Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials (R – Sa)

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Burials ( R – Sa  )

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RABO, Maria Anna 23 Apr 1859 34y Rabo, Nicholas Not listed, Magdalena (Deceased) Died 22 Apr 1859
RABO, Mrs. Magdalena 21 Aug 1854 59y PETIGEAN, Not listed Rabo, Not listed
RABO, Nicolaus (Widower) 3 Jan 1890 Rabo, Anton REMI, Anna Born 17 Jan 1792
RAENK, Catharina 16 Sep 1852 7y
RALPH, Patrick J. 2 Jan 1930 65y MERKER, Bessie Walnut Hill
RAMPENDAHL, Anna M. 6 Aug 1867 3m 18d Rampendahl, Frederick SCHAEFER, Susanna
RAMPENDAHL, Helena Catharina 26 Jul 1867 1y Rampendahl, William SCHAEFER, Helena
RAMPENDAHL, Susanna 26 May 1868 28y Rampendahl, Frederick
RAMPENTHAL, Friederich 26 Jul 1889 Rampenthal, William SCHÄFER (Schaefer), Helena Born 4 Feb 1860
RAMPENTHAL, Helena (Widow) 27 Jan 1904 77y SCHAEFER, Not listed Rampenthal, William (Deceased)
RAMPENTHAL, Susanna 9 Aug 1863 1y 3m Rampenthal, William SCHAEFER, Helena
RAMSTETTER, Margaret Elizabeth 26 Jan 1851 3y 2m [Age is best guess]
RANDECKER, Joseph Johan 27 Jul 1862 2m 2d Randecker, Johann HUGG, Theresa
RANDECKER, Theresa 8 Jan 1873 55y  Randecker, John
RANPENDAHL, Maria L. 20 Jul 1868 2m 4d RAPENDAHL, Frederich SHERER, Susanna
RAPP, Anna Maria 27 Feb 1845 27y 10m
RAPP, Barbara 23 Nov 1935 65y 9m BUECHLE, Leopold ERNST, Helena Rapp, Gregor Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1872*
RAPP, Caroline 24 Feb 1946 81y 6m AMBEY, John Not listed, Mary Rapp, Philip Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 28 Aug 1864*
RAPP, Charles 29 Mar 1941 77y 2m Rapp, Charles QUIRIN, Christine ADLER, Anna Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1864 in Paderborn*
RAPP, Christina (Widow) 22 Dec 1916 82y Rapp, Carl Mt. Carmel
RAPP, Esther Maria 9 Mar 1903 4m Rapp, Henry REIS, Elizabeth Died in St. Louis
RAPP, Gregor 13 Apr 1946 70y 1m Rapp, Jacob HERZOG, Gertrude BUECHLE, Barbara Green Mount Born 6 Mar 1876 in Paderborn, IL.*
RAPP, Ignatius 30 Aug 1938 27y Rapp, Charles ADLER, Anna Green Mount
RAPP, Jacob 2 Oct 1851 27y
RASP, Francis Adolph 10 Oct 1886 Rasp, Joseph KLEESATTEL, Magdalena
RASP, Maria 19 Jul 1858 10m Rasp, Martin Not listed, Veronica
RAU, Regina 1 Dec 1863 2y 1m 5d Rau, Michael GAIN, Maria Eva
RAU, William 27 Mar 1869 1m 3d Rau, Michael GAIN, Maria Eva
RAUK, Maria 8 Jul 1867 2y Rauk, George BAUER, Maria
REAKA, Lester E. 29 Sep 1946 20y 10m Reaka, William BECHERER, Adeline Green Mount Born 8 Dec 1925*  ‘Burned to death when auto left the road.  (When he slept at the wheel?)
REBENSDORF, Henry 22 Oct 1874 18m REBENSDORFER, Henry Not listed, Sophia
REBHAN, Elizabeth 20 Nov 1951 GUNDLACH*, Jacob ACKER, Christine Rebhan, George Green Mount Born 18 Jan 1859
REBHAN, George 22 Oct 1917 61y GUNDLACH, Elizabeth Green Mount
REBLINGER, Mathias 26 Jul 1883 6m Reblinger, Peter Not listed, Magdalena
REBSTOCK, Veronica 3 Feb 1937 70y Green Mount From Rheinland, Germany
RECKMANN, Theresa 8 Oct 1935 69y 7m Reckmann, William WUEBBELS, Theresa Green Mount Born 2 Mat 1866*
REDDEN, Katherine 20 Jun 1956 KASTEL, Michael EITZENHOEFER, Mary Redden, William Green Mount Born 13 May 1890
REDERSHEIMER, Elizabeth 23 Oct 1860 7m Redersheimer, Johann RIES, Gertrude
REDESHEIMER, Herman 1 Oct 1888 17m Redesheimer, Michael TRENT, Helena
REDLE, Anna Maria 9 May 1847 30y
REEB, Adela 6 Oct 1898 8y Reeb, William HERR, Margaret
REEB, Adolph 29 Dec 1901 7y Reeb, II, Peter KLEMPKE, Maria Louisa
REEB, Adolph 8 Oct 1905 24y Reeb, Nicholas (Deceased) EHRSTEIN, Maria HELFRICH, Carolina
REEB, Alfred Carl 26 Nov 1910 3m Reeb, Peter SCHILDROTH, Anna Green Mount
REEB, Alma 20 May 1892 Reeb, John STRAUBINGER, Maria Born 10 May 1892
REEB, Aloys 21 Jan 1952 Reeb, Peter GUCKEMUS, Mary MOLITOR, Martha Green Mount Born 7  (9*)Jan 1904.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REEB, Andrew 1 Apr 1873 50y Not listed, Elizabeth
REEB, Anna 1 Oct 1888 9y Reeb, Jr., Peter KLEMKE, Elizabeth
REEB, Anna 26 Aug 1900 28y PALE, Not listed Reeb, Peter
REEB, Anna Angela Maria 20 Jan 1875 18m Reeb, Victor EHRSTEIN, Catharina
REEB, August 31 Mar 1873 3m Reeb, Andrew Not listed, Elisa
REEB, Barbara 4 Aug 1849 11y 6m
REEB, Caroline Louisa 5 Jun 1938 67y WEBER, Peter NEOHR (Mohr?)*, Bertha Reeb, Conrad Green Mount Born 1 Nov 1871*
REEB, Catharina 29 May 1855 Reeb, Jacob GEORG, Margaret Born 26 Apr 1855
REEB, Catharina 12 Jul 1868 1y 7m Reeb, Johann  Not listed, Elizabeth
REEB, Catharina (Widow) 10 Jul 1897 68y Reeb, Christian (Deceased)
REEB, Catharina (Widow) 13 Feb 1920 80y Reeb, Nic (Deceased) Green Mount
REEB, Charles 9 Nov 1940 44y 6m Reeb, Peter GUGGENWEIS, Mary GRAU, Bertha Green Mount Born 14 May 1896*
REEB, Christian [Appears in May 1880 entries]
REEB, Conrad 16 Jul 1860 1y 2m Reeb, John
REEB, Cyrill Bartholomew 26 Aug 1906 7w REEB, Peter KAUB, Amanda
REEB, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1855 42y
REEB, Elizabeth 25 Jan 1885 53y Reeb, Peter
REEB, Emma 10 Feb 1868 22d Reeb, Nicholas ERSTEIN, Catharina
REEB, Frederick R. 28 Aug 1919 3m Reeb, Frederick MOEHRL, Clara Green Mount
REEB, Frieda 5 Mar 1956 MEYER, Henry SCHANZ, Louisa Reeb, Philip N. Green Mount Born 17 Feb 1884
REEB, George 24 Sep 1886 Reeb, Nicholas KIHN, Maria Born 11 Apr 1883
REEB, Henry 20 Sep 1857 Reeb, Christian Not listed, Catharina Died 19 Sep 1857
REEB, Hilda 18 Mar 1949 55y GRAESSER, Philip WICK, Rosa Reeb, Peter Walnut Hill Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REEB, III, Peter 18 Oct 1926 69y GUGGEMANN, Mary Green Mount
REEB, Infant 24 May 1847 nb Reeb, Nicholas Baptized privately.
