Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials – G, H

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Burials ( G, H  )

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GAA, Agnes 30 Nov 1918 22y Gaa, John Mt. Carmel Died of Influenza.  Buried from Gundlach’s Parlor
GAA, George 7 May 1917 47y MÜLLER (Mueller), Theresa Green Mount
GAA, George (Widower) 3 May 1897 70y
GAA, Heinrich 8 Jan 1880 17y     Gaa, George
GAA, Margaret 21 Feb 1921 5y 11m Gaa, George MUELLER, Theresa Green Mount
GAA, Verna 4 Jun 1921 Green Mount
GAAS, Agnes 28 Nov 1876 45y GAA, George
GAAS, Barbara 1 Aug 1873 66y Gaas, Bernard (Deceased)
GAAS, Etienne 23 Jan 1874 66y Not listed, Catharina
GABEL, Anna Maria 5 Dec 1861 36y 6m ELTZ, Not listed Gabel, Johann
GABEL, Elmar 28 Aug 1910 2y Gabel, Herman BECKER, Anna Green Mount
GABLE, Francis 1 Jan 1903 19m Gable, Francis FLYNN, Maria
GAERBER, Francis 3 Oct 1863 5y 2m 28d Gaerber, Francis Not listed, Barbara
GAERDNER, Theresa 7 Aug 1902 SETGER / ITGER [?], Francis WINTER, Margaret Gaerdner, Frederick
GAERTNER, Louis Albert 25 Jan 1882 16m 16d Gaertner, Friederick Gottlieb SEGER, Theresa
GAERTNER, Maria 16 Nov 1887 3y Gaertner, Friederich LEGER, Theresa
GAERTNER, Theresa 9 Nov 1885 Gaertner, J. G. G. SEGER, Theresa
GAERVER, Maria 24 Sep 1861 5m Gaerver, Johann SCHUECK, Paula
GAES, Joseph 21 May 1865 56y
GAIN, Anna Maria 5 Aug 1884 32y Gain, Not listed
GAIN, Anna Maria 24 Jul 1892 BIETELSJAHN, William Not listed, Anna Maria Born 3 Apr 1818 in Buppertsburg
GAIN, Bernard (Ben*) 12 Jul 1947 51y 8m Gain, Henry REPPEL, Elizabeth BUDDE, Frieda Mt. Carmel Born 7 Nov 1895*  Died at Jefferson Barracks Hospital [in St. Louis. MO]
GAIN, Emanuel 14 Oct 1877 65y BETTELJOHN, Anna Maria
GAIN, Lawrence 28 Oct 1947 56y 6m BECKER, Ziza Green Mount Born 26 Apr 1891*  Died in Veterans Hospital in St. Louis
GAIN, Margaret 12 Jan 1851 44y Walnut graveyard
GAIN, Maria 4 Oct 1889 Gain, Francis RÖDER (Roeder), Wilhelmina
GAIN, Maria Anna 9 Sep 1880 1y Gain, Francis BERKEMEIER, Philomena
GAIN, Mary Anna Clara 12 Feb 1931 6y 1m Gain, Lawrence BECKER, Zita Smithton, IL
GAIN, Rosa 21 Jul 1881 11m Gain, Henry REPPEL,  Elizabeth
GAIN, William 1 Jul 1860 53y
GALATI, James 22 Nov 1941 59y 2m Galati, Samuel NARELLS, Frances TEMPE, Veronica Mt. Carmel Born 24 Sep 1882*
GALATI, Samuel V. 26 Feb 1918 14m Galati, James TEMPI, Veronica Mt. Carmel
GALATI, Vito 5 Aug 1949 61y 4m MENGIPANE, Petrinia (Married by Justice of the Peace*) Mt. Carmel Born 15 Mar 1888*
GALDRIE, Barbara 1 Feb 1853 70y
GALL, Anna Maria 2 Mar 1878 39y 1d GAUL, Patrick
GALLAGHER, John 18 Dec 1924 80y Green Mount
GALLAGHER, John Joseph 6 Mar 1871 16m Gallagher, John MALOVE, Joanna
GANGLOFF, Francisca  7 Sep 1895 Gangloff, William (Deceased) Born 1812
GANNON, Francis 20 Jan 1870 1y 7m Gannon, Michael Not listed, Maria
GANNON, Margaret M. 13 Mar 1851 Born 2 Jan 1851
GANNON, Mary Anna 1 Jul 1872 2d Gannon, M. J. HEMMER, Rosa
GANNON, Mathilda 30 Oct 1930 83y GOLDSBERG, James Goldsberg, Mrs. James Gannon, John Walnut Hill
GANNON, Michael J. 26 Mar 1870 58y Not listed, Maria
GANON, Joseph 9 Jan 1876 6w Ganon, Michael Not listed, Maria
GANON, Margaret 26 May 1882 22y Ganon, Michael GRACE, Maria Francisca
GANON, Michael 29 Mar 1873 1d Ganon, Michael Not listed, Rosa
GANON, Peter C. 23 Nov 1872 7y Ganon, Michael (Deceased) Not listed, Maria
GANSER, William 19 Jun 1904 46y BUCHER, Apollonia Died in the County Farm
GANSMAN, Emma Green Mount [Appears at bottom of page at end of Mar 1934 entries.]
GANSMAN, Henry Thomas 21 Oct 1951 DEPPE, Frieda Green Mount Born 21 (1*) Dec 1882.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
GANSMAN, William 3 Jan 1928 40y Gansman, John MEYER, Anna Green Mount Duplicate entry
GANSMANN, Anna Mary 5 Jan 1932 64y MEYER, William NEEZER, Barbara Gansmann, John Green Mount
GANSMANN, Bernard 1 Jun 1919 5m Gansmann, Louis SCHNEIDER, Rose Green Mount
GANSMANN, John 30 Mar 1935 71y 7m Gansmann, Nicholas SEITZ, Cleola MEYER, Anna (Deceased) Green Mount Born 21 Aug 1863*
GANSMANN, William 3 Jan 1928 40y Gansmann, John MEYER, Anna Green Mount
GANTER, Nicholas 21 Aug 1924 70y Walnut Hill
GANTNER, Adela 10 Aug 1884 1y Gantner, George
GANTNER, Anton 18 Aug 1913 69y Green Mount
GANTNER, Arthelia 25 Jan 1890 6y Gantner, Nicholas STELLICK, Rosa Born 10 Sep 1884
GANTNER, August 29 Jun 1865 5y Gantner, George KLEIN, Susanna
GANTNER, Clara 10 Oct 1884 3y Gantner, Dominic
GANTNER, Edmond 1 Feb 1876 1y Gantner, Anton Not listed, Magdalena
GANTNER, George 31 May 1880 2y 6m Gantner, Anton KERN, Magdalena
GANTNER, Gustav 30 Jun 1875 6y Gantner, George KLEIN, Susanna
GANTNER, Joseph 12 Jul 1874 21y Gantner, George Not listed, Susanna
GANTNER, Joseph 12 Feb 1877 16d Gantner, Nicholas Not listed, Rosa
GANTNER, Susanna (Widow) 10 Sep 1889 66y KLEIN, Not listed MASSRANG, Maria Gantner, George (Deceased)
GANUT, Elizabeth 27 Apr 1883 10m Ganut, Joseph Not listed, Maria 
GANUT, Maria 8 May 1881 16d Ganut, Joseph Not listed, Femina
GANZ, Mary 31 May 1937 90y RUEH [Ruck?]*, Michael Ganz, Leopold Mascoutah City Born 13 Aug 1847*
GARR, Maria 12 Apr 1862 48y Garr, Conrad Stephan Not listed, Christina
GARRITY, Mary 27 Nov 1947 88y 5m Garrity, John REILLY, Hanna Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born 2 Jul 1859*
GARTIESER, Anton 30 Dec 1892 Gartieser, Bernard MUMBER, Magdalena SCHLERNITZAUER, Maria Magdalena Born 1830
GARTNER, George Louis 31 Mar 1876 22m Gartner, Gottlieb Not listed, Theresa
GASS, Anna Johanna 6 Apr 1932 53y 1m Gass, Peter DERLETH, Josephine Green Mount
GASS, Catharina 22 Mar 1892 PFEIFER, Not listed Gass, Stephan (Deceased) Born 3 May 1809 in Lotharingia [Lorraine]
GASS, Catharina 24 Sep 1895 3m Gass, Jacob WEBER, Maria
GASS, Catherine (Widow) 21 Jan 1924 55y Gass, Peter (Deceased) Green Mount
GASS, Clement 6 Oct 1955 Gass, Sr., Peter HOEFKEN, Catherine SAX, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 15 Feb 1894
GASS, Edwin 21 Jun 1925 20y Gass, Charles J. YOCH, Thecla Green Mount
GASS, Elizabeth 7 Aug 1892 Gass, Peter DERLETH, Josephina (Deceased) Born 28 Jan 1892
GASS, Henry 12 Oct 1887 5y Gass, Peter DERLETH, Josephina
GASS, John 27 Jul 1950 Gass, Jacob WEBER, Mary Green Mount Born 5 Sep 1876.  Died at St. Vincent
GASS, Joseph 11 Jun 1956 Gass, Peter DERLETH, Josephine Never married Green Mount Born 17 Nov 1878
GASS, Josephina 12 Feb 1892 DERLETH, J. Not listed, M. Gass, Peter Born 11 Jul 1850 in St. Louis, MO
GASS, Maria 25 Nov 1898 10y Gass, Jacob WEBER, Maria
GASS, Maria 21 Nov 1912 59y Gass, Jacob Green Mount
GASS, Peter 18 Nov 1912 66y HOEFFKEN, Catharina Green Mount
GASS, Peter 13 Feb 1919 31y FISCHER, Cecilia Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital
GASSESCHMIDT, Sophia 27 Apr 1882 30y Gassenschmidt, Anton Not listed, Theresa
GASSMANN, Regina 25 May 1854 2y 6m
GASZ, Bernhard 30 Jul 1860 46y Gasz, Balthasar MAGIN, Bebera [?]
GAUL, Jacob Ferrel 28 Jan 1863 2m 7d Gaul, Patrick MCCARTHY, Maria
GAUL, Patrick 7 Dec 1878 48y Not listed, Maria Anna
GAUSMANN, Cleopha (Widow) 24 Aug 1910 81y Gausmann, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
GAUSMANN, Francisca 29 Nov 1911 52y PFEIFFER, Not listed Gausmann, Henry Walnut Hill
GAUSMANN, Henry 15 Oct 1912 56y PFEIFER, Francis [Frances] Green Mount
GAUSMANN, Nicholas 23 Oct 1902 76y SEITZ, Cleopha
GAY, Eugenia 25 Mar 1947 88y 5m SPARKS, Simon MISERE, Eugenia Gay, Louis Holy Cross
GEBER, Albert 10 May 1953 Geber, Louis SCHNEIDER, Mary Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GEBER, Eleonora 1 Nov 1906 18y Geber, Louis SCHNEIDER, Maria
GEBER, Louis 24 Oct 1931 77y Geber, Joseph SCHWARTZ, Mary SCHNEIDER, Marie Green Mount
GEBER, Mary 24 Jan 1927 70y Geber, Louis Green Mount
GEERS, Emma 27 Jun 1891 1m Geers, John WEDLE, Anna
GEHRMANN, Maria Anna 22 Jun 1870 84y
GEIBEL, Peter 16 Aug 1893 Geibel, Peter KLEIN, Frederica HOFFMEISTER, Julia Born 10 May 1870
GEIER, Anna Maria (Widow) 28 Mar 1905 76y WOLLENSCHLAEGER, Not listed Geier, Anton (Deceased)
GEIER, Anton 23 Nov 1886 22y Geier, Anton WOLLENSCHLAGER, Maria
GEIER, Anton 21 Sep 1904 81y Geier, Francis Not listed, Anna WOLFENSCHLAEGER, Anna
GEIER, Rev, Carl 14 Jan 1886 28y Geier, Joseph Anton WOLLENSHLEGER, Maria Assistant to Father J. JANSEN
GEIGER, Louis 3 Jun 1940 81y 2m Geiger, Matthew BAUMGARTEN, Barbara KERCHNER, Barbara Green Mount Born 9 Apr 1859*
GEIGER, Margaret 6 Mar 1901 42y KUENTZ, Joseph Not listed, Cunigunda Geiger, Louis
GEIS, Laurent 2 Sep 1865 21d Geis, Francis FOX, Catharina
GELLITZ, Carl 4 Jul 1879 1y 7m Gellitz, Gustav Not listed, Maria
GELLNER, John 15 May 1906 16m Gellner, Jacob VONDERHEIDEN, Gertrude Green Mount
GEOFFRAY, Severin 31 Dec 1872 30y Geoffray, Anton Not listed, Catharina
GEOFFREY, Henry 27 Oct 1947 63y 6m Geoffrey, Not listed YOST, Not listed VOLLMER, Frances Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL Born 18 Apr 1883*
GEOFROYE, Henry 30 Dec 1864 2y 4m Geofroye, Nicholas RENO, Margaret
GEOLAT, John 27 Jul 1936 77y 8m Geolat, Leonard MARCELLE, Margaret LIVELY, Margaret Green Mount Born 13 Nov 1858. 
