jun 1906 at cathedral) WAGNER, Cecilia (Baptized 2 Sep 1907 at St. Luke in Belleville, IL) 26 Aug 1925 Brutto, Joseph ZOGG, Emma Wagner, George ITTENSON, Ella BLINN, Otto & Mrs. Joseph (Emma) Brutto
BRYSON, David (Protestant) SPECHT, Clara (Baptized 10 Aug 1890 in Trenton) 17 Oct 1914 Bryson, Alexander GUOY, Ella Specht, Jacob ROTH, Elis. DIETRICH, L. & J. Dietrich
BUCH, Carl GUNDLACH, Margaret 26 Sep 1853 HERR, Martin & Francis Herr.
BUCHELE, Joseph ERNST, Carolina 12 Jun 1888 [This marriage is part of the Jorai + Ernst marriage on the same day.]
BUCHERT, Arthur (Baptized 25 Sep 1900 at St. Paul) HAMILTON, Helen (Baptized 26 Sep 1896 in New York) 25 Oct 1921 Buchert, Peter DINGES, Margaret Hamilton, Marc. VICTOR, Elizabeth IGEL, Joe & Adelaide HAUSMAN
BUCHERT, Benjamin J. (Baptized non-Catholic 6 Nov 1888 in Belleville) ANESCHAEUSEL, Sophie (Baptized 3 Nov 1885 at cathedral) 14 Oct 1916 Buchert, Philip P. FRITZ, Mary ANESCHÄUSEL (Aneschaeusel), William BUTZ, Catherina Buchert, William & Ida Aneschaeusel
BUCHHOLZ, Anton (Widower) REHM, Anna 7 Feb 1901 Buchholz, Adolf STRAUB, Maria REHM, Caspar BRAUMVORT, Maria Anna JUNCKER, Joseph & Maria Rehm
BUCHHOLZ, Frederick (Baptized 8 Nov 1887 at Cathedral) RENSING, Clara (Baptized 2 Feb 1890 at Cathedral) 7 Nov 1912 Buchholz, John BRUETL, Elis. Rensing, John STAUDER, Maria BAUER, Caspar & Ida Rensing
BUCHHOLZER, Anton JUNCKER, Paulina 5 Mar 1889 Buchholzer, Adolph STRAUB, Maria Juncker, M__tin SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria FOURNIER, Jr., Victor; Victor Juncker & Bernardina HOEFFKEN
BÜCHKER (Buechler), Daniel ETZKORN, Susanna 14 Nov 1882 Buechler, Nicholas MIEHN, Elizabeth Etzkorn, Anton SCHMIDT, Susanna Buechler, Albert & Peter THUL
BUCHLER, George GUNDLACH, Agnes 4 May 1897 Buchler, John MUNIE, Magdalena Gundlach, Jacob ACKER, Christina GERMAIN, Laf. & Christina Gundlach
BUCHLER, George (Baptized 12 Apr 1890 in Hecker, IL) SINS, Hilda (Baptized 24 Sep [?] 1896 at St. Mary in Belleville) 2 Apr 1918 Buchler, Jacob SCHULZ, Louise Sins, Peter DICKHAUT, Bertha Buchler, Erwin & Mary Buchler
BUCHMANN, Henry GEIER, Helena 17 Apr 1895 Buchmann, Ignatius SCH___, Maria Geier, Anton WOLLENSCHLAEGER, Anna Buchmann, Carl & Rosa Buchmann
BUCHMANN, Ignatius SELINER, Maria 2 May 1864 Buchmann, Carl HUCK, Anna Maria Seliner, Anton HOCK, Theresa LUDWIG, Benedict & Magdalena GICHELBRECHT
BUCHMANN, John L. (Baptized 14 Mar 1890 at Cathedral) REIME, Clara M. (Baptized 22 Apr 1894 at Cathedral) 21 Sep 1915 Buchmann, Valentin HERZ, Margaret Reime, Frank ZIMMERMANN, Josephine FIX, Laura & Walbert Reime
BUCHMANN, Valentin HERZ, Margaret 3 Jun 1875 Buchmann, Carl HUCK, Marianna Herz, Francis LOBSINGER, Maria SCHUMERT, Valentin & Louisa Lobsinger
BUECHELE, Joseph ECKMANN, Elizabeth (From French Village) 2 May 1905 Buechele, Leopold ERNST, Helena Eckmann, Andrew FEDER, Anna REISS, Henry & Catharina Eckmann
BUECHLE, Leopold ERNST, Helena 13 Feb 1866 Buechle, Joseph OBERGEFELL, Maria Anna Ernst, George STOLL, Theresa Ernst, Wendelin & Joseph KIEFER
BUECHLER, Daniel SCHNEIDER, Josephina 10 Aug 1869 Buechler, Nicholas MEHR, Elizabeth Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria Ann KARR, Isadore Theodore & Maria STEPHAN
BUECHLER, Joseph N. KOCH, Carolina M. 20 Aug 1902 Buechler, Albert KUENZ, Elizabeth Koch, Jacob BAUER, Francisca YUNG, John & Julia Buechler
BUECHLER, Laurent WACHTER, Charlotte (New convert from Protestant) 18 Jul 1893 Buechler, Daniel SCHMITT, Josephina Wachter, John OPP, Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, Dominic & Clara FOHL
BUECHLER, William o. J. (Baptized 10 Jan 1904 at cathedral) ELWELL, Mary E. (Baptized Presbyterian in ___illa, IA) 5 Oct 1927 Buechler, Joseph N. KOCH, Caroline Elwell, Thomas H. GARDNER, Dora O’TOOLE, Charles & Marie LUGGE
BUEHLER, Gustav (Baptized 3 Sep 1900 in Hecker) LOESCHER, Marie (Baptized 3 Aug 1905 in Staunton, IL) 26 Nov 1924 Buehler, Joseph SCHULZ, Louisa LOESCH, Frank SWARTEN, Mary Loesch, Frank & Lorraine WAIGAND
BUEHLHORN, Arthur (Baptized Evangelical) SCHNEIDER, Mary (Baptized 25 Mar 1902 at cathedral) 16 Aug 1922 Buehlhorn, Conrad VERO, Anna Schneider, Bernard GAUSMANN, Louisa Schneider, Edward & Florence DAUBACH
BUENTGEN, John (Baptized 8 May 1893 at cathedral) WOTTOWA, Hilda (Baptized 6 Sep 1894 at cathedral) 23 May 1917 Buentgen, Joseph FOSTER, Antonia Wottowa, Matth. HERMANN, Louise Buentgen, Joseph & Helen Wottowa
BUESCHLE, Michael (Baptized 10 Dec 1884 in Waterloo) WOLFE, Emma (Baptized 9 Nov 1890 in Columbia) 10 Dec 1919 Bueschle, George STUMP, Magdalena Wolfe, Joseph MUSCHBACHER, Elis. LETTER, Ed & Zita REIS
BUGGER, Otto (Baptized 19 Jan 1891 in Black Jack, IL) GUNDLACH, Maria (Baptized 8 Sep 1893 at Cathedral) 27 Apr 1915 Bugger, John WITTMAN, Elizabeth Gundlach, Philip BECHERER, Magdalena Gundlach, Edward & Elis. ZIMMERER
BUGGER, Otto (Baptized 19 Jan 1891 in Troy, IL) HAUSMAN, Lena (Baptized Apr 1889 in Smithton) 26 Dec 1923 Bugger, John WITTMANN, Elizabeth Hausmann, Peter HEILMANN, Gertrude Hausmann, Elmar & Louisa Hausman
BÜHL (Buehl), George WENZEL, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1856 Buehl, Jacob Not listed, Barbara METZ, Andrew & Anton SCHUMANN
BUHR, Andrew (Baptized 14 Mar 1892 at St. Paul in St. Louis) SEMRAN, Louise (Baptized 30 Aug 1898 at cathedral) 4 Nov 1919 Buhr, Nicholas SCHUCH, Lena Semran, Frank SCHMIDT, Louisa Buhr, Peter & Marie HOERNIS
BUHR, Nicholas SCHUG, Magdalena 30 Mar 1880 Buhr, Peter ORSCHEL, Maria Schug, Nicholas MEIER, Catharina MATHY, Margaret & Nicholas Schug
BUHR, Peter EPPLE, Josephina 14 Jul 1909 Buhr, Nicholas SCHUH, Helena Epple, Celestin HONER, Catherina Buhr, John & Catharina HERZOG
BUNCE, Carl A. (Non-Catholic) DAILEY, Ella 14 Jan 1907 Bunce, Jacob A. LITTLE, Addie Dailey, Henry BOWMANN, Malvina BERGMANN, Mathew & Margaret SCHLICH
BUNJASK, Jacob (Baptized in Austria) WELKE, Maria (Baptized in Austria) 22 Oct 1912 Bunjask, Andrew STAWKOVIN, Maria KROEL, Michael LOEPKE, Maria HAMMUSSIN, George & Maria Hammussin
BUNN, Jacob (Non-Catholic) THUL, Anna 26 Nov 1903 Bunn, Simon STEPHAN, Maria Thul, Peter SCHNEIDER, Maria QUIRK, Edward & Anna Bunn
BUR, Nicholas SILTMA, Maria Anna (Widow of William Siltma) 16 Nov 1869 Bur, Anton HEGEL, Barbara ADAM, Jacob BASTING, Maria ACKERMAN, Anontronas & Jacob Adam
BÜRGEN (Buergen), Joseph HANN, Francisca 12 Oct 1848 Hann, Henry; Valentin ROSS & Apolonia Buergen
BURGETT, Samuel (Baptized 25 Jul 1890 in Chicago) HERR, Rosa (Baptized 20 Mar 1891 at Cathedral) 4 Feb 1913 Burgett, Samuel MILLS, Jessie Maria Herr, William DECKERT, Emma FRETIGER, Joseph & Jos. MINOR
BURGHARDT, David VOEGTLE, Crescentia 3 Nov 1864 Burghardt, Ferdinand SEITER, Crescentia Voegtle, Ignatius HANCK, Margaret KNOBEL, Carl Joseph & Simone BONN
BURKARD, Joseph WAGNER, Francisca 27 Nov 1890 Burkard, David WECHTLE, Crescentia Wagner, John SCHLAFMANN, Maria Anna STAMMER, John & Maria BURCHARD
BURKE, Leo J. (Born 27 Apr 1887 & baptized Aug 1887 at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Renault, IL) ANDERSON, Serene Helen (Born 24 Apr 1900 & baptized 7 May 1900 at __y’s in East St. Louis) 14 May 1924 Burke, William O’LEARY, Margaret Anderson, Henry FOLEY, Mary TIERNEY, John & Dorothy MILLBURN
BURKHARDT, Adolph (Non-Catholic) SAINTEVE, Josephina 25 Oct 1892 Sainteve, John CUNRAD, Maria Cunrad, Gustav & Louis Sainteve  
BURKHOLZER, George HARTOIN, Maria Anna 17 Nov 1874 Burkholzer, George WEIS, Margaret Hartoin, Anton SAINTEVE, Margaret Hartoin, Dominic & Stephan ABTS
BURNES, Laurent COLLIN, Mrs. Maria (Widow) 10 Feb 1853 MCDONNEL, Arthur; Hubert WAHL & Maria MALONG
BURNS, Fred (Baptized 13 Sep 1902 at St. Mary in Belleville) SINS, Leona 28 Nov 1923 Burns, Thomas STREI, Mary Sins, Peter DICKHAUT, Bertha Sins, Irwin & Mary KRAECHAN
BURNS, James O. (Non-Catholic. Fruita, CO) KUHN, Mrs. Julia (Trenton, March) 24 Oct 1918 Burns, James WADE, Nancy CHATILLON, Theophil THORAND, Mary SCHLARMANN, J. H. & Josie DIETRICH
BURNT, Harry KING, Cecilia 13 Apr 1903 Burnt, William COOK, Elizabeth King, Valentin KING, Maria OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER Mixed religion marriage
BÜSCH (Buesch), John Matthew SCHIMMINGER, Maria 26 Aug 1873 Buesch, Henry SCHEIDT, Margaret FIES, Joseph CARLOVE, Margaret FERRENBACH, Peter; Carl Fies & Anna ERNST
BUSCH, Robert (Baptized 25 May 1929 at cathedral) HASENSTAB, Loretta (Baptized Mar 1910 at cathedral) 30 Apr 1930 Busch, William MAJOR, Celeste Hasenstab, Charles WALTER, Anna Hasenstab, Maria & John SCHANKEN
BÜTZ (Buetz), Ferdinand ESSENPREIS, Stephania 8 Jun 1847 LIEDEL, Eulogio & Helena Essenpreis
BUTZ, Gerhard IHLE, Clara 10 Sep 1855 SCHMUCKE, J. Joseph; George STEIGMEYER; Joseph KRAUS & Francisca KERN
BUTZINGER, Carl HERZOG, Barbara 3 Sep 1855 SATTEL, Martin & Michael BERGLE
BUX, Bartholomew KLEIN, Frieda (Non-Catholic) 13 Nov 1895 Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa Klein, John GRUENEWALD, Catharina Klein, Adolph & Laura STEGMAYER
BUX, Carl ALBRECHT, Philippina 26 Sep 1893 Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa Albrecht, Aloysius GUNDLY, Maria Albrecht, Joseph & Rosa Hoffmann
BUX, Francis BORN, Emilia 31 Oct 1878 Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa Born, Anton RECH, Philippina Bux, Laurent & Carolina Born
BUX, John SCHLICHTER, Barbara 22 Feb 1881 Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa Schlichter, Peter YUND, Magdalena KAUB, John & Margaret Kaub
BUX, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa 10 Apr 1853
BUX, Joseph VOELLINGER, Elisa 23 Oct 1879 Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa BARTH, Joseph HUNS, Catharina GÜNTHER (Guenther), John & George LAX
BUX, Joseph (Baptized 19 Jul 1856 in Belleville) BLANK, Maria (Baptized 22 Jul 1862 in Freeburg) 28 Apr 1910 Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, M. Rosa REDER, Jacob HEFNER, Lucina Bux, Joseph Francis & Emiliana Bux
BUX, Martin DREWES, Catharina 23 Nov 1887 Bux, Gottlieb BAKE_, Catharina (Widow) Drewes, Frederick GRUTTMANN, Florentina Drewes, P.; C. DANZER; John WITTMEIER & Anna Drewes
BYRNE, John SWEENY, Maria 1 Dec 1853 ROCH, Richard; Maria MOURI & Joseph SCHLEZBAUM
BYRNE, Joseph DUNLAP, Hanna 7 Mar 1848 Dunlap, John & Matthew POTTER
BYRNE, Laurent  (Widow Maria KISF) LYNCH, Maria 16 Aug 1864 Byrne, Jacob MURPHY, Maria Lynch, Dennis DIMON, Susanna MCDORNALD, Arthor
CAMPBELL, Felium A. HATHERSCHEIDT, Anna 1 Mar 1897 Campbell, Felix DUNNE, Maria Hatherscheidt, Henry BECKER, Anna Maria DIEKER, Catharina & Maria BEHNEN
CANAVAN, Jacob DURICK, Margaret (Widow of Michael Durick) 4 May 1862 Canavan, Johann KINSELLA, Helena MCGUIRE, Hugo THUM, Anna BYRNE, Laurent & Hellena C. ALLEN
CANAVAN, Martin CLARK, Hannah 7 Oct 1869 Canavan, Johann KINSELLA, Helena Clark, Johann MCBRUN, Anna Canavan, Jacob & Margaret Canavan
CANGE, Paul BRICKLER, Magdalena 20 Nov 1883 Cange, Paul MARINELLI, Louisa Brickler, John Louis MUNIER, M. Magdalena Cange, Lewis & Magdalena Munier
CANGE, Victor GRIMMIG, Maria 9 Apr 1907 Cange, Paul SCHIORION, Louisa Grimmig, Wendelin FUST, Elizabeth Grimmig, Wendelin & Francisca GAUSMANN
CANGE, William B. LAUBNER, Anna 29 May 1907 Cange, Paul TWELE, Dorothea Laubner, John GLEICH, Elizabeth Laubner, George & Louisa Cange
CANTON, Patrick HARGRAVE, Francisca 2 Sep 1878 Rev. P. ENGELBERTUS, O. S. Tr.
CAPONE, Michael (Baptized at Charles Borromeo on 29th & Locust in St. Louis) TEDESCO, Edna (Baptized at Charles Borromeo 21 ___ 1907) 4 Jan 1928 Capone, Peter PALMISSON, Philippina Tedesco, Francis MERCURIO, Mary BUSALASKI, Barthel & Anna BORN
CARILLON, John HERRMANN, Emma 13 Sep 1905 Carillon, Henry BECHTOLD, Maria Herrmann, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara Bechtold, Joseph & Anna JACOBI
CARLAN, Ludwig KLOCK, Rosa 14 May 1878 Carlan, Anton WART, Ursula Klock, Nicolaus SEBASTIAN, Theresa FERRENBACH, F. & Leon. LOUIS
CARLY, John MISKELL, Maria 8 Oct 1866 Carly, Martin KERRENS, Bridget Miskell, John VOX, John & Catharina Kerrens
CARROLL, Carl MÜLLER (Mueller), Helena 26 Jun 1883 Carroll, William MCSOARY, Margaret Mueller, Martin BOHLIN, Magdalena GIEDEMANN, Adam & Julia Mueller
CARRON, J. Alphonse (Baptized 8 Dec 1888 in St. Louis) NIMMO, K. Mabelle (Baptized 11 Jan 1891 Non-Catholic in St. Louis) 25 Nov 1915 Carron, George DRURY, Helen Nimmo, Alexander DONOGHUE, Olinda HOERR, John W. & Helen Hoerr From East St. Louis
CARTER, Harry G. WAGNER, Aurelia E. (Baptized 21 Feb 1904 at cathedral) 14 Dec 1927 Carter, George E. RANDLE, Susie Wagner, Walter J. EISENHAUER, Bertha Eisenhauer, Walter A. & Clara BECKER
CARTHARIS, John (Baptized 1896 in Zante Greece) BUBLIS, Margaret (Baptized 1904 in La Salle, IL) 11 Oct 1922 Cartharis, John PSARIS, Mary Bublis, Anton GRIGORIUS, Maggie GEORGES, Herendes & Louise DIETRICH
CAVENY, John F. (Baptized 1884 in Carlinville, IL) FUESS, Clara A. (Baptized in 1890 in Carlinville, IL) 17 Sep 1913 Caveny, John CARMORTI, Margaret Fuess, William RAAB, Bertha Caveny, Peter J. & Ruth B. PAROT
CECIL, Garam BROWN, B. Louisa 13 Apr 1869 Cecil, Eleazari MILTON, Helena Brown, Alban BRENNER, Elizabeth SIMPSON, Joseph B. & Maria Simpson
CHAPPELL, Richard (Baptized Presbyterian in Jersey County, IL) SHORTAL, Margaret (Baptized at St. Francis in Jerseyville, IL) 13 Jun 1925 Chappell, Edwin E. DARR, Emma Shortal, John M. DUNPHY, Anna Shortal, Grace & Eva SCHILB
CHARLTON, Thomas VETTER, Elizabeth 13 Sep 1905 Charlton, Thomas AVERY, Susanna Vetter, John BRUNNER, Josephina Charlton, Joseph & Carolina SEGER
CHENOT, Albert GUNDLACH, Bertha 24 Nov 1902 Chenot, August BOUL, Elizabeth Gundlach, Jacob (Deceased) ACKER, Christina Gundlach, Joseph & Lena Boul
CHENOT, August (Widower of Elizabeth BOUL) FIETSAM, Ida 10 Oct 1893 Chenot, John FISTEUR, Maria Barbara Fietsam, Sebastian DAUTH, Sophia Fietsam, A. H.; Louise D. Fietsam & Ella Chenot
CHENOT, Joseph MACK, Margaret Emma 26 Jun 1865 Chenot, Johann Joseph FISTER, Maria Barbara Mack, George CARROL, Elizabeth Chenot, Carl H.; Joseph SCHMIETZEUR & Joseph Chenot
CHEW, Richard Mathew MEIER, Catharina Maria 29 Dec 1880 Chew, William SINGLETON, M. Anna Meier, Nicholas LOUIS, Maria Veronica Chew, Paula & Maria Veronica Meier
CHINOT, August BOUL, Elizabeth 17 Apr 1857 Chinot, Peter Joseph Not listed, Barbara Boul, Michael Not listed, Magdalena KREMER, Jacob & Michael Boul
CHRISTMAN, Amand (Baptized 1890 at Cathedral) PISBERGER, Ida 26 Dec 1914 Christman, Anton SCHAEFER, Elis. KLAMM, Christ KAMMLER, Mary KUNZ, Albert & Elsie Christman
CHRISTMAN, Roy (Baptized 5 Oct 1899 at cathedral) DEW, Edith (Baptized Methodist 30 Mar 1899) 13 Feb 1923 Christman, T. J. MEINERT, Catherine Dew, Julius C. REEVES, Addie BAUMEISTER, Henry & Carrie HACKNEY
CHRISTMANN, Albert HEIDORN, Catharina (Non-Catholic) 28 Jun 1907 Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Heidorn, Louis JUNG, Minnie WOLF, Emil & Margaret SCHLICH
CHRISTMANN, Amand SCHER, Mechtilda (Non-Catholic) 26 Nov 1902 Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Scher, John GARDNER, Catharina Scher, Louis & Rosa Christmann
CHRISTMANN, Victor WEISS, Louisa 28 Aug 1907 Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Weiss, John SCHEERA, Maria SCHMITZ, William & Elizabeth Christmann
CHRISTMANN, William TROESTER, Magdalena (Non-Catholic) 14 Feb 1899 Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Troester, John SEEGLER, Gottlieba Troester, Frederick & Rosa Christmann
CHRISTOPH, Joseph LOUIS, Maria (Widow) 7 Jan 1851 JAHR, Victor & August Louis
CHUSE, Clement KNEISLEY, Emma (New convert) 23 Sep 1903 Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha Kneisley, Samuel SNADDEN, Elizabeth BEDEL, Alfonso & Not listed Kneisley
CHUSE, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha 26 Oct 1876 Chuse, Francis X. NATIG, Anna Maria Romeis, Michael MÜLLER (Mueller), Eva EPPELE, Herman; Louis ROHR; Eva Romeis & Catharina REEB
CLANCY, Joseph KENNEDY, Helena 17 Oct 1872 Clancy, Marc CONNERS, Maria Kennedy, Thomas WALL, Nancy CONNERLS, Thomas & Bridget MCGINNIS
CLAUS, William J. WATTOWA, Theresa 26 Feb 1889 Claus, Frederick (Adoptive father) & Carl ZURMUEHLAN EICHENROTH, Maria Wattowa, John LUCASH, Maria Wattowa, John; Maria FRIES; Frederica Bertha LUDWIG; Michael KLING & Maria Kling
CLEARY, Carl HUGHES, Alma 31 Jan 1914 Cleary, John SUPPLE, Jane Hughes, John LOUHRDING, Ottlilia Hughes, Ottilia & Josephina DIETRICH From Chester
CLEMENS, Jacob B. VON SCHRADER, Elizabeth Amalia Wilhelmina 27 May 1868 Clemens, Jacob MULLEMPHY, Elizabeth Von Schrader, Frederick MORRISON, Olivia
CLEMENS, John N. FRICK, Augusta H. (From New Athens, IL) 14 Sep 1899 Clemens, Nicholas DIEMER, Maria Frick, Carl W. KLINCKHARDT, Augusta OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER [Out of order.  Appears between Nov & Aug 1899]
CLOTT, Silver GROSS, Maria 23 Mar 1879 Clott, Xavier MÜLLER (Mueller), Magdalena Gross, John BRONR__, Calvina Gross, John & Alina BURKHARDT
COFFY, Peter CLARY, Maria A. 17 [Nov] 1861 Coffy, Peter FARLY, Maria MCDONALD, John ROONY, Anna FEGAN, Matthew & Margaret Fegan
COLE, Laurent MULLIGAN, Maria 6 Jun 1861 Cole, Ignatius BOURDIN, Francisca Mulligan, Peter THOMENSE, Agnes Mulligan, Thomas James & Philomena Maria Cole
COLE, Sgt. Ernest (Baptized non-Catholic 7 Aug 1889 in Belleville, MO [?]) WEGNER, Eva (Baptized 31 Dec 1898 at cathedral) 20 Apr 1918 Cole, Ira MAY, Ellis Wegner, Martin SEMRAN, Mary Wegner, Adam & Mathilde Wegner
COLLER, Vincent KIRCHBERGER, Waldburga 8 Dec 1852 SCHMITT, Mathias & George RAPP
COLLINS, Joseph PIERE, Christina 6 Apr 1847 LUX, Peter & Jacob DIEZENBERGER
COLLINS, Orvil (Baptized Methodist) ROBERT, Clementina (Born 24 Mar 1906 in St. Louis, MO) 5 Feb 1927 Collins, Jerry SPROUL, Alice Robert, Wash. MANN, Rose STENGER, Meta & Eva LINDT
COLLINS, Walter FLUCK, Elizabeth 8 Oct 1895 Collins, Thomas OWEN, Sara Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth OESCHEL, John & Alwina Fluck
COLMAR, Henry TOEBBEN, Maria 31 May 1849
COLOGNA, Peter (34y; from Tirol.) CORAZZA, Victoria (34y; from Tirol.) 1 Oct 1884 Cologna, John Baptist CORAZZA, Catharina Corazza, John Baptist GELETTI, Maria KOENIG, Carl & George HERTLEIN
COLVIS, Harrison C. JANY, Rosella 2 Sep 1902 Colvis, Louis J. VERDIN, Celestina Jany, Stephan GORZENY, Maria Colvis, Joseph; Elizabeth JUNGER & Maria Colvis
CONAUGHTY, Carl (Baptized 30 Sep 1889 at Sacred Heart in Du Quoin, IL) MARLOW, Blanche (Baptized in 1891 in Tamaroa, IL Non-Catholic) 1 Aug 1914 Canaughty, Owen KREHER, Theresa Marlow, John WHETHTLY, Gerusa DIETRICH, Jos. & Bertha Dietrich
CONGE, Paul TWALL, Dora (Non-Catholic) __ Oct 1877 Conge, Paul FOURNIER, Margaret Twall, Edward FRESEMEIER, Wilhelmina GAAS, Peter & Bonaventure TRIBOUT
CONKLIN, Edwin  (Born 19 Oct 1901 & baptized in Lebanon, IL) KOERNER, Marie (Born 2 Nov & baptized 21 Nov 1909 at St. John in Cullon, IL) 18 Nov 1931 Conklin, Charles Not listed, Mary Koerner, John ROHMAN, Rose KLASS, Herman & Margaret Koerner
CONLEY, Lieutenant Dr. James G. (Baptized 28 Dec 1886 in Darlington, WI) CHATFIELD, Hazel Margaret (Baptized 22 Dec 1917 in Gesin, Milwaukee) 2 Jan 1918 Conley, Owen HARRINGTON, Bridget Chatfield, Ransom BAIRA, Sarah KARR, Lydia & Martha YACH Conley stationed at Scott Field & Chatfield (convert) trained nurse from Milwaukee.
CONRAD, Phillip BOSSLER, Elizabeth 17 May 1853 TUM, Jacob; Francis Bossler; Catharina HOLDENER & Louisa Holdener
CONRAD, Rudolph (Not baptized) MEYER, Helen (Baptized 1899 in Smithton) 5 Nov 1918 Conrad, Rudolph VIVIAN, Stella Meyer, John QUIRIN, Mary Meyer, Clemens & Verona Conrad
CONROY, Albert E. (Born 9 Jan & baptized 27 Jan 1907 at St. Philip in East St. Louis, IL) SMITH, Dorothy Ida (Born 28 Oct & baptized 18 Nov 1906 at ___ in Belleville) 16 Jun 1931 Conroy, Sr., James ZISKA, Agnes Smith, Thomas Ed. MEYER, Mary Conroy, Jr., James & Marie PFIFFNER
CONROY, Thaman O’NEIL, Maria 26 [Nov] 1863
COOPER, Carrol (Baptized Presbyterian) GRUENEWALD, Mae (Baptized at cathedral) 5 Aug 1926 Cooper, Horace B. ROGERS, Anna L. Gruenewald, Val FUCH, Agnes SCHLARMAN, Charles & Mary Schlarman
COOPER, Francis W. (Baptized 11 Jan 1863 in Carlinville, IL) DORNBACH, Chaitina (Baptized 9 Sep 1884 at cathedral) 5 Jan 1918 Cooper, Henry MURPHY, Mary Dornbach, William J. BERKLEY, Elis. LETTER, Edward & Johanna HASSLER
CORDIE, Anton Jos. (Baptized 11 Sep 1881 at cathedral) WALTER, Elizabeth  (Baptized 18 Oct [?] 1889 in Mascoutah, IL) 22 Oct 1918 Cordie, Dominic LOBHAR, Helen Walter, Joseph KEHRER, Mary BAUER, Joseph & Otilda Walter
CORDIE, Arthur (Baptized 8 May 1911 at cathedral) COLLINS, Leona (Baptized 28 Jun 1910 in Mountain Ash, KY) 11 Mar 1930 Cordie, Nic SEBLINGEN, Anna Collins, Jerry SPROULE, Alice Collins, Drexel & Clementina Collins Declared null & void 18 Aug 1937 in Chicago.
