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St. John United Church of Christ, Smithton, Illinois (1869–1986)

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Abbreviations: Parents (p), sponsors (s), and the one baptized (bpt) are named in this index covering over a century of this congregation's baptismal records (1869-1986).

Page numbers cited below refer to baptisms performed during these years:

  • Pages 1 - 10   cover 1869–1877  ¦  • Pages 62- 72  cover 1915–1930   
  • Pages 11- 20  cover 1878–1887  ¦  • Pages 78- 85  cover 1931–1952
  • Pages 21- 41  cover 1888–1899  ¦  • Pages 86-101 cover 1953–1986
  • Pages 42- 61  cover 1900–1914 


Wesley GALLAGHER s85
Caroline (HEPP) GAMBACH s67
George GAMBACH s67
Edwin GANZ s91
Myrtle GANZ s83,91
Allen GARLAND p95,96
Allen Lamar GARLAND p94
Brad Allen GARLAND bpt95
Brian Allen GARLAND bpt96
Sherri Lynn GARLAND bpt94
Henry GARLICH s75
Fred GASSER s35
George GASSER s29
Kath Regina (WILKENS) GASSER s35
August Edmund GAUCH bpt19
Caroline GAUCH s23
Caroline (GROSSMANN) GAUCH p65
Caroline (MAURER) GAUCH s63
Catharina Christina GAUCH bpt3
Cecil Alvin GAUCH bpt62
Christ GAUCH p7
Christian GAUCH p3,s32
Clarence Albert GAUCH bpt50
Clarence Leroy GAUCH bpt73
Clemens GAUCH p73,s71
Clemens Alfred GAUCH bpt50
Dorothea (METZLER) GAUCH p3
Elisabeth GAUCH p7,s7,10,11,14,19
Elisabeth (ROS) GAUCH p26,28,32
Elisabeth Katharine GAUCH s9
Elmer Victor GAUCH bpt54
Erwin GAUCH bpt16,s32
Erwin Christian GAUCH bpt32
Geo H. GAUCH p54,59,60,62,65,69,73,s54,59
George GAUCH p53,s63
George Henry GAUCH p48,50
Harry Edward GAUCH bpt60
Henriette Clara Auguste GAUCH bpt23
Henry GAUCH s11
Henry Christian GAUCH bpt11
Hugo Ludwig GAUCH bpt26
Jacob GAUCH p11,19,23
Jacob C. GAUCH s32
Jacob Christian GAUCH p14,16
Lester Henry GAUCH bpt48
Lita Elisabeth GAUCH bpt28
Louis GAUCH p26,28,32,s77
Margaretha GAUCH bpt7
Maria (BRANDENBURGER) GAUCH p11,14,16,19,23,s32
Melinda Anna GAUCH bpt53
Minnie (ROTH) GAUCH p73
Otto Herrmann GAUCH bpt14
Pauline (GROSSMANN) GAUCH p48,50,53,54,59,60,62,69,73,s59
Philip GAUCH s73
Richard Leo GAUCH bpt65
Tom GAUCH s100
Verlan Philip GAUCH bpt73
Virginia Lillian GAUCH bpt69
Washington George GAUCH bpt59
Wilhelm GAUCH s32
Dorothea GAUK? s1
Jeanette GEBKE s99
Vernell GEBKE s99
Martin GEIGER s37
Clarence John GEORG bpt65
Emilie GEORG s61
Emilie Mathilde GEORG bpt61
Emma (RIESO) GEORG s65
John GEORG s65
Kathrine GEORG s83
Katie (KUHN) GEORG p61,63,65,68,s65
Loretta Emma GEORG bpt63
Lucille GEORG s98
Lucille (GROHMANN) GEORG p85,p87
Sandra Frieda GEORG bpt87
Walter GEORG p61,63,65,68,s57,65,83,85
Willard GEORG bpt68,p85,87,s98
Willard Walter GEORG bpt85
Alisanda Maria Louise GEORGE bpt26
Emilie Elisabeth GEORGE bpt36
Emma (RIESO) GEORGE p22,26,36,s42
John GEORGE p22,26,36,s42
Phillip GEORGE s22
Phillip Walter GEORGE bpt22
Heinrich GERGES s13
Heinrich GERMAN s13
Henriette GERMAN s23
Elisabeth (MAURER) GERMANN p33
Friedrich GERMANN p1
Harold Orlando GERMANN bpt62
Harry GERMANN s61
Heinrich GERMANN bpt1
Helena GERMANN bpt33
Henriette GERMANN s11
Hugo GERMANN p62
Louis GERMANN p33
Margaretha GERMANN s56
Margaretha (KLOTZ) GERMANN p1
Maria GERMANN s49
Orlando GERMANN s62
Suzan GERMANN s92
Johan GOEBEL s3
Armin GOEDDEL s70
Tillie (KUHN) GOEDDEL s70

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