Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials F – J

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Burials 1910–1957 ( F – J )

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FABER, Margaret 30 Nov 1921 80y Green Mount Sister of Sebastian Faber
FABER, Sebastian 4 Nov 1928 67y OESCHLE, Frances Walnut Hill
FALBE, Nicholas G. 1 Jan 1957 Falbe, Reihold KLOCK, Mary VOELLINGER, Frieda Green Mount Born 11 Nov 1888.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FALLER, Julius 27 Feb 1914 25y BENEDICK, Ida Green Mount
FALTUS, Carolina 12 Nov 1918 14y Faltus, Francis Not listed, Catharina Green Mount Died of Influenza
FALTUS, Catherine 19 May 1937 74y STAUDER, Adam MOSBACHER, Not listed Faltus, Francis J. Green Mount Born 26 Aug 1863*
FALTUS, Elizabeth 13 Jun 1932 76y Unknown Unknown Green Mount
FALTUS, Francis 15 Aug 1920 71y STAUDER, Catharina Green Mount
FALTUS, George 17 Feb 1937 45y 5m Faltus, Francis J. STAUDER, Catherine Green Mount Born 20 Sep 1892.  ‘Killed by L & N Train*
FALTUS, John D. 20 Jul 1922 35y Faltus, Francis HESSELDING, Elizabeth Green Mount From Indianapolis, IN
FALTUS, Louis 17 Jun 1942 52y 3m Faltus, Francis J. HASSELDENZ, Elizabeth LANG, Frieda Green Mount Born 26 Mar 1890*
FANNBAUER [?], Anna 28 Mar 1911 83y Fannbauer, Joseph Green Mount Born in Germany.
FARMBAUER, John 10 Dec 1941 60y 2m KLEVORN, Frank Farmbauer, Lena HOFFMANN, Clara Green Mount Born 11 Oct 1881*
FARNESS, Virginia 11 Jul 1927 1d Farness, Nicholas EWALD, Marie Green Mount
FATH, Maria 25 Oct 1918 Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital of Influenza
FAULSTICH, Clementine 20 May 1947 64y 4m Faulstich, Baugartis CLAYSETTE, Louisa Walnut Hill Born 26 Jan 1882*  Funeral Mass delayed due to Labor Union Strike
FAULSTICH, Elizabeth (Leda) Koch 16 Mar 1938 43y 3m KOCH, Conrad MUELLER, Sophie Faulstiche (Couple divorced) Walnut Hill
FAULSTICH, Louis 7 Apr 1945 68y 4m Faulstich, Polycarp KLEESATTL, Louisa EDELHARDT, Margaret Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 5 Dec 1876*
FAULSTICH, Louisa (Widow) 6 Dec 1922 72y Faulstich, Polycarp (Deceased) Green Mount
FAULSTICH, Magdalena (Widow) 15 Mar 1922 81y Faulstich, Wendolin (Deceased) Green Mount
FAULSTICH, Max. 2 Sep 1916 55y Faulstich, Cyril NITTLING, Franc. Green Mount Bought two single graves.
FAULSTICH, Wendelin 4 May 1916 77y WERNER, Magdalena Walnut Hill
FAULSTICK, Margaret 20 Aug 1942 72y 7m ADELHARDT, Frank BAUER, Kundigen Faulstick, Louis Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 8 Jan 1870 in DuQuoin, IL*
FEDER, Dora 28 Jul 1947 83y 3m HERTLEIN, George MEMMEL, Marie Feder, George Walnut Hill Born 15 Apr 1864*
FEDER, Elizabeth 25 Feb 1956 WEBER, Adam KLING, Marguerite Feder, George A. Green Mount Born 31 Jul 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FEDER, George 30 Dec 1930 58y Feder, John EGGER, Elizabeth WEBER, Elizabeth Green Mount
FEDER, George 11 Apr 1935 77y 3m Feder, George RAU, Sybilla HERTLEIN, Dora Walnut Hill Born 26 Dec 1857*
FEDER, John (Widower) 21 May 1925 58y EGGER, Elizabeth (Deceased) Green Mount
FEDER, Katherine 3 May 1930 94y Feder, John Walnut Hill
FEENEY, James 15 Apr 1946 75y MAHON, Alice Mt. Carmel A resident in ___.   ‘Died in Alton, IL
FELDMANN, Mary Rosalia 30 Apr 1947 66y 8m DIEKER, Not listed Feldmann, William Green Mount Born 6 Sep 1880*
FELICIONA, Sister Green Mount From the congregation of the A. D. Chr. At St. Vincent’s Hospital.  [Appears between 28 Jun & 8 Jul 1912]
FELLNER, Agnes M. 11 Apr 1933 15y 8m Fellner, Joseph A. GEOLAT, Elizabeth Green Mount
FELLNER, Cyrill 12 Mar 1913 2m Fellner, Maurice HELLING, Laura Green Mount
FELLNER, George 20 Mar 1918 61y LOOSHORN, Anna Green Mount
FELLNER, John 21 Jan 1913 33y Fellner, George STARK, Minnia Green Mount
FELLNER, Laura 18 Apr 1926 41y HELLWIG, Not listed Fellner, Lawrence Green Mount
FELLNER, Maria F. 21 Jan 1918 57y Fellner, Michael Walnut Hill
FENNER, Frank 27 Nov 1939 72y 1m Fenner, William RENNER, Barbara FIX,Theresa Walnut Hill Born 20 Oct 1867 in Belleville*
FENNER, Theresa (Widow*) 27 Oct 1944 71y 3m FIX, August BELLER, Mary Fenner, Frank (Deceased*) Walnut Hill Born 5 Aug 1873*
FENTON, Robert 24 May 1917 39y SEIBEL, Johanna Mt. Carmel
FERRIER, Magdalina 24 Jun 1955 FRICKIE, Theodore Ferrier, Paul Green Mount Born 10 Mar 1872.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FERRIER, Paul 28 Nov 1952 FERNIER, Magdalena Green Mount Born 17 Jun 1883.  Died in County (Hospital*)
FEY, Louis 5 Apr 1921 34y Fey, Jachary FAULSTICH, Mary Green Mount
FEY, Maria 28 Apr 1924 75y Fey, J. Green Mount
FIEDLER, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1936 21y 9m Fiedler, Adolph HUG, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 7 Mar 1915; killed*
FIETSAM, Adolph 29 Aug 1942 66y 4m Fietsam, Charles ZOELLER, Philomena VAN ERMEN, Emily Green Mount Born 22 Apr 1876*
FIETSAM, Emily 21 Feb 1939 58y 1m VANERMAN, William Not listed, Johanna Fietsam, Adolph Green Mount
FIETSAM, Margaret 2 Aug 1943 74y 5m MEYER, Joseph WITTENBRINK, Josephine Fietsam, Henry Green Mount Born 21 Feb 1869*
FINK, Walter 25 Feb 1913 15y Fink, George BERGER, Ida Green Mount
FIRNKES, August 13 Mar 1925 64y FLACH, Maria Mt. Carmel
FIRNKES, Mary 18 Feb 1927 67y Firnkes, August Green Mount
FISCHER, Catharine 21 Feb 1936 70y 8m HARST, John BUENTGEN, Marg. Fischer, Henry Green Mount Because of forty hours [devotion] buried from St. Luke
FISCHER, Henry 25 Jul 1928 64y HARST, Catherine Green Mount
FISCHER, John Warren 28 Jul 1940 1h Fischer, Alphonse SCHMALENBERGEr, Helen Green Mount Baptized at birth
FITZGERALD, Ellen 18 Jul 1936 73y 8m MCNAMARA, Michael RYAN, Margaret Fitzgerald, Patrick Mt. Carmel Born 14 Nov 1852*
FITZGERALD, Margaret 1 Aug 1945 60y 1m FITGERALD, Patrick MCNAMARA, Ellen Mt. Carmel Born 29 May 1885*
FIX, Joseph 9 Mar 1943 78y 5m Fix, Joseph SCHAETZLE, Frances ZIMMERMANN, Theresa Green Mount
FIX, Laura 19 May 1928 30y Fix, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Theresa Green Mount Duplicate entry
FIX, Maria 21 Sep 1913 Fix, August Green Mount  
FIX, Philipp 30 Jan 1947 75y Fix, August BELLER, Mary BECKER, Lena Walnut Hill
FIX, Theresa 2 Sep 1953 Fix, Joseph Green Mount Born 6 Sep 1864.  Died in St. Vincent’s Home
FLACH, Barbara 24 Jul 1947 84y 4m SCHMIDT, Matthias STEINER, Elizabeth Flach, Adam Green Mount
FLACH, Elizabeth 27 Apr 1911 87y Green Mount
FLACH, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1918 49y Flach, Nicholas Mt. Carmel Died of Influenza
FLACH, Eva (Widow) 23 Jun 1916 78y Flach, Nic. (Deceased) Green Mount
FLACH, Lena Barbara 27 Oct 1937 55y SERTH, Henry REICHERT, Louise Flach, Nicholas Green Mount Born 10 Jan 1882*
FLACH, Mary 8 May 1950 89y* SCHMIDT, Not listed* Walnut Hill (Non-Catholic part*) Born 11 Sep 1860.  Died at St. Vincent Home
FLACH, Nicholas 13 Dec 1913 66y Not listed, Maria Green Mount
FLACH, Nicholas J. 29 Oct 1944 Flach, Adam OSTERMEYER, Anna M. MORGAN, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Born 9 May 1864.  [Entry is written on left margin of image 79.]
