Marriages A-Z 1839 - 1931

St. LiboriusCatholic Church, St. Libory

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Groom Bride Married Groom Father Groom Mother Maiden Bride Father Bride Mother Maiden Witness Witness Comments
Kracht, Johann Wilhelm Imhorst, Maria Christina 16 Apr 1839 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Biermann, Joseph [Widower] Schlinker, Maria 4 Apr 1840 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Terver, Gerhard Kalenkötter [Kalenkoetter], Maria 26 May 1840 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Hoffmann, Andreas Schäfonen? [Schaefonen], Waldburga 2 Jun 1840 --- --- --- --- --- --- Married in the Hoffmann home.
Hobson, Jose DeCourse, Susana 21 Sep 1840 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Brüning [Bruening], Heinrich Harwerth, Theresia 13 Oct 1841 --- --- --- --- Lake, Bernard Ossege, Maria G. ---
Betkes, Johann Heinrich Ragenkötter [Ragenkoetter], Maria Anna Catharina 16 Sep 1841 --- --- --- --- Betkes, G. H. Gothaus, Maria ---
Lohmann, Johann Heinrich Betkes, Elisabeth 16 Sep 1841 --- --- --- --- Barkötter [Barkoetter], Heinrich Betkes, Elisabeth ---
Kriege, G. H. Fred Lohmann, Elisabeth 5 Apr 1842 --- --- --- --- Rickelmann, Heinrich Lohmann, Adelheid ---
Niese, Wilhelm Ossege, Maria Gertrude 14 Apr 1842 --- --- --- --- Harwerth, Wilhelm Ossege, Maria Catharina ---
Loxsterkamp, Bernard Betkes, Maria Elisabeth 10 May 1842 --- --- --- --- Betkes, Gerhard Büscher [Buescher], Catharina ---
Beckmann, Johann Gutlein, Margaretha 2 Feb 1843 Beckmann, Ferdinand [Deceased] Not Listed, Elisabetha [Deceased] Gutlein, Peter Not Listed, Dorothea Harvert, Dietrich Dingwerth, Johann Ernest ---
Miller, Peter Niemeyer, Gertrud 25 Apr 1843 --- --- --- --- Sommer, Joseph Sommer, Friederich ---
Rudenfranz, Johann Otto Dempker, Anna Maria 23 May 1843 --- --- --- --- Terver, Gerhard Dunewald, Elbert ---
Geiner, Wilhelm Schuhmacher, Maria Catharina 25 Jul 1843 --- --- --- --- Terver, Gerhard Dingwerth, Johann Ernest & Christina Wessels ---
Dingwerth, Johann Ernest Mauen, Maria 19 Sep 1843 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Harwerth, Heinrich ---
Surmeier, Johann Rehmen, Regina 6 Feb 1844 --- --- --- --- Wobbe, Heinrich Evers, Herman ---
Kluss, Bernard Heinrich Kern, Catharina 15 Apr 1844 --- --- --- --- Tobbe, Bernard Wiegmann, Diederich ---
Wobbe, Bernard Heinrich Rudenfranz, Catharina 15 Apr 1844 --- --- --- --- Tobbe, Heinrich Rudenfranz, Arnold ---
Rickelmann, Johann Heinrich Dingwerth, Maria Theresia 14 May 1844 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Rickelmann, Johann Daniel ---
Rickelmann, Herman Heinrich Strausenberg, Catharina 14 May 1844 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Rickelmann, Johann Daniel ---
Buscher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Maria Elisabetha 14 May 1844 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Rickelmann, Johann Daniel Compare Büscher / Buescher
Lemkohl, Diederich Strottmann, Maria Agnes 4 Nov 1844 --- --- --- --- Strottmann, Herman Heinrich Strottmann, Bernard ---
Sommer, Friederich Speckes, Anna 5 Nov 1844 --- --- --- --- Sommer, Joseph Busser, Johann ---
Winkler, Heinrich Pranger, Thecla Többen [Toebben] 25 Jan 1845 --- --- --- --- Brunig, Heinrich Ziren, Heinrich Bride is listed as Thecla Többen called Pranger
Stempel, Joseph Stradmann, Catharina 20 Apr 1845 --- --- --- --- Loxerkamp, Bernard Betkes, Gerhard ---
Strottmann, Herman Heinrich Bollmann, Maria Margretha 15 Jun 1845 --- --- --- --- Strottmann, Bernard Bollmann, Maria ---
Koller, Francis Bruning, Theresia 12 Aug 1845 --- --- Harwerth, Not Listed --- Koster, Wilhelm Harwerth, Clara ---
Baalmann, Herman Schroeder, Gesina 7 Sep 1845 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Willken, Gerhard Wilhelm ---
Koster, Wilhelm Wesselmann, Anna Maria 7 Sep 1845 --- --- --- --- Harwerth, Heinrich Koller, Francis ---
Heckenkemper, Herman Heinrich Northaus, Maria Anna 23 Apr 1846 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Johann Dingwerth, Helena Maria ---
Lake, Bernard Schniederjans, Maria 28 Apr 1846 --- --- --- --- Evers, Herman H. Schmiedt, Francis Joseph ---
Evers, Herman H. Schniederjans, Helena 28 Apr 1846 --- --- --- --- Lake, Bernard Evers, Francis Joseph ---
Schmiedt, Francis Joseph Windeln, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1846 --- --- --- --- Lake, Bernard Evers, Herman H. ---
Kramper, Gerhard Heinrich Wesselmann, Maria Angela 23 Aug 1846 --- --- --- --- Wesselmann, Anton Joseph Koster, Wilhelm ---
Kauling, Bernard Prenger, Angela Schrant 21 Sep 1846 --- --- --- --- Rause, Bernard Rause, Theresia Bride is listed as Angela Schrant called Prenger
