Cathedral of St. Peter (Belleville) Catholic Burials (C – F)

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Burials ( C – F )

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CAIN, John 13 Mar 1848 50y
CALLVILLE, Maria 22 May 1882 35y Unknown
CAMMEL, Not listed 25 Jul 1864 Cammel, Daniel
CANAVAN, Margaret 24 Aug 1871 9m Canavan, Jacob Not listed, Margaret
CANGA, Louisa 20 Aug 1873 33y Canga, Paul
CANGE, Emil 17 May 1872 4y Cange, Paul Not listed, Louisa
CANGE, Frank P. 17 Feb 1949 78y Cange, Paul CHIVORON, Louisa KRIEG, Emma Green Mount Born 31 Dec 1871*
CANGE, George 25 Jul 1881 3m Cange, Paul DEVELLE, Dorothea
CANGE, Louisa 12 Oct 1941 65y 2m VOELLINGER, Joseph BUDDE, Helen Cange, Frank Green Mount Born 5 Sep 1876*
CANGE, Victor 22 May 1932 55y 7m Cange, Paul GRIMMIG, Mary Green Mount
CAREY, Patrick 16 Jul 1849 40y
CARLTON, III, Robert Milton 30 Dec 1956 Carlton, Jr., Robert Milton VERNIER, Virginia Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 14 Feb 1947.  Shot by accident
CARREL, Maria 12 Sep 1864
CARRILLON, John 27 Dec 1950 Carrillon, Henry HERMANN, Emma Green Mount Born 20 Feb 1871. Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
CARY, Thomas 10 Jun 1948 75y Cary, James CARRELL, Catherine Calvary in St. Louis, MO Born in Tipperary, Ireland*
CASPAR, Fridolin 11 Apr 1890 4y Caspar, Francis BEINLIG, Hedwig
CASSENBAUM, Wilhelm 7 May 1872 4y Cassenbaum, Wilhelm Not listed, Catharina
CASSIA, Sister Elizabeth 16 Jul 1883 32y Sister of Notre Dame
CAUGE, Wilhelmina 29 Jun 1917 38y Cauge, Paul Not listed, Dora Green Mount
CAUGE, William B. 6 Jan 1912 7d Cauge, William B. Green Mount
CAVANAUGH, Michael 29 Dec 1901
CENTRALL, George 30 Nov 1894 Centrall, John Born 26 Jun 1870 near Falling Springs.  [Birth date is smudged]
CERNEKA, Peter 22 Jan 1955 Cerneka, Mathew KOS, Antonia Green Mount Born 23 May 1880 (In Roch Austria*)
CERNY, Paul 24 Oct 1923 11m Cerny, Paul KOHLER, Florentia Green Mount
CHANGE, Louisa 18 Dec 1866 3y Change, Paul MAMELI, Louisa
CHANUEL, John 30 Nov 1847 25y [Age of 50y is crossed out]
CHARETAN, Joseph 15 Jan 1853 65y
CHENOT, August 5 Jan 1923 94y Walnut Hill
CHENOT, Benjamin 15 Aug 1907 31y Chenot, August BOUL, Elizabeth Died in St. Louis
CHENOT, Emmanuel 9 Jan 1849 6y St. Peter
CHENOT, Hattie 4 Sep 1944 82y 4m Chenot, Henry BIEBEL, Maria Old Shiloh Cemetery
CHENOT, Henry 13 Oct 1900 73y Chenot, John Joseph Not listed, Maria Barbara
CHENOT, Ida 20 Dec 1921 59y Chenot, Not listed Green Mount
CHENOT, Johann Joseph 13 Jan 1863 74y 9m 11d
CHENOT, Joseph August 1 Oct 1858 3m Chenot, August Not listed, Elizabeth
CHENOT, William Edgar 25 Mar 1947 79y 8m Chenot, Augustus BOUL, Elizabeth Walnut Hill
CHENOTS, Mary Barbara 4 Aug 1849 50y
CHERMAIN, Jacob 6 Aug 1846 10m Chermain, Hyacinth GUNDLACH, Anna Maria
CHERMING, Adam 28 Sep 1864 30y GASS, Christina
CHERMING, Josephina 20 Feb 1864 1y 4m Cherming, Peter KERN, Magdalena
CHERMING, Magdalena 12 Feb 1864 36y 1m KERN, Johann SCHAEFER, Margaret
CHERMING, Maria 30 Jan 1864 53y CARLSKIND, Sebastian Cherming, Louis
CHEVIRON, Claudius August 2 Oct 1880 67y
CHOUINARD, Catherine Dorothy 17 Apr 1937 21y 3m Chouinard, Walter ALEXANDER, Lyde Green Mount Born 2 Jan 1916*
CHOUINARD, Lydia 30 Nov 1953 (ALEXANDER*) Chouinard, Walter Green Mount Born 26 Oct 1884.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
CHOUINARD, Walter 4 Jul 1946 63y 6m Chouinard, Xavier ALEXANDER, Lydia Green Mount Born 29 Dec 1882*
CHRISTIAN, Barbara 18 Jan 1889 22y Christian, Carl RENNER, Anna Maria Died in St. Louis, MO
CHRISTIAN, Catharina 20 Jun 1851 25y
CHRISTMAN, Anna Maria 28 Dec 1887 2y Christman, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth
CHRISTMAN, Anthony 7 May 1954 Christman, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth BRUMDAGE, Jessie MArie Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1876 (1870*)
CHRISTMAN, Anton 13 May 1924 88y SCHAEFER, Elizabeth
CHRISTMAN, Elizabeth 22 Mar 1919 70y Christman, Anton Green Mount
CHRISTMAN, Victor 18 Oct 1944 66y 1m Christman, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth SAUER, Elizabeth (Deceased) & Louise WEISS Green Mount Born 15 Sep 1878*
CHRISTMANN, Catherine 31 Jan 1942 60y 1m MINNERT, August FRANCIS, Anna Christmann, Tony T. J. (His first wife still lives.  Married Catherine via civil ceremony) Green Mount
CHRISTMANN, Elizabeth 9 Feb 1905 23y SAUER, Jacob CALLAGHAN, Maria
CHRISTMANN, Francis 1 Aug 1877 8d Christmann, Anton Not listed, Elizabeth
CHRISTMANN, George 27 Sep 1898 24y Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth
CHRISTMANN, Ida 12 Jul 1948 KLAMM, Christian CATTIG, Anna Christmann, Amand Green Mount Born 27 Dec 1872
CHRISTMANN, Ida 12 Jul 1948 75y 7m KLAMM, Christian SATTIG, Anna Christman, Amand Green Mount Duplicate entry
CHRISTMANN, Mechtilda 16 Feb 1904 17y SCHER, John GAERDNER, Catharina Christmann, Amand
CHRISTMANN, Olinda 6 Jan 1896 15m Christmann, Anton SCHAEFER, Elizabeth
CHRISTMANN, Olinda 28 Aug 1905 8m Christmann, Victor SAUER, Elizabeth
CHRISTMANN, Philipp 30 Aug 1914 46y TROESTER, Ellen Green Mount
CHRISTMANN, Ruth 24 Jun 1911
CHRISTOFF, Maria 21 Oct 1853 Infant Baptized privately.
CHRISTOPH, Clarence P. 19 May 1930 Infant Christoph, Frank HAUSMAN, Louise Smithton, IL
CHUSE, Aria 20 Nov 1891 6y Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha Died of diphtheria
CHUSE, Bartholomew 24 Aug 1905 20y Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha
CHUSE, Bertha 19 Oct 1930 75y Chuse, Peter Green Mount
CHUSE, Ferdinand Friederich 29 Jun 1882 11m Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha
CHUSE, Henry 19 Jan 1897 4y Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha
CHUSE, John Alphonse 6 Dec 1888 5m Chuse, Peter ROMEIS, Bertha
CHUSE, Karl John 13 Jul 1916 10m Chuse, Aloysius INEZ, Ida Green Mount
CILI, Rosa 1 Apr 1920 24y Green Mount Left small baby & husband
CLARK, Genovesa 5 Oct 1950 BIEKERT, Dominic HERMAN, Loretta Clark, John W. Green Mount Born 25 Jun 1927.  Died at Scott Field (Base hospital*)
CLASSEN, David John 8 Jul 1932 15h Classen, Frank FOURNIE, Florence Green Mount From French Village
CLAUS, Agnes Maria 7 Feb 1894 Claus, William WOTTOWA, Theresa Born 15 Jul 1892
CLAUS, Albert Michael 7 May 1898 6d Claus, William WOTTOWA, Theresa
CLAUS, Bertha 21 Aug 1892 Claus, Joseph SCHALLERT, Laura Born 16 Jul 1891
CLAUS, Edward Joseph 30 Sep 1889 1d Claus (Zurmuehlen), William WOTTOWA, Theresa
CLAUS, Francis 3 May 1852 40y
CLAUS, Friederich (Convert from Protestant) 19 Sep 1894 ZURMÜHLEN (Zurmuehlen), Wilhelmina Born 3 Sep 1821 in Heininger, Hannover.
CLAUS, H. 10 Apr 1853 50y
CLAUS, Louis 10 Apr 1887 1.5y Claus, Louis SEEGER, Maria
CLAUS, Maria Agnes 1 Aug 1872 1d
CLAUS, Maria Carolina 19 Feb 1852 Claus, Francis ZELLINGER, Marianna Born 2 Jan 1852
CLAUS, Maria Elizabeth 27 Dec 1872 2y Claus, Louis Not listed, Maria
CLAUS, Michael 15 Dec 1854 60y
CLAUS, Theresa 12 Apr 1939 74y 6m WOTTOWA, John LUCASH, Mary Claus, William J. Green Mount Born 15 Oct 1864*
CLAUS, Wilhelm J. 7 May 1931 65y ZUR MUHLEN, Charles Not listed, Mary WOTTOWA, Teresa Green Mount
CLEMENS, Lawrence 11 May 1849 39y
CLEVER, Anna 1 Oct 1887 11y 6m Clever, Jacob BOHNERT, Elizabeth
CLEVER, Herman 28 Jun 1916 23y Clever, Herman KOOPMAN, Louisa Green Mount
CLEVER, Katharina Elizabeth Wilhelmina 19 Jul 1881 7m Clever, Jacob BONNET, Elizabeth
CLUS, Andrew 17 Apr 1847 3y
COBI, Anna Maria 8 Jul 1888 Cobi, William GUENTHER, Judith
CODAY, Tillie 16 Sep 1935 BOISSEAU, Louis KRAEMER, Emma Coday, Ben Green Mount From East St. Louis, IL
Coelestina, Venerable Sister 24 Oct 1894 Died in Notre Dame Convent
COELLING, Sophia 4 Sep 1847 20y LOTZ, Not listed [This person appears in the marriage book as Louisa born Lotz wife of Christian CADLEN 19y]
COFFY, Johann Laurent 14 Feb 1862 1y 6m Coffy, Johann ECKERT, Elizabeth
COGAN, Patricia Anna 8 Dec 1943 6d Cogan, Thomas EVANS, Chorene Green Mount Born 2 Dec 1943*  ‘Baptized at St. Elizabeth Hospital
COLE, Aaron Richard 1 Aug 1940 1y 7m Cole, Ruben SCHOEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born at Pana, IL 26 Dec 1938
COLE, Gorgia Ann 30 Dec 1936 1w Cole, Ruben SCHOEN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 22 Dec 1936*
COLLINS, Cecilia 7 Dec 1941 36y 8m SCHAUBERT, John SCHILLING, Anna Magdalena Collins, George A. Green Mount Born 19 Mar 1905*
COLLINS, Elizabeth 9 Oct 1898 Collins, Walter FLUCK, Elizabeth Baptized right after birth
COLLINS, Ellen 10 Jun 1941 83y 11m Green Mount
COLLINS, Jos. R. 30 Dec 1881 53y SUMMER, Catharina
COLLINS, Walther 24 Oct 1903 Collins, Walter FLUCK, Elizabeth Private Baptism
COMPTON, Camilla 15 Sep 1955 DEYER, John MCADAMS, Margaret Compton, Joseph Mt. Carmel Born 17 Apr 1909.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
CONCENTIN, Thomas 10 Jan 1881 3y Concentin, John Not listed, Harietts
CONKLIN, Mildred Agnes 15 Aug 1934 1d Conklin, John KOERNER, Mildred Green Mount
CONNALLY, Maria 13 Mar 1847 75y
CONNORS, Jacob 24 Oct 1898 46y Died in the hospital of the County Farm
CONRAD, Eva 29 Nov 1884 59y Conrad, Francis
CONRAD, Mildred 27 Dec 1927 8y Conrad, Rudolph Green Mount
CONWAY, Helen 5 Oct 1942 49y 3m JOHNSON, Charles Conway, Arthur Green Mount Born 8 Jun 1893*
COOP, Thomas (Widower) 11 Jan 1917 68y WHITESIDE, Maria Green Mount Didn’t go to church for 20 years.
CORCORAN, Elizabeth 29 Oct 1932 80y 6m Corcoran, John O’NEIL, Mary Green Mount
CORDIE, Dominick 1 Nov 1938 89y Cordie, Dominick HAFFNER, Mary LORBER, Helen Green Mount Born 25 Dec 1848; family member of Holy Name*
CORDIE, Helen 3 Nov 1922 48y Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helen Green Mount
CORDIE, Helena 6 Feb 1943 93y 6m LORBER, Frank Not listed, Mary Cordie, Dominic Green Mount Born 30 Jul 1849 in Alsace Lorraine; married Dominic 23 Oct 1870*
CORDIE, Infant 7 Dec 1927 1h Cordie, Joseph DENGLER, Not listed Green Mount
CORDIE, Joseph Phil. 24 Jun 1937 52y 4m Cordie, Dominic LORBER, Helen DENGLER, Olga Green Mount Born 7 Feb 1885*
CORDIE, Maria 15 Aug 1886 68y Cordie, Dominic
CORDIE, Maria (Widow) 27 Jul 1916 66y Cordie, Nicholas (Deceased) Green Mount
CORDIE, Nic 3 Dec 1929 49y SCHLINGER, Anna Green Mount
CORDIE, Nicolaus 30 Jun 1884 37y
CORDIE, Olga 13 Feb 1950 DENGLER, Not listed* Cordie, Joe Green Mount Born 10 Jul 1888.  Died at St. Elizabeth
CORNELIUS, Infant 31 Jul 1853 6m
CORTIER, Dominick 3 Nov 1879 2y 11m Cortier, Dominick LORBEER, Helena
CORTIER, Margaret 4 Nov 1879 4y 9m Cortier, Dominick LORBEER, Helena
CORTONA, Venerable Sister Maria of Notre Dame 16 Mar 1904 Maria In Repa [?]
