Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials ( I – L )

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ICHUS, Anna Maria 12 Jun 1860 44y Ichus, Xavier
ICHUS, Seraphina 19 Jun 1857 1y Ichus, Xavier Not listed, Anna M.
IDOUX, Joseph B. 12 Oct 1943 57y Idoux, Charles VERMILLION, Louisa SCHONDER*, Theresa Mt. Carmel Born 7 Oct 1886; died suddenly*
IGEL, Anna 28 Jul 1917 30y Igel, Joseph CORDIE, Josephina Green Mount
IGEL, Anton 21 Oct 1903 39y
IGEL, Johann 27 Jun 1864 10y Igel, Johann ZELLER, Waltburga
IGEL, John 7 Jan 1895 Born 19 Oct 1819 in Laffenau, Hilpor_stein, Bavaria
IGEL, John 23 Jan 1897 30y Igel, John
IGEL, Joseph 19 Aug 1853 Igel, John ZELLER, Walburga Born 16 Feb 1853
IGEL, Joseph 30 Oct 1892 Igel, John ZILL, Walburga CORDIE, Josephina Born in 1856
IGEL, Louis 9 Nov 1889 Igel, John HASSELBACH, Wilhelmina Born 31 Oct 1889
IGEL, Walburga (Widow) 1 Nov 1900 76y ZELLER, Not listed Igel, John (Deceased)
IHLE, Maria Eva 10 Jan 1855 19y
IHSCHUS, Sophia 8 Jun 1860 1m 2d Hammer, Xavier ICHUS, Anna
IMPENNACHIO, Antonio 8 Aug 1940 59y Impennachio, Ralph TERMINE, Mary ALBANESA, Jennie Green Mount Born 24 Aug 1881; died suddenly*
INGELKOVER, Johann 6 Nov 1864 45y Ingelkover, Phil A. VOGT, Catharina From Deitesheim in Bavaria
IRLINGER, Jacob 5 Feb 1856 26y Irlinger, John Not listed, Maria B.
IRWIN, Edwin M. 30 Jan 1933 63y 10m Irwin, John DUHIGG, Bridget FLACH, Amelia Green Mount
IRWIN, Emilia 21 Jan 1928 Irwin, Dr. E. M. (Congressman) Green Mount
ISACK, John Nicholas 26 Jul 1847 57y
ISCH, Mrs. Catharina 26 Oct 1855 24y
ISCHUS, Xavier 8 Feb 1860 54y NADGE, Maria
ISELHARDT, Infant 16 Jul 1852 Iselhardt, Paul JOHAN, Eva Born 4 Dec 1851
ISLER, Anna Maria 24 May 1875 7m Isler, Carl Not listed, Susanna
ISLER, Catharina 6 Jun 1874 38y Isler, Ferdinand
ISLER, William 12 Aug 1874 2m Isler, Ferdinand Not listed, Catharina
ISSELHARDT, Bertha 16 May 1928 51y WEYHAUPT, Not listed Isselhardt, Peter Green Mount
ISSELHARDT, Bertha 16 May 1928 51y WEYHAUPT, Not listed Isselhardt, Peter Green Mount Duplicate entry
ISSELHARDT, Eva 21 Jul 1870 14m Isselhardt, Christian Not listed, Theresa
ISSELHARDT, Frederick 27 Nov 1919 26y Isselhardt, John SCHLEHMANN, Anna Walnut Hill
ISSELHARDT, Gertrude 19 Jul 1863 4m Isselhardt, Joseph JOHANN, Eva
ISSELHARDT, Louis 3 Mar 1876 4y 6m Isselhardt, Christian Not listed, Theresa
ISSELHARDT, Mary 6 Sep 1941 73y BOHAJEK, John Not listed, Mary Isselhardt, Peter (Both married before) St. Marcus in St. Louis, MO
ISSLER, Anna Louisa 11 Sep 1880 1y Issler, Carl HARTMANN, Susanna
ISSLER, Bernard 11 Jul 1872 4w Issler, Ferdinand HARTMANN, Catharina
ISSLER, Carl 13 Mar 1880 39y HARTMANN, Susanna
ISSLER, Ferdinand 4 Feb 1872 13m Issler, Carl Not listed, Susanna
ISUARS*, Loretta 22 Nov 1953 Isuars, Ray LOUCKS, Minnie Mt. Carmel Born 17 Dec 1937.  Died at St. Mary in East St. Louis*
IVANS, Mathias 7 Feb 1907 40y
JACHS, Francis Mich. 23 Jun 1888 6y 7m Jachs, Francis SCHUETZ, Anna
JACHS, George 24 May 1888 2y Jachs, Francis SCHUETZ, Anna
JACHS, Peter Joseph 25 May 1888 4y 1m Jachs, Francis SCHUETZ, Anna
JÄCKEL (Jaeckel), Henry 31 Jan 1849 55y St. Peter
JACKS, Francis Nicolaus 5 Jan 1879 1y 11m Jacks, Francis SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Anna
JACKS, Nicolaus 23 Mar 1877 6y Jacks, Francis Not listed, Anna
JACOBECK, Cecilia 24 May 1886 Jacobeck, Francis MITZGA, Anna Born 3 Apr 1886
JACOBECK, Francis 30 Jul 1882 10m Jacobeck, Francis MITZKA, Anna
JACOBS, Anna (Widow) 29 Jan 1917 86y Jacobs, Peter (Deceased) Walnut Hill
JACOBS, Elizabeth Jane 9 Jun 1925 1w Jacobs, Peter KREITNER, Jennie Walnut Hill
JACOBS, Josephine 31 Oct 1943 DAMMERICH, Adam BOUL, Frances JACOB, Charles Mt. Carmel
JAEGER, Catharina 22 Dec 1893 Came from another place
JÄGGI (Jaeggi), Emma 13 Aug 1862 11m Jaeggi, Joseph STOEKLE, Maria
JAGGLER, George 23 Nov 1890 Jaggler, Ulrich GOLDNER, Theresa Born 9 Oct 1889 in Belleville
JAGGLER, John Thomas 2 Oct 1883 2y 8m Jaggler, Ulrich Not listed, Theresa
JAHN, John 11 Mar 1861 4y 2m 17d Jahn, Martin KOLP, Rosina
JAHN, Maria 28 Jun 1851 2y 6m
JAHN, Mrs. Gertrude 12 Jul 1851 35y
JAKE, Emma 6 Oct 1860 1y 11m 15d Jake, Joseph STERKLE, Maria
JAMES, Edmund 8 Aug 1894 James, William  KREITNER, Emma Catharina Private Baptism
JAMES, Helena Louisa 9 Jan 1894 James, William R. KREITNER, Emma Catharina Born 26 Feb 1888
JAMES, Henrietta B. C. 23 Sep 1883 3.5d James, William R.
James, Not listed 17 Dec 1884 James, William R.
JANSEN, Catharina 9 Nov 1870 2y  Jansen, Gerhard SAILER, Barbara
JANSEN, Elizabeth Theodora 21 Sep 1864 4y Jansen, William MESSING, Johanna
JANSEN, Johann 12 Dec 1865 8d Jansen, Gerard SEILER, Barbara
JANSEN, Johann 12 Oct 1867 21y 5m 9d Jansen, Gerhard FILIE, Hendrina
JANSEN, Julius 28 May 1922 38y Jansen, Henry Green Mount
JANSEN, Phil. 15 Sep 1865 5y 6m Jansen, Gerard SAITER, Barbara
JANSEN, Philip 15 Apr 1926 54y Green Mount
JANSEN, Rev. Conrad Mathias 19 Jan 1890 Jansen, Mathias Leonard Not listed, Agnes Born 30 Jan 1863 in diocese Kalterherberg Coloniensi.  Ordained in All Hallows in Bublin, Ireland.  Was rector of St. Laurent in Sandoval, Marion County
JANSEN, William 14 Apr 1863 2m Jansen, William Not listed, Anna
JANSON, Maria Elizabeth 2 May 1861 4m Janson, William Not listed, Maria A.
JANSSEN, Barbara 1 Nov 1867 11m Janssen, Gerhard SAUTER, Barbara
JANSSEN, Barbara 3 Mar 1871 8d Janssen, Gerhard SAILER, Barbara
JANSSEN, Barbara 15 May 1884 51y Janssen, Ehrard
JARABECH, Anthony 13 Jun 1937 70y 1m Jarabech, Ignatius BLAWAT, Mary Walnut Hill Born 17 May 1867*
JARABEK, John 22 Feb 1927 YOUNG, Anna Walnut Hill
JARABICK, Maria 21 Sep 1872 40y Jarabick, Ignatz (Deceased)
JAROBECK, Mary 5 May 1950 83y* Walnut Hill Born 25 Sep 1866*
JARROTT, Anna 21 Oct 1918 80y Jarrott, Not listed Green Mount Her husband left her about 40 years prior.
JARVIS, Martha 9 Jun 1876 4m Jarvis, John
JECK, Lydia 18 Mar 1954 Jeck, George Olivette Cemetery in Nashville, TN Born 27 Dec 1879
JENKINS, Joseph Jacob 10 Jan 1876 7d Jenkins, John REEB, Catharina
JEOFFRAY, Friederich Sebastian 17 Sep 1880 6m Jeoffray, Nicholas Not listed, Margaret
JEOFFRAY, Margaret 13 Apr 1881 40y Jeoffray, Nicholas
JEOFFRAY, Robert Anton 20 Sep 1880 3m Jeoffray, Nicholas Not listed, Margaret
JEOFFROY, Elizabeth 25 Jun 1883 39y 8m Jeoffroy, Nicholas
JOCH, Bernard 30 Jul 1867 2d Joch, John ACART, Thecla
JOCH, Catharina 2 Dec 1864 3y 14d
JOCH, Christian 30 Jan 1884 81y He had a family
JOCH, Edwin Anton 20 Apr 1881 11m 4d Joch, Joseph ISCH, Catharina Elizabeth
JOCH, Jacob 16 Aug 1876 6y Joch, Bernard Not listed, Agnes
JOCH, Joseph 5 Oct 1876 8y Joch, Joseph ACKER, Tekla
JOELLENBECK, Cletus 20 Jun 1932 13y 8m Joellenbeck, Fred KERR, Mary Mascoutah, IL Died in State Hospital in Lincoln, IL
JOFFRAY, Ella 22 Aug 1953 Joffray, John KERCHNER, Mary Green Mount Born 10 Apr 1888
JOFFRAY, John C. 14 Feb 1951 KERCHNER, Mary K. Green Mount Born 5 Jun 1867
JOFFRAY, Joseph 7 Mar 1890 Born in France 8 Dec 1822
JOFFRAY, Joseph (Widower) 23 Apr 1896 90y Joffray, Louis HEMMER, Maria (Deceased)
JOFFRAY, Olivia 17 Aug 1903 4y Joffray, John KERCHNER, Maria
JOFFROY, Maria 1 Jun 1875 70y 4m JEOFFROY, Joseph
JOHN, Infant 5 Oct 1859 John, Martin
JOHNSON, Martha 17 Aug 1876 6y Johnson, August Not listed, Maria
JOHNSON, Sharon Lee 15 Mar 1938 1y 2m Johnson, Charles Oliver DECKERT, Lillian B. Green Mount Born 8 Jan 1937*
JONES, Anna 20 Nov 1910 28y DEROUSE, Not listed Jones, Thomas (Non-Catholic) Green Mount
JONES, John L. 10 Aug 1934 40y 3m Jones, George NATION, Elizabeth KOHL, Adeline Green Mount [Duplicate entry]
JONES, John L. 10 Aug 1934 Jones, George NATION, Elizabeth KOHL, Adel Green Mount Born 1 May ___
JUEN, Barbara 31 Oct 1941 75y 1m WALTER, Lawrence Not listed, Annie Marie Juen, Henry Green Mount
JUEN, Henry 5 Oct 1927 67y WALTER, Barbara Walnut Hill
JUEN, Johann Christian 7 Jul 1863 4m 7d Juen, Theodore BATHLOCK, Regina
JUEN, John 14 Apr 1927 36y STAUDER, Cordula Green Mount
JUEN, Larry H. 5 Feb 1950 Walnut Hill Born 22 Jul 1904.  Died in St. Joseph Infirm. Eureka, MO
JUEN, Maria Anna 4 Mar 1860 4y 11m 15d Juen, Theodore PALTOEKIN, M. Regina
JUEN, Theodore 1 Sep 1918 18y Juen, Henry WALTER, Barbara Walnut Hill
JUENGEL, Anton 12 Jun 1920 5y Juengel, Reinholdt BERTELSMANN, Isabella Walnut Hill
JUENS, John 20 May 1889 22y Juens, John Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
JUNCKER, Arthur (Twin) 28 Mar 1889 Juncker, Victor WEHRLE, Anna (Non-Catholic) Lived a few hours
JUNCKER, Louisa 10 Dec 1923 60y Juncker, Victor Green Mount
JUNCKER, Maria (Twin) 28 Mar 1889 Juncker, Victor WEHRLE, Anna (Non-Catholic) Lived a few hours
