Baptisms – C

St. John United Church of Christ, Smithton, Illinois (1869–1986)

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Abbreviations: Parents (p), sponsors (s), and the one baptized (bpt) are named in this index covering over a century of this congregation's baptismal records (1869-1986).

Page numbers cited below refer to baptisms performed during these years:

  • Pages 1 - 10   cover 1869–1877  ¦  • Pages 62- 72  cover 1915–1930   
  • Pages 11- 20  cover 1878–1887  ¦  • Pages 78- 85  cover 1931–1952
  • Pages 21- 41  cover 1888–1899  ¦  • Pages 86-101 cover 1953–1986
  • Pages 42- 61  cover 1900–1914 


Amanda Prumilda CAESAR bpt41
Charles CAESAR p41
Elisabeth (BENDER) CAESAR p41
Ottilie CAESAR s36
Lee CANNADY s100
Roseann CANNADY s100
August CARL s3
Doris (SKAER) CARR p82
Grover CARR p82
Mae CARR s79
Sharon Ann CARR bpt82
Donald CARTY s90
Louise CARTY s90
Auguste CLEMENS s44
John CLEMENS s44
Dolores COMPTON s100
Michael COMPTON s100
Shawn P. COMPTON s100
Linda CONKLIN s98
Steven CONKLIN s98
Logan COOK s94
Claude Steven CORRELL p99
John Claude CORRELL bpt99
Arthur CORTNER s96
Peggy CORTNER s96
Mr Mrs Lan— COX s96
Mr Mrs Alfred CREAMER s86

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