Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials (M – Q)

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MACK, Anton 29 Aug 1877 59y Not listed, Carolina (Deceased)
MACK, Carolina 8 May 1873 62y Mack, Anton
MACKE, Christofer 25 Jan 1887 82y
MACKE, Elizabeth 25 Mar 1881 69y 9m Macke, Christoph
MACKE, Jr., Christopher 20 Feb 1938 91y 9m Macke, Sr., Christopher DUWALD, Katherine MUNN, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
MACROSA, Sister Maria 21 May 1881 28y
MADER, Anna 22 Feb 1888 40y Mader, Christophor SAMTERE [?], Catharina
MADER, Anna 23 Jul 1941 71y 8m ARMBRUSTER, Phillip KEIL, Catherine Mader, Alfred (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 21 Oct 1869 in Paderborn, IL*
MADER, Catharina 8 Dec 1891 Mader, Dominic KLEIN, Maria Born 20 Mar 1881.  Died of a contagious disease
MADER, Catharina 25 Apr 1893 SAINTEVE, Not listed Mader, Christoph (Deceased) Born 1823 in Rummelfring, Lotharingia  [Lorraine]
MADER, Dominic 14 Oct 1927 74y FAULSTICK, Josephine Green Mount
MADER, Francis 28 Nov 1891 Mader, Dominic FAULSTICH, Josephina Born 1 May 1887.  Died of a contagious disease.
MADER, John 11 Jul 1894 75y Mader, Peter Not listed, Anna M. Born 1819 in Bertelming, Lotharingia [Lorraine]
MADER, Josephine 22 Dec 1943 88y 4m FAULSTICH, Not listed Mader, Dominic Green Mount Born 10 Aug 1855*
MAGER, Jos. 10 Oct 1865 2y Mager, George SPRING, Catharina
MAGIN, John Joseph 29 Oct 1877 1m 25d Unknown Magin, Christina
MAGIN, Joseph 3 Jan 1875 30y Magin, Joseph Not listed, Anna Maria
MAGIN, Joseph 7 Nov 1937 76y Magin, Charles RENNER, Maria SCHNITKER, Louise Walnut Hill Born 15 Jul 1859*
MAGIN, Louisa Bertha 9 May 1950 SCHNITTKER, Fred HECKER, Louisa Magin, Joseph Walnut Hill Born 1 Mar 1872
MAGIN, Maria 5 Dec 1880 72y Magin, Joseph
MAGREAN [?], Elizabeth 7 Jul 1949 BEYNON, William J. SPIERS, Lucy Magrean, Lawrence Green Mount Born 8 Jan 1___.  Baptized before death
MAGUIRE, James 9 May 1900 81y County Farm Cemetery Died in the County Farm
MAIER [Mayer?], Carl 12 Oct 1853 53y
MAIER, Ferdinand 7 Apr 1891 5m MAYER, William BECKER, Elizabeth
MAIER, Franzis Joseph 6 Sep 1887 77y VOEGTLE, Barbara
MAIER, John 6 Jul 1885 33y Maier, John REICHENBERGER, Barbara
MAINART, M. Elizabeth 25 Sep 1853 30y
MAJOR, John H. 29 Oct 1897 76y
MAK, John 7 Jan 1856 16y Mak, Christofer Not listed, Catharina
MAKE, Joseph 3 Nov 1854 Make, Christofer DUWALD, Catharina Born 4 Feb 1854
MALACARNE, Angelo 25 Nov 1911 3m Malacarne, John GAJO, Louisa Green Mount
MALACARNE, Delmar (Twin) 5 May 1943 Malacarne, William KORNBRINK, Leona Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Premature birth.  Baptized in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MALACARNE, John M. 22 Apr 1926 33y Malacarne, Jacob COLESEIN [?], Anna Mt. Carmel
MALACARNE, Maria 10 Jul 1909 Infant Malacarne, John GAJO, Louisa
MALACARNE, Richard John Samuel 8 Apr 1920 Malacarne, George MONTANA, Rosa Green Mount
MALACARNE, Wilmer (Twin) 5 May 1943 Malacarne, William KORNBRINK, Leona Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Premature birth.  Baptized in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MALATESTA, Agnes Jan 1898 10y (Deceased) From Mt. Carmel, IL.  Died in a local orphanage
MALLETZ, Anna 29 Oct 1878 42y Mallety, John
MALLETZ, Carl 21 Jul 1870 10m Malletz, Johann JERMAN, Anna
MALONEY, Joseph 16 Aug 1851 30y
MANGAIPANE, Charles 4 Jan 1954 Green Mount Born 25 Dec 1862 (In Italy*).  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MANGAPAN [Mangaban*], Pauline 27 May 1935 74y 5m GUITTONI, Joseph Not listed, Rose Mangapan, Charles Green Mount Born 25 Dec 1861* in Italy; now Swansea
MANGIS, Jhe. Joseph 13 Mar 1923 35y Mangis, James MARSH, Jane Walnut Hill
MANHARDT, Maria Ursula 7 Jul 1861 1y 6m 4d Manhardt, Anton GUBSER, Ursula
MANHART, Maria Louisa 20 Aug 1852 4m
MANK, Andrew 31 Oct 1903 62y WAKER, Catharina
MANK, Andrew J. 2 Jun 1949 Mank, Andrew WELKER, ? WAGNER, Mary Green Mount Born 29 Jan 1870.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MANK, Joseph 3 Nov 1950 BROWN, Ada Valhalla Born 19 Dec 1875.  Found dead.  
MANK, Joseph William 17 Feb 1902 3d Mank, Nicholas SPAETH, Lena
MANK, Nicholas 29 Jun 1925 56y SPAETH, Lena Green Mount
MANK, Roger Joseph 17 Apr 1938 Mank, Martin STOLL, Marianna Green Mount New born baptized at birth
MANN, Anna Maria 14 Nov 1884 12y Mann, Philipp
MANN, Dominic 7 Sep 1883 4m Mann, Philipp
MANN, Philipp 18 Oct 1884 15y Adam, Philipp
MANSK, Catharina (Widow) 24 Jul 1910 65y Mansk, Andrew Green Mount
MANSON, Louisa 14 Jan 1871 76y Manson, Theodore
MANZ, Theodore 4 Nov 1870 70y
MARCH, Charles 11 Feb 1881 26y March, Michael GOODWILLE, Helena
MARCHAND, Infant 11 Jun 1931 1d Marchand, Vincent PETERMEYER, Mary Green Mount Died at birth
MARCINKOSKA, John 18 May 1952 Marcinkoska, Roman WALSHOCK, Fanny NOVAK, Mary Murphysboro, IL Born 9 May 1888.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MARINELLI, Louisa 30 May 1865 25y
MARISCHALL, Not listed 30 Jul 1861
MARKET, Thomas 8 Dec 1858 27y Market, Melchior Not listed, Anna Katharina Died 8 Dec 1858
MARKS, Sophie 9 Oct 1935 68y HERMANN, Frank GIMMING [TIM__*], Mary Marks, Issy Green Mount Born 21 Sep 1867*
MARQUAT, Valentin 12 Jul 1849 25y
MARTIN, Adrian 9 Oct 1863 4m Martin, Adrian HOFEN, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Albert J. 27 Aug 1932 32y 1m Martin, Joseph SAYER, Mary Louise FINKLEIN, Margaret Mt. Carmel
MARTIN, August Adrian 8 Nov 1881 6d Martin, John B. GRABBLER, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Augusta (Widow) 15 May 1900 72y Martin, Bernard (Deceased)
MARTIN, Bernard 16 Sep 1859 7m Martin, Bernard Not listed, Maria
MARTIN, Bernard August 31 Mar 1879 1y 7m 17d Martin, John B. Not listed, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Bernard August 31 Mar 1882 58y Not listed, Augustina (Deceased)
MARTIN, Bernhard Joseph Julius 1 Aug 1868 2m Martin, Bernhard Not listed, Auguste
MARTIN, Christina Regina 6 Jul 1885 4m  Martin, John Baptist GRABLER, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1910 67y Martin, Adrian Green Mount
MARTIN, Emma Anna Maria 11 Dec 1869 12d Martin, Adrian HOVEN, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Eugene 26 Jan 1906 6y Martin, Eugene SCHIFFKNECHT, Not listed
MARTIN, Frederich 30 Aug 1862 4m Martin, Johann Baptist Not listed, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Goerge 30 Aug 1951 Walnut Hill Born 14 Sep 1909.  Died in Veterans Hospital
MARTIN, Henrietta 17 Jun 1949 EBNER, Joseph KNEWITZ, Barbara Martin, Joseph Catholic in Freeburg, IL Born 18 Nov 1868. Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MARTIN, John 18 Nov 1880 6d Martin, Adrian Not listed, Elizabeth
MARTIN, John 24 Mar 1956 Martin, George WUEST, Helena EBNER, M. Elizabeth St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 18 Oct 1871
MARTIN, John Baptist 21 Jul 1874 1d Martin, John Not listed, Elizabeth
MARTIN, John Baptist 5 Feb 1888 58y Not listed, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Joseph 3 Feb 1936 68y Martin, George F. WUEST, Helena EBNER, Henrietta [Etta*] St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 11 Jul*
MARTIN, Joseph L. 8 Feb 1944 41y 7m Martin, Eugene SCHEFFKNECHT, Julia DUNAWAY, Dorothy Walnut Hill Born 3 Jul 1902*
MARTIN, Julia 15 May 1930 61y Martin, Eugene Walnut Hill
MARTIN, Kasper 8 Aug 1867 11m 24d Martin, Bernhard MRAENDING [?], Agusta
MARTIN, Lena 18 Jun 1946 64y 3m STADELMAN, John KOENIGER, Sophie Martin, George Catholic in New Athens, IL Born 1 Apr 1881 in Freeburg, IL *
MARTIN, Louis 4 Jul 1860 27y 11m 28d Martin, Ferdinand GLER, Catharina
MARTIN, Louis 6 Nov 1899 68y From Centreville Station.  Died in the Poor Farm
MARTIN, M. Elizabeth 5 Jun 1953 EBNER, John SCHANEL, Elizabeth Martin, John St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 27 Jul 1873.  Died in Alton, IL
MARTIN, Margaret 27 Mar 1872 7w Martin, Adrian Not listed, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Maria 4 May 1861 31y ZEHCHTMEYER, Not listed Martin, Bernhard
MARTIN, Maria 8 May 1878 21y 2m 8d Martin, Bernard ZETMEIER, Maria
MARTIN, Maria 20 Jul 1887 4m  Martin, John KRAMER, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Maria 9 Dec 1892 Martin, Adam MATHES, Wilhelmina Born 7 Dec 1883
MARTIN, Maria Anna 20 Oct 1873 27y Martin, Ferdinand ISSLER, Catharina
MARTIN, Maria Helena 18 Jul 1883 9m 6d Martin, John Baptist GRABBLER, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Maria Louisa 18 Apr 1887 15y Martin, Adrian
MARTIN, Maria Margaret 24 Jan 1889 2.5y Martin, Eugene SCHEFFKNECHT, Juliana
MARTIN, Marianna 5 Dec 1886 8m  Martin, John B. GRARLER, Elizabeth
MARTIN, Rosa 27 Oct 1889 15y Martin, Adrian HOFEN, Elizabeth
MARX, Catharina Margaret 17 Apr 1877 10y Marx, Peter (Deceased) Not listed, Elizabeth
MARX, Elizabeth 10 Mar 1894 78y Died in the County Farm
MARXER, William Joseph 28 Jun 1950 72y* ECKERT, Louisa Born Oct 1878
MÄRZWILER (Maerzwiler), Anna Catharina 9 Feb 1884 9m Maerzwiler, Anton
MASERANG, Jacob 5 Jun 1940 65y 7m Maserang, Jacob HOFEN, Mary Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1874.  Died in Anna, IL*
MASMER, Helena 31 Jul 1874 12m Mesmer, Francis Not listed, Francisca
MASRAM, Peter Sep 1856 5m Masram, Jacob Not listed, Catharina
MASRANG, Catharina 8 Apr 1863 46y SCHOFRA, Johann STEHL, Christina Masrang, Jacob
MASRONG, Arthur 12 Jan 1872 2y Masrong, Jacob Not listed, Maria Eva
MASRONG, Margaret Emilia 3 Oct 1875 2y 6m Masrong, Nicholas Not listed, Sophia
MASRONG, Maria 20 Jan 1872 4y Masrong, Jacob Not listed, Maria E.
MASSA, Anthony 3 Dec 1931 55y Unknown Unknown SPIELMAN, Alma Green Mount
MASSERAN, Peter 27 Jan 1914 83y Green Mount
MASSERANG, Christina 23 May 1878 78y 4m Masserong, Michael
MASSERANG, Maria 15 Sep 1901 63y OSWALD, Not listed Masserang, Peter
MASSERANG, Maria Eva (Widow) 24 Feb 1889 73y MARTIN, Bernard SCHULZ, Maria Eva Ursula Masserang, Jacob (Deceased)
MASSERANG, Nicholas 25 Dec 1920 71y Green Mount Died at St. Vincent’s Home
MASSERON, Adelhaid 4 Jul 1852 10y 6m
MASSRANG, Jacob 2 Dec 1867 CHOFROIX, Catharina
MATHES, Elizabeth 20 Jun 1867 11m 24d Mathes, Johann SCHIEK, Theresa
MATHES, John 10 Mar 1928 87y HASENSTAB, Mary Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
MATHES, Joseph L. 16 Jun 1908 25y Mathes, John HASENSTAB, Maria
MATHES, Maria 12 May 1872 4y Mathes, John Not listed, Teresa
MATHES, Maria Jan 1898 HASENSTAB, Not listed Mathes, John Buried in Cairo, Il via St. Patrick Church there.
