Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials (Sch – Sw)

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Burials ( Sch – Sw )

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SCHAAB, Mary 17 Mar 1949 71y SAEGER, Mary KLAUS, Louis Schaab, Henry Mt. Carmel Born 4 Aug 1878*
SCHAAL, Elizabeth 17 Dec 1942 77y 10m FLACH, Conrad NIEDER, Barbara Schaal, Not listed Walnut Hill Was an invalid in a nursing home.
SCHAAL, Viola 29 Oct 1956 GROOM, Samuel HAAS, Katherine Schaal, Theodore Walnut Hill Born 19 Aug 1899.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHADE, John Peter 24 Nov 1881 15m Schade, Peter SCHMIDT, Anna M.
SCHADER, Amelia 15 Jan 1878 18m 7d Schader, Peter Not listed, Anna
SCHAEDEL, Philippina Maria 13 Jul 1903 67y SCHOENBORN, Not listed Schaedel, Vincent
SCHAEDLER, Apollonia 2 Feb 1930 70y ESCHENFELDER, Not listed Schaedler, Cornelius Walnut Hill Died suddenly
SCHAEDLER, Cornelius 16 Feb 1925 69y Walnut Hill
SCHAEDLER, George H. 11 Oct 1917 5m Schaedler, Cornelius DEMENT, Rose Green Mount
SCHAEDLER, Nicolaus 8 Jul 1888 5y Schaedler, Cornelius ESCHENFELDER, Apollonia
SCHAEFER, Aloysius 23 Feb 1900 61y KROENIG, Josephina
SCHAEFER, Anna 2 Apr 1861 11m 15d Schaefer, Dominic WETTIG, Anna
SCHAEFER, Antonia Mathilda 18 Oct 1919 6.5m Schaefer, Francis BUENTGEN, Marg. Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Augusta 28 Jul 1952 Schaefer, August MURTZKO, Pauline Schaefer, William Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1888 (in Austria*)
SCHAEFER, Barbara 21 Aug 1855 60y
SCHAEFER, Carol Marie 28 Aug 1944 6d Schaefer, Lawrence GRAUL, Virginia Green Mount Baptized at St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis, IL
SCHAEFER, Catharina 14 Jul 1864 9m Schaefer, Dominic BOUR, Anna
SCHAEFER, Daniel 24 Dec 1928 17d Schaefer, Peter HOFFMANN, Bertha Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Emil 2 May 1949 Schaefer, Joseph WINTER, Louisa BERGADINE, Oma  Walnut Hill Born 5 Sep 18__
SCHAEFER, Jacob 20 Jul 1861 4m 8d Schaefer, Francis ADAM, Maria
SCHAEFER, John 25 Nov 1878 74y Not listed, Magdalena
SCHAEFER, John 24 Dec 1887 4y Schaefer, Victor FOHR, Carolina
SCHAEFER, John 19 Mar 1924 86y Millstadt, IL
SCHAEFER, John H. (Widower) 16 Mar 1925 74y HOFFMAN, Mathilda (Deceased) Green Mount Collector of Cathedral & member of parish orphan board
SCHAEFER, John Peter 12 Oct 1859 Schaefer, Francis ADAM, Maria Born 25 Sep 1859 & died 11 Oct 1859
SCHAEFER, Joseph 5 Apr 1897 21y Schaefer, Aloysius (Adoptive father) KROENIG, Josephina
SCHAEFER, Joseph 2 Jun 1950 Schaefer, John Henry Not listed, Mathilda MERKLIN, Eva Green Mount Born 2 Jun 1883*.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHAEFER, Josephina 31 Dec 1898 55y KROENIG, Not listed Schaefer, Aloysius
SCHAEFER, Magdalena 21 Mar 1862 8y Schaefer, Dominic
SCHAEFER, Magdalena 12 Aug 1874 28y Schaefer, Maria
SCHAEFER, Magdalena 26 Jun 1885 77y
SCHAEFER, Margaret 19 Jan 1859 34y ADAM, Not listed Schaefer, Dominic Died 17 Jan 1859
SCHAEFER, Margaret (Widow) 19 Nov 1902 BORST, Not listed Schaefer, Louis (Deceased)
SCHAEFER, Maria Anna 11 Dec 1877 36y Schaefer, Anton
SCHAEFER, Martha Eleanor [Twin] 1 Jan 1940 4d Schaefer, Laurence GRAUL, Virginia Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Mary 25 Dec 1937 57y 8m Schaefer, John H. HOFFMANN, Mathilda Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1880*
SCHAEFER, Mary Lucille [Rwin] 2 Jan 1940 4d Schaefer, Laurence GRAUL, Virginia Green Mount Born 28 Dec 1939*
SCHAEFER, Mathilda 28 Feb 1925 74y Schaefer, John H. Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Mathilda 22 Mar 1929 14y Schaefer, William MURTZKA, Augusta Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Peter 1 Jun 1861 19y Schaefer, Johann Not listed, Magdalena
SCHAEFER, Reinold John 16 Oct 1913 11m Schaefer, Peter HOFFMANN, Bertha Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Theresa 18 Jun 1955 Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth Schaefer, Fred J. Green Mount Born 10 Nov 1878
SCHAEFER, Thomas  23 Aug 1843 11m
SCHAEFER, Virginia Elizabeth 19 Nov 1923 2w Schaefer, George ROTH, Elizabeth Green Mount
SCHAEFER, Virginia Elizabeth 3 Dec 1945 33y 4m GRAUL, Fred PERSCHBACHER, Mary Schaefer, Lawrence Green Mount Born 29 Jul 1912*
SCHAEFER, Virginia May 30 Oct 1925 2y 9m Schaefer, Peter HOFFMANN, B. Green Mount
SCHAEFFLER, Elizabeth 20 Mar 1899 87y Walnut Hill Died in County Farm
SCHAG, Josephina 29 Jul 1867 1y Schag, Nicholas MEYER, Catharina
SCHANER, Robert Clement 19 Feb 1923 5m Schaner, Christ HOEFFKEN, Eleonor Green Mount
SCHANEWELL, Gertrude 15 Jan 1858 5w Schanewell, Anton Not listed, Anna Maria
SCHANNEWELL, Maria Anna 1 Nov 1860 34y Schannewell, Anton
SCHANTER, John 24 Feb 1935 72y BUHELL [Budell*], Mathilda Green Mount Born 10 Feb 1863*
SCHANTER, Mathilda 28 Aug 1947 80y 9m BUDDEL, Florian Unknown Schanter, John Green Mount Born 12 Nov 1867*
SCHANUEL , Olivia 1 Jul 1896 11m Schanuel, Henry DEMMERLE, Elizabeth
SCHANUEL, Anna 11 Mar 1872 2y 2m Schanuel, Anton Not listed, Clara
SCHANUEL, Anna Maria 19 Aug 1894 73y HAUMINGER, Not listed
SCHANUEL, Anton 5 Oct 1874 71y Not listed, Clara
SCHANUEL, Bertha 8 Nov 1949 Schanuel, Eugene Mt. Carmel Born 24 Mar 1877.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHANUEL, Clara 4 Nov 1862 17d Schanuel, Anton Not listed, Clara
SCHANUEL, Clara 26 Jul 1883 59y 1m Schanuel, Anton (Deceased)
SCHANUEL, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1907 46y DEMMERLE, Not listed Schanuel, Henry
SCHANUEL, Henry 6 Mar 1937 82y Schanuel, Servatius HENNINGER, Louise DEMMERLE, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 29 Apr 1854*
SCHANUEL, Magdalena 18 Jan 1874 20y Schanuel, Carl
SCHANUEL, Mary 3 Nov 1928 46y BERTELSMAN, Not listed Schanuel, John A. Green Mount
SCHANUEL, Nicholas 13 Aug 1864 1m Schanuel, Xavier HENINGER, Anna
SCHANUEL, Not listed 30 Jul 1860 1y Schanuel, Xavier
SCHANUEL, Odilia 13 Aug 1918 3m Schanuel, John A. BERTELSMANN, Maria Green Mount
SCHANUEL, Servatius 18 Jan 1894 86y
SCHANUEL, Theodore 20 Jan 1950 67y* Schanuel, Charles SEILLER, Fannie Mt. Carmel Born 8 May 1883.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHANUEL, Xavier Joseph 9 Aug 1862 1y 6m Schanuel, Xavier Not listed, Anna
SCHAPP, Margaret 16 Jul 1849 40y
SCHARCHER, Valentin 19 Mar 1846
SCHARF, Ferdinand Gustave 23 Jul 1867 9d Scharf, Cunrard BOUREGARD, Elizabeth
SCHARTZ, Magdalena 15 Jul 1858 3m Schartz, Anton Not listed, Barbara (Deceased)
SCHATZ, Anna 11 Jul 1868 62y 9m BAUER, Johann Schatz, Michael
SCHATZ, Michael 17 Mar 1891 84y Born 1806 in Baiseuch
SCHAUB, Adam 2 Apr 1911 64y Green Mount From Tilden, Washington County, IL
SCHAUBERT, Anna Magdalena 31 Aug 1934 49y 2m SCHILLING, Jacob Not listed, Mary Schaubert, John Green Mount
SCHAUERTE, Kaspar 8 May 1914 20y Schauerte, Martin AGEE, Rosa Green Mount
SCHAUERTE, Martin 20 Jul 1924 86y Green Mount [Appears at the bottom of page in Jul 1924 entries]
SCHAUERTE, Rosalie 23 May 1952 Schauerte, Martin Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1867
SCHAUFRA, Peter 1 Sep 1844 8y Schaufra, Joseph Not listed, Maria
SCHAUTER, Adolph 3 Nov 1918 18y Schauter, John BUDEL, Mathilda Green Mount
SCHEDLER, Agnes 6 Dec 1888 3m Schedler, Cornelius ESCHENFELDER, Appolonia
SCHEER, Barbara M. 16 Aug 1889 SHEER, Louis SCHISSLER, Eva Born 16 Aug 1889
SCHEER, Eva 20 Feb 1931 75y SCHUESSLER, Valentin NIEGHTER, Wilhelmina Scheer, Louis St. Mathews in St. Louis, MO A convert.  Died in Mascoutah Old Folks Home
SCHEER, Maria Elizabeth 16 Sep 1878 2y 11m 13d Scheer, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina
SCHEFFERTS, Bernhardt 29 Sep 1921 75y REEB, Catharina Green Mount
SCHEFFKNECHT, Anton 25 Mar 1894 Scheffknecht, Joseph SCHMITTLING, Margaret PATERSON, Magdalena Born 1864 in Belleville
SCHEFFKNECHT, Caroline 26 Feb 1946 82y 3m KREITNER, John SCHULTY, Augusta Scheffknecht, George Mt. Carmel Born 15 Dec 1863 & died suddenly of a stroke*
SCHEFFKNECHT, George 22 Dec 1918 Green Mount Died of tuberculosis
SCHEFFKNECHT, Joseph 20 Feb 1880 46y Not listed, Margaret
SCHEFFKNECHT, Louis 26 Mar 1918 51y WOLTER, Mathilda (Tillie) Green Mount Died at Asylum in Anna, IL
SCHEFFKNECHT, Margaret (Widow) 15 Jan 1915 78y Scheffknecht, Joseph Walnut Hill
SCHEFFKNECHT, Tillie 1 Jun 1951 Scheffknecht, Louis Green Mount Born 22 Nov 1868
SCHEFFKNECHT, William 19 Oct 1939 50y 10m Scheffknecht, Louis WOLTERS, Tillie STEIN, Minnie Mt. Carmel Born 24 Nov 1888*
SCHEFFNECHT, Joseph 21 Jun 1911 36y
SCHEFLER, Stephan 14 Nov 1869 48y 9m Schefler, Nicholas BETZ, Apollonia BISCHOF, Catharina
SCHEIBEL, Anna Balbina 27 Jul 1868 10m 23d Scheibel, Martin VOLTZ, Amalia
SCHEIBEL, Bernard 14 Nov 1936 70y 4m Scheibel, Joseph LECHLEIDER, Balbina [Baldwina Loechle*] ADELHARDT, Mary Calvary Cemetery Born 21 Jun 1866 & Baptized at St. Clare in O’Fallon, IL*
SCHEIBEL, Emilia (Widow) 2 Mar 1923 80y Scheibel, Moritz (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHEIBEL, Johann 16 Aug 1861 7m Scheibel, Joseph LECHTERER, Bablina
SCHEIBEL, Mary 20 Feb 1937 68y 11m ADELHARDT, Frank Scheibel, Bernard Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 2 Mar 1869*
SCHEIBEL, Maurice 5 Dec 1913 77y VOLZ, Amalia Green Mount
SCHEIBEL, Wendelin 25 May 1938 74y 3m Scheibel, Joseph LECHLEIDER, Balbina TREFZER, Anna Shiloh Born 26 Jan 1864*
SCHEICH, Catharina 15 Jul 1894 MÜLLER (Mueller), Philipp Not listed, Maria Scheich, Valentin Born 3 Feb 1837 in Obersteffenbach, Bavaria
SCHEICH, Christian 9 Aug 1868 1y Scheich, Valentin MUELLER, Catharina
SCHEICH, Ferdinand 20 Jul 1897 39y Scheich, Valentin MUELLER, Catharina
SCHEICH, Valentin (Widower) 12 Aug 1897 77y MUELLER, Catharina (Deceased)
SCHEICH, Wilhelmina 6 Aug 1863 1y Scheich, Valentin
SCHELLEMANN, Marcella 6 May 1889 3y 9m Schellemann, Joseph Not listed, Maria Died in St. Louis, MO
SCHELLMANN, Amalia 9 Jul 1860 1y 21d Schellmann, John ARNOLD, Aurelia
SCHELLMANN, Amanda Louisa 5 Jun 1871 2y Schellmann, John Not listed, Orelia
SCHELLMANN, August 18 Sep 1856 11m Schellmann, John Not listed, Arelia
SCHELLMANN, Aurelia 10 Jul 1873 39y Schellmann, John
SCHELLMANN, Catharina 29 Jan 1891 SCHALLER, Not listed Schellmann, Joseph Born 21 ___ 1826
SCHELLMANN, Johann Maurice 16 Oct 1864 2y 9m 9d Schellmann, Johann ARNOLD, Aurelia
SCHELLMANN, John  25 Feb 1879 53y Not listed, Aurelia (Deceased)
SCHELLMANN, Jos. 22 Jul 1866 41y Schellmann, Fr. G. Not listed, Magdalena SCHALLER, Catharina
SCHELLMANN, Louis 9 Mar 1906 46y Schellmann, Joseph SCHALLER, Catharina
SCHELLMANN, Louisa 12 Jul 1865 6m Schellmann, Joseph SCHAEFER, Catharina
SCHELLMANN, Maurice Arthur 9 Mar 1868 6m Schellmann, Johann Not listed, Aurelia
SCHELLMANN, Rosa 1 Jun 1866 3m Schellmann, Joseph SCHOOL, Catharina
SCHELMONS, August 29 Jul 1855 Schelmons, Jacob ARNOLD, Aurelia Born 19 Sep 1855 [sic]
SCHER, Anna 31 Dec 1900 40y GUETTERMANN, Adam Not listed, Carolina Scher, George Died in St. Louis
SCHER, Catharina (Widow) 10 Jul 1899 58y Scher, Philipp (Deceased) Green Mount Born in California
SCHER, George 4 Jul 1902 39y Scher, Philipp Not listed, Catharina GUETTERMANN, Anna Died in Hannibal, MO
SCHER, Henry 7 Jul 1871 2m Scher, William Not listed, Catharina
SCHER, John Peter 19 Jan 1873 2y Scher, Nicholas Not listed, Anna E.