GEOLAT, Margaret 16 Dec 1934 71y 2m LIVELY, John ELIOT, Mary Geolat, John Green Mount
GERAING, Julius Adam 8 Aug 1866 2y 4m GERMAING, Adam GASS, Christina
GERARD, Carl 8 Jul 1864 5y Gerard, Carl BETZ, Paulina
GERARD, Sister M. 19 Jan 1916 56y D’ANTONIO, Michael CAPELLA, Maria Green Mount She entered the Order of Notre Dame 8 Dec 1879
GERARD, Theodore 27 Sep 1862 35y Gerard, Henry FALLENSTEIN, Margaret
GERBER, Barbara 27 Sep 1854 Gerber, Francis ERNST, Margaret Born 20 Jun 1854
GERBER, Barbara 20 Jul 1876 37y Gerber, John (Deceased)
GERBER, Emil 8 Dec 1893 Gerber, John FOHR, Anna Born 30 Nov 1893
GERBER, Ernest Louis 4 Nov 1854 Gerber, John Laurent SCHICK, Barbara Born 11 Dec 1854
GERBER, Eva 21 Sep 1922 57y Gerber, John SCHICK, Barbara Green Mount
GERBER, Francis 6 Dec 1893 ERNST, Margaret Born 11 Oct 1827 in Bavaria
GERBER, Franz 4 Sep 1880 8d Gerber, John FOHR, Anna
GERBER, Johann 25 Apr 1868 42y
GERBER, Joseph Max 14 Aug 1868 1y Gerber, Joseph STIECK, Barbara
GERBER, Joseph Max 24 Feb 1873 15m Gerber, Jacob Not listed, Helena
GERBER, Margaret 3 Jun 1863 6m Gerber, Francis Not listed, Margaret
GERBER, Margaret (Widow) 22 Jun 1900 71y ERNST, Not listed Gerber, Francis
GERBER, Mary Apollonia 18 Jan 1941 84y Gerber, Frank SCHICK, Margaret Green Mount
GERBER, Maximilian 10 Jul 1864 10m Gerber, Johann Not listed, Barbara
GERBER, Nicholas C. 3 Jul 1861 1y 10m Gerber, Francis ERNST, Margaret
GERBER, Peter 3 Sep 1903 21y Gerber, John FOHR, Anna
GERBERT, Anna Margaret 19 Oct 1857 1y 3d Gerbert, Johann Not listed, Barbara
GERHARD, A. Elizabeth 29 Sep 1854 Gerhard, Henry HEBERLE, Catharina Born 12 Jan  1854
GERHARD, Anna Maria 13 Aug 1852 Gerhard, John MAXWELL, Elizabeth Born 30 Jul 1851
GERHART, Carolina 28 Aug 1847 Infant Gerhart, Henry HEBUER, Catharina St. Peter [This person appears in marriage book as Carl son of Henry & Catharina HEBER 5d]
GERMAIN, Carl 30 Jan 1889 35y Germain, John L. KARLSKIND, Maria WILD, Maria
GERMAIN, Catharina 26 Feb 1871 24y Germain, John Louis KARLSKIND, Maria
GERMAIN, Catharina Agnes 28 May 1879 21y 2m 6d Germain, Hyacinth GUNDLACH, Maria
GERMAIN, Dominic 7 Oct 1885 47y Germain, John Louis KARLSKIND, Maria
GERMAIN, John Louis 10 Jun 1873 69y Not listed, Maria (Deceased)
GERMAIN, Julius 9 Mar 1946 78y 6m Germain, Dominic TRIBOUT, Emily WAGNER, Louise Green Mount Born 13 Sep 1866*
GERMAIN, Louis 1 Aug 1892 Germain, Nicholas MEISTER, Elizabeth Born 26 Jul 1892 & baptized privately
GERMAIN, Louisa Adele 26 Aug 1889   Germain, John BERGMANN, Elizabeth Born 14 Feb 1880
GERMAIN, Margaret 17 Apr 1892 Germain, Hyacinth GUNDLACH, Anna Maria Born 27 Mar 1856.  Died in Colorado Springs, CO.
GERMAIN, Maria 2 Feb 1848 3y
GERMAIN, Maria Helena 22 Oct 1891 MUELLER, Joseph D. Not listed, Anna M. Germain, Hyacinth Born 13 Apr 1857
GERMAIN, Maria Magdalena 9 May 1872 20y Germain, Hyacinth GUNDLAK, Anna Maria
GERMAIN, Maria Magdalena 4 May 1874 5d Germain, John Louis Not listed, Elizabeth
GERMAIN, Rigoberta 13 Apr 1871 22y Germain, Hyacinth GUNDLACH, Anna M.
GERMAIN, Rosa 5 Mar 1876 22y Germain, Hyacinth Not listed, Anna M.
GERMAN, Joseph J. 29 Aug 1943 54y 9m German, Adam BOWMAN, Mary Green Mount Born 26 Nov 1888 in Freeburg, IL*
GERMING, Joseph L. 4 Mar 1851 2y
GEROLD, Anna Elizabeth Catharina 21 Jul 1884 3m Gerold, Herman
GEROLD, Cecilia 7 Dec 1901 4w Gerold, Herman BOHLSEN, Christina
GEROLD, Henry 2 Dec 1949 BRAUN, Louise Green Mount Born 5 Aug 1886; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
GEROLD, John Bernard 27 Aug 1898 6d Gerold, Herman BOHLSEN, Christina
GEROLD, Louisa 3 May 1952 BRAUN, Not listed* Gerold, Henry Green Mount Born 6 Oct 1886.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GERVER, John 22 Nov 1855 9m Gerver, John Not listed, Barbara
GEUTERMANN, Henry 16 Aug 1911 47y Green Mount Converted while sick
GEVERS, Joseph 22 Jun 1881 4d Gevers, Louis SCHNEIDER, Maria
GIEDEMANN, Apollonia 25 Aug 1882 77y Giedemann, Michael (Deceased)
GIEDEMANN, Carolina 18 Jun 1881 42y Giedemann, Adam
GILB, Maria 5 Aug 1869 7m Gilb, Johann KNECHT, Theresa
GILB, Theresa 25 Aug 1875 5d Gilb, John Not listed, Theresa
GILB, Theresa 15 Dec 1881 36y Gilb, John
GILDENBERG, Johann 31 Jan 1867 10m Gildenberg, Johann Not listed, Catharina
GILLEN, Henry Christopher 21 Sep 1906 6d Gillen, Henry MOOR, Corne Died in the County Farm
GILMORE, Thomas 22 Jan 1898 56y Pauper cemetery From East St. Louis.  Died in the County Farm
GILSON, Aloysius 8 Feb 1874 28y
GLAD, Catharina 7y Glad, Eugene ARMBRECT, Catharina [Appears between 23 Aug & 30 Aug 1862]
GLAD, Eugene 5 Apr 1858 3y Glad, Eugene Not listed, Catharina
GLANIG, Catherina 18 Jul 1849 3m
GLANIG, Charles 3 Mar 1848 1y 6m Glanig, George LAM, L.
GLANIG, Eva 15 Jul 1851 Born 1 Jul 1850
GLANIG, George 10 Oct 1855 Glanig, George MUNCH, Elizabeth Born 26 Feb 1855
GLANIG, George 12 Mar 1882 82y Not listed, Elizabeth
GLANIG, Nicholas 6 Jul 1848 Born 27 May 1848
GLANIG, Nicholas 15 Jul 1849 3m
GLANZ, Katharina (Widow) 10 Dec 1858 67y GRAU, Not listed Glanz, John Henry (Deceased) Died 9 Dec 1858
GLASER, Anna [Appears between 3 & 25 Jan 1910]
GLASER, Eleanor 20 Jun 1946 59y 11m Glaser, William SCHLEGEL, Anna Green Mount
GLASER, Elizabeth Emma 14 May 1893 Glaser, William SCHLEGEL, Anna Born 13 Oct 1892
GLASER, William 19 Sep 1915 25y Glaser, William Green Mount
GLASER, William 5 Oct 1927 68y SCHLEGEL, Anna Green Mount
GLATT, Maria 1 Mar 1890 GROOSER, John Glatt, Silveri Born Oct 1855 in New York State
GLAUBER, Catherina 8 Sep 1876 1y 2m 3d Glauber, John Not listed, Catharina
GLAUBER, Infant 16 Oct 1888 Glauber, Carl Baptized privately.
GLEICH, Elizabeth 20 Oct 1861 14y Gleich, George KISSEL, Elizabeth
GLEIZ, Christoffer 19 Jul 1849 50y
GLOCK, Martin 7 Jul 1845 24y
GLOGORICK, Edward 27 Jul 1910 1.5y Glogorick, Francis HERMANN, Antonia Green Mount
GOBET, Loius M. 19 Jan 1943 78y 6m Gobet, John Green Mount
GOEDDE, Laurent 13 Dec 1882 12d Goedde, Carl MAR_SER, Regina
GOEDDE, Regina 25 Jan 1882 6m Goedde, Carl MARX, Regina
GOEDDING, August 21 Aug 1886 33y POLSTER, Barbara
GOEPFERT, Xavier 27 Feb 1866 25y Goepfert, August Not listed, Maria Anna
GOERLITZ, Bertha 9 Dec 1887 6y Goerlitz, Gustav MEIER, Maria
GOERLITZ, Clara 14 Dec 1887 13y Goerlitz, Gustav MEIER, Maria
GOERLITZ, Emilia 20 Dec 1887 2y Goerlitz, Gustav MEIER, Maria
GOERLITZ, Maria 18 Jan 1904 48y MEYER, John Not listed, Barbara Goerlitz, Gustav
GOERLITZ, Sophia 18 Dec 1887 14y Goerlitz, Gustav MEIER, Maria
GOETE, Carl 20 Mar 1887 1.5y Goete, Carl HERMAN, Christina
GOETZ, Sr., John 25 Jan 1940 62y 11m Goetz, Charles HERMANN, Christine DIXON, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 6 Feb 1877; died in New Athens, IL*
GOFORTH, Eulalia 8 Jan 1875 85y Goforth, J. (Deceased)
GOLDFUSS, George 19 Sep 1860 35y
GOODNICK, Anna M. 12 Jan 1876 6m Goodnick, Simon Not listed, Barbara
GOODNICK, Barbara 22 Jan 1893 MACHOTTE, John Not listed, Veronica Goodnick, Simon Born 4 Dec 1856 in Bohemia
GOODNICK, Joseph 23 Apr 1879 19m Goodnick, Simon Not listed, Barbara
GORGES, Carl 3 Apr 1900 61y GIBBONS, Margaret (Deceased)
GORRMAIN, Eugene 17 Mar 1887 12d Gorrmain, Louis STÖLZE (Stoelze), Christina
GÖTTY (Goetty), Wilhelm 10 Jul 1888 Goetty, August QUIRIN, Bertha
GÖTZ (Goetz), Maria Apolonia 27 Aug 1868 42y NEUHÄUSLER (Neuhaeusler), Not listed Goetz, Henry
GOUDOC, Leopold 22 Mar 1905 29y Died in the County Farm
GOUDRON, Henry Mar. 10 Jul 1865 42y COUDRON, Johann BROWN, Rosalia [Mother’s name written as Cath. SCHALLER and crossed out & name of previous mother written over it.]
GOUL, Thomas Henry 1 Mar 1865 5m Goul, Patrick MCCATE, Maria Hellena
GRAB, Maria 13 Nov 1893 Grab, Victor KUETTEL, Catharina Born 15 Aug 1883.  Died in a railroad accident
GRABLER, Jacob 19 Jul 1854 68y
GRABLER, Johann 21 Mar 1862 26y Grabler, Peter Anton KLAR, Maria
GRADALL, Jr., Glen 19 Apr 1945 10d Gradall, Glen KOSZYK, Julia Green Mount Born 10 Apr 1945*  Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
GRADE, John 4 Sep 1856 57y
GRADY, Jacob 30 Nov 1901 29y
GRAF, Elizabeth J. 20 Sep 1916 34y Graf, Carl Green Mount
GRAF, Emilia Kath. 1 Sep 1916 2m Graf, Carl SCHILLING, Elizabeth Green Mount
GRAF, William 25 Jan 1898 Graf, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth
GRAINGER, George Henry 22 Feb 1937 51y 8m Grainger, James RYAN, Mary JOHNSTON, Anna Green Mount Born 4 Jun 1885*
GRAMANN, Elizabeth 8 May 1955 HEMANN, Frank STUKEMPER, Elizabeth Gramann, John St. Cecelia in Bartelso Born 4 Oct 1868
GRAMANN, John 25 Aug 1951 Gramann, Henry WILLING, Hendrina HERMANN, Elizabeth St. Cecilia in Bartelso, IL Born 9 Mar 1868 (in Germantown, IL*).  Died in St. Elizabeth Hosptial
GRAMER, Sebastian 29 Apr 1857 2y
GRANCOLAS, Philipp 3 Feb 1909 BAUER, Anna Maria
GRANDCOLAS, Anton 26 May 1908 87y ADAM, Catharina
GRANDCOLAS, Barbara 21 Mar 1954 FAULSTICH, Wendelin WERNER, Magdalena (FAULSTICH*) Grandcolas, Louis Walnut Hill Born 23 Apr 1875.  (Life long member of Catholic Church,  husband helped build Cathedral*)
GRANDCOLAS, Catharina 20 Dec 1883 52y Grandcolas, Anton
GRANDCOLAS, Christ 15 Nov 1921 50y MAHLMANN, Bertha Walnut Hill
GRANDCOLAS, Elizabeth (Widow) 26 Dec 1928 55y KAHNRECK, Not listed Grandcolas, Philipp (Deceased) Freeburg St.Joseph
GRANDCOLAS, Francis 3 Jan 1892 3y Grandcolas, Philipp BAUER, Anna
GRANDCOLAS, John 2 Jul 1898 50y Freeburg Died in the County Farm
GRANDCOLAS, John 15 Sep 1932 53y 10m Grandcolas, Philip BAUER, Anna NIESE, Ida Green Mount
GRANDCOLAS, Louis 30 May 1940 65y 6m Grandcolas, Philip BAUER, Anna FAULSTICH, Barbara Walnut Hill Born 20 Dec 1874*
GRANDCOLAS, Michael 20 Dec 1891 Grandcolas, Philipp BAUER, Anna Born 20 Jun 1887.  Died of a contagious disease
GRANDCOLAS, Walter 23 May 1950 STRAUBINGER, Elizabeth * Green Mount Born 16 Mar 1877.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GRATES, Margaret Gertrude 24 Oct 1885 6m Grates, Gerhard Hubert HENK, Maria Elizabeth
GRAU, Adolph 23 Feb 1944 63y 10m Grau, Peter NEUNER, Elizabeth VOLKMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 20 Apr 1880 in New Athens, IL*
GRAU, John 29 Mar 1877 68y Grau, John
GRAU, Mary 5 Feb 1940 77y 9m HACKER, Frederick HELDERFER, Marg. Grau, Peter New Athens, IL Born 21 Apr 1862*
GRAU, Peter 3 Feb 1913 74y NEUNER, Elizabeth Green Mount From Swansea
GRAVES, Raymond 2 Apr 1928 10m Graves, John H. SCHNIERJOHN, Catherine Green Mount
GRAVES, Raymond 2 Apr 1928 Graves, John H. SCHNIERJOHN, Catherine Green Mount Duplicate entry
GRAVLIN, Cyrill 26 Nov 1896 69y Not listed, Mathilda
GRAVLIN, Jeanne Dorothy 31 Jan 1926 Infant Gravlin, Leo CHENOT, Adela Green Mount Both Green Mt. & Walnut Hill are listed
GRAY, Gerold* 29 Sep 1937 Graym Stephen JUE__, Melba Born 31 Mar 1935*
GREEN, Michael 25 Jan 1874 30y Green, Hugo Not listed, Catharina  
GREEN, Valentin 9 Jan 1881 1y 4m Green, Daniel HOLMES, Helena
GREEN, Wilhelmina Louisa 6 Nov 1884 8w Green, Anton
GREENER, Cecelia 27 Sep 1952 SPENGLER, Jacob MOERGEN, Bernadine Greener, John Mt. Carmel Born 18 Feb 1893.  Died in St. Louis, MO
GREENER, George 25 Jan 1936 82y 5m Unknown Unknown SCHOBERT, Mary Green Mount Born 7 Aug 1853 in Germany.*  Died in Alton State Hospital
GREENER, Mary 28 Jun 1931 76y SCHOBERT, John ZAHN, Catherine Greener, George Green Mount
GREITNER, Louisa C, 16 Dec 1884 30y Greitner, Francis
GREVE, Anna Maria Elizabeth 10 May 1874 14m Greve, Eberhard Not listed, Anna Margaret
GREVES, Catharina 3 Feb 1876 4m Greves, Eberhard Not listed, Margaret
GRIESEDIECK, August 16 Sep 1928 64y OSTBERG, Lucy Green Mount
GRIFFIN, Thomas 25 Mar 1939 55y Griffin, James Not listed, Katherine BUCKLEY, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel
GRIMES, Elizabeth 5 Apr 1952 Grimes, J. Bryan Washington North Carolina Born 2 Oct 1881.  Died in St. Mary Hospital in St. Louis, MO
GRIMMIG, Carl 22 Jun 1892 Grimmig, Wendelin FEIST, Elizabeth Born 22 Jun 1892 & baptized privately
GRIMMIG, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1897 FEIST, John Not listed, Margaret Grimmig, Wendelin
GRIMMIG, Frank 4 Oct 1946 46y Grimmig, Wendel FLAMAUTH, Susan (Never married*) Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1899*  Drowned accidentally
GRIMMIG, Joan Carolyn 16 Nov 1943 1y 3m Grimmig, Andrew MILLER, Thelma Green Mount
GRIMMIG, Joan Carolyn 30 Apr 1945 6m Grimmig, Andrew MILLER, Thelma Green Mount Born 19 Oct 1944*
GRIMMIG, Joseph 28 Jan 1913 23y Grimmig, Wendolin FIRST, Elizabeth Green Mount
GRIMMIG, Pfc. William O. 13 Oct 1950 Grimmig, Andrew MILLER, Thelma Green Mount Born  9 Sep 1932.  (Killed in Korea *) Buried 11 Aug 1951
GRIMMIG, Susan (Widow)* 27 May 1943 76y 7m FLAMAUTH, Philip Not listed, Elizabeth Grimmig, Wendel (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 21 Oct 1866*
GRIMMIG, Thelma 12 Jan 1953 (MILLER*) Grimmig, Andrew Green Mount Born 5 Feb 1911.  Died in St. Mary Hospital in East St. Louis, IL*
GRIMMIG, Wendelin 3 Nov 1935 73y 1m Grimmig, Andrew FLAMUTH, Susan (Second wife) Green Mount Born 13 Sep 1862 in Germany*
GRIMMING, Wendelin 3 Dec 1907 3d FLAMMUTH, Susanna
GROB, Johann Jacob 20 Nov 1869 10m 24d Grob, Albert MELMANN, Maria El.