MATHES, Mary (Widow)* 19 May 1943 72y 3m HOEFFKEN, Henry GLETTENBERG, Bernardine Mathes, John (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1871*
MATHES, Theresa 17 Apr 1879 34y Mathes, John
MATHES, William 23 Jul 1902 17m Mathes, John HOEFFKEN, Maria
MATHEWS, (Hermina Wilhelmina*) Minnie 11 Dec 1944 84y 6m HAGEDORN, John METZE, Christina Mathews, James H. Mt. Carmel Born 24 May 1860*
MATHEWS, James H. 2 Mar 1955 Mathews, Samuel N. MEYER, Barbara HAGEDORN, Mina Mt. Carmel Born 3 Dec 1861
MAUERER, Not listed 25 Jul 1869 FRIERDIG, Not listed Mauerer, Jacob [Frierdig might be her maiden name]
MAUHAR, Joseph 23 Oct 1953 Mauhar, Mathew MODELLA, Anna STANSIC, Mary Resurection in St. Louis, MO Born 9 Sep 1864.  Died in St. Vincent Home
MAURER, Adam 21 Apr 1922 59y LOOS FREESE, Mary Walnut Hill
MAURER, Amelina 14 Feb 1908 87y Maurer, John
MAURER, Catharina 30 Nov 1848 20y Maurer, Jacob St. Mary in Prairie du Long
MAURER, Elizabeth 10 Aug 1879 62y Maurer, John
MAURER, Franzis Carl  Frederick 9 May 1895 Maurer, Adam LOOS, Maria Born 9 Nov 1894
MAURER, Jacob 3 Apr 1875 63y Not listed, Margaret
MAURER, John 18 Apr 1899 83y FEHSBEUTEL, Siloma
MAURER, Margaret 4 Feb 1890 18y BOUL, Not listed Maurer, Jacob (Deceased)
MAURI, Jacob 24 Dec 1850 61y Walnut graveyard
MAUS, Juliana 2 Oct 1870 3y 10m Maus, Francis DALEY, Helena
MAUSOLF, Amalia 22 Nov 1910 47y Mausolf, Francis Green Mount
MAUTERER, Elizabeth 21 Feb 1867 27d Mauterer, Laurent KUHN, Frida
MAUTERER, Joseph 1 Nov 1900 21y Mauterer, Joseph KOHM, Frieda
MAUTERER, Leopold 27 Jan 1872 16m Mauterer, Laurent Not listed, Frida
MAXIM, James Dennis 6 Jan 1947 3d Maxim, James BUECHLE, Leona Green Mount Born 6 Jan & died 10 Jan 1947*
MÄXLE (Maexle), Maria (Alias BRUNNER) 25 Jul 1849 21y
MAYER, Anton 7 Jul 1919 79y Green Mount
MAYER, Anton 9 Jan 1946 77y 8m Mayer, Louis VOLKMER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died in Alton, IL 
MAYER, Clemens 9 Oct 1955 Mayer, John QUIRIN, Mary MASSA, Anna (Brother and sister arraingement) Green Mount Born 23 Mar 1902.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MAYER, Crescentia 15 Dec 1856 61y
MAYER, Elizabeth 10 Aug 1859 1y Mayer, Nicholas HOFSTAETTER, Theresa Died 9 Aug 1859
MAYER, Elizabeth 9 Nov 1912 69y Mayer, Louis Green Mount
MAYER, Emma 7 Feb 1953 MEYER, Ferdinand CONRAD, Elizabeth Mayer, Frank J. Green Mount Born 12 (17*) Aug 1872.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital*
MAYER, Ferdinand 29 Jun 1930 59y MAYER, Mary Green Mount
MAYER, Francis 9 Sep 1915 78y MAYER, Margaret Green Mount
MAYER, Frank 29 Sep 1929 57y Not listed, Emma Green Mount
MAYER, George Louis 5 Sep 1938 60y 9m Mayer, Anton KLAPP, Elizabeth MARTIN, Inez* Walnut Hill Born 21 Nov 1877*
MAYER, Ignatz 5 Jul 1948 Mayer, Anton MEYER, Mary TIEDEMAN, Lulu Walnut Hill Born 7 Dec 1882
MAYER, Lena 3 Dec 1952 Mayer, Fritz CHUSE Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1875.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MAYER, Leonhard 31 Dec 1886 MAIER, John ADAM, Catharina
MAYER, Louis 20 Jul 1937 63y 6m Mayer, Fritz CHUSE, Mary QUIRIN, Louisa Green Mount Born 13 Jan 1874*  From Smithton
MAYER, Louis (Widower) 28 Nov 1920 82y VOLLMER, Elizabeth (Deceased) Green Mount
MAYER, Louisa (Catherine*) 20 Aug 1943 69y 2m QUIRIN, Philip HEINRICH, Mary Mayer, Louis Green Mount Born 24 Jun 1874*
MAYER, Margaret 15 Feb 1862 82y KUEHl, Christian Mayer, Andrew
MAYER, Margaret 8 Nov 1949 Mayer, Franz Not listed, Margaret Mayer, Ferdinand Green Mount Born 9 Aug 1874. Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MAYER, Margaret (Widow) 6 Feb 1925 79y Mayer, Francis (Deceased) Green Mount
MAYER, Mary 8 Feb 1931 81y CHUSE, F. X. Mayer, Fred Green Mount
MAYER, Mary Katherine 20 Jul 1932 60y 4m QUIRIN, Philip HEINRICH, Mary Mayer, John Green Mount
MAYER, Werner 15 Jan 1950 Mayer, Louis QUIRIN, Louisa Green Mount Born 10 Dec 1900.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MAYOR, Louis 24 May 1935 87y 11m Mayor, Joseph Not listed, Mary BERTRAM, Louisa & Mary KESSLING* Walnut Hill Born 30 May 1846.  Died suddenly*
MAYOR, Louisa 9 Jan 1936 86y BERTRAM, August KAISER, JOHN (1st husband), Louis Mayor (2nd husband) Walnut Hill
MAZERON, Isadore 28 Sep 1855 Mazeron, Jacob GEOFFROI, Catharina Born 1 Apr 1855
MCCARTHY, Maria 13 Aug 1873 65y Mc Carthy, Jeremiah
MCCARTHY, William Theodore 9 Jul 1875 1y 6m McCarthy, Jeremiah (Adoptive father) Not listed, Joanna
MCCAULEY, Edna 3 Jun 1954 MILLER, Charles (Not listed, Maud*) McCauley, Benjamin Walnut Hill Born 15 Jan 1907.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MCCORKEL, Paul 12 Dec 1918 33y McCorkel, Patrick STIVER, Louisa Green Mount From Los Angeles, CA.  Died of Influenza
MCCORKELL, Louisa Margaret 25 Oct 1888 26y STIEBER, Peter HOFFMANN, Barbara Mc Corkell, Patrick Paul
MCDADE, William 19 Apr 1955 McDade, Sr., William FINLEY, Margaret Not listed, Viola Mt. Carmel Born 10 Aug 1912
MCDONALD, Arthur 4 Oct 1872 40y Not listed, Helena
MCDONOUGH, Martin 3 Dec 1941 74y 1m McDonough, Michael RABBET, Mary DEMPSY, Mary Mt. Carmel Born 2 Nov 1867*
MCDONOUGH, Patrick 24 Jan 1944 76y 10m McDonough, Michael RABBITT, Mary PETZOLD, Ann Mt. Carmel Born Oct 1868 in Ireland*
MCGRATH, Katharina 29 Nov 1918 46y McGrath, Timothy CLANCY, Catharina Mt. Carmel Died at Illinois State Hospital in Anna, IL
MCGUIN, James 21 Sep 1902 28y Died in the County Farm
MCININEY, Francis 21 Mar 1863 43y
MCINTYRE, Catharina 14 Aug 1862 3y 6m Mc Intyre, John
MCINTYRE, Helena 31 Aug 1863 1y 28d Mc Intyre, John Not listed, Sarah
MCKAIN, John T. 31 Aug 1934 66y McKain, Thomas CONNELLY, Marie TENNER, Sophia Green Mount
MCKAIN, John T. 3 Mar 1946 38y 11m McKain, John TENNER, Sophie Green Mount Born 23 Mar 1907; From Milwaukee, WI; died suddenly*
MCKEOGH, Arthur J. 4 Sep 1947 49y 11m Mc Keogh, James DOLAN, Ann COFFEY, Cora Green Mount Born 28 Oct 1897*  Died at O’Reilly Veterans Hospital (in Springfield, MO*)
MCKIERNAN, Elisha Joseph 9 Mar 1926 47y Walnut Hill
MCKIN, Elizabeth 1 Apr 1866 McKin, Thomas LINKOLTZ, Catharina
MCKIN, Emma 16 Apr 1866 1y 6m McKin, Thomas LINSKY, Catharina
MCLAUGHLIN, William 14 Jul 1875 6m McLaughlin, Thomas Not listed, Helena
MCMAHON, Margaret 27 Sep 1954 WELDEMAN, Christopher GUNDLACH, Margaret Green Mount Born 5 Aug 1865.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MCMASTER, Mary 21 Mar 1937 58y KOOPMANN, Joseph GOELLER, Dora McMaster, John K. Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 13 Mar 1879*
MCNEMARA, Michael 8 Apr 1864 26y Mc Nemara, Patrick IRVING, Catharina
MCQUIRE, Maria 2 Jul 1887 35y Mc Quire, Jacob
MEAN, Catharina 21 Feb 1854 61y
MEAR, Patrick 20 Nov 1850 Private cemetery
MECHLER, Mechior 26 Apr 1856 41y
MECKHOLD, Jacob 20 Nov 1868 3d Meckhold, Michael BORATEN, Johanna
MECKLENBURG, Emilia 18 Apr 1925 31y Mecklenburg, Julius Green Mount
MECKLENBURG, Richard 9 Sep 1924 1y 8m Mecklenburg, Julius KLAUS [?], Amelia (Mt. Carmel) Green Mt.
MEDER, Ella 27 Feb 1920 22y MOHR, Not listed Meder, Herman Green Mount Died of flu-pneumonia.  Left 2 small children.  Baptized on death bed.
MEDER, Gustave 17 Mar 1937 64y 5m Meder, John ALLGEIER, Fredericka ENGEL, Mathilda Anna Green Mount Born 8 Oct 1872*
MEEHLING, Xavier 20 Apr 1951 Meehling, John LEHR, Celestine Walnut Hill Died in Alton State Hospital
MEES, Anton 10 Jul 1862 10y 7m Mees, Francis Adam NEFF, Eva
MEES, Infant 28 Mar 1855 Mees, William EWERS, Elizabeth Born 9 Feb 1855
MEES, M. Anna 13 Nov 1853 Mees, William EWERS, Elizabeth Born 19 Oct 1853
MEES, Michael 9 Oct 1848 1y 6m
MEES, W. William 3 Aug 1865 76y Mees, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth
MEGIBER, Mrs. Anna 15 Sep 1848 76y
MEIDING, Adela 15 Apr 1887 6y Meiding, George GRASS, Christina
MEIDINGER, George 27 Nov 1905 32y Meidinger, John CRASS, Christina From Pinckneyville
MEIDINGER, Johann 4 Nov 1850 13y 10m New Walnut cemetery
MEIDINGER, John 12 Feb 1885 33y Not listed, Ch.
MEIDINGER, Louis 12 Aug 1876 5m Meidinger, John Not listed, Christina
MEIDINGER,John 12 May 1870 75y VIESS [Weiss], Barbara
MEIER, Barbara (Widow) 15 Jan 1924 69y Meier, Lorenz (Deceased) St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO
MEIER, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1885 72y Meier, Andrew
MEIER, John [Joanna?] 15 Jul 1850 23y New city cemetery
MEIER, Katharina 5 Jan 1860 15y Meier, Josef BALI, Katharina (Deceased) Died 4 Jan 1860
MEIER, Magdalena 11 Nov 1847 3m Meier, Joseph St. Peter
MEISTER, Anna 31 Oct 1864 2y 6m Meister, Philipp BIEHL, Catharina
MEISTER, Bertha 1 Mar 1922 36y DINGES, Not listed Meister, Clement Green Mount
MEISTER, Catharina (Widow) 8 Mar 1890 BIEL, Not listed Meister, Philipp (Deceased) Born 8 Dec 1826 in Bavaria
MEISTER, Clement 6 Mar 1922 22m Meister, Clement DINGES, Bertha Green Mount
MEISTER, Ida 12 Aug 1921 54y Meister, Michael Green Mount
MEISTER, Jacob 5 Sep 1888 73y Meister, Henry KIESER, Catharina HEMMINGER, Maria
MEISTER, John 17 Jun 1873 15y Meister, Philipp Not listed, Catharina
MEISTER, Maria 28 Mar 1892 76y Meister, Jacob (Deceased)
MEISTER, Michael 16 Jan 1939 74y 1m Meister, Philip BIEHL, Catherine TRIBOUT, Ida Green Mount Born 8 Dec 18__ & died at St. Elizabeth’s*
MEISTER, Philipp 41y 7m Meister, Henry RODER, Elizabeth
MELCHER, Owen Rufus L. 21 Jul 1878 35y 1m Melcher, L. Not listed, Roda
MELCHERS, Margaret Elizabeth 19 Sep 1891 Melchers, F. W. FOERSTER, Cordula Born 12 Jul 1891
MELIGNE, Maria Anna 27 Sep 1864 69y Meligne, Jacob
MELLON, Maria S. 22 Sep 1908 SCHMIDT, Not listed Mellon, Logan P.