Ustermann, Herman Heller, Maria Gertrude 15 Nov 1846 --- --- --- --- Winkler, Herman --- ---
Middendorf, Johann Heinrich Siss, M. Anna Maria 3 Jan 1847 --- --- --- --- Siss, Johann Schönebaum [Schoenebaum], Bernard Compare Suess
Arling, Herman Heinrich Sope, Antonetta 9 Feb 1847 --- --- --- --- Ropke, Bernard Drütken [Druetken], Caspar Compare Truetken
Pränger [Praenger], Johann Gerhard Schniederjans, Anna Margaretha 10 Feb 1847 --- --- --- --- Schäer [Schaeer], J. B. Schniederjans, Anna Adelheid ---
Jaske, Heinrich Harwerth, Maria C. [Widow] 8 Apr 1847 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Niesse, Wilhelm ---
Lemekulen, Theodor Vendeln, Christina 12 Jun 1847 --- --- --- --- Schmitt, Francis Zimmer, Heinrich ---
Mellmann, Francis Griese, Maria 6 Jul 1847 --- --- --- --- Kohlhaus, Carl Dingwerth, Johann Ernest & Anna Maria Kohlhaus ---
Scherder, Heinrich Husmann, Lucia 6 Sep 1847 --- --- --- --- Mueller, Johann Herman Dingwerth, Ernest & Margaretha Scherder ---
Rehme, Ludwig Pickmeyer, Maria 2 Oct 1847 --- --- --- --- Surmeyer, Johann Weigmann, Heinrich ---
Buhrmann, Theodor Trentmans, Maria 2 Oct 1847 --- --- --- --- Surmeyer, Johann Weigmann, Heinrich ---
Focke, Ferdinand (Widower) Kohlhaus, Clementilda 20 Oct 1847 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Harwerth, Wilhelm ---
Stuempler, Heinrich Opschulden, Maria 20 Oct 1847 --- --- --- --- Moss, Theodore Kramper, Wilhelm ---
Wessel, Bernard Simmer, Maria 30 Dec 1847 --- --- --- --- Schmidt, Francis Joseph Dingwerth, Ernest ---
Suess, Johann Middendorf, Catharina 7 May 1848 --- --- --- --- Büscher [Buescher], Francis --- ---
Schneiderjans, Conrad Deters, Margarita 19 May 1848 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Kolkmann, Theodor Herman ---
Stratmann, Bernard Polmann, Maria 21 Jun 1848 --- --- --- --- Stratmann, Heinrich Stratmann, Margarita ---
Steinkamp, Georg [Widower] Krone, Maria 21 Jun 1848 --- --- --- --- Biermann, Joseph Schniederjans, Adelheid ---
Rehmer, Ludwig [Widower] Kemper, Catharina 22 Nov 1848 --- --- --- --- Kemper, Herman Heinrich Suermeyer, Johann & Ernest Dingwerth ---
Wilkens, Wilhelm Pranger, Margaretha [Widow] 27 Dec 1848 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Kracht, Wilhelm ---
Kramper, Johann Heinrich Vierdag, Anna Maria 16 Jan 1849 --- --- --- --- Schöer [Schoeer], Johann Bernard Lubke, Anna Maria ---
Moller, Johann Heinrich Rickelmann, Maria Theresia 10 Apr 1849 --- --- Denkwirth, Not Listed --- Denkwirth, Bernard Rickelmann, Johann Daniel ---
Hocker, Alexander Weilminster, Anna Christina 17 Apr 1849 --- --- --- --- Laake, Bernard Dingwerth, Bernard ---
Dunnewald, Elbert Vahlkamp, Catharina 8 May 1849 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Dingwerth, Catharina ---
Buscher, Herman Heinrich Lohmann, Maria Gertrud 24 Jul 1849 --- --- --- --- Korte, Heinrich Dunnewald, Agnes ---
Poorstadt, Christian Bernsen, Margareth 7 Oct 1849 --- --- --- --- Laake, Bernard Beelmann, Bernard ---
Kemper, Herman Heinrich Scherder, Margareth 21 Nov 1849 --- --- --- --- Kemper, Bernard Scherder, Theodor ---
Rickelmann, Daniel Dunnewald, Marianne 27 Nov 1849 --- --- --- --- Dunnewald, Elbert Rickelmann, Heinrich ---
Loske, Heinrich Ralenkotter, Anna Catharina 2 Jan 1850 --- --- --- --- Loxterkamp, Bernard Bertke, Gerhard ---
Zöller [Zoeller], Carl Krimm, Theresia 14 Jan 1850 --- --- --- --- Zoller, Valentin Krimm, Franz ---
Schröer [Schroeer], Bernard Kramper, Maria Anna 5 Feb 1850 --- --- --- --- Krampe, Heinrich Schniderjan, Conrad ---
Kramper, Gerhard H. Foeke, Clementine 9 Mar 1850 --- --- --- --- Lake, Bernard Schniederjan, Elisabeth ---
Beermann, Ludwig Knollmann, Catharina 7 Aug 1850 --- --- --- --- Schniederjan, Conrad Suermeyer, Johann ---
Stempel, Francis Lupke, Anna Maria 7 Aug 1850 --- --- --- --- Schniederjan, Conrad Suermeyer, Johann ---
Feld, Heinrich Suermeyer, Regiena 4 Feb 1851 --- --- --- --- Aberle, Max Stemper, Heinrich ---
Lienesch, Bernard Hengemole, Lucia 9 Feb 1851 --- --- --- --- Kamlage, Bernard Valkamp, Stephan ---
Huesmann, Lubert Wind, Maria Gertrud 11 Feb 1851 --- --- --- --- Aberle, Max Stemper, Heinrich ---
Harwerth, Wilhelm Schniederjan, Adelheid 25 Feb 1851 --- --- --- --- Laake, Bernard Evers, Heinrich ---
Grote, Johann Kersen, Margaretha 22 Apr 1851 --- --- --- --- Zieren, Heinrich Wessels, Bernard ---
Diekkamper, Mathias Diekrotker, Gertrud 15 Jun 1851 --- --- --- --- Tolken, Theodor Donnewald, Elbert ---
Pechmann, Johann Hoffmann, Eva 8 Jul 1851 --- --- --- --- Hoffmann, Andreas Bischoff, Johan Date is written as 18 with the 1 crossed out.
