Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials (R – Z)

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Burials 1910–1957 ( R – Z )

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RALPH, Patrick J. 2 Jan 1930 65y MERKER, Bessie Walnut Hill
RAPP, Barbara 23 Nov 1935 65y 9m BUECHLE, Leopold ERNST, Helena Rapp, Gregor Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1872*
RAPP, Caroline 24 Feb 1946 81y 6m AMBEY, John Not listed, Mary Rapp, Philip Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 28 Aug 1864*
RAPP, Charles 29 Mar 1941 77y 2m Rapp, Charles QUIRIN, Christine ADLER, Anna Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1864 in Paderborn*
RAPP, Christina (Widow) 22 Dec 1916 82y Rapp, Carl Mt. Carmel
RAPP, Gregor 13 Apr 1946 70y 1m Rapp, Jacob HERZOG, Gertrude BUECHLE, Barbara Green Mount Born 6 Mar 1876 in Paderborn, IL.*
RAPP, Ignatius 30 Aug 1938 27y Rapp, Charles ADLER, Anna Green Mount
REAKA, Lester E. 29 Sep 1946 20y 10m Reaka, William BECHERER, Adeline Green Mount Born 8 Dec 1925*  ‘Burned to death when auto left the road.  (When he slept at the wheel?)
REBHAN, Elizabeth 20 Nov 1951 GUNDLACH*, Jacob ACKER, Christine Rebhan, George Green Mount Born 18 Jan 1859
REBHAN, George 22 Oct 1917 61y GUNDLACH, Elizabeth Green Mount
REBSTOCK, Veronica 3 Feb 1937 70y Green Mount From Rheinland, Germany
RECKMANN, Theresa 8 Oct 1935 69y 7m Reckmann, William WUEBBELS, Theresa Green Mount Born 2 Mat 1866*
REDDEN, Katherine 20 Jun 1956 KASTEL, Michael EITZENHOEFER, Mary Redden, William Green Mount Born 13 May 1890
REEB, Alfred Carl 26 Nov 1910 3m Reeb, Peter SCHILDROTH, Anna Green Mount
REEB, Aloys 21 Jan 1952 Reeb, Peter GUCKEMUS, Mary MOLITOR, Martha Green Mount Born 7  (9*)Jan 1904.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REEB, Caroline Louisa 5 Jun 1938 67y WEBER, Peter NEOHR (Mohr?)*, Bertha Reeb, Conrad Green Mount Born 1 Nov 1871*
REEB, Catharina (Widow) 13 Feb 1920 80y Reeb, Nic (Deceased) Green Mount
REEB, Charles 9 Nov 1940 44y 6m Reeb, Peter GUGGENWEIS, Mary GRAU, Bertha Green Mount Born 14 May 1896*
REEB, Frederick R. 28 Aug 1919 3m Reeb, Frederick MOEHRL, Clara Green Mount
REEB, Frieda 5 Mar 1956 MEYER, Henry SCHANZ, Louisa Reeb, Philip N. Green Mount Born 17 Feb 1884
REEB, Hilda 18 Mar 1949 55y GRAESSER, Philip WICK, Rosa Reeb, Peter Walnut Hill Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REEB, III, Peter 18 Oct 1926 69y GUGGEMANN, Mary Green Mount
REEB, Jacob 12 Apr 1916 45y FRIEKE, Magdalena Green Mount
REEB, John 30 Jan 1929 70y STRAUBINGER, Mary Green Mount
REEB, Jr., John 25 Oct 1930 2y Reeb, John GRAU, Amelia Green Mount
REEB, Magdelina 5 Oct 1955 CLAUBER, John FASSELMANN, Catherine Reeb, Valentine Green Mount Born 26 Jan 1867.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
REEB, Margaret 16 Jul 1927 60y Reeb, William Green Mount
REEB, Margaret 29 Jul 1936 71y 8m FRIESS [Fuess*], William SCHOPP, Mary Reeb, Phil. Green Mount Born 16 Nov 1864*
REEB, Martha 13 Feb 1932 23y MOLITOR, Franz SCHROEDER, Mary Reeb, Aloys Green Mount
REEB, Mary 24 Sep 1934 64y 11m STRAUBINGER, Benedict Not listed, Mary Reeb, John Green Mount
REEB, Mary Elizabeth (Widow)* 14 Dec 1942 82y 5m KLEMKE, John HERTEL, Louise Reeb, Peter (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 14 Jul 1860*
REEB, Mary T. 27 Sep 1927 67y Reeb, III, Peter Green Mount
REEB, Peter 8 Feb 1916 43y KAUB, Amanda Green Mount
REEB, Philip 29 Sep 1916 54y FUESS, Margaret Green Mount
REEB, Philip (Dominic*) 16 May 1945 63y 8m Reeb, Peter GUGUMOR, Mary MEYER, Frieda Green Mount Born 29 Oct 1881*
REEB, Sr., Conrad 28 Sep 1948 80y 1m WEBER, Caroline Green Mount Born 22 Nov 1867*
REEB, Sr., Peter 19 Dec 1925 79y KLEMPKE, Mary Green Mount
REEB, Valentine 16 Aug 1942 78y 7m Reeb, Peter RUST, Elizabeth GLAUBER, Magdalena Green Mount Born 8 Jan 1864*
REEB, William 19 May 1919 54y HERR, Margaret Green Mount
REGAN, John 18 Jan 1953 75y* Green Mount Born Mar 1877.  Died in County Hospital
REGENSBERGER, Beatrice 26 Apr 1938 42y 10m HOFFMANN, John RAUGGLIE, Helen Regensberger, William Mt. Carmel Born 29 May 1895*
REGNERS, Margaret 24 Dec 1940 86y 4m FUCHS, Conrad NIEREN (Niesen)*, Margaret Regners, Henry Green Mount Born 26 Sep 1854 & died in St. Louis*
REGNIER, Walter Aloysius 16 Apr 1946 14y 9m Regnier, Walter PORTUONDO, Isabelle Walnut Hill From Lincoln, IL.  Mental invalid since birth.  Died in Chicago, IL
REHM, Mary 10 Mar 1933 60y 4m Rehm, Casper BRAUNWORTH, Mary Ann Walnut Hill
REICHERT, Benjamin William 13 Dec 1931 52y 5m Reichert, George FRIEDLANDER, ida SCHROEDER, Alma Walnut Hill
REICHERT, Ida T. 6 Jan 1935 77y 8m FRIEDLANDER, William DAVIS, Mary Reichert, George St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 2 May 1857*
REICHERT, Mary 22 Jul 1918 39y Reichert, Herman Mt. Carmel
REIME, Frank Joseph 31 May 1942 75y 4m REIME, Paul FRAENZEL, Paulina ZIMMERMANN, Josephine Green Mount Born 6 Feb 1867 in Saxony;  member of Third Order St. V. de P Holy Name*
REIME, Josephine 27 May 1951 ZIMMERMANN, Max Not listed, Mary Reime, Frank Green Mount Born 20 Dec 1866.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIME, Paulina 18 Oct 1921 82y Reime, Paul Green Mount
REINE, Paul 24 Jan 1933 93y 6m Reine, Joseph HEIDRICH, Christina FRENZEL, Pauline Green Mount
REINIGER, Anton 9 Nov 1931 81y Reiniger, Joseph BENZ, Magdalena WALZ, Frances Green Mount
REINIGER, Francis [Frances] 5 Jun 1928 77y Reiniger, Anton Green Mount
REINIGER, Francis [Frances] 5 Jun 1928 77y Reiniger, Anton Green Mount Duplicate entry
REININGER, August 2 Jun 1947 67y 11m Reininger, Anton WALZ, Francis Green Mount Born 14 Jun 1879*
REIS, Adelaide 10 Dec 1943 62y 3m Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 17 Aug 1881 in Belleville*
REIS, Barbara Jos. 19 Dec 1913 55y Reis, Valentin APFELD, Josephina Green Mount
REIS, Bernard 5 Jan 1924 16y Reis, Henry G. BLOME, Mary Green Mount
REIS, Charles 30 May 1949 Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth KELTENBACHER, Helen Green Mount Born 9 May 1885  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIS, Dr. Henry 4 Aug 1947 75y 8m Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth HENTZEL, Louise Green Mount Born 24 Dec 1871*
REIS, Elizabeth (Widow) 1 Jan 1912 66y Reis, Henry (Deceased) Walnut Hill Buried the day of the Cathedral fire.
REIS, Elizabeth (Widow) 2 Oct 1916 90y Reis, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
REIS, Elizabeth T. 26 Sep 1936 60y 2m Reis, Henry G. KISSEL, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 4 Jul 1876*
REIS, Henry 29 Jun 1911 72y Reis, Valentin Walnut Hill
REIS, Henry G. 13 Feb 1941 73y 10m Reis, Michael EBERLE, Appolonia BLOME, Mary C. Green Mount Trustee of Cathedral.  Lifelong member of choir.
REIS, Joseph B. 28 Aug 1949 87y MERSINGER, Mary Green Mount Born 17 Mar 1862*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIS, Josephine 18 Sep 1927 89y APFELD, Josephine Reis, Valentin Green Mount
REIS, Lena 3 Apr 1932 77y 4m REIS, Peter ESCHENFELDER, Apollonia Reis, George Green Mount
REIS, Liola 6 Dec 1918 20y Reis, Henry G. BLOME, Maria Green Mount Died of Influenza
REIS, Marcus 22 Mar 1924 23y Reis, Joseph MERSINGEr, Mary Green Mount
REIS, Mary 23 Apr 1944 90y 9m Reis, John reiniger, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 8 Jul 1853*
REIS, Mary 24 Jan 1948 79y 11m BLOME, Bernard KIRST, Catherine REIS, Henry E. (G*) Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1868*
REIS, Mary Ann 22 Dec 1941 28y 10m CHOUINARD, Walter ALEXANDER, Lydia Reis, Joseph Green Mount Born 26 Feb 1913*
REIS, Olivia 11 Feb 1923 34y Reis, Charles Green Mount
REIS, Rosalia 7 Mar 1912 20y Reis, George KARR, Appolonia Green Mount
REIS, Valentine M. 29 Dec 1956 Reis,Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Never married Walnut Hill Born 16 Dec 1868.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
REISACHER, Charles (Widower) 29 Mar 1924 61y SIEBEN, Amelia (Deceased) Green Mount
REISACHER, Frank 6 Jun 1951 Reisacher, Joseph LAUBNER, Mary Ann Green Mount Born 22 Jan 1873.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REISER, Johanna (Widow) 20 Jan 1925 80y Walnut Hill
REISSEN, Ben 7 Jan 1934 53y 3m Reissen, John BROCKER, Mary (First wife: Magdalena KRAMER)  Amelia BRIESACHER Mt. Carmel
REISSEN, Jr., John 20 Jan 1957 Reissen, John BROEKER, Mary Never married Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jun 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
REISSEN, Marie Gertrude 19 Jan 1947 62y 7m DIERKES, George SANTMANN, Anna Reissen, Matthew Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL
REISSEN, Matthew 6 Jan 1946 81y 4m Reissen, Phillip HANNEWINKEL, Josephine Walnut Hill Born 23 Sep 1864*
REISSEN, Sr., Ben 7 Jan 1934 53y 3m Reissen, John BROCKER, Maria KRAMER, Magdalena & Amelia BRIESCHKE Mt. Carmel
REISSER, Clarence 11 Mar 1947 49y 4m Reisser, John Jacob REISER, Theresa Rose Green Mount Born 8 Dec 1897* ‘Died in Alton, IL
REISSER, John Jacob 26 Dec 1934 Reisser, Jacob SCHUMMERT, Mary Jane REISER, Theresa Rose Walnut Hill Born 1 Jul 18__
RENGERS, Eva 9 Mar 1913 26y BIRKNER, Not listed Rengers, Joseph Green Mount From St. Louis
RENGERS, Henry H. 24 May 1943 87y 9m Rengers, Joseph SCHNEIZING, Not listed FUCHS, Margaret Green Mount Born 15 Aug 1855.  Died in Manchester Nursing Home*  From St. Louis County
RENNER, Barbara 28 Aug 1918 58y Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena Walnut Hill Died in Chicago, IL
RENNER, Clement 19 Jul 1927 41y LOTZ, Martha Green Mount
RENNER, Daniel Adolph 20 Dec 1920 3m Renner, George REICHERT, Mary Green Mount
RENNER, Elizabeth 19 Jun 1944 83y 8m SCHLIESSER, Valentine KIRCHER, Wilhelmina Renner, Frank Green Mount Born 8 Oct 1860 in Belleville, IL*
RENNER, Frances 13 Apr 1955 DAMMERICH, Adam BOUL, Frances Renner, Martin Green Mount Born 1 May 1869
RENNER, Frank 2 Sep 1916 Green Mount
RENNER, Frank 26 Aug 1949 57y Renner, Martin DAMMERICH, Frances Never married* Green Mount Born 17 Jun 1892*
RENNER, Martin 27 Nov 1913 42y DAMMERICH, Francisca Green Mount
RENNSCHEID, Hilda Helena 7 Feb 1913 8m Rennscheid, Herman HOLTKAMP, Maria Green Mount
RENSING, Fred J. 3 Jun 1941 66y 2m Rensing, Henry H. HEITMANN, Christina KOELKER (Kuelker*), Caroline Green Mount Born 29 Mar 1875*
RENSING, John 11 Jun 1942 76y 2m Rensing, Henry H. HEIMAN, Christine STAUDER, Mary E. Walnut Hill Born 18 Apr 1866*
RENSING, Jr.,  John H.* 4 Feb 1937 Rensing, John STAUDER, Mary E. Walnut Hill Born 1 May 1900,  Buried from St. Teresa’s*
RENSING, Mary E. 31 Jan 1946 82y 9m STAUDER, John MOSBACHER, Mary Rensing, John Walnut Hill Born 12 Apr 1863; buried in non-Catholic part-bouth before the division*