MEMEL, Frederick 1 Dec 1857 1y Memel, Joseph Not listed, Waltburga
MEMEL, Maria 13  Mar 1858 4y Memel, Joseph Not listed, Waltburga
MEMEL, Walburga 5 Sep 1877 62y 8m 4d Memel, Joseph
MENNER, Helena 8 Oct 1870 4m Menner, Paul GELLARS, Elizabeth
MENSEL, Johann Nicholas 12 Mar 1867 2y 6m 13d Mensel, Johann SCHNEIDER, Eleonhard
MENZE, Frederich 9 Jul 1851 7y
MENZE, John 22 Feb 1879 54y Not listed, Anna Maria
MENZEL, John 25 Aug 1890 12y Menzel, John SCHNEIDER, Eleonora
MENZEL, Maria 3 Jun 1877 5y 5m Menzel, John Not listed, Eleonora
MERCURIO, Cosmo 6 Feb 1945 90y 5m Mercurio, Mariano ARRIGO, Guiseppa CAPONE, Ignatia Green Mount Born 26 Aug 1864 at Termini, Sicily*
MERCURIO, Ignazia 13 Feb 1927 69y CAPONE, Not listed Green Mount
MERCURIO, Mike 18 Jun 1951 Mercurio, Nuncio [?] (FEDESCO, Menegia*) Green Mount Born 2 Aug 1882.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MEREDITH, Margaret 2 Feb 1933 73y 3m Meredith, Finton REDMOND, Theresa Moberly, MO
MEROD, Amelia 27 Nov 1934 26y SCHNEIDER, Theodore FEDER, Rosa Merod, Oscar Green Mount
MERSINGER, Catharina 10 Jul 1861 3y 4m Mersinger, Valentin NOLD, Thecla
MERTENS, John 31 Oct 1942 79y 10m Mertens, Henry MERTZVICH, Mary OESTERLE, Alvina Green Mount Born 4 Jan 1863 in Summerfield, IL; married Alvina 30 Apr 1902*  Death listed as Oct 31/ Nov 1 [1942]
MERTENS, John 3 Mar 1954 Mertens, John FARMBAUER, Agnes Green Mount Born 21 Jan 1934.  Killed in Korea – U. S. Marine
MESSERSCHMIDT, Anna Maria 10 Nov 1863 48y 16d BOSCH, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth Messerschmidt, B.
MESSING, Henry 26 Mar 1866 60y Not listed, Theodora
METH, George 26 Mar 1918 66y ARNOLD, Josephina Green Mount
METH, Josepha (Widow) 4 Jul 1924 79y METT, Geo. (Deceased) Green Mount
METTE, Ida 15 Apr 1881 10w Mette, Friederich GOLDEN, Eva
METZ, Fridolin 10 Jul 1864 4m 4d METZE, Joseph SIEBERT, Catharina
METZ, Margaret M.* 19 Jul 1943 FALTUS, Louis LANG, Frieda Metz, Harry Born 17 Oct 192_*
METZ, Peter 26 Feb 1883 57y 1m 5d AHNE [?], Maria (Deceased)
METZE, Catharina 4 Mar 1894 SIEFERT, J. Not listed, M. Metze, Joseph (Deceased) Born 18 Jan 1831 in Hermsdorf, Prussia
METZE, Frank V. 15 Aug 1940 67y 6m Metze, Valentin HEBENSTREIT, Frances RIST, Mary Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1873 at Prairie Du Long*
METZE, Joseph 20 May 1888 64y Metze, John Not listed, Maria Anna SIBER, Catharina
METZE, Maria Thecla 17 Feb 1869 22y WARNER, Johann Not listed, Helena METZE, Peter
METZGER, Joseph 17 Sep 1888 63y Metzger (MISKA), Joseph Not listed, Barbara JACOBERT, Maria [Alternate name written above father]
MEURER, Adelheid C. 3 Oct 1857 Meurer, William Not listed, Catharina
MEURER, Caspar 4 Dec 1889 Meurer, Nicholas SCHMITT, M. Magdalena WELSCH, Maria Elizabeth Born 4 Feb 1844 in diocese Trevirensi
MEYER, Adam 20 Aug 1876 16m 8d Meyer, Jacob Not listed, Maria
MEYER, Adelhaid 29 Jul 1849 6m
MEYER, Adelina 26 May 1878 8d Meyer, Frank BRAUN, Mina
MEYER, Amanda 16 Jul 1900 19y Meyer, Nicholas MICHAEL, Maria
MEYER, Andreas 15 Mar 1891 83y HACK, Maria
MEYER, Andrew 1 Jul 1849
MEYER, Anna Maria 27 Sep 1851 13y
MEYER, Anna Maria 18 Sep 1872 72y Meyer, William (Deceased)
MEYER, August 11 Jun 1922 35y BECKER, Ida Walnut Hill
MEYER, August George 10 Sep 1883 7m Meyer, Leonard
MEYER, Aurelia 2 Feb 1931 29y Meyer, Leonard HEIBEL, Crescentia Mt. Carmel Died in City Hospital in St. Louis
MEYER, Barbara 30 Aug 1857 7w MEIER, John Not listed, Barbara Died 29 Aug. [Daughter & father have differently spelled last names.]
MEYER, Barbara 8 Apr 1896 55y NOESSER, Not listed Meyer, William
MEYER, Barbara (Widow) 25 Jul 1904 86y MEYER, Leonhard REICHENBERGER, Maria Meyer, John
MEYER, Barbara (Widow) 27 Sep 1905 80y VOEGTLE, Not listed Meyer, Francis (Deceased)
MEYER, Carl Joseph 17 Jul 1870 8m Meyer, Frederick WORMS, Maria
MEYER, Carolina 9 Aug 1862 6m Meyer, Johann REISENBERGER, Barbara
MEYER, Catharina 13 Oct 1870 26y  MELLEIN, Jacob KUHN, Maria Anna
MEYER, Catharina 20 Apr 1909 29y ESCH, Not listed Meyer, Henry (Non-Catholic)
MEYER, Catherine 16 Mar 1942 90y 8m Meyer, Seraphin KAUFMANN, Mary Meyer, William (Deceased) Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 1 Jun 1851 in French Village, IL*
MEYER, Charles Andrew 16 Mar 1848 28y 7m
MEYER, Crescentia 31 May 1934 74y 5m HEIBEL, Michael ANDERS, Anna Meyer, Leonard Mt. Carmel
MEYER, Edward 15 Jan 1929 59y Meyer, Louis VOLKNER, Elizabeth Green Mount
MEYER, Eva 14 Aug 1857 4m Meyer, George Not listed, Maria A.
MEYER, Florence 30 Dec 1912 2y Meyer, Maurice MAYER, Maria Green Mount
MEYER, Francis 14 Jul 1849 16y
MEYER, Francis 14 May 1898 Meyer, Nicolaus LOUIS, Veronica
MEYER, Frank 23 Jun 1933 68y Meyer, George KAISER, Mary SMITH, Ellen Walnut Hill
MEYER, Frederick 30 Oct 1923 81y CHUSE, Maria Green Mount
MEYER, George 16 Dec 1888 56y BRENNER, Theresa City Cemetery [See record]
MEYER, George 1 Sep 1891 Born 19 Aug 1833 in Schifferstadt
MEYER, George 1 Oct 1931 59y Meyer, George KAISER, Mary MAYER, Mary Walnut Hill
MEYER, George Friedrich 21 Jul 1872 19m Meyer, George Not listed, Maria
MEYER, Gertrude 8 Jun 1864 14d Meyer, Louis KAISER,  Maria  Baptized privately.
MEYER, Gertrude 10 Dec 1867 6m Meyer, Anton H_T_, Elizabeth
MEYER, Gertrude 22 Aug 1871 67y Meyer, Carl (Deceased)
MEYER, Gertrude 15 Dec 1873 2m Meyer, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth
MEYER, Ida 10 Sep 1878 2y Meyer, John ADAMS, Catharina
MEYER, Infant 20 Dec 1851 Infant Meyer, Louis BOUNDRUS [?], Armantina Private cemetery Child was born dead.
MEYER, Jacob 28 Feb 1860 1m 21d Meyer, George KAISER,  Maria Anna
MEYER, Jacob 19 Jun 1861 4m Meyer, Johann REICHENBERGER, Barbara
MEYER, John 11 Feb 1851 Meyer, Jacob BILLHAUS, Josephina Walnut graveyard Born 2 Feb 1851
MEYER, John 21 Aug 1875 4d Meyer, John Not listed, Catharina
MEYER, John 13 Jul 1889 Born 14 Nov 1816
MEYER, John Joseph 2 Feb 1845 15.5m
MEYER, John Joseph 2 Feb 1848 10y 7m
MEYER, Joseph 14 Jul 1911 Infant Meyer, Edward Green Mount
MEYER, Joseph A. 21 Feb 1947 67y 4m Meyer, George KAISER, Mary HOEFFKEN, Mary Green Mount Born 1 Oct 1879*
MEYER, Joseph Casimir 23 Jun 1864 11m 5d Meyer, Johann REZTENBERGER, Barbara
MEYER, Joseph George 4 Jul 1918 24y Meyer, William KEHMEYER, Lena Green Mount Killed in France during World War.  Buried 3 Dec 1921
MEYER, Josephine 20 Jul 1849` 2y 8m
MEYER, Josephine 17 Aug 1857 1y Meyer, Francis Not listed, Barbara
MEYER, Josephine 14 Oct 1858 11y Meyer, Nicholas Not listed, Veronica
MEYER, Lena 15 Mar 1956 Meyer, William Not listed, Catherine Never married Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 30 Dec 1883
MEYER, Lorenz 6 May 1921 St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO
MEYER, Louis 19 Nov 1860 28y 9m Meyer, Carl Not listed, Gertrude JAUCK, Rosina
MEYER, Louis 4 Jan 1876 28y Not listed, Josephina
MEYER, Louis “Pat” 5 Mar 1941 73y 11m Meyer, George KAISER, Mary Green Mount Born 27 Mar 1867*
MEYER, Maria 30 Sep 1858 6m Meyer, Joseph Not listed, Barbara
MEYER, Maria 3 Feb 1870 24y Meyer, Frederick
MEYER, Maria 18 Oct 1878 68y Meyer, Joseph
MEYER, Maria  6 Jan 1919 64y Meyer, Nic. LOUIS, Veronica Green Mount
MEYER, Maria (Widow) 1 Apr 1917 80y Meyer, George (Deceased) Green Mount
MEYER, Maria Genoveva 19 Nov 1881 75y Meyer, Not listed (Deceased)
MEYER, Maria Regina 14 Jul 1849 6m Sister of Francis
MEYER, Maria Seraphina 11 Jan 1870 6w LANG, Constantin Meyer, Maria Barbara
MEYER, Maria Viola 18 Mar 1899 3w Meyer, Ferdinand MEYER, Maria
MEYER, Mary 28 Feb 1934 82y 9m VOSS, George MICHAEL, Mary Meyer, Nicholas Walnut Hill From St. Louis, MO
MEYER, Mayme 10 Oct 1940 56y 3m Meyer, John ADAMS, Catherine BECKMANN, Henry (Deceased) & Conrad SCHOLT (Deceased) Green Mount
MEYER, Mrs. Regina [?] 10 [Jul] 1849 30y
MEYER, Nicholas 31 May 1920 71y BOOS, Maria Walnut Hill
MEYER, Nicholas 31 Dec 1952 Meyer, George KAISER, Mary Green Mount Born 9 Mar 1869.  Died in Alton State Hospital
MEYER, Niclas 25 May 1874 51y Not listed, Theresa
MEYER, Nicolaus (Widower) 9 Apr 1905 LOUIS, Maria Veronica (Deceased)
MEYER, Not listed 10 [Jul] 1849 63y
MEYER, Paula 28 Jul 1908 4m Meyer, Joseph HOEFFKEN, Maria
MEYER, Philipp 11 Sep 1844 4m
MEYER, Phillip 16 Feb 1858 24y Meyer, William Not listed, Maria Anna
MEYER, Rosa 4 Sep 1893 Meyer, Nicholas MEICKEL, Maria Born 19 Apr 1875 in Belleville
MEYER, Ruth* 6 Jun 1938 Meyer, Walter COLLINS, Nina Shiloh Born 17 Aug 1913*
MEYER, Veronica 5 Sep 1852 Meyer, Joseph BAILI, Catharina Born 29 Oct 1846
MEYER, Wilhelmina 27 Nov 1884 31y Meyer, Francis
MEYER, Wilibald 27 Jul 1849 40y
MEYER, William 3 Nov 1860 63y Meyer, Sebastian
MEYER, William Francis 26 Jul 1883 10w Meyer, Francis Michael Not listed, Cecilia
MEYERHOEFER, Joseph 17 Jun 1849 30y
MEYERS, Albert 23 Jul 1875 2w MEYER, Andrew Not listed, Wilhelmina
MEYERSICK, Lena 18 May 1893 Meyersick, J. Not listed, M. Born 20 Aug 1889 in Fayetteville
MICHAELIS, Arno R. (Non-Catholic) 14 Sep 1951 Michaelis, Theodore Not listed, Louise MUELLER, Loretta Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 3 (26*) Mar 1900
MIDDELDORF, Friederich William 5 Aug 1891 Born 16 Mar 1816 in Darmstadt, Hessen
MIDDENDORF, Elizabeth 7 May 1939 61y 5m ERHARDT, Ellis VAHLKAMP, Mary Middendorf, Joseph Fayetteville Catholic Cemetery Born 18 Dec 1877*