JUNCKER, Victor 28 Jul 1933 68y 9m Juncker, Martin SCHLERNITZAUER, Mary WEHRLE, Anna Green Mount
JUNG, August 28 Oct 1955 Jung, Peter STAUB, Rosa FEDER, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 16 Sep 1876
JUNG, David 27 Sep 1870 10m Jung, Joseph HAGEN, Helena
JUNG, Francis 12 Jan 1870 56y
JUNG, Joanna (Widow) 5 Jul 1888 73y Died in the Poor House
JUNG, John 2 Nov 1859 55y WERNER, Rosa Died 1 Nov 1859
JUNG, Joseph 31 Oct 1873 46y Not listed, Margaret
JUNG, Maria 12 Jul 1881 6m Jung, William HOFFMANN, Theresa
JUNG, Nicolaus 27 Dec 1876 77y
JUNG, Peter 30 Apr 1868 41y 6m 23d Jung, Andrew SCHAEFER, Maria
JUNG, Theresa K. 25 Sep 1937 56y FEDER, John EGER, Elizabeth Jung, Isadore Green Mount Born 16 Sep 1881*
JUNG, William 5 Dec 1894 Jung, Francis SCHMITTHAUSLER, Apollonia HOFFMANN, Theresa Born 15 Jun 1848 in Baden
JUNGER, Magdalena 4 Jul 1886 Junger, Merline SCHLER, Marianna Born 14 Apr 1886
JUNK, Margaret 12 Jan 1858 7y Junk, Anton ZOUNK [?], Margaret
JUNKER, George 12 Sep 1869 60y 7m JUNCKER, Dominic Not listed, Catharina Not listed, Margaret
JUNKER, Maria 9 Mar 1859 4y Junker, George HAGEN, Margaret Died 8 Mar 1859
JURGELAITOS (GRORGAL), John 10 Dec 1930 48y Jurgelaitos, Joseph HOLLEK, Magdalena SLIPKOWSKI, Mary Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
JURION, Maria Louisa 11 Oct 1859 2m Jurion, John Baptist GERARD, Marianna
KABURECK, Albert 20 Apr 1928 85y RAPP, Elizabeth Freeburg, IL 
KAESBACH, Maria 3 Apr 1891 71y KIEFER, Not listed Kaesbach, Otto (Deceased)
KAHLE, John 30 Apr 1899
KAHR, Anna 24 Aug 1877 1y 8m Kahr, George Not listed, Anna
KAISER, Elizabeth 25 Mar 1877 14m KAYSER, Friederich Not listed, Maria
KAISER, Ida 16 Dec 1948 59y BLAIES, John 1st Husband: Andrew KAUFMANN.  2nd husband: Michael Kaiser Born 11 Jan 1889*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KAISER, Joseph 30 Jul 1878 8y Kaiser, Ignatius Not listed, Carlina
KAISER, Lawrence 16 Dec 1853 31y
KAISER, Magdalena 30 Dec 1877 28y Kaiser, Joseph
KAISER, Margaret 15 May 1944 63y 8m BECKERT, Sebastian HECK, Mary Kaiser, Nicholas Green Mount Born 1 Oct 1880*
KAISER, Milton 29 Oct 1943 35y 2m Kaiser, John YOUNG, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 14 Jul 1908 in Belleville*
KAISER, Nicholas 23 Apr 1926 71y Not listed, Maria Walnut Hill
KAISER, Nicholas  26 Dec 1953 BECKERT, Margaret Green Mount Born 17 Dec 1873.  Died at Alton Memorial Hospital
KAISER, Nicholas Louis 19 Jan 1942 37y 10m Kaiser, Nicholas BRECKER, Margaret Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1904*
KAISER, Oscar Carl 16 Oct 1906 10d Kaiser, Nicholas BECKERT, Margaret
KALKBRENNER, Catharina 30 Dec 1866 40y LANG, Martin LANG, Gertrude Kalkbrenner, Damian
KALKBRENNER, Damian 13 Aug 1889 KLAMM, Catharina Born 13 Oct 1826 in Baden
KALKBRENNER, Edward 5 Jul 1900 22y Kalkbrenner, Damian KLAM, Catharina
KALKBRENNER, Joseph 26 Nov 1852 Kalkbrenner, Damian LONG, Catharina Born 5 May 1852
KALKBRENNER, Lena 18 Sep 1882 12y Kalkbrenner, Damian LAAG, Catharina
KALKBRENNER, Louis 9 May 1935 65y Kalkbrenner, Damian BURG, Catherine LAUF, Regina Green Mount Born 25 Apr 1870*
KALKBRENNER, Regina 24 Mar 1926 52y LAUF, Not listed Kalkbrenner, Louis Green Mount
KALLAR, Rosalia 14 Aug 1855 Kallar, Vincent KISCHENBERGER, Waldburga Born 17 Oct 1853
KANAVAN, Mary Ann 31 Mar 1866 4m Kanavan, Jacob MCGUIRE, Margaret
KANAVAN, Mary Ann 18 Sep 1869 4m 18d Kanavan, Jacob Not listed, Margaret
KANTNER, George 30 Nov 1873 59y KLEIN, Susanna
KARBAN, Dolores 23 Jan 1924 20m Karban, Jacob SANZEH, Mary Green Mount
KARBON, Aloys A. 7 Dec 1945 72y 8m Karbon, Nicholas SATTLER, Mary MEYER, Laurentina Green Mount Born 17 Mar 1873*
KARBON, Henry 10 Oct 1947 52y KARBAN, Martin KNAPP, Mary KRONENBERGER, Josephine Green Mount Born 2 Oct 1895*
KARDINSKY, Sr., George 24 Mar 1954 (SKARZINSKI*), Ursula (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 15 Apr 1888.  Died in a hospital in California
KARDINSKY, Ursula 5 Aug 1950 SKARZINSKY, Mathew Not listed, Catherine Kardinsky, George Green Mount Born 14 Jun 1893.  Died in San Diego, CA
KARDINSKY, William 23 Apr 1931 19y Kardinsky, George SKARZENSKI, Marcella Green Mount Died at City Hospital in St. Louis, MO
KARLIN, Louis P. 30 Mar 1879 28y KLOCKE, Rosalia
KARLSKIND, Jacob 28 Jun 1855 45y
KARLSKIND, Regina 6 Jul 1855 40y
KARLSKIND, Sebastian 6 Aug 1845 66y
KARR, Adam 1 Nov 1890 Karr, Wendelin SCHAEFER, Catharina Born 10 Mar 1812 in Deitesheim, Germany
KARR, Adam 4 Oct 1936 74y Karr, Adam LEIST, Katherine FLACH, Katherine Green Mount
KARR, Appalonia 28 Aug 1869 58y 1m 27d Not listed, Michael ESCHENFELDER, Not listed Karr, Peter
KARR, Catharina 4 Jan 1895 LEIST, J. Not listed, M. Karr, Adam (Deceased) Born 11 Apr 1823 in Germany
KARR, John (Widower) 23 May 1904 85y Karr, Wendelin SCHAEFER, Catharina FITZINGER, Henrietta
KARR, Joseph 8 Sep 1954 Karr, Adam FLACK, Katherine JONES, Juanita Green Mount Born 15 Sep 1904
KARR, Jr., Adam 17 Sep 1923 29y Karr, Adam FLACH, Catharina Green Mount Died in Los Angeles, CA
KARR, Mamie C. 15 Feb 1920 38y Karr, Theodore BAUER, Martha Green Mount President of Cathedral Young Ladies Sodality.  Died of Flu-pneumonia
KARR, Maria 4 Mar 1868 25y 7m 29d Karr, Peter ESCHENFELDER, Apolonia
KARR, Maria 3 Jan 1871 18y Karr, Adam Not listed, Anna
KARR, Maria Eva 28 Jul 1869
KARR, Martha 20 Mar 1912 60y BAUER, Not listed Karr, Theodore Green Mount
KARR, Peter 26 Dec 1877 68y ROESSLER, Elizabeth 
KARR, Theodore 20 Dec 1921 76y Green Mount
KARR, Theodore 13 Mar 1939 59y 6m Karr, Sr., Theodore BAUER, Martha ALBRECHT, Nonie Green Mount Died in St. John Hospital in St. Louis, MO
KASPER, George 24 Dec 1898 Died in the Poor House
KASSEBAUM, Helen 6 Dec 1934 77y 6m LAUBNER, Valentin Not listed, Eva Kassebaum, Sr., August Green Mount
KASSEBAUM, Ja. 11 May 1935 56y 3m Kassebaum, August LAUBER [Laubner*], Helen Green Mount Born 6 Feb 1879*
KASSEBAUM, Sr., August 28 Nov 1928 75y LAUBNER, Helen Green Mount
KASSNER, Daniel 24 Mar 1881 67y 4m
KASSNER, Margaret 9 Feb 1887 71y Kassner, Daniel
KASTEL, Arthur 7 Jan 1927 38y FUCHS, Adela Green Mount
KASTEL, Emma 23 Jan 1945 77y 11m BOLLMAN, Jacob WEBER, Caroline Kastel, Jacob Green Mount Born 27 Feb 1867 in Millstadt*
KASTEL, Jacob 11 Nov 1946 92y 11m Kastel, Adam BOLLMANN, Emma Green Mount Born Dec 1853*
KASTEL, John 14 Mar 1947 86y 11m Kastel, Adam HERPIN, Josephine Green Mount Died suddenly
KASTEL, Josephina 7 Feb 1893 Kastel, John HERPIN, Maria Born 13 Jan 1893
KASTEL, Maymie Mary Elizabeth 21 Nov 1948 65y GEROLD, Herman BOLSEN, Christina Kastel, Fred Green Mount Born 28 Jun*
KASTEL, Michael 24 May 1942 85y 8m Kastel, Adam EISEMANN, Margaret EITZENHAEFER, Mary E. Green Mount Born 12 Oct 1856*
KAUB, Bernard 29 May 1933 82y 6m Kaub, Caspar HOFFMAN, Helena OECHSLER, Mary Walnut Hill
KAUB, Caspar 6 May 1901 81y HOFFMANN, Helena
KAUB, Clara 12 Jul 1852 Kaub, Jacob Not listed, Margaret Born 2 Feb 1851
KAUB, Francis 11 Jul 1852 Kaub, Jacob KLEIN, Margaret Born 1 May 1852
KAUB, Helena (Widow) 16 Jul 1919 92y Kaub, Caspar (Deceased) Green Mount
KAUB, Jacob 9 Jul 1852 40y
KAUB, John 13 Nov 1919 67y Kaub, Caspar Not listed, Helena Green Mount
KAUB, Joseph 26 Aug 1954 WADE, Jessie Mt. Carmel Born 5 May 1871
KAUB, Margaret 29 Sep 1912 52y Kaub, Kaspar HOFFMANN, Helena Green Mount
KAUB, Mary 8 Nov 1940 76y 6m OESCHLE, George MICHAEL, Barbara Kaub, Bernard Walnut Hill
KAUB, Wife of Jacob 13 Jul 1852
KAUFFMANN, Clara 24 Aug 1899 12y Kauffmann, Anton DUFFNER, Maria
KAUFFMANN, Laura Magdalena 12 Dec 1892 Kauffmann, Laurent KOORFEN, Carolina Born 10 Aug 1892
KAUFMANN, Maria 19 Dec 1908 49y DUFFNER, Not listed Kaufmann, Anton
KAUL, George 5 Sep 1856 41y
KAUP, Elizabeth 24 Dec 1871 8y Kaup, Caspar HOFFMANN, Helena
KAUP, Magdalena 12 Feb 1858 3y Kaup, Haspar Not listed, Helena
KAUP, Rosa 6 Oct 1865 4y 2m  Kaup, Hasper HOFFMANN, Helena
KAUZLARECH, Joseph 7 Dec 1916 57y CORNICH, Francisca Green Mount From Mascoutah
KAYSER, Friederich 24 Dec 1879 36y BERKEL, Catharina
KAYSER, John 27 Apr 1873 4y Kayser, Friederich Not listed, Catharina
KAYSING, Amanda 27 Jun 1880 4m Kaysing, Edward BRAUN, Lisette
KAYSING, Anna 23 Dec 1885 31y BRAUN, John Not listed, Catharina Kaysing, Friederich
KAYSING, Edward 6 Mar 1881 5y 11m Kaysing, Edward BROWN, Elisa
KECK, Robert Charles 24 Jan 1942 Keck, Charles BUSS, Mildred Walnut Hill Born 21 Jan 1942 at St. Louis Maternity Hospital & Baptized there.
KEHOE, Bridget 2 May 1904 70y Died in the County Farm
KEHRA, Not listed 29 Jun 1852 34y
KEHRA, Not listed 29 Jun 1852 [Spouse of 34 year old?]