Goldstein, Bernard Heer, Angela 18 Nov 1851 --- --- --- --- Callaher, Patrick Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Melmann, Francis Brink, Agnes 13 Apr 1852 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Heinrich Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Lemkul, Theodor Schmith, Gertrud 16 Apr 1852 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Heinrich Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Arling, Herman H. Feld, Christina 22 Apr 1852 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Heinrich Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Schrage, Joseph Schmith, Anna Angela 10 Sep 1852 --- --- --- --- Koster, W. Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Biermann, Joseph Poner, Gertrud 14 Sep 1852 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Dingwerth, Catharina ---
Wobbe, Bernard Dreihaus, Elisabeth 24 Nov 1852 --- --- --- --- Rutenfranz, Arnold Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Loxterkamp, Bernard Harwerth, Clara 29 Dec 1852 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Fierdag, Heinrich Rutenfranz, Christina 18 Jan 1853 --- --- --- --- Kolverlage, Ferdinand Rutenfranz, Arnold Compare Vierdag
Wempe, H. H. Klinkenhammen, Anna Maria 26 Apr 1853 --- --- --- --- Schniderjan, Conrad Ruter, Elisabeth ---
Carr, Jamas [Mr.] Richardson, Maria Zentho 1 May 1853 --- --- --- --- Kolvelage, Ferdinand Back, Seraphina ---
Korte, Wilhelm Wegmann, Catharina 29 Jun 1853 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Schweppenstede, Ernest Korte, Maria Elisabeth 29 Jun 1853 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Bernard Kolvelage, Ferdinand ---
Bergenthal, Herman Joseph Godwin, Anna Maria 10 Aug 1853 --- --- --- --- Schmitz, Francis Wessels, Bernard ---
Behrens, Johann H. Stemper, Anna Maria 10 Aug 1853 --- --- --- --- Behrens, Anton Menzes, Joseph ---
Schniderjan, Conrad Kramper, Maria 10 Jan 1854 --- --- --- --- Rutenfranz, Heinrich Fierdag, H. ---
Albers, Friederich Grieb, Maria 10 Jan 1854 --- --- --- --- Rutter, Henry Franke, Henry ---
Lupke, Gerhard H. Knoll, Maria Elisabeth 10 Jan 1854 --- --- --- --- Schmith, Anton Knoll, Henry ---
Lange, Stephan Pöner [Poener], Gertrud 13 Jun 1854 --- --- --- --- Lange, Henry Beelmann, Helen Marriage date was written as Jul and changed to Jun
Eilers, Henry Juchas, Theresia 11 Jul 1854 --- --- --- --- Robbe, Henry Lentker, Maria ---
Behrens, Anton Hormann, Maria 31 Aug 1854 --- --- --- --- Behrens, Henry Hormann, Ferdinand ---
Nolte, John Buhner, Gertrud 31 Aug 1854 --- --- --- --- Buhner, Franz Borgmeyer, H. ---
Humpert, Joseph Heini, Anna 26 Nov 1854 --- --- --- --- Buhner, Franz Fleckenstein, Conrad ---
Biermann, Heinrich Rothlubber, Maria Adelheid 24 Apr 1855 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Johann Ernst Rothlubber, Catharina ---
Felt, H. H. Lubker, Maria 3 Jul 1855 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Johann Ernst Rutter, Johan ---
Berens, Mathias Buser, Catharina Sommer [Widow of Buser] 5 Jul 1855 --- --- Sommer? --- --- --- ---
Beelmann, B. Koper, Maria Angela 14 Aug 1855 --- --- --- --- Schniderjan, Maria Fierdag, Gesina Compare Kuper
Lienesch, Theodor Lienhoff, Elisabeth 20 Sep 1855 --- --- --- --- Buhner, Franz Nolte, Gertrud ---
Liekenbrock, Bernard Peckmeyer, Maria Anna 25 Mar 1856 --- --- --- --- Grober, Friederich SEPMEYER, Catharina ---
Grober, Friederich Sumpmeyer, Catharina 25 Mar 1856 --- --- --- --- Liekenbrock, Bernard Pechmann [Peckmeyer], Maria Anna ---
Kulbe, Johan Friederich Anton Kroger, Catharina 3 Jun 1856 --- --- --- --- Goldstein, Joseph Moller, Christian ---
Middendorf, Friederich Korte, Adelheid 19 Aug 1856 --- --- --- --- Korte, Georg Korte, Heinrich ---
Schoffler, John Henry Evers, Helena 26 Aug 1856 --- --- --- --- Schniderjan, Conrad Suermeyer, Wilhelm ---
Geiser, Friederich Deters, Sophia 26 Aug 1856 --- --- --- --- Deters, Christian Deters, Gertrud ---
Waltmann, Joseph Becker, Maria Anna 15 Jul 1856 --- --- --- --- Lenze, H. Becker, Theresia ---
Hesse, Jacob Lieb, Justina 13 Oct 1856 --- --- --- --- Hesse, Joseph Hesse, Maria ---
Wegmann, Gerhard Rothlippert, Susanna 14 Oct 1856 --- --- --- --- Wegmann, Wilhelm Wessels, Bernard ---
Borgmeyer, Johann Suermeyer, Angela 28 Oct 1856 --- --- --- --- Wilhut, Louis Wessels, Bernard ---
Rothlippert, Heinrich Sumpmeyer, Elisabeth 28 Oct 1856 --- --- --- --- Wilhut, Louis Wessels, Bernard ---
Deters, Christian Harwerth, Catharina 9 Oct 1856 --- --- --- --- Deters, Gerhard Harwerth, Theresia ---
Trentmann, Gerhard Becker, Theresia 11 Nov 1856 --- --- --- --- Trentmann, Louis Wessels, B. ---
Brinkmann, Joseph Bevermann, Catharina 16 Nov 1856 --- --- --- --- Grove, Friederich Rothlubber, H. ---
Wilhut, Louis Zieren, Catharina 10 Feb 1857 --- --- --- --- Buhner, Franz Buhner, Elisabeth ---
Hulsmann, Engelbert Wohler, Gertrud 11 Feb 1857 --- --- --- --- Tielmeyer, Joseph Vielmayer, Elisabeth ---
Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina 17 Feb 1857 --- --- --- --- Baalmann, H. Harwerth, Theresia ---
Trentmann, Ludwig Wobbe, Maria Elisabeth 3 May 1857 --- --- --- --- Hore, Johan Rulenso?, Theresia ---
Jaske, Heinrich Petersen, Catharina 3 May 1857 --- --- --- --- Rutter, Heinrich Baalmann, Catharina ---
Suermeyer, Wilhelm Busch, Anna 12 May 1857 --- --- --- --- Busch, Louisa Dunnewald, Catharina ---