GROBELINK, Eva 20 Feb 1950 Grobelink, Tony Walnut Hill Born 25 Dec 1861.  Died in St. Vincent’s Home
GROBERNICK, Joseph 22 Jul 1908 15y Grobernick, Anton BALLUCH, Eva
GROOS, Anna Maria 14 May 1892 Groos, Peter SCHWEIGER, Maria Born 25 Mar 1892
GROOS, Francis Peter 16 Aug 1881 9m GROS, Peter SCHURITZER, Maria
GROOS, John 9 Dec 1881 28y 7m GROOSS, John BRAUN, Calvina
GROOS, John 20 Jun 1890 Groos, Peter SCHWEITZER, Maria Born 17 Mar 1890
GROOSS, Barbara 27 Sep 1866 53y KAYER, George Grooss, Louis
GROSS, Catharina 6 Dec 1863 3y 8m Gross, Peter SCHUTTER, Elizabeth
GROSS, Elizabeth 24 Mar 1881 1m 10d Gross, Bernard SEILER, Catharina
GROSS, Elizabeth 19 Aug 1881 53y 10m Gross, Peter
GROSS, John Baptist 8 Jun 1871 1y Gross, Louis Not listed, Catharina
GROSS, John P. 23 Sep 1884 2y Gross, Bernard
GROSS, Lena 9 Mar 1937 88y  HAUSMANN, Peter BRAUN, Mary Gross, Jacob Smithton, IL Born 19 Jan 1849; died in St. Vincent Hospital*
GROSS, Louis 27 Aug 1857 2m 4d Gross, Louis Not listed, Maria
GROSS, Louis 20 Oct 1869 49y Gross, Louis LOBSINGER, Magdalena
GROSS, Magdalena 22 Sep 1859 Gross, Louis Not listed, Maria (Deceased) Born Apr 1858 & died 21 Sep 1859
GROSS, Maria 24 Apr 1859 39y Gross, Louis Died 23 Apr 1859
GROSS, Mathilda 7 Oct 1930 47y MASSERANG, Jacob HOFFEN, Mary Gross, Jacob Green Mount
GROSS, Nettchen (Female) 23 Sep 1879 1m 22d Gross, Peter Not listed, Maria
GROSSPIETSCH, Ottilia Maria 6 Jul 1887 1.5m Grosspietsch, August STEGER, Anna
GROSSPITCH, Hattie 15 Apr 1955 Unknown Unknown Grosspitch, Joseph Green Mount Born 6 Nov 1869.  Died at St. Elizabeth Home
GROTZ, Fr. Xavier 5 Jan 1848 Grotz, John REISACHER, Crescentia Born 27 Dec 1847
GRUBER, Laurent 31 Oct 1868 53y Gruber, Laurent WACHTER, Maria Anna
GRUEN, Kilian 17 Feb 1862 38y 10m 15d Gruen, Johann Not listed, Barbara
GRUENEWALD, Agnes (Teresa*) 2 Jan 1953 79y* Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GRUENEWALD, Elizabeth 15 Sep 1902 34y RUDOLPH, George STARK, Christina Gruenewald, Joseph
GRUENEWALD, Elizabeth 13 Dec 1945 82y 11m Gruenewald, Joseph RABO, Helen Walnut Hill* Born 3 Jan 1863*
GRUENEWALD, Francis 10 Nov 1878 3y GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), John Not listed, Maria
GRUENEWALD, Francis N. 7 Sep 1925 61y HOFFMANN, Anna M. Green Mount
GRUENEWALD, Infant 24 Jul 1894 Gruenewald, Joseph A. RUDOLPH, Elizabeth Born 24 Jul 1894.  Private baptism
GRUENEWALD, Joseph 26 Jul 1899 70y RABO, Anna Helena
GRUENEWALD, Joseph John 15 Jul 1900 2w Gruenewald, Joseph A. RUDOLPH, Elizabeth
GRUENEWALD, Margaret 14 Mar 1894 3d Gruenewald, Valentin FUCHS, Agnes
GRUENEWALD, Paulina Amelia 19 Mar 1914 48y MUNIE, Not listed Gruenewald, Francis Green Mount
GRUENEWALD, Valentin  14 Oct 1930 61y NOLD, Alex (Adopted by George Gruenewald) LAUB, Josephine FUCHS, Agnes Green Mount
GRÜNEWALD (Gruenewald), Lena (Widow) 3 Jun 1916 76y Gruenewald, Joseph (Deceased) Walnut Hill
GRUSCHLER, Paul 30 Mar 1903 60y Unknown Unknown Died in the County Farm
GUBSER, Amalia 16 Feb 1909 52y Gubser, John Adolph
GUBSER, Catharina L. Emma 7 Apr 1887 9m Gubser, Adolf JOHN, Emilia
GUBSER, Irvin 25 May 1955 Gubser, Adolph JOHN, Emiley Not married Green Mount Born 3 Feb 1900
GUBSER, Robert Adolph 6 Sep 1885 17w Gubser, Adolph JOHN, Emilia
GUENTER, Magdalena 5 Jul 1861 7m 18d Guenter, Jacob SCHOFFA, Elizabeth
GUENTHER, Albert 26 Mar 1936 60y 5m Guenther, Jacob ZOELLER, Elizabeth KLUG, Gertrude Green Mount Born 27 Oct 1875 in Belleville.*
GUENTHER, Allen Eugene 26 Dec 1929 2y Guenther, Harvey DORNER, Rose Green Mount
GUENTHER, Barbara 6 Aug 1936 87y 7m SAX, Nicholas MARKER, Barbara Guenther, John Walnut Hill Born 22 Jan 1849*
GUENTHER, Catharina 16 Dec 1887 6y 6m Guenther, John SAX, Barbara
GUENTHER, John 2 Oct 1873 2y Guenther, John Not listed, Helena
GUENTHER, John 8 Mar 1915 70y SAX, Barbara Walnut Hill
GUENTHER, Not listed [Appears after 15 Nov & before 1 Dec 1863]
GUENTZ, Mary Louise 24 Jun 1937 73y 9m Guentz, Henry EIMER, Mary Walnut Hill Born 1 Sep 1863*
GUETTERMAN, Anton 2 Dec 1937 53y 6m Guetterman, Adam HELFRICH, Louisa Walnut Hill Born 7 May 1885; died in Alton, IL*
GUETTERMAN, Katherine 10 Aug 1938 62y Guetterman, John BENZ, Barbara Guetterman, Daniel Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1876*
GUETTERMANN, Aam [Adam?] 25 May 1909 72y HELFRICH, Louisa
GUETTERMANN, Daniel 6 Oct 1925 82y GUETTERMANN, Catherine Green Mount
GUETTERMANN, Herman 2 Feb 1914 9y Guettermann, John Green Mount Died of Scarletina
GUETTERMANN, John 27 Feb 1956 Guettermann, Not listed BENTZ, Barbara 1st wife: Louisa HUMMEL; 2nd wife: Merle BECKER Green Mount Born 19 Sep 1880
GUETTERMANN, Linus 25 Dec 1952 Guetterman, Daniel Not listed, Catherine ETTLING, Violet Green Mount Born 25 Sep 1907.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GUETTERMANN, Louisa 7 Oct 1923 42y Guettermann, John Green Mount
GUETTERMANN, Louise 22 Jul 1937 78y 5m HELFRICH, George ROEBLING, Louise Guettermann, Adam Walnut Hill Born 19 Feb 1859*
GUETTERMANN, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 2 Feb 1914]
GUETTERMANN, Paul 22 Dec 1898 12y Guettermann, Daniel Not listed, Anna
GUGGEMUS, Maria 6 Oct 1880 56y Guggemus, Joseph
GUGGENMUS, Joseph 6 Sep 1895 70y RITTMEYER, Maria
GUGGENMUS, Theresa 9 May 1861 2y 5m Guggenmus, Joseph RIEDMEYER, Maria
GUNDLACH, Alois (Widower) 3 Jan 1946 76y 6m Gundlach, Philipp BORNING, Eleanora SUNKEL, Louise (Deceased) Mt. Carmel Born 31 Jul 1869*  Died at St. Vincent Sanitorium (St. Louis*)
GUNDLACH, Anna (Widow) 1918 Green Mount [Appears between 28 Apr & 4 May 1918]
GUNDLACH, Christina (Widow) 23 Jul 1916 81y Gundlach, Jacob (Deceased) Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Edna 1 Dec 1946 52y 5m Foeller, Joseph P. ALLER, Theresa Gundlach, Theo. J. Green Mount Born 9 Jul 1894*
GUNDLACH, Eleonora 12 Jan 1877 16y Gundlach, Philipp Not listed, Eleonora
GUNDLACH, Eleonora (Widow) 18 May 1918 83y Gundlach, P. M. (Deceased) Walnut Hill
GUNDLACH, Eugenia Lizzie 25 Aug 1880 4y Gundlach, Ph. M. BEHNING, Eleonora
GUNDLACH, George N. 3 Jan 1934 31y 4m Gundlach, Philip A. ROMPEL, Margaret MICHAELIS, Irma Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Infant 30 Jun 1920 Gundlach, Henry NIEMEYER, Magdalena Green Mount Died at birth
GUNDLACH, Jacob 28 Apr 1902 77y Gundlach, Philipp ACKER, Christina
GUNDLACH, Jacob J. 22 Aug 1952 BECHERER, Louisa Green Mount Born 14 Jul 1866.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
GUNDLACH, Johann J. 25 Nov 1865 41y ECKERT, Maria
GUNDLACH, John Linus 29 Apr 1890 Gundlach, Jr., Jacob HERR, Wilhelmina Born 7 Oct 1890 (sic)
GUNDLACH, John Philipp 2 Mar 1904 34y Gundlach, Philipp John BIEBEL, Margaret  HERTLEIN, Sophia
GUNDLACH, Jr., Jacob 28 Jul 1913 58y Gundlach, Philipp John Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Julia 21 Jan 1877 14y Gundlach, Philipp Not listed, Eleonora
GUNDLACH, Louisa 9 Aug 1928 61y Gundlach, J. J. Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Magdalena 4 Jun 1929 64y Gundlach, Philipp Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Margaret 30 Dec 1886 51y BICHEL, Not listed Gundlach, John
GUNDLACH, Margaret 19 Jan 1942 75y 9m ROMPEL, Nicholas GUNDLACH, Catherine Gundlach, Philip E. Green Mount Born 28 May 1866*
GUNDLACH, Matthew 18 May 1908 77y Gundlach, Phl. SCHUETZ, Susanna BOEHNING, Eleonora
GUNDLACH, Nicholas 24 Dec 1913 57y BECHERER, Anna Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Otto Jacob 21 Aug 1898 8m Gundlach, Philipp A. ROMPEL, Margaret
GUNDLACH, Peter 2 Oct 1848 59y
GUNDLACH, Peter 4 Apr 1851 25y
GUNDLACH, Philip 3 Jun 1922 55y ROMPL, Margaret Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Philipp 7 May 1862 70y 6m 3d Gundlach, Johann BEITZ, Catharina
GUNDLACH, Philipp 17 Nov 1913 52y BECHERER, Magdalena Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Philipp John (Widower) 1 Jul 1909 BIEBEL, Margaret (Deceased)
GUNDLACH, Roland 15 Sep 1929 28y Gundlach, John P. HERTLEIN, Sophie Green Mount
GUNDLACH, Rosalia Agnes 3 Apr 1887 15y Gundlach, John BIEBEL, Catharina
GUNDLACH, Rosalia Agnes 8 May 1890 3y Gundlach, Jr., Jacob HERR, Wilhelmina
GUNDLACH, Susanna 30 Jan 1879 85y Gundlach, Philipp (Deceased)
GUNDLACH, Susanna 13 Jan 1888 28y Gundlach, John BIEBEL, Catharina
GUNDLACH, Wilhelmina 8 Oct 1909 53y HERR, Not listed Gundlach, Jacob
GUNDOLF, Susanna 19 Jan 1875 73y Gundolf, John (Deceased)
GÜNTHER (Guenther), Adam 1 Mar 1855 50y Military in Mascoutah [?]
GÜNTHER (Guenther), Anna 2 Sep 1878 6y 2m 3d Guenther, Jacob ZELLER, Elizabeth
GÜNTHER (Guenther), Carl 12 Sep 1878 10y 3m 1d Guenther, Jacob ZELLER, Elizabeth
GÜNTHER (Guenther), Peter 16 Jul 1871 7m Guenther, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth
GUNTHER, Elizabeth 19 Feb 1865 32y SCHOPPA, Not listed Gunther, Jacob
GUPSIR, Walter 11 Jan 1894 Gupsir, Adolph JOHANN, Emilia Born 9 Sep 1893
GURETH, Oscar 12 Jul 1870 14m Gureth, Henry LEBKUCHER, Maria
GURGUS, George 2 Apr 1949 Gurgus, Anton Unknown BRAUN, Anna Green Mount Born April 1865
GUTH, Aloisius 14 May 1864 12y Guth, Joseph SCHWICHTE, Maria
GUTNECK, Joseph 13 Jan 1892 Born 6 Jan 1811
GUTNECK, Margaret 23 Jun 1888 75y SCHALLECK, Not listed Gutneck, Joseph
GÜTTERMANN (Guettermann), Anna 21 May 1892 MEYER, John Not listed, Anna Guettermann, Daniel Born 6 Jul 1863
GÜTTERMANN (Guettermann), Arthur William 18 Jul 1884 5m Guettermann, Adam
GUY, James E. 10 Feb 1955 Guy, Joseph SHINNERS, Bridget Not married Mt. Carmel Born 12 Sep 1906.  Died at St. Mary Hospital
HAAS, Anna 9 Mar 1945 48y  BACH, Louis ISAAC, Margaret Haas, Martin Green Mount Born 27 Aug 1898*  Died at Wallace Hospital in Lebanon, MO
HAAS, Josephine 16 Jul 1911 7m Haas, Joseph Green Mount
HAAS, Sophie Regina* 4 Jul 1949 REEB, Not listed* Haas, Joseph Green Mount Born 16 Feb 1896.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HABERKORN, Emelia 17 Feb 1955 STEGER, Simon Not listed, Theresa Haberkorn, Henry Green Mount Born 13 Dec 1873.  Pete Gardner [?]