FLACH, Rose 4 Aug 1934 46y WIEMNAUER [?], Matthew BRANDT, Margaret Flach, Adam Green Mount
FLANAGAN, Frank 13 Jun 1933 69y Unknown Unknown Mt. Carmel Died in the County Farm
FLOOD, Hugh 21 Oct 1956 Unknown Unknown Never married Calvary in Punxsutawney, PA Born 16 Jan 1884.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FLUCK, Alvina 27 Mar 1943 85y Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 1859 in Belleville*
FLUCK, John (Widower) 10 Nov 1915 83y Not listed, Susanna (Deceased) Green Mount
FLUCK, Thomas (Widower) 1 Jan 1913 84y Green Mount
FOELLER, Arthur 2 Oct 1943 52y 10m Foeller, Joseph P. ALBER, Theresa GUNDLACH, Not listed Green Mount Born 28 Jan 1891; died at Barnes Hospital*
FOHL, John Peter 7 Aug 1932 79y 11m Fohl, Peter HASSEN, Anna STAMMER, Mary Ann Walnut Hill
FOHL, Mary Anna 18 Jan 1927 72y Fohl, John P. Walnut Hill
FOHR, Anna M. 14 Dec 1924 90y Fohr, Peter Walnut Hill
FOHR, Elizabeth 1 Jan 1945 84y 11m STEINWASSER, John KERSHER, Magdalene Fohr, Joseph A. Green Mount Born 8 Feb 1860; died in St. Vincent Home*
FOHR, Irma 22 Mar 1912 28y Fohr, Joseph STEINWASSER, Elizabeth Green Mount
FOHR, John Nicholas 8 Aug 1940 74y 6m Fohr, Peter WEIHL (Weibel)*, Mary Walnut Hill Born in 1866 & died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
FOHR, Joseph 13 Nov 1921 64y STEINWASSER, Elizabeth Green Mount
FOHR, Lena 8 Dec 1922 59y Fohr, Peter WAIBEL, Mary Walnut Hill
FOPPE, Raymond 28 Feb 1949 31y Foppe, Henry (Herman*) MUELLER, Elizabeth RUFF, Grace St. Dominic in Breese, IL Born 7 May 1918*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FORNESS, Joseph 4 Mar 1928 Forness, Sr., Joseph Green Mount Child was hours old.
FORNESS, Joseph 4 Mar 1928 1h Forness, Sr., Joseph Green Mount Duplicate entry
FOURNIE, Arthur 7 Aug 1955 Fournie, Prosper MOLITOR/STOELZE, Lena SUNKEL, Mary Green Mount Born 9 Sep 1872.
FOURNIE, Edward 20 Oct 1955 Fournie, Anton WARRING, Catherine KERSEY, Edna Mt. Calvary Born 19 Sep 1885
FOURNIE, Edward L.* 20 Oct 1954 Fournie, Anton WARRING, Catherine KERSEY, Edna Mt. Calvary Born 19 Sep 1885*
FOURNIE, Iva 29 Jun 1954 SUNKEL, Fredrich ZEISER, Eva Fournie, Arthur J. Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1882
FOURNIE, Laura 5 Jan 1952 BADGLEY, Marion HEMMER, Magdeline Fournie, William Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1873.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FOURNIE, Magdalena 11 Sep 1923 82y Fournie, Victor Green Mount
FOURNIE, Magdalena 12 Jan 1936 85y MOLITOR, George KEIGER, Catherine Fournie, Prosper Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1850.*
FOURNIE, Not listed [Appears between 12 & 28 Jan 1911]
FOURNIE, William 6 Jul 1954 Fournie, Victor BOUL, Magdaline Green Mount Born 3 Feb 1869.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FRANCE, Mae 5 Nov 1949 GRUENEWALD, Val FUCHS, Agnes Green Mount Died in Washington, DC*
FRANKE, Sandra Sue 15 Feb 1952 Infant Franke, Hamilton BECHERER, Lillian Smithton Catholic Born 15 Feb 1952
FREES, Elizabeth 7 Aug 1955 ETTELDORF, Michael COURAR, Theresa Green Mount Born 26 Jan 1877
FREES, George W. 22 Mar 1946 79y 5m Frees, George FAUTH, Catherine ETTELDORF, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 5 Oct 1866*
FREES, Minnie K. 18 Jan 1956 Frees, George FAUTH, Katherine Green Mount Born 24 Sep 1880
FREGLICHEN, Joseph 10 Feb 1929 85y Freglichen, Anton ELSENSOHN, Elizabeth Green Mount From __Lorraine  [Information hidden in spine]
FREIN, Dr. H. J. 16 Apr 1939 54y 3m Frein, Henry NEHRING, Mary POIROT, Susan Green Mount
FREY, Carolina (Widow) 75y Frey, George (Deceased) From East St. Louis
FREY, Daniel 20 Jan 1957 Unknown Unknown WELKER, Pauline Green Mount Born 11 Oct 1872.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FREY, John 7 Dec 1918 42y Frey, Francis Green Mount Died in the County Farm
FREY, Katherine 2 Aug 1953 COLLMAN, John HAAS, Anna Frey, Joseph Green Mount Born 16 Dec 1874.  Died at Atkinson Home
FREY, Paulina 19 May 1927 54y Frey, Daniel Green Mount
FRICK, Ernest Henry 24 Oct 1936 63y 3m Frick, William HEYL, Magdalena KREHER, Susie St. John Cemetery in Smithton, IL Born 12 Jul 1873 in Hecker, IL
FRICK, Julius A. 16 Nov 1954 Frick, George ENSINGER, Katherine DOETSCH, Mary (Married 8 Jun 1886*) St. Augustine in Hecker, IL Born 22 Jun 1863.
FRICK, Susan (Widow)* 2 Dec 1937 54y 10m KREHER, Jacob ROSS, Barbara Frick, Ernst (Deceased)* Smithton, IL Born 19 Jan 1883*
FRICKE, Anna 10 May 1924 40y Fricke, Joseph Green Mount
FRICKE, Mary 14 Mar 1927 78y Fricke, Henry Green Mount
FRIEDERICH, Herman 8 Nov 1922 25y Friederich, Theodore NEVA, Mary Green Mount
FRIES, Adolph William 11 Oct 1945 66y Fries, Conrad LUCASH, Barbara BLAIES, Anna Catherine Green Mount Born 13 Oct 1879*
FRIES, Anna 19 Nov 1948 68y 11m Fries, Adolph Green Mount
FRIES, Barbara (Widow) 4 Jun 1924 83y Fries, Conrad (Deceased)
FRIES, Edward 28 May 1927 54y Fries, Conrad Not listed, Barbara Green Mount
FRIES, Joseph 31 May 1941 66y Fries, Conrad LUCASH, Barbara REINER, Carrie Green Mount Born 9 Apr 1875*
FRIES, Marie 16 Feb 1952 WILD, Not listed Green Mount Born 18 Dec 1883.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FRIESS, Mary E. 28 Apr 1948 72y FRIEDERICH, Nic KLEIN, Elizabeth Friess, Henry G. Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL Born 10 Mar 1875*
FRITZ, Theodore 25 Aug 1947 48y 7m Fritz, Leonard KUEHN, Magdalen OESTERLE, Severa Walnut Hill Born 9 Dec 1898*  Died in Veterans Home in Jacksonville, IL
FRITZ-WARREN, Grace 13 Jun 1946 20y 1m FRITZ, Theodore OESTERLE, Severa Warren, Orville (Civil marriage) Green Mount
FROEHLIN, George 13 May 1941 78y 2m Froehlin, George Green Mount
FROELICH, Clara 9 Dec 1954 FEUCHT, Charles BOLL, Mary Froelich, John Mt. Calvary Born 4 Nov 1885
FROELICH, William 20 Dec 1933 87y Green Mount
FROST, Alexander 10 May 1941 74y 3m Frost, Joseph PARR, Helen FELMS, Sarah Ellen Walnut Hill Born 8 Feb 1868*
FUCHS, Edward 24 Sep 1946 66y Fuchs, Conrad VOLLMANN, Margaret Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUCHS, Elizabeth (Widow) 23 Oct 1914 74y Fuchs, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
FUCHS, Frank 8 Dec 1949 80y Fuchs, Conrad VOLLMAN, Margaret Never married* Green Mount Born 6 Sep 1870*
FUCHS, Louis A. 25 Feb 1931 83y ULRICH, Elizabeth Green Mount
FUCHS, Margaret 3 Mar 1952 Fuchs, Nicholas Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1861.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUCHS, Margaret (Widow) 18 Sep 1911 75y Fuchs, Conrad (Deceased) Green Mount
FUCHS, Nicholas 12 Feb 1919 54y BIEHL, Margaret Green Mount
FUESSER, Caroline 22 Dec 1947 47y 4m DINGES, John ZULAUF, Caroline Fuesser, Charles Walnut Hill Born 2 Sep 1900*
FUESSER, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1918 70y WEIBERT, Not listed Fuesser, George Walnut Hill She was married by a squire about 50 years ago.  A year later her husband left.  She had one child who died as a baby.