CORDIE, Joseph B. (Baptized 7 Feb 1885 at Cathedral) DENGLER, Olga (Baptized 10 Jul 1885 at Cathedral) 19 Nov 1913 Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helena Dengler, Carl SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa Dengler, John & M. Cordie
CORDIE, Nicholas SCHLINGER, Anna 12 Oct 1909 Cordie, Dominic LOBERG, Helena Schlinger, Anton FAUST, Louisa Cordie, Anton & Hilda Cordie
CORNIQUE, Carl MONGIN, Maria 16 Sep 1873 Cornique, Bechamres CONFRERE, Maria Mongin, Christophor KREILIGH, Maria TRIBOUT, Emil & Catharina WARING
COURAR, John HAMMER, Maria 12 Aug 1873 Courar, Nicholas WEISKOP, Elizabeth Hammer, Albert ZELLER, Barbara STEPHAN, Francis & Anna BRAUN
COURTIER, Charles SCHLAGER, Anna Maria 11 Jan 1876 Courtier, Charles Not listed, Adele Maria Schlager, Sebastian PAULI, Elizabeth STARK, Francis & Adele Courtier
COURTIER, Dominic LORBER, Helena 23 Oct 1871 Courtier, Dominic HAFNER, Maria Lorber, Xavier Not listed, Anna Maria ADAM, Jacob & Nicolaus Courtier
COURTIER, Nicolaus WIDOWA, Maria Apr 1872 Courtier, Dominic HAFNER, Maria Widowa, Joseph LUIAR, Maria Widowa, Joseph; Valentin RODSMEIER; Maria BRUNNER & Anna Widowa
CRAINE, Joseph B. L. (Non-Catholic) MURPHY, Maria 10 Sep 1885 Craine, John STANLY, Julia Murphy, Jacob DONAHUE, Catharina BEDEL, John A. & Joseph WEIS
CRASS, George KEMPF, Sophia 3 Jan 1882 Crass, Lotharn EIMER, (Elis) Catharina Kempf, Francis WISROCK, Theresa STAUDER, Julius & Emma Stauder
CRASS, Joseph (Baptized at cathedral) WALSTER, Clara (Not Baptized) 12 Feb 1917 Crass, George KEMPF, Sophia Walster, Henry ROARK, Mary EPPMAN, B. H. & Alphonse HAUSMAN
CREUTZ, Michael ROMEIS, Elizabeth 17 Apr 1854 MUELLER, Joseph & Joseph BRAUN
CRIST, Oliver L. (Born 24 Aug & baptized 30 Aug 1903 at cathedral) LANG, Clara C. (Baptized 27 Mar 1909 in ___ington, IL) 4 Oct 1930 Lang, Frank HERMANN, Barbara Crist, Lester F. WAGERS, Gertrude Lang, Edward & Anna Lang [Parents are switched]
CROOKS, William (Non-Catholic) GUENTHER, Louisa 22 Jun 1904 Crooks, Humphrey MCCORMICK, Joanna Guenther, John SAX, Barbara
CROSS, Jos. (Born 26 Apr 1889 & baptized in Roch Church in St. Louis, MO) WIESNER, Frances (Born 25 Sep 1897 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville, IL) 7 Jul 1920 Cross, William MCMANUS, Ellen Wiesner, Charles ITLESOHN, Frances Cross, Thomas & Estella Cross
CUMMINS, William CONROY, Maria Anna 24 Apr 1882 Cummins, John LONERGAN, Maria Conroy, Martin O’DONNELL, Margaret LALLY, Maria & Joseph AUFFINGER
CUNNINGHAM, John (Baptized 3 Oct 1881 in Martinsburg) DEKUM, Rosa (Baptized 17 Aug 1884 in Belleville) 20 Jun 1910 Cunningham, James MURRAY, Mary Dekum, Frank LOUIS, Josephina Dekum, Julius & Fanny Cunningham
CZARNECKI, Frank (Baptized 5 Dec 1898 at St. Casimir) RICHTER, Helen (Baptized 18 May 1921 at cathedral) 1 Jun 1921 Czarnecki, Theodore RAJEK, Praxeda Richter, Ernest STUECK, Anna REEB, Aloys & Elsa Richter
CZARNECKI, Theodore (Baptized 29 Apr 1893 in St. Louis) BENEDICT, Christina (Baptized 13 Apr 1893 at Cathedral) 14 Jan 1913 Czarnecki, Theodore RELAK, Praxedis Benedict, Christopher HEMMER, Maria Benedict, Francis & Louisa Rosa MADER
DABACH, Jacob STOCK, Elizabeth (Protestant) 3 Oct 1861 Dabach, Adam HANAPPEL, Catharina Stock, Adam SIEG, Elizabeth LOBSINGER, Joseph & Catharina HORTMANN
DAENZLER, John OESTERLE, Catharina (Widow) 7 Apr 1891 Daenzler, John HAHN, Francisca KESSLER, John REUTERMANN, Eva Hahn, Michael & Elizabeth Kessler
DAESCH, Ernest A. (Non-Catholic) STEGMAIER, Elizabeth 16 Nov 1904 Daesch, Nicholas DAAB, Catharina Stegmaier, Gottlieb RODENMEYER, Maria BOCK, William & Eleonora Stegmaier
DAGUE, Valentin FUNSCH, Bertha 31 ___ 1887 Dague, Adam WINKELMAN, Eva Funsch, Alexander HEGEL, Catharina Funsch, Albert & Carolina Funsch
DAHLMANN, William J. (Baptized  26 Aug 1893 in Gladbeck, Germany) MOESINGER, Sophia (Baptized 8 Aug 1893 at St. Luke’s) 17 Feb 1917 Dahlmann, Herman SPRINGUPP, Agnes Moesinger, Fred Not listed, Elizabeth WOTTOWA, Emil & Lena STETZNER
DAHM, George MEROD, Carolina (Non-Catholic) 3 May 1881 Dahm, John WAGNER, Barbara Merod, Michael GILZ, Carolina Dahm, Barbara & Laurent Dahm
DAHM, George THUL, Adelphia 14 Oct 1908 Dahm, Louis J. MILLEIN, Margaret Thul, Peter SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria Dahm, Clemens & Adela Thul
DAHM, John WAGNER, Barbara 7 Feb 1843 GREIF, Wilhelm & Leonard BOUL
DAHM, John PLUGMACHER, Maria 23 Oct 1877 Dahm, John WAGNER, Barbara Plugmacher, Michael SCHAEFER, Eva Dahm, Laurent & Francis Pflugmacher
DAHM, Lawrence (Baptized 21 Jul 1891) MUELLER, Olinda (Baptized 2 Oct 1896 at cathedral) 22 Oct 1919 Dahm, Lawrence KLAUS, Mary Mueller, John F. LOUIS, Catherine Bertelsman, Aloys & Cecilia Mueller
DAHM, Louis MELLIGNE, Margaret 29 Aug 1865 Dahm, Johann WAGNER, Barbara Melligne, Jacob KUHN, Anna Maria PFULGMACHER, Francis & John Melligne
DAHM, Louis J. REISBECH, Louisa (Non-Catholic) 1894 Dahm, Louis J. MELLEIN, Margaret Reisbech, Balthasar WILD, Unknown Reisbach, Carl & Elizabeth Dahm Entry appears between 29 May & 19 Jun 1894
DAHM, William (Baptized 22 Sep 1886 at Cathedral) VOELLINGER, Irena (Baptized 22 Nov 1887 at Cathedral) 21 Oct 1914 Dahm, Lawrence KLAUS, Mary Voellinger, Joseph SAINTEVE, Elis. Dahm, Albert & Laura Voellinger
DAIBER, George(Baptized 1872/1862 at St. Paul Evangelical) ELLRICH, Maria (Baptized at cathedral) 11 Sep 1921 Daiber, George Unknown, Barbara Ellrich, Fridolin ROEDESHEIMER, Anna EWALD, Mary & Helen WITTMEIER 5 Nov 1887 ? [See record]
DALK, Joseph H. (Baptized Mar 1896 at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) GAUSMANN, Catherine (Baptized 17 Apr 1898 at cathedral) 25 Oct 1922 Dalk, Charles VOBLE_, Caroline Gausmann, John MEIER, Anna SCHWARTZ, Walter H. & Margaret ZAHN
DAMARICH, Adam BOUL, Francisca 28 Nov 1867 Damarich, Jacob LOUIS, Eva Boul, Chrysostom DAHM, Anna Maria
DAMHORST, Gerhard RODENMAYER, Julia 3 Oct 1893 Damhorst, Henry SASE, Elizabeth (From St. Louis, MO) Rodenmayer, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth Rodenmayer, Joseph & Emma BECKER
DAMMERICH, Willard (Baptized Jun 1908 at St. Luke in Belleville) ARNOLD, Lucille (Baptized Feb 1908 at St. Luke in Belleville) 25 Jun 1930 Dammerich, William WEYHAUPT, Katherine Arnold, Arthur J. MUNIE, Ida Dammerich, Edward & Dorothy FIETSAM
DAMMRICH, Michael DOSSER, Elizabeth 18 Apr 1871 Dammrich, Jacob ZANGEL, Eva Dosser, Anton HIERONYMUS, Magdalena KURTZ, Edward; Nicolaus Amel; Louisa KRIESKER & Theresa Dosser
DANIEL, Sebastian FIRSTENBERG, Clara 5 Oct 1856 Daniel, Christian Not listed, Catharina Firstenberg, Bernhard Not listed, Maria HERBER, Jos. & Maria DOLCH
DARR, Eugene (Baptized 19 Sep 1927 at cathedral) SCHWAEGEL, Alma (Baptized 4 Dec 1905 at cathedral) 20 Sep 1927 Darr, John VOLLMER. Louise Schwaegel, August KOBURK, Teresa Schwaegel, Walter & Amanda Schwaegel
DAUBACH, Adam (Widower of Catharine Daubach) WEIS, Margaret (Widow) 30 Jul 1888 Daubach, Peter GEISS, Elizabeth HEFERICH, Christian WAGNER, Catharina BAUMANN, Frederick & Catharina BAUER
DAUBACH, Julius DAHLEM, Ida (Non-Catholic) 30 Jul 1904 Daubach, Jacob KEGEL, Elizabeth Dahlem, David ARRES, Elizabeth SCHMIDT, William & Lena Dahlem
DAUBACH, Martin (Baptized 16 Oct 1896 in ____ [?]) BECHTOLD, Florence (Baptized 4 ___ 1903 at cathedral) 11 Nov 1925 Daubach, Charles SCHWINN, Elizabeth Bechtold, John HERTLEIN, Rosa AMAN, Walter & Emelia SCHNEIDER
DAUBACH, William REHM, Theresa 23 Nov 1875 Daubach, Peter SPIEKE, Amalia Rehm, Joseph ERDELE, Margaret Daubert, John & Catharina Daubach
DAUNHOLD, Alvin (Born & baptized in Millstadt 1901) ECKERT, Nelda (Baptized German Evangelical; born 1901) 23 Jun 1920 Daunhold, Jacob TEICHINGER, Bertha S. Eckert, Jacob BOEKER, Carolina FEHLBER, Elmer & Margaret MCKILLOF
DAVIDSON, Forest KAIN, Elizabeth 22 Jul 1901 Davidson, Logan WHITE, Elizabeth Kain, Thomas LILLIS, Nancy DIEKER, Catharina & Louisa DIETRICH
DAVINROY, Benjamin (Born 22 Sep 1901 & baptized at St. Philip in East St. Louis) TRIBOUT, Olivia (Born 19 Jun & baptized 29 Jul 1906 at St. Luke) 26 Nov 1931 Davinroy, Stephen J. MARION, Victorine Tribout, Joseph COLLINS, Gwendolyn Davinroy, Ferdinand & Genevieve Tribout
DAVIS, Emmet (Non-Catholic) SEMRAN, Cecilia 4 Jul 1928 Davis, William HANNAUT, Emma Semran, Albert SCHMIERBACH, Mary MASSA, John & Anita KAISER
DAVIS, George T. (Born 23 Nov 1872 in Bismarck, N. D. & baptized 1 Jul 1923 at Holy Ghost in Kinloch, MO) SCHENK, Mrs. Rosa (Born 8 May & baptized 14 May 1871 at St. Boniface in Evansville, IL) 1 Sep 1925 Davis, Charles MILLER, Mary Jane MEYER, Joseph WETTENBRINK, Josephine MCCORMICK, Floyd & Esther M. McCormick
DAVIS, Joe (Baptized 23 Jan 1891 in Trenton, IL) HUELSKAMP, Bertha (Baptized 20 May 1894 in Aviston, IL) 20 Apr 1914 Davis, Joseph RODMANN, Minnie Huelskamp, Henry ALTPETER, Anna DIETRICH, J. & M. BEDEL
DAY, Patrick MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria 14 May 1854 KELLEY, Thimothy & Maria GANNON
DE WITT, Victor Raymund FAUSZ, Christina (Non-Catholic) 28 Nov 1905 De Witt, Carl BLAIS, Emma Fausz, Nicholas MILLER, Elizabeth QUACK, Rev. John & Margaret SCHLICH Permission from C. J. ESCHMANN in Prairie Du Rocher
DECKER, Henry J. BRENZEL, Maria Anna 7 Jun 1851 LUTZ, William; Maria Lutz & Jacob MUELLER
DECKERT, Jacob LOUIS, Rosa 16 Oct 1907 Deckert, Joseph REUTERMANN, Barbara Louis, Francis VOELLINGER, Anna Deckert, Theodore & Olivia Louis
DEIKER, George FUESTER, Isabella 9 Jul 1867 Deiker, Joseph BECK, Otilia Fuester, George DIETRICH, Margaret Deiker, Patrick & Elizabeth RUS
DEISTER, Carl HUSS, Anna 20 Jun 1906 Deister, Carl MEYER, Clara Huss, Francis ALBRECHT, Maria DOWD, Edward P. & Ida Huss
DEITZ, John HIRCH, Louisa 26 Nov 1895 Deitz, Francis VOGT, Elizabeth Hirch, George LEONARD, Maria Hirch, George & Margaret Hirch Mixed religion marriage
DEKEN, Henry SCHILLING, Carolina 18 Jun 1850 Schilling, Martin & Bernard Deken
DEKUM, Dominic SCHMISSEUR, Maria Louisa 17 Apr 1877 Dekum, Michael KLUCK, Maria Anna Schmisseur, Joseph CHENOT, Elizabeth Isch, Anton; Louis Schmisseur; Maria Schmisseur & Louisa Schmisseur
DEKUM, Francis LOUIS, Josephina 29 May 1877 Dekum, Michael GLOCK, Maria Louis, Joseph KLADT, Eugenia Louis, Leonard; Edward SONTAG; Emilia Sontag & Catharina Louis
DELANY, John SULLIVAN, Margaret 17 Jan 1883 Delany, Patrick MCCORMICK, Maria Sullivan, John SHEA, Catharina Sullivan, Patrick & Helena ELENDERLAN
DEMMERLE, Anton HUMMEL, Elizabeth 2 Jul 1854 Demmerle, William & William LOTZ
DEMMERLE, John HERR, Eva 24 Nov 1859 Demmerle, William JOST, Margaret Herr, Henry SCHICHTEL, Elizabeth Herr, Henry & William Demmerle
DENGLER, Carl SCHOENHOFER, Theresa 10 May 1887 Dengler, Carl WALDVOGEL, Anna Schoenhofer, Mathias COURAR, Elizabeth HERR, W. J. & Lena REICHERT
DEPENDENCE, Martin HOLRAHR, Anna Maria 17 Sep 1848 WONDET, Aloysius & Carolina HAY
DEPPE, Emil (Baptized non-Catholic in Coal Centre, PA  near Pittsburgh) HOLICKE, Hedwig (Baptized 12 Mar 1899 at St. Boniface in Evansville, IN) 15 Dec 1917 Deppe, Henry LEMBERG, Mary Holicke, Anton SEMRAN, Anna Deppe, Charles & Edna Deppe
DEPPER, Not listed (Protestant) HELWIG, Not listed (baptized at St. Peter Cathedral) 31 Jul 1911 Depper, John GEISHER, Amilia HELWICH, Anton HOLDENER, Julita THORNTON, Arthur & Mrs. Arthur Thornton
DERLETH, Paul KOOBER, Carolina 20 Jan 1852 ANESHENSEL, Carl; Sebastian Derleth & Emma GERKEN
DIEBOLD, George KOHM, Francisca 27 Jun 1893 Diebold, John KIEHN, Anna Catharina Kohm, Louis KIEHN, Odilia ZIEGLER, Louis & Barbara Kohm
DIEHM, Johann KESSELSCHLEGER, Theresa (Widow of Johann Kesselschleger) 25 Feb 1868 Diehm, Sebastian ZAHN, Margaret STIES, Albert SCHUROLLER, Anna M. ACKER, Frederick & Joseph CTUG
DIEHN, Joseph VOLLRATH, Mathilda (Non-Catholic) 13 Jan 1883 Diehn, Maria Anna Revalidation marriage
DIEK, John STEIGMEYER, Louisa 7 May 1854 Steigmeyer, Joseph & Caspar KAUP
DIEKEMPER, Edwin (Baptized 3 Apr 1892 in Carlyle) WARNER, A. Lillie (Baptized 12 Jun 1889 in St. Louis – Non-Catholic) 24 Mar 1913 Diekemper, Stephan BECKER, Elizabeth Warner, Henry HOHL, Elizabeth Diekemper, Martha & Charles Warner
DIEKGIESER, Frederick HEMMER, Gertrude 25 Apr 1853 MUGER, Conrad; Henry LIEMANN & Marianna ANGERT
DIEL, Julius PREISSINGER, Maria 18 Feb 1884 Diel, John Henry BERNUS, Barbara Preissinger, John WEIDINGER, Margaret KETTERER, John & Mary SCHLEGEL
DIERKES, William (Baptized 1 Sep 1892 in Carlyle) NORMAN, Ruby (Baptized Methodist 10 Feb 1896 ) 31 Oct 1919 Dierkes, George SAUTHMAN, Anna Norman, Richard ESCHMAN, Louisa Dierkes, Henry & Cecilia Dierkes
DIETRICH, Arthur (Baptized Jun 1894 at cathedral) BAUER, Lillian (Baptized Feb 1902  at cathedral) 8 Jun 1921 Dietrich, George KNELLER, Mary Bauer, Joseph SCHALLER, M___ [Not viewable] Dietrich, Aloys & Marcella Bauer
DIETRICH, George KNELLER, Maria 30 Sep 1884 Dietrich, Leonhard (Deceased) BRESTEL, Josephina Kneller, George (Deceased) HEBERLE, Maria WENGLER, Mathias & Sophia Dietrich
DIETRICH, Joseph DIETRICH, Magdalena 6 Jun 1882 Dietrich, Aloysius REICHERTZER KRUMMENACHER, Joseph EMENEGGER, Catharina SOMMER, Peter & Magdalena HEMMER
DIETRICH, Leonard STRANGE, Crescentia 2 Sep 1855 MUELLER, George & Salomon Mueller
DIETZ, Conrad CARVER, Catharina 2 Jan 1844 Dietz, John & Nicolaus NATTER
DIETZ, Francis BLUM, Maria Anna 17 Feb 1859 Dietz, Henry Not listed, Thecla Blum, Adam Not listed, Eva KÜNS (Kuens), Andrew & John STARK
DILLER, Raymond (Not baptized) ABEGG, Cleadith (baptized 5 Mar 1905 at cathedral) 27 Dec 1923 Diller, Wayne MONKEN, Julia Abegg, Peter SMITH, Estelle LETEMPT, Ardelle & Gladys WERKMEISTER
DILTH [?], Edgar (Baptized 1 Aug 1903 in Coffeen, IL) SPRECHER, Emma (Baptized 12 May 1901 at cathedral) 29 Jun 1927 Dilth, Joseph SUTHNER, Mary [?] Sprecher, Albert BOSSLER, Rose Dilth, Edward & Marie BRAUER
DINGES, August WERZEL, Maria 22 Oct 1890 Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Wetzel, Anselm WAECHTER, Elizabeth GILB, Joseph & Juliana ALBRECHT
DINGES, Carl MEYER, Maria 15 Jun 1856 Dinges, John Not listed, Magdalena Meyer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude Dinges, Anton & John Dinges
DINGES, Carl THORINGTON, Julia 4 May 1882 Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Thorington, Francis KEGG, Joanna Dinges, Friederich & Anna REIS
DINGES, Emil (Baptized 30 Nov 1889 Cathedral) REEB, Martha (Baptized 5 Aug 1892 at St. Mary in Belleville) 9 Apr 1913 Dinges, Henry SCHWARZENBACH, Marg. Reeb, Peter KLEMKE, Maria Reeb, Peter & M. Klemke
DINGES, Francis R. GRUENEWALD, Emilia (Non-Catholic) 11 Jul 1899 Dinges, Carl MEYER, Catharina Gruenewald, George BRANDSTETTER, Susanna Gruenewald, Cyrus & Amanda SAMSTAG
DINGES, Frank (Born 24 Apr & baptized 10 May 1903 at cathedral) AMLUNG, Florence  (Baptized 16 May 1903 at St. Mary in Belleville) 30 Oct 1930 Dinges, John ZULAUF, Caroline Helen Amlung, Henry WAGNER, Emma Amlung, Albert; Thomas BARKEL; Henrietta Amlung & Lucille MILLER
DINGES, Frederick STAUDER, Anna 9 Sep 1885 Dinges, Carl MAIER, Catharina Stauder, Adam RING, Maria REIS, Valentin & Bertha Stauder
DINGES, Henry (Widower) SAAL, Maria 20 May 1896 Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Saal, Peter MORGENSTERN, Maria LOUIS, F. J. & Maria BAUMANN
DINGES, John (Baptized 8 Feb 1897 at cathedral) LIPPERT, Anna (Baptized 16 Oct 1897 in Millstadt) 24 Jan 1919 Dinges, John ZULAUF, Lena Lippert, Charles BAUER, Lena HAUN, J. B. & Josie DIETRICH Married 17 months prior in non-Catholic church.
DINGES, John Adam ZULAUF, A. Carolina 8 Feb 1893 Dinges, Carl MEYER, Catharina Zulauf, John HEMMER, Elizabeth KRONENBERGER, Dom.; Louis Meyer; Francis Meyer; Cath. Zulauf; Maria Dinges & Elizabeth Meyer
DINGLER, Christopher HUCK, Maria 17 Jul 1849 YOHN, Martin & F. Xavier HEIL
DINTELMANN, Hugo (Non-Catholic) ROSHAR, Maria 27 Oct 1900 Dintelmann, Phil ZUMBERG, Bertha Roshar, August FABIAN, Maria SPINDLER, Henry & Louisa SPIESS
DISCH, Peter ADAM, Maria 31 May 1870 MARTIN, Adam & John HAFFNER
DOESCH, Robert L. (Baptized 16 Jan 1887 in Smithton) DINGES, Emilia  (Baptized Jul 1891) 25 Nov 1914 Doesch, George KEIM, Clara Dinges, August WETZEL, Mary WEBER, Joseph & Alvina Doesch
DOLLE, Carl SCHILLING, Anna 1 Sep 1908 Dolle, William KLOCKE, Wilhelmina Schilling, Joseph KLAAS, Elizabeth KLAUS, Joseph & Anastasia LANG
DOLLINGER, August (Baptized just prior to marriage) HUSS, Josephina 22 May 1912 Dollinger, Jacob MINIER, Elis. Huss, Francis ALBRECHT, Maria GRANDCOLAS, Leroy & Emilia Huss
DOMINIC, Christopher HUBERT, Josepha 20 Feb 1853 LOUIS, August & Francis Louis
DONALDSON, William (Non-Catholic) ESS, Mechtilda 26 Dec 1902 Donaldson, B. P. MEYERS, Maria Ess, B. J. KENNEBECK, Anna MAULEY, S. H. & Elizabeth Ess
DONEUS, John KETTELMANN, Margaret 16 Oct 1847 HEILIGSTEIN, Fr. Xavier & Aloysius WONDEL
DONNELLY, Jacob MCDONALD, Maria (Widow of Michael McDonald) 29 Jan 1866 Donnelly, Francis Not listed, Margaret Eva MCPHILLIPS, Carl MCINRUE, Anna STÖLTZE (Stoeltze), Fidel & Christoffer ZUCK
DONNELLY, John MCGUIRCH, Catharina 27 Nov 1849 LOBSINGER, Anton & William WINDEL
DONOHOE, James BAQUET, Johanna (Jane) 10 Dec 1864 Donohoe, Carl KEEFE, Margaret Baquet, Johann Not listed, Cunigunda KERN, Nicholas; Anton HAMMER; Catharina Magdalena Kern & Catharina ENDER
DONOVAN, Timothy COLEMANN, Maria 19 Jan 1895 Donovan, Jacob CRASTELLE, Margaret (From Cairo) Colemann, Patrick MCMELLY, Ellen (From Shawneetown) McMelly, John & Eva RENNER
DOOLEY, Clarence B. (Baptized 15 Dec 1902 in Canton, IL) HAWTHORNE, Delilah Jane (Born 15 Jan 1901 & [not?] baptized in Belleville) 28 Jun 1924 Dooley, John DALEY, Catherine Hawthorne, Edward GAMBLES, Mary CARSON, George & Olivia BUCHMANN
DOORNESEAU, Anton (Non-Catholic) ADAMS, Magdalena 20 Jun 1901 Doorneseau, William RENGSDORF, Dorothea Adams, Andrew KUHN, Margaret DIEKER, Catharina & Leonora Adams
DOPP, Henry Th. M. MCGUIRE, Catharina 18 Jan 1860 Revalidation of civil marriage
DOPPLER, Henry (From St. Louis) GUENTHER, Maria 18 Jun 1902 Doppler, Jacob GUETTERMANN, Elizabeth Guenther, John SAX, Barbara Doppler, Edward & Magdalena Guenther
DORN, Joseph SIEDLER, Josephina 5 Jun 1853 SOMMER, Peter & Michael STOCKLE
DORN, Joseph (34y; widower of Josephina born SIEDLER) HERTEL, Elizabeth (27y; widow of Michael Hertel) 3 Jan 1860 MERKEL, Peter & Michael STICKLE
DORN, Joseph (Widower of Josephina born SIEDLER) HERTEL, Elizabeth (Widow of Michael Hertel) 3 Jan 1860 MERKEL, Peter & Michael STICKLE Duplicate entry in new format.
DORN, Julius M. VOGT, Anna 20 Sep 1894 Dorn, Joseph PUFF, Elizabeth Vogt, Philipp KECK, Maria Vogt, Philipp & Maria Dorn Mixed religion marriage
DORNBACH, Edward (Baptized 1 Feb 1889 at cathedral) GRIMMIG, Louise (Baptized 29 Jul 1894 at cathedral) 25 Aug 1917 Dornbach, William J. BER__, Elizabeth Grimmig, Wendel FEIST, Elizabeth BRENNAN, Mike & Josie DIETRICH Revalidation of civil marriage
DORNBACH, Francis MUEHLHERR, Anna 28 Nov 1906 Dornbach, William BERKLE, Elizabeth Muehlherr, Joseph BECKER, Ida Dornbach, George & Gertrude Muehlherr
DORNBACH, John (Baptized 22 Feb 1891 at cathedral) SEMMLER, Louise (Baptized at cathedral) 11 May 1921 Dornbach, William BERKEL, Elizabeth Semmler, Michael TAFF, Helen KRZYZANOWSKI, John & Elizabeth Dornbach
DORNBACH, William BERKLE, Elizabeth 19 Nov 1874 Dornbach, Carl F. SCHMITZ, Christina  Elizabeth Berkle, Valentin HUFSCHMI__, Barbara Berkle, John & Catharina THOMA
DOSCH, Jacob STROH, Margaret 5 Apr 1845 HELWIG, Samuel & Lorent AMANN
DOUR, Martin OUR, Margaret 22 Nov 1849 Our, John & Joseph MILLER
DOUSSARD, Jacob T. KOENIG, Amanda 14 Nov 1894 Doussard, Lucian BORNMAN, Martha Koenig, Joseph ERNST, Louisa Doussard, Julian & Eugenia Koenig
DOUSSARD, Joseph Lucian BORMANN, Martha 29 Nov 1854 Bormann, Conrad; Aron STOOKEY & Remoud ACCARD
DOUSSARD, Joseph Rufus SCHEICH, Catharina 17 Oct 1888 Doussard, Lucian BORMNAN, Martha Scheich, Valentin MUELLER, Catharina Doussard, Jacob S. & Barbara Scheich
DOVE, Clarence Charles (Baptized Oct 1898 in Freeburg, IL) SCHNEIDER, Edna (Baptized at cathedral) 14 Sep 1920 Dove, Edw. STOLL, Theresa Schneider, Dominic FOHL, Clara KASPAR, Jos. & Eleonora Dove
DOYLE, Patrick DOYLE, Helena 13 Jul 1873 Doyle, L. MULLEN, Angetta Doyle, John FITZPATRICK, Maria INDROIZ, John & Maria SOMMER
DRESSEL, Henry JUEN, Sophia 12 Oct 1880 Dressel, Paul PETRI, Susanna Juen, Theodore BATLO__, Regina Juen, Henry & Catharina HONER
DRESSEL, Theodore REEB, Cecilia 20 Jan 1909 Dressel, Henry JUEN, Sophia Reeb, Peter KLEMPKE, Maria Reeb, Peter & Rosa Dressel
DRONE, Harry (baptized 13 Jul 1894 at cathedral) SCHNIPPER, Louise (Baptized non-Catholic 18 Jun 1898) 30 Jul 1917 Drone, Charles OWENS, Mary Schnipper, Ben AMULER [?], Frieda Drone, Sam & Mary Drone
DROSTE, Albert (Baptized 18 May 1904 at St. Joseph in Prairie du Rocher) ALTHOFF, Wilma (Baptized 20 Feb 1909 at Prairie Du Rocher) 2 Jan 1927 Droste, Henry BERGHOFF, Mary Althoff, Henry DAILEY, Edith KEETMAN, Gerard & Matilda Droste
DROVETTE, Joseph MEYER, Magdalena _7 Mar 1878 Drovette, Bartholomew ANGELIN, Magdalena Meyer, Frid. DREIER, Catharina Meyer, Frid. & Appolonia VOGEL
DRUMMENSE, William BARBARY, Virginia 18 Apr 1854 Barbary, Joseph; Stanislas DEROI; Peter MORTON & Adel DELANY
DRYDEN, Emery (Non-Catholic; St. Louis) AMLUNG, Agnes M. (1899 at cathedral) 24 Oct 1918 Dryden, William TAYLOR, Jennie Amlung, Jacob BOWLES, Mary MILLER, Clyde & Isabel HUBERT
DUCCA, Joseph (Baptized 13 Feb 1888 in Italy) HAAS, Ida (Baptized 11 Apr 1899 in New Baden) 23 Apr 1917 Ducca, John SEBASTIANA, Josie Haas, John P. WOLF, Anna SCHRECK, Anna M. & Josie DIETRICH Prior civil marriage [?]
DUDECK, Joseph (Baptized 3 May 1878 in Dilldorf, Germany) HOLICKE, Carrie (Baptized 10 May 1882 in ___thersdorf, Austria) 23 May 1916 Dudeck, Joseph NATALSKI, Hedwig Holicke, Anthony ANDERS, Caroline Holicke, Frank & Hedwig Holicke
DUENEMEYER, William HERMANN, Regina 23 Aug 1852 KIELBEIN, John & Nicolaus WINKELER
DUERST, Louis ALBRECHT, Julia 14 Jun 1893 Duerst, John WAGNER, Gertrude Albrecht, Anton MATHES, Juliana BA___, Joseph & Elizabeth Albrecht
DUGGAN, Daniel F. WALSH, Maria Anna 18 Feb 1901 Duggan, Michael MULVILULL, Ellen Walsh, Richard SMITH, Elizabeth OBERT, Bartholomew & Clara O’CONNELL
DUMWORTH, John C. PREISINGER, Catharina (Widow) 20 Sep 1903 Dumworth, Martin MADIGAN, Helena O’CONNOR, John LEONARD, Margaret DIEKER, Catharina & Eva GERBER Dispensation information from St. Lawrence O’TOOLE in St. Louis
DUNLAP, John SIMON, Anna 29 Jun 1871 Dunlap, John MCBRIDE, Maria Simon, Peter GANNON, Joseph & Maria Gannon
DUNLAP, John (Widower) DOORLEY, Hellena (Widow) 12 Sep 1849 HAY, Richard; Rosalia Hay & Divine Dunlap
DUNLAP, Thomas HILL, Nancy 11 Nov 1852 Dunlap, John; Lucio Hill & Joseph POTTER
DUNNE, Lawrence (Born 10 Sep 1895 in St. Louis, MO) MCDERMOTT, Mary Lucille (Born 8 Feb 1911 in __th Carolina) 15 Dec 1930 Dunne, John BRECLIN, Margaret Mc Dermott, James BELLEW, Mary BEYKIRCH, Rev. Fr. & Alphonse AULER
DURFER, George (Non-Catholic) ENGLER, Elizabeth M. 10 Dec 1898 Durfer, N. S. MCFARLAND, Martha Engler, George KAUFMANN, Mathilda OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER Bride & groom from Harrisonville, IL
EBELING, Sebastian (Widower of Maria Anna) MARTHE, Catharina F. (Widow of John Marthe) 10 Mar 1856 Ebeling, Sebastian Not listed, Catharina HOLDNER, Michael Not listed, Martina LOW, Dominic & Joseph HOLNER
EBENER, John SCHANNEL, Elizabeth 8 Oct 1872 Ebener, John SCHAEFER, Crescentia Schannel, Anton HOLRATH, Anna Schannel, Carl & Maria HASELSTAB
EBERHARDT, Gualterus [Walter?] A. (German Lutheran (Evangelical)) MAUL, Gertrude Elizabeth (Baptized 29 Jan 1894 at St. Mary in Alton) 2 Jun 1920 Eberhardt, Emil MUELLER, Elizabeth Maul, Joseph ARENS, Carolina Maul, Joseph & Carolina Maul (Born Arens)
EBERLE, John (Widower) ZIRCHER, Miss Margaret 3 Mar 1853 Zircher, Nicholas; Michael Zircher & Carl DOLCH
EBERT, Conrard BASLER, Margaret 1 Apr 1850 MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob & Martin JAHN
EBNER, Barth. SCHMIDT, Sophia 25 Jun 1878 Ebner, John SCHAEFER, Crescentia Schmidt, Henry STUART, Amalia FRIERDICH, Anton & Joseph HERZLER
EBNER, Edward (Baptized 15 Aug 1868 at cathedral) FERSCH, Florence (Baptized 7 Dec 1885 in Baltimore, MD) 26 Jun 1918 Ebner, Anton BOEHMER, Crescence Fersch, August MATHIEN, Margaret JOFFRAY, George & Elizabeth MEYER
ECHOBERT, George STRUB, Elizabeth 8 Feb 1887 Schobert, John ZAHN, Catharina Strub, David STRELE, Elizabeth Strub, L.; J. Schobert & Theresa SCHMUCKE
ECKART, Carl (Lutheran) SCHLEGEL, Maria 28 Jan 1874 Eckart, William Not listed, Charlotta Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Barbara Eckart, William & Emma KRETZNER
ECKERICH, Martin BEISCHEL, Louisa 5 Jun 1873 Eckerich, Martin MAGIN, Maria Anna Beischel, Michael WOLF, Maria Cunigunda ACKERMANN, Leonard; Peter  REEB; Maria Wolf & Barbara ECKERICH
ECKERLE, Carl RODENMEYER, Elizabeth 22 Apr 1891 Eckerle, Ignatius Rodenmeyer, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth Rodenmeyer, Joseph & Eva GERBER
ECKERT, Dr. Alfred F. (Non-Catholic 4 Jan 1880) COWELL, Mary (Baptized 30 Oct 1898 in Hecker, IL) 15 Nov 1917 Eckert, Henry GERMANN, Emma Cowell, Henry BRAUN, Barbara Cowell, Anna & Jas. HENWIG
ECKERT, Dr. Alfred F. (Non-Catholic from Millstadt, IL 4 Jan 1880) COWELL, Mayme (Baptized 30 Oct 1898 in Hecker, IL) 18 Nov 1917 Eckert, Henry GERMAN, Emma Cowell, Harvey BRAUN, Barbara FRIETSCHE, George R. & Claudia Cowell
ECKERT, Henry MÜLLER (Mueller), Louisa 1 Oct 1877 Eckert, Nicholas SCHAEFER, Maria Magdalena Mueller, Michael KARLSKIND, Christina Mueller, Joseph E. & William Mueller
ECKERT, John (Lutheran) REISSER, Maria 31 Oct 1882 Eckert, Friedrich KESSELRING, Margaret REHM, Caspar BAUER, Maria SCHMIDT, John & Joseph DIETZ
ECKERT, Joseph KEHRER, Magdalena 23 Oct 1879 Eckert, John George Not listed, Anna Maria GERMAIN, John Louis KARLSKIND, Maria Eckert, Maria & Christina MÜLLER (Mueller) Mixed religion marriage
ECKERT, Leo (From Houston, TX) LEWIN, Bertha (Baptized 16 Aug 1913 in Denver by Fr. Burke) 1 Dec 1913 Eckert, G. B. ELLIOT, Nellie Lewin, Charles WOLF, Anna BRASSI, Francis & Helena Brassi
ECKINGER, Joseph MIEHL, Catharina 14 Dec 1881 Eckinger, Michael HOFFMANN, Francisca Miehl, Joseph SCHNECH, Crescentia FABER, S. & J. AUFFINGER  
EDGAR, Archibald (Baptized 4 Sep 1891 at St. Thomas in St. Louis, MO; soldier at Camp Funster  KS) WENZEL, Rose (Baptized in Christ Church) 29 Dec 1917 Edgar, Thomas D. WOOD, Margaret Wenzel, Gustav STOPP, Margaret
EDINGER, Adam LENGER, Katharina 13 Jun 1852 SCHIEFERDECKER, George; Anton ETZKORN; David RENKE & William JANSEN
EDWARDS, John PFIFFNER, Maria 14 Jan 1908 Edwards, Peter HELLER, Sara Pfiffner, Henry RILLET, Elizabeth LAIBER, Robert & Anna Pfiffner Mixed religion marriage
EGNER, Edward (Baptized 20 Jun 1908 at St. Mary in Belleville) GRAINGER, Anne (Baptized 1910 in ___ton, IN) 31 Jul 1930 Egner, Edward LEY, Katie Grainger, George MINTO, Mary Grainger, Robert & Irma PLEGNAN
EHLE, Ernest (Lutheran) CZIKALLA, Louisa 12 Aug 1873 Ehle, William MATZ, Catharina Czikalla, Thomas FISCHER, Rosalia SPIERING, Herman & John LEIGIG
EHRET, George (Baptized Methodist 18 Sep 1904 in Belleville) MEYER, Pearl Frieda (Baptized 22 Jun 1906 at cathedral) 22 Dec 1925 Ehret, Gustav KNOWLES, Rachel Meyer, William LAW, Ethel WATTERS, John & Laurentine Watters
EHRHARD, Anton HARDI, Clara 24 Apr 1890 Ehrhard, Joseph BRAEEN, Rosina Hardi, Joseph WERLING, Clara Hardi, Joseph & Anna LUKASH
EHRHART, John MERSINGER, Francisca 7 Jun 1846 Mersinger, John & Peter FANDT
EHRIG, Francis NORTH, Lilian 2 May 1908 Ehrig, William ZINSER, Maria North, Alfred MCKELVEY, Maria OBERT, Bartholomew & Louisa DIETRICH Revalidation of previous civil marriage.