COURAR, Catharina 26 Dec 1887 6y Courar, John REICHERT, Maria
COURAR, John 23 May 1893 48y Courar, Nicholas WEISKOPF, Elizabeth Born 1846 in Germany
COURAR, John W. 15 Nov 1951 Courar, John REICHERT, Mary Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
COURAR, Mary (Widow) 25 Feb 1926 72y REICHERT, Not listed Courar, John (Deceased) Green Mount
COURTIER, Charles 28 May 1873 60y Not listed, Adela
COURTIER, Dominic 15 Aug 1861 Courtier, Dominic KLEIN, Margaret
COURTIER, Joseph 23 Oct 1858 7m Courtier, Dominic Not listed, Maria
COUSIN, Francisca 30 Aug 1893 DRENGER, Joseph (Deceased) ROSENBACH, Magdalena Cousin, Joseph Born 1842 in Morzweiler, Germany
CRASS, Catharina 14 Dec 1893 EIMER, Not listed Crass, Lothar (Deceased) Born 3 Mar 1818 in Goos Kaubach, Bavaria
CRASS, George 20 May 1890 3y Crass, George KEMPF, Sophia
CRASS, George 12 Apr 1909 51y KEMPF, Sophia
CRASS, Lothar 27 Sep 1893 Crass, John Not listed, Maria Born 3 May 1807 in Wassan
CRASS, Sophie 27 Feb 1929 65y KEMPF, Not listed Crass, George Green Mount
CROUCH, Deborah 13 May 1955 Crouch, Elmer SPREITLER, Henrietta Mt. Carmel Born 16 Mar 1953
CULLEN, M. Anna 4 Sep 1853 13m Cullen, John
CURAR, Maria 16 Dec 1878 27y Curar, John
CURRUS, Josepha 16 Feb 1882 80y 13d KLORER, Not listed Currus, Francis Anton
CYRILLA, Sister Maria 10 Jul 1881
CZARNECKI, Praxedis 2 May 1940 75y 11m PIERDZIERCK, Frank RUJEH, Ruraloys Czarnecki, Theodore Green Mount Born 26 May 1864 in Posen Germany; died at her daughter Mrs. Elizabeth NOWRACKI in St. Louis.  Member of O.L.P.H. & 3rd Order*
CZERNECKI, Theodore 2 Mar 1911 50y Green Mount
DAEMMERLE, Anna 24 Jan 1933 65y Daemmerle, John HERR, Eva Walnut Hill
DAENZER, Francis Jacob 25 Jul 1881 10m Daenzer, Anton NEUTZLING, Susanna
DAGNE, Adam 13 Jun 1896 85y WINKELMANN, Eva
DAGNE, Anna Maria 1 Oct 1873 5w Dagne, Adam Not listed, Eva
DAGNE, Bertha L. 24 May 1951 FUNSCH, Alexander WEHRUNG, Catherine Dagne, Valentine Green Mount Born 26 Jul 1865.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DAGNE, Eva (Widow) 15 Mar 1910 84y Dagne, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
DAGNE, Valentine 10 Dec 1942 79y 8m Dagne, Adam WINKELMAN, Evangeline FUNSCH, Bertha Green Mount Born 6 Apr 1863*
DAHLMANN, Agnes 12 Jan 1923 73y Dahlmann, Herman Green Mount
DAHLMANN, Herman 7 Jan 1933 77y 6m SPRINGOPF, Agnes Green Mount Died at the Alton State Hospital
DAHLMANN, Sophia 30 May 1956 MOESSINGER, Fred RODENBERG, Elizabeth Dahlmann, William Green Mount Born 8 Aug 1898.  Died in St. Mary Hospital Clayton, MO
DAHM, Anton 26 Dec 1861 1d Dahm, Anton Not listed, Anna Maria
DAHM, Barbara 16 Feb 1891 WAGNER, Not listed Dahm, Jacob (Deceased) Born 20 Oct 1826 in Berndorf
DAHM, Carolina 14 Mar 1884 5d Dahm, George
DAHM, Infant 12 Jan 1919 Dahm, William VOELLINGER, Irma Green Mount
DAHM, Johann 26 Dec 1845 6d
DAHM, Johann 5 Mar 1860 41y Dahm, John Not listed, Catharine
DAHM, John 18 Dec 1849 63y
DAHM, Katharina (Widow) 11 Feb 1859 78y Dahm, John (Deceased) Died 9 Feb 1859
DAHM, Louis 1908 [Appears between 18 & 28 Feb 1908]
DAHM, Norbert J. 9 May 1918 1m Dahm, William VOELLINGER, Irma Green Mount
DAILEY, Thomas 18 Feb 1850 50y
DALEY, John 16 Apr 1864 50y CONLY, Bridget
DALY, Anna 30 Sep 1862 1y 8m Daly, John CONNOLY, Bridget
DAMERICH, Anton 26 Oct 1887 85y
DAMERICH, Catharina 13 Nov 1887 79y Damerich, Anton
DAMERICH, Martin 25 Sep 1855 22y
DAMMARICH, Anna M. 14 Oct 1858 19y Dammarich, Anton Not listed, Anna Maria (Deceased)
DAMMERICH, Adam 30 Apr 1927 85y BOUL, Frances A. Mt. Carmel
DAMMERICH, Adam 5 Jan 1948 79y Dammerich, Adam BOUL, Frances JUNG, Tillie Mt. Carmel
DAMMERICH, Adolph Henry 6 Dec 1891 Dammerich, Mich. DOSER, Elizabeth Born 29 Aug 1888.  Died of a contagious disease.
DAMMERICH, Catherine 29 Apr 1945 70y 5m WEYHAUPT, Hieronymus ARMSTUTZ, Charlotte Dammerich, William J. Green Mount Born 18 Nov 1874*
DAMMERICH, Emanuel 6 Oct 1918 41y Green Mount Died at Asylum in Anna, IL
DAMMERICH, Frances 22 Sep 1927 84y BOUL, Not listed Dammerich, Adam Green Mount
DAMMERICH, Jacob 11 Jan 1899 91y HEUSLE, Margaret
DAMMERICH, William 24 Oct 1945 71y 11m Dammerich, Adam BOLER, Frances WEYHAUPT, Catherine Green Mount Born 11 Mar 1878*  Died in Alton, IL Hospital
DAMMRICH, Catharina 29 Mar 1909 24y BAUER, Not listed Dammrich, Emanuel
DAMMRICH, Eva 9 Nov 1870 68y Dammrich, Jakob
DAMMRICH, Eva Maria 31 Aug 1879 13m Dammrich, Adam POHL, Francisca
DAMMRICH, George 25 Mar 1915 33y Dammrich, Adam BOUL, Francesca Mt. Carmel
DAMMRICH, Maria Eleonora 7 May 1894 10m 10d Dammrich, Michael DOSER, Elizabeth
DAMSKY, Albert 31 Jul 1879 67y Not listed, Victoria
DAMSKY, Joseph 12 Nov 1884 23y Damsky, Not listed
DANBAIGNA, Lidia 18 Dec 1854 St. Mary de Mont Carmel
DANCK, Alfred 26 Oct 1914 23y Danck, Francis LINHOFF, Elizabeth Green Mount
DANCK, Joseph 26 Dec 1929 59y DERMUTZ, Josephine Green Mount [Wanck?]
DANIELS, Anna 22 Jul 1885 1y 9m Daniels, William BOUL, Magdalena
DANIELS, Gertrude 7 Sep 1911 Green Mount
DANTEL, Maria 18 Apr 1865 1d Dantel, Michael MOTT, Josepha
DARSCH, Caroline (Widow) 14 Feb 1918 75y Darsch, Val. (Deceased) Mt. Carmel From East St. Louis.  Died at St. Vincent Hospital
DAUBACH, Amalia 30 Sep 1892 SPIEKER, Not listed Daubach, Peter (Deceased) Born 1826
DAUBACH, Catharina 3 Nov 1887 77y Daubach, Adam
DAUBACH, Catharina 9 Oct 1912 53y Daubach, Fr. C. Green Mount
DAUBACH, Eda 14 Feb 1873 3y Daubach, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth
DAUBACH, Emma 24 Feb 1873 1y Daubach, Jacob Not listed, Elizabeth
DAUBACH, George 25 Nov 1898 1y Daubach, George KREITNER, Elizabeth
DAUBACH, Irma 25 Oct 1932 41y 4m Daubach, Fred FORNSCH, Catherine Green Mount Died in St. Louis
DAUBACH, Jacob (Widower) 28 Feb 1920 38y Walnut Hill
DAUBACH, Maria 2 Mar 1887 18y Daubach, Jacob STOCK, Elizabeth
DAUBACH, Peter 29 Jan 1888 57y Not listed, Amalia
DAUPART, Louisa 2 Feb 1855 St. Mary de Mont Carmel
DAVIS, Augusta 14 Feb 1940 43y 10m KINDLER, Anthony HORTMANN, Rosalia Gundlach, Alphonse – Divorced.  Jefferson Davis.  [See record] Green Mount Died in Koch Hospital
DAVIS, George 1 Nov 1927 57y MEYER, Rose
DAVIS, Harry 16 Mar 1923 19y Davis, George REINHARDT, Elizabeth Mascoutah, IL
DAVIS, James A. 7 Sep 1955 Davis, Sr., James Unknown LERCHER, Emma Walnut Hill Born 30 Sep 1873.
DAVIS, Mary 25 Dec 1934 BOLAND, Michael HAYES, Margaret 1. Frank WHITE; 2. Thomas MAYS; 3. William Davis Green Mount Born 5 Dec 185_.  From St. Louis
DAWITZ, Aloisia 4 Oct 1852 Dawitz, Ferdinand STENDEL, Frederica Born 19 Jul 1852
DAY, Maria 29y 10m MUELLER, Michael PETER, Magdalena Day, Pat [Appears between 15 Dec & 23 Dec 1862]
DAYTON, Patrick 23 Aug 1899 43y Green Mount From Decatur.  Died in the County Farm
DE DEO, Venerable Sister Maria 23 Dec 1875 [Parents listed belong to next entry.]
DE HAY, Anna Oct 1864 5m De Hay, Stephan GUI, Anna
DE HAY, Johann 29 Mar 1861 6y 2m De Hay, Stephan GUI, Johanna
DE HAY, Josephina 13 Sep 1860 16d De Hay, Stephan ZEUT, Anna
DE HAY, Mary 26 Nov 1870 73y De Hay, Stephan
DEE, Patrick 1 Apr 1920 Green Mount Died in County Farm
DEERING, Magdalena 6 Dec 1927 HELFRICH, Not listed Deering, Elmar
DEGENHARDT, Theodore 24 Sep 1938 20y 3m Degenhardt, George VOGT, Emma Green Mount Born 9 Jun 1918*
DEHUIS, Constantin 31 Jul 1856 3m Dehuis, Stephan GUY, Anna
DEIEN, Henry 25 May 1945 60y 3m Green Mount
DEIMLING, George [Appears between 13 & 22 Sep 1910]
DEIMLING, Margaret (Widow) 3 Apr 1919 77y Deimling, George (Deceased) Green Mount
DEISS, Magdalena (Widow) 4 Dec 1859 54y Deiss, Louis Died 3 Dec 1859
DEKUM, Frank 5 Nov 1928 76y LOUIS, Josephine Walnut Hill
DEKUM, Joseph 27 Jun 1954 Dekum, Frank LOUIS, Josephine KESSLER, Corine Green Mount Born 15 Aug 1897.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
DEKUM, Josephina 5 Jan 1920 65y Dekum, Francis Green Mount Mother of Ethelberta de Notre Dame
DEKUM, Margaret Jos. 3 Sep 1916 1d Dekum, Julius AYDT, Cecilia Walnut Hill Baptized by Dr. Irwin
DELLEMANN, Valentin 7 Jun 1908 Dellemann, George SCHNEIDER, Margaret
DELPRA, Antonio 11 Nov 1872 30y DELPRAW, Laurent RIZZO, Angiola Born 1840
DEMERL, Phillip Henry 16 Jun 1866 11m Demerle, Johann HERR, Eva
DEMERLE, Francis 2 Jul 1865 21y Demerle, William Not listed, Margaret
DEMERLE, William 22 Dec 1860 50y 2m Demerle, Francis Not listed, Eva
DEMMERLE, Eva (Widow) 30 Nov 1908 70y HERR, Not listed Demmerle, John (Deceased)
DENGLER, Catharina 6 Dec 1897 1y Dengler, Carl SCHOEN, Theresa
DENGLER, Charles 9 Sep 1941 88y 2m Dengler, Carl HAUSER, Barbara SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa Green Mount
DENGLER, John J. 16 Nov 1955 Dengler, Charles SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa FALK, Kathryn Green Mount Born 6 Feb 1891.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital.  [See record]
DENGLER, Peter 28 Jun 1896 2y Dengler, Carl SCHOENHOFEN, Theresa
DENIS, Catharina 23 Oct 1865 27y DUFRAME, Francis LEONARD, Adelhaid
DENIS, Constantin 23 Jul 1865 1y 8m Denis, Constantin DEI FRAN [?], Catharina
DENSLINGER, Peter 5 Apr 1896 2w Denslinger, Peter HALE, Sara (Non-Catholic)
DENTON, Donald 3d Green Mount [Appears in Sep 1948 entries]
DENZHAGER, Michael 11 Aug 1881 3w Denzhager, Peter
DEPENDENER, M. Carolina 9 Aug 1852 9m Dependener, Martin HOLER, A. Maria
DEPENDENER, Martin 8 Aug 1852 30y
DEPPE, Maria 30 Apr 1926 64y Deppe, Henry Green Mount
DERLETH, Carolina Jos. 22 Jul 1866 5m Derleth, Gerhard LINNHOFF, Julia
DERLETH, Peter 1 Feb 1852
DERLETH, Peter Joseph 1 Mar 1877 3m Derleth, Gerhard Not listed, Julia
DERNJAC, Martin 30 Apr 1945 69y 6m Dernjac, Frank PLASNIK, Marie Green Mount Born 7 Nov 1875*
DERRICHSON, Amos 29 Sep 1956 Derrichson, John ARNOLD, Lottie None Walnut Hill Born 27 Mar 1902.  Died in Cairo, IL
DESHES, Josephine 23 Apr 1854 7y 9m
DETTENMAYER, Agnes 7 Oct 1883 5m Dettenmayer, Jacob
DEUTSCH, Not listed [Appears between25 & 26 Feb 1913]
DEVEAUX, John Baptist 30 Mar 1897 64y CHENOT, Maria Anna From French Village
DEVEAUX, Maria Anna (Widow) 28 Apr 1905 74y DEVEAUX, John Joseph FISTERER, Maria Deveaux, John Baptists From French Village
DEWEIN, Infant 22 May 1858 Dewein, Frederick St. Peter Baptized privately.