FUESSER, George Charles 18 Mar 1923 4m Fuesser, Charles DINGES, Caroline Mascoutah, IL
FUHRMAN, Dominik 19 May 1924 72y Not listed, Marg. Elizabeth Green Mount
FUHRMAN, John 30 Nov 1947 68y 6m Fuhrman, Dominic EISELE, Margaret Never married* Green Mount Born 27 May 1779? [sic] (1879*)
FUHRMAN, Margaret 3 Sep 1947 50y WILD, George SCHILLING, Margaret Fuhrman, Nicholas Walnut Hill Born Dec 1887*
FUHRMAN, Margaret (Widow) 4 Feb 1925 68y Fuhrman, Dom. (Deceased) Green Mount
FUHRMAN, Nicholas 18 Sep 1949 62y 11m Fuhrman, Dominic EISELE, Margaret WILD, Margaret (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 12 Oct 1886; died at the County Hospital*
FUHRMANN, Mary 23 Mar 1951 Fuhrmann, Dominic EISELE, Margaret Green Mount Born 18 Jul 1884.  Died in Alton State Hospital
FUNK, Adam 11 Feb 1941 69y 1m Funk, Adam WEYHAUPT, Josephine BRIESACHER, Josephine Green Mount Born 13 Jan 1872*
FUNK, Elizabeth 30 Sep 1952 FUNK, Adam KLEIN, Louisa Funk, Henry Green Mount Born 20 Mar 1867.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNK, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1953 Green Mount Born 22 Sep 1868.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNK, Elmer 16 Mar 1952 Funk, Henry ADAM, Elizabeth RABE, Hazel Walnut Hill Born 6 Feb 1900.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNK, Henry 8 Jun 1944 84y 4m Funk, Henry ADAM, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 18 Feb 1860*  ‘Baptized before death
FUNK, Joseph 10 Jul 1946 64y 5m Funk, Adam SCHMIDT, Mary (Not married*) Green Mount Born 6 Jan 1881*
FUNK, Josephine 21 Jun 1948 Funk, Adam SCHMIDT, Mary Green Mount Born 17 Jan 1877
FUNK, Josephine 25 Aug 1949 75y Funk, Adam (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 6 Jan 1874*
FUNK, Mary (Widow) 15 Apr 1922 84y Funk, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
FUNSCH, Ann 21 Apr 1956 WESS, John FISCHER, Susan FUNSH, Leander (Leed) P. Walnut Hill Born 20 Apr 1888.  Found dead in St. Louis
FUNSCH, Carol Ann 9 Jul 1944 Funsch, George NOVATNY, Dorothy Walnut Hill New born baptized at birth at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNSCH, Eva (Widow) 1 Aug 1935 76y 6m ROMEIS, Michael MUELLER, Eva Funsch, George (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 18 Jan 1859.*  Died in St. Louis, MO
FUNSCH, George 15 Oct 1943 54y Funsch, Joseph BERKEL, Helen STEINER, Susan Walnut Hill Born 24 Dec 1889*
FUNSCH, Helen A. 9 Jan 1935 78y 2m BERKEL, Michael HAMBUGER, Katherine Funsch, Joseph Walnut Hill Born 27 Oct 1856 in Rheinpfalz*
FUNSCH, Joseph 7 May 1919 63y BERKEL, Helena
FUNSCH, Leander 20 Aug 1948 65y 6m Funsch, George ROMEIS, Eva Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital
GAA, Agnes 30 Nov 1918 22y Gaa, John Mt. Carmel Died of Influenza.  Buried from Gundlach’s Parlor
GAA, George 7 May 1917 47y MÜLLER (Mueller), Theresa Green Mount
GAA, Margaret 21 Feb 1921 5y 11m Gaa, George MUELLER, Theresa Green Mount
GAA, Verna 4 Jun 1921 Green Mount
GABEL, Elmar 28 Aug 1910 2y Gabel, Herman BECKER, Anna Green Mount
GAIN, Bernard (Ben*) 12 Jul 1947 51y 8m Gain, Henry REPPEL, Elizabeth BUDDE, Frieda Mt. Carmel Born 7 Nov 1895*  Died at Jefferson Barracks Hospital [in St. Louis. MO]
GAIN, Lawrence 28 Oct 1947 56y 6m BECKER, Ziza Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1891*  Died in Veterans Hospital in St. Louis
GAIN, Mary Anna Clara 12 Feb 1931 6y 1m Gain, Lawrence BECKER, Zita Smithton, IL
GALATI, James 22 Nov 1941 59y 2m Galati, Samuel NARELLS, Frances TEMPE, Veronica Mt. Carmel Born 24 Sep 1882*
GALATI, Samuel V. 26 Feb 1918 14m Galati, James TEMPI, Veronica Mt. Carmel
GALATI, Vito 5 Aug 1949 61y 4m MENGIPANE, Petrinia (Married by Justice of the Peace*) Mt. Carmel Born 15 Mar 1888*
GALLAGHER, John 18 Dec 1924 80y Green Mount
GANNON, Mathilda 30 Oct 1930 83y GOLDSBERG, James Goldsberg, Mrs. James Gannon, John Walnut Hill
GANSMAN, Emma Green Mount [Appears at bottom of page at end of Mar 1934 entries.]
GANSMAN, Henry Thomas 21 Oct 1951 DEPPE, Frieda Green Mount Born 21 (1*) Dec 1882.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
GANSMAN, William 3 Jan 1928 40y Gansman, John MEYER, Anna Green Mount Duplicate entry
GANSMANN, Anna Mary 5 Jan 1932 64y MEYER, William NEEZER, Barbara Gansmann, John Green Mount
GANSMANN, Bernard 1 Jun 1919 5m Gansmann, Louis SCHNEIDER, Rose Green Mount
GANSMANN, John 30 Mar 1935 71y 7m Gansmann, Nicholas SEITZ, Cleola MEYER, Anna (Deceased) Green Mount Born 21 Aug 1863*
GANSMANN, William 3 Jan 1928 40y Gansmann, John MEYER, Anna Green Mount
GANTER, Nicholas 21 Aug 1924 70y Walnut Hill
GANTNER, Anton 18 Aug 1913 69y Green Mount
GANZ, Mary 31 May 1937 90y RUEH [Ruck?]*, Michael Ganz, Leopold Mascoutah City Born 13 Aug 1847*
GARRITY, Mary 27 Nov 1947 88y 5m Garrity, John REILLY, Hanna Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 2 Jul 1859*
GASS, Anna Johanna 6 Apr 1932 53y 1m Gass, Peter DERLETH, Josephine Green Mount
GASS, Catherine (Widow) 21 Jan 1924 55y Gass, Peter (Deceased) Green Mount
GASS, Clement 6 Oct 1955 Gass, Sr., Peter HOEFKEN, Catherine SAX, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 15 Feb 1894
GASS, Edwin 21 Jun 1925 20y Gass, Charles J. YOCH, Thecla Green Mount
GASS, John 27 Jul 1950 Gass, Jacob WEBER, Mary Green Mount Born 5 Sep 1876.  Died at St. Vincent
GASS, Joseph 11 Jun 1956 Gass, Peter DERLETH, Josephine Never married Green Mount Born 17 Nov 1878
GASS, Maria 21 Nov 1912 59y Gass, Jacob Green Mount
GASS, Peter 18 Nov 1912 66y HOEFFKEN, Catharina Green Mount
GASS, Peter 13 Feb 1919 31y FISCHER, Cecilia Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital
GAUSMANN, Cleopha (Widow) 24 Aug 1910 81y Gausmann, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
GAUSMANN, Francisca 29 Nov 1911 52y PFEIFFER, Not listed Gausmann, Henry Walnut Hill
GAUSMANN, Henry 15 Oct 1912 56y PFEIFER, Francis [Frances] Green Mount
GAY, Eugenia 25 Mar 1947 88y 5m SPARKS, Simon MISERE, Eugenia Gay, Louis Holy Cross
GEBER, Albert 10 May 1953 Geber, Louis SCHNEIDER, Mary Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GEBER, Louis 24 Oct 1931 77y Geber, Joseph SCHWARTZ, Mary SCHNEIDER, Marie Green Mount
GEBER, Mary 24 Jan 1927 70y Geber, Louis Green Mount
GEIGER, Louis 3 Jun 1940 81y 2m Geiger, Matthew BAUMGARTEN, Barbara KERCHNER, Barbara Green Mount Born 9 Apr 1859*
GEOFFREY, Henry 27 Oct 1947 63y 6m Geoffrey, Not listed YOST, Not listed VOLLMER, Frances Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL Born 18 Apr 1883*
GEOLAT, John 27 Jul 1936 77y 8m Geolat, Leonard MARCELLE, Margaret LIVELY, Margaret Green Mount Born 13 Nov 1858.