KEHRA, Two children 2 Jul 1852
KEHRER, Anton 26 Jul 1887 25y Kehrer, Adam GERMAIN, Magdalena
KEHRER, Gabriel 15 Oct 1854 Kehrer, Adam STUAB, A. Maria 14 Jan 1853
KEHRER, John 4 Apr 1880 79y 7m
KEHRER, Maria Eva 4 Jun 1874 73y Kehrer, John
KEINER, Mary 11 Feb 1929 19y Keiner, Fred BECHTOLD, Christina Green Mount
KELLER, Caroline 4 Mar 1955 BTUCH, John FRANZE, Katherine Keller, Fred Green Mount Born 26 Sep 1878
KELLER, Charles 29 Jun 1952 MUETH, Anna Green Mount Born 2 Dec 1894
KELLER, Emil J. 3 Nov 1917 2y Keller, Frederick BRUCH, Carrie Green Mount
KELLER, Emma 2 Nov 1924 38y Keller, Adam Green Mount
KELLER, Lilia (Resp. Rapp) 21 Aug 1878 3m Keller, C. RAPP, Carolina
KELLER, Margaret 1 Dec 1871 14d Keller, John WEICHARDT, Victotria
KELLER, Margaret E. 27 May 1933 57y 5m WREDE, Henry Not listed, Adeline EIFERT, Joseph & Edward Keller Calvary – St. Louis, MO
KELLER, Maria Catharina 22 Nov 1870 2y Keller, John WEINHARDT, Victoria
KELLER, Michael 16 Dec 1871 1m Keller, John WEINHARDT, Victoria
KELLER, Susanna 24 Jul 1859 Keller, John RAPP, Katharina Born 14 Jan 1858 & died 23 Jul 1859
KELLHAS, Joseph 29 Jan 1846  2m Kellhas, Margaret St. Peter  
KELLHAS, Margaret 29 Jan 1846 20y St. Peter
KELLMEIER, Bernardina 2 Sep 1873 5m Kellmeier, Bernard Not listed, Margaret
KELLY, Jacob 1 Aug 1899 32y Green Mount From East St. Louis
KELLY, Maria 6 Aug 1882 34y Kelly, John
KELLY, Patrick 22 Mar 1876 14y Kelly, Patrick
KEMPER, Rev. Francis 5 Sep 1918 71y Green Mount Died in St. Vincent Institution in St. Louis, MO.  Buried next to Father PIEKE
KEMPF, Barbara Mar 1909 36y Kempf, Francis WIESROCK, Theresa
KEMPF, Caroline 8 Jan 1950 JUNKER, Martin SCHLAUENAUER, Mary  Kempf, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 21 Mar 1873.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KEMPF, Charles 12 Dec 1951 Kempf, Frank WESTRAUCH, Theresa ESCHMANN, Anna Green Mount Born 7 Sep 1873
KEMPF, Charles born GRIMMIG 30 Jul 1922 25y Kempf, Joseph (Adoptive father) JUNKA, Carolina Mt. Carmel
KEMPF, Francis 3 Jan 1892 Kempf, Francis WISSROCK, Theresa Born 26 Nov 1859
KEMPF, Francis 22 Jan 1912 82y WISNOGG, Theresa Green Mount Died in the County Farm
KEMPF, Infant 17 Dec 1946 Kempf, Clem LUITKEMEYER, Adrianna Still born*
KEMPF, John 31 May 1922 67y HILDEBRAND, Lena Green Mount
KEMPF, Joseph 19 Dec 1939 77y 9m Kempf, Frank WISROCK, Theresa JUNCKER, Catherine Mt. Carmel Born 8 Mar 1862*
KEMPF, Nicholas 2 Oct 1904 Died of small pox
KEMPF, Raymond 25 Aug 1924 8y Kempf, Charles ESCHMANN, Anna Green Mount
KENNEDY, Joanna 26 Oct 1902 108y Died in the County Farm
KENNEDY, William 14 Mar 1924 69y Kennedy, John RYAN, Mary Green Mount From Kaskaskia
KENNY, William 25 Oct 1858
KEPER, Christ. 6 Jul 1855 30y
KERCHBERGER, Rosalia 23 Mar 1857 37y Kerchberger, Sebastian [Name spelled Kelchberger in right margin]
KERCHKRICHNER, , Sophia Maria 5 Jul 1865 1y 5m Kerchkrichner, Anton SLEER [?], Paulina
KERCHNER, Agatha 27 Aug 1891 Kerchner, Jacob (Deceased) Born 6 Jan 1838 in Germany
KERCHNER, Barbara 29 Dec 1881 81y Kerchner, Aegidi
KERCHNER, Edward 14 Dec 1868 8d Kerchner, Edward E. SCHMIDT, Antonia
KERCHNER, Helena Catharina 5 Jul 1876 7m 15d Kerchner, Joseph Not listed, Magdalena
KERCHNER, Magdalena 2 May 1890 Kerchner, Jacob (Deceased) FIRMBACH, Agatha Born 3 Aug 1879
KERCHNER, Wilhelmina Carolina 23 Aug 1878 1y 8m 2d Kerchner, Franz SCHMIDT, Adelina
KERN (ISCH), Nicholas 8 Jun 1875 28y Kern, Anton Isch, Catharina
KERN, Aloisius 13 Oct 1869 30y Kern, Ignatz Not listed, Julianna WEPPEL, Wilhelmina
KERN, Anna 21 Mar 1946 90y 4m FLUCK, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth Kern, Philip Green Mount Born 23 Nov 1855*
KERN, Carl Stephan 4 Jan 1892 Kern, Philipp FLUCK, Anna Born 12 Dec 1886.  Died of a contagious disease
KERN, Edward Julius 17 Jan 1957 Kern, John KURTZ, Frances LEHMANN, Emma Walnut Hill Born 6 Oct 1868.
KERN, Emma 22 Dec 1943 76y LEHMAN, Gotlieb Not listed, Caroline Kern, Edward Walnut Hill Born 14 Dec 1867*
KERN, Emma Amelia 15 Mar 1871 7y Kern, Nicolaus BAQUET, Joanna
KERN, Florian 14 Aug 1877 37y Not listed, Wilhelmina
KERN, Ignatius 14 Jun 1887 73y Died in Mascoutah
KERN, Margaret 13 Apr 1863 73y 6m SCHAEFER, Dominic SONTAG, Margaret [Father listed as Johann Kern and then crossed out]
KERN, Maria Louisa 2 Feb 1864 2y 10m 2d Kern, Nicholas BAQUET, Hanna
KERN, Nicolaus 6 Apr 1867 24y 6m Kern, Nicholas BAQUET, Johanna
KERN, Viola 5 Jul 1908 6m Kern, Theodore FRITZ, Olinda From East St. Louis
KERN, Walter John 13 Jul 1931 27y Kern, Edward LEHMANN, Emma Walnut Hill Born 20 Dec.  Accidently shot
KERSBERG, Johann 23 Oct 1860 13y Kersberg, William SCHICK, Catharina
KERWIN, Marnell Lucille M. 20 Mar 1919 7m Kerwin, William SCHWARZ, Maria Walnut Hill From Sedalia, MO
KESSELSCHLAEGER, John 31 Dec 1860 2y 2m Kesselschlaeger, John STIESS, Teresa
KESSELSHLEGER, Henry 13 Jul 1866 39y 9m Kesselshleger, Val. LAUZENBERG. Mary
KESSLER, Emma 13 Feb 1893 OESTERLE, Not listed Born 1 Feb in Belleville
KESSLER, Eva 12 Apr 1920 80y Kessler, John Green Mount
KESSLER, Fred 11 Mar 1929 24y Kessler, John SULLIVAN, Ellen Green Mount
KETTERER, Louisa 23 Feb 1877 10m Ketterer, Casimir Not listed, Victoria
KEYSER, Margaret 16 May 1873 1y Keyser, Friederich Not listed, Catharina
KEYSER, Maria 9 Mar 1874 4y Keyser, Friederich Not listed, Catharina
KIEFER, Adam Henry 6 Dec 1945 69y 8m Kiefer, Henry THOMAS, Elizabeth HOERING, Clara Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1876*
KIEFER, Anna 6 Jun 1924 81y Kiefer, Leopold
KIEFER, Anna Maria 20 Jul 1849 35y
KIEFER, Carl 27 Nov 1904 26y Kiefer, Henry THOMAS, Elizabeth
KIEFER, Elizabeth (Widow) 12 Jul 1919 73y Kiefer, Henry (Deceased) Green Mount
KIEFER, Henry 17 Apr 1898 61y Kiefer, John THOMAS, Elizabeth
KIEFER, Henry B. 23 Jul 1920 43y ZIEN, Clara Green Mount From Germantown
KIEFER, Johanna 19 Sep 1952 SCHWARZ, Henry WEBER, Anna Green Mount Born 18 Apr 1881
KIEFER, Joseph 21 Jul 1949 HOFFMAN, Rose Green Mount Born 4 Jan 1874
KIEFER, Katherine 7 Dec 1954 Kiefer, Henry THOMAS, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 18 Mar 1872
KIEFER, Leopold 18 Mar 1922 88y SCHEIBEL, Anna Maria Green Mount
KIEFER, Leopold Martin 13 Sep 1865 9m 7d Kiefer, Leopold KAETHER, Margaret
KIEFER, Maria 26 Jul 1862 1y 8d Kiefer, Leopold KEHOLEN, Margaret
KIEFER, Not listed 19 Jul 1868 8m Kiefer, Leopold
KIEFER, Olivia 16 Mar 1899 2m Kiefer, Henry HOFFMANN, Rosa
KIEFER, Rose 23 Nov 1949 HOFFMAN, Joseph BUX, Rose Kiefer, Joseph Green Mount Born 21 Jun 1877
KIENZ, Anna M. 3 Mar 1875 3m Kienz, Christian Not listed, Anna
KIES, John 22 Jul 1854 5m
KIESEWETTER, Carl August 9 Aug 1891 18d Kieswetter, Maria [See record]
KIESEWETTER, Maria 14 Nov 1896 29y Kiesewetter, John FRANKE, Beata
KIESKALT, Francisca 14 Jul 1870 61y Kieskalt, John George
KILIAN, Leonhard 18 Sep 1886 79y ROTH, Catharina
KIMCHRISTIAN, Helena 31 Aug 1852 37y
KIMM, Mrs. (Per Rev. Fischer) 16 Oct 1855 28y [See record]
KINDLER, Anthony F. 22 Dec 1930 70y Kindler, Jacob ADAMS, Marie Anne HARTMANN, Rosalia Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
KINDLER, Jacob 27 Jan 1859 37y ADAM, Maria Died 26 Jan 1859
KINDLER, Rosalia Mary 5 Apr 1922 58y Kindler, Anthony Francis Green Mount
KINSELLA, Thomas 8 Dec 1948 19y Kinsella, Thomas DAVIS, Margaret St. Philip  Born 10 Nov 1929*  Died suddenly in car accident
KIRCH, Michael 22 Dec 1934 67y 7m Kirch, Peter HELLINGER, Mary SCHOENSTEIN, Marg. Mt. Carmel Born in France [?]
KIRCHBERGER, Sebastian [Widower] 3 Nov 1899 75y LANG, Rosalia (Deceased)
KIRCHNER, Dina 8 Dec 1955 VOELLINGER, Jacob DAHM, Christina Kirchner, Emil Green Mount Born 17 Jul 1872.  Died in St. Elizabeth Home
KIRCHNER, Emilia 30 Jul 1885 7w Kirchner, Jacob FERNBACH, Agatha
KIRCHNER, Joseph M. 11 Aug 1871 10y Kirchner, Jacob Not listed, Agatha
KIRSCH, Margaret 9 Jul 1935 68y 6m SCHOENSTEIN, Xavier DIEHL, Mary Kirsch, Michael Mt. Carmel Born 27 Feb 1867; died suddenly*
KIRSHSTEIN, Adam 18 Jul 1849 40y
KISSEL, Amalia 15 Mar 1902 11y Kissel, John BORG, Maria
KISSEL, Anna Maria 24 Aug 1878 4y 2m 19d Kissel, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth Vict.
KISSEL, Bartholomew 7 Dec 1896 3y Kissel, John DAMSKY, Victoria
KISSEL, Bartholomew Louis 31 Jul 1900 22y Kissel, Bartholomew Louis UNTERFAENGER, Maria
KISSEL, Bartholomew Valentin 13 Apr 1899 16m Kissel, John BORG, Maria
KISSEL, Cletus 25 Feb 1918 19y Kissel, Joseph SCHMISSEUR, Maria Green Mount
KISSEL, Infant 21 Feb 1889 Kissel, Jr., John BORG, Maria
KISSEL, John 5 Jan 1901 11y Kissel, John BORG, Maria
KISSEL, John 10 Jun 1907 45y Kissel, Valentin Not listed, Catharina BORG, Maria
KISSEL, John (Widower) 13 Feb 1923 82y Not listed, Victoria (Deceased) Green Mount
KISSEL, John Bartholomew 8 Jul 1879 8m Kissel, John Not listed, Victoria
KISSEL, Joseph 16 Apr 1937 64y 9m Kissel, Bartholomew UNTERFANGER, Mary SCHMISSEUR, Mary Green Mount Born 19 Jun 1872;  died at St. Louis Charity Hospital*
KISSEL, Louis 24 May 1910 26y Kissel, John DAMSKY, Victoria Green Mount
KISSEL, Maria 26 Mar 1893 SCHANUEL, Not listed Born 1 Jan 1813 in Sauerschwabenheim, Hessen- Darmstadt
KISSEL, Maria Louisa 3 Feb 1877 3w Kissel, Bartholomew Not listed, Maria
KISSEL, Maria Margaret 10 Sep 1871 8m Kissel, Bartholomew Not listed, Maria
KISSEL, Mary 17 Dec 1927 80y Kissel, Barthel Green Mount From Centralia
KISSEL, Paul 18 Jul 1902 17m Kissel, John BORG, Maria
KISSEL, Peter 11 Jan 1903 20m Kissel, John BORG, Maria
KISSEL, Valentin 2 Jun 1865
KISSEL, Victoria 16 Feb 1920 68y Kissel, John Green Mount
KLAAS, Christian 26 Jan 1940 27y 7m Klaas, Christ SCHUETZ, Mary Walnut Hill Born 29 Jun 1912*
KLAAS, Elsie Lena 5 Mar 1917 6y Klaas, Christian SCHUETZ, Maria Walnut Hill
KLAES, Rudolph John 6 Aug 1889 Klaes, John HORTTMANN, Anna Born 5 May 1889
KLAMM, August 15 Jan 1932 63y Klamm, Christian SATTLER, Anna Marie Walnut Hill
KLAMM, Gustave M. 11 Jul 1940 81y Klamm, Christian SATTLE, Mary GEIL, Mary Walnut Hill Born 6 Jul 1859*
KLANICH, Phillip 8 Nov 1856 3m
KLANIG, George 8 Jul 1861 5m 15d Klanig, George KLAM, Clara
KLANIG, George 21 Oct 1865 55y  KLAMM, Klara
KLANIG, Otho 9 Aug 1858 11m Klanig, George Not listed, Clara
KLAPP, Josephina 4 Dec 1898 3y Klapp, Max KERCHER, Carolina
KLAPP, Max 19 Nov 1900
KLAUS, Augusta 6 Mar 1950 SCHOPP, Joseph Klaus, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 20 Feb 1865.  Died at St. Elizabeth
KLAUS, Edward 23 Aug 1869 1y 6m Klaus, Frederick ZURMUEL, Wilhelmina
KLAUS, Emma 3 Jan 1859 26w Klaus, Frederick Not listed, Emma Died 2 Jan 1858 [sic]
KLAUS, Joseph 1 Jul 1870 15m Klaus, Louis ZEEGER, Maria
KLAUS, Joseph 30 Mar 1950 Klaus, George DECKERT, Elizabeth SCHOPP, Augusta Mt. Carmel Born 22 Oct 1861.  Died at St. Elizabeth
KLAUSS, Fred W. 9 Nov 1955 Klauss, Louis FEDER, Maria Never married Mt. Carmel Born 17 Mar 1887
KLEESATTEL, Jacob (Widower) 15 Sep 1888 90y Kleesattel, Ambrose Not listed, Rosa HUBERT, Magdalena (Deceased)
KLEESATTEL, Joseph 20 Mar 1873 19y  Kleesattel, Jacob Not listed, Magdalena
KLEESATTEL, Magdalena 9 Mar 1884 73y Kleesattel, Jacob
KLEESATTEL, Margaret 24 Dec 1928 78y Walnut Hill From Alton
KLEIN, Anna Maria 18 Jan 1894 78y LANG, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth Klein, Martin
KLEIN, Anna Maria 28 Feb 1899 40y WOTTOWA, John LUCASH, Maria Klein, August [See record]
KLEIN, Barbara 9 Sep 1859 2y Klein, Sebastian DANNER, Julianna Died 8 Sep 1859
KLEIN, Infant (Stillborn) 19 Apr 1956 Klein, John P. LEONI, Pauline Green Mount Born 19 Apr 1956
KLEIN, John 17 Sep 1871 11y Klein, Richard SPAT, Theresa
KLEIN, John 24 Jan 1879 19y 9m7d Klein, Nicolaus Not listed, Maria
KLEIN, John P. 8 May 1936 85y Klein, David TUEKES, Louise Mt. Carmel Born 30 Aug 1850*  Died in Alton State Hospital.  