DEWEIN, Mildred 18 Feb 1945 32y 1m BOLL, Herman LIGHT, Anna Dewein, Clarence Smithton Catholic
DEWEIN, Rose Mary 2 Feb 1937 55y 3m STIEF, Joseph LOOS, Bertha Dewein, George Walnut Hill Born 6 Oct 1881 & Baptized at St. Peter & Paul in St. Louis*
DICK, Elizabeth 6 Sep 1854 24y
DICKESON, William 30 Jun 1879 3y Dickeson, Thomas Not listed, Eva
DIEDRICH, George 28 Oct 1856 4w Dietrich, Leonhard Not listed, Josephina
DIEHL, Rudolph Otto 5 Aug 1879 11m 11d Diehl, Rudolph Not listed, Emma Ottilia
DIEHM, John 23 Jun 1898 80y STIESS, Theresa (Deceased)
DIEHN, Infant 15 Nov 1859 Infant Diehn, John Baptized privately.
DIEHN, John 13 Aug 1876 54y Not listed, Maria
DIEHN, Joseph 16 Jan 1883 27y Diehn, John BOES, Maria Anna
DIEHN, Maria Anna 10 Jul 1908 94y Diehn, John
DIEKMANN, Rev. Adolphus 15 Jul 1878 25y Diekmann, Bernard SCHLÜTTER (Schluetter), Elizabeth
DIETEL, Aloysius 8 Nov 1859 41y ERNST,Barbara Died 7 Nov 1859
DIETERICH, Clara 17 Sep 1878 71y Dieterich, Joseph
DIETRICH, Antonia [?] 28 Aug 1861 6m 3d Dietrich, Sebastian Not listed, Seraphina
DIETRICH, George 8 Mar 1915 57y Not listed, Maria Green Mount
DIETRICH, Josephina (Widow) 2 Mar 1899 77y BIESTEL, J. Dietrich, Leonhard (Deceased)
DIETRICH, Leonard 27 Mar 1883 67y 1m 23d PRESTAL, Josephina
DIETRICH, Louise 21 Oct 1934 72y 8m Dietrich, Leonard PRESTEL, Josephine Green Mount
DIETRICH, Mary (Widow) 11 Aug 1926 67y Dietrich, George Green Mount
DIETRICH, Seraphina 3 Aug 1861 22y 3m GUNKLE, Christian Not listed, Catharina Private burial
DIETZ, Joseph 24 Jul 1860 7m 1d Dietz, Francis BLUNNER, Maria A.
DIETZ, Maria Anna (Widow) 25 Jul 1886 84y
DILL, Caroline (Widow)* 24 May 1938 84y 11m JAMES, James Not listed, Mildred Dill, William (Deceased)* Greenwood in East St. Louis Born 29 Jun 185_ in Marian County, IN*
DILLON, Emma 7 Mar 1938 69y 3m GUENTZ, Henry EIMER, Mary Dillon, John H. Walnut Hill Born 12 Nov 1868*
DINGEL, Aloysiouis 7 Mar 1892 Dingel, Christopher STARK, Maria Born 24 Oct 1866 in Belleville
DINGEL, Carl 23 May 1862 5y Dingel, Christopher [Listed together with brother Peter.]
DINGEL, Carl (Born Siemann) 16 Jun 1876 17m Dingel, Christopher (Adoptive father) Not listed, Margaret
DINGEL, Catharina 20 Nov 1849 10d
DINGEL, Christopher 18 Sep 1898 76y Not listed, Maria
DINGEL, Maria 19 Aug 1853 2y 6m
DINGEL, Maria (Widow) 22 Feb 1910 Dingel, Christopher Green Mount
DINGEL, Peter 23 May 1862 10y Dingel, Christopher [Listed together with brother Carl.]
DINGER, Francis Anton 12y Dinger, Johann SCHAEFFER, Sophia [Appears after  15 Jan & before 13 Jan 1863 entries]
DINGER, Frank Robert 31 Jul 1929 5y Dinger, John Green Mount
DINGER, John 29 Oct 1865 44y SCHAEFER, Sophia
DINGES, Adam 3 Nov 1899 66y ZIMMERMANN, Margaret
DINGES, Anna 2 Jun 1945 80y 10m STAUDER, Adam RINCK, Mary Dinges, Fred F. Green Mount Born 19 Aug 1864*
DINGES, Anna Cath. Jos. 1 Aug 1862 1y 5m Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret
DINGES, Arthur 2 Feb 1896 15m Dinges, August WETZEL, Maria
DINGES, August 9 Aug 1940 71y 8m Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Marg. WETZEL, Mary Walnut Hill Born 6 Dec 1869*
DINGES, Carl 17 Jun 1873 4y Dinges, Carl Not listed, Catharina
DINGES, Caroline 11 Jul 1925 53y ZULAUF, Not listed Dinges, John Green Mount
DINGES, Catharina (Widow) 27 May 1907 70y Dinges, Carl
DINGES, Charles 9 Feb 1880 4y 2m 4d [Parents listed belong to next entry.]
DINGES, Eva Maria 25 Feb 1868 14d Dinges, Carl MEYER, Catharina
DINGES, Francis 2 Nov 1898 4y Dinges, John ZULAUF, Helena
DINGES, Frank 1 Dec 1926 50y GRUENEWALD, Emilia Green Mount Fire chief of Belleville since 4 Jan 1912.
DINGES, Fred F. 5 May 1942 Dinges, Charles MAYER, Catherine STAUDER, Anna Green Mount Born 10 Sep 1861
DINGES, George 4 Jan 1936 72y Dinges, Charles MEYER, Catherine ZAHIAS, Alvina* Walnut Hill Born 22 Oct 1863.  Was married at St. Luke’s*
DINGES, Gertrdue 24 Oct 1901 Dinges, Frederick STAUDER, Anna Born 15 May 1895
DINGES, Henry 20 Oct 1918 56y SAHL, Maria Green Mount
DINGES, Louis 21 Sep 1860 1y 5m Dinges, Carl MYER, Catharina
DINGES, Margaret 18 Oct 1860 1y 2m Dinges, Adam ZIMMERMANN, Margaret
DINGES, Margaret 17 Oct 1892 SCHWARZENBACH, Friederich STAUDER, Margaret Dinges, Henry Born 2 Feb 1867 in Belleville
DINGES, Margaret 1 Oct 1908 84y ZIMMERMANN, Not listed Dinges, Adam
DINGES, Maria 2 Apr 1858 Dinges, Adam Not listed, Margaret Born 11 Aug 1857
DINGES, Maria Eva 8 Feb 1899 1y Dinges, Henry SAAL, Maria
DINGES, Mary Rose 1 Mar 1951 WETZEL, Sebastian WACHTER, Elizabeth Dinges, August Green Mount Born 25 Mar 1872
DINGES, Sarah Louise 6 May 1954 (MAYER*) Dinges, Frank Walnut Hill Born 26 Oct 1903.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
DINGES, Sr., John M. 9 Apr 1941 69y 7m Dinges, Charles MEYER, Katherine ZULAUF, Caroline Green Mount Born 2 Sep 1871*
DISCART, Adonitus
DISTLER, Josephine 8 Sep 1952 ENWRIGHT, John* Not listed, Josephine* Distler, George Mt. Carmel Born 22 Nov 1869; died at Arkadelphia, Arkansas*
DISTLER, Sr., George 5 Jun 1942 79y 6m Distler, Casper Not listed, Kunigunda EHRENREICH, Josephine Mt. Carmel Born 23 Jan 1863 in Bavaria, Germany*
DITSCH, Johann 8 Jan 1862 Ditsch, Anton LUX, Margaret
DITTOE, Hugh M. 6 May 1921 Not listed, Wilhelmina Green Mount
DOBBINS, Edward Leo 25 Aug 1928 48y PINKERTON, Etta Green Mount
DOBBINS, Etta 29 Mar 1945 64y 7m PINKERTON, William CLARK, Blanch Dobbins, Edward Green Mount Born 18 Aug 1880 atCamsel Hill, IL*  Died in Firmin Desloge Hospital in St. Louis, MO
DOISLE, Not listed 4 Sep 1849 60y
DOLAN, Jacob 14 Nov 1887 Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DOLCH, Carl 31 Mar 1874 74y Not listed, Sophia
DOLCH, Sophia (Widow) 28 Mar 1891 Dolch, Carl (Deceased) Born 2 May 1819 in Kappelrocedk, Baden
DOLICH, Catharina 15 Feb 1857 49y Dolich, Carl
DOLLUS, Edward 30 Oct 1943 48y 8m Dollus, Joseph REUTHER, Mary MAUTERER, Lorene Green Mount Born 27 Feb 1895 in Belleville.*
DOMBECK, Friederich 16 Jul 1877 5y 7m Dombeck, Friederich Not listed, Maria
DONAHUE, Maria Joanna 30 Mar 1872 26y Donahue, Jacob
DOORLY, William 24 Mar 1849 39y
DORENBACH, Nicholas 14 Dec 1866 7d Dorenbach, Carl SMITZ, Elizabeth
DORN, Bertha 4 Sep 1955 Dorn, Joe PFAFF, Elizabeth Not married Green Mount Born 17 Jul 1861
DORN, Francisca 15 Oct 1888 1d Dorn, Simon OPP, Catharina
DORN, Friederich 3 Jan 1877 3m Dorn, Anton HEMMER, Catharina
DORN, Gustav 30 Jan 1870 4.5m Dorn, Joseph Not listed, Elizabeth
DORN, Joseph 6 Apr 1901 76y Not listed, Elizabeth Died in Anna, IL
DORN, Julius 1 Sep 1899 34y Dorn, Joseph PAFF, Elizabeth
DORN, Martin 21 Jun 1859 Dorn, Joseph SIEDLER, Josephina (Deceased) Born 1 Oct 1858 & died 20 Jun 1859
DORNBACH, Edward 19 Feb 1925 36y GRIMMIG, Not listed Green Mount Died at Alton Insane Asylum
DORNBACH, Jacob 23 Feb 1880 22y Dornbach, Carl Not listed, Christina
DORNBACH, Jacob 19 Jun 1894 Dornbach, Joseph BERKLY, Elizabeth Born 26 Mar 1875
DORNBACH, Joanna Christina 4 Jun 1882 95y Dornbach, Joseph (Deceased) Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DORNBACH, John 13 Feb 1887 10y Dornbach, William BERKLEY, Elizabeth
DORNBACH, Mrs.* Elizabeth 9 Jan 1944 89y 11m BERKELEY, Valentine HUPPSCHMIDT, Barbara Green Mount Born 28 Feb 1854*
DORNBACH, William 16 Sep 1876 1d Dornbach, William Not listed, Elizabeth
DORNBACH, William J. 28 Jan 1920 68y BERKLE, Elizabeth Green Mount
DORNBECK, Maria 5 May 1925 77y Dornbeck, Fred Green Mount
DOSER, Anton 10 May 1892 75y HIERONYMUS, Magdalena
DÖSING (Doesing), William 25 Sep 1871 25y Unknown Unknown
DOUGHERTY, John 10 Oct 1870 38y
DOUSARD, Maria Elisabeth 16 Aug 1862 5y 3m Dousard, Lutiene BOMMA, Marth.
DOUSSARD, Mary Augusta 25 Dec 1870 2y Doussard, Luo Not listed, Martha
DOVE, Edward 8 Jun 1939 69y 6m Dove, William THORNTON, Susanna Walnut Hill Born 13 Dec 1869*
DOWNING, John 23 May 1879 55y SULLIVAN, Maria
DOWNING, Mary A. 15 Sep 1926 57y Downing, John Robert SULLIVAN, Mary Mt. Carmel Died in Alton State Hospital
DOWNING, Mike 1 Feb 1920 50y Downing, John LYNCH, Mary Mt. Carmel Died of flu- pneumonia
DREIVESON, Waldemar 25 Aug 1867 9y
DRESSEL, Bertha 30 Apr 1952 BAUER, Not listed* Dressel, Henry Green Mount Born 19 Jun 1889 .  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DRESSEL, Mrs. Sophia 10 Sep 1931 73y JUEN, Theodore BADELOCH, Regina Dressel, Henry Walnut Hill
DRESSEL, Verona 12 Dec 1918 3y Dressel, Henry BAUER, Bertha Walnut Hill Died of Influenza
DREWES, Joseph 6 May 1874 1d Drewes, Friedrich Not listed, Florentina
DREYER, Louis 21 Jan 1936 60y 2m Dreyer, Ludwig GRIETER [Gruber*], Barbara MUELLER, Frieda Walnut Hill Born 14 Nov 1875*
DREYER, Maria Barbara 1 Jun 1884 8m Dreyer, Paulina [See record]
DRILLER, Elizabeth 3 Aug 1846 3y Driller, Anton SCHMITT, Elizabeth
DRILLER, Philip 11 Jul 1846 Driller, Anton SCHMITT, Elizabeth Born 12 Jun 1846
DUCO, Sr., Joseph 23 Nov 1956 Unknown Unknown HAAS, Ida Green Mount Born 16 Apr 1880
DUERR, Adam (Widower) 10 May 1904 73y Not listed, Catharina
DUERR, Catharina 22 Feb 1904 69y SCHROEDER, Laurent SCHMIDT, Francisca Duerr, Adam
DUERR, Herman 11 Feb 1904 25y Duerr, Adam SCHROEDER, Catharina
DUERR, Joseph 22 Aug 1896 59y Not listed, Catharina
DUERST, Anna Barbara 14 Sep 1866 7y 8m 15d Duerst, Johann WAGNER, Gertrude Died of cholera
DUERST, Francis (Louis) 18 Aug 1890 9y Duerst, John WAGNER, Gertrude GAIL, Not listed Died in St. Louis
DUERST, Gertrude 14 Mar 1875 40y Duerst, John
DUERST, Johann Ludwig 30 Oct 1877 21y 8m Durst, John Not listed, Gertrude
DUERST, Julia 25 Aug 1945 74y 10m ALBRECHT, Anton MATHES, Julia Duerst, Louis (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 18 Ocr 1870*
DUERST, Louis 29 Jun 1945 77y 6m Duerst, John Unknown, Gertrude ALBRECHT, Julia Walnut Hill Born 28 Dec 1867*
DUFFY, John 10 Apr 1863 8m 21d Duffy, John MCKANNAR, Margaret
DUFFY, Margaret 21 Mar 1865 10m Duffy, John MCKENNA, Margaret
DUFFY, Mary Catherine 25 Feb 1935 62y 7m COLEMAN, Patrick Not listed, Agnes First husband-John MURRAY.  Second husband – Patrick Duffy Mt. Calvary – Granite City, IL
DUMBECK, Carl 27 Jul 1927 71y Green Mount Parents names not obtainable
DUMBECK, John Paul 2 Oct 1886 5y 6m Dumbeck, Frederick ANSCHLING, Maria
DUMBLANC, John 22 Apr 1901 49y Died in the County Farm
DUNIVAN, Claude 1 May 1955 Dunivan, Doc WILBURN, Della Green Mount Born 12 Aug 1895
DUNLAP, Agnes 19 Nov 1850 St. Mary de Mont Carmel [Appears at end of 1859 entries.]