GEOLAT, Margaret 16 Dec 1934 71y 2m LIVELY, John ELIOT, Mary Geolat, John Green Mount
GERARD, Sister M. 19 Jan 1916 56y D’ANTONIO, Michael CAPELLA, Maria Green Mount She entered the Order of Notre Dame 8 Dec 1879
GERBER, Eva 21 Sep 1922 57y Gerber, John SCHICK, Barbara Green Mount
GERBER, Mary Apollonia 18 Jan 1941 84y Gerber, Frank SCHICK, Margaret Green Mount
GERMAIN, Julius 9 Mar 1946 78y 6m Germain, Dominic TRIBOUT, Emily WAGNER, Louise Green Mount Born 13 Sep 1866*
GERMAN, Joseph J. 29 Aug 1943 54y 9m German, Adam BOWMAN, Mary Green Mount Born 26 Nov 1888 in Freeburg, IL*
GEROLD, Henry 2 Dec 1949 BRAUN, Louise Green Mount Born 5 Aug 1886; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
GEROLD, Louisa 3 May 1952 BRAUN, Not listed* Gerold, Henry Green Mount Born 6 Oct 1886.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GEUTERMANN, Henry 16 Aug 1911 47y Green Mount Converted while sick
GLASER, Anna [Appears between 3 & 25 Jan 1910]
GLASER, Eleanor 20 Jun 1946 59y 11m Glaser, William SCHLEGEL, Anna Green Mount
GLASER, William 19 Sep 1915 25y Glaser, William Green Mount
GLASER, William 5 Oct 1927 68y SCHLEGEL, Anna Green Mount
GLOGORICK, Edward 27 Jul 1910 1.5y Glogorick, Francis HERMANN, Antonia Green Mount
GOBET, Loius M. 19 Jan 1943 78y 6m Gobet, John Green Mount
GOETZ, Sr., John 25 Jan 1940 62y 11m Goetz, Charles HERMANN, Christine DIXON, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 6 Feb 1877; died in New Athens, IL*
GRADALL, Jr., Glen 19 Apr 1945 10d Gradall, Glen KOSZYK, Julia Green Mount Born 10 Apr 1945*  Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GRAF, Elizabeth J. 20 Sep 1916 34y Graf, Carl Green Mount
GRAF, Emilia Kath. 1 Sep 1916 2m Graf, Carl SCHILLING, Elizabeth Green Mount
GRAINGER, George Henry 22 Feb 1937 51y 8m Grainger, James RYAN, Mary JOHNSTON, Anna Green Mount Born 4 Jun 1885*
GRAMANN, Elizabeth 8 May 1955 HEMANN, Frank STUKEMPER, Elizabeth Gramann, John St. Cecelia in Bartelso Born 4 Oct 1868
GRAMANN, John 25 Aug 1951 Gramann, Henry WILLING, Hendrina HERMANN, Elizabeth St. Cecilia in Bartelso, IL Born 9 Mar 1868 (in Germantown, IL*).  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
GRANDCOLAS, Barbara 21 Mar 1954 FAULSTICH, Wendelin WERNER, Magdalena (FAULSTICH*) Grandcolas, Louis Walnut Hill Born 23 Apr 1875.  (Life long member of Catholic Church,  husband helped build Cathedral*)
GRANDCOLAS, Christ 15 Nov 1921 50y MAHLMANN, Bertha Walnut Hill
GRANDCOLAS, Elizabeth (Widow) 26 Dec 1928 55y KAHNRECK, Not listed Grandcolas, Philipp (Deceased) Freeburg St.Joseph
GRANDCOLAS, John 15 Sep 1932 53y 10m Grandcolas, Philip BAUER, Anna NIESE, Ida Green Mount
GRANDCOLAS, Louis 30 May 1940 65y 6m Grandcolas, Philip BAUER, Anna FAULSTICH, Barbara Walnut Hill Born 20 Dec 1874*
GRANDCOLAS, Walter 23 May 1950 STRAUBINGER, Elizabeth * Green Mount Born 16 Mar 1877.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GRAU, Adolph 23 Feb 1944 63y 10m Grau, Peter NEUNER, Elizabeth VOLKMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 20 Apr 1880 in New Athens, IL*
GRAU, Mary 5 Feb 1940 77y 9m HACKER, Frederick HELDERFER, Marg. Grau, Peter New Athens, IL Born 21 Apr 1862*
GRAU, Peter 3 Feb 1913 74y NEUNER, Elizabeth Green Mount From Swansea
GRAVES, Raymond 2 Apr 1928 10m Graves, John H. SCHNIERJOHN, Catherine Green Mount
GRAVES, Raymond 2 Apr 1928 Graves, John H. SCHNIERJOHN, Catherine Green Mount Duplicate entry
GRAVLIN, Jeanne Dorothy 31 Jan 1926 Infant Gravlin, Leo CHENOT, Adela Green Mount Both Green Mt. & Walnut Hill are listed
GRAY, Gerold* 29 Sep 1937 Graym Stephen JUE__, Melba Born 31 Mar 1935*
GREENER, Cecelia 27 Sep 1952 SPENGLER, Jacob MOERGEN, Bernadine Greener, John Mt. Carmel Born 18 Feb 1893.  Died in St. Louis, MO
GREENER, George 25 Jan 1936 82y 5m Unknown Unknown SCHOBERT, Mary Green Mount Born 7 Aug 1853 in Germany.*  Died in Alton State Hospital
GREENER, Mary 28 Jun 1931 76y SCHOBERT, John ZAHN, Catherine Greener, George Green Mount
GRIESEDIECK, August 16 Sep 1928 64y OSTBERG, Lucy Green Mount
GRIFFIN, Thomas 25 Mar 1939 55y Griffin, James Not listed, Katherine BUCKLEY, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
GRIMES, Elizabeth 5 Apr 1952 Grimes, J. Bryan Washington North Carolina Born 2 Oct 1881.  Died in St. Mary Hospital in St. Louis, MO
GRIMMIG, Frank 4 Oct 1946 46y Grimmig, Wendel FLAMAUTH, Susan (Never married*) Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1899*  Drowned accidentally
GRIMMIG, Joan Carolyn 16 Nov 1943 1y 3m Grimmig, Andrew MILLER, Thelma Green Mount
GRIMMIG, Joan Carolyn 30 Apr 1945 6m Grimmig, Andrew MILLER, Thelma Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1944*
GRIMMIG, Joseph 28 Jan 1913 23y Grimmig, Wendolin FIRST, Elizabeth Green Mount
GRIMMIG, Pfc. William O. 13 Oct 1950 Grimmig, Andrew MILLER, Thelma Green Mount Born  9 Sep 1932.  (Killed in Korea *) Buried 11 Aug 1951
GRIMMIG, Susan (Widow)* 27 May 1943 76y 7m FLAMAUTH, Philip Not listed, Elizabeth Grimmig, Wendel (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 21 Oct 1866*
GRIMMIG, Thelma 12 Jan 1953 (MILLER*) Grimmig, Andrew Green Mount Born 5 Feb 1911.  Died in St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis, IL*
GRIMMIG, Wendelin 3 Nov 1935 73y 1m Grimmig, Andrew FLAMUTH, Susan (Second wife) Green Mount Born 13 Sep 1862 in Germany*
GROBELINK, Eva 20 Feb 1950 Grobelink, Tony Walnut Hill Born 25 Dec 1861.  Died in St. Vincent’s Home
GROSS, Lena 9 Mar 1937 88y HAUSMANN, Peter BRAUN, Mary Gross, Jacob Smithton, IL Born 19 Jan 1849; died in St. Vincent Hospital*
GROSS, Mathilda 7 Oct 1930 47y MASSERANG, Jacob HOFFEN, Mary Gross, Jacob Green Mount
GROSSPITCH, Hattie 15 Apr 1955 Unknown Unknown Grosspitch, Joseph Green Mount Born 6 Nov 1869.  Died at St. Elizabeth Home
GRUENEWALD, Agnes (Teresa*) 2 Jan 1953 79y* Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GRUENEWALD, Elizabeth 13 Dec 1945 82y 11m Gruenewald, Joseph RABO, Helen Walnut Hill* Born 3 Jan 1863*
GRUENEWALD, Francis N. 7 Sep 1925 61y HOFFMANN, Anna M. Green Mount
GRUENEWALD, Paulina Amelia 19 Mar 1914 48y MUNIE, Not listed Gruenewald, Francis Green Mount
GRUENEWALD, Valentin 14 Oct 1930 61y NOLD, Alex (Adopted by George Gruenewald) LAUB, Josephine FUCHS, Agnes Green Mount
GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), Lena (Widow) 3 Jun 1916 76y Gruenewald, Joseph (Deceased) Walnut Hill
GUBSER, Irvin 25 May 1955 Gubser, Adolph JOHN, Emiley Not married Green Mount Born 3 Feb 1900
GUENTHER, Albert 26 Mar 1936 60y 5m Guenther, Jacob ZOELLER, Elizabeth KLUG, Gertrude Green Mount Born 27 Oct 1875 in Belleville.*
GUENTHER, Allen Eugene 26 Dec 1929 2y Guenther, Harvey DORNER, Rose Green Mount
GUENTHER, Barbara 6 Aug 1936 87y 7m SAX, Nicholas MARKER, Barbara Guenther, John Walnut Hill Born 22 Jan 1849*
GUENTHER, John 8 Mar 1915 70y SAX, Barbara Walnut Hill
GUENTZ, Mary Louise 24 Jun 1937 73y 9m Guentz, Henry EIMER, Mary Walnut Hill Born 1 Sep 1863*
GUETTERMAN, Anton 2 Dec 1937 53y 6m Guetterman, Adam HELFRICH, Louisa Walnut Hill Born 7 May 1885; died in Alton, IL*
GUETTERMAN, Katherine 10 Aug 1938 62y Guetterman, John BENZ, Barbara Guetterman, Daniel Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1876*
GUETTERMANN, Daniel 6 Oct 1925 82y GUETTERMANN, Catherine Green Mount
GUETTERMANN, Herman 2 Feb 1914 9y Guettermann, John Green Mount Died of Scarletina
