Blessed Sacrament (Belleville) Catholic Burials (1926–1956)

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As noted on image 5, in the book titled 1949-1956 Deaths, a disastrous fire at St. Phillip parish (French Village) required funeral Masses for St. Philip parishioners be held at Blessed Sacrament. Records however were still recorded at St. Philip’s.

Name Died/Buried Age Father Mother Spouse Where Buried Comment
ADOLPH, Horace Anthony 9 Feb 1927 12y 6m Adolph, William Herman LITTLE, Pearl Mount Carmel Born 14 Aug 1915
ALTROGGE, Mrs. Alice 13 Nov 1940 82y Altrogge, Francis X. (Deceased) Mount Carmel
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. Della 17 Jul 1943 74y Armstrong, Louis Eugene Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
BARTOSIK, Benjamin 30 Jul 1956 SNOW, Kathryn Mount Carmel Born 18 Nov 1888
BECKER, William 4 Jan 1956 BORGER, Luttie St. Joseph – Freeburg, IL Born 1 Apr 1877
BECKETT, William J. 10 Aug 1952 CERMAK, Jessie Mount Carmel Born 1 Aug 1886.  Died in Bloomsdale, MO
BERTELSMANN, Mrs. Philip (Elizabeth) 15 Oct 1944 54y Bertelsmann, Philip Mount Carmel
BERTELSMANN, Mrs. Theresa 23 Jul 1931 80y 7m Bertelsmann, Caspar St. Philip – French Village Born in Germany
BEYKIRCH, Joseph G. 5 Feb 1940 51y GROTE, Helen Holy Cross From East St. Louis
BLAYLOCK, Theresa 21 Jun 1935 63y Blaylock, Robert Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
BONNELLE, Tony 5 Jun 1954 CIALLELA, Jennie Green Mount Born 16 Dec 1903
BOYER, Clara 12 Jul 1956 Boyer, Louis V. Mount Carmel Born 21 Jan 1906
BRATTIE, Murrell Fentriss 25 Nov 1955 BIRMINGHAM, Mabel Mount Carmel Born 2 Feb 1895
BRODERICK, Charles 20 Apr 1943 63y HARDY, Mabel (Deceased) Mount Carmel From East St. Louis
BRODERICK, Mary Ellen 8 Sep 1954 Deceased Deceased Mount Carmel Born 2 Jul 1882.  Died in Catholic Hospital in New Your City
BRODERICK, Mrs. Charles 13 Apr 1932 48y Broderick, Charles Mount Carmel From Kansas City, MO
BRZOSTOWSKI, Anna E. 5 Jul 1947 36y Brzostowski, Ted Mount Carmel From Ferguson, MO.  Died at DePaul Hospital
CARPENTER, Louis F. 17 Sep 1931 20y 2d Carpenter, Louis A. SEPPE, Mary Mount Carmel From East St. Louis
CERMAK, Anthony Joseph 3 Jul 1927 56y 3m NEFF, Barbara Mount Carmel
CERMAK, Rose 28 Jul 1932 61y Cermak, William Mount Carmel From Brier Hill
CERMAK, Theresa 13 Jul 1948 79y Cermak, Joseph Mount Carmel
CERNAK, William 25 Aug 1937 72y Not listed, Rose (Deceased) Mount Carmel From Czechoslovakia
CLARK, Kevin Patrick 16 Aug 1956 Clark, Jr., Ralph L. WHITE, Mary Virginia Mount Carmel Born 20 Jul 1956.  Baptized at Christian Welfare Hospital
COLESTOCK, Mrs. Joanna 13 Apr 1936 71y Colestock, John C. Mount Carmel
COLESTOCK, Viola Helen 13 Jun 1932 24y 4m Colestock, John WEBER, Johanna Mount Carmel From East St. Louis
COLLINS, Dr. John N. 12 Jun 1947 50y VENNEMANN, Mildred Mount Carmel Was parish trustee
CONROY, Adalia 2 Oct 1939 35y Conroy, Edwin Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
CONROY, James 23 Mar 1932 73y ZISKA, Agnes Mount Carmel
CONROY, Mrs. Agnes 27 May 1948 81y Conroy, James (Deceased) Mount Carmel
COOK, Mrs. Mary 4 Sep 1943 61y Cook, Thomas Green Mount From Stookey Township