DUNLAP, John Hugh 4 May 1872 1m Dunlap, John Not lsited, Anna
DUNLAP, Martha 14 Mar 1850 20y
DUNLAP, Teresa Cordavcum 10 Dec 1847 40y Dunlap, Jacob
DUNLAP, Thomas [Appears after 8 Mar & before 28 Mar 1864]
DUNLAP, William August 2 May 1866 Dunlap, Thomas HILL, Anna
DUNN, John 2 Apr 1882 78y Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
DUPRE, René 25 Nov 1844 50y
DURKIN, James 22 Dec 1939 65y Durkin, Michael BILLOW, Mary ROBISON, Delilah Hegele Cemetery in DuQuoin, IL (In Pinckneyville, IL)* Born 28 Oct 1874*
DÜRR (Duerr), John 6 Jun 1880 6y DURR, Joseph Not listed, Catharina
DÜRST (Duerst), John 12 Mar 1879 53y Not listed, Gertrude (Deceased)
DUST, Louisa 28 Nov 1930 71y KOLBE, Herman Dust, Herman Green Mount
DYER, John 16 Jan 1850 28y
EBEL, George 15 Sep 1950 Ebel, George KERN, Louisa SCHOENHOFFFEN, Adelle Green Mount Born 27 Jan 1906
EBERHARDT, Crescentia 18 Dec 1924 87y Eberhardt, Sebastian Walnut Hill
EBERHARDT, Sebastian 10 Mar 1896 68y
EBERLE, Elizabeth 4m Eberle, Jacob Not listed, Anna [Listed between 5 Apr & 10 Jul 1858
EBERLE, Philomena 27 Sep 1931 62y CARRERA, Not listed Eberle, William Mt. Carmel
EBNER, Anna C. 29 Aug 1934 40y 4m NEVENER, John L. HOLICEK, Mary E. Ebner, John Green Mount
EBNER, Anton (Widower) 10 Apr 1905 77y Ebner, Anton DEUCZ [?], Catharina
EBNER, Crescentia 7 May 1902 74y BOEHLER, Conrad Ebner, Anton
EBNER, Elizabeth 5 Jan 1920 76y Ebner, John Green Mount
EBNER, Francis 9 Feb 1901 38y Ebner, John BOEHLER, Crescentia
EBNER, John 17 Jun 1922 79y SCHANUEL, Elizabeth Green Mount
ECHERLE, Elizabeth (Widow*) 23 Jul 1944 77y RODENMEYER, George HELFRICH, Elizabeth Echerle, Charles (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 25 Jul 1867*
ECHSNER, Peter 10 Jun 1876 1y 2m 6d Echsner, Henry Not listed, Catharina
ECK, August 19 Jan 1900 57y East St. Louis Died in the County Farm
ECKEL, George 29 Jan 1878 14y 7m Eckel, Anton Not listed, Rosina
ECKEL, Gertrude 18 Sep 1889 82y DUDDENHOEFER, Anton Eckel, Melchior
ECKEL, Melchior 26 Jul 1870 52y LITTLEHÖFER (Littlehoefer), Gertrude
ECKELE, Anna Maria 16 Aug 1870 4y Eckele, Anton MORGENTHAL, Rosa
ECKERLE, Amalia (Widow) 18 Jan 1917 84y Eckerle, Ignatius (Deceased) Green Mount
ECKERLE, Charles 22 Feb 1933 67y Eckerle, Ignatius WALTERSPIEL, Amalia RODENMEYER, Elizabeth Green Mount
ECKERLE, Edgar 20 Dec 1918 21y Eckerle, Carl RODENMAYER, Elizabeth Green Mount Died of Influenza
ECKERLE, Francis 3 Oct 1895 29y Eckerle, Ignatius WALTERSPIEL, Amalia HEMMER, Ida Died in St. Louis
ECKERLE, Ignatius 25 May 1910 77y WALTERSPIEL, Amalia Green Mount
ECKERLE, Maria Olinda 29 Oct 1891 Eckerle, Carl RODENMEYER, Sadie Born 21 Sep 1891
ECKERLE, Reverend Jacob 14 Feb 1906 54y Died in St. Vincent Hospital
ECKERT, Barbara (Widow) 2 Apr 1859 39y SCHMITT, Not listed Eckert, John (Deceased) Died 1 Apr 1859
ECKERT, Christina 22 May 1849 5m
ECKERT, Ellen Marie 5 Jul 1932 4m Eckert, Monroe TEDESCO, Stella Green Mount
ECKERT, Infant 5 [Jul 1849] Eckert, August
ECKERT, John 4 Jul 1853 Eckert, John SCHMITT, Barbara Born 7 Mar 1853
ECKERT, John 12 Jan 1859 42y Died 11 Jan 1859
ECKERT, Magdalena 12 Sep 1905 64y GERMANN, John KARLSKIND, Maria Eckert, Michael
ECKERT, Pelagia 3 Aug 1875 10m Eckert, Marc Not listed, Maria
ECKERT, Peter 6 Feb 1858 43y
ECKHARDT, Mary 5 Sep 1934 82y 7m SCHLEGEL, Anthony HERRMANN, Barbara Eckhardt, Charles Green Mount From St. Louis, MO
ECKMANN, Edna Marie 8 Dec 1934 14y 2m Eckmann, Henry SCHMISSEUR, Clara Green Mount
ECKMANN, Henry 5 May 1944 70y 6m Eckmann, Andrew FEDER, Anna SCHMISSEUR, Clara Green Mount Born 14 Oct 1873 in Caseyville Twp*
EDDINGER, Adam 27 Feb 1869 11d Eddinger, Adam SENGES, Catharina
EDINGER, Adam 19 Feb 1894 SENGERS, Catharina Born 1819 in Spechbacher, Baden
EDINGER, Carl 29 Sep 1861 6y 6m Edinger, adam SENGER, Catharina
EDINGER, Catharina 21 May 1913 48y Edinger, Adam SAENGER, Catharina Green Mount
EDINGER, Catharina (Widow) 28 Oct 1910 Edinger, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
EGNER, Barbara 8 Mar 1948 70y 4m LEY, Joseph SCHRECKENBURG, Mary Egner, John Walnut Hill Born 21 Nov 1877*  Died in California
EGNER, Catherine 2 Jun 1953 LEY, Joseph SCHRECKENBERG, Mary Egner, Edward St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 5 Jan 1883
EGNER, Edward 3 Sep 1950 Egner, Michael Not listed, Josephine LEY, Catherine St. Joseph in Freeburg, IL Born 11 Mar 1879
EGNER, Jerome George 5 Jan 1941 22y 6m Egner, Edward LEY, Katherine Catholic in Freeburg, IL Born 14 Jul 1918*  Died instantly in auto accident.
EHLE, Henry Richard 29 Sep 1874 3m Ehle, Ernst Not listed, Louisa
EHLIG, Francis 23 Oct 1845 70y St. Peter
EHRET, Anna 25 May 1948 73y SCMITTLING, Nick LOUIS, Mary Josephine Ehret, Charles Green Mount
EHRET, Charles 22 Nov 1956 Ehret, Henry EICHHOLTZ, Not listed SCHMITTLING, Anna Green Mount Born 17 Aug 1887
EHRET, Lila Lee 18 Jul 1945 20y Ehret, George MAYER, Pearl Walnut Hill Born 9 Jul 1925; died in Lincoln, IL*
EHRHOLD, Anna 7 Apr 1918 55y Ehrhold, Louis Green Mount
EHRIG, Anna Cecilia 27 Dec 1896 2y Ehrig, William ZINSER, Anna M.
EHRIG, Henry Bernard 18 Jul 1887 5m Ehrig, William ZINSER, Anna Maria
EHRIG, Louis William 1 Oct 1884 10m Ehrig, Wilhelm
EHRIG, Mary 27 Jun 1931 73y 3m ZINSER, Urban SAX, Rosalia Ehrig, William Green Mount
EHRSTEIN, Anton 2 Apr 1887 68y FORSCH, Magdalena
EHRSTEIN, Frederick Anton 21 Dec 1886 3y Ehrstein, Michael STÖCKEL (Stoeckel), Maria
EHRSTEIN, Regina 20 Feb 1882 82y Ehrstein, Sebastian (Deceased)
EHRSTEIN, Sebastian 10 Jul 1853 53y
EHTHOLD, Louis 18 Apr 1935 76y Ehthold, August KREBS, Elizabeth GERDES, Anna Green Mount
EICHAS, William 9 Aug 1884 25y
EICHENSEER, Clara 24 Aug 1901 33y DETERMANN, George SCHNEIDER, Margaret Eichenseer, Adam
EICHHOLZ, Anna Maria 25 Apr 1894 68y Eichholz, Valentin Died in St. Louis
EICHHOLZ, Christina 11m Eichholz, Philip STIEFVATER, Francisca
EICHHOLZ, Franzisca 4 Sep 1887 52y Eichholz, Philipp
EICHHOLZ, Lena M. 26 Apr 1929 60y Eichholz, Philipp STEIRFOSTER, Francisca Green Mount
EICHHOLZ, Mrs. Odilia 28 Jul 1849 30y
EICHHOLZ, Philip 5 Nov 1853 Eichholz, Valentin AUER, Maria Born 7 Jan 1850
EICHHOLZ, Philipp 14 Oct 1886 73y STIEFVATER, Francisca
EICHHOLZ, William 21 Feb 1926 72y Eichholz, Philip Green Mount
EILERING, John 30 Aug 1953 Eilering, Herman HAAR, Rose Green Mount Born 7 Oct 1900.  Died in Alton State Hospital
EILERING, Maria 13 Oct 1915 19y Eilering, Bernard EVES, Anna Green Mount
EIMER, Adam 2 May 1875 24y Eimer, Emil
EIMER, Amanda 15 Sep 1867 5y Eimer, Johann HAHN, Maria
EIMER, Anna Maria 8 Aug 1893 76y Eimer, Simon (Deceased) Died in Georgetown, Smithton
EIMER, Charles George 5 Jul 1943 86y 3m Eimer, John HAHN, Mary CAMFIELD, Emily Irene Walnut Hill
EIMER, Elizabeth 3 Jul 1853 Eimer, Simon ANGERT, Maria Born 11 Sep 1852
EIMER, Emily 27 Sep 1931 72y CAMFIELD, Caleb Halsted TALBOT, Sarah Harvey Eimer, Charles G. Walnut Hill
EIMER, John Canfield 7 May 1929 43y Eimer, Charles CANFIELD, Anna Walnut Hill
EIMER, Joseph 4 Aug 1858 5m Eimer, Simon
EIMER, Simon 10 Jun 1866 53y 6m
EINK, Catharina (Widow) 10 Feb 1897 71y
EISELE, Elizabeth 6 Jun 1867 36y REIS, George Not listed, Anna Maria Eisle, Peter
EISELE, John 25 Jun 1890 73y ZOLLAR, Ursula (Deceased)
EISELE, Margaret 27 Aug 1855 Eisele, John ZETNER, Urusla Born 12 Apr 1854
EISEMANN, Lorette D. 22 Apr 1917 4m Eisemann, Carl MATHES, Catharina Green Mount
EISEMANN, Rosalia 30 Nov 1914 2m Eisemann, Carl MATHES, Katharina Green Mount
EISENHART, Anna Maria 22 Oct 1860 20y Eisenhart, Carl SNEP, Felicitas
EISENHAUER, Barbara (Widow)* 16 May 1936 83y SCHNEIDER, Wendel SCHWARTZ, Catherine Eisenhauer, Jacob (Deceased)* Green Mount Born 11 Feb 1853.*
EISENHAUER, Edward 6 Dec 1953 WITTAUER, Mollie Green Mount Born 13 Jan 1877
EISENHAUER, Infant 17 Jun 11854 Eisenhauer, George
EISENMANN, Cecilia Catharina 2 Nov 1906 6w Eisenmann, Carl MATHES, Catharina
EISLE, Elizabeth 30 Apr 1862 14d Eisle, Peter REIS, Elizabeth
EISLE, Laurent 14 Jul 1859 4y Eisle, Peter Not listed, Elizabeth
EISLE, Ursula 26 Dec 1864 38y Eisle, Johann
EITZENHAFER, August 17 Apr 1931 52y Eitzenhafer, Adam SIMPSON, Mary Green Mount From East St. Louis
EITZENHEFER, Adam 29 Aug 1936 65y 10m Eitzenhefer, Adam ZUMSTEAK, Mary Green Mount Born 27 Oct 1871*  From East St. Louis, IL
EITZENHEFER, Caroline 4 Jan 1933 64y Eitzenhefer, Adam SIMPSON, Mary Green Mount
EITZENHEFER, Nicholas 31 Jan 1917 53y QUIRIN, Maria Green Mount
EKERT, August 3 [Jul1849]
ELDERICH, Ignatius 12 Oct 1876 65y
ELDERICK, Victoria 11 Feb 1878 48y 6m Elderick, Ignatius (Deceased)
ELES, Maria 17 Nov 1862 20y Eles, William KLANMANN, Maria Anna
ELGASY, Gertrude 30 May 1868 46y LAUER, Jacob Not listed, Barbara
ELLES, Not listed 31 May 1854 5y 6m
ELMER, Frederich 12 Jun 1862 41y 6m 9d Elmer, Johann BUEHLER, Crescentia
ELSER, Francis 13 Feb 1861 4y 5m Elser, Francis Not listed, Anna
ELSER, Francis 20 Apr 1904 80y Died in the County Farm
ELSER, Joseph 1 Mar 1861 1y 6m Elser, Francis Not listed, Anna
ELSER, Maria Margaret 23 Apr 1886 Elser, Joseph MCENTYRE, Ella Born 11 Jan 1885
ELTRICH*, Mary 3 Mar 1953 (REISSEN*) Eltrich, Frank Mt. Carmel Born 1 Dec 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ELTRICH, Frank 8 Oct 1952 Eltrich, Fredolin ROEDERSHEIMER, Anna REISSEN, Mary Mt. Carmel Born 21 Oct 1872.  Died in Home for the Aged
EMGE, Clara 22 Dec 1915 28y Emge, Peter GEIGER, Sabina Mt. Carmel
EMGE, Joseph Adam 10 Jan 1861 6y 15d Emge, Adam OFFENSTEIN, Margaret