GUETTERMANN, John 27 Feb 1956 Guettermann, Not listed BENTZ, Barbara 1st wife: Louisa HUMMEL; 2nd wife: Merle BECKER Green Mount Born 19 Sep 1880
GUETTERMANN, Linus 25 Dec 1952 Guetterman, Daniel Not listed, Catherine ETTLING, Violet Green Mount Born 25 Sep 1907.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GUETTERMANN, Louisa 7 Oct 1923 42y Guettermann, John Green Mount
GUETTERMANN, Louise 22 Jul 1937 78y 5m HELFRICH, George ROEBLING, Louise Guettermann, Adam Walnut Hill Born 19 Feb 1859*
GUETTERMANN, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 2 Feb 1914]
GUNDLACH, Alois (Widower) 3 Jan 1946 76y 6m Gundlach, Philipp BORNING, Eleanora SUNKEL, Louise (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Born 31 Jul 1869*  Died at St. Vincent Sanitorium (St. Louis*)
GUNDLACH, Anna (Widow) 1918 Green Mount [Appears between 28 Apr & 4 May 1918]
GUNDLACH, Christina (Widow) 23 Jul 1916 81y Gundlach, Jacob (Deceased) Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Edna 1 Dec 1946 52y 5m Foeller, Joseph P. ALLER, Theresa Gundlach, Theo. J. Green Mount Born 9 Jul 1894*
GUNDLACH, Eleonora (Widow) 18 May 1918 83y Gundlach, P. M. (Deceased) Walnut Hill
GUNDLACH, George N. 3 Jan 1934 31y 4m Gundlach, Philip A. ROMPEL, Margaret MICHAELIS, Irma Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Infant 30 Jun 1920 Gundlach, Henry NIEMEYER, Magdalena Green Mount Died at birth
GUNDLACH, Jacob J. 22 Aug 1952 BECHERER, Louisa Green Mount Born 14 Jul 1866.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GUNDLACH, Jr., Jacob 28 Jul 1913 58y Gundlach, Philipp John Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Louisa 9 Aug 1928 61y Gundlach, J. J. Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Magdalena 4 Jun 1929 64y Gundlach, Philipp Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Margaret 19 Jan 1942 75y 9m ROMPEL, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Catherine Gundlach, Philip E. Green Mount Born 28 May 1866*
GUNDLACH, Nicholas 24 Dec 1913 57y BECHERER, Anna Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Philip 3 Jun 1922 55y ROMPL, Margaret Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Philipp 17 Nov 1913 52y BECHERER, Magdalena Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Roland 15 Sep 1929 28y Gundlach, John P. HERTLEIN, Sophie Green Mount
GURGUS, George 2 Apr 1949 Gurgus, Anton Unknown BRAUN, Anna Green Mount Born April 1865
GUY, James E. 10 Feb 1955 Guy, Joseph SHINNERS, Bridget Not married Mt. Carmel Born 12 Sep 1906.  Died at St. Mary Hospital
HAAS, Anna 9 Mar 1945 48y BACH, Louis ISAAC, Margaret Haas, Martin Green Mount Born 27 Aug 1898*  Died at Wallace Hospital in Lebanon, MO
HAAS, Josephine 16 Jul 1911 7m Haas, Joseph Green Mount
HAAS, Sophie Regina* 4 Jul 1949 REEB, Not listed* Haas, Joseph Green Mount Born 16 Feb 1896.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HABERKORN, Emelia 17 Feb 1955 STEGER, Simon Not listed, Theresa Haberkorn, Henry Green Mount Born 13 Dec 1873.  Pete Gardner [?]
HABERKORN, Henry 13 Nov 1948 80y Haberkorn, Frank Not listed, Catherine STEGER, Amelia R. Green Mount
HABERSTOCK, Josephine 14 May 1929 50y LAUF, Christian FREES, Catherine Haberstock, Peter Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
HABERSTOCK, Peter 11 Nov 1920 51y LAUF, Josephina Green Mount
HACKENBRUCH, Emil 23 Jul 1951 HASENSTAB, Marie Green Mount Born 22 May 1887
HACKER, Baldasar 26 Jun 1917 44y GREENVILLE, Maria Green Mount
HACKER, Theresa 19 Mar 1923 Hacker, Fred HELLDOERFER, Marg. Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital
HACKMAN, Amelia 24 Jun 1952 MEIRINK, Anton Hackman, Joseph Green Mount Born 10 Dec 1869
HACKMANN, Bernard 1 Jan 1924 30y KRECLAK, Agnes Green Mount From Omaha, NB
HACKMANN, Joseph 27 Dec 1924 61y MEIRINCK, Amalia Green Mount
HAFFNER, Gertrude 1 Aug 1933 90y 11m LEY, Peter Haffner, Nicholas Walnut Hill Died in St. Louis, MO.
HAFFNER, Nicholas (Widower) 5 Oct 1935 86y 8m Haffner, Phil. HULLING, Mary LEY, Gertrude (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 10 Feb 1839 in Dolving, Lorraine*
HAGEMAN, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 2 Feb 1914]
HAGEMANN, Emma (Gass*) 6 Mar 1949 74y ROHR, John MERKEL, Mary Hagemann, Emil Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HAGER, Kath. 16 Jun 1911 51y Hager, Anton Mt. Carmel From Peoria
HAHN, George (Widower) 24 Dec 1915 69y KALKBRENNER, Gertrude Walnut Hill
HAMANN, Barbara 3 Nov 1917 51y Hamann, Adam Green Mount
HAMBURGER, Joseph 28 May 1948 88y 10m Hamburger, John Walnut Hill
HAMILTON, Elizabeth 21 Jun 1942 79y 4m VICTOR, Emmanuel CONDON, Mary Jane Hamilton, Mark Mt. Carmel Born 15 Feb 1863*
HANDLIN, William 16 Dec 1929 72y Green Mount Died in the County Farm
HARBAUGH, Right Rev. Msgr. Raymond 5 Feb 1955 HARBAUGH, John PARKER, Mary Green Mount Born 30 Jul 1897.  Rector of Cathedral
HARDIN, Anna (Widow)* 1 Jun 1936 78y 3m HERMANN, Charles NAUN [?], Mary Anna Hardin, William (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1858*
HARDT, Catharina 22 Feb 1921 85y Walnut Hill
HARKE, Johnette 16 Feb 1952 FOWLKER, Robert SEET, Margaret Harke, Peter Green Mount Born 9 Jan 1886.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HARKE, Peter* 18 Jun 1939 Harke, John FOWLKES, Johnette* Born 17 Jul 1875*
HAROLD, Mary 3 Sep 1950 RAPP, Jacob HERZOG, Mathilda HEROLD, Adam Green Mount Born 20 Apr 1871
HARST, Margaret 4 Apr 1930 90y Harst, John Green Mount
HARST, Mary 22 Sep 1941 66y 11m BEHNEN, Bernard KLEINEKORTE, Margaret Harst, Joseph Green Mount Born 27 Sep 1874 in East St. Louis*
HARST, Richard 24 Jul 1910 7m Harst, Joseph Not listed, Maria Green Mount
HARTOIN, Bernadette 17 Jun 1946 55y 11m Hartoin, Dominic GRANDCOLAS, Mary Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1890*
HARTOIN, Mary 27 Apr 1943 86y 1m KRANCOLA, Anton ADAM, Catherine Hartoin, Dominic Green Mount Born 10 Mar 1857*
HASENSTAB, Alice 23 Jun 1928 Hasenstab, Peter SCHMITTLING, Anna Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Alice 23 Jun 1928 Hasenstab, Peter SCHMITTLING, Anna Green Mount Duplicate entry
HASENSTAB, Anita 2 Oct 1917 4m Hasenstab, George WEBER, Katharina Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Anna 29 May 1948 61y WALTER, William SCMITTLING, Christina Hasenstab, Charles P. Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Charles Peter 12 May 1939 53y Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Mary WALTER, Anna Green Mount Born 27 Jun 1886*
HASENSTAB, Charlotte May 30 Aug 1926 6m Hasenstab, Peter Green Mount
HASENSTAB, John 10 Mar 1928 87y Not listed, Mary Walnut Hill
HASENSTAB, Joseph 5 Dec 1953 Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Mary STUEMPLER, Anna Green Mount Born 21 May 1888
HASENSTAB, Raymund 16 Aug 1914 15d Hasenstab, George   Green Mount
HASSLER, Emma* 8 Sep 1947 Resurrection in St. Louis, MO Burial for Assumption Church in St. Louis, MO*
HASSLER, George 9 Dec 1939 83y Hassler, Not listed MOSER (Moeser)*, Johanna ROSENTHAL, Emma Walnut Hill Born 2 Dec 1856*
HASSLER, Johanna 5 Jul 1951 71y* Hassler, George IGEL, Barbara Walnut Hill Born 1880.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HASSLER, Ona 24 Feb 1924 37y Hassler, John Walnut Hill
HATFIELD, Sgt. Andrew 23 Apr 1925 53y BEDEL, Eleonora Green Mount From Atlanta, GA.  Baptized on death bed.
