Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials A – E

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Burials 1910–1957 ( A – E )

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AARON, Howard I. 24 Sep 1955 Aaron, Dillard SELF, Minnie DUNSER, Lucille Jefferson Barracks Born 25 Dec 1919.  Died at Scott Field
ABBOTT, Anna 21 Jul 1946 51y 7m JOHNSTON, Not listed Unknown GRAINGER, George H. & Fred ABOTT Green Mount
ABEGG, Catherine 11 Nov 1925 63y FROEHLEIN, Not listed Abegg, Edward Green Mount
ABEGG, Edward 20 Feb 1923 71y Green Mount
ABEGG, Joseph 2 Apr 1910 61y Walnut Hill
ABEGG, Peter 14 Dec 1947 66y 8m Abegg, Edward MILLER, Catherine SCHLESINGER, Sophie Green Mount Born 8 May 1881*
ABEGG, Theresa 14 Feb 1914 17y Abegg, Francis EISELE, Maria Green Mount From East St. Louis
ACKER, Philipp (Widower) 28 Aug 1914 73y SCHUCKMANN, Maria (Deceased) Walnut Hill Died in the County Farm
ACKERMANN, John 23 Oct 1921 Not listed, Catharina Green Mount
ADAM, Catherine 13 Apr 1953 KOESTERER, Joseph RHEINHEIMER, Catherine Adam, Louis St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 8 Nov 1879.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ADAM, Louis 15 Mar 1955 Adam, John KLEIN, Louise KOESTER, Catherine St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born May 1875
ADAMS, Ferdinand 3 Nov 1918 38y Adams, Jacob CORDIE, Maria Walnut Hill Died at Alton State Hospital
ADAMS, Jacob 15 Feb 1920 CORDIE, Maria Green Mount Died in Quincy Soldier’s Home [?]
ADAMS, Louisa B. 15 Apr 1941 82y 5m HUG, Anthony THILLIE, Agnes (Regina*) Adams, Joseph L. Walnut Hill Born 9 Nov 1858 in Herman, MO
ADAMS, Magdalena 29 Sep 1925 35y BISSIC [?], Not listed Adams, Julius Green Mount
ADAMS, Maria (Widow) 12 Aug 1925 80y Adams, Jacob Walnut Hill
ADAMS, Percival Clyde 9 Jan 1919 5m Adams, Julius BISSIG, Helena Walnut Hill
ADELHARDT, Frank 8 Jun 1917 53y Adelhardt, Franzis Not listed, Kunigunda Green Mount
ADELHARDT, Kunigunda (Widow) 20 Jan 1918 73y Adelhardt, Francis (Deceased) Green Mount From Swansea
ADELHART, Francis 20 Oct 1915 80y STIEFLER, Kunigunda Green Mount
ADLER, Andrew 15 Feb 1926 Mt. Carmel
ADLER, Mary 31 May 1930 71y Adler, Andrew Mt. Carmel
ADOLPH, William Herman 29 Jul 1950 LITTLE, Pearl M. Mt. Carmel Born 9 Dec 1881.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
AHLHEIM, Mary A. 10 Jul 1938 67y 11m SCHUETZ, Adam Not listed, Barbara Ahlheim, Edward Walnut Hill Born 11 Aug 1870*
ALBRECHT, Anton (Widower) 2 Jan 1913 HASSELBACH, Not listed (Deceased) Green Mount
ALBRECHT, Delphina 23 Nov 1910 13y Albrecht, Anton HASSELBACH, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
AMANN, Amelia 15 May 1937 44y 4m THOUVENOT, Emil KRUPP, Mary Amann, Julius Green Mount Born 1 Jan 1893*
AMANN, Anna 28 Aug 1949 45y RAPP, Gregory BUECHLE, Barbara Amann, Walter Green Mount Born 1 Jun 1904*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
AMANN, Anna 12 Nov 1950 CORDIE, Not listed Amann, John Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1872.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
AMANN, Catharina 28 Jan 1921 62y Amann, Laurent LACK, Crescentia Green Mount
AMANN, Elmer 18 May 1910 8d Amann, John CORDIE, Anna Green Mount
AMANN, John 12 Nov 1927 53y CODIE, Anna Green Mount
AMANN, Joseph 14 Aug 1940 78y Amann, Lawrence LAQUET, Grace BUECHLE, Teresa Green Mount Born 18 May 1862*
AMANN, Martha Vivian 26 Aug 1945 19d Amann, Walter RAPP, Anna Green Mount Born 7 Aug 1945*
AMANN, Teresa 29 Mar 1934 67y BUECHLE, Leopold ERNST, Helen Amann, Joseph Green Mount
AMBERGH, Alfred 11 Jan 1942 82y 2m Ambergh, Paul PAPPENHEIM, Josephine Mt. Carmel Born 17 Nov 1859 in Greenville, PA*
AMLUNG, Henry J. 1 Jan 1946 66y 1m Amlung, Nicholas GLANEK, Mary WAGNER, Emma Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1879*
ANDERSON, William H. 4 Nov 1950 Anderson, Guy POULSTER-GETTING, Margaret Mt. Carmel Born 9 Oct 1895.  Died suddenly in St.Louis
ANDRINA, Isola 1 Feb 1910 30y Andrina, John Green Mount
ANDRINA, John 26 Jun 1923 50y BERSONO, Eisola From Italy.  Died at the County Hospital
ANESHAENSEL, Robert 6 Dec 1942 63y 2m Aneshaensel, William BUTZ, Catherine Walnut Hill Born 26 Sep 1879*
ANESHAENSEL, William 16 Jan 1928 85y BUTZ, Catherine Walnut Hill
ANESHAENSEL, William 16 Jan 1928 85y BUTZ, Catherine Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
ANNESHAENSEL, Catharina 10 Dec 1922 74y Anneshaensel, William Walnut Hill
ANTON, Caroline 10 Sep 1939 77y 1m BECKMANN, Henry Not listed, Anna M. Anton, Nicholas Green Mount Born 9 Aug 1862 in Ridge Prairie, IL*
ANTON, Joseph 14 Feb 1934 71y Anton, Joseph EIZENHAUER, Sophie Green Mount
ANTON, Joseph 6 Apr 1944 61y 3m Anton, Nicholas BECKMAN, Caroline Green Mount Born 3 Jan 1883; died suddenly*
ANTON, Nicholas 6 Feb 1948 90y 7m Anton, Nicholas EIZENHAUER, Sophia BECHMANN, Caroline Green Mount Born 1 Sep 1857*
ARMBRUSTER, Louis 7 Dec 1923 COERS, Magdalena Green Mount
ARNDT, Joseph 17 Nov 1937 Arndt, William WEISS [?], Teresa WIESEN, Margaret Green Mount Born 31 Dec 1879*
ARNOLD, Henry* 13 May 1936 Arnold, Henry Not listed, Margaret Green Mount Born 28 May 1848 & died at St. Vincent’s*
ATHMER, Anna M. 11 Nov 1952 Athmer, Frank Green Mount Born 22 Sep 1871.  Died in Minneapolis, MN
ATHMER, Frank 24 Jan 1951 Athmer, Ben HOERCHLER, Anna Green Mount Born 30 Dec 1875
ATHMER, Theodore Raymond 14 Dec 1934 21y Athmer, Frank HOERCHLER, Anna Green Mount
AUER, Joseph 14 Dec 1949 67y Auer, John STARK, Anna ACKERMANN, Emma Walnut Hill
AUER, Joseph 14 Dec 1949 67y Auer, John STARK, Anna ACKERMAN, Emma* Walnut Hill Born 13 Nov 1882*
AUG, Elizabeth 8 May 1932 55y 6m LAUX, Valentin WAIGAND, Leontine Aug, John Green Mount
AUG, John 5 Aug 1950 Aug, Ferdinand GOEBEL, Eva LAUX, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 20 Apr 1872
AVANGINI, Louis H. 8 Jun 1944 59y 9m Unknown Unknown Unmarried Green Mount
BACHINGER, Elizabeth 5 Apr 1922 49y Bachinger, Wenzel Green Mount
BACHINGER, Wenzel (Widower) 30 Apr 1924 75y Not listed, Elizabeth (Deceased) Green Mount
BAECHLE, Alphonse G. 4 Jan 1917 1y Baechle, Theodore BECHERER, Carolina Green Mount
BAECHLE, Benjamin 27 Oct 1918 26y Baechle, William Died in Camp.
BAECHLE, Carl 29 Mar 1916 35y WITTENHAUER, Paulina Green Mount
BAECHLE, Clarence 2 Apr 1953 Baechle, Theodore BECHERER, Caroline Green Mount Born 15 (16*) Feb 1912.  Died in Red Bud, IL
BAECHLE, Eugene 13 Dec 1955 Baechle, William SCHWAEGEL, Louisa HERR, Ellanore Green Mount Born 24 Feb 1888.