RENSING, Mathilda 9 May 1938 77y 7m LOUISE, Henry CARLSKIND, Mary Ann Rensing, B. J. Green Mount Born 24 Oct 1860*  From St. Louis
REUTERMAN, Mary Louise 17 Jul 1929 76y KUEHN, Fred REISBICH, Susan Reuterman, John Walnut Hill
REUTERMANN, Alex. Nicholas 16 Jul 1947 52y 11m Reutermann, George HAFFNER, Minnie POWELL, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 22 Aug 1894;  died in Granite City*
REUTERMANN, Ardella 15 Jul 1923 16y Reutermann, Joseph MASSERANG, Marg. Green Mount
REUTERMANN, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1930 84y Reutermann, Valentin Green Mount
REUTERMANN, Linus 14 Apr 1918 47y Reutermann, Val. KELLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died at Asylum in Anna, IL
REUTERMANN, Minnie 10 Dec 1954 HAFFNER, Nicholas Not known Reutermann, George Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1869.  Died in San Antonio, TX
REUTERMANN, Valentin 23 Jun 1911 67y Reutermann, Andrew Green Mount
RHEINECKER, Mathilda 30 Dec 1947 60y 11m ERNST, Wendelin HORSCHMAN, Dorothy Rheinecker, Charles Green Mount Born 15 Feb 1886*
RICKERT, Fred 27 Dec 1952 (Richert, Fred*) LYNN, Minnie (Deceased*) Walnut Hill Born 20 Oct 1867.  Died in a nursing home
RICKERT, Gottlieb 10 Dec 1951 ACKERMANN, Anna Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1870
RIEGER, Amalia 13 Jul 1917 62y Rieger, Xavier MOSER, Johanna Walnut Hill
RIES, Mary Catherine 9 Feb 1950 REIS, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Ries, Jacob Mt. Carmel Born 24 Nov 1867
RIESENBERGER, Anna 2 Jul 1916 66y Riesenberger, Nicholas Green Mount
RIESENBERGER, Bertha 23 Jan 1952 Riesenberger, Nicholas POSCH (BOSCH*), Anna Green Mount Born 27 Sep 1882.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RIESENBERGER, Louis 26 May 1930 35y WORMA, Lucille Walnut Hill
RIESENBERGER, Louis 7 Aug 1951 RUESTER, Anna Green Mount Born 9 Sep 1872.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RIESENBERGER, Nic 13 Mar 1929 79y BROCH, Anna Green Mount
RIFF, John 22 Jun 1921 STAUDER, Margaret Green Mount
RIGARD, Susana 18 Sep 1923 82y Rigard, Anton Green Mount
RIGET, Francis (Widower) 18 Oct 1914 56y Green Mount
RINCK, Augusta 5 Feb 1945 84y 2m CHENOT, Augustus BOUL, Elizabeth Rinck, John Green Mount Born 25 Nov 1860*
RINCK, John 25 Jul 1930 70y CHENOT, Augusta Green Mount
RINCK, William J. 2 Jan 1937 46y 9m Rinck, John CHENOT, Augusta BRICHLER, Eleanore Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1890*
RINKERICH, Anna 19 Nov 1945 72y Rinkerich, John Green Mount Died in Johnson City, IL
RIPP, Margaret (Widow) 5 Apr 1925 78y Ripp, John (Deceased) Green Mount
RISCHAR, Barbara 4 Jan 1953 DRESSEL, Henry Not listed, Sophie Rischar, Adolph Green Mount Born 5 Feb 1887
RISCHAR, Eva (Widow) 13 May 1919 80y Rischar, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
RISCHAR, John M. 14 Oct 1911 42y TRIBOUT, Not listed Green Mount
RISCHAR, Lenora 16 Dec 1918 2.5y Rischar, Adolph DRESSEL, Barb. Green Mount Died of Influenza
RISCHAR, Olivia 11 Dec 1918 6y 6m Rischar, Adolph DRESSEL, Barb. Walnut Hill Died of Influenza
RIST, Anton 24 Sep 1934 89y 4m Rist, Joseph HEROLD, Christina Green Mount
RIST, Christina 12 Jan 1922 Rist, Anton Green Mount
RITTEL, Anna 7 Dec 1953 DOLLE, Carl Not listed, Anna Rittel, August Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1909.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
RITTER, Elizabeth (Widow) 13 Mar 1916 71y Ritter, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
RITTER, Nicholas 1 Jun 1912 72y Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount From Missouri
RITZHEIMER, Joseph 11 Jan 1949 52y 6m Ritzheimer, Peter METZGER, Elizabeth Not listed, Eleanor Walnut Hill Was married & divorced.  Born 9 Jun 1892*
ROACH, Shirley Nan 27 Jul 1934 Roach, Timothy FARMAN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 19 Apr
ROB(P)KE, Katherine 19 Feb 1945 80y 4m MEYER, William BAULER, Marie ROPKE, Bernard Green Mount
ROCKWELL, Charles 7 Feb 1936 83y 9m Rockwell, Joseph P. Not listed, Catherine Ann BOSCH, Antoinette Walnut Hill Born 15 May 1852*
RODEMAYER, Valentin 24 Nov 1912 60y HOFEN, Margaret Green Mount
RODENBERG, Henry William 3 Jul 1944 89y 7m Rodenberg, Peter William KLIEVER, Catherine HOFFMAN, Pauline Green Mount Born 12 Jan 1855 in Dartmund, Germany*
RODENBERG, Pauline 1 Jun 1946 84y 3m HOFFMANN, Ehrhardt HOHN, Wilhelmina Rodenberg, Henry Green Mount Born 24 Feb 1862 in Saxony Germany*  Baptized before death
RODENHEISER, Wilhelmina 13 Apr 1946 79y 8m MAUS, William KOELCH, Eliza Rodenheiser, John Walnut Hill Born 25 Aug 1866.*  Died in Philadelphia, PA
RODENMEYER, Emma G. 7 Nov 1946 75y 3m BECKER, Jacob KEEN, Lugata Rodenmeyer, Joseph F. Green Mount Born 24 Jul 1871*
RODENMEYER, Margaret 14 Apr 1928 72y HOFEN, Not listed Rodenmeyer, Valentin Green Mount
RODENMEYER, Margaret 14 Apr 1928 72y HOFEN, Not listed Rodenmeyer, Valentin Green Mount Duplicate entry
ROEHL, John 16 Sep 1912 75y BENZ, Maria Walnut Hill
ROEHL, Mary (Widow) 21 Mar 1926 82y BENZ, Not listed Roehl, John Walnut Hill
ROEMER, Virginia Agnes 2 Oct 1911 Roemer, Francis DAHLMANN, Joanna Green Mount
ROESCH, Anna M. 10 Aug 1924 74y Green Mount
ROESCH, Cecilia Rosa 2 May 1912 3w Roesch, Joseph HARTELE, Ellenora Green Mount
ROESCH, Katharina 8 Aug 1917 32y Roesch, William Green Mount
ROESCH, William (Widower*) 25 Feb 1950 BOMAN, Kattie (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1876.  Died at St. Vincent’s
ROESNER, Ferdinand 17 Feb 1943 75y 5m SCHUETZ, Not listed (Adopted by Rev. Father Roesner) MILLER, Not listed Green Mount Born 25 Sep 1867 in Chester*
ROESNER, Rev. Carl 5 Feb 1919 71.5y Green Mount Retired priest.  Former pastor of Chester, Lively Grove & Evansville
ROESSNER, Theresa 23 Jan 1916 34y Roessner, William Green Mount
ROMPEL, Charles 23 Mar 1935 70y 6m Rompel, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Katherine HERBEIN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 26 Sep 1864 in Frankfort, Germany*
RONDE, Raphael 2 Oct 1921 9y Ronde, Louis DINGES, Maria Green Mount Baptized on death bed.
ROPKE, Bernard 27 Mar 1943 81y ROBKE, Henry Bernard MEYER, Adelhaide MEYER, Katherine Green Mount Born 11 Mar 1862*
ROSCIGLIONE, Anna 29 Jun 1947 51y 11m MERCURIO, Cosimo CAPONE, Ignatia Rosciglione, Dominic Calvrey [Calvary] in St. Louis, MO Born 26 Jul 1895*
ROSEN, Paul 4 Oct 1956 Unknown Unknown TROJAK, Cecelia Walnut Hill Born 29 Jun 1883
ROSS, Anna 26 May 1945 57y 3m REIMINGER, Anton WALTZ, Frances Ross, Andrew Mt. Hope Born 17 Feb 1888; died suddenly at St. Elizabeth*
ROTH, Gertrude (Widow) 20 Nov 1910 80y Roth, Leonard (Deceased) Catholic in Evansville, IL
RUDOLPH, Christina 7 Apr 1912 65y Rudolph, George Green Mount
RUDOLPH, George (Widower) 22 Nov 1915 78y STARK, Christina Green Mount He died suddenly
RUDOLPH, John 13 Jul 1920 74y Green Mount From Willisville, IL
RUDOLPH, John 7 Oct 1935 63y Rudolph, George STARK, Christine DINGES, Mary Walnut Hill Born 28 Aug 18__*
RUEBBEL, Walter 9 Oct 1954 [Ruebbel], Peter HARDT, Mary SCHOPP, Adele Walnut Hill Born 13 Aug 1885.  Died in L___, IL [Smudged]
RUEBEL, Mary 27 Sep 1928 69y HARDT, Not listed Ruebel, Peter Walnut Hill
RUEDIGER, Walter 21 Nov 1949 REBHAN, Estelle Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RUPPERT, Not listed [Appears between 22 & 28 Jun 1912]
RUSS, John A. 13 Oct 1930 58y Russ, Adam A. LAUB, Mary FLACK, Annie Green Mount
RUST, Emma 21 Aug 1952 RUST, Charles RUPPERT, Catherine Rust, Peter H. Green Mount Born 12 Mar 1878.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RUST, Peter H. 13 Mar 1941 65y 10m Rust, Christopher REEB, Catherine ROST, Emma* Green Mount Born 16 May 1875*  Killed by automobile
RUST, Sr., John 28 Jan 1938 66y 2m Rust, Christopher REEB, Catherine BRANDENBURGER, Elizabeth (Divorced from wife who has remarried) Walnut Hill Born 18 Nov 1871*
RUTZ, Melinda 17 Apr 1931 84y Rutz, George Walnut Hill
SAEGER, Louis 28 Nov 1923 65y LOOS, Magdalena Green Mount
SAEGER, Magdalena 26 Feb 1933 72y LOOS, Louis HOLDENER, Mary Saeger, Louis Green Mount
SALE, Emma 21 Sep 1956 MILLER, William Not listed, Henrietta Sale, George New St. Marcus in St. Louis, MO Born 13 Mar 1865
SALOMONI, Geraldine 13 Feb 1948 64y 3m UVA, Ralph Not listed, Geraldine Salomoni, Nuncio Green Mount
SAMSTAG, Gertrude A. 8 Oct 1935 78y DINGES, Charles MAYER, Cathrine Samstag, Charles F. Green Mount Born 21 Mar 1857*
SANDMEYER, Joseph 20 Feb 1922 53y DRESEL, Mary Green Mount
SANTEL, Theodore Walter 27 Jun 1941 52y 7m Santel, Henry ACKERMANN, Catherine SCHUMACHER, Bernardine Green Mount Born 27 Nov 1888*
SANTEL, Walter 14 Mar 1950 Santel, Theodore SCHUMACHER, Bernardine Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1919.  Died at St. Elizabeth
SANZEK, Cecilia 7 Sep 1921 27y Sanzek, John B. LOEHR, Elizabeth Green Mount
SATTLER, Caroline 1 Apr 1953 Sattler, Henry BEDEL, Barbara Born 13 May 1881
SATTLER, John (Widower*) 6 Jan 1946 88y Sattler, Peter MECH, Elizabeth WARMUTH, Josephine (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 12 Jan 1858*
SATTLER, Josephine 22 Jan 1939 71y 2m WARMUTH, Jacob FISCHER, Barbara Sattler, John (Deceased) Green Mount Born 20 Nov 1867 & died in St. Louis*
SAUER, Edward 31 Dec 1928 24y Sauer, Nicholas SCHMITZ, Carrie DANEK, Bertha Green Mount
SAUER, Frank H. 25 Apr 1950 Sauer, Nicholas ABEGG, Mary KLEIN, Mary Green Mount Born 6 Oct (Dec*) 1878.  Died at St. Elizabeth
SAUER, John 21 Nov 1917 48y Sauer, Nic. ABEGG, Maria Green Mount
SAUL, Henry 10 Jul 1912 59y WAJKA, Maria Mt. Carmel From Ginz Station
SAUL, Henry 10 Aug 1953 Walnut Hill Born 25 Dec 1874.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SAUZEK, Elizabeth 4 Feb 1949 88y LOEHR, John BRENDEL, Elizabeth Sauzek, John Green Mount Born 10 Sep 1861*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SAUZEK, Elizabeth 18 Feb 1955 STIFFLER, John HANDRICH, Margaret Sauzek, Joe Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1884
SAUZEK, John 5 Apr 1948 86y Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth LOEHR, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 9 Dec 1861*
SAUZEK, Joseph 20 Dec 1951 STIFFLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1884
SAX, Catherine 9 Jan 1950 HELFRICH, George ROEBLING, Louise Sax, George Green Mount Born 11 Dec 1863
SAX, George 26 Aug 1929 73y HELFRICH, Catharine Green Mount
SCHAAB, Mary 17 Mar 1949 71y SAEGER, Mary KLAUS, Louis Schaab, Henry Mt. Carmel Born 4 Aug 1878*
SCHAAL, Elizabeth 17 Dec 1942 77y 10m FLACH, Conrad NIEDER, Barbara Schaal, Not listed Walnut Hill Was an invalid in a nursing home.