COOK, Mrs. Thomas 2 Apr 1931 65y Cook, Thomas Green Mount
COOK, Thomas W. 20 Mar 1952 DAHM, Mary (Deceased) Green Mount Born 7 Mar 1865
CRAIN, Thomas Edward 3 May 1945 5y 2m Crain, Edward TAMANTI, Marie Mount Carmel Child reared by Mr. & Mrs. Walter WOODS.  Died in Florida
CROTTY, Dr. William J. 22 May 1948 54y WALL, Florence Mount Carmel
CROTTY, William T. 8 May 1947 76y MANN, Julia (Deceased) Mount Carmel
CUNLIEFFE, Bridget 30 Nov 1955 Cunliffe, William (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 4 Nov 1870
DAHM, Cora 14 Apr 1955 Dahm, John (Deceased) Green Mount Born 27 Jul 1875
DAHM, George J. 15 Dec 1953 ERLINER, Caroline Mount Carmel Born 31 Jan 1885
DAHM, John M. 20 Dec 1934 52y 11m  COOK, Cora Green Mount
DAHM, Julius 20 Nov 1943 51y CERMAK, Mayme Mount Carmel
DAHM, Moyl 16 Jan 1942 24y Dahm, George ERLINGER, Carrie Mount Carmel Died in accident during construction work
DAHM, Ruth 12 Feb 1956 Dahm, Edward Mount Carmel Born 14 Oct 1922
DAILEY, Charles 17 Jul 1951 MCMAHON, Mary (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 14 Jun 1875
DETCHEMENDY, Mrs. Frank 31 Jul 1935 66y Detchemendy, Frank J. Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
DETERS, Mabel Elizabeth 12 Jun 1947 41y Deters, George Calvary
DONOVAN, Harold 7 Oct 1928 40y BOHN, Emma Calvary – St. Louis, MO Born 12 Sep 1888
DOWNEY, John A. 10 Jul 1952 NICHOLSON, Lillian Mount Carmel Born 6 Jun 1880.  Was parish trustee
DOWNEY, Rose 22 Feb 1944 14y 5m Downey, John A. NICHOLSON, Lillian Mount Carmel
DOYLE, William J. 15 Jan 1945 74y TULLEY, Sybilline Calvary – St. Louis, MO
DUMBECK, Charles 2 Feb 1954 ALBERS, Minnie Mount Carmel Born 16 Aug 1873
DUMBECK, Frank 4 May 1947 61y Dumbeck, Theo. KOCH, Josephine Mount Carmel Died in St. Louis City Hospital
DUMPERT, Ellen 12 Nov 1947 79y Dumpert, Henry (Deceased) Mount Carmel
DUMPHEY, Sarah 20 Sep 1948 73y Dumphey, John (Deceased) Mount Carmel
DUNWORTH, Edith 16 Jul 1948 41y Dunworth, John Mount Carmel
ECKERT, George H. 22 Feb 1943 58y WELSH, Hilda Mount Carmel Died in [Firmin] Desloge Hospital in St. Louis
ECKMANN, Andrew 23 Jun 1927 83y FEDER, Anna Mount Carmel
ECKMANN, Anna 4 Feb 1933 83y Eckmann, Andrew (Deceased) Mount Carmel
EISELE, Charles 20 Mar 1943 78y SCHMITZ, Anna Mount Carmel
ENGLISH, Mrs. Ellen 9 May 1951 English, John C. (Deceased) Calvary Born 26 Feb 1870
ERLINGER, Christina 20 Oct 1947 86y Erlinger, Joseph (Deceased) Mount Carmel
ERWIN, William T. 1 Apr 1936 74y 3m KANE, Ellen (Deceased) Mount Carmel
FENNEWALD, B. H. 6 Feb 1943 68y WEAVER, Theckla Mount Carmel
FIEKAS, Rosa 4 Mar 1946 69y Fiekas, Frederick (Deceased) Mount Carmel
FISCHER, Joseph P. 15 Oct 1955 MEES, Ann Mount Carmel Born 21 Nov 1896
FLAHERTY, Mrs. John F. 16 Nov 1941 62y Flaherty, John F. Mount Carmel
FOURNIE, Mrs. Sylvester 9 Feb 1942 43y Fournie, Sylvester Green Mount
FREY, Earl C. 17 Apr 1931 20y 11m Frey, Edward SEIBEL, Clementa Mount Carmel
FREY, Mrs. Clemonte 8 Jul 1944 68y Frey, Edward Mount Carmel
GEDDA, Catherine 3 Jun 1938 58y Gedda, Peter Mount Carmel From Italy
GEIB, Juanita 7 Apr 1944 50y STORY, Not listed Geib, George A. Mount Carmel From Washington, D. C.