KLEIN, Joseph M. 25 May 1873 23y Klein, Nicholas KLEIN, Maria
KLEIN, Katharina 1 Jul 1916 45y Klein, John Catholic in Mascoutah
KLEIN, Maria Rosa 7 Oct 1849 11m
KLEIN, Mathew 3 Sep 1863 8y 3m 10d Klein, Michael Not listed, Anna Maria
KLEIN, Nicolaus 7 Mar 1897 Klein, Joseph Not listed, Barbara LANG, Maria (Deceased)
KLEIN, Not listed 27 Dec 1857 2y
KLEIN, Theresa 17 Mar 1875 46y Klein, Michael
KLEIN, Theresa 11 Nov 1913 48y Klein, Carl Green Mount
KLESATEL, Michael  20y 21d Klesatel, Jacob HUPPERT, Madelena [Appears between 30 Mar & 10 Apr 1864]
KLESATEL, Peter 10 Apr 1864
KLEVORN, Anna 3 Jan 1936 40y Klevorn, Frank FARMBAUER, Lena Green Mount Born 1 Jun 1886*
KLEVORN, Frank 4 Jan 1927 64y FARENHARDT, Magdalena Green Mount
KLEVORN, Lena 29 Mar 1930 70y Klevorn, Frank Green Mount
KLIEG, Anna Juliana 22 Dec 1873 2y Klieg, Gottfried Not listed, Anna M.
KLINE, Helena E. 6 Jul 1933 78y 11m STEINER, Carl HAUSEM, Helena Kline, John P. Mt. Carmel
KLING, (Miss*) Mary 23 Aug 1954 Kling, Gottfried Not listed, Anna Green Mount Born 1868.  Died in Chicago
KLING, Anna 28 Nov 1870 6m Kling, John Not listed, Dorothea
KLING, Arthur 5 Jan 1917 25y Kling, Michael FRIES, Maria Green Mount He died in Mt. Vernon, IL
KLING, Elizabeth 23 Sep 1857 Kling, Gottfried BRENNER, Maria Died 22 Sep 1857
KLING, Elvira 10 Jan 1918 14y Kling, Michael FRIES, Maria Green Mount
KLING, George 4 Sep 1905 1m Kling, Michael FRIES, Maria
KLING, Gottfried 10 Jul 1914 83y KRAMER, Anna Maria Green Mount
KLING, Jacob 22 Feb 1899 86y Kling, Jacob WAGNER, Maria Died in the County Farm
KLING, John 7 Jan 1874 32y Not listed, Dorothea
KLING, Joseph 10 Apr 1954 Kling, Gottfried Not listed, Anna Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1859.  Died at St. Vincent’s
KLING, Maria 11 Oct 1868 4y 14d Kling, Gottfried KRAMER, Anna M.
KLING, Maria 10 Dec 1895 62y Kling, Godefrid
KLING, Maria 17 Jun 1906 37y FRIES, Not listed Kling, Michael Green Mount
KLING, Michael 4 Oct 1863 1y 9m Kling, Gottfried Not listed, Maria
KLING, Michael H. 20 Apr 1932 65y 7m Kling, Gottfried Not listed, Anna FRIESS, Mary Green Mount
KLINGE, John Joseph 14 Feb 1874 9w Klinge, John (Deceased) Not listed, Dorothea
KLINGE, Salomon 12 Oct 1868 6y 7m Klinge, Johann THUKE [?], Dorothea
KLINGENHAGEN, Frances 28 Feb 1934 82y 10m KUPFERSCHMIDT, Henry KRAEMER, Frank (First husband) & Henry Klingenhagen (Second husband) Walnut Hill Born in ___ Germany
KLINGLER, John 19 Oct 1950 Klingler, Max WALTZ, Frances KRUPP, Philipina St. John in Smithton, IL Born 9 Nov 1868.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KLINGLER, Philip 13 Jun 1955 Klinger, John KRUPP, Philipina KAISER, Esther Smithton Catholic Born 5 Dec 1893
KLINGLER, Phillipina 14 Feb 1943 72y 6m KRUPP, Philipp GRANDCOLAS, Elizabeth Klingler, John St. John in Smithton, IL Born Aug 1870*  Died in St.Louis
KLOCH, Martin 30 Mar 1934 75y  Kloch, Nicholas BASTIAN, Theresa ROEDER, Fredericka Walnut Hill
KLOCK, Anna Theresa 30 Jul 1884 6m Klock, John W.
KLOCK, Anton 2 Aug 1855 Klock, Nicholas SEBASTIAN, Theresa Born 16 Oct 1852
KLOCK, Charles 24 Sep 1848 4d Klock, Nicholas
KLOCK, Evelyn 21 Mar 1928 19y Klock, John SCHLICH, Margaret Walnut Hill
KLOCK, Evelyn 21 Mar 1928 19y Klock, John SCHLICH, Margaret Walnut Hill Duplicate entry
KLOCK, Infant 29 Jul 1849 nb Klock, Nicholas Baptized privately.
KLOCK, Joseph 5 Sep 1864 1y Klock, Nicholas Not listed, Theresa
KLOCK, Margaret 16 Aug 1847 60y
KLOCK, Nicholas 21 Jan 1849 65y
KLOCK, Nicolaus 29 Apr 1863
KLOCK, Paul 3 Jan 1881 53y
KLOCK, Rosa Anna 6 Jul 1882 2m Klock, Martin ROEDER, Friederica
KLOECKNER, Elizabeth 15 Jan 1925 79y Kloeckner, John SOMMER, Maria Green Mount Housekeeper-matron for Bishops Baltes, Jansen & Juncker.  A living saint.
KLOECKNER, Gertrude 25 Mar 1955 Klockner, John  SOMMER, Mary Green Mount Born 6 May 1867.  Died in St. Mary’s Home in Carlyle, IL
KLOERMANN, John 24 Nov 1893 76y
KLOESS, Johanna K. 9 May 1888 3m 14d Kloess, John J. HORTTMANN, Anna
KLOETZER, Clement 20 Aug 1851 20y [Age is best guess; smudged]
KLOETZER, Margaret Eva 12 Sep 1852 14y
KLOETZER, Maria 17 Apr 1853 8y
KLOETZER, Maria 1 May 1853 46y
KLOSKEYN, Margaret 26 Sep 1876 59y 2m Kloskeyn, John Peter (Deceased)
KLOSS (Klaas*), Mary Ann 12 Dec 1942 55y 7m SCHUETZ, Michael Not listed,Amelia Klaas*, Christ Walnut Hill Born 19 May 1887 in New Athens Twp; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
KLUEGENHAGEN, Maria 4 Feb 1888 7m Kluehagen, Henry KUPFERSCHMITT, Francisca
KLUG, August 3 May 1885
KLUG, Elizabeth Eva 1 Oct 1874 14d Klug, August Not listed, Elizabeth
KLUG, Elizabeth Eva 15 Nov 1879 3y 8m Klug, August ROMEIS, Elizabeth
KLUG, Louisa Augusta 26 Oct 1879 1y 1d Klug, August Not listed, Elizabeth
KLUG, Michael 26 Sep 1879 11y 7m Klug, August Not listed, Elizabeth
KLUNK, Justina 29 Apr 1884 45y Klunk, Peter
KNAB, Anna Maria 6 Jun 1883 72y Knab, Christoph (Deceased)
KNAB, Carl 22 Jan 1889 69y HECKMANN, Catharina
KNAB, Emma 25 Nov 1897 8y Knab, Louis FRICK, Anna
KNAB, Francis 6 Apr 1884 26y Knab, Carl
KNAB, George Joseph 17 Aug 1879 4m Knab, Lorenz HERTLEIN, Theresa
KNAB, John A. 20 Dec 1941 82y 4m Knab, Philipp KRESS, Elizabeth STUDER, Josephine Green Mount Born 13 Aug 1859; died at County Farm where he lived for 10 years to get old age services*
KNAB, Maria 12 May 1889 2y 6m Knab, Henry HELLINGER [Hettinger?], Elizabeth
KNAB, Maria Anna 12 Nov 1876 4y Knab, Carl Not listed, Catharina
KNAB, Philipp (Widower) 5 Oct 1904 79y Died of small pox
KNAMP, Frederich Joseph 12 Nov 1866 3m Knamp, Carl HECHMAN, Catharina
KNAPP, Arthur 13 Jul 1889 11y Knapp, Peter LOBSINGER, Josephina Born 17 Dec 1878
KNAPP, Catharina 28 May 1848 6m
KNAPP, Catharina Elizabeth 12 Feb 1849 2m Knapp, John
KNAPP, Chrystoff 19 Aug 1869 62y Knapp, Adam Not listed, Anna
KNAPP, Francis Adam 6 Jul 1852 4m
KNAPP, George 29 Aug 1853 Knapp, John PHINLER [?], Barbara Born 17 Aug 1853
KNAPP, Johann 13 Aug 1867 23y Knapp, Johann BUCHLER, Barbara
KNAPP, John L. 29 Aug 1858 2y Knapp, Phillip Not listed, Elizabeth
KNAPP, John L. 21 Dec 1859 49y PIHLER, Barbara Died 19 Dec 1859
KNAPP, Joseph A. 1 Apr 1940 73y 9m Knapp, Peter LOBSINGER, Josephine REIS, Josephine Green Mount Born 26 Jun 1866*
KNAPP, Laurent 29 Sep 1887 51y
KNAPP, Sarah Margaret 4 Oct 1850 2m New city cemetery
KNAUS, Anna Maria 23 Sep 1887 70y Knaus, Franzis Joseph
KNEBEL, Anton 15 Jul 1879 70y Not listed, Anna Maria
KNEBEL, Maria Anna 11 Apr 1873 61y Knebel, Anton
KNELLER, George Oct 1856 6m Kneller, George Not listed, Anna Maria
KNELLER, Not listed 8 Jun 1872 47y
KNOBE, Anna Catharina Mary 6 Sep 1876 17m Knobe, Bernard Not listed, Maria
KNOBE, Bernard 7 Apr 1877 36y Not listed, Maria
KNOBEL, Catharina 22 Jul 1871 17m Knobel, Bernard OPER, Anna M.
KNOBEL, Rosa Louisa 24 Aug 1863 6m 23d Knobel, Carl Joseph CHRISTMANN, Anna Maria
KNOBLE, Anton 13 Aug 1873 15m Knoble, Bernard Not listed, Maria
KNOSP, Bruno 12 Jan 1849 20y [Age could be 30y]
KOBURECK, Albert 20 Apr 1928 85y RAPP, Elizabeth Freeburg Duplicate entry
KOCH, Anna Maria 30 Jan 1889 17y Koch, Jacob BAUER, Francisca
KOCH, Arthur 29 Aug 1956 Koch, Conrad MILLER, Sophie FRIES, Jennie Green Mount Born 8 Dec 1896
KOCH, Catharina 19 Sep 1887 9y Koch, Conrad MUELLER, Sophia
KOCH, Conrad 21 Dec 1940 55y Koch, Conrad MUELLER, Sophie NEUNER, Ida Green Mount Born 14 Nov 1885 in Belleville; died in DePaul Hospital in St. Louis*
KOCH, Franciska (Widow) 22 Oct 1921 Koch, Jacob (Deceased) Green Mount
KOCH, Johann 19 Sep 1887 6y Koch, Conrad MUELLER, Sophia
KOCH, John 16 Jan 1905 67y BAUER, Francisca
KOCH, Sophie 18 Dec 1945 86y 4m MUELLER, John Not listed, Magdalin Koch, Conrad Walnut Hill Born 8 Sep 1859*
KOCH, Thomas 30 Jan 1951 Koch, Henry LEONHARDT, Emma GROSSPITCH, Virginia Green Mount Born 6 Dec 1917
KOCHELER, Henry Bernard 15 Jul 1870 4w Kocheler, Daniel SCHNEIDER, Jos.