SCHAAL, Viola 29 Oct 1956 GROOM, Samuel HAAS, Katherine Schaal, Theodore Walnut Hill Born 19 Aug 1899.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHAEDLER, Apollonia 2 Feb 1930 70y ESCHENFELDER, Not listed Schaedler, Cornelius Walnut Hill Died suddenly
SCHAEDLER, Cornelius 16 Feb 1925 69y Walnut Hill
SCHAEDLER, George H. 11 Oct 1917 5m Schaedler, Cornelius DEMENT, Rose Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Antonia Mathilda 18 Oct 1919 6.5m Schaefer, Francis BUENTGEN, Marg. Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Augusta 28 Jul 1952 Schaefer, August MURTZKO, Pauline Schaefer, William Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1888 (in Austria*)
SCHAEFER, Carol Marie 28 Aug 1944 6d Schaefer, Lawrence GRAUL, Virginia Green Mount Baptized at St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis, IL
SCHAEFER, Daniel 24 Dec 1928 17d Schaefer, Peter HOFFMANN, Bertha Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Emil 2 May 1949 Schaefer, Joseph WINTER, Louisa BERGADINE, Oma Walnut Hill Born 5 Sep 18__
SCHAEFER, John 19 Mar 1924 86y Millstadt, IL
SCHAEFER, John H. (Widower) 16 Mar 1925 74y HOFFMAN, Mathilda (Deceased) Green Mount Collector of Cathedral & member of parish orphan board
SCHAEFER, Joseph 2 Jun 1950 Schaefer, John Henry Not listed, Mathilda MERKLIN, Eva Green Mount Born 2 Jun 1883*.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHAEFER, Martha Eleanor [Twin] 1 Jan 1940 4d Schaefer, Laurence GRAUL, Virginia Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Mary 25 Dec 1937 57y 8m Schaefer, John H. HOFFMANN, Mathilda Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1880*
SCHAEFER, Mary Lucille [Rwin] 2 Jan 1940 4d Schaefer, Laurence GRAUL, Virginia Green Mount Born 28 Dec 1939*
SCHAEFER, Mathilda 28 Feb 1925 74y Schaefer, John H. Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Mathilda 22 Mar 1929 14y Schaefer, William MURTZKA, Augusta Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Reinold John 16 Oct 1913 11m Schaefer, Peter HOFFMANN, Bertha Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Theresa 18 Jun 1955 Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth Schaefer, Fred J. Green Mount Born 10 Nov 1878
SCHAEFER, Virginia Elizabeth 19 Nov 1923 2w Schaefer, George ROTH, Elizabeth Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Virginia Elizabeth 3 Dec 1945 33y 4m GRAUL, Fred PERSCHBACHER, Mary Schaefer, Lawrence Green Mount Born 29 Jul 1912*
SCHAEFER, Virginia May 30 Oct 1925 2y 9m Schaefer, Peter HOFFMANN, B. Green Mount
SCHANER, Robert Clement 19 Feb 1923 5m Schaner, Christ HOEFFKEN, Eleonor Green Mount
SCHANTER, John 24 Feb 1935 72y BUHELL [Budell*], Mathilda Green Mount Born 10 Feb 1863*
SCHANTER, Mathilda 28 Aug 1947 80y 9m BUDDEL, Florian Unknown Schanter, John Green Mount Born 12 Nov 1867*
SCHANUEL, Bertha 8 Nov 1949 Schanuel, Eugene Mt. Carmel Born 24 Mar 1877.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHANUEL, Henry 6 Mar 1937 82y Schanuel, Servatius HENNINGER, Louise DEMMERLE, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 29 Apr 1854*
SCHANUEL, Mary 3 Nov 1928 46y BERTELSMAN, Not listed Schanuel, John A. Green Mount
SCHANUEL, Odilia 13 Aug 1918 3m Schanuel, John A. BERTELSMANN, Maria Green Mount
SCHANUEL, Theodore 20 Jan 1950 67y* Schanuel, Charles SEILLER, Fannie Mt. Carmel Born 8 May 1883.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHAUB, Adam 2 Apr 1911 64y Green Mount From Tilden, Washington County, IL
SCHAUBERT, Anna Magdalena 31 Aug 1934 49y 2m SCHILLING, Jacob Not listed, Mary Schaubert, John Green Mount
SCHAUERTE, Kaspar 8 May 1914 20y Schauerte, Martin AGEE, Rosa Green Mount
SCHAUERTE, Martin 20 Jul 1924 86y Green Mount [Appears at the bottom of page in Jul 1924 entries]
SCHAUERTE, Rosalie 23 May 1952 Schauerte, Martin Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1867
SCHAUTER, Adolph 3 Nov 1918 18y Schauter, John BUDEL, Mathilda Green Mount
SCHEER, Eva 20 Feb 1931 75y SCHUESSLER, Valentin NIEGHTER, Wilhelmina Scheer, Louis St. Mathews in St. Louis, MO A convert.  Died in Mascoutah Old Folks Home
SCHEFFERTS, Bernhardt 29 Sep 1921 75y REEB, Catharina Green Mount
SCHEFFKNECHT, Caroline 26 Feb 1946 82y 3m KREITNER, John SCHULTY, Augusta Scheffknecht, George Mt. Carmel Born 15 Dec 1863 & died suddenly of a stroke*
SCHEFFKNECHT, George 22 Dec 1918 Green Mount Died of tuberculosis
SCHEFFKNECHT, Louis 26 Mar 1918 51y WOLTER, Mathilda (Tillie) Green Mount Died at Asylum in Anna, IL
SCHEFFKNECHT, Margaret (Widow) 15 Jan 1915 78y Scheffknecht, Joseph Walnut Hill
SCHEFFKNECHT, Tillie 1 Jun 1951 Scheffknecht, Louis Green Mount Born 22 Nov 1868
SCHEFFKNECHT, William 19 Oct 1939 50y 10m Scheffknecht, Louis WOLTERS, Tillie STEIN, Minnie Mt. Carmel Born 24 Nov 1888*
SCHEFFNECHT, Joseph 21 Jun 1911 36y
SCHEIBEL, Bernard 14 Nov 1936 70y 4m Scheibel, Joseph LECHLEIDER, Balbina [Baldwina Loechle*] ADELHARDT, Mary Calvary Cemetery Born 21 Jun 1866 & Baptized at St. Clare in O’Fallon, IL*
SCHEIBEL, Emilia (Widow) 2 Mar 1923 80y Scheibel, Moritz (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHEIBEL, Mary 20 Feb 1937 68y 11m ADELHARDT, Frank Scheibel, Bernard Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 2 Mar 1869*
SCHEIBEL, Maurice 5 Dec 1913 77y VOLZ, Amalia Green Mount
SCHEIBEL, Wendelin 25 May 1938 74y 3m Scheibel, Joseph LECHLEIDER, Balbina TREFZER, Anna Shiloh Born 26 Jan 1864*
SCHERER, William 15 Apr 1953 Scherer, Andrew NEIFING, Louise MCEvers, Verna Mt. Carmel Born 14 Aug 1888.  [Appears between Sep & Oct 1952 entries]
SCHERER, William 15 Apr 1953 MCEVERS, Verna Mt. Carmel Born 14 Aug 1888.
SCHEWE, Albert 3 Jul 1945 73y 4m Schewe, John KULZ, Albertine SEMRAN, Antonia Green Mount Born 8 Feb 1872*
SCHEWE, Albertina (Widow) 4 Mar 1923 89y Schewe, John (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHEWE, Antonia 26 Jun 1919 49y Schewe, Albert Green Mount
SCHILB, Bertha (Gertrude*) (Widow*) 2 Dec 1946 86y 4m HERMAN, Charles KNAUSS, Edna Marie Schilb, Wendelin (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 9 Aug 1860*
SCHILLING, Alfred 3 Jan 1951 Schilling, Joseph NEFF, Apollonia SCHAEFER, Mary E. Green Mount Born 23 Oct 1892
SCHILLING, Caroline 24 Oct 1933 45y MARTIN, Eugene SCHEFFNECHT, Julia Schilling, Joseph Walnut Hill
SCHILLING, Doris 25 May 1932 17y 1m Schilling, Joseph MARTIN, Caroline Walnut Hill
SCHILLING, Edward A. 11 Jun 1952 Schilling, George OESCHLE, Emma B. HAGEMAN, Eleanor Green Mount Born 30 Aug 1902.  Died at DePaul Hospital
SCHILLING, Elizabeth 10 Jan 1948 62y 2m FIRNKES, August FLACH, Mary Schilling, Frank Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis,IL
SCHILLING, Emma 26 Dec 1948 68y OECHSLE, John Not listed, Catherine Schilling, George F. Walnut Hill (Green Mount*) Born 4 Aug 1878*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHILLING, Florence 2 Apr 1937 9h Schilling, Alfred SCHAEFER, Mary St. John in Smithton, IL
SCHILLING, Florina 17 Apr 1934 16y 10m Schilling, Joseph MARTIN, Caroline Walnut Hill
SCHILLING, Frank 21 Mar 1941 56y 11m Schilling, Nicholas BECKER, Anna FIRNKES, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Born 16 Apr 1884*
SCHILLING, George 19 Aug 1951 OECHLE, Emma Green Mount Born 28 Dec 1873.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
SCHILLING, Jacob 10 Apr 1934 51y Schilling, Jacob SCHUMMERT, Mary FLACH, Anna Green Mount
SCHILLING, Joseph 27 Sep 1945 65y 9m Schilling, Nicholas BECKER, Elizabeth MARTIN, Caroline (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 25 Jan 1880*  Found 20 hours after death (in Lincoln Hotel*).  Had not been to church in 5 years.
SCHILLING, Nicholas 22 Mar 1939 89y 8m Schilling, Michael MILLER, Anna BECKER, Anna Walnut Hill Born 2 Jul 1850*
SCHINDLER, Catharina 27 Mar 1918 71y Schindler, Maurice Green Mount
SCHLEGEL, August 12 Dec 1916 51y Schlegel, Anton HERMAN, Barb. Green Mount
SCHLEGEL, Lena 18 Sep 1950 RINEN (Rinch*), Francis ROLLIS, Angelica Schlegel, Charles (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 14 Nov 1861
SCHLEGEL, William J. 4 Feb 1942 71y 11m Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Barbara (Aunt of Barbara Hermann Lang) GANTNER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 4 Mar 1870*
SCHLERNITZAUER, Anna 14 Jun 1941 79y 11m Schlernitzauer, Andrew CALMES, Mary Green Mount Born 6 Jul 1862*
SCHLERNITZAUER, Katharina 6 Aug 1913 59y Schlernitzauer, Andrew Green Mount
SCHLICH, Agnes 16 May 1939 1d Schlich, Lorraine Not listed, Loraine Green Mount Baptized at birth.