EHRIG, William ZINSER, Anna Maria 8 Feb 1881 Ehrig, Boniface Isidore SCHRIMPF, Elizabeth Zinser, Urban LAX, Rosalia BECHERER, Jacob & Francisca BERNS
EHRIG, William (Baptized 24 Apr 1885 at cathedral) JENNINGS, Letha (Born 17 Nov 1896) 20 May 1921 Ehrig, William ZINSER, Mary Jennings, Richard MCMANUS, Nancy DIETRICH, L. & P. REINHARDT
EHRSTEIN, Frank (Baptized 15 Jul 1893 in Belleville) THOUVENOT, Isabella (Baptized 15 Nov 1901 at cathedral) 6 Jun 1922 Ehrstein, Fred WATERS, Anna Thouvenot, Emil KRUPP, Mary SANDERMANN, Theodore & Cecilia Ehrstein
EHRSTEIN, Frederick (Baptized 15 May 1892 at cathedral) LEBKUECHER, Emma (Baptized 4 Mar 1894 at cathedral) 27 Jun 1922 Ehrstein, Fred WATERS, Anna Lebkuecher, Leonard KARR, Elizabeth JUENGST, John & Cecilia Ehrstein
EHRSTEIN, Melchior EMGE, Josephina 21 Nov 1889 Ehrstein, Anton FUCHS, Magdalena Emge, Adam HOFENSTEIN, Margaret Emge, Francis & Elizabeth KESSLER
EHRSTEIN, Michael STOEKEL, Maria 4 Jun 1878 Ehrstein, Anton WEISS, Christina Stoekel, George SCHARFENBERGER, Maria Ehrstein, Joseph & Valentin Stoekel
EICHEN___, Francis MUELLER, Alexia [?] 2 Mar 1929 EICHENMAN, Anton SCHERTAG, Mary MILLER, William ETLING, Mary SCHILB, Eva & Louise DIETRICH Revalidation.  17 May 1971 annulled.  [See record]
EICHHOLZ, Philipp STIEFVATER, Francisca 23 Mar 1852 Eichholz, Valentin & William DEMERLE
EICHHOLZ, Valentin SCHUCKHART, Otillia 8 Jan 1846
EICHHOLZ, Valentin AUER, Anna Maria 28 Jan 1850 KALTEBACHER, Maria & Maria DOMA
EIMER, Carl G. CANFIELD, Emma (Non-Catholic) 8 Jun 1881 Eimer, John HAHN, Maria Camfield, E. J. TALBOT, Sara Eimer, Eugene & Cecilia LOYD
EIMER, George Joseph EVERS, Bernardina 5 Nov 1866 Eimer, Simon ANGERT, Maria Anna Evers, Alois PETRIG, Anna Maria AQUART, Reimond; Joseph KLANIG; Amanda Eimer & Carolina Eimer
EISE, Willis A. (Baptized Methodist) THUL, Elsie (Born 11 Aug 1895 & baptized at cathedral) 28 Oct 1920 Eise, John A. BAHRENBUR_, Wilhelmina Thul, Peter SCHLERNITZAUER, Mary Thul, Adolph & Adele Thul
EISELE, John ZETHNER, Ursula 13 Mar 1853 FAY, George; Francis KERN & Ferdinand BEZLER
EISENHAUER, George Jacob SCHEEL, Magdalena 12 Aug 1852 Eisenhauer, Joseph & Hubert WAHL
EISENMANN, Carl MATHES, Catharina 7 Sep 1904 Eisenmann, John KELLER, Catharina Mathes, John HASENSTAB, Maria MUCKENSTURM, Emil & Anna Mathes
EISFELDER, Chas. (Non-Catholic from Pinckneyville) HENRY, Mary E. 7 Jun 1911 Eisfelder, Charles STAHLEBER, Mina Henry, Robert E. WAMACK, Elis. BERGMANN, Math. & Jos. DIETRICH
EITZENHEFER, Henry (Baptized 10 Oct 1894 at cathedral) HETTENHAUSEN, Edna (Baptized 7 Apr 1917 at cathedral) 21 Oct 1919 Eitzenhefer, Nic. QUIRIN, Mary Hettenhausen, Henry BRANDT, Elizabeth DIETRICH, Arthur & Josephine POWERS
EIZENHOEFER, Adam FUNK, Eva (Widow) 15 May 1851 LEINGANG, Valentin & Adam WESCHLER
ELLIOTT, Jesse  Joseph (New Convert) SAAL, Catharina 24 Feb 1886 Elliott, Jesse (From Lebanon, IL) MELVIN, Margaret Saal, Peter MORGENSTERN, Maria RICHARDSON, John & Emil DORN Will. E. DARROW (Honoris causa) & Louisa E. RINNIGER
ELSER, Byron (Baptized 1905 at St. Luke in Belleville) ALBRECHT, Mary (Baptized 1911 at St. Mary in ___enburg – E. Prussia in Germany) 26 Sep 1929 Elser, Arthur SCHNIPPER, Rose Albrecht, William KANE, Catherine SUTTON, Willard & Martha Albrecht
ELSER, Joseph MCINTYRE, Isabella 18 Jan 1883 Elser, Francis WEST, Maria Anna McIntyre, John LANDERS, Margaret VOLBERT, Henry & Maria RENNER
ENDRES, Anthony (Born 24 Feb 1901 & baptized at St. Francis in Aviston, IL) HARR, Marie (Baptized at Breese, IL 23 May 1905) 13 May 1924 Endres, Anthony KORTE, Elizabeth Harr, Theodore HUICAMP, Catherine KOLDEHOFF, Agnes & Not listed Endres
ENDRES, Anton DAUER, Josepha 11 Nov 1852 Endres, John & Francis SCHIELE
ENGELHARD, Sebastian SCHAEFER, Anna Margaret 24 [Nov] 1863 Engelhard, Martin REINHARD, Barbara Schaefer, Johann QUIRIN, Margaret FRICK, Johan & Johann RING
ENGELKE, Friederich KARR, Louisa 25 Oct 1881 Engelke, Francis BRENNEKE, Joseph Karr, Adam LEST, Catharina SILVA, Louis J. & Mathilda KLEIN
ENGELKE, John F. (Baptized 3 Oct 1882 in Ruma) PORTMONDO, Josephine (Baptized 25 Apr 1895 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in NY) 8 Oct 1924 Engelke, Fred KARR, Louisa Portmondo, Dr. B. H. (K. S.G.) THOMAS, Josephine Portmondo, Venture & Marjorie Karr
ENGLAND, Thomas V. BAUER, Elizabeth _5 Nov 1874 England, John O’BRIEN, Catharina Bauer, Henry POWERS, Maria CHUSE, Peter & Bertha Powers
ENGLERT, Anton sive [or?] Andrew  (Non-Catholic) ZIMMERMANN, Catharina 7 Oct 1884 Englert, Louis Not listed, Elizabeth Zimmermann, John HILDEBRAND, Maria ARMBRUST, Conrad  & Catharina KITTERMANN
ENGLIN, Carl THOMAS, Anna 29 May 1900 Englin, Melchior STEINER, Marianna Thomas, Anton GAIN, Magdalena LAUER, Carl & Magdalena Thomas
ENIX, James (Not baptized) DENITHORNE, Mary (Baptized 1870 in DuQuoin) 27 Dec 1919 Enix, John MEADOWS, Susan EISFELDER, Charles STAHLHEBER, Minnie RINK, John & Mary Rink
EPPELE, Coelestin HOHNER, Catharina 25 May 1882 Eppele, Joseph SCHAUER, Christina Hohner, Maurice PFISTER, Elizabeth Eppele, Chas. H. & Elizabeth Hohner
EPPELE. Herman KOLLER, Joanna 27 Oct 1881 Eppele, Joseph SCHAUER, Christina Koller, Vearentia [?] KIRCHBERG, Walburga Koller, Peter & Maria BORG
EPPINGER, Francis SERRIER, Charlotta 5 Feb 1880 Eppinger, Francis GLATI, Sophia Serrier, Mathias STEIN, Elizabeth Eppinger, Mathew & Elizabeth Stein
EPPLE, Henry (Baptized 16 Oct 1887 at Cathedral) GANTNER, Elis. (Baptized 17 Nov 1885 at Cathedral) 25 Apr 1914 Epple, Celestin HONER, Christina Gantner, George LICE, Anna DIETRICH, J. & M. BEDEL This couple was married 27 Sep  in a Civil ceremony.
ERLINGER, Frederick (Baptized 7 Sep 1885 in Belleville) TECKLENBURG, Malinda (Baptized 29 Nov 1889 in Belleville) 14 Apr 1910 Erlinger, Joseph HOLDENER, Blandina Tecklenberg, Henry SCHAEDEL, Elizabeth REIS, Herman & Olivia Erlinger
ERLINGER, Joseph A. HOLDENER, Blandina 1 Jun 1882 Erlinger, Dominic RABO, Rosa Holdener, Wendelin REITERMANN, Eva MAURER, Jacob & Maria WEIBEL
ERNST, George KIEFER, Rosa 23 Apr 1857 Ernst, George Not listed, Barbara Kiefer, Joseph Not listed, Johanna DIETEL, Alois & Joseph Kiefer
ERNST, Martin KUEFER, Magdalena 18 Feb 1861 Ernst, George STOLL, Teresa Kuefer, Joseph OEXLE, Johanna Kuefer, Joseph & Wendelin Ernst
ERNST, Wendelin HOSCHMANN, Dorothea 7 Aug 1867 Ernst, George STOLL, Theresa Horschmann, Johann BLANG, Elizabeth GUNDLACH, Jacob & George Ernst
ERNST, Wendelin DICKHAUT, Maria 4 Jun 1898 Ernst, Wendelin HASHMANN, Dorothea Dickhaut, Valentin GRUENEWALD, Maria BUECHLE, Leopold; Mathilda Ernst; William Dickhaut & Barbara Buechle
ERSTEIN, Anton FUCHS, Magdalena 28 Jul 1863 Erstein, Baltazar MELLIGNE, Eva Elizabeth Fuchs, Conrad BRENNER, Margaret RABO, Nicholas & Henry HERR
ES, Herman SCHLAT, Adelheid 18 Jun 1846 HAY, Richard & Francis CABINE
ESCH, Carl HERMANN, Barbara 11 Sep 1877 Esch, Henry HARDESHEID, Catharina Hermann, Michael SCHMEDLING, Margaret BERTELSMANN, John & Sophia SCHMIDT
ESCH, Johann SAUER, Trudi [?] 18 May 1869 Esch, Henry HEIDERSCHEID, Catharina Sauer, Valentin BERTEN, Regina BRANDT, Johann & Michael Esch
ESCHENFELDER, Aloys (Baptized 26 Jul 1899 at cathedral) WASEM, Ida (Baptized Evangelical 28 Feb 1899) 9 Nov 1921 Eschenfelder, Theobald VOOTMAN, Mary Wasem, Albert HAU_AM, Anna Eschenfelder, Frank & Oliva Wasem
ESCHENFELDER, Peter HANSES, Theresa 15 Nov 1870 Eschenfelder, Andrew DIETZ, Elizabeth Hanses, Joseph REISS, Catharina HERR, Arthur; Theodore KARR; Anna MEISTER & Elizabeth Karr
ESCHMAN, Arthur (Baptized 2 Oct 1892 at Cathedral) BRACKE, Ella (Not baptized) 10 Jun 1914 Eschman, Adam FIX, Frieda Bracke, George FAUBBAUM, Lena FUHRMAN, Edward & Cecilia Eschman
ESCHMANN, Adam FIX, Frieda 29 Apr 1890 Eschmann, John HASENSTAB, Magdalena Fix, August BELLER, Maria FENNER, Francis & F. J.  LAUF
ESCHMANN, John HASENSTAB, Magdalena 18 Sep 1860 Eschmann, Martin ___, Susanna Hasenstab, Peter ELBERT, Catharina KARR, Peter & Gottfried VANDERHEIDE
ESTHEL, Johanna MEISINGER, Julia 25 Aug 1883 Esthel, Peter Francis HELLRIEGEL, Gertrude Meisinger, George Not listed, Maria Margaret MERZ, Anton
ETHRIDGE, Alvin (Not baptized) ROHR, Anna (Baptized 5 Oct 1891 in Trenton) 3 Feb 1913 Ethridge, Albert PETERS, Emilia Rohr, Anton BERNAUER, Anna DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich
ETTLING, George A. (Baptized 15 Nov 1897 at cathedral) STRATHMANN, Minette (Baptized 21 Oct 1919 at St. Margaret in St. Louis) 5 Apr 1920 Ettling, George GRAU, Barbara Strathmann, Fred HACHMEYER, Anna Ettling, John & Mary Strathmann
EULER, Andrew FURSTENBERG, Christina 2 Oct 1851 SIEBERT, Alois & Joseph SCHMITT
EVERGERD, Henry (Baptized 3 Dec 1880 in Germantown) SCHLUETER, Lucy (Baptized 23 Apr 1890 at Germantown) 16 Jan 1929 Eversgerd, Christopher WILKEN, Mary SCHLARMAN, Henry T. WELLING, Dora HACKMAN, Henry & Rosa H. FREDERICK
EVERING, August WEISS, Maria 11 Nov 1879 Evering, Henry HESPIN, Ludovina WEIS, Conrad KLING, Elizabeth FOHL, Bernard & Anna Fohl
EVERING, August (Widower) PORTER, Maria Anna 12 Sep 1888 Evering, Henry HESPING, __urina Porter, Joseph HASENSTAB, Margaret Porter, John; Carl KNAPP; Gertrude ESCHMANN & Maria FIX
EVERING, Henry (Widower of Ludwina HESSING) FOHL, Anna  (Widow of Not listed Fohl) 16 Dec 1889 HESSING, Not listed MARTIN, John Dispensation for first degree relationship.
EVERS, Carl (Baptized 30 Aug 1910 in Grand Cha__, IL) ABBOTT, Bertie (Baptized 11 May 1925 at St. Patrick) 2 Sep 1927 Evers, Jacob B. MELLEN, Mary L. Abbott, George BOHALL, Mary DIETRICH, Louisa & Eva SCHILB
EVERS, Henry HOLDENER, Catharina 8 Mar 1859 Evers, Alois Not listed, Maria Anna Holdener, Michael Not listed, Anna Maria Holdener, Michael & Anna Evers
EWALD, Bernhard Henry PIERON, Philippina 16 Oct 1864 Ewald, B. H. WALLIN, Elizabeth Pieron, Christofer SCHREDER, Elizabeth STEVENS, Bernhard & Valentin MERSINGER
EWERSMANN, John Matthew OBERNEUFERMANN, Anna Catharina 14 Jun 1854 BERTHELSMANN, Francis & Kaspar K__ WEBSTER
FABER, Sebastian OECHSLE, Francisca 28 Nov 1901 Faber, Anton KUES, Maria Oechsle, George MICHEL, Barbara BAUMANN, Martin & Maria Faber
FAHEY, Dennis J. (East St. Louis, IL) ST. GERMAIN, Irene (East St. Louis, IL) 23 Oct 1919 Fahet, John FARRELL, Catherine St. Germain, Julius BEZEAU, Rose GILLIGAN, Michael & Theresa Fahey
FALBE, Bernard (Baptized 21 Dec 1886 in St. Libory) MADER, Anna (Baptized 17 Feb 1885 in Smithton) 21 Apr 1915 Falbe, Reinholdt KLOCK, Mary Mader, Dominic FAULSTICK, Josephina Falbe, Nic & Josephine Mader
FALBE, Rein___ KLOCKE, Mar__ 14 May 1878 Falbe, Ludwig FELSKIRCH, Anna KLOCK, Nicolaus SEBASTIAN, Theresa Klock, Mart. & G. PRICHLER
FALCETTI, Mathew DROVETTA, Anna 18 Oct 1869 Falcetti, Johann OGERO, Hyacintha Drovetta, Bartholomew ANGELINI, Magdalena HAIN, Patrick & Rachael Maria Hain Groom’s marriage from 8 years prior was declared null. Dispensation for third degree blood relationship. [See record]
FALLER, Eugene (Baptized 17 Dec  1891 in Baden) MADER, Louisa (Baptized 6 May 1886 in Smithton) 21 Apr 1915 Faller, Bernard PINKENAUER, Emma Mader, Dominic FAULSTICK, Josephina Faller, Fred & Rosa Mader
FALLER, Julius (Baptized 5 Sep 1888 in Germany) BENEDICT, Ida (Baptized _0 Nov 1890 at Cathedral) 14 Feb 1912 Faller, Bernard RINKENANNER, Emma Benedict, Christopher HAMMER, Maria Faller, Eugene & Christina Benedict
FALLER, William August (Baptized 8 Jul 1922 at St. Anthony in St. Louis, MO) MADER, Rose Susanna (Baptized 11 Nov 1896 at cathedral) 18 Oct 1922 Faller, Bernard RINKMAN, Emma Mader, Dominic FAULSTICH, Josephine Faller, Peter & Josephine Mader
FALLON, Marcus FANNON, Margaret 9 Oct 1872 Fallon, Marc COONEY, Anna Fannon, Jacob NEARY, Bridget SHANNON, Patrick
FALTUS, Bartholomew (Born 6 Jan 190_ & baptized at cathedral) GARDNER, Fannie (Baptized 10 Apr 1900) 7 Sep 1925 Faltus, Francis J. STAUDER, Catherine Gardner, Walter WILD, Fannie BUCHOLZ, Fred & Clara RENZING
FALTUS, Bartholomew (Born 6 Jan 1901 & baptized at cathedral) GARDNER, Frances Isabella (Born 10 Apr 1900 & baptized 7 Nov 1925) 7 Nov 1925 Faltus, Frank STAUDER, Catherine Gardner, Walter FRIED, Frances BUCHHOLZ, Fred & Clara Buchholz
FALTUS, Francis Joseph (Widower of Elizabeth) STAUDER, Catharina 31 Aug 1892 Faltus, Jos. F. CESNISK, Barbara Stauder, Adam MOSBACHER, Elizabeth Stauder, Joseph & Maria POHLMANN
FANGMEIER, Herman (Baptized 24 Oct 1901 at St. Libory, IL) MOHR, Cordelia (Baptized 2 ___ 1902 at cathedral) 24 Nov 1927 Fangmeier, Louis BERGKOETTER, Mary Mohr, William CHRISTMAN, Mary STRITTMATTER, Arthur [?] & Carrie Bergkoetter
FARMBAUER, John HOFFMANN, Clara 19 Jun 1906 KLEVORN, Helena (Born Farmbauer) Hoffmann, Francis BELL, Henrietta Hoffmann, Francis & Anna Klevorn
FAULBAUM, Dr. Otto R. (Born 4 Jul 1882; baptized 24 Dec 1914 at cathedral) JACOBS, Ella C. (Baptized 28 Jul 1891 at cathedral) 14 Sep 1916 Faulbaum, August DANISKI, Ida Jacobs, Peter HERMANN, Mary BUENTGEN, Joh & Hilda WOTTOWA
FAULSTICH, Francis Louis STARK, Wilhelmina 26 Nov 1885 Faulstich, Cyrill ZINKGRAF, Francisca Stark, Francis SAUER, Elizabeth Faulstich, Magno; Ida FRICK; Emil DORN & Gustav HERKERTZ
FAULSTICH, John (Baptized 30 May 1895 at St. Luke’s) KOCH, Leda Elizabeth (Baptized 29 Dec 1894 at cathedral) 31 Mar 1921 Faulstich, Joseph SCHILLING, Elizabeth Koch, Conrad MUELLER, Sophie MEROD, George & Clara HASENSTAB
FAULSTICH, Philipp August BERNHARD, Maria 23 Jan 1866 Faulstich, Boneface FEY, Elizabeth Bernhard, Peter HAMEKER, Margaret Faulstich, Boneface & Maria MUELLER
FAULSTICH, Polycarp KLESATTEL, Louisa Gertrude 1 Jun 1866 Faulstich, Boniface FEITH, Elizabeth Klesattel, Not listed HUBERT, Magdalena Faulstich, Phillip & Not listed Klesattel
FAULSTICH, Wendelin WERNER, Magdalena 26 [Nov] 1863 Faulstich, Boniface FEY, Elizabeth Werner, George MARTIN, Maria Faulstich, Boniface & Joseph BUTSCHER
FAUTH, Frederick ZINK, Maria 23 Jun 1863 Zink, Alois; Bernhard MILLHAUSER; Salomon SCHEFTER & Wilhelmina Millhauser
FECHMEISTER, Nicholas FISHER, Rosa 28 Jul 1855 LAMIE, Kaspar; Paul AUCHELIN & Elizabeth WETZER
FEDER, Andrew (Baptized 24 Feb 1890) SCHAUFER, Thekla (Baptized 28 Nov 1893 at Cathedral) 1 Mar 1916 Feder, George HERTLEIN, Dora Schauter, John BUDELL, Mathilde BUTCHMANN, Louis & Agnes Schauter
FEDER, Elmer (Born 25 Sep 1904 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville) BRANDLE, Clara (Born 23 Jul 1904 & baptized Methodist in Belleville, IL) 21 Apr 1926 Feder, George A. WEBER, Elizabeth Brandle, John STUMPF, Catherine Feder, Erwin & Anita Feder
FEDER, George HERTLEIN, Victoria 23 Jan 1883 Feder, George RAU, Sibilla Hertlein, George MEMEL, Walburga Feder, Francis & Francis SCHAEDEL
FEDER, John HESS, Victorina 4 May 1853 Feder, George; Peter HEMMER & Victor OURS
FEDER, John TRUTTMANN, Catharina 15 Sep 1856 Feder, George Not listed, Cunagunda Truttmann, Joseph Not listed, Anna Barbara Truttmann, Joseph & Agatha Truttmann
FEDER, Joseph PFIFFNER, Maria 10 Oct 1882 Feder, Johann TRUTTMANN, Katharina Pfiffner, Henry Not listed, Regina HEMMER, Peter & Maria Feder
FEDER, Louis BUECHELE, Anna 7 Jan 1903 Feder, Henry FLECKENSTEIN, Regina Buechele, Leopold ERNST, Helena Feder, Edward & Theresa Feder
FEIGENBUTZ, Rudolph ROSENBERGER, Philippina 19 Jun 1894 Feigenbutz, Ignatius FERRING, Maria Rosenberger, Adam OBRINGES, Josephina OBAT, Bartholomew & Bertha FEUCHT Permission from St. Bruno in Pinckneyville
FELDMAN, Jakob OBERBAUER, Gertrude Aug 1870 HIRT, Michael; John Oberbauer; Theresa WEBER & Catharina THOWER
FELDMANN, Herman (Baptized 11 Dec 1901 at cathedral) FALLIN, Edna (Baptized Methodist 15 Apr 1901) 13 Feb 1923 Feldmann, William LEMIN [?], Agnes Fallin, Le Roy CRAGG, Mary CHAPUT, Clarence & Agnes Feldmann
FELDMANN, William (Widower) DIEKER, Rosa 27 Nov 1906 Feldmann, William STAHL, Minna Dieker, Herman MEYER, Catharina Meyer, Bernard & Minna DAHLMANN
FELDMANN, William Frank  (Born 7 Feb & baptized 18 Feb 1912 at cathedral) CEBULSKE, Helen Anna (Born 6 Jan 1914 & baptized 11 Jul 1931 at cathedral) 11 Jul 1931 Feldmann, William DIEKER, Rosalia Cebulske, Frank HANGSLEBEN, Celia WUEST, Clem & Rose Feldmann
FELDT, George (Baptized 31 Oct 1886 at St. Libory, IL) SCHUETZ, Laura (Baptized 13 Oct 1898 at St. Libory, IL) 16 Oct 1917 Feldt, Bernard MEZEN, Anna Schuetz, Henry FRIEDERICH, Mary MRETH, Jacob & Irene LATOCKE
FELLNER, Alphonse (Baptized 29 Nov 1903 at cathedral) YOCH, Martha (Baptized 5 Jul 1903 at cathedral) 20 Apr 1927 Fellner, Peter S. TRENZ, Catherine Yoch, J. Edward YOCH KARR, Catherine Yoch, Bernard & Esther FISCHER
FELLNER, John STARK, Wilhelmina 29 Jun 1904 Fellner, George LOOSHORN, Anna Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa Stark, Peter & Anna Fellner
FELLNER, Maurice HELLWIG, Laura 21 Nov 1907 Fellner, George LOOSHORN, Anna Hellwig, Anton HOLDENER, Julia Fellner, Louis & Frieda Hellwig
FELLNER, Michael BORN, Maria F. (Widow) 20 Jan 1891 Fellner, George SPEIER, Margaret HERNES, Laurent HERBART, Maria WETH [?], George & Josepha Weth
FENNER, Francis FIX, Theresa 18 May 1899 Fenner, William RENNER, Barbara Fix, August BELLER, Maria Fenner, John & Theresa Fix
FERRENBACH, Michael SPETH, Elizabeth 7 Sep 1853 Ferrenbach, Thomas & Joseph Speth
FEUCHT, Otto CHRISTIAN, Elma (Non-Catholic) 2 Oct 1900 Feucht, Carl BOLL, Maria Christian, Jacob HEGER, Louisa WINTER, Louis & Lena Feucht
FEY, Jacob RABOT, Maria 15 Sep 1845 DOSCH, Jacob & Anton SCHUMERT
FICK, Adam MOELLER, Maria 20 Aug 1889 Fick, Michael SCHOBERT, Anna Moeller, Vincent LOU, Anna (From  Assumption BMV in Mascoutah, IL) Schobert, Joseph & Wilhelmina PFEIFER
FIEDLER, John (Baptized 12 Mar 1898 in Paderborn, IL) OESTERLE, Catherine (Baptized 15 Mar 1902 at cathedral) 13 Nov 1920 Fiedler, John SMITH, Ida Oesterle, Frank MERTENS, Anna Fiedler, John & Catherine Oesterle Groom a member of the Odd Fellows Society.
FIEGEL, John GERBER, Eva 8 Dec 1852 FORSTER, John & Sebastian KIRCHBERGER
FIEGEL, John (Widower of Crescentia NAUER) ECKERT, Margaret 24 Mar 1856 Eckert, George (Deceased) CARPANTIER, Anna Maria REHM, Caspar & John BAUER
FIEGEL, John (Widower) KNAUER, Crescentia 9 Nov 1854 RUSS, George & Kaspar REHM
FIETZAM, Henry KIZINGER, Eva 23 Sep 1854 Kitzinger, Herman & Kaspar MONGEN
FIGIAL, Bernard OLIVER, Maria 2 Jan 1897 Figial, John GROANT, Anna Oliver, Sebastian MILES, Mathilda Oliver, Sebastian & Bartholomew OBERT
FINK [?], Carl WETGER, Anna (Non-Catholic) 3 Apr 1888 Marriage to sanctify 25 Dec 1884 civil ceremony
FINK, Adam WEINMANN, Susanna 30 May 1850 MÜLIER (Muelier), Jacob & John ROMEIS
FINK, Anton SCHMITT, Katharina 25 Sep 1859 Fink, Francis (Deceased) WOLF, Theresa Schmitt, Peter (Deceased) GRUELL, Maria Anna REISACHER, Fidel & Peter SOMMER
FINK, George BÜRGER (Buerger), Ida 5 Apr 1883 Fink, John FISCHER, Maria Barbara Buerger, Joseph HÖFLICH (Hoeflich), Catharina MUREN, Laurent & Joanna [?] WARMUTH
FINKLANG, Peter Adam WAGENER, Christina 26 Nov 1850 WAGNER, Anton; Laurent REICHERT & John DAHM
FINKLEIN, Anton HUZ, Veronica 30 Jul 1872 Finklein, Adam WAGNER, Christina Huz, Rudolph WILLIE, Regina EAD, Joseph
FIRNKES, August FLACH, Maria 18 Nov 1884 Firnkes, Jacob ETZKORN, Maria Eva Flach, Adam OSTERMEIER, Anna Maria Flach, F. J.; Nic. Flach; Anna Lill & Margaret COURUSS
FIRNKES, Jacob (Baptized 31 Dec 1894 at cathedral) WEIDERT, Louisa (Baptized 2 Jun 1900 in ___ Luxemburg) 27 Jun 1922 Firnkes, August FLACH, Mary Weidert, Bernard HEINTZEN, Catherine RUSS, Fred & Eva WALTER
FIRNKES, Joseph (Baptized 9 May 1889 at Cathedral) STUEMPLER, Mary (Baptized 23 Jan 1891 in St. Libory, IL) 26 May 1914 Firnkes, August FLACH, Mary Stuempler, Bernard OTTEN, Elizabeth Firnkes, Jacob & Anna Stuempler
FISCHER, A. William BLUEM, Magdalena 30 Jul 1895 Fischer, Frederick GARUER, Johanna Bluem, Joseph WUNDERLICH, Maria Wunderlich, Albert & Bartholomew OBERT
FISCHER, Friederich PFLUGMACHER, Catharina 13 Nov 1883 Fischer, Andrew HEITZ, Maria Pflugmacher, Michael SCHAEFER, Eva Mixed religion marriage
FISCHER, Henry (Non-Catholic) HARST, Catharina 21 Apr 1887 Fischer, Adam JACOBI, Elizabeth Harst, John BUNCHAN, Margaret Fischer, Philipp & Margaret Harst
FISCHER, Matthew UHLRICH, Theresa 26 May 1851 Uhlrich, Dominic & Joseph DREIER
FISCHER, Otto CORTZ,  Maria 19 Jan 1888 Fischer, George LENGENFELDER, Barbara Cortz, George MARIE [?], Adeline STAUDER, Adolf & Bertha Stauder
FITZPATRICK, Fred (Baptized in Shenandoah, PA) JANNEY, Doris  (Baptized 25 Feb 1922 in ___oln, IL) 26 Dec 1924 Fitzpatrick, Frank MCHUGH, Hanorah Janney, Geo. STEVENS, Rebbecca DIETRICH, Louisa & Eva SCHILB
FIX, Hugo (Baptized 17 Apr 1899 at cathedral) BUECHLE, Hilda (Baptized 20 Nov 1903 at St. Luke in Belleville) 16 Oct 1929 Fix, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Teresa Buechle, Leopold SCHNEIDER, Josephine RUSS, Fred & Eleanor Buechle
FIX, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Theresa 13 Sep 1892 Fix, Joseph SCHÄTZEL (Schaetzel), Francesca Zimmermann, Max. SCHICK, Maria Zimmermann, Max; Eva GERBER; Francis REIME; Josephina Zimmermann; Joh. MATHES & Anna HERZLER
FLACH, Adam OSTERMEYER, Maria 25 Apr 1854 DAMMICH, Jacob & Adam SCHLERER
FLACH, Adam (Baptized 13 May 1885 in St. Louis) WIMMER, Rosa (Baptized 13 May 1885 in St. Louis) 28 Sep 1910 Flach, Henry SCHMIDT, Maria Wimmer, Mathias BRANDT, Margaret Flach, Henry & Maria BREIDENBACH
FLACH, Adam (Non-Catholic) SCHMIDT, Barbara 14 Oct 1884 Marriage to sanctify 24 May marriage.