KOEHLER, Dorothea 28 Sep 1887 70y Koehler, Werner
KOEHLER, John Werner (Widower) 14 Apr 1902 81y TRUMPER, Dorothea
KOEHLER, Joseph 29 Jan 1923 Green Mount Died at St. Vincent’s Old Folks Home (No relatives)
KOEHR, Louis 15 Jan 1907 27y KRAMER, Josephina
KOEHR, Maria 9 Feb 1905 53y Died in St. Vincent Hospital
KOELKER, Amelia 2 Dec 1943 67y 11m LAUX, Carl Not listed, Sophie Koelker, Theodore Catholic Cemetery in Carlyle, IL Born 21 Dec 1875*
KOENIG, Anna 17 Aug 1866 8m Koenig, Mathias STEIN, Magdalena
KOENIG, Johann 14 Sep 1864 1y 3m Koenig, Mathias STEIN, Magdalena
KOENIG, John 4 Sep 1881 27y Unknown Unknown Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KOENIG, Joseph 23 Mar 1914 80y ERNST, Louisa Green Mount
KOENIG, Louisa F. 21 Oct 1952 Koenig, Joseph ERNST, Louisa Green Mount Born 25 Jul 1869
KOENIG, Mathias 5 Jul 1856 50y
KOERLING, Eva 18 Oct 1854 26y
KOESTERER [Kiester]*, Mary Ann Elizabeth 3 Sep 1937 Koesterer, Henry REEB, Margaret Green Mount Still born.  Privately baptized
KOESTERER, Catherine 2 Apr 1947 77y 4m MEYER, Alonzo ESSMACHER, Mary Koesterer, Louis Oak Ridge in New Athens, IL Born 11 Aug 1869*
KOESTERER, Gladys E. 22 May 1955 KUEKELHAN, Edward BRAHC, Clara Koesterer, John Green Mount Born 30 Dec 1908.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
KOESTERER, Kenneth George 17 Feb 1947 Infant Koesterer, John KUEKELHAN, Gladys Green Mount Born 26 Jan 1947 & Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital 31 Jan 1947
KOESTERER, Louis 18 Nov 1949 84y Koesterer, Berthaldo RHEINHEIMER, Catherine MINOR, Clara & Catherine FLACH St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KOEUS, Johann 4 Feb 1864 2y 6m Koeus, Pii BÜRGER (Buerger), Rosina
KOHL, Agnes 3 Nov 1920 65y Kohl, Matthew Green Mount
KOHL, Alphonse Adelbert 14 Jul 1877 15m Kohl, Julius Not listed, Catharina
KOHL, Arnold 12 Sep 1871 Kohl, Julius BERGHOLD, Catharina
KOHL, Arnold Julius 7 Mar 1902 17m Kohl, Julius REIS, Ida
KOHL, Bertha 9 Nov 1941 46y 6m Kohl, Sr., Matthew ESCHENFELDER, Agnes Green Mount Born 19 May 1895*
KOHL, Catharina (Widow) 17 Sep 1903 63y BERGHOFF, Not listed Kohl, Julius (Deceased)
KOHL, Catherine 11 Jun 1925 38y SCHNEIDER, Not listed Kohl, Herman Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
KOHL, Clemens Aloysius 2 Oct 1892 Kohl, Julius BERGHOFF, Catharina Born 20 Oct 1877
KOHL, Dr. A. M. 14 Sep 1926 54y KREUZBERGER, Theresa Green Mount
KOHL, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1888 10m Kohl, Mathew ESCHENFELDER, Agnes
KOHL, Emilia 25 Sep 1878 4y 4m 12d Kohl, Julius Not listed, Catharina
KOHL, Emma 11 May 1934 66y  KLEIN, Peter YOCH, Mary Kohl, Sr., Emil Green Mount
KOHL, Eugene 8 Nov 1918 15y Kohl, Emil KLEIN, Emma Green Mount
KOHL, Henry 27 May 1894 Kohl, Mathias EISENFELDER, Agnes Born 21 May 1894
KOHL, Infant 16 Jun 1889 Kohl, Mathew ESCHENFELDER, Agnes Private Baptism
KOHL, John Julius 12 Aug 1860 11m Kohl, Joseph BRENNER, Catharina
KOHL, Julius J. 4 Jan 1903 64y Kohl, Henry BERGHOFF, Catharina
KOHL, Marie 7 Oct 1952 MCRAVEN, (Dr.*) Henry CULLIE, Mattie Kohl, Edward Green Mount Born 3 Jul 1901
KOHL, Mary 10 Feb 1956 Kohl, Julius BERGHOFF, Katherine Never married Green Mount Born 2 Mar 1867.  Died at St. Elizabeth Old Folks Home
KOHL, Mathew 15 May 1944 94y 1m Kohl, Jacob Not listed, Anna Maria ESCHENFELDER, Agnes Green Mount Born 16 Apr 1850 in St. Martin, Germany*
KOHL, Not listed 11 Jul 1861
KOHL, Peter Arnold 13 Sep 1872 2m Kohl, Julius BERGHOFF, Catharina
KOHL, Peter Henry 29 Jun 1870 3d Kohl, Julius Not listed, Catharina
KOHL, Robert H. 26 Jan 1941 13y 2m Kohl, Edward A. MCRAVEN, Marie Green Mount Born 27 Nov 1927*  Killed while sledding. In 8th grade with friend Albert Buentgen
KOHL, Sr., Emil J. 14 Jul 1950 89y* SINDORF, Irma & Emma KLEIN Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1861
KOHL, Walter 23 Dec 1907 1d Kohl, Julius F, REIS, Ida
KOHL, Wilhelmina 2 Apr 1871 7y Kohl, Julius BERGHOFF, Catharina
KÖHLER (Koehler), Maria 9 May 1916 85y Walnut Hill Died in St. Vincent’s Old Folks Home
KOHLER, Catharina 9 May 1881 5y Kohler, Henry (Adoptive father) Not listed, Marianna
KOHLER, Catharina 9 Oct 1904 30y REEB, Peter Kohler, George Died of small pox
KOHLER, Constantina 4 Apr 1878 41y 1m 18d Kohler, Mathew
KOHLER, Not listed 15 May 1885 28y She had a family
KOHLER, Wilhelmina (Widow) 28 Jun 1912 70y Kohler, Matthew (Deceased) Walnut Hill
KOHM, Ottilia 20 Dec 1897 KIEHN, Not listed Kohm, Louis Died in St. Louis
KOHR, George 3 Oct 1891 STOCKER, Maria J. Born 18 Nov 1837 in Rupersberg, Bavaria
KOLB, John 26 Dec 1948 40y Kolb, Edward GRANDCOLAS, Mary GANSMAN, Florence Green Mount (Walnut Hill Non-Catholic part*) Born 1 Dec 1909*
KOLDEHOFF, Herman 7 Jul 1919 19y Koldehoff, Herman GAUCH, Minnie Green Mount
KOLLER, Vincent 6 Aug 1898 76y KERCHBERGER, Walburga (Deceased)
KOLLER, Walburga 13 Nov 1879 56y 8m Koller, Vincent
KÖNIG (Koenig), Francis 4 Sep 1861 10m Koenig, Mathias STEIN, Magdalena
KÖNIG (Koenig), Louis Joseph 14 Sep 1867 1y 1m 15d Koenig, Joseph ERNST, Louisa
KÖNIG (Koenig), Louise (Widow) 4 Jan 1917 73y Koenig, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
KÖNIG (Koenig), Magdalena 12 Jan 1866 33y 11m STEIN, Johann Not listed, Magdalena Koenig, Mathias
KÖNIG (Koenig), Mathias 16 Oct 1860 1y 1m 16d Koenig, Mathias STEIN, Magdalena
KONSTANSER, Margaret  1 Dec 1933 84y Konstanser, John GRILLE, Catherine Green Mount Immaculate Conception fire (Survivor of Notre Dame) aspiration to all her life.
KOODS, Anton 8 Dec 1852 6m
KOOLAR, Josephina 20 Aug 1867 6m KOOLER, Mathias ZWARTZ, Const.
KOOP, Infant 5 Aug 1852
KOPE, Elizabeth 11 Oct 1855 35y
KORNBAUM, August 12 Aug 1930 55y STAUDER, Anna Green Mount
KOSKA, Benjamin 16 Oct 1876 6y Koska, Benjamin Not listed, Helena
KOSKA, Elizabeth 1 Jul 1942 60y 3m FIEDLER, John HEIL, Catherine Koska, John (Died 1 Jul 1932*) (First husband: Loehr) Green Mount Born 2 Apr 1882*
KOSKA, John 25 Apr 1888 35y
KOSKA, John 12 Aug 1943 68y  Koska, John LOEHR, Mrs. Elizabeth Green Mount Died in Desloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO
KOSKA, Lina 7 Jan 1881 32y Koska, Benjamin
KOSS [Kop?], Rosalia 13 Mar 1855 60y
KOSTKA, Louisa 27 Sep 1892 Kostka, Benjamin KARR, Lena Born 4 Feb 1873.  Died in St. Ursula Convent in St. Louis.
KOTOPKA, Andrew 21 Jun 1953 Green Mount Born 24 Jun 1887.  Died at Sparta, Randolph County* Nursing home
KRACHAN, Gertrude Rosa 5 Jul 1907 2m Krachan, Nicholas KISCHAN, Catharina
KRAEMER, Gustav Adolph 27 Sep 1856 1y 8m
KRAEMER, Ludwina 16 Sep 1856 5y Kraemer, Francis Not listed, A. Elizabeth St. Peter
KRAFT, Anton born SONNTAG 11 Apr 1891 Kraft, John A. (Adoptive father) HOCK, Apollonia Born 5 Dec 1875
KRAIDER, Carl 12 Nov 1866 3m 26d Kreider, Carl CHRISTOF, Catharina
KRAMER, Francis 23 Aug 1884 34y KUPFERSCHUNDT, Francis
KRAMER, Rosina 10 Jul 1858 37y Kramer, Mathias
KRAMM, Robert 27 Feb 1876 5y  Kramm, Mathias Not listed, Magdalena
KRANCOLLA, Francis 9 Aug 1855 Krancolla, Nicholas HESS, Christina Born 10 Jun 1855
KRANKULA, Francis 21 Jul 1861 1y 6d Krankula, Anton M. ADAM, Catharina
KRANTZ, Margaret 23 May 1920 63y Krantz, Jacob Mt. Carmel
KRAUS, Alvin Frank 31 Jul 1914 4y Kraus, Max. HELLFRICH, Francisca Green Mount
KRAUS, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1860 3m Kraus, Henry KÜEHN, Apolonia
KRAUS, Frederich 28 Jul 1868 4m 16d Kraus, George AMELUNG, Catharina
KRAUS, Helena 31 Mar 1909 80y
KRAUS, Jacob 10 Jun 1872 15m Kraus, George AMELUNG, Catharina
KRAUS, Joseph 2 Dec 1905 80y BUTZ, Thecla
KRAUS, Philipp 29 Mar 1883 60y 11m HORST, Adelheid
KRAUS, Thecla (Widow) 24 Jul 1912 87y Kraus, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
KRAUS, Thecla (Widow) 24 Jul 1912 82y Kraus, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
KRAUS. Louisa 22 Sep 1910 14y Kraus, Joseph WESSELING, Anna Green Mount
KRAUSS, Katharina (Widow, from Baden) 8 Dec 1858 43y BREYER, Not listed Krauss, John Balthasar (Deceased from Baden) Died 7 Dec 1858
KREBS, Mary 9 Mar 1928 62y GUENTZ, Not listed Krebs, otto Walnut Hill
KREBS, Mary 9 Mar 1928 62y Krebs, Otto Green Mount Duplicate entry
KREHER, George 26 Dec 1954 Kreher, Jacob ROSS, Barbara STARK, Bertha Walnut Hill Born 27 May 1876
KREHER, John Peter 30 Sep 1904 2y Kreher, George WEIGAND, Maria Died of small pox
KREHER, Maria 27 Sep 1904 25y WEIGAND, Peter SCHERICH, Magdalena Kreher, George Died of small pox
KREIDER, Barbara 19 Aug 1853 15m
KREITNER, Barbara (Widow) 3 Aug 1905 78y LANGERICH, Not listed Kreitner, Francis (Deceased)
KREITNER, Edward 15 Jul 1897 25y Kreitner, Francis LENGLEY, Barbara
KREITNER, Emma 23 Nov 1895 4y Kreitner, George SHRODI, Louisa
KREITNER, Marilyn May 13 Jan 1956 Kreitner, Frank LANG, Anna Walnut Hill Born 6 Jun 1947
KREITNER, Paulina 7 Dec 1892 Kreitner, Julius HAUESSER, Maria Born 31 Mar 1892
KRELIG, Francisca __tha__ 9 Jan 1868 16y Krelig, Francis SCHMITZEUR, Maria
KRETZ, Agnes 19 May 1868 1y 1m Kretz, George FRANK, Carolina
KRETZ, Agnes 20 Jul 1870 12m Kretz, George FRANK, Catharina
KREUTNER, Catharina 16 Sep 1866 2y Kreutner, Johann STERDEL [?], Augusta
KREUTNER, Martin 2 Oct 1867 5m Kreutner, Francis LÄNGLER (Laengler), Barbara
KREUZ, Hippolythus 21 Sep 1871 3y Kreuz, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth
KRIEG, Anton 20 Jul 1855 5y
KRIEG, Anton 30 Aug 1863 7y 6m Krieg, Anton ZÜGER (Zueger), Elizabeth
KRIEG, George 24 Dec 1926 53y Marissa Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KRIMMEL, George (Widower) 1 Feb 1936 92y 4m Krimmel, Ludwig HOERR, Rosina DOETZEL, Augusta (Deceased) Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1843.*
KRISNER, Christina (Widow) 29 Jan 1899 SCHULTHEIS, Francis Not listed, Charlotte Krisner, John (Deceased) Died in St. Louis
KRISNER, Edward 13 Jan 1879 18y 4m
KRISNER, Emilia Elisa 22 May 1872 10m Krisner, Louis Not listed, Catharina
KRISNER, Johann Louis 7 May 1867 44y SCHULTIES, Christina
KRISNER, Louis Andrew 18 Jan 1876 2y 1m 3d Krisner, Louis Not listed, Catharina
KROENENBERGER, Carl Elmar 4 Sep 1897 4d Kroenenberger, Henry FLUCK, Mechtilde
KROENIG, Bartholomew 22 Jul 1895 8m Kroenig, Joseph KOHL, Wilhelmina
KROENIG, Bertha 14 Dec 1896 4y Kroenig, Joseph KOHLER, Wilhelmina
KROENIG, Joseph 27 Dec 1919 65y KOHLER, Wilhelmina Green Mount
KROENIG, Wilhelmina 22 Jul 1933 69y 5m KOHLER, Frank Not listed, Juliana Kroenig, Joseph Green Mount Died at Alton State Hospital
KRONENBERGER, Catherine 21 Jul 1933 59y 4m ZULAUF, John Not listed, Elizabeth Kronenberger, Dominic Green Mount
KRONENBERGER, Clara Mary 2 Jul 1945 49y 11m JUNCKER, Adam SENTEL, Margaret Kronenberger, John Green Mount Born 27 Jul 1895 in Carlyle, IL*
KRONENBERGER, Dominic J. 31 Jul 1955 Kronenberger, Sebastian KOCH, Anna Maria ZULAUF, Catherine Green Mount Born 18 Jan 1871
KRONENBERGER, George 23 Dec 1948 65y Kronenberger, Mathew NOLL, Catherine YUENGE, Lulla Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
KRONENBERGER, Henry 18 Sep 1943 79y 5m Kronenberger, Sebastian KOCH, Anna FLUCH, Mathilda Green Mount Born 3 Apr 1864*
KRONENBERGER, Joseph 26 Sep 1867 1y 5m 24d Kronenberger, Sebastian KOCH, Anna M.