SCHLICH, Henry 16 Jul 1939 75y 2m Schlich, Henry Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 15 May 1864*
SCHLICH, Joseph 3 Jan 1937 76y 5m Schlich, Henry SCHLICH, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 1 Aug 1866 in Okawville*
SCHLICH, Peter (Infant) 25 Aug 1924 Schlich, Joseph
SCHLINGER, Anton 3 Jun 1927 90y FAUST, Louisa Green Mount
SCHLINGER, George 9 Jul 1954 Schlinger, Anton FAUST, Louise Green Mount Born 12 May 1880.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHLINGER, Louise 21 Mar 1916 77y Schlinger, Anton Green Mount
SCHLOSSER, Catherine 23 Feb 1922 56y RINCK, Not listed Schlosser, John Green Mount
SCHLOSSER, John 5 May 1934 65y 7m Schlosser, Christ Not listed, Mary RINCK, Catherine Green Mount
SCHLOSSER, Mary 4 Jan 1920 87y STRASSER, Not listed Walnut Hill From Fort Lauderdale, FL
SCHLUETER, Bernard 20 Mar 1942 46y 4m Schlueter, Herman MUELLER, Mary SCHMITTLING, Ida Green Mount Born 28 Nov 1895*
SCHLUETER, Herman 25 Jun 1928 40y SCHLAMAN, Lucy Green Mount
SCHLUETER, Herman 25 Jun 1928 40y SCHLAMAN, Lucy Green Mount Duplicate entry
SCHLUETER, Mary 24 Jul 1946 86y 7m MUELLER, Carl PEISTRUPS, Agnes Schlueter, Herman St. Boniface in Germantown, IL Born 21 Dec 1859*
SCHMIDT, Amelia 31 May 1954 MEIDINGER, John CRASS, Christina Schmidt, Bernard Green Mount Born 27 Mar 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMIDT, Angelina (Widow) 13 Jul 1914 70y Schmidt, Maximilian (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Anna 7 Jul 1938 62y Schmidt, Herman BOSCH, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 3 Nov 1876*
SCHMIDT, Anna 17 Sep 1938 54y 1m Schmidt, Nicholas HAMMER, Elizabeth Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Bernard 14 Sep 1917 36y MEIDINGER, Amalia Green Mount Killed in a coal mine
SCHMIDT, Bertha Sophia 10 Dec 1913 6w Schmidt, Bernard MEIDINGER, Amalia Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Cletus Math. 24 Dec 1925 4m Schmidt, Mathew HAUBRICH, O. Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Dorothea 5 Jan 1914 2m Schmidt, Bernard MEIDINGER, Amalia Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth 18 Jun 1955 LANG, Frank RENNER, Elizabeth Schmidt, Herman Walnut Hill Born 22 Apr 1875.  Died in Hillcrest Nursing Home
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth (Widow) 18 May 1921 64y Schmidt, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Herman 29 Aug 1918 43y LANG, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
SCHMIDT, Herman (Widower) 14 Dec 1913 68y Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Ida 18 Apr 1934 37y 11m KLING, Michael FRIES, Mary Schmidt, John Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Johanna 24 Dec 1949 Schmidt, Fred Walnut Hill Born 20 Jun 1868.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMIDT, John 25 Jan 1946 89y 2m Schmidt, Joseph MEYER, Christine Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1856 in St. Louis, MO*
SCHMIDT, Joseph 13 May 1928 45y CARREO, Louise Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Joseph 13 May 1928 45y CARICO, Louise Green Mount Duplicate entry
SCHMIDT, Louis 1 Aug 1953 Schmidt, Joseph HEATLING, Mathilda HERTLING, Mathilda Green Mount Born 1 Nov 1863.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMIDT, Maria Mildred 16 Mar 1930 Infant Schmidt, Andrew BOYER, Marie Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Mathilda 29 Jul 1922 67y Schmidt, Joseph MEYER, Christina Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Mildred 10 Dec 1923 2y Schmidt, Francis HUBSCHMIDT, Bertha Mt. Carmel
SCHMIDT, Norma Lee 4 Apr 1945 7m Schmidt, Edward YAGGE, Eleanore Green Mount
SCHMIERBACH, Catherine 20 Apr 1956 Schmierbach, August REINHARDT, Barbara Schmierbach, John (Deceased) St. John in Smithton, IL Born 24 Jun 1884
SCHMISSEUR, Adeline 7 Apr 1930 67y PARIDY, Not listed Schmisseur, Louis Mt. Carmel
SCHMITTLING, Anton N. 4 Mar 1943 71y 6m Schmittling, Joseph HYDE, Agatha MARTIN, Theresa Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1871*
SCHMITTLING, Carl 18 Apr 1913 28y Schmittling, Nic. FRANZEN, Catharina Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Catherina (Widow) 29 Feb 1920 74y Schmittling, Not listed (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Cecilia Margaret 13 May 1926 18m Schmittling, Joseph ESCHENFELDER, Agnes Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Clement 4 Feb 1952 Schmittling, Frank FISCHBEIN, Ida Green Mount Born 22 Jul 1903
SCHMITTLING, Elvira 12 Sep 1923 5m Schmittling, Henry DAHLMANN, Minnie Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Frank 6 Apr 1950 Schmittling, Nicholas LOUIS, Mary TROCHBEIN (Tischbein*), Ida Green Mount Born 5 Jan 1873. (Died in Alton, IL*)
SCHMITTLING, Joseph 18 Sep 1912 85y Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Mathilda T. 11 Aug 1953 Schmittling, Anton MARTIN, Theresa Green Mount Born 30 Jul 1902
SCHMITTLING, Raymond 31 Jan 1927 3m Schmittling, William BRUCH, Agnes Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Theresa Philomena 19 Jul 1910 1m Green Mount
SCHMITZ, Maria 21 Jun 1926 62y Hirt, Not listed Schmitz, William Walnut Hill
SCHMUKE, Joseph 17 Feb 1951 VOGEL, Wilhelmina Mt. Carmel Born 9 Jan 1870.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNEICKERT, Anton 17 Dec 1956 Schneickert, Jacob MUELLER, Philipina KRAUS, Anna Walnut Hill Born 31 Jan 1887.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNEIDER, Alvina 6 Jan 1944 63y 9m Schneider, Joseph ZINK, Josephine Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1880*
SCHNEIDER, Anton 20 Apr 1947 82y 11m Schneider, Joseph SCHWARTZ, Catherine MILLER, Catherine & Dorothea (HEROLD*) Smithton Catholic Born 16 May 1864*
SCHNEIDER, Clara 20 Aug 1919 42y Schneider, Dominic Walnut Hill
SCHNEIDER, Clarence 29 Nov 1925 12y Schneider, Otto WEICK, Anna Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Dorothea 26 Dec 1949 HEROLD, Adam MUELLER, Catherine Schneider, Anton St. John in Smithton, IL Born 18 Nov 1872
SCHNEIDER, John W. 25 Jun 1950 QUIRIN, Clara Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1889.  Died at home
SCHNEIDER, Laurent 29 Nov 1913 62y FUGER, Maria Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Martin 25 Apr 1945 77y 6m Schneider, John ROETSGE, Elizabeth STRAUBINGER, Rose Catholic Cemetery in New Athens, IL Born 10 Oct 1867*
SCHNEIDER, Mary (Widow) 24 Sep 1923 68y Schneider, Lawrence Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Mary Anna 5 Apr 1936 80y 1m WEIST, Michael [FEIST, Mike*] KLINCK, Fred & Wendel Schneider Green Mount From Everkirch, Baden, Germany
SCHNEIDER, Not listed 21 Jan 1923 Schneider, Not listed Millstadt, IL
SCHNEIDER, Oscar 15 Mar 1923 31y PHOL, Sophie Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Philip 20 Mar 1956 Schneider, Leo Not listed, Josephine DUGAN, Susan St. Peter & Paul in Waterloo, IL Born 26 Dec 1892
SCHNEIDER, Rosa Maria 27 Feb 1921 33y Schneider, Theodore Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Theodore Jacob 27 Oct 1940 60y 10m Schneider, Wendel SCHNEIDER, Catherine FEDER, Rose Green Mount Born 24 Dec 1879*
SCHNEIDER, Wendel 23 Feb 1929 77y KLINGE-FEIST, Mary Green Mount
SCHNEIDEWIND, Barbara 3 Nov 1912 42y Schneidewind, Francis Walnut Hill From Bohemia.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNELL, Friederick 11 Oct 1936 77y 11m Schnell, Jacob WINKLER, Christine FREUND, Helen Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1859 in Germany*
SCHNELL, Helen 23 Jan 1956 Schnell, Frederick FREUND, Helen Never married Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1886.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNELL, Jacob 29 Aug 1928 79y Green Mount
SCHNIERS, Louisa Sep 1910 6y Schniers, Francis JUNG, Philippina Green Mount
SCHNIPPERING, Henry (Widower) 30 Jan 1915 83y Green Mount Old soldier died at St. Vincent’s Old Folk’s Home.
SCHOBERT, Frieda Maria 15 May 1925 2w Schobert, Conrad Not listed, Frieda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, John 6 Apr 1944 74y Schobert, John ZAHN, Kunigunda KERN, Louise Walnut Hill Born 8 Apr 1870; died suddenly*
SCHOBERT, Katharina 16 Dec 1920 46y Schobert, George Mascoutah, IL
SCHOBERT, Louise 29 Dec 1930 58y KERN, John KURTZ, Frances Schobert, Johann Walnut Hill
SCHOBERT, Lucille A. 26 Jul 1922 3m Schobert, Theodore GABEL, Frieda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Oscar (Louis*) 21 May 1947 59y 8m Schobert, George STRUBE, Elizabeth SCHEIBEL, Clementine Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 8 Nov 1887*)  Found drowned
SCHOEN, Barbara 4 Dec 1920 62y Schoen, Michael Green Mount
SCHOEN, George 21 Sep 1942 55y 6m Schoen, Michael PFIEFER, Barbara LANG, Mary (Deceased) Green Mount Born 21 Mar 1887*
SCHOEN, Mary 2 Feb 1923 36y Schoen, George Green Mount
SCHOEN, Michael 24 Aug 1931 75y Schoen, Joseph PFEIFER, Barbara Green Mount
SCHOENBORN, Cecilia J. 12 Jun 1918 9m Schoenborn, Nic. MADER, Veronica Green Mount
SCHOENBORN, Veronica 27 Mar 1918 35y Schoenborn, Nicholas Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Adela 27 Oct 1914 41y Schoenhofen, William Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1925 55y Schoenhofen, Peter Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Lucy 1 Oct 1946 60y 3m SCHNIPPER, George MEYER, Margaret Schoenhofen, William &  Joseph HERZOG Walnut Hill Born 29 Jul 1886*
SCHOENHOFEN, Margaret 29 Jun 1919 18y Schoenhofen, Peter WIMMER, Elizabeth Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Mary 13 Dec 1950 LUDWIG, Benedict Walnut Hill Born 10 Jun 1877
SCHOENHOFEN, Peter 11 Nov 1940 71y 10m Schoenhofen, Peter WIMMER, Not listed & Mary LUDWIG Walnut Hill Born 16 Jan 1869*
SCHOENHOFEN, William 28 Aug 1933 55y 10m SCHNIPPER, Lucy Walnut Hill
SCHOENSTEIN, John 3 Oct 1916 62y Schoenstein, Xavier Not listed, Maria Green Mount
SCHOENSTEIN, Mary 24 Jun 1939 78y 3m MOTT, William Not listed, Minnie Schoenstein, Philip Mt. Carmel Born 19 Mar 1861*
SCHOENSTEIN, Philipp 23 Jan 1930 69y MOTT, Minnie Mt. Carmel Was killed in coal mine
SCHONDER, Anna M. 19 Jan 1917 55y Schonder, John Green Mount
SCHONDER, Frank J. (Divorced; widower)* 21 Feb 1941 60y 11m Schonder, John OESTERLE, Anna DOYLE, Nellie (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 1 Mar 1880 in Belleville*
SCHONDER, John A. 15 Jun 1928 70y OESTERLE, Anna
SCHONDER, John A. 15 Jun 1928 70y OESTERLE, Anna Duplicate entry
SCHRADER, Gustave A. F. 7 Oct 1947 72y 4m Schrader, Henry E. WINTER, Louise MUELLER, Katherine M. Green Mount Born 7 Jun 1875*
SCHRADER, Katherine 6 Jan 1953 77y* (MULLER*) Schrader, Gustave Green Mount Born 10 Jan 1875
SCHRECK, Henry 7 Aug 1935 67y 9m Schreck, Simon DINGLER, Frances HOPFINGER, Anna Green Mount Died at Desloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO.
SCHROEDER, Johanna 6 Feb 1938 92y 1m ZIEHNERT, Henry FRITCHLER, Barbara Schroeder, Henry Eilert (Deceased)* Walnut Hill Born 31 Jan*
SCHROERS, Maria 4 Jan 1923 45y Schroers, Peter Green Mount
SCHROERS, Peter 14 Apr 1917 17y Schroers, Peter MADAIN [?], M. Green Mount Killed in W. Frankfort
SCHROLL, Sister M. Sallsia 28 Aug 1935 52y 1m Schroll, Jacob SENNFELD, Elizabeth Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
SCHUETZ, Carolina Elizabeth 23 Jan 1912 8d Schuetz, Peter FOELKEL, Emilia Walnut Hill
SCHUETZ, Mary 20 Jun 1928 72y MARXER, Not listed Schuetz, John Walnut Hill
SCHUETZ, Mary 20 Jun 1928 72y MARXER, Not listed Schuetz, John Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
SCHUETZ, Not listed 23 Mar 1928 73y Unknown Unknown Walnut Hill Died in the County Farm.  Duplicate entry
SCHULTE, Anna 9 Jun 1929 BAEHR, Not listed Schulte, August Green Mount
SCHULTE, Ben 10 May 1948 63y 1m Schulte, Gerhard KORTE, Anna DUST, Rose Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1885*
SCHULTZ, Joseph 28 Mar 1928 73y Unknown Unknown Walnut Hill Died in the County Farm
SCHUMERT, Catherine Gertrude 20 Feb 1933 79y 4m Schumert, Anthony PILLISING, Anna Mary Walnut Hill
SCHUMMERT, Valentin 21 Dec 1921 72y Green Mount
SCHWAEBEL, Elizabeth 29 Jan 1927 Schwaebel, Michael
SCHWAEGEL, August Fred 12 Jun 1944 69y 2m Schwaegel, Karl REINHARDT, Regina KUBURECK, Theresa Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1875*
SCHWAEGEL, Rudolph 11 May 1947 36y 10m Schwaegel, John LINDNER, Cordula SCOTT, Mildred Smithton Catholic Born 25 Jul 1910*
SCHWALB, Louisa 6 Jan 1948 85y 5m STARK, Freed LAUER, Elizabeth Schwalb, Fred Walnut Hill
SCHWARTZ, Anton 10 Mar 1920 73y Walnut Hill From Sedalia, MO
SCHWARTZ, Emma G. 3 Mar 1918 64y Schwartz, Anton Walnut Hill From Sedalia, MO
SCHWARTZ, Joseph 16 Mar 1947 85y Schwartz, Engelbert BLEICH, Catherine Green Mount (St.  Philip’s Church Cemetery*) Born 15 Mar 1862*  Died suddenly
SCHWARTZ, Joseph P. 16 Nov 1937 64y 3m Schwartz, Phil BUGGER, Barbara MILLER, Mathilda Green Mount Born 23 Jul 1873*
SCHWARTZ, Maria 11 Mar 1920 80y Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Mathilda 5 Jul 1935 61y MILLER, Joseph AMMEL, Eva Schwartz, Joseph Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Zachary 27 Jan 1937 78y 2m Schwartz, Engelbreth LEISCH,  Catherine St. Philip in French Village
SCHWARZ, Emilia 26 Feb 1921 79y Schwarz, Anton Green Mount
SCHWARZ, Landers Severin 23 Feb 1917 2d Schwarz, Franzis Not listed, Lucina Green Mount
SCHWARZ, Louisa (Widow)* 1 Nov 1939 65y 8m KOESTERER, Jacob FIEDLER, Mary Schwarz, August H. (Deceased)* St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 1 Mar 1874*
SCHWARZ, Walter 2 Aug 1956 Schwarz, Henry ZINK, Katherine ZAHN, Margaret Green Mount Born 7 Apr 1896.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHWARZTRAUBER, Henry 2 Jan 1925 62y MARTIN, Barbara Mt. Carmel Baptized on death bed.