EMGE, Mary Susan 29 Apr 1950 7d Emge, Ralph WELLINGHOFF, Audrey Ann Green Mount Born 22 Apr 1950.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
EMGE, Michael 10 Jan 1861 4y Emge, Adam OFFENSTEIN, Margaret
EMGE, Philipp August 13 Jan 1861 1y 1m Emge, Adam OFFENSTEIN, Margaret
ENDER, Margaret 1 Oct 1844 60y
ENDER, Maria 12 Sep 1843 1y 2m
ENDER, Maria Kunigunda 27 Apr 1848 4y 3m Ender, Christopher
ENDRES, Matthew 7 Oct 1854 Endres, Anton DAUER, Josepha Born 16 Sep 1853
ENGASSER, Michael 17 Dec 1863 48y
ENGEL, Nancy Jean 9 Sep 1955 Engel, Frederick J. DAUBACH, Concelia A. Walnut Hill Born 22 Jun 1954
ENGELERT, Adam 8 Jun 1866 70y Engelert, B. BEST, Dorothea
ENGELKE, Frederick (Widower) 12 Mar 1926 81y KARR, Louisa (Deceased) Green Mount
ENGELMANN, Alugtiles 23 Oct 1866 1y 3m Engelmann, Henry BECTICAU, Magtilda
ENGELMANN, Anna Rosalia 23 Jul 1868 22y 6m 12d Engelmann, Michael SCHMINDKOSKA, Maria
ENGELS, Elizabeth 20 Feb 1857 67y Engels, Joseph
ENGELS, Joseph 3 Jan 1867 51y
ENGEMANN, Anna Maria 2 Aug 1868 6m 25d Engemann, Henry BÖTTGEN (Boettgen), Machtilda
ENGLER, Catharina 7 Mar 1898 34y ZIMMERMANN, John Not listed, Maria Engler, Andrew
ENGLER, Lena 15 Jan 1895 Engler, Andrew ZIMMERMANN, Catharina Born 6 Dec 1894
ENGLER, Maria Magdalena 25 Oct 1891 Engler, Anton WISCH, Catharina Born 8 Sep 1891
ENGLISH, Sarah 9 Dec 1878 4y 9m English, Thomas Not listed, Maria
ENZENAUER, Anton 6 Dec 1877 56y 7m 10d Enzenauer, Stephan Not listed, Anna Maria
EPPELE, Joseph 11 Mar 1883 56y SCHAUER, Christina (Deceased)
EPPELE, Joseph 25 Mar 1883 7d Eppele, Coelestin HOHNER, Catharina
EPPERLE, Maria 3 Mar 1909 47y STAUDER, Peter SCHMIDT, Catharina Epperle, Carl
EPPINGER, Cunigunda 9 Aug 1875 7m Eppinger, Francis Not listed, Sophia
EPPLE, Catharina 21 Aug 1899 40y HONER, Not listed Epple, Coelestin Joseph
EPPLE, Christina 4 Sep 1913 92y Green Mount
EPPLE, Coelestin 28 Dec 1902 42y Epple, Joseph SCHAUER, Christina HONER, Catharina
EPPLE, Herman 30 Apr 1940 84y 6m Epple, Joseph SHAUER, Christina KOLLER, Johanna (Deceased) Green Mount Born 24 Dec 1855*
EPPLE, Johanna 29 Sep 1926 70y Epple, Herman Green Mount
EPPLE, Peter Joseph 18 Aug 1887 1y 5m Epple, Carl STAUDER, Maria
ERB, Justina 23 Aug 1864 10m Erb, Jacob BUTZ, Catharina
ERBERLE, Mathews 18 Aug 1869 3m Eberle, Mathew THOMA, Josephina
ERHARD, Francis 27 Aug 1860 9m 14d Erhard, Johann MERSINGER, Francisca
ERHARDT, Ellis M. 11 Dec 1940 50y 11m Erhardt, George COX, Eva PAULE, Agnes Green Mount
ERICA, Sister Maria of Notre Dame 24 Jan 1899
ERLINGER, Blandina 11 Jan 1931 67y HOLDENER, Wendelin REUTERMANN, Eva Erlinger, Joseph Walnut Hill Died in Alton Hosptial
ERLINGER, Dominic 27 May 1873 16y Erlinger, Dominic Not listed, Rosalia
ERLINGER, Frrederick Joseph 3 Oct 1921 Green Mount
ERLINGER, Joseph 19 Jul 1917 HOLDENER, Not listed Walnut Hill Blessed at home.  [See record]
ERLINGER, Michael J. 14 Jul 1954 Erlinger, Michael BUHL, Ida LOYETT, Mary Green Mount Born 4 Dec 1903.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
ERLINGER, Robert Nic. 13 Jul 1884 8d Erlinger, Joseph
ERLINGER, Rosalia 18 Mar 1890 REBO, Not listed Erlinger, Dominic (Died 1863) Born 1832
ERNST, George 27 Nov 1860 69y Ernst, Leopold STOLL, Teresa
ERNST, George 7 Feb 1871 2y 1m Ernest, Wendelin Not listed, Dorothea
ERNST, Guendel 3 Oct 1902 64y HORSCHMANN, Dorothea
ERNST, Joseph 7 Aug 1865 68y
ERNST, Joseph Johann 4 Sep 1864 1y 5m Ernst, George KIEFER, Maria
ERNST, Josephina Bertha 15 Mar 1881 1m 15d Ernst, Wendelin HOSTMANN, Dorothea
ERNST, Leopold 7 Sep 1864 7m Ernst, Martin KIEFER, Magdalena
ERNST, Maria 17 Oct 1881 2y 11m Ernst, Wendelin HORTMANN, Dorothea
ERNST, Nicholas 1 Feb 1876 68y ULRICH, Margaret (Deceased)
ERNST, Not listed 29 Jul 1855
ERNST, Theresa 14 Nov 1871 71y Ernst, George (Deceased)
ERNST, Theresa 8 Feb 1882 11d Ernst, Wendelin HORSTMANN, Dorethea
ERNST, Wendelin 20 Oct 1879 18y Ernst, George Not listed, Rosa
ERTEL, John 13 Dec 1892 Ertel, John SCHANTER, Agnes Born 29 Oct 1892
ERTELT, Olivia 17 Jul 1901 4m Ertelt, John SCHONDER, Agnes
ESCH, Amanda 25 Nov 1918 27y Esch, Carl HERMAN, Barbara Mt. Carmel
ESCH, Barbara 16 Apr 1910 50y HERMANN, Not listed Esch, Herman Mt. Carmel
ESCH, Herman 13 Dec 1907 25y Esch, Carl HERMANN, Barbara
ESCH, Severin 6 Feb 1908 24y Esch, Carl HERMANN, Barbara
ESCHENFELDER, David 7 Jan 1914 VOOTMAN, Wilhelmina Green Mount
ESCHENFELDER, Elizabeth (Widow) 8 Jul 1912 82y Eschenfelder, Nicholas (Deceased) Waterloo
ESCHENFELDER, Henry 17 Apr 1918 16y Eschenfelder, Theob. VOETMAN, M. Green Mount Died by Illinois Central R R accident
ESCHENFELDER, Jerome 9 Jan 1939 1m Eschenfelder, Joseph LOESCH, Clara Green Mount Born 27 Nov 1938*
ESCHENFELDER, Philomena 10 Apr 1931 60y VORTMANN, Gerhardt BECKER, Not listed Eschenfelder, Henry Green Mount
ESCHMAN, Mary 29 Jun 1927 55y Eschman, John Not listed, Magdaline
ESCHMANN, John 30 Oct 1901 HASENSTAB, Magdalena
ESCHMANN, Magdalena (Widow) 16 Jul 1921 82y Eschmann, John (Deceased) Green Mount Mother of Father C. Eschmann of DuQuoin, IL
ESCHMANN, Maria Magdalena 13 Jan 1875 4w Eschmann, John Not listed, Magdalena
ESCHMANN, Not listed (Not baptized) 8 Jun 1867 Eschmann, Adam WETZEL, Anastasia
ESKILL, Vincent 21 Apr 1908 37y
ESWINE, John 12 Dec 1954 Eswine, Louis RUBENACKER, Mary VOLLMER, Annie Green Mount Born 30 Mar 1874
ETTELDORF, John* 22 Feb 1941 Etteldorf, Mich. COURAR, Teresa Not listed, Bertha Green Mount Born 11 Apr 1874*
ETTELDORF, Michael 22 Jun 1912 69y Green Mount
ETTELDORF, Theresa 22 Dec 1925 89y Etteldorf, Michael Green Mount
ETZKORN, Anton Franz 26 Aug 1859 52y Etzkorn, Anton Francis Not listed, Barbara SCHMIDT, Susanna
ETZKORN, Francis Adam 15 Jul 1849 2y
ETZKORN, John (Twin) 22 Aug 1851 13d
ETZKORN, John Andrew 18 Aug 1851 4d
EVERING, Albina Anna 12 Dec 1887 5y 10m 15d Evering, August WEIS, Maria
EVERING, Infant Eleonora 20 Apr 1887 Evering, August WEIS, Maria
EVERING, Ludwina 4 Jan 1889 58y HESPING, Bernard Evering, Henry
EVERING, Maria 27 May 1888 31y WEISS, Not listed Evering, August
EVERING, Maria Anna 10 Jul 1879 11y 6m Evering, Henry Not listed, Louisa
EWALD, Amelia 23 Feb 1868 1y 1m Ewald, Henry PIERON, Phil.
EWERS, Joseph 29 Jun 1845 1y 8m
EWERS, Joseph 22 Sep 1845 1y 8m [Note says see previous entry]
FABER, Anton 14 Feb 1895 KIRRES, Anna Maria (Deceased) Born Oct 1818 in Einig Germany (Rhein Prussen)
FABER, Catharina 3 Jul 1868 9y Faber, Anton KUESSER, Maria Anna
FABER, Francisca Maria 24 Sep 1886 45y Faber, F. S.
FABER, Margaret 30 Nov 1921 80y Green Mount Sister of Sebastian Faber
FABER, Maria Anna 9 Sep 1892 KIERER, Not listed Faber, Anton Born Aug 1821 near Coblenz
FABER, Sebastian 4 Nov 1928 67y OESCHLE, Frances Walnut Hill
FACKERMANN, Maria Anna 21 Dec 1855 Fackermann, Anton Not listed, Anna Born 23 Oct 1855 & died 21 Dec 1855.  [Tackermann?]
FAETH, Martha 28 Mar 1864 40y 28d KRUG, Not listed Faeth, Johann
FAIZ, Emma Helena 11 Jul 1852 Born 24 Jan 1852
FALBE, Nicholas G. 1 Jan 1957 Falbe, Reihold KLOCK, Mary VOELLINGER, Frieda Green Mount Born 11 Nov 1888.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FALK, Carl 3 Feb 1850 25y
FALK, John 18 Nov 1883 2d Falk, Carl
FALLER, Francis 10 Sep 1890 9d Faller, Joseph BLESCH, Theresa
FALLER, Julius 27 Feb 1914 25y BENEDICK, Ida Green Mount
FALLOW, John 29 Aug 1902 72y Green Mount Died in the County Farm
FALTUS, Carolina 12 Nov 1918 14y Faltus, Francis Not listed, Catharina Green Mount Died of Influenza
FALTUS, Catherine 19 May 1937 74y STAUDER, Adam MOSBACHER, Not listed Faltus, Francis J. Green Mount Born 26 Aug 1863*
FALTUS, Elizabeth 13 Jun 1932 76y Unknown Unknown Green Mount
FALTUS, Elizabeth M. 20 Jun 1890 HOSELDÜNZ (Hoselduenz), Michael Not listed, Elizabeth Faltus, F. J. Born 2 Nov 1852 in New Braunfels, TN
FALTUS, Francis 15 Aug 1920 71y STAUDER, Catharina Green Mount
FALTUS, George 17 Feb 1937 45y 5m Faltus, Francis J. STAUDER, Catherine Green Mount Born 20 Sep 1892.  ‘Killed by L & N Train*
FALTUS, John D. 20 Jul 1922 35y Faltus, Francis HESSELDING, Elizabeth Green Mount From Indianapolis, IN
FALTUS, Louis 17 Jun 1942 52y 3m Faltus, Francis J. HASSELDENZ, Elizabeth LANG, Frieda Green Mount Born 26 Mar 1890*
FALTUS, Maria Catharina 6 Oct 1896 2y Faltus, Joseph STAUDER, Catharina
FANNBAUER [?], Anna 28 Mar 1911 83y Fannbauer, Joseph Green Mount Born in Germany.
FANNY, Christina Barbara 21 Jul 1852 Fanny, Peter REN__, Elizabeth Born 21 Feb 1852
FARCHE, Not listed 2 May 1852 30y
FARMBAUER, John 10 Dec 1941 60y 2m KLEVORN, Frank Farmbauer, Lena HOFFMANN, Clara Green Mount Born 11 Oct 1881*
FARNESS, Virginia 11 Jul 1927 1d Farness, Nicholas EWALD, Marie Green Mount
FASHLEY, Veronica (Widow) 16 May 1873 63y
FATH, Maria 25 Oct 1918 Green Mount Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital of Influenza
FAULSTICH, Boniface (Widower) 19 Oct 1900 90y FEY, Elizabeth (Deceased)
FAULSTICH, Clementine 20 May 1947 64y 4m Faulstich, Baugartis CLAYSETTE, Louisa Walnut Hill Born 26 Jan 1882*  Funeral Mass delayed due to Labor Union Strike
FAULSTICH, Conrad Albert 13 Dec 1886 9m Faulstich, Philipp FLECKENSTEIN, Theresa
FAULSTICH, Elizabeth 1 Jun 1889 85y FEY, Valentin KNAKER, Not listed Faulstich, Boniface
FAULSTICH, Elizabeth (Leda) Koch 16 Mar 1938 43y 3m KOCH, Conrad MUELLER, Sophie Faulstiche (Couple divorced) Walnut Hill
FAULSTICH, Ida Isabella 19 Nov 1879 1y 5m Faulstich, Philipp FLECKENSTEIN, Theresa
FAULSTICH, John Boniface 11 Jun 1873 4y Faulstich, Philipp Not listed, Theresa
FAULSTICH, Josephina Magdalena 24 Feb 1871 5w Faulstich, Boniface KLEESATTEL, L.
