Baptisms – Wi-Wz, X, Y, Z

St. John United Church of Christ, Smithton, Illinois (1869–1986)

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Abbreviations: Parents (p), sponsors (s), and the one baptized (bpt) are named in this index covering over a century of this congregation's baptismal records (1869-1986).

Page numbers cited below refer to baptisms performed during these years:

  • Pages 1 - 10   cover 1869–1877  ¦  • Pages 62- 72  cover 1915–1930   
  • Pages 11- 20  cover 1878–1887  ¦  • Pages 78- 85  cover 1931–1952
  • Pages 21- 41  cover 1888–1899  ¦  • Pages 86-101 cover 1953–1986
  • Pages 42- 61  cover 1900–1914 


Anna (RATHMACHER) WIEGAND p45,s48,73
Anna Maria WIEGAND s11
Annie Marie Amelia WIEGAND bpt69
Betty Jean Charlotte WIEGAND bpt73
Charlotte (CHURCH) WIEGAND s73
Clara WIEGAND s85
Clara (BECHTOLDT) WIEGAND p73,74,78
Clarence WIEGAND p73,74,78
Clarence Adam WIEGAND bpt45
Elsie Lou WIEGAND s85,88
Elsie Lou Catherine WIEGAND bpt74
Emilie Margaretha WIEGAND bpt42
Emma (HEPP) WIEGAND p69,70
George WIEGAND s36,38,70
George Arthur Franklin WIEGAND bpt70
George Michael WIEGAND bpt36
Harold WIEGAND s92
Harold Charles Alvin WIEGAND bpt78
Heinrich Adolf WIEGAND bpt48
Henry WIEGAND p45,s48
Johann Friedrich WIEGAND bpt9
Johann George WIEGAND p9
Johann Herbert WIEGAND bpt45
John WIEGAND p47,59,s9,26,45
Leland WIEGAND p97
Liverne WIEGAND s73
Liverne George WIEGAND bpt47
Luella B. (BRUNS) WIEGAND s74
Mabel Bertha WIEGAND bpt59
Maria (KUHN) WIEGAND p47,59,s45
Maria (REHEIS) WIEGAND p33,36,39,42,45,48,51,56,s69
Mary Anna WIEGAND bpt73
Melissa Clara WIEGAND bpt51
Ralph J. WIEGAND s74
Ralph John WIEGAND bpt56
Rosine Maria WIEGAND bpt39
Shannon Lynn WIEGAND bpt97
Sophia (LEEPER) WIEGAND p9,s36,38
Wilhelm WIEGAND p33,36,39,42,45,48,51,56,s22,26
Wilhelm George WIEGAND bpt33
William G. WIEGAND p69,70
Elnor WIESE s84
Kenneth WIESE s84
George WIGAND p5
Martin Heinrich WIGAND bpt5
Sophie WIGAND p5
Elmer WILHELMS s65
Agnes E. (KEESER) WILLEFORD bpt85,p85
Elton Mc C WILLEFORD p85
Jo Ellen WILLEFORD bpt85
Robert Allan WILLEFORD bpt85
Jennifer WILLIAMS s101
Susanna WILLMANN s21
Wilhelm WILLMANN s21
Jolene Ann WILSON bpt72
Joseph WILSON p72
Myrtle WILSON s72
Juliane WINKER s14
Elisabeth WINKLER s8
John WINKLER s22
Caroline WINTER s78
Bernhardina (LOGEMANN) WISCAMP p16
Casp. Heinr. WISCAMP p14
Eddie Emilie (TALBOT) WISCAMP p14
Friedr August WISCAMP bpt16,s14
Friedr. WISCAMP p14,s16
Friedrich Walther WISCAMP bpt14
Georg Friedr. WISCAMP bpt14
Ida Bernhardine Josephine WISCAMP bpt14
Louis WISCAMP p14,16
Maria Louise Ida WISCAMP s14