SCUDDER, Albert 22 Aug 1953 Scudder, Edward LEVELY, Mary SAR, Eva Marissa, IL Born 11 Sep 1883.  Died in Alton State Hospital
SEGER, Edwin 28 Jan 1950 Seger, Anton Not listed, Sophie REEB, Edna Green Mount Born 1 Sep 1891
SEGER, Roland 2 Nov 1952 Seger, Edwin REEB, Edna Green Mount Born 24 Feb 1933.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SEHLINGER, Edward 11 Mar 1943 60y 8m Sehlinger, Anton FAUST, Louisa FRIEDERICH, Anna Green Mount Born 27 Jun 1882*
SEHR, Jacob 6 Sep 1925 94y Green Mount
SEIB, Eleanor 30 Jul 1949 61y 11m Seib, George Valhalla Born 12 Aug 1887*
SEIBERT, Stephen 27 Oct 1953 Seibert, Joseph BRETCH, Caroline BECKER, Emma Green Mount Born 19 Aug 1889
SEILER, Edward 3 Jul 1942 80y 1m Seiler, Louis HEINZ, Mary MILLER, Maggie Green Mount Born 19 May 1862*
SEILER, Katharina (Widow) 17 Feb 1917 89y Seiler, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
SEILER, Louis 29 Nov 1916 64y Seiler, Louis JESSEL, Maria Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital as Janitor
SEILER, Mary 27 Dec 1929 58y Seiler, George WEAVER, Catherine Green Mount
SEILER, Philip 4 Sep 1949 74y 2m Seiler, Philip RUEDIGER, Christine Walnut Hill Born 10 Jul 1875; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
SEMRAN, Albert 23 Aug 1917 45y SCHNIERBACH, Maria Green Mount
SEMRAN, Francis 8 Jul 1912 6y Semran, Albert Green Mount
SEMRAU, Joseph 17 Aug 1946 32y 1m Semrau, Albert SCHMIERBACH Green Mount Born 1 Jul 1914*  Sudden death by electrocution.
SERTH, Emil 10 Oct 1940 66y Serth, Henry REICHERT, Louisa TRENTMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount (St. Joseph in Freeburg. IL)* Born 12 Sep 1874 & died at St. Elizabeth Hospital*
SHANUEL, Norma Mary 3 Sep 1953 Schanuel, Hovis EWALD, Catherine Green Mount Born 1 Feb 1940.  Died in St. Clement Hospital in Red Bud, IL
SHEA, Thomas 27 Apr 1956 Shea, Thomas J. MCLAUGHLIN, Mary DAVIS, Monica Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jun 1897.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SHEPPARD, Catherine 18 Jan 1929 78y SEIDELMAN, Not listed Sheppard, John Green Mount Died in a St. Clair County hospital
SHERIDAN, William 22 Jun 1930 58y BRAKEFIELD, Daisy Walnut Hill
SIEBERT, Magdalena (Widow) 25 Mar 1925 72y Siebert, William (Deceased) Green Mount
SIEBOLD, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1944 61y 11m DIDENHOEFER, Henry STRAUSEL, Magdalen Siebold, Henry Holy Cross in French Village
SIERAKOWSKI, Anna 8 Jul 1912 34y Sierakowski, Stanislaus Green Mount
SIMON, Mary 29 Nov 1930 56y BRADLEY, Daniel LUNCH, Mary Simon, John Non-Catholic Green Mount
SINDEL, John 17 May 1949 Sindel, John HAGEN, Margaret HASENSTAB, Anna Green Mount Born 7 Sep 18__
SINS, Peter 26 Aug 1914 56y DICKHAUT, Bertha Green Mount
SIPPEL, Johanna 6 Sep 1931 72y GRIEB, Not listed Sippel, Peter Walnut Hill
SISK, Infant 17 Jan 1944 8d Sisk, Harold BRAUN, Marcella Green Mount Born 9 Jan 1944*  Baptized  & died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SKARINSKY, John 17 Jan 1951 Green Mount Born 15 Sep 1880
SKARZINSKI, Peter 12 Sep 1931 23y Skarzinski, John Not listed, Anna Green Mount
SLAVIN, Patrick 16 Jul 1937 68y 11m Slavin, John CONELLY, Mary MAYER, Nora Green Mount Died in the County Farm
SLAYER, Elizabeth 4 Jan 1943 81y 9m LUCASH, Joseph CROSS, Elizabeth Slayer, Henry Freeburg, IL
SLAZER, Henry J. 7 Sep 1944 88y 9m Slazer, John VIRGIERS, Anna LUCASH, Elizabeth 9Deceased*) St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 1 Jan 1856*
SMITH, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1940 86y 5m MATHEWS, William SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth Smith, Thomas Green Mount Born 22 May 1854*
SMITH, Frank L. 23 Apr 1927 60y Unknown Unknown Green Mount
SNYDER, Ada Jones 28 Oct 1938 68y 2m JONES, C. W. FITZSIMMONS, Mary Ada Green Mount Born 8 Sep 1870 in Pensacola, FL*
SNYDER, Andrew 13 Mar 1918 54y KIEFER, Ida Walnut Hill Divorced from Ida.  Buried in his mother’s grave.
SODAM, Raymond 2 Feb 1929 2y Sodam, Joseph KEMPF, Theresa Green Mount
SOMMERS, George 19 Nov 1948 53y 11m Sommers, Michael KRAMER, Anna Not named Green Mount
SONNENBERG, Thomas Henry 29 Jul 1946 44y 6m Sonnenberg, Christ. FENWICK, Bessie BIGGINS, Sally Mt. Carmel Born 18 Jan 1902*
SONNTAG, Raymund 30 Apr 1911 13y Sonntag, Edward HERZLER, Anna Green Mount
SONTAG, Anna 24 Jan 1956 HERZLER, Jacob WEIBEL, Chrescentia Sontag, Edward (Deceased) Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1867.  Died in Miami, FL
SONTAG, Edward A. 12 May 1949 Sontag, Nicholas KLOCK, Mary A. HERZLER, Anna * Green Mount Born 1 Jan 1863; died in Miami, FL
SORGMAN, Matthew 9 Jun 1929 71y KORDT, Mary Green Mount
SORGMANN, Frances 16 Jan 1920 8y Sorgmann, Matthew KORDT, Mary Green Mount Child was hunch back
SORGMANN, Maria 16 Oct 2019 49y Sorgmann, Matthew Green Mount
SORGMANN, Mathias 12 Aug 1953 Sorgmann, Matt KOROT, Mary Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1890.  Died in Detroit, MI hospital
SORKACH, John 11 Sep 1954 Not listed, Michael MAGEERN [?], Mary Calvary in Springfield, IL Born 14 Jan 1895
SPEICHINGER, Lorenz* 22 Jan 1945 Speichinger, Andrew KNOEBEL, Ludwina WALKER, Elizabeth Millstadt Born 27 Mar 1863*
SPENGLER, Julius 21 Nov 1927 43y Spengler, Jacob MOERGEN, Bernardine Mt. Carmel
SPIES, Hugo 15 Jul 1952 Spies, Edward RUDOLPH, Theresa Green Mount Born 1 Jul 1906.  Died in Barnes Hospital
SPIES, Theresa 7 Jan 1949 74y 5m RUDOLPH, George STARK, Christina Spies, Edward Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1874*
SPINDLER, Henry 5 Feb 1948 70y 11m Spindler, Adam HARZY, Margaret MEYER, Louise Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1877*
SPINDLER, Louise 14 Mar 1945 64y 8m MEYER, Anton CLAPP, Elizabeth Spindler, Henry Green Mount Born 15 Sep*
SPRECHER, Rosa 23 Feb 1942 74y 1m BOSSLER, Anton Not listed, Marie Sprecher, Albert (Deceased)* Walnut Hill Born 24 Jan 1868 at Saurburg, Alsace Lorraine, France*
SPRINZ, anton 31 Mar 1923 56y HERZOG, Maria Green Mount
STARK, Amelia 3 Sep 1920 Stark, Jacob Green Mount
STARK, Elizabeth B. 4 Jun 1931 21y Stark, John EISENHAUER, Elizabeth Green Mount
STARK, Frank 8 May 1926 43y GROTT, Clara Green Mount
STARK, Fred (Widower)* 23 Oct 1940 81y 9m Stark, John ROTH, Katherine WIEBERT, Katherine (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 6 Jan 1859*
STARK, Jacob 8 Jun 1924 50y HAECKER, Eve [?] Mt. Carmel
STARK, John (Widower*) 15 Mar 1944 66y 1m Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa EISENHAUER, Elizabeth (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1878*
STARK, Katherine 27 Dec 1939 79y 9m WEIBERT, Frank KERHER, Not listed Stark, Fred Walnut Hill Lately of Augustine, FL
STARK, Louisa (Widow) 2 Apr 1913 72y Stark, George (Deceased) Green Mount
STARK, Peter 21 Oct 1952 OESTERLE, Catherine Green Mount Born 24 Nov 1875.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
STARK, Stephen 6 Jan 1941 87y 1m Stark, John ROTH, Catherine RAEDER, Minnie Walnut Hill Born 15 Dec 1853 in Belleville*
STAUDER, Catharina 2 Apr 1920 83y Green Mount
STAUDER, Jacob 13 Feb 1947 88y Stauder, John Adam MOSBACHER, Mary Elizabeth Never married Walnut Hill Born 6 Jul 1858*
STAUDER, John 9 Sep 1925 64y DORNBACH, Amelia Green Mount
STAUDER, Julius 22 May 1917 53y MINOR, Maria Green Mount
STAUDER, Katharina (Widow) 12 Dec 1915 92y Stauder, Nicholas Green Mount From Celina, OH
STAUDER, Margaret 24 Jun 1930 89y PORTER, Not listed Stauder, Adam Green Mount
STAUDER, Maria E. (Widow) 14 May 1920 89y Stauder, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
STAUDER, Mary E. 12 Feb 1946 82y 6m MINOR, Alonzo ESSENMACHER, Mary Stauder, Julius Green Mount Born 13 Aug 1863*
STAUDER, Peter 5 Dec 1913 76y SCHMIDT, Catharina Green Mount
STAUDER, Raymond L. 26 Nov 1956 Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary REEB, Bertha & GRAU [?] Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1896
STAUDER, Virginia [Elizabeth*] 24 Apr 1936 Stauder, Raymond BACHINGER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1925
STAUFENBÜHL (Staufenbuehl), Theresa 1 Feb 1916 45y Staufenbuehl, Francis ENGELMANN, Franziska Walnut Hill
STEELE, Richard 8 Feb 1948 84y 3m Steele, Richard DOWD, Maria HARTY, Sabina Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 15 Nov 1863*
STEGMILLER, Wilhelmina (Widow) 24 Mar 1925 92y Stegmiller, Valentin (Deceased) Green Mount
STEHLICK, Mathilda 12 Apr 1956 THOM, Andrew BECKER,  Not listed Stehlick, Frank J. Green Mount Born 24 Oct 1877
STEIERT, William 6 Jul 1936 57y 8m Steiert, Peter LEMP, Theresa SCHANUEL, Elizabeth [Elsie*] Green Mount Born 16 Oct 1878*
STEINER, Louisa 25 Mar 1933 84y 3m Steiner, Charles HAUSEM, Helena Mt. Carmel
STEINWAGNER, Andrew 17 Feb 1916 78y HEINRICH, Maria Green Mount
STENGER, Elmer 22 Nov 1920 22y Stenger, Joseph HERR, Elizabeth Green Mount Died in France during World War.  Body shipped 2 years later.