HAUBENREISER, Mathilda 6 May 1910 62y Haubenreiser, August Green Mount
HAUBERICH, Mrs. Frank 11 Jul 1911 29y SIPPEL, Peter Green Mount
HAUMESSER, George (Widower) 20 Aug 1917 87y HILD, Elizabeth (Deceased) Walnut Hill
HAUSMAN, Peter 3 Aug 1924 82y Hausman, Peter Smithton, IL
HAUSMANN, Hortense 12 Nov 1936 49y 7m GUNDLACH, Phil. BECHERER, Magdalena Hausmann, Theodore Green Mount Born 1 Apr 1888*
HAWKINS, Michael Jesse 22 Jan 1953 Hawkins, Homer Not listed, Virginia Green Mount Born 26 Nov 1950
HEAFNER, Louis 4 Jan 1939 79y 4m LEHR, Mary Catherine Mt. Carmel Born 1 Jan `1860*
HEAFNER, Mary 18 May 1940 81y 10m LEHR, Michael Heafner, Louis Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jul 1858*
HEAMAN, Lucy 21 Oct 1934 84y NEIDER, Frank Vincent Not listed, Elizabeth Heaman, John Green Mount Married here 1 Jun 1873
HEAMANN, John 16 Jan 1931 80y Heamann, Bernard DAVENPORT, Catherine NEIDER, Lucy Green Mount
HEAP, Jennie L. 1 Feb 1953 HARBAUGH, John B. PARKER, Mary Heap, Thomas L. Green Mount Born 18 Jan 1878.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HEARKER, Elizabeth 20 Oct 1942 64y 8m Hearker, Michael PAFF, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 18 Feb 1858*
HEBESTREIT, James (Widower) 6 Nov 1916 73y HOFFMANN, Anna (Deceased) New Athens
HECHENBERGER, Clara 21 Mar 1912 7m Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
HECHENBERGER, Olivia Josephina 29 Jul 1913 8m Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
HECHENBERGER, Olivia Josephina 29 Jul 1913 8m Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
HECKENBERGER, Elizabeth 2 May 1925 43y Heckenberger, Roman J. Green Mount
HECKENBERGER, Philomena (Widow) 19 Aug 1916 78y HECHENBERGER, Andrew (Deceased) Green Mount
HEELEY, Le Roy 29 Oct 1949 42y Heeley, Elmer KLAUS, Margaret Walnut Hill Born 26 Aug 1907; died in St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO*
HEES, Augusta (Widow)* 26 Apr 1938 92y 4m BLUSTAND, John Hees, William C. (Deceased)* Walnut Hill Born 24 Dec 1845*
HEIDENREICH, Catherine Rose 8 Jun 1931 1y Heidenreich, John KNOBLAUCH, Mary Green Mount
HEILIGENSTEIN, Rudolph Charles 28 Dec 1927 3m Heiligenstein, Dr. R. C. SEIFERT, Edna Green Mount
HEISSLER, Hugo 23 Dec 1948 57y Heissler, Anthony HERMAN, Mag. MENDENAL, Hannah Valhalla Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HEITMEYER, Alfred 17 Jan 1945 59y 3m Heitmeyer, Edward SCHMIDT, Helen Green Mount Born 22 Oct 1885*
HEITMEYER, Helen 1 Sep 1947 86y 6m SCHMITT, Maximilian KNAUS, Angelina Heitmeyer, Edward Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1861*  Died in Alton State Hospital
HELFRICH, Catharine (Widow) 11 Jan 1924 79y Helfrich, John (Deceased) Paderborn, IL
HELFRICH, Jacob William 6 Jan 1927 83y SCHELLMAN, Magdalena Green Mount
HELFRICH, Lena 27 Oct 1927 74y SCHELLMANN, Not listed Helfrich, Jacob Walnut Hill
HELMS, Julius 2 Nov 1935 54y 1m Helms, Frederick SHOOK, Melissa STAUB, Cornelia Non-Catholic of Green Mount Born 4 Oct 1880*
HELWIG, Julitta 8 May 1924 66y Helwig, Anton Walnut Hill
HEMANN, Clemens 25 Jun 1937 71y 5m Hemann, Frank STUCKENKEMPER, Elizabeth DANIEL, Anna M. Green Mount Born 14 Jan 1866*
HEMMER, Caroline 24 Mar 1934 70y 5m FEDER, John TRUITTMANN, Catherine Hemmer, Peter Green Mount
HEMMER, Edward 3 May 1944 74y 6m Hemmer, Anton ERLINGER, Elizabeth APPEL, Louise Green Mount Born 30 Aug 1869*  ‘Died in Alton State Hospital
HEMMER, John 14 Oct 1911 81y
HEMMER, Louis John 15 Sep 1930 38y Hemmer, Louis SCHMITZ, Emma Walnut Hill Inmate in Jacksonville San. Died in Moberly, MO.  Killed by train.  [Written above age  Feb 4__]
HENIG, Gertrude 12 Nov 1954 RENNER, Jacob Unknown Henig, William Walnut Hill Born 29 Jun 1880; (Died in Chicago, IL*).
HENSHAW, Estella 17 Oct 1953 (NIEHENKE*) Henshaw, Donathon Bartelso Catholic Born 8 Dec 1909
HERDE, Aloysius 28 Oct 1917 62y Mt. Carmel
HERMAN, Edna 10 May 1951 LUETKEMEYER, Not listed Herman, Sr., Anthony Green Mount
HERMAN, Ferdinand 27 Oct 1940 72y 1m Herman, Baisel GRAF, Elizabeth GUENTHER, Barbara Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1868 in Alsace, France*
HERMAN, Joseph L. 31 Jul 1928 66y Green Mount
HERMAN, Maria 4 May 1926 63y WEBER, Not listed Herman, Joseph L. Green Mount
HERMANN, Barbara (Widow) 19 Dec 1922 81y Hermann, Leopold (Deceased) Green Mount
HERMANN, Eugene 22 Oct 1913 7m Hermann, Frederick Walnut Hill
HERMANN, Fabiola C. 24 Sep 1954 HERZLER, Nicholas SCHMISSEUR, Elizabeth Hermann, Edgar M. Green Mount Born 28 Sep 1894
HERMANN, Francis 23 Jul 1910 MEYER, Lorentina Green Mount Died of Hydrophobia  [Dropsy]
HERMANN, Fred J. 28 Sep 1956 Hermann, Joseph WEBER, Anna STURM, Freda Green Mount Born 18 Nov 1895.  Died at John Cochran VA in St. Louis
HERMANN, Gregory 19 Dec 1943 79y 6m Hermann, Gregory SCHLEGEL, Caroline ESCHMAN, Margaret Green Mount Born 10 Jul 1864 in Smithton*
HERMANN, Infant 21 May 1910 1d Hermann, Anton LUETKEMEYER, Edna Green Mount
HERMANN, Margaret 29 Dec 1943 80y 10m ESCHMANN, John HASENSTAB, Magdalena Hermann, Gregory Green Mount
HEROLD, Christina (Widow) 16 Sep 1918 66y Herold, John Green Mount
HEROLD, John 4 Sep 1913 69y Green Mount
HERR, Alphonse Nicholas 11 Feb 1931 53y Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Green Mount
HERR, Arthur 14 Jul 1913 60y Herr, Martin DOLCH, Barbara Green Mount
HERR, Barbara 4 Dec 1933 97y 2m DOLICH, Carl Not listed, Catherine Herr, Martin Walnut Hill
HERR, Emma 28 Aug 1951 STENGER, Not listed * Herr, Frank (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 10 Feb 1872.  Died in St. Vincent
HERR, Frank 27 Aug 1941 73y 9m Herr, Martin DOLICH, Anna STENGER, Emma Walnut Hill
HERR, Minnie 24 Apr 1944 89y 5m Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Green Mount
HERR, Walther 4 Jun 1910 Herr, Francis STENGER, Emerentiana Walnut Hill
HERRMANN, Christine 17 Jan 1949 67y 7m Herrmann, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara Green Mount Born 19 Jun 1872*
HERRMANN, Theodore 24 Jun 1934 57y 10m Herrmann, Frank GIMMRICH [?], Mary Green Mount
HERTLEIN, George 11 Sep 1913 78y MEMME, Margaret Green Mount
HERTLEIN, George A. 30 Nov 1933 61y Hertlein, George MEMELL, Walburga Mary NATTERER, Mary Walnut Hill
HERTLEIN, Mary W. 9 Jul 1927 83y Hertlein, George Walnut Hill
HERZING, Anna M. (Widow) 13 Mar 1925 73y Herzing, John Mt. Carmel
HERZING, John 26 Jan 1920 63y BUCHHOLZ-BAER, Anna Mt. Carmel Injured in an accident.  Good man.
HERZLER, Emil 20 Jan 1932 57y 3m Herzler, Jacob WAIBEL, Crescentia Green Mount
HERZLER, Maria 15 Dec 1919 62y Herzler, Jacob WEIBEL, Crescentia Green Mount
HERZOG, Charles John 28 Jun 1931 68y Herzog, Charles HEILMANN, Mary WANGELER, Crescentia Freeburg, IL
HERZOG, Crescentia (Widow*) 14 Dec 1949 81y Herzog, Charles St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL
HERZOG, Joseph 10 May 1924 23y Herzog, Joseph REICHEL, Cecilia Green Mount
HESS, Grace 28 Mar 1920 28y Hess, Robert Green Mount
HESS, Susanna (Widow) 27 Mar 1918 81y Hess, William Walnut Hill
HEUERMANN, Anna 16 Jan 1942 77y 7m KLEIN, Mathias Not listed, Fredrica Heuermann, Gerhardt Henry Green Mount Born 12 Jun 1864*
HEYMINCK, Wilhelmina 12 Feb 1912 76y Heyminck, Conrad Green Mount
HILL, Carolina 3 May 1949 81y HEAP, Henry LANE, Mary Anna Hill, Sam (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1868*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HILL, Jacob 11 Jan 1914 79y HILDEBRANDT, Louisa Walnut Hill Died in the Old Folk’s Home
HILL, Leroy 3 Aug 1927 Hill, James STUBBLEFIELD, Susan [?] Mt. Carmel Died in the County Farm
HILMES, Franz A. 22 Oct 1921 84y RODENMEYER, Margaret Green Mount
HILPERT, Andrew 10 Aug 1938 48y Hilpert, John OBERBAUER, Margaret GRADL, Mary Green Mount Born 18 Sep 1890; died in Alton, IL*
HILPERT, Barbara 12 Aug 1947 62y HOFFMANN, Joseph RESENCHECK, Catherine Hilpert, John Green Mount Born 21 Sep 1885*
HILPERT, Doris Mae 18 Mar 1935 5y 5m Hilpert, George HERMANN, Ida Green Mount Born 25 Oct 1929*
HILPERT, George 8 Jan 1950 Hilpert, John OVERBAUER, Margaret HERMAN, Ida Green Mount Born 8 Oct 1898.  Died in Alton State Hospital.