FAULSTICH, Louis 13 Jun 1906 42y STARK, Wilhelmina Green Mount Died in St. Louis
FAULSTICH, Louis 7 Apr 1945 68y 4m Faulstich, Polycarp KLEESATTL, Louisa EDELHARDT, Margaret Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 5 Dec 1876*
FAULSTICH, Louisa 27 Mar 1888 6y Faulstich, Philipp FLECKENSTEIN, Theresa
FAULSTICH, Louisa (Widow) 6 Dec 1922 72y Faulstich, Polycarp (Deceased) Green Mount
FAULSTICH, Magdalena (Widow) 15 Mar 1922 81y Faulstich, Wendolin (Deceased) Green Mount
FAULSTICH, Max. 2 Sep 1916 55y Faulstich, Cyril NITTLING, Franc. Green Mount Bought two single graves.
FAULSTICH, Oliver 7 Jun 1864 Faulstich, Wendelin WERNER, Magdalena
FAULSTICH, Wendelin 4 May 1916 77y WERNER, Magdalena Walnut Hill
FAULSTICH, Wilhelmina 9 Dec 1892 Faulstich, Louis STARK, Wilhelmina Born 9 Feb  1892.  Died in St. Louis, MO
FAULSTICK, Margaret 20 Aug 1942 72y 7m ADELHARDT, Frank BAUER, Kundigen Faulstick, Louis Mt. Calvary in Shiloh, IL Born 8 Jan 1870 in DuQuoin, IL*
FAULSTIG, Maria 25 Oct 1866 20y BERNHARD, Peter HAMECKER, Margaret
FAUNI, Elizabeth 26 Aug 1854 28y Fauni, Peter
FAUNIE, Rosa 15 Dec 1854 4m
FAUTZ, Francisca 15 Dec 1863 3y 2m Fautz, Melchior MINDLACH, Francisca
FAVER [?], Henry 9 [Jul] 1849 9m Faver, Henry
FECHTLE, Maria E. 7 Oct 1862 1m 2d Fechtle, Not listed
FECHTLER, Joseph 17 Dec 1860 1y 1m Fechtler, Jacob
FEDDEL, Francis 10 Oct 1857 1y Feddel, Francis Not listed, Appolonia
FEDDER, Anton 28 Jun 1859 Fedder, Francis Not listed, Apolonia Born 8 Jul 1856
FEDDER, George 2 Mar 1862
FEDER, Anton 29 Mar 1887 1y Feder, Henry FLECKENSTEIN, Regina
FEDER, Cunigunda 23 Mar 1865 71y 10m Feder, George
FEDER, Dora 28 Jul 1947 83y 3m HERTLEIN, George MEMMEL, Marie Feder, George Walnut Hill Born 15 Apr 1864*
FEDER, Elizabeth 25 Feb 1956 WEBER, Adam KLING, Marguerite Feder, George A. Green Mount Born 31 Jul 1876.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FEDER, George 30 Dec 1930 58y Feder, John EGGER, Elizabeth WEBER, Elizabeth Green Mount
FEDER, George 11 Apr 1935 77y 3m Feder, George RAU, Sybilla HERTLEIN, Dora Walnut Hill Born 26 Dec 1857*
FEDER, John 3 Jul 1885 16m 16d Feder, Henry Not listed, Regina
FEDER, John 30 Sep 1890 20y Feder, John TRUTTMANN, Catharina
FEDER, John 11 Feb 1901 68y Feder, George TRUTTMANN, Catharina
FEDER, John (Widower) 21 May 1925 58y EGGER, Elizabeth (Deceased) Green Mount
FEDER, Katherine 3 May 1930 94y Feder, John Walnut Hill
FEDER, Louis 3 Jan 1861 6y 11m Feder, Johann HESS, Victoria
FEDER, Magdalena 23 Mar 1863 1y 4m Feder, Johann HESS, Victoria
FEDER, Regina 11 Oct 1893 FLECKENSTEIN, Joseph Not listed, Catharina Born 1857 in Prairie Du Long
FEDER, Victor 5 Oct 1859 2y Feder, John HESS, Victoria Died 4 Oct 1859
FEENEY, James 15 Apr 1946 75y MAHON, Alice Mt. Carmel A resident in ___.   ‘Died in Alton, IL
FELDMAN, George 26 Aug 1885 6y Feldman, Jacob OBERBAUER, Gertrude
FELDMANN, Agnes 22 May 1904 29y LENIN [?], Theodore SPRINGOB, Agnes Feldmann, William
FELDMANN, Margaret 1 May 1872 3w Feldmann, Jacob
FELDMANN, Maria Crescentia 9 Sep 1882 8d Feldmann, Jacob OBERBAUER, Maria
FELDMANN, Mary Rosalia 30 Apr 1947 66y 8m DIEKER, Not listed Feldmann, William Green Mount Born 6 Sep 1880*
FELICIONA, Sister Green Mount From the congregation of the A. D. Chr. At St. Vincent’s Hospital.  [Appears between 28 Jun & 8 Jul 1912]
FELLIGER, Nicholas Adolph 4 Sep 1867 3m 13d Felliger, Nicholas BURCHARD, Elizabeth
FELLINGER, Peter 24 Jul 1860 6m VILLINGER, Mathias
FELLNER, Agnes M. 11 Apr 1933 15y 8m Fellner, Joseph A. GEOLAT, Elizabeth Green Mount
FELLNER, Cyrill 12 Mar 1913 2m Fellner, Maurice HELLING, Laura Green Mount
FELLNER, George 7 Feb 1905 Fellner, John STROBEL, Magdalena ZITZMANN, Margaret (Deceased)
FELLNER, George 20 Mar 1918 61y LOOSHORN, Anna Green Mount
FELLNER, John 21 Jan 1913 33y Fellner, George STARK, Minnia Green Mount
FELLNER, Laura 18 Apr 1926 41y HELLWIG, Not listed Fellner, Lawrence Green Mount
FELLNER, Leo Joseph 21 Apr 1909 Fellner, Maurice HELWICK, Lauretta
FELLNER, Marcedes Agatha 24 Mar 1906 5m Fellner, Peter TRENS, Catharina
FELLNER, Maria F. 21 Jan 1918 57y Fellner, Michael Walnut Hill
FELLNER, Paul 5 Dec 1896 11m Fellner, George LOOSHORN, Anna
FENNER, Barbara (Widow) 30 Aug 1906 68y RENNER, Not listed Fenner, William (Deceased)
FENNER, Carl 29 Mar 1875 9y Fenner, William Not listed, Barbara
FENNER, Frank 27 Nov 1939 72y 1m Fenner, William RENNER, Barbara FIX,Theresa Walnut Hill Born 20 Oct 1867 in Belleville*
FENNER, Theresa (Widow*) 27 Oct 1944 71y 3m FIX, August BELLER, Mary Fenner, Frank (Deceased*) Walnut Hill Born 5 Aug 1873*
FENNER, William 28 Aug 1903 Fenner, William Not listed, Martha RENNER, Barbara
FENTON, Robert 24 May 1917 39y SEIBEL, Johanna Mt. Carmel
FERNCÄS (Ferncaes), Cunigunda 20 Mar 1882 17y Ferncaes, Jacob Not listed, Joanna
FERNCASE, Rosa 19 Jan 1889 15m Ferncase, August FLACH, Maria
FERREBACH, Michael 26 Jun 1870 13y 8m FERRENBACH, Michael Not listed, Elizabeth
FERRENBACH, Michael 31 May 1879 57y 7m SPÄTH (Spaeth), Elizabeth
FERRIER, Magdalina 24 Jun 1955 FRICKIE, Theodore Ferrier, Paul Green Mount Born 10 Mar 1872.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FERRIER, Paul 28 Nov 1952 FERNIER, Magdalena Green Mount Born 17 Jun 1883.  Died in County (Hospital*)
FERRIN, Carl 12 Jul 1898 17y Was in the County Farm.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FETTER, Bertha 20 Apr 1864 1y 10m Fetter, Francis GOETZ, Appolonia
FEUCHT, Leon 3 Jul 1904 3m Feucht, Otto CHRISTIAN, Elma
FEUCHT, Louisa 16 Dec 1907 4m Feucht, Otto CHRISTIAN, Emma
FEY, Louis 5 Apr 1921 34y Fey, Jachary FAULSTICH, Mary Green Mount
FEY, Maria 28 Apr 1924 75y Fey, J. Green Mount
FICK, Maria 28 Mar 1890 MÜLLER (Mueller), Not listed Fick, Adam Born 1853
FICKINGER, Elizabeth 27 Aug 1879 74y Fickinger, Nicolaus
FICKINGER, Maria 12 Jul 1879 4m Fickinger, Peter Not listed, Magdalena
FIDDERER, John 28 Aug 1909 84y
FIEDLER, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1936 21y 9m Fiedler, Adolph HUG, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 7 Mar 1915; killed*
FIEGEL, Anna 18 Sep 1861 7m Fiegel, Johann Not listed, Margaret
FIEGEL, John 13 Oct 1899 84y ECKLICH, Margaret
FIEGEL, Margaret 7 Jun 1866 Fiegel, Johann SPIEDLER, Margaret
FIETSAM, Adolph 29 Aug 1942 66y 4m Fietsam, Charles ZOELLER, Philomena VAN ERMEN, Emily Green Mount Born 22 Apr 1876*
FIETSAM, Emily 21 Feb 1939 58y 1m VANERMAN, William Not listed, Johanna Fietsam, Adolph Green Mount
FIETSAM, Margaret 2 Aug 1943 74y 5m MEYER, Joseph WITTENBRINK, Josephine Fietsam, Henry Green Mount Born 21 Feb 1869*
FIETSAM, Sebastian 9 Sep 1889 71y Fietsam, Henry F. MONKEN, Judith DAUTH, Louisa
FILL, Crescentia 25 Feb 1856 40y John Fill is mentioned
FINDLANG, Margaret 2 Oct 1850 48y Private cemetery
FINELL, Martin 30 Apr 1862 1y 7m Finell, William TRACY, Margaret
FINK, Anton 12 May 1877 46y Not listed (Deceased)
FINK, Carl 30 Aug 1890 34y Fink, Joseph ARNS, Rosa METZGER, Anna Rosa
FINK, Johann 30y Listed between 25 Feb & 1 Apr 1856
FINK, John 20 Jun 1849 31y
FINK, Margaret 9 Feb 1902 46y Fink, John FISCHER, Margaret Barbara
FINK, Walter 25 Feb 1913 15y Fink, George BERGER, Ida Green Mount
FINKLA, Londoneus 2y 6m Finkla, Adam WAGNER, Christina [Appears in June 1863 entries]
FINKLER, Mathias 21 Aug 1870 72y LOOSE, Maria
FINNELL, William Patrick 21 Aug 1862 8d FINNAL, William HAAG, Margaret
FIRNKES, August 13 Mar 1925 64y FLACH, Maria Mt. Carmel
FIRNKES, Jacob (Widower) 24 Aug 1897 65y ETZKORN, Maria Eva (Deceased) Died in the Poorhouse
FIRNKES, Mary 18 Feb 1927 67y Firnkes, August Green Mount
FISCHER, Catharine 21 Feb 1936 70y 8m HARST, John BUENTGEN, Marg. Fischer, Henry Green Mount Because of forty hours [devotion] buried from St. Luke
FISCHER, H. John 3 Jul 1887 8d Fischer, Henry HARST, Catharina
FISCHER, Henry 25 Jul 1928 64y HARST, Catherine Green Mount
FISCHER, John Warren 28 Jul 1940 1h Fischer, Alphonse SCHMALENBERGEr, Helen Green Mount Baptized at birth
FISCHER, Joseph 3 Feb 1880 65y Unknown Unkown
FISCHER, Martin 5 Oct 1902 49y WEBER, Emilia
FISCHER, Olivia 19 Oct 1899 10m Fischer, Henry HARST, Catharina
FISCHER, Rosalia 4 Jan 1865 1y 28d Fischer, Jacob WEINKEIFER, Maria
FISHER, Anna 23 Mar 1867 8y FISCHER, Martin HARTMAN, Maria A.