STENGER, Joseph A. 7 Feb 1934 70y Stenger, John C. KNECHT, Cunigunda HERR, Elizabeth Green Mount
STENGER, Mary Elizabeth 9 Feb 1936 74y 5m HERR, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Stenger, Joseph A. Green Mount Born 2 Oct 1862*
STENITZER, Maria 7 Apr 1910 3m Stenitzer, Ignatius JUG, Maria Green Mount
STERNAU, John H. 28 Jul 1925 4y Sternau, Walker SCHOENBORN, Maria Green Mount
STERNAU, Walter N. 25 Jul 1947 39y 11m Sternau, Adolph BARTELHEIM, Anna SCHOENBORN, Mary Elizabeth Green Mount Born 17 Aug 1897;  had been living on a farm in St. Michael’s Paderborn*
STETZNER, Asella 7 Apr 1937 41y 8m BOSSLER, Michael BRANDMEYER, Othile Stetzner, Frank Green Mount Born 27 Aug 1895*
STICKA, Catherine 4 Apr 1956 ROTH, John Not listed, Mary Sticka, John (Deceased) Green Mount Born 2 Jan 1881
STICKA, John 22 Mar 1928 69y ROTH, Catherine Green Mount
STICKA, John 23 Mar 1928 69y ROTH, Catherine Green Mount Duplicate entry
STICKA, Joseph 1 Dec 1918 18y Sticka, John ROTH, Catharina Green Mount Died of Influenza.  Buried from Bux’s Parlor
STICKA, Josephina (Widow) 10 Nov 1919 80y BLAWATT, Not listed Sticka, John (Deceased) Green Mount
STICKA, Theresa 2 Jun 1942 66y 7m Sticka, John BLAVAT, Josephine Green Mount Born 2 Nov 1875*
STIEF, Bertha 31 Jul 1941 82y 3m LOOS, Frederick Stief, Joseph Green Mount Born 27 Apr 1859*
STIEF, Joseph 3 Sep 1936 79y 5m Unknown Unknown LOUIS, Bertha Walnut Hill Born 19 Mar 1857*
STIER, Jacob 4 Aug 1923 77y HERZOG, Caroline Green Mount
STOECKEL, Joseph W. 9 Jun 1948 84y 3m Stoeckel, George Not listed, Maria MAROD, Charlotte Green Mount Born 22 Feb 1863*
STOFFEL, Elizabeth 30 Nov 1938 73y 5m BAUER, Alex FEDERER, Johanna Stoffel, August Walnut Hill
STOKES, Michael 5 Sep 1938 73y 7m Stokes, William Calvary in St. Louis, MO
STOLL, Mary 24 Aug 1953 KOSPERICK, Philip Not listed, Anna STOHL, Joseph St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 13 Aug 1870
STOLTZ, Mary E. 10 Aug 1939 72y DORN, Joseph PAFF, Elizabeth Stoltz, Ubaldo J. Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1867 in Belleville*
STOLTZ, Ubaldo Joseph 17 Jan 1941 73y 8m Stoltz, Charles SCHELNINGSAUER [Schlernitzauer?], Elizabeth DORN, Mary Green Mount Born 27 May 1867.*  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital in East St. Louis, IL
STRASBAUGH, Wayne Eugene 13 Jan 1931 1y 2m Strasbaugh, Ardie BUCHMANN, Aurelia Non-Catholic Walnut Hill
STRAUBINGER, John 2 Aug 1911 45y Straubinger, Benedict Mt. Carmel in St. Louis [See record]
STRECK, Eleanore 28 Mar 1944 53y GUBSER, Adolph JOHN, Amelia M. Streck, Adolph Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1891*
STRECK, Melvin 10 Feb 1927 6m Streck, Adolph GUBSER, Elinor Green Mount
STRICHER, John 30 Dec 1943 91y 2m Stricher, Anton BOVA, Catherine BUECHLER, Emma Walnut Hill Born 3 Mar 1852*
STUART, David T. 24 Apr 1944 57y 7m Stuart, William CUSIC, Mary LIENHARDT, Olga Green Mount
STUART, Leo 25 Aug 1929 8y Stuart, William DOLLS, Mary E. Green Mount
STUART, Mary Ann 18 Dec 1929 80y CUSICK, Not listed Stuart, William Harry Green Mount
STUART, Rita Marie 5 Oct 1943 24y 4m Stuart, David LIENHARDT, Olga Green Mount Born 23 Jun 1919 in Cincinnati, OH*
STUART, Sophie B. 24 Oct 1956 STERLE, Andrew GRBAC, Julia Stuart, Charles Walnut Hill Born 12 Apr 1910 in Yugoslavia.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
STUART, Vivian 26 Aug 1949 54y Stuart, William CUSIK, Mary HOLMES, Catherine Green Mount
STUART, William G. 23 Jan 1938 44y 11m Stuart, William CUSICK, Mary DOER, Ethel May Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1893*
STUEMPLER, Bernard 18 Jan 1945 82y 3m Stuempler, Henry LINGER, Helena OTTEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 7 Oct 1862 in St. Libory*
STUEMPLER, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1939 77y 3m OTTEN, Herman WINKLER, Mary Gertrude Stuempler, Bernard Green Mount Born 31 Mar 1862*
SWITALA, Catherine 30 Oct 1954 EISENHAUER, Philip Not listed, Gertrude Switala, Stephen Green Mount Born 14 May 1885
SWITALA, Stephen 6 Dec 1949 Switala, Frank Not listed, Anna EISENAUER, Catherine Green Mount Born 10 Jan 188_
TAYLOR, Mary Ellen 21 Dec 1949 76y* Kelly, Samuel GRENINGER, Mary Valhalla Born 10 Aug 1773 [Sic]
TEDESCO, Anthony 25 Feb 1937 58y Tedesco, Ignatius CATANZARO, Diana Catherine Green Mount Born 23 Feb 1879; Baptized in Italy*
TEDESCO, Ignatius 16 Apr 1937 92y 4m Tedesco, Antonio SURESI, Antoinette Not listed, Diana Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 18 Dec 1845*
TENNER, Maria 6 Nov 1911 76y 3m 10d Tenner, John Green Mount
TERRAGROSSA, Charles 23 Dec 1946 66y Terragrossa, Nicholas CHALABA, Antionette TOPEL, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 13 Dec 1880 in Italy*
THEBUS, Augusta 1 Dec 1929 49y Thebus, Edward Green Mount From Detroit
THEISS, Regina 8 Aug 1956 STOELZLE, Fidelis GUIGER, Catherine Theiss, John Green Mount Born 4 Oct 1868
THEISS, Robert 14 Jun 1928 14y Theiss, John STOELZE, Regina
THEISS, Robert 14y Theiss, John STOELZE, Regina Duplicate entry
THERIEHAUS, Henry 8 Aug 1953 St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 8 Dec 1873
THIELS, Clara born WALDRON (Adopted from New York orphange)* 15 Nov 1940 65y 3m LERCH, John B. (Adoptive father) GROSS, Margaret THIELS, Henry A. Green Mount Born 15 Aug 1875*
THIELS, Henry A. 5 Dec 1940 72y 9m Thiels, William STEIGER, Christina LERCH, Clara (Waldon) Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1868; died in Overland, MO*
THIEN, Henry 4 Aug 1947 76y 3m Thien, Herman LOEPKER, Agnes KOCH, Anna Green Mount Born 4 May 1871*
THIRY, Jule 1 May 1954 Thiry, Victor KONEYSECKER, Josephine ADRIAN, Louise Green Mount Born 7 Aug 1896
THOM, Anna 6 Feb 1924 70y Thom, Andrew Green Mount
THOMANN, Dolores 2 Feb 1937 16y 3m Thomann, Joseph SCHMISSEUR, Viola Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 21 Oct 1920 & Baptized at St. Luke’s*
THOMAS, Anton (Widower) 23 Jan 1923 81y Not listed, Magdalena (Deceased) Green Mount
THOMAS, Magdalena 23 Apr 1921 79y Thomas, Anton Green Mount
THOMAS, Magdalena 17 Apr 1954 Thomas, Anton GAIN, Magdalena Green Mount Born 17 Sep 1882.  Died in Okawville Nursing Home
THOMPSON, Charles (Orphan) 31 Jul 1935 44y 11m Unknown Unknown THOM, Wilhelmina Green Mount Born 9 Sep 1890.  Died at Jefferson Barracks Veterans Hospital*
THOUVENOT, Amanda 29 Nov 1952 SCHWAEGAL, August Thouvenot, Anton Green Mount Born 14 Apr 1901.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
THOUVENOT, Anton 6 Aug 1942 40y 6m Thouvenot, Louis KRUPP, Catherine SCHWAEGEL, Mandy Green Mount Born 4 Feb 1902 in Smithton Twp*
THRO, Julia 16 Oct 1954 STIEBERT, Peter Not listed, Barbara Thro, Frank Green Mount Born 10 May 1881
THRONEBERRY, David Fletcher 1 Mar 1928 46y Throneberry, David FREE, Betty Walnut Hill
THRONEBERRY, David Fletcher 1 Mar 1928 46y Thoneberry, David FREE, Betty Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
THUL, Maria M. (Widow) 15 Feb 1917 57y Thul, Peter (Deceased) Green Mount
THUL, Peter 12 Nov 1915 61y Not listed, Maria Green Mount
TREAGER, Bertha 18 Jun 1944 65y 6m SCHNEIDER, Joseph ZINK, Josephine Treager, John J. Mt. Carmel Born 23 Jan 1879*
TREAGER, John Ludwig 10 Jul 1944 74y 10m Treager, Carl GLORIUS, Christine SCHNEIDER, Bertha Mt. Carmel Born 25 Aug 1869*
TREAGER, Mathilda Josephine 26 Nov 1940 51y HEISLER, Anton HERMAN, Magdalena Treager, John J. Mt. Carmel Born 10 Jul 1889; died at Sheridan, Wyoming* [See record]
TRIBOUT, George 29 Sep 1949 80y Tribout, Sylvester BOUL, Mary BLETTE, Johanna Mt. Carmel
TRIBOUT, Harold 5 Jul 1931 22y Tribout, George Mt. Carmel
TRIBOUT, John Carl 28 Sep 1912 8y Tribout, Jakob L. STARK, Eva Green Mount
TRIBOUT, Louis 10 Oct 1926 90y GASS, Mary Green Mount
TRIBOUT, Victor 29 Sep 1946 85y 10m Tribout, Bonaventure Anthony FOURNIE, Margaret Walnut Hill
TROST, Theresa 28 Mar 1910 63y SESTER, Not listed Green Mount [See record]
TROUPE, Aloysius 30 Sep 1944 36y 3m Troupe, George JOHNSON, Mary Ellen HILL, Maude (Belleville, IL) Green Mount Died in Army Hospital in San Antonio, TX
TRUTTMAN, Johanna 4 Feb 1950 BECHERER, Not listed* Truttman, Louis O’Fallon Cemetery on Shiloh Road* Born 31 Oct 1894
TUCKER, Charles C. 11 Dec 1941 57y 11m Tucker, Gabriel ROND, Anna STIEF, Frances Walnut Hill Born 8 Jan 1884*
TURECH, Ignatz 5 Jan 1923 47y WIDKOWSKY, Martha Green Mount
TURNER, Baby 26 Mar 1951 3w* Turner, George FORSYTH, Evelyn Walnut Hill Born 5 Mar 1951
TYLKA, Amaren 26 May 1925 42y HEINOS, Regina Green Mount
UHLEY, Adelaide 8 Aug 1929 62y SEYER, Not listed Green Mount
UHLEY, Edward 9 Nov 1927 64y SEGER, Adeline Green Mount
UHLEY, Kenneth Edward 8 Nov 1927 7m Uhley, Herbert WEBER, Anna Green Mount
ULLRICH, Frederick 20 Apr 1915 Not listed, Louisa Green Mount
ULLRICH, Louisa 9 Aug 1925 59y Ullrich, Frederick Green Mount
VAHLKAMP, Theresa 12 Mar 1955 GEIER, Anton Not listed, Anna Vahlkamp, George Green Mount Born 2 Mar 1867.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
VALPERT, Anna 29 Dec 1930 66y ZINSER, Urban Not listed, Rose Valpert, Henry Green Mount
VALPERT, Henry 8 Jul 1942 83y 5m ZINSER, Anna Green Mount
VANDENBENDEN, John 29 Nov 1921 61y Green Mount
VANGENHEN, Amanda 4 Jul 1948 LECLOUX, John JADOUL, Theresa Van Genhen, Julius Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 14 Nov 18__
VAY, Louisa Augusta 16 Dec 1910 1m Vay, Joseph GOLSCH, Louisa Green Mount [See record]
VERNIER, Amelia 16 Oct 1943 38y GAUSEPOHL, Peter LAMMERS, Theresa Vernier, Walter Green Mount (Mount Calvary*) Born 17 Mar 1905*
VERNIER, James W. 11 Jun 1956 Vernier, James A. HAVEL, Lorraine Green Mount Born 5 May 1956
VERNIER, Lucille 5 Jul 1930 21y Vernier, August CRANNAGE, Sarah Green Mount
VETTER, Gustave 17 Jun 1928 45y WRIGHT, Josephine Walnut Hill
VETTER, Gustave 17 Jun 1928 45y WRIGHT, Josephine Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
VETTER, John J. 23 Feb 1930 70y BRUNNER, Josephine Walnut Hill
VETTER, William 28 Nov 1928 40y Vetter, John BRUNNER, Josephine Walnut Hill
VIERHELLER, Alma 26 Jan 1920 26y Vierheller, Ed. HERR, Anna Mt. Carmel Died of flu-pneumonia.  Was to be married 11 Feb 1920
VLASAK, Joseph 31 May 1948 70y 6m Vlasak, John LENNEKE, Louisa WILBERG, Emma Green Mount Born 6 Dec 1877*
VOEGTLE, Jacob 24 Jun 1931 51y Voegtle, Jacob PILKER, Louisa Walnut Hill
VOELKEL, Gustave H. 25 Mar 1944 62y 3m Voekel, John HILDEBRAND, Louisa SCHNEIDER, Eleanor Green Mount Born 12 Dec 1881 in Shiloh Valley*
VOELKEL, Joseph 12 Jun 1950 Voekel, Clyde HASENSTAB, Teresa Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1950.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
VOELLINGER, Albert 25 Nov 1953 Voellinger, Joseph DIETRICH, Margaret Not listed, Elvira Green Mount Born 8 Feb 1902
VOELLINGER, Catherine 21 May 1953 HERR, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Voellinger, Joseph (Married Sep 1913*) Walnut Hill Born 2 Oct 1863.  Died at St. Vincent’s
VOELLINGER, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1912 54y Voellinger, Joseph Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Ida 1 Apr 1946 63y 6m Voellinger, Michael GUNDLACH, Mary Elizabeth Green Mount Born 25 Dep 1882*
VOELLINGER, Jacob 22 Dec 1915 43y MUNIE, Isabella Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Joseph 17 Mar 1937 83y 10m Voellinger, Joseph STOECKEL, Agnes HERR, Katherine Walnut Hill Born 7 May 1853*
VOELLINGER, Leland E. 18 Feb 1927 7w Voellinger, Albert STEIN, Elvira
VOELLINGER, Louis 25 Aug 1945 70y 9m Voellinger, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth FENNER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 11 Feb 1875*
VOELLINGER, Maria E. 4 Aug 1916 58y Voellinger, Michael Green Mount
VOELLINGER, Michael 22 Mar 1936 79y 5m Voellinger, Jacob MEIER, Marie GUNDLACH, Mary Green Mount Born 17 Oct 1856*
VOELLINGER, Not listed 9 Jan 1913 [Appears between 2 & 9 Jan 1913]
VOGEL, Henry 15 Jun 1932 58y 2m Vogel, Henry HUBER, Caroline KIEFER, Magdalena Green Mount
VOHL, Julia 9 Aug 1928 44y KRENN-YOBSTEL, Not listed Vohl, Louis Shiloh Cemetery
VOLLMER, Frank (From Nashville, IL) 15 Nov 1956 Vollmer, William SPAETH, Theresa Never married Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL Born 28 Aug 1877
VOLLMER, Joseph William 29 Jun 1946 32y 3m Vollmer, Rudolph ESSENPREIS, Emma CERNEKA, Mary Green Mount Born 5 Apr 1914*  ‘Died in Mayo Gen. Hospital in Galesberg, IL of pneumonia contracted in the Army in Germany.