BAECHLE, Jacob 27 Sep 1925 41y ZULAUF, Paula Green Mount
BAECHLE, Kennith 29 Jan 1931 11m Baechle, Theodore BECHERER, Caroline Green Mount
BAECHLE, Louisa 17 Mar 1936 77y SCHWAEGEL, Carl REINHARDT, Regina Baechle, William Green Mount
BAECHLE, Mary Elizabeth 1 Aug 1946 3d Baechle, Wilbert HAUSMAN, Gertrude Green Mount
BAECHLE, Mildred Anna 13 Feb 1926 4.5y Baechle, Theodore BECHERER, Caroline Green Mount
BAECHLE, Paula 9 Jul 1923 33y Baechle, Jacob Green Mount
BAECHLE, William 12 Mar 1928 77y SCHWAEGEL, Louisa Green Mount
BAECHLE, William 13 Mar 1928 77y SCHWAEGEL, Louisa Green Mount Duplicate entry
BALDUS, August 7 Aug 1931 63y Baldus, George THOMAS, Augustine Green Mount
BALDUS, Augustine 7 Sep 1954 THOMAS, John CHARTENTIER, Margaret Baldus, August Green Mount Born 4 Jan 1873.  Died in Hillcrest Nursing
BALLARD, Craig Joffrey 7 Sep 1946 1m Ballard, Melbourne GASS, Marion Green Mount Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BALLOCH, Mary 30 Dec 1939 81y 11m HARLANDER, Anna Balloch, Joseph Green Mount
BAQUET, Jacob 19 Sep 1948 53y Baquet, Jacob TREAGER, Josephine Green Mount Born 23 Sep 1895*
BAQUET, Mary 27 Mar 1923 62y Baquet, Jacob Green Mount
BARBEAU, James 13 Sep 1955 Barbeau, John MCNABIB, Louisa TRIM, Grace Green Mount Born 24 Mar 1879.  Died at Mascoutah Nursing Home
BARNETT, Elizabeth 18 Apr 1935 76y 5m BOLAND, Michael HAYES, Margaret Barnett, Joseph Green Mount Born 25 Nov 1864*
BARNETT, Joseph 14 Aug 1943 78y 5m BOLAND, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 18 Apr 1866*
BARTH, Josephine 6 Mar 1916 82y Green Mount Died in St. Vincent’s Old Folks Home
BARTHEN, Elizabeth (Widow) 9 Dec 1910 76y Barthen, Mathias (Deceased) Green Mount
BATEMAN, Dudley F. 22 May 1955 Bateman, Michael Unknown OSBORN, Ann St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 5 May 1907
BATEMAN, Marie 2 Sep 1952 VANBROOKER, Gustave FLEMING, Wilhelmina Bateman, Dudley St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 24 Jul 1905.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BAUER, Anna M. 4 May 1918 4y Bauer, Caspar BEHRMAN, Catharina Green Mount Burned
BAUER, Anna Margaret 24 Apr 1954 HOEFFKEN, Not listed Bauer, Mathias Green Mount Born 19 Feb 1872. Died in Edwardsville, IL
BAUER, Catherine 26 Dec 1928 64y HOFRICHTER, Not listed Bauer, Michael Green Mount
BAUER, Catherine 23 Jan 1932 49y BEHRMAN, Louis LAKE, Mary Bauer, Caspar Green Mount
BAUER, Dominic 4 Nov 1941 78y 7m Bauer, Andrew BRUECKMANN, Anna Maria DINGEL, Rosa Walnut Hill Born 1 Apr 1863*
BAUER, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1936 47y 6m EHRHOLD, Louis GERDES, Anna Bauer, Not listed Green Mount Born 16 Jul 1888 & died in Freeburg, IL*
BAUER, Elizabeth 29 Oct 1936 39y 8m HUEGEN, Edward NETTEMEYER, Mary Bauer, Leonard Green Mount Born 26 Feb 1897*
BAUER, Elizabeth K. (Widow) 28 Nov 1917 86y Bauer, Michael (Deceased) Green Mount
BAUER, George 1918 RICHARD, Paulina [Appears in Feb 1918 entries]
BAUER, George (Widower)* 4 Nov 1942 76y 4m Bauer, John MADIE [Corrected to MACKE], Catherine LAUF, Mary (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 14 Jul 1866*
BAUER, Joseph R. 8 Dec 1917 44y BECHTOLD, Carolina Green Mount
BAUER, Joseph R. 26 Nov 1918 49y SCHAEFER, Minnie Green Mount
BAUER, Julia 18 Feb 1945 87y 5m Bauer, Michael MATHES, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 25 Aug 1857 in Belleville*
BAUER, Kaspar 30 Nov 1933 72y 9m Bauer, Andrew BRICKMANN, Marie KRAUSE, Gertrude & Catherine BEHRMANN Green Mount
BAUER, Lena 19 Nov 1934 71y 11m HILPERT, Carl DENZ, Magdalena Bauer, Andrew Green Mount
BAUER, Leonard 18 Dec 1955 Bauer, Henry HERLE, Catherine HUEGEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 29 Sep 1896
BAUER, Lillie 6 Aug 1954 WALL, Herman WOOTEN, Virgie Bauer, John B. Green Mount Born 28 Dec 1909
BAUER, Ludwig 22 Jun 1928 69y Green Mount From New Athens
BAUER, Ludwig 22 Jun 1928 69y Green Mount From New Athens, IL.  Duplicate entry
BAUER, Maria 12 Dec 1918 25y Bauer, Dominic DINGEL, Rosa Walnut Hill
BAUER, Mary 3 May 1953 Bauer, Francis Mt. Calvary Born 4 Feb 1919.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BAUER, Mary Ann 25 May 1942 71y 2m LAUF, Christopher FREES, Catherine Bauer, George Green Mount Born 29 Mar 1871*
BAUER, Matthew 7 Oct 1929 62y HOEFFKEN, Anna Green Mount
BAUER, Michael 22 Oct 1946 81y 8m Bauer, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth HOFRICHTER, Catherine Green Mount Born 22 Dec 1864*  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BAUER, Minnie 29 Oct 1949 79y Green Mount Born 24 Nov 1870*
BAUER, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 2 Feb 1914]
BAUER, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 4 Feb 1914]
BAUER, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 4 Feb 1914]
BAUER, Pauline 16 May 1936 51y TRIBOUT, Louis GASS, Mary RISCHAR, John & George Bauer Green Mount Born 4 Nov 1879.  Died suddenly*
BAUER, Rosa 19 Mar 1921 20y Bauer, Andrew HILPERT, Lena Green Mount
BAUER, Rosa 12 Jun 1943 80y 9m GINGEL, Christopher HUG, Mary Ann Bauer, Dominic Walnut Hill
BAUER, Sr., Henry 14 May 1954 Bauer, Frank CORBUS, Eva SCHACHNER, Cecelia Green Mount Born 22 Jun 1885.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BAUER, Virginia M. 8 Oct 1917 6m Bauer, Kaspar J. REEB, Olivia Walnut Hill
BAUMAN, John 6 Apr 1949 93y 1m Bauman, Unknown O’NEAL, Julia RUSTON, Alice St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL
BAUMANN, Anna Mary 15 Dec 1924 90y Baumann, John Green Mount
BAUMANN, Catherine 28 Feb 1935 Baumann, John SCHMIDT [Schwindt*], Mary Walnut Hill Born 6 Oct 1858.  Buried from St. Luke’s
BAUMANN, Joseph 21 Feb 1931 80y Unknown Unknown Unknown Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BAUMANN, Louis 17 Aug 1944 80y 6m Baumann, John SCHWIND, Anna Mary LOUIS, Victoria Green Mount Born 13 Feb 1864*
BAUMGART, Mary 11 Jan 1929 79y ECKEL, Not listed Baumgart, Charles Walnut Hill
BAUMGARTEN, Mathias J. 17 May 1941 81y 8m Baumgarten, Anton FRICKEL, Anna SIEFERT, Bertha Walnut Hill
BEASLEY, Grace 26 Oct 1927 35y MILLER, Not listed Green Mount
BEAUMONT, Celestine 19 May 1924 Beaumont, Livi [?] METZE, Adelle Walnut Hill
BECHERER, Adelia 23 Jun 1928 52y PHILLIPS, Not listed Becherer, Theodore
BECHERER, Adelia 23 Jun 1928 52y PHILLIPS, Not listed Becherer, Theodore Duplicate entry
BECHERER, Cornelia 27 May 1919 19y Becherer, Leonard HARST, Barbara Green Mount
BECHERER, Emilia 28 Sep 1915 50y Becherer, Leonard Walnut Hill Buried in the Non-Catholic part of cemetery
BECHERER, Jacob 29 Jun 1923 84y ARNOLD, Josephina Green Mount
BECHERER, Leonard 22 Jul 1934 HARST, Barbara (First wife) & Emilia ASH (Second wife) Green Mount Born 1870
BECHERER, Maria Louisa (Widow) 31 Dec 1913 71y Becherer, Anton (Deceased) Green Mount
BECHERER, Mary Josephine 14 Oct 1925 80y Becherer, Jacob Green Mount
BECHERER, Richard 16 Mar 1932 67y 11m Becherer, Lambert MILLER, Susan O’Fallon
BECHTLOFF, John 24 Jun 1948 Bechtloff, Adam BUGER, Appolonia VOELLINGER, Agnes Green Mount Born 26 May 1875
BECHTOLDT, John W. 12 Dec 1950 ODAM, Rose Green Mount Born 4 May 1875.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BECHTOLDT, Rosa 7 Feb 1928 49y Bechtoldt, John Green Mount
BECHTOLDT, Rosa 7 Feb 1928 49y Bechtoldt, John Green Mount Duplicate entry
BECHTOLDT, Theresa 29 Jun 1954 CASSEAU, Antonio KISSEN, Helen Ann Bechtoldt, William Waterloo, IL St. Peter & Paul Born 22 Oct 1890.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BECKER, Alfred J. 4 Nov 1918 18m Becker, John HEIDENREICH, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
BECKER, Bernard 9 Oct 1943 18y 4m Becker, John HEIDENREICH, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 5 Jun 1925*
BECKER, Elizabeth K. 1 Nov 1952 (KECK?*) Becker, John Green Mount Born 21 Aug 1897.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BECKER, Infant 19 Oct 1923 17m Becker, John HEIDENREICH, Not listed Walnut Hill
BECKER, John 7 Feb 1951 Becker, Louis FOHL, Anna HEIDENREICH, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 29 Sep 1884.  Died in St. Elizabeth
BECKER, Kenneth 26 Jul 1930 9y Becker, John HEIDENREICH, Elizabeth Green Mount
BECKER, Magdalena 4 Dec 1912 52y Becker, Otto Green Mount
BEDEL, John A. 20 Dec 1920 72y WEIS, Maria Green Mount
BEDEL, Mary Ann 14 Jan 1936 75y WEIS, Joseph Not listed, Christiana Bedel, John A. Green Mount Born 4 Feb 1859.   Died in Peoria.*
BEDEL, Meta 16 Jun 1950 RODENHEISER, John MAUS, Minnie Bedel, Anselm Green Mount Born 17 Feb 1887.  Died at St. Vincent’s
BEELMAN, Catherine 7 Jun 1928 57y Beelman, William Green Mount
BEELMAN, Catherine 7 Jun 1928 57y Beelman, William Green Mount Duplicate entry
BEELMAN, William 3 Jul 1925 58y BEHRMAN, Catherine Green Mount
BELLER, Carl 12 Dec 1918 37y SOUDIAR, Anna Green Mount Died of Influenza
BENDICT, Frank 24 Nov 1935 BENEDICT, Richard DOLD, Amelia Walnut Hill Born 14 Jan  1904*
BENEDICK, Francis 11 Jul 1913 78y Green Mount
BENEDICK, Teresa 16 Oct 1949 61y HOHREIN, Not listed* Benedick, Frank Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1888*
BENEDICT, Christopher 1 Apr 1926 88y HEMMER, Mary Green Mount
BENEDICT, Mary (Widow) 6 Apr 1926 72y HEMMER, Not listed Benedict, Christopher (Deceased) Green Mount
BENEDICT, Maryann 11 Jun 1943 18y 4m Benedict, Frank HOHREIN, Theresa Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1925*
BENNETT, Joanne 21 Aug 1948 11d Bennett, William John MARGETTS, Joan E. Green Mount Died in Christian Welfare Hospital
BEQUERET, William 28 Oct 1949 80y Green Mount Born 11 Mar 1871*
BERGER, Charles 19 Jul 1949 RISCHAR, Mary (In John Berger lot of*) Green Mount Born 16 Sep 1875
BERGER, Mary 24 Jun 1953 Berger, Charles Green Mount Born 26 Oct 1875.  Died at Hillcrest Nursing Home
BERKEL, Caroline 25 Feb 1924 51y Berkel, Ignaz Smithton, IL
BERTELSMAN, Aloys J. 4 Jan 1928 33y MILLER, Cecilia Green Mount
BERTELSMAN, Aloys J. 4 Jan 1928 33y MILLER, Cecilia Green Mount Duplicate entry
BERTELSMAN, Barbara 24 Jan 1947 78y 10m SCHWAEGEL, Carl REINHARDT, Regina Bertelsman, Frank Green Mount Born 20 Mar 1868*
BERTELSMAN, Carol [Twin] 7 May 1937 Bertelsman, Eugene MEYER, Not listed Green Mount Died minutes after birth.