HABERKORN, Francis 7 Oct 1862 2m Haberkorn, Not listed
HABERKORN, Henry 13 Nov 1948 80y Haberkorn, Frank Not listed, Catherine STEGER, Amelia R.  Green Mount
HABERMANN, Anton 15 Sep 1844
HABERSTOCK, Josephine 14 May 1929 50y LAUF, Christian FREES, Catherine Haberstock, Peter Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
HABERSTOCK, Peter 11 Nov 1920 51y LAUF, Josephina Green Mount
HACKE, Emilia 23 Feb 1871 6y Hacke, Frederick HELDÖRFER (Heldoerfer), Margaret
HACKENBRUCH, Emil 23 Jul 1951 HASENSTAB, Marie Green Mount Born 22 May 1887
HACKER, Baldasar 26 Jun 1917 44y GREENVILLE, Maria Green Mount
HACKER, Bertha 13 Feb 1906 26y Hacker, Balthasar
HACKER, Frederick 9 May 1895 HELLSIEVER, Margaret Born Feb 1825
HACKER, Margaret (Widow) 31 May 1900 69y HELLDORFER, Not listed Hacker, Friederick (Deceased)
HACKER, Theresa 19 Mar 1923 Hacker, Fred HELLDOERFER, Marg. Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital
HACKERT, Joseph 1 Feb 1871 1y Hackert, Friederich Not listed, Margaret
HACKMAN, Amelia 24 Jun 1952 MEIRINK, Anton Hackman, Joseph Green Mount Born 10 Dec 1869
HACKMANN, Bernard 1 Jan 1924 30y KRECLAK, Agnes Green Mount From Omaha, NB
HACKMANN, Joseph 27 Dec 1924 61y MEIRINCK, Amalia Green Mount
HAFFNER, Anna Maria 3 Apr 1871 2m Haffner, Nicolaus Not listed, Gertrude
HAFFNER, Elizabeth 23 Dec 1875 4m Haffner, Nicholas Not listed, Gertrude [Parents are listed above this entry.]
HAFFNER, Gertrude 1 Aug 1933 90y 11m LEY, Peter Haffner, Nicholas Walnut Hill Died in St. Louis, MO.
HAFFNER, Julis 24 Jul 1887 3m Haffner, Martin ACKERMANN, Maria
HAFFNER, Nicholas (Widower) 5 Oct 1935 86y 8m Haffner, Phil. HULLING, Mary LEY, Gertrude (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 10 Feb 1839 in Dolving, Lorraine*
HAFFNER, Olivia 25 Sep 1894 Haffner, Nicolaus LEY, Gertrude Born 8 Sep 1886 in Belleville.  Died of Diphtheria
HAGE [?], Joseph 18 Jul 1849 30y
HAGELE, Carl 1 Aug 1870 9m Hagele, Leo TROTTMANN, Elizabeth
HAGEMAN, Not listed Green Mount [Appears after 2 Feb 1914]
HAGEMANN, Emma (Gass*) 6 Mar 1949 74y ROHR, John MERKEL, Mary Hagemann, Emil Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HAGEN, John 9 Oct 1895 Hagen, Christopher FICKER, Theresa ALBRECHT, Elizabeth Born 1873
HAGEN, Theresa 12 May 1891 FICKER, Bernard BUSCH, Adele Hagen, Christopher Born 10 Mar 1845
HAGER, Kath. 16 Jun 1911 51y Hager, Anton Mt. Carmel From Peoria
HAHN [?], Infant 8 Dec 1857 4m Hahn, Baltezar Not listed, Bridget [Last name is best guess]
HAHN, Anton Francis 14 Jul 1881 4m Hahn, Carl Nicholas GRAEFENKAMP, Maria Elizabeth
HAHN, Catharina 3 Nov 1888 85y Hahn, John
HAHN, George (Widower) 24 Dec 1915 69y KALKBRENNER, Gertrude Walnut Hill
HAHN, Gertrude 16 Apr 1889 37y KALKBRENNER, Not listed LANG, Not listed Hahn, George
HAHN, Infant 9 Oct 1845 Infant
HAHN, Maria Catharina 22 Oct 1881 67y Hahn, Adam (Deceased)
HAHN, Not listed 23 Nov 1904 27y Hahn, Adam KALKBRENNER, Gertrude Died of small pox
HAIBEL, Michael 5 Dec 1897 74y ADLER [?], Maria (Deceased)
HAIDER, Joseph 12 Oct 1885 70y
HAIDER, Maria 23 Jan 1898 Haider, Joseph PROST [?], Theresa
HALL, John 7 May 1901 41y Died in the County Farm
HALL, Michael 12 Aug 1899 73y Green Mount Died in the County Farm
HALLES, John 5 Mar 1893 ZICZAEKSY [?], Anna Born in Hungary.  [See record]
HALPIN, Con. 2 Sep 1904 56y Mt. Carmel Died in the County Farm
HALTEMEIER, Barbara (Widow) 2 Jul 1902 86y Haltemeier, Sebastian (Deceased)
HALTEMEIER, Sebastian 2 Sep 1883 64y Father of several children
HAMAND, John 28 Nov 1881 19y Hamand, Michael DASTILLION, Theresa
HAMAND, Nicholas 2 Nov 1865 1y Hamand, Michael DASTITZING [?], Theresa
HAMANN, Barbara 3 Nov 1917 51y Hamann, Adam Green Mount
HAMBURGER, Carl 4 Apr 1887 17y Hamburger, Louis KNAPP, Anna
HAMBURGER, Joseph 28 May 1948 88y 10m Hamburger, John Walnut Hill
HAMILTON, Elizabeth 21 Jun 1942 79y 4m VICTOR, Emmanuel CONDON, Mary Jane Hamilton, Mark Mt. Carmel Born 15 Feb 1863*
HAMMAND, Victor 15 Oct 1903 33y Hammand, Michael
HAMMEL, Thomas 26 Jul 1849 40y
HAMMER, Daniel 27 Apr 1860 9y 2m
HAMMER, Johanna 3 Apr 1878 65y GANZ, Not listed Hammer, John
HAMMOND, Michael (Widower) 5 Mar 1909 83y DASDILLION, Theresa (Deceased)
HAMPEL, Aloyius 11 Jan 1862 8d Hampel, Oulfgang DIETSCH, Maria
HAMPL, Infant 2 Oct 1859 Hampl, Wolfgang
HAND, John Adam 3 Jan 1874 10d Hand, Adam
HANDLIN, William 16 Dec 1929 72y Green Mount Died in the County Farm
HANEMANN, Henry 5 Jul 1873 36y Hanemann, Theodore Not listed, Elizabeth
HANLIN, Johann 19 Jul 1868 25y Hanlin, Michael MCNELLY, Maria
HANSES, George 20 Nov 1885 26y Hanses, Joseph REIS, Catharina
HANSES, John 13 Sep 1876 15y 4m Hanses, Joseph Not listed, Catharina
HANSES, Joseph 9 Feb 1871 49y REIS, Catharina
HAPH, Louis 24 Feb 1855 Haph, Anton GRUNDRAH, Joanna Born 27 Jan 1855
HARBATH, George 26 Mar 1865 2y 6m Harbath, George BUHMÜLLER (Buhmueller), Barbara
HARBATH, Henry J. 7 Jan 1862 2y 1m Harbath, Georg BOMUELLER, Barbara
HARBAUGH, Right Rev. Msgr. Raymond 5 Feb 1955 HARBAUGH, John  PARKER, Mary Green Mount Born 30 Jul 1897.  Rector of Cathedral
HARDIN, Anna (Widow)* 1 Jun 1936 78y 3m HERMANN, Charles NAUN [?], Mary Anna Hardin, William (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 12 Feb 1858*
HARDT, Catharina 22 Feb 1921 85y Walnut Hill
HARDY, Joseph 18 Dec 1901 74y Not listed, Clara
HARKE, Johnette 16 Feb 1952 FOWLKER, Robert SEET, Margaret Harke, Peter Green Mount Born 9 Jan 1886.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HARKE, Peter* 18 Jun 1939 Harke, John FOWLKES, Johnette* Born 17 Jul 1875*
HARKER, Edward (Pauper) 1 Sep 1897 35y From East St. Louis.  Died in the Poorhouse.
HAROLD, Mary 3 Sep 1950 RAPP, Jacob HERZOG, Mathilda HEROLD, Adam Green Mount Born 20 Apr 1871
HARS, Johann Joseph 16 Oct 1867 6m Hars, Johann JANSEN, Maria
HARSE, Catharina 11 Jan 1856 40y Harse, John
HARST, Catharina 2 Nov 1890 KOENIGSHOF, Not listed Born 27 Apr 1808 in Germany
HARST, Eleonor 22 Nov 1891 5y Harst, John BUENCHE, Margaret Died of a contagious disease
HARST, John 18 Nov 1853 Harst, John ENES [?], M. Anna Born 8 Jul 1853
HARST, John 2 Oct 1907 73y BUENTGEN, Margaret
HARST, Margaret 4 Apr 1930 90y Harst, John Green Mount
HARST, Mary 22 Sep 1941 66y 11m BEHNEN, Bernard KLEINEKORTE, Margaret Harst, Joseph Green Mount Born 27 Sep 1874 in East St. Louis*
HARST, Richard 24 Jul 1910 7m Harst, Joseph Not listed, Maria Green Mount
HART, Johann 7 Sep 1868 74y
HART, Susanna 25 Jul 1866 66y  RAPP, Andrew Not listed, Barbara Hart, Johann
HARTMAN, Isabella 1 May 1887 28y KERN, Not listed Hartman, John
HARTMAN, Theresa 10 Aug 1886 33y BUCH, Not listed Hartman, Henry
HARTMANN, Anton 6 Oct 1860 12y 1m Hartmann, George GRAU, Cunigunda
HARTMANN, Edward 20 Dec 1881 6d Hartmann, John KERN, Isabella
HARTMANN, Jacob 7 Feb 1862 4d Hartmann, Carl Not listed, Catharina
HARTMANN, Jacob 28 Jul 1863 5m Hartmann, Carl TALBA, Catharina
HARTMANN, Joseph 30 Aug 1884 77y MÜLLER (Mueller), Margaret
HARTOIN, Bernadette 17 Jun 1946 55y 11m Hartoin, Dominic GRANDCOLAS, Mary Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1890*
HARTOIN, Mary 27 Apr 1943 86y 1m KRANCOLA, Anton ADAM, Catherine Hartoin, Dominic Green Mount Born 10 Mar 1857*
HARTTMANN, Cunigunda 23 Jul 1896 85y GRAU, Not listed Harttmann, George
HARTTMANN, George (Widower) 29 May 1897 87y
HARTTMANN, John C. 18 Dec 1898 19y Harttmann, John KERN, Isabella
HARTTMANN, Margaret (Widow) 31 Jan 1905 90y HARTMANN, Joseph (Deceased)
HARTZI, Andrew 25 Jan 1855 Hartzi, Phillip BEST, Margaret Born 17 Dec 1854
HASENSTAB, Alice 23 Jun 1928 Hasenstab, Peter SCHMITTLING, Anna Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Alice 23 Jun 1928 Hasenstab, Peter SCHMITTLING, Anna Green Mount Duplicate entry
HASENSTAB, Anita 2 Oct 1917 4m Hasenstab, George WEBER, Katharina Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Anna 29 May 1948 61y WALTER, William SCMITTLING, Christina Hasenstab, Charles P. Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Carl George 28 Jan 1908 7d Hasenstab, George WEBER, Catharina
HASENSTAB, Catharina 12 Jan 1892 Hasenstab, Not listed Born Jul 1814 in Schweinheim, near Aschaffenburg
HASENSTAB, Charles Peter 12 May 1939 53y Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Mary WALTER, Anna Green Mount Born 27 Jun 1886*
HASENSTAB, Charlotte May 30 Aug 1926 6m Hasenstab, Peter Green Mount
HASENSTAB, Frieda 1 Aug 1897 12d Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Maria
HASENSTAB, George 10 Mar 1905 55y BUECHLER, Margaret
HASENSTAB, Henry 10 Nov 1884 11m Hasenstab, John
HASENSTAB, John 10 Mar 1928 87y Not listed, Mary Walnut Hill
HASENSTAB, John Michael 3 Apr 1899 7m Hasenstab, George BUECHLER, Maria
HASENSTAB, Joseph 5 Dec 1953 Hasenstab, George  BUECHLER, Mary STUEMPLER, Anna Green Mount Born 21 May 1888
HASENSTAB, Maria (Widow) 6 May 1909 49y BUECHLER, Not listed Hasesntab, George (Deceased)
HASENSTAB, Peter 24 Aug 1855 40y
HASENSTAB, Raymund 16 Aug 1914 15d Hasenstab, George   Green Mount
HASLER, Johann 19 Dec 1877 61y 7m 24d HASSLER, Jacob
HASLER, Joseph 31 Oct 1862 8y 3m Hasler, Joseph Not listed, Maria
HASLER, Maria 25 Oct 1867 70y LIVERT, Johann
HASSELBACH, Elizabeth 4 Apr 1869 6m Hasselbach, Philipp BREUGEL, Anna
HASSELBACH, Not listed 23 Aug 1862 1d Hasselbach, Philipp
HASSLER, Eleonora 22 Apr 1908 12y Hassler, George IGEL, Barbara
HASSLER, Elizabeth (Widow) 25 Dec 1909 79y SPAETH, Not listed Hassler, Jacob (Deceased) & Nicholas FERNBACH (Deceased)
HASSLER, Emma* 8 Sep 1947 Resurrection in St. Louis, MO Burial for Assumption Church in St. Louis, MO*
HASSLER, Francis Joseph 12 Jan 1875 84y Not listed, Margaret (Deceased)
HASSLER, George 9 Dec 1939 83y Hassler, Not listed MOSER (Moeser)*, Johanna ROSENTHAL, Emma Walnut Hill Born 2 Dec 1856*
HASSLER, Jacob 22 Feb 1899 FERRENBACH, Elizabeth
HASSLER, Johanna 5 Jul 1951 71y* Hassler, George IGEL, Barbara Walnut Hill Born 1880.   Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HASSLER, Josephina 21 May 1909 Hassler, Joseph
HASSLER, Louisa 21 Oct 1876 8y Hassler, Philipp Not listed, Josephina
HASSLER, Ona 24 Feb 1924 37y Hassler, John Walnut Hill
HATFIELD, Sgt. Andrew 23 Apr 1925 53y BEDEL, Eleonora Green Mount From Atlanta, GA.  Baptized on death bed.  