VOLLMER, Mamie A. 21 Apr 1953 MOYLE, Lee Not listed, Mary Vollmer, William Green Mount Born 5 Oct 1892
VOLLMER, Rudolph E. 13 Sep 1942 62y 4m Vollmer, William SPADE, Theresa ESSENPREISS, Emma Green Mount Born 22 May 1880*
VOLLMER, William 13 Feb 1930 88y SPAETH, Teresa Mascoutah, IL
VOSBERG, Hilda 12 Mar 1947 42y 10m OHLENDORF, John BUECHLE, Lena Vosberg, Carl Green Mount Born 9 May 1904*  Died at Scott Field
VOSHOLLER, George 4 Jul 1949 RAYBURN, Loretta (Died 30 Oct 1948*) Walnut Hill Born 25 Aug 1890.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital.  WWI Vet*
VOSSE, Louis 3 Jun 1954 Vosse, Louis SCHMIDT, Dolores St. Louis, MO Born 1 Dec 1940.   Died in Desloge Hospital in St. Louis
WACHTEL, Valentine 7 Jan 1946 87y 2m Wachtel, HEBENSTREIT, Philomena Green Mount Born 24 Oct 1858*
WAGNER, Catherine 17 Dec 1944 PAULEY, Bernard WEBER, Margaret Wagner, Michael Green Mount Born 10 Jul 1857 in Belleville; member of 3rd Order Rosary Conf. O. H. P. H.*
WAHLKAMP, George 24 Jun 1917 12y Wahlkamp, George GEIER, Theresa Green Mount Died in State Institution in Lincoln, IL
WAIGAND, Anna 18 Dec 1953 KREHER, Jacob Not listed, Barbara Walnut Hill Born 27 Nov 1878.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WAIGAND, Barbara 22 Mar 1932 78y 2m VETTER, Charles Waigand, Frank Walnut Hill
WAIGAND, Charles 25 Oct 1942 69y Waigand, Frank VETTER, Barbara KREHER, Anna Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1873*
WAIGAND, Francis 23 Mar 1913 30y Waigand, Francis Green Mount
WAIGAND, Frank 17 Nov 1929 64y Waigand, Peter GIRON, Magdalena Green Mount
WAIGAND, Frank 25 Dec 1931 83y Waigand, Frank VETTER, Barbara Walnut Hill
WAIGAND, John 3 Sep 1933 50y 6m Waigand, Frank WETTER, Barbara FLINT, Alta Mt. Carmel
WAIGAND, John 16 Mar 1951 Waigand, Peter SHEEROTH, Magdalene (Single*) Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1864 (1869*)  Died in St. Vincent’s Home
WAIGAND, Louise 8 Apr 1951 KRUPP, Not listed* Waigand, Martin Green Mount
WAIGAND, Martin 8 Feb 1939 66y Waigand, Peter SCHILKRAUS, Magdalena KRUPP, Louisa Green Mount Born 5 Mar 1873*
WAIGAND, Peter 30 Aug 1921 81y SCHERER, Magdalena Green Mount
WAIGAND, Rosella 7 Jul 1926 16y Waigand, Martin KRUPP, Louisa Green Mount
WAIGAND, Virgil 15 May 1925 3.5y Waigand, John FLINT, Althea Mt. Carmel
WALKER, John L. 2 Sep 1930 46y Walker, William SCHMITTLING, Christine Green Mount Died of a stroke
WALL, John 21 Sep 1924 60y (Mt. Carmel) Green Mt.
WALLER, Catherine 21 Sep 1955 BEHRMANN, George HOWORTH, Adaline Waller, August Green Mount Born 13 Apr 1883.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WALTER, Adolf 8 Apr 1924 28y Walter, John TRIBOUT, Adela Green Mount
WALTER, Christine 19 Dec 1941 80y 9m SCHMITTLING, Joseph FROMME, Magdalena Walter, William Green Mount Born 11 Mar 1861*
WALTER, John 11 Apr 1928 63y MEYER, Laurentina Green Mount
WALTER, John 11 Apr 1928 63y MEYER, Laurentina Green Mount Duplicate entry
WALTERSPIEL, Bertha 10 Aug 1920 36y Not listed, Cinigunda Green Mount
WALTERSPIEL, Kunegunda 27 Nov 1945 85y 9m MANNLE, Not listed Walterspiel, Max Green Mount
WALTERSPIEL, Max 5 Feb 1920 68y MAMELE, Kunigunda Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital [See record]
WAMBERGUR, Leonie 9 Oct 1932 58y 3m FAIDHERBE, Hippolyte CHAUSSIER, Julie First husband Alfred PLANCHEZ 1895.  Moise Wambergur 1903 Green Mount Born in ___, France
WAMBERQUE, Alfred 3 Apr 1949 19y Wamberque, Moise GABEL, Loretta Not mentioned Green Mount Born 21 Jul 1929*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
WANGLER, Albert 29 Oct 1932 67y 2m Wangler, Sebastian WERLE, Teresa BUTZ, Josephine Green Mount
WANGLER, Josephine (Widow*) 28 Dec 1944 78y 2m BUTZ, Stephen LOHMANN, Mary Wangler, Albert (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 27 Oct 1866*
WANGLER, Theresa 19 Jun 1911 83y WEHRLE, Joseph Walnut Hill
WARRING, John 12 May 1933 47y 5m WERRING, John WESHIER, Anna Mt. Carmel
WARRING, Raymond 6 Apr 1950 Warring, John WECHLER, Anna Mt. Carmel Born 14 Sep 1902.  Died at Sanitorium
WASHNER, Carl 8 Dec 1918 38y Mt. Carmel From Tilden.  Lithuanian
WASSER, (Clara*) Mary 10 Nov 1953 BURRELSMAN, Conrad REDEL, Elizabeth Wasser, Michael Green Mount Born 1 Oct 1875.  Died at Hill Crest Convalescent home
WASSER, Michael 4 Jun 1950 Wasser, Michael Not listed, Sarah BERTELSMANN, Mary Green Mount Born 17 (11*) Oct 1872.   Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WEBER, Anna Louise 30 Nov 1955 KNOERR, Jacob TORLOTHING, Mary Weber, Edward Green Mount Born 4 Oct 1867
WEBER, Charles 27 Aug 1924 70y Walnut Hill
WEBER, George 5 Oct 1955 Weber, George KEIL, Catherine Never married Green Mount Born 30 Oct 1882.  Died at Alton State Hospital
WEBER, John F. 30 May 1932 80y 7m Weber, Seth WILLIAMS, Sarah County Farm Died in the County Farm
WEIBEL, Nic 10 Feb 1920 85y Walnut Hill Was away from church for 50 years
WEIBERT, Carl 25 Jan 1910 From Egelheim, Belleville
WEIER, Viola 12 Mar 1931 1y Weier, William THIEN, Catharine Green Mount
WEIHRAUCH, Gertrude 24 Dec 1953 BUENTCHEN, Joseph SCHAEFER, Not listed Weihrauch, Herman Green Mount Born 12 Mar 1858
WEIHRAUCH, Henry 3 Aug 1914 16y Weihrauch, Herman BUENTSCH, Gertrude Green Mount
WEIHRAUCH, Raymond 26 Apr 1916 1y Weihrauch, Joseph WITTAUER, J. Walnut Hill
WEIS, John 1 Mar 1916 Green Mount Died in the County Farm
WEISSENBORN, Magdalena 11 Aug 1913 11m Weissenborn, Henry JANSEN, Emma Green Mount
WEISSENBORN, Magdalena 11 Aug 1913 11m Weissenborn, Henry JANSEN, Emma Green Mount
WELKER, John 11 Jun 1925 48y Not listed, Stella Walnut Hill From Peoria, IL
WELKER, Rose M. 2 Jun 1944 69y 10m BUCHMAN, Ignatz Not listed, Mary Welker, Fred (Deceased*) Walnut Hill Born 1864 in Belleville*
WELLER, Nicholas 1 May 1928 71y KLEIN, Mary Green Mount
WELLINGHOFF, Anna Helen (Widow)* 10 Jul 1940 68y 3m GRAWE, Frank DULLE, Marg. Wellinghoff, George (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 21 Mar 1872*
WELLINGHOFF, George 27 Dec 1926 63y GRAWE, Anna Green Mount Member of Cathedral Chair 25y
WELLINGHOFF, Joseph 1 May 1939 43y Wellinghoff, George GRAWE, Anna Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1896*
WELZ, Christina 17 Oct 1918 52y Welz, Oswald Green Mount Died in Coulterville, IL
WELZBACHER, August 3 Aug 1953 Welzbacker, John SCHMIERBACH, Rosina St. Joseph in Smithton Born 14 Jan 1877.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WENZEL, John 17 Jun 1927 43y HAUSMAN, Emelia
WENZEL, Rosina (Widow)* 14 Aug 1939 82y 11m WINKLER, Anton MARTIN, Catherine Wenzel, Philip (Deceased)* St. John in Smithton, IL Born 14 Sep 1856*
WERKMEISTER, Annie M. 9 Jan 1957 Unknown Unknown Werkmeister, Henry Green Mount Born 25 Dec 1871.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
WERKMEISTER, Frank 27 Jul 1943 67y 4m Werkmeister, Henry BECHTOLDT, Catherine KRIEG, Mary Green Mount Born 2 Mar 1876 in Mascoutah*
WERKMEISTER, Henry 10 Nov 1915 73y Not listed, Catharina Green Mount He died suddenly
WERKMEISTER, Hilda 12 Mar 1917 10y Werkmeister, Henry STICKA, Anna Green Mount
WERKMEISTER, John D. 4 Feb 1934 68y 6m Werkmeister, Henry Not listed, Catherine Green Mount From Freeburg, IL
WERKMEISTER, Katharina (Widow) 8 Aug 1916 80y Werkmeister, Henry (Deceased) Green Mount
WESBY, John Frederick [Twin] 18 Aug 1937 6w Wesby, Dr. Frederick HUBER, Viola Green Mount Born 25 Jun 1937 in East St. Louis, IL*
WESBY, William Lawrence [Twin] 7 Aug 1937 1m Wesby, Dr. Frederick HUBER, Viola Green Mount Born 25 Jun 1937 in East St. Louis, IL*
WESOLIC, Frances 14 Mar 1930 52y KNOWSKI, Not listed Wesloic, Joseph Green Mount
WESOLIC, John 30 Apr 1941 38y 9m Wesolic, Joseph KNOWSKI, Frances SNYDER, Rose Green Mount Born 6 Jul 1902*
WESOLIK, Joseph 7 Jun 1955 Unknown Unknown KNOWSKI, Frances Green Mount Born 18 Sep 1875.  Died in Manchester, MO
WEST, Elmer* 9 Jul 1949 FREES, Margaret Green Mount Born 3 Jan 1904; died at Roanoka, IL in airplane crash*
WESTRICH, Irwin J. 18 Dec 1938 34y Westrich, Joseph WITTMEIER, Rose SCHUMACHER, Clara Walnut Hill Born 10 Dec 1904*
WETZEL, John 1 Mar 1942 55y 1m Wetzel, Anselm WACHTER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 26 Jun 1886*  Died in Jefferson Barracks Hospital [in St. Louis]
WEYGAND, Charles 24 Jan 1954 RODENMEYER, Clara Green Mount Born 18 Feb 1878
WEYGANDT, Adolph George* 16 Apr 1940 63y 8m Weygandt, Charles G. OLDENDORPH*, Anna MORGENSTURM, Catherine (Deceased) Green Mount Born 31 Aug 1876*
WEYGANDT, Catherine 27 Jun 1933 54y 3m MORGENSTURM, Jacob Weygandt, Adolph Green Mount
WEYGANDT, Sophia 9 Mar 1923 Weygandt, Oscar Green Mount
WEYHAUPT, Charlotte (Widow) 24 Oct 1911 67y Weyhaupt, Hieronymus (Deceased) Green Mount
WEYHAUPT, Felix 16 Mar 1935 93y 2m Weyhaupt, Jacob MASSTOPF, Elizabeth Smithton, IL Born 7 Jan 1842 in Germany*
WEYHAUPT, Frederick 4 Oct 1910 9m Weyhaupt, Arthur Green Mount
WHITE, Anna 26 Aug 1935 46y 4m HUMMEL, William Not listed, Eleanora White, William Green Mount Born 15 Apr 1889*
WHITE, Herbert 8 May 1941 58y 11m WHITE, Herman MOSBY, Martha BULLLINGTON, ELLA Walnut Hill Born 30 Jun 1882*
WHITE, Julia (Widow) 20 Nov 1912 85y Calvary – St. Louis, MO From California
WHITE, Susanna 20 Jan 1914 28y White, Not listed Green Mount
WHITE, William 9 Jan 1946 65y White, Frank BOLAND, Mary HUMMEL, Anne Green Mount Born 3 Jan 1881*
WIDENER, Maud 30 Jan 1954 CALLAIS, John Louis BARY, Julia Widener, Not listed Concord in Danville, IL Born 5 Jan 1900.  Died in Rochester, MN
WIELZAREK, Francis 12 Jan 1913 62y HETTEL, Maria Green Mount For last three minutes fireman at Cathedral.