BERTELSMAN, Catherine 8 Mar 1938 69y 4m HOLDENER, Melchior FUCHS, Elizabeth Bertelsman, Henry F. Green Mount Born 23 Oct 1868*
BERTELSMAN, Emily 5 Nov 1931 71y SONTAG, Nicholas KLOCK, Marion Bertelsman, John H. Green Mount
BERTELSMAN, Henry 3 May 1948 90y 5m Bertelsman, Caspar BUEHLMAN, Clara HEMMER, Magdalena Green Mount Born 7 Jan 1858*
BERTELSMAN, Jean [Twin] 7 May 1937 Bertelsman, Eugene MEYER, Not listed Green Mount Died minutes after birth.
BERTELSMAN, John F. 29 Mar 1936 Bertelsman, Frank WINKLER, Gertrude EVERSMANN, Anna Green Mount Born 27 Dec 1853*
BERTELSMAN, John H. 28 Sep 1937 82y Bertelsman, George HAMM, Gertrude SONTAG, Emily Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1855*
BERTELSMAN, Magdalena 19 Mar 1925 24y Bertelsman, Frk. SCHWAEGEL, Barb. Green Mount
BERTELSMAN, William 6 Apr 1948 52y Bertelsman, Frank SCHRADERMEIER, Anna MANK, Alvina Green Mount Born 2 Jul 1895*
BERTELSMANN, Anna 31 Jan 1931 75y EVERSMANN, Mathias OFFERNUEFERMANN, Catherine Bertelsmann, John F. Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Cecilia 15 Oct 1920 21y Bertelsmann, Henry (Adoptive father) Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Clarence Jacob 12 Jan 1911 19m Bertelsmann, Francis SCHWEGEL, Barbara Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Dolores 23 Feb 1931 10y Bertelsmann, William MANK, Alvina Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BERTELSMANN, Edward 5 Nov 1913 24y Bertelsmann, Henry EVERSMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Francis 16 Feb 1916 48y SCHWAEGEL, Barbara Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, George 3 Dec 1854 Bertelsmann, Henry EVERSMAN, Elizabeth AMMEL, Alvina Green Mount Born 30 Jan 1883
BERTELSMANN, Gertrude 18 Jun 1946 90y 7m Bertelsmann, Casper BUEHLMANN, Clara Green Mount Born 29 Ocr 1855*
BERTELSMANN, Henry 25 Jun 1923 65y EBERSMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Henry F. 11 Apr 1933 70y 6m Bertelsmann, Frank WINKLER, Mary Gertrude HOLDENER, Catherine Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Mary Elizabeth 28 Sep 1923 65y Bertelsmann, Henry Green Mount
BERTELSMANN, Theodore 24 Oct 1921 19y Bertelsmann, Henry HOLDNER, Catharina Green Mount
BERTRAM, Harriot 3 Sep 1949 46y HAINE [?], Logan PHILLIPS, L. Bertram, Albert Valhalla Born 3 Mar 1903*
BESKE, Bernard (Ben*) 3 Jan 1944 59y 11m Beske, Adolph BAUER, Bertha Green Mount Born 23 Jan 1884*
BESKE, Bertha 6 Apr 1936 73y 7m BAUER, Joseph SCHLETZBAUM, Barbara Beske, Adolph Green Mount Born 22 Aug 1862*
BESKE, Herman A. 14 Nov 1952 Beske, Adolph Not listed, Bertha ROESCH, Rose (Barbara*) Green Mount Born 19 Apr 1881.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BESKE, Roland William 29 Jun 1920 8m Beske, Herman ROESCH, Rosa Green Mount
BESKE, Rosa 18 Sep 1926 46y ROESCH, Not listed Beske, Herman Green Mount
BEUCHERIE, Francis X. 15 Sep 1934 73y 4m Beucherie, Tofield Not listed, Catherine KERN, Anna Green Mount
BEYER, Adolph 23 Mar 1935 64y 6m Beyer, Jacob LENIER, Amelia Walnut Hill
BEYER, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1919 22y ZIMMERMANN, Not listed Beyer, Arthur Green Mount
BEYER, Roland L. 21 Oct 1951 CASTELLO, Mary Green Mount Born 14 Apr 1916.  Died in Lexington, MA (In service 10 years*)
BIEBEL, Caroline 21 Jan 1938 73y LOUIS, Joseph GLAD, Eugenia Biebel, Joseph Walnut Hill Born 25 Mar 1864*
BIEBEL, Hyacinth, L. 25 May 1935 69y 9m Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catherine JAHRANS, Wilhelmina Walnut Hill
BIEBEL, John N. 10 Apr 1935 75y 3m Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catherine TRIBOUT, Louise Green Mount From St. Marcus Parish in St.Louis, MO
BIEBEL, Joseph E. 26 Dec 1940 79y 11m Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catherine LOUIS, Caroline Walnut Hill Born 16 Jan 1861*
BIEBEL, Josephine 11 Aug 1956 Biebel, Joseph LOUIS, Carolina Never married Green Mount Born 1 Feb 1895.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BIEBEL, Louisa 16 Dec 1944 74y 10m TRIBOUT, Louis GASS, Mary Biebel, John Green Mount Born 17 Feb 1870*  Died in St. Agnes Home for the Aged in St. Louis, MO
BIEBEL, Mary 14 Feb 1948 56y 6m Biebel, Joseph E. LOUIS, Carolina Walnut Hill
BIEBEL, Nicholas 18 Feb 1943 86y 8m Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catherine MEISTER, Mary Green Mount Born 4 Jun 1856 in Smithton Twp*
BIEBEL, Philip 23 Dec 1935 82y Biebel, John GUNDLACH, Catherine Walnut Hill Born 1 Jan 1853 in Smithton.  A bachelor*
BIEBEL, Wilhelmina (Widow)* 2 Sep 1942 69y 8m JAHRAUS, Jacob KNECHT, Magdalena BIEBEL, Hyacinth (Deceased)* Farina, IL Born 4 Dec 1872*  From & died in St. Louis, MO
BIEHERT (Bieckert)*, John William 7 Feb 1939 71y 8m Bieckert, John* OECHSLE, Friedaricka* Green Mount Born 4 Jun 1867*
BIEHL, Elmer 6 Sep 1949 42y SEIBERT, Irene Green Mount From Smithton
BIEHL, George 1 Dec 1947 89y 9m Biehl, George NEHRING, Elizabeth LINDER, Rosa Green Mount Born 10 May 1858*
BIEHL, Rosa 13 May 1952 Biehl, George Green Mount Born 8 May (Mar*) 1873.  Died at State Hospital
BIER, Anita Margaret 13 Aug 1913 6w Bier, Paul DAUBACH, Anna Green Mount
BIER, Engelbert 27 Jun 1944 58y 3m Bier, Joseph DENNER, Mary SCHANTER, Marie Green Mount Born 8 Mar 1886*
BIER, Fred 6 Sep 1948 65y 7m Bier, Joseph DENNER, Mary Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1883*  Died suddenly
BIER, Fred J. 6 Aug 1955 Bier, Paul DAUBACH, Anna Walnut Hill Born 26 May 1909.  [Appears in Oct 1955 entries]
BIER, Joseph 30 Jan 1928 86y DENER, Mary
BIER, Joseph 30 Jan 1928 86y DENER, Mary Duplicate entry
BIER, Maria 12 May 1915 61y Bier, Joseph Green Mount
BIESER, Margaret Jane 26 Apr 1921 11m Bieser, Elmer KRAFT, Bertha Walnut Hill
BIETSCH, Adam 15 Jan 1917 84y KEMPF, Magdalena Green Mount
BIETSCH, Joseph 1 Jun 1919 21y Bietsch, Michael BECHERER, Louisa Green Mount Accidental drowning
BIETSCH, Louisa 6 Feb 1913 42y BECHERER, Not listed Bietsch, Michael Green Mount
BIETSCH, Magdalena (Widow) 30 Oct 1919 81y Bietsch, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
BIETSCH, Michael 29 Apr 1936 78y 3m Bietsch, Adam KEMPF, Magdalena Green Mount Born 29 Dec *
BINGHEIM, Not listed 28 Apr 1913 1y Bingheim, Maria Green Mount [See record]
BIRSNER, Bertha 28 Feb 1951 Birsner, John N. Green Mount Born 10 Dec 1865
BIVER, Elizabeth 19 Jun 1926 73y EDINGER, Not listed Biver, John Green Mount
BIVER, John 24 Feb 1939 85y 5m Biver, Etienne EDINGER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 7 Sep 1853*
BLACKETT, Anna 76y 8m BECKER, John FRICK, Margaret Green Mount [This entry is crossed out with a partial date of 3 Apr 19__. It appears at the end of the Dec 1943 entries.]