GEPPERT, Aviation Cadet Eugene 16 Sep 1943 23y Geppert, John KAPPS, Cecilia Mount Carmel Died in airplane accident in Andalusia, AL
GEPPERT, Lillian 29 Feb 1956 Geppert, Frank Mount Carmel Born 28 Feb 1889
GOEDDE, Edmund 13 Sep 1931 57y MEYER, Albertina Mt. Hope [See record]
GOETZMANN, Mrs. Ralph 6 Apr 1943 32y Goetzmann, Ralph Mount Carmel
GOLDAMMER, Arthur 22 Aug 1955 LEAHY, Katherine Mount Carmel Born 12 Jul 1890
GORMAN, James Charles 8 Jan 1935 54y STORY, Juanita Mount Carmel [See record]
GRUENEWALD, Mrs. Mary 4 Aug 1944 96y 5m Gruenewald, John (Deceased) Mount Carmel
GRUENEWALD, Theo 4 Nov 1943 67y ADELSBERGER, Mathilda Mount Carmel
HALLORAN, Margaret 25 Nov 1956 Halloran, Eugene CONNERS, Margaret Mount Carmel Born 13 Apr 1879
HALLORAN, Patrick J. 8 Jun 1941 60y ERLINGER, Rose Mount Carmel
HAMBUECHEN, Carl 31 Jul 1936 63y POIROT, Melinda Green Mount
HARTMANN, Joseph B. 4 Nov 1939 64y MITCHELL, Eleana Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
HAVEL, Ellen 25 Dec 1954 Havel, August Mount Carmel Born 22 Nov 1900
HAVEL, Joseph 6 May 1948 75y REZNICEK, Emma Mt. Hope Born in Czechoslovakia
HEINECKER, Bertha 7 Aug 1942 74y Heinecker, Not listed (Deceased) Mt. Hope
HOERTEL, Gustav A. 5 Apr 1934 44y 10m MCCARTHY, Mary A. Mount Carmel From St. Louis, MO; lived in Signal Hill
HOFFARTH, Mary C. 8 Apr 1940 68y Hoffarth, George (Deceased) Immaculate Conception – Centreville Station From Signal Hill
HOFFMANN, Edward T. 24 Nov 1951 ENGLER, Catherine Mount Carmel Born 17 May 1884
HOMRIGHAUSEN, H. B. 28 Dec 1941 52y 6m GILLIGAN, Veronica Mount Carmel
HUMEY, Andrew James 1 May 1932 67y TIMOTHY, Mary Mount Carmel From New Orleans, LA.  Died suddenly
HURNEY, Margaret 10 Mar 1953 Hurney, Andrew O’NEIL, Ann Mount Carmel Born 2 Oct 1894
HURNEY, Maria 29 May 1953 Hurney, Andrew (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 20 Jan 1877
HUTSCH, Mrs. Ruth 16 Jan 1951 Hutsch, Raymond Mount Carmel Born 16 Aug 1911.  Died in Lincoln, IL hospital
JAKES, Caroline 14 Nov 1954 Jakes, Jerry C. (Deceased) Immaculate Conception – Centreville Station Born 9 Jul 1869
JAKES, Jerry C. 17 Oct 1954 MULACH, Caroline Immaculate Conception – Centreville Station Born 30 Jul 1869
JARVIS, Julia F. 14 Mar 1954 Jarvis, Sr., Steve Mount Carmel Born 4 Jun 1884
JONES, Mary 23 Sep 1932 63y Jones, Thomas W. (Deceased) Mt. Hope
JURACEK, Ella Marie 28 Jul 1956 Juracek, John Mount Carmel Born 19 Dec 1893
KAESBERG, Dora 1 Aug 1948 73y Kaesberg, William Mount Carmel