Middendorf, Johann Heinrich Buhner, Gertrud 16 Jun 1857 --- --- --- --- Hore, Johann Buhner, Elisabeth ---
Klein, Jacob Schneider, Anna 5 Jul 1857 --- --- --- --- Meiners, Heinrich Kracht, William ---
Hahn, Joseph Renk, Elisabeth 7 Jul 1857 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Lake, Herman Bernard Hoff, Carolina 6 Sep 1857 --- --- --- --- Lake, Herman H. Hore, Johann ---
Wesselmann, Johann Gerhard Sommer, Magdalena 10 Nov 1857 --- --- --- --- Wesselmann, Joseph Sommer, Michael ---
Hoff, Clement Helming, Helena 16 Nov 1857 --- --- --- --- Loepke, Clement Hoff, Bernard ---
Schrage, Johann Dingwirth, Maria Theresia 17 Nov 1857 --- --- --- --- Schrage, Martin Dingwirth, Maria Katharina & Bernard Dingwirth ---
Wilken, Wilhelm [Widower] Wessel, Thecla 1 Feb 1858 --- --- --- --- Schneiderjahns, Konrad Brage, Johann ---
Keuter, Bernard [Widower] Jansen, Elisabetha 9 Feb 1858 --- --- --- --- Deimann, Johann Jansen, Maryanna ---
Janek, Johann Roeckes, Anna Rosina 12 Apr 1858 --- --- --- --- Kracht, J. Housmann, Not Listed ---
Süss [Suess], Wilhelm Littike, Francisca 13 Apr 1858 --- --- --- --- Hunicke, Joseph & Rickelmann, Not Listed Jansen, Theresia ---
Fecker, Bernard Broxtermann, Maria Elisabetha [Widow] 15 Apr 1858 --- --- --- --- Hundl, Georg Rothlebert, Heinrich ---
Meder, Gerhard Bischof, Antonia 20 Jun 1858 --- --- --- --- Robben, Johann Herman Lubert Bischof, Johann Georg Bischof family is from Bingenville, Perry County
Linker, Heinrich Trentmann, Clara 25 Aug 1858 --- --- --- --- Höre [Hoere], Johann Schrage, Joseph ---
Wolf, Philipp Wangler, Theresia 21 Nov 1858 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Engelbrecht, Caspar Liborius Jansen, Marianna 10 Jan 1859 --- --- --- --- Jansen, Heinrich Kemper, Herman Heinrich ---
Kemper, Herman Heinrich Kroner, Anna Helen 10 Jan 1859 --- --- --- --- Helbrenner, Heinrich Engelbrecht, Caspar ---
Helbrenner, Heinrich Poppelmeyer?, Maria Gertrud 10 Jan 1859 --- --- --- --- Trutken, Caspar Kemper, H. H. ---
Walmeyer, Caspar Sautmann, Louise 4 Mar 1859 --- --- --- --- Sautmann, Heinrich Reising, Johan ---
Kocks, Johann Bernard Dingwerth, Catharina 3 May 1859 --- --- --- --- Kocks, Georg Dingwerth, Heinrich ---
Reising, Johann Kolkmann, Maria 24 May 1859 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Waltmann, Wilhelm Deters, Gertrud 21 Jun 1859 --- --- --- --- Waltmann, Joseph Geisen, F. ---
Kruse, Heinrich Alois Felt, Carolina 20 Sep 1859 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Dingwerth, Bernard ---
Franke, Heinrich Lange, Maria 11 Oct 1859 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Franke, Bernard ---
Holdener, Joseph Haneke, Bernadina 25 Oct 1859 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Kanne, Heinrich ---
Grote, Johann Klein, Carolina 8 Nov 1859 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Kanne, Heinrich ---
Schweppenstede, Ernest Harwerth, Theresia 7 Feb 1860 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Dingwerth, Johann ---
Wessels, Johann Gerhard Borgmeyer, Anna Theresia 7 Feb 1860 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Dingwerth, John ---
Schoemaker, Gerhard Kracht, Maria Catharina 7 Feb 1860 --- --- --- --- Helmich, Anton Dingwerth, Johan ---
Menze, Adam Rosemann, Maria Gertrud 14 Feb 1860 --- --- --- --- Kanne, Heinrich Helmich, Anton ---
Schmith, Wilhelm Woltmann, Maria [Widow] 14 Feb 1860 --- --- Becker, Not Listed --- --- --- ---
Stemper, Joseph Pohlmann, Gertrud 20 Feb 1860 --- --- --- --- Kanne, Heinrich Helmich, Anton ---
Wehenstreuer, August Kersen, Maria Elisabeth 15 Apr 1860 --- --- --- --- Kanne, Heinrich Dingwerth, Johann ---
Sumpmeyer, Wilhelm Rutter, Anna 15 Apr 1860 --- --- --- --- Kanne, Heinrich Dingwerth, Johann ---
Sommer, Michael Stemper, Carolina 1 May 1860 --- --- --- --- Dingwerth, Johann Wilmes, Heinrich ---
Dingwerth, Heinrich Terfer, Maria Elisabeth 15 May 1860 --- --- --- --- --- --- Compare Terver
Moller, Francis Hoffmann, Maria Cunigunda 29 May 1860 --- --- --- --- Müller [Mueller], Benedict Hoffmann, Maria Sophia ---
Moller, Friederich Kalen, Anna Angela [Widow of Kalen] 5 Jun 1860 --- --- Emken, Not Listed --- --- --- ---
Oningmann, Heinrich Wessels, Feckla [Teckla] 18 Oct 1860 --- --- Jansen, Not Listed --- --- --- ---
Deters, Gerhard Anton Robben, Maria Angela 20 Nov 1860 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Stemper, Frank Middendorf, Josephina 20 Nov 1860 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Lobker, Albert Teismann, Theresia 21 Jan 1861 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Kocks, Wilhelm Moss, Theresia 22 Oct 1861 --- --- --- --- --- --- This entry is entered twice
Stolte, Gerhard Dieker, Catharina 14 Jun 1861 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Bonner, Carl Numerich, Sophia 7 Nov 1861 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Jaske, Wilhelm Dieke, Maria Angela 11 Feb 1862 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Loske, Heinrich Hopper, Elisabeth 11 Feb 1862 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Hoermann, Gerhard Heinrich Landmann, Maria Anna 25 Feb 1862 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Fangmeyer, Carl Francis Bertold, Anna Maria 25 Feb 1862 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Krampe, Caspar Meyer, Adelheid 4 Feb 1862 --- --- --- --- --- --- The year is listed as 1862 but it is above a 9 Feb 1863 entry & follows a 25 Feb 1862 entry.