MIDDENDORPH, Joseph A. 2 Mar 1953 MIDDENDORF, Henry BUCHNER, Gertrude ERHARDT, Elizabeth St. Pancreatius in Fayetteville, IL Born 5 Jun 1870
MIESNER, Clara 29 Nov 1867 38y JOCH, Christian Miesner, Henry
MIGNE, Carl 14 Sep 1872 4w Migne, Hyacinth Not listed, Anna
MIGNE, Hyacinth 21 Jul 1875 14d Migne, Hyacinth Not listed, Anna
MIGNE, John 21 Jul 1873 3d Migne, Joseph Not listed, Christina
MIGNE, Louis 30 Oct 1881 50y HEIDER, Elizabeth
MIGNE, Magdalena 15 Mar 1883 79y Migne, Paul (Deceased)
MIGNE, Maria Anna 19 May 1853 21y
MILLEIN, Jacob 4 Sep 1877 71y Not listed, Maria (Deceased)
MILLER (MUELLER), Elizabeth 11 Feb 1946 90y 11m Mueller, John BEICKERT, Margaret Green Mount Born 9 Mar 1855*  Died in Alton State Hospital
MILLER, Adelina 3 Nov 1893 75y DUNETTE, Not listed
MILLER, August 14 May 1917 48y Miller, Carl Not listed, Louisa Walnut Hill Died in St. Vincent Hospital
MILLER, Carl 22 Jul 1913 2m Miller, Joseph Green Mount
MILLER, Cleola Marie 29 Apr 1930 5y Miller, Charles SEIPP, Mary Green Mount
MILLER, Elizabeth Selma 29 Jul 1909 1y Miller, Anton HEIDENREICH, Anna
MILLER, Ellen  1 Nov 1941 67y 2m FRICK, Charles KLINKHARDT, Elizabeth Miller, Henry W. Walnut Hill Born 1 Sep 1874*
MILLER, Florentia M. 25 Jul 1917 2m Miller, Joseph MUNIE, Hilda Green Mount
MILLER, Frieda 16 Jan 1920 3y Miller, Joseph VERDERBER, Lena Green Mount
MILLER, George 28 Nov 1946 68y 3m Miller, George W. VALOS [Valds ?], Amelia LOUIS, Helen Green Mount Born 12 Aug 1878*
MILLER, Helen C. 3 Mar 1955 LOUIS, Nicholas SCHMISSEUR, Elizabeth Miller, George Born 18 Nov 1877
MILLER, James J. Green Mount Still birth.  [Appears in Sep 1948 entries}
MILLER, Louis 25 Jun 1929 10y Miller, Ernest EHRHOLD, Barbara From Smithton
MILLER, Louisa (Widow) 21 Feb 1922 75y Miller, Charles (Deceased) Green Mount
MILLER, Marcella Agnes 23 Dec 1944 21y JORN, Edward QUIRIN, Anna Miller, William M. Green Mount Born 25 Dec 1923*  Killed in auto accident
MILLER, Nicholas Emil 7 Apr 1941 73y 11m Miller, Charles NICOLAUS, Louisa Green Mount Died suddenly at St. Joseph’s Hill Infirmary
MILLER, Petronella (Widow) 19 Jul 1915 75y Miller, Joseph (Deceased) Walnut Hill
MILLER, Philipp 11 Jan 1930 83y KERWIN, Mary Ann Green Mount
MILLER, Seraphin 27 Nov 1875 58y Unknown Unknown
MILLER, Walter 20 Aug 1875 9m Miller, Peter Not listed, Barbara
MILLER, William 19 Mar 1922 2y Miller, Anton HEIDENREICH, Hanna Green Mount
MILLIGAN, Michael Roy 16 Nov 1950 MILLIGAN, Forest BUETTNER, Marcella Green Mount Born 21 Oct 1996. (Died at St. Mary Hospital in St, Louis, MO*)
MINAMOTO, Theresa 13 Mar 1956 Minamoto, Mitsuo (U.S.A.F.) TOKUDA, Shirley S. Green Mount Born 13 Mar 1956.  Baptized by Catholic nurse at Scott Air Base
MINIE, Franzis 9 Jul 1872 8d Minie, Joseph GERMAIN, Christina
MINIE, Helena 2 Mar 1872 10m Minie, Joseph Not listed, Christina
MINIE, Ida 8 Sep 1877 6m Minie, Joseph Not listed, Christina
MINIE, Louis 17 May 1879 3y 11m 17d Minie, George TRIBOUT, Adelheid
MINIE, Mary 8 Aug 1872 10y Minie, Joseph Not listed, Christina
MINIER, German 10 Jan 1867 3y 6m Minier, Hyacinth ADAM, Louisa
MINIER, Louisa 23y ADAM, Louis CHERMING, Elizabeth Minier, Louis [Appears in June 1863 entries]
MINIER, Paul 19 Apr 1866 66y 3m 17d Minier, Joseph CHERMING, Anna
MINK, John 24 Dec 1897
MINNIE, Olivia 25 Jun 1878 21d Minnie, Joseph GERMAN, Christina
MINOR, Alonza 25 Oct 1923 85y Walnut Hill
MINOR, Anna 20 Jul 1872 7m Minor, Andrew Not listed, Maria
MINOR, Arthur 20 Jun 1953 Minor, Alanzo KREHER, Adela REGAN, Maria Mt. Carmel Born 12 Aug 1884.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
MINOR, Joseph 10 Sep 1952 Minor, Alanzo* KOLHRER, Mary* BLASS, Anna Green Mount Born 18 Jul 1879.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MINOR, Julia 21 Dec 1883 16y Minor, Alonzo
MINOR, Maria Aug 1869 4d
MINOR, Maria Anna 3 Feb 1899 60y KEHRER, John Not listed, Eva Minor, Aloysius A.
MINOT, Isabella 6 Nov 1881 7y Minor, Alonzo KEHRER, Maria
MISPLAIS, Emily E. 9 Sep 1929 69y Misplais, William Willis Private Cemetery in Modoc, IL From Kaskaskia
MITCHELL, Anna 29 Jun 1896 1y Mitchell, Henry NEUHAEUSLER, Anna
MITTENDORF, Catharina 10 Mar 1885 68y She had a family
MITTENDORF, Maria Gesina 31 [sic] Jun 1844 49y Blessed Mary in Prairie du Long
MITZKA, Maria 25 Feb 1893 66y
MODDLEY, John 3 Jul 1881 9m Moddley, Francis KIGOR [?], Maria
MOELLER, Bernard Henry 11 Aug 1845 28y St. Peter
MOESER, Floyd William 30 Sep 1932 28y 1m Moeser, Robert BROWN, Edith Green Mount Died in Santa Ana, CA
MOESER, Frances Catherine 9 Apr 1926 4y Moeser, Robert BROWN, Edith Green Mount
MOESER, Robert F. 21 Jan 1947 67y 4m Moeser, William SCHIEK, Margaret BROWN, Edith Green Mount Born 25 Sep 1879*
MOESINGER, Fred Mich. 18 Jan 1935 32y 5m Moesinger, Fred RODENBERG, Elizabeth LAWTON, Hazel  Walnut Hill Died at Desloge Hospital [in St. Louis]
MOESSINGER, Elizabeth 24 Sep 1941 80y 4m RODENBERG, William CLEVER, Not listed Moessinger, Fred (Been married twice previously) Walnut Hill Born 7 May 1861 in Dortman, Germany*
MOFFET, Arthur 20 Mar 1882 18m Moffet, John MEYER, Louisa
MOHR, William 8 Dec 1950 Mohr, August MUELLER, Mary CHRISTMAN, Mary Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1869
MOLES, Catharina 6 Mar 1851 9y
MOLITOR, Anton 12 [Jul] 1849 1y
MOLITOR, George 12 [Jul] 1849  40y
MOLL, Agnes 9 Oct 1855 70y
MÖLLER (Moeller), Philipp 24 Jul 1873 66y
MOLLES, John 4 Jun 1934 87y 9m Molles, Ambrose WEIER, Mary Green Mount Born in Switzerland
MOLLINGEN, Agnes 26 Jan 1865 56y Mollingen, Patrick
MOLNAR, Maria 10 Nov 1911 9y Molnar, Michael Green Mount
MOLNAR, Michael 2 Sep 1934 58y Molnar, John HAM_ISON, Catherine Green Mount
MONKEN, Francisca 9 Aug 1869 18y 25d Monken, George Joseph STAHL, Catharina
MONKEN, George 15 Jan 1886 56y
MONNTAIN, Patrick 8 Jan 1845 48y A native of the County Cavan, Ireland.
MOONEY, William 19 Sep 1875 12y 2m Mooney, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth
MOORE, Marie 28 Aug 1944 42y 3m SAX, George HELFRICH, Catherine Moore, John Green Mount Born 30 Jun 1902*  Died in St. Louis, MO.  [See record]
MOORMANN, Not listed 4 May 1851 40y St. Thomas in Centreville, IL
MORFEY [?], Margaret 16 Oct 1866 2y 6m Morfey, Thomas HOOL, Margaret
MORGENSTERN, Alois 3 Oct 1851 3y
MORGENSTERN, Jacob 1 Apr 1866 62y 1m 28d Morgenstern, P. J. MEES, Helena
MORGENSTERN, Margaret 15 Aug 1846 10m St. Peter
MORGENSTERN, Maria Helena 28 May 1861 7m Morgenstern, Francis Not listed, Catharina
MORITZ, Joseph 21 Oct 1872 4m MALETZ, John HERMAN, Anna
MORLEY, Hanah 15 Jun 1869 34y Morley, Not listed Not listed, Margaret
MORRIS, Louis W. 19 Jun 1911 2.5y Morris, W. Louis Mt. Carmel From Rosedale, KS
MORRISSON, Maria 12 Sep 1855 31y
MORRISSON, Robert Dennis 24 Dec 1852 1y
MORROW, Infant 17 Nov 1847 Infant Morrow, July DAVIS, Mareen St. Peter
MORROW, Michael Otis (New convert) 3 Oct 1908 Not listed, Cecilia
MOSBACHER, Adam 9 Jan 1919 91y ROMAN, Lucretia Walnut Hill
MOSER, Anton 25 Jul 1866 46y 14d Moser, Chrystoffer BRITT, Catharina ZELLER, Regina
MOSER, Anton 5 Sep 1869 6y Moser, Anton ZELLER, Regina
MOSER, Henry 6 Jun 1861 2m Moser, Anton ZELLER, Regina
MOSER, Infant 19 Mar 1855 Infant
MOSER, Laurent Henry 24 Sep 1859 1y Moser, Joseph Anton ZELLER, Regina Died 23 Sep 1859
MOSER, Theresa 3 Nov 1900 5d Moser, Henry LEIDENHEIMER, Maria
MOTT, John Thomas 21 May 1934 36y 1m Mott, Thomas WENTZ, Ida ANDERSON, Ruth (Civil marriage) Green Mount
MOWE, Margaret 7 Sep 1880 5y 11m Mowe, John FRANKS, Maria
MOYAN, Michael 8 Jun 1851 25y
MOYAN, Philip 19 Jun 1851
MUCHENSTURM, Justina 4 Jun 1938 77y KELLER, Kasper Not listed, Justina Muchensturm, Henry Green Mount Born 10 Jun 1861*
MUCKENSTURM, 2nd Lt. Clarence* 20 May 1943 Muckensturm, Adolph SCHAEFER, Mathilda Born 28 Sep 1917; died in action in North American Area*
MUCKENSTURM, Adolph 20 Mar 1952 SCHAEFER, Mathilda Green Mount Born 10 Jan 1883.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MUCKENSTURM, Anton 9 Dec 1943 82y 5m Muckensturm, Sr., Anton SEGEL, Not listed KELLER EISEMANN, Catherine Green Mount Buried on the same day as his wife in a joint ceremony.
MUCKENSTURM, Caroline 1 Mar 1926 64y Muckensturm, Thomas Green Mount
MUCKENSTURM, Catherine 7 Dec 1943 84y 7m KELLER, Caspar Unknown First: John EISEMANN.  [2nd] Anton Muckensturm Green Mount Born 24 Apr 1859 in Duisburg Baden Germany*  ‘Buried on the same day as her husband in a joint ceremony.
MUCKENSTURM, Henry 11 Dec 1916 67y KELLER, Justine Green Mount
MUCKENSTURM, Irma 21 Oct 1956 MIDDENDORF, Joseph ERHARDT, Elizabeth Not listed, John Green Mount Born 21 Jan 1902.  Found dead in Bed
MUCKENSTURM, John 29 Jul 1916 1y Muckensturm, Adolph SCHAEFER, Mathilda Green Mount
MUCKENSTURM, Joseph 18 May 1927 41y REEB, Rosa Green Mount
MUCKENSTURM, Justina 5 Jul 1905 58y Muckensturm, Thomas SEGER, Magdalena
MUCKENSTURM, Magdalena (Widow) 4 Mar 1894 SEGER, Anton HEIZMANN, Magdalena Muckensturm, Thom. (Deceased)
MUCKENSTURM, Wayne John 1 Jun 1955 Muckensturm, John MIDDENDORF, Irma Not married Green Mount Born 11 Aug 1933.  Died in Lincoln, IL at Home for Retarded Children
MUEHL, Francis 11 Jan 1867 43y Muehl, Simon Not listed, Clara KUEHN, Maria A.
MUEHL, Laurent 16 Apr 1860 2y 3m 5d Muehl, Francis KUCHNER, Anna M.