SCHER, Philipp 1 Aug 1898 65y Scher, Mathias GEBER, Barbara WAGNER, Catharina
SCHERER, Jacob 28 Jul 1855 Scherer, Jacob LAUER, Regina Born 30 Nov 1853
SCHERER, John 18 Sep 1854 Scherer, Jacob LANGEBOHN [?], Barbara Born 3 Jun 1853
SCHERER, Nicolaus 14 Nov 1862 OTTMAN, Maria Anna
SCHERER, William 15 Apr 1953 Scherer, Andrew NEIFING, Louise MCEvers, Verna Mt. Carmel Born 14 Aug 1888.  [Appears between Sep & Oct 1952 entries]
SCHERER, William 15 Apr 1953 MCEVERS, Verna Mt. Carmel Born 14 Aug 1888.
SCHERK, Wenedlin 12 Mar 1863 18y 6m Scherk, Francis
SCHERMING, Hyacinth 16 Jan 1858 38y GUNDLACH, Anna Maria
SCHERR, Catharina 29 Mar 1882 2d Scherr, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina
SCHERR, Eleonora 2 Apr 1882 3d Scherr, Philipp WAGNER, Catharina
SCHERR, John Niclas 17 May 1880 5m 21d Scherr, Nicholas GERMAIN, Anna El.
SCHERR, Philipp Joseph 11 Jul 1878 4m 2d SCHER, Philipp Joseph WAGNER, Catharina
SCHETLER, Bertha 4 Apr 1895 Schetler, Cornelius ESCHENFELDER, Apollonia Born 1 Mar 1895
SCHEUER, Peter 15 Aug 1862 8m 21d SCHAEFER, Dominic
SCHEURER, Aloysius 16 Oct 1888 28y Scheurer, Joseph Not listed, Regina SCHOENINGER, Rosa
SCHEWE, Albert 3 Jul 1945 73y 4m Schewe, John KULZ, Albertine SEMRAN, Antonia Green Mount Born 8 Feb 1872*
SCHEWE, Albertina (Widow) 4 Mar 1923 89y Schewe, John (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHEWE, Antonia 26 Jun 1919 49y Schewe, Albert Green Mount
SCHEWE, Joseph 9 Jul 1897 Schewe, Joseph Albert SEMRAN, Antonia
SCHICK, Ania 30 May 1901 40y Schick, Godefried DEMMERLE, Margaret
SCHIEHLE, Francis 15 Aug 1853 19y
SCHIEK, Gottfrid 29 Aug 1868 24y Schiek, Frci. X. APLE, A. M. DEMERLE, Margaret
SCHIELE, Francis George 24 Oct 1853 4d
SCHIELE, Susanna 27 Aug 1852 Born 25 Aug 1852
SCHIEMER, Elizabeth 2 Feb 1861 2y 3m 1d Schiemer, Carl Not listed, Carolina
SCHIFFKNECHT, Barbara 2 Apr 1871 2w Schiffknecht, Joseph Not listed, Margaret
SCHIFFKNECHT, Carl 10 Sep 1873 2m Schiffknecht, Joseph SCHMEDLING, Margaret
SCHILB, Bertha (Gertrude*) (Widow*) 2 Dec 1946 86y 4m HERMAN, Charles KNAUSS, Edna Marie Schilb, Wendelin (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 9 Aug 1860*
SCHILB, Jacob 2 Dec 1898 2y Schilb, Wendelin HERRMANN, Bertha
SCHILD, Lorenz 27 Sep 1873 73y Not listed, Barbara (Deceased)
SCHILDKNECHT, Anna 29 Jan 1855 75y
SCHILLING, Agnes Maria 19 Feb 1907 5m Schilling, Francis FIRNKES, Elizabeth
SCHILLING, Alfred 3 Jan 1951 Schilling, Joseph NEFF, Apollonia SCHAEFER, Mary E. Green Mount Born 23 Oct 1892
SCHILLING, Caroline 24 Oct 1933 45y MARTIN, Eugene SCHEFFNECHT, Julia Schilling, Joseph Walnut Hill
SCHILLING, Doris 25 May 1932 17y 1m Schilling, Joseph MARTIN, Caroline Walnut Hill
SCHILLING, Edward A. 11 Jun 1952 Schilling, George OESCHLE, Emma B. HAGEMAN, Eleanor Green Mount Born 30 Aug 1902.  Died at DePaul Hospital
SCHILLING, Elizabeth 10 Jan 1948 62y 2m FIRNKES, August FLACH, Mary Schilling, Frank Mt. Carmel Died in St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis,IL
SCHILLING, Emma 26 Dec 1948 68y OECHSLE, John Not listed, Catherine Schilling, George F. Walnut Hill (Green Mount*) Born 4 Aug 1878*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHILLING, Florence 2 Apr 1937 9h Schilling, Alfred SCHAEFER, Mary St. John in Smithton, IL
SCHILLING, Florina 17 Apr 1934 16y 10m Schilling, Joseph MARTIN, Caroline Walnut Hill
SCHILLING, Frank 21 Mar 1941 56y 11m Schilling, Nicholas BECKER, Anna FIRNKES, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Born 16 Apr 1884*
SCHILLING, Friederich 12 Apr 1876 7m 12d Schilling, Nicholas Not listed, Anna
SCHILLING, George 19 Aug 1951 OECHLE, Emma Green Mount Born 28 Dec 1873.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
SCHILLING, Jacob 13 Apr 1876 8d Schilling, Jacob Not listed, Helena
SCHILLING, Jacob 10 Apr 1934 51y Schilling, Jacob SCHUMMERT, Mary FLACH, Anna Green Mount
SCHILLING, Joseph 20 Dec 1906 53y LUGGE, Anna
SCHILLING, Joseph 27 Sep 1945 65y 9m Schilling, Nicholas BECKER, Elizabeth MARTIN, Caroline (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 25 Jan 1880*  Found 20 hours after death (in Lincoln Hotel*).  Had not been to church in 5 years.
SCHILLING, Nicholas 22 Mar 1939 89y 8m Schilling, Michael MILLER, Anna BECKER, Anna Walnut Hill Born 2 Jul 1850*
SCHILLING, Nicolaus 10 Dec 1871 8d Schilling, John Not listed, Magdalena
SCHILLING, Nicolaus 31 Oct 1878 7y 9m Schilling, Jacob SCHUMMERT, Helena
SCHILLING, Peter 22 Feb 1870 2.5m Schilling, John HOFFMANN, Magdalena
SCHILLING, Rosina 10 Dec 1868 8y Schilling, Johann HOFFMANN, Magdalena
SCHILLING, Valentin 18 Feb 1873 4w Schilling, John Not listed, Magdalena
SCHILLING, William Jacob 10 Sep 1873 11d Schilling, Peter Not listed, Elizabeth
SCHINDLER, Catharina 3 Feb 1861 3y 9m 5d Schindler, Clement Not listed, Catharina
SCHINDLER, Catharina 27 Mar 1918 71y Schindler, Maurice Green Mount
SCHINZIUS, Joseph 3 Jul 1846 1y 3m Schinzius, John  LUTZ, Jacobina
SCHIRAR, Francis 3 Nov 1900 67y UHLICK, Anna Died in the County Farm
SCHLAGER, Elizabeth 3 Dec 1869 9y 3m Schlager, Sebastian PAULI, Elizabeth
SCHLAGER, Michael 24 Jun 1856 3w Schlager, Sebastian PAULI, Elizabeth
SCHLAPA, Sophia 8 Jan 1864 38y HASTEROCH, Mathias Not listed, Maria Schlapa, Johann
SCHLEGEL, Anna Margaret 31 Aug 1850 9m 9d New city cemetery
SCHLEGEL, Anton 10 Jan 1891 Born 19 May 1819 in Pfaffenweiler, Baden
SCHLEGEL, Apolonia 12 Jul 1852 54y
SCHLEGEL, August 12 Dec 1916 51y Schlegel, Anton HERMAN, Barb. Green Mount
SCHLEGEL, Barbara (Widow) 22 Jul 1894 HERMANN, August Not listed, Theresa Schlegel, Anton (Deceased) Born 4 Nov 1826 in Rauenthal, Baden
SCHLEGEL, Carl 4 Apr 1909
SCHLEGEL, Elizabeth 25 Feb 1860 2y 6m Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Barbara
SCHLEGEL, Lena 18 Sep 1950 RINEN (Rinch*), Francis ROLLIS, Angelica Schlegel, Charles (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 14 Nov 1861
SCHLEGEL, William J. 4 Feb 1942 71y 11m Schlegel, Anton HERMANN, Barbara (Aunt of Barbara Hermann Lang) GANTNER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 4 Mar 1870*
SCHLEGELE, Maria Amalia 17 Jan 1855 Schlegele, Anton HERMANN, Barbara Born 23 Mar 1854
SCHLENKERT, Johann William 6 Nov 1864 1m Schlenkert, Jacob HAGEN, Maria
SCHLERNITZAUER, Andrew 15 Feb 1868 43y 7m Schlernitzauer, Joseph Not listed, Catharina CALMER, Maria
SCHLERNITZAUER, Anna 14 Jun 1941 79y 11m Schlernitzauer, Andrew CALMES, Mary Green Mount Born 6 Jul 1862*
SCHLERNITZAUER, Balthasar 21 Dec 1849 30y
SCHLERNITZAUER, Catharina 12 Feb 1875 78y Schlernitzauer, Joseph (Deceased)
SCHLERNITZAUER, Joseph 6 Nov 1870 75y 3m 6d WASRONG, Catharina
SCHLERNITZAUER, Katharina 6 Aug 1913 59y Schlernitzauer, Andrew Green Mount
SCHLERNITZAUER, Louis 24 Aug 1864 6m 18d Schlernitzauer, Joseph KLEIN, Francisca
SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria 22 Jul 1884 54y CARBNER, Anton
SCHLEZBRUN, John 23 Sep 1855 54y
SCHLICH, Agnes 16 May 1939 1d Schlich, Lorraine Not listed, Loraine Green Mount Baptized at birth.
SCHLICH, Henry 12 Dec 1907 79y
SCHLICH, Henry 16 Jul 1939 75y 2m Schlich, Henry Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 15 May 1864*
SCHLICH, Joseph 3 Jan 1937 76y 5m Schlich, Henry SCHLICH, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 1 Aug 1866 in Okawville*
SCHLICH, Peter (Infant) 25 Aug 1924 Schlich, Joseph
SCHLINGER, Anton 3 Jun 1927 90y FAUST, Louisa Green Mount
SCHLINGER, Clara 26 Oct 1894 Schlinger, Anton KNEBELKAMP, M. Born 7 Oct 1894
SCHLINGER, George 9 Jul 1954 Schlinger, Anton FAUST, Louise Green Mount Born 12 May 1880.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHLINGER, John 13 Jul 1860 50y Schlinger, Anton Not listed, Catharina
SCHLINGER, Louise 21 Mar 1916 77y Schlinger, Anton Green Mount
SCHLOESSEN, Wilibald Lipi 17 Jul 1849 30y
SCHLOESSER, Maria Julia 22 Sep 1894 Schloesser, John RINK, Catharina Born 19 Feb 1894
SCHLOSER, Conrad (Bohrman) 16 Aug 1886 17y Bohrman, Conrad STRASSER, Anna Maria (Schloser) [See record]
SCHLOSSER, Ana Maria 31 Aug 1867 10m Schlosser, Christian HERSIS [Nersis?], Maria
SCHLOSSER, Catherine 23 Feb 1922 56y RINCK, Not listed Schlosser, John Green Mount
SCHLOSSER, George 26 Jul 1865 48y WIMMER, Anna M.