BLACKETT, Anna (Knab*) 3 Apr 1944 76y 7m Becker, John FRICK, Margaret (Blackett, John) Louis KNAB Green Mount Born 1 Sep 1865*
BLAES, William 26 Feb 1913 1m Blaes, Joseph LAUTZ, Josephina Green Mount
BLAIES, John 28 Feb 1935 76y Blaies, Michael BENDER, Theresa RIEGER, Anne Walnut Hill Born  11 Feb 1859* in Missouri.  Buried from St. Luke’s
BLAIES, Josephine 20 Jan 1937 60y 11m LUTZ, Adam MUELLER, Josephine Blaies, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 17 Feb 1876*
BLANFORD, Charles* 3 Jan 1950 Blanford, Valentine BONO, Mary Louise Born 19 Sep 1872; married 3 times*
BLANFORD, James 24 Mar 1956 Blanford, Valentine BONA, Mary L. SCHLAGETES, Rose E. Born 29 Oct 1878
BLANQUART, George 1 Feb 1957 Blanquart, Joseph BERTRAM, Louise MEYER, Lauretta Green Mount Born 22 Feb 1911.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital.  Fourth Degree Knight Of Columbus
BLAWITZ, Maria 15 Jan 1936 71y 4m MARTIN, Adrian HOFER, Elizabeth Blauwitz, Gustav Mt. Carmel Born 17 Sep 1864*
BLETTE, Anna 6 Jan 1921 Blette, John Mt. Carmel
BLETTE, John 18 May 1920 74y DEUTSCHMANN, Anna Mt. Carmel
BLETTE, Rose (Negro*) 19 Mar 1952 Blette, John MEYER, Anna Walnut Hill Born 4 Jan 1886.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BLODNICK, Juliana 2 Apr 1924 49y Blodnick, Philip Green Mount
BLOME, Anna 15 Feb 1917 29y Blome, Henry Green Mount
BLOME, Anna 27 Nov 1949 Blome, Bernard KIRST, Catherine Green Mount Born 30 Nov 1866; died in Larton Nursing Home*
BLOME, Catherine 18 Jun 1935 90y 7m KIRST, Anthony MATHIS, Not listed Blome, Bernard Green Mount Born 24 Nov 1844 in Alsace (Germany)*
BLOME, George 31 Jan 1928 50y Blome, Bott KIRST, Catherine Green Mount
BLOME, George 31 Jan 1928 50y Blome, B. H. KIRST, Catherine Green Mount Duplicate entry
BLOME, Henry 16 Jul 1954 Blome, Bernard KIRCH (SCHRICH ?*), Catherine GLASSER, Anna Green Mount Born 27 Jun 1885
BLOME, Joseph 15 Aug 1946 74y 4m Blome, Bernard KIRST, Catherine LINENBERGER, Cecilia Green Mount Died at St. Mary Hospital in St. Louis, MO
BLOOME, Ernest 5 Mar 1937 Bloome, Ernest ROTHANG, Margaret Green Mount Born dead 5 Mar 1937 in East Alton.
BODEN, Mary 7 Apr 1944 83y 8m ZINK, Nicholas LEHMAN, Mary Boden, Mark Walnut Hill Born 7 Aug 1860*
BOEHS, Augustina (Widow) 4 Nov 1910 73y Boehs, William (Deceased) Green Mount From Swansea
BOEHS, Carl 29 Jul 1923 52y THIRION, Louisa Green Mount
BOEHS, Conrad 29 Jun 1942 63y 8m Boehs, William PINKERPANK, Augustina EHRSTEIN, Anna Green Mount Born 7 Nov 1878 in Germany*
BOEHS, Elizabeth 16 Jun 1922 48y Boehs, Joseph Green Mount
BOEHS, William 17 Mar 1936 71y 4m Boehs, William BING-A-BONG, Augustina Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1864.  Died suddenly.*
BOERNER, Ellen Theresa 23 Dec 1938 71y 11m LYNCH, Patrick MCCAFFNEY, Rose Boerner, Emil Mt. Carmel Born 29 Dec 1861*
BOGGS, Anna Mae 12 Nov 1928 45y EIMER, Charles CAMFIELD, Anna Boggs, Vivian Walnut Hill From St. Louis, MO
BOHLSEN, Henry 28 Jan 1911 19y Bohlsen, John STAEHLE, Louisa Green Mount From St. Louis
BOHLSEN, John 4 Oct 1912 19y Bohlsen, John STEHLE, Louisa Green Mount From St. Louis
BOHN, Theresa (Widow) 2 Oct 1916 47y Bohn, Julius (Deceased) Walnut Hill She was the sister of Mrs. LETTER.  From St. Louis, MO.
BOLLMANN, Ida 29 Sep 1930 26y RISCHAR, John TRIBOUT, Pauline Bollmann, Wesley Green Mount [Written above age is June 4 ___]
BOLZER, James* 5 Jul 1949 Bolzer, Joseph SCHMITTLING, Elivina Green Mount Born 5 Jul 1949; died at Cacosal Hospital in Navy Canal Zone.  Buried 22 Aug 1949*
BONN, Mayme 15 Jan 1957 ANDERSON, William Not listed, Mary Bonn, Joseph Walnut Hill Born 24 Jun 1915.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BORG, Ignatz 2 Mar 1929 79y Borg, Ignatz MARTIN, Catherine Green Mount
BORN, Bertha 26 May 1945 67y 4m MEIDINGER, John CRASS, Christine Born, Lafe Mt. Carmel
BORN, Joseph A. 11 Nov 1953 Born, Andrew HOERNIS, Mary ZAHN, Louise Mt. Carmel Born 26 Oct 1880.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BOSSLER, Charles 28 Jan 1946 81y Bossler, Anton BOUDICE, Mary DICKHAUT, Catherine Green Mount Born 24 Jan 1865*
BOSSLER, Katharine (Widow) 3 Mar 1949 DICKHAUT, Valentine GRUENEWALD, Margaret Bossler, Charles (Deceased) Green Mount Born 6 Mar 18__  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital.
BOSSLER, Michael 16 Dec 1925 79y BRANDMEIER, Odillia Green Mount
BOSWORTH, Ada 13 Aug 1953 BALL, Albert KILLMER, Louise Bosworth, James Green Mount Born 12 Sep 1884
BOSWORTH, James H. 28 Jul 1944 68y 4m Bosworth, Thomas WALSH, Elizabeth BALL, Adda Green Mount Born 23 Mar 1876 in St. Louis*
BOUL, Chrysostomus (Widower) 8 Jun 1910 94y 10m DAHM, Marianna [?] Mt. Carmel Died in St. Vincent’s Old Folks Home
BOUL, Clara 3 May 1948 80y 9m GRINE, Dennis DESCHMIDT, Colletta Boul, Louis Catholic in Pinckneyville Born 31 Aug 1867*  Died in Alton State Hospital
BOUL, Florence J. 24 Jun 1941 64y 2m KREMER, Andrew Not listed, Mary Boul, Adolph Green Mount Born 3 Apr 1877*
BOUL, Louis 11 Apr 1917 62y GRINE, Clara Walnut Hill Died in the County Farm
BOVA, Dominic 1 Oct 1941 Bova, Nicholas BOVA, Nancy MERCURIO, Margaret Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 18 Dec 1886; entry indicates he was buried from St. Henry*
BOWERS, Charlotte 28 Feb 1951 72y* SPENCER, Henry ODGEN, Rebecka Green Mount Born 16 Sep 1878.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BOWMANN, Hilda 3 Oct 1917 24y Bowmann, Francis SCHMIDT, Reg. Green Mount From Freeburg, IL
BOYER, Veronica 3 Dec 1924 22y Boyer, Louis ZIGER, Susanna Green Mount
BRADY, James* 3 Jun 1937 Brady, John HOLTON, Catherine Green Mount Born 29 Jun 1867 in Gowna, Ireland*
BRANDENBURG. Rosa 25 Feb 1933 55y HELLFRICH, Jacob SCHELLMAN, Stephanie Brandenburg, Alex Walnut Hill
BRAUCH, Eva 16 Dec 1910 85y Brauch, Francis Green Mount
BRAUCH, Theresa 23 Mar 1924 58y Brauch, William SCHMIDT, Elizabeth
BRAUN, Frances [Appears between Apr & Jun 1950]
BRAUN, John 15 Apr 1954 Braun, John RIBBLING, Elizabeth BEYER, Adeline Mt. Carmel Born 7 Nov 1889.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BRAUN, Katherine 29 Apr 1947 46y 5m HOERNIS, Max WELZBACHER, Teresa Braun, Charles Walnut Hill Born 20 Dec 1900 in Paderborn*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BRAUN, Ludwina 8 Dec 1919 61y Braun, Philipp Walnut Hill
BRAUN, Margaret 14 Mar 1941 74y SCHUETZ, George GANDOLF, Margaret Braun, John Green Mount Born 6 Mar 1867*
BRAYLOCK, James 26 Apr 1954 Blaylock, William RHEINECKER, Theresa Green Mount Born 14 Nov 1863.  Died in St. Vincent’s
BREIDENBACH, John A. 26 Feb 1931 79y BRIEDENBACH, John Not listed, Anna SCHMIDT, Sophia Green Mount
BREIDENBACH, Martin 4 Mar 1942 56y Breidenbach, John A. SCHMIDT, Sophia VOSS, Laura Walnut Hill Born 9 Mar 1886*
BREIDENBACH, Peter Albert* 5 Feb 1936 Breidenbach, Rudolph WILSTRUMPH, Elizabeth LUGGE, Anna Walnut Hill Born 28 Aug 1894.  Notation: No Catholic burial permitted.  Not buried here.*
BREIDENBACH, Sophia 27 Nov 1941 88y 2m SCHMIDT, Mat. STEINER, Barbara Breidenbach, John A. Green Mount Born 24 Sep 1853*
BRENDLE, John 29 Dec 1925 84y MASON, Mary
BRENNER, Catherine Anna 7 Jun 1926 41y Brenner, John REUTERMAN, Elizabeth Green Mount
BRENNER, Elizabeth (Widow) 22 May 1926 78y REUTERMAN, Not listed Brenner, John A. (Deceased) Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
BRENNER, John Atlantic 16 Dec 1924 74y REUTERMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
BRENNER, Julius C. 25 Aug 1911 39y Brenner, John REUTERMAN, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Died in Insane Asylum in Anna, IL
