Blessed Sacrament (Belleville) Catholic Marriages (1927–1931)

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Groom and His Location Bride and Her Location Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father  Bride Mother Maiden Witnesses Comments
BODENBURG, John J. (Born 16 Jun 1904 and Baptized at St. Henry in East St. Louis, IL) MAHOTA, Dorothy (Born 8 Jun 1905 and Baptized at St. Philipp at Edgemont Station, East St. Louis, IL) 7 Jun 1927 BODENBURG, John VOGT, Kate Mahota, Joseph ZISKA, Josephine Mahota, Harold; Joseph Vogt; Marie Bodenburg and Mary Davis
CONROY, Edwin Charles (Born 18 Jan 1902 and Baptized at St. Philip in East St. Louis, IL) HOHNER, Adelia Maria (Born 20 Sep 1903 and Baptized at Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL) 27 Feb 1930 Conroy, James ZISKA, Agnes Hohner, Martin HUSS, Anna Conroy, James and Alma Hohner
CUNNINGHAM, George B. (Born 5 Sep 1895 and Baptized at Annunciation in St. Louis, MO) SCHMIDT, Julia (Born 24 Nov 1896 and Baptized at Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran in St. Louis, MO) 27 Apr 1929 Cunningham, James W. COIBIRN, Anna Schmidt, George F. HUNNIUS, Dorothea VOGEL, Catherine and John MATHEWS
DECKER, Harry J. (Born 11 Sep 1887 at Mascoutah, IL) CRESWELL, Kathern Mary (Born 26 Jun 1896 and Baptized at New Albany, IN) 21 Dec 1929 Decker, George DAVIDSON, Jennie Creswell, James MCHUGH, Mary SCHWARTZ, Cletus and Catherine VOGEL  
FAHEY, James (Born 8 Aug 1906 (7 Jul 1904) and Baptized 2 Sep 1906 at St. Joseph in East St. Louis, IL) KROUPA, Anna (Born 5 Apr 1910 at Brier Hill and Baptized at St. John Nepomuk in St. Louis, MO) 25 Apr 1929 Fahey, Charles LANDNER, Catherine Kroupa, Louis SILPOCH, Louise Kroupa, Frank and Emily Kroupa
GEDDA, James (Baptized in Italy) BENUZZI, Neinda [?] (Born 29 Feb 1912 and Baptized 30 Mar 1912 at Sacred Heart in Wilonton, OK) 26 Sep 1930 Gedda, Peter BERSINO, Kate Benuzzi, Giovani BELLETRICE, Virginia SCHWARTZ, Peter E. and Mary Gedda
HARTMAN, Jerome M. (Born 10 Apr 1901 and Baptized at Sts Peter and Paul in Alton, IL) HUDSPETH, Margaret Isabelle  (Born 27 Oct 1907 and Baptized at St. Paul Methodist in East St. Louis, IL) 7 Jul 1930 Hartmann, Joseph B. MITCHELL, Eleanore Hudspeth, George Charles EVERS, Amanda Hudspeth, Edwin and Mary Margaret Hartman
HAVEL, August (Born 20 Jun 1902 at Brier Hill and Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) DOYLE, Ellen (Born 23 Nov 1905 and Baptized at All Saints in Cannelburg, IN) 24 Apr 1928 Havel, Joseph REZNICEK, Emma Doyle, John MCADAMS, Margaret BECKERT, John and Margaret DEVAN
HAVEL, Lawrence Charles (Born 9 Jul 1907 at Brier Hill and Baptized at St, Mary in Belleville, IL) KRANTSEIDER, Emma Elizabeth (Born 29 Jan 1907 in New Baden and Baptized Evangelical) 21 Dec 1929 Havel, Joseph REZNICEK, Emma Krantseider, Vieth HEIMANN, Emma Havel, Emma and Catherine Vogel
JAKES, William Thomas (Born 13 Jan (Feb?) 1902 and Baptized at Immaculate Conception in Centerville Station) PERSCHBACHER, Norma (born 7 Sep 1906 and not Baptized in Belleville, IL) 11 May 1929 Jakes, Jerome (Jeroslaw) MULACH, Caroline Perschbacher, Theodore PERSCHBACHER, Emilie Jakes, Frank and Iona Jakes born DIETRICH
KELLER, Paul Edmund (Born 23 Mar and Baptized 6 Apr 1902 at St. Mary in Massillon, OH) HALLORAN, Veronica (Born 5 Jun 1908 and Baptized at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis, IL) 27 Dec 1930 Keller, Fred J. WHITMAN, Mary C. Halloran, Eugene DULLAHAN, Bridget Halloran, John P. and Virginia Halloran