SCHLOSSER, Infant 27 Feb 1904 1h Schlosser, John RINCK, Catharina Private Baptism
SCHLOSSER, John 5 May 1934 65y 7m Schlosser, Christ Not listed, Mary RINCK, Catherine Green Mount
SCHLOSSER, Maria 13 Nov 1875 16y Schlosser, George (Deceased) Not listed, Maria
SCHLOSSER, Mary 4 Jan 1920 87y STRASSER, Not listed Walnut Hill From Fort Lauderdale, FL
SCHLOSSER, Olinda 17 Mar 1903 3m Schlosser, John RINK, Catharina
SCHLUETER, Bernard 20 Mar 1942 46y 4m Schlueter, Herman MUELLER, Mary SCHMITTLING, Ida Green Mount Born 28 Nov 1895*
SCHLUETER, Herman 25 Jun 1928 40y SCHLAMAN, Lucy Green Mount
SCHLUETER, Herman 25 Jun 1928 40y SCHLAMAN, Lucy Green Mount Duplicate entry
SCHLUETER, Mary 24 Jul 1946 86y 7m MUELLER, Carl PEISTRUPS, Agnes Schlueter, Herman St. Boniface in Germantown, IL Born 21 Dec 1859*
SCHLUND, George 29 Sep 1891 Schlund, John BÖHM (Boehm), Crescentia Born 21 Sep 1891
SCHLUPP, Adam 3 Aug 1861 7m 8d Schlupp, Jacob Not listed, Rosalia
SCHLUPP, Eva 2 Jul 1861 6m 5d Schlupp, Jacob Not listed, Rosalia
SCHLUPP, Rosa 16 Sep 1874 40y Schlupp, Jacob
SCHMEDLING, Agatha 22 Dec 1875 38y Schmedling, Joseph
SCHMEDLING, John 15 Oct 1872 58y MARSLOF, Marianna (Deceased)
SCHMEDLING, Maria A. 8 Nov 1873 80y Schmedling, Peter (Deceased)
SCHMIDLING,  Maria Josephina 17 May 1883 34y Schmidling, Nicholas
SCHMIDLING, Magdalena 3 Mar 1867 28y FROMANG, Nicholas Schmidling, Joseph
SCHMIDT, Amelia 31 May 1954 MEIDINGER, John CRASS, Christina Schmidt, Bernard Green Mount Born 27 Mar 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMIDT, Angelina (Widow) 13 Jul 1914 70y Schmidt, Maximilian (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Anna 7 Jul 1938 62y Schmidt, Herman BOSCH, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 3 Nov 1876*
SCHMIDT, Anna 17 Sep 1938 54y 1m Schmidt, Nicholas HAMMER, Elizabeth Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Anna Magdalena 7 Apr 1877 7m Schmidt, Julius
SCHMIDT, Anna Maria 16 Mar 1873 30y Schmidt, John
SCHMIDT, Anton 18 Apr 1896 83y KAISER, Elizabeth
SCHMIDT, August 30 Mar 1900 36y STEHLICK, Elizabeth
SCHMIDT, Barbara 15 Jul 1868 45y STEINER, Joseph Schmidt, Mathias
SCHMIDT, Barbara 29 Nov 1870 42y Schmidt, Philipp
SCHMIDT, Bernard 14 Sep 1917 36y MEIDINGER, Amalia Green Mount Killed in a coal mine
SCHMIDT, Bertha Sophia 10 Dec 1913 6w Schmidt, Bernard MEIDINGER, Amalia Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Catharina 16 Jun 1882 53y Schmidt, George (Deceased)
SCHMIDT, Catharina 19 Jun 1896 ROESCH, Philipp WEIGAND, Maria Schmidt, Louis
SCHMIDT, Cecilia 7 Mar 1997 53y LANZER, Not listed Schmidt, John
SCHMIDT, Cletus Math. 24 Dec 1925 4m Schmidt, Mathew HAUBRICH, O. Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Dorothea 5 Jan 1914 2m Schmidt, Bernard MEIDINGER, Amalia Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Edmund 24 Apr 1896 8m Schmidt, Louis ROESCH, Catharina
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth 3 Oct 1878 2y Schmidt, Valentin Not listed, Genoveva
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth 28 Nov 1902 50y BOSCH, Michael Not listed, Joanna Schmidt, Herman
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth 18 Jun 1955 LANG, Frank RENNER, Elizabeth Schmidt, Herman Walnut Hill Born 22 Apr 1875.  Died in Hillcrest Nursing Home
SCHMIDT, Elizabeth (Widow) 18 May 1921 64y Schmidt, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Emil Friederich 25 Aug 1874 17y Schmidt, Herman Not listed, Elizabeth
SCHMIDT, Emma 30 Jul 1872 5m Schmidt, Herman Not listed, Elizabeth
SCHMIDT, George 13 Feb 1896
SCHMIDT, George J. 18 Aug 1873 7m Schmidt, John Not listed, Anna M. (Deceased)
SCHMIDT, Helena 16 Oct 1881 4y 10m 9d Schmidt, Thomas MATHEWS, Elizabeth
SCHMIDT, Herman 29 Aug 1918 43y LANG, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
SCHMIDT, Herman (Widower) 14 Dec 1913 68y Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Hugo 20 Sep 1867 34y Schmidt, Andrew SAUER, Theresa
SCHMIDT, Ida 18 Apr 1934 37y 11m KLING, Michael FRIES, Mary Schmidt, John Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Jacob 3 Sep 1869 70y Schmidt, Not listed RUDOLPH, Catharina
SCHMIDT, Johanna 24 Dec 1949 Schmidt, Fred Walnut Hill Born 20 Jun 1868.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMIDT, John Green Mount
SCHMIDT, John 25 Jan 1946 89y 2m Schmidt, Joseph MEYER, Christine Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1856 in St. Louis, MO*
SCHMIDT, Joseph 27 Feb 1858 43y Not listed, Christina
SCHMIDT, Joseph 13 May 1928 45y CARREO, Louise Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Joseph 13 May 1928 45y CARICO, Louise Green Mount Duplicate entry
SCHMIDT, Joseph Rudolph 27 Jun 1880 6m Schmidt, Herman BOSCH, Elisa
SCHMIDT, Louis 1 Aug 1953 Schmidt, Joseph HEATLING, Mathilda HERTLING, Mathilda Green Mount Born 1 Nov 1863.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMIDT, Maria 10 Dec 1863 38y OCHS, Not listed Schmidt, August
SCHMIDT, Maria Mildred 16 Mar 1930 Infant Schmidt, Andrew BOYER, Marie Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Mathew 29 Mar 1866 5d Schmidt, Mathias STEINER, Barbara
SCHMIDT, Mathias (Widower) 2 Aug 1901 Schmidt, Laurent Not listed, Barbara (Deceased)
SCHMIDT, Mathilda 29 Jul 1922 67y Schmidt, Joseph MEYER, Christina Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Maximilian Joseph 30 Jul 1866 4m 6d Schmidt, Mathew Not listed, Barbara
SCHMIDT, Mildred 10 Dec 1923 2y Schmidt, Francis HUBSCHMIDT, Bertha Mt. Carmel
SCHMIDT, Nicholas 18 Dec 1866 11m Schmidt, George KLEIN, Catharina
SCHMIDT, Nicholas 15 Aug 1902 52y HAMMER, Elizabeth
SCHMIDT, Norma Lee 4 Apr 1945 7m Schmidt, Edward YAGGE, Eleanore Green Mount
SCHMIDT, Not listed 15 Jul 1873 10m Schmidt, George
SCHMIDT, Not listed [Appears between 12 & 17 Apr 1909]
SCHMIDT, Raymond Francis 17 Jul 1906 7d Schmidt, Bernard MEIDEINGER, Emilia
SCHMIDT, Sarah J. 18 Oct 1860 2y 3m Schmidt, George KLEIN, Catharina
SCHMIERBACH, Catherine 20 Apr 1956 Schmierbach, August REINHARDT, Barbara Schmierbach, John (Deceased) St. John in Smithton, IL Born 24 Jun 1884
SCHMIETZAUR, Infant 19 Aug 1860 21d Schmietzaur, Joseph CHENOT, Elizabeth
SCHMIETZEUR, Emanuel 20 Sep 1860 21d Schmietzeur, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth
SCHMISSEUR, Adeline 7 Apr 1930 67y PARIDY, Not listed Schmisseur, Louis Mt. Carmel
SCHMISSEUR, Carl Edward 1 Jul 1877 6y Schmisseur, Carl Not listed, Emilia
SCHMISSEUR, Elizabeth 3 Sep 1876 59y Schmisseur, Joseph
SCHMISSEUR, Joseph Eugene 11 Oct 1877 2y 3m 23d Schmisseur, Carl Not listed, Emilia
SCHMISSEUR, Joseph Eugene 26 Nov 1880 75y Not listed, Elizabeth
SCHMITT, Andrew 11 Nov 1854 Schmitt, Peter OHLISP, Magdalena Born 3 Nov 1854
SCHMITT, Anna Maria 15 Oct 1847 60y Schmitt, (Mascuah) St. Peter
SCHMITT, Catharina 17 May 1886 86y 11m Schmitt, Jacob
SCHMITT, Christina 12 Mar 1894 GRIEBE, Not listed Born 11 Jan 1812
SCHMITT, Elizabeth 20 Aug 1889 79y KAISER, Anton SIBERT, Maria Elizabeth SCHMIDT, Anton
SCHMITT, George 24 Jun 1849 9w
SCHMITT, John 9 Sep 1847 9m Schmitt, John LEHOHARDT, Catharina [This entry appears in the marriage book.]
SCHMITT, John 16 Jul 1849 41y
SCHMITT, John 1 Dec 1853 nb Schmitt, John LEONARD, Catharina
SCHMITT, M. Catharina 8 Sep 1855 Schmitt, Joseph KRADUR, Christina Born 6 Nov 1855 [sic]
SCHMITT, Magdalena 7 Nov 1854 23y
SCHMITT, Rosa Olivia 3 Aug 1894 Schmitt, Louis HERMANN, Catharina Born 31 Jul 1894.  Private baptism
SCHMITT, Sister Willefrieda 6 Jul 1890 Born 18 Jul 1847 in Quincy, IL.  Took the oath of the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1866
SCHMITT, Wilhelm 19 Feb 1890 Schmitt, George KLEIN, Catharina Born 3 Aug 1861.  Died in Nashville, TN
SCHMITTLING, Anton N. 4 Mar 1943 71y 6m Schmittling, Joseph HYDE, Agatha MARTIN, Theresa Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1871*
SCHMITTLING, Carl 18 Apr 1913 28y Schmittling, Nic. FRANZEN, Catharina Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Catherina (Widow) 29 Feb 1920 74y Schmittling, Not listed (Deceased) Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Cecilia Margaret 13 May 1926 18m Schmittling, Joseph ESCHENFELDER, Agnes Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Clement 4 Feb 1952 Schmittling, Frank FISCHBEIN, Ida Green Mount Born 22 Jul 1903
SCHMITTLING, Elvira 12 Sep 1923 5m Schmittling, Henry DAHLMANN, Minnie Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Frank 6 Apr 1950 Schmittling, Nicholas LOUIS, Mary TROCHBEIN (Tischbein*), Ida Green Mount Born 5 Jan 1873. (Died in Alton, IL*)
SCHMITTLING, Johann Peter 23 Oct 1862 61y Schmittling, Johann
SCHMITTLING, Joseph 18 Sep 1912 85y Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Mathilda T. 11 Aug 1953 Schmittling, Anton MARTIN, Theresa Green Mount Born 30 Jul 1902
SCHMITTLING, Nicolaus 14 Apr 1889 31y Schmittling, Joseph FROMANN, Magdalena
SCHMITTLING, Nicolaus 10 May 1906 66y FRANZEN, Catharina Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Raymond 31 Jan 1927 3m Schmittling, William BRUCH, Agnes Green Mount
SCHMITTLING, Theresa Philomena 19 Jul 1910 1m Green Mount
SCHMITTNER, Andrew 23 Jan 1894 JAHN, Anna Maria Born 20 Aug 1812 in Bavaria
SCHMITTNER, Theresa 11 Oct 1854 Schmittner, Andrew YAHN, Anna Born 22 Feb 1849
SCHMITTUER, Anna (Widow) 8 Feb 1898 86y Schmittuer, Andrew (Deceased)
SCHMITZ, Margaret (Widow) 24 May 1901 82y JOST, Not listed Schmitz, Peter
SCHMITZ, Maria 21 Jun 1926 62y Hirt, Not listed Schmitz, William Walnut Hill
SCHMITZER, Edmond 25 Jun 1854 Schmitzer, Joseph SCHENSTS [?], Maria Born 20 Oct 1853
SCHMITZER, Elizabeth 25 Jul 1858 3m Schmitzer, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth
SCHMITZER, Joseph 12 Jan 1853 1y
SCHMOKI, Elizabeth 8 Apr 1862 3y 11m 11d Schmoki, Sebastian ZIEGER, Theresa
SCHMOKY, J. Joseph 20 Mar 1861 58y 2m 4d SCHMOKE, Joseph Martin KLEGER, Maria A.
SCHMOKY, Maria 5 Sep 1861 9m 18d Schmoky, Sebastian
SCHMUKE, Joseph 17 Feb 1951 VOGEL, Wilhelmina Mt. Carmel Born 9 Jan 1870.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHMUTZ, Johann 1 Mar 1867 1d Schmutz, Herman DIERNBACH, Maria
SCHNEICKERT, Anton 17 Dec 1956 Schneickert, Jacob MUELLER, Philipina KRAUS, Anna Walnut Hill Born 31 Jan 1887.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNEIDER, Alvina 6 Jan 1944 63y 9m Schneider, Joseph ZINK, Josephine Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1880*
SCHNEIDER, Andrew 31 Jul 1862 10m 26d Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria A.
SCHNEIDER, Anna (Widow) 5 Mar 1901 82y LAUX, Not listed Schneider, Anton
SCHNEIDER, Anna Barbara 23 Aug 1878 34y RUTZ, Not listed Schneider, Bernard
SCHNEIDER, Anton 20 Apr 1947 82y 11m Schneider, Joseph SCHWARTZ, Catherine MILLER, Catherine & Dorothea (HEROLD*) Smithton Catholic Born 16 May 1864*
SCHNEIDER, Arthur 15 Jun 1899 7m Schneider, Dominic FOHL, Clara
SCHNEIDER, Barbara 20 Aug 1878 2y 8m Schneider, Bernard RUTZ, Anna Barbara
SCHNEIDER, Benjamin 20 Jan 1886 2d Schneider, Banjamin EBERHARD, Serephina
SCHNEIDER, Bernard 23 Jun 1904 14m Schneider, Bernard GAUSMANN, Louisa
SCHNEIDER, Bernhard 15 Nov 1863 7m 3d Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Maria A.