FITZGERALD, Ellen 18 Jul 1936 73y 8m MCNAMARA, Michael RYAN, Margaret Fitzgerald, Patrick Mt. Carmel Born 14 Nov 1852*
FITZGERALD, Margaret 1 Aug 1945 60y 1m FITGERALD, Patrick MCNAMARA, Ellen Mt. Carmel Born 29 May 1885*
FIX, Catharina 26 Jul 1872 18m Fix, Albert Not listed, Maria
FIX, Francisca (Widow) 26 Oct 1894 SCHAETZLE, Joseph Not listed, Maria Fix, Joseph (Deceased) Born 11 Oct 1830 in Baden
FIX, Joseph 12 Apr 1889 59y SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Francisca
FIX, Joseph 9 Mar 1943 78y 5m Fix, Joseph SCHAETZLE, Frances ZIMMERMANN, Theresa Green Mount
FIX, Laura 19 May 1928 30y Fix, Joseph ZIMMERMANN, Theresa Green Mount Duplicate entry
FIX, Maria 19 Dec 1891 Fix, August BELER, Maria Born 27 Mar 1869
FIX, Maria 21 Sep 1913 Fix, August Green Mount  
FIX, Philipp 30 Jan 1947 75y Fix, August BELLER, Mary BECKER, Lena Walnut Hill
FIX, Theresa 2 Sep 1953 Fix, Joseph Green Mount Born 6 Sep 1864.  Died in St. Vincent’s Home
FLACH, Adam 14 Feb 1895 OSTERMEIER, Maria (Deceased) Born 12 Sep 1818 near Frankfort
FLACH, Anna Maria 13 Sep 1853 62y
FLACH, Anna Maria 29 Jun 1883 55y Flach, Adam
FLACH, Barbara 9 Apr 1885 55y Flach, Conrad
FLACH, Barbara 24 Jul 1947 84y 4m SCHMIDT, Matthias STEINER, Elizabeth Flach, Adam Green Mount
FLACH, Carl 4 Jul 1861 13d Flach, Nicholas MEYER, Eva
FLACH, Conrad (Widower) 1 Apr 1898 70y HIEDE, Barbara (Deceased)
FLACH, Elizabeth 29 Sep 1858 16m Flach, Conrad
FLACH, Elizabeth 27 Apr 1911 87y Green Mount
FLACH, Elizabeth 4 Nov 1918 49y Flach, Nicholas Mt. Carmel Died of Influenza
FLACH, Eva (Widow) 23 Jun 1916 78y Flach, Nic. (Deceased) Green Mount
FLACH, Lena Barbara 27 Oct 1937 55y SERTH, Henry REICHERT, Louise Flach, Nicholas Green Mount Born 10 Jan 1882*
FLACH, Louis 10 Feb 1891 Flach, Nicholas MEYER, Eva Born 25 Aug 1869 in Belleville
FLACH, Maria 29 Sep 1902 81y
FLACH, Maria Anna 11 Sep 1863 1y 3m Flach, Nicholas MEYER, Eva
FLACH, Maria Olivia 12 Sep 1885 22m Flach, John PANNIER, Amalia
FLACH, Mary 8 May 1950 89y* SCHMIDT, Not listed* Walnut Hill (Non-Catholic part*) Born 11 Sep 1860.  Died at St. Vincent Home
FLACH, Nicholas 13 Dec 1913 66y Not listed, Maria Green Mount
FLACH, Nicholas J. 29 Oct 1944 Flach, Adam OSTERMEYER, Anna M. MORGAN, Elizabeth Mt. Carmel Born 9 May 1864.  [Entry is written on left margin of image 79.]
FLACH, Nicolaus 31 Jan 1899 Flach, George MEYER, Eva
FLACH, Rose 4 Aug 1934 46y WIEMNAUER [?], Matthew BRANDT, Margaret Flach, Adam Green Mount
FLANAGAN, Frank 13 Jun 1933 69y Unknown Unknown Mt. Carmel Died in the County Farm
FLECKENSTEIN, Conrad 4 Apr 1887 71y 4m 12d
FLEICK, Lambert 13 Feb 1866 39y Fleick, Johann
FLEISCH, Hedwiga 15 Oct 1871 68y Fleisch, Stephan
FLESCH, Maria 23 Mar 1851 10m Flesch, Gaspar
FLESCHERIN, Helena 30 Mar 1868 2y Flescherin, Joseph MEYER, Anna Maria
FLESCHRIN, Joseph 30 Jun 1872 42y
FLOOD, Hugh 21 Oct 1956 Unknown Unknown Never married Calvary in Punxsutawney, PA Born 16 Jan 1884.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FLORI, John 14 Jun 1854 Flori, John THEES, Helena Born 18 May 1852
FLORI, Theresa 23 Dec 1862 5y 4m Flori, Johann MEES, Helena
FLUCK, Alvina 27 Mar 1943 85y Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 1859 in Belleville*
FLUCK, Alwina 13 Sep 1899 Fluck, John BRANDMEIER, Anna Born 29 May 1895
FLUCK, Catharina 29 Feb 1864 1y 2d Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth
FLUCK, Elizabeth 23 Jul 1894 GAIN, William BRAUN, Margaret Fluck, Thomas Born 5 Dec 1830 in Wiederkirchen, Bavaria
FLUCK, John (Widower) 10 Nov 1915 83y Not listed, Susanna (Deceased) Green Mount
FLUCK, Magdalena 6 Aug 1859 Fluck, Thomas Not listed, Elizabeth Born 23 Nov 1858
FLUCK, Regina 11 Sep 1861 1y Flick, Thoma GAIN, Elizabeth
FLUCK, Susanna 8 Jan 1898 MAURER, Not listed Fluck, John
FLUCK, Thomas 7 Apr 1869 12d Fluck, Thomas GAIN, Elizabeth
FLUCK, Thomas 14 Jul 1873 19m Fluck, John
FLUCK, Thomas (Widower) 1 Jan 1913 84y Green Mount
FLURI, Catharina (Widow) 2 Sep 1888 69y MERTZ, Not listed Fluri, Philipp (Deceased)
FLYNN, Jacob 19 Oct 1873 1y Flynn, John Not listed, Bridget
FOELLER, Arthur 2 Oct 1943 52y 10m Foeller, Joseph P. ALBER, Theresa GUNDLACH, Not listed Green Mount Born 28 Jan 1891; died at Barnes Hospital*
FOERSTLER, Dominique 15 Mar 1855 60y
FOGES, Maria 17 Jul 1870 9m Figes, Henry Not listed, Dorothea
FOHL, Agnes 3 Mar 1896 2y Fohl, John STAMMER, Maria
FOHL, John Peter 7 Aug 1932 79y 11m Fohl, Peter HASSEN, Anna STAMMER, Mary Ann Walnut Hill
FOHL, Joseph 21 Mar 1875 5w Fohl, John Not listed, Maria
FOHL, Mary Anna 18 Jan 1927 72y Fohl, John P. Walnut Hill
FOHR, Anna M. 14 Dec 1924 90y Fohr, Peter Walnut Hill
FOHR, Bartholomew 7 Jan 1853
FOHR, Crescentia 12 Sep 1854 Fohr, Peter WEIBLE, Maria Born 4 Feb 1854
FOHR, Edward Peter 24 Sep 1878 2y 10m 28d Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, Anna Maria
FOHR, Elizabeth 27 Aug 1869 Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, Anna M.
FOHR, Elizabeth 1 Jan 1945 84y 11m STEINWASSER, John KERSHER, Magdalene Fohr, Joseph A. Green Mount Born 8 Feb 1860; died in St. Vincent Home*
FOHR, Irma 22 Mar 1912 28y Fohr, Joseph STEINWASSER, Elizabeth Green Mount
FOHR, John Nicholas 8 Aug 1940 74y 6m Fohr, Peter WEIHL (Weibel)*, Mary Walnut Hill Born in 1866 & died in St. Elizabeth Hospital*
FOHR, Joseph 13 Nov 1921 64y STEINWASSER, Elizabeth Green Mount
FOHR, Lena 8 Dec 1922 59y Fohr, Peter WAIBEL, Mary Walnut Hill
FOHR, Martin 31 Jul 1868 3m 8d Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, Maria
FOHR, Mary Agnes 4 Dec 1870 6w Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, Anna M.
FOHR, Not listed 9 May 1862 3y 2m 10d Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, A. Maria
FOHR, Olga 6 Jul 1890 Fohr, Joseph STEINWASSER, Elizabeth Born 11 Feb 1890
FOHR, Peter 12 Jan 1904 78y WEIBEL, Anna
FOHR, Peter Nicholas 11 Aug 1868 4m Fohr, Peter WEIBEL, Maria
FOPPE, Raymond 28 Feb 1949 31y Foppe, Henry (Herman*) MUELLER, Elizabeth RUFF, Grace St. Dominic in Breese, IL Born 7 May 1918*  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FORBECK, Joseph 11 Feb 1890 BENEN, Elizabeth Born 24 Oct 1824 in Kannitz, Westfalia
FORBECK, Maria Elizabeth 27 Dec 1906
FORBECK, Maria Elizabeth (Widow) 27 Dec 1906 72y BEHNEN, Not listed Forbeck, Joseph (Deceased)
FORMEHR, Clara 27 Sep 1848 26y Formehr, Valentin
FORNESS, Joseph 4 Mar 1928 Forness, Sr., Joseph Green Mount Child was hours old.
FORNESS, Joseph 4 Mar 1928 1h Forness, Sr., Joseph Green Mount Duplicate entry
FORNEY, Robert Jacob 16 Sep 1883 7w Forney, Prosper
FORSTER, Barbara 31 Mar 1859 3y Forster, John (Deceased) Not listed, Crescentia Died 30 Mar 1859
FORSTER, Eva Margaret 7 Apr 1870 20d Forster, Conrad Not listed, Margaret
FOSINGER, Anna Maria 19 Mar 1850 61y
FOURNELL, Anton 26 Jan 1907 42y
FOURNI, Anton 29 Dec 1846 58y
FOURNI, August 2 Feb 1848 3y
FOURNIE, Arthur 7 Aug 1955 Fournie, Prosper MOLITOR/STOELZE, Lena SUNKEL, Mary Green Mount Born 9 Sep 1872.
FOURNIE, Edward 20 Oct 1955 Fournie, Anton WARRING, Catherine KERSEY, Edna Mt. Calvary Born 19 Sep 1885
FOURNIE, Edward L.* 20 Oct 1954 Fournie, Anton WARRING, Catherine KERSEY, Edna Mt. Calvary Born 19 Sep 1885*
FOURNIE, Eleonora M. 5 May 1886 6y Fournie, Jacob BOUL, Maria
FOURNIE, Iva 29 Jun 1954 SUNKEL, Fredrich ZEISER, Eva Fournie, Arthur J. Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1882
FOURNIE, Jacob Anton 29 Jul 1885 67y
FOURNIE, Laura 5 Jan 1952 BADGLEY, Marion HEMMER, Magdeline Fournie, William Green Mount Born 30 Sep 1873.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FOURNIE, Magdalena 11 Sep 1923 82y Fournie, Victor Green Mount
FOURNIE, Magdalena 12 Jan 1936 85y MOLITOR, George KEIGER, Catherine Fournie, Prosper Green Mount Born 2 Feb 1850.*
FOURNIE, Not listed [Appears between 12 & 28 Jan 1911]
FOURNIE, William 6 Jul 1954 Fournie, Victor BOUL, Magdaline Green Mount Born 3 Feb 1869.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FOURNIER, Anna Cecilia 15 Feb 1877 4m Fournier, Jacob Not listed, Marianna
FOURNIER, August George 14 Aug 1875 8m Fournier, Jacob Not listed, Maria
FOURNIER, Cecilia 29 Jan 1877 62y Fournier, Louis
FOURNIER, Edward 19 May 1871 8w Fournier, Prosper MOLITOR, Helena
FOURNIER, Emil 11 Jun 1877 16m 11d Fournier, Victor Not listed, Magdalena
FOURNIER, Emilia Catharina 14 Sep 1881 1y 10m Fournier, Anton WARING, Catharina
FOURNIER, Eugene Anton 27 Jan 1874 5m Fournier, Jacob Not listed, Maria
FOURNIER, George 22 Oct 1879 3y 7m Fournier, Prosper LOUIS, Helena
FOURNIER, Louis 26 Jun 1881 62y EDELBRUT, Cecilia (Deceased)
FOURNIER, Louis Bernhard 1 Aug 1879 1y 7m Fournier, Victor BOUL, Magdalena
FOURNIER, Maria A. 20 May 1867 4m Fournier, Victor BOUL, Magdalena
FOURNIER, Maria Eva 26 Jun 1885
FOX, John 1 Nov 1874 10m Fox, Adam Not listed, Catharina
FOX, John William 13 Jul 1883 6m Fox, William Not listed, Maria Anna
FRANCE, Mae 5 Nov 1949 GRUENEWALD, Val FUCHS, Agnes Green Mount Died in Washington, DC*
FRANK, Anton August 7 Apr 1853 Frank, Christopher SEELM, Margaret Born 27 Aug 1852
FRANK, Margaret 7 Jun 1892 83y SCHLARMANN, Not listed
FRANKE, Anna 13 Aug 1896 4m Franke, Joseph KNAPPE, Maria
FRANKE, Anna (Widow) 14 Oct 1905 52y HUEBNER, John Not listed, Francisca Franke, John (Deceased)
FRANKE, Cecilia 12 May 1890 4y HERMANN, Rosalia (Widow)
FRANKE, Joseph 18 May 1905 72y HUEBNER, Anna
FRANKE, Maria 10 Sep 1889 54y KNAPP, Francis Not listed, Maria Franke, Joseph
FRANKE, Sandra Sue 15 Feb 1952 Infant Franke, Hamilton BECHERER, Lillian Smithton Catholic Born 15 Feb 1952
FRANS, Magdalena 16 Jan 1849 58y [Age could be 38y]
FRANZ, Anna 27 Sep 1883 5y Franz, Michael
FRANZ, Henry 18 Oct 1860 28y Franz, Joseph Not listred, Margaret SCHELL__, Magdalena
FREES, Elizabeth 7 Aug 1955 ETTELDORF, Michael COURAR, Theresa Green Mount Born 26 Jan 1877
FREES, George W. 22 Mar 1946 79y 5m Frees, George FAUTH, Catherine ETTELDORF, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 5 Oct 1866*
FREES, Minnie K. 18 Jan 1956 Frees, George FAUTH, Katherine Green Mount Born 24 Sep 1880
FREGLICHEN, Joseph 10 Feb 1929 85y Freglichen, Anton ELSENSOHN, Elizabeth Green Mount From __Lorraine  [Information hidden in spine]
FREIN, Dr. H. J. 16 Apr 1939 54y 3m Frein, Henry NEHRING, Mary POIROT, Susan Green Mount
FRELIGER, Alfons 10 Jan 1903 48y Freliger, Anton BOSSLER, Barbara
FRESCHMANN, Clara 14 Oct 1873 1d Freschmann, Andrew Not listed, Louisa
FREY, Arthur 17 Oct 1885 3y Frey, George A. Not listed, Anna A foundling
FREY, Arthur John 15 Aug 1903 8m Frey, Daniel WAKER, Paulina
FREY, Carolina (Widow) 75y Frey, George (Deceased) From East St. Louis
FREY, Catharina 23 Aug 1872 18y Frey, Philipp GERMAIN, Catharina
FREY, Daniel 20 Jan 1957 Unknown Unknown WELKER, Pauline Green Mount Born 11 Oct 1872.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FREY, George 10 Mar 1871 2y Frey, George STADEL, Carolina
FREY, George 28 Feb 1894 SCHADEL, Carolina Born 27 Feb 1827 in Rheinpfalz
FREY, John 7 Dec 1918 42y Frey, Francis Green Mount Died in the County Farm
FREY, Katherine 2 Aug 1953 COLLMAN, John HAAS, Anna Frey, Joseph Green Mount Born 16 Dec 1874.  Died at Atkinson Home
FREY, Paulina 19 May 1927 54y Frey, Daniel Green Mount
FREY, Victoria 2 Mar 1879 6y 5m Frey, George Anton Not listed, Carolina
FRIANG, Barbara 7 Oct 1850 9y
FRIANG, George 12 Oct 1850 [Age listed as 8 & 7 years]
FRIANG, Mrs. Catharina 6 Oct 1852 34y 6m
FRIANG, Nicholas 11 Oct 1850 8m
FRICK, Andrew Laurent 30 Mar 1864 1d Frick, Andrew STAUDER, Francisci
FRICK, Anna Maria 12 Nov 1883 28y Frick, John
FRICK, Carolina 23 Jul 1884 37y Frick, Francis J.