REEB, Infant 17 Jul 1848 nb Reeb, Christian ROMEIS, Catharine Baptized privately.
REEB, Jacob 11 Feb 1872 45y Not listed, Margaret
REEB, Jacob 12 Apr 1916 45y FRIEKE, Magdalena Green Mount
REEB, John 15 Aug 1899 33y GORGES, Emma From East St.Louis
REEB, John 30 Jan 1929 70y STRAUBINGER, Mary Green Mount
REEB, Joseph 1 Oct 1891 Reeb, Peter KUKEMUS, Maria Born 16 Jul 1882.  Died in a railroad accident
REEB, Jr., John 25 Oct 1930 2y Reeb, John GRAU, Amelia Green Mount
REEB, Luella M. 27 Apr 1890 Reeb, William HERR, Margaret Born 16 Nov 1890 (sic)
REEB, Magdalena 23 Aug 1855 14y 6m
REEB, Magdelina 5 Oct 1955 CLAUBER, John FASSELMANN, Catherine Reeb, Valentine Green Mount Born 26 Jan 1867.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
REEB, Margaret 13 Aug 1849 4y 2m
REEB, Margaret 19 Jul 1875 75y Reeb, Peter (Deceased)
REEB, Margaret 16 Jul 1927 60y Reeb, William Green Mount
REEB, Margaret 29 Jul 1936 71y 8m FRIESS [Fuess*], William SCHOPP, Mary Reeb, Phil. Green Mount Born 16 Nov 1864*
REEB, Maria 19 Jan 1864 2y 4m Reeb, Jacob GORG, Margaret
REEB, Maria 29 Mar 1900 24y Reeb, Nicholas (Deceased) EHRSTEIN, Catharina Died in Chicago
REEB, Maria Elizabeth 5 Aug 1881 1m 9d Reeb, Peter GUY, Elizabeth
REEB, Martha 13 Feb 1932 23y MOLITOR, Franz SCHROEDER, Mary Reeb, Aloys Green Mount
REEB, Mary 24 Sep 1934 64y 11m STRAUBINGER, Benedict Not listed, Mary Reeb, John Green Mount
REEB, Mary Elizabeth (Widow)* 14 Dec 1942 82y 5m KLEMKE, John HERTEL, Louise Reeb, Peter (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 14 Jul 1860*
REEB, Mary T. 27 Sep 1927 67y Reeb, III, Peter Green Mount
REEB, Michael 12 Aug 1851 1y
REEB, Nicolaus 24 Jan 1860 41y
REEB, Nicolaus 15 Aug 1898 59y EHRSTEIN, Catharina
REEB, Peter 11 Oct 1859
REEB, Peter 8 Feb 1916 43y KAUB, Amanda Green Mount
REEB, Peter (Widower) 12 Feb 1909 73y RUST, Elizabeth (Deceased)
REEB, Phil. 19 Mar 1863 9y Reeb, Jacob GEORGE, Margaret
REEB, Philip 29 Sep 1916 54y FUESS, Margaret Green Mount
REEB, Philip (Dominic*) 16 May 1945 63y 8m Reeb, Peter GUGUMOR, Mary MEYER, Frieda Green Mount Born 29 Oct 1881*
REEB, Philipp 21 Oct 1855 5y
REEB, Philipp 28 Jun 1864 9m Reeb, Andrew HART, Wilhelmina
REEB, Philipp Michael 25 Jan 1870 58y  Not listed, Elizabeth (Deceased)
REEB, Sr., Conrad 28 Sep 1948 80y 1m WEBER, Caroline Green Mount Born 22 Nov 1867*
REEB, Sr., Peter 19 Dec 1925 79y KLEMPKE, Mary Green Mount
REEB, Valentine 16 Aug 1942 78y 7m Reeb, Peter RUST, Elizabeth GLAUBER, Magdalena Green Mount Born 8 Jan 1864*
REEB, William 19 May 1919 54y HERR, Margaret Green Mount
REGAN, John 18 Jan 1953 75y* Green Mount Born Mar 1877.  Died in County Hospital
REGENSBERGER, Beatrice 26 Apr 1938 42y 10m HOFFMANN, John RAUGGLIE, Helen Regensberger, William Mt. Carmel Born 29 May 1895*
REGNERS, Margaret 24 Dec 1940 86y 4m FUCHS, Conrad NIEREN (Niesen)*, Margaret Regners, Henry Green Mount Born 26 Sep 1854 & died in St. Louis*
REGNIER, Walter Aloysius 16 Apr 1946 14y 9m Regnier, Walter PORTUONDO, Isabelle Walnut Hill From Lincoln, IL.  Mental invalid since birth.  Died in Chicago, IL
REHM, Anna Maria (Widow) 30 Nov 1903 72y Rehm, Caspar (Deceased)
REHM, Caspar 7 Jan 1880 62y BRAUNWARDT, Maria Anna
REHM, Maria Anna 2 Aug 1869 57y BAUER, Not listed
REHM, Mary 10 Mar 1933 60y 4m Rehm, Casper BRAUNWORTH, Mary Ann Walnut Hill
REICH, Maria Louisa 5 Aug 1865 2m 6d Reich, William PEISCH, Sabrina
REICHERT, Amanda 5 Aug 1849 1y 3m
REICHERT, Benjamin William 13 Dec 1931 52y 5m Reichert, George FRIEDLANDER, ida SCHROEDER, Alma Walnut Hill
REICHERT, Ida T. 6 Jan 1935 77y 8m FRIEDLANDER, William DAVIS, Mary Reichert, George St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 2 May 1857*
REICHERT, Mary 22 Jul 1918 39y Reichert, Herman Mt. Carmel
REIDENBACH, John 13 Dec 1881 15m 2d Reidenbach, John MEYER, Eva
REILLY, John 1 Apr 1876 48y
REIME, Frank Joseph 31 May 1942 75y 4m REIME, Paul FRAENZEL, Paulina ZIMMERMANN, Josephine Green Mount Born 6 Feb 1867 in Saxony;  member of Third Order St. V. de P Holy Name*
REIME, Josephine 27 May 1951 ZIMMERMANN, Max Not listed, Mary Reime, Frank Green Mount Born 20 Dec 1866.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIME, Paulina 18 Oct 1921 82y Reime, Paul Green Mount
REIMES, Benno 3 Oct 1892 Reimes, Paul FRÄNZEL (Fraenzel), Paulina Born 23 Feb 1873.  Died in Hancock, MI
REIMINGER, Anna 19 Feb 1887 6y Reiminger, Anton Not listed, Francisca
REINBOLD, Genefeva 2 Jul 1849 6y
REINBOLD, George 28 Jun 1849 36y
REINBOLD, John 19 Aug 1849 60y
REINBOLD, Rosalia  11 Sep 1849 9y
REINBOLT, Louisa 23 May 1851 7y
REINE, Paul 24 Jan 1933 93y 6m Reine, Joseph HEIDRICH, Christina FRENZEL, Pauline Green Mount
REINIGER, Anton 9 Nov 1931 81y Reiniger, Joseph BENZ, Magdalena WALZ, Frances Green Mount
REINIGER, Francis [Frances] 5 Jun 1928 77y Reiniger, Anton Green Mount
REINIGER, Francis [Frances] 5 Jun 1928 77y Reiniger, Anton Green Mount Duplicate entry
REININGER, August 2 Jun 1947 67y 11m Reininger, Anton WALZ, Francis Green Mount Born 14 Jun 1879*
REIS, Adelaide 10 Dec 1943 62y 3m Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 17 Aug 1881 in Belleville*
REIS, Amanda 25 Nov 1891 Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Born Aug 1887.  Died of a contagious disease.
REIS, Apollonia 23 Oct 1895 64y EBERLE, George REIS, Anna Reis, Michael
REIS, August 18 Mar 1908 4d Reis, August WYSS, L.