SCHNEIDER, Catharina 18 Sep 1862 4m 7d Schneider, Martin PLEISCH, Regina
SCHNEIDER, Catharina  9 Dec 1905 50y Schneider, Guendelin 
SCHNEIDER, Catharina Gertrude 14 Aug 1881 7w Schneider, Laurent ZUGGER, Maria
SCHNEIDER, Catharina Gertrude 24 Feb 1892 Schneider, Wendelin SCHNEIDER, Catharina Born 30 Nov 1886.  Died of a contagious disease
SCHNEIDER, Charles 15 Jul 1889 Schneider, Leon BACHER, Josephina Born 14 Oct 1888
SCHNEIDER, Clara 20 Aug 1919 42y Schneider, Dominic Walnut Hill
SCHNEIDER, Clarence 29 Nov 1925 12y Schneider, Otto WEICK, Anna Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Daniel 17 Sep 1871 3y Schneider, Laurent Not listed, Marianna
SCHNEIDER, Dorothea 26 Dec 1949 HEROLD, Adam MUELLER, Catherine Schneider, Anton St. John in Smithton, IL Born 18 Nov 1872
SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth 21 Nov 1870 8y Schneider, Sebastian KNIFFER, Francisca
SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth 11 Jan 1892 HERR, Not listed Born 21 Feb 1853 in St. Clair County
SCHNEIDER, Emilia 4 Mar 1892 Schneider, Wendelin SCHNEIDER, Catharina Born 25 Jul 1882.  Died of a contagious disease
SCHNEIDER, Franz Peter 18 May 1883 8w Schneider, Leon BACHER, Josephina
SCHNEIDER, Friederich 27 Oct 1892 Born 1848 in Morsbach near Colo__ Agrippina
SCHNEIDER, Friederick 2 Nov 1900 60y Non-Catholic Born in Germany.  Died in the County Farm.  In the past was in the Asylum in Anna & in Belleville
SCHNEIDER, Gertrude 12 Apr 1906 47y FUGER, Not listed Schneider, Alexander
SCHNEIDER, Hilda 22 Mar 1903 4y Schneider, Leon BACHER, Josephina
SCHNEIDER, Jacob William 18 Jul 1856 2y 7m Schneider, Laurent ZELLER, Marianna
SCHNEIDER, John Adam 9 Sep 1878 3m Schneider, Bernard BUTZ, Barbara
SCHNEIDER, John W. 25 Jun 1950 QUIRIN, Clara Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1889.  Died at home
SCHNEIDER, Joseph 9 May 1852 5m
SCHNEIDER, Josephina (Widow) 29 Jan 1903 47y Schneider, Leon (Deceased)
SCHNEIDER, Laurent 29 Nov 1913 62y FUGER, Maria Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Len 18 Aug 1898 41y BACHER, Josephina
SCHNEIDER, Lorenz 17 Mar 1878 57y 8m 5d ZELLER, Anna Maria
SCHNEIDER, Maria 9 Apr 1893 Schneider, Laurent FUGER, Maria A. Born 20 May 1888
SCHNEIDER, Maria Anna 3 Jan 1861 62y Schneider, Sebastian
SCHNEIDER, Maria Anna (Widow) 17 Jan 1906 76y ZELLER, Not listed Schneider, Laurent (Deceased)
SCHNEIDER, Martha Joanna 1 Sep 1905 6d Schneider, Daniel OEXNER, Maria
SCHNEIDER, Martin 25 Apr 1945 77y 6m Schneider, John ROETSGE, Elizabeth STRAUBINGER, Rose Catholic Cemetery in New Athens, IL Born 10 Oct 1867*
SCHNEIDER, Mary (Widow) 24 Sep 1923 68y Schneider, Lawrence Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Mary Anna 5 Apr 1936 80y 1m WEIST, Michael [FEIST, Mike*] KLINCK, Fred & Wendel Schneider Green Mount From Everkirch, Baden, Germany
SCHNEIDER, Nartha 29 Apr 1866 3y 8m Schneider, Wendelin Not listed, Catharina
SCHNEIDER, Not listed 21 Jan 1923 Schneider, Not listed Millstadt, IL
SCHNEIDER, Oscar 15 Mar 1923 31y PHOL, Sophie Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Philip 20 Mar 1956 Schneider, Leo Not listed, Josephine DUGAN, Susan St. Peter & Paul in Waterloo, IL Born 26 Dec 1892
SCHNEIDER, Rosa Maria 27 Feb 1921 33y Schneider, Theodore Green Mount
SCHNEIDER, Theodore Jacob 27 Oct 1940 60y 10m Schneider, Wendel SCHNEIDER, Catherine FEDER, Rose Green Mount Born 24 Dec 1879*
SCHNEIDER, Wendel 23 Feb 1929 77y KLINGE-FEIST, Mary Green Mount
SCHNEIDEWIND, Barbara 3 Nov 1912 42y Schneidewind, Francis Walnut Hill From Bohemia.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNELL, Friederick 11 Oct 1936 77y 11m Schnell, Jacob WINKLER, Christine FREUND, Helen Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1859 in Germany*
SCHNELL, Helen 23 Jan 1956 Schnell, Frederick FREUND, Helen Never married Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1886.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHNELL, Jacob 29 Aug 1928 79y Green Mount
SCHNIERS, Louisa Sep 1910 6y Schniers, Francis JUNG, Philippina Green Mount
SCHNIPPERING, Henry (Widower) 30 Jan 1915 83y Green Mount Old soldier died at St. Vincent’s Old Folk’s Home.
SCHNITTKER, Henry Anton Jos. 30 Jul 1866 11m 24d Schnittker, Frederich Not listed, Catharina
SCHOBERT, Frieda Maria 15 May 1925 2w Schobert, Conrad Not listed, Frieda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, George 18 Jun 1896 4m Schobert, George PERVIS, Julia
SCHOBERT, John 6 Apr 1944 74y Schobert, John  ZAHN, Kunigunda KERN, Louise Walnut Hill Born 8 Apr 1870; died suddenly*
SCHOBERT, Julia 18 Jan 1903 29y Schobert, George
SCHOBERT, Katharina 16 Dec 1920 46y Schobert, George Mascoutah, IL
SCHOBERT, Louise 29 Dec 1930 58y KERN, John KURTZ, Frances Schobert, Johann Walnut Hill
SCHOBERT, Lucille A. 26 Jul 1922 3m Schobert, Theodore GABEL, Frieda Green Mount
SCHOBERT, Oscar (Louis*) 21 May 1947 59y 8m Schobert, George STRUBE, Elizabeth SCHEIBEL, Clementine Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 8 Nov 1887*)  Found drowned
SCHOE, Theodora 22 Oct 1870 7m Schoe, Niclas Not listed, Catharina
SCHOEMACHER, Margaret 1 Oct 1866 9m Schoemacher, Michael SPINDELER, Maria
SCHOEN, Alois 16 Aug 1854 Schoen, Alois PFIL, Rosa Born 24 May 1854
SCHOEN, Barbara 4 Dec 1920 62y Schoen, Michael Green Mount
SCHOEN, George 21 Sep 1942 55y 6m Schoen, Michael PFIEFER, Barbara LANG, Mary (Deceased) Green Mount Born 21 Mar 1887*
SCHOEN, Laurent 3 Nov 1896 2y Schoen, Michael PFEIFFER, Barbara
SCHOEN, Mary 2 Feb 1923 36y Schoen, George Green Mount
SCHOEN, Michael 24 Aug 1931 75y Schoen, Joseph PFEIFER, Barbara Green Mount
SCHOENBEIN, Henry 18 Mar 1860 2y 8d Schoenbein, Thomas ROMEIS, Maria Anna
SCHOENBORN, Cecilia J. 12 Jun 1918 9m Schoenborn, Nic. MADER, Veronica Green Mount
SCHOENBORN, Veronica 27 Mar 1918 35y Schoenborn, Nicholas Green Mount
SCHOENBRON, Peter Alfred 17 Jan 1908 3m Schoenbron, Nicholas MADER, Veronica
SCHOENHOFEN, Adela 27 Oct 1914 41y Schoenhofen, William Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1925 55y Schoenhofen, Peter Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Elizabeth (Widow) 24 Nov 1905 72y COURAR, Not listed Schoenhofen, Mathias (Deceased)
SCHOENHOFEN, Lucy 1 Oct 1946 60y 3m SCHNIPPER, George MEYER, Margaret Schoenhofen, William &  Joseph HERZOG Walnut Hill Born 29 Jul 1886*
SCHOENHOFEN, Margaret 29 Jun 1919 18y Schoenhofen, Peter WIMMER, Elizabeth Green Mount
SCHOENHOFEN, Mary 13 Dec 1950 LUDWIG, Benedict Walnut Hill Born 10 Jun 1877
SCHOENHOFEN, Peter 11 Nov 1940 71y 10m Schoenhofen, Peter WIMMER, Not listed & Mary LUDWIG Walnut Hill Born 16 Jan 1869*
SCHOENHOFEN, William 28 Aug 1933 55y 10m SCHNIPPER, Lucy Walnut Hill
SCHOENSTEIN, George 29 Nov 1857 2y Schoenstein, Xavier Not listed, Maria
SCHOENSTEIN, John 10 Jul 1884 5d Schoenstein, Philipp
SCHOENSTEIN, John 3 Oct 1916 62y Schoenstein, Xavier Not listed, Maria Green Mount
SCHOENSTEIN, Maria 7 Dec 1899 74y Schoenstein, Xavarier
SCHOENSTEIN, Mary 24 Jun 1939 78y 3m MOTT, William Not listed, Minnie Schoenstein, Philip Mt. Carmel Born 19 Mar 1861*
SCHOENSTEIN, Philipp 23 Jan 1930 69y MOTT, Minnie Mt. Carmel Was killed in coal mine
SCHOENSTEIN, Xavier (Widower) 12 Mar 1903 79y Schoenstein, Ignatius BILL, Francis THILL, Maria (Deceased)
SCHOFFLER, Francis Jacob 27 Mar 1877 62y
SCHÖNBORN (Schoenborn), Anna __ 10 Aug 1881 1d Schoenborn, Friederich Not listed, Margaret
SCHONDER, Anna M. 19 Jan 1917 55y Schonder, John Green Mount
SCHONDER, Augustin 29 Sep 1865 21d Unknown Schonder, Margaret
SCHONDER, Frank J. (Divorced; widower)* 21 Feb 1941 60y 11m Schonder, John OESTERLE, Anna DOYLE, Nellie (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 1 Mar 1880 in Belleville*
SCHONDER, John A. 15 Jun 1928 70y OESTERLE, Anna
SCHONDER, John A. 15 Jun 1928 70y OESTERLE, Anna Duplicate entry
SCHÖNHERR (Schoenherr), Maria Victoria 23 Aug 1872 1y Schoenherr, Mathias Not listed, Louisa
SCHOP, Not listed 27 Jul 1849 40y St. Peter
SCHOPP, Louisa 29 Nov 1907 49y WEIHAUPT, Not listed Schopp, Henry
SCHOPP, Magdalena 26 Nov 1902 31y SCHWARZENBACH, Frederick STAUDER, Maria Schopp, Henry
SCHOUDER, Carl John 18 Aug 1882 1d Schouder, John OESTERLE, Anna
SCHOUDER, Margaret (Widow) 7 Jan 1896 64y Schouder, Conrad (Deceased)
SCHRADER, Alexander 22 Apr 1860 7y
SCHRADER, Gustave A. F. 7 Oct 1947 72y 4m Schrader, Henry E. WINTER, Louise MUELLER, Katherine M. Green Mount Born 7 Jun 1875*
SCHRADER, Katherine 6 Jan 1953 77y* (MULLER*) Schrader, Gustave Green Mount Born 10 Jan 1875
SCHRAUT, Anton 30 Oct 1858 3m Schraut, Joseph Not listed, Maria
SCHRECK, Anna 25 Aug 1867 1y 4m Schreck, Simon DIENSTLER, Francisca
SCHRECK, Carl 24 Aug 1864 8m Schreck, Simon DIENSTLER, Francisca
SCHRECK, Elizabeth 25 May 1892 Schreck, Simon DINZLER, Francisca Born 25 Mar 1870
SCHRECK, Henry 8 Feb 1866 4y Schreck, Simon DRENTLER, Francisca
SCHRECK, Henry 7 Aug 1935 67y 9m Schreck, Simon DINGLER, Frances HOPFINGER, Anna Green Mount Died at Desloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO.