BRENNER, William Andrew 18 Jul 1929 50y Brenner, John REUTERMAN, Not listed Green Mount From New York
BREWER, Peter M. 28 Aug 1951 ISSELHARDT, Yolanda (Civil marriage) St. Mary in Perryville, MO Born 21 Apr 1896.  Died in Chicago, IL
BRICHLER, Thecla 29 Jul 1910 41y GUNDLACH, Not listed Brichler, John Green Mount
BRIESACHER, Aloysius 21 Jan 1914 6y Briesacher, Arthur Green Mount
BRIESACHER, Arthur 9 Aug 1947 76y 10m Briesacher, Henry CONRAD, Catherine WIRSCHING, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Born 9 Oct 1870* Died in Alton State Hospital
BRIESACHER, Betty Joan 5 Mar 1931 1d Briesacher, Herbert GEORGAL, Josephine Mt. Carmel
BRIESACHER, Elizabeth 24 Nov 1939 65y 4m WIRSHING, George LUMBATTIS, Eva Briesacher, Arthur Mt. Carmel Born 13 Jul 1874*
BRIESACHER, Elmer 8 Nov 1949 PETRY, Anna Green Mount Born 12 Dec 1886.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital from auto accident*
BRINKMANN, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1924 68y 9m Green Mount
BRISACHER, Virgil Julius 4 May 1911 16m Brisacher, Gustav WEIHAUPT, Olinda
BROCKEL, Kenneth Edmund 5 Dec 1936 2y Brockel, Earl LILL, Myrtle Amelia Green Mount St. Louis
BROWN, Mary 16 Oct 1930 26y FRICKE, Joseph BRINKMANN, Anna Brown, Harry Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
BRUCH, Louisa 3 Feb 1915 25y Bruch, Conrad Green Mount
BRUEGGEMAN, George 25 Oct 1926 58y WITTMEYER, Magdalena Green Mount A good man.  [See record]
BRUNNER, Elizabeth 25 Mar 1911 67y SAEGER, Not listed Walnut Hill
BRUTTO, Joseph 30 Mar 1925 47y ZOGG, Emerentiana Green Mount
BUCHERT, Adella 7 Aug 1926 27y DENZLER, Not listed Buchert, Peter F. Green Mount
BUCHERT, Margaret 31 Jul 1943 78y 5m DINGES, Adam ZIMMERMAN, Margaret Buchert, Peter Walnut Hill Born 12 Mar 1865*
BUCHHOLZ, Clara C. 10 May 1952 RENSING, John STAUDER, Mary Buchholz, Fred Walnut Hill Born 2 Feb 1890.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
BUCHHOLZ, Elizabeth 25 Oct 1927 76y Buchholz, John Walnut Hill
BUCHHOLZER, Anton 14 May 1917 53y REHM, Anna Green Mount
BUCHHOLZER, Marcellus 12 Oct 1956 Buchholzer, Anton YUNCKER, Paulina Never married Green Mount Born 13 Sep 1893.  Found in coma & died at hospital
BUCHMAN, Helen 25 Aug 1928 65y GEIER, Not listed Buchman, Henry Green Mount
BUCHMANN, Albert J. 6 Aug 1939 70y 9m Buchmann, Ignatz SELINGER, Mary WEHRING, Cecilia Walnut Hill Born 15 Oct 1868*
BUCHMANN, Christine 17 Nov 1938 58y 5m Buchmann, Val HERZ, Mary Green Mount Born 16 Jun 1880*
BUCHMANN, Edward 18 May 1927 43y Buchmann, Valentin CHUSE, Margaret Green Mount
BUCHMANN, Ignatz 9 Jan 1921 81y SERLLINER, Maria Green Mount
BUCHMANN, Margaret (Widow) 24 Jan 1926 77y Buchmann, Valentin (Deceased) Green Mount
BUCHMANN, Mary 30 Dec 1935 91y SELINGER, Anton HAUCK, Verona Buchmann, Ignatz Green Mount Born 2 Jan 1845*
BUCHMANN, Valentin 2 Aug 1915 71y HERZ, Catharina Green Mount
BUCKLER, Charles 18 Jul 1928 40y Mt. Carmel From Chicago, IL
BUDDE, Irma 26 Jun 1914 2y Budde, Edward WEBER, Anna Green Mount
BUDDE, Raymond 17 Oct 1944 2y 1m Budde, Clarence RANKEN, Helen Mt. Carmel Born 28 Sep 1942*  Accidental death by drowning in shallow water
BUECHELE, Helena 20 Oct 1911 65y ERNST, Not listed Buechele, Leopold Green Mount
BUECHERIE, Anna 25 Mar 1927 65y Buecherie, Francis Xavier Green Mount
BUECHLE, Elizabeth 7 Apr 1924 72y Buechle, Albert Green Mount
BUECHLE, Josephine 7 Oct 1948 65y 4m Buechle, Leopold Green Mount Born 15 Jul 1883*
BUECHLER, Albert 7 Sep 1929 77y KUNZ, Elizabeth Green Mount From New Athens
BUECHLER, Caroline M. 27 Oct 1956 KOCH, Joseph BAUER, Frances Buechler, Joseph M. Green Mount Born 27 Feb 1876
BUECHLER, Lawrence 23 Feb 1918 47y WACHTER, Laddie Mt. Carmel
BUEHLER, Andrey Anna 22 Sep 1931 11m 1d Buehler, George GERING, Edith Green Mount From O’Fallon, IL
BUEHLER, Hilda 12 Apr 1928 32y SINS, Not listed Buehler, George Green Mount
BUEHLER, Hilda 12 Apr 1928 32y SINS, Not listed Buehler, George Green Mount Duplicate entry
BUEHLER, Jacob 8 Apr 1920 54y Green Mount His mother was Louisa born SCHULZ
BUENTGEN, Albert 7 Feb 1941 13y 6m Buentgen, John WOTTOWA, Hilda Green Mount Born 22 Jul 1927*  Killed while sledding. In 8th grade with friend Robert Kohl
BUENTGEN, Antonia 15 Feb 1919 57y Buentgen, Joseph Mt. Carmel
BUESCHEN, Donald 30 Aug 1937 Bueschen, Hebert JOFFRAY, Dolores Green Mount Died after birth.  Privately baptized
BUGGER, Marie 6 Mar 1920 26y GUNDLACH, Not listed BUGGER, Otto Green Mount Left 3 little children.  Died of flu-pneumonia
BUHR, Kenneth John 17 May 1924 4y Buhr, Peter HAMBERGER, Josephine Mt. Carmel
BUJNAK, Charlotte 28 Nov 1934 Bujnak, Edward MAUL, Flora Green Mount
BUJNAK, Jacob Andrew 27 Feb 1944 67y 7m Bujnak, Andrew KREKEL, Mary Green Mount Born 25 Jul 1876 in Austria*
BUJNAK, Mary 14 Mar 1956 KREHEL, John Not listed, Mary Bujnak, Jake Green Mount Born 14 May 1880.  Died in Florida
BUMB, Emelia A. 8 Nov 1951 SCHMIDT, Max KNAUS, Angelina Bumb, Louis L. Green Mount Born 5 Apr 1870
BURKE, Edmund 14 Jun 1955 Burke, Peter TANSEY, Mary WEINGARTNER, Pauline Walnut Hill Born 1 Sep 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BURKE, Edmund T. 14 Jun 1955 Burke, Peter PANSEY, Mary SCHROLL, Christine Walnut Hill Born 1 Sep 1876.   [This entry is crossed out]
BURNS, Thomas 25 May 1942 61y 9m Burns, Thomas Not listed, Anna STIER, Anna Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1880*
BUSHER, Hester 8 Aug 1912 82y Green Mount From Ireland.  Died at the County Farm
BUTLER, Mark 20 Oct 1927 32y HAAS, Sophie Walnut Hill From St. Louis, MO
BUTTERWECK, Frank 2 Feb 1937 72y Butterweck, William SMITH, Mary Green Mount Baptized in Waterloo.*
BUX, Amilia 23 Apr 1932 62y 11m BORN, Anton RECH, Philomena Bux, Frank C. Green Mount
BUX, Edward 28 Apr 1944 70y 4m Bux, Joseph HOFFMAN, Rose PFEIL, Lena Walnut Hill Born 1874; died suddenly.  Lived with crippled brother*
BUX, Francis C. 28 Jun 1923 65y BORN, Emelia Green Mount
BUX, John 24 Aug 1946 1d Bux, John BREIDENBACH, Dolores Green Mount Baptized at birth at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BUX, John 19 Mar 1955 Bux, John SCHLAEGER, Barbara Walnut Hill Born 1883.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
BUX, Joseph C. 11 May 1935 79y 10m Bux, Joseph HOFFMANN, Rosa ROEDER, Mary Walnut Hill Born 19 Jul 1856 in Belleville*
BUX, Mary 19 Jul 1937 73y 11m ROEDER, Jacob KOESTER, Mary Bux, Joseph St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO Born 21 Jul 1863 in Freeburg, IL*
BUX, Mathew 3 Jan 1952 Walnut Hill Born 3 Mar 1865.  Died in St. Vincnet Home
BUX, Otto 30 Jul 1938 53y 6m Bux, John SCHLUETER, Barbara RECH, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 16 Jan 1885*
BUX, Rosa (Widow) 30 May 1913 80y Bux, Sr., Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
BYERS, Allen 24 Sep 1930 Byers, Victor REEB, Pauline Green Mount
CANGE, Frank P. 17 Feb 1949 78y Cange, Paul CHIVORON, Louisa KRIEG, Emma Green Mount Born 31 Dec 1871*
CANGE, Louisa 12 Oct 1941 65y 2m VOELLINGER, Joseph BUDDE, Helen Cange, Frank Green Mount Born 5 Sep 1876*
CANGE, Victor 22 May 1932 55y 7m Cange, Paul GRIMMIG, Mary Green Mount
CARLTON, III, Robert Milton 30 Dec 1956 Carlton, Jr., Robert Milton VERNIER, Virginia Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 14 Feb 1947.  Shot by accident
CARRILLON, John 27 Dec 1950 Carrillon, Henry HERMANN, Emma Green Mount Born 20 Feb 1871. Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