REIS, Barbara Jos. 19 Dec 1913 55y Reis, Valentin APFELD, Josephina Green Mount
REIS, Bernard 5 Jan 1924 16y Reis, Henry G. BLOME, Mary Green Mount
REIS, Carl Henry 18 Feb 1888 5y Reis, George KARR, Apolonia
REIS, Charles 30 May 1949 Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth KELTENBACHER, Helen Green Mount Born 9 May 1885  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIS, Dr. Henry 4 Aug 1947 75y 8m Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth HENTZEL, Louise Green Mount Born 24 Dec 1871*
REIS, Elizabeth 18 Sep 1879 28y Reis, John Not listed, Elizabeth
REIS, Elizabeth (Widow) 1 Jan 1912 66y Reis, Henry (Deceased) Walnut Hill Buried the day of the Cathedral fire.
REIS, Elizabeth (Widow) 2 Oct 1916 90y Reis, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
REIS, Elizabeth T. 26 Sep 1936 60y 2m Reis, Henry G. KISSEL, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 4 Jul 1876*
REIS, George 13 Jun 1907 59y Reis, Valentin FREIHANT, Catharina KARR, Magdalena
REIS, Henry 29 Jun 1911 72y Reis, Valentin Walnut Hill
REIS, Henry G. 13 Feb 1941 73y 10m Reis, Michael EBERLE, Appolonia BLOME, Mary C. Green Mount Trustee of Cathedral.  Lifelong member of choir.
REIS, John 6 Dec 1874 53y 8m REININGER, Elizabeth
REIS, John 29 Nov 1891 Reis, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Born 17 Aug 1882.  Died of a contagious disease.
REIS, John Michael 26 Mar 1877 3y Reis, Valentin Not listed, Josephina
REIS, Joseph B. 28 Aug 1949 87y MERSINGER, Mary Green Mount Born 17 Mar 1862*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIS, Josephine 18 Sep 1927 89y APFELD, Josephine Reis, Valentin Green Mount
REIS, Lena 3 Apr 1932 77y 4m REIS, Peter ESCHENFELDER, Apollonia Reis, George Green Mount
REIS, Liola 6 Dec 1918 20y Reis, Henry G. BLOME, Maria Green Mount Died of Influenza
REIS, Marcus 22 Mar 1924 23y Reis, Joseph MERSINGEr, Mary Green Mount
REIS, Maria Antoinetta 21 Mar 1877 5y 2m Reis, Valentin Not listed, Josephina
REIS, Mary 23 Apr 1944 90y 9m Reis, John reiniger, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 8 Jul 1853*
REIS, Mary 24 Jan 1948 79y 11m BLOME, Bernard KIRST, Catherine REIS, Henry E. (G*) Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1868*
REIS, Mary Ann 22 Dec 1941 28y 10m CHOUINARD, Walter ALEXANDER, Lydia Reis, Joseph Green Mount Born 26 Feb 1913*
REIS, Michael 5 Oct 1908 76y Reis, Valentin FREYHAUT, Catharina EBERLE, Appolonia Lived in Belleville 4 years
REIS, Michael Aloysius 25 Aug 1897 10d Reis, Henry George BLOME, Maria
REIS, Olivia 11 Feb 1923 34y Reis, Charles Green Mount
REIS, Peter Paul 30 Mar 1877 14m Reis, Valentin Not listed, Josephina
REIS, Rosalia 7 Mar 1912 20y Reis, George KARR, Appolonia Green Mount
REIS, Sr., Valentin 1 Nov 1892 APFELD, Josephina Born 3 Dec 1825 Biblis
REIS, Theresa 3 Jun 1903 6w Reis, Henry George BLOME, Maria
REIS, Valentine M. 29 Dec 1956 Reis,Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Never married Walnut Hill Born 16 Dec 1868.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
REIS, William Wallace BROWN 28 Oct 1905 28y Reis, Valentin (Adoptive father) APFELD, Josephina
REISACHER, Blanche Martha 11 Dec 1900 2y Reisacher, Carl SEELIEN, Amalia
REISACHER, Charles (Widower) 29 Mar 1924 61y SIEBEN, Amelia (Deceased) Green Mount
REISACHER, Frank 6 Jun 1951 Reisacher, Joseph LAUBNER, Mary Ann Green Mount Born 22 Jan 1873.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
REISACHER, Jacob 9 Oct 1891 Reisacher, Joseph LAUBER, Anna Born Dec 1870 in Belleville
REISACHER, Johann 18 Aug 1861 9m 3d Reisacher, Joseph LAUBER, Anna
REISACHER, Johann Bap. 31 Jul 1869 1y Reisacher, Joseph LAUBER, Maria
REISACHER, Joseph 24 Nov 1893 LAUBER, Anna Born 4 Jul 1814 in Altesreid, Bavaria
REISACHER, Maria Anna (Widow) 23 Jul 1907 72y LAUBER, Not listed Reisacher, Joseph Anton (Deceased)
REISBICH, Maria 13 Sep 1861 2d Reisbich, Not listed
REISEN, Ann M. J. 10 Aug 1867 5m Reisen, Philipp HANAWINKEL, Josepha
REISEN, Philipp 21 Apr 1894 Born 21 Jan 1830 in Treviri
REISENBERGER, Gertrdue 26 Dec 1857 68y
REISER, Adam 1 Nov 1851 49y
REISER, Christina A. M. 15 Sep 1868 3m Reiser, Jacob SCHUMERT, Maria
REISER, Helena 28 Apr 1886 Reiser, Jacob SCHUMERT, Maria Joanna Born 1 Oct 1882
REISER, Johanna (Widow) 20 Jan 1925 80y Walnut Hill
REISER, John 6 May 1849 Few d
REISER, Michael 17 Aug 1854
REISS, John 14 Jul 1849 31y
REISS, Michael 6 Nov 1871 7y Reiss, Michael Not listed, Apollonia
REISSE, Anna 27 Jan 1880 3y 8m Reisse, Jacob SCHUMERT, A. M.
REISSE, Elizabeth 1 Oct 1876 6m Reisse, Jacob Not listed, Anna Maria
REISSE, John 25 Jun 1870 4m Reisse, Jacob Not listed, Anna Maria
REISSEN, Ben 7 Jan 1934 53y 3m Reissen, John BROCKER, Mary (First wife: Magdalena KRAMER)  Amelia BRIESACHER Mt. Carmel
REISSEN, Josephina 23 Mar 1880 38y Reissen, Philipp
REISSEN, Jr., John 20 Jan 1957 Reissen, John BROEKER, Mary Never married Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jun 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
REISSEN, Louisa 24 Oct 1870 22m REISEN, Albert BAUR, Maria
REISSEN, Maria Barbara 29 Apr 1886 Reissen, John BRAECKER, Maria Born 19 Mar 1886
REISSEN, Maria Elizabeth 12 Sep 1883 6y  Reissen, Philipp
REISSEN, Marie Gertrude 19 Jan 1947 62y 7m DIERKES, George SANTMANN, Anna Reissen, Matthew Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL
REISSEN, Matthew 6 Jan 1946 81y 4m Reissen, Phillip HANNEWINKEL, Josephine Walnut Hill Born 23 Sep 1864*
REISSEN, Sr., Ben 7 Jan 1934 53y 3m Reissen, John BROCKER, Maria KRAMER, Magdalena & Amelia BRIESCHKE Mt. Carmel
REISSEN, William 15 Aug 1884 14m Reissen, John
REISSER, Albert 15 Aug 1880 46y 5m 12d BAUER, Maria
REISSER, Christina Maria (Catharina) 20 Feb 1880 6y 1m 12d Reisser, Jacob Not listed, Maria
REISSER, Clarence 11 Mar 1947 49y 4m Reisser, John Jacob REISER, Theresa Rose Green Mount Born 8 Dec 1897* ‘Died in Alton, IL
REISSER, Edward 17 Oct 1886 14m 15d Reisser, Adam LIEBGOTT, Maria
REISSER, John Jacob 26 Dec 1934 Reisser, Jacob SCHUMMERT, Mary Jane REISER, Theresa Rose Walnut Hill Born 1 Jul 18__
REISSMANN, Elizabeth 9 Aug 1849 11y 
REITERMAN, Thomas 25 Jan 1847 60y
REITERMANN, Elizabeth 30 Aug 1857 Reitermann, Johann Not listed, Margaret Died 29 Aug 1857
REITERMANN, Elizabeth Eleonore 1 Jun 1879 7y 7m Reitermann, Valentin KELLER, El.