FRICK, Dominic 16 Apr 1864 18d Frick, Andrew STAUDER, Francisca
FRICK, Ernest Henry 24 Oct 1936 63y 3m Frick, William HEYL, Magdalena KREHER, Susie St. John Cemetery in Smithton, IL Born 12 Jul 1873 in Hecker, IL
FRICK, George 17 Dec 1863 1m 7d Frick, Johann BECKER, Margaret
FRICK, Johann 3 Dec 1863 42y 7m Frick, Joseph WETZER, Maria ENGELHARD, Margaret
FRICK, Joseph Daniel 11 Jun 1879 3y 8m Frick, Franzis SCHNELL, Carol.
FRICK, Julius A. 16 Nov 1954 Frick, George ENSINGER, Katherine DOETSCH, Mary (Married 8 Jun 1886*) St. Augustine in Hecker, IL Born 22 Jun 1863.
FRICK, Maria 17 Dec 1860 29y 1m REIHOLD, Not listed Frick, John
FRICK, Sebastian 12 Nov 1885 78y
FRICK, Susan (Widow)* 2 Dec 1937 54y 10m KREHER, Jacob ROSS, Barbara Frick, Ernst (Deceased)* Smithton, IL Born 19 Jan 1883*
FRICK, Theodore 2 Jan 1884 He had a family
FRICKE, Anna 10 May 1924 40y Fricke, Joseph Green Mount
FRICKE, Emil 6 Jan 1902 Infant Fricke, Francis ANSLINGER, Anna
FRICKE, Mary 14 Mar 1927 78y Fricke, Henry Green Mount
FRICKEL, Mathias 1 Mar 1879 59y Unknown
FRIE, Joseph 14 Nov 1861 4m Frie, George Not listed, Carolina
FRIEDERICH, Herman 8 Nov 1922 25y Friederich, Theodore NEVA, Mary Green Mount
FRIEDLANDER, Philomena William 23 Jul 1883 2m 15d Friedlander, William HUBERT, Anna
FRIES, Adolph William 11 Oct 1945 66y Fries, Conrad LUCASH, Barbara BLAIES, Anna Catherine Green Mount Born 13 Oct 1879*
FRIES, Anna 19 Nov 1948 68y 11m Fries, Adolph Green Mount
FRIES, Barbara (Widow) 4 Jun 1924 83y Fries, Conrad (Deceased)
FRIES, Carl 4 Jan 1908 3y Fries, Adolph BLAES, Anna
FRIES, Conrad 18 Feb 1897 62y LUCASH, Barbara Quincy
FRIES, Edward 28 May 1927 54y Fries, Conrad Not listed, Barbara Green Mount
FRIES, John 23 Oct 1900 29y Fried, Conrad LUCASH, Barbara Died in Anna State Asylum
FRIES, Joseph 31 May 1941 66y Fries, Conrad LUCASH, Barbara REINER, Carrie Green Mount Born 9 Apr 1875*
FRIES, Joseph J. 12 Jul 1859 4y Fries, William Not listed, Barbara
FRIES, Marie 16 Feb 1952 WILD, Not listed Green Mount Born 18 Dec 1883.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FRIESS, Mary E. 28 Apr 1948 72y FRIEDERICH, Nic KLEIN, Elizabeth Friess, Henry G. Holy Childhood in Mascoutah, IL Born 10 Mar 1875*
FRISHMANN, Magdalena 30 Aug 1869 69y KOHRBACHER, Not listed FRESCHMANN, Philipp
FRITZ, Catharina Elisa 11 Mar 1879 24y 6d UHL, Not listed Fritz, Leonard
FRITZ, Louis 20 Oct 1849 45y
FRITZ, Theodore 25 Aug 1947 48y 7m Fritz, Leonard KUEHN, Magdalen OESTERLE, Severa Walnut Hill Born 9 Dec 1898*  Died in Veterans Home in Jacksonville, IL
FRITZSINNER, Mary Virginie 10 Jul 1879 11m Fritzsinner, Mathew Not listed, Bridget
FRITZ-WARREN, Grace 13 Jun 1946 20y 1m FRITZ, Theodore OESTERLE, Severa Warren, Orville (Civil marriage) Green Mount
FROEHLIN, George 13 May 1941 78y 2m Froehlin, George Green Mount
FROELICH, Clara 9 Dec 1954 FEUCHT, Charles BOLL, Mary Froelich, John Mt. Calvary Born 4 Nov 1885
FROELICH, William 20 Dec 1933 87y Green Mount
FROMANG, Louis 8 Feb 1867 3y 5m Fromang, Nicholas WISESCH [?], Margaret
FROMANG, Mrs. Maria 25 Jan 1848 50y
FROMANG, Nicholas 1 Sep 1867 12y 4m Fromang, Nicholas WISROCK, Margaret
FROMUHT, Catharina 21 Jan 1856 29y Fromuht, Nicholas Not listed, Maria
FROST, Alexander 10 May 1941 74y 3m Frost, Joseph PARR, Helen FELMS, Sarah Ellen Walnut Hill Born 8 Feb 1868*
FUCHS, Agnes 26 Jul 1864 76y MERSINGER, Jacob KLEI, Maria F. Fuchs, Anton
FUCHS, Anna 30 Mar 1903 21y Fuchs, Louis ULRICH, Elizabeth
FUCHS, Conrad 16 Oct 1908 BOLLMANN, Margaret
FUCHS, Edward 7 Jun 1879 4y 5m Fuchs, Edward Louis ULRICH, Louisa
FUCHS, Edward 24 Sep 1946 66y Fuchs, Conrad VOLLMANN, Margaret Green Mount Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUCHS, Elizabeth 7 Mar 1904 50y ULRICH, Not listed Fuchs, Louis
FUCHS, Elizabeth (Widow) 23 Oct 1914 74y Fuchs, Joseph (Deceased) Green Mount
FUCHS, Frank 8 Dec 1949 80y Fuchs, Conrad VOLLMAN, Margaret Never married* Green Mount Born 6 Sep 1870*
FUCHS, Louis A. 25 Feb 1931 83y ULRICH, Elizabeth Green Mount
FUCHS, Louis Aloysius 7 Mar 1881 18m Fuchs, Louis Not listed, Maria
FUCHS, Margaret 3 Mar 1952 Fuchs, Nicholas Green Mount Born 11 Jun 1861.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUCHS, Margaret (Widow) 18 Sep 1911 75y Fuchs, Conrad (Deceased) Green Mount
FUCHS, Margaret Cecilia 3 Feb 1881 2m 22d Fuchs, Francis SCHÜTZ (Schuetz), Josephina
FUCHS, Maria 17 May 1879 1y 10m Fuchs, Louis ULRICH, Elizabeth
FUCHS, Nicholas 12 Feb 1919 54y BIEHL, Margaret Green Mount
FUEGEL, Eva 24 Jul 1854 37y
FUEGEL, Joseph 22 Sep 1853 Fuegel, John KNOELLER, Eva Born 28 May 1853
FUEGEL, Joseph 17 Jul 1854 Fuegel, John VELLEN, Eva Born 9 May 1854
FUEGEL, Margaret (Widow) 20 Nov 1907 71y EGRICH, Not listed Fuegel, John (Deceased)
FUEGEL, Mathias 16 Oct 1857 Fuegel, John Not listed, Margaret
FUERI, Carl 8 Aug 1854 21y
FUERSICH, Anna Maria 24 Jan 1855 44y
FÜES (Fuees), Barbara 21 Jun 1876 58y Fues, Michael
FUES, Joseph 4 Mar 1879 68y 1m 21d KAHLHOFER, Margaret
FUES, Margaret 13 Sep 1879 61y 3m 6d Fues, Joseph (Deceased)
FUESS, Joseph 17 Oct 1881 10y 6m 17d Fuess, Ignatius GEISERT, Maria
FUESSER, Caroline 22 Dec 1947 47y 4m DINGES, John ZULAUF, Caroline Fuesser, Charles Walnut Hill Born 2 Sep 1900*
FUESSER, Elizabeth 26 Nov 1918 70y WEIBERT, Not listed Fuesser, George Walnut Hill She was married by a squire about 50 years ago.  A year later her husband left.  She had one child who died as a baby.
FUESSER, George Charles 18 Mar 1923 4m Fuesser, Charles DINGES, Caroline Mascoutah, IL
FUGER, Edna 18 May 1899 3m Fuger, Joseph HURST, Eleonora From Granite City
FUGER, Eleonore 19 Feb 1899 18y Fuger, Joseph From Granite City
FUGER, Ernest 31 Aug 1888 10m 20d Fuger, Aloysius ISLE, Holde
FUGER, George 20 Apr 1892 Fuger, Gottfried OVERBECK, Anna Born 19 Apr 1892.  Baptized privately
FUGER, Joseph 22 Nov 1860 38y Fuger, Joseph Not listed, Anastasia ECKER, Catharina Appears at end of Jan 1861 entries
FUHRMAN, Dominik 19 May 1924 72y Not listed, Marg. Elizabeth Green Mount
FUHRMAN, John 30 Nov 1947 68y 6m Fuhrman, Dominic EISELE, Margaret Never married* Green Mount Born 27 May 1779? [sic] (1879*)
FUHRMAN, Margaret 3 Sep 1947 50y WILD, George SCHILLING, Margaret Fuhrman, Nicholas Walnut Hill Born Dec 1887*
FUHRMAN, Margaret (Widow) 4 Feb 1925 68y Fuhrman, Dom. (Deceased) Green Mount
FUHRMAN, Nicholas 18 Sep 1949 62y 11m Fuhrman, Dominic EISELE, Margaret WILD, Margaret (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 12 Oct 1886; died at the County Hospital*
FUHRMANN, Anna Maria 8 Aug 1894 ISCH, Anton OHMER, Anna Maria Fuhrmann, Nicolaus (Deceased) Born 10 May 1819 in Land, Alsatia [Alsace]
FUHRMANN, Francis 17 Jul 1881 10d Fuhrmann, Dominic EISELE, Margaret
FUHRMANN, Margaret 17 Aug 1895 Fuhrmann, Dom. EISELE, Margaret Born 17 Aug 1895
FUHRMANN, Mary 23 Mar 1951 Fuhrmann, Dominic EISELE, Margaret Green Mount Born 18 Jul 1884.  Died in Alton State Hospital
FUHRMANN, Nicolaus 15 Apr 1894 ISCH, Maria Born 11 Sep 1819 in Langatte, Saarbourg
FUHRMANN, Victorina 22 Apr 1865 4m 15d Fuhrmann, Nicholas ISCH, Maria
FUNK, Adam 11 Feb 1941 69y 1m Funk, Adam WEYHAUPT, Josephine BRIESACHER, Josephine Green Mount Born 13 Jan 1872*
FUNK, Elizabeth 30 Sep 1952 FUNK, Adam KLEIN, Louisa Funk, Henry Green Mount Born 20 Mar 1867.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNK, Elizabeth 19 Dec 1953 Green Mount Born 22 Sep 1868.  Died at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNK, Elmer 16 Mar 1952 Funk, Henry ADAM, Elizabeth RABE, Hazel Walnut Hill Born 6 Feb 1900.  Died in St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNK, Henry 8 Jun 1944 84y 4m Funk, Henry ADAM, Elizabeth Green Mount Born 18 Feb 1860*  ‘Baptized before death
FUNK, Joseph 10 Jul 1946 64y 5m Funk, Adam SCHMIDT, Mary (Not married*) Green Mount Born 6 Jan 1881*
FUNK, Josephine 21 Jun 1948 Funk, Adam SCHMIDT, Mary Green Mount Born 17 Jan 1877
FUNK, Josephine 25 Aug 1949 75y Funk, Adam (Deceased*) Green Mount Born 6 Jan 1874*
FUNK, Mary (Widow) 15 Apr 1922 84y Funk, Adam (Deceased) Green Mount
FUNSCH, Ann 21 Apr 1956 WESS, John FISCHER, Susan FUNSH, Leander (Leed) P. Walnut Hill Born 20 Apr 1888.  Found dead in St. Louis
FUNSCH, Carl 28 Feb 1908 37y Funsch, George REUTERMANN, Maria Anna
FUNSCH, Carol Ann 9 Jul 1944 Funsch, George NOVATNY, Dorothy Walnut Hill New born baptized at birth at St. Elizabeth Hospital
FUNSCH, Eva (Widow) 1 Aug 1935 76y 6m ROMEIS, Michael MUELLER, Eva Funsch, George (Deceased) Walnut Hill Born 18 Jan 1859.*  Died in St. Louis, MO
FUNSCH, Francis Mathew 13 Dec 1863 33y 10d FUSCH, Mathew VETH, Dorothea
FUNSCH, George 15 Oct 1943 54y Funsch, Joseph BERKEL, Helen STEINER, Susan Walnut Hill Born 24 Dec 1889*
FUNSCH, George 24 Dec 1892 Funsch, Andrew REUTERMANN, Anna M. Born 19 Aug 1859 in Belleville.  Died in St. Louis
FUNSCH, George Andrew 5 Dec 1876 53y 8m REITERMANN, Anna Maria
FUNSCH, Helen A. 9 Jan 1935 78y 2m BERKEL, Michael HAMBUGER, Katherine Funsch, Joseph Walnut Hill Born 27 Oct 1856 in Rheinpfalz*
FUNSCH, Joseph 7 May 1919 63y BERKEL, Helena
FUNSCH, Leander 20 Aug 1948 65y 6m Funsch, George ROMEIS, Eva Green Mount Died in Alton State Hospital
FUNSCH, Maria Anna (Widow) 23 Feb 1899 66y REUTERMANN, J. Funsch, George (Deceased)
FUNSCH, Valentin 9 Jun 1858 7m Funsch, George Not listed, Maria
FURCHERON, Magdalena 20 Feb 1899 56y From Centreville Station
FÜRST (Fuerst), Victor 16 Jan 1886 40y
FUSNER, Elizabeth 3 Oct 1875 5y 7m Fusner, Anton Not listed, Wilhelmina
FUSSNER, John 20 Nov 1887 4y Fussner, Anton HUTH, Maria


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