FLACH, Frederick Joseph MINOR, Catharine Josephine 24 Feb 1892 Flach, Nicolaus MAYER, Eva Minor, Alonzo ESSEMAKER, Maria Mayer, Louis & Emma Minor
FLACH, John PANNIER, Amalia 23 Nov 1880 Flach, Adam OSTERMEIER, Maria Pannier, Gottlob MORGAN, Christina Flach, George & Margaret KURRUS
FLACH, Joseph (Baptized 8 Dec 1888 at Cathedral) BENEDICT, Maria (Baptized 28 Nov 1882 at Cathedral) 27 Nov 1912 Flach, Nic. MILLER, Elis. Benedict, Christopher HEMMER, Maria Flach, Peter & Bertha Benedict
FLACH, Nicholas MEYER, Eva 20 May 1860 Flach, George HILTMANN, Anna Meyer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude TENGES, Carl & Frederick NEUHAUS
FLACH, Nicholas MORGAN, Elizabeth 23 Sep 1886 Flach, Adam OSTERMEIER, Maria Morgan, Richard RIESENBURGER, Anna Flach, F. & Wilhelmina FROMHOLD
FLACH, Nicolaus J. APPEL, Albertina (Non-Catholic) 20 Oct 1897 Flach, Nicholas MEYER, Eva Appel, Philipp ABEGG, Albertina Meyer, John & Paulina Appel
FLACH, Peter J. (Baptized 27 Oct 1891 at cathedral) LODAM, Martha (Baptized 11 Feb 1895 at cathedral) 23 Jan 1918 Flach, Nic. MORGEN, Elizabeth Lodam, George CHMULA, Mary Lodam, Joseph &  Mary ADRIAN
FLACH, William Erwin (Baptized Mar 1898 at cathedral) NAGEL, Edna (Non-Catholic) 16 Jul 1919 Flach, Nicolas MILLER, Elizabeth Nagel, Otto MCKENZIE, Louisa MEYER, John & Eva Nagel
FLECKENSTEIN, Conrad HANNEMANN, Elizabeth (Widow) 9 Jul 1844 BÜHNER (Buehner), Francis & Andreas MEYER
FLEMING, Joseph George HEAFNER, Crescentia 16 Jul 1901 Fleming, Julius WITTENAUER, Helena Heafner, Lucian LEHR, Maria SCHMITTLING, Edward & Maria MEYER
FLEMMING, Julius WITTENAUER, Helena 10 Apr 1866 Flemming, Joseph HANER, Francisca Wittenauer, Joseph GROSS, Catharina FRICK, Francis; Nicholas SCHÜTZ (Schuetz); Anna Schuetz & Appolonia MUENCH
FLOCK, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth 8 Feb 1853 GLANIG, George & Hubert WAHL
FLUCK, Johann MAURER, Susanna 24 Jul 1866 Fluck, Johann MOSBACHER, Margaret Maurer, Johann FRIELER, Susanna Fluck, Thomas & Joseph RIEDMEYER
FLUCK, John RINGEISER, Anna (Non-Catholic) 25 Nov 1884 Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth Ringeiser, Peter MÜLLER (Mueller), Elizabeth PUX, Laurent & Elizabeth Fluck
FLUTAN, Frank (Baptized 23 Sep 1877 in [see record]) KLEIN, Mathilde (Baptized _8 Apr 1881 in Alsace [?]) 4 Jun 1916 Flutan, Albert WALSCHBURGER, Regina Klein, Jacob BRUAR, Sophie SCHNEIDER, John & Bertha FOHL [See record]
FOELLER, Arthur (Baptized 28 Jan 1891) GUNDLACH, Rosa (Baptized 2 Apr 1895 at Cathedral) 21 Oct 1913 Foeller, Joseph P. Not listed, Theresa Gundlach, Nic. BECHERER, Anna Gundlach, Henry & Edna Foeller First marriage in new cathedral
FOERSTER, Michael FORSTER, Magdalena 13 Aug 1873 Foerster, George WÖLFEL (Woelfel), Cunigunda Forster, Margaret FÖRSTER (Foerster), Conrad & Margaret Foerster
FOHL, Albert (Baptized 21 Mar 1892 at Cathedral) ENGLER, Eleonora (Baptized Lutheran 14 Feb 1898) 5 May 1915 Fohl, Bernard DINGEL, Bertha Engler, Andrew MEYERS, Jessie DIETRICH, Josie & B. EPPMAN
FOHL, Bernard DINGEL, Bertha 1 Feb 1881 Fohl, Peter HERPIN, Anna Dingel, Christophor HUCK, Maria VALPERS, Henry & Helena Dingel
FOHL, Francis KONRADT, Ida M. (Non-Catholic) 22 Apr 1902 Fohl, John FAMMEN, Maria Konradt, Francis LIVELY, Frederica Fohl, Francis & Ida YUNGBLUTH
FOHL, Henry ZINK, Maria 15 Mar 1887 Fohl, Peter HESPIN, Anna Zink, Louis FALK, Elizabeth ZAHN, Frederick & Maria FUCHS
FOHL, John STAMME, Maria 28 Oct 1873 Fohl, Peter HESPING, Anna Stamme, Joseph MELLE, Clara Fohl, Bernard & Jacob Melle
FOHR, Henry MAUNE, Maria 9 Apr 1894 FRIERTIG, Peter & Baltasar Maune
FOHR, Joseph STEINWASSER, Elizabeth 30 May 1882 Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, Maria Steinwasser, John KEICHE, Magdalena Fohr, Louis & Elizabeth STÖLZLE (Stoelzle)
FOHR, Joseph GEIGER, Anna 30 Aug 1902 Fohr, Joseph STEINWASSER, Elizabeth Geiger, Louis KUENZ, Margaret LUNDENBERGER, Aloysius & G. GLASER [See record – 26 Aug marriage in St. Louis declared invalid.]
FOHR, Peter John WEIBEL, Anna Maria 5 Oct 1852 LOBSINGER, Anton; John Weibel & Andrew MEYER
FONEY, Peter RÄMMEL (Raemmel), Elizabeth 24 Feb 1850 BAQUE, Christophor & George WERNER
FOPPE, Clemens SIPPEL, Susanna 23 Oct 1907 Foppe, Bernard Henry KORMANN, Maria Sippel, Peter GRIEB, Joanna Foppe, Henry & Maria Sippel
FORNEN, Theodore (Baptized 30 Aug 1903 in Waterloo) SCHUETZ, Marie (Baptized 19 Sep 1906 at cathedral) 28 Sep 1927 Fornen, Adam WEURZ, Thekla Schuetz, Adam PFARMERBERGER, Helena Schuetz, Adam & Emma Fornen
FORST, Alois BOUL, Josephina 22 Nov 1864 Forst, Alois BOUTHIN, Catharina Boul, Chrysostom DAHME, Anna Maria Forst, Johann & Francisca Boul
FORSTER, Bartholomew GERSTH, Anna M. 27 May 1854 MAZERON, Jacob; Catharina Mazeron & Anton HELMICH
FORSTER, John MEYER, Crescentia 8 Dec 1852 FIEGEL, John & Sebastian KIRCHBERGER
FOURNI, Prosper MIOMBIRE [?], Adelaide 8 Jan 1850 Miombire, Joseph & Antoine Fourni Multiple witnesses signed record
FOURNIE, Arthur MILLER, Clementina 8 Sep 1896 Fournie, Prosper MOLITOR, Helena Miller, Joseph HU___, Eva BENNER, Frederick & Loretta Miller
FOURNIE, Henry HELLWIG, Anna 6 Sep 1905 Fournie, Joseph FEDER, Louisa Hellwig, Anton HOLDENER, Juletta FELLNER, Maurice & Laura Hellwig
FOURNIE, Sylvester (Baptized 25 Sep 1897 at St. Luke in Belleville) SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa (Baptized 1899 at cathedral) 21 Jan 1920 Fournie, Sylvester KULLIE, Elizabeth Schoenhofen, Peter WIMMER, Elizabeth Fournie, Lawrence & Olinda DAUBACH
FOURNIER, Anton WARING, Catharina 7 Apr 1874 Fournier, Louis EDELBLUT, Felicitas Waring, Nicholas KUDLER, Genevieve Fournier, Silvester; John Waring; Louisa Fournier & Louisa ARNORLD
FOURNIER, Jacob BOUL, Maria Anna 6 Apr 1869 Fournier, Anton HEILMANN, Eva Boul, Leonhard GERMAIN, Maria Anna Fournier, Prosper & Anton BECHERER
FOURNIER, Joseph FEDER, Louisa 12 Sep 1876 Fournier, Louis EDELBERT, Cecilia Feder, John TRUTTMANN, Catharina Fournier, Silvester & Maria Feder
FOURNIER, Prosper MOLITOR, Magdalena 9 Nov 1869 Fournier, Anton HEILMANN, Maria Eva Molitor, George KEICHER, Catharina BOUL, Leonhard & Louis CHRISTNER
FOURNIER, Victor BOUL, Magdalena 17 Apr 1866 Fournier, Anton HEILMANN, Maria Eva Boul, Leonhard GERMAIN, Maria Anna Fournier, Jacob & Magdalena BAROT
FOX, Johann KEARNAN, Catharina 11 Sep 1865 Fox, Berhard GREHAN, Catharina Kearnan, Felix MCINTYRE, Maria SCHMIDT, Herman & Johann DIEHN
FRANKE, August GAUSMANN, Anna 6 May 1897 Franke, August BEAMET, Theresa Gausmann, Henry PFEIFER, Francisca Franke, Joseph & Clara Gausmann
FRANKE, Charles (Born 27 Jul 1901 & baptized 28 Jul at cathedral) VILLIGER, Clara (Born 9 May 1903 & baptized 1925 at cathedral) 22 Jul 1925 Franke, Joseph KNAPP, Mary Villiger, Albert KRAUS, Mary Franke, John & Amanda MEYERSICK
FRANKE, Joseph HUBNER, Anna 18 Aug 1891 Franke, Carl ZACHER, Elizabeth Hubner, John SENGER, Francisca ERFELT, John & Agnes
FRANKLE, Conrad SPITZ, Justina 9 Jan 1848 Spitz, John Conrad
FRECH, Edwin (Baptized 25 Oct 1899) BEINART, Lorena (Baptized Evangelical 9 Feb 1903) 28 Mar 1921 Frech, Jacob SCHNOL__, Barbara Beinart, Anton JACOBS, Rosella SCHUETZ, Lorena & Caroline Schuetz Couple from New Athens
FREES, Fred (Baptized Protestant 12 Feb 1888) SCHNEIDER, Clara (Baptized 9 Sep 1896 at Cathedral) Frees, Fred SCHUESSLER, Eva Schneider, Anton HAROLD, Catharina DIETRICH, Mary [Appears between 5 May & 12 Jun 1915]
FREES, George William (New convert) ETTELDORF, Elizabeth 21 May 1896 Frees, George FAUTH, Catharina Etteldorf, Michael COURAR, Theresa Etteldorf, John & Anna Courar
FREES, Walter (Baptized 1897 at cathedral) GUNDLACH, Viola (Baptized 1900 at cathedral) 8 Jul 1919 Frees, George ETTELDORF, Elizabeth Gundlach, Nic. BECHERER, Anna Gundlach, Cornelius & Teresa Frees
FREILEING, Caspar (Widower from Quincy, IL) MUELLER, Maria (Widow from Ft. Madison, IZ) 17 Aug 1899 OBERT, B. & Catharina DIEKER
FREINER, Edward F. (Born 18 Feb 1909 & baptized in Christ Church) HAUSMANN, Dorothy (Born 13 ___ & baptized 18 sep 1910 at cathedral) 26 Dec 1930 Freiner, Henry MUELLER, Catherine Hausmann, Jr. Peter PRESS, Hilda SPORLEDER, Emil & Anita Sporleder
FREITAG, Melchior MUENCH, Margaret 16 May 1853 RIESENBERGER, Peter & John GLAIG
FRENDENBERG, Juliel SEILER, Barbara 12 Jan 1873 Frendenberg, George FRÖHLICH (Froehlich), Magdalena Seiler, Philipp ENGELHOFF, Eva Seiler, Philipp & Jacob SCHAEFER
FRESHMANN, Andrew KRISNER, Louisa 17 Oct 1871 Freshmann, Philipp ROUBIQUET, Magdalena Krisner, Louis SCHULTHEIS, Christina QUILLMANN, Louis & Maria RICHARD
FREUND, Delmar (Lutheran) BILLHARTZ, Alvina 16 Apr 1921 Freund, William PERKES, Alvina Billhartz, Jacob DUNNEWALD, Adeline Perkes, Charles & Dorothy ZIRKEL
FREY, Erwin R. (Baptized 11 Jan 1894 at cathedral) SCHLEICH, Louise (Baptized non-Catholic 28 Jan 1899) 31 May 1917 Frey, Daniel WELKER, Paulina Schleich, Philip SCHWEBEL, Lizzie DIETRICH, Josephine & Mike BRENNAN Mixed religion marriage
FRIANG, John  (Widower) ZÜRCHER (Zuercher), Maria 19 Apr 1853 ZURCHER, Michael; Nicholas Zuercher & Michael SCHERMING
FRIANT, John Baptist (Widower of Maria Anna ZÜRCHER (Zuercher)) UNTREINER, Catharina 14 Jun 1859 Friant, Dominic Untreiner, Christofer BATHINES, Elizabeth RABO, Nic & Louis GROSS
FRICK, Andrew STAUDER, Francisca 17 Feb 1863 Frick, Joseph Not listed, Wal[burga] Stauder, Wendlin Not listed, Margaret SCHUARZ, Francis & Mathias WECSHLER
FRICK, Edward A. (Non-Catholic) HERZOG, Bertha 30 Dec 1903 Frick, C. J. PIGEON, Lillian Herzog, Carl MUELLER, Agatha Herzog, Joseph & Margaret SCHAEFER
FRICK, Francis SCHNELL, Carolina 29 Mar 1869 Frick, Sebastian BUCHHAMMER, Maria Anna ROTH, Magdalena Frick, Aloysius & Magdalena Not listed
FRICK, Jacob WILKENS, Helena 14 Nov 1864 Frick, Henry SCHAAR, Catharina Wilkens, George BAMHER, Anna Bamher, Joseph J. & Agnes PARKER Mixed religion marriage
FRICK, Johann ENGELHARDT, Margaret 25 Jul 1861 Frick, Joseph WALTZER, Maria Engelhardt, Martin REINHOLDT, Barbara Frick, Dominic & Laurent ESCHENBACH
FRICK, Johann BECKER, Maria Margaret 27 Jan 1863 Frick, George CONRAD, Catharina Becker, Jacob DUNKEL, Maria Frick, Jacob; Maria Dunkel & Jacob Becker
FRICKE, Francis ANSLINGER, Anna 30 May 1900 Fricke, Theodore BERTELSMANN, Maria Anslinger, Michael NIETH__, Catharina ARNS, Louis & Adolph REEB
FRICTS, Edmund (Baptized 15 Sep 1892 at Cathedral) SAX, Anna (Baptized 22 Aug 1892 at Cathedral) 23 Jun 1915 Fricts, Louis ULLRICH, Carolina Sax, George HELFRICH, Catherine ADLER, George & Amanda Sax
FRIEDERICH, Joseph B. (Mascoutah) NEFF, Caroline (Paderborn) 10 Feb 1920 Friederich, Nicholas KRESSIG, Caroline Neff, Jacob ROOS, Elizabeth HAUSMANN, Alphonse & Helen MUETH
FRIEDRICH, Emil (From New Memphis, IL) LAEMMLE, Rosa (Non-Catholic) 21 Nov 1906 Friedrich, Peter GREMMER, Magdalena Laemmle, Gottlieb ELSER, Maria Friedrich, Henry & Rosa Friedrich
FRIEDRICH, Michael BIEBEL, Margaret 2 Jul 1860 Friedrich, Frederick ___, Letha Biebel, Nicholas WIDM___, ___ GUNDLACH, John & Catharina Friedrich
FRIERDICH, John Adam KURZ, Louisa Clara 22 Apr 1873 Frierdich, Peter PEFFER, Sebilla Kurtz, Jacob FAUST, Catharina Frierdich, Anton; Arthur BOUL; Anna KURZ & Elizabeth Kurz
FRIERDICH, Walter (Not baptized; 5 Dec 1890 Belleville) KLINGENHAGEN, Frances (Baptized 9 May 1893 at cathedral) 15 Jul 1916 Frierdich, Edward SCHAEFER, Elizabeth Klingenhagen, Henry KUPPERSCHMIDT, Frances Klingenhagen, John & Tillie HERZOG
FRIERTEY [?], Jacob RAPP, Maria Anna 24 Nov 1846 Rapp, John & Michael HILT
FRIERTICH, George YECK, Catharina 30 Jun 1850 KEIL, Adam & Perro [?] GUTH
FRIES, Adolf BLAIES, Anna 19 Jun 1901 Fries, Conrad (Deceased) LUCASH, Barbara Blaies, Michael BENDER, Theresa Fries, Francis & Maria GANZ
FRIES, Conrad LUKES, Barbara 16 Jan 1868 Fries, George DEPITCH, Christina Lukes, Joseph CHRIS, Elizabeth WITTAUER, John; Johann STICK & Maria WALLUNE
FRIES, Edward DAHM, Ida 14 Jan 1903 Fries, Conrad LUCASH, Barbara Dahm, Louis MELLEIN, Margaret TROST, John & Cecilia VOELLINGER
FRIES, Elmer (Baptized 29 Nov 1901 at cathedral) AGLES, Marcella Marie (Baptized 9 ___ 1905 at ___) 28 Aug 1926 Fries, Adolph BLAES, Anna Agles, William TRABAND, Lola DIETRICH, Louisa & Eva SCHILB
FRIES, Elmer H. (Born 12 Jun 1899; baptized Protestant at St. Mathews in St. Louis, MO) KLING, Cecilia (Born 1 Dec 1900; baptized at cathedral) 24 Jun 1920 Fries, Henry J. GEIGER, Anna Kling, Michael FRIES, Mary Fries, Charles & Anna KOCH
FRIES, George DAHM, Margaret 29 Apr 1900 Fries, Conrad (Deceased) LUENSCH, Barbara Dahm, Louis MELLEIN, Margaret Fries, Adolf & Ida Dahm
FRIES, Oliver (Born 9 Aug& baptized 17 Aug 1902 in cathedral) EVANS, Ruth (Born 23 Dec 1904 in __wood, IL) 23 Oct 1931 Fries, Joseph REINER, Carrie Evans, Charles KEENE, Lera KOCH, Arthur & Mrs. Arthur Koch Revalidation marriage
FRIESCH, Henry (From Smithton) BENS, Maria (Baptized in Johnsburg, MO) 15 Aug 1913 Frisch, Michael BENS, Maria OHLE, Joseph BROGY, Maria SCHLEGEL, Maria  & Helena Schlegel
FRIESZ, Emil SIPPEL, Anna 13 Jun 1899 Friesz, John SPANNELE, Catharina Sippel, Peter GRIEB, Joanna HAUBICH, Francis & Catharina Sippel
FRITZ, Albert (Baptized Evangelical; born 1896) FEDER, Anna (Born 9 Oct 1899 & baptized at St. Luke in Belleville) 7 Sep 1921 Fritz, Conrad SCHWARTZ, Anna Feder, George WEBER, Elizabeth Fritz, Louis & Anita Feder
FRITZ, F. Theodore (Born 9 Dec 1898 & baptized at cathedral) OESTERLE, Severa (Baptized 15 Oct 1899 at cathedral) 15 Jul 1925 Fritz, Leonard KUEHN, Magdalena Oesterle, Martin WEIHAUPT, Amalia HARY, George E. & Aneta Oesterle
FRITZINGER, John THOM, Maria 20 Apr 1909 Fritzinger, Edward LIEB, Anna Thom, Andrew BECKER, Anna FOTH, John & Anna Thom
FROEHLING, John LORDBERT, Rosina 16 Jun 1856 Froehling, Ivan G. Not listed, Solomea Lordbert, Xavier Not listed, Maria Anna HEINRICH, Joseph; George LOLT; Xavier LORBERT & Teresa HUSLER Mixed religion marriage
FROLICH, John (Baptized Mar 1894 at St. Luke) FEUCHT, Clara (Baptized ___ 1887 at cathedral) 16 May 1929 Frolich, Henry EDELHA__, Barbara Feucht, Charles BOLL, Mary LISCH, Myrtle & Henry SPENGLER
FROMANG, Nicolaus WIESROCK, Margaret 2 Apr 1850 Wiesrock, Michael & Louis RENAUD
FROMME, John HELFRICH, Elizabeth 1 Feb 1857 Fromme, John Not listed, Elizabeth Helfrich, Matthew Not listed, Catharina Helfrich, Peter & Nicholas WINKLER
FRUEKE, Francis DIEKER, Catharina 26 Sep 1905 Frueke, Henry OBERHOFF, Francisca Dieker, Herman MEYER, Catharina Oberhoff, Bernard & Rosa Dieker
FRUTH, Anton KLINGENHAGEN, Joanna 28 Apr 1909 Fruth, John WHIER, Theresa Klingenhagen, Henry KUPPERSMITH, Francisca Fruth, John & Francesca Klingenhagen
FRUTH, John WUEHR, Theresa 8 Jun 1886 Fruth, George SAETE, Elizabeth Wuehr, John REINDLE, Theresa BRAUCH, John
FRUTH, Philipp WIENERS, Theresa 6 Jul 1876 Fruth, Henry Philipp Not listed, Anna M. Wieners, Francis PEPMEIER, Anna KÖHLER (Koehler), Joseph & Anna BORRENKON
FUCHS, Francis SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Josephina 20 Nov 1879 Fuchs, Andrew SPITZ, Carolina Schuetz, George GUNDOLPH, Margaret Schuetz, George & Michael Fuchs
FUCHS, Joseph KRONENBERGER, Anna 5 Sep 1906 Fuchs, Louis ULRICH, Elizabeth Kronenberger, Henry FLUCK, Matilda KASTEL, Arthur & Adela Fuchs
FUCHS, Louis ULRICH, Elizabeth 20 Aug 1872 Fuchs, Louis RAMBACH, Barbara Ulrich, Gottfried MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaret BARTEL, John & Carolina Ulrich
FUCHS, Nicolaus BIEHL, Margaret 23 Apr 1901 Fuchs, Conrad VOELLMANN, Margaret Biehl, George NEHRING, Elizabeth HUCKS, Louis & Emma Fuchs
FUERSICH, Anton HELLRUNG, Anna Maria (Widow) 16 Jul 1854 SIEBERT, Alois & Jacob HEWENSHEIT
FUERSTER, Conrad SCHMIDT, Margaret 27 Dec 1860 Fuerster, George WOELFLIN, Kunigunda Schmidt, John FEDER, Christina LINDNER, John & Cordulla Schmidt
FUESS, Joseph FISCHER, Elizabeth (Protestant) 17 May 1866
FUGER, Joseph GINTZ, Elizabeth 24 Nov 1898 Fuger, Godefred OVERBECK, Magdalena Gintz, Valentin STAMMER, Elizabeth SCHNEIDER, Bernard & Louisa GAUSMANN
FUGGER, Gottfried OVERBECK, Magdalena 14 Sep 1875 Fugger, Joseph ECKERT, Catharina Overbeck, George KURTER, Maria Fugger, Andrew & Maria Fugger
FUHRMANN, Dominic EISELE, Marg. 14 May 1878 Fuhrmann, Nicholas HERZOG, Maria Eisele, John ZELTNER, Ursula GERBER, John & M. MÜHLHERR (Muehlherr)
FUHRMANN, Edward (Baptized 15 Aug 1892 at Cathedral) BRUNNER, Luella (Protestant) 10 Nov 1915 Fuhrmann, Dominic EISELE, Margaret Brunner, Fred SCHIFFERDECKER, Lena ABEGG, Julius & Manila Brunner
FUHRMANN, Francis GILB, Magdalena 21 Oct 1890 Fuhrmann, Nicholas Gilb, John KNECHT, Theresa Gilb, Henry & Catharina Gilb
FUNK, Adam John (From Millstadt) BUESACHER, Josephina Maria 21 Apr 1898 Funk, George WEINHAUPT, Josephina Buesacher, Henry CONRAD, Catharina BUSACHER, Gustav & Olinda Weinhaupt
FUNK, John BRIESACHER, Elizabeth 20 Apr 1893 Funk, George Adam WEIHAUP, Josephina Briesacher, Jr., Henry CONRAD, Catharina Funk, Adam & Josephina Briesacher
FUNK, Leo (Born 31 Mar 1906 & baptized at cathedral) DREYER, Josephine (Born 29 Apr 1909 in Belleville & baptized Evangelical in St. Louis) 12 Dec 1931 Funk, Adam BRIESACHER, Josephine Dreyer, Louis MUELLER, Frieda Dreyer, Walter & Eleanore CLARK
FUNSCH, George ROMEIS, Eva 9 May 1882 Funsch, George Andrew REITERMANN, Anna M. Romeis, Michael MÜLLER (Mueller), Eva MARTIN, Bernard J. & Maria Romeis
FUNSCH, George (Baptized 24 Dec 1889 at Cathedral) STEINER, Susana (Baptized Lutheran 3 Nov 1892 at Paulus Kirche [Church] in Belleville) 17 Apr 1914 Funsch, Joseph BERKEL, Lena Steiner, Charles RUPPERT, Margaret GRANCOLAS, Leon & Anna Grancolas
FUNSCH, Hubert (Baptized 12 Nov 1892 at St. Leo in St. Louis) HELLINGRATH, Erna (Baptized Evangelical) 30 Jun 1927 Funsch, George ROMEIS, Eva Hellingrath, William J. WAMSER, Anna Mary BRICHLER, Elmer & Mary Brichler
FUNSCH, Joseph BERKEL, Lena Amalia 31 May 1881 Funsch, George Anton REITERMANN, Anna Maria Berkel, Michael HAMBERG, Catharina Funsch, George & Mathilda BRAUCH
FUNSCH, Leander [?] WESS, Anna 30 Jun 1909 Funsch, George ROMEIS, Eva Wess, John FISCHER, Susanna GASS, Peter & Cecilia Fischer
GAA, Grover (Baptized 7 Mar 1903 at cathedral) BENTON, Ethel 19 Dec 1923 Gaa, George MUELLER, Theresa Benton, Linus KITCHENS, Lulu COURAR, John & William HOFF
GAAS, Jacob WEBER, Maria __ Nov 1875 Gaas, Etienne PFEIFFER, Catharina Weber, Friederich HESS, Magdalena Weber, Carl & Catharina MIGNE
GAAS, Peter DERLETH, Josephina 22 Sep 1874 Gaas, Etienne PEIFFER, Catharina Derleth, Peter SCHAUER, Christina EPPELE, Herman
GABEL, Edward (Born 15 Aug & baptized 27 Aug 1911 at cathedral) BROCHETTO, Esther (Born 29 Dec 1911 in Italy) 9 Jun 1931 Gabel, Herman BECKER, Anna Brochetto, Anton GAIO, Rose MALACARNE, Robert & Edna SMITH
GABRIEL, Alfred (Baptized 16 Apr 1895 at Lady of Good Counsel in Brooklyn, NY) URSCH, Mary (Baptized 4 May 1903 at St. Mary in Alton, IL) 17 Sep 1923 Gabriel, John POTTS, Margaret Ursch, Joseph HERTZOG, Christina DIETRICH, Louise & Catherine REINHARDT
GABROVICH (Gabon), Louis (Baptized in Austria Hungary) JORDAN, Maria (Baptized in Hungary) 5 Oct 1912 Gabrovich, Joseph BUCHACHER, Maria Jordan, Anton ZWILBA, Maria GROOTENS, J. & Nomie ALBRECHT From Harrisburg, IL
GAIN, Lawrence (baptized 26 Apr 1891 at cathedral) BECKER, Zita (Baptized 6 Apr 1896 in Smithton) 23 May 1918 Gain, Henry REPPEL, Elis. Becker, George SCHMIDT, Mary COURAR, John & E. LETTER
GAIN, Mathias STEGMEYER, Catharina 14 May 1865 Gain, William BRAUN, Margaret Stegmeyer, George SIBERT, Elizabeth
GANGLOFF, Daniel (Protestant) FUCKEL, Francisca (Widow of Adam Fuckel) 7 Aug 1862 Gangloff, Peter METZGER, Anna Maria SIEDLER, Sebastian MEYER, Theresa GROSS, Louis & George JUNKER
GANNON, Michael GRACE, Maria 6 Aug 1851 LIENACHER, Rev. & Jacob MUELLER
GANNON, Michael HEMMER, Rosa 30 Aug 1870 RENO, Andrew & Louisa CUSSENEAU
GANO, Harold (Non-Catholic) MATHES, Aurea (Baptized 19 Oct 1898 at cathedral) 6 Oct 1919 Gano, William Maiden name unknown, Edna Mathes, John HOEFFHEN, Mary FLEMMING, John & Elvira Mathes
GANOHL, Leo F. (Baptized 7 Feb 1881 at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis) HOH, Rosalia (Baptized 23 Mar 1885 in Trenton, IL) 5 Jun 1913 Ganohl, Joseph JOCH__M, Paulina Hoh, Gustav RINACHER, Maria MOLL, John & Joseph FRELIGER
GANOLT, Dominic DROUET, Maria 19 Oct 1870 Drouet, Joseph & Helena EAGEN
GANSMANN, Henry PFEIFFER, Francisca 9 Oct 1877 Gansmann, Nicholas SEITZ, Eleonora Pfeiffer, Thomas Not listed, Margaret Pfeiffer, John & Valentin Gansmann
GANSMANN, Johann MEYER (Mayer), Anna 9 Nov 1886 Gansmann, Nicholas SEITZ, Sioba Meyer (Mayer), William NESER, Barbara NIEDENFUEHR, Henry; Theodor HONER; Elizabeth Honer & Ottilia Meyer
GANZ, Clemens P. KOENIG, Eugenia (From Clayton, MO) 18 Aug 1901 Ganz, John EIMER, Elizabeth Koenig, Joseph ERNST, Louisa Koenig, Carl & Amalia Koenig
GANZ, John EIMER, Eliza 12 Apr 1856 Ganz, Francis Joseph Not listed, Francisca Eimer, John Not listed, Clara Eimer, John & Clara Eimer
GASS, Alfred (Baptized 29 Feb 1908 at cathedral) HAGEMANN, Emma (Baptized 29 Dec 1910 at cathedral) 23 Apr 1930 Gass, Charles J. YOCH, Tecla Hagemann, Emil J. ROHR, Emma MINOR, Arthur & Estella Gass
GASS, Alphonse MUELLER, Maria 9 Jun 1909 Gass, Peter DELT, Josephina Mueller, John LOUIS, Catharina Gass, Peter & Magdalena Mueller
GASS, Carl (Baptized 10 Jan 1904 at cathedral) FOHR, Margaret (Baptized 23 ___ 1903 at cathedral) 2 Jan 1928 Gass, Charles YOCH, Thecla Fohr, Joseph GEIGER, Anna Gass, al & Ann F. HAUSMAN
GASS, Carl Joseph YOCH, Thecla 21 Jan 1903 Gass, Peter Yoch, John ACKER, Thecla Gass, Joseph & Magdalena LEBKUECHER
GASS, Clement T. (Baptized 15 Feb 1894 at cathedral) SAX, C. Elizabeth (Baptized 20 Aug 1894 at cathedral) 31 Oct 1927 Gass, Peter HOEFFKEN, Catherine Sax, George HELFRICH, Catherine Gass, Carl & Marie Sax