REITERMANN, Infant 22 Jun 1855 Reitermann, Andrew Baptized privately.
REITERMANN, Joseph 4 Feb 1859 10y Reitermann, Andrew SCHAEFER, Anna Maria Died 3 Feb 1859
REITERMANN, Joseph John 24 Jul 1887 1.5y Reitermann, John Joseph KERCHER, Maria
REITERMANN, Maria 19 Jul 1876 14m Reitermann, John Not listed, Maria
REITERMANN, Not listed 21 Sep 1852
REMMEL, Christina Barbara 2 Feb 1846 59y Remmel, N. St. Peter
REMMEL, Michael 7 Dec 1852 63y
REMMELE, Crescentia 20 Feb 1872 68y Remmele, John
RENDERER, Infant 7 Feb 1856 2d Renderer, David Not listed, Maria Baptized privately.
RENEAU, John 5 Aug 1868 25y Reneau, Martin Not listed, Catharina
RENEAUX, Veronica 17 Feb 1853 3y 6m
RENER, Joseph 5 Dec 1863 23y Rener, Michael MAGIN, Anna Maria
RENER, Magdalena 28 Aug 1863 7m Rener, Jacob GRAUS, Magdalena
RENFORD, Herman 29 Aug 1854 20y
RENGERS, Eva 9 Mar 1913 26y BIRKNER, Not listed Rengers, Joseph Green Mount From St. Louis
RENGERS, Henry H. 24 May 1943 87y 9m Rengers, Joseph SCHNEIZING, Not listed FUCHS, Margaret Green Mount Born 15 Aug 1855.  Died in Manchester Nursing Home*  From St. Louis County
RENNER, Barbara 28 Aug 1918 58y Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena Walnut Hill Died in Chicago, IL
RENNER, Carl 10 Jul 1894 Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena SIEFERT, Bertha Born 4 Jul 1856
RENNER, Charles Louis H. Christian 22 Mar 1876 2m Renner, Charles Not listed, Maria A.
RENNER, Clement 19 Jul 1927 41y LOTZ, Martha Green Mount
RENNER, Daniel Adolph 20 Dec 1920 3m Renner, George REICHERT, Mary Green Mount
RENNER, Elizabeth 19 Jun 1944 83y 8m SCHLIESSER, Valentine KIRCHER, Wilhelmina Renner, Frank Green Mount Born 8 Oct 1860 in Belleville, IL*
RENNER, Frances 13 Apr 1955 DAMMERICH, Adam BOUL, Frances Renner, Martin Green Mount Born 1 May 1869
RENNER, Frank 2 Sep 1916 Green Mount
RENNER, Frank 26 Aug 1949 57y Renner, Martin DAMMERICH, Frances Never married* Green Mount Born 17 Jun 1892*
RENNER, Friederich 31 Jan 1898 31y Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena SCHIFFERDECKER, Elizabeth
RENNER, George 12 May 1883 25y 6m Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena
RENNER, Jacob 3 Feb 1893 KRAUS, Magdalena (Deceased) Born 8 Mar 1832 in Schifferstadt
RENNER, Jacob 13 Aug 1894 Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena Born 25 Mar 1869
RENNER, Magdalena 13 Jun 1891 KRAUS, J. Renner, Jacob Born 4 Feb 1834 in Schifferstadt, Bavaria
RENNER, Martin 29 Aug 1889 6m Renner, Martin DAMMRICH, Francisca
RENNER, Martin 27 Nov 1913 42y DAMMERICH, Francisca Green Mount
RENNER, Michael 10 Oct 1893 Renner, Jacob KRAUS, Magdalena Born 5 Jan 1854
RENNERT, Francis 16 Jan 1871 4w Rennert, Jakob Not listed, Magdalena
RENNSCHEID, Hilda Helena 7 Feb 1913 8m Rennscheid, Herman HOLTKAMP, Maria Green Mount
RENO, Anton 13 Oct 1886 34y Reno, Martin ROEHRIG, Maria WHITESIDE, Ida
RENO, John William 25 Nov 1882 3y 3m Reno, Nicholas CHAPET, Carolina
RENO, Joseph Walter 2 Jul 1884 21m Reno, Nicolaus
RENO, Martin 16 Apr 1861 52y Reno, Jacob BOUR, Barbara
RENSING, Fred J. 3 Jun 1941 66y 2m Rensing, Henry H. HEITMANN, Christina KOELKER (Kuelker*), Caroline Green Mount Born 29 Mar 1875*
RENSING, John 11 Jun 1942 76y 2m Rensing, Henry H. HEIMAN, Christine STAUDER, Mary E. Walnut Hill Born 18 Apr 1866*
RENSING, Jr.,  John H.* 4 Feb 1937 Rensing, John STAUDER, Mary E. Walnut Hill Born 1 May 1900,  Buried from St. Teresa’s*
RENSING, Maria 23 Feb 1905 11y Rensing, John STAUDER, Margaret
RENSING, Mary E. 31 Jan 1946 82y 9m STAUDER, John MOSBACHER, Mary Rensing, John Walnut Hill Born 12 Apr 1863; buried in non-Catholic part-bouth before the division*
RENSING, Mathilda 9 May 1938 77y 7m LOUISE, Henry CARLSKIND, Mary Ann Rensing, B. J. Green Mount Born 24 Oct 1860*  From St. Louis
RENSING, William 16 Dec 1903 1y Rensing, John STAUDER, Maria
REP, Infant 7 Aug 1849 Infant Baptized privately.