MUEHLHER (Muelherr), Ida J. 29 Oct 1955 BECKER, Joseph Muehlher, Joseph Green Mount Born 5 Apr 1868
MUEHLHER, William 23 Apr 1899 Muehlher, Ehrhardt KILIAN, Elizabeth MUELLER, Maria
MUEHLHERR, Carolina 22 Oct 1894 Muehlherr, Ehrhardt KILLIAN, Elizabeth Born 10 Sep [1894]
MUEHLHERR, Johann 14 Aug 1863 10m 23d Muehlherr, Erhardt Not listed, Elizabeth
MUEHLHERR, Joseph 28 May 1929 65y Green Mount
MUELLER (BUTKUS [Gass*]), Mary  7 Jun 1949 GASS, Peter DERLETH, Josephina Mueller, Joseph Green Mount Born 22 Feb 1877.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MUELLER, Anna 2 Oct 1923 34y Mueller, Anton
MUELLER, Anna Maria (Widow) 23 Apr 1889 63y FISCHER, Not listed MARTIN, Not listed Mueller, Joseph D. (Deceased)
MUELLER, Anton 16 Mar 1865 33y 10d Mueller, Anton WILTHAWER [?], Catharina
MUELLER, Anton 7 Nov 1911 1d Mueller, Anton Joseph HEIDENMEIER, Anna Green Mount
MUELLER, Arthur F. 19 Aug 1937 46y 2m Mueller, Henry NIESS, Anna KORTE, Ida Anna Veterans section of Walnut Hill Born 21 Jun 1891 in Fayetteville, IL*
MUELLER, August 10 Dec 1884 34y Mueller, Not listed
MUELLER, Bridget 10 Sep 1865 2m 6d Mueller, Adam FINK, May
MUELLER, Capt. William 22 Oct 1944 27y 10m Mueller, Ernest EHRHOLD, Barbara Green Mount Born 12 Dec 1916*  ‘Killed in action in China – airplane pilot.  Buried 29 Oct 1947
MUELLER, Carl 23 Aug 1860 9m Mueller, Joseph FINK, Frederica
MUELLER, Carl 10 Mar 1899 38y Died in the County Farm
MUELLER, Carl 15 Dec 1905 24y Born in East St. Louis
MUELLER, Catharina 30 Apr 1853 30y [Age is written over – best guess]
MUELLER, Christina (Widow) 8 Oct 1890 KARLSKIND, Sebastian Not listed, Catharina Mueller, Michael (Deceased) Born in 1813
MUELLER, Edward 20 Jan 1885 25y Mueller, Blasil
MUELLER, Eleonora 14 Oct 1901 28y KRONENBERGER, Not listed Mueller, Friederick
MUELLER, Francis Anton 16 Oct 1858 7w Mueller, John Anton Not listed, Maria
MUELLER, Francis Samuel 15 Jul 1853 Mueller, Jacob MAISTRE, Adelhaide Born 4 Jun 1853
MUELLER, Frederick 7 Mar 1903 10y Mueller, Anton Joseph KRAUS, Agnes
MUELLER, George Fritz 23 Jun 1940 74y 10m Mueller, William Daniel BERSCH, Adolphine ZIEGLER, Barbara St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO From Germany/St. Louis, MO
MUELLER, Helena 8 Aug 1898 13m Mueller, Henry KLEIN, Elizabeth
MUELLER, Jacob 2 Jul 1868 [Age and parents are crossed out.]
MUELLER, John 19 Jul 1903 69y Not listed, Helena
MUELLER, John 11 Dec 1948 52y Mueller, John BLAIES, Elizabeth HOFFMAN, Helena Mt. Carmel Born 14 Feb 1895*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MUELLER, John Gregory 11 Nov 1949 Infant Mueller, Raymond ZILLEN, Hellen Green Mount Born 5 Nov 1949; died in Christian Welfare Hospital in East St. Louis, IL*
MUELLER, John Joseph 9 Jun 1884 19y Mueller, Joseph
MUELLER, Joseph 25 Apr 1857 3y Mueller, Joseph Not listed, Frederica
MUELLER, Joseph Anton 24 Jan 1858 41y MIENHOF, Catharina
MUELLER, Joseph Anton 6 May 1869 Mueller, Jos. Din.
MUELLER, Joseph Charles* 11 Oct 1954 Mueller, Joseph A. Not listed, Louisa REYER, Helen Calvary (In Shiloh*) Born 20 Jan 1894
MUELLER, Joseph Dennis 1 Jul 1888 74y FISCHER, Anna Maria
MUELLER, Julia (Widow) 19 Jan 1896 HERRMANN, Not listed Mueller, Louis Died in Bridgeport, OH
MUELLER, Louis 11 Feb 1855 Mueller, Blasil SCHMITT, Mathilda Born 30 Jan 1854
MUELLER, Louis 11 May 1886 30y Mueller, Eugene JOFFRAY, Magdalena
MUELLER, Louisa 4 Sep 1866 3y 6m Mueller, Louis HERMANN, Julianna
MUELLER, Louisa 6 May 1906 25y Green Mount
MUELLER, Magdalena (Widow) 19 Oct 1923 100y Mueller, Martin (Deceased) Green Mount
MUELLER, Margaret 18 May 1893 69y OBERBAUER, Not listed
MUELLER, Maria Adelina 17 Jun 1868 12y 6m Mueller, Jacob DEMETTE, Adelina
MUELLER, Maria Cunigunda (Widow) 7 Mar 1901 RITTER, Not listed MUENTZ, Not listed [?] Mueller, Blasi (Deceased)
MUELLER, Maria Cunigunda (Widow) 26 Jan 1916 57y Mueller, Joseph FISCHER, Anna Green Mount
MUELLER, Nicolaus 29 Mar 1885 22y Mueller, Not listed
MUELLER, Paul 20 Jul 1893 GANGLOFF, Elizabeth Born 5 Feb 1813 in Lothringia [Lorraine]
MUELLER, Regina 26 Apr 1857 4y
MUELLER, Stephan 20 Oct 1904 49y Mueller, Joseph FISCHER, Maria Anna
MUELLER, Twins 20 Mar 1851 nb Mueller, Jacob Baptized the same day
MUELLER, Wilhelmina 30 Nov 1868 12y 1m 10d Mueller, Frederick BECKER, Margaret
MUELLER, William 14 Jul 1860 1y 6m Mueller, Blasil Not listed, Mechtilde
MUELLER, William 25 Jul 1868 1m Mueller, William BUHLER, Seraphina
MUENCH, Elizabeth (Widow) 14 Nov 1859 56y Muench, Adam (Deceased) Died 12 Nov 1859
MUENCH, Johann William 28 Jul 1863 6m 4d Muench, Peter FELINGER, Balbina
MUETH, Catherine 13 Oct 1941 80y3m ANDRES, Tony Mueth, Charles Green Mount Born 4 Jul 1861*
MUETH, Margaret 17 Feb 1955 SCHMIERBACH, Valentine Not listed, Ida Mueth, Jacob St. John in Smithton, IL Born 20 Mar 1878
MÜHLHAUSEN (Muehlhausen), Aloysius 16 Jan 1876 7m Muehlhausen, Christian Not listed, Maria
MÜHLHAUSEN (Muehlhausen), Christopher 6 Jan 1877 3w Muehlhausen, Christophor Not listed, Maria
MÜHLHAUSEN (Muehlhausen), Jacob E. 5 Aug 1874 7m Muehlhausen, Christopher Not listed, Maria
MÜHLHERR (Muehlherr), Anna 11 Aug 1878 6y 1m 11d Muehlherr, Ehrhard KILLIAN, Elizabeth
MÜHLHERR (Muehlherr), Anna Maria 18 Dec 1879 78y 8m BURTZEL, Not listed MÜLLER (Mueller), John
MÜHLHERR (Muehlherr), Ehrhard 17 Jun 1880 17m Muehlherr, Ehrhard Not listed, Elizabeth
MÜHLHERR (Muehlherr), Ehrhard 26 Jun 1897 63y KILIAN, Elizabeth
MULCONNERT, Michael (Widower) 12 Oct 1915 79y Mt. Carmel
MULCONNERY, Adelina 12 Mar 1877 16m Mulconnery, Michael Not listed, Maria
MULCONNERY, William 22 Aug 1880 25y Mulconnery, William OMARA, Maria
MULCONORY, Vincent Thimothy 17 Sep 1862 7m Mulconory, William
MÜLLER (Mueller), Carl 9 Apr 1873 8d Mueller, Carl Not listed, Maria
MÜLLER (Mueller), Carolina 25 Jan 1860 2y Mueller, Louis HERRMANN, Julianna
MÜLLER (Mueller), Catharina 8 Mar 1887 28y MUNDWILER, Not listed Mueller, Carl
MÜLLER (Mueller), Eugene Joseph 6 Jun 1871 6w Mueller, Joseph E. AMEND, Maria
MÜLLER (Mueller), Eva T. 28 Feb 1880 29y Mueller, John From Belleville Precinct
MÜLLER (Mueller), Ferdinand 18 Nov 1910 37y Mueller, Carl Not listed, Louisa Walnut Hill
MÜLLER (Mueller), Francis 6 Sep 1871 44y Unknown Unknown
MÜLLER (Mueller), Francis 17 Dec 1872 19y  Mueller, Blasil Not listed, Mathilda
MÜLLER (Mueller), Francisca Christina 16 Jul 1880 15m Mueller, Joseph Not listed, Eva
MÜLLER (Mueller), Isabella Maria 9 May 1877 3y Mueller, Carl KERN, Maria
MÜLLER (Mueller), Johanna Margaret 2 May 1872 5m Mueller, Carl Not listed, Maria
MÜLLER (Mueller), Joseph 7 Nov 1872 1y Mueller, Joseph Not listed, Petronella
MÜLLER (Mueller), Magdalena 30 Dec 1846 60y
MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaret 16 Nov 1870 41y Mueller, Frederick
MÜLLER (Mueller), Maria 24 Nov 1872 4w Mueller, Michael PARROT, Barbara
MÜLLER (Mueller), Martin 21 Feb 1873 4m Mueller, Joseph D. Not listed, Eva
MÜLLER (Mueller), Philomena 21 Sep 1860 8m Unknown Unknown
MÜLLER (Mueller), Rosalia (Widow) 14 Mar 1887 72y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
MÜLLER (Mueller), Sophia Henrietta 29 Sep 1875 11m Mueller, Andrew Not listed, Catharina
MÜLLER (Mueller), Susanna 25 Feb 1875 63y
MÜLLER (Mueller), William 7 Apr 1882 2m Mueller, Joseph PROBST, Wilhelmina
MULLER, Anna 16 Aug 1881 31y Muller, Maximilian
MULLIGAN, Edward 8 Aug 1878 13y Mulligan, Patrick Not listed, Catharina
MULLIGAN, Elizabeth Anna 7 Nov 1864 22y 11m 11d Mulligan, Patrick THOMELSON, Agnes
MULLIGAN, Eugene Leo 23 Jul 1882 5m 17d Mulligan, Thomas CARROLL, Maria
MULLIGAN, Francis 5 May 1876 3y 3m Mulligan, Michael Not listed, Catharina
MULLIGAN, James 6 Aug 1870 12m Mulligan, Patrick CONNERTZ, Catharina
MULLIGAN, Maria Elizabeth 8 Oct 1868 3y 4m 7d Mulligan, Thomas CARROL, Maria
MULLIGAN, Mary Gertrude 22 Sep 1880 22d Mulligan, Thomas Not listed, Maria
MULLIGAN, Patrick 27 Sep 1868 6m Mulligan, Patrick CROSTLY, Catharina
MULLIGAN, Patrick 5 Apr 1887 84y Mulligan, Edwearf Not listed, Catharina Died in St. Louis, MO
MULLIGAN, Thomas Marcel 9 Jun 1876 1y 5m Mulligan, Thomas Not listed, Maria A.
MULLIS, Ambrose 11 [Jul] 1849 38y
MÜNCH (Muench), Not listed 1 Sep 1861 3m 4d Muench, Peter VELINGER, Bablina
MÜNCH (Muench), Peter 6 Jul 1876 10m Muench, Peter Not listed, Barbara
MÜNIE (Muenie), Emilia 14 Jul 1878 8m 13d Muenie, George TRIBOUT, Adel
MÜNIE (Muenie), Rosa 6 Jun 1879 6y Muenie, George TRIBOUT, Adelheid
MUNIE, Catharina 19 Nov 1888 18y Munie, George TRIBOUT, Adelaid
MUNIE, Clara 1 May 1937 71y 7m SAUTER, Conrad MUELLER, Elizabeth Munie, Joseph Green Mount Born 14 Sep 1865*
MUNIE, Edward 31 Jan 1896 33y Munie, Joseph GERMANN, Christina
MUNIE, Elizabeth 5 May 1886 13y LEARY, John STUART, Not listed
MUNIE, Elizabeth 23 Apr 1913 70y Walnut Hill
MUNIE, Elizabeth Ghisella 5 Sep 1896 3m Munie, Joseph SAUTER, Clara
MUNIE, Eugene John 29 Jul 1891 Munie, Edward HUBERT, Christina Born 7 Jul 1891
MUNIE, Joseph 19 Jun 1937 77y 2m Munie, Joseph GERMAIN, Christina SAUTER, Clara Green Mount Born 16 Apr 1860*
MUNIER, Anna 5 Jul 1919 72y Munier, J. Baptist Freeburg
MUNIER, John Baptist (Widower) 24 Dec 1919 79y Not listed, Anna (Deceased) Freeburg
MUNIER, Mary 30 Jul 1955 SCHWARTZ, Frank BLEICH, Marie Munier, George Green Mount Born 17 Jan 1880
MUNY, William 15 Jun 1879 1y 7m  Muny, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth
MUREN, Allen Francis 27 Mar 1936 13y 7m Muren, Aloys F. SCHMALE, Virginia L. Green Mount Born 10 Aug 1922*
MUREN, Catherine 27 Oct 1935 58y 2m BUCHMANN, Valentin HERZ, Margaret Muren, William Mt. Carmel Born 9 Aug 1876*
MUREN, Eleonora 8 Jul 1893 YOCH, Bernard ACKER, Agnes Muren, Laurent Born 31 Dec 1868 in Yoch Station
MUREN, Helena 11 Aug 1894 Muren, Laurent HERMANN, Cunigunda Born 13 May 1862 in Millstadt
MUREN, Laurent 19 Jul 1888 65y Muren, Nicolaus BIEBEL, Catharina HERMANN, Cunigunda
MUREN, Margaret 26 Jul 1883 6m Muren, Jacob HERMANN, Helena
MUREN, Ronald J. 18 Oct 1939 2m Muren, Robert NIEDENFUEHR, Olinda Green Mount Private baptism
MURPHY, Hannah 31 Jan 1952 HARST, Not listed* Murphy, Harry Walnut Hill Born 4 Nov 1875
MURPHY, Harry 10 Aug 1951 HARST, Hannah Walnut Hill Born 24 Jan 1874
MURPHY, Harry* 10 Aug 1951 Not viewable, Hannah[?] Walnut Hill Born 24 Jan 1874*
MURPHY, John M. 9 Feb 1905 75y Died in the County Farm
MURPHY, John P. (Widower) 8 Feb 1904 77y
MURPHY, William A. 12 Mar 1906 38y Murphy, Michael O’CONNOR, Anna LOBSINGER, Louisa Died in a rail road accident at Herrin near Carbondale, IL
MURTH, Charles 28 Mar 1928 73y ANDRES, Catherine Green Mount
MURTH, Charles 28 Mar 1928 73y ANDRES, Catherine Green Mount Duplicate entry
MURZKO, Stephan 26 Jun 1900 39y Green Mount Born in Austria & died in County Farm.  Lived in East St. Louis prior.