HATTARD, Margaret 30 Jun 1849 51y
HAUBENREISER, Mathilda 6 May 1910 62y Haubenreiser, August Green Mount
HAUBENREISSER, Maria 7 Jul 1889 7m Haubenreisser, August SCHMISING, Mathilda
HAUBENREISSER, Mathilda 8 Jul 1889 7m Haubenreisser, August SCHMISING, Mathilda
HAUBERICH, Mrs. Frank 11 Jul 1911 29y SIPPEL, Peter Green Mount
HAUCKER, Joseph 24 Mar 1862
HAULER, Sarah 20 Aug 1880 80y Hauler, John (Deceased)
HAULIN, Michael 5 Mar 1867 63y
HAUMESSER, Benjamin 19 Oct 1865 5y 7d Haumesser, George HILD, Elizabeth
HAUMESSER, Catharina 20 Sep 1865 2y 9m Haumesser, George HILD, Elizabeth
HAUMESSER, Elizabeth 2 Dec 1871 35y Haumesser, George
HAUMESSER, Francis Xavier 31 Jan 1883 18y Haumesser, George HELD, Elizabeth (Deceased)
HAUMESSER, Georg 3 Sep 1884 25y Haumesser, George
HAUMESSER, George (Widower) 20 Aug 1917 87y HILD, Elizabeth (Deceased) Walnut Hill
HAUMESSER, Rosa 27 Dec 1871 4w Haumesser, George Not listed, Elizabeth
HAUSER, Ernestina 30 Nov 1888 14w Hauser, August P. Not listed, Maria Died in St. Louis, MO
HAUSER, Estelle 24 Sep 1893 Hauser, August ROMEIS, Maria Born 4 Jun 1885.  Died of diphtheria.
HAUSER, P. 6 Dec 1888 24y Hauser, August PETERS, Elizabeth ROMEIS, Not listed Died in St. Louis, MO
HAUSES, Catharina 17 Jul 1896 66y REIS, Not listed Hauses, Joseph Lived in St. Louis
HAUSMAN, Peter 3 Aug 1924 82y Hausman, Peter Smithton, IL
HAUSMANN, Hortense 12 Nov 1936 49y 7m GUNDLACH, Phil. BECHERER, Magdalena Hausmann, Theodore Green Mount Born 1 Apr 1888*
HAUSMANN, Joseph Peter 7 Oct 1907 40y Hausmann, Peter MENNIER, Magdalena BERKEL, Anna
HAUSSMANN, William 26 Aug 1854 Haussmann, Peter BLITZ, Maria Born 10 Aug 1850
HAUSWALD, Francisca 6 Apr 1854
HAVERKORN, Carl 11 Dec 1873 13.5y Haverkorn, Catharina
HAVERKORN, Francis  21 Mar 1869 47y
HAVERKORN, Johann Joseph 14 Aug 1864 10m Haverkorn, Francis WILD, Barbara
HAVERKORN, Joseph 15 Mar 1867 1y 7m Haverkorn, Francis WILD, Barbara
HAVERMEHL, Lisa 3 Jul 1874 7m Havermehl, Louis Not listed, Catharina
HAWKINS, Michael Jesse 22 Jan 1953 Hawkins, Homer Not listed, Virginia Green Mount Born 26 Nov 1950
HAY, Oliver 2 Jan 1848 19y
HAY, Richard 31 May 1852
HAYS, Maria Elvira 7 Sep 1853 Hays, Thomas DOBSON, J. Maria
HEAFNER, Louis 4 Jan 1939 79y 4m LEHR, Mary Catherine Mt. Carmel Born 1 Jan `1860*
HEAFNER, Mary 18 May 1940 81y 10m LEHR, Michael Heafner, Louis Mt. Carmel Born 29 Jul 1858*
HEAMAN, Lucy 21 Oct 1934 84y NEIDER, Frank Vincent Not listed, Elizabeth Heaman, John Green Mount Married here 1 Jun 1873
HEAMANN, John 16 Jan 1931 80y Heamann, Bernard DAVENPORT, Catherine NEIDER, Lucy Green Mount
HEAP, Jennie L. 1 Feb 1953 HARBAUGH, John B. PARKER, Mary Heap, Thomas L. Green Mount Born 18 Jan 1878.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HEARKER, Elizabeth 20 Oct 1942 64y 8m Hearker, Michael PAFF, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 18 Feb 1858*
HEARY, Rosa Anna 22 May 1870 58y Heary, Carl
HEBENSTREIT, Catharina 7 Aug 1859 Hebenstreit, Phillip Not listed, Maria Born 13 Jan 1859
HEBENSTREIT, Catharina Philippina 11 Apr 1875 16m Hebenstreit, Joseph Not listed, Francisca
HEBENSTREIT, Not listed 21 Jul 1861 Hebenstreit, Jacob
HEBENSTREIT, Not listed 1907 [Appears between 7 Oct & 20 Nov 1907
HEBENSTREIT, Peter Joseph 3 Aug 1863 9m 25d Hebenstreit, Jacob Phil Not listed, Maria
HEBENSTREIT, Philipp 24 Feb 1873 9m Hebenstreit, Jacob  Not listed, Anna M.
HEBESTREIT, James (Widower) 6 Nov 1916 73y HOFFMANN, Anna (Deceased) New Athens
HECHENBERGER, Andrew 26 Jul 1899 56y LARCHER, Philippina
HECHENBERGER, Clara 21 Mar 1912 7m Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
HECHENBERGER, Maria 17 Jan 1893 Hechenberger, Andrew LAERCHER, Philomena Born 17 Apr 1874 in Tirol
HECHENBERGER, Olivia Josephina 29 Jul 1913 8m Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
HECHENBERGER, Olivia Josephina 29 Jul 1913 8m Hechenberger, Roman DAHLMANN, Elizabeth Green Mount
HECK, Maria Christina 31 Jul 1875 1y 10m Heck, John Not listed, Christina
HECKENBERGER, Elizabeth 2 May 1925 43y Heckenberger, Roman J. Green Mount
HECKENBERGER, Philomena (Widow) 19 Aug 1916 78y HECHENBERGER, Andrew (Deceased) Green Mount
HECKLE, Elizabeth 17 Feb 1871 32y Heckle, Leon
HEDENSTREIT, Catharina 13 Nov 1855 Infant
HEELEY, Le Roy 29 Oct 1949 42y Heeley, Elmer KLAUS, Margaret Walnut Hill Born 26 Aug 1907; died in St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis, MO*
HEEMANN, Bernard 18 Apr 1872 62y Not listed, Catharina
HEES, Augusta (Widow)* 26 Apr 1938 92y 4m BLUSTAND, John Hees, William C. (Deceased)* Walnut Hill Born 24 Dec 1845*
HEES, Dorothea 9 Feb 1856 16y Hees, George John Not listed, Anna Maria
HEES, George 27 Sep 1872 3y Hees, William Not listed, Augusta
HEES, Maria (Widow) 3 Dec 1903 89y Hees, George (Deceased)
HEES, William 2 Apr 1909 Hees, William
HEESS, Julius 12 Jul 1872 11m Heess, Wilhelm RUS, Augusta
HEFTE, Jacob Fr. 24 Sep 1865 8m Hefte, Adam MOSER, Josepha
HEFTI, Henry 27 Jul 1864 10m Hefti, Adam MOSER, Josepha
HEFTI, Joseph Henry 1 Dec [sic] 1862 2y Hefti, Adam MOSER, Josepha
HEFTKEN, Maurice [?] 22 Sep 1869 3y  Heftken, Henry GLENTENBERG, Berhardina
HEHMANN, Catharina 10 Dec 1893 BARTH, Not listed Born 24 Nov 1809 in Hagenbach, Germany
HEHMANN, Clemens William 12 Oct 1897 3m Hehmann, William KUHN, Maria 
HEHMANN, Edward 22 Apr 1890 Hehmann, George Born Mar 1889
HEHMANN, Louisa 8 Sep 1874 1y Hehmann, Bernard Not listed, Louisa
HEHMANN, Louisa 10 Feb 1894 Hehmann, John NEITHER, Louisa Born 3 Jun 1893
HEIBEL, Barbara 18 Jun 1857 4w Heibel, Michael Not listed, Maria
HEIBEL, Elizabeth 3 Jan 1861 2y 6m Hiebel, Michael ANDRÉ, Maria
HEIBEL, Maria 23 Oct 1877 46y HEIPEL, Michael
HEIBEL, Peter 24 Jan 1861 5m Heibel, Michael ANDRÉ, Maria
HEIBEL, Theresa 4 Jul 1854 22y
HEIDELBERG, Paulina 17 Nov 1855 1y 10d Heidelberg, Anton Not listed, Teresa
HEIDELBERGER, Adolph Joseph 20 Jul 1868 1y 2m  Heidelberger, Anton GRAFT, Theresa
HEIDELBERGER, Anton 1 Aug 1863 6m Heidelberger, Anton Not listed, Theresa
HEIDELBERGER, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1895 SCHANUEL, Not listed Heidelberger, Anton Born 1809 in Sauer Schwabachheim
HEIDELBERGER, Female child 8 Aug 1859 Heidelberger, Anton Not listed, Theresa Born 20 Mar 1859
HEIDELBERGER, Frederica 17 Aug 1857 Heidelberger, Anton Not listed, Theresa Born 30 Aug (sic) 1857 & died 16 Aug 1857
HEIDELBERGER, Theresa 29 Aug 1870 45y Heidelberger, Anton
HEIDENREICH, Catherine Rose 8 Jun 1931 1y Heidenreich, John KNOBLAUCH, Mary Green Mount
HEIDER, Anna 17 Jan 1865 7m Heider, Joseph PROST, Theresa
HEIDER, Theresa 16 May 1876 65y Heider, Joseph
HEIL, George 19 Apr 1851 Born 7 Apr 1851
HEILHEIM, Amalia 4 Aug 1858 6m Heilheim, Leandris Not listed, Maria
HEILIG, Louis 18 Oct 1890 Not listed, Maria (Deceased) Born 25 Aug 1820 in Baden
HEILIG, Maria Anna 28 Jun 1889 61y OTTMANN, Martin Not listed, Walburga Heilig, Louis
HEILIG, Peter Anton 24 Jan 1861 12d Heilig, Louis GERNER, Frederica
HEILIGENSTEIN, Rudolph Charles 28 Dec 1927 3m Heiligenstein, Dr. R. C. SEIFERT, Edna Green Mount
HEILMAN, Barbara (Widow) 12 Jul 1858 76y Heilman, Michael (Deceased)
HEILMANN, Jacob 4 Sep 1844 4m Heilmann, Lorent Not listed, Margaret
HEILMANN, John George 21 Apr 1854 Heilmann, Paul KARCH, Elizabeth Born 31 Mar 1854
HEILMANN, Kunigunda 26 Jan 1849 1w Heilmann, Paul
HEILMANN, Paul 21 Jun 1846 Infant St. Peter
HEILMANN, Regina 29 Oct 1850 11m Non Catholic
HEINAN, William 11 Apr 1879 42y
HEINEN, Barbara (Widow) 27 Oct 1896 89y Heinen, Michael (Deceased)
HEINEN, Michael 22 Feb 1896 ENGLER, Barbara
HEININGER, Anna Maria 9 Nov 1864 1y Heininger, Johann STUMPF, Catharina
HEINRICH, William 28 Aug 1856 4m Heinrich, Joseph Not listed, Teresa
HEINZ, Catharina 27 Dec 1900 34y SCHOENHOFEN, Not listed Heinz, Peter
HEISE, Eleonora 9 Jun 1871 2w Heise, Anton MABENZTI, Juliana
HEISER, Henry 9 Jan 1858 4y Heiser, Christofer Not listed, Martha
HEISSLER, Hugo 23 Dec 1948 57y Heissler, Anthony HERMAN, Mag. MENDENAL, Hannah Valhalla Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HEITER, Mathias 3 Nov 1856 55y
HEITER, Theresa 6 Aug 1861 18y Heiter, Joseph BROST, Theresa
HEITMEYER, Alfred 17 Jan 1945 59y 3m Heitmeyer, Edward SCHMIDT, Helen Green Mount Born 22 Oct 1885*
HEITMEYER, Helen 1 Sep 1947 86y 6m SCHMITT, Maximilian KNAUS, Angelina Heitmeyer, Edward Green Mount Born 14 Feb 1861*  Died in Alton State Hospital
HEIWE, Margaret 31 Jul 1854 Heiwe, Michael REICHENBERGER, Theresa Born 24 Dec 1853
HELBLING, John Michal 11 Sep 1907 50y Unknown Unknown
HELFEREICH, Valentin 2 Feb 1855 29y
HELFERICH, Arthur 14 Jan 1883 3y 11m Helferich, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Stephania
HELFERICH, George 19 Oct 1884 57y He had a family
HELFERICH, Joseph 5 Jul 1881 1m 5d Helferich, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Stephania
HELFERICH, Stephania 10 Jul 1881 3_y Helferich, Jacob [Very light copy]
HELFRICH, Anna Maria 3 Dec 1849 47y
HELFRICH, Carolina 26 Sep 1900 30y Helfrich, Jacob SCHELLMANN, Stephania
HELFRICH, Catharina 6 Feb 1857 Helfrich, Nicholas Not listed, Anna Born 31 Jan
HELFRICH, Catharine (Widow) 11 Jan 1924 79y Helfrich, John (Deceased) Paderborn, IL
HELFRICH, George 3 Sep 1867 1m Helfrich, George REBLING, Louisa
HELFRICH, Jacob William 13 Aug 1904 2m Helfrich, Henry PIERCE, Amanda
HELFRICH, Jacob William 6 Jan 1927 83y SCHELLMAN, Magdalena Green Mount
HELFRICH, Lena 27 Oct 1927 74y SCHELLMANN, Not listed Helfrich, Jacob Walnut Hill
HELFRICH, Nicholas 22 Dec 1849 58y
HELLWIG, Anton 3 Oct 1901 47y Hellwig, Dominic HOLDENER, Juletta
HELLWIG, Dominic 23 Mar 1894 Hellwig, J. Not listed, M. MASSERANG, Margaret (Deceased) Born 27 Aug 1831 in Lotharingia [Lorraine]
HELLWIG, Margaret 21 Jul 1893 MASSRANG, Michael Not listed, Christina Hellwig, Dominic Born 4 Feb 1834 in Alsatia [Alsace]
HELMICH, Cletus Michael Helmich, Anton HOLDNER, Aloisia [Appears in June 1863 entries]
HELMICH, Linus [Appears in June 1863 entries]
HELMS, Julius 2 Nov 1935 54y 1m Helms, Frederick SHOOK, Melissa STAUB, Cornelia Non-Catholic of Green Mount Born 4 Oct 1880*
HELPESKA, Anton 17 May 1905 67y Died in the County Farm
HELWICH, Nicholas 28 Oct 1857 1m Helwich, Dominic Not listed, Margaret
HELWIG, Christian Johann Henry 27 Jun 1848 1y 6m
HELWIG, Emilie 8 Sep 1843 13m
HELWIG, Julitta 8 May 1924 66y Helwig, Anton Walnut Hill
HELWIG, Margaret 24 Nov 1864 4y 2m 4d Helwig, Dominic MASERANG, Margaret
HEMANN, Clemens 25 Jun 1937 71y 5m Hemann, Frank STUCKENKEMPER, Elizabeth DANIEL, Anna M. Green Mount Born 14 Jan 1866*
HEMER, Johann 29 Sep 1858 2y Hemer, Christian Not listed, Maria
HEMMANT, Theresa 12 Jan 1893 DASTILLON, Not listed Hammant, Michael Born 1824 in Germany
HEMMEL, Magdalena 5 May 1855 52y
HEMMER, Caroline 24 Mar 1934 70y 5m FEDER, John  TRUITTMANN, Catherine Hemmer, Peter Green Mount
HEMMER, Cecilia 1 Apr 1877 11y Hemmer, Peter Not listed, Magdalena
HEMMER, Edward 3 May 1944 74y 6m Hemmer, Anton ERLINGER, Elizabeth APPEL, Louise Green Mount Born 30 Aug 1869*  ‘Died in Alton State Hospital
HEMMER, Elizabeth 4 Apr 1872 4w Hemmer, Anton Not listed, Magdalena
HEMMER, Florian 4 Dec 1880 1m Hemmer, Anton BERTHUX, Magdalena
HEMMER, Francis 11 Feb 1860 15d Hemmer, Peter ADAM, Magdalena
HEMMER, Friederich 1 Sep 1845 69y
HEMMER, Infant 12 Nov 1846 nb Hemmer, Anton
HEMMER, Johann 7 Jul 1864 7m Hemmer, Johann BEIL, Margaret
HEMMER, John 14 Oct 1911 81y
HEMMER, John Arthur 26 Mar 1888 2y Hemmer, Peter FEDER, Catharina
HEMMER, Joseph 28 Jul 1849 19m
HEMMER, Joseph 23 Sep 1857 Hemmer, Johann Not listed, Margaret Died 22 Sep 1857
HEMMER, Juliann 14 Apr 1871 4m Hemmer, Anton CAN, Magdalena
HEMMER, Louis John 15 Sep 1930 38y Hemmer, Louis SCHMITZ, Emma Walnut Hill Inmate in Jacksonville San. Died in Moberly, MO.  Killed by train.  [Written above age  Feb 4__]
HEMMER, Magdalena 6 Mar 1844 63y PAQUIN, Not listed Hemmer, Friederich Died 5 Mar 1844
HEMMER, Magdalena 19 Mar 1872 27y Hemmer, Anton
HEMMER, Margaret 30 Jan 1886 56y Hemmer, John
HEMMER, Maria 11 Jun 1845 3w
HEMMER, Peter 5 Dec 1845 4w St. Peter
HEMMER, Peter 2 Mar 1853 50y
HEMMER, Peter 8 Mar 1892 ADAM, Magdalena Born 14 Oct 1815 in Eich, Lotharingia [Lorraine]
HEMMER, Philipp 8 Mar 1859 7d Hemmer, John Not listed, Margaret Died 7 Mar 1859
HENIG, Gertrude 12 Nov 1954 RENNER, Jacob Unknown Henig, William Walnut Hill Born 29 Jun 1880; (Died in Chicago, IL*).