CARY, Thomas 10 Jun 1948 75y Cary, James CARRELL, Catherine Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born in Tipperary, Ireland*
CAUGE, Wilhelmina 29 Jun 1917 38y Cauge, Paul Not listed, Dora Green Mount
CAUGE, William B. 6 Jan 1912 7d Cauge, William B. Green Mount
CERNEKA, Peter 22 Jan 1955 Cerneka, Mathew KOS, Antonia Green Mount Born 23 May 1880 (In Roch Austria*)
CERNY, Paul 24 Oct 1923 11m Cerny, Paul KOHLER, Florentia Green Mount
CHENOT, August 5 Jan 1923 94y Walnut Hill
CHENOT, Hattie 4 Sep 1944 82y 4m Chenot, Henry BIEBEL, Maria Old Shiloh Cemetery
CHENOT, Ida 20 Dec 1921 59y Chenot, Not listed Green Mount
CHENOT, William Edgar 25 Mar 1947 79y 8m Chenot, Augustus BOUL, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
CHOUINARD, Catherine Dorothy 17 Apr 1937 21y 3m Chouinard, Walter ALEXANDER, Lyde Green Mount Born 2 Jan 1916*
CHOUINARD, Lydia 30 Nov 1953 (ALEXANDER*) Chouinard, Walter Green Mount Born 26 Oct 1884.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
CHOUINARD, Walter 4 Jul 1946 63y 6m Chouinard, Xavier ALEXANDER, Lydia Green Mount Born 29 Dec 1882*
CHRISTMAN, Anthony 7 May 1954 Christman, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth BRUMDAGE, Jessie MArie Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1876 (1870*)
CHRISTMAN, Anton 13 May 1924 88y SCHAEFER, Elizabeth
CHRISTMAN, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1919 70y Christman, Anton Green Mount
CHRISTMAN, Victor 18 Oct 1944 66y 1m Christman, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth SAUER, Elizabeth (Deceased) & Louise WEISS Green Mount Born 15 Sep 1878*
CHRISTMANN, Catherine 31 Jan 1942 60y 1m MINNERT, August FRANCIS, Anna Christmann, Tony T. J. (His first wife still lives.  Married Catherine via civil ceremony) Green Mount
CHRISTMANN, Ida 12 Jul 1948 KLAMM, Christian CATTIG, Anna Christmann, Amand Green Mount Born 27 Dec 1872
CHRISTMANN, Ida 12 Jul 1948 75y 7m KLAMM, Christian SATTIG, Anna Christman, Amand Green Mount Duplicate entry
CHRISTMANN, Philipp 30 Aug 1914 46y TROESTER, Ellen Green Mount
CHRISTMANN, Ruth 24 Jun 1911
CHRISTOPH, Clarence P. 19 May 1930 Infant Christoph, Frank HAUSMAN, Louise Smithton, IL
CHUSE, Bertha 19 Oct 1930 75y Chuse, Peter Green Mount
CHUSE, Karl John 13 Jul 1916 10m Chuse, Aloysius INEZ, Ida Green Mount
CILI, Rosa 1 Apr 1920 24y Green Mount Left small baby & husband
CLARK, Genovesa 5 Oct 1950 BIEKERT, Dominic HERMAN, Loretta Clark, John W. Green Mount Born 25 Jun 1927.  Died at Scott Field (Base hospital*)
CLASSEN, David John 8 Jul 1932 15h Classen, Frank FOURNIE, Florence Green Mount From French Village
CLAUS, Theresa 12 Apr 1939 74y 6m WOTTOWA, John LUCASH, Mary Claus, William J. Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1864*
CLAUS, Wilhelm J. 7 May 1931 65y ZUR MUHLEN, Charles Not listed, Mary WOTTOWA, Teresa Green Mount
CLEVER, Herman 28 Jun 1916 23y Clever, Herman KOOPMAN, Louisa Green Mount
CODAY, Tillie 16 Sep 1935 BOISSEAU, Louis KRAEMER, Emma Coday, Ben Green Mount From East St. Louis, IL
COGAN, Patricia Anna 8 Dec 1943 6d Cogan, Thomas EVANS, Chorene Green Mount Born 2 Dec 1943*  ‘Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
COLE, Aaron Richard 1 Aug 1940 1y 7m Cole, Ruben SCHOEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born at Pana, IL 26 Dec 1938
COLE, Gorgia Ann 30 Dec 1936 1w Cole, Ruben SCHOEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 22 Dec 1936*
COLLINS, Cecilia 7 Dec 1941 36y 8m SCHAUBERT, John SCHILLING, Anna Magdalena Collins, George A. Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1905*
COLLINS, Ellen 10 Jun 1941 83y 11m Green Mount
COMPTON, Camilla 15 Sep 1955 DEYER, John MCADAMS, Margaret Compton, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 17 Apr 1909.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
CONKLIN, Mildred Agnes 15 Aug 1934 1d Conklin, John KOERNER, Mildred Green Mount
CONRAD, Mildred 27 Dec 1927 8y Conrad, Rudolph Green Mount
CONWAY, Helen 5 Oct 1942 49y 3m JOHNSON, Charles Conway, Arthur Green Mount Born 8 Jun 1893*
COOP, Thomas (Widower) 11 Jan 1917 68y WHITESIDE, Maria Green Mount Didn’t go to church for 20 years.
CORCORAN, Elizabeth 29 Oct 1932 80y 6m Corcoran, John O’NEIL, Mary Green Mount
CORDIE, Dominick 1 Nov 1938 89y Cordie, Dominick HAFFNER, Mary LORBER, Helen Green Mount Born 25 Dec 1848; family member of Holy Name*
CORDIE, Helen 3 Nov 1922 48y Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helen Green Mount
CORDIE, Helena 6 Feb 1943 93y 6m LORBER, Frank Not listed, Mary Cordie, Dominic Green Mount Born 30 Jul 1849 in Alsace Lorraine; married Dominic 23 Oct 1870*
CORDIE, Infant 7 Dec 1927 1h Cordie, Joseph DENGLER, Not listed Green Mount
CORDIE, Joseph Phil. 24 Jun 1937 52y 4m Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helen DENGLER, Olga Green Mount Born 7 Feb 1885*
CORDIE, Maria (Widow) 27 Jul 1916 66y Cordie, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
CORDIE, Nic 3 Dec 1929 49y SCHLINGER, Anna Green Mount
CORDIE, Olga 13 Feb 1950 DENGLER, Not listed* Cordie, Joe Green Mount Born 10 Jul 1888.  Died at St. Elizabeth
COURAR, John W. 15 Nov 1951 Courar, John REICHERT, Mary Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
COURAR, Mary (Widow) 25 Feb 1926 72y REICHERT, Not listed Courar, John (Deceased) Green Mount
CRASS, Sophie 27 Feb 1929 65y KEMPF, Not listed Crass, George Green Mount
CROUCH, Deborah 13 May 1955 Crouch, Elmer SPREITLER, Henrietta Mt. Carmel Born 16 Mar 1953
CZARNECKI, Praxedis 2 May 1940 75y 11m PIERDZIERCK, Frank RUJEH, Ruraloys Czarnecki, Theodore Green Mount Born 26 May 1864 in Posen Germany; died at her daughter Mrs. Elizabeth NOWRACKI in St. Louis.  Member of O.L.P.H. & 3rd Order*
CZERNECKI, Theodore 2 Mar 1911 50y Green Mount
DAEMMERLE, Anna 24 Jan 1933 65y Daemmerle, John HERR, Eva Walnut Hill
DAGNE, Bertha L. 24 May 1951 FUNSCH, Alexander WEHRUNG, Catherine Dagne, Valentine Green Mount Born 26 Jul 1865.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DAGNE, Eva (Widow) 15 Mar 1910 84y Dagne, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
DAGNE, Valentine 10 Dec 1942 79y 8m Dagne, Adam WINKELMAN, Evangeline FUNSCH, Bertha Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1863*
DAHLMANN, Agnes 12 Jan 1923 73y Dahlmann, Herman Green Mount
DAHLMANN, Herman 7 Jan 1933 77y 6m SPRINGOPF, Agnes Green Mount Died at the Alton State Hospital
DAHLMANN, Sophia 30 May 1956 MOESSINGER, Fred RODENBERG, Elizabeth Dahlmann, William Green Mount Born 8 Aug 1898.  Died in St. Mary Hospital Clayton, MO
DAHM, Infant 12 Jan 1919 Dahm, William VOELLINGER, Irma Green Mount
DAHM, Norbert J. 9 May 1918 1m Dahm, William VOELLINGER, Irma Green Mount
DAMMERICH, Adam 30 Apr 1927 85y BOUL, Frances A. Mt. Carmel
DAMMERICH, Adam 5 Jan 1948 79y Dammerich, Adam BOUL, Frances JUNG, Tillie Mt. Carmel
DAMMERICH, Catherine 29 Apr 1945 70y 5m WEYHAUPT, Hieronymus ARMSTUTZ, Charlotte Dammerich, William J. Green Mount Born 18 Nov 1874*
DAMMERICH, Emanuel 6 Oct 1918 41y Green Mount Died at Asylum in Anna, IL
DAMMERICH, Frances 22 Sep 1927 84y BOUL, Not listed Dammerich, Adam Green Mount
DAMMERICH, William 24 Oct 1945 71y 11m Dammerich, Adam BOLER, Frances WEYHAUPT, Catherine Green Mount Born 11 Mar 1878*  Died in Alton, IL Hospital
DAMMRICH, George 25 Mar 1915 33y Dammrich, Adam BOUL, Francesca Mt. Carmel
DANCK, Alfred 26 Oct 1914 23y Danck, Francis LINHOFF, Elizabeth Green Mount
DANCK, Joseph 26 Dec 1929 59y DERMUTZ, Josephine Green Mount [Wanck?]