KAESBERG, Roy John 14 Apr 1947 13y Kaesberg, L. H. SCHWARTZ, Camille Mount Carmel Died of polio
KARIBO, Mary Elizabeth 14 Aug 1942 19y Karibo, Edmund F. WOOD, Georgia Mount Carmel
KELL, Frank 11 Sep 1930 45y Not listed, Maude Holy Trinity – New Albany, IN Born in New Albany, IN
KERNIS, Jenny 18 Nov 1931 70y Kernis, John (Deceased) Mount Carmel From Caseyville, IL
KERNIS, Robert P. 10 Jun 1937 26y 5m Kernis, Thomas J. WEKEMAN, Pauline Mount Carmel
KISSEN, William 7 Nov 1930 52y WILBURN, Gertrude Mount Carmel Born in Germany.  Died suddenly
KLAPP, Frank J. 20 Nov 1952 STOLLE, Melva Mount Carmel Born 15 May 1887.  Parish trustee in 1930s
KOSAR, Frank 9 May 1934 75y CERNAK, Mary (Deceased) Mount Carmel From Bohemia
KOSAR, Joseph 14 Jul 1956 DOLANSKY, Mary Mt. Hope Born 18 Aug 1883
KOSAR, Mary 16 Oct 1932 71y Kosar, Frank Mount Carmel
KOSAR, William 13 May 1951 KROUPA, Mary Mount Carmel Born 13 Sep 1892
KOSER, Jr., Frank 6 Nov 1927 32y Koser, Frank CERNAK, Mary Mount Carmel
KROUPA, Thomas 23 Nov 1944 43y CERMAK, Mayme Mount Carmel From Brier Hill
LAUTZ, Adam W. 2 Jan 1946 67y GUENTHER, Magdalena Mount Carmel
LEADY, John 2 Oct 1955 O’DONNELL, Isabel Mount Carmel Born 22 Jul 1898
LEAHY, Jerry J. 17 Nov 1934 41y RITZ, Gertrude Mount Carmel
LEMING, Mary Anna 19 Jan 1937 13m Leming, Dewey L. REIS, Mary Alice Mount Carmel
LIEBGOTT, Sophie 1 Jul 1941 72y Mount Carmel From Germany
LITTLE, Mrs. Anna E. 5 Jun 1934 73y Little, Frank (Deceased) Mount Carmel
LONG, Eileen 14 Feb 1937 5y Long, Joseph H. MULCONNERY, Margaret Mount Carmel Died in accidental drowning
LONGERICH, Anna 11 Sep 1951 Longerich, Henry (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 6 Jun 1879
LUCIDO, Andrew 16 Mar 1955 Lucido, Andrew Not listed, Virginia SAPP, Edith Calvary-Edwardsville, IL Born 28 May 1892
MACHERY, Dora 30 Oct 1937 76y 3m Machery, Faley (Deceased) New Albany, IN
MAHOTA, Harold 4 Mar 1956 MILLER, Helen Mount Carmel Born 8 Jun 1905
MAHOTA, Joseph 20 Jan 1949 73y Not listed, Josephine (Deceased) Mount Carmel
MAHOTA, Mrs. Josephine 2 Jan 1945 67y Mahota, Joseph Mount Carmel
MAHOTA, Oliver 3 Sep 1926 22y 11m Mahota, Joseph ZISKA, Josephine Mount Carmel
MANN, Walter 28 Nov 1943 46y DALEY, Mary Mount Carmel
MANULE, Stephan Richard 5 Mar 1955 Manule, Henry Walter EROS, Charlotte Mount Carmel Born 2 Mar 1955
MARLIN, Hugh Roger 12 Jun 1945 12y 3m Marlin, Louis A. ALLEN, Mary W. Mount Carmel Died in hospital in Mobile, Alabama
MARLIN, Louis 15 Sep 1956 ERLINGER, Anna Victoria Holy Cross Born 17 Apr 1870