SCHRECK, Ida Maria 1 Mar 1873 1y 5m SCHRICK, Simon Not listed, Francisca
SCHRECK, Joseph 23 Aug 1894 72y Schreck, Mathias Not listed, Eva
SCHRECK, Laura 22 Sep 1883 7m Schreck, Not listed
SCHRECK, Simon 17 Mar 1894 Schreck, Mathias Not listed, Eva DINZLER, Francisca Born 11 May 1829 in Deidesheim
SCHREINER, Peter 9 Apr 1889 64y Schreiner, Peter (Deceased) Not listed (Non-Catholic) City Cemetery
SCHREMPH, William 11 [Jul] 1849 47y
SCHRICK, Simon John 13 Oct 1873 5m SCHRICK, Simon Not listed, Francisca
SCHRODI, Christina 21 Jan 1901 72y BUX, Not listed Schrodi, John Green Mount
SCHRODI, Emma 8 Jun 1896 6d Schrodi, Otto DAGNE, Maria
SCHRODI, Emma 1 Mar 1903 44y THURS, Not listed Schrodi, Louis
SCHRODI, John 11 Jan 1903 80y Schrodi, Anton Not listed, Christina
SCHRODI, Joseph 25 May 1888 10d Schrodi, Otto THUM, Elizabeth
SCHRODI, Louis 19 Apr 1891 18m Schrodi, Louis THURS, Anna Born 18 Dec 1890
SCHROEDER, Johanna 6 Feb 1938 92y 1m ZIEHNERT, Henry FRITCHLER, Barbara Schroeder, Henry Eilert (Deceased)* Walnut Hill Born 31 Jan*
SCHROERS, Maria 4 Jan 1923 45y Schroers, Peter Green Mount
SCHROERS, Peter 14 Apr 1917 17y Schroers, Peter MADAIN [?], M. Green Mount Killed in W. Frankfort
SCHROLL, Carl 9 Sep 1872 2m Schroll, John Not listed, Rosina
SCHROLL, Sister M. Sallsia 28 Aug 1935 52y 1m Schroll, Jacob SENNFELD, Elizabeth Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
SCHUCK, Appolonia 27 Jul 1858 10m
SCHUCK, Catharina 3 Jul 1865 7m 12d Schuck, Nicholas MEYER, Catharina
SCHUCK, Catharina 17 Apr 1890 71y MIEHL, Not listed Born 17 Dec 1819 in Herscheim, Bavaria
SCHUCK, Francisca 4 Jan 1854 40y
SCHUCK, Hasper 29 Dec 1861 52y Schuck, Peter
SCHUCK, Jacob 5 Jan 1854 15y
SCHUCK, John 2 Jan 1854 8y
SCHUERMANN, Christian 12 Jul 1899 46y Green Mount From St. Libory.  Died in the County Farm
SCHUESSEL, Catharina (Widow) 30 Mar 1909 75y HERZING, Not listed Schuessel, Joseph (Deceased)
SCHUESSEL, Joseph Anton 19 May 1900 66y Schuessel, Joseph
SCHUETTER, Carl Louis 4 Aug 1890 4m Schuetter, George ELBLE, Maria
SCHUETZ, Carolina Elizabeth 23 Jan 1912 8d Schuetz, Peter FOELKEL, Emilia Walnut Hill
SCHUETZ, George 2 Feb 1901 81y Schuetz, Thomas Not listed, Juliana GONDOLF, Margaret
SCHUETZ, John Thomas 1 Dec 1900 54y Schuetz, George Not listed, Margaret BRAUER, Catharina
SCHUETZ, Margaret (Widow) 15 Feb 1907 75y Schuetz, George
SCHUETZ, Mary 20 Jun 1928 72y MARXER, Not listed Schuetz, John Walnut Hill
SCHUETZ, Mary 20 Jun 1928 72y MARXER, Not listed Schuetz, John  Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
SCHUETZ, Nicolaus (Widower) 31 Aug 1888 82y Not listed, Regina (Deceased)
SCHUETZ, Not listed 23 Mar 1928 73y Unknown Unknown Walnut Hill Died in the County Farm.  Duplicate entry
SCHUETZ, Philipp Christian 4 Jun 1863 9d Schuetz, Nicholas STEIN [?], Regina
SCHUHMACHER, Margaret 3 Aug 1863 3m Schuhmacher, Michael Not listed, Anna M.
SCHULE, Augusta 22 May 1886 60y Schule, Francis
SCHULTE, Anna 9 Jun 1929 BAEHR, Not listed Schulte, August Green Mount
SCHULTE, Ben 10 May 1948 63y 1m Schulte, Gerhard KORTE, Anna DUST, Rose Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1885*
SCHULTEISS, Charlotta 21 Oct 1859 68y Schulteiss, Francis
SCHULTHEIS, Francis 10 Jul 1871 82y ENSINGER, Carolina (Deceased)
SCHULTZ, Adrian 6 Jul 1861 5d Schultz, Martin Not listed, Barbara
SCHULTZ, Joseph 28 Mar 1928 73y Unknown Unknown Walnut Hill Died in the County Farm
SCHULTZ, Not listed 8 Jul 1862 3d Schultz, Martin Not listed, Barbara
SCHULZ, Francis Michael 29 Jan 1892 Born in 1839. [Year is overwritten]
SCHULZ, Louis 17 Jul 1889 Schulz, William A. (Adoptive father) Born 3 Apr 1889.  Born to George Hahn & Gertrude Kalkbrenner (Deceased)
SCHUMACHER, Catharina 12 Apr 1881 28y Schumacher, Carl
SCHUMACHER, Johann 18 Jul 1864 14d Schumacher, Michael SPENDER, Maria
SCHUMACHER, Michael 1 Sep 1867 13d Schumacher, Michael SPENDLER, Maria
SCHUMERT, Anna Maria Catharina 25 Apr 1891 Born 20 Dec 1820 in Ankum, Hannover
SCHUMERT, Anton 5 Feb 1874 45y
SCHUMERT, Catharina 17 Nov 1843 22y
SCHUMERT, Catherine Gertrude 20 Feb 1933 79y 4m Schumert, Anthony PILLISING, Anna Mary Walnut Hill
SCHUMERT, Josephina 27 Apr 1877 17d Schumert, Valentin Not listed, Louisa
SCHUMERT, Louisa 11 Oct 1891 LOBSINGER, Not listed Schumert, Valentin Born 16 Jul 1848 in France
SCHUMERT, Nicholas 28 Dec 1849 1m
SCHUMMERT, Eleonora 8 May 1909 24y Schummert, Valentin LOBSINGER, Louisa
SCHUMMERT, Infant 23 Jun 1852 Infant
SCHUMMERT, Valentin 21 Dec 1921 72y Green Mount
SCHÜRMANN (Schuermann), Joseph 20 Aug 1858 52y Not listed, Maria Elizabeth
SCHUSSEL, Rosina 24 Mar 1862 2y 7m Schussel, Joseph HERZING, Catharina
SCHÜSSLER (Schuessler), Anna 31 Dec 1871 1y 4m Schuessler, Joseph Not listed, Catharina
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Albert Otto 22 Nov 1876 1m Schuetz, George Not listed, Augusta
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Emma 27 Jul 1884 1y Schuetz, John
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Juliana 7 Dec 1883 20m Schuetz, John
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Maria Elizabeth 17 Feb 1860 2y 11m Schuetz, Nicholas STERN, Regina
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Regina Maria 4 Mar 1860 5y 1m 16d Schuetz, Nicholas STERN, Regina
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Regina Maria 13 Jul 1879 61y  Schuetz, Nicholas
SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Walter Theodore 9 Dec 1882 5w Schuetz, George SCHOBERT, Augusta
SCHUTZ, John 15 Aug 1886 8m  Schutz, John  MAURER, Maria
SCHWAEBEL, Elizabeth 29 Jan 1927 Schwaebel, Michael
SCHWAEGEL, August Fred 12 Jun 1944 69y 2m Schwaegel, Karl REINHARDT, Regina KUBURECK, Theresa Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1875*
SCHWAEGEL, Rudolph 11 May 1947 36y 10m Schwaegel, John LINDNER, Cordula SCOTT, Mildred Smithton Catholic Born 25 Jul 1910*
SCHWALB, Louisa 6 Jan 1948 85y 5m STARK, Freed LAUER, Elizabeth Schwalb, Fred Walnut Hill
SCHWARTZ, Anton 2 Oct 1859
SCHWARTZ, Anton 10 Mar 1920 73y Walnut Hill From Sedalia, MO
SCHWARTZ, Balbina 30 Jan 1884 40y Schwartz, Not listed
SCHWARTZ, Emma G. 3 Mar 1918 64y Schwartz, Anton Walnut Hill From Sedalia, MO
SCHWARTZ, Joseph 25 Jan 1871 49y SCHAUP, Maria
SCHWARTZ, Joseph  16 Mar 1947 85y Schwartz, Engelbert BLEICH, Catherine Green Mount (St.  Philip’s Church Cemetery*) Born 15 Mar 1862*  Died suddenly
SCHWARTZ, Joseph P. 16 Nov 1937 64y 3m Schwartz, Phil BUGGER, Barbara MILLER, Mathilda Green Mount Born 23 Jul 1873*
SCHWARTZ, Maria 22 Jul 1868 4m Schwartz, Henry MEYER, Josephina
SCHWARTZ, Maria 11 Mar 1920 80y Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Mathilda 5 Jul 1935 61y MILLER, Joseph AMMEL, Eva Schwartz, Joseph Green Mount
SCHWARTZ, Not listed 1 Feb 1867 5d Schwartz, Engelbert PLIESCH, Anna Catharina
SCHWARTZ, Zachary 27 Jan 1937 78y 2m Schwartz, Engelbreth LEISCH,  Catherine St. Philip in French Village
SCHWARZ, Eleonora Susanna 9 Apr 1888 5y Schwarz, August KURZ, Anna
SCHWARZ, Emilia 26 Feb 1921 79y Schwarz, Anton Green Mount
SCHWARZ, Francis 29 Dec 1904 74y BLEISCH, Maria
SCHWARZ, Landers Severin 23 Feb 1917 2d Schwarz, Franzis Not listed, Lucina Green Mount
SCHWARZ, Louisa (Widow)* 1 Nov 1939 65y 8m KOESTERER, Jacob FIEDLER, Mary Schwarz, August H. (Deceased)* St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 1 Mar 1874*
SCHWARZ, Maria Magdalena 17 Sep 1845 5m Blessed Mary in Prairie du Long
SCHWARZ, Walter 2 Aug 1956 Schwarz, Henry ZINK, Katherine ZAHN, Margaret Green Mount Born 7 Apr 1896.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SCHWARZENBACH, Friederich (Widower) 5 Apr 1899 69y STAUDER, Margaret (Deceased)
SCHWARZENBACH, Margaret 1 May 1894 STAUDER, P. Not listed, M. Schwarzenbach, Frederick Born 28 Feb 1838 in Belleville
SCHWARZTRAUBE, Margaret 7 Aug 1898 50y Schwarztrauber, Jacob Died in St. Louis
SCHWARZTRAUBER, Henry 2 Jan 1925 62y MARTIN, Barbara Mt. Carmel Baptized on death bed.
SCHWEBEL, Johann 7 Oct 1860 9d Schwebel, Johann FROMENT, Maria
SCHWEBEL, Maria Anna 4 Nov 1860 38y FROMENT, Nicholas Schwebel, Johann
SCHWEIGARDT, Appolonia 3 Aug 1864 6m Schweigardt, George HERTEL, Catharina
SCHWEIGARDT, Eva Helena 5 Aug 1864 3y Schweigardt, George HERTEL, Catharina
SCHWEIKARDT, Catharina 17 Oct 1878 71y Schweikardt, Joseph Francis (Deceased)
SCHWEIKART, Catharina 18 Jan 1888 68y Schweikart, Anton
SCHWEIKHARDT, Donatus [?] 12 Jul 1877 18y Schweikhardt, Anton Not listed, Catharina
SCHWEIKHARDT, Eugene 14 May 1874 28y Schweikhardt, Anton Not listed, Catharina
SCHWEIKHARDT, Joseph 29 Feb 1872 68y MOSER, Catharina
SCHWIST, Anna Maria 15 Aug 1855 56y
SCHWOEBEL, Katharina 22 Dec 1859 12y Schwoebel, John LEONHARD, Maria Died 21 Dec 1859
SCOTT, Michael 7 Feb 1867 26y  Scott, Not listed
SCOTT, Rachard 15 Aug 1866 24y 9m Scott, John DIVINE, Catharina
SCRIER, Anna 25 Aug 1860 1y 5d Scrier, Mathias STEIN, Elizabeth
SCUDDER, Albert 22 Aug 1953 Scudder, Edward LEVELY, Mary SAR, Eva Marissa, IL Born 11 Sep 1883.  Died in Alton State Hospital
SCWARTZ, Maria 24 Jul 1863 5m 12d Schwartz, Francis PLEISCH, Maria
SEDDON, Mary 16 Jul 1879 5m Seddon, Henry Not listed, Hannah
SEEGER, Francis 17 Nov 1885 73y Seeger, Henry LANG, Eva
SEEGER, Margaret 30 Nov 1887 65y Seeger, Francis
SEGER, Edwin 28 Jan 1950 Seger, Anton Not listed, Sophie REEB, Edna Green Mount Born 1 Sep 1891
SEGER, Michael 29 Apr 1902 64y Seger, Michael HOPFINGER, Sybella
SEGER, Roland 2 Nov 1952 Seger, Edwin REEB, Edna Green Mount Born 24 Feb 1933.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SEHLINGER, Edward 11 Mar 1943 60y 8m Sehlinger, Anton FAUST, Louisa FRIEDERICH, Anna Green Mount Born 27 Jun 1882*
SEHLMAN, John 19 Mar 1846 2y
SEHR, Jacob 6 Sep 1925 94y Green Mount
SEIB, Eleanor 30 Jul 1949 61y 11m Seib, George Valhalla Born 12 Aug 1887*
SEIBERT, Stephen 27 Oct 1953 Seibert, Joseph BRETCH, Caroline BECKER, Emma Green Mount Born 19 Aug 1889
SEIDELM, Peter Joseph 22 Nov 1882 2w Seidelm, Catharina
SEILER, Adam 22 Nov 1862 10m 10d Seiler, Johann BIBER, Catharina
SEILER, Edward 3 Jul 1942 80y 1m Seiler, Louis HEINZ, Mary MILLER, Maggie Green Mount Born 19 May 1862*
SEILER, Isidore Charles 21 May 1884 6m Seiler, Charles
SEILER, John 31 Oct 1871 3y Seiler, John BÜLER (Bueler), Catharina
SEILER, Jos. Christina 22 Jul 1848 Born 20 Mar 1848
SEILER, Katharina (Widow) 17 Feb 1917 89y Seiler, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
SEILER, Louis 29 Nov 1916 64y Seiler, Louis JESSEL, Maria Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital as Janitor
SEILER, Mary 27 Dec 1929 58y Seiler, George WEAVER, Catherine Green Mount
SEILER, Philip 4 Sep 1949 74y 2m Seiler, Philip RUEDIGER, Christine Walnut Hill Born 10 Jul 1875; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
SEILMANN, Margaret (Widow) 14 Aug 1851 30y REEB, Not listed Seilmann, Alois (Deceased)
SELINGER, Anna Maria 1 Aug 1888 6d Selinger, Jacob LUCAS, Dora
SELINGER, Elizabeth 22 Sep 1873 18y Selinger, Jacob
SELINGER, Maria 21 Sep 1873 1d Selinger, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth
SEMRAN, Albert 23 Aug 1917 45y SCHNIERBACH, Maria Green Mount
SEMRAN, Francis 8 Jul 1912 6y Semran, Albert Green Mount
SEMRAN, Infant 2 May 1909 Semran, August Not listed, Anna Private Baptism
SEMRAN, Martin 10 May 1909 76y SCHMIDT, Wilhelmina
SEMRAN, Wilhelmina 20 Mar 1900 45y SCHMIDT, Not listed Semran, Martin
SEMRAU, Joseph 17 Aug 1946 32y 1m Semrau, Albert SCHMIERBACH Green Mount Born 1 Jul 1914*  Sudden death by electrocution.