REPLE, John 12 [Jul] 1849  60y
REPSAM, Anna Maria 15 Aug 1866 1y 9m Repsam, Frederich Not listed, Catharina
REPSON, Christoffer 2 Sep 1860 8m 26d Repson, Frederick SCHWARTZ, Catharina
REPSON, Not listed 8 Aug 1862 6m Repson, Frederick SCHARTZ, Catharina
RESCH, Augusta 1 Jul 1888 4y Resch, Michael URMANN, Joanna
RESCH, Johanna 14 Sep 1893 UHRMANN, George Not listed, Crescentia Resch, Michael Born 28 Jan 1853 in Bavaria
RETZEL, Anna 10 Sep 1883 37y Retzel, Mathew
RETZER, Mathias (Widower) 4 Mar 1889 48y BINDEL, Anna (Deceased) Died in Alexian Brothers Hospital in St. Louis, MO
REUTER, George 28 Jan 1867 1d Reuter, George FRANK, Maria
REUTERMAN, Mary Louise 17 Jul 1929 76y KUEHN, Fred REISBICH, Susan Reuterman, John Walnut Hill
REUTERMANN, Alex. Nicholas 16 Jul 1947 52y 11m Reutermann, George HAFFNER, Minnie POWELL, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 22 Aug 1894;  died in Granite City*  
REUTERMANN, Andrew 1 Oct 1883 74y
REUTERMANN, Anna Maria 11 Jul 1890 Reutermann, Andrew (Deceased) Born 16 Feb 1809 in Hemobach, Baden
REUTERMANN, Ardella 15 Jul 1923 16y Reutermann, Joseph MASSERANG, Marg. Green Mount
REUTERMANN, Edward 21 Nov 1891 Reutermann, Valentin KELLES, Elizabeth Born 28 Jan 1883.  Died of a contagious disease
REUTERMANN, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1930 84y Reutermann, Valentin Green Mount
REUTERMANN, Linus 14 Apr 1918 47y Reutermann, Val. KELLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died at Asylum in Anna, IL
REUTERMANN, Mathilda 19 Jun 1880 15m Reutermann, John Not listed, Maria
REUTERMANN, Minnie 10 Dec 1954 HAFFNER, Nicholas Not known Reutermann, George Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1869.  Died in San Antonio, TX
REUTERMANN, Valentin 23 Jun 1911 67y Reutermann, Andrew Green Mount
REUTHER, Louis 26 Jun 1880 5m Reuther, George FRANK, Maria
RHEINECKER, Mathilda 30 Dec 1947 60y 11m ERNST, Wendelin HORSCHMAN, Dorothy Rheinecker, Charles Green Mount Born 15 Feb 1886*
RICHARD, Emilia Julia 13 Jan 1871 4y Richard, August Not listed, Rosania
RICHARD, Emma 10 Jul 1864 11m 18d Richard, August TOUCHET, Rosina
RICHARD, George 17 Aug 1867 6y Richard,Johann HIRTH, Eva
RICHARD, Johann 1 Feb 1866 2m 14d Richard, Johann HIRTH, Ava
RICHARD, Louisa 30 Jan 1878 6y 6m Richard, John Not listed, Eva
RICHARD, Maria Anna 11 Mar 1877 64y
RICHARD, Maria Margaret 7 Dec 1887 42y Richard, Mathew
RICHARDSON, Carl 18 Mar 1880 7y 3m Richardson, John ALBUS, Wilhelmina
RICHERT, Vincentina Bertha 1 Feb 1906 2m Richert, Friederich LINN, Wilhelmina
RICKERT, Francis Joseph 20 Nov 1865 46y Rickert, Anton SELINGER, Magdalena
RICKERT, Fred 27 Dec 1952 (Richert, Fred*) LYNN, Minnie (Deceased*) Walnut Hill Born 20 Oct 1867.  Died in a nursing home
RICKERT, George 15 Apr 1868 2y Rickert, Johann GLANIG, Margaret
RICKERT, Gottlieb 10 Dec 1951 ACKERMANN, Anna Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1870
RICKERT, John 1 Jun 1873 13y  Rickert, Johann Not listed, Margaret
RICKERT, Joseph 10 Nov 1865 51y 9m 17d Rickert, Anton SELINGER, Magdalena
RICKERT, Mathias 12 Apr 1891 78y
RIDOLPH, Infant 14 Dec 1855 Ridolph, Stephan Not listed, Maria Baptized privately.
RIEBLINGER, John 4 Apr 1881 16m Rieblinger, Peter SCHMIDT, Magdalena
RIEDEL, Catharina 28 Feb 1877 35y Riedel, Carl
RIEDMEIER, Peter 7 Dec 1859 Riedmeier, Josef REHNER, Theresa Born 28 Nov 1859
RIEDMEYER, Anna 3 May 1862 1y 5m Riedmeyer, Joseph RENER, Theresa
RIEDMEYER, Frederich 31 Mar 1863 2m Riedmeyer, Joseph RENER, Theresa
RIEDMEYER, Johann 1 Oct 1861 4y 10m 10d Riedmeyer, Peter AURACHER, Ursula
RIEDMEYER, Peter 29 May 1865 37y
RIEDMYER, Theresa 24 Apr 1863 30y 2m 19d RENER, Agatha
RIEGER, Amalia 13 Jul 1917 62y Rieger, Xavier MOSER, Johanna Walnut Hill
RIEGER, Carl 20 Sep 1898 68y From the Province of Baden.  Lived in East St. Louis.  Died in the Poor House
RIEGER, Sophia 29 Jun 1849 4m
RIEHL, Clara 25 Jul 1852 5m
RIES, Jacob 31 May 1856 2y St. Peter
RIES, Mary Catherine 9 Feb 1950 REIS, Henry KISSEL, Elizabeth Ries, Jacob Mt. Carmel Born 24 Nov 1867
RIES, Wendelin 16 Jan 1873 21y Ries, William Not listed, Barbara
RIESENBERGER, Anna 2 Jul 1916 66y Riesenberger, Nicholas Green Mount
RIESENBERGER, Bertha 23 Jan 1952 Riesenberger, Nicholas POSCH (BOSCH*), Anna Green Mount Born 27 Sep 1882.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RIESENBERGER, Emma 29 Apr 1884 6y Riesenberger, Nicolaus
RIESENBERGER, Francis 4 Sep 1856 1y 7m Riesenberger, Peter Not listed, Margaret [Age is listed as year & 7 months]
RIESENBERGER, Jacob 18 Apr 1845 63y
RIESENBERGER, Jacob 29 Apr 1879 41y KICK, Maria
RIESENBERGER, Louis 26 May 1930 35y WORMA, Lucille Walnut Hill
RIESENBERGER, Louis 7 Aug 1951 RUESTER, Anna Green Mount Born 9 Sep 1872.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RIESENBERGER, Margaret 2 Nov 1893 79y GLANIG, Not listed
RIESENBERGER, Nic 13 Mar 1929 79y BROCH, Anna Green Mount
RIESENBERGER, Not listed 11 Feb 1853
RIESENBERGER, Peter 26 May 1879 64y GLANIG, Margaret
RIESLER, Anton 21 Jan 1865 30y Riesler, Frederich NICKEL, Catharina
RIFF, John 22 Jun 1921 STAUDER, Margaret Green Mount
RIGARD, Susana 18 Sep 1923 82y Rigard, Anton Green Mount
RIGET, Anton 19 Dec 1850 36y Walnut graveyard
RIGET, Emerentiana 14 Aug 1909 49y ECKERT, John Riget, Francis
RIGET, Francis (Widower) 18 Oct 1914 56y Green Mount
RIGG, Not listed 2 Sep 1854
RIMMEL, John 26 Aug 1888 87y Rimmel, Joseph Not listed, Carolina OSWALD, Crescentia
RINCK, Angelina (Widow) 12 Jan 1898 63y ROLLES, Nicolaus Not listed, Susanna Rinck, Francis
RINCK, Augusta 5 Feb 1945 84y 2m CHENOT, Augustus BOUL, Elizabeth Rinck, John Green Mount Born 25 Nov 1860*
RINCK, John 25 Jul 1930 70y CHENOT, Augusta Green Mount
RINCK, Maria 15 Jul 1905 48y Rinck, Francis RALLES, Angelina
RINCK, Maria Augusta 17 Jun 1896 4y Rinck, John CHENOT, Augusta
RINCK, William J. 2 Jan 1937 46y 9m Rinck, John  CHENOT, Augusta BRICHLER, Eleanore Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1890*
RING, Adelaid 3 Mar 1871 15m Ring, John
RING, Adelhaid 12 Oct 1865 4y 5m Ring, Johann ESHENFELDER, Maria
RING, Francis 7 Sep 1866 34y 7m Ring, Johann SCHMIDT, Johanna Died of cholera
RING, Maria 1 Mar 1874 35y ESCHENFELDER, Not listed Ring, John
RINGERS, George Henry 31 Jul 1886 Ringers, Henry FUCHS, Margaret Born 17 Jul 1886
RINK, Anna M. (Widow) 17 May 1887 82y Rink, John (Deceased)
RINKERICH, Anna 19 Nov 1945 72y Rinkerich, John Green Mount Died in Johnson City, IL
RINO, Catharina (Widow) 14 Oct 1862 44y REHRICH, Not listed
RIPP, Margaret (Widow) 5 Apr 1925 78y Ripp, John (Deceased) Green Mount
RISCHAR, Barbara 4 Jan 1953 DRESSEL, Henry Not listed, Sophie Rischar, Adolph Green Mount Born 5 Feb 1887