MUSSNER, Carolina 26 Feb 1882 28y Mussner, Caspar
MUTZ, Anton 24 Aug 1856 6w Mutz, Anton ELMIG, Bridget
MUTZ, Anton 27 Dec 1910 80y Green Mount
MUTZ, Bridget 28 Apr 1893 BERTHOLD, Benedict ELMLINGER, Francesca Mutz, Anton Born 2 Feb 1827 in Pfaffenweiler, Baden
MUTZ, Joseph Herman 20 Jul 1855 Mutz, Peter ELMLINGER, Bridget Born 11 Dec 1854
MUTZ, Rosa 18 Mar 1933 75y 4m Mutz, Anton J. AUER, Brigetta Walnut Hill
MUZZARELLI, John Francis 15 Nov 1857 12y
MUZZARELLI, Maria L. F. Clementia 17 Nov 1857 9y
MYER, Maria Anna 9 Aug 1860 8m Myer, Louis BAUCH, Rosina
MYER, Not listed 17 Sep 1866 Myer, Theodore BERTING, Maria A.
NAGLE, Walter G. 19 Jan 1935 44 y 3m Nagle, Patrick POWERS, Anne BAKER, Josephine St. Joseph in Lennox, Mass From Lennox, MA.  Died in Bloomington, IL Brokaw Hospital
NASAHL, Joseph 26 Mar 1866 42y NASEL, Johann CAHIL [?], Agatha WERNER, Rosa
NATTERER, Elizabeth 6 May 1936 83y WINKLER, George Not listed, Mary Natterer, Peter Walnut Hill Born 12 Aug 1853 at Freeburg*
NATTERER, John 31 Dec 1885 25y Natterer, Mathew ZELLER, Margaret
NATTERER, Margaret (Widow) 5 Feb 1898 77y ZELLER, Not listed Natterer, Mathias (Deceased)
NAUERT, William 15 Feb 1874 3y Nauert, William SPONSOR, Magdalena
NEFF, Adam 3 May 1899 66y
NEFF, Christoffer 13 Sep 1859 61y Neff, Laurent Not listed, Margaret PESNER, Anna Maria
NEFF, David 2 Mar 1940 2y 9m Neff, Stephen MUETH, Mary Paderborn Catholic Cemetery Born 18 May 1937*
NEFF, Jacob 28 Jul 1844 36y Prairie du Long
NEFF, Jr., Conrad 25 Dec 1944 67y 4m Neff, Conrad EBERT, Marguerta St. Augustine in Hecker, IL Born 22 Aug 1877*
NEFF, Margaret 27 Oct 1873 2.5y Neff, Theobald Not listed, Catharina
NEFF, Margaret 12 Mar 1876 13m Neff, Joseph TÜRK (Tuerk), Margaret
NEFF, Margaret 25 Feb 1877 33y Neff, Joseph
NEFF, Theodore 4 Jul 1877 4m Neff, Joseph Not listed, Margaret (Deceased)
NEFF, Thomas 12 Dec 1939 Neff, Edward DINKLMAN, Amilia Green Mount Baptized at birth.  Lived 15 minutes
NEHRING,  Mrs. Elizabeth 17 Sep 1854 62y
NEHRING, Elizabeth 11 Dec 1937 80y 8m BLEISCH, Frank Not listed, Agnes Nehring, Frank Freeburg
NEHRING, Frank 30 Dec 1924 68y BLEISCH, Elizabeth Green Mount
NEHRING, Regina 6 Jan 1934 23y 9m ZINK, William NEVIA, Veronica Nehring, Aaron Green Mount
NEIDHARDT, Fidel 4 Apr 1910 58y Green Mount
NEIGHBORS, Myrtel Maria 23 Jun 1901 6m Neighbors, Eugene REISEN, Anna
NEINER, Adam 3 Dec 1875 4y Neiner, Adam Not listed, Agnes
NEINER, Anna 9 Jan 1875 2y Neiner, Adam Not listed, Agnes
NEINER, Anna Maria 6 Jan 1884 1d Neiner, John
NEITHART, Thomas (Widower) 25 Jan 1905 71y Neithart, Joseph Not listed, Josephina ESTE, Elizabeth (Deceased)
NEITZLING, William 3 Apr 1873 2m Neitzling, Albert Not listed, Elizabeth
NEMICHICK, Joseph 22 Oct 1860 27y Nemichick, Joseph BROS, Carolina WAYER, Maria
NERING, Andrew 31 Jul 1863 76y NIERING, Not listed Not listed, Maria E.
NESBIT, Adolph 9 May 1953 Nesbit, Samuel JACOBS, Elizabeth NEUNER, Amelia Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1898
NESBIT, Agnes 7 Jul 1913 11m Walnut Hill
NESBIT, Cairin C. 29 May 1948 62y Nesbit, Charles GREEN, Ellen SCHAEDLER, Elizabeth Green Mount
NESBIT, Caroline Estherine 18 Jul 1950 BRENNFLECK, Valentine FUNCH, Barbara Nesbit, Charles Walnut Hill Born 12 Feb 1868.  Died at St. Vincent’s
NESBIT, Elmer 3 May 1901 10y Nesbit, Charles BUNNFLECK, Carolina
NESBIT, Priscilla 27 Sep 1901 5y Nesbit, Priscilla Carl BRENNFLECK, Carolina
NESBIT, Walter 12 Sep 1927 22y Nesbit, Walter MARXER, Regina Green Mount
NESBIT, William 11 Oct 1945 18y  Nesbit, Calvin SCHAEDLER, Elizabeth Green Mount
NETTERER, Peter 24 Sep 1930 78y Netterer, Matthew Not listed, Margaret WINKLER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
NEUENBURG, Maria 29 Jun 1884 7.5y Neuenburg, John
NEUERBURG, Peter 13 Mar 1881 1d Neuerburg, John Not listed, Anna
NEUHEUSER, Josephina 30 Nov 1860 7y Neuheuser, Joseph PFIFFNER, Anna M.
NEUMANN, Barbara (Widow) 19 Nov 1919 55y Neumann, George (Deceased) Mt. Carmel From St. Louis, MO
NEUMANN, Joseph 21 Jul 1880 56y Not listed, Maria Anna
NEUNER, Adam 18 Apr 1896 65y FICK, Agnes
NEUNER, Anna Margaret 18 Jan 1866 2y Neuner, Adam FICK, Agnes
NEUNER, Bridget Maria 18 Jan 1866 7m Neuner, Adam FICK, Agnes
NEUNER, Caroline 17 Oct 1942 82y HARDT, Andrew FEDER, Catherine Neuner, John Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 14 Oct 1860 in Prairie du Long Twp*
NEUNER, Catharina 1 Dec 1860 2y 2m Neuner, Adam FICK, Agnes
NEUNER, Emma 17 Nov 1955 KLEIN, Bernard BENEDICT, Louisa Neuner, John Freeburg Catholic Born 19 Jan 1875.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
NEUNER, John 11 Aug 1933 63y 2m KLEIN, Emma Freeburg
NEUNER, Joseph 3 Oct 1953 Neuner, Adam FICK, Agnes Walnut Hill Born 15 Nov 1866; died at Atkinson Nursing Home*
NEUNER, Theresa 31 Dec 1865 4y Neuner, Adam FICK, Agnes
NEWA, Gertrude (Widow) 11 Oct 1923 73y Newa, Joseph (Deceased) Mascoutah, IL
NEWHAUSLER, Joseph 11 Nov 1852 Newhausler, Joseph PFIFFNER, A. Maria Born 2 Nov 1852
NICHOLAS, Joseph Aloysius 29 Sep 1855 Nicholas, Michael SIEBERT, Catharina Born 24 Sep 1855
NICHOLAS, Michael 8 Jul 1862 48y
NICHOLAZ, Carl 16 Aug 1869 9m Nicholaz, Carl HARSZ, Philippina
NICHOLAZ, Philipp 15 Dec 1869 2y 6m Nicholaz, Carl HARSZ, Philippina
NICHOLSON, Helena 12 Oct 1869 28y TRAINER, Peter Not listed, Maria Nicholson, Johann
NICOLAUS, Peter 9 Jun 1872 15y Nicolaus, Michael Not listed, Catharina
NIEDENFUEHR, Aurea 5 Dec 1918 22y Niedenfuehr, Henry HONER, Elizabeth Died of Influenza
NIEDENFUEHR, Henry 3 Jan 1944 80y 7m Niedenfuehr, Gotlieb APPEL*, Bibiana HONER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 28 May 1863*
NIEDENFUEHR, Norman 9 Jul 1928 11y Niedenfuehr, Maurice HEMMER, Frieda
NIEDENFUEHR, Wayne Jerome 28 Sep 1926 2m Niedenfuhr, Maurice HEMMER, Frieda Mt. Carmel
NIEDERMUELLER, Theresa 1 May 1863 49y Niedermueller, George
NIEHRING, Peter 18 Apr 1866 1y 6m Niehring, Francis ADAM, Maria
NIERING, Anton 3 Oct 1857 11m Niering, Joseph Not listed, Maria
NIERING, Carl Jul 1857 1m Niering, Francis Not listed, Maria
NOLAN, Thomas 26 Oct 1858 19y Nolan, Francis Not listed, Margaret
NOLD, Anna Maria 8 Aug 1862 55y  KOELM, Valentin KEHN, Anna Maria
NOLD, Barbara (Widow) 21 Jul 1894 KIRCHGAESSNER, John Not listed, M. Nold, Hieronymus (Deceased) Born 19 Sep 1828 in Deitesheim
NOLD, Catharina 24 Oct 1888 63y Nold, Valentin [See record for list of children]
NOLD, Hieronymus 21 Jan 1891 KUCHKESTENER, Barbara Born 21 Nov 1822 in Baden
NOLD, Josephina 27 Jul 1866 1y 3m Nold, Bernhard REISER, Anna
NOLD, Magdalena 28 Jan 1864 16y 1m 2d Nold, Hieronymus GUENTNER, Maria A.