MARLIN, Rose A. 16 Apr 1946 86y Marlin, John B. (Deceased) Mount Carmel
MARSCH, David L. 21 Feb 1937 74y 3m HALLISEY, Mary (Deceased) Calvary
MARSH, William J. 3 Nov 1946 45y CALLAHAN, Dora Mount Carmel
MATTINGLY, Luke 17 Sep 1943 61y Mount Carmel Born in Eureka, IN.  Found dead
MCCARTHY, Lucius Bernard 25 Dec 1942 56y McCarthy, James Mount Carmel Died in St. Louis City Hospital
MCGLYNN, Elizabeth Ann 14 Feb 1937 4y McGlynn, Joseph B. O’BRIEN, Meta Mount Carmel Died in accidental drowning
MCGLYNN, Joseph B. 14 Dec 1953 O’BRIEN, Meta Mount Carmel Born 23 Dec 1891.  Parish trustee.  First funeral in new church
MCKAIN, Frank P. 25 Jul 1953 MEASE, Estelle Mount Carmel Born 30 Jun 1884
MCNAY, Rue W. 26 May 1943 16y McNay, Rue W. MULCONNERY, Fannie Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
MCQUILLEN, Dr. Albert A. 12 Nov 1943 63y WYATT, Nita Mount Carmel
MCQUILLEN, Mrs. Anita 31 Dec 1947 68y McQuillen, Dr. A. B. (Deceased) Mount Carmel
MEINKOTH, Infant 22 Jan 1952 Meinkoth, Joseph PFUFF, Marie Mount Carmel Born 21 Jan 1952
MEINKOTH, Infant 9 Jul 1956 Meinkoth, Joseph PLUFF, Marie Mount Carmel Born 9 Jul 1956.  Baptized at [Firmin] Desloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO
MEYER, Mrs. Mary A. 5 May 1933 85y Meyer, Albert Calvary From Signal Hill
MILLER, Mrs. Noble 3 Jan 1931 58y Miller, Noble Mt. Hope Born in Henderson, KY
MITCHELL, Margaret 3 Jun 1929 79y 8m Mitchell, Patrick (Deceased) Mount Carmel
MONAGHAN, Etta Mae 13 Oct 1947 63y Monaghan, Harley Mount Carmel
MOORE, Margaret 16 Feb 1942 83y BURKE, Not listed Moore, Thomas (Deceased) Mount Carmel
MORGAN, Henry F. 9 Nov 1956 MOREEN, Sophie (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 14 Jul 1867
MORRISSEY, Nora 14 Sep 1955 Morrissey, Joseph Mount Carmel Born 3 Nov 1899
MUELLER, Lucille 8 Jun 1948 27y LAUTZ, Not listed Mueller, Melvin Mt. Calvary
MULCONNERY, Margaret 6 Oct 1952 Mulconnery, Maurice Mount Carmel Born 8 May 1867
MULCONNERY, William J. 10 Jul 1955 LAUTZ, Elizabeth (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 11 Aug 1872
MURPHY, Alex H. 29 Apr 1932 68y ADAMS, Anna Mount Carmel From Terre Haute, IN
NESTER, Joseph M. 22 Aug 1955 CORNS, Mary Jean Mount Carmel Born 25 Jun 1918
NEUHAUS, Anna 14 Oct 1943 67y Neuhaus, Carl Mount Carmel
NEUHAUS, Carl 5 Feb 1956 KNUF, Ann (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 15 Dec 1877
NICHOLSON, Mrs. Nellie 20 Jan 1942 73y Nicholson, Martin  (Deceased) Mount Carmel