HILPERT, Gertrude (Widow*) 10 Mar 1944 81y 4m WEBER, John STROESER, Kunigunda Hilpert, Joseph (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 20 Nov 1862*
HILPERT, John 18 Mar 1928 70y OVERBAUER, Margaret Green Mount
HILPERT, John 18 Mar 1928 70y OVERBAUER, Margaret Green Mount Duplicate entry
HILPERT, Joseph 18 Aug 1911 51y Hilpert, Karl Green Mount
HILPERT, Margaret 10 Feb 1920 59y Hilpert, John Green Mount
HILPERT, Maria 8 Mar 1917 22y Hilpert, John OVERBAUER, Marg. Green Mount
HILPERT, Stella 18 Dec 1947 59y 5m BECHERER, Frank DERLETH, Emma Hilpert, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 22 Jul 1888*
HIMSTEDT, Anthony 17 May 1954 Green Mount [See duplicate entry]
HIMSTEDT, Anthony 18 Jun 1954 Himstedt, Henry RANGE, Barbara HAHN, Eva Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1883.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HIMSTEDT, Eva 5 Jul 1956 HAHN, Frank KESSLER, Mary Himstedt, Anthony J. Green Mount Born 20 Oct 1884.  Found dead in bed.
HINCKLEY, Amelia Celina 23 Oct 1940 83y OGLE, Joseph Not listed, Amelia Hinckley, Walter R. Walnut Hill Walter MEYERSCOUGH (Grandson)
HIRTH, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1929 54y Hirth, George Green Mount
HIRTH, George 25 Feb 1932 61y 10m Hirth, George LEONARD, Mary MEYER, Elizabeth Green Mount
HIRTH, Henry 2 Feb 1916 39y HEMANN, Anna Green Mount
HIRTH, Henry 10 Jul 1921 12y Hirth, Henry HEHMANN, Anna Green Mount Drowned  in Stolberg’s Lake
HIRTH, John 28 Jul 1927 57y Hirth, Michael BRUNNER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
HIRTH, Maria (Widow) 1 Jan 1924 79y Hirth, George (Deceased) Green Mount
HIRTH, Mathilda 30 Sep 1943 56y 9m Hirth, Michael BRUNNER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 25 Dec 1886*
HOCK, John 23 Jan 1947 76y 9m Hock, Christ. KRUPP, Elizabeth SCHWARTZ, Catherine Green Mount Born 9 Apr 1870*
HOCK, Katie 1 Jan 1944 76y 1m SCHWARTZ, Frank BLEISCH, Mary Hock, John Green Mount Born 23 Nov 1867*
HOCK, Lena 2 Feb 1925 47y Hock, Francis Green Mount From New Baden, IL
HOEFFKEN, Bernardina (Widow) 11 Sep 1923 79y Hoeffken, Theodore (Deceased) Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Frederick 28 Feb 1914 Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Helen 13 Jul 1929 22y Hoeffken, Martin MOELLER, Catharine Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Henry Jan 1922 60y Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Hubert Henry 4 Oct 1932 28y 8m Hoeffken, Maurice HIRTH, Margaret MCKILLOP, Margaret (Civil marriage) Green Mount Died in California, MO
HOEFFKEN, John (Widower) 27 Apr 1918 82y MEISTER, Anna (Deceased) Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Josephine Ann 8 Oct 1938 Hoeffken, Elmer HAMANT, Helen Green Mount Died a few hours after birth
HOEFFKEN, Martin C.* 2_ Aug 1949 MOELLER, Catherine Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1875*
HOEFFKEN, Mary 19 Oct 1924 39y Hoeffken, John MEISTER, Anna Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Mary Joh. Bernardina 24 Oct 1931 57y Hoeffken, Theodore FUSS, Bernardine Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Maurice C. 15 Sep 1934 64y Hoeffken, Theodore FAUST, Bernardina HIRTH, Margaret Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, William 16 Oct 1917 36y LEBKUESHER, Helena Green Mount Died at Alton State Hospital
HOEFFKEN,John 12 Mar 1947 69y 6m Hoeffken, John MEISTER, Anna Green Mount Born 4 Sep 1877; died in Des Moines, IA*
HOENIG, Magdalena 19 Feb 1931 70y Unknown Unknown Hoenig, Anton Green Mount
HOERCHER, Oliver* 25 May 1942 Hoercher, Gottlieb KLOCK, Elizabeth Born 1 Apr 1900*
HOERCHLER, Sharon* 30 May 1948 Hoerchler, Harold CAUGHTON, Marie Stillborn*
HOERNER, Catherine 3 Dec 1932 42y KASSEBAUM, August Not listed, Helen Hoerner, Edward Green Mount
HOERNER, Edward W. 14 Jan 1947 58y 6m Hoerner, Nicholas KASSEBAUM, Catherine Green Mount Born 23 Jul 1888*
HOERNER, Linda 1 Oct 1949 1y Hoerner, Edward C. WIETHOFF, Kathleen Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1948*
HOERNES, Max 20 Apr 1939 75y 5m Hoernes, Lawrence HERBERT, Mary WELZBACHER, Theresa Green Mount Born 1 Dec 1863*
HOERNIS, Aloys 13 Jan 1945 51y 7m Hoernis, John HERPIN, Mary EPPLE, Rose Mt. Carmel Born 16 Jun 1893 in Smithton, IL*  Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis
HOERNIS, August 18 Jun 1922 19y Hoernis, Max WELZBACHER, Theresa Green Mount
HOERNIS, Rose 25 Feb 1956 EPPLE, Celestine HONER, Not listed Hoernis, Aloys Mt. Carmel Born 3 Oct 1883.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOERNIS, Shirley May 1 Sep 1930 Hoernis, Alois EPPLE, Rose Green Mount
HOERNIS, Theresa 9 May 1948 81y 2m WELZBACKER, John SCHMIERBACH, Rosina Hoernis, Max Green Mount Born 23 Mar 1867*
HOFF, Herman B. 10 Aug 1932 71y 5m Hoff, Henry DIEKER, Anna ROEHL, Emma Green Mount
HOFF, Luella 29 Apr 1924 20y Hoff, August Green Mount
HOFF, Marian 25 Apr 1932 2y 2m Hoff, Robert SAUER, Clara Green Mount
HOFF, Raymond 25 Dec 1954 Hoff, John HUMMERT, Mary WAELTZ, Ethel Green Mount Born 24 Aug 1909
HOFF, Stephen 6 Jul 1947 44y 5m Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma SELLER, Mathilda Walnut Hill Said he hadn’t been feeling good for a long time*  [See record]
HÖFFKEN (Hoeffken), Florence 15 Oct 1915 4m Hoeffken, August CORDIE, Ida Green Mount
HOFFMAN, Frank 17 Apr 1951 RIPP, Mary Green Mount Born 24 Jul 1882.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOFFMAN, Rosa 15 Mar 1939 79y 2m BOOS, George Not listed, Mary Hoffman, Joseph Green Mount Born 17 Jan 1860*
HOFFMANN, Arthur 11 Jan 1939 53y 11m Hoffmann, Peter GIBBONS, Mary GAFKA, Eleanor born HUGHES Walnut Hill Born 27 Jan 1885*
HOFFMANN, Elizabeth 23 Dec 1946 90y 10m ZAHN, Balthasar Not listed, Briggitta Walnut Hill Born 9 Feb 1856*
HOFFMANN, Frank 21 Jun 1927 82y BELL, Henrietta Green Mount
HOFFMANN, Henrietta 20 Jul 1934 BOELL, John Bern. ROTH, Susanna Green Mount Born 2 Sep
HOFFMANN, Joseph 5 Feb 1916 73y Walnut Hill
HOFFMANN, Raymond 26 May 1948 3y Hoffmann, Leroy A. WHALEN, Mary C. Green Mount
HOFRICHTER, Pauline 20 Nov 1943 70y 7m Hofrichter, Joseph KLUTZ, Augusta Mt. Carmel Born 16 Apr 1873*
HOLDENER, Amanda 7 Sep 1922 47y Holdener, Melchior REUTERMANN, Eva Green Mount
HOLDENER, Eva (Widow) 9 Feb 1916 Holdener, Wendelin
HOLDENER, Ludwina 15 Feb 1915 REUTERMANN, Not listed Holdener, Melchior
HOLLICKE, Amanda 13 Mar 1913 25y THOM, Not listed Hollicke, Anton Green Mount