GASS, George KNAPP, Margaret 30 Apr 1860 Gass, Bernard MAGIN, Barbara Knapp, Christoffer ___, Anna M. Knap, Frederick & Not listed VONDERHEIDE
GASS, Peter  (Baptized 17 Jun 1887 at Cathedral) FISCHER, Cecilia (Baptized 6 Jul 1888 at Cathedral) 27 Sep 1911 Gass, Peter EPPLE, Josephine Fischer, Henry HARST, Catharina Gass, Aloysius & Alma Fischer
GASS, Peter (Widower of Josephina DERLETH) HOEFFKEN, Catharina 10 Apr 1893 Gass, Stephan PEIFER, Catharina Hoeffken, Theodore FUST, Bernardina EPPLE, Herman & Johanna born KOHLER (Mrs. Herman Epple)
GAUBATZ, Louis ABEGG, Helena 21 Sep 1909 Gaubatz, Philipp GAUSMANN, Anna Abegg, Edward MUELLER, Catharina MERGER, George & Margaret HILPERT
GAUDERT, Basil SCHLOSSER, Anna Maria (Widow of George Schlosser) 10 Sep 1866 Gaudert, Joseph WEILER, Agatha STRASSER, Not listed BISK, Adr__ & Methord WINNER
GAUL, William H. (Baptized 17 Dec 1900 at St. Mary in Belleville) LANG, Catherine Mary (Baptized 14 Mar 1901 at cathedral) 14 May 1925 Gaul, William P. FOX, Mary E. Lang, Martin HOFRICHTER, Mary REUTERMAN, Val & Lorinda LEWIS
GAUSMANN, Henry DEPPE, Frieda (Non-Catholic) 8 Mar 1904 Gausmann, Henry PFEIFFER, Francisca (DEPP) Deppe, Louis WILD, Anna Gausmann, Louisa & Rosa SCHNEIDER
GAUSMANN, Louis SCHNEIDER, Rosa 13 Jun 1906 Gausmann, Henry PFEIFFER, Francisca Schneider, Lorenz FUGEL, Maria Gausmann, Peter & Paulina Schneider
GAVIN, Ernest Victor (Baptized 28 Jul 1885 in Cincinnati) MOORE, Anette L. (Baptized non-Catholic 29 Sep 1890 in Pittsburg) 22 May 1918 Gavin, William DUGGEN, Bridget MOORE, James Charles MAJOR, Mellie MELLAN, Minnie & Mary ROGERS Married at County Farm
GAZZINI, Frank (Baptized 24 Apr 1888 in Mari Tyrol, Italy) MALACARNE, Olympia (Baptized 17 Oct 1897 in __man, Italy) 21 Aug 1923 Gazzini, Louis MODENA, Barbara Malacarne, Anton TEDESCO, Anna VENUTO, Ben & Hilda HUSCHLE  
GEBER, Theodore (Baptized 18 Oct 1882 at cathedral) WINTER, Frieda (Baptized 9 Jul 1889 in Mascoutah, IL) 3 Oct 1917 Geber, Louis SCHNEIDER, Mary Winter, Jacob KIEL, Mary Geber, Albert & Elizabeth HUESMANN
GEHRS, Gerhard WEBER, Catharina 20 Apr 1846 OTTKENS, Henry & Richard HAY
GEIGER, Louis KLEIN, Margaret 25 Sep 1883 PAULI, John & Christ. KÜNZ (Kuenz)  
GEIGER, Louis (Widower) KERCHNER, Barbara 17 Sep 1903 Geiger, Mathias BAUMGAERTNER, Catharina Kerchner, Jacob FIRMBACH, Agatha
GEIS, Francis FUCHS, Catharina 13 Jan 1865 HELINGER, John Joseph & Laurent SAUER
GEIS, George KUECHNER, Christina 23 Feb 1869 HARTMANN, Henry & Nicholas BECKMANN
GEMPERLE, Edward ABEGG, Catharina 23 Oct 1888 Gemperle, John Bernard ___, Maria Barbara Abegg, Andrew HERR, Anna Maria SAUER, Louis & Catharina Sauer Sponsors are from St. Agatha in St. Louis, MO
GEOFFRAY, Henry (Baptized 19 Apr 1883 in Carlyle, IL) VOLLMER, Frances (Baptized 7 Feb 1886 in Damiansville) 1 Jul 1918 Geoffray, Frank YOST, Elizabeth Vollmer, William SPAETH, Theresa HONER, Jerome & Erma Honer
GEOLAT, John E. (Born 23 May 1899 & baptized 25 Jun in St. Louis) SANDMEYER, Hedwig (Baptized 4 Aug 1905 at cathedral) 27 Nov 1924 Geolat, John LIVELY, Margaret Sandmeyer, Joseph DRESEL, Maria ORBT, John & Anna Sandmeyer
GEOLOT, Victor (Baptized 12 Jan 1891 at St. Luke) HONER, Anna (Baptized 22 Jun 1894 at Cathedral) 6 Nov 1912 Geolot, John LIVELY, Margaret Honer, Theodore SCHMITTLING, Maria Honer, Theodore & Mary Geolot
GEPHART, Robert E. (Baptized 5 Feb 1883 in Clyde, OH) JOHNSON, Beatrice (Baptized 5 Jun 1893 Non-Catholic in _erman, IL) 18 Aug 1914 Gephart, Daniel HENASSY, Hellen Johnson, Martin UCAHRA, Mary SCHILLING, Charles & Josephine DIETRICH
GERBER, August F. (Baptized non-Catholic Nov 1897 in Jefferson City) KRETSCHMER, Irene (Baptized at cathedral) 12 Sep 1918 Gerber, August FUCHS, Elizabeth Kretschmer, Louis SAUER, Julia RAKEL, Joseph & Mildred Kretschmer Mixed religion marriage
GERBER, Francis ERNST, Margaret 5 Aug 1852 VOLLIER, Francis & Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller)
GERBER, John SCHICK, Barbara 14 Feb 1853 RAMSTAETTER, Laurent & Francis Gerber
GERBER, John FOHR, Anna 21 Oct 1879 Gerber, Francis ERNST, Margaret Fohr, peter WAIBEL, Maria Fohr, Joseph A. & Maria Gerber
GERMAIN, Anton (From Freeburg) EISENHAUER, Ella (From Hecker) 10 May 1913 Germain, Adam BEHMAN, Maria Eisenhauer, Adam BRUNS, Maria Behman, Maria & Josephina DIETRICH
GERMAIN, Dominic TRIBEAUT, Margaret 18 [Nov] 1861 Germain, John Louis KARLSKIND, Maria Tribeaut, Boniface FOURNIE, Margaret Tribeaut, Boniface; Louis Tribeaut & Victor Fournie
GERMAIN, Nicolaus MEISTER, Elizabeth 5 May 1874 Germain, Hyacinth GUNDLACH, Anna Maria Meister, Jacob HENINGER, Maria Germain, Hyacinth; Jacob Gundlach; Nicolaus BOUL; Henry SCHANNEL; Anna Meister & Rosa Germain
GERMAN, Adolph (Baptized 16 Feb 1883 in Freeburg) WENZ, Mary (Baptized 24 Aug 1892 in Freeburg) 18 Apr 1923 German, Adam BOMAN, Mary Wenz, George KOERNINGER, Sophie German, Julius & Viola German
GERMAN, Hyacinth MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria Helena 10 Sep 1878 German, Hyacinth GUNDLACH, Anna Maria Mueller, Joseph FISCHER, Maria Anna Mueller, Johann & Anna Marg. German
GERMANN, George (Baptized 28 Aug 1882 in Freeburg, IL) MUNIER, Elizabeth (Baptized 22 May 1879 in Smithton, IL) 22 Oct 1913 Germann, Frank HEILIGENSTEIN, Magdalena Munier, John Baptist HEILMAN, Anna Germann, Fred & Hilda Munier
GIEDEMANN, Adam (Widower of Carolina SCHWARZ) HELFERICH, Louisa 17 Jan 1882 Giedemann, Michael BEG__, Appolonia Helferich, George REPLIN, Louisa GLABER, William & Henry HELFRICH
GIGLIENE, Joseph GERST, Elizabeth 2 Apr 1867 Gigliene, Johann Michael GOTTFRIN, Margaret Gerst, Jacob VOLKSGAT, Margaret LOUIS, Francis & Anton CHRISTOF Married by a civil contract
GILB, Johann KNECHT, Theresa 26 Sep 1867 Gilb, Peter SCHULTZ, Apolonia Knecht, Joseph SCHUMACHER, Catharina Gilb, Simon; Christoffer & John ZATCH
GILB, John FOHRMANN, Louisa 23 Nov 1882 Gilb, Peter SCHULZ, Apollonia Fohrmann, Nicholas ISCH, Maria SCHRODI, Louis & Francis Fohrmann
GILB, Simon PABST, Catharina (Widow of William Pabst) 9 May 1865 Gilb, Peter SCHULTZ, Apolonia HILT, Johann PRIEGEL, Margaret MEYER, Nicholas & Anton SCHLEGEL
GILMARTIN, James (Born 14 Aug 1883 in Philadelphia; Baptized Catholic) SMITH, Hettie (Baptized in Methodist Church at Carrier Mills, IL) 20 Dec 1911 Gilmartin, Patrick GANNON, Bridget Smith, Francis FORSTER, Elizabeth BRESNAHAN, Michael & Mary Bresnahan
GITTERMANN, Daniel MEIER, Anna 8 Jan 1880 Gittermann, Michael BECKY, Apollonia Meier, John FRICH, Anna AUFFINGER, Joseph & Amalia Meier
GLAD, Eugene ARMBRUST, Not listed 22 Aug 1854 LOUIS, Francis; Nicholas MEYER; Henry Louis & Augustina Louis
GLASER, Wilhelm (25y) SCHLEGEL, Anna (23y) 24 Sep 1884 Glaser, Nicholas ESCHMAN, Francisca Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Barbara Schlegel, Carl & Wilhelm F___
GLATZ, Joseph Anton WANGELER, Maria Anna 16 May 1853 MEYER, Jacob; Landolin Wangler & Maria GRIESBAUM
GLEICH, John BAUMANN, Elizabeth 13 May 1884 Gleich, Adam SCHEREM, Catharina (From Germany) Baumann, John SCHWIND, Maria KISSEL, John & Gertrude Baumann
GLOVER, Clarence (Protestant) EICHENSEER, Josephine (Baptized 11 Sep 1897 in Smithton, IL) 17 Sep 1927 Glover, James GALENTINE, Alice Eichenseer, Adam DELLERMANN, Clara SCHNELL, F. & Eva SCHILB
GLOVER, Joseph HEMMER, Louisa 2 Oct 1876 Glover, Hieronymus HERTEL, Rosa Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena Hemmer, Peter & Anna KURZ
GLÜCK (Glueck), William JECK, Maria 15 May 1852 FRIERTIG, George & Adam HECKENSTEIN
GOEHRING, Ernest L. (Protestant) YOUNG, Mabel  M. (Baptized 20 Mar 1895 at St. Bridget in St. Louis) 2 Jan 1915 Goehring, Joseph SMITH, Clara Young, Joseph GAYNES, Anna Young, Edwin & J. J. Young
GOETZ, John MEYER, Maria 23 Jan 1847 GRUENEWALD, Jacob Michael & Ernest albert HEYBE One of the parties was Non-Catholic
GOGGIN, James (Baptized 15 Jan 1892 in Boston) BROWN, Ruth (Baptized 27 Jun 1896 Non-Catholic) 17 Jun 1916 Goggin, James CALLAHAN, Elizabeth Brown, Marcus SHIRMAN, Anna DIETRICH, Louise & Josie Dietrich
GOLD, Joseph WOLF, Margaret 4 Nov 1852 MUELLER, John & Andrew Wolf
GOLICK, Albert (Baptized 21 Feb 1901 in Kangley, IL) BILLHArtz, Estella (Baptized 18 ___ 1904 in Damiansville, IL_ 26 Aug 1922 Golick, Anton BUTCH__, Susanna Billhartz, John SCHEMPF, Anna Billhartz, Oliver & Irene Golick
GOLSCH, Adolph Wilhelm (Protestant) SCHL__SER, Teresa 21 Oct 1884 Marriage to sanctify May marriage.
GOOD, Roy A. (Non-Catholic) LEDGER, Beatrice 18 Feb 1901 Good, W. H. KRING, Sara Ledger, John HAYES, Maria BECKER, John & Louisa DIETRICH Permission from Indianapolis
GOODNICK, Emil (Baptized Apr 1905 at St. Mary?) MALACARNE, Mary (Baptized 10 Jan 1910 at cathedral) 9 Oct 1929 Goodnick, Felix MAYER, Lucille Malacarne, John GAIO, Louise Malacarne, Elizabeth & Robert Malacarne
GÖRLITZ (Goerlitz), Gustav MEYER, Maria 8 Jan 1873 Goerlitz, Carl KASSEL, Sophia Meyer, John REICHENBERGER, Barbara STARK, John & Maria Magdalena BAUER
GRAEBER, Arthur (Born 1906 & not baptized) MUETH, Celeste (Baptized 1911 at St. John in Smithton) 18 Nov 1929 Graeber, Walter THOMA, Hanna Mueth, Jacob SCHMIERBACH, Margaret DIETRICH, Louise & Mrs. E. SCHLARMAN
GRAF, Carl SCHILLING, Elizabeth 19 Sep 1907 Graf, Peter HOCK, Philippina Schilling, Nicholas BECKER, Anna Schilling, Joseph & Carl MARTIN
GRAF, William A. BUECHLER, Julia 24 Nov 1903 Graf, Peter HOCK, Philippina Buechler, Albert KUENZ, Elizabeth Kuenz, Bernard & Clara MARSTALL
GRAH, Daniel (Born 4 Sep 1898 in Chester & baptized Baptist) SURMAN, Victoria (Baptized 17 Nov 1901 in Chester, IL) 3 Apr 1923 Grah, August TINDALL, Mary Surman, John NOVACK, Mary Surman, Catherine & Catherine REINHARDT
GRAMANN, Clemens (Baptized 4 Jan 1898 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) BOUCHERIE, Leoba (Baptized 23 Oct 1904 in Immaculate Conception in Kaskaskia, IL) 14 Nov 1928 Gramann, John HEMANN, Elizabeth Boucherie, Francis KERN, Anna Gramann, Frank & Clorilda Boucherie
GRAMMLICH, Julius EDEL, Wilhelmina 22 Feb 1873 Grammlich, Joseph A. STUMPF, Maria Edel, Andrew RIETH, Maria Grammlich, Emil & Christina SAUR
GRANDCOLAS, Jos. Arthur (Baptized 1889 in Freeburg, IL) GOLDSCHMIDT, Magdalena (Baptized Jan 1897 in Breese, IL) 16 Sep 1920 Grandcolas, Christian MOHLMANN, Bertha Goldschmidt, John HEITGERS, Mary Grandcolas, Elmer & Ida ROEDER
GRANDCOLAS, Joseph Herman MEYER, Anna 16 Apr 1907 Grandcolas, Philipp BAUER, Anna Meyer, Guendolin FRIEDRICH, Barbara Revalidation of 16 Mar 1906 civil marriage
GRANDCOLAS, Louis FAULSTICH, Barbara 14 Sep 1897 Grandcolas, Philipp BAUER, Anna Faulstich, Wendelin WELLEN, Magdalena BECKE, Herman; Maria Grandcolas; John Grandcolas; Anna Grandcolas; Bernard Faulstich & Susanna Faulstich
GRANDCOLAS, Oswald STRAUBINGER, Elizabeth 27 Nov 1900 Grandcolas, Philipp BAUER, Anna Straubinger, Benedict WILKENS, Maria Straubinger, Henry & Anna Grandcolas
GRANDCOLAS, Wilhelm RUPPERT, Anna 3 Mar 1892 Grandcolas, Anton ADAM, Catharina Ruppert, Nicholas JAEGER, Elizabeth Ruppert, John & Emma Grandcolas
GRANT, Charles A. (Born 14 Apr 1905 & baptized 18 Nov 1927) ZINK, Mildred (Baptized 10  ___ 1906 at cathedral) 24 Nov 1927 Grant, James R. BERNIER, Mary Zink, Emil KRONENBERGER, Catherine OBST, Arthur & Catherine Kronenberger
GRASS, Johann PROBST, Maria (Widow) 4 May 1865 SELINER, Not listed STAUDER, Johann A.
GRAU, Peter HACKER, Mar. 20 Sep 1887 Grau, Peter NEINER, Elizabeth Hacker, Friedrich HOLDOERFER, Margaret Hacker, John; Anna BOHLSEN;  John SCHROEDER & Emilie ZAHN
GRAVE, Louis MEYER, Catharina 15 Sep 1892 Grave, Caspar FAUST, Eva Meyer, George BRENNER, Theresa HORKERT, Francis; Henry Grave; Louise Meyer & Julia Meyer
GRAVLIN, Lee (Baptized 17 Oct 1899 at St. Luke’s) CHENOT, Eleonora (Baptized 20 Sep 1902 at cathedral) 15 Apr 1920 Gravlin, Serol HAMMAN, Ottilia Chenot, August FIETSAM, Ida DIETRICH, Josephine & Catherine SCHAEFER Married by justice of the peace 9 Jun 1919 in Collinsville
GRAWE, George Alphons (Baptized 23 Jul 1903 in Bartelso, IL) CARMAN, Lillian (Baptized 1 May 1925 at cathedral) 1 Jun 1925 Grawe, Bernard CORTE, Christine Carman, Isaias KIDD, Alice Grawe, Frank & Cleopa L. BLOME
GRAY, Henry (From Carlyle; non-Catholic?) FEULNER, Amanda (Baptized 19 Mar 1887 ) 13 Jan 1913 Gray, Not listed Not listed, Grace Feulner, Fred (Adoptive father) BASSLER, Margaret (Adoptive mother) DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich
GREEN, Carl MEYER, Mathilda 16 Jun 1891 Green, Dan___ HOHM, Magdalena Meyer, William NESER, Barbara HOHNER, Theo; Geo. LILL; Emma GEIER & Regina STENZER
GREENFIELD, Edward (Non-Catholic) MEYER, Emma 4 May 1904 Greenfield, George BECKER, Maria Meyer, Francis MEYER, Margaret MEISTER, Philipp & Amanda SAMSTAG
GREER, Emerick TILGEN, Maria Elizabeth 26 Sep 1844 Greer, John & Francis MÜLLER (Mueller)
GREIFER, Edward (Born 3 May & baptized 4 May 1895  at St. Boniface in Rumey) GROSS, Gwendolyn (Born 2 May 1901 & baptized in Quincy) 2 May 1931 Greifer, John SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth Gross, John NEWCOMB, Elizabeth KEENEY, Carl & Johanna Keeney
GRIMM, John BITSCH, Maria 22 Apr 1884 Grimm, Christian HAHNENBRINCK, Maria (From St. Louis) Bitsch, Adam KEMPF, Magdalena Bitsch, Michael & Theresa Bitsch
GRIMMIG, Andrew (Baptized 20 May 1905 at cathedral) MILLER, Thelma (Baptized 5 Feb 1911 at St. Luke) 20 Nov 1929 Grimmig, Wendelin FLAMMOTH, Susan Miller, George LOUIS, Helen Miller, Carl & Florence POIROT
GRIMMIG, August BOGGY, Louisa 26 Feb 1878 Grimmig, Andrew ROHRESCUM, Maria Boggy, John WISSRATH, Barbara BUESH, Matthew
GRIMMIG, Wendel J. (Baptized 20 Oct 1886 at Cathedral) MEYER, Emilie (Baptized Lutheran 21 Jul 1895) 5 Aug 1915 Grimmig, Wendel FEIST, Elizabeth Meyer, George HOFFMAN, Hermina LOBSINGER, Arthur & Lena Grimmig
GROB, Friederich Carl SAUTSCHECK, Josephina 13 May 1873 Grob, John Not listed, Gertrude Sautscheck, Francis HOFMEISTER, Anna Maria Grob, Albert & Jacob KIRCHNER
GROESINGER, George (Non-Catholic from St. Louis, MO) WEAVER, Mary (Baptized 28 May 1909 at St. Mathews in St. Louis, MO) 10 Sep 1928 Groesinger, John TIERNEY, Mamie Weaver, Joseph AUBUCHON, Zilda BUNN, Jack & Mary MCCORMICK
GRONENBERGER, Frederick E. (Baptized Lutheran) SPRAGUE, Ruth (Baptized Jul 1909 at St. Luke in Belleville) 28 Apr 1927 Gronenberger, Henry HARHAU_, Louisa Sprague, John ROHN, Katherine FELDMAN, J. M. & Mary SCHLARMAN [Compare Kronenberger]
GROS, Jacob WACHTER, Josephina 14 Dec 1853 TEMPLER, George & George KNELLER
GROS, Louis (Widower of Maria THOMA) GEIER, Barbara 3 Nov 1859 Geier, John (Deceased) OTT, Anna (Deceased) MINNIE, Josef & George Geier
GROSPIETSCH, Joseph VETTER, Henrietta Anna (Convert from Protestant) 9 Jun 1892 Grospietsch, Francis BIETNER, Johanna Vetter, Christian SEFERS, Johanna STEGER, John & Amalia Steger
GROSPITCH, John STEGER, Anna 18 May 1886 Grospitch, Francis BILUA, Johanna Steger, Simon IDENSON, Theresa SEILER, Philipp & Francisca Idenson
GROSS, Louis THOMA, Maria 28 Jul 1856 Gross, Louis LOBSINGER, Magdalena Thoma, Anton GROSS, Margaret Lobsinger, Anton & Michael ZÜRCHER (Zuercher)
GROSS, Louis KUEHN, Carolina 23 Apr 1867
GROSS, Nicholas HEMPEN, Catharina 18 Aug 1896 Gross, Joseph MARZELL, Maria Hempen, Henry HERMANN, Catharina JOFFRAY, George & Anna DERHAKE
GROSSPITSCH, Cornelius (Baptized 21 Jul 1895 at St. Luke’s) LANG, Marie (Baptized 19 May 1898 at cathedral) 24 Jan 1917 Grosspitsch, Joseph FEDER, Anna Lang, Martin HOFRICHTER, Mary Grosspitsch, Marc.  & Catherine Lang
GRUBEL, Anton WENDLING, Apollonia 23 May 1850 ANDREES, George & Jacob CARAER
GRUBER, Laurent WACHTER, Anna 8 Dec 1852 SCHLEZBAUM, John & Joseph MEMMEL
GRUENER, George (Baptized 1 Dec 1881 in O’Fallon) BECHERER, Praxedis  (Baptized 31 Dec 1894 at Cathedral) 13 Nov 1912 Gruener, George SCHOBERT, Margaret Becherer, Leonhard SIEGREST, Emiliana Gruener, John & Eleonora Becherer
GRUENEVALD, Francis Nicholas MUNIE, Paulina 2 May 1893 Gruenevald, Joseph RABO, Maria Helene Munie, Joseph GERMAIN, Christine GRUENEWALD, Jos.; Jos. FREY; Ludw. Germain; Lizzie RUDOLPH; Isabella Munie & Lena KEHRER
GRUENEWALD, Frank (Born 8 Apr 1900 & baptized at cathedral) FISCHER, Minnetta (Baptized 4 Mar 1901 in Belleville) 21 Jan 1926 Gruenewald, Val FUCHS, Agnes Fischer, Philip WRIGHT, Alice Brock, Robert & Emma Gruenewald
GRUENEWALD, Joseph RABO, Anna Helena 7 Jan 1862 Gruenewald, Francis ZÜRN (Zuern), Catharina Rabo, Nicholas PETITJEAN, Magdalena MASRANG, Michael; Peter ETZKORN & Henry REUS
GRUENEWALD, Joseph A. RUDOLPH, Elizabeth 4 Oct 1893 Gruenewald, Joseph RABO, Margaret Rudolph, George STARK, Christina Rudolph, John; Amanda KAUB; Joh. MATHES; Julia WITTMEYER; L. BECHERER & M. Rudolph
GRUENEWALD, Ralph (Baptized 18 Mar 1899 at cathedral) VERNIER, Ethel (Baptized 7 Apr 1901 at St. Luke) 18 Jul 1928 Gruenewald, Joseph RUDOLPH, Elizabeth Vernier, August CRANNAGE, Sarah STAUDER, Rudolph & Lucille Vernier
GRUENEWALD, Valentin (Protestant) FUCHS, Agnes 24 Aug 1893 Gruenewald, George BRANDSTETTER, Susanna Fuchs, Conrad VOLLMANN, Margaret Fuchs, Francis; Maria DINGES; Henry JUNG & Frieda Gruenewald
GRÜN (Gruen), Henry LEINGANG, Barbara 7 Nov 1862 THEIR, Daniel & Anna Maria SCHOEMAT
GUBSER, Adolph JOHN, Emilia 14 Oct 1884 Gubser, Caspar HUBER, Maria Anna John, John LINDER, Amalia SUGG, Robert & Catharina ABEGG
GUBSER, Joseph Justin MEYER, Martha 14 Oct 1849 Meyer, Jacob & Christian BERTSCH
GUDNICK, Simeone MAGOTTA, Barbara 21 Jul 1874 Gudnick, Joseph SCHALI, Margaret Magotta, Not listed STARK, Stephan & Martha ALBRECHT
GUENTER, Jacob SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth (Widow of Hyeronimus Schneider) 9 Nov 1865 Guenter, Jacob MERSINGER, Philippina ZELLER, Not listed KNOBEL, Carl
GUENTHER, Johann MYER, Magdalena 6 May 1869 Guenther, Michael WURSTHOUN, Theresa Myer, William MARKS, Maria
GUENTHER, Laurent NOLD, Luitgard 27 Sep 1857 Guenther, George Not listed, Maria A. Nold, Hieronymus Not listed, Anna M. KUEHN, Anton & Laurent GANZ
GUENTZ, Henry Justin (Protestant) EIMER, Maria 12 Aug 1862 Guentz, Justin JORG, Louisa Eimer, Simon AUGERT, Maria Eimer, George & Carolina Eimer
GUENZ, Christian PAULI, Maria 5 Nov 1867 Gueny, Joseph RITTER, Cunigunda Pauli, Bernhard WEBER, Margaret PFIFFNER, Alexander & Carl LUTWIG
GUETHEIS, Jacob SCHOBA, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1852 MUELLER, Jacob & Hubert WAHL
GUETTERMAN, Vincent (Baptized 29 Apr 1901 at cathedral) BERGER, Ottilia (Baptized 14 Apr 1904 at cathedral) 4 Oct 1927 Guetterman, Daniel Not listed, Catherine Berger, Charles RISCHAR, Marg. BAUMAN, Dr. Charles & Edna EISENAUER
GUETTERMANN, Daniel (Widower) GUETTERMANN, Catharina 11 Jan 1898 Guettermann, Michael BECKI, Apollonia Guettermann, John BELTZ, Barbara OBERT, Pastel & Catharina DIEKER Dispensation for fourth degree relationship
GUETTERMANN, John HUMMEL, Louisa 19 Apr 1904 Guettermann, John BENZ, Barbara Hummel, William LUTHER, Barbara WAGNER, John & Anna Guettermann
GUGGEMUS, Joseph RIEDMEYER, Maria 30 Nov 1856 Guggemus, John Not listed, Teresa Riedmeyer, Joseph Not listed, Barbara Riedmeyer, Joseph & John PAULI
GUILLEMET, Paul NEPGEN, Anna 12 Oct 1869 GUILEMET, Not listed Nepgen, Not listed FENNER, Anton; Magdalena MYER & Margaret JENOT [?]
GUNDLACH, Clarence (Baptized 7 Dec 1902 at cathedral) BEAUMONT, Consuela (Baptized Methodist 5 Jun 1903) 17 Jan 1923 Gundlach, Philip BECHERER, Magdalena Beaumont, William AVERY, Emily BOUL, Bryan & Mabel Beaumont
GUNDLACH, Cyril (Baptized 3 Aug 1890 at Cathedral) GEIL, Lulu (Baptized 26 Oct 1914) 27 Oct 1914 Gundlach, Philip Not listed, Magdalena Geil, Conrad SCHROEDER, Ida Gundlach, Edward & Maria Gundlach
GUNDLACH, George (Baptized 6 Sep 1902 at cathedral) MICHAELIS, Irma (Baptized 27 May 1929 at St. Luke) 20 Jun 1929 Gundlach, Philip ROMPEL, Margaret Michaelis, Theodore Not listed, Louise
GUNDLACH, Henry (Baptized 3 Jun 1893 at cathedral) NEIMAYER, M. Magdalena (Not baptized) 14 Nov 1917 Gundlach, Nicholas BECHERER, Anna Neimayer, John SCHUESSWENDER, Anna MILLER, Joseph & Frances WIESNER
GUNDLACH, Jacob ACKER, Christina 13 May 1855 GERMAING, Hyacinth; Philip Gundlach; John Gundlach & Philip Gundlach
GUNDLACH, Jacob HERR, Wilhelmina Catharina 28 Dec 1880 Gundlach, Philipp John BIEBEL, Margaret Herr, Philipp Ignatius SCHLERNITZAUER, Christina Gundlach, N. Ph. & Louisa Herr
GUNDLACH, Jacob BECHERER, Louisa 17 Jun 1890 Gundlach, Jacob ACKER, Christina (Non-Catholic [?]) Becherer, Anton GASS, Louisa Becherer, Leonhard & Theresa Becherer
GUNDLACH, John Philipp HERTLEIN, Sophia 20 Nov 1894 Gundlach, Philipp John BIEBEL, Margaret Hertlein, George MEMMEL, Walburga Hertlein, George & Anna Gundlach
GUNDLACH, Joseph E. STENDLE, Bertha (Non-Catholic) Gundlach, P. M. BOENING, Eleonora Stendle, Albert SEIBERT, Adolphina Stendle, Oswald & Melinda POIROT Appears between 27 Jan & 8 Mar 1904
GUNDLACH, Julius (Baptized 12 May 1887 in Belleville) KISSEL, Elizabeth (Baptized 17 Feb 1886 in Belleville) 12 May 1910 Gundlach, Nic. BECHERER, Anna Kissel, John DAMSKY, Victoria Kissel, Joseph & Rosa Gundlach
GUNDLACH, Nicolaus Philipp BECHERER, Anna Maria 3 Apr 1883 Gundlach, Philipp John BIEBEL, Margaret Becherer, Anton FOURNIER, Louisa Becherer, Jacob A. & Susanna Gundlach
GUNDLACH, Philipp BECHERER, Maria Magdalena 27 Jan 1885 Gundlach, Jacob ACKER, Christina Becherer, Anton FOURNIE, Louisa Becherer, G. & M. Gundlach
GUNDLACH, Philipp ROMPEL, Margaret 9 Sep 1896 Gundlach, Philipp BOEURINIG [?], Eleonora Rompel, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Catharina Gundlach, Joseph & Thecla Rompel Dispensation for third degree blood relationship.