SENN, Elizabeth 3 Jan 1884 60y Senn, John
SENN, Magdalena 24 Aug 1903 82y KISSELBRECHT, Gabriel Senn, John
SENSEL, Paul 7 Apr 1877 2y 6m Sensel, Andrew Not listed, Maria
SENZEL, Andrew Francis 13 Aug 1891 20d Senzel, Anna [See record]
SENZEL, Elizabeth Magdalena 12 Mar 1879 5w Senzel, Andrew Not listed, Maria
SENZEL, Theresa 13 Mar 1878 10d Senzel, Andrew OSTERBAUER, Maria [Lenzel?]
SERIER, Maria 27 Jun 1876 4m Serier, Mathias Not listed, Elizabeth
SERTH, Emil 10 Oct 1940 66y Serth, Henry REICHERT, Louisa TRENTMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount (St. Joseph in Freeburg. IL)* Born 12 Sep 1874 & died at St. Elizabeth Hospital*
SHALE, Michael 31 Dec 1845 21y
SHANAHAN, Thomas 15 Nov 1905 76y COLLINS, Maria
SHANUEL, Anton 14 Sep 1850 7m 10d
SHANUEL, Norma Mary 3 Sep 1953 Schanuel, Hovis EWALD, Catherine Green Mount Born 1 Feb 1940.  Died in St. Clement Hospital in Red Bud, IL
SHEA, Patrick 8 Sep 1854 35y
SHEA, Thomas 27 Apr 1956 Shea, Thomas J. MCLAUGHLIN, Mary DAVIS, Monica Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jun 1897.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SHEPPARD, Catherine 18 Jan 1929 78y SEIDELMAN, Not listed Sheppard, John Green Mount Died in a St. Clair County hospital
SHERIDAN, William 22 Jun 1930 58y BRAKEFIELD, Daisy Walnut Hill
SHILLING, Anton 2 May 1869 2y 25d Schilling, Jacob SCHUMERT, Magdalena
SHINDLER, Samuel B. 20 Jul 1844 1y 6m 21d St. Peter
SICHROWSKY, Joseph 17 Apr 1859 3y Sichrowsky, John Not listed, Katharina Died 16 Apr 1859
SICK, Aloysius 4 May 1871 1w SIGG, Thaddeus DERBER, Catharina
SICKMANN, Theodore 14 Sep 1885 79y
SIDLER, Anna 18 Oct 1865 22y CLEMENS, Not listed Sidler, Joseph
SIEBERT, Aloysius 16 Oct 1860 62y Siebert, Not listed STEBLER, Maria
SIEBERT, Infant 1 Aug 1852 Infant Siebert, A. KNOSPE, A. Born 26 May 1852
SIEBERT, Magdalena (Widow) 25 Mar 1925 72y Siebert, William (Deceased) Green Mount
SIEBERT, Mary 26 Jun 1849 21y St. Peter
SIEBERT, Teresa 28 Aug 1846 49y Siebert, Aloysius
SIEBOLD, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1944 61y 11m DIDENHOEFER, Henry STRAUSEL, Magdalen Siebold, Henry Holy Cross in French Village
SIECHMANN, Margaret  (Widow) 10 Jul 1897 Siechmann, Not listed (Deceased)
SIEDLER, Christofer 10 Mar 1865 21y Siedler, Joseph SIGRIST, Magdalena
SIEDLER, Francis 5 Jan 1865 34y Siedler, Joseph SEGRIST, Margaret
SIEKMAN, Wilhelm 17 Nov 1868 38y
SIEMER, Anna Maria 29 Sep 1879 8y Siemer, Herman Not listed, Catharina
SIERAKOWSKI, Anna 8 Jul 1912 34y Sierakowski, Stanislaus Green Mount
SIEVERT, George 18 Mar 1850 3m
SIGG, Francis Anton 25 Nov 1865 4m Sigg, Anton MESK, Josepha
SILBER, Anastasia 3 Mar 1873 2y Silber, Joseph Not listed, Magdalena
SILBER, Elizabeth 5 Sep 1871 11m Silber , Joseph Not listed, Magdalena
SILBER, Magdalena 6 Mar 1873 34y Silber, Joseph
SILBERER, Catharina 7 Aug 1867 3m 2d Silberer, Joseph WETZEL, Magdalena
SILBERER, Victor 12 Jul 1860 8m 4d Silberer, Joseph WETZEL, Magdalena
SILK, Anna 20 Oct 1873 1m Silk, Peter Not listed, Anna
SILTMANN, Maria Anna 15 Dec 1864 3y 14d Siltmann, William Not listed, Maria Anna
SILVENER, John 21 Jul 1872 8m Silvener, Joseph Not listed, Magdalena
SILVER, Joseph 10 Mar 1873 9y Silver, Joseph Not listed, Magdalena
SIMON, Catharina 4 Jul 1877 39y Simon, Philipp
SIMON, Josephina 3 Aug 1891 24y ALDERICH, Not listed
SIMON, Mary 29 Nov 1930 56y BRADLEY, Daniel LUNCH, Mary Simon, John Non-Catholic Green Mount
SIMON, Michael 6 Jun 1845 32y
SIMONEAU, John Baptist 17 Mar 1872 48y Not listed, Margaret
SIMONENS, Michael 29 Aug 1903 Simonens, Bernard KURZ, Maria
SINDEL, Elisa 23 Feb 1872 20y Sindel, John Not listed, Margaret
SINDEL, Johann George 1 Aug 1864 7y Sindel, Johann Not listed, Margaret
SINDEL, John 17 May 1949 Sindel, John HAGEN, Margaret HASENSTAB, Anna Green Mount Born 7 Sep 18__
SINDEL, Margaret (Widow) 16 Jul 1902 72y Sindel, John (Deceased)
SINS, Carl 15 Mar 1897 3y Sins, Peter DICKHAUT, Bertha
SINS, Peter 26 Aug 1914 56y DICKHAUT, Bertha Green Mount
SINTEL, Carolina 27 May 1880 4m Sintel, Andrew Not listed, Andrea Maria
SIPPEL, Johanna 6 Sep 1931 72y GRIEB, Not listed Sippel, Peter Walnut Hill
SISK, Infant 17 Jan 1944 8d Sisk, Harold BRAUN, Marcella Green Mount Born 9 Jan 1944*  Baptized  & died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
Sister Eutychia [?] 24 Oct 1873 27y
SITO, Herman 25 Dec 1846 2y 4m Sito, Francis ZINK, Josephina
SKARINSKY, John 17 Jan 1951 Green Mount Born 15 Sep 1880
SKARZINSKI, Peter 12 Sep 1931 23y Skarzinski, John Not listed, Anna Green Mount
SLAVIN, Patrick 16 Jul 1937 68y 11m Slavin, John CONELLY, Mary MAYER, Nora Green Mount Died in the County Farm
SLAYER, Elizabeth 4 Jan 1943 81y 9m LUCASH, Joseph CROSS, Elizabeth Slayer, Henry Freeburg, IL
SLAZER, Henry J. 7 Sep 1944 88y 9m Slazer, John VIRGIERS, Anna LUCASH, Elizabeth 9Deceased*) St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 1 Jan 1856*
SMITH, Elizabeth 2 Nov 1940 86y 5m MATHEWS, William SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth Smith, Thomas Green Mount Born 22 May 1854*
SMITH, Frank L. 23 Apr 1927 60y Unknown Unknown Green Mount
SMITH, Herman Walter 11 Mar 1898 7w Smith, Hugh (Non-Catholic) ESCH, Veronica
SMITH, Joseph 11 Jan 1850 2y
SMITH, Veronica 27 Mar 1898 20y ESCH, Carl HERRMANN, Barbara Smith, Hugh
SMITHJOHNS, Joseph 14 May 1872 3.5y Smithjohns, Daniel Not listed, Margaret
SMOCKE, Infant 3 Aug 1856 3h Smocke, John Joseph St. Peter
SMOYVER, Peter 20 Apr 1907 18y Died in the County Farm
SNYDER, Ada Jones 28 Oct 1938 68y 2m JONES, C. W. FITZSIMMONS, Mary Ada Green Mount Born 8 Sep 1870 in Pensacola, FL*
SNYDER, Adelaide 14 May 1881 78y Snyder, Adam W. (Deceased)
SNYDER, Andrew 13 Mar 1918 54y KIEFER, Ida Walnut Hill Divorced from Ida.  Buried in his mother’s grave.
SODAM, Georgia 20 Jan 1903
SODAM, Paulina 14 Oct 1896 3m Sodam, George CHANALLA, Maria
SODAM, Pauline 23 Jul 1900 1w Sodam, George HAMOLA, Maria
SODAM, Raymond 2 Feb 1929 2y Sodam, Joseph KEMPF, Theresa Green Mount
SOMMER, Anna Maria 27 Oct 1894 STOEKL, J. Not listed, M. Sommer, Peter Born 4 Sep 1817
SOMMER, John 16 Feb 1852 Sommer, Peter STOEKLE, Michaelis Born 3 Feb 1852
SOMMER, John Baptist 4 Aug 1853 Sommer, Peter STOECKLE, Michaelis Born 31 Jan 1853
SOMMER, Joseph 20 Jul 1854 Sommer, Peter STOECKLE, Maria Born 22 Apr 1854
SOMMER, Joseph 18 Jul 1855 Sommer, Peter STOCKLE, Maria Born 7 Jul 1855
SOMMERS, George 19 Nov 1948 53y 11m Sommers, Michael KRAMER, Anna Not named Green Mount
SONNENBERG, Thomas Henry 29 Jul 1946 44y 6m Sonnenberg, Christ. FENWICK, Bessie BIGGINS, Sally Mt. Carmel Born 18 Jan 1902*
SONNTAG, Coletta 17 Mar 1900 13m Sonntag, Edward HERZLER, Anna
SONNTAG, Raymund 30 Apr 1911 13y Sonntag, Edward HERZLER, Anna Green Mount
SONTAG, Anna 24 Jan 1956 HERZLER, Jacob WEIBEL, Chrescentia Sontag, Edward (Deceased) Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1867.  Died in Miami, FL
SONTAG, Cornelius Nicolaus Joseph 27 Jul 1906 3m Sontag, Edward HERZLER, Anna
SONTAG, Edward A. 12 May 1949 Sontag, Nicholas KLOCK, Mary A. HERZLER, Anna * Green Mount Born 1 Jan 1863; died in Miami, FL
SONTAG, Silvester Edward Joseph 26 Jul 1906 3m Sontag, Edward HERZLER, Anna
SORG, Anna Barbara 4 Sep 1878 11y 6m Sorg, Edward WELSCH, Christina
SORGMAN, Matthew 9 Jun 1929 71y KORDT, Mary Green Mount
SORGMANN, Frances 16 Jan 1920 8y Sorgmann, Matthew KORDT, Mary Green Mount Child was hunch back
SORGMANN, Maria 16 Oct 2019 49y Sorgmann, Matthew Green Mount
SORGMANN, Mathias 12 Aug 1953 Sorgmann, Matt KOROT, Mary Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1890.  Died in Detroit, MI hospital
SORKACH, John 11 Sep 1954 Not listed, Michael MAGEERN [?], Mary Calvary in Springfield, IL Born 14 Jan 1895
SOUY, martin 1 Sep 1845 2m
SOYER, Joseph 7 Jul 1907 80y Not listed, Maria
SPACHER, Magdalena 23 Dec 1886 26y HUSCHLER, Not listed Not listed, Catharina Spacher, Alois
SPAETH, Joseph 28 Jan 1899 Died in the County Farm
SPEICHINGER, Lorenz* 22 Jan 1945 Speichinger, Andrew KNOEBEL, Ludwina WALKER, Elizabeth Millstadt Born 27 Mar 1863*
SPEIDEL, Maria Rosa 3 Aug 1863 11y Speidel, Rapert DAENER, Ludwina
SPENGLER, Julius 21 Nov 1927 43y Spengler, Jacob MOERGEN, Bernardine Mt. Carmel
SPERANDIS, Joseph John 18 Aug 1887 7m Sperandis, Ignatius TUBA, Margaret
SPIES, Hugo 15 Jul 1952 Spies, Edward RUDOLPH, Theresa Green Mount Born 1 Jul 1906.  Died in Barnes Hospital
SPIES, Theresa 7 Jan 1949 74y 5m RUDOLPH, George STARK, Christina Spies, Edward Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1874*
SPINDLER, Anna Maria 30 Nov 1896 86y Spindler, Nicolaus
SPINDLER, Henry 5 Feb 1948 70y 11m Spindler, Adam HARZY, Margaret MEYER, Louise Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1877*
SPINDLER, John Michael 3 Sep 1854 4y
SPINDLER, Louise 14 Mar 1945 64y 8m MEYER, Anton CLAPP, Elizabeth Spindler, Henry Green Mount Born 15 Sep*
SPINTER, Nicolaus 15 Sep 1856 50y KALB, Anna Maria
SPRECHER, Rosa 23 Feb 1942 74y 1m BOSSLER, Anton Not listed, Marie Sprecher, Albert (Deceased)* Walnut Hill Born 24 Jan 1868 at Saurburg, Alsace Lorraine, France*
SPRINZ, Agnes 20 Nov 1903 30y Sprinz, Anton PROBST, Agnes Died in St. Louis
SPRINZ, Agnes (Widow) 8 Jan 1906 67y PROBST, Not listed Sprinz, Anton (Deceased)
SPRINZ, Anna 12 Jun 1872 6d Sprinz, Anton Not listed, Agnes
SPRINZ, Anton 3 Jul 1905 70y Sprinz, Conrad Not listed, Catharina PROBST, Agnes
