Baptisms – Se-Sp

St. John United Church of Christ, Smithton, Illinois (1869–1986)

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Abbreviations: Parents (p), sponsors (s), and the one baptized (bpt) are named in this index covering over a century of this congregation's baptismal records (1869-1986).

Page numbers cited below refer to baptisms performed during these years:

  • Pages 1 - 10   cover 1869–1877  ¦  • Pages 62- 72  cover 1915–1930   
  • Pages 11- 20  cover 1878–1887  ¦  • Pages 78- 85  cover 1931–1952
  • Pages 21- 41  cover 1888–1899  ¦  • Pages 86-101 cover 1953–1986
  • Pages 42- 61  cover 1900–1914 


Babera SECHS s8
Alice Stelle Isabella SEIBERT bpt18
August F. SEIBERT s37
Catharine SEIBERT p4,7
Clara SEIBERT s25
Clara Katharina SEIBERT bpt9
Edmund Theodor SEIBERT bpt32
Edward SEIBERT s12
Edward Carl SEIBERT bpt12
Elvira Theresia SEIBERT bpt36
Emma SEIBERT s18
George SEIBERT p4,7,9,12,18,s2,28
George W. SEIBERT p32,36,40,46,s50
George Wilhelm SEIBERT bpt2,p2
Georgia Katharine SEIBERT bpt46
Gustav SEIBERT s10
Irma Louise SEIBERT bpt40
Katharina (HOERETH) SEIBERT p2,9,12,18
Katharine (GROSSMANN) SEIBERT p32,36,40,46,s50
Katharyne SEIBERT s63
Leslie Walter SEIBERT bpt59
Ludwig Theodor SEIBERT bpt4
Maria SEIBERT s10
Norma Katharyne SEIBERT bpt63
Richard SEIBERT p59,63
Susanna L. (GROSSMANN) SEIBERT p59,63
Theodor SEIBERT s32
Theodor Alfred SEIBERT bpt7
Edna Elisa SEIFRIED bpt46
Louis SEIFRIED p46,s21
Margaretha (KELLER) SEIFRIED p46
Anna SENZEL s18
Heinrich SENZEL s18
Francis T. SHEEHAN s50
Dennis SHELTON s97
Fern SHELTON s99
Jill Ellen SHELTON bpt97
Russell Charles SHELTON p97
David Eugene SHERLAND bpt91
Eugene SHERLAND p91,93,95
Gloria Jean (WEBER) SHERLAND p91,93,95
James Earl SHERLAND bpt95
Kenneth Lee SHERLAND bpt93
Richard Charles SHILLING s98
Fred SILCH s69
Frieda (KUNZ) SILCH s69,70,79
Katharyne (LIPPERT) SILMANN s70
Amanda SKAER s35,40,42
Andrew Louis SKAER bpt99
Anna (GROMMET) SKAER p59,61,65,s70
Arthur SKAER p59,61,65,s35
Arthur Louis Heinrich SKAER bpt19
Betty SKAER s59
Curt SKAER s89
Curt Louis Alfred SKAER bpt67
Dean SKAER s99
Dean Alan SKAER bpt89,p99,100
Diane SKAER s99
Diane Marie SKAER bpt88
Doris Katharyne SKAER bpt65
Dorothy SKAER s89
Dorothy Ann (SCHNEIDER) SKAER p88,89,90
Elisabeth SKAER p7,s52,89
Elisabeth (FROESE) SKAER p65,67,71,s67
Elisabeth Emilie SKAER bpt36
Elizabeth Anne SKAER bpt99
Emilie SKAER s10,34,45
Fay SKAER s100
Florence (REINICKE) SKAER s75
Gary SKAER p99,s100
Gary Lee SKAER bpt90
George SKAER s29,65
George Robert SKAER bpt29
Heinrich Wilhelm SKAER bpt39
Henriette SKAER s48
Henry SKAER p40,s82,90
Jacob SKAER s26
Jane SKAER s99
Jane (DILL) SKAER p99,100
John Walter SKAER bpt100
Katharine Margaretha SKAER bpt48
Katie SKAER s65,66
Katie (BLANK) SKAER p40
Katie (GAUCH) SKAER p64,s63
Louis SKAER p65,67,71,s19,44,67
Louise SKAER s24
Louise (PFEIFFER) SKAER p22,24,26,29,36,39,48,52,s64,77
Louise Catharine SKAER bpt24
Ludwig Jacob SKAER bpt26
Margaretha (STOCK) SKAER s26,40
Mildred Virginia Louise SKAER bpt64
Myrtle Johanetta Elisabeth SKAER bpt59
Myrtle Louise Margaretha SKAER bpt40
Ollie SKAER s90
Phillip SKAER p7,24,26,52,s19,23
Phillip Heinrich SKAER bpt22
Roy SKAER p89,s89
Roy W. SKAER p88,90
Roy Walter SKAER bpt71
Russel William SKAER bpt61
Vernon George SKAER bpt65
Wesley SKAER p19,s23
Wilhelm SKAER bpt7,s27,75
Wilhelm Adam Jacob SKAER bpt52
Phillip SKAER Jr. p22,29,36,39,48,64,s63
Phillip SKAER Sr. s22,64
Eva SKIBBE s87
John C. SKIBBE s87,98
Anna C. (KUNZ) SNOW p29,33,37,45,58
Benjamin Adolph SNOW bpt33
Charles E. SNOW p29,33,37,45,58
Emma Caecilia SNOW bpt37
Eva Luise Katharine SNOW bpt45
Frances Lucinda SNOW bpt58
Lilly Justine SNOW bpt29
Mabel Emilie SNOW bpt29
Allison Kathryn SNYDER bpt95
Audrey (ITTNER) SNYDER p95,96
Audrey M. SNYDER s97
Robert SNYDER p95,96,s99
Robert Edward SNYDER bpt96
Daniel Roy SODAM bpt88
Dorothy S. (LIPPERT) SODAM p88,90
Melvin A. SODAM p90
Melvin J. SODAM p88
Robert Dean SODAM bpt90
Andrew SOLT p35,38
Caroline (HAHNER) SOLT p35,38
Edna Anna SOLT bpt35
William Harry SOLT bpt38
Corbett David SOVA bpt100
David SOVA p100,s100
Heather Nicole SOVA bpt101
Jessica Kimberly SOVA bpt100
John SOVA p101
Kimberly (POORE) SOVA p100,101,s100,101
Laurie SOVA p101
Lorraine SOVA s100,p100
Mark E. SOVA p100,101,s100
Paul SOVA s101
Shayne Tyler SOVA bpt101
Toni SOVA s101
Darlene SPAETH s97
Marvin SPAETH s97
Jacob SPALT s17
Wilhelmine SPALT s17
Johann Jacob SPENGLER p41
Johann Wilhelm SPENGLER bpt41
John SPENGLER p74,s56
John Charles SPENGLER bpt74
Katharine Bertha (WILD) SPENGLER p41,s56,74
Louis B. SPENGLER p56
Minnie SPENGLER p74
Raymond Johannes SPENGLER bpt56
Mr Mrs Henry SPIER s82
Lilly May SPINNING s29
Kathryn C. SPOENEMANN s84

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