NOLD, Margaret 14 Mar 1923 72y Nold, Val. Walnut Hill
NOLL, Anna Maria 17 Aug 1860 1m  Noll, Berhard REISER, Not listed
NOLL, Bernard 7 May 1875 59y
NOLL, Catharina 17 Aug 1886 64y STRAUB, Not listed Noll, Valentin
NOLL, Johann 18 Sep 1868 1d Noll, Bernhard REISER, Anna
NOLL, Mathias 1 Apr 1856 3y Noll, Berhard Not listed, Anna
NOLLET, Barbara 1 Feb 1860 10y 6m Nollet, John JOHN, Elizabeth
NOONAN, Thomas F. 13 Nov 1936 73y 10m Noonan, Patrick MURRAY, Nellie Walnut Hill Born 18 Dec 1862*  ‘From St. Louis, MO
NOSER, Maria Kunigunda 28 Mar 1878 1m 19d Noser, Alex EBERHARD, Maria
NOSER, Maria Kunigunda 27 Nov 1884 1y 21d Noser, Alexander
Not listed 14 Jan 1853
Not listed 30 Mar 1853
Not listed 15 Nov 1853
Not listed 21 May 1854 8y
Not listed, Christofer 1 Feb 1856 23y Not listed, Nicholas Not listed, Salome
Not listed, Conagunda Isabella 11 Dec 1855
Not listed, Infant 11 Dec 1855 Private baptism by Fr. A. KÜHN (Kuehn)
Not listed, Margaret 29 Jul 1864 3y
NOTTER, Arthur E. 6 Mar 1919 33y Notter, John LAUBENTHAL, Anna Mt. Carmel
NOVAK, John J. (Nowawiejeski) 27 May 1935 45y 1m NOWAWIEJESKI, John CZALANOSKA [Silikowska*], Mary HEINOS [Hines], Regina Thelka* Green Mount Born 22 Sep 1888* in Poland.  Burned to death.  Coroner’s verdict was homicide
NUSLE, Andrew 19 Mar 1872 65y Not listed, Gertrude
NUSSLE, Gertrude (Widow) 21 Dec 1888 77y HÄNDEL (Haendel), Robert Nussle, Andrew
NUTERFÄNGER (Nuterfaenger), John 29 Jul 1849 32y
OBERBAUER, Balthasar 6 Jun 1882 65y Not listed, Elizabeth
OBERBAUER, Balthasar 22 Feb 1885 3m Oberbauer, George
OBERBAUER, Elizabeth 7 Nov 1876 4m Oberbauer, John Not listed, Elizabeth
OBERBAUER, Elizabeth (Widow)* 13 Sep 1942 90y SCHOENSTEIN, Xavier TILL, Mary Oberbauer, John (Deceased)* Mt. Carmel Born 25 Aug 1852 in St. Louis, MO*
OBERBAUER, Emma 23 Mar 1883 26y Oberbauer, George (Deceased)
OBERBAUER, Eva (Widow) 8 Oct 1848 45y
OBERBAUER, Eva Elizabeth 17 Nov 1880 61y 8m Oberbauer, Balthasar
OBERBAUER, George 8 Jul 1934 79y Oberbauer, Balthasar WAGNER, Elizabeth Mascoutah, IL Died in Alton State Hospital
OBERBAUER, Johann 30 Jul 1860 68y 5m Not listed, Theresa
OBERBAUER, Louis 26 May 1861 5y Oberbauer, Baltazar Not listed, Elizabeth
OBERBAUER, Philipp 9 May 1845 3m
OBERLAENDER, George 7 Apr 1861
OBERLECHNER, Michael (Widower) 20 Dec 1906 78y Died in the County Farm
O’BRIEN, John 14 Sep 1921 53y Green Mount Janitor at St. Elizabeth Hospital
OBRINGER, Infant 10 Aug 1859 Obringer, Francis Joseph KARLSKIND, Margaret Born & died 9 Aug 1859
O’DONNELL, Hugh 8 May 1900 73y Died in the County Farm
O’DONNELL, Maria 27 Nov 1874 33y O’Donnell, Michael
OEBIKE, Henry 31 Aug 1922 52y Oebike, William HAUSBERGER, Frida Calvary – St. Louis, MO Died in the County Farm
OECHELE, Barbara 15 Nov 1883 56y Oeschele, George
OECHOLE, Frederich 5 Nov 1893 Oechole, George MICHEL, Barbara Born 10 Jun 1856 in Belleville
OECHSLE, George 7 Jun 1895 MICHEL, Barbara (Deceased) Born 8 Dec 1814 in Schoenberg (Schwaben)
OECHSLE, George 6 Nov 1912 61y Oechsle, George Green Mount
OEHSLE [?], Maria Waldburga 18 Jul 1849 21y Oehsle, Michael Not listed, Francisca [Family name written in right margin]
OESTERLE, Adela 7 Sep 1912 21y Oesterle, Martin WEYHAUPT, Amalia Green Mount
OESTERLE, Agnes 12 Sep 1942 40y 5m GUY, Joseph SCHNIERS, Bridget Oesterle, George Mt. Carmel Born 6 Apr 1902 in Spangler, PA.*
OESTERLE, Amalia 27 Mar 1951 WEYHAUPT, Hieronymus ARMSTUTZ, Charlotte Oesterle, Martin Green Mount Born 15 May 1865
OESTERLE, Carl 1 Aug 1890 Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Maria KESSLER, Catharina Born 15 Apr 1865
OESTERLE, Caroline L. 11 Jul 1945 61y 1m WADE, George BRUNS, Anna Oersterle, George Walnut Hill Born 12 Jun 1884*
OESTERLE, Catharina 12 Feb 1877 4m Oesterle, John Not listed, Margaret
OESTERLE, Emaline 15 Jun 1937 41y 3m Oesterle, Martin WEYHAUPT, Amelia Green Mount Born 17 Mar 1896.  Member of Third Order*
OESTERLE, Frederich Martin 3 Mar 1895 Oesterle, Frederich LOBSINGER, Amanda Born 24 Jun 1894
OESTERLE, George 30 Oct 1943 64y Oesterle, John HEILMAN, Margaret WADE, Lena Walnut Hill Born 18 Nov 1879*
OESTERLE, John 3 Apr 1922 47y Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret Green Mount
OESTERLE, Margaret (Widow) 6 Aug 1923 81y Oesterle, John (Deceased) Green Mount
OESTERLE, Martin 7 Feb 1940 72y 2m Oesterle, John HEILMANN, Margaret WEYHAUPT, Amelia Green Mount Born 3 Dec 1867*
OESTERLE, Victor 22 May 1863 3y 3m 5d Oesterle, Johann HEILMAN, Margaret
OEXNER, George J. 24 Ju 1925 50y PHELAN, Dorest Walnut Hill
OEXNER, Mary 27 Sep 1932 69y 11m STAUDER, Adam RINCK, Mary Oexner, Michael Walnut Hill
OGEL, Decatur 23 May 1881 28y Ogel, Joseph BONEAU,  Felicitas
OGLE, Elizabeth Ogle, Joseph BONEAU, Not listed [Appears between 2 Nov & 14 Nov 1868]
OGRINE, Elizabeth Dorothea 2 Nov 1919 5w Ogrine, Francis LANGEL, Maria Green Mount
O’GRINE, John 27 Oct 1952 O’Grine, Frank LENGEL, Mary SCHMIDT, Verona Green Mount Born 5 Dec 1902.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
OGRINZ, Francis 4 Feb 1914 6y Ogrinz, Francis LENGER, Maria Green Mount Died of Scarletina
OGRINZ, Joseph 31 Jan 1914 4y Ogrinz, Francis LENGER, Maria Green Mount Died of Scarletina
O’HARA, Bridget 10 Apr 1859 40y O’Hara, Not named Died 9 Apr 1859
OHLENDORF, Helena 31 May 1922 48y Ohlendorf, John Green Mount
OHNSORG, Francis 6 Jul 1855 50y
O’KEEF, Maria 13 May 1873 15m
O’KEEFE, Catharina (Widow) 19 Sep 1916 76y O’Keefe, Jerry Mt. Carmel
O’MAHER, Hanna 4 Aug 1867 10m 6d O’Maher, Michael HORTER, Maria
O’MARA, Thimothy 14 Aug 1872 2y 4m O’Mara, Michael Not listed, Maria Anna
O’MEARA, Margaret 10 Jul 1872 7m 6d O’Meara, Michael HORTEN, Margeta
OMEER, Nicolaus 21 Dec 1859 45y
O’NEIL, Edward 28 Dec 1879 73y Not listed, Ellen
O’NEIL, Helena 25 Jun 1880 70y O’Neil, Edward (Deceased)
O’NEIL, Maria 29 May 1847 St. Mary de Mont Carmel [Appears at end of 1859 entries.]
O’NIEL, Henry 11 Sep 1848 2m
OPERTING, Michael 18 Aug 1854 54y
OPP, Anna 11 Sep 1864 2m 6d Opp, Philipp Not listed, Margaret
OPP, Carl 18 Dec 1868 11y 3m 7d Opp, Philipp ERSTEIN, Margaret
OPP, Helena Catharina 4 Oct 1881 7w Opp, Jacob MAULE, Margaret Joanna
OPP, Philipp 30 Sep 1875 46y Not listed, Margaret
O’ROURK, Child 12 Jan 1854 Infant Baptized privately.
ORSCHEL, Gertrude 19 May 1898 Orschel, Peter GEISTNER, Julia Private Baptism
ORSCHEL, Henrietta 21 Jul 1892 Orschel, Peter KESTNER, Julia Born 15 Jul 1892
ORSCHEL, Mechtilde 16 Mar 1899 2d Orschel, John SCHNEIDER, Gertrude
ORSCHELL, John Nicholas 3 Sep 1911 81y SCHULTE, Catharina Green Mount Bought two single graves.
ORTMANN, Anton 19 Jan 1899 65y Died in the hospital of the County Farm
OSACR__, Patrick 7 Nov 1867
OSTENDORF, M. Margaret 15 Jun 1854 Ostendorf, August HOLLE, M. Theresa Born 14 Jun 1854
OSTERMAN, Henry 5 Feb 1886 1h Osterman, Theodore BEINING, Anna
OSTERMANN, Anna 19 Nov 1909 66y BEISING, Not listed
OSTERMANN, Margaret 1 Nov 1888 18m City Cemetery
OSTERMANN, Nicolaus 12 May 1896 17y Ostermann, Theodore BEINING, Anna
OTT, John 7 Dec 1900 30y [?] Ott, Valentin HERR, Maria
OTTO, Agnes 6 Mar 1894 SCHLICK, Peter Not listed, M. Otto, Adam (Deceased) Born 1 Apr 1803 in Rockenhausen, Bavatia
OTTO, Carl 7 Aug 1865 2y 13d Otto, Frederick BELL, Winefrieda
OTTO, Child 15 Aug 1848 2y
OURS, Anna 23 Jun 1854 Ours, Victor HESS, Margaret Born 21 Mar 1854
OURS, Catharina 4 Jan 1851 21y Walnut graveyard
OURS, Victor 29 Aug 1856 11m  Ours, Victor Not listed, Margaret
OURS, Victor 21 Apr 1861 Ours, Nicholas SCHERMING, Margaret
OVERBECK, Georg 5 Sep 1878 53y HESTER, Maria Anna
OVERBECK, Maria Anna 14 Feb 1895 Overbeck, George (Deceased)
OWENS, James 11 Apr 1948 72y 10m Owens, James BAUER, Mary (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 6 Jun 1875 in Marion, IL*  Died in Alton State Hospital
OWENS, Mary 25 Jun 1935 57y 10m Born EASTERDAY.  Adopted by Mr. BAUER of Freeburg from New York orphanage Owens, James Walnut Hill
PABST, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1931 51y KRONENBERGER, Mathew NOLL, Catherine Pabst, Louis Green Mount
PADFIELD, Catharina 9 Dec 1883 57y  Padfield, Thomas
PAGEL, Anna  (Non-Catholic) 1 Jun 1954 LANGE, Heinrich IHDE, Henrietta Pagel, Wilhelm Green Mount Born 26 Oct 1883 (in Scharbow, Mecklenburg, Germany*).
PALMER, Wayne 8 Mar 1945 2d Palmer, Wayne ROSNER, Faye Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital in Belleville
PALMISANO, Antonina 27 Jun 1906 6m Palmisano, Anton LAMANTIA, Guiseppa
PAPINSKA, Julia (Sister Maria Aloysia of Notre Dame) 7 Apr 1894 Born 21 Feb 1866 in Chicago, IL.  
PAQUET, August Irwin Eugene 8 Aug 1888 12d Paquet, Jacob SAUCIE, Maria
PAQUET, John Michael 24 Dec 1849 59y [Compare Baquet]
PAQUET, Joseph 27 Dec 1849 18y [Compare Baquet]
PAQUIN, Chrysostomus 1 Sep 1843 10m
PAQUIN, Joseph 17 Sep 1844 4m
PAQUIN, Maria Joanna 9 Oct 1844 6m
PARIDY, Stephen 23 Jun 1922 76y Mt. Carmel Died in the County Farm
PARROTT, Henry E. 5 Jul 1927 34y LECURU, Julia Mt. Carmel From Prairie du Rocher
PASCH, Catharina 18 Jan 1853 3y
PASCH, Magdalena 21 Jul 1847 1y 6m Pasch, Andrew
PASHALIS, Ven. Sister Maria  of Notre Dame 9 Feb 1879 30y
PATIENT, Fred 27 Jun 1940 4m Patient, Leonard KRONENBERGER, Mary Louise Green Mount Born Mar 1940*
PATIENT, Fred A. 29 Mar 1955 Patient, Arthur Not listed, Nancy SORGMANN, Gertrude Green Mount Born 17 Jul 1889
PATIENT, Gertrude 6 Dec 1943 53y 10m SORGMAN, Matthias KORT, Mary Patient, Fred Green Mount Born 13 Feb 1890 in Murphysboro, IL*
PATTERSON, Maria C. 29 May 1876 36y
PAUKO, Jacob 10 Jan 1887 1h Pauko, Jacob SOCIE, Maria
PAUL, Mary 11 Aug 1936 70y 4m SCHWALB, Not listed Paul, Peter St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO
PAUL, Peter 14 Dec 1934 68y 8m Not listed, Mary (Second wife) St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis, MO Born in Hungary
PAULE, Catherine 17 Sep 1943 63y 11m Paule, John SMITH, Rosanna St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 8 Oct 1879 at Freeburg, IL*
PAULE, Christ J. 7 Mar 1955 Paule, John SCHMIDT, Rosina Not listed, Anna Mt. Carmel Born 11 Nov 1880
PAULE, Gotlieb Nicholas 5 Dec 1943 51y 9m Paule, John SCHMIDT, Rosina LANGENSTEIN, Cormae Green Mount Born 1 Mar 1892*  Died at Jefferson Barracks Hospital [in St. Louis. MO]
PAULE, Louis 18 Oct 1936 68y 3m Paule, Bernard WEBER, Margaret SAUER, Catherine Green Mount Born 29 Jun 1868*
PAULE, Louise J. 19 Oct 1941 46y Paule, Louis SAUER, Katherine EXTRAIT, Sera born PAREA (Extrait was first husband) Green Mount
PAULE, Theresa 10 Feb 1938 73y 11m LUCASH, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth Paule, Joseph Green Mount Born 7 Mar 1864*
PAULEY, Henry 4 Feb 1946 66y 11m Pauley, William SCHLANGEN, Adelaide VAHLKAMP, Anna Green Mount Born 1 Mar 1879 in Fayetteville, IL*
PAULI (Pauley*), Antonia 12 Dec 1950 93y* Single Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1859.  Died in St. Vincent Home.  (Funeral by her grand nephew Fr. Kuntz of St. Louis*)
PAULI, Bernard 29 Mar 1877 51y Not listed, Margaret (Deceased)
PAULI, Edward 3 May 1892 Pauli, Joseph LUKASCH, Theresa Born 4 Sep 1891
PAULI, John 5 Nov 1853 Pauli, Bernard [?] WEBER, Margaret Born 12 Sep 1853
PAULI, Margaret 30 Oct 1876 47y Pauli, Bernard
PAULIONIS, Joseph 17 Jun 1920 76y Green Mount Died in the County Farm
PAULY, John 13 Aug 1859 6m Pauly, Bernard WEBER, Margaret Died 12 Aug 1859
PAY, Bernhard 17 Aug 1854 7y
P’BRIEN, Peter 25 Jul 1898 66y Pauper cemetery From East St. Louis.  Died in County Farm
PEEK, Josephina Susanna 23 Sep 1901 8m Peek, Henry BUECHLER, Josephina
PEEL, Maria 31 Jan 1921 Green Mount From Sparta.  Died in St. Vincent Hospital
PEEPERS, Magdalena 14 Feb 1850 32y
PEGART [Fegart?], Maria 17 Dec 1853 10y 
PELLETIER, Elia 23 Feb 1850 41y
PENCHEFF, Johanna 7 Feb 1946 41y 5m BATEMAN, Michael ENGEL, Laura Pencheff, Christ St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 28 Aug 1904
PENCONNEAUX, Charles 22 Dec 1859 43y Penconneaux, Louis LACOMPT, Maria Louisa Died 21 Dec 1859
PENDERGAST, Mathias John 23 Sep 1876 21m Pendergast, Mathias Not listed, Joanna
PENSENEAU, Felictias 29 Nov 1876 60y Penseneau, Narcisse
PENSENEAU, J. Baptist 21 Aug 1853
PENSENEAU, Narcisse 9 Oct 1878 66y Not listed, Felicitas
PENSONEAU, Constantia (Negro) 5 Dec 1868 85y
PENSONEAU, Eliza 7 Apr 1861 12y Pensoneau, Baptist A Negro
PENSONEAU, Mary (Negro) 20 Aug 1869 17y Pensoneau, Baptist DEMERE, Catharina
PENSONNEAU, Edward 16 Jul 1848 Born 28 Sep 1842
PENSONNEAU, William Henry 23 Jul 1850 25y New city cemetery
PEREZ, Mathias 30 Sep 1925 10d Perez, Narcisse Walnut Hill
PERING, Infant 25 Jul 1859 6m Pering, Nicholas PFIFFNER, Maria
PETER, Anna Elizabeth 16 Oct 1863 11m Peter, Frederich RIETTEL, Anna
PETERS, Charles 3 Jan 1938 58y 8m Peters, Fred Not listed, Nancy Mt. Carmel From St. Louis
PETERS, Eugene August 25 Nov 1919 5.5y Peters, Henry KORTE, Elizabeth Green Mount From Salem, IL
PETERS, Laurent 4 Jul 1905 1y Peters, Henry KORTE, Elizabeth
PETRY, Philippine 23 Nov 1933 73y 9m SCHROEDER, Anton GUETTERMAN, Catherine Petry, John Mt. Carmel
PFANNER, Gebhard 7 Jun 1895 78y
PFEFNER, Infant 29 Jul 1856 2m 16d Pfefner, Francis THIMLER, Barbara
PFEIFER, Catharina Jan 1852 50y
PFEIFER, Eva 13 Sep 1864 GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), Francis Pfeifer, Joseph
PFEIFER, Joseph 21 Feb 1884 18y Pfeifer, Thomas
PFEIFER, Sebastian 19 Jun 1856 64y St. Peter
PFEIFFER, Anna 19 Dec 1870 14m Pfeiffer, Thomas Not listed, Margaret
PFEIFFER, John 11 May 1883 21y Pfeiffer, Thomas Not listed, Margaret
PFEIFFER, Margaret 18 Sep 1902 68y SCHOEN, Not listed Pfeiffer, Thomas
PFEIFFER, Thomas 3 Jul 1892 68y Pfeiffer, Anton BREHEL, Barbara SCHOEN, Margaret
PFEIL, Martin 6 Feb 1956 Pfeil, George HOFSTETTER, Mary EILERING, Veronica Green Mount Born 6 Aug 1900.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital – D. O. A.