KRONENBERGER, Maria Josephina 10 Aug 1881 3m 18d Kronenberger, Mathias VOLL, Catharina
KRONENBERGER, Mathilda 15 Feb 1926 58y Kronenberger, Henry Green Mount
KRONENBERGER, Not listed (Widow) 12 Apr 1916 76y Kronenberger, Sebastian (Deceased) Green Mount
KRONENBERGER, Sebastian 20 Feb 1889 52y Kronenberger, Adam KNEISTER, Margaret KOCH, Anna Maria
KRONENBERGER, Sebastian 11 May 1931 61y 3m Kronenberger, Sebastian ROSCH, Anna BENEDICK, Teresa Green Mount
KROP, anna Maria 25 Mar 1855 63y
KROSS, Infant 12 Mar 1851 Kross, Lothar Born 2 Jan 1851
KROST, Anna (Widow) 7 Jun 1907 78y Krost, Edward
KROST, Mathias 21 Dec 1884 78y Not listed, Anna
KRUEG, August 19 Jul 1861 Krueg, Anton ZUEGER, Elizabeth
KRUG, Thecla 13 Sep 1869 50y BEHRLE, Leonhard Krug, Joseph
KRUMM, Carl 24 Aug 1903 33y
KRUPKE, Joseph 16 Oct 1873 2y
KRUPP, Elizabeth 9 Nov 1927 78y Krupp, Philip Freeburg, IL St. Joseph’s
KRUPP, Leroy 30 Mar 1956 Krupp, Jacob NEHRING, Ann Green Mount Born 31 Oct 1908.  Found dead
KRUPP, Philip 10 Jan 1932 54y Krupp, Philip GRANDCOLAS, Elizabeth THOMAS, Mary Calvary – Shiloh
KRUTZKE, Carl 22 Jun 1911 71y Green Mount From Germany
KRUTZKE, Hedwig (Widow) 5 Aug 1922 Krutzke, , Carl (Deceased) Green Mount
KUAB, Elizabeth 28 May 1903 75y HOCH, Anton Kuab, Philipp
KUEFER, William 18 Aug 1864 6m Kuefer, Primi ROS, Magdalena
KUEHN, Anton 24 Feb 1858 48y Kuehn, Eugidis Not listed, Theresa
KUEHN, Catharina 10 Oct 1860 2y 11m Kuehn, Benedict KUNDLER, Anna M.
KUEHN, Elizabeth 24 Jun 1887 72y
KUEHN, Fred 22 Apr 1944 74y 3m Kuehn, Pius BURGER, Rosina LAUX, Emma W. Green Mount Born 24 Jan 1870 in East St. Louis, IL.  One daughter left home 16 years prior [see record]*
KUEHN, Infant 13 Nov 1859 nb Kuehn, Benedict St. Peter Private burial
KUEHN, Johann 1 Feb 1864 35y Kuehn, Xavier Not listed, Margaret
KUEHN, Joseph 30 Sep 1855 Kuehn, Nicholas SPETH, Theresa Born 3 Jul 1854
KUEHN, Nicholas 16 Apr 1863 68y Kuehn, George WILLY, Anna Maria
KUEHNE, John 16 May 1861 40y Kuehne, Not listed BRANDLER, Teresa
KUEN, Emma W, 26 May 1947 74y 4m LAUX, Carl JUERGENS, Sophia Kuen, Fred (Deceased) Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1873*
KUEN, Pius Laurent Chrysostmus 17 Mar 1869 9m Kuen, Pii BURGER, Rosina
KUENKLER, Maria 29 Aug 1858 14m Kuenkler, Jacob Not listed, Maria A.
KUENS, Anna 29 Sep 1865 1y 1m Kuens, Mathias STEIN, Magdalena
KUENTE, Christian 14 Apr 1887 1.5y Kuente, Christian PAULI, Anna Maria
KUENTE, Edward 1 May 1887 2y Kuente, Peter SAAL, Anna
KUENZ, Conrad (Widower) 19 Jul 1922 72y Meyer, Maria (Deceased) Walnut Hill
KUENZ, Jacob 8 Nov 1865 3y KUENS, Joseph RITTER, Kunigunda
KUENZ, Johann George 23 Jul 1868 1y 11m 7d GUENS, Joseph RUETTER, Maria K.
KUENZ, Johanna 13 Nov 1858 12m Kuenz, Joseph Not listed, Maria Cunigunda
KUENZ, Joseph 7 Dec 1869 52y 2m 20d RITTER, Maria Cunigunda
KUETZ, Christian 8 Sep 1869 9m KUENTZ, Christian PAULI, Maria
KUETZ, Elizabeth 5 Sep 1866 28y HUENLUEMANN, J. William Not listed, Catharina Kuetz, Henry Died of cholera
KUFFLER, Christina 21 Feb 1873 2m Kuffler, Henry Not listed, Louisa
KÜHN (Kuehn), Anton 22 May 1878 64y 2m 17d Not listed, Elizabeth
KÜHN (Kuehn), Maria Anna 7 Feb 1878 81y Kuehn, Nicholas (Deceased)
KÜHN (Kuehn), Nicholas 28 Jun 1855 30y
KUHN, Alexander 29 Jun 1858 3y Kuhn, Neklis [Nicholas?] Not listed, Anna
KUHN, Cecilia 18 Feb 1954 TOUCHETTE, Edward Not listed, Barbara Kuhn, Leo Green Mount Born 1895
KUHN, Magdalena 29 Jul 1861 7d Kuhn, Michael SCHAEFER, Maria
KUHN, Magdalena 5 Nov 1867 1y 8m 4d Kuhn, Michael SCHAEFER, Maria
KUHN, Michael 14 Sep 1860 5m 2d Kuhn, Michael SCHAFER, Maria
KÜHNE (Kuehne), Laurent 7 Sep 1855 Kuehne, John ZELLITNER, Maria Born 22 Mar 1855
KUMMICH, Theodore 3 Apr 1855 Kummich, Samuel LAMPRECHT, Waldburga Born 15 Oct 1854
KUNERT, Margaret 25 Jan 1898 3m Kunert, William SEIBERT, Abelina
KUNKEL, Joseph 9 Feb 1856
KUNKER, Augustina 4 Jan 1895 Junker, Victor WEHRLE, Anna M. Born 27 Dec 1894
KUNSMAN, Francis F. 14 Dec 1855 Kunsman, Francis Not listed, Margaret Born 30 May 1855 & died 12 Dec 1855
KÜNTZ (Kuentz), Louis 13 Aug 1880
KÜNZ (Kuenz), Johann 28 Jul 1858 1y Kuenz, Mathias Not listed, Magdalena
KUNZ, Adam 22 Dec 1887 68y LAMPERTUS, Catharina
KUNZ, Anna 11 Oct 1867 2m 7d Kunz, Carl SCHMITTLING [?], Margaret
KUNZ, Catharina (Widow) 2 Dec 1903 88y LAMBERT, Philipp HERRMANN, Eva Kunz, Adam (Deceased)
KUNZ, Margaretta 19 Mar 1931 73y Kunz, Adam LUMBETTIS, Catherine Green Mount
KUNZ, Maria 20 Jan 1859 29y SCHMITTLING, Not listed Kunz, Carl Died 19 Jan 1859
KUPPER, Fost 4 Feb 1859 33y WALDER, Anna Died 3 Feb 1859
KURRUS, Julius August 16 Aug 1869 4m 8d Kurrus, Joseph August Not listed, Maria Margaret
KURST, Conrad 17 Sep 1885 2y 8m Kurst, Christophor REEB, Catharina
KURTZ, Alfred 8 Dec 1950 Kurtz, Edward HEMMER, Mary Single Green Mount Born 31 Jul 1890.  Died at City Hospital in St. Louis
KURTZ, Edward (Widower) 14 Feb 1931 81y Kurtz, Jacob FAUST, Catherine Green Mount
KURTZ, Francis 8 Jun 1887 Died in the County Farm
KURTZ, Mary 28 Nov 1927 73y HEMMER, Not listed Kurtz, Edward Green Mount
KURUS, Maria Marget 5 Aug 1869 37y GRAU, Not listed
KURZ, Edward 6 Oct 1875 7d Kurz, Edward Not listed, Maria
KURZ, Peter Eugene 24 Feb 1877 6m Kurz, Edward Not listed, Maria
KWAB, Josephina 26 Aug 1906 62y LOBSINGER, Not listed Kwab, Peter (Non-Catholic)
LA CROIX, Aloysius H. 2 Oct 1858 5y La Croix, René M. Not listed, Anna
LA CROIX, Johann 12 Feb 1860 1y 14d La Croix, Benjamin Bonesar Not listed, Helena A.
LA CROIX, Reno Michael 31 Dec 1882 74y HOPKINS, Maria
LABUS, Anna 6 May 1870 2y 6m Labus, John Not listed, Joabella
LADEMANN, Caspar 24 Jan 1878 71y HINDERMANN, Christina (Deceased)
LAEROY, Marg. Anna 29 Mar 1878 15y 24d Laeroy, John WORKANS, Catharina [LaCroy?]
LAGUS, Not listed 4 Sep 1854
LAGUS, Susan 13 Sep 1854 Lagus, Louis SCHNEIDER, Elizabeth Born 15 May 1854
LAMBERT, Infant 13 May 1849 nb Lambert, Gaspar WEBER, Louisa St. Peter
LAMBERT, Louisa 6 Jul 1849 20y St. Peter
LANCER, Jacob 9 Jan 1870 18y 6m Lancer, John MERTER, Clara
LANG, Ann Mary 10 Apr 1864 1y 3m Lang, Francis Not listed, Elizabeth
LANG, Anna Maria 1 Jan 1871 3y Lang, Francis Not listed, Elizabeth
LANG, Carl 15 Jun 1865 3m Lang, Francis RENER, Elizabeth
LANG, Charles 29 Oct 1953 Infant Lang, Charles MILLER, Margaret Green Mount Born 28 Oct 1953.  Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LANG, Elizabeth 4 Aug 1905 63y RENNER, Carl Not listed, Maria Anna Lang, Francis
LANG, Francis Joseph 21 Nov 1900 10m Lang, Francis HERRMANN, Barbara
LANG, Frank 3 Feb 1942 64y 6m Lang, Frank J. RENNER, Elizabeth HERMANN, Barbara Green Mount Born 17 Aug 1877*
LANG, John 20 Sep 1904 Lang, Martin WAGNER, Gertrude WILMER, Francisca
LANG, Magdalena 1 Oct 1867 1y 3m Lang, Francis RENER, Elizabeth
LANG, Martin 15 Feb 1929 57y Not listed, Mary Green Mount
LANG, Mary Ann (Widow*) 19 Sep 1953 (HOFRICHTER*) Lang, Martin (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 25 Aug 1872.  Died in Rest Haven Nursing Home 
LANG, Peter 10 May 1928 BOHLSEN, Mary E. Green Mount
LANG, Peter 10 May 1928 BOHLSEN, Mary Green Mount Duplicate entry
LANGE, Mary 5 Dec 1929 69y Lange, Peter Green Mount From St. Louis
LANGER, Robert N. 20 May 1918 80y HERMELY, Amalia Green Mount Died in Alexian Brothers Hospital in St. Louis, MO
LANGHAUSELR, Elizabeth 25 Sep 1853 10m
LANGLITZ, Mary (Atkinson Nursing Home) 1 Jan 1957 KAISER, John BERTRAN, Louisa Langlitz, Edward Walnut Hill Born 7 Mar 1886.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LANHAEUSER, Joseph  8 Aug 1867 5m 13d LANGHEUSER, Frederick DRENTLER, Anna M.
LANHUISER, Conrad 22 Jan 1865 59y 6m GLASER, Maria Eva
LANNIGAN, Anna M. (Widow) 11 Jan 1914 Lannigan, Thomas (Deceased) Walnut Hill From St. Louis
LANTER, John 2 Jun 1950 Lanter, John POIROT, Mary FOURNI, Cornelia Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1872
LANTER, John* 9 Jun 1950 Lanter, John POIROT, Mary FOURNIE, Cornelia Green Mount Born 9 Feb 1872*
LANTER, Marilyn Marie 2 Feb 1928 13m Lanter, Edward DIEKWETZ__ Green Mount
LANTER, Marilyn Marie 2 Feb 1928 1y Lanter, Edward DIEKROETGEN, Cleopha Green Mount Duplicate entry
LANZE, Elizabeth 25 Aug 1872 14y Lanze, Thomas MATHAUER, Emerentia
LANZY, Emerentia 20 Dec 1874 56y Lanzy, Thomas
LAPLAND, Carl 4 Feb 1907 52y Died in the County Farm
LAQUET, Roland 2 Dec 1951 Laquet, Peter SCHAEFER, Anna KNOKE, Alma Green Mount Born 22 Mar 1896
LAQUET, Susanna 9 May 1935 54y 8m FAULSTICH, Wendolin Not listed, Magdalena Laquet, Theodore Walnut Hill Born 1 Sep 1880*
LAQUET, Theodore 18 Jun 1956 Laquet, John SUESS, Elizabeth FAULSTICH, Susanna Walnut Hill Born 23 Apr 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital from Mascoutah Nursing Home
LARCH, Katherine Marie 7 Nov 1949 Larch, Robert L. REIS, Joan Bertha Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1949*
LARCHER, Engelbert 26 Aug 1951 Larcher, Aloys KRICH, Anna Unmarried* Green Mount Born 20 Jun 1869 (in Innsbruck, Austria*)
LARGE, Joseph 20 May 1951 DAUEZNER, Louise Green Mount Born 22 Nov 1871
LARGE, Louisa 3 Feb 1953 DAENZER, John Not listed, Augusta Large, Joseph Green Mount Born 12 Jun 1878.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LATTMANN, Charles Robert 5 Jun 1933 45y  Lattmann, William MURPHY, Frances BUCHMAN, Stella Non-Catholic of Walnut Hill Born in ___ Germany.  Died in Sparta, IL
LATTMANN, Francisca 1 Dec 1911 45y Lattmann, William Green Mount First burial in new addition.