Dieker, Bernard Oningmann, Catharina 9 Feb 1863 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Eller, Joseph Bruning, Margaretha 9 Feb 1863 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Korte, Gerhard Kersen, Carolina 9 Feb 1863 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Wasmuth, Heinrich Franke, Maria Anna 9 Feb 1863 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Westendorf, Heinrich Schmith, Anna Maria 9 Feb 1863 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Franke, Bernard Geiner, Catharina 14 Apr 1863 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Wempe, Herman Heinrich Albers, Josephina 2 Jun 1863 --- --- --- --- Jansen, Joseph Lemkes, Theodor ---
Moss, Theodor Lintker, Maria Elisabeth 9 Jun 1863 --- --- --- --- Schwicker, Carl Leo, Frida ---
Schoffler, Heinrich Haselhorst, Gertrude 11 Aug 1863 --- --- --- --- Haselhorst, Martin Lemkes, Johann ---
Beermann, Herman Heinrich Feldt, Anna Theresia 11 Aug 1863 --- --- --- --- Kruse, Aloysius Beermann, Johann ---
Van Rehe, Heinrich Schmitz, Maria Theresia 14 Sep 1863 --- --- --- --- Anters, Wilhelm Schmitz, Heinrich ---
Franke, Joseph Terfer, Anna Catharina 11 Nov 1863 --- --- --- --- Franke, Heinrich Dingwerth, Maria ---
Schmitz, Georg Heinrich Schlangen, Maria Adelheid 15 Nov 1863 --- --- --- --- Schmitz, Wilhelm Albers, Adelheid ---
Wegmann, Johann Wilhelm Broxtemann, Louisa 24 Nov 1863 --- --- --- --- Kracht, Heinrich Becker, Theresia ---
Lindemann, Jacob Lindemann, Maria Angela 12 Jan 1864 --- --- --- --- Schmersal, Gerhard Lemkes, Theodor ---
Likenbrock, Bernard Schnitzmeyer, Theresia 26 Jan 1864 --- --- --- --- Likenbrocke, Theodor Hay, Joseph ---
Kracht, Heinrich Frischemeyer, Bernadena 2 Feb 1864 --- --- --- --- Lemkes, Theodor Borgmeyer, Johann ---
Westphal, Heinrich Kracht, Bernadina 24 May 1864 --- --- --- --- Borgmeyer, Johann Bergkotter, Heinrich ---
Winkler, Johann Gerhard Kramper, Maria Angela 16 Aug 1864 --- --- --- --- Schwicker, Carl Hay, Joseph ---
Stemper, Francis Schulte, Maria Theresia 11 Oct 1864 --- --- --- --- Behrens, Anton Lemkes, Theodor ---
Rocklage, Bernard Ploger, Catharina 9 Jan 1865 --- --- --- --- Ploger, Bernard Lintker, Maria ---
Wilken, Wilhelm Ess, Maria 9 Jan 1865 --- --- --- --- Lemkes, Theodor Hay, Joseph ---
Huneke, Francis Joseph Beske, Elisabeth 7 Feb 1865 --- --- --- --- Huneke, Joseph Lemkes, Theodor ---
Bertke, Gerhard Dingwerthe, Maria Clara 21 Feb 1865 --- --- --- --- Lohmann, Gerhard Heinrich Becker, Theresia ---
Wessels, Herman Kinkelar, Margaretha 21 Feb 1865 --- --- --- --- Lemkes, Theodor Becker, Theresia ---
Siefert, Gerhard Loxtemann, Helena Maria 27 Feb 1865 --- --- --- --- Hay, Joseph Rickelmann, Aug ---
Schroer, Stephan Suermeyer, Maria 23 Apr 1865 --- --- --- --- Hay, Joseph Wehrle, P. M. ---
Schroder, Francis Schroer, Theresia 23 Apr 1865 --- --- --- --- Schroer, Stephan Gerdes, Heinrich ---
Buser, Peter Wempe, Maria Elisabeth 23 Aug 1865 --- --- --- --- Buser, Heinrich Wempe, Catharina ---
Von Roth-Roffy, Carl Hoffmann, Margaretha 5 Apr 1864 --- --- --- --- Hoffmann, Andreas Hoffmann, Catharina Married in New Athens. Marriage entry appears after Aug 1865.
Fromme, Joseph Schniederjans, Anna Adelheid 23 Jan 1866 Fromme, Friederich Wortmann, Carolina Schniederjans, Conrad Deters, Margaretha --- --- Groom born 18 Oct 1842 in St. Louis; bride born 31 Mar 1849 in Mud Creek [St. Libory]
Kroner, Johann Gerhard Kinkelaar, Gesina Martina 30 Jan 1866 Kroner, Johann Gerhard Frese, Anna Helena Kinkelaar, Gerhard Kraÿvanger, A. Maria Christina Kinkelaar, Wilhelm Linger, Anna Gesina Groom born 14 May 1841 in Grossdeien, Hannover; bride born 19 Nov 1844 in Holland.
Wessel, Gerhard Heinrich Schwoller, Helena 13 Feb 1866 --- --- --- --- Buss, Bernard Lehmkuhl, Elisabetha ---
Surmeier, Wilhelm Deters, Catharina 10 Apr 1866 Surmeier, Johann Evers, Angela Deters, Theodor Hoppen, Catharina Evers, Conrad Kramper, Theresia Groom is 31 years old; bride is 22 years old.
Jacobs, Johann Gerhard Heinrich Niese, Maria Gertrud 10 Apr 1866 Jacobs, Johann Theodor Lampe, Margaretha Niese, Heinrich Wilhelm [Deceased] Oshege, Gertrud Agnes Niese, Gerhard Hartlage, Gertrud Groom born 18 Mar 1838 in Bersonburg?, Hannover; bride born 12 Dec 1849 in Mud Creek [St. Libory]
Timpe, Wilhelm Heinrich Süss [Suess], Maria (Isitora Kriege) 10 Apr 1866 Timpe, Wilhelm --- Suess, Johann Wintor, Elisabeth Timpe, Herman Bernard Suess, Anna M. Catharina born Eichholz Groom is 24 years old; bride is 43 years old. Note: Friederich Kriege died Jul 1865. Perhaps she is his widow.
Voss, Anton Lehmkuhl, Agnes 17 Apr 1866 Voss, Stephan Küster [Kuester], Angela [Deceased] Lehmkuhl, Diedrich Strattmann, Agnes [Deceased] Knüwe [Knuewe], Stephan Lehmkuhl, Elisabetha Groom is 22 years old born in Bokum, Paderborn; bride is 19 years old born in St. Libory.
Kahle, Anton Beske, Elisabeth 17 Apr 1866 Kahle, Tobias Kotter, Gertrud Beske, Heinrich Leising, Maria Antoinette Kahle, Johann Beske, Anna Groom born 18 Jan 1843 in Hannover, Haselünne; bride born 15 Aug 1846 in Geseke.
Lohmann, Gerhard Janssen, Maria Carolina 29 May 1866 Lohmann, Gerhard Korte, Maria Adelheid Janssen, Bernard Möller [Moeller], Helena Maria Korte, Heinrich Bertke, Elisabeth Groom born 10 Aug 1837 Ankum near Conabr.; bride born 27 Nov 1838 in Lengerich, Hannover
Kock, Herman Wester, Maria 19 Jun 1866 --- --- Wester, Ludolph Winkeler, Adelheid Bergheger, Heinrich Hullinghoff, Elisabeth Groom born 22 April 18xx in Barwinkel; bride born 18 Nov 1843 in Lüden Haselünne, Hannover. They now live in Fayetteville.
Trost, Fritz Sommer, Catharina 19 Jun 1866 Trost, Johann Rebelg, Catharina Sommer, Friederich Speckel, Anna Maria Trost, Johann Sommer, Elisabeth Groom born 9 Apr 1844 in St. Libory; bride born 19 Sep 1848 in St. Libory.