DANIELS, Gertrude 7 Sep 1911 Green Mount
DARSCH, Caroline (Widow) 14 Feb 1918 75y Darsch, Val. (Deceased) Mt. Carmel From East St. Louis.  Died at St. Vincent Hospital
DAUBACH, Catharina 9 Oct 1912 53y Daubach, Fr. C. Green Mount
DAUBACH, Irma 25 Oct 1932 41y 4m Daubach, Fred FORNSCH, Catherine Green Mount Died in St. Louis
DAUBACH, Jacob (Widower) 28 Feb 1920 38y Walnut Hill
DAVIS, Augusta 14 Feb 1940 43y 10m KINDLER, Anthony HORTMANN, Rosalia Gundlach, Alphonse – Divorced.  Jefferson Davis.  [See record] Green Mount Died in Koch Hospital
DAVIS, George 1 Nov 1927 57y MEYER, Rose
DAVIS, Harry 16 Mar 1923 19y Davis, George REINHARDT, Elizabeth Mascoutah, IL
DAVIS, James A. 7 Sep 1955 Davis, Sr., James Unknown LERCHER, Emma Walnut Hill Born 30 Sep 1873.
DAVIS, Mary 25 Dec 1934 BOLAND, Michael HAYES, Margaret 1. Frank WHITE; 2. Thomas MAYS; 3. William Davis Green Mount Born 5 Dec 185_.  From St. Louis
DEE, Patrick 1 Apr 1920 Green Mount Died in County Farm
DEERING, Magdalena 6 Dec 1927 HELFRICH, Not listed Deering, Elmar
DEGENHARDT, Theodore 24 Sep 1938 20y 3m Degenhardt, George VOGT, Emma Green Mount Born 9 Jun 1918*
DEIEN, Henry 25 May 1945 60y 3m Green Mount
DEIMLING, George [Appears between 13 & 22 Sep 1910]
DEIMLING, Margaret (Widow) 3 Apr 1919 77y Deimling, George (Deceased) Green Mount
DEKUM, Frank 5 Nov 1928 76y LOUIS, Josephine Walnut Hill
DEKUM, Joseph 27 Jun 1954 Dekum, Frank LOUIS, Josephine KESSLER, Corine Green Mount Born 15 Aug 1897.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
DEKUM, Josephina 5 Jan 1920 65y Dekum, Francis Green Mount Mother of Ethelberta de Notre Dame
DEKUM, Margaret Jos. 3 Sep 1916 1d Dekum, Julius AYDT, Cecilia Walnut Hill Baptized by Dr. Irwin
DENGLER, Charles 9 Sep 1941 88y 2m Dengler, Carl HAUSER, Barbara SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa Green Mount
DENGLER, John J. 16 Nov 1955 Dengler, Charles SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa FALK, Kathryn Green Mount Born 6 Feb 1891.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital.  [See record]
DENTON, Donald 3d Green Mount [Appears in Sep 1948 entries]
DEPPE, Maria 30 Apr 1926 64y Deppe, Henry Green Mount
DERNJAC, Martin 30 Apr 1945 69y 6m Dernjac, Frank PLASNIK, Marie Green Mount Born 7 Nov 1875*
DERRICHSON, Amos 29 Sep 1956 Derrichson, John ARNOLD, Lottie None Walnut Hill Born 27 Mar 1902.  Died in Cairo, IL
DEUTSCH, Not listed [Appears between25 & 26 Feb 1913]
DEWEIN, Mildred 18 Feb 1945 32y 1m BOLL, Herman LIGHT, Anna Dewein, Clarence Smithton Catholic
DEWEIN, Rose Mary 2 Feb 1937 55y 3m STIEF, Joseph LOOS, Bertha Dewein, George Walnut Hill Born 6 Oct 1881 & Baptized at St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis*
DIETRICH, George 8 Mar 1915 57y Not listed, Maria Green Mount
DIETRICH, Louise 21 Oct 1934 72y 8m Dietrich, Leonard PRESTEL, Josephine Green Mount
DIETRICH, Mary (Widow) 11 Aug 1926 67y Dietrich, George Green Mount
DILL, Caroline (Widow)* 24 May 1938 84y 11m JAMES, James Not listed, Mildred Dill, William (Deceased)* Greenwood in East St. Louis Born 29 Jun 185_ in Marian County, IN*
DILLON, Emma 7 Mar 1938 69y 3m GUENTZ, Henry EIMER, Mary Dillon, John H. Walnut Hill Born 12 Nov 1868*
DINGEL, Maria (Widow) 22 Feb 1910 Dingel, Christopher Green Mount
DINGER, Frank Robert 31 Jul 1929 5y Dinger, John Green Mount
DINGES, Anna 2 Jun 1945 80y 10m STAUDER, Adam RINCK, Mary Dinges, Fred F. Green Mount Born 19 Aug 1864*
DINGES, August 9 Aug 1940 71y 8m Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Marg. WETZEL, Mary Walnut Hill Born 6 Dec 1869*
DINGES, Caroline 11 Jul 1925 53y ZULAUF, Not listed Dinges, John Green Mount
DINGES, Frank 1 Dec 1926 50y GRUENEWALD, Emilia Green Mount Fire chief of Belleville since 4 Jan 1912.
DINGES, Fred F. 5 May 1942 Dinges, Charles MAYER, Catherine STAUDER, Anna Green Mount Born 10 Sep 1861
DINGES, George 4 Jan 1936 72y Dinges, Charles MEYER, Catherine ZAHIAS, Alvina* Walnut Hill Born 22 Oct 1863.  Was married at St. Luke’s*
DINGES, Henry 20 Oct 1918 56y SAHL, Maria Green Mount
DINGES, Mary Rose 1 Mar 1951 WETZEL, Sebastian WACHTER, Elizabeth Dinges, August Green Mount Born 25 Mar 1872
DINGES, Sarah Louise 6 May 1954 (MAYER*) Dinges, Frank Walnut Hill Born 26 Oct 1903.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
DINGES, Sr., John M. 9 Apr 1941 69y 7m Dinges, Charles MEYER, Katherine ZULAUF, Caroline Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1871*
DISTLER, Josephine 8 Sep 1952 ENWRIGHT, John* Not listed, Josephine* Distler, George Mt. Carmel Born 22 Nov 1869; died at Arkadelphia, Arkansas*
DISTLER, Sr., George 5 Jun 1942 79y 6m Distler, Casper Not listed, Kunigunda EHRENREICH, Josephine Mt. Carmel Born 23 Jan 1863 in Bavaria, Germany*
DITTOE, Hugh M. 6 May 1921 Not listed, Wilhelmina Green Mount
DOBBINS, Edward Leo 25 Aug 1928 48y PINKERTON, Etta Green Mount
DOBBINS, Etta 29 Mar 1945 64y 7m PINKERTON, William CLARK, Blanch Dobbins, Edward Green Mount Born 18 Aug 1880 atCamsel Hill, IL*  Died in Firmin Desloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO
DOLLUS, Edward 30 Oct 1943 48y 8m Dollus, Joseph REUTHER, Mary MAUTERER, Lorene Green Mount Born 27 Feb 1895 in Belleville.*
DORN, Bertha 4 Sep 1955 Dorn, Joe PFAFF, Elizabeth Not married Green Mount Born 17 Jul 1861
DORNBACH, Edward 19 Feb 1925 36y GRIMMIG, Not listed Green Mount Died at Alton Insane Asylum
DORNBACH, Mrs.* Elizabeth 9 Jan 1944 89y 11m BERKELEY, Valentine HUPPSCHMIDT, Barbara Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1854*
DORNBACH, William J. 28 Jan 1920 68y BERKLE, Elizabeth Green Mount
DORNBECK, Maria 5 May 1925 77y Dornbeck, Fred Green Mount
DOVE, Edward 8 Jun 1939 69y 6m Dove, William THORNTON, Susanna Walnut Hill Born 13 Dec 1869*
DOWNING, Mary A. 15 Sep 1926 57y Downing, John Robert SULLIVAN, Mary Mt. Carmel Died in Alton State Hospital
DOWNING, Mike 1 Feb 1920 50y Downing, John LYNCH, Mary Mt. Carmel Died of flu- pneumonia
DRESSEL, Bertha 30 Apr 1952 BAUER, Not listed* Dressel, Henry Green Mount Born 19 Jun 1889 .  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DRESSEL, Mrs. Sophia 10 Sep 1931 73y JUEN, Theodore BADELOCH, Regina Dressel, Henry Walnut Hill
DRESSEL, Verona 12 Dec 1918 3y Dressel, Henry BAUER, Bertha Walnut Hill Died of Influenza
DREYER, Louis 21 Jan 1936 60y 2m Dreyer, Ludwig GRIETER [Gruber*], Barbara MUELLER, Frieda Walnut Hill Born 14 Nov 1875*
DUCO, Sr., Joseph 23 Nov 1956 Unknown Unknown HAAS, Ida Green Mount Born 16 Apr 1880
DUERST, Julia 25 Aug 1945 74y 10m ALBRECHT, Anton MATHES, Julia Duerst, Louis (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 18 Ocr 1870*
DUERST, Louis 29 Jun 1945 77y 6m Duerst, John Unknown, Gertrude ALBRECHT, Julia Walnut Hill Born 28 Dec 1867*
DUFFY, Mary Catherine 25 Feb 1935 62y 7m COLEMAN, Patrick Not listed, Agnes First husband-John MURRAY.  Second husband – Patrick Duffy Mt. Calvary – Granite City, IL
DUMBECK, Carl 27 Jul 1927 71y Green Mount Parents names not obtainable
DUNIVAN, Claude 1 May 1955 Dunivan, Doc WILBURN, Della Green Mount Born 12 Aug 1895