GUNDLACH, Severin MERKER, Hazel Anna 19 Nov 1907 Gundlach, Nic. BECHERER, Anna Merker, Fred. B. DUNN, Susanna Gundlach, Julius & Not listed POIROT
GUNDLACH, William (Baptized at Cathedral) BONDINOT, Vera (Baptized 25 Nov 1912 at Cathedral) 26 Nov 1912 Gundlach, Nicholas BECHERER, Anna Bondinot, Thomas WILDERMAN, Luella FOELLER, Arthur & Rosa Gundlach
GUNST, Adam KONGEL, Barbara 1 Oct 1850 Gunst, Philip & Gaspar KRUSE
GUNTREN, Caesar SCHAEFFER, Elizabeth 10 Sep 1879 Guntren, Baptist KEMPEN, Maria Schaeffer, Jacob PFALZ, Catharina STAMMER, John & Eva Stammer
GUST, Paul NOLT, Maria 14 Sep 1856 Gust, Sigmund Not listed, Anna Maria Nolt, Carl Not listed, Magdalena MUELLER, Bernard & Phillip GUNDLACH
GUTH, Francis HEILMANN, Elizabeth 21 Jul 1862 Guth, Joseph SPUETIG, Anna Maria Heilmann, Laurent MUELLER, Margaret Guth, Peter & Catharina Heilmann
GUTHNECK, Simon (Widower) GANNON, Rosa (Widow) 13 Jun 1893 Guthneck, Joseph SCHALK, Margaret Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena WAGNER, George & Magdalena Wagner (Mrs. George)
HAAS, Joseph (Baptized 19 Dec 1893 in New Athens, IL) REEB, Sophie (Baptized 16 Feb 1896 at cathedral) 24 Apr 1918 Haas, Nicholas GRAU, Elizabeth Reeb, John STRAUBINGER, Mary Straubinger, Jacob & Theolinda ETTLING
HAAS, Lawrence B. (Baptized 27 Aug 1896 in New Baden) WUEBBLES, Teresa (Baptized 24 ___ 1903 in Damiansville) 5 Jun 1924 Haas, John P. WOLF, Anna Mary Wuebbles, John BOOK, Mary Book, Francis & Leona Haas
HACKER, Balthasar KALKBRENNER, Bertha 17 Sep 1901 Hacker, Frederick HELLDOERFER, Margaret Kalkbrenner, Daniel KLAMM, Catharina STARK, Peter & Regina BOHLSEN
HACKER, Frederick HELLDEFFEL, Margaret 5 Aug 1860 Hacker, John ADELHARD, Anna Helldeffel, George ___, Margaret HARTMANN, George & Margaret MUELLER
HACKER, John BLAIES, Emma 28 Apr 1891 Hacker, Friederick HOLLEVER, Margaret Blaies, Francis (From Mascoutah) BENDER, Theresa PEIFER, Henry & Francisca KLEIN
HACKMAN, Louis (Baptized 16 Nov 1903 in Germantown) YOCH, Estella (Baptized Jul 1902 at St. Anthony in St. Louis) 28 Nov 1929 Hackman, Joseph MEYERING, Amalia Yoch, Ben J. GUNDLACH, Clara Yoch, Bernice & Herman Hackman
HAEFFNER, Louis LEHR, Maria C. 29 Aug 1882 Haeffner, Basil LIEBECK, Ammonia Lehr, Michael SCHENK, Apollonia RAMPENTHAL, William & Maria ZIMMERMANN
HAEGELE, Joseph (Widower) BECK, Marianna 24 Feb 1855 STOEKEL, Michael & Jacob MUELLER
HAEISLER, Edward SCHLEGEL, Helena 1 Feb 1881 Haeisler, Balthasar BAUMANN, Victoria Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Apollonia Schlegel, Carl & Josephina KRISNER
HAERBIG, Emil HONER, Barbara (Baptized 20 Apr 1892 in Mascoutah) 14 Apr 1921 Haerbig, Edward PROBST, Adela Honer, Martin HUSS, Anna HOFF, William & L. DIETRICH
HAFFNER, Hugo EMGE, Bertha 15 May 1907 Haffner, Nicholas LEY, Gertrude Emge, Peter GEIGER, Sabina Emge, Edward & Maria GROCHA
HAFFNER, John WILSON, Maria Jessie (Baptized 7 Dec 1894) 8 Dec 1894 Haffner, Martin LEY, Gertrude Wilson, John RIEDDENHAUSEN, Susanna AUG, Francis B. & Eva RENNER
HAFFNER, Martin ACKERMANN, Maria 12 Nov 1877 Haffner, Philipp BAUVIS, Elizabeth Ackermann, Anton HELWIG, Anna Haffner, Nicolaus & Gerhard NOBIS
HAFFRON, William REEVES, Joanna 27 Sep 1881 Haffner, John Not listed, Margaret DWYER, Daniel KIRBICK, Nance REINEKE, Conrad & Elizabeth REINECH
HAGEN, John A. ALBRECHT, Elizabeth M. 11 Sep 1895 Hagen, Christopher FICKER, Theresa Albrecht Anton MATHES, Julia BAUER, Mathias & Elizabeth MEYER
HAHN, Carl Joseph MEYER, Maria 11 Jan 1888 Hahn, Johann HIRSCH, Anna Maria Meyer, George BRENNER, Theresa WEINRICH, George; Anna Meyer; Louis H. GRONE & Anna Hahn
HAHN, Fred C. (Baptized 16 Jan 1916 at St. Leo in Modoc) SIMPSON, Leonora (Baptized 13 Nov 1909 at Prairie du Rocher) 24 Oct 1928 Hahn, Charles BERSCHE, Margaret Simpson, Gregory HARRELL, Sarrah SCHILB, Eva & Louise DIETRICH
HAHN, George KALKBRENNER, Gertrude 29 Sep 1874 Hahn, Adam WAGNER, Maria Catharina Kalkbrenner, Damian LANG, Catharina OBERBAUER, Inere John & Margaret Oberbauer
HAHN, Gottfried KEMPF, Margaret 11 Sep 1877 Hahn, Gottfried Not listed, Maria Kempf, Francis WISROCK, Theresa FERRENBACH, Joseph & Louisa BOGY
HAHN, Kilian PHILIPS, Maria 26 Oct 1849 RATH, Frederick John
HALE, Thomas (Non-Catholic) DREWES, Theresa 26 Jan 1893 Hale, Charles VOICI, Caroline Drewes, Friederich GROTEMANN, Florentina Drewes, Frederick & Carolina SEDDON
HALFEN, Jacob HILT, Eva 3 Oct 1864 Halfen, Johann KLOECKNER, Anna Hilt, Michael YUNG, Eva Maria Hilt, Eva Maria & Clara Hilt
HAMANN, Adam BECHTOLD, Maria 30 Jun 1891 Hamann, John FRICK, Christina Bechtold, Henry MEIDINGER, Maria Bechtold, Henry & Carolina Bechtold
HAMANT, Michael DASTILION, Theresa 2 Sep 1855 SCHAEFER, Francis & Michael LUETTNER
HAMILTON, Edward (Protestant) SHARP, Maria (Baptized in East St. Louis) 23 Aug 1912 Hamilton, Melvin COCHRAN, Maria Sharp, Robert NORRIS, Maria FIX, Eugene & Josephina DIETRICH
HAMILTON, Marcus (Baptized in St. Elizabeth Hospital 6 Mar 1918) VICTOR, Elizabeth 6 Mar 1918 Hamilton, Charles JOHNSON, Bertha Victor, Emmanuel HANDRICH, Mary BERTSCH, Theresa  & Mrs. Mary IGEL Revalidation marriage
HAMM, John MAYER, Gertrude 22 Jun 1896 Hamm, Alexander WAGNER, Barbara Mayer, Francis MEYER, Margaret Meyer, Francis & Elizabeth Meyer
HAMM, Nicholas GLATZ, Carolina 23 Oct 1853 Hamm, John & Joseph Glatz
HAMMEL, Martin FAUST, Francisca 3 Oct 1850 BEIL, Michael & Gabriele Faust
HAMMER, Anton BERDUX, Henrietta 2 Sep 1873 Hammer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena Berdux, Carl KEMPF, Friederica KERN, John & Anton RENO
HAMMER, Charles Louis REITZ, Maria 8 Mar 1851 REISER, Adam & Michael REISSER
HAMMER, Francis J. ESCHMANN, Gertrude 24 Sep 1889 Hammer, Andrew Eschmann, John HASSENSTAB, Magdalena MATHES, Jr., John; Fid. LAUF; Maria Eschmann; M. Blome Groom assumed the name of BLOME [Adopted by?}
HANCOCK, Philip (Born 17 Feb 1905 in Colum__, MI & baptized Methodist) BOCHO, Corinne (Baptized 25 Dec 1908 at cathedral) 24 Sep 1927 Hancock, Thomas CONG_N, Alice Bocho, Joseph HOEFFKEN, Elizabeth AG_R, William & Agnes Feldman
HANGSLEBEN, Walter (Born 29 Jul 1888; Baptized in Methodist Church in Shiloh, IL) SEIPP, Louisa (Baptized _2 Feb 1891 in O’Fallon) 30 Nov 1911 Hangsleben, John MEYER, Carolina Seipp, Henry HILDEBRANDT, Catharina Hangsleben, Theodore & Christina Seipp
HANK, Roland (Baptized at Christ Church 13 Dec 1899) BIEBEL, Rose (Baptized 29 Apr 1902 at cathedral) 5 Jan 1924 Hank, Otto WILD, Louisa Biebel, Joseph LOUIS, Caroline Biebel, Cornelius & Adela Biebel
HARBART, George BUHMÜLLER (Buhmueller), M. Barbara 30 Aug 1855 Buhmueller, Jacob & Valentin Harbart
HARDI, Joseph SCHNEIDER, Anna 16 Nov 1893 Hardi, Joseph HEILING, Clara Schneider, Frederick SCHMIDT, Maria LILL, John & Magdalena DURNBECK
HARKE, Peter FOROLKES, Johnette 16 Apr 1907 Harke, Michael Not listed, Maria FOERLKES, Robert SEATE, Margaret KLEIN, John & Ionia FOHR
HARPER, Monroe FRANKE, Rosalia (Widow) 8 Jun 1892 Harper, Thomas WALTER, Nance Klock, Nicholas SEBASTIAN, Theresa HEINOTE, Peter & Julia Heinote
HARRE, John G. A. (Baptized 19 Jan 1895 at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis ,MO) HOFFMANN, Martha (Baptized 16 Feb 1897 at cathedral) 29 Nov 1923 Harre, John WALTRAPP, Clara Hoffmann, Sr., Frank BOEHL, Henrietta DOLLUS, Walter & Celia Hoffmann
HARRISON, Not listed (Non-Catholic) SONNENBERG, Not listed (Born in Wakefield, KS) 7 Jun 1911 Harrison, Jac. ROBISON, Elis. Sonnenberg, George SMITH, Anna HULL, Robert & Mrs. Robert Hull
HARRISON, William L. (Born 7 Jul 1891 in Cairo, IL (34y) & not baptized) BROWN, Louise (Born 23 Jul & baptized 31 Jul 1892 in Cairo, IL) 13 Jul 1925 Harrison, William BULLARD, Maude BRAUN (Brown), Rudolph SACHBERGER, Mary DIETRICH, Louise & Eva SCHILB [St. Patrick in Cairo, IL is mentioned]
HARST, Joseph BEHNEN, Maria 26 Nov 1902 Harst, John BUENTGEN, Margaret Behnen, Bernard KLEINEKORTE, Margaret KNISE, Herman & Wilhelmina Harst
HART, Andrew FEDER, Catharina 27 Apr 1856 Hart, John Not listed, Susanna Feder, George Not listed, Cunagunda RAPP, Andrew & Adam AULBACH
HARTKE, Henry HELMER, Josephina 13 Jun 1849 SCHMITSCHNEIDER, Not listed & Maria MANAGUE
HARTMAN, Bernard (Baptized at Holy Trinity in St. Louis, MO) MAYER, Josephina (Non-Catholic) 15 Sep 1914 Hartman, Aug. VANTRAP, Carolina Mayer, Fred. LANTEMAN [?], Barbara Hartman, Frank & Paulina Mayer
HARTMANN, Johann KERN, Isabella 6 Nov 1878 Hartmann, George GRAN, Kunigunda Kern, Nicholas BA__, Johanna Kern, Johann & Emilia Kern
HARTMANN, Joseph HEILMANN, Margaret 26 [Dec] 1865 Hartmann, Isodor MOST, Crescentia MUELLER, Nicholas Heilmann [?] SNATERER, Mathias & Francis GUTH
HARTMANN, Leonhard FITZEL, Regina 12 May 1867 Hartmann, Joseph Anton FISCHER, Maria Anna Fitzel, Stephan MÜLLER (Mueller), Elizabeth Fischer, Martin & Jacob Fischer
HARTMANN, Otto C. (Non-Catholic) DUNN, Jessie I. 21 Oct 1907 Hartmann, Carl RAHIS, Catharina Dunn, Bernard PARROTT, Roxanne Hartmann, Herman & Gustie WAGNER Permission from St. John in Red Bud, IL
HARTOIN, Marcel (Born 2 Feb 1912 in Fayetteville, IL & baptized there.) GUY, Elizabeth (Born 30 Apr 1904 in ___, PA) 19 Nov 1925 Hartoin, Dominic GRANDCOLAS, Mary Guy, Joseph SHINNERS, Bridget BRIESACHER, Herbert & Ruth OESTERLE
HARTOIS, Dominic KRANKULAER, Maria 23 Nov 1875 Hartois, Anton SAINTEVE, Margaret Krankulaer, Anton ADAM, Catharina Krankulaer, John & Margaret ADAMS
HARTTMANN, Joseph MUNIER, Bertha 30 Apr 1907 Harttmann, John KERN, Isabella Munier, John B. HEILMANN, Anna Munie, Eugene & Hilda Munier Married by Rev. J. Munier
HARTTMANN, William BEIS, Eva B. 6 Apr 1899 Harttmann, Michael GEMEINHART, Sybilla Beis, Carl BOUCHERIC, Octavia OBERT, Bartel & Catharina DIEKER Married in Kaskaskia.
HARZ, John MECKEL, Margaret 29 Mar 1875 Harz, John STOLZ, Clara Meckel, Jacob KRÜGER (Krueger), Emilia WEISS, Nicolaus & Peter FICKINGER
HASENSTAB, (Thomas) Carl (Widower) TUERCK, Anna 3 Oct 1906 Hasenstab, John KERN, Helena Tuerck, Nicholas OTTO, Wilhelmina PORTER, John & Gertrude Hasenstab
HASENSTAB, Carl WALTER, Anna 27 Apr 1909 Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Maria Walter, William SCHMITTLING, Christina Walter, William & E. REEB
HASENSTAB, George BÜCHLER (Buechler), Maria Magdalena 27 Nov 1877 Hasenstab, Peter ELBERT, Catharina Buechler, Nicholas MEHN, Elizabeth UNTENST___, Maximilian & Josephina ROESCH
HASENSTAB, George WEBER, Catharina 27 Nov 1906 Hasenstab, George WEBER, Catharina Weber, George KEIL, Catharina Hasenstab, Joseph & Elizabeth Weber
HASENSTAB, Joseph (Baptized May 1888 at cathedral) STUEMPLER, Anna (Baptized Nov 1892 in St. Libory, IL) 25 Apr 1922 Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Mary Stuempler, Bernard OTTEN, Elizabeth HUEFNER, Oliver & Helen Stuempler
HASENSTAB, Peter (Baptized 17 Apr 1900 at cathedral) SCHMITTLING, Anna (Baptized 14 Apr 1900 at cathedral) 21 Sep 1922 Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Mary Schmittling, Anthony MARTIN, Theresa Schmittling, William & Clara Hasenstab
HASENSTAUB, John KERN, Helena 16 Aug 1871 Hasenstaub, Peter ELBERT, Catharina Kern, Ignatius SCHAUFNER, Juliana FERRENBACH, Michael & Floria Kern
HASSELBACH, Louis (Non-Catholic) HASENSTAB, Cecilia 26 Apr 1909 Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Maria IGEL, Emilia & Maria Hasenstab
HASSLER, George ROSENTHAL, Emma (Non-Catholic) 20 Jun 1899 Hassler, Jacob MOSER, Joanna Rosenthal, John WEIBEL, Frederica Rosenthal, John M. & Joanna Hassler
HASSLER, Jacob RIEGER, Johanna 2 Jul 1855 SCHUMMERT, Anton & Jacob REEB
HASSLER, John George IGEL, Barbara 13 Jan 1880 Hassler, Jacob MOSER, Johanna Igel, John ZELLER, Walburga BETZ, Joseph & Carl ESCHMANN
HASSLER, Otto (Baptized 8 Sep 1900 at cathedral) ECKHARDT, Lillian (Baptized 13 Nov 1906 in St. Louis) 7 Sep 1926 Hassler, George ROSENTHAL, Emma Eckhardt, Hugo SEVERIN, Ara FIX, Hugo & Lillian HEISLER
HASTINGS, William (Baptized 1916 at St. John Orphanage) SCHOENHOFEN, Olga (Baptized 21 Oct 1906 at cathedral) 19 Jun 1928 Hastings, Martin MELAIR, Rachael Schoenhofen, William MINOR, Adele Schoenhofen, Roland & Clara Schoenhofen
HATT, John ACKERMANN, Maria 28 Oct 1849 KNAPP, John & Peter WEBER
HAUBENWISER, August (Non-Catholic) SCHMISSING, Matilda 16 Oct 1886 Validation marriage of civil ceremony.
HAUBRICH, Francis SIPPEL, Catharina (Non-Catholic) 10 Feb 1900 Haubrich, Nicholas HEISCHER, Cath. Sippel, Peter (Deceased) GEIB, Joanna QUIRK, Louisa & Joanna Sippel
HAUP, Peter BOMP, Barbara 4 Jun 1854 UHL, Andrew & Augustine SCHMITT
HAUS, Henry (Baptized 16 Feb 1892 in Smithton, IL) REEB, Catherine (Baptized 26 Jun 1895 at cathedral) 21 Jun 1916 Haus, Nicholas GRAU, Elizabeth Reeb, Valentin GLAUBER, Magdalena Reeb, Leonard & Catherine Haus
HAUSMANN, Edwin L. (Baptized at cathedral) FELLNER, Clotilda C. (Baptized at cathedral) 20 May 1919 Hausmann, Joseph BERKEL, Anna Fellner, Peter G. TRENZ, Catharine Fellner, Alphonse & Adelaide Hausmann
HAUSMANN, Peter P. (From Smithton, IL) PRESS, Hilda (Non-Catholic) 15 Oct 1901 Hausmann, Peter HEILMANN, Gertrude Press, Michael DAESCH, Doro___ HAGEN, Margaret & Catharina DIEKER
HAUSWALD, Francis HOOK, Anna Maria 1 Dec 1853 AULBACK, Adam; Nicholas PROSIUS; Eva FAUST & Anna Maria PETERMANN
HAVERKORN, Francis WILD, Barbara (Protestant) 10 May 1859 Haverkorn, John MÜLLER (Mueller), Eva Catharina Wild, Andrew KRAFT, Barbara KNAB, Carl & Adam Wild
HAVERKORN, Francis (Widower of Barbara WILD) ADRIAN, Catharina 4 May 1867 Haverkorn, Johann MUELLER, Eva Catharina Adrian, Joseph HELLMEYER, Catharina Wild, George & Adam Wild
HAWTHORNE, Elmer (Not baptized) VOLLMER, Arline (Baptized Apr 1911 at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah) 26 Oct 1929 Hawthorne, Thomas MAXWELL, Sarah Vollmer, George STRAUB, Ella LANG, Charles & Mamie Lang
HAY, Richard FELLIE, Rosalia (Widow) 27 Apr 1846 BAUDROCT, Aman & Rosa Baudroct
HAYDEN, Proctor (Baptized 18 Mar 1879 in Jasper, IN) SMITH, Ethel (Protestant) 28 Nov 1913 Hayden, Charles RUSSE, M. Smith, J. F. GILLS, Nancy BEDEL, M. & J. DIETRICH
HAZEN, James PALMER, Lucia _9 Apr 1880 Hazen, James KARR, Anna Palmer, Jacob DOUGLAS, Sarah HERZLER, Martin & Anna KREITNER
HEAFNER, Edward (Baptized 19 Aug 1888 in Belleville) ROEDIGER, Amanda (Non-Catholic) 31 May 1910 Heafner, Ed. L. LEHR, Maria Roediger, Albert Not listed, Georgiana Heafner, Eleonora & Barbara FISCHER
HEAFNER, Walter (Baptized 10 Jan 1886 in Belleville, IL) WEBER, Elizabeth (Baptized 13 Nov 1880 in Du Bois) 12 Oct 1910 Heafner, Louis LOEHR, Maria Weber, George KEIL, Catharina Weber, George & Lena LAUER
HEBENSTREIT, Bruno DEGENHARDT, Victoria 11 Jul 1858 Hebenstreit, Joseph Not listed, Theresa Degenhardt, Valentin Not listed, Elizabeth SIEBERT, Alois & Philipp Hebenstreit
HEBENSTREIT, Joseph KIEFER, Maria Francisca 21 Apr 1872 Hebenstreit, Jacob DIETRICH, Catharina Kiefer, Anton Not listed, Maria Magdalena Hebenstreit, Philipp Jacob & Philipp SEILER
HEBENSTREIT, Philipp J. (Widower) KOPP, Maria 9 Jan 1853 SEBERT, Aloysius & Joseph SCHMITT
HECHENBERGER, Joseph (Baptized Mar 1906 at cathedral) GRANDCOLAS, Loretta (Baptized 20 Jul 1911 at St. Mary) 5 Jun 1929 Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMAN, Elizabeth Grandcolas, Louis FAULSTICH, Barbara WELLINGHOFF, Herman & Cecilia Hechenberger
HECHENBERGER, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth 1 Jun 1904 Hechenberger, Andrew LERCHER, Philomena Dahlmann, Herman SPRINGOT, Agnes Lercher, Engelbert & Johanna Dahlmann
HECHENGERGER, Anton HORN, Maria 28 Apr 1903 Hechenberger, Andrew LERCHER, Philomena Horn, John BRENDEL, Ursulina Horn, John & Elizabeth Hechenberger
HECK, Emil J. (Baptized Evangelical) STIEFATHER, Lillian (Baptized 16 Oct 1898 in Evansville) 21 May 1919 Heck, Jacob BAUMBAUER, Catharine Stiefather, Herman BERGER, Caroline HOFF, William & Josie DIETRICH
HECK, Johann Carl BUCKLEY, Bridget 10 May 1868 Heck, Johann WEINBERGER, Margaret Buckley, William MALOY, Johanna Heck, Francis & Maria HENEY Mixed religion marriage
HECK, John BAYER, Paulina C. 7 Jan 1857 Heck, Anton Not listed, Catharina Bayer, Alois Not listed, Margaret
HECKENKAMP, Bernard KARR, Emilia 11 Nov 1890 Heckenkamp, Bernard MICHAEL, Elizabeth Karr, Adam LEIST, Catharina Karr, Adam & Catharina FLACH
HECKENKAMP, Emil B. (Baptized 13 Sep 1894 at St. Luke’s) KOHL, Agnes M. (Baptized 24 Feb 1892 at cathedral) 11 May 1918 Heckenkamp, Barney KARR, Emilia Kohl, Emil J. KLEIN, Emma WULLER, Paul & Bertha Kohl
HEER, Matthew FINK, Margaret (Widow) 16 Sep 1849 HALBLAUB, John; August SCHENOT & Hyacint PFEIFER
HEES, Robert (Baptized 17 Feb 1876 at cathedral) BROWNING, Grace (Baptized11 Sep 1892 at St. Elizabeth Hospital 5 Jan 1920) 6 Jan 1920 Hees, William PLUS, Augusta Browning, Josh B. TURNER, Mary RUEDIGER, Mrs. Mary  & Magd. GUNDLACH
HEFTI, Thomas BAUQUET, Maria Cunigunda 28 Jan 1879 Hefti, Adam NOSER, Josephina Bauquet, John ENDE, Cunigunda KOEHLER, Joseph & Catharina DREWES
HEFTI, William SMITH, Elizabeth 5 Aug 1890 Hefti, Adam NOSER, Maria Josephina Smith, Daniel SCHWEIKARDT, Maria Smith, John & Anna EISINGER
HEHMANN, Bernard (Baptized 23 Oct 1880 in Belleville) SIEFERT, Minnie (Non-Catholic) 14 Jun 1910 Hehmann, John NEIDER, Lucy Siefert, Henry ROGGER, Anna KUHN, George & Tillie Hehmann
HEHMANN, John NEITER, Luria 1 Jun 1873 HESNANN, Bernard PATH, Catharina Neiter, Vincent Not listed, Elizabeth MEYER, Francis & Margaret SCHMIDT
HEHMANN, William KUHN, Maria (New convert) 27 Oct 1896 Hehmann, John NEIDER, Lucia Kuhn, Conrad STUART, Rosa GROSSMANN, Louis & Clara Hehmann
HEIBEL, Michael REICHENBERG, Teresa 15 Jan 1853 MUELLER, Jacob & Anton OHNSORG
HEIBERT, Francis CONRAD, Emma Agatha __ Jul 1883 Heibert, Francis KEHRER, Catharina Conrad, Francis KRILL, Eva SCHEFFKNECHT, Francis & Catharina KREITNER
HEIDELBERGER, Anton KERLIN, Elizabeth 22 Oct 1872 Heidelberger, Joseph WEIDNAND, Maria SCHANNEL, Conrad KNOPLER, Anna HONER, Maurice & Henry REISS
HEIDENREICH, Louis (Non-Catholic) MILLER, Lena 8 Jan 1902 Heidenreich, Henry RIEDER, Christina Miller, John BEICHEL, Magdalena LENSING, Emilia & Theodore MUELLER
HEILL, Bernard REISSEN, Anna 24 Oct 1850 Reissen, Mathias & Peter WEBER
HEILMANN, Jacob REICHERT, Maria 8 Aug 1848 SCHERR, Jacob & Francis SCHUSS
HEINEMAN, Gustave (Protestant) GUENTHER, Eleonor (Baptized 13 Aug 1907 at St. Luke) 24 Apr 1928 Heineman, Adam SCHWARTZ, Elizabeth Guenther, Albert KLUG, Gertrude LORENZ, Fred E. & Aurelia Lorenz
HEINKEL, Jacob (Non-Catholic; from Jefferson County, MO) FUHRMANN, Theresa 15 Jan 1889 HEINKEL, Gottlob REIDER, Wilhelmina Fuhrmann, Nicholas ISCH, Maria Fuhrmann, Francis J. & Helena GILB
HEINS, Frederick (Non-Catholic) JUNG, (RANEY), Maria (Marriage to William Raney declared invalid) 11 Nov 1908 Jung, Peter VOLK, Maria BERGMANN, Mathew & Louisa DIETRICH
HEITKAMP, Jacob HESS, Catharina 29 Oct 1857 Heitkamp, Peter Not listed, Gertrude Hess, Joseph Not listed, Margaret WETZER, Jacob & John Wetzer
HEITMANN, Edward (Baptized Aug 1882 in Freeburg) PFEIFFER, Frances (Baptized Oct 1882 in Mascoutah) 14 Mar 1917 HEITMAN, Peter NICODEM, Frances Pfeiffer, Jacob BERGEN, Lena O’BRIEN, John F. & Theresa BERTSCH Revalidation of civil marriage 8 years prior; married in St. Elizabeth Hospital.
HELFER, J. J. (From Baldwin, IL) BRAUNSCHWIG, Josephina Helfer, George HETACH, Bertha Braunschwig, Herman HUSMANN, Catharina IGEL, Nicholas & Catharina DIEKER Appears between 27 Jan & 8 Mar 1904
HELFERICH, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Magdalena 7 Nov 1882 Helferich, John MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina Schellmann, Joseph SCHALLER, Catharina MINIE, Joseph & Catharina SCHUMERT
HELFRICH,  Nicolaus SCHEDLER, Maria Anna 6 May 1856 Helfrich, Nic Not listed, Maria Schedler, Jacob Schedler, Jacob
HELFRICH, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Stephania 9 Nov 1869 Helfrich, Johann MUELLER, Catharina Schellmann, Joseph SCHALLER, Catharina Schellmann, Eugenia & Johann MENNIGER
HELL, Theodore MOSENBACHER, Maria 6 Apr 1850 Mosenbacher, Nicholas & Jacob MÜLLER (Mueller)
HELLDOERFER, Jos. (Baptized 7 Mar 1895 in Trenton, IL) KOCH, Emma (Baptized 25 Feb 1898 in Grantfork, IL) 4 Nov 1920 Helldoerfer, George RICHTER, Agnes Koch, John SCHANSTER, Lena DARNHARDT, Herman & Clara Koch
HELLMICH, Anton HOLDENER, Aloisia 29 Apr 1855 SICHMANN, Theodore; Wendelin HOLDENER & Max Hellmich
HELLRUNG, Nicolaus (Widower) HEBENSTREIT, Anna Maria 10 Sep 1852 HERR, Henry & Hubert WAHL
HELLWIG, George Anton HOLDENER, Julitha 24 May 1881 Hellwig, Dominic MASRONG, Margaret Holdener, Wendelin REITERMANN, Eva HERZLER, Joseph & Joseph Holdener
HELWIG, Aloysius (Baptized Jul 1900 at cathedral) FREEMAN, Blanche (Baptized Methodist) 20 May 1919 Helwig, Anton HOLDENER, Julitta Freeman, Charles NICHOLS, Jennie Helwig, Julitta & Josie DIETRICH Married before a Protestant minister 1 year prior.
HEMIGHOEFER, Philipp RENNER, Maria 26 Apr 1887 Hemighoefer, Frederick KAUFMAN, Catharina Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena Renner, Frederick; J. BRAUCH; J. REICK; Barbara Christina SEINNER & L. RUDOLF
HEMMER, Anton IHRLINGER, Elizabeth 2 Sep 1844 Hemmer, Peter & Joseph SCHAUFRA
HEMMER, Anton KERN, Magdalena 11 Nov 1865 Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena Kern, Nicholas BAQUET, Johanna Kern, Johann; Johann Kern & George MINIER
HEMMER, Francis FRIDEL, Anna Maria 3 Jun 1860 Hemmer, Adam ___, Magdalena Fridel, Joseph Not listed, Sapina Hemmer, Joseph & John Hemmer
HEMMER, George LUTZ, Bernardina 12 Jul 1870 Lutz, William; William DEMMERLE & Margaret Lutz
HEMMER, John BEIL, Not listed 7 Apr 1856 Hemmer, Adam Not listed, Magdalena Beil, Joseph Not listed, Catharina VIGGIONET, Rev. Elzear & Francis BRECHT
HEMMER, John M. (Baptized 9 Jan  1879  in Mascoutah) SPRING, Mary (Baptized 22 Sep 1876 in Paderborn) 27 Nov 1924 Hemmer, George LUTZ, Bernard HERZOG, John WEBER, Mary Spring, Arthur & Adela Spring
HEMMER, John Peter FEDER, Carolina 16 Oct 1883 Hemmer, Peter ADAMS, Magdalena Feder, John TRUTTMANN, Catharina WALTER, Louis & Anna Feder
HEMMER, Joseph KÜHNE (Kuehne), Louisa 27 May 1861 Hemmer, Adam GALL, Magdalena Kuehne, Nicholas WELTZ, Margaret BECKER, Jacob & Francis MUEHL
HEMMER, Nic (Baptized 18 Jul 1880 in Mascoutah) FOURNIE, Lauretta (Baptized 18 Jul 1900 at St. Luke) 28 May 1928 Hemmer, Peter W. QUIGLEY, Julia E. Fournie, Arthur J. MILLER, Clementine THEBUS, William & Marie Fournie
HEMPE, William BOHLSEN, Anna 18 Jun 1895 Hempe, Joseph LANG, Catharina Bohlsen, Henry TELLMANN, Angela FOSTER, Francis & Regina Bohlsen
HEMPEN, Henry A. RAUSCH, Eva 20 Dec 1898 Hempen, John H. HERRMANN, Catharina Rausch, Jacob FRIEANT, Margaret Hempen, John & Clara Rausch
HENDERSHOTT, Louis (Non-Catholic) HUGHES, Eugenia 11 Jun 1878 Hendershott, Henry JEFFERIES, Margaret Hughes, Jacob SCOTT, Sara FLEISCHBEIN, A. & B. Hughes
HENDRIN, Orville (Non-Catholic) POWDERLY, Louisa 12 Sep 1906 Hendrin, Edward HURSEY, Abbie Powderly, Jacob DWYER, Catharina Powderly, Jacob & Maria Powderly
HENIG, William (Non-Catholic) RENNER, Gertrude 3 Jul 1904 Henig, John HIFTLINE, Barbara Unknown Unknown Renner, Clement & Anna Renner
HENKE, Johann BECHEL, Helena 10 Feb 1863 Henke, Michael HELLMANN, Anna M. Bechel, Johann MEES, Barbara Mees, John & Andrew ABBEGG
HERBEIN, Joseph DOLCH, Margaret 10 Jun 1850 MÜLLER (Mueller), Jacob & Richard BECKER
HERBERT, Russell (Born 1904 at Shawneetown, Il & not baptized) LOUTH, Mary (Born 24 Jun 1904 & baptized in [Colum]bus [?], OH) 7 Jan 1926 Herbert, Stephen BROWN, Jessie Louth, James SHEA, Johanna WELLS, James & Adele SCHRAUTH
HERBIN, Hericum SCHMIERBAUCH, Theresa 3 Jan 1858 Herbin, Joseph Not listed, Barbara Schmierbauch, John G. Not listed, Elizabeth BECKER, Jacob; Frederic Becker & Joseph METZER
HERBSTREITH, Emil (Baptized 12 Oct 1903 in New Baden) WAIGAND, Marie (Baptized 24 Feb 1905 at cathedral) 18 May 1927 Herbstreith, Henry HOOG, Julia Waigand, Martin KRUPP, Louisa Waigand, Martin & Lilian AMBRY
HERGERT, Francis Joseph KREUTZ, Elizabeth 16 Sep 1873 Hergert, John Joseph DÖRR (Doerr), Barbara ROMEIS, John SCHLOSSER, Gertrude KARR, Peter & Elizabeth Karr
HERGOTT, August WEBER, Barbara 12 Aug 1855 GERMAING, Peter & Dominic Germaing
HERKERT, Francis TUMBECK, Francisca 28 May 1854 SIEVER, Gregory & Louisa [Siever]
HERMAN, Christ (Baptized Evangelical in Centerville) KROPP, Viola (Baptized 27 Apr 1908 in Millstadt) 28 May 1927 Herman, Henry FIX, Dora Kropp, James MUETH, Mary Herman, Will & Ella Kropp
HERMAN, Clem (Baptized 27 Aug 1903 at cathedral) MILLER, Florence (Baptized 30 Sep 1908 at St. Paul UCC in Belleville) 19 Jun 1928 Herman, Fred GUENTHER, Barbara Miller, William FUNK, Mary BLAES, Jr., Joseph & Magdalena Herman
HERMAN, Fred (Baptized 4 Nov 1893 at Cathedral) WOELKER, Luella 17 Sep 1916 Herman, Fred GUENTHER, Barbara Woelker, Fred BUCHMANN, Rose DIETRICH, Louisa & Bertha Dietrich Revalidation of civil marriage 4 months prior.