KLEE, George (Born 2 Nov 1888 and Baptized Lutheran in Ridge Prairie, Caseyville Twp.) BERTELSMANN, Julia (Born 8 Dec 1891 and Baptized at St. Peter Cathedral Belleville, IL) 28 Feb 1927 Klee, Conrad HUMES, Elizabeth Bertelsmann, John C. YOCHS, Teresa BEYER, Marie and Catherine VOGEL) Bride’s 1908 marriage to Rudolph Hummel ended in divorce Jul 1910.  [See record]
KLEE, John (Born 24 May 1890 in Caseyville TWP and Baptized here 11 Feb 1929) ROARTY, Mary L. Rose (Born 17 Aug 1880 and Baptized 5 Sep 1880 iat St. Patrick in Davies Co., IN) 12 Feb 1929 Klee, Conrad HUMES, Elizabeth Roarty, John FANNING, Mary SCHWARTZ, Cletus and Cecilia Roarty
KOSER, Charles (Born 8 Sep 1897 and Baptized 19 Sep at St. Philip in East St. Louis, IL) VOUDRY, Marcella Elizabeth (Born 26 Aug 1905 and Baptized 29 May 1906 at immaculate Conception in Centreville Station, IL) 19 Oct 1927 Koser, Frank CERNUCK, Mary Voudry, Joseph BUFFARD, Emma ULCH, Joseph and Annabelle Voudrie
KRAMER, Jr., Harry S. (Born 29 Apr 1906 and Baptized 1908 at St. Francis Xavier in St. Louis) CULLER, Genna Ray [?] (Born in Mountain View, MO, 24y) 22 Jun 1931 Kramer, Harry S. Not listed, Elizabeth Culler, S. L. RAYMOND, Elsa KREMER, Jack B. and Medra C. YOHE
KROUPA, Joseph (Born 1 Jun 1900 and Baptized in Bohemia) HAVEL, Martha (Born 27 Sep 1904 at Brier Hill and Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) 6 Oct 1927 Kroupa, Louis SCHILPO (Csilpo?), Louise Havel, Joseph REZNICEK, Emma HOLDENER, Melchior and Catherine VOGT
MACKIN, Jos. Jerome (Born 27 May 1909 in O’Fallon, IL and Baptized at St. Clare) SHEA, Catherine (Born 29 Jun 1909 and Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) 31 Dec 1928 Mackin, Joseph William REUTER, Anna Shea, James GRIFFIN, Margaret AMES, James W. and Kathryn BURKE
O’HALLORAN, Neill (Born 15 Sep 1902 and Baptized 28 Oct 1902 at St. Kevin (Immaculate Conception) in St. Louis, MO) HARTMANN, Margaret (Born 5 Oct 1906 and Baptized at St. Elizabeth in East St. Louis, IL) 24 Jun 1931 O’Halloran, A. A. O’NEILL, Eugenia Hartmann, Joseph MITCHELL, Helena WRAPE, James J. and Eliam Hartman
SKAER, William (Born 6 Jul 1907 and Baptized Lutheran at St. John Evangelical in Smthton, IL) RHEINECKER, Florence (Born 13 Jun 1907 and Baptized at St. Bruno in Pinckneyville, IL) 12 Feb 1929 Skaer, Philipp PHEFFER, Louisa Rheinecker, Charles ERNST, Mathilda METZE, Victor and Florence CROOK
STEIN, Adolph Joseph (Born 14 Sep 1903 and Baptized at St. Mary in East St. Louis, IL) URKE, Myrtle Adela (Born 2 Nov 1911 and Baptized at Immaculate Conception in Columbia, IL) 1 Jul 1929 Stein, Thomas M. FLANAGAN, Mary Urke, John H. MOSBACHER, Lillian (Elizabeth) STEIN, Albert and Ethel Urke
SWEET, George (Born 16 May 1895 and Baptized in Madison, IL) HAVEL, Elizabeth (Born 5 Jul 1900 and Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville, IL) 27 Aug 1927 Sweet, George MCCAMBRIDGE, Mary Havel, Joseph REZNICEK, Emma Havel, Jr., Joseph and Catherine VOGEL
WALSH, William Francis (Born 12 Apr 1904& Baptized at St. Joseph in East St. Louis, IL.  Widower of Edna SAPP) DAHM, Marie Florence (Born 17 Aug 1908 and Baptized at St. Mary in Belleville) 9 Nov 1927 Walsh, William DRAGGON, Mary Estelle Dahm, George ERLINER, Caroline Dahm, Elmer and Theodora SCHAFER
WEST, Robert W. (Born 23 Aug 1894 (1892 corrected 24 Mar 1960) and Baptized at St. Dominic in Columbia, TN) WAGNER, Veronica Florence (Born 2 Jun and Baptized 10 Jun 1898 at St. Leo in St. Louis, MO) 5 Feb 1927 West, John BOND, Jennie Wagner, John WALSH, Ellen BEYER, Emil and Catherine VOGEL

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