RISCHAR, Elisa 31 Jan 1881 10m Rischar, John HIRT, Eva
RISCHAR, Eva (Widow) 13 May 1919 80y Rischar, John (Deceased) Walnut Hill
RISCHAR, John M. 14 Oct 1911 42y TRIBOUT, Not listed Green Mount
RISCHAR, Lenora 16 Dec 1918 2.5y Rischar, Adolph DRESSEL, Barb. Green Mount Died of Influenza
RISCHAR, Olivia 11 Dec 1918 6y 6m Rischar, Adolph DRESSEL, Barb. Walnut Hill Died of Influenza
RISCHAR, Philippina 9 Jan 1891 Rischar, Mathias Born 29 Dec 1850 in Straussburg, Alsace & died in the Poor House
RISCHARD, Mathias 25 Jul 1881 5m Rischard, Carl MAUSER, Maria
RIST, Anton 24 Sep 1934 89y 4m Rist, Joseph HEROLD, Christina Green Mount
RIST, Christina 12 Jan 1922 Rist, Anton Green Mount
RITMEYER, Barbara 6 Oct 1862 1y 1m Ritmeyer, Not listed
RITTEL, Anna 7 Dec 1953 DOLLE, Carl Not listed, Anna Rittel, August Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1909.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
RITTEMEIER, Maria 8 Jan 1882 16y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RITTER, Elizabeth (Widow) 13 Mar 1916 71y Ritter, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
RITTER, Nicholas 1 Jun 1912 72y Not listed, Elizabeth Green Mount From Missouri
RITZHEIMER, Joseph 11 Jan 1949 52y 6m Ritzheimer, Peter METZGER, Elizabeth Not listed, Eleanor Walnut Hill Was married & divorced.  Born 9 Jun 1892*
ROACH, Shirley Nan 27 Jul 1934 Roach, Timothy FARMAN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 19 Apr
ROB(P)KE, Katherine 19 Feb 1945 80y 4m MEYER, William BAULER, Marie ROPKE, Bernard Green Mount
ROBERTS, James William 13 Feb 1868 21d Roberts, Thomas HELT, Maria
ROCKWELL, Charles 7 Feb 1936 83y 9m Rockwell, Joseph P. Not listed, Catherine Ann BOSCH, Antoinette Walnut Hill Born 15 May 1852*
ROCKWILL, Norma 24 Dec 1876 2y 8m Rockwill, Carl Not listed, Catharina
RODEMAYER, Valentin 24 Nov 1912 60y HOFEN, Margaret Green Mount
RODEMEIER, Frederick 8 Mar 1886 1y 10m Rodemeier, John SCHOPP, Christina
RODEMEIER, John 15 May 1876 19m RODEMEIR, Valentin Not listed, Margaret
RODENBERG, Catharina Paulina 20 Sep 1885 6w Rodenberg, Henry HOFFMANN, Paulina
RODENBERG, Elizabeth 27 Aug 1899 1d Rodenberg, Henry HOFFMANN, Paulina
RODENBERG, Francis 27 Mar 1888 24y Rodenberg, William CLERER, Catharina
RODENBERG, Henry William 3 Jul 1944 89y 7m Rodenberg, Peter William KLIEVER, Catherine HOFFMAN, Pauline Green Mount Born 12 Jan 1855 in Dartmund, Germany*
RODENBERG, Pauline 1 Jun 1946 84y 3m HOFFMANN, Ehrhardt HOHN, Wilhelmina Rodenberg, Henry Green Mount Born 24 Feb 1862 in Saxony Germany*  Baptized before death
RODENHEISER, Wilhelmina 13 Apr 1946 79y 8m MAUS, William KOELCH, Eliza Rodenheiser, John Walnut Hill Born 25 Aug 1866.*  Died in Philadelphia, PA
RODENKOVEN, George 29 Dec 1901 36y
RODENMAYER, Arthur 16 Jul 1891 5y Rodenmayer, Valentin HOFEN, Margaret
RODENMAYER, Catharina 12 Jul 1898 35y Rodenmayer, George Not listed, Elizabeth Died in St. Louis
RODENMAYER, Elizabeth (Widow) 23 Jan 1895 HELFRICH, Nicolaus Not listed, Anna M. Rodenmayer, George (Deceased) Born 6 Mar 1831 in Biblis, Hessen-Darnstadt
RODENMEYER, Carl 11 Nov 1900 41y Rodenmeyer, George Not listed, Elizabeth DAMMERICH, Anna
RODENMEYER, Emma G. 7 Nov 1946 75y 3m BECKER, Jacob KEEN, Lugata Rodenmeyer, Joseph F. Green Mount Born 24 Jul 1871*  
RODENMEYER, Margaret 14 Apr 1928 72y HOFEN, Not listed Rodenmeyer, Valentin Green Mount
RODENMEYER, Margaret 14 Apr 1928 72y HOFEN, Not listed Rodenmeyer, Valentin Green Mount Duplicate entry
RODESHEIMER, Adam 1 Oct 1882 4w ROEDESHEIMER, Jacob MARX, Margaret
ROEDEL, Joseph 3 Mar 1882 31y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
ROEDER, Catharina 19 Oct 1887 58y Roeder, Francis
ROEDER, Francis Bernard (Widower) 24 Nov 1888 86y Not listed, Catharina (Deceased)
ROEDERSHEIMER, Jacob 22 Nov 1883 14d Roedersheimer, Jacob
ROEDESHEIMER, Anna M. 7 Jun 1890 BERTRAM, Not listed Roedesheimer, John (Deceased) Born 1 Nov 1821 in Deidesheim, Bavaria
ROEDESHEIMER, Jacob  13 Dec 1884 36y Roedesheimer, Mantey [?]
ROEDESHEIMER, Jacob Infant 12 Sep 1884 5d Roedesheimer, Adam Jacob
ROEDESHEIMER, Maria 29 Mar 1887 1y Roedesheimer, Adam  RUAHE, Anna
ROEHL, John 16 Sep 1912 75y BENZ, Maria Walnut Hill
ROEHL, Mary (Widow) 21 Mar 1926 82y BENZ, Not listed Roehl, John Walnut Hill
ROEHRIG, Catharina 28 Aug 1883 75y Roehrig, Philipp
ROEMER, Virginia Agnes 2 Oct 1911 Roemer, Francis DAHLMANN, Joanna Green Mount
ROESCH, Anna M. 10 Aug 1924 74y Green Mount
ROESCH, Cecilia Rosa 2 May 1912 3w Roesch, Joseph HARTELE, Ellenora Green Mount
ROESCH, Henry 13 Feb 1909 9m Roesch, Henry FALTUS, Amanda
ROESCH, Ida 5 Apr 1865 2y 2m 8d Roesch, Theodore GISSELBRECHT, Magdalena
ROESCH, Katharina 8 Aug 1917 32y Roesch, William Green Mount
ROESCH, Michael 23 Oct 1883 3.5m Roesch, Michael
ROESCH, Philipp 24 Jun 1902 57y WEIGAND, Maria
ROESCH, William (Widower*) 25 Feb 1950 BOMAN, Kattie (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1876.  Died at St. Vincent’s
ROESNER, Ferdinand 17 Feb 1943 75y 5m SCHUETZ, Not listed (Adopted by Rev. Father Roesner) MILLER, Not listed Green Mount Born 25 Sep 1867 in Chester*
ROESNER, Rev. Carl 5 Feb 1919 71.5y Green Mount Retired priest.  Former pastor of Chester, Lively Grove & Evansville
ROESSLER, Catharina 15 Dec 1862 ROESLER, Frederich KNITTEL, Catharina
ROESSNER, Theresa 23 Jan 1916 34y Roessner, William Green Mount
ROGERS, Margaret 20 Jul 1868 30y RYAN, John DONOHOE, Maria
ROGUS, Joseph Frederich 30 Mar 1863 2y 10m ROCHUS, Francis J. SCHULTZ, Eva
ROHR, Elizabeth 17 Jul 1903 55y GRABLER, Not listed Rohr, Louis
ROMAN, Blanca 10 Feb 1872 15m Roman, Richard Not listed, Isabella
ROMEIS, A. Maria 16 Aug 1852 Romeis, Michael MUELLER, Eva Born 12 Jul 1851
ROMEIS, Anna Elizabeth 8 Apr 1853 Romeis, John RATZLER, Apolonia Born 17 Jan 1853
ROMEIS, Anna Wilhelmina 3 Aug 1854 Romeis, Michael MUELLER, Eva Born 4 Oct 1853
ROMEIS, Apollonia 22 Nov 1889 ROESCHER, Not listed Romeis, John (Died 1854) Born 20 May 1814 in Bavaria
ROMEIS, Eva 19 Jun 1884 61y She had a family
ROMEIS, John 24 Mar 1845 1y 3m
ROMEIS, John 24 Oct 1846 1y Romeis, John Not listed, Apolonia
ROMEIS, John 20 Jun 1854 50y
ROMEIS, M. Eva 18 Jun 1855 Romeis, John ROESLER, Apolonia Born 17 Jul 1847
ROMEIS, Maria Eva 8 Sep 1844 80y
ROMEIS, Michael 5 Feb 1851 88y Walnut graveyard
ROMEIS, Michael (Widower) 16 Dec 1895 69y
ROMPEL, Anna Catharina 25 Nov 1897 GUNDLACH, John BIEBEL, Margaret (Deceased) Rompel, Jacob
ROMPEL, Charles 23 Mar 1935 70y 6m Rompel, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Katherine HERBEIN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 26 Sep 1864 in Frankfort, Germany*
RONDE, Raphael 2 Oct 1921 9y Ronde, Louis DINGES, Maria Green Mount Baptized on death bed.