HERMAN, Gregory ESCHMAN, Margaret 3 May 1887 Herman, Gregory SCHLEGEL, Carolina Eschman, John HASSENSTAB, Maria Magdalena Eschman, Adam; F. ULMOREU; Magd. G. Eschman & Rosa Herman
HERMANN, Anton LUETKEMPER, Edna (Lutheran) 2 Feb 1909 Hermann, Peter RENY, Maria Luetkemper, Henry HEER, Bertha DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich
HERMANN, Clarence (Born 11 Jan & baptized 21 Jan 1912 at cathedral RHEINECKER, Laurene (Born 4 May & baptized 8 Sep 1912 in Pinckneyville, IL) 23 Sep 1931 Hermann, Anthony LUETKEMEYER, Edna Rheinecker, Charles ERNST, Mathilda Rheinecker, Elmer & Marie Rheinecker
HERMANN, Ferdinand GRABLER, Elizabeth 3 May 1893 Hermann, Blasi GRAF, Catharina Grabler, John KRAMER, Maria Anna Marriage ceremony to sanctify civil marriage of 30 Aug 1889.
HERMANN, Ferdinand GUENTHER, Barbara 30 May 1899 Hermann, Blasi GRAF, Catharina Guenther, John SAX, Barbara MARTIN, Henry & Elizabeth Guenther
HERMANN, Francis MEYER, Maria Florentina 23 May 1898 Hermann, Francis TIENG, Maria Meyer, Philipp MUHR, Ledivinia HEROLD, Adam & Maria RE__
HERMANN, George SCHLEGEL, Carolina 24 Feb 1852 RAMSTÄTTER (Ramstaetter), Laurent; Anton Schlegel & Barbara Hermann
HERMANN, Joseph WEBER, Anna 21 Nov 1888 Hermann, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara Weber, Frederich HESS, Magdalena MINIE, Edward; William SCHLEGEL; Anna FEDER & Rosa Hermann
HERMES, Edward FORSTER, Crescentia 13 Jun 1859 Hermes, Edward Not listed, Maria Anna MEYER, Mathias Not listed, Anna M. JRARAH, Hypolite & Nicholas RABO Bride was previously married to John Forster
HEROLD, Adam RAPP, Maria 2 Jun 1903 Herold, John ENGLER, Carolina Rapp, Jacob HERZOG, Gertrude HOEFFKEN, August & Dorothea Herold
HEROLD, Adam (Widower) MEIDINGER, Christina (Widow) 4 Aug 1897 Herold, Joseph WACHTEL, Catharina Crass, Lothari EIMER, Catharina Herold, Adam & Catharina Herold (Mrs. Adam)
HEROLD, Arthur (Baptized 7 Aug 1905 at cathedral) WEIDEMAN, Elsie (Born 25 Jul 1907, not baptized) 11 Jan 1929 Herold, Adam RAPP, Mary Weidemann, Louis WARREN, Carrie Herold, Jacob & Helen Herold Revalidation marriage
HEROLD, Jacob (Born 30 Apr & baptized 8 May 1904 at St. Stephen in Caseyville, IL) HOEFFKEN, Helen (Baptized 21 May 1905 at cathedral) 17 Jun 1925 Herold, Adam RAPP, Marie Hoeffken, August CORDIE, Ida Herold, Arthur & Olivia Hoeffken
HERPIN, Joseph SCHMUTZ, Theresa 17 Oct 1865 Herpin, Joseph SPROSS, Barbara Schmutz, Michael BOESCH, Rosina BAUMANN, Laurent; Henry Schmutz; Anna Maria BECKER & Maria Schmutz
HERPSTRITE, Arthur (Baptized Evangelical 1900 in New Baden, IL) SCHLICH, Clara (Baptized 3 Jul 1907 at St. Boniface in Germantown, IL) 2 Jul 1930 Herpstrite, Anthony HERBSTREITE, Ida Schlich, Henry HOGAN, Elizabeth LINDENER, Albert & Marie Schlich
HERR, Arthur WEIDMAN, Margaret (Non-Catholic) 11 Oct 1887 Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Weidman, Christofer GUNDLACH, Margaret Weidman, Adolf & Elizabeth Herr Dispensation for third degree blood relationship.
HERR, Joseph GUNDLACH, Margaret 19 Mar 1889 Herr, Philipp SCHLERNITZAUER, Christina Gundlach, John BIEBEL, Margaret Herr, Philipp & Anna Gundlach
HERR, Louis GUNDLACH, Margaret 21 May 1878 Herr, Philipp SCHLERNITZAUER, Christina Gundlach, Jacob ACKER, Christina Herr, Joseph & Elizabeth Gundlach
HERR, Martin DOLCH, Barbara 28 Dec 1852 BAUMANN, Frederick & Jacob MUELLER
HERR, Philip Ignatius SCHLERNIZAUER, Christina 19 Nov 1850 Herr, Henry & Leonard BOUL
HERR, Philipp C. KESSLER, Elizabeth 13 Jun 1893 Herr, Philipp STRELITZAUER [Schlernitzauer], Christina Kessler, John REINEMANN, Eva DECKERT, Adam & Theresa FAULSTICH
HERRMANN, Francis KUENIG, Maria 19 Feb 1867 Herrmann, Johann HARTZ, Sophia Kuenig, Samuel SICHMANN, Theodore & Maurice HOHNER Married previously in civil ceremony
HERRMANN, Leo (Born 31 Oct 1900 in Hawkins County.  Baptized at St. Joseph in Elizabethtown, IL) GALAGEN, Ruby (Born 9 ___ 1902 in ___ County, KY.  Not baptized) 18 Nov 1925 Herrmann, George REIF, Catherine Galagen, Jess W. HUGHES, Sally DIETRICH, Louisa & Bertha Dietrich
HERRMANN, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara 21 Aug 1860 Herrmann, August KRAFT, Theresa Meidinger, Johann FR___, Barbara SCHLEGEL, Anton; Jacob MUELLER & Joseph FRIES
HERRMANN, Louis KLOCK, Theresa (Widow of M. Klock [?]) 16 Jan 1866 Herrmann, Johann BATCHING, Barbara BASTIAN, Johann B. Not listed, Mary FERNBACH, N. & Maria A. SCHUMERT
HERTLEIN, George MEMMEL, M. Waltburga 3 Aug 1861 Hertlein, Michael SIEBERT, Waltburga Memmel, Joseph HELLER, Waltburga Memmel, Joseph & Waltburga Heller
HERTLEIN, George NATTERER, Maria 16 Nov 1897 Hertlein, George MEMEL, Maria Natterer, Peter WANGLER, Elizabeth LANG, Francis & Rosa Hertlein
HERTLEIN, John SCHOEN, Theresa 16 Jun 1909 Hertlein, George MEMMEL, Maria Schoen, Michael PFEIFFER, Barbara Hertlein, John & Theresa Hertlein
HERTLING, Henry WEIGAND, Maria Catharina 15 Oct 1878 Hertling, Henry ROTH, Victoria Weigand, Francis Joseph PAUSBACH, Anna Maria KEHLENBRINK, Henry & W. STAUDER
HERTZING, John ZITZMAN, Kunigunde 9 Jun 1885 Hertzing, John HEUMER, Anna Zitzmann, John ORLATH, Maria WITTAUER, Peter & Adam NEUNER
HERZING, Johann HOCK, Catharina 24 [Nov] 1863 Herzing, Johann GRUENER, Barbara Hock, Christian HEFLING, Eva FEDER, Sr., Johann & Johann Feder, Jr.
HERZING, John (Widower) BUCHHOLZ, Anna (Widow) 10 Jan 1893 Herzing, John Not listed, Anna BAER, Peter BREIDENBACH, Anna NEUNER, John & Christina LAUF
HERZLER, Jacob WEIBEL, Crescentia 22 Jul 1855 LOBSINGER, Anton & Joseph Anton Weibel
HERZLER, John EVERING, Maria 18 Oct 1893 Herzler, Jacob WEIBEL, Crescentia Evering, Henry HESPING, Charlotte TEUNER, William & Anna Herzler
HERZOG, Carl WANGLER, Crescentia 21 Jul 1903 Herzog, Carl HEILMANN, Maria Wangler, Sebastian WEHRLE, Theresa SCHMIDT, Albert & Catharina Herzog
HERZOG, Johann WEBER, Sophia 16 Apr 1868 Herzog, Laurent GESTERBACHER, Barbara Weber, Johann STREESER, Cunigunda BECHERER, Gregory & Catharina Becherer
HESCH, Kaspar CALMES, Angelica Magdalena 7 Sep 1848 Calmes, Anton & Valentin KIEPEL
HESS, Francis ADAM, Cecilia 28 Apr 1851 SCHANNUEL, Anton & Jacob MEISTER
HESSLER, John GUTH, Louisa 1 Sep 1861 Hessler, Nicholas DAHLEN, Elizabeth Guth, Joseph SPICKLIG, Anna Maria DAMARICH, Adam & Anna Guth
HEUSS, Edward (Lebanon) SEGER, Helen (St. Jacob) 16 Feb 1920 Heuss, Peter MORLOCK, Hanna Seger, Henry KUHN, Amelia MUELLER, Emil & Melba Seger
HICHMANN, Edwin (Baptized 18 Apr 1894 in Staffordshire, England) VIERHELLER, Emma (Baptized 21 Jun 1902 at cathedral) 27 Apr 1920 Hichmann, Edwin HULL, Maria Vierheller, Edward HERR, Anna Vierheller, Julius & Helen ALBRECHT
HILBERT, John OBERBAUER, Margaret 20 Nov 1884 Hilbert, Carl TENS, Magdalena Oberbauer, Balthasar WAGNER, Elizabeth EBNER, Francis; Joseph Hilbert; Lina Hilbert & Gertrude WEBER
HILDEBRAND, Ignatius BAHMANN, Catharina 4 Feb 1853 KÖLKER (Koelker), Bernard; Godlieb SONDERMAN & John FLORI
HILDENBRAND, Alois MUENCH, Eva 30 Jul 1857 Hildenbrand, Mathias Not listed, Veronica Muench, Adam Not listed, Elizabeth MEYER, Joseph & Joseph HOFRICTER
HILGARD, Gustav GLASER, Albina 16 Oct 1862 Hilgard, Frederick Not listed, Machtilda AHEND, Edward & Carl BURSEN
HILL, Stephan WIPKE, Wilhelmina 7 Jan 1851 LIERMANN, Herman & J. MUELLER
HILL, William (Baptized 8 Sep 1903 at St. Luke) HEROLD, Luella (Baptized 8 Oct 1923 at cathedral) 3 Oct 1923 Hill, Samuel HEAP, Caroline Herold, Adam RAPP, Mary Herold, Jacob & Ethel Hill
HILPERT, Charles J. (Baptized 1 Jul 1893 at cathedral) HERMANN, Mary (Baptized 26 Nov 1892 at cathedral) 21 Sep 1922 Hilpert, Joseph WEBER, Gertrude Hermann, Peter REMY, Mary Hilpert, Frank & Cecilia KRUPP
HILPERT, George (Baptized 8  Oct 1898 at cathedral) HERMAN, Ida (Baptized Evangelical at St. Paul) 29 Nov 1928 Hilpert, John OVERBAUER, Margaret Herman, Henry FIX, Dora Hilpert, Joseph & Josephine Herman
HILPERT, Joseph WEBER, Gertrude 25 Jun 1885 Hilpert, Carl DENZ, Magdalena Weber, John STROESER, Cunigunda Stauder, Magr. & Maria HERZLER
HIRSCHLE, Jacob (Not baptized) CARLES, Paulina (Widow from Springfield, IL) 24 Jun 1909 LEDERLE, Not listed KAISER, Francis & Josephina DIETRICH
HIRT, Michael BRUNNER, Elizabeth 24 Oct 1871 Hirt, Peter KNAPPE, Elizabeth Brunner, Michael KLAUS, Margaret ECKERICH, Martin & Catharina Brunner
HIRTH, George RISCHAR, Johanna 17 Oct 1859 Hirth, Philipp KNAPP, Elizabeth Rischar, Anton (Deceased) FIEGEL, Magdalena (Deceased) RABO, Nicholas & Henry HERR
HIRTH, George LENHARDT, Maria 22 Jan 1867 Hirth, Philipp KNAPP, Elizabeth Lenhardt, Edward STOFFEL, Maria BAUER, Johann & Johann RICHARD
HIRTH, George MEYER, Elizabeth 14 May 1903 Hirth, George LEONARD, Maria Meyer, George KAISER, Maria Meyer, John & Maria Meyer
HIRTH, Henry HEMANN, Anna 22 Apr 1903 Hirth, George LEONARD, Maria Hemann, Ferdinand MAUE, Margaret MEIDINGER, Adolf & Maria RENSCHAR
HOCK, Andrew FROMBACH, Margaret 25 Sep 1847 JARGER, Nicolaus & Carl Frederick GAUL
HOCK, Ferdinand MUNIE, Maria Magdalena 15 May 1894 Hock, Christ KRUPP, Elizabeth Munie, George TRIBOUT, Adelina Hock, John; Josephina Hock; John Munie & C. SCHWARZ
HOCK, John STEPPING, Margaret 3 Aug 1844
HODAPP, Bernard (Baptized 26 Sep 1870 in Millhausen, IN) STUEHRENBERG, Mary (Baptized 23 Feb 1891 in Millhausen, IN) 1 Dec 1917 Hodapp, Joseph H. SCHAUCK, Frances Stuehrenberg, Joseph CURLINE, Catherine LETTER, Edward & Josie DIETRICH
HODAPP, Glenn S. (31y) HUND, Dorothy  (Baptized 3 Jun 1874 in Prairie Du Rocher) 12 Jun 1915 Hodapp, Joseph H. SWAIN, Addie B. DORLAGNE, Charles PALMER, Celestin BEDEL, M. & L. DIETRICH
HOEF, Theodore (Baptized 27 Jan 1890 in Renault) BROWN, Emma (Baptized 6 Dec 1895 in Prairie du Rocher) 27 Apr 1914 Hoef, John MANN, Josephine Brown, William MUDD, Rosa Anna DIETRICH, J. & M. BEDEL This couple was married 21 Mar in a civil ceremony
HOEFFKEN, Elmer (Born 17 Sep & baptized 19 Sep 1909 at cathedral) HAMANT, Helen (Born 14 Dec 1910 & baptized 25 May 1929 at cathedral) 1 Oct 1930 Hoeffken, Henry STARK, Emma Hamant, Joseph MUELL, Frances MANK, Alois & Martha Hoeffken
HOEFFKEN, Henry STARK, Emma 27 May 1903 Hoeffken, Theodore FUSZ, Bernardina Stark, Frederick WEIBERT, Catharina Hoeffken, Henry & Bertha Stark
HOEFFKEN, Martin MOELLER, Catharina 14 Jun 1904 Hoeffken, Henry KLETTENBERG, Bernardina Moeller, Conrad EGLER, Catharina STOLZ, E. G. & Maria Hoeffken
HOEFFKEN, Maurice HIRCH, Margaret 7 Jan 1897 Hoeffken, Theodore FUST, Bernardina Hirch, Michael BRUNNER, Elizabeth Hoeffken, August & Emma Hirch
HOEFFKEN, Raymond (Baptized 16 Dec 1906 at cathedral) MANK, Loretta (Baptized 14 ___ 1907 at cathedral) 17 Jul 1929 Hoeffken, Henry STARK, Emma Mank, Nic. SPAETH, Lena Mank, Leroy & Rita Hoeffken
HOEFFKEN, William LEBKUECHER, Helena 24 Jul 1907 Hoeffken, John MEISTER, Anna Lebkuecher, Leonard KARR, Elizabeth Karr, Theodore & Isabella Lebkuecher
HOEFKE, John MEISTER, Anna 27 Aug 1875 Hoefke, Henry BOISEMANN, Fria [?] Meister, Jacob HEMINGER, Maria SCHANUEL, Carl; August SCHERCHENBACH; Cecilia BECKMANN & Elisa Meister
HOERNIS, Aloys (Baptized 16 Jun 1893 in Smithton) EPPLE, Rose (Baptized 3 ___ 1893 at cathedral) 15 May 1929 Hoernis, John HERPIN, Mary Epple, Coelestin HONER, Catherine Hoernis, Alvin & Mary Hoernis
HOERNIS, George (Baptized 1905 in Paderborn) SCHAEFER, Clara (Baptized 24 __ 1928 at cathedral) 16 Jul 1929 Hoernis, Max WELZSACHER, Theresa Schaefer, William RICHERT, Bertha BAUMAN, Joseph & Helen RITTER
HOFF, August (Baptized 12 Feb 1892 in Fayetteville, IL) SCHUMACHER, Luella (Convert baptized Dec 1921 at cathedral) 17 Apr 1922 Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma Schumacher, Adolph STEINKRAUS, Elizabeth Hoff, Robert & Pauline WITTAUER
HOFF, Jr., Bernard J. (Baptized 1892 in Fayetteville) WHITTAKER, Florence (Baptized 6 May 1917 at Cathedral) 7 May 1917 Hoff, Sr., Ben J. LINTKER, Anna Whittaker, Cyrus BUSLEY, Emma HOLTKAMP, A. C. & Alvina Hoff
HOFF, Robert (Born 12 Dec 1898 & baptized 15 Dec 1898 at St. Paul in Fayetteville, IL) SAUER, Clara (Born 5 ___ 1901 & baptized Mar 1901 at cathedral) 30 Jul 1925 Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma Sauer, Nicholas SCHMITZ, Carolina Hoff, August & Helena Hoff
HOFF, Stephen (Baptized 1902 in Fayetteville, IL) SEILER, Mathilda (Baptized 1904 in Belleville, IL) 2 Jun 1923 Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma Seiler, Philip BUSCHE, Amelia SEHLINGER, Emil & Eleonore Hoff
HOFFKEN, August CORDIE, Ida 7 Jul 1903 Hoffken, Theodore FUST, Bernardina Cordie, Dominic LORBEER, Magdalena HOEFFKEN, Frederick & Agnes Cordie
HOFFMAN, Warren DOUGHERTY, Kathleen [Appears at end of 1929 entries]
HOFFMANN, Clarence (Baptized 4 Jan 1900 at Holy Rosary in St. Louis) BOUCHER, Viola 29 Sep 1916 Hoffmann, John RINGLIE, Lena Boucher, Samuel DAVIS, Rebecca EPPMANN, B. H. & Josephine DIETRICH Revalidation of non-Catholic marriage
HOFFMANN, Francis HAGER, Johannetta 9 Feb 1865 ETZKORN, Peter & Johann A. NUSLE
HOFFMANN, Francis BELL, Henrica (Non-Catholic) 5 Jul 1881 Hoffmann, Nicholas GERTNER, Maria Bell, Bernard ROTH, Susanna HAFFNER, Nicholas & Francisca DEKUM
HOFFMANN, Francis (Baptized 24 Jul 1882 in Belleville) RIPP, Maria (Baptized 7 Jun 1887 in Belleville) 7 Jun 1910 Hoffmann, Frank BELL, Henrietta Ripp, John STAUDER, Margaret Hoffmann, Herman & Adela Stauder
HOFFMANN, Fred G. (Born 2 Sep 1900 & baptized in Christ Church in Belleville, IL) BAUER, Amelia (Baptized 15 Aug 1900 at cathedral) 20 Aug 1925 Hoffmann, Fred W. PEES [REES?}, Catherine Bauer, Caspar KRAUS, Gertrude MANK, Roy & Lizette Bauer
HOFFMANN, George (Non-Catholic) SCHAEDLER, Barbara 26 Sep 1906 Hoffmann, A. C. WINTZ, Emma Schaedler, Cornelius ESCHENFELDER, Appolonia FLETTNER, Jacob & Dorothea Hoffmann
HOFFMANN, Herman (Baptized at Cathedral) HARTWELL, Ruby (Non-Catholic) 26 Aug 1912 Hoffman, Francis BELL, Henrietta Hartwell, William PULLEY, Fannie SCHAEFER, Peter & Emilia Hoffman
HOFFMANN, John (Protestant) FRISCH, Theresa 14 Feb 1895 Hoffmann, Laurent SCHEIBELE, Julia Frisch, Henry BERTEL, Elizabeth (From Monroe County) AUG, Francis B. & Eva RENNER
HOFFMANN, Joseph RAMER, Elizabeth (Non-Catholic) 27 Apr 1898 Hoffmann, Joseph BUNNER, Rosa Ramer, George Not listed, Carolina Hoffmann, Henry & Anna Vogt
HOFFMANN, Warren (Baptized 12 Apr 1930 at cathedral) DAUGHTERTY, Kathleen  (Baptized Oct 1912 in Eldorado) 2 Jun 1930 Hoffmann, Frank WEBER, Ellen Daughterty, William HEDLEY, Sarah KOCH, Henry & Emma Koch
HOFFMANN, William ZAHN, Elizabeth 8 May 1883 Hoffmann, John DANNER, Catharina Zahn, Balthasar WILKE, Bridget BELCOURT, Casson & Catharina Zahn
HOFFRICHTER, Eli WEIDENKOFF, Elizabeth 21 Jun 1863 Hoffrichter, Martin LOHR, Catharina Weidenkoff, Thomas KAPPER, Elizabeth MITTELDORF, Frederick & Francis MARITZ
HOH, Gustav (Baptized 15 Mar 1894 in Damiansville, IL) KLEINER, Anna (baptized 12 Aug 1899 in Perry, MO [non-Catholic?]) 28 Jun 1916 Hoh, Gustav REISACHER, Mary Kleiner, John CROCHETTE, Viola DIETRICH, Bertha & Josephine Dietrich
HOHE, Christian ZAHN, Elizabeth 10 Jan 1853 Zahn, Balthasar & Jacob MUELLER
HOHM, Michael NEIMANN, Clara 26 Mar 1848 Neimann, John & Barbara HALZENKOPH
HOHNER, Maurice PFISTER, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1864 Hohner, Tiberi DIETRICH, Rosina Pfister, George GRAUS, Catharina SCHOTT, Paulina & Carl Schott Validation of civil marriage in St. Louis
HOHNER, Moritz OESTERLE, Maria 13 Apr 1893 Hohner, Moritz PFISTER, Elizabeth Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret Hohner, Theodore; Philipp FIX; Bertha OECHOLE & Helene MUNIE
HOHREIN, Louis (Baptized 16 Jul 1892 in O’Fallon) BENEDICK, Bertha (Baptized 8 Nov 1886 at cathedral) 31 May 1917 Hohrein, John FINK, Mary BENEDICK, Christopher HEMMER, Mary Hohrein, Mike & Estella KRONENBERGER
HOLDENER,  Xavier BERTELSMANN, Catharina 31 Jan 1905 Holdener, Melchior FUCHS, Elizabeth Bertelsmann, John EVERSMANN, Anna Holdener, Mathias & Elizabeth Bertelsmann
HOLDENER, August MAECHLER, Catharina (Widow of Melchior Maechler) 8 Jul 1856 Holdener, August (Deceased) SCHORNO, Maria Anna BÜHLER (Buehler), Not listed Holdener, Michael & Catharina Holdener
HOLDENER, George Francis OBERDINGER, Maria Barbara 22 Nov 1855 Holdener, Joseph HEGNER, G. Oberdinger, Michael HELMICH, Anton & Catharina HOLDINGER
HOLDENER, Joseph MUELLER, Catharina 16 Aug 1858 Holdener, Michael Not listed, Martina Mueller, Anton WEBER, Hasper & P. J. BALTES
HOLDENER, Linus [?] KISSEL, Maria 11 Feb 1896 Holdener, Wendelin REUTERMANN, Eva Kissel, John DAMSKY, Victoria Kissel, John & Amanda Holdener
HOLDENER, Melchior FUCHS, Elizabeth 22 Nov 1864 Holdener, Wendelin FESSLER, Anna Maria Fuchs, Conrad BRENNER, Margaret Holdener, Michael & Carolina Holdener
HOLDENER, Melchior LOUIS, Maria 12 May 1908 Holdener, Melchior FUCHS, Elizabeth Louis, Eugene BERTELSMANN, Elizabeth BENEDICK, Joseph & Veronica Louis
HOLDENER, Michael BECK, Barbara 31 Aug 1875 Holdener, Michael MARTIN, Maria Beck, Jacob PEIFFER, Eva PABST, Henry & Louisa RIEDER
HOLDENER, Wendelin REITERMANN, Eva 26 Jan 1858 Holdener, Michael John Joseph Not listed, Anna Maria Reitermann, Andrew Not listed, Anna M. EVERS, Henry & Catharina Holdener
HOLICKE, Anton THOM, Amanda 28 Apr 1908 Holicke, Anton ANDRES, Carolina Thom, Albert LAUTZ, Carolina Holicke, Rudolph & Bertha Thom
HOLLERBACH, Harold (Born 13 Apr 1910 & baptized 1931 at cathedral) JUNG, Lillian (Born 21 Nov & baptized 16 Nov [sic] 1911 at St. Pancreatius in Fayetteville) 24 Jun 1931 Hollerbach, Herman HARSZY, Olinda Jung, Joseph WELKER, Catherine Jung, Alvin & Martha Jung
HOLLICKE, Anton SEMRAN, Anna 18 Dec 1905 Hollicke, Anton ANDERS, Carolina Semran, Martin SCHMIDT, Wilhelmina FRUEKE, Rev. H. G. & Rev. John QUACK
HOLSTEIN, Friederich FENNER, Maria 14 Sep 1892 Holstein, Friederich GÖTTING (Goetting), Louisa Fenner, William RENNER, Barbara Holstein, William; Elis. Fenner; Frank Fenner; Theresa Fix; Geo. BRANDSTÄDLER (Brandstaedter) & Lena Renner
HOLTEMEIER, Sebastian PFEIFFER, Barbara 8 Apr 1876 Holtemeier, Anton Not listed, Sabina Pfeiffer, Anton RACKEL, Barbara Revalidation marriage
HONER, Coelestin (Born 12 Jun 1899 & baptized at cathedral) PABST, Rose (Born 8 Dec 1901 & baptized at cathedral) 4 Jun 1924 Honer, Moritz OESTERLE, Mary Pabst, Louis KRONENBERG, Elizabeth MEKENS, John & Ruth Oesterle
HONER, Edward (Baptized 31 Aug 1893 at Cathedral) WIESEN, Louisa (Baptized 18 Mar 1893 at Cathedral) 8 Feb 1916 HONER, Morris OESTERLE, Mary Wiesen, John MICHELY, Anna Wiesen, Charles & Theresa Hilpert
HONER, George KOMMLA, Anna 16 Feb 1882 Honer, Maurice Not listed, Elizabeth Kommla, William Not listed, Christina BUX, Laurent & Anna Honer Mixed religion marriage
HONER, Henry (Born 10 Mar 1901 & baptized at cathedral) HENTZEL, Clara (Born 2 Nov 1903 & baptized at cathedral June 1924) 4 Jun 1924 Honer, Moritz OESTERLE, Mary Hentzel, George FRIES, Clara Honer, Joseph & Gertrude ENGLERT
HONER, Jerome (Baptized 16 Jul 1899 at cathedral) VOLLMER, Irma (Baptized 26 May 1901 in New Baden) 19 Jun 1918 Honer, Theodore SCHMITTLING, Mary Vollmer, John HARTLEB, Ida GEOLAT, Victor & Anna Geolat
HONER, Sr., Maurice VOGEL (HUBER), Carolina 5 May 1885 SCHLEGEL, Anton & Catharina ROEDER
HONER, Theodore SCHMITTLING, Maria 30 Nov 1893 Honer, Maurice FUESTEL, Elizabeth Schmittling, Nicholas LOUIS, Maria Josephina Honer, Adolph & Anna Schmittling
HONNECKER, Alvin (Lutheran) REINHARDT, Florence (Baptized 1903 in Paderborn) 18 Sep 1928 Honnecker, Jacob TIANAKRUCHER [?], Anna Reinhardt, Aloys SAUZECK, Elizabeth Reinhardt, Clemens & Otilia Reinhardt
HOOCK, Bernard (From Waterloo) METZGER, Louisa (Non-Catholic) 25 Sep 1908 OBERT, Bartholomew & Louisa DIETRICH Married previously in civil ceremony
HOPFINGER, Johann WIELAND, Waltburga 8 Nov 1864 Hopfinger, Thomas MUELLER, Anna Maria Wieland, Joseph SCHRATZ, Barbara BURTCHER, Joseph
HOPH, Francis HUNDSDOERFER, Joanna (Widow) 28 Dec 1853 REINBALD, Michael Joseph & Joseph BUX
HOPP, Leroy (Baptized 1927 at cathedral) OESTERLE, Cornelia 25 Feb 1930 Hopp, Louis JUNGHENN__, Anna Oesterle, Martin WEYHAUPT, Amalia ISSELHARDT, Bertram & Anita Oesterle
HOPPE, Basil MUELLER, Anna Josephina 28 Jan 1914 Hoppe, Andrew SWEISK, Anastasia Mueller, Peter JAECKEL, anna ACKERMANN, Edward & Louisa Ackermann
HOREIN, John EBERHARDT, Maria 24 Oct 1870 Horein, John & Maria Eberhardt
HORENKAMP, John (Baptized 29 Mar 1899 at Sacred Heart in Florissant, MO) SCHEWE, Mary (Baptized Aug 1911 at cathedral) 3 Feb 1930 Horenkamp, Joseph BRINKMANN, Anna Schewe, Albert SEMRAN, Antonia BIRTLEY, Lucille & Hugo Schewe
HORNBERGER, John (Non-Catholic) BECKER, Louisa 25 Sep 1890 Hornberger, Adam HEIL, Margaret Becker, Frederick NOLL, Luitgarda BAUER [?], John & Louisa KISTNER [See image 134 for John’s signed agreement]
HORNBERGER, John (Non-Catholic) BECKER, Louisa 9 Sep 1890 [Duplicate of 25 Sep 1890 entry from letter dated 9 Sep 1890 – See Image 158 in 1895 entries]
HOSELTON, Clarence (Baptized Methodist) FRIEDERICH, Marcella (Baptized 4 Jan 1904 in Mascoutah, IL) 5 Nov 1923 Hoselton, Charles WITHROW, Flora Friederich, Theodore NEWA, Mary HARRISON, Harold & Thelma Friederich)
HOTTENROTH, Nicholas STEINWAGNER, Anna 22 Nov 1887 Hottenroth, Adam OTTO, Catharina Steinwagner, Andrew HEIMERLN, Maria BUCHMANN, H. & Eleonora DOWNING
HOUDE, Michael MADER, Maria 6 Dec 1877 Houde, Francis Anton LAUSECKER, Anna Maria Mader, Christopher LINDEF, Catharina Married in a civil ceremony
HOUGHTON, Thomas SIDEBOTTOM, Elizabeth 23 Apr 1878 Houghton, William PATRICK, Sarah MONNI, Jacob RUD, Marg. HOLMES, John & Maria Anna Holmes
HOUSTON, Philip E. (Baptized 8 Oct 1885 at St. Columbkille in St. Louis, MO) WHITTMAN, Stella (Baptized 22 Mar 1889 in St. Louis) 21 May 1918 Houston, James CROSBY, Louise MERB, John ENGEL, Emelia COURAR, John & Josie DIETRICH
HUBER, Adolph DAHM, Maria 21 Oct 1901 Huber, Peter WEIBEL, Wilhelmina Dahm, Louis MELLEIN, Margaret Dahm, George & Barbara VOELLINGER
HUBER, Edward (Baptized at cathedral) SEELMANN, Lena (Non-Catholic) 30 Apr 1919 Huber, Louis WOLLSCHOCK, Anna Seelmann, William SIEBERT, Marie HUSCHLE, Walter & Emma Seelmann