WIEMAR, Barbara (Widow) 5 Nov 1915 56y Wiemar, William (Deceased) Green Mount
WIEMAR, William Green Mount [Appears between 6 & 25 Feb 1913]
WIEMER, Agnes 16 Aug 1948 72y GOELLER, John DELLERMAN, Margaret WESS, Anna Walnut Hill Born 31 Oct 1876*
WIESEN, Cecilia A. 23 Mar 1947 62y 11m HELFRICH, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Magdalena Wiesen, Jacob Walnut Hill (In Schellmann lot*) Born 11 Apr 1884*
WIESEN, Nicholas 13 Aug 1913 27y HILPERT, Helena W. Green Mount
WILD, Margaret 4 Oct 1946 92y 7m SCHILLING, Michael VOLKMILLER, Mary KELLMEYER, Bernard then George Wild Walnut Hill
WILLENBRINK, Caroline 18 Apr 1936 85y 3m Willenbrink, Joseph St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO Died in St. Vincent Home in St. Louis, MO
WILLIAMS, Eugene Fred 30 Jun 1944 66y 6m Green Mount Born 27 Dec 1877 in Belleville, IL*
WILLIAMS, James 17 Nov 1949 BECHTOLTZ, Helen A. Green Mount Born 25 Jun 1912.  Died in Denver, CO
WILMES, Margaret 11 Dec 1942 91y 4m RODENMEYER, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth Wilmes, Franz Green Mount Born 2 Aug 1851*
WIMMER, Andrew 26 Aug 1918 43y Wimmer, Mathias BRAND, Marg. Green Mount Was killed by accident in coal mine
WIMMER, Anna 4 Oct 1921 8y Wimmer, Jacob GUENTHER, Anna Walnut Hill
WIMMER, Jacob 31 Oct 1921 41y GUENTHER, Anna Walnut Hill
WIMMER, Lt.  Joseph A. 1 Jun 1945 34y Wimmer, Jacob GUENTHER, Anna Green Mount Born 7 Jan 1915; Killed in Okinawa while in Service. *  Buried 21 Feb 1949
WIMMER, Mathias 1 Nov 1918 41y Green Mount From Leavenworth, KS.  Died of Influenza
WINKLER, Francis 18 Oct 1936 82y 6m Winkler, Anton MARKES, Catherine KLINGLER, Mary St. John Cemetery in Smithton, IL Born 31 Mar 1854.  Member of Holy Name Society*
WINKLER, Mary 12 Aug 1932 72y 8m KLINGER, Max WALTZ, Frances Winkler, Frank St. John Church in Smithton
WINKLER, Phillip J. 3 Aug 1939 47y 11m Winkler, Frank KLINGLER, Mary St. John in Smithton, IL Born 13 Sep 1891.*  Died at Hines Vet. Hospital in Chicago, IL
WINTER, Adela 1 Jul 1946 59y 1m KIEFER, Henry THOMAS, Elizabeth Winter, Herman Green Mount Born 18 May 1887*
WINTER, Edward 25 Mar 1956 Winter, Fred J. Not listed, Elizabeth KRONENBERGER, Eleanora Green Mount Born 27 Oct 1888
WINTER, Herman (Non-Catholic) 25 Jun 1951 Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1884
WINTER, John 9 Feb 1952 Infant Winter, Vernon FRIEDLE, Jeanette Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1952
WIPPO, Mary Ann* 12 Apr 1944 KEEFE, Patrick SULLIVAN, Mary Wippo, August Walnut Hill Born 18 Dec 1866*
WIRSING, Margaret* 13 Jun 1940 BUX, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rose Wirsing, George E. Walnut Hill Born 2 Mar 1870*
WITT, Bernard W. 13 Aug 1919 6w Witt, John FOHL, Elleanora Green Mount
WITT, Carolina 28 Oct 1923 79y Witt, Joseph Green Mount Mother of Father Odilo Witt O.S.B.
WITTAUER, Anna 2 Mar 1928 89y Wittauer, John Mt. Carmel
WITTAUER, Anna 2 Mar 1928 89y Wittauer, John Mt. Carmel Duplicate entry
WITTAUER, Peter 13 Oct 1946 73y 5m Wittauer, John BEHRENS, Anna MUENCH, Mary Mt. Carmel Born 5 May 1873*
WITTMAIER, Charles 25 Oct 1928 75y Walnut Hill
WITTMEIER, Helen 3 Jan 1946 82y 9m Wittmeier, John FRIESS, Marg. Walnut Hill Born 10 Mar 1863*
WITTMEIER, John 16 Jan 1916 53y Wittmeier, John FRIES, Margaret Walnut Hill
WITTMEIER, Margaret 29 Dec 1915 78y Wittmeier, John Walnut Hill
WLASAK, Louisa 3 Sep 1910 51y Wlasak, John Green Mount From Shiloh
WLASEK, John Carl 5 Jul 1935 83y Wlasek, John BRIX, Not listed LENNECKE, Louise Green Mount Born 24 Jun 1852 in Bohemia*
WOLF, Adam 19 Jul 1912 68y Mt. Carmel
WOLF, Anton A. 17 Jan 1938 41y Wolf, Adam THOMAS, Magdalena HAUBRICH, Lillian Mt. Carmel Born 16 Jan 1897*
WOLF, Elizabeth (Widow) 7 Sep 1923 74y Wolf, Peter (Deceased) Walnut Hill
WOLF, Emil 30 Sep 1951 GUETTERMAN, Mary Walnut Hill Born 1 Mar 1891.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
WOLF, Magdalena 11 Dec 1923 70y Wolf, Adam Mt. Carmel
WOLF, Ruth Ann 5 Mar 1938 3m Wolf, John ADRIAN, Alice Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1937*
WOLFF, Earl F. 7 Dec 1939 38y 11m Wolff, Ruben FRISCH, Lena PIERCE, Elsie (Non-Catholic)* Walnut Hill Born 7 Jan 1901 in Marion County, IL*
WOOD, David 1911 60y [Appears between 20 & 24 Oct 1911]  Entered Old Folk’s Home 1 Mar 1911.  From Bridgeport
WOTTOWA, Donald John 11 Jan 1942 1m Wottowa, Lee STIER, Ruth Green Mount Born 5 Dec 1941*
WOTTOWA, Elizabeth 21 Jul 1944 75y 5m BOSSLER, Jacob HOLZAPFEL, Virginia Wottowa, John J. Green Mount Born 13 Feb 1869*
WOTTOWA, John Dominic 21 May 1941 41y Wottowa, John Jacob BOSSLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 21 May 1900*
WOTTOWA, John J. 1 Jun 1936 76y Wottowa, John LUCASH, Mary BASSLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 14 May 1860*
WOTTOWA, Laura Maria 11 Jun 1912 12y Wottowa, Mathias HERMANN, Louisa Green Mount
WOTTOWA, Louisa 5 Apr 1923 57y Wottowa, Matthew Green Mount
WOTTOWA, Maria 6 May 1911 83y Wottowa, John
WOTTOWA, Mathias 19 Feb 1928 66y HERMAN, Louisa Green Mount
WOTTOWA, Mathias 19 Feb 1928 66y HERMAN, Louisa Green Mount Duplicate entry
WRIGHT, Catherine 13 Mar 1928 40y FOHL, Not listed Wright, Walter Walnut Hill
WRIGHT, James 3 Apr 1952 Wright, George Not listed, Harriet FUNSCH, Mildred Walnut Hill Born 1 Oct 1887
WRIGHT, Walter 13 Mar 1928 40y FOHL, Catherine Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
WUERZ, Joseph Lynn 1 Dec 1933 1m Wuerz, Albert FORER, Alice Lynn Green Mount
WUEST, Leslie Vincent 9 Apr 1940 10d Wuest, Lawrence BLAIES, Ottilia Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1940*
WULLER, (Apollonia)  Addie  (Widow)* 16 Jan 1940 53y 11m REIS, George KARR, Lena Wuller, Edgar (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1886*
WULLER, Edgar J. 7 Apr 1938 53y Wuller, Nicholas KLEIN, Mary REIS, Apollonia “Addie” Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1885*
WULLER, George E. 16 Mar 1947 57y 6m Wuller, Nicholas KLEIN, Mary REIS, Stella Green Mount Died at St. John Hospital in St. Louis, MO
WULLER, Nic. 1 May 1928 71y KLEIN, Mary Green Mount Duplicate entry
WULPERT, Franzisca 3 Oct 1915 79y Wulpert, Frederick Walnut Hill
YAECKEL, James 18 Feb 1938 1h Yaeckel, Carroll James PLATZKOESTER, Paula Green Mount
YAGGE, Della 11 Sep 1922 36y Yagge, Arthur Walnut Hill
YOCH, Agnes 13 Aug 1911 35y Yoch, Bernard Walnut Hill
YOCH, Agnes 31 Jan 1939 89y 3m ACKER, Christopher MAES, Thecla Yoch, Bernard Walnut Hill Born 1 Nov 1849*
YOCH, Ben (Widower) 3 May 1955 Yoch, John ACKER, Thecla Green Mount Born 13 Nov 1879
YOCH, Clara M. 21 Jan 1954 GUNDLACH, Not listed Yoch, Ben J. Green Mount Born 16 Mar 1884.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
YOCH, Joseph Albert 15 Aug 1949 1d Yoch, John SCHLIING, Helen Green Mount Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
YOCKS, Charles Louis 21 Oct 1944 63y 1m Yocks, Joseph FIEBIG, Barbara NIESE, Mary Walnut Hill Baptized at Cathedral 16 Oct 1881.
YOCKS, Joseph 20 Jan 1920 78y Walnut Hill Returned to church on death bed
YOCKS, Lena M. 17 Aug 1949 60y Yocks, Charles L. Walnut Hill Born 16 Jan 1869; baptized in Fayetteville*
YUDISH, Charles 4 Oct 1951 Green Mount Born 4 Mar 1871
YUNCKER, Vincent 29 Sep 1941 65y 4m Yuncker, Martin SCHAUZER, Mary Anne MERTZEILER, Mary Green Mount (Mt. Carmel*) Born 24 May 1876*
YUNG, Anna M. 2 Dec 1950 STARK, George ZULAUF, Louisa YUNG, George Mt. Carmel Born 27 Mar 1867.  Died in St. Elizabeth
YUNG, Edwin 12 Nov 1934 37y Yung, George STARK, Anna Mt. Carmel Found dead in Cincinnati, OH
YUNG, George 6 Mar 1932 68y 8m Yung, Joseph ZUCK, Margaret STARK, Anna Mt. Carmel
YUNG, Marcell 14 Feb 1919 19y Yung, Adam STARK, Anna
YUNG, Theresa 8 Feb 1939 90y 2m HOFFMANN, John GUTGESELL, Barbara Yung, William Green Mount Born 26 Nov 1848*
ZABER, Anamelia 20 Mar 1945 49y 10m PRZYBYL, Frank SOVACKA, Ludwina Zaber, Alexander Green Mount Born 31 May 1885* Burial deferred until 2 Apr 1945 (for arrival of son*)
ZABICKI, Alexander 23 Aug 1948 65y 6m Unknown Unknown PRYZBYL, Amelia Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1883*  Came from Poland
ZACHARSKI, Augusta 28 Jul 1935 34y 8m LUGGE, Herman HASEBRINK, Josephine Zacharski, John Green Mount Born 25 Nov 1900 in Germany.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital*
ZAHN, Fred 22 Oct 1932 65y 10m FUCHS, Mamie Green Mount
ZAHN, Mamie 17 Mar 1930 62y FUCHS, Not listed Zahn, Fred Green Mount
ZEGOLAWITSCH, Frank 18 Jul 1936 77y 11m Zegolawitsch, Frank BEKERT, Lusa & Amelia OBERT Green Mount Born 7 Jul 1859 in Austria-Hungary.  Died suddenly in County Home*
ZEMITIS, Frances 12 Sep 1927 24y Zemitis, Jacob Green Mount
ZIMMERMAN, Leo 12 Mar 1928 5y Zimmerman, Fred MATTERN, Mary Mascoutah, IL Duplicate entry
ZIMMERMAN, Mary 8 May 1954 Zimmerman, Max SCHICK, Mary Green Mount Born 7 Feb 1862.  Died at St. Vincent’s
ZIMMERMAN, Max 2 Jun 1951 Zimmerman, Max SCHIER, Mary Green Mount Born 26 Feb 1871.  Died in St. Vincent’s
ZIMMERMANN, Joseph 6 Oct 1930 56y Zimmermann, Max SCHIECK, Mary Green Mount Died in Alton State Sanitorium
ZIMMERMANN, Leo 12 Mar 1928 5y Zimmermann, Fred MATTERN, Mary Mascoutah, IL
ZIMMERMANN, Maria 23 Mar 1920 84y Green Mount
ZIMMERMANN, Simon E. 7 Jun 1941 60y 4m Zimmermann, John BARTH, Rose OHLENDORPH (Oldendorph*), Catherine Walnut Hill Born 22 Jan 1881*
ZINK, Emil W. 23 Oct 1944 71y Zink, Wendolin KRONENBERGER, Catherine Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1873*  Killed by I. C. train.
ZINK, Gerald 30 Mar 1956 Infant Zink, Joseph Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1956.  Baptized & died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
ZINK, Veronica 17 May 1951 Zink, William Mt. Carmel Born 1878
ZINSER, Elizabeth 24 Jun 1922 67y Zinser, Louis Green Mount
ZINSER, Louis 14 Sep 1925 71y BERNS, Elizabeth Green Mount
ZOGG, Magdalena 27 Nov 1914 61y Zogg, Robert Green Mount
ZRUST, Frank 25 Dec 1955 Walnut Hill Born 2 Feb 1875. Found dead at Lively Boarding House.
ZULAUF, Amanda 1 Jan 1923 40y Zulauf, Peter MILLER, Amanda Walnut Hill
ZULAUF, Elizabeth (Widow) 1 Nov 1915 77y Zulauf, John (Deceased) Green Mount
ZULAUF, Jacob 4 Jun 1913 47y WETZEL, Magdalena Green Mount From Granite City
ZULAUF, John 16 May 1952 84y* HERMAN, Rose Green Mount Born 18 Nov 1867.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
ZULAUF, Peter 17 Jul 1925 66y MILLER, Amanda Green Mount
ZULAUF, Rosalia 17 May 1922 52y Zulauf, John Green Mount
ZUMSKY, Fred 20 Sep 1940 84y 3m Zumsky, Valentin BAUMGARTNER, Walburga BECKELMANN, Wunda St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO Died in St. Louis, MO


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