Adolphine (GROH) WISKAMP p55,56,58,60,62-64,66,68,69
Anna WISKAMP s49
Anna (DARMSTAETTER) WISKAMP p25,33,37,s68
Anna Maria (LOGEMANN) WISKAMP p7,10,14
Anna Maria Louise Henriette WISKAMP bpt4
Anna Myrtle Theodora WISKAMP bpt49
Caspar Heinr. WISKAMP p12,bpt8
Clarence Jacob WISKAMP bpt69
Clyde Allen WISKAMP bpt66
Donald Wm. WISKAMP bpt86
Edith Caroline Georgiana WISKAMP bpt63
Emma Maria WISKAMP bpt6
Ethel Hattie Elisabeth WISKAMP bpt55
Florence WISKAMP s81
Friedrich WISKAMP p6
George WISKAMP p52
George W. WISKAMP p49
Gladys Margarite WISKAMP bpt68
Grace Emilie WISKAMP bpt62
Harry WISKAMP s81
Harry Theodore WISKAMP bpt56
Hattie (TALBOT) WISKAMP p8,12,17,s37,55
Heinrich WISKAMP p4,8,17,s37
Heinrich C. WISKAMP p37
Heinrich K. WISKAMP p25,33
Henrette WISKAMP p4
Herbert Otto WISKAMP bpt58
Kasper WISKAMP p55,56,58,60,62-64,66,68,69
Levi Walter WISKAMP bpt25
Louis WISKAMP p10,63,s33,38,60
Louis G. WISKAMP p7
Louisa Pearl Augustine WISKAMP bpt52
Louise Wilhelmine WISKAMP bpt10
Ludwig Georg WISKAMP s15
Lulu (GAUCH) WISKAMP p63,s60
Margarite WISKAMP s68
Maria WISKAMP s6,7,12
Maria (JAEGER) WISKAMP p49,52
Maria Anna WISKAMP bpt12
Maria Lina WISKAMP bpt7
Maria W. WISKAMP p6
Martha Annie WISKAMP bpt68
Mary Katharyne WISKAMP bpt66
Neil William WISKAMP bpt64
Roy R. WISKAMP p86
Roy Rudolph WISKAMP bpt63
Ruth Lulu WISKAMP bpt60
Sophie Katharina WISKAMP bpt17
Stella (MUELLER) WISKAMP p66,68
Victor WISKAMP p66,68
Victor Daniel WISKAMP bpt37
Walter WISKAMP s25
Wyman WISKAMP s54
Wyman Louis WISKAMP bpt33
Henry WISKAMP Sr. s55
Catharine WITZMANN s5
Christian WITZMANN s5
Anna Christina WOLF bpt1
Christina WOLF s1
Christina (PEPPLER) WOLF p1
Elise Margaretha WOLF bpt1
Elsie WOLF s52
Emilie (SKAER) WOLF p52
Niklaus WOLF p1
Velma Elisabeth Elsie WOLF bpt52
William C. WOLF p52
Anetta WOLFE s73
Catherine (BENEDICK) WOODS p90
Cindy Lou WOODS bpt94
James WOODS bpt90,p90,p94,96
James Lee WOODS p90
Joan (PETTY) WOODS bpt90,p90,94,96
Michael James WOODS bpt96
Patricia Ann WOODS bpt90
Arthur WRIGHT s86
Sharon WRIGHT s86
Anna YOST s71
Amanda YUNG s49
Anna Lee YUNG bpt95
Chester George YUNG bpt94
Elmer YUNG p94,95,s92
Elmer George YUNG bpt69,p96
Florence Louise YUNG bpt46
Geraldine (POWERS) YUNG p94,95,96
Gertrud (PFEIFFER) YUNG p46,49
Hunter Thorpe YUNG bpt96
Joseph YUNG s45
Josephine YUNG s50
Julius YUNG p46,49
Laura YUNG s78
Theresia (WEBER) YUNG s45
Virginia Amanda YUNG bpt49
Werner YUNG p69
Clarence E. ZAHN p83
Ollie Ann (POOLE) ZAHN p83
Roger Otto ZAHN bpt83
Mrs. ZELLEN s2
Heinrich ZELLER s32
Peter ZEUMANN s71
Heinrich ZIMMER s12

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