HUBER, Joseph (Baptized in Millstadt) ROHR, Rosa (Baptized 28 May 1886 in Millstadt) 4 May 1915 Huber, Joseph WICHMAN, Carolina Rohr, Nicholas HAAS, Margaret JURGEN, Henry & Carolina Huber
HUBER, Le Roy (Born 13 Feb 1888) SCHOPP, Esther (Baptized in Mascoutah 31 Aug 1892) 8 Jul 1921 Huber, Charles C. BASSLER, Emma K. Schopp, Fred FRIEDERICH, Caroline SCHUMERT, Kate & Mary GERBER Revalidation of 1911 civil marriage
HUBER, Louis WOLLSCHOCK, Anna 2 May 1891 Huber, Joseph RONÜKER (Ronueker), Catharina Wollschock, Jos. BO___, Jul. HUSCHLE, Jos. & Juliana Wollschock
HUBER, William MEIDHOF, Maria 23 Nov 1852 Meidhof, Michael; Henry Huber & Adam AULBACH
HUBERT, Anton HERZOG, Elizabeth 28 May 1849 STEINWASSER, John & Jacob KLESATTEL
HUBERT, J. Jacob (Baptized 14 Jun 1881 in Carlyle, IL) BOSS, Mabel E. (Not baptized; 12 Feb 1882) 11 Apr 1917 Hubert, Frank O’HARNETT, Amanda Boss, Charles STUBBLEFIELD, Sussie SCHLARMANN, J. H. & Josie DIETRICH
HUBERT, Leo (Baptized 5 Jul 1887 at Cathedral) DODDS, Bertha (Non-Catholic) 26 Nov 1912 Hubert, Francis HORNET, Amanda Dodds, William MCCONNELL, Mollie DIETRICH, Louisa & Josephina Dietrich
HUBSCHMIDT, William (Baptized 2 Mar 1887 in Trenton, IL) REEB, Elizabeth (Baptized 23 Apr 1893 at Cathedral) 22 Oct 1913 Hubschmidt, John MÜLLER (Mueller), Elizabeth Reeb, John STRAUBINGER, Maria Hubschmidt, Carl & Sophia Reeb
HUCK, Joseph A. 23 Feb 1869 Huck, Rudolph A. WILLS, Regina Incomplete record
HUDACEK, Joseph (Baptized 19 Mar 1892 in Czechoslovakia) GOLICK, Emma (Baptized 23 Mar 1903 in Kangley, IL) 5 Oct 1921 Hudacek, Andrew Unknown, Mary Golick, Anthony BUTSCHKO, Susie Golick, Albert & Estelle BILLHARTZ
HUEFNER, Otto HASENSTAB, Elizabeth 8 Oct 1895 Huefner, Basil BEH___, Elizabeth Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Maria DUERR, Herman & Catharina  Hasenstab
HUELSKAMP, Alexander (Born 24 Jul 1912 & baptized at St. Clare in O’Fallon, IL) NIEMANN, Marie (Born 25 Jan 1915 & baptized at St. Augustine in Breese, IL) 8 Oct 1930 Huelskamp, Herman PETERMEYER, Catherine Niemann, Frank WEHRMANN, Louise Niemann, Frank & Herman Huelskamp  
HUELSMAN, Leo (Baptized 7 Apr 1898 in Bartelso, IL) PHILLIPS, Angela (Baptized 17 Jul 1888 in Germantown, IL) 3 Sep 1919 Huelsman, William ALBERS, Mary Cath. Phillips, Louis SCHADEN, Josephina LIPSMEIER, Oscar & Rosalina Phillips
HUGHES, James (From Belleville) THOMAS, Sarah (Methodist) 30 Nov 1919 SCHLICH, Sr., Henry & Henry BRAUER Revalidation when one was near death
HULLER, Arthur (Baptized 16 May 1905) BECHTEL, Mildred (Baptized 21 Sep 1929 at cathedral) 29 Oct 1929 Huller, Frank OBERNEUFMAN, Louise Bechtel, Fred HEUSER, Emma Bechtel, Frank & Loretta Huller
HULLUING, Nicholas WANGLER, Maria 26 Apr 1881 Hulluing, Dominic ADAM, Margaret Wangler, Sebastian WEHRLE, Theresa Wangler, Mathias & Maria WEIBEL
HUMIKE, Frederick (Protestant) DIETRICH, Theresa (Baptized 13 Mar 1890 in Mt. Vernon, IL) 28 Apr 1915 Humike, Fred THOMAS, Margaret Dietrich, John SCHELLENBERGER, Carolina MEYER, George & Catherina HOPPE
HUMMEL, Grover (Baptized 28 Sep 1884 in Trenton) TODD, Nora (Non-Catholic; baptized in Earlington, KY) 2 Sep 1920 Hummel, Henry GRIESBAUM, Caroline Todd, Henry SANDERS, Nan Hummel, Caroline & Kate SCHUMERT Revalidation marriage
HUMMEL, Henry MAGIN, Josephina Hummel, William SCHMIDT, Eleonora Magin, Carl EMGE, Maria KAISER, Joseph & Ann SEIBERT [Appears between 13 Aug & 18 Aug 1901]
HUMMEL, Michael NEHRING, Maria Theresa 2 Apr 1851 Nehring, Arthur & John Nehring
HUMMER, Henry J. NETZGER, Catharina (Non-Catholic) 19 Jun 1893 Hummer, Bernard WIRCH, Maria Netzger, Herman STUART, Susanna WUERZ, Joseph & Francis PAULUS
HUNDSDOERFER, Peter REINBOLD, Joanna 25 Mar 1850 THOMAS, John & Joseph BAUER
HURLE, Francis Michael RIDINGER, Waldburga 25 Feb 1855 HERZ, Francis & Joseph IHLE
HUSCHLE, August C. WOLLSCHOCK, Theresa 9 Feb 1892 Huschle, Anton ECKERLE, Catharina WOLSCHOCK, Joseph BUTZ, Juliana WARMUTH, Francisca ; Julius AMANN; Christine Wolschock & Magdalena PHELPS
HUSS, Francis ZINK, M. Eva 11 Sep 1854 Huss, Bernard; John Zink & Augustine HUMMEL
HUSS, Francis ALBRECHT, Maria Elizabeth 17 Nov 1881 Huss, Francis ZINK, Eva Albrecht, Anton MATHES, Juliana RUDOLPH, John & Eva RUSZ
HUSS, Joseph MEYER, Maria 26 Jun 1906 Huss, Vincent MECHLIN, Francisca Meyer, Leonard HEIBL, Crescentia Meyer, Edward & Anna HUMMEL
HUT, Bernard (Lutheran) SCHÖNSTEIN (Schoenstein), Maria 10 Feb 1878 Hut, Bernard Not listed, Magdalena Schoenstein, Xavier JILL, Maria Schoenstein, John & Amalia PAHL
IBEL, John HAUSMANN, Maria Catharina 13 Nov 1850 MEYER, John & Joseph BAUER
IGEL, John ZOELLER, Waldberga 2 Jan 1853 MEMMEL, Joseph & Laurenz KROGER
IGEL, Joseph COURTIER, Josephina 8 Nov 1881 Igel, John SCLEREDES, Margaret Courtier, Dominic HOFFNER, Maria Igel, Anton & Margaret ADAM
IHLE, Joseph HURLE, Monica 13 Jun 1852 SCHIEFERDECKER, George; Anton ETZKORN; David RENKE & William JANSEN
IMMETHUN, Louis (Baptized 13 May 1894 in Breese, IL) APER, Helen (8 Oct 1896 Not baptized) 17 Dec 1915 Immethun, Louis BUEHNE, Adelheidt Aper, Herman TERELL, Anna Aper, Herman & Josie DIETRICH
IMO, Stephan GRAEF, Margaret 1 Mar 1845 SCHMITT, Martin & John BOEHM
IMPOSTOTR, Samuel WOLFGENGEN, Carolina 24 Jan 1914 Impostotr, Andrew RANDAZZO, Pietra Wolfgangen, John MOHR, Anna DIETRICH, L. & J. Dietrich
IRLINGER, Dominic RABO, Rosalia 1 Apr 1856 Irlinger, George Not listed, Maria Barbara Rabo, Nicholas Not listed, Magdalena KISSEL, Valentin; Jacob Irlinger & Catharina BATLES
IRLINGER, George EBERLE, Anna (Widow of Jacob Eberle) 24 Apr 1865 Irlinger, Joseph EHLING, Barbara STAUDER, Wendelin BRAUN, Margaret Stauder, Adam
IRLINGER, Michael FUESS, Sophia 30 Dec 1856 Irlinger, Joseph Not listed, Barbara Fuess, Wendelin Not listed, Catharina RABO, Nicholas & Apalonia ROMEIS
ISCH, Anton CLAUS, Catharina (Widow) 1 May 1854 GERMAING, Peter & Nicholas FOHRMANN
ISEN, John Nicholas FEIFFER, Elizabeth 3 Dec 1849 UNRATH, Frederick & Barbara ELZEKOPH
ISLER, Ferdinand HAVERKORN, Catharina 17 Nov 1874 Isler, William UNTERFÄNGER (Unterfaenger), Catharina ADRIAN, Joseph HACKMANN, Catharina Isler, Carl & Friederick Adrian
ISSELHARDT, Carl (Not Baptized) FRICKE, Anna 13 Feb 1901 Isselhardt, Louis VERSCH, Carolina Fricke, Theodore BERTELSMANN, Maria VENERLOH, Antonia & Francisca AUSLINGER
ISSELHARDT, Peter WEIHAUPT, Bertha 22 Sep 1896 Isselhardt, Michael ADEL, Maria Weihaupt, Hieronymus ARMSTURZ, Charlotte MAJOR, Louis & Ella Weihaupt
ISSELHARDT, Peter (Baptized 20 Ju 1873 at cathedral) PETERS, Mary 3 Jan 1929 Isselhardt, Michael ETTELDORF, Marie RITSCH, Frank SMALL, Mary JACHMAN, J. & Eva SCHILB
JACKLA, Ulrich OSTERBAUER, Theresa 3 Jun 1875 Jackla, Joseph KOLDNER, Ursula Osterbauer, John Not listed, Maria Osterbauer, Paul & Elizabeth BAUER
JACOB, Urban BIVER, Anna 27 Oct 1909 Jacob, John VOGT, Maria Biver, John EDINGER, Elizabeth Biver, Edward & Viola AMMEL
JACOBECK, Carl MAUSOLF, Maria 9 Jun 1908 Jacobeck, Francis METZGER, Anna Mausolf, Francis SCHEWE, Amalia Jacobeck, William & Agnes Jacobeck
JACOBS, Joseph ESCH, Christina 24 Aug 1911 Jacobs, Joseph NESCIO, Anna Esch, Francis HORN, Henrietta Esch, Francis & A. Esch
JAEGER, Edmund (Born 24 Nov 1903 & baptized at St. Boniface in Evansville, IL) SCHMIDT, Alice (Born 14 Feb & baptized 7 Mar 1909 at St. Joseph in East St. Louis) 26 Aug 1931 Jaeger, Louis ROOS, Lille Elizabeth Theresa Schmidt, Charles CROOK, Beulah Schmidt, Charles & Elsie KEARNS
JAHR, Martin HILZKOP, Barbara 30 Sep 1851 LOBSINGER, Anton & Not listed SCHMITTNER
JAKES, Frank (Born 6 Oct 1894 & baptized in St. Louis, MO) DIEDRICH, Irma (Non-Catholic born 4 Sep 1896 in St. Louis, MO) 30 Apr 1926 Jakes, Jerry MULACH, Carrie Diedrich, Hugo FAULKNER, Mary CURTIS, Robert J. & Barbara Curtis
JAKONBEK, William (Baptized 22 Jan 1891 at Cathedral) SCHMIDT, Elizabeth (Baptized 12 Apr 1891 at Cathedral) 22 Jan 1913 Jakonbek, Francis MITZKA, Anna Schmidt, John Not listed, Cecilia YOCH, John & Agnes Jakonbek
JAMES, Alfred W. SCHMITZ, Cecilia C. 11 Feb 1901 James, Bennett VICESKER, Esecilia E. Schmitz, Mathias KLEIN, Carolina James, Bennett & Bartholomew OBERT Married at St. Peter in Waterloo
JAMES, Charles H. KLINKHARDT, Nellie 10 Aug 1903 James, Bennett PRIESKER, Emma Klinkhardt, Theodore MCQUILLAN, Maria OBERT, Bartholomew & Catharina DIEKER
JAMES, William R. KREITNER, Emma 19 Sep 1882 James, Joseph R. VINCENT, Constantia Kreitner, Francis LENGLERS, Barbara LAVAUX, Victor & George Kreitner
JANSEN, Adolph (Baptized 9 Mar 1889 at Cathedral) KLEINERT, Lilian (Baptized 26 Mar 1910 at Cathedral) 8 Jan 1913 Jansen, Adolph ALBRECHT, Lena Kleinert, John SCHRECK, Marg. The parents
JANSEN, Gerhard SEILER, Barbara 16 Jul 1855 Seiler, Philip; William Jansen; Joanna Jansen & Adam SACHS
JANSSEN, Henry ALBRECHT, Helena 10 Apr 1883 Janssen, Gerard SEILER, Barbara Albrecht, Aloysius GUNDLE, Margaret SCHUH, Andrew & Rosa DINGEL
JAROUBECK, Francis MITZKA, Anna Maria 16 Nov 1880 Ja Roubeck, Wenceslaus JACOUBER, Rosalia Mitzka, Joseph SWOBODA, Maria KINDLER, Anton & Maria HERTLEIN
JARRETT, Cordel (Not baptized) KHOURY, Margaret (Baptized 1910 in St. Louis, MO) 16 Jan 1930 Jarrett, William L. KEMP, Mary Khoury, Salem FARRIS, Lillie MORGAN, David & Gladys Morgan
JARVIS, Simon VOITRIA, Rachel 23 May 1875 Jarvis, Louis DELONTON, Margaret VOTRIA, August HASTINGS, Anna BRADLEY, Daniel & Maria Bradley
JENKINS, Samuel (Non-Catholic) ANSLINGER, Francesca 26 Mar 1908 Jenkins, William LUMPKIN, Martha Anslinger, Michael MUELLER, Catherina Anslinger, John & Gladys RUNDLE
JENNINGS, Andrew (Baptized 30 Oct 1874 in Delfi, IN) FUREY, Mary (Baptized 22 Jul 1875 at ___ in Toronto, Canada) 9 Oct 1924 Jennings, John SHERLOCK, Bridget MCMILLAN, Robert GILROY, Mary Jennings, John & Agnes Jennings
JEOFFROY, Nicolaus S. LEY, Elizabeth 1 Jun 1882 Jeoffroy, Joseph HEMMER, Maria SCHAEFER, Not listed Schaefer, Jacob & John Jeoffroy
JERGER, Hugo GROSSMANN, Amanda 19 Aug 1908 Grossmann, Carl OHLENDORF, Carolina OBERT, Bartholomew & Josephina DIETRICH
JERGER, Joseph MOESER, Adolphina (Non-Catholic) 29 Jul 1908 Jerger, Joseph BECKER, Anna Moeser, William SCHIEK, Margaret Moeser, Edwin & Wilhelmina Moeser
JEROME, Albert (Baptized 6 Mar 1887 at St. Philip in Edgemont, IL) DRESSEL, Marie (Baptized 21 Nov 1890 at cathedral) 27 Jul 1921 Jerome, Theophil SIMANIN, Josephine Dressel, Henry JUEN, Sophia Juen, Adolph & Leona Dressel
JOCH, Bernhard ACKER, Agnes 25 Feb 1868 Joch, Christian CLORIS, Catharina Acker, Christofer MEES, Theckla Acker, Hasper & Helenionora Joch
JOCH, Joseph ISCH, Catharina 14 May 1878 Joch, Christian GLORIES, Catharina Isch, John PFEIFFER, Marg. Elis. Isch, Anton & Louisa KREILICH
JOCKISCH, George  (Baptized 1 Jan 1880 in Damiansville, IL) BACKER, Laura (Baptized 24 May 1889 at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO) 29 Nov 1917 Jockisch, John KUHN, Catherine Backer, Mathias STERN, Anna Backer, Mathias & Louise Jockisch
JOELLENBECK, Fred (Born 11 Nov 1888 & baptized 2 May 1911 at St. George in New Baden, IL – convert) SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth (Born 21 Nov 1902 & baptized 27 ___ 1902 at Sts Peter & Paul in St. Louis) 26 Mar 1931 Joellenbeck, August NAGEL, Louise Schneider, Martin STRAUBINGER, Rose RITTEL, August & Catherine VOGEL Revalidation marriage
JOERGENS, Edward (Non-Catholic) REEB, Emilia (Baptized at Cathedral) 10 Oct 1912 Joergens, Ferdinand MCCULLOCH, Louisa Reeb, Conrad MLN [?], Carolina Reeb, Conrad & Edward SIBEREND
JOFFRAY, Henry LIST, Josephina (From St. Cecilia in Bartelso) 9 Nov 1897 Joffray, Nicholas RINO, Margaret List, Philipp SCHMIDT, Maria Joffray, George & Bertha STRUBE
JOFFRAY, John C. J. KIRCHNER, Maria C. 15 Jan 1889 Joffray, Peter STARK, Margaret Kirchner, Anton SCHLAER, Carolina Stark, Peter & Margaret Joffray
JOFFRAY, Nicholas (Widower) JECKELS, Anna Maria 23 Apr 1885 Joffray, Joseph HEMMER, Maria Jeckels, John STÜBERS (Stuebers), Margaret
JOHN, George DIESTLER, Margaret 13 Apr 1858 John, George Not listed, Barbara Diestler, George Not listed, Kunigunda SCHÄFLER (Schaefler), Francis & Mathias KRAMER
JOHN, Peter SCHAEFER, Barbara 27 Nov 1847 John, Carl & Philipp EICHHOLZ
JOHNSON, Armin (Born 13 Apr 1889; baptized 27 Apr 1920 at cathedral) CORDIE, Rosa (Born 13 Sep 1893 & baptized at cathedral) 28 Apr 1920 Johnson, John LARSON, Mary Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helen AMANN, Arthur & Cecilia HOEFKEN
JOHNSON, Carrol A. (Protestant) MOORE, Grace (Baptized 25 Oct 1909 at St. Vincent in St. Louis, MO) 18 Feb 1928 Johnson, George BOZE, Alice MOORE, James Charles KEMPF, Clara MILLER, Ed & Grace M. Miller
JOHNSON, Carroll (Not baptized) MOORE, Grace (Baptized 25 ___ 1908 at St. Vincent in St. Louis) 27 Feb 1928 Johnson, George Not listed, Anna Moore, George KEMP, Clara MILLER, Edward & Grace Miller
JOHNSON, Edward  (Baptized 2 May 1929 at cathedral) FUCHS, Lilian (Baptized 18 Jul 1908 at cathedral) 4 Jun 1929 Johnson, Robert LEE, May Fuchs, Nic BIEHL, Margaret CAPONE, Andrew & Lydia THOUVENOT
JONES, James A. ROHR, Pauline (Baptized 5 Jul 1891 in Millstadt) 28 Jan 1919 Jones, John MARTIN, Louisa Rohr, Nicholas HAAS, Margaret SCHOBERT, Jos. & Marie HOERNIS
JONES, Thomas (Widower, Negro) HARDING, Emma (Widow, Negro) 2 Sep 1905 Jones, Austin GILBERT, Janie BURGETT, Phil. GREEN, Anna HERZLER, Maria & Maria KRONENBERGER
JORAI, August ERNST, Anna 12 Jun 1888 Jorai, Hieronymus HASTMANN, Catharina Ernst, Wendelin HARSHMANN, Dorothea Jorai, Peter & Catharina Harschmann
JORN, Albert (Baptized 26 Jul 1894 in Freeburg) AMANN, Louisa (Baptized 25 Nov 1893 in _Fallon) 19 Aug 1919 Jorn, August ERNST, Anna Amann, Joseph BUECHLE, Theresa Jorn, Edward & Annie Amann Dispensation for third degree blood relationship.
JORN, Edward (Baptized 1899 in Freeburg) QUIRIN, Anna (Baptized 1879 at St. John in Smithton) 3 May 1921 Jorn, August ERNST, Anna Quirin, George FLACK, Elizabeth MAYER, Clem & Clara Jorn
JUEN, Henry WALTER, Barbara 15 May 1888 Juen, Theodore ___LOG, Regina Walter, Laurent BEITER, Anna Maria Walter, John; Adella TRIBOUT; Peter Beiter & Theresa MARTIN
JUEN, John (Baptized 17 Jun 1890 at cathedral) STAUDER, Cordula (Baptized 26 Jun 1895 in New Athens, IL) 21 Jun 1921 Juen, Henry WALTER, Barbara Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary Stauder, Cyril & Olivia HAUBRICH
JUEN, William C. (Baptized 1894 at cathedral) ECKHARDT, Edna M. (Baptized Nov 1900 at St. Agatha in St Louis) 25 Jun 1919 Juen, Henry WALTER, Barbara Eckhardt, Hugo SEVERIN, Edna Juen, John & Marie GLASER
JUENGER, Henry (Baptized Lutheran in Biddleborn New Lenzburg, IL; 22y) WAELTZ, Augusta (Baptized 11 Feb 1895 in New Athens) 22 Jan 1918 Juenger, Michael REIS, Augusta Waeltz, George KOHLGEN, Elis. WINTERS, Frank & Lena Waeltz
JULIUS, Adolph J. (Baptized 31 Mar 1875 at St. Joseph in Beauford, Franklin County, MO) SCHEIBEL, Anna (Baptized Mar 1885 in O’Fallon) 12 Jun 1912 Julius, John NOSER, Crescentia Scheibel, Maurice WOLZ, Amelia Scheibel, Camilla & Walter HEITZ
JUNCKER, August (Baptized Catholic in Belleville) MAFFEY, Minnie (Non-Catholic) 17 Oct 1916 Juncker, Victor WEHRLE, Anna Maffey, August FAITH, Margaret ROESCH, Fred & Anna Juncker
JUNCKER, Martin (Baptized 23 Jul 1887) DINGES, Amanda (Baptized 8 Mar 1871 [?] at Cathedral) 20 Apr 1912 Juncker, Victor WEHRLE, Anna Dinges, Henry SCHWARZENBACH, Margaret Dinges, Emil & Maria ELLIOT
JUNCKER, Victor (Widower) DEMANGE, Louisa (Widow) 3 Nov 1898 Juncker, Martin SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria Anna GRANDCOLA, Anton ADAM, Catharina GRANDCOLAS, William & Anna (RUPPERT) Grancolas (Mrs. William) [See record]
JUNG, Andrew Jacob Anton GAIN, Margaret 5 Jun 1857 Jung, Simon Not listed, Elizabeth Gain, Emanuel Not listed, Anna Maria HILTENBRANT, Alois & Anton FINK Compare Young
JUNG, August BROCKER, Elizabeth 1 May 1908 Revalidation of 16 Dec 1907 civil marriage
JUNG, Ervin Leonard (Baptized 9 Mar 1903 in Fayetteville, IL) KABURECK, Frances (Baptized 3 Nov 1906 at Lively Grove) 16 Jan 1928 Jung, Leonard PETRI, Barbara Kabureck, Albert QUIRIN, Mary DIETRICH, Louisa & Eva SCHILB Revalidation marriage
JUNG, George RASCH, Carolina Philomena _7 Nov 1874 Jung, George Not listed, Gertrude Rasch, Theodore KISSELBRECHT, Magdalena BÖHME (Boehme), Anton & Stephania MEYER
JUNG, George STARK, A. Maria 20 Jan 1887 Jung, Joseph ZUCK, Margaret Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa ACKERMAN, George & Elizabeth RUDOLF
JUNG, Henry STAUDER, Christina 30 Oct 1895 Jung, Henry BRAUN, Carolina Stauder, Peter SCHMITT, Catharina KASSEBAUM, Gustav & Anna Stauder
JUNG, Jerome (Baptized Jan 1906 in Fayetteville) HINRICKS, Elenora (Baptized Lutheran 30 ___ 1911 in Renault) 23 Nov 1929 Jung, Leonard PETRI, Barbara Hinricks, John MATZENBACHER, Catherine Jung, Ralph & Lucilla UHLEY
JUNG, John WERNER, Rosina 3 Jan 1850 BAUER, Michael & Joseph CATENBACH
JUNG, John MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria 15 Apr 1890 Jung, Peter SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Maria Mueller, Daniel HERGER, Regina Mueller, Henry & Elizabeth KESSLER
JUNG, Joseph WEBER, Theresa 16 Nov 1875 Jung, Francis SCHMIDTHÄUSER (Schmidthaeuser), Apollonia Weber, John STRESER, Cunigunda HELWICH, Anton & Anna SCHLEGEL
JUNG, William SCHUMACHER, Theresa 4 Jun 1878 Jung, Francis SCHMIDTHAUSEN, Appolonia HOFFMANN, John GUTGESELL, Barbara HERZLER, Joseph  & William EICHHOLZ
JURGALAITIS, John (Baptized 14 Oct 1882 in Lithuania) GILES, Minnie (Born 22 May 1884; baptized in Ridgway, IL) 22 Jun 1921 Jurgalaitis, Joseph HALLAKS, Maggie ELLIOTT, Thomas DUFFY, Bridget RINKINS, John & Mary URBAN
KABURECK, Albert (Baptized 7 Oct 1844 in Paderborn, IL) MAYLE, Mahulda (Non-Catholic; 12 Jun 1862) 26 Dec 1916 Kabureck, Albert Not listed, Maria DUNCAN, Celatel LINOLE, Mary LOHMAN, George & Cyril HOFFNER
KABURECK, Fred (Born 4 Apr 1900 & baptized at Lively Grove but not a practicing Catholic) MEYER, Anna (Born 9 Oct 1902 & baptized at cathedral) 4 Jun 1924 Kabureck, Albert QUIRIN, Mary Meyer, William SCHOENBORN, Elizabeth Meyer, Edmund & Francis Kabureck
KAESBACH, Otto SPIELER, Emma 17 Nov 1886 Kaesbach, Pet. Joseph KIEFER, Magdalena Spieler, Bernard WEICHEL, Louisa (From St. Louis) BRAUCH, John Val. & Anna W. BERKEL
KAESBERG, Charles (Baptized Evangelical 1891 in New Athens) HONER, Bertha (Baptized Dec 1896 at cathedral) 20 Jan 1920 Kaesberg, Adolph DINGES, Mary Honer, Moritz OESTERLE, Mary Honer, Henry & Dorothy MILLER
KAIN, Valentin STEGER, Amalia 16 Jun 1893 Kain, Nicholas Not listed, Elizabeth Steger, Simon ITENSOM, Theresa Steger, Simon & Theresa born BENEDICT (Mrs. Simon Steger)
KAISER, Carl (Non-Catholic) RODENMEYER, Barbara 28 Sep 1904 Kaiser, Nicholas ISSELHARDT, Maria Rodenmeyer, Valentin HOFEN, Margaret Kaiser, John & Clara Rodenmeyer
KAISER, Joseph (Non-Catholic) JUNG, Elizabeth 22 Feb 1906 Kaiser, Nicholas ISSELHARDT, Maria Jung, Joseph WEBER, Theresa DAMRICH, Emanuel & Josephina Jung
KAISER, Nicolaus BECKERT, Margaret 27 Jun 1899 Kaiser, John BERTRAM, Louisa Beckert, Sebastian HECK, Maria KETTLER, Louis & Maria A. Kaiser
KAISER, Valentin (Baptized at Paulus Kirche [Church]) VOSSHOLLER, Emilia (Baptized 25 Sep 1897 at Bartelso) 5 Feb 1914 Kaiser, Nicholas ISSELHARDT, Maria Vossholler, Not listed STROTHMANN, Elis. DIETRICH, L. & J. Dietrich
KALKBRENNER, Edward (Baptized 22 Oct 1905 at cathedral) JOHNSTON, Bessie (Baptized Nov 1927 at cathedral) 21 Jun 1928 Kalkbrenner, Louis LAUF, Regina JOHNSON, Edward NOEL, Daisey Kalkbrenner, Julius & Hortense VOEGTLE
KALKBRENNER, Louis WEINGAERTNER, Lutgarde 7 Feb 1853 Kalkbrenner, Dominic; Nicholas KUIHER & Valentin NULT
KALKBRENNER, Louis LAUF, Regina 24 Jun 1903 Kalkbrenner, Damian KLAMM, Catharina Lauf, Christ FRIES, Catharina FELLNER, John & Josephina Lauf
KANE, Claud (Not Baptized) SCHOENHOFEN, Wilhelmina (Baptized Nov 1899 at St. Mary in Belleville) 4 Apr 1917 Kane, Edward CARDEY, Maria Schoenhofen, Theodore KAUFHOLD, Elizabeth Schoenhofen, Agnes & Josie DIETRICH Prior civil marriage [?]
KANTNER, John BONNER, Margaret 5 Sep 1854 KLEIN, Nicholas; Maria Kantner & Barbara Bonner
KARBON, Henry (Baptized in Paderborn) KRONENBERGER, Josephine (Baptized at cathedral) 26 Aug 1919 Karbon, Martin KNAPP, Mary Kronenberger, Dominic ZULAUF, Catharine Karbon, Martin & Stella Kronenberger
KARR, Adam LEIST, Catharina 15 May 1844 ECKERT, August & Peter PRISENBERGER
KARR, Edward P. (Baptized 6 Dec 1901 at cathedral) WIGLEY, Gaul Elizabeth F. (Born 15 Aug 1905 & baptized 14 ___ 1925 at St. Luke) 5 May 1926 Karr, Adam FLACH, Kate Wigley, Samuel HANKEY, Kate Karr, Jos.; William E. TENMER & Margaret Karr John GAUL & Mary  born WALKER are bride’s adoptive parents.
KASPERLE, George REHM, Maria Anna 16 Feb 1882 Kasperle, John Not listed, Elizabeth BRAUNWARTH, Joseph MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria NEUNER, Adam & Agnes Neuner
KASSEBAUM, August STAUDER, Anna 5 Jun 1900 Kassebaum, August LAUTENER, Helena Stauder, Peter SCHMIDT, Catharina Kassebaum, John & Adela Stauder
KASSEBAUM, Carl (Non-Catholic) JUNG, Florentina 21 Sep 1904 Kassebaum, Carl LECKEL, Lena Jung, John KASSEL, Catharina Jung, Erwin & Magdalena GUENTHER
KASSEBAUM, Cornelius (Baptized 8 Oct 1894 in Lebanon) ISSELHARDT, Eugenia (Born 8 Jan 1898; baptized May 1922 at cathedral – convert) 17 May 1922 Kassebaum, Aug. LOUTUER, Helen Isselhardt, George SCHAAL, Marie WALTER, Paul  & Anita Isselhardt
KASSEBAUM, Joseph LUDWIG, Magdalena 22 Sep 1903 Kassebaum, August LAUBNER, Helena Ludwig, John FUNSCH, Barbara Kassebaum, Carl & Cecilia Ludwig
KASTEL, Arthur FUCHS, Adela 6 Oct 1909 Kastel, Jacob BOLMAN, Emerentiana Fuchs, Louis ULLRICH, Elizabeth Fuchs, Clemens & Margaret LANG
KASTEL, John HERPIN, Maria 26 Nov 1891 Kastel, Adam EICHMANN, Margaret Herpin, Joseph SCHMUTZ, Theresa LANG, Arthur; Jos. DOLLES; Geo. ROSE; Josephina Herpin; Maria REUTER & Emma Lang
KASTNER, Not listed NOLD, Theresa 9 Sep 1861 Kastner, Benjamin SIEGEL, Luitgarda Nold, Carl HAMMER, Magdalena KUEHNE, Anton & Johann Hammer
KAUB, D. Bernard OECHSLE, Maria