Wennemann, Ignatius Peterswerth, Elisabeth 20 Jun 1866 Wennemann, Ignatius Lehmkuhl, Maria Catharina Peterswerth, Colonus [Farmer] Franz Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Anna Maria Lehmkuhl, Bernard Lehmkuhl, Elisabetha Groom born 2 3 Sep 1 83 7 in Glandorf, Hannover; bride born 11 Jun 1840 in Disbeck Echron Glane Hannover.
Beske, Franz Bergkötter [Bergkoetter], Elisabeth 3 Jun 1866 Beske, Caspar Pohlmeier, Catharina Bergkoetter, Heinrich B. Grosse, Elisabeth Beske, Adolph (H. Bergkoetter) Rickelmann, Maria (Louise Rütter [Ruetter]) Groom born 9 Feb 1843 in Geseke; bride born 12 Oct 1845 in Stromberg. Entry out of sequence; appears after 20 Jun
Bertke, Gerhard Köbbe [Koebbe], Anna Margaretha 20 Nov 1866 --- --- Koebbe, Herman Robbe, Maria Angela Grelle, Bernard Joseph Lohmann, Catharina Bride born in Herz Lake in 1826?
Schmitz, Wilhelm Janssen, Bernardina 20 Nov 1866 Schmitz, Wilhelm Steltenkamp, Elisabeth Janssen, Albert Janssen, Henrietta Janssen, Heinrich Kahle, Theresia Groom born in 1838 in Füchtorf; bride born in 1847 in Weil, Emmerich.
Wessels, Heinrich Kahle, Maria Anna [Widow of Bernard Kahle] 8 Jan 1867 Wessels, Herman Janssen, Thecla Rütter [Ruetter], Not Listed --- Wessels, Herman Kahle, Maria Helena born Abel Groom born in 1831 in Werlte Pögel; bride born in Oct 1839 in Herzlake.
Kahle, Bernard Bollmann, Maria Catharina 15 Jan 1867 Kahle, Heinrich Fangmeier, Maria Angela Lüchterfeld [Luechterfeld], Joseph = Stand in --- Luechterfeld, Heinrich Kahle, Maria Helena born Abel ---
Klostermann, Johann Bernard Korte, Elisabeth [Widow of Heinrich Korte] 29 Jan 1867 Klostermann, Bernard Theodor Nardenkötter [Nardenkoetter], Maria Anna Schmidt, Not Listed [H. Korte = Stand in] --- Leonard, Ferdinand Boing, Maria Groom born 24 Oct 1829 in West Kirchen (Münster);
Pelz, Bernard Cordes, Maria 29 Jan 1867 Pelz, Johann Bernard Niemand, Maria Anna --- --- Cordes, Bernard Pelz, Elisabeth Groom born Feb 1839 in Bokebok, Hannover.
Vierdag, Clemens Röbker [Roebker], Maria Theresia 12 Feb 1867 Vierdag, Franz Heinrich --- --- --- Roebker, Heinrich Kramper, Theresia ---
Jekel, Johann Wilhelm Liborius Trütken [Truetken], Maria Anna 26 Feb 1867 Jekel, Friederich Wilhelm Wippermann, Wilhelmina --- --- Truetken, Heinrich Truetken, Helena Groom born 21 Aug 1838; bride born 26 Jan 1846 in St. Libory
Abke, Bernard Joseph Deters, Maria Gesina 5 Mar 1867 Abke, Johann Heinrich Krammer, Helena Adelheid Deters, Theodor Happen, Gesina Pohlmann, Theodor Deters, Anna Maria Groom born 11 Dec 1838 in Felson, Hannover (Herzlake); bride born in 1840 (?) in Lüden.
Remmert, Georg Reineke, Theresia 5 Mar 1867 Remmert, Conrad Hermes, Angela Maria Jungsblut, Herman Reineke, Angela Maria Behrmann, Johann Wolthues, Ida Groom born 5 Apr 1843 in Boke; bride born in Dec 1840 in Delbrück
Flauerhaus, Georg Sommer, Elisabeth 30 Apr 1867 Flauerhaus, Philipp Rosenberger, Elisabeth Sommer, Friederich Speckel, Anna Sommer, Martin Steinle, Maria ---
Deters, Gerhard Albers, Anna Christina 7 May 1867 Deters, Herman Not Listed, Anna Albers, Herman Wessel, Elisabeth Schniederjans, Conrad Albers, Francisca Bride born in 1846 in Goldenstadt
Schweppenstede, Ernest Beske, Theresia 28 May 1867 Schweppenstede, Gerhard Dieding, Margaretha Beske, Heinrich Leising, Antoinette Schweppenstede, Heinrich Beske, Paulina ---
Knüwe [Knuewe], Wilhelm Schütte [Schuette], Clara [Widow of Francis Schuette] 25 Jun 1867 Knuewe, Caspar Kukuk, Francisca Cremer, Not Listed --- Knuewe, Stephan Laux, Elisabeth born Steinle Groom born 10 Nov 1838 in Westerholz Delbrück
Niemann, Wilhelm Bruns, Thecla 1 Jul 1867 Niemann, Lubert Janssen, Gesina Bruns, Johann Ah, Elisabeth Bonner, Carl Wübben [Wuebben], Angela born Bruns Groom born 3 Dec 1843 in Sögel (Heim-lingen); bride born 3 Apr 1848 in Bersen, Haselünne
Besselmann, Heinrich Tiemann, Lisette 13 Aug 1867 --- --- --- --- Tiemann, Hermann Besselmann, Elisabeth Groom born 1845 Richard, Osnabrück; bride born 1847 in Laar, Iburg.