LATTMANN, Infant 11 May 1919 Lattmann, Carl BUCHMANN, Estelle Green Mount Baptized at birth.
LATTMANN, William 27 Feb 1922 61y LUDWIG, Mary Walnut Hill
LAUBER, Jacob Benjamin 15 Oct 1873 10m Lauber, Francis Not listed, Emma
LAUBER, Johann 12 Sep 1866 61y 9m Lauber, Berter Not listed, Christina RIEDLE, Maria Josepha Died of cholera
LAUBER, Maria Josepha 25 Oct 1873 69y Lauber, John (Deceased)
LAUBNER, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1908 16y Laubner, John GLEICH, Elizabeth
LAUBNER, Elizabeth (Widow*) 31 Jan 1944 79y 3m GLEICH, George ZAHN, Anna Laubner, John (Deceased) Green Mount Born 14 Nov 1864*
LAUBNER, John 29 May 1938 77y 10m Laubner, Valentin Not listed, Eva GLEICH, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 7 Aug 1860*
LAUER, Catherine 30 May 1933 76y KEIL, Peter HEAGNET, Elizabeth LAUER, Nicholas Green Mount
LAUER, Maria 23 Jan 1888 16y Lauer, Nicholas ABBEG, Maria
LAUF, Catharina 5 Apr 1904 65y FRIES, Not listed Lauf, Christian
LAUF, Catharina Theresa 1 Aug 1910 4m Lauf, Jacob BAUER, Maria Green Mount
LAUF, Christian 9 Apr 1912 74y Green Mount
LAUF, Esther 6 Sep 1918 10y Lauf, Valentin SCHNEIDER, Maria Green Mount
LAUF, John Joseph 28 Apr 1878 1y 2m Lauf, Christian Not listed, Catharina
LAUF, Katharina Maria 11 Oct 1881 10d Lauf, Christian FRIES, Katharina
LAUF, Valentine 7 Dec 1950 SCHNEIDER, Mary Green Mount Born 3 May 1874
LAULER, Jacob 3 Aug 1862 35y KELLY, Winefrida
LAURENT, Clemens 24 Jan 1898 70y From Centerville Station
LAUTER, August A. 25 Mar 1943 51y 11m Lauter, August VERNIER, Louise LOUIS, Adele Green Mount Born 13 Apr 1891*
LAUTER, Cornelia* 24 Feb 1952 FOURNIE, Not listed Lauter, John* Green Mount Born 5 Oct 1873*
LAUTZ, Elizabeth (Widow*) 12 Jun 1945 85y 9m BAUER, Peter CARL, Phillipina Lautz, Benjamin (Deceased*) Walnut Hill Born 24 Sep 1859*
LAUTZ, Josephina (Widow) 2 Aug 1921 71y Lautz, Adam (Deceased) Mt. Carmel
LAUTZ, Maria Ernestina 31 Jul 1886 6w Lautz, Ben. BAUER, Elizabeth
LAUTZ, Not listed 18 Jul 1873 12m Lautz, Adam
LAUTZ, William Benjamin 8 Jan 1889 2w Lautz, Benjamin BAUER, Elizabeth
LAUX, Arthur 24 Oct 1943 Laux, Edward BERKEL, Frances Green Mount Premature birth.  Baptized in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LAUX, George Ferdinand 23 May 1875 13d Laux, Valentin Not listed, Helena
LAUX, Magdalena (Widow) 30 Aug 1906 70y WAIGAND, Not listed Laux, Valentin
LAUX, Valentin Michael 10 Mar 1874 1m Laux, Valentin Not listed, Clementina
Le CROY, Catharina Aleisia 16 Sep 1844 1y 6m
LE GEAU, Infant 4 Jun 1856 Le Geau, Joseph Not listed, Catharina St. Peter
LEAR, Elizabeth 24 Jan 1951 OBERBAUER, John SCHOENSTEIN, Elizabeth Lear, John* Mt. Carmel Born 11 May 1880.  Died in St. Vincent’s Home
LEARY, John 11 Apr 1876 7y Leary, John Not listed, Catharina
LEARY, Margaret 7 Nov 1873 37y Leary, John
LEBER, Jacob (Widower) 24 Oct 1916 73y ROSS, Anna (Deceased) Green Mount
LEBKÜCHER (Lebkuecher), John Henry 3 Jun 1880 7m LEBKUECKER, Leonard KARR, El.
LEBKÜCHER (Lebkuecher), John Julius 25 Jan 1870 14y  Lebkuecher, Adam HEHR, Maria Eva
LEBKUECHER, Elizabeth 3 Feb 1930 76y KARR, Not listed Lebkuecher, Leonard Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LEBKUECHER, Eva (Widow) 21 Dec 1888 65y HAHN, Leonard Lebkuecher, Adam (Deceased)
LEBKUECHER, Leonard 21 Jan 1932 80y 4m Lebkuecher, Adam HAHN, Eve KARR, Elizabeth Green Mount
LEBKUECHER, Leonard George 3 Mar 1889 14m Lebkuecher, Leonard KARR, Elizabeth
LEBKUECHER, Peter 9 Jan 1929 52y Lebkuecher, Leonard KARR, Elizabeth Green Mount
LEBKUECHER, Theodore Boniface 9 Jul 1884 33d Lebkuecher, Leon
LEBOUFF, Mary Virginia 16 Jun 1954 Infant LeBouff, John L. LEHMAN, Virginia Lee Green Mount Born 3 Jun 1954
LECHNER, Francis Joseph 18 Jul 1863 8m Lechner, Sebastian LIDERNECHT
LEGEAU, Catharina 26 Jun 1856 28y HARTESSIS, Not listed Legeau, Joseph From Canada
LEHMAN, Joseph W. 22 Jan 1956 Lehman, Urs. Not listed, Caroline BENEDICT, Ida Green Mount Born 22 Sep 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LEHMANN, Magdalena 22 Dec 1893 82y
LEHMANN, Ven. Sister M. Maxelinda 20 Dec 1890 Born 15 Dec 1865 in St. Charles, MO.
LEI, Infant 5 Mar 1858 2h Lei, Peter Baptized privately.
LEIDENHEIMER, Regina* 9 Jan 1939 OEXNER, Peter Leidenheimer, Frank & Henry MOSER [?]* St. Paul in Waterloo Born 29 May 18__*
LEINER, Arthur 24 Aug 1930 53y DEIMLING, Sadie Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LEINER, Elizabeth (Sadie)* 29 Mar 1936 58y 11m DEIMLING, George CHRISTMANN, Marg. Leiner, Arthur Green Mount Born 20 Apr 1887
LEITSCHUH, Mary A. 4 Feb 1938 72y 9m WEATHER, August RUEH, Anna Leitschuh, George Walnut Hill
LEMING, Mary Alice 2 Sep 1943 35y 10m REIS, Michael GOFF, Katherine Leming, Dewey L. Mt. Carmel
LENGFELDER, Emma 10 Aug 1942 74y 11m SCHROEDER, William BOOSE, Josephine Lengfelder, John Walnut Hill Born 10 Sep 1867*
LENGLE, Margaret 20 Jul 1866 67y Lengle, Joseph
LENSING, Ronenaldus 25 Nov 1872 23y Lensing, Thomas Not listed, Emerentia
LEOPOLD, Bertha 19 Feb 1900 29y Leopold, Julius
LERCH, Katherine 7 Jun 1954 (MEYER*) Lerch, Leopold Green Mount Born 16 Nov 1868.  Died in Alton State Hospital
LERCH, Leopold 24 Oct 1931 61y Lerch, John B. GROSS, Margaret MAYER, Katherine Green Mount
LERCH, Margaret 30 Sep 1924 84y Lerch, John B. Green Mount
LERCH, Margaret 17 May 1956 LODES, Fred WIEDEMANN, Elizabeth Lerch, Frank J. Green Mount Born 11 Jul 1897
LERCHER [Loercher]*, Mary 15 Dec 1937 62y 11m MILLER, Charles KERN, Mary KEMPF, Nick (1st husband died 4 Oct 1904).  Otto Loercher Green Mount
LERCHER, Anna 2 Jan 1902 65y GRETSCH, Not listed Lercher, Aloysius
LERCHER, Otto 5 May 1941 63y 6m Lercher, Louis GRIESCH, Anna KEMPF, Mary born MILLER (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 17 Nov 1877 in Germany*
LETEMPT, Walton 26 Jun 1956 Le Tempt, August NEUNER, Bertha GEBLAUF, Linda Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 13 Oct 1917.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
LETOGAR, Eva 29 Jul 1884 27y Letogar, Jacob
LETTER, Amalia 30 Jun 1892 TROST, Not listed Letter, J. Born 23 May 1860
LETTER, Christina (Widow) 6 Dec 1900 83y HEMMER, Not listed Letter, John (Deceased)
LETTER, Eleonora 22 Aug 1892 Letter, William TROST, Amalia (Deceased) Born 23 Jul 1892
LETTER, Erwin 16 Apr 1934 27y 7m Letter, William F. HAUMESSER, Mary Green Mount
LETTER, George 26 May 1911 15y Letter, William HAUSMESSER, Maria Green Mount
LETTER, John 29 Apr 1899 81y HEMMER, Christina
LETTER, Mary (Widow) 4 Jun 1921 35y Letter, William (Deceased) Green Mount
LETTER, William 14 Aug 1915 63y HAUMESSER, Maria Green Mount
LEUKMANN, Magdalena 10 Oct 1897 SAAL, Peter MORGENSTERN, Maria Leukmann, Friederich Died in St. Louis
LEUTE, Maria Magdalena 17 Jul 1866 6m Leute, Joseph HERZOG, Catharina
LEY, Anna M. 6 Jan 1887 76y Ley, Peter
LEY, Carolina 14 Sep 1886 Ley, Joseph SCHRECKENBORG, Maria Born 6 Dec 1881
LEY, Elizabeth 25 Nov 1879 4y
LEY, Helena 28 Nov 1865 13y Ley, Peter RASEBACH, Anna Maria
LEY, John Peter 20 Jul 1875 15m Ley, Peter Not listed, Elizabeth
LEY, Maria 7 Dec 1876 2m Ley, Joseph Not listed, Maria
LEY, Peter 20 Mar 1873 74y Not listed, Anna
LEY, Peter 3 Oct 1877 38y SCHAEFER, Elizabeth
LIEBGOTT, Jacob 8 Sep 1883 27y METZGER, Maria
LILL, Anna 17 Jun 1898 67y Lill, Francis
LILL, Barbara 20 Mar 1876 9m Lill, Jacob Not listed, Louisa
LILL, Catharina 23 Jul 1871 6y Lill, Jacob Not listed, Louisa
LILL, Edmund 17 May 1952 Lill, Jacob HILDENBRANDT, Louise WAGNER, Mathila Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1878.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LILL, Francis 26 Apr 1872 8y Lill, Francis
LILL, Francis (Widower) 7 Aug 1899 65y Not listed, Anna (Deceased)
LILL, George 1 Sep 1895 Lill, Francis MEYER, Anna Born 7 Oct 1867
LILL, Joseph 23 Aug 1861 1y 6m Lill, Louis DÜRR (Duerr), Waltburga
LILL, Joseph 8 Mar 1885 24y Lill, Francis
LILL, Louisa 1 Apr 1876 4y Lill, Jacob Not listed, Louisa
LILL, Louisa 13 Sep 1910 Lill, Jacob Green Mount
LILL, Theresa 9 Feb 1886 Pfeifer, Thomas SCHÖN (Schoen), Margaret Lill, Peter
LINDEL, Louis 23 Jan 1896 42y HAGEN, Not listed
LINDENBERGER, Paulina 26 Apr 1903 2y Lindenberger, Stephan F. MAGIN, Elizabeth
LINDNER, Kunigunda 15 Jan 1860 35y BOLSTER, Not listed Lindner, John Died 14 Jan 1860
LINDNER, M. Catharina 18 Aug 1854 Lindner, John BOLSTER, Kunigunda Born 20 Nov 1853
LINDOW, Carl 8 Jul 1950 Lindow, Karl FOELKNER, Elizabeth STETZNER, Mathilda Green Mount Born 7 Mar 1885
LINDOW, Mathilda (Widow*) 13 Jan 1951 Lindow, Carl (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 26 Jul 1887.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LINGERMANN, Anna 29 Dec 1903 21y BLETTI, John DEUTSCHMANN, Anna
LINTNER, Margaret 13 Apr 1863 6m Lintner, Johann SCHMIDT, Ap. Cordula
LISAKOFSKI, Joseph 7 Oct 1865 28y
LISCH, John Stephan 11 Jul 1880 1y 4m Lisch, Stephan WINTRICH, Maria
LISCH, Lienis 28 Nov 1902 Lisch, John FEUCHT, Bertha Private Baptism
LITTNER, Sebastian 24 Oct 1855 66y
LOBSINGER, Carl 29 Aug 1853 Lobsinger, Michael FRIANG, Margaret Born 12 Jun 1853
LOBSINGER, Catharina 10 Sep 1852 1y Lobsinger, Anton EWERGERT, Margaret
LOBSINGER, Clara 3 Jun 1892 Lobsinger, George FRICK, Catharina Born 26 May 1892
LOBSINGER, Clementilda 17 Jan 1846 25y Lobsinger, Anton
LOBSINGER, John Louis 11 Feb 1862 80y Lobsinger, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth
LOBSINGER, Joseph 19 Nov 1906 65y MUELLER, Margaret
LOBSINGER, Joseph 20 Feb 1930 65y WELLS, Mathilda Walnut Hill
LOBSINGER, Josephina 28 Oct 1878 17y Lobsinger, Joseph Not listed, Margaret
LOBSINGER, Margaret 26 Aug 1871 6y Lobsinger, Joseph Not listed, Margaret
LOBSINGER, Margaret 13 Mar 1894 FRI_AN, J. Not listed, M. Born 29 May 1811
LOBSINGER, Michael 14 Sep 1872 60y Not listed, Margaret
LOBSINGER, Michael 3 Jun 1876 16m Lobsinger, Joseph Not listed, Margaret
LOBSINGER, William 3 Jul 1885 7y 6m Lobsinger, Joseph MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaret
LODAM, George 17 May 1901 1d Lodam, George HANNULA, Maria Private Baptism
LOEB [?], Elizabeth 26 Aug 1857 4m Loeb, Jacob Not listed, Margaret
LOECHER, Cornelius 19 Feb 1874 18y Loecher, Elizabeth
LOEFFLER, Jacob 21 Aug 1951 Not listed, Rosa Green Mount Born 11 Feb 1876
LOEFFLER, Rosa 11 Jun 1952 MEYER, Not listed Loeffler, Jacob Green Mount Born 8 May 1872.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LOEHR, Elmer 11 Feb 1918 12y Loehr, John FIEDLER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died in a St. Louis hospital
LOEHR, John 28 Feb 1916 39y FIDLER, Elizabeth Green Mount
LOEHR, Raymond 18 Oct 1926 11y Loehr, John FIEDLER, Elizabeth Green Mount
LOESER, Bernard 20 Dec 1904 Loeser, Henry Died of small pox
LOESER, Bernard 15 Jul 1944 72y 7m Loeser, Amando (Alonzo*) LINDELMAN, Frances MOUSE, Helen & Catherine KIRSCH Green Mount Born 6 Dec 1871*
LOESER, Franciska 17 Feb 1911 10y Loeser, John LOHMANN, Maria Green Mount
LOESER, Helen 15 Jul 1914 37y MAUS, Not listed Loeser, Bernard Green Mount
LOESER, Katherina (Widow*) 14 May 1945 72y 6m KIRCH, Joseph SCHULT, Margaret Loeser, Bernard (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 17 Nov 1872*
LOESER, Walter 29 Mar 1932 18y Loeser, Bernard MARES, Helen Green Mount
LOHED, George 1 Jan 1849 40y
LONGBRAKE, Mae 1 Jun 1937 15y 7m Longbrake, George KLINGLEN, Alvina Smithton, IL Born 10 Oct 1921*
LONGEAY, Emma 8 Mar 1941 50y 8m KOHN, George ULMER, Magdalena Lougeay, Dr. Samuel (Non-Catholic) Non-Catholic in Green Mount Born 9 Jul 1890 in St. Louis & died at St. Elizabeth Hospital*
LOONEY, Janice Olivia 28 Dec 1936 1y 4m Looney, Joseph WOLF, Elsie Walnut Hill Born 19 Aug 1935*
LOOS, Carolina 2 Jan 1866 24y 9m HECKNER, George F. Loos, Frederick
LOOS, Christine 13 Jan 1917 68y Walnut Hill She was the sister of Mrs. STIEF with whom she lived for over 30 years.