HENKY, George Michael 2 Aug 1858 56y
HENNESSY, Thomas 31 May 1882 65y Unknown Unknown Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HENNINGER, George Jacob 11 Aug 1859 Henninger, John STUMP, Katharina Born 25 Jul 1859 & died 10 Aug 1859
HENSHAW, Estella 17 Oct 1953 (NIEHENKE*) Henshaw, Donathon Bartelso Catholic Born 8 Dec 1909
HENTZ, Anna Maria (Widow) 9 Sep 1858 49y Hentz, George Henry
HERBERT, Elizabeth 3m 22d Herbert, Jacob TIERNY, Bridget C. [Appears after  15 Jan & before 13 Jan 1863 entries]
HERBERT, Jacob 10 Aug 1859 2y Herbert, George BUMILLER, Barbara Died 8 Aug 1859
HERBIN, Barbara 13 Jul 1867 63y 4m Herbin, Joseph
HERBIN, Elizabeth 1 Dec 1868  2y 10m HERPIN, Henry SCHMIERBAUCH, Theresa
HERBIN, Joseph Anton 15 Jul 1865 18d Herbin, Jacob LOOS, Anna M.
HERBSTREIT, Elizabeth 8 Sep 1864 5m Herbstreit, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth
HERBSTREIT, Maria Anna 5 Feb 1860 2y Herbstreit, John Baptist LEFTER, Mar.
HERDE, Aloysius 28 Oct 1917 62y Mt. Carmel
HERGERT, Francis Joseph 6 Jun 1861 5m Hergert, Francis Joseph Not listed, Francisca
HERGERT, Francisca 7 Jan 1873 44y Hergert, F. Joseph
HERGERT, Maria Catharirna 12 Mar 1863 3m 15d Hergert, Francis  DUMBECK, Francisca
HERKERT, Clara Elizabeth 24 May 1907 75y ROMEIS, John Herkert, Francis J.
HERKERT, Francis 7 Oct 1897 28y Herkert, Francis DUMBECK, Francisca
HERKERT, Francis Joseph (Widower) 10 Feb 1909 Not listed, Elizabeth (Deceased) For many years a member of St. Vincent’s Society
HERKERT, Gustav Joseph 26 Dec 1886 13y Herkert, Francis ROMEIS, Elizabeth
HERMAN, Catharina 13 Jan 1887 68y
HERMAN, Edna 10 May 1951 LUETKEMEYER, Not listed Herman, Sr., Anthony Green Mount
HERMAN, Edward 10 Dec 1872 6y Herman, Louis Not listed, Theresa
HERMAN, Ferdinand 27 Oct 1940 72y 1m Herman, Baisel GRAF, Elizabeth GUENTHER, Barbara Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1868 in Alsace, France*
HERMAN, Joseph L. 31 Jul 1928 66y Green Mount
HERMAN, Maria 4 May 1926 63y WEBER, Not listed Herman, Joseph L. Green Mount
HERMAN, Theresa Louisa 11 Dec 1872 7m Herman, Louis Not listed, Theresa
HERMANN, Adam 19 Sep 1862 1y 3m Hermann, Michael SCHMEDLING, Margaret
HERMANN, August 4 Mar 1860 59y 9m 10d Hermann, Mathias BRANDSTETTER, Elizabeth
HERMANN, Barbara (Widow) 19 Dec 1922 81y Hermann, Leopold (Deceased) Green Mount
HERMANN, Emma 25 Oct 1867 4y 6m Hermann, Joseph COBEL, Barbara
HERMANN, Eugene 22 Oct 1913 7m Hermann, Frederick Walnut Hill
HERMANN, Fabiola C. 24 Sep 1954 HERZLER, Nicholas SCHMISSEUR, Elizabeth Hermann, Edgar M. Green Mount Born 28 Sep 1894
HERMANN, Francis 23 Jul 1910 MEYER, Lorentina Green Mount Died of Hydrophobia  [Dropsy]
HERMANN, Fred J. 28 Sep 1956 Hermann, Joseph WEBER, Anna STURM, Freda Green Mount Born 18 Nov 1895.  Died at John Cochran VA in St. Louis
HERMANN, Genevieve Magdalena 22 Jul 1888 4m 5d Hermann, Gregory ESCHMANN, Mar_
HERMANN, Gregory 28 Dec 1865 42y 9m Hermann, August KRAFT, Theresa SCHLEGEL, Carolina
HERMANN, Gregory 19 Dec 1943 79y 6m Hermann, Gregory SCHLEGEL, Caroline ESCHMAN, Margaret Green Mount Born 10 Jul 1864 in Smithton*
HERMANN, Infant 21 May 1910 1d Hermann, Anton LUETKEMEYER, Edna Green Mount
HERMANN, Margaret 29 Dec 1943 80y 10m ESCHMANN, John HASENSTAB, Magdalena Hermann, Gregory Green Mount
HERMANN, Michael 22 Jan 1863 34y Hermann, Jacob Not listed, Agnes SCHMITLING, Margaret
HERMANN, Peter 8 Mar 1894 Hermann, Blasi GRAF, Catharina REMMY, Maria Born 25 Aug 1859 in Hellringer, Lotharingia [Lorraine]
HERMANN, Sister Maria Tolenda 23 Feb 1880 22y Sister of Notre Dame
HERMANN, Teresa 11 Dec 1855 11m 11d Hermann, Gregory Not listed, Carolina
HERMANN, Wilhelmina 15 Oct 1879 7y 10m 23d Hermann, Adam (Deceased) Not listed, Adelheid
HEROLD, Carolina 1 Nov 1888 38y ENGLERT, Adam Not listed, Anna Clara Herold, John
HEROLD, Christina (Widow) 16 Sep 1918 66y Herold, John Green Mount
HEROLD, John 4 Sep 1913 69y Green Mount
HERPIN, Anna Bridget 20 Apr 1877 2y Herpin, Henry Not listed, Theresa
HERPIN, Henry 3 Jul 1865 1y 5m Herpin, Henry SCHMIERBACH, Theresa
HERPIN, Henry 3 Feb 1890 Herpin, Joseph (Deceased) Born 23 Feb 1869
HERPIN, Jacob 14 Dec 1880 2y Herpin, Joseph (Deceased) SCHMOTZ, Theresa
HERPIN, Joseph 9 Oct 1878 44y SPROSS, Barbara
HERPIN, Joseph 1 Sep 1880 38y 10m SCHMUTZ, Theresa
HERPIN, Joseph 12 Aug 1884 4m Herpin, Jacob
HERR, Adam 25 Jul 1869 48y Herr, Johann
HERR, Adolph F. 8 Feb 1889 5m Herr, Arthur WEIDEMANN, Margaret
HERR, Alphonse Nicholas 11 Feb 1931 53y Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Green Mount
HERR, Anna M. Catharina 21 May 1865 1m Herr, Francis TROCKENBROD, Margaret
HERR, Anna Maria 15 Jan 1863 8d Herr, Francis DROCKENBROD, Margaret
HERR, Arthur 14 Jul 1913 60y Herr, Martin DOLCH, Barbara Green Mount
HERR, Barbara 4 Dec 1933 97y 2m DOLICH, Carl Not listed, Catherine Herr, Martin Walnut Hill
HERR, Carl 24 Jan 1886 29y  Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara
HERR, Christina (Widow) 8 Jul 1907 79y Herr, Philipp (Deceased) Died in East St. Louis
HERR, Elizabeth 9 Dec 1871 76y Herr, Henry (Deceased)
HERR, Emma 28 Aug 1951 STENGER, Not listed * Herr, Frank (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 10 Feb 1872.  Died in St. Vincent
HERR, Francis 19 Feb 1862 4m Herr, Francis
HERR, Frank 27 Aug 1941 73y 9m Herr, Martin DOLICH, Anna STENGER, Emma Walnut Hill
HERR, Henry Adam 27 Feb 1867 1y 3m Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara
HERR, Infant 7 Aug 1858 4m Herr, Martin
HERR, Johann Fred 6 Aug 1858 3m Herr, Martin Not listed, Barbara
HERR, Joseph Peter 21 Jul 1890 Herr, Joseph GUNDLACH, Margaret Born 19 Jan 1890
HERR, Julius 20 Jun 1873 2y Herr, Martin Not listed, Barbara
HERR, Margaret 3 Jan 1891 GUNDLACH, John Herr, Joseph Born in Belleville in 186_
HERR, Maria 22 Dec 1899 20y Herr, Martin Not listed, Barbara
HERR, Maria (Widow) 28 Oct 1900 70y HOFFMANN, Not listed Herr, Henry (Deceased)
HERR, Maria Wilhelmina 9 Jul 1852 1y 10m
HERR, Martin 15 Aug 1904 73y Herr, Henry DOLICH, Barbara
HERR, Minnie 24 Apr 1944 89y 5m Herr, Martin DOLICH, Barbara Green Mount
HERR, Philipp 10 Mar 1899 Herr, Henry SCHICHTEL, Catharina SCHLERNITZAUER, Christina
HERR, R. Andrew 31 Jan 1889 5m Herr, Arthur WEIDEMANN, Margaret
HERR, Susanna 14 Aug 1844 4m
HERR, Walther 4 Jun 1910 Herr, Francis STENGER, Emerentiana Walnut Hill
HERRMANN, Barbara 30 Nov 1867 7y Herrmann, Gregory SCHLEGEL, Carolina
HERRMANN, Carolina 15 Dec 1867
HERRMANN, Christine 17 Jan 1949 67y 7m Herrmann, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara Green Mount Born 19 Jun 1872* 
HERRMANN, Edward Joseph 14 Aug 1900 19y Herrmann, Leopold MEIDINGER, Barbara
HERRMANN, Louis 1 Jan 1896 BASTIAN, Theresa
HERRMANN, Richard 8 Nov 1867 14y 10m 10d Herrmann, Gregory SCHL_T, Carolina
HERRMANN, Theodore 24 Jun 1934 57y 10m Herrmann, Frank GIMMRICH [?], Mary Green Mount
HERRMANN, Theresa 7 Sep 1866 67y 1m KRAFT, Johann Herrmann, August Died of cholera
HERTENSTEIN, Catharina 25 Mar 1847 St. Peter Age is a few years
HERTLEIN, Emma 11 Jul 1872 1y 10m Hertlein, George MEMMEL, Maria Walgarger
HERTLEIN, George 11 Sep 1913 78y MEMME, Margaret Green Mount
HERTLEIN, George A. 30 Nov 1933 61y Hertlein, George MEMELL, Walburga Mary NATTERER, Mary Walnut Hill
HERTLEIN, Joseph 3 Nov 1867 1y 11m Hertlein, George MENUEL, Waltburga
HERTLEIN, Joseph 11 Dec 1871 4y Hertlein, George Not listed, Walberga
HERTLEIN, Mary W. 9 Jul 1927 83y Hertlein, George Walnut Hill
HERTZ, Maria Louisa 20 Dec 1856 5y
HERTZLER, Magdalena 21 Jul 1860 2y 4m Hertzler, Jacob Not listed, Crescentia
HERZ, Francis 2 Aug 1895 URSCHEL, Maria Born 30 Mar 1812
HERZ, Maria 3 Sep 1856 37y Herz, Francis
HERZ, Maria (Widow) 26 Nov 1900 79y ORSCHELL, Not listed Herz, Francis (Deceased)
HERZING, Anna M. (Widow) 13 Mar 1925 73y Herzing, John Mt. Carmel
HERZING, John 26 Jan 1920 63y BUCHHOLZ-BAER, Anna Mt. Carmel Injured in an accident.  Good man.
HERZLER, Anna 17 Nov 1894 Herzler, Martin HALE, Amalia Born 1 Feb 1890. Buried from Jacob Herzler, Sr. home.