RONNING, Friederick W. 29 Mar 1900 42y Died in the County Farm
ROOS, Jacob 8 Nov 1878 17y Roos, Jacob BISHOF, Maria Anna
ROOS, John 4 Dec 1904 49y WEBER, Rosa Died of small pox
ROOSE, Henry 21 May 1863 8d Roose, Jacob BISCHOFF, Maria
ROPKE, Bernard 27 Mar 1943 81y ROBKE, Henry Bernard MEYER, Adelhaide MEYER, Katherine Green Mount Born 11 Mar 1862*
ROSCH, Martha Elizabeth 16 May 1877 1y 10m Rosch, Philipp Not listed, Anna M.
ROSCIGLIONE, Anna 29 Jun 1947 51y 11m MERCURIO, Cosimo CAPONE, Ignatia Rosciglione, Dominic Calvrey [Calvary] in St. Louis, MO Born 26 Jul 1895*
ROSEN, Paul 4 Oct 1956 Unknown Unknown TROJAK, Cecelia Walnut Hill Born 29 Jun 1883
ROSENBERGER, Catharina 31 Jul 1852 14y
ROSENBERGER, Catharina 25 Aug 1855 45y
ROSENGWIG, Albert William 24 Feb 1889 21m Rosengwig, Not listed (Adoptive father) Not listed, Maria [See record]
ROSS, Anna 26 May 1945 57y 3m REIMINGER, Anton WALTZ, Frances Ross, Andrew Mt. Hope Born 17 Feb 1888; died suddenly at St. Elizabeth*
ROSSINGTON, Charles 27 Aug 1868 9m Rossington, Carl DRISCOL, Margaret
ROTH, Gertrude (Widow) 20 Nov 1910 80y Roth, Leonard (Deceased) Catholic in Evansville, IL
ROTH, Michael 20 Jan 1871 50y MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaret
ROTHE, John 27 Jul 1900 46y Died in the County Farm
ROTHEMEYER, Jos. Anton 22 Apr 1863 6d Rothemeyer, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth
ROTTIN, Child 17 Aug 1846 Rottin, Francis  DOMINÉ, Victoria
ROTTIN, Francis 3 Jul 1846 Rottin, Francis  DOMINÉ, Victoria Born 2 May 1846
RUBSAM, Friederich 30 Jan 1882 72y SCHWARZ, Catharina
RUDESHEIMER, Margaret 9 Mar 1890 MARX, Not listed Rudesheimer, Jacob (Deceased) Born 20 Jul 1860
RUDOLF, Adam 14 Dec 1845 40y St. Peter
RUDOLF, Georgin 15 Nov 1885 Rudolf, John DOSEN, Theresa Born 5 Nov 1885
RUDOLF, Jacob 7 Aug 1848 Born 20 Apr 1848
RUDOLF, Margaret 24 Jun 1862 66y FLACH, Not listed
RUDOLPH, Christina 7 Apr 1912 65y Rudolph, George Green Mount
RUDOLPH, Clarence 31 Mar 1898 3y Rudolph, John DINGER, Maria From East St. Louis
RUDOLPH, Elizabeth 20 Jun 1908 95y Rudolph, George
RUDOLPH, George 22 Apr 1871 59y Not listed, Elizabeth
RUDOLPH, George (Widower) 22 Nov 1915 78y STARK, Christina Green Mount He died suddenly
RUDOLPH, John 13 Jul 1920 74y Green Mount From Willisville, IL
RUDOLPH, John 7 Oct 1935 63y Rudolph, George STARK, Christine DINGES, Mary Walnut Hill Born 28 Aug 18__*
RUDOLPH, Joseph Francis 22 May 1884 1y  Rudolph, George
RUEBBEL, Walter 9 Oct 1954 [Ruebbel], Peter HARDT, Mary SCHOPP, Adele Walnut Hill Born 13 Aug 1885.  Died in L___, IL [Smudged]
RUEBEL, Mary 27 Sep 1928 69y HARDT, Not listed Ruebel, Peter Walnut Hill
RUEDIGER, Walter 21 Nov 1949 REBHAN, Estelle Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RUESS, Bridget 12 May 1880 61y Ruess, John
RUJAVITZ, John Caspar 24 Jan 1889 1y Rujavitz, Joseph LERCHER, Helena
RUJEWITZ, Catharina Wilhelmina 13 Apr 1886 Rujewitz, John GLUGE, Rosa Born 23 Mar 1886
RUPP, John  12 Aug 1855 Rupp, George BAUER, Barbara Born 20 Jan 1855
RUPP, M. Elizabeth 22 Oct 1853 Born 7 Sep 1853
RUPP, Walburga 9 Feb 1855 29y Rupp, George
RUPPERT, Not listed [Appears between 22 & 28 Jun 1912]
RÜSCH (Ruesch), Henry Joseph 7 Aug 1874 6m Ruesch, Philipp Not listed, Anna Maria
RUSS, Elizabeth 5 Jul 1860 4y 6m Russ, John DIETZ, Bridget
RUSS, John A. 13 Oct 1930 58y Russ, Adam A. LAUB, Mary FLACK, Annie Green Mount
RUSS, Peter 25 Nov 1880 1d Russ, Adam Not listed, Friederica
RUST, Elizabeth 1 Nov 1873 5d Rust, Christophor Not listed, Catharina
RUST, Emma 21 Aug 1952 RUST, Charles RUPPERT, Catherine Rust, Peter H. Green Mount Born 12 Mar 1878.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
RUST, Louis 18 Aug 1874 1y Rust, Christopher Not listed, Catharina
RUST, Margaret 2 Jun 1889 19y Rust, Christopher REEB, Catharina
RUST, Peter H. 13 Mar 1941 65y 10m Rust, Christopher REEB, Catherine ROST, Emma* Green Mount Born 16 May 1875*  Killed by automobile
RUST, Philipp 6 Oct 1878 10y 11m 9d Rust, Christoph Not listed, Catharina
RUST, Sr., John 28 Jan 1938 66y 2m Rust, Christopher REEB, Catherine BRANDENBURGER, Elizabeth (Divorced from wife who has remarried) Walnut Hill Born 18 Nov 1871*
RUSZ, Adam Herman 2 Aug 1888 RUSS, John Not listed, Margaret LAUB, Frederica
RUSZ, Anna 9 Nov 1882 7d RUSS, Adam laub, Friederica
RUSZ, Balthasar 10 Apr 1876 29y Rusz, John Not listed, Bridget
RÜTTER (Ruetter), Elizabeth 11 Jun 1876 87y Ruetter, Conrad (Deceased)
RUTZ, Maria 19 Apr 1900 26y OTT, C. Not listed, Maria Rutz, John
RUTZ, Melinda 17 Apr 1931 84y Rutz, George Walnut Hill
SAAL, Adam 26 Oct 1854 Saal, Peter MORGENSTERN, Maria Born 22 Sep 1854
SAAL, Anna Maria 28 Jul 1890 Saal, Peter Born 22 Mar 1828
SAAL, Elizabeth 1 Sep 1887 6y Saal, Christian LEHR, Elizabeth
SAAL, John Henry 6 Oct 1888 27d Saal, John SCHWARTZENBACH, Maria
SAAL, Joseph 12 Aug 1851 10m
SAAL, Not listed boy 29 Sep 1855 Saal, Peter MORGENSTERN, Maria