Janssen, Joseph Abel, Maria 13 Aug 1867 --- --- --- --- Rolwes, Heinrich Janssen, Maria ---
St. Heinrich, Martin Bertke, Elisabeth 8 Oct 1867 --- --- --- --- St. Heinrich, Georg Lohmann, Elisabeth Compare Sandheinrich
Dieker, Heinrich Albers, Anna 19 Nov 1867 --- --- --- --- Hoff, Bernard Albers, Elisabeth ---
Abke, Joseph Rump, Anna 28 Nov 1867 --- --- --- --- Abkes, Johann Bernard Kramper, Theresia ---
Bertke, Gerhard Heinrich Lintker, Maria Catharina 11 Feb 1868 --- --- --- --- Heinrich, Martin H. Lintker, Maria ---
Timpe, Herman Bernard Janssen, Anna Maria 25 Feb 1868 --- --- --- --- Janssen, Johann Heinrich Kriege, Elisabeth ---
Uhlhorn, Heinrich Stolte, Carolina [Widow] 21 Apr 1868 --- --- Dieker, Not Listed --- Strathmann, Heinrich Stolte, Margaretha born Klump ---
Frank, John Hoffmann, Catharina 30 Apr 1868 --- --- --- --- Frank, Adam Hoffmann, Andreas ---
Freitag, Caspar Heinrich Saumeier, Anna M. 23 Jun 1868 --- --- --- --- Borgmeier, John Bourmann, Elisabeth ---
Fleischmann, Johann Heimburger, Victoria 11 Aug 1868 --- --- --- --- Kyl, Johann Natz, Maria ---
Lyons, Patrick Gilmore, Catharina 18 Aug 1868 --- --- --- --- Bonner, Charles Rouane, Ellen ---
Nordmann, Mathias Janssen, Maria 25 Aug 1868 --- --- --- --- Wente, Heinrich Nordmann, Maria ---
Berkemeier, Francis Steinle, Maria 15 Sep 1868 --- --- --- --- SandHeinrich, Georg Lütteken [Luetteken], Catharina ---
Kahle, Johann Tobias Hilgen, Gesina Theresia 27 Oct 1868 --- --- --- --- Lindemann, Bernard Lindemann, Margaretha Compare Hilgen
Rütter [Ruetter], Johann Heinrich Schlüter [Schlueter], Maria 25 Nov 1868 --- --- --- --- Kramper, Heinrich Schlueter, Francisca ---
Kramper, Johann Wilhelm Radke, Maria Catharina 26 Nov 1868 --- --- --- --- Kramper, Johann Bernard Radke, Regina ---
Kahle, Anton Sanders, Maria Elisabeth 12 Aug 1868 --- --- --- --- Sanders, Johann Bernard Beske, Anna Entry appears after Nov 1868 entries.
Kramper, Heinrich Stempel, Maria Gertrud 26 Jan 1869 --- --- --- --- Behrmann, Bernard Middendorf, Margaretha ---
Onigmann, Heinrich Wilkens, Maria 14 Apr 1869 --- --- --- --- Onigmann, Arnold Harwerth, Maria ---
Evers, Conrad Burmann, Elisabeth 14 Apr 1869 --- --- --- --- Evers, Heinrich & Maria Burmann Buss, Bernard & Adelheid Evers ---
Trentmann, Friederich Wessel, Helen 12 May 1869 --- --- --- --- Wessel, Friederich Lintker, Maria ---
Notrup, Theodor Heyer, Anna Maria 8 Jun 1869 --- --- --- --- Scherder, Ludwig Kramper, Theresia ---
Nienaber, Heinrich Schoemaker, Maria Catharina [Widow of H. Schoemaker] 15 Jun 1869 --- --- Kracht, Not Listed --- Kroner, Heinrich Kocks, Wilhelmina born Kösters [Koesters] ---
Brunsen, Johann Heinrich Wübben [Wuebben], Margaretha [Widow of Johann Wuebben] 28 Jun 1869 --- --- Bruns, Not Listed --- Brunsen, Herman Niemann, Thecla born Bruns ---
Bröker [Broeker], Ernest Heinrich Bosse, Maria Elisabeth 24 Aug 1869 --- --- --- --- Tiemann, Heinrich Broxtermann, Anna ---
Kemper, Gerhard Heinrich Vering, Anna Maria [Widow of Müte Vering] 2 Sep 1869 --- --- Schulte, Not Listed --- Schütte [Schuette], Friederich Espelkötter [Espelkoetter], Elisabeth born Kohlhaus ---
Kring, Carl Friederich Recker, Margaretha 23 Sep 1869 --- --- --- --- Hausmann, Conrad David & Wilhelm Recker Rütter [Ruetter], Louisa & Maria Recker ---
Prange, Bernard Heinrich Geres, Thecla [Widow] 28 Oct 1869 --- --- Abel, Not Listed --- Prange, Herman Abel, Helena ---
SandHeinrich, Georg Baalmann, Maria Clara 11 Jan 1870 --- --- --- --- Frischemeier, Francis Baalmann, Anna ---
Behrmann, Gerhard Lindemann, Margaretha 22 Feb 1870 --- --- --- --- Lindemann, Johann Behrmann, Catharina ---
Korte, Gerhard Heinrich Rickelmann, Maria Adelheid 22 Feb 1870 --- --- --- --- Korte, August Rickelmann, Catharina ---
Lange, Stephan Stoffels, Anna 22 Feb 1870 --- --- --- --- Feldt, H. H. Pohlmeier, Elisabeth ---
Reiss, Michael Becker, Gertrud [Widow] 28 Feb 1870 --- --- Sommerfeld, Not Listed --- Trentmann, Heinrich Wessendorf, Maria ---
Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Heinrich Brügging [Bruegging], Maria Adelheid [Widow of B. Bruegging] 26 Apr 1870 --- --- Thiers, Not Listed --- Kemper, Gerhard Föcker [Foecker], Elisabeth born Hundelt ---
Bertke, Gerhard [Widower] Wessel, Helena [Widow of Henry Wessel] 5 May 1870 --- --- Schwoller, Not Listed --- Wessel, Bernard Lohmann, Anna Maria born Bertke ---
Holtkamp, Johann Heinrich Kramper, Maria [Widow of Bernard Kramper] 3 May 1870 Holtkamp, Herman Diekmann, Adelheid Albers, Not Listed --- Müller [Mueller], Nicolas Dieker, Anna born Albers ---
Siemer, Herman Trost, Catharina 24 May 1870 --- --- Trost, Johann --- Schlich, Joseph Sommer, Carolina Bride is from St. Barbara Parish in Bridgeport, Okaw P. O., IL [Washington, Co]
Schwebel, Andreas Leonard Hoffmann, Gertrud 31 May 1870 Schwebel, Philipp Not Listed, Catharina Hoffmann, Andreas --- Dingwerth, Johann Beske, Anna ---
Baalmann, Gerhard Anton Rütter [Ruetter], Maria Catharina 20 Sep 1870 Baalmann, Johann Herman Wessels, Anna Gesina Ruetter, Heinrich Glasmeier, Gertrud Usselmann, Heinrich Ruetter, Louisa ---