LOOS, Friederich 18 Jan 1874 6y Loos, Friederich Not listed, Susanna
LOOS, Joseph 11 Mar 1873 10m Loos, Frederick Not listed, Susanna
LOOS, Maria Regina 24 Feb 1886 11y 6m Loos, Frederick PEINT (?), Susanna
LORBEER, Maria Anna 21 Jan 1897 Age: 23-38 years
LORECHI, Kaspar 3 Dec 1886 Died in coal mine.
LORENZ, Joseph Edward 96y Lorenz, Geo. HUBER, Clara Green Mount [Appears in Apr 1924]  Age is written as 96?
LOSER, Francisca 25 Mar 1906 18m Loser, Peter KUYAWA, Francisca
LOSSUS, Francis 13 Jul 1883 73y 10m Not listed, Maria
LOTZ, John 11 Jun 1883 14m  Lotz, George HELLEBACH, Elizabeth
LOTZ, John George 8 Dec 1846 27y
LOUIS, Anna 22 Feb 1931 72y VOELLINGER, Joseph STRECKEL, Agnes Louis, Frank J. Green Mount
LOUIS, August 11 [Jul] 1849 3y
LOUIS, August 4 Jul 1870 20y Louis, August Not listed, Maria Barbara
LOUIS, August 24 Sep 1876 5y Louis, Joseph Not listed, Eugenia
LOUIS, August Henry 3 Jun 1889 3w Louis, Eugene BERTELSMANN, Elizabeth
LOUIS, Augustin 28 Mar 1860 37y Louis, Nicholas HACHARD, Maria
LOUIS, Catharina 2 Sep 1858 24m Louis, Joseph Not listed, Eugenia C.
LOUIS, Clement 23 Jul 1887 1y 8m Louis, Leon HERGERTH, Elizabeth
LOUIS, Coelestine 9 Mar 1859 1y Louis, Joseph Not listed, Eugeneia Died 8 Mar 1859
LOUIS, Elizabeth 14 Jan 1937 71y 9m BERTELSMAN, Frank WINKLER, Gertrude Louis, Eugene Green Mount Born 5 Apr 1865*
LOUIS, Eugene 30 Jun 1893 Louis, August CHRISTOPH, Maria Barbara Born 16 Nov 1854
LOUIS, Eugenia (Widow) 15 Feb 1895 CLOUD, Eugene Not listed, Maria Louis, Joseph (Deceased) Born 8 Apr 1820 in Alsatia [Alsace]
LOUIS, Francis 18 Nov 1900 46y Louis, Henry Not listed, Maria Anna VOELLINGER, Maria Anna
LOUIS, Henry 31 Aug 1861 Louis, Nick Martin Not listed, Maria
LOUIS, Henry Oct 1864
LOUIS, Henry Francis 4 Jul 1887 6y Louis, Leonard HERGERTH, Wilhelmina
LOUIS, Henry N. 18 Apr 1918 24y Louis, Francis VOELLINGER, Anna Green Mount Soldier died at Camp Taylor, Louisville, KY
LOUIS, Henry Nicodemus 28 Mar 1865 22y 5m Louis, Nicholas MARZLOFF, Maria A.
LOUIS, Infant 18 Oct 1848 nb Louis, Henry Baptized privately.
LOUIS, Infant 15 Aug 1893 Louis, Eugene BERTELSMANN, Elizabeth Private Baptism
LOUIS, J. Baptist 27 Jun 1849 27y
LOUIS, Joesphina 14 Apr 1893 HEINRICH, George Not listed, Elizabeth Louis, Joseph Born 29 Aug 1863 in Belleville
LOUIS, Joseph 19 Mar 1851 Louis, Nicholas MARZELOW, Margaret Born 26 Dec 1850
LOUIS, Joseph 13 Jun 1883 68y 5m KLOODT, Eugenia
LOUIS, Maria 30 Jan 1859 12y Louis, Joseph Not listed, Eugenia Died 29 Jan 1859
LOUIS, Maria Anna 11 May 1882 59y Louis, Henry (Deceased)
LOUIS, Martin Nicholas 2 Sep 1849 50y
LOUIS, Mary 7 Feb 1880 45y MEIER, Catharina [?]
LOUIS, Nicholas 11 Jun 1850 36y New city cemetery
LOUIS, Theresa 8 Nov 1850 30y KARLSKIND, Not listed
LOZA, Catherine 17 Aug 1940 61y 8m BONK, Theodore MUSIAL, Theresa Lozam Peter Green Mount Killed by train
LUCAS, Anna 26 Feb 1884 5m Lucas, Joseph
LUCASH, Mary 13 Mar 1941 91y 11m JICHA, Not listed Lucash, John Mt. Carmel
LUCSAC, Virginia Joanna 21 May 1847 8m Lucsac, Louis
LÜDER (Lueder), Maria 10 Jun 1872 33y ENGLER, Adam Not listed, Magdalena
LUDWIG, Amand 22 Dec 1896 Ludwig, Andrew REITH, Anastasia BORN, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Barbara 6 Jan 1929 74y FUNSCH, Not listed Ludwig, John Walnut Hill
LUDWIG, Benedict 10 Oct 1912 82y Walnut Hill
LUDWIG, Catharina Green Mount
LUDWIG, Charles 23 Jul 1924 63y Walnut Hill
LUDWIG, Edward Clemens 25 Dec 1891 Ludwig, George OSTER, Mathilda Born 5 Jan 1883.  Died of a contagious disease
LUDWIG, Edwin George 20 Feb 1892 Ludwig, John FUNSCH, Barbara Born 12 Oct 1891
LUDWIG, Elizabeth 24 Jul 1871 9m Ludwig, Benedict Not listed, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Elizabeth 8 May 1872 33y LUTZ, Not listed Ludwig, Benedict
LUDWIG, Elizabeth (Widow) 24 Apr 1897 49y BORN, Not listed Ludwig, Amand (Deceased)
LUDWIG, Elizabeth Martha 22 Sep 1870 14m Ludwig, Benedict LUTZ, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Emilia Elizabeth 15 Sep 1876 10m Ludwig, Amand (Adoptive father) Not listed, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Emma 7 Jul 1859 4y 3d Ludwig, Edward Not listed, Anna
LUDWIG, Francis 7 May 1868 1m 7d Ludwig, Benedict Not listed, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Francis Alexander 19 Aug 1863 1y 5m 22d Ludwig, Joseph HERT, Sophia
LUDWIG, George 11 Apr 1936 79y 8m Ludwig, Joseph  (Adoptive father) HERTEL, Sophie ISTER, Mathilda Green Mount
LUDWIG, John 7 Jun 1922 63y FUNSCH, Barbara Green Mount
LUDWIG, Joseph 19 Jun 1899 71y Ludwig, Andrew Not listed, Anastasia HESSE, Margaret
LUDWIG, Joseph C. 1 Jun 1944 51y Ludwig, John FUNSCH, Barbara MUNIER, Alvina Green Mount Born 11 Oct 1893*  ‘Died at U. S. Veterans Hospital
LUDWIG, Joseph Edward 6 Jul 1879 15m 11d Ludwig, Louis Not listed, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Joseph George 27 Jul 1872 1.5y Ludwig, Benedict Not listed, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Lavina 21 Aug 1947 48y 8m MUNIE, Joseph SAUTER, Clara Ludwig, Joseph Green Mount Born 18 Nov 1898*
LUDWIG, Lillian Agnes (Foundling) 27 Nov 1934 Ludwig, Joseph  (Adoptive father) Not listed, Margaret Walnut Hill
LUDWIG, Louis Edward Infant Ludwig, Nicholas [Appears after 13 Sep & before 25 Jul 1859 entries.]
LUDWIG, Louis Jos. 11 Nov 1867 3m 20d Ludwig, Joseph HERT, Sophia
LUDWIG, Margaret (Widow) 6 Dec 1906 81y HESSE, Francis Not listed, Anna Maria Ludwig, Joseph (Deceased)
LUDWIG, Maria Elizabeth 17 Apr 1874 4.5m Ludwig, Louis Not listed, Elizabeth
LUDWIG, Maria Margaret 7 Jun 1884 4m Ludwig, George E.
LUDWIG, Mathilda 21 Jul 1939 79y 9m KOHL, William OSTER, Christina Luudwig, George E. Green Mount
LUDWIG, Mrs. Mary C. 8 Feb 1944 82y 2m CURRAN, Not listed Ludwig, George Walnut Hill Born in 1862.  Patient at St. Elizabeth Hospital past 6 years.  Formerly lived in St. Luke’s but sold her home.*
LUDWIG, Silvester Aloysius 17 Jan 1881 6m Ludwig, Benedict Not listed, Catharina
LUDWIG, Sophia 30 Oct 1874 42y Ludwig, Joseph
LUDWIG, Sophia 18 Feb 1942 54y 10m Ludwig, George OSTER, Methilda Green Mount Born 18 Apr 1887*
LUDWIG, Theodore George 27 Nov 1881 5m 9d Ludwig, John FUNSCH, Barbara
LUGGE, Aloysius 8 Jul 1911 4m Lugge, Gottfried Green Mount
LUGGE, Anna (Widow) 3 Jan 1910 70y Lugge, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
LUGGE, Herman 13 Oct 1905 11m Lugge, Gottfried BITTNER, Maria
LUGGE, Herman 11 Feb 1946 80y 4m Lugge, Joseph HAMMER, Anna HASSEBRINK, Josephine Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1865*
LUGGE, Infant Oct 1921 1m Lugge, William DRESSEL, Not listed Green Mount
LUGGE, Josephine 7 Jan 1938 70y 4m HASENBRINCK, William DICKHOFF, Anna Lugge, Herman Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1867*
LUGGE, Maria 17 Apr 1909 29y ELSNER, Not listed Lugge, William
LUGGE, William 18 Aug 1912 4m Lugge, Gottlieb Green Mount
LUGGE, William 1 Feb 1952 DRESSEL, Cecilia Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1892.  Died in St. Mary’s in East St. Louis
LUKASIK, Paul 6 Jun 1952 SWOBODA, Josephine Walnut Hill Born 29 Jun 1887.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LUKEN, Matthew 20 Sep 1885 16m Luken, Francis NOLL, Louisa
LUTZ, Not listed 25 Sep 1853 60y
LYELL, Anna 17 Jul 1955 MEYER, Frank KLEIN, Catherine Lyell, Henry Lee Walnut Hill Born 18 Aug 1891
LYNCH, Anna 29 Nov 1858 36y Lynch, Jacob
LYNCH, James 22 Jun 1872 59y DELANEY, Anna
LYNCH, Patrick 22 Apr 1868 1d Lynch, Johann MAGIN, Catharina
LYONS, Grace 18 May 1956 Lyons, Edward HAMBLEY, Isabelle Green Mount Born 18 May 1956.  Baptized by sister in St. Elizabeth Hospital
LYONS, Thomas 19 Feb 1903 Died in the County Farm


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