NIEHAUS, B. H. 8 Aug 1941 39y  RAY, Bertha Sts. Peter & Paul – St. Louis, MO
O’DONNELL, Mrs. Mary 7 Sep 1954 CASEY, Not listed O’Donnell, Charles Grafton, IL Morn 1 May 1886.  Died in Sheffield, Alabama
OKEEFE, Anna 8 Dec 1951 O’Keefe, Jeremiah SHANNON, Catharina Mount Carmel Born 2 Jan 1871
OSLAND, Mary Susan 9 Sep 1952 Osland, Richard D. POTTS, Mary Ellen Mount Carmel Born 4 Sep 1952
PADEN, Sadie 15 Apr 1953 Padan, Robert S. (Deceased) Mount Carmel Born 20 Oct 1898
PASZINSKI, Oliver 7 Sep 1954 ZIMMERMANN, Margaret Mount Carmel Born 26 Jul 1892
PERRY, Emily 29 Jan 1955 Perry, Louis [?] Mount Carmel Born 9 Jul 1915
PETTERSON, Mrs. Augusta 1 Jan 1929 52y 11m 2w Petterson, Henry Mount Carmel Born 11 Jan 1876
POTTS, Elizabeth 12 Oct 1956 Potts, Daniel Mount Carmel Born 7 Oct 1899.  Died suddenly in auto accident
POTTS, Penny Elizabeth 20 Feb 1953 Potts, William WILSON, Betty Jo Mount Carmel Born 18 Feb 1953
POWERS, Charlene Helen 28 Jun 1934 3m Powers, Eugene BOEHMER, Maydell Walnut Hill
PRICCO, James 8 Aug 1937 46y Pricco, Frank ANDRINA, Dominicka  Mt. Hope
QUIRK, Joseph L. 20 Sep 1933 64y QUINN, Bridget Jerseyville, IL From Signal Hill
REDMAN, Monte 30 Jul 1942 64y SULLIVAN, Ella Mount Carmel
REINIGER, Shirley Ann 24 Apr 1946 12y Reiniger, Lawrence HUGHLEY, Lavell Mount Carmel From Oklahoma City, OK
REISER, Mary 19 Nov 1928 68y 7m LIEBGOTT, Liborius FIRNKES, Elizabeth Reiser, Adam Mount Carmel
RICE, William J. 4 Aug 1932 62y Calvary – St. Louis, MO
ROWE, Margaret Emily 25 Dec 1941 9d Rowe, Havard GOALBY, Mildred Mount Carmel
SACKMANN, Mary 9 Oct 1933 82y Sackmann, Capt. Henry WHIPPEL, Louisa Mt. Hope Died in Sacred Heart Old Folks  Home in Aviston.  From East St. Louis
SCANNELL-O’NEILL, Dennis 11 Jan 1930 51y 2m O’NEILL, John Scannell, Margaret Mount Carmel Born 6 Nov 1878 in Bloomington, IL
SCHAEFER, Phillip 2 Dec 1933 58y Not listed, Selma Mt. Hope From Baden, Germany
SCHILL, Anna 8 May 1935 77y Schill, Theo Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
SCHILL, Theodore 29 Sep 1939 76y Not listed, Anna (Deceased) Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
SCHWARTZTRAUBER, Mrs. Mary Agnes 15 Jul 1946 49y 5m Schwartztrauber, J. H. Calvary
SEEGER, Mrs. Mary 7 Jul 1940 52y Seeger, William (Deceased) Mount Carmel From Leslie, AR
SEEGER, William 7 Nov 1930 43y BROWN, Mayme Mount Carmel Born in Chicago
SERVOS, Joseph 7 Jan 1929 31y 5m Servos, John MOTTIS, Ella DORNBACH, Anna Mount Carmel
SIMONIN, Joseph 17 Dec 1940 54y DAVINROY, Rose Holy Cross Died suddenly