SAAL, Peter 6 Jun 1898 73y Saal, Jacob MARS [?], Helena MORGENSTERN, Maria (Deceased)
SACHS, George 12 Dec 1887 2y Sachs, George HELFRICH, Catharina
SACHS, Henry 16 Jan 1888 4y 10m Sachs, George HELFERICH, Catharina
SACHS, Sussanna 6 Dec 1866 9m Sachs, Adam SEIDER, Catharina
SACKS, Catharina 8 Aug 1874 45y Sacks, Adam
SADLO, Wesceslaus 30 Jun 1895 Sadlo, Carl REZNICECK, Anna Born 20 Jun 1894 in St. Louis
SAEGER, Louis 28 Nov 1923 65y LOOS, Magdalena Green Mount
SAEGER, Magdalena 26 Feb 1933 72y LOOS, Louis HOLDENER, Mary Saeger, Louis Green Mount
SAILER, Adam 1 Sep 1864 10m Sailer, Johann Not listed, Catherina
SAILER, Eva 13 Nov 1879 55y  Sailer, Philipp
SAILER, John 26 Mar 1872 47y BIEBE, Catharina
SAILER, Magdalena 24 Sep 1874 58y Sailer, Joseph
SAINTEVE, Helena Elizabeth 31 Dec 1900 6m Sainteve, Edward LEIDENHEIMER, Eva
SAINTEVE, John 18 Feb 1897 70y CONRAD, Maria
SAINTEVE, Maria 27 Dec 1893 CONRAD, John Not listed, Maria Sainteve, John Born 15 Jun 1841
SAINTEVE, Theresa 19 Jan 1860 26y KLOTZER, Not listed Sainteve, John Died 18 Jan 1860
SALE, Emma 21 Sep 1956 MILLER, William Not listed, Henrietta Sale, George New St. Marcus in St. Louis, MO Born 13 Mar 1865
SALOMONI, Geraldine  13 Feb 1948 64y 3m UVA, Ralph Not listed, Geraldine Salomoni, Nuncio Green Mount
SALTZ, Sally Anna M. 25 Sep 1868 23y PLACH, William Saltz, William
SALTZ, Thimothea 10 Oct 1868 19d Saltz, William PLUG, Anna M.
SALTZ, Thimothea 16 Oct 1869 3m Saltz, William PLACH, Catharina
SAMSTAG, Carl Friederich 27 Jan 1895 Samstag, Michael HÖRNER (Hoerner), Christina DINGES, Gertrude Born 6 Mar 1851 in Boxberg, Baden.  Died in St. Louis
SAMSTAG, Gertrude A. 8 Oct 1935 78y DINGES, Charles MAYER, Cathrine Samstag, Charles F. Green Mount Born 21 Mar 1857*
SANCON [?], Mary Josephine 3 Oct 1879 2y 7m Sancon, Thomas George Not listed, Sarah [Sanson?]
SANDHOLZER, Gebhard 17 Jan 1861 BAYER, Catharine
SANDMANN, Barbara 29 Mar 1845 7m
SANDMEYER, Joseph 20 Feb 1922 53y DRESEL, Mary Green Mount
SANHOLZER, (Elizabeth) Catharina 12 Aug 1877 53y  Sanholzer, Gebhard (Deceased)
SANTEL, Theodore Walter 27 Jun 1941 52y 7m Santel, Henry ACKERMANN, Catherine SCHUMACHER, Bernardine Green Mount Born 27 Nov 1888*
SANTEL, Walter 14 Mar 1950 Santel, Theodore SCHUMACHER, Bernardine Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1919.  Died at St. Elizabeth
SANZEK, Cecilia 7 Sep 1921 27y Sanzek, John B. LOEHR, Elizabeth Green Mount
SARK [Stark], Catharina 9 May 1872 82y Stark, George ZULAG, Louise
SATTEL, Elizabeth 3 Feb 1866 63y BAUMANN, Not listed
SATTEL, Joseph 20 Jan 1878 38y 2m 17d SCHMUTZ, Maria
SATTEL, Louisa 26 Dec 1868 5m Sattel, Francis SCHOENHERR, Catharina
SATTEL, Martin 25 Dec 1861 64y Sattel, Martin
SATTLER, Caroline 1 Apr 1953 Sattler, Henry BEDEL, Barbara Born 13 May 1881
SATTLER, Elizabeth 22 Apr 1886 63y MESCH, Not listed Sattler, Peter (Deceased)
SATTLER, John (Widower*) 6 Jan 1946 88y Sattler, Peter MECH, Elizabeth WARMUTH, Josephine (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 12 Jan 1858*
SATTLER, Josephine 22 Jan 1939 71y 2m WARMUTH, Jacob FISCHER, Barbara Sattler, John (Deceased) Green Mount Born 20 Nov 1867 & died in St. Louis*
SAUER, Adam 23 Jul 1849 31y
SAUER, Catharina (Widow) 12 Jul 1896 Sauer, John (Deceased)
SAUER, Edward 31 Dec 1928 24y Sauer, Nicholas SCHMITZ, Carrie DANEK, Bertha Green Mount
SAUER, Francis 20 Jun 1889 Sauer, [?] Died after being Baptized.  [Father’s name is smudged]
SAUER, Frank H. 25 Apr 1950 Sauer, Nicholas ABEGG, Mary KLEIN, Mary Green Mount Born 6 Oct (Dec*) 1878.  Died at St. Elizabeth
SAUER, John 21 Nov 1917 48y Sauer, Nic. ABEGG, Maria Green Mount
SAUER, Louisa Balbina 19 Jul 1884 4m Sauer, Jacob
SAUER, Maria (Widow) 13 Dec 1908 ABEGG, Not listed Sauer, Nicholas (Deceased)
SAUER, Nicholas 18 Mar 1908 65y ABEGG, Maria
SAUL, Henry 10 Jul 1912 59y WAJKA, Maria Mt. Carmel From Ginz Station
SAUL, Henry 10 Aug 1953 Walnut Hill Born 25 Dec 1874.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
SAUR, Peter 2 Feb 1875 8m Saur, Nicholas Not listed, Maria
SAUZEK, Elizabeth 4 Feb 1949 88y LOEHR, John BRENDEL, Elizabeth Sauzek, John Green Mount Born 10 Sep 1861*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
SAUZEK, Elizabeth 18 Feb 1955 STIFFLER, John HANDRICH, Margaret Sauzek, Joe Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1884
SAUZEK, John 5 Apr 1948 86y Sauzek, John ZEIS, Elizabeth LOEHR, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 9 Dec 1861*
SAUZEK, Joseph 20 Dec 1951 STIFFLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1884
SAX, Barbara 29 Nov 1857 2y Sax, Adam Not listed, Catharina
SAX, Barbara 17 Jul 1861 1y 7m 22d Sax, Adam SAILER, Catharina
SAX, Catherine 9 Jan 1950 HELFRICH, George ROEBLING, Louise Sax, George Green Mount Born 11 Dec 1863
SAX, George 26 Aug 1929 73y HELFRICH, Catharine Green Mount
SAX, Johann 15 Dec 1877 65y 6m WINZIG, Maria [Age could be 65y 6m 15d]



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