Korte, Heinrich August Rickelmann, Maria Adelheid 18 Oct 1870 Korte, Johann Gerhard Schürmann [Schuermann], Elisabeth Rickelmann, Herman Heinrich Strassenburg, Maria Catharina Rickelmann, Johann Heinrich Köller [Koeller], Elisabetha ---
Frischemeier, Frank Stephan Harwerth, Maria 8 Nov 1870 Frischemeier, Francis Griese, Anna Angela Harwerth, Wilhelm Not Listed, Adelhaid Frischemeier, Carl Herman Harwerth, Margaretha ---
Usselmann, Johann Heinrich Rütter [Ruetter], Louisa 10 Jan 1871 Usselmann, Herman Heinrich Ottke, Bernardina Ruetter, Heinrich Glasmeier, Gertrud Usselmann, Ludwig Hartlage, Gertrud ---
Prange, Bernard Heinrich [Widower of Thecla Geres] Recker, Elisabetha 10 Jan 1871 Prange, Johann Ah, Margaretha Recker, Johann Heinrich Baumker, Elisabetha Kahle, Johann Schröder [Schroeder], Catharina ---
Pranger, Bernard Becker, Catharina 10 Jan 1871 Pranger, Gerhard Schniederjans, Margaretha Becker, Heinrich Harwerth, Theresia Schniederjans, Conrad Trentmann, Anna ---
Behrens, Bernard [Widower of Elisabeth Wesselkamp] Finke, Catharina 17 Jan 1871 Behrens, Johann Herman Haügemuhle [Hauegemuhle], Maria Gertrud Finke, Wolbert Waterloo, Margaretha Behrens, Heinrich Burmann, Maria ---
Beelmann, Bernard Middendorf, Margaretha 24 Jan 1871 Beelmann, Bernard Lake, Helena [Deceased] Middendorf, Herman Heinrich [Deceased] Süss [Suess], Maria Beelmann, Heinrich Kriege, Elisabetha ---
Büscher [Buescher], Heinrich Lohmann, Elisabetha 14 Feb 1871 Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Maria Elisabetha Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Anna Maria Buescher, Johann Lohmann, Catharina ---
Lehmkuhl, Bernard Müller [Mueller], Maria Catharina 18 Apr 1871 Lehmkuhl, Theodor Schmidt, Gertrud Mueller, Heinrich Dingwerth, Theresia Lehmkuhl, Francis Dingwerth, Anna ---
Stempel, Bernard Strottmann, Anna Margaretha Elisabetha 25 Apr 1871 Stempel, Joseph Stratmann, Catharina Strottmann, Herman Bernard Upmann, Maria Elisabetha Stempel, Joseph Strottmann, Elisabetha ---
Lüchtefeld [Luechtefeld], Joseph Trütken [Truetken], Maria Catharina 9 May 1871 Luechtefeld, Joseph Vogelsang, Gertrud Truetken, Caspar Rolfes, Maria Anna Truetken, Heinrich Broxtermann, Anna ---
Behrmann, Johann Stümpler [Stuempler], Catharina 25 Jul 1871 Behrmann, Johann Rehmer, Catharina Stuempler, Heinrich Opscholten, Maria Anna [Deceased] Behrmann, Theodor Kroner, Maria ---
Otten, Anton Frischemeier, Theresia 29 Aug 1871 Otten, Johann Bernard Dirks, Maria Frischemeier, Franz Griese, Angela Frischemeier, Carl Trentmann, Anna ---
Büscher [Buescher], Johann Heinrich Behrmann, Catharina 24 Oct 1871 Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Maria Elisabetha Buescher, Johann Rehmer, Catharina Behrmann, Theodor Buescher, Maria ---
Dingwerth, Johann Ernest Burmann, Regina Maria 21 Nov 1871 Dingwerth, Bernard [Deceased] Harwerth, Catharina Burmann, Theodor Trentmann, Maria Burmann, Ludwig Dingwerth, Anna ---
Wesselkamp, Heinrich Scherder, Catharina 16 Jan 1872 Wesselkamp, Herman Prishoff, Gertrud Scherder, Heinrich Gelsing, Catharina Scherder, Ludwig Köller [Koeller], Elisabetha ---
Brockhaus, Herman Litteken, Catharina 16 Jan 1872 Brockhaus, Gerhard Arling, Margaretha Litteken, Franz Jo. Sommer, Maria Litteken, Georg Lager, Theresia ---
Loxterkamp, Herman Heinrich Grelle, Maria Angela 16 Jan 1872 Loxterkamp, Johann Bernard Bertke, Elisabetha Grelle, Bernard Joseph Sand, Gesina Lohmann, Heinrich Grelle, Helena Compare Crelle
Timpe, Wilhelm Arling, Christina 6 Feb 1872 Timpe, Johann Wilhelm Lager, Maria Albert, Bernard Fretter, Catharina Adelheid Feld, Herman Heinrich Feld, Maria ---
Terver, Anton Lohmann, Catharina 16 Apr 1872 Terver, Gerhard Raulenkötter [Raulenkoetter], Maria Anna Lohmann, Heinrich Ratke, Maria Pohlmann, Theodor Lohmann, Maria ---
Ratke, Johann Stottmann, Elisabeth 30 Apr 1872 Ratke, Gerhard Esker, Maria Stottmann, Bernard Upmann, Elisabetha Kramer, Heinrich Ratke, Mina Compare Strottmann
Biermann, Francis Winkler, Maria [Widow of Johann Gerhard Winkler] 30 Apr 1872 Biermann, Joseph Not Listed, Gertrud [Deceased] Kramper, Wilhelm [Deceased] Kuper, Adelheid Schroer, Anton Biermann, Maria ---
Schröer [Schroeer], Bernard Heinrich Brockstermann, Maria Anna 7 May 1872 Schroeder, Georg Walke, Elisabetha [Deceased] Brockstermann, Bernard [Deceased] Hundelt, Elisabetha Schroeder, Francis Hundelt, Elisabeth ---
Daniel, Stephan L. Kroner, Maria 30 Jul 1872 --- --- --- --- Daniel, Martin Kamper, Clementina ---
Thieman, Heinrich Düsberg [Duesberg], Anna Maria 8 Oct 1872 Thieman, Johann Walke, Maria Anna Duesberg, Johann Wilhelm Pöpermeier [Poepermeier], Maria Elisabetha Thieman, Wilhelm Recker, Mina ---
Kreikenmeier, Adolph Hartlage, Gertrud 15 Oct 1872 --- --- --- --- Kreikemeier, Anton Rickelmann, Not Listed Permission given by Rev Carl Oberprantacher from Freeburg
Wempe, Clement Diecker, Anna 5 Nov 1872 Wempe, Herman Heinrich Janssen, Anna Maria Diecker, Johann Clement Timmerwilker, Anna Adelheid Hoff, Bernard Albers, Francisca ---
Lohmann, Heinrich Lager, Theresia 12 Nov 1872 Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Lager, Theodor Deters, Gesina Lager, Friederich Lohmann, Maria ---
Pranger