SMITH, Margaret 13 Nov 1931 57y HALLORAN, Not listed Smith, George Mount Carmel From East St. Louis
SPRAGUE, Mary C. 13 Feb 1956 Sprague, John T. Green Mount Born 9 Mar 1916
STENGER, Ralph A. 10 Aug 1952 TRENDLEY, Dorothy Green Mount Born 28 Apr 1898
STETZEN, Louise 27 May 1930 50y 5m HAMBACH, Frank VOLKEN, Ludwina Stetzen, George Truesdale, MO Born 18 Dec 1879 in Truesdale, MO
STORY, Mrs. Catherine 4 Oct 1947 74y Story, Newton P. (Deceased) Mount Carmel
STORY, Newton Parrish 20 Nov 1930 69y CONBOY, Catherine Mount Carmel Born in Murrayville, IL
SULLIVAN, Harold 7 May 1935 39y 10m SCHRAM__, Celeste Calvary – St. Louis, MO Died in auto accident in Taylorville.  Survived by wife & 6 small children
TURNER, Delia Josephine 22 Mar 1947 77y Turner, George W. (Deceased) Mt. Hope
ULCH, Joseph 5 Jul 1951 KOSAR, Josephine Mt. Hope Born 26 Feb 1882
ULCH, Josephine 24 Feb 1953 Ulch, Joseph (Deceased) Mt. Hope Born 28 Apr 1886
VAN DAN ELZAN, Elizabeth 26 Dec 1929 82y 1m LIEDMEIER, Joseph Not listed, Teresa Vandanelzen, Bartholomew (Deceased 1885) Holy Cross Born 21 Nov 1847
VIEN, H. Grady 5 Mar 1943 45y RODGERS, Mary Frances Mount Carmel
VOELLINGER, Michael 27 Jun 1956 TIERNEY, Marie Mount Carmel Born 24 Mar 1884
VOUDRIE, Emma 31 Dec 1955 Voudrie, Joseph Mount Carmel Born 27 Apr 1889
WALSH, Patrick 14 Oct 1935 45y Walsh, Edmund  DEAN, Mary Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
WEIST, Frank L. 21 Feb 1954 CHAPMAN, Norma Mount Carmel Born 29 Dec 1893
WELLINGHOFF, Mrs. Lillian 17 Aug 1944 38y Wellinghoff, John L. Green Mount
WESTRICH, Joseph 30 Aug 1928 53y 6m Westrich, Joseph SCHAAB, Margaret WITTMEIER, Rose Walnut Hill Born 15 Feb 1875
WESTRICH, Rose 24 Sep 1931 56y  WITTMEYER, Not listed Westrich, Joseph (Deceased) Walnut Hill [See record]
WILKEN, Mrs. Anna 31 Dec 1935 69y Wilken, Henry (Deceased) Walnut Hill Died at Old Folks Home in Wilmington, IL
WILLOUGHBY, John J. 5 Jan 1931 82y  GONDINE, Cora (Deceased) Mount Carmel From East St. Louis
WILSON, Major Syl. F. 16 Feb 1941 55y VINCENT, Millicent Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
YOTALL, George F. 6 Jul 1953 MULCAHY, Helen Calvary – St. Louis, MO Born 2 May 1888
ZISKA, Fred J. 26 Sep 1939 65y MARIAN, Catherine Mount Carmel From Signal Hill
ZISKA, Joseph 11 Aug 1955 PENSENEAU, Mary Mount Carmel Born 24 Feb 1876
ZISKA, Margaret 12 Sep 1931 24y DELUXE, Not listed Ziska, Fred Mount Carmel From East St. Louis

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