SPRINZ, anton 31 Mar 1923 56y HERZOG, Maria Green Mount
SPRITZ, Magdalena 11 Sep 1850 63y
STACK, Catharina (Widow) 31 Dec 1895 68y Stack, John (Deceased)
STADEL, Victoria 8 Aug 1871 66y STADDEL, John (Deceased)
STAEDDIN (Staehlen [?]), Elizabeth 12 Oct 1854 20y
STAEDELIN, Hellena 4 Sep 1855 17y
STAFFERDT [?], Catharina (Widow) 1 Sep 1849 73y
STAHMER, Daniel 14 Jul 1888 81y SAUER, Catharina Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
STAINE, Patrick 18 Oct 1865 3y 9d Staine, Patrick ROOBOTHEN, Rachel
STAMMER, Anna 24 Feb 1870 4m Stammer, John Not listed, Eva
STAMMER, Clara 9 Dec 1876 44y Stammer, Joseph
STAMMER, Daniel 19 May 1860 9y 1m Stammer, Daniel SRUER, Catharina Appears in Nov 1860 entries
STAMMER, John 10 Nov 1890 83y MELLE, Clara
STAMMER, Margaret (Widow) 29 Dec 1908 ADAM, Jacob CORDIE, Maria
STAMMER, Theresa 11 Sep 1861 6y Stammer, Joseph
STANECK, Vitus 10 Feb 1902 86y Died in the County Farm
STARCK, John George 25 Jun 1872 3m Starck, John Not listed, Barbara
STARK, Amelia 3 Sep 1920 Stark, Jacob Green Mount
STARK, Anna 1 Jan 1904 42y HONEK, Julius BISCHOF, Eva Stark, Francis
STARK, Elizabeth 25 Sep 1866 11m Stark, George ZOELAGE, Louisa
STARK, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1867 14y Stark, Francis LAUER, Elizabeth
STARK, Elizabeth 25 Jul 1871 18m Stark, George Not listed, Louisa
STARK, Elizabeth 9 Apr 1878 27y 5m Stark, Francis Not listed, Elizabeth
STARK, Elizabeth 17 Feb 1892 BITZ, Not listed Born 10 Aug 1820 in Germany
STARK, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1892 LAUER, Not listed Born 1 Nov 1827 in Germany
STARK, Elizabeth B. 4 Jun 1931 21y Stark, John EISENHAUER, Elizabeth Green Mount
STARK, Francis 19 Jun 1878 60y 1m 4d Not listed, Elizabeth
STARK, Francis 24 Mar 1881 76y LAUER, Elizabeth
STARK, Francis 14 Feb 1906 46y HAUCK, Anna Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
STARK, Frank 8 May 1926 43y GROTT, Clara Green Mount
STARK, Fred (Widower)* 23 Oct 1940 81y 9m Stark, John ROTH, Katherine WIEBERT, Katherine (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 6 Jan 1859*
STARK, George 20 Jul 1875 4m Stark, Jacob Not listed, Anna
STARK, George 22 Feb 1886 Stark, Philipp RESCH, Johanna Born 13 Feb 1886
STARK, George 24 Feb 1893 Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa Born 13 Jul 1888
STARK, George 11 Dec 1901 65y Stark, Francis Not listed, Elizabeth ZULAUF, Louisa
STARK, George Philipp 1 Feb 1877 7m 28d Stark, Friederich BRENNER, Anna
STARK, George Stephan 16 Jan 1880 2m Stark, Stephan SCHMIDTLING, Margaret
STARK, Jacob 13 May 1870 18y 6m Stark, Francis Not listed, Elizabeth
STARK, Jacob 8 Jun 1924 50y HAECKER, Eve [?] Mt. Carmel
STARK, Johann 10 Oct 1867 23y 7m 28d Stark, Francis BITZ, Elizabeth
STARK, John 24 Dec 1876 50y Not listed, Catharina
STARK, John (Widower*) 15 Mar 1944 66y 1m Stark, George ZULAUF, Louisa EISENHAUER, Elizabeth (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1878*
STARK, Joseph 11 Feb 1862 4y 6d Stark, Carl DERFLER, Anna
STARK, Joseph 8 Mar 1864 Stark, Johann ROTH, Catharina
STARK, Katherine 27 Dec 1939 79y 9m WEIBERT, Frank KERHER, Not listed Stark, Fred Walnut Hill Lately of Augustine, FL
STARK, Louisa (Widow) 2 Apr 1913 72y Stark, George (Deceased) Green Mount
STARK, Magdalena 10 Aug 1875 11m Stark, John Not listed, Barbara
STARK, Margaret 24 May 1889 30y SCHMITTLING, Joseph FROMANN, Magdalena Stark, Stephan Died in St. Louis, MO
STARK, Margaret Elizabeth 3 Feb 1878 12h Stark, Elizabeth [See record]
STARK, Maria 15 Aug 1872 1m Stark, Martin Not listed, Maria
STARK, Maria 15 Feb 1878 18y Stark, Philipp
STARK, Maria 5 Jun 1880 22y Stark, Frank Not listed, Elizabeth
STARK, Michael 19 Sep 1865 14d Stark, Francis BETZ, Elizabeth
STARK, Peter 21 Oct 1952 OESTERLE, Catherine Green Mount Born 24 Nov 1875.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
STARK, Stephen 6 Jan 1941 87y 1m Stark, John ROTH, Catherine RAEDER, Minnie Walnut Hill Born 15 Dec 1853 in Belleville*
STARNICK, Maria 7 Jul 1900 83y Died in the County Farm
STAUBER, Ottilia 14 Nov 1885 6w Stauber, Andrew MILLER, Anna
STAUDER, Adam 7 Oct 1870 9m Stauder, Nicholas Not listed, Eva
STAUDER, Adam 31 May 1904 64y HASENSTAB, Elizabeth
STAUDER, Adam  21 Dec 1848 69y
STAUDER, Adam August 2 Sep 1861 1y 6m 5d Stauder, Peter SCHMIDT, Catharina
STAUDER, Alma Olivia 22 May 1902 3w Stauder, Julius MINOR, Maria
STAUDER, Anna Thecla 27 Dec 1863 2y 3m Stauder, Nicholas SCHMIDT, Anna M.
STAUDER, Catharina 2 Apr 1920 83y Green Mount
STAUDER, Clara 25 Jul 1849 15y
STAUDER, Edward Henry 3 Feb 1871 21m Stauder, Peter Not listed, Catharina
STAUDER, Elizabeth 29 Nov 1868 8y 10m 3d Stauder, Jr., Nicholas SCHMITT, Maria Anna
STAUDER, Francis 29 Jun 1862 11y 7m Stauder, Nicholas HELFERICH, Catharina
STAUDER, Francisca 18 Sep 1861 1y Stauder, Adam MOSBACHER, Maria
STAUDER, Gustav 26 Nov 1868 7y 7m Stauder, Nicholas HELFRICH, Catharina
STAUDER, Infant 4 Dec 1847 Infant
STAUDER, Infant 30 Oct 1857 5d Stauder, Nicholas Not listed, Catharina
STAUDER, Jacob 13 Feb 1947 88y Stauder, John Adam MOSBACHER, Mary Elizabeth Never married Walnut Hill Born 6 Jul 1858*
STAUDER, John 22 Jul 1849 40y
STAUDER, John 9 Sep 1925 64y DORNBACH, Amelia Green Mount
STAUDER, John Wendelin 5 Nov 1859 59y BRAUN, Margaret Died 4 Nov 1859
STAUDER, Joseph Leo 23 Jun 1892 Stauder, John Wendelin LILLY, Rosa Born 2 Feb 1886 in St. Louis, MO
STAUDER, Julius 22 May 1917 53y MINOR, Maria Green Mount
STAUDER, Katharina 17 Dec 1859 Stauder, Adam MASSBACHER, Maria Born 16 Sep 1859 & died 16 Dec 1859
STAUDER, Katharina (Widow) 12 Dec 1915 92y Stauder, Nicholas Green Mount From Celina, OH
STAUDER, Louis 1 Dec 1864 5y 11m Stauder, Nicholas HELFRICH, Catharina
STAUDER, Magdalena 10 Sep 1861 54y KLANIG, Not listed Stauder, Johann
STAUDER, Margaret 24 Jun 1930 89y PORTER, Not listed Stauder, Adam Green Mount
STAUDER, Maria 16 Oct 1892 RING, John SCHMITT, Anna Stauder, Adam Born 1 Mar 1839
STAUDER, Maria Anna 24 Sep 1864 26y 7m 15d SCHMIDT, Anton KAISER, Elizabeth
STAUDER, Maria Christina 10 Dec 1863 3m 20d Stauder, Michael SCHMIDT, Anna Maria
STAUDER, Maria E. (Widow) 14 May 1920 89y Stauder, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
STAUDER, Maria Elizabeth 11 Oct 1879 5y 18d Stauder, Peter SCHMIDT, Catharina
STAUDER, Mary E. 12 Feb 1946 82y 6m MINOR, Alonzo ESSENMACHER, Mary Stauder, Julius Green Mount Born 13 Aug 1863*
STAUDER, Michael 29 Jan 1848 14y 8m
STAUDER, Nicolaus 31 Mar 1882 65y Not listed, Catharina
STAUDER, Not listed 22 Jul 1849 5y
STAUDER, Not listed (Widow) 14 Jan 1863 56y Stauder, Wendelin (Deceased)
STAUDER, Peter 5 Dec 1913 76y SCHMIDT, Catharina Green Mount
STAUDER, Raymond L. 26 Nov 1956 Stauder, Julius MINOR, Mary REEB, Bertha & GRAU [?] Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1896
STAUDER, Virginia [Elizabeth*] 24 Apr 1936 Stauder, Raymond BACHINGER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1925
STAUDER, Wilhelm 4 Dec 1844 2y 4m Stauder, Wendelin
STAUFENBÜHL (Staufenbuehl), Theresa 1 Feb 1916 45y Staufenbuehl, Francis ENGELMANN, Franziska Walnut Hill
STEDELIN, Joseph 18 Mar 1854 42y
STEELE, Richard 8 Feb 1948 84y 3m Steele, Richard DOWD, Maria HARTY, Sabina Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 15 Nov 1863*
STEFFEL, Goerge 17 Jan 1889 Steffel, Jacob NEUMANN, Helena
STEFFEN, Joseph 25 Feb 1881 5y Steffen, Jacob HOUMANN, Lena
STEGEMEYER, Francis X. 6 May 1848 37y
STEGER, Gottfried 4 Sep 1878 8m 3d Steger, Simon ITTENSOHN, Theresa
STEGER, Maria Katharina 20 Feb 1878 1m 7d Steger, Simon TOTENSOHN [?], Theresa
STEGER, Maria Theresa 10 Jul 1879 6m 10d Steger, Simon Not listed, Theresa
STEGER, Stephan 3 Feb 1873 6w Steger, Simon Not listed, Theresa
STEGMAIER, Amilia 6 Apr 1886 2y 2m Stegmaier, Gottlob RODEMAIER, Maria
STEGMAYER, Elizabeth (Widow) 23 Nov 1898 69y Stegmayer, George
STEGMEIER, Anna M. 16 Mar 1874 86y Stegmeier, Joseph (Deceased)
STEGMEIER, Catharina 6 Jul 1882 82y Stegmeier, Xavier (Deceased)
STEGMEIER, Joseph 8 Jun 1870 78y
STEGMEYER, George 19 Jul 1865 54y Stegmeyer, Joseph BROWN, Rosalia
STEGMILLER, Wilhelmina (Widow) 24 Mar 1925 92y Stegmiller, Valentin (Deceased) Green Mount
STEGMÜLLER (Stegmueller), Valentin 29 Oct 1889 63y KEHLENBRINK, Wilhelmina Born 4 Nov 1823 in Reichenbach, Wurtemberg
STEHLICK, Joseph 9 Jan 1891 5m Stehlick, Joseph BABEEK, Anna
STEHLICK, Mathilda 12 Apr 1956 THOM, Andrew BECKER,  Not listed Stehlick, Frank J. Green Mount Born 24 Oct 1877
STEIDENBERGER, Adam 14 Sep 1853 6m
STEIERT, William 6 Jul 1936 57y 8m Steiert, Peter LEMP, Theresa SCHANUEL, Elizabeth [Elsie*] Green Mount Born 16 Oct 1878*
STEIGEMEYER, Carl George 19 Mar 1854 Steigemeyer, George SIEBURT, Elizabeth Born 16 Oct 1853
STEIGEMEYER, Not listed 18 Sep 1849
STEIGERT, Eva (Widow) 14 Mar 1889 84y STENGERICH, Not listed Steigert, Not listed
STEIGERWALT, Cristofer 6 Dec 1857 1y Steigerwalt, Adam Not listed, Elizabeth
STEINER, Aloysius 10 [Jul] 1849 3m
STEINER, Louisa 25 Mar 1933 84y 3m Steiner, Charles HAUSEM, Helena Mt. Carmel
STEINER, Theresa 7 [Jul] 1849 49y
STEINWAGNER, Andrew 17 Feb 1916 78y HEINRICH, Maria Green Mount
STEINWASSER, Anna Apolonia 28 Sep 1843 4m
STEINWASSER, Anna Elizabeth 9 Jul 1848 Born 24 Jan 1847
STEINWASSER, Anton 15 Jul 1888 23y Steinwasser, John KEUCHER, Magdalena Died in Memphis, TN
STEINWASSER, Catharina 1 Sep 1849 Born 25 Aug 1849.
