Compiled genealogy donation recommendations

Family histories and genealogies may be donated to the St. Clair County Genealogical Society (SCCGS) holdings at the Belleville Public Library. Retention is based on the following SCCGS guidelines.

SCCGS recommends genealogists follow the Standards for Sharing your genealogy information set forth by the National Genealogical Society.

For accession into the SCCGS holdings, compiled genealogies, pedigrees, or lineage charts which identify living people will be accepted only when accompanied by written permission of each living person represented. (Most software programs have tools to omit living people from exported files.) The Belleville Public Library Archives accession policy may be different.

Acceptable formats

  • Printed and bound compilations of any length with supporting documents or sources of the facts presented are preferred.
  • Electronic files when these include your genealogy software program’s viewer, or, when exported into the latest version of Word or portable document format (pdf).

    Be aware that CDRom or other electronic files are not updated or migrated to more modern software, thereby rendering the longevity of files in this format very short-lived. In addition, CDs are not catalogued at the library- ask at their desk. Electronic files may only be viewed on computers in the library’s genealogy department,

Your cover letter to SCCGS should include

  1. Your contact information so that the Board may send a thank you.
  2. Your stated permission allowing SCCGS to share an announcement and/or summary of your compiled genealogy donation with the public in any medium deemed suitable, e.g., SCCGS publications (Newsletter, Quarterly), social media, and member website.
  3. The number of generations covered.
  4. Names of the earliest St Clair County or earliest Illinois ancestor(s).
  5. Years covered in the compilation.
  6. typewritten or electronic list of St. Clair County surnames mentioned in the compilation.

Alternate means of sharing

Write a short history of the family or one family group for publication in the SCCGS Quarterly. Contact the Quarterly Editor for guidelines or read these on our member website.

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