Baptisms – W-Wh

St. John United Church of Christ, Smithton, Illinois (1869–1986)

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Abbreviations: Parents (p), sponsors (s), and the one baptized (bpt) are named in this index covering over a century of this congregation's baptismal records (1869-1986).

Page numbers cited below refer to baptisms performed during these years:

  • Pages 1 - 10   cover 1869–1877  ¦  • Pages 62- 72  cover 1915–1930   
  • Pages 11- 20  cover 1878–1887  ¦  • Pages 78- 85  cover 1931–1952
  • Pages 21- 41  cover 1888–1899  ¦  • Pages 86-101 cover 1953–1986
  • Pages 42- 61  cover 1900–1914 


Ernestine (KLEIN) WAEHRING p15
Hermann WAEHRING p15
Hermine Johanna WAEHRING bpt15
Albert WAELTI s69
Bertha (BECKER) WAELTI s69
Adele Maria WAGNER bpt62
Amalie WAGNER s20
Anna WAGNER s32
Anna Karoline (KOERBER) WAGNER p41,49,53,60
Carolina WAGNER s18
Edward WAGNER p70,s68
Edward George WAGNER bpt34
Floyd Henry WAGNER bpt70
Heinrich WAGNER p22,34,s29,39
Henry Aug WAGNER p49,53,41,s60
Hilda Anna WAGNER bpt53
Katie (LANG) WAGNER p62,68
Leo Friederich WAGNER bpt41
Leona Lina WAGNER bpt49
Lillian (TALBOT) WAGNER p70,s68,bpt80
Maria WAGNER s18
Rudolph WAGNER s17
Sophie WAGNER s20,21
Sophie (SCHUBERT) WAGNER p22,34
Walter Edward WAGNER bpt68
Wilhelm Jacob WAGNER bpt22
William WAGNER p62,68
Henry WAGNER Sr. s70
Bertha (JATHO) WALTER p47
Edward J WALTER p47
Viola Bertha Maria WALTER bpt47
Allegra Jane (KUHN) WAMSER p84,86,s88
Herman H WAMSER s88,93,p84,86
James Herman WAMSER bpt84
Sherry Louise WAMSER bpt86
Richard WEATHERS s91
Alyssa Ann WEBB bpt98
Marjean (OTTEN) WEBB p98
Terrance E. WEBB p98
Almy Amanda Clara WEBER bpt66
Alvin Christian WEBER bpt28
Arthur WEBER p78,79,s77,89,93
Arthur E. WEBER p88
Barbara Irene WEBER bpt92
Carol Frances WEBER bpt78
Clarence WEBER s79
Curt F. WEBER p78,s83,92
David Henry WEBER bpt79
Donald Lee WEBER bpt78
Dora (LIPPERT) WEBER s67,76,81
Dorothy WEBER s88
Dorothy (WHITE) WEBER p90
Elaine Sue WEBER bpt88
Elenora Susanna Phillipine WEBER bpt50
Elisa Sophia WEBER bpt22
Elisabeth WEBER s13
Elisabeth Johanna WEBER bpt25,s54
Ella C. (KOERBER) WEBER p67,68,70
Ella Dorothea (FREITAG) WEBER p56,60,s68
Elmer J. WEBER s78,82
Ernestine (MILLER) WEBER p92
Eugene William WEBER bpt76
Evelyn June WEBER bpt79
Fred W. WEBER p67,68,70
Friederich Heinrich WEBER bpt68
Friederich Wilhelm WEBER bpt35
Fritz WEBER s54,63
George WEBER p5,7,9,11,14,17,25,31,35,s4,21
George A. WEBER p43,50
George August WEBER bpt5
George Phillip WEBER bpt43,s64
Gloria Jean WEBER bpt78
Goerge WEBER p21
Gustav WEBER bpt7
Heinrich WEBER p56,60,s46,68
Heinrich Jacob WEBER bpt56
Heinrich Wilhelm WEBER bpt10
Helena (JAEGER) WEBER p24,28
Henriette WEBER p5,s37
Henriette (JAEGER) WEBER p7,9,11,14,17,21,25,31,35,s21,45,58,62
Henriette Louise WEBER bpt9
Herman WEBER s8
Ida WEBER s24
Irene WEBER s83
Jacob WEBER s34
Johann WEBER p10,22
Johann Phillip WEBER s31
John WEBER p24,28,76,78,79,s13
John J. WEBER p77
Karl WEBER s31
Karla Sue WEBER bpt90
Katharyne (KOERBER) WEBER p76-79
Louis Wilhelm WEBER bpt17
Louise (MAAS) WEBER p10
Louise Henriette Wilhelmine WEBER bpt14
Luella WEBER s78
Lydia (HILL) WEBER s73
Magdalena (JAEGER) WEBER p22
Maria Henriette WEBER bpt21
Marjorie WEBER s79
May Alma WEBER bpt70
Olivia Ida WEBER bpt24
Pearl Katharine Dorothea WEBER bpt60
Peter WEBER bpt11
Phillipine Susanna WEBER bpt31
Raymond WEBER s81
Raymond J. WEBER p92
Robert Charles WEBER bpt92
Roy WEBER p90,s88
Roy Frank WEBER bpt67
Sophie (ETLING) WEBER p43,50,66,s67
Susanna WEBER s50
Viola (VIELWEBER) WEBER p78,79,88,s77,89
Violet Georgian WEBER bpt77
Walter WEBER s73
Wm. WEBER s76
Geo. A. WEBER Jr. p66
George WEBER Jr. s29,43
Friedr WEHRLY s12
Friedrich Wilhelm WEHRLY bpt12
Heinrich WEHRLY p12
Charles WEICHBROD s44
Elsa Maria Mathilde WEICHBROD bpt44
Friederich WEICHBROD p44
Caroline WEIDEMANN p5,8
Heinrich WEIDEMANN p5,8
Heinrich Christian Wilh. WEIDEMANN bpt5
Henrietta Sophia Christine WEIDEMANN bpt8
Louise WEIHAUPT s28
Elisabeth (WEBER) WEIK p74
Harold Elmer WEIK bpt74
Henry WEIK p74
Louise WEIS s26
Alvin P. WEISS p69
Cordelia Myrtle WEISS bpt69
Forest W. WEISS p75
Iona Mertie WEISS bpt74
Lester Earl WEISS bpt74
Maggie (SEITZ) WEISS p75
Myrtle WEISS s69,88
Myrtle A. (STELL) WEISS p69
Robert Elmer WEISS bpt75
Roger Lee WEISS s88
Emily WELKY s78
Joseph WELKY s78
Anna Elisabeth Magdalena WELTGE bpt21
Elisabeth (HOSTO) WELTGE p21
Rev. Fr. WELTGE p21
Christine WERNER s51
Lillian WERNER s73
Mr. Mrs. Frederick WERNER s81
Heinrich WESSEL s3,9
Maria WESSEL s51
Carl WEYGANDT bpt13,p13
Margaretha (KELLER) WEYGANDT p15
Philipp WEYGANDT p15
Philipp Peter WEYGANDT bpt15
Katharine WEYHAUPT s31,32
Laura WEYHAUPT s47
Louis WEYHAUPT s31,49
Albert WHITAKER p79
Bernice (ACKER) WHITAKER p79
Dennis Joe WHITAKER bpt79
Janet J. WHITE s98

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