DURKIN, James 22 Dec 1939 65y Durkin, Michael BILLOW, Mary ROBISON, Delilah Hegele Cemetery in DuQuoin, IL (In Pinckneyville, IL)* Born 28 Oct 1874*
DUST, Louisa 28 Nov 1930 71y KOLBE, Herman Dust, Herman Green Mount
EBEL, George 15 Sep 1950 Ebel, George KERN, Louisa SCHOENHOFFFEN, Adelle Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1906
EBERHARDT, Crescentia 18 Dec 1924 87y Eberhardt, Sebastian Walnut Hill
EBERLE, Philomena 27 Sep 1931 62y CARRERA, Not listed Eberle, William Mt. Carmel
EBNER, Anna C. 29 Aug 1934 40y 4m NEVENER, John L. HOLICEK, Mary E. Ebner, John Green Mount
EBNER, Elizabeth 5 Jan 1920 76y Ebner, John Green Mount
EBNER, John 17 Jun 1922 79y SCHANUEL, Elizabeth Green Mount
ECHERLE, Elizabeth (Widow*) 23 Jul 1944 77y RODENMEYER, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth Echerle, Charles (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 25 Jul 1867*
ECKERLE, Amalia (Widow) 18 Jan 1917 84y Eckerle, Ignatius (Deceased) Green Mount
ECKERLE, Charles 22 Feb 1933 67y Eckerle, Ignatius WALTERSPIEL, Amalia RODENMEYER, Elizabeth Green Mount
ECKERLE, Edgar 20 Dec 1918 21y Eckerle, Carl RODENMAYER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died of Influenza
ECKERLE, Ignatius 25 May 1910 77y WALTERSPIEL, Amalia Green Mount
ECKERT, Ellen Marie 5 Jul 1932 4m Eckert, Monroe TEDESCO, Stella Green Mount
ECKHARDT, Mary 5 Sep 1934 82y 7m SCHLEGEL, Anthony HERRMANN, Barbara Eckhardt, Charles Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
ECKMANN, Edna Marie 8 Dec 1934 14y 2m Eckmann, Henry SCHMISSEUR, Clara Green Mount
ECKMANN, Henry 5 May 1944 70y 6m Eckmann, Andrew FEDER, Anna SCHMISSEUR, Clara Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1873 in Caseyville Twp*
EDINGER, Catharina 21 May 1913 48y Edinger, Adam SAENGER, Catharina Green Mount
EDINGER, Catharina (Widow) 28 Oct 1910 Edinger, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
EGNER, Barbara 8 Mar 1948 70y 4m LEY, Joseph SCHRECKENBURG, Mary Egner, John Walnut Hill Born 21 Nov 1877*  Died in California
EGNER, Catherine 2 Jun 1953 LEY, Joseph SCHRECKENBERG, Mary Egner, Edward St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 5 Jan 1883
EGNER, Edward 3 Sep 1950 Egner, Michael Not listed, Josephine LEY, Catherine St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 11 Mar 1879
EGNER, Jerome George 5 Jan 1941 22y 6m Egner, Edward LEY, Katherine Catholic in Freeburg, IL Born 14 Jul 1918*  Died instantly in auto accident.
EHRET, Anna 25 May 1948 73y SCMITTLING, Nick LOUIS, Mary Josephine Ehret, Charles Green Mount
EHRET, Charles 22 Nov 1956 Ehret, Henry EICHHOLTZ, Not listed SCHMITTLING, Anna Green Mount Born 17 Aug 1887
EHRET, Lila Lee 18 Jul 1945 20y Ehret, George MAYER, Pearl Walnut Hill Born 9 Jul 1925; died in Lincoln, IL*
EHRHOLD, Anna 7 Apr 1918 55y Ehrhold, Louis Green Mount
EHRIG, Mary 27 Jun 1931 73y 3m ZINSER, Urban SAX, Rosalia Ehrig, William Green Mount
EHTHOLD, Louis 18 Apr 1935 76y Ehthold, August KREBS, Elizabeth GERDES, Anna Green Mount
EICHHOLZ, Lena M. 26 Apr 1929 60y Eichholz, Philipp STEIRFOSTER, Francisca Green Mount
EICHHOLZ, William 21 Feb 1926 72y Eichholz, Philip Green Mount
EILERING, John 30 Aug 1953 Eilering, Herman HAAR, Rose Green Mount Born 7 Oct 1900.  Died in Alton State Hospital
EILERING, Maria 13 Oct 1915 19y Eilering, Bernard EVES, Anna Green Mount
EIMER, Charles George 5 Jul 1943 86y 3m Eimer, John HAHN, Mary CAMFIELD, Emily Irene Walnut Hill
EIMER, Emily 27 Sep 1931 72y CAMFIELD, Caleb Halsted TALBOT, Sarah Harvey Eimer, Charles G. Walnut Hill
EIMER, John Canfield 7 May 1929 43y Eimer, Charles CANFIELD, Anna Walnut Hill
EISEMANN, Lorette D. 22 Apr 1917 4m Eisemann, Carl MATHES, Catharina Green Mount
EISEMANN, Rosalia 30 Nov 1914 2m Eisemann, Carl MATHES, Katharina Green Mount
EISENHAUER, Barbara (Widow)* 16 May 1936 83y SCHNEIDER, Wendel SCHWARTZ, Catherine Eisenhauer, Jacob (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 11 Feb 1853.*
EISENHAUER, Edward 6 Dec 1953 WITTAUER, Mollie Green Mount Born 13 Jan 1877
EITZENHAFER, August 17 Apr 1931 52y Eitzenhafer, Adam SIMPSON, Mary Green Mount From East St. Louis
EITZENHEFER, Adam 29 Aug 1936 65y 10m Eitzenhefer, Adam ZUMSTEAK, Mary Green Mount Born 27 Oct 1871*  From East St. Louis, IL
EITZENHEFER, Caroline 4 Jan 1933 64y Eitzenhefer, Adam SIMPSON, Mary Green Mount
EITZENHEFER, Nicholas 31 Jan 1917 53y QUIRIN, Maria Green Mount
ELTRICH*, Mary 3 Mar 1953 (REISSEN*) Eltrich, Frank Mt. Carmel Born 1 Dec 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ELTRICH, Frank 8 Oct 1952 Eltrich, Fredolin ROEDERSHEIMER, Anna REISSEN, Mary Mt. Carmel Born 21 Oct 1872.  Died in Home for the Aged
EMGE, Clara 22 Dec 1915 28y Emge, Peter GEIGER, Sabina Mt. Carmel
EMGE, Mary Susan 29 Apr 1950 7d Emge, Ralph WELLINGHOFF, Audrey Ann Green Mount Born 22 Apr 1950.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ENGEL, Nancy Jean 9 Sep 1955 Engel, Frederick J. DAUBACH, Concelia A. Walnut Hill Born 22 Jun 1954
ENGELKE, Frederick (Widower) 12 Mar 1926 81y KARR, Louisa (Deceased) Green Mount
EPPLE, Christina 4 Sep 1913 92y Green Mount
EPPLE, Herman 30 Apr 1940 84y 6m Epple, Joseph SHAUER, Christina KOLLER, Johanna (Deceased) Green Mount Born 24 Dec 1855*
EPPLE, Johanna 29 Sep 1926 70y Epple, Herman Green Mount
ERHARDT, Ellis M. 11 Dec 1940 50y 11m Erhardt, George COX, Eva PAULE, Agnes Green Mount
ERLINGER, Blandina 11 Jan 1931 67y HOLDENER, Wendelin REUTERMANN, Eva Erlinger, Joseph Walnut Hill Died in Alton Hosptial
ERLINGER, Frrederick Joseph 3 Oct 1921 Green Mount
ERLINGER, Joseph 19 Jul 1917 HOLDENER, Not listed Walnut Hill Blessed at home.  [See record]
ERLINGER, Michael J. 14 Jul 1954 Erlinger, Michael BUHL, Ida LOYETT, Mary Green Mount Born 4 Dec 1903.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ESCH, Amanda 25 Nov 1918 27y Esch, Carl HERMAN, Barbara Mt. Carmel
ESCH, Barbara 16 Apr 1910 50y HERMANN, Not listed Esch, Herman Mt. Carmel
ESCHENFELDER, David 7 Jan 1914 VOOTMAN, Wilhelmina Green Mount
ESCHENFELDER, Elizabeth (Widow) 8 Jul 1912 82y Eschenfelder, Nicholas (Deceased) Waterloo
ESCHENFELDER, Henry 17 Apr 1918 16y Eschenfelder, Theob. VOETMAN, M. Green Mount Died by Illinois Central R R accident
ESCHENFELDER, Jerome 9 Jan 1939 1m Eschenfelder, Joseph LOESCH, Clara Green Mount Born 27 Nov 1938*
ESCHENFELDER, Philomena 10 Apr 1931 60y VORTMANN, Gerhardt BECKER, Not listed Eschenfelder, Henry Green Mount
ESCHMAN, Mary 29 Jun 1927 55y Eschman, John Not listed, Magdaline
ESCHMANN, Magdalena (Widow) 16 Jul 1921 82y Eschmann, John (Deceased) Green Mount Mother of Father C. Eschmann of DuQuoin, IL
ESWINE, John 12 Dec 1954 Eswine, Louis RUBENACKER, Mary VOLLMER, Annie Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1874
ETTELDORF, John* 22 Feb 1941 Etteldorf, Mich. COURAR, Teresa Not listed, Bertha Green Mount Born 11 Apr 1874*
ETTELDORF, Michael 22 Jun 1912 69y Green Mount
ETTELDORF, Theresa 22 Dec 1925 89y Etteldorf, Michael Green Mount


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