PFIEFER, Barbara 4 Jan 1866 2y 3m Pfiefer, Thomas FUESER, Margaret
PFIFFNER, Alexander 10 Oct 1853 56y
PFIFFNER, Alexander 4 Dec 1910 78y Walnut Hill
PFIFFNER, Anna M. 1 Apr 1855 26y
PFIFFNER, Anton 30 Mar 1903 63y Pfiffner, Henry PFIFFNER, Barbara
PFIFFNER, Edward 1 Mar 1859 Pfiffner, Henry Not listed, Regina Born 31 Jul 1857 & died 27 Feb 1859
PFIFFNER, Francis 17 Mar 1855 nb
PFIFFNER, Helena 14 Mar 1871 5y Pfiffner, Nicolaus WHITSIDE, Helena
PFIFFNER, Henry 6 Dec 1851 6y
PFIFFNER, Henry 12 Apr 1862 Pfiffner, Henry Not listed, Barbara
PFIFFNER, Henry 3 Aug 1863 5m 15d Pfiffner, Nicholas ALBRECHT, Maria
PFIFFNER, Infant 23 Jan 1853 Pfiffner, Nicholas Child was a few weeks old.
PFIFFNER, Johann F. 29 Oct 1861 1y 4m 15d Pfiffner, Nicholas WHITESIDES, Helenora
PFIFFNER, Katherine 6 Feb 1951 Pfiffner, Alexander BIVIRT, Lucinda O’Fallon Catholic Born 28 Sep 1859.  Died in St. Vincent’s
PFIFFNER, Maria 19 Jul 1859 25y Pfiffner, Henry Not listed, Barbara
PFIFFNER, Maria 30 Jul 1866 1y 21d Pfiffner, Nicholas Not listed, Maria
PFIFFNER, Mrs. Barb 6 [Jul 1849]
PFIFFNER, Nicolaus 16 Mar 1871 3y Pfiffner, Nicolaus WHITSIDE, Helena
PFIFFNER, Not listed 2 Jun 1862 Pfiffner, Nicholas Not listed, Helena
PFIFFNER, Rose 28 Mar 1950 Pfiffner, Alexander BEVIRT, Lucinda Green Mount Born 28 Sep 1880.  Died at St. Vincent
PFLUGMACHER, Francis 14 Jul 1896 59y Pflugmacher, Joseph KUHN, Maria Anna
PFLUGMACHER, Joseph 14 Jun 1879 45y ROSENBERGER, Susanna
PHELP, Friederich 8 Aug 1875 4m Phelp, Philipp Not listed, Josephina
PHELPS, Josephina 23 Oct 1875 35y Phelps, Philipp
PHILIPP, Theresa 19 Oct 1873 8d Philipp, Anton Not listed, Agatha
PHILIPS, Elizabeth 31 Aug 1865 8m Philips, Johann HAUSMANN, Marie [?]
PHILPI, Elageus 31 May 1865 1y 6m Philpi, Phillipp LOHBURN [?], Josetha
PIERON, Peter 7 May 1942 72y 10m Pieron, Frank CHRISTMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount Died in Anna, IL*
PINKERS, Rev. D. Arnold 18 Jan 1872 60y Born in Holland circa 1811.  Became a priest at 24 years in Holland.  Was a pastor in Dayton, OH and was an assistant pastor at St. Peter’s for 9 years.
PIRCHER, Catharina Maria 5 Apr 1901 1m Pircher, Joseph BOHLSEN, Catharina Died in St. Louis
PLACHT, Maria 11 Sep 1874 2y Placht, Joseph Not listed, Francisca
PLATZ, August 22 Dec 1936 58y 6m Platz, John ZISCHE, Johanna KIRCH, Fredericka Green Mount Born 12 Jun 1878*
PLATZKOESTER, John 24 Dec 1936 64y 10m Platzkoester, John VIEHMANN, Elizabeth DAHLMANN,Anna Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1872*
PLEISCH, Agnes 24 Mar 1868 55y  Pleisch, Anton AGELEI [?], Catharina Pleisch, Francis
PLEISCHM Agnes 11 Mar 1859 4m Pleisch, Francis pleisch, Agnes Died 10 Mar 1859
PLEISS, Anton 7 Jun 1870 15y Pleiss, Francis Not listed, Agnes
PLUNK, Elizabeth 29 Jul 1879 3y 6m Plunk, Henry STRATMANN, Maria
PLUTOWSKI, Lena 18 Sep 1893 Plutowski, John  Born 1879 in Sugar Loaf Township
POETTGEN, Henry C. 10 Nov 1951 Poettgen, Frederick RANGE, Mary ALTROGGE, Anna Mt. Carmel Born 14 Sep 1887
POHL, Carl 22 Mar 1887 68y Not listed, Magdalena
POIROT, Alfred 14 Jan 1938 56y 10m Poirot, Peter MONKEN, Teresa LOUIS, Frieda Green Mount Born 12 Mar 1881*
POIROT, Aloys P. 9 Nov 1939 56y  Poirot, Severin GUNDLACH, Susie VOIGT, Anne L. Green Mount
POIROT, Christina 22 Feb 1903 55y WOLFENSBERGER, Not listed Poirot, Nicholas
POIROT, Edmund 16 Jan 1950 Poirot, Nicholas WOLFERBERGER*, Christina Green Mount Born 19 Dec 1870
POIROT, Francis Xavier 16 Nov 1898 92y ISCH, Barbara
POIROT, Frieda 13 Aug 1945 61y 5m LOUIS, Nicholas DAMMERICK, Mary Poirot, Alfred Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1884 & died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
POIROT, Severin 16 Oct 1931 86y Poirot, Xavier ISCH, Barbara GUNDLACH, Susan Green Mount
POIROT, Susan 28 Mar 1926 70y GUNDLACH, Not listed Poirot, Severin Green Mount
POLEZNY, John 23 Oct 1918 16y Polezny, Joseph Not listed, Maria Green Mount From Marissa, IL.  Died of Influenza in County Hospitalin Belleville, IL
POLLACK, Margaret 23 May 1937 69y O’BREIN, John DONATHEY, Margaret Pollack, Daniel Sinclair Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jul 1868 in Ireland.  Member of Third Order and O. L. P. H. Sod.*
POLLOCK, Daniel S. 13 Jul 1939 69y 2m Pollock, Robert CAMPBELL, Elizabeth O’BREIN, Margaret Mt. Carmel Born 1 May 1870*
POPPEZIN, Emerentiana 10 Apr 1911 71y Green Mount
PORTEN, Joseph 29 Nov 1933 69y 11m Porten, William Not listed, Elizabeth LOUIS, Margaret Green Mount Parents are listed as being from Ellis Grove, IL
PORTER, John 7 Mar 1930 62y STAUDER, Margaret Green Mount
PORTER, Magdalena Maria 25 Oct 1858 2y 3m Porter, Koseph M. Not listed, Margaret
PORTUONDO, Buenaventura H.  Knight of St. Gregory, M. D. 10 Mar 1939 72y 3m Portuondo, John Michael TAMAYS*, Rota THOMAS, Josephine Green Mount Born 11 Jan 1866.*  Died in St. Anthony Hospital in St. Louis, MO
PORTUONDO, Josephine (Widow)* 21 Jan 1943 75y 2m THOMAS, Charles W. BISSEL, Rhoda Portuondo, Dr. B. H., K. S. G. (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 23 Nov 1867*
POSTEL, Baptist 5 Dec 1869 3y 9m Postel, Anton HAMECHER, Maria
POTH, Johanneta 11 Feb 1860 17y 2m 5d Poth, Philipp Not listed, Madalena
POTHER, Magdalena 6 Apr 1870 63y Pother, Philipp
POTZIS, Maria 9 Feb 1917 2y Potzis, Edward Not listed, Carolina Mt. Carmel
POWER, Martin 25 Aug 1854 27y Born in Ireland
PRATER, Rosa Vesta Jean 12 Jul 1933 11m Prater, John POIROT, Pearl Green Mount
PREDIGER, Anton 15 Aug 1863 1d Prediger, Johann SPANNER, Catharina
PREDIGER, Catharina 22 Aug 1863 26y SPANNER, Jacob
PRESS, Mary 4 Jun 1955 ORLET, John RECKMANN, Helen Press, Rudolph Green Mount Born 3 Oct 1894.  Died in Mascoutah Nursing Home
PRESS, Rudolph 27 Feb 1955 Press, Theodore Not listed, Ida PRESS, Mary T. Green Mount Born 25 Sep 1891
PRESTON, Bertha 17 Feb 1883 3y Preston, Theodore MARRIET, Elizabeth
PREUSS, Thecla Veronica 28 Feb 1904 7m Preuss, Anton YOCH, Frederica Died in Alton, IL
PRINETTI, Anton 4 Nov 1901 4m Prinetti, Dominic Died in the County Farm
PRITSCHLER, Joseph [Appears between 5 & 11 Nov 1913]
PROCASKY, Walter 9 Sep 1954 Procasky, Jacob SCHWARTZ, Sophie SCHOENBORN, Clara Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1894.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
PROSCHKO, Antonia 7 Apr 1950 ADAMZIK, Not listed* Proschko, Frank Green Mount Born 1 Jun 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
PRUEBEL, Joseph 10 Dec 1865 35y Pruebel, Joseph Not listed, Maria
PULLINGER, Maria 14 Aug 1850 23y New city cemetery
PULSING, Gertrude 4 Nov 1867 76y SCHRIEKER, Not listed
PURCHER, Anna M. 30 Aug 1876 1m Purcher, Joseph Not listed, Stephania
PUSCH, Michael 26 Feb 1852 21y From Lotharingia
QUARTANT, Margaret 13 Aug 1860 53y 11m ZEIS, Not listed
QUELMANZ, Oskar 28 Dec 1859 4y 11m Quelmanz, William SCHULTHEISS, Susanna Died 27 Dec 1859
QUELMER, Louis Theodore 19 Aug 1851 1y
QUERNY, Patrick 6 Apr 1883 54y Querny, John CONNOR, Elizabeth
QUIGLEY, James M. 17 Sep 1932 78y 8m Quigley, Michael Not listed, Bridget AKINS, Kate Green Mount
QUINN, Elizabeth 23 Feb 1885 16y Quinn, Not listed
QUIRIN, Catherine 6 Dec 1947 30y 11m SCHOEN, George LANG, Mary Quirin, Joseph Smithton Catholic Born 24 Dec 1916*  Died in DePaul Hospital in St. Louis, MO
QUIRIN, Elizabeth 7 Apr 1940 64y 3m FLACH, Nick MEYER, Eva Quirin, George Green Mount Born 23 Dec 1875*
QUIRIN, George 1 Feb 1920 7y Quirin, George FLACH, Elizabeth Green Mount From Shiloh Valley. Died of meningitis
QUIRIN, George 11 Apr 1954 FLACH, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 14 May 1869.  Died in St. Mary’s Hospital in Galesburg
QUIRIN, Louis George 19 Aug 1907 13d Quirin, George FLACH, Elizabeth
QUIRIN, Philipp George 23 Aug 1905 4m Quirin, George FLACH, Elizabeth
QUIRK, Edward 10 Feb 1938 56y 4m Quirk, Patrick MULCONERY, Marianna BUNN, Mary Walnut Hill Born 8 Oct 1881*
QUIRK, Marie Agnes 24 Mar 1935 29y 11m Quirk, Edward BUNN, Mary Walnut Hill


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