HERZLER, Crescentia (Widow) 18 Aug 1902 66y WEIBEL, Joseph Anton Not listed, Gertrude Herzler, Jacob (Deceased)
HERZLER, Dolores 3 Jun 1899 9m Herzler,Nicholas SCHEUSSEN, Elizabeth
HERZLER, Elizabeth 5 Apr 1877 4y 6m Herzler, Jacob Not listed, Crescentia
HERZLER, Emil 20 Jan 1932 57y 3m Herzler, Jacob WAIBEL, Crescentia Green Mount
HERZLER, Hilda 13 Nov 1894 3y 6m Herzler, Martin HALE, Amalia
HERZLER, Jacob 8 Jan 1901 73y WEIBEL, Crescentia
HERZLER, Maria 15 Dec 1919 62y Herzler, Jacob WEIBEL, Crescentia Green Mount
HERZLER, Martin 18 Mar 1897 2y Herzler, Martin HALE, Amalia
HERZOG, Adam 7 Jul 1866 2m Herzog, Johann DEVELTER, Catharina
HERZOG, Anna Maria 6 Dec 1868 9y 2m Herzog, Johann DERLETH, Catharina
HERZOG, Charles John 28 Jun 1931 68y Herzog, Charles HEILMANN, Mary WANGELER, Crescentia Freeburg, IL
HERZOG, Crescentia (Widow*) 14 Dec 1949 81y Herzog, Charles St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL
HERZOG, Gertrude 5 Sep 1867 22y 6m HELFRICH, George MUELLER, Catharina Herzog, Johann
HERZOG, Joseph 14 Sep 1867 21d Herzog, Johann HELFRICH, Gertrude
HERZOG, Joseph 10 May 1924 23y Herzog, Joseph REICHEL, Cecilia Green Mount
HERZOG, Margaret 1 May 1868 10m Herzog, Johann Not listed, Catharina
HERZWEILER, Anna Margaret 2 Aug 1882 8m  Herzweiler, Anton KRAMENZ, Carolina
HESCH, Magdalena 15 Feb 1872 32y Hesch, Philipp Sts. Peter & Paul in St. Louis
HESCHER, Anton 20 Aug 1870 3w Hescher, Joseph MEYER, Anna
HESLER, Elizabeth 3 Sep 1860 49y THEILEM, Not listed Hesler, Nicholas
HESS, Grace 28 Mar 1920 28y Hess, Robert Green Mount
HESS, Susanna (Widow) 27 Mar 1918 81y Hess, William Walnut Hill
HESS, Vincent 6 Sep 1852 24y
HESSE, Marianna 17 Mar 1872 45y
HESSLIN, Eva 19 Jul 1852 8y
HEUERMANN, Anna 16 Jan 1942 77y 7m KLEIN, Mathias Not listed, Fredrica Heuermann, Gerhardt Henry Green Mount Born 12 Jun 1864*
HEUMANN, Elizabeth 28 Feb 1897 36y KRABLER, Not listed Heumann, Ferdinand
HEVENSTREIT, Spouse 18 Jul 1852 32y
HEYMINCK, Wilhelmina 12 Feb 1912 76y Heyminck, Conrad Green Mount
HICKSON, Anton 5 Nov 1903 65y East St. Louis Died in the County Farm
HICKSON, Henry 22 Sep 1902 39y Died in the County Farm
HIEMENZ, Georg 17 Jul 1878 25y Hiemenz, Nicholas LEBISCH, Elizabeth
HIEROLD, Katharina 20 Sep 1884 2m Hierold, John
HIETERMANN, Wendelin 21 Dec 1873 2y Hietermann, Francis Not listed, Eva
HIETINGER, Barbara 29 Aug 1870 66y MIETINGER, John (Deceased)
HILBERT, Philipp 24 Sep 1894 Hilbert, Joseph WEBER, Gertrude Born 16 Mar 1894.  Died of diphtheria
HILDEBRANDT, Maria 21 Aug 1864 9m Hildebrandt, Ignatius HERZ, Elizabeth
HILL, Carolina 3 May 1949 81y HEAP, Henry LANE, Mary Anna Hill, Sam (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 4 Apr 1868*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HILL, Jacob 11 Jan 1914 79y HILDEBRANDT, Louisa Walnut Hill Died in the Old Folk’s Home
HILL, Leroy 3 Aug 1927 Hill, James STUBBLEFIELD, Susan [?] Mt. Carmel Died in the County Farm
HILLENBRANDT, Francis 18 Apr 1868 8y 11m 20d Hillenbrandt, Mathias Not listed, Catharina
HILMES, Franz A. 22 Oct 1921 84y RODENMEYER, Margaret Green Mount
HILPERT, Andrew 10 Aug 1938 48y Hilpert, John OBERBAUER, Margaret GRADL, Mary Green Mount Born 18 Sep 1890; died in Alton, IL*
HILPERT, Arthur 16 Oct 1902 9d Hilpert, Joseph WEBER, Gertrude
HILPERT, Barbara 12 Aug 1947 62y HOFFMANN, Joseph RESENCHECK, Catherine Hilpert, John Green Mount Born 21 Sep 1885*
HILPERT, Carl 19 Sep 1898 Hilpert, Joseph DEUTZ, Magdalena
HILPERT, Doris Mae 18 Mar 1935 5y 5m Hilpert, George HERMANN, Ida Green Mount Born 25 Oct 1929*
HILPERT, George 8 Jan 1950 Hilpert, John OVERBAUER, Margaret HERMAN, Ida Green Mount Born 8 Oct 1898.  Died in Alton State Hospital.
HILPERT, Gertrude (Widow*) 10 Mar 1944 81y 4m WEBER, John STROESER, Kunigunda Hilpert, Joseph (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 20 Nov 1862*
HILPERT, John 18 Mar 1928 70y OVERBAUER, Margaret Green Mount
HILPERT, John 18 Mar 1928 70y OVERBAUER, Margaret Green Mount Duplicate entry
HILPERT, Joseph 18 Aug 1911 51y Hilpert, Karl Green Mount
HILPERT, Margaret 10 Feb 1920 59y Hilpert, John Green Mount
HILPERT, Maria 8 Mar 1917 22y Hilpert, John OVERBAUER, Marg. Green Mount
HILPERT, Stella 18 Dec 1947 59y 5m BECHERER, Frank DERLETH, Emma Hilpert, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 22 Jul 1888*
HIMSTEDT, Anthony 17 May 1954 Green Mount [See duplicate entry]
HIMSTEDT, Anthony 18 Jun 1954 Himstedt, Henry RANGE, Barbara HAHN, Eva Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1883.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HIMSTEDT, Eva 5 Jul 1956 HAHN, Frank KESSLER, Mary Himstedt, Anthony J. Green Mount Born 20 Oct 1884.  Found dead in bed.
HINCKLEY, Amelia Celina 23 Oct 1940 83y OGLE, Joseph Not listed, Amelia Hinckley, Walter R. Walnut Hill Walter MEYERSCOUGH (Grandson)
HINN, Joseph 25 Feb 1877 10d Hinn, Carl Not listed, Theresa
HINN, Theresa 11 Mar 1877 27y 9m Hinn, Carl (Protestant)
HINNER, Louis 14 Jul 1877 20m Hinner, Carl Not listed, Theresa
HINTERMANN, Agnes (Widow) 27 Feb 1900 79y Hintermann, Christopher
HIRT, George 10 Nov 1882 4y 4m Hirt, Michael GONAT, Elizabeth
HIRT, Louis 6 Feb 1872 6w HIRT, George Not listed, Maria
HIRT, Mathilda 16 Dec 1884 17y Hirt, George
HIRT, Philipp 19 Jan 1873 70y Not listed, Elizabeth
HIRTH, Anna 13 Apr 1869 3m Hirth, George LEONHARD, Maria
HIRTH, Edward 17 May 1890 Hirth, George LEONARD, Maria Born 8 Jun 1878
HIRTH, Edward George 19 Nov 1906 17d Hirth, Henry HEHMANN, Anna
HIRTH, Elizabeth 16 Apr 1889 84y
HIRTH, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1929 54y Hirth, George Green Mount
HIRTH, George 27 Apr 1895 LENHARD, Maria Born 15 Mar 1834
HIRTH, George 3 May 1909 1m Hirth, Henry HEMANN, Anna
HIRTH, George 25 Feb 1932 61y 10m Hirth, George LEONARD, Mary MEYER, Elizabeth Green Mount
HIRTH, Henry 2 Feb 1916 39y HEMANN, Anna Green Mount
HIRTH, Henry 10 Jul 1921 12y Hirth, Henry HEHMANN, Anna Green Mount Drowned  in Stolberg’s Lake
HIRTH, John 28 Jul 1927 57y Hirth, Michael BRUNNER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
HIRTH, Maria (Widow) 1 Jan 1924 79y Hirth, George (Deceased) Green Mount
HIRTH, Mathilda 30 Sep 1943 56y 9m Hirth, Michael BRUNNER, Elizabeth Walnut Hill Born 25 Dec 1886*
HOBEN, Maria Anna 14 Oct 1861 6d Hoben, Jacob Not listed, Catharina
HOCFKEW, Anna 1 Mar 1887 48y Hocfkew, John
HOCH, George 19 Jun 1871 2y Hoch, Martin Not listed, Barbara
HOCK, Amalia 6 Nov 1862 51y 6m Hock, Jacob [Amalia appears to be altered to Anna Mar.]
HOCK, Jacob 23 Sep 1864 64y Hock, Johann
HOCK, John 23 Jan 1947 76y 9m Hock, Christ. KRUPP, Elizabeth SCHWARTZ, Catherine Green Mount Born 9 Apr 1870*
HOCK, Katie 1 Jan 1944 76y 1m SCHWARTZ, Frank BLEISCH, Mary Hock, John Green Mount Born 23 Nov 1867*
HOCK, Lena 2 Feb 1925 47y Hock, Francis Green Mount From New Baden, IL
HOCK, Maria M. E. 11 Nov 1869 1y 2m Hock, Joseph A. Not listed, Christina
HOCK, Young Michael 19 Nov 1885 Hock, Henry MEYER, Eva  
HODAPP, Erhardt 3 jun 1865 32y Hodapp, Anton KNAPP, Johanna
HODAPP, Joseph 19 Jul 1858
HODAPP, Joseph 22 Apr 1864 4m Hodapp, Erhard SOMMERFIEL, Albina
HOEFFKEN, Bernardina (Widow) 31 Jan 1906 72y Hoeffken, Henry (Deceased)
HOEFFKEN, Bernardina (Widow) 11 Sep 1923 79y Hoeffken, Theodore (Deceased) Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Catharina (Widow) 6 Mar 1889 80y NOELLE, Not listed Hoeffken, Henry (Deceased)
HOEFFKEN, Frederick 28 Feb 1914 Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Helen 13 Jul 1929 22y Hoeffken, Martin MOELLER, Catharine Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Henry Jan 1922 60y Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Hubert Henry 4 Oct 1932 28y 8m Hoeffken, Maurice HIRTH, Margaret MCKILLOP, Margaret (Civil marriage) Green Mount Died in California, MO
HOEFFKEN, John (Widower) 27 Apr 1918 82y MEISTER, Anna (Deceased) Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Josephine Ann 8 Oct 1938 Hoeffken, Elmer HAMANT, Helen Green Mount Died a few hours after birth
HOEFFKEN, Leonard 20 Jun 1908 Infant Hoeffken, William LEBKNECHER, Helena
HOEFFKEN, Martin C.* 2_ Aug 1949 MOELLER, Catherine Green Mount Born 29 Nov 1875*
HOEFFKEN, Mary 19 Oct 1924 39y Hoeffken, John MEISTER, Anna Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Mary Joh. Bernardina 24 Oct 1931 57y Hoeffken, Theodore FUSS, Bernardine Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Maurice C. 15 Sep 1934 64y Hoeffken, Theodore FAUST, Bernardina HIRTH, Margaret Green Mount
HOEFFKEN, Olivia 3 Sep 1903 8d Hoeffken, Henry STARK, Emma
HOEFFKEN, Theodore 18 Feb 1901 62y FAST, Bernardina
HOEFFKEN, William  6 Dec 1909 Hoeffken, Henry GLETTENBERG, Bernardina (Deceased)
HOEFFKEN, William  16 Oct 1917 36y LEBKUESHER, Helena Green Mount Died at Alton State Hospital
HOEFFKEN,John 12 Mar 1947 69y 6m Hoeffken, John MEISTER, Anna Green Mount Born 4 Sep 1877; died in Des Moines, IA*
HOEHRING, Albert 21 Aug 1904 14d Hoehring, Anton FLUEGEL, Magdalena
HOELSCHER, John 8 Dec 1902
HOENIG, Magdalena 19 Feb 1931 70y Unknown Unknown Hoenig, Anton Green Mount
HOERCHER, Oliver* 25 May 1942 Hoercher, Gottlieb KLOCK, Elizabeth Born 1 Apr 1900*
HOERCHLER, Sharon* 30 May 1948 Hoerchler, Harold CAUGHTON, Marie Stillborn*
HOERNER, Catherine 3 Dec 1932 42y KASSEBAUM, August Not listed, Helen Hoerner, Edward Green Mount
HOERNER, Edward W. 14 Jan 1947 58y 6m Hoerner, Nicholas KASSEBAUM, Catherine Green Mount Born 23 Jul 1888*
HOERNER, Linda 1 Oct 1949 1y Hoerner, Edward C. WIETHOFF, Kathleen Green Mount Born 14 Aug 1948*
HOERNES, Max 20 Apr 1939 75y 5m Hoernes, Lawrence HERBERT, Mary WELZBACHER, Theresa Green Mount Born 1 Dec 1863*
HOERNIS, Aloys 13 Jan 1945 51y 7m Hoernis, John HERPIN, Mary EPPLE, Rose Mt. Carmel Born 16 Jun 1893 in Smithton, IL*  Died in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis
HOERNIS, August 18 Jun 1922 19y Hoernis, Max WELZBACHER, Theresa Green Mount
HOERNIS, Rose 25 Feb 1956 EPPLE, Celestine HONER, Not listed Hoernis, Aloys Mt. Carmel Born 3 Oct 1883.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOERNIS, Shirley May 1 Sep 1930 Hoernis, Alois EPPLE, Rose Green Mount
HOERNIS, Theresa 9 May 1948 81y 2m WELZBACKER, John SCHMIERBACH, Rosina Hoernis, Max Green Mount Born 23 Mar 1867*
HOFARTH, M. Theresa 9 Oct 1855 Hofarth, Peter HEILIG, Maria Born 26 Aug 1855
HOFF, Herman B. 10 Aug 1932 71y 5m Hoff, Henry DIEKER, Anna ROEHL, Emma Green Mount