STEINWASSER, Catharina 16 Sep 1854 Steinwasser, John GEIGER, Magdalena Born 24 Jan 1854
STEINWASSER, Infant 4 Jan 1851 Infant Steinwasser, G. Walnut graveyard
STEINWASSER, John 13 Sep 1856 15m Steinwasser, John Not listed, Magdalena
STEINWASSER, John 14 Aug 1887 71y
STEINWASSER, Magdalena 24 Jul 1859 9m Steinwasser, John Not listed, Magdalena
STEINWASSER, Magdalena 26 Jan 1887 62y Steinwasser, John
STEINWASSER, Not listed 18 Jul 1849 1y
STEINWASSER, Not listed 11 Mar 1853
STEL, John 18 Apr 1889 12d Stel, Joseph PORECHETE, Anna
STELICK, Anna 27 Jul 1869 8m Stelick, Wenseli [Wenceslaus] GERMANN, Maria
STELLIG, Rosa 17 Nov 1884 51y She had a family
STEMMER, Christian 25 Aug 1891 Born 17 Feb 1917 in Tirol, Vorarlberg
STEMMER, Regina (Widow) 7 Sep 1898 74y BATTLOGG, Not listed Stemmer, J. (Deceased)
STENGER, Elmer 22 Nov 1920 22y Stenger, Joseph HERR, Elizabeth Green Mount Died in France during World War.  Body shipped 2 years later.
STENGER, Joseph A. 7 Feb 1934 70y  Stenger, John C. KNECHT, Cunigunda HERR, Elizabeth Green Mount
STENGER, Mary Elizabeth 9 Feb 1936 74y 5m HERR, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Stenger, Joseph A. Green Mount Born 2 Oct 1862*
STENITZER, Maria 7 Apr 1910 3m Stenitzer, Ignatius JUG, Maria Green Mount
STENZLE, Emil 16 Jul 1872 4m Stenzle, Fidel Not listed, Catharina
STEREIT, Theresa (Widow) 9 Dec 1905 70y LAUF, Not listed Stereit, Peter (Deceased)
STERNAU, John H. 28 Jul 1925 4y Sternau, Walker SCHOENBORN, Maria Green Mount
STERNAU, Walter N. 25 Jul 1947 39y 11m Sternau, Adolph BARTELHEIM, Anna SCHOENBORN, Mary Elizabeth Green Mount Born 17 Aug 1897;  had been living on a farm in St. Michael’s Paderborn*
STETZNER, Asella 7 Apr 1937 41y 8m BOSSLER, Michael BRANDMEYER, Othile Stetzner, Frank Green Mount Born 27 Aug 1895*
STEUBER, Henry 22 Dec 1891 Steuber, Andrew MILLER, Anna Born 3 Mar 1869.  Died in the Orphan Asylum.
STICKA, Catherine 4 Apr 1956 ROTH, John Not listed, Mary Sticka, John (Deceased) Green Mount Born 2 Jan 1881
STICKA, John 21 Aug 1907 72y BLAWAT, Josephina
STICKA, John 22 Mar 1928 69y ROTH, Catherine Green Mount
STICKA, John 23 Mar 1928 69y ROTH, Catherine Green Mount Duplicate entry
STICKA, Joseph 1 Dec 1918 18y Sticka, John ROTH, Catharina Green Mount Died of Influenza.  Buried from Bux’s Parlor
STICKA, Josephina (Widow) 10 Nov 1919 80y BLAWATT, Not listed Sticka, John (Deceased) Green Mount
STICKA, Theresa 2 Jun 1942 66y 7m Sticka, John BLAVAT, Josephine Green Mount Born 2 Nov 1875*
STICKA, Wenceslaus 23 Aug 1896 31y Sticka, John BLAWOTT, Josephina
STIEBE, Anna Barbara 28 Dec 1872 5w Stiebe, Peter Not listed, Barbara
STIEF, Bertha 31 Jul 1941 82y 3m LOOS, Frederick Stief, Joseph Green Mount Born 27 Apr 1859*
STIEF, Joseph 3 Sep 1936 79y 5m Unknown Unknown LOUIS, Bertha Walnut Hill Born 19 Mar 1857*
STIEFVATER, Cecilia 4 Dec 1871 60y Stiefvater, John
STIEFVATER, John 2 Jan 1872 81y Stiefvater, Cecilia (Deceased)
STIER, Elizabeth 15 Sep 1882 1y 9m Stier, Jacob (Adoptive father) HERZOG, Carolina
STIER, Jacob 18 May 1890 Stier, Jacob HERZOG, Catharina Born 1 May 1890
STIER, Jacob 4 Aug 1923 77y HERZOG, Caroline Green Mount
STIES, John (Widower, from Bohemia) 7 Oct 1859 46y Sties, Albert Not listed, Anna Not listed, Anna (Deceased) Died 6 Oct 1859
STIFF, Francis Joseph 27 Sep 1891 Stiff, Francis LOS, Bertha Born 1 Jul 1889
STIFF, John 20 Sep 1898 Stiff, Joseph LOOS, Bertha
STIKA, Joseph 13 Jul 1879 7m STICKA, John Not listed, Josephina
STOCK, Maria Rosa (Widow) 11 Jan 1889 80y ÖHLING (Oehling), Nicholas Stock, Anton (Deceased) Died in Ridge Prairie, Caseyville Township.
STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Anton 14 Feb 1890 Born 24 Oct 1855 in St. Clair County.
STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Joseph 29 Aug 1858 9m Stoeckel, Valentin Not listed, Margaret
STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Juliana 18 Jul 1873 58y Stoeckel, Michael
STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Maria 2 Mar 1894 SCHARFENBERGER, Conrad Not listed, Ursula Stoeckel, George Born 17 Sep 1834
STOCKEL, Carl 17 Oct 1868 13d Stockel, Valentin DAMARICH, Margaret
STOCKELE, Joseph Anton 19 Mar 1849 Stockele, G. Michael Born 21 Feb 1849
STOCKER, Anton 9 Mar 1855 21y
STÖCKLE (Stoeckle), Catharina 10 Mar 1885 24y She had a family
STOCKMANN, Frederick (Twin) 28 Sep 1901 1y Stockmann, Carl RICKERT, Theresa
STOCKMANN, Margaret 10 Jan 1889 1y Stockmann, Carl RICKERT, Theresa
STOCKMANN, Theresa 29 Oct 1889 Stockmann, Carl RICKERT, Theresa Born 1 Sep 1889
STOCKMANN, Wilhelmina (Twin) 28 Sep 1901 1y Stockmann, Carl RICKERT, Theresa
STOECKEL, Andrew 8 May 1884 66y Stoeckel, John
STOECKEL, Joseph W. 9 Jun 1948 84y 3m Stoeckel, George Not listed, Maria MAROD, Charlotte Green Mount Born 22 Feb 1863*
STOECKL (Widower) 28 Oct 1904 70y SCHERFENBERG, Maria (Deceased)
STOECKLE, Infant  15 Mar 1859 Stoeckle, Michael BECK, Juliana Born 14 Mar 1859; not baptized
STOECKLE, John 27 Nov 1883 32y Stoeckle, Michael
STOECKLE, Valentin 16 Sep 1886 26y STOCKLE, George SCHARFENGER, Maria
STOEKEL, Jacob 7 Oct 1868 2d Stoekel, Valentin DAMARICH, Margaret
STOELZLE, Fidel 14 Jun 1888 70y MOLITOR, Catharina born MEIER Walnut Hill
STOFFEL, Elizabeth 30 Nov 1938 73y 5m BAUER, Alex FEDERER, Johanna Stoffel, August Walnut Hill
STOKES, Maria Josepha 6 Aug 1881 2m Stokes, Joseph Not listed, Maria
STOKES, Michael 5 Sep 1938 73y 7m Stokes, William Calvary in St. Louis, MO
STOLL, Mary 24 Aug 1953 KOSPERICK, Philip Not listed, Anna STOHL, Joseph St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 13 Aug 1870
STOLTZ, Jacob Rud. 19 Sep 1865 2m 5d Stoltz, William DEMERLL, Elizabeth
STOLTZ, Margaret 24 Dec 1857 54y Stoltz, Francis
STOLTZ, Mary E. 10 Aug 1939 72y DORN, Joseph PAFF, Elizabeth Stoltz, Ubaldo J. Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1867 in Belleville*
STOLTZ, Ubaldo Joseph 17 Jan 1941 73y 8m Stoltz, Charles SCHELNINGSAUER [Schlernitzauer?], Elizabeth DORN, Mary Green Mount Born 27 May 1867.*  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital in East St. Louis, IL
STÖLTZLE (Stoeltzle), Anna 6 Apr 1868 1y 2m 12d Stoeltzle, Fidelis KEIGER, Catharina
STOLTZLE, Emalia 19 Nov 1864 2y 10m 18d Stoltzle, Fidelis Not listed, Catharina
STOLZ, Carolina 3 Jul 1846 Stolz, Francis  EHRHART, Margaret Born 7 Nov 1845
STOLZ, Eugenia 30 Oct 1888 35y LOUIS, Joseph KLOCH, Eugenia Stolz, Louis
STOLZ, Francis 9 Nov 1873 42y 8m Not listed, Bernardina
STOLZ, Maria 19 Feb 1895 Stolz, Louis LOUIS, Eugenia Born 2 Jan 1875
STOLZ, Olivia Wilhelmina 8 Jul 1874 1y 19d Stolz, Carl Not listed, Elizabeth
STOLZE, Joseph 9 Mar 1873 66y Not listed, Margaret (Deceased)
STÖLZLE (Stoelzle), Athur 30 Aug 1878 1d Stoelzle, Anton SCHWIND, Amalia
STOPF [Hopf?], Johanna 25 Jan 1893 Born 21 Feb 1819
STOUDER, Catharina 26 Dec 1849 4y
STOUDER, John 14 Jan 1850 12m
STOUT, Rosalia Gabriela 7 Oct 1893 54y Stout, Jacob ANDREWS, Maria Anna 
STRASBAUGH, Wayne Eugene 13 Jan 1931 1y 2m Strasbaugh, Ardie BUCHMANN, Aurelia Non-Catholic Walnut Hill
STRAUBINGER, John 2 Aug 1911 45y Straubinger, Benedict Mt. Carmel in St. Louis [See record]
STRAUBINGER, Raymund 14 Sep 1902 8m Straubinger, John REEB, Elizabeth
STRAUBINGER,Joseph 9 Mar 1903 4d Straubinger, Joseph REEB, Elizabeth
STRAUBINGER. Elmar Conrad 21 Aug 1907 7d Straubinger, John REEB, Elizabeth
STRECK, Eleanore 28 Mar 1944 53y  GUBSER, Adolph JOHN, Amelia M. Streck, Adolph Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1891*
STRECK, Melvin 10 Feb 1927 6m Streck, Adolph GUBSER, Elinor Green Mount
STREICHART, Theresa 23 Mar 1875 26y Not listed, Amanda
STREICHER, Theresa Margaret 13 Mar 1876 3y 3m Streicher, Amand Not listed, Theresa
STREICHERT, Carl Edward 7 Aug 1876 17m Streicher, Amand Not listed, Theresa (Deceased)
STREIDENBERGER, John 22 Aug 1853 Streidenberger, Andrew MAUL, Margaret Born 22 Jan 1851
STRICHER, John 30 Dec 1943 91y 2m Stricher, Anton BOVA, Catherine BUECHLER, Emma Walnut Hill Born 3 Mar 1852*
STRUPP, Louis 13 Oct 1888 27y Strupp, David
STRUPP, Theresa 27 Sep 1868 9d Strupp, David STREHLER, Elizabeth
STUART, David T. 24 Apr 1944 57y 7m Stuart, William CUSIC, Mary LIENHARDT, Olga Green Mount
STUART, Leo 25 Aug 1929 8y Stuart, William DOLLS, Mary E. Green Mount
STUART, Mary Ann 18 Dec 1929 80y CUSICK, Not listed Stuart, William Harry Green Mount
STUART, Rita Marie 5 Oct 1943 24y 4m Stuart, David LIENHARDT, Olga Green Mount Born 23 Jun 1919 in Cincinnati, OH*
STUART, Sophie B. 24 Oct 1956 STERLE, Andrew GRBAC, Julia Stuart, Charles Walnut Hill Born 12 Apr 1910 in Yugoslavia.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
STUART, Vivian 26 Aug 1949 54y Stuart, William CUSIK, Mary HOLMES, Catherine Green Mount
STUART, William G. 23 Jan 1938 44y 11m Stuart, William CUSICK, Mary DOER, Ethel May Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1893*
STUDER, Joseph 23 Feb 1885 54y He had a family
STUEMPLER, Bernard 18 Jan 1945 82y 3m Stuempler, Henry LINGER, Helena OTTEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 7 Oct 1862 in St. Libory*
STUEMPLER, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1939 77y 3m OTTEN, Herman WINKLER, Mary Gertrude Stuempler, Bernard Green Mount Born 31 Mar 1862*
STUMPF, Catharina 23 Apr 1875 14d Stumpf, Julius Not listed, Catharina
STUMPF, Catharina 25 Apr 1875 75y Stumpf, Julius (Deceased)
STUMPF, Elizabeth 4 Jul 1873 1d Stumpf, Julius Not listed, Catharina
STUMPF, Henry 8 Feb 1872 2y Stumpf, Michael Not listed, Magdalena
STUMPF, John 19 Jul 1873 3m Stumpf, Julius Not listed, Catharina
STUMPF, Joseph Gottlieb 14 Jan 1884 19y Stumpf, John Michael
STUMPF, Michael 11 Jan 1892 Born in Rengershausen, Würtemberg
STUMPH, Hugo Adolph 31 Aug 1869 2y 20d Stumph, Michael SCHWAB, Magdalena
STUPPE, Christian [Appears after 26 Oct & before 10 Nov 1863]
STÜRK (Stuerk), Maria 12 Sep 1867 62y
SULLIVAN, Anna 15 Jan 1872 27y Sullivan, Timothy
SULLIVAN, John Joseph 26 Jul 1883 10m Sullivan, Jeremiah ROACH, Helena
SULLIVAN, Margaret 19 May 1879 43y Sullivan, Timothy
SUNDHEIM, George 6 Jan 1851 51y Walnut graveyard
SWITALA, Catherine 30 Oct 1954 EISENHAUER, Philip Not listed, Gertrude Switala, Stephen Green Mount Born 14 May 1885
SWITALA, Stephen 6 Dec 1949 Switala, Frank Not listed, Anna EISENAUER, Catherine Green Mount Born 10 Jan 188_


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