HOLTKAMP, August C. 17 Apr 1956 Holtkamp, Henry ALBERS, Mary JANSSEN HOFF, Dena St. Pancreatius in Fayetteville Born 11 Feb 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOLTKAMP, Catherine 30 Mar 1943 72y 9m DUECKES, Henry BAXYMIER, Anna Holtkamp, Not listed Calvary Cemetery From St. Louis, MO
HONER, Carolina (Widow) 21 Jun 1919 75y 10m Honer, Maurice (Deceased) Walnut Hill
HONER, Jerome 17 Sep 1925 10d Honer, Jerome Green Mount
HONER, Mary 28 Mar 1926 56y OESTERLE, Not listed Honer, Moritz Green Mount
HONER, Moritz 28 Nov 1916 85y HUBER, Carolina Walnut Hill
HONER, Moritz 19 Oct 1938 67y 2m Honer, Moritz PHILSTER, Elizabeth OESTERLE, Mary Green Mount Born 29 Jul 1871; died in Culver City, CA*
HONER, Norma 17 Aug 1923 2y Honer, Jerome VOLLMER, Irma Walnut Hill
HONER, Theodore 18 Dec 1956 Honer, Maurice Not listed, Elizabeth SCHMITTLING, Mary Born 1 Sep 1869.  Died at Rest Haven Nursing Home
HOPFINGER, William* 24 Jul 1949 57y MENDER, Nettie* Green Mount Born 21 Jul; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
HORN, Godfried 16 Feb 1910 66y KEMPF, Margaret Green Mount
HORNBERGER, Louisa 22 Mar 1955 BECKER, Fred Not listed, Lugatta Hornberger, John Walnut Hill Born 23 Sep 1857.  Died at Alton State Hospital
HOUSTON, William 19 Sep 1954 Houston, Henry MARTIN, Lucinda Mt. Carmel Born 12 Dec 1867; (Died in Atkinson Nursing Home*)
HOWARD, Maria Elizabeth 28 Jan 1919 84y From Portland, OR
HOWELL, Mary 29 Mar 1936 72y Stark, John ROTH, Catherine Howell, John Walnut Hill *
HUBER, Frank 12 May 1948 64y Huber, Casper ACKERMAN, Mary ACKERMAN, Eleanora Mt. Carmel
HUBER, Louis 5 Apr 1910 56y WOLLSCHOCK, Anna Green Mount
HUBERT, William 16 Jul 1945 66y 8m Hubert, Charles SIEFERT, Mary HUMMEL, Eleanor Walnut Hill Born 15 Nov 1879*
HUBSCHMIDT, John (Widower) 22 Dec 1919 69y Green Mount
HUBSCHMIDT, William 20 Feb 1956 Hubschmidt, John MILLER, Elizabeth REEB, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 2 Mar 1887.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HUEGLE, Rose 28 Feb 1948 Huegle, Jacob Walnut Hill
HUFF, Robert W. 6 Jan 1957 Huff, Walter A. EBERT, Leta BRODEN, Virginia Mt. Carmel Born 19 Jul 1908.  Baptized in 1902.
HUGHES, Bridget (Widow) 6 Oct 1916 62y Hughes, James (Deceased) Mt. Olive – St. Louis, MO She had a lot at this cemetery.  She was the mother-in-law of Mr. SCHENULBACH
HUGHES, Jacob 1 Dec 1919 37y THOMAS, Sara Walnut Hill [See record]
HULLER, Maria 30 Aug 1918 54y Huller, Nicholas Green Mount
HUMBERT, Helen 7 Nov 1952 WOLSCHOCK, Joseph BUTZ, Julia Humbert, John St. Mary in Chester, IL Born 12 Aug 1876.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HUMMEL, Eleonora 19 Jan 1914 63y Hummel, William Green Mount
HUMMEL, William 9 Dec 1930 80y SCHMIDT, Eleonora Green Mount
HUSCHLE, Catharina 7 Mar 1919 83y Huschle, Anton Green Mount
HUSS, Elmar George 11 Nov 1911 10d Huss, Francis NEUMANN, Julia Green Mount
HUSS, Frank 5 Feb 1934 76y 6m Huss, Frank ZINK, Eva ALBRECHT, Mary Mt. Carmel
HUSS, Frank 14 Jan 1954 Huss, Frank ALBRECHT, Mary NEWMANN, Julia Mt. Carmel Born 25 Oct 1886.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HUSS, Maria 28 Apr 1918 61y Huss, Francis Mt. Carmel
IDOUX, Joseph B. 12 Oct 1943 57y Idoux, Charles VERMILLION, Louisa SCHONDER*, Theresa Mt. Carmel Born 7 Oct 1886; died suddenly*
IGEL, Anna 28 Jul 1917 30y Igel, Joseph CORDIE, Josephina Green Mount
IMPENNACHIO, Antonio 8 Aug 1940 59y Impennachio, Ralph TERMINE, Mary ALBANESA, Jennie Green Mount Born 24 Aug 1881; died suddenly*
IRWIN, Edwin M. 30 Jan 1933 63y 10m Irwin, John DUHIGG, Bridget FLACH, Amelia Green Mount
IRWIN, Emilia 21 Jan 1928 Irwin, Dr. E. M. (Congressman) Green Mount
ISSELHARDT, Bertha 16 May 1928 51y WEYHAUPT, Not listed Isselhardt, Peter Green Mount
ISSELHARDT, Bertha 16 May 1928 51y WEYHAUPT, Not listed Isselhardt, Peter Green Mount Duplicate entry
ISSELHARDT, Frederick 27 Nov 1919 26y Isselhardt, John SCHLEHMANN, Anna Walnut Hill
ISSELHARDT, Mary 6 Sep 1941 73y BOHAJEK, John Not listed, Mary Isselhardt, Peter (Both married before) St. Marcus in St. Louis, MO
ISUARS*, Loretta 22 Nov 1953 Isuars, Ray LOUCKS, Minnie Mt. Carmel Born 17 Dec 1937.  Died at St. Mary in East St. Louis*
JACOBS, Anna (Widow) 29 Jan 1917 86y Jacobs, Peter (Deceased) Walnut Hill
JACOBS, Elizabeth Jane 9 Jun 1925 1w Jacobs, Peter KREITNER, Jennie Walnut Hill
JACOBS, Josephine 31 Oct 1943 DAMMERICH, Adam BOUL, Frances JACOB, Charles Mt. Carmel
JANSEN, Julius 28 May 1922 38y Jansen, Henry Green Mount
JANSEN, Philip 15 Apr 1926 54y Green Mount
JARABECH, Anthony 13 Jun 1937 70y 1m Jarabech, Ignatius BLAWAT, Mary Walnut Hill Born 17 May 1867*
JARABEK, John 22 Feb 1927 YOUNG, Anna Walnut Hill
JAROBECK, Mary 5 May 1950 83y* Walnut Hill Born 25 Sep 1866*
JARROTT, Anna 21 Oct 1918 80y Jarrott, Not listed Green Mount Her husband left her about 40 years prior.
JECK, Lydia 18 Mar 1954 Jeck, George Olivette Cemetery in Nashville, TN Born 27 Dec 1879
JOELLENBECK, Cletus 20 Jun 1932 13y 8m Joellenbeck, Fred KERR, Mary Mascoutah, IL Died in State Hospital in Lincoln, IL
JOFFRAY, Ella 22 Aug 1953 Joffray, John KERCHNER, Mary Green Mount Born 10 Apr 1888
JOFFRAY, John C. 14 Feb 1951 KERCHNER, Mary K. Green Mount Born 5 Jun 1867
JOHNSON, Sharon Lee 15 Mar 1938 1y 2m Johnson, Charles Oliver DECKERT, Lillian B. Green Mount Born 8 Jan 1937*
JONES, Anna 20 Nov 1910 28y DEROUSE, Not listed Jones, Thomas (Non-Catholic) Green Mount
JONES, John L. 10 Aug 1934 40y 3m Jones, George NATION, Elizabeth KOHL, Adeline Green Mount [Duplicate entry]
JONES, John L. 10 Aug 1934 Jones, George NATION, Elizabeth KOHL, Adel Green Mount Born 1 May ___
JUEN, Barbara 31 Oct 1941 75y 1m WALTER, Lawrence Not listed, Annie Marie Juen, Henry Green Mount
JUEN, Henry 5 Oct 1927 67y WALTER, Barbara Walnut Hill
JUEN, John 14 Apr 1927 36y STAUDER, Cordula Green Mount
JUEN, Larry H. 5 Feb 1950 Walnut Hill Born 22 Jul 1904.  Died in St. Joseph Infirm. Eureka, MO
JUEN, Theodore 1 Sep 1918 18y Juen, Henry WALTER, Barbara Walnut Hill
JUENGEL, Anton 12 Jun 1920 5y Juengel, Reinholdt BERTELSMANN, Isabella Walnut Hill
JUNCKER, Louisa 10 Dec 1923 60y Juncker, Victor Green Mount
JUNCKER, Victor 28 Jul 1933 68y 9m Juncker, Martin SCHLERNITZAUER, Mary WEHRLE, Anna Green Mount
JUNG, August 28 Oct 1955 Jung, Peter STAUB, Rosa FEDER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 16 Sep 1876
JUNG, Theresa K. 25 Sep 1937 56y FEDER, John EGER, Elizabeth Jung, Isadore Green Mount Born 16 Sep 1881*
JURGELAITOS (GRORGAL), John 10 Dec 1930 48y Jurgelaitos, Joseph HOLLEK, Magdalena SLIPKOWSKI, Mary Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital



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