HOFF, Luella 29 Apr 1924 20y Hoff, August Green Mount
HOFF, Marian 25 Apr 1932 2y 2m Hoff, Robert SAUER, Clara Green Mount
HOFF, Raymond 25 Dec 1954 Hoff, John HUMMERT, Mary WAELTZ, Ethel Green Mount Born 24 Aug 1909
HOFF, Stephen 6 Jul 1947 44y 5m Hoff, Herman ROEHL, Emma SELLER, Mathilda Walnut Hill Said he hadn’t been feeling good for a long time*  [See record]
HOFFART, Matthew 12 May 1853 14m
HÖFFKEN (Hoeffken), Florence 15 Oct 1915 4m Hoeffken, August CORDIE, Ida Green Mount
HÖFFKEN (Hoeffken), Henry 17 Apr 1884 55y He had a family
HOFFMAN, Frank 17 Apr 1951 RIPP, Mary Green Mount Born 24 Jul 1882.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOFFMAN, Rosa 15 Mar 1939 79y 2m BOOS, George Not listed, Mary Hoffman, Joseph Green Mount Born 17 Jan 1860*
HOFFMANN, Amanda 20 Sep 1896 26y HOFFMANN, Joseph BRENNER, Rosa
HOFFMANN, Arthur 11 Jan 1939 53y 11m Hoffmann, Peter GIBBONS, Mary GAFKA, Eleanor born HUGHES Walnut Hill Born 27 Jan 1885*
HOFFMANN, Elizabeth 23 Dec 1946 90y 10m ZAHN, Balthasar Not listed, Briggitta Walnut Hill Born 9 Feb 1856*
HOFFMANN, Frank 21 Jun 1927 82y BELL, Henrietta Green Mount
HOFFMANN, Henrietta 20 Jul 1934 BOELL, John Bern. ROTH, Susanna Green Mount Born 2 Sep
HOFFMANN, Joseph 5 Feb 1916 73y Walnut Hill
HOFFMANN, Mathias 5 Apr 1874 18y Hoffmann, John Not listed, Susanna
HOFFMANN, Raymond 26 May 1948 3y Hoffmann, Leroy A. WHALEN, Mary C. Green Mount
HOFFMANN, Rosa 26 Apr 1899 53y BRENNER, Wendelin SELZ, Margaret Hoffmann, Joseph
HOFFRICHTER, Elizabeth 31 Jul 1866 11m 9d Hoffrichter, Elia Not listed, Elizabeth
HOFKE, John 4 Aug 1871 6m Hofke, Henry GLITTBERG, Bernardina
HOFRICHTER, Elizabeth 2 Oct 1885 Hofrichter, Elia WEIDENKOPF, Elizabeth Born 1 Apr 1880
HOFRICHTER, Elizabeth 20 Sep 1895 57y WEIDENKOPF, Not listed Hofrichter, Eli
HOFRICHTER, Joseph 9 Jan 1908 72y KLUGE, Augusta
HOFRICHTER, Pauline 20 Nov 1943 70y 7m Hofrichter, Joseph KLUTZ, Augusta Mt. Carmel Born 16 Apr 1873*
HOFSTETER, Leonard 26 Oct 1863 8m 15d Hofsteter, Francis HOFMAN, Margaret
HOFSTETTER, John 18 Aug 1854 1y 3m
HOHE, Margaret 5 Aug 1855 Hohe, Christian ZAHN, Elizabeth Born 14 Feb 1855
HOHNER, Anna 17 Apr 1887 25y KARULER, Not listed Hohner, George Baptized after death
HOHNER, Anton 28 Dec 1863 1y 5m 11d Hohner, Maurice Not listed, Elizabeth
HOHREIN, Edward Joseph 26 Jan 1889 1.5m Hohrein, Michael MUELLER, Margaret
HOLDENER, Amanda 7 Sep 1922 47y Holdener, Melchior REUTERMANN, Eva Green Mount
HOLDENER, Bertha 21 Nov 1891 Holdener, Wendelin REUTERMANN, Eva Born 1 May 1884.  Died of a contagious disease
HOLDENER, Catharina (Widow) 11 Jul 1896 85y IMHOFF, John Joseph SCHWANDEN, Anna Holdener, Joseph (Deceased)
HOLDENER, Constantin 21 Feb 1877 7y Holdener, Michael Not listed, Eva
HOLDENER, Crescentia 5 Aug 1853 6y
HOLDENER, Elizabeth 13 Sep 1876 8d Holdener, Melchior Not listed, Elizabeth
HOLDENER, Eva (Widow) 9 Feb 1916 Holdener, Wendelin
HOLDENER, Fridolin 16 Nov 1861 Holdener, Fidel BAMART, Ursula
HOLDENER, Joseph M. 23 Jan 1883 67y Not listed, Catharina
HOLDENER, Ludwina 15 Feb 1915 REUTERMANN, Not listed Holdener, Melchior
HOLDENER, Michael 11 Oct 1871 73y MARTIN, Anna Maria (Deceased)
HOLDENER, Michael 17 May 1902 73y Holdener, Michael MARTIN, Anna Maria BECK, Barbara
HOLDER, Albert (Convert) 3 Dec 1862 28y Holder, Laurent
HOLDER, Maria 10 Sep 1866 58y Died of cholera
HOLDNER, Anna Maria 7 Nov 1864 54y Holdner, Michael J. J.
HOLLECKE, Anna 19 Feb 1907 30y SEMRAN, Not listed Hollecke, Anton
HOLLICKE, Amanda 13 Mar 1913 25y THOM, Not listed Hollicke, Anton Green Mount
HOLLMANN, John 14 Mar 1873 [Age is listed as ?a (?y)]
HOLMES, Henry Richard 25 Sep 1881 4y 11m Holmes, John BLUER, Maria Anna
HOLMES, Margaret 25 Sep 1881 14y Holmes, John BLUER, Maria Anna
HOLSTEIN, Agnes 15 Jul 1896 1y Holstein, Friederick FENNER, Maria
HOLSTEIN, Frederich Aug 1885 43y
HOLSTEIN, Louisa 17 Sep 1891 GOTTLING, Not listed Born 10 Mar 1839 in Oberweda, Westphalia
HOLTKAMP, August C. 17 Apr 1956 Holtkamp, Henry ALBERS, Mary JANSSEN HOFF, Dena St. Pancreatius in Fayetteville Born 11 Feb 1882.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HOLTKAMP, Catherine 30 Mar 1943 72y 9m DUECKES, Henry BAXYMIER, Anna Holtkamp, Not listed Calvary Cemetery From St. Louis, MO
HOMBERGER, Carl 31 Aug 1867 1y 6m 8d Homberger, Johann SCHUCH, Elizabeth
HONARA, Zilieren 29 Jul 1867 30d Hon_ara, Shemoti SMIDT, Maria
HONER, Carolina (Widow) 21 Jun 1919 75y 10m Honer, Maurice (Deceased) Walnut Hill
HONER, Elizabeth 21 Mar 1879 44y 10m Honer, Maurice
HONER, Jerome 17 Sep 1925 10d Honer, Jerome Green Mount
HONER, Joseph 17 Dec 1891 22y Hohner, Maurice FISCHER, Elizabeth
HONER, Mary 28 Mar 1926 56y OESTERLE, Not listed Honer, Moritz Green Mount
HONER, Moritz 28 Nov 1916 85y HUBER, Carolina Walnut Hill
HONER, Moritz 19 Oct 1938 67y 2m Honer, Moritz PHILSTER, Elizabeth OESTERLE, Mary Green Mount Born 29 Jul 1871; died in Culver City, CA*
HONER, Mrs. Anna Maria 28 Jul 1851 51y
HONER, Norma 17 Aug 1923 2y Honer, Jerome VOLLMER, Irma Walnut Hill
HONER, Theodore 18 Dec 1956 Honer, Maurice Not listed, Elizabeth SCHMITTLING, Mary Born 1 Sep 1869.  Died at Rest Haven Nursing Home
HONLARTOHR [?], Joseph Leon 20 Feb 1855 50y
HOODE, Frank 9 Aug 1881 3y Hoode, Michael Not listed, Margaret
HOPF, Francis Joseph 16 Oct 1863 8d Hopf, Francis Not listed, Johanna
HOPFINGER, Gottlieb John 9 Sep 1905 1y Hopfinger, William ACKERMANN, Barbara
HOPFINGER, William* 24 Jul 1949 57y MENDER, Nettie* Green Mount Born 21 Jul; died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
HOPFLINGER, Arthur Francis 15 Jul 1896 19m Hopflinger, William ACKERMANN, Barbara
HOPHINGER, Thomas 18 Jul 1854 11y
HOPKINS, David 22 Dec 1859 41y Hopkins, James CHAENDLERS, Maria
HOPP, Apollonia 8 Apr 1882 36y Hopp, Thomas (Deceased)
HORN, Godfried 16 Feb 1910 66y KEMPF, Margaret Green Mount
HORNBERGER, Carl 22 Jul 1868 5m Hornberger, Johann Not listed, Elizabeth
HORNBERGER, Louisa 22 Mar 1955 BECKER, Fred Not listed, Lugatta Hornberger, John Walnut Hill Born 23 Sep 1857.  Died at Alton State Hospital
HORST, John 2 Dec 1878 1d Horst, Gustav THIROT, Emma
HORTHMANN, Julius 3 Oct 1870 8m Horthmann, Carl DAUBACH, Catharina
HORTOIN, Clemens Adolf 6 Sep 1892 Hortoin, Dominic GRANDCOLAS, Maria Born 29 Aug 1892 & baptized privately.
HOTTENROT, John Adam 2 Aug 1878 3y 7m 1d Hottenrot, Adam OTTO, Catharina
HOTTENROT, Maria Dorothea 2 Aug 1878 4y 11m 18d Hottenrot, Adam OTTO, Catharina
HOTTENROT, Sophia 29 Jul 1878 2y 1m 23d Hottenrot, Adam OTTO, Catharina
HOTTENROTT, Catharina 7 Mar 1884 50y Hottenrott, Adam
HOTTENROTT, George 2 Oct 1868 1y 7m Hottenrott, Adam OTHO, Catharina
HOUDE, Josephina 20 Aug 1881 3m Houde, Mich. MADER, Maria [Last name is overwritten]
HOULIHAN, Maria 26 Apr 1853 30y
HOUSTON, William 19 Sep 1954 Houston, Henry MARTIN, Lucinda Mt. Carmel Born 12 Dec 1867; (Died in Atkinson Nursing Home*)
HOVEN, Alexia 16 Jan 1865 8y  Hoven, Jacob
HOWARD, Maria Elizabeth 28 Jan 1919 84y From Portland, OR
HOWELL, Mary 29 Mar 1936 72y Stark, John ROTH, Catherine Howell, John Walnut Hill *
HRZEL, Jacob 9 Aug 1851 5m
HUBER, Frank 12 May 1948 64y Huber, Casper ACKERMAN, Mary ACKERMAN, Eleanora Mt. Carmel
HUBER, Louis 5 Apr 1910 56y WOLLSCHOCK, Anna Green Mount
HUBER, Stephan 18 Oct 1846 40y
HUBERT, William 16 Jul 1945 66y 8m Hubert, Charles SIEFERT, Mary HUMMEL, Eleanor Walnut Hill Born 15 Nov 1879*
HUBSCHMIDT, John (Widower) 22 Dec 1919 69y Green Mount
HUBSCHMIDT, William 20 Feb 1956 Hubschmidt, John MILLER, Elizabeth REEB, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 2 Mar 1887.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HUCK, Barbara 22 Jan 1876 1y 6m Huck, Joseph Not listed, Christina
HUCK, Maria Magdalena 22 Jan 1876 4y 2m Huck, Joseph Not listed, Christina
HUDSON, Patercitum [Patrick?] 2 Jan 1853 35y
HUEGLE, Rose 28 Feb 1948 Huegle, Jacob Walnut Hill
HUFF, Robert W. 6 Jan 1957 Huff, Walter A. EBERT, Leta BRODEN, Virginia Mt. Carmel Born 19 Jul 1908.  Baptized in 1902.
HUG, Anton 8 Jan 1878 58y 3d WILLI, Regina
HUG, Anton Rudolph 4 Jan 1865 5m Hug, Melchior WÜRST (Wuerst), Ferena
HUG, Johann Fr. 31 Jul 1866 2m 24d Hug, Melchior Not listed, Ferena
HUGG, Andrew 1 May 1883 2y 4m HUG, Joseph RINDERER, Christina
HUGHES, Bridget (Widow) 6 Oct 1916 62y Hughes, James (Deceased) Mt. Olive – St. Louis, MO She had a lot at this cemetery.  She was the mother-in-law of Mr. SCHENULBACH
HUGHES, Jacob 1 Dec 1919 37y THOMAS, Sara Walnut Hill [See record]
HULLER, Maria 30 Aug 1918 54y Huller, Nicholas Green Mount
HUMBERT, Helen 7 Nov 1952 WOLSCHOCK, Joseph BUTZ, Julia Humbert, John St. Mary in Chester, IL Born 12 Aug 1876.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
HUMMEL, Carolina 23 Jan 1851 10y 6m
HUMMEL, Eleonora 19 Jan 1914 63y Hummel, William Green Mount
HUMMEL, Jacob Jan 1851 55y
HUMMEL, John 9 Mar 1851 15y
HUMMEL, Michael 12 May 1852 30y
HUMMEL, Mrs. Catharina  2 Nov 1850 New Catholic cemetery
HUMMEL, William 9 Dec 1930 80y SCHMIDT, Eleonora Green Mount
HUNDSDOERFER, Agnes 8 Oct 1844 7y
HUNDSDOERFER, Maria Rosa 12 May 1853 Born 18 Jan 1853
HUNDSDOERFER, Not listed 20 Aug 1852 45y
HUNDSDOERFER, Theresa 12 Aug 1849 38y
HURLEY, Jacob 26 May 1904 Died in the County Farm
HURST, Agatha 9 Jul 1856 8y Hurst, John SERRER, Marianna
HURST, Emma 26 Feb 1880 30y Hurst, August
HURST, Gustav 13 Jan 1883 5m 3d Hurst, Gustav BLAYS, Emma
HURST, Henry 30 May 1887 9y Hurst, Isidore KAEST, Victoria
HURST, John 25 Jan 1873 3w Hurst, Gustav Not listed, Emma
HUSCHLE, Anton 10 Dec 1865 37y EICHELE, Catharina
HUSCHLE, Catharina 20 Sep 1860 1y 6m Huschle, Anton MECHLE, Catharina
HUSCHLE, Catharina 7 Mar 1919 83y Huschle, Anton Green Mount
HUSCHLE, Edwina 12 Mar 1906 6y 6m Huschle, August WOLUHREK [?], Theresa Died in St. Vincent Hospital
HUSCHLE, Joseph 26 Apr 1891 Huschle, Anton (Died 1865) ECHELLE, Catharina Born Feb 1864
HUSCHLE, Maria 30 Aug 1864 Unknown Unknown
HUSS, Elmar George 11 Nov 1911 10d Huss, Francis NEUMANN, Julia Green Mount
HUSS, Frank 5 Feb 1934 76y 6m Huss, Frank ZINK, Eva ALBRECHT, Mary Mt. Carmel
HUSS, Frank 14 Jan 1954 Huss, Frank ALBRECHT, Mary NEWMANN, Julia Mt. Carmel Born 25 Oct 1886.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
HUSS, Maria 28 Apr 1918 61y Huss, Francis Mt. Carmel
HUTH, Maria 1 Apr 1886 3y Huth, Bernard SCHOENSTEIN, Maria
HUZ, Alexander 7 Feb 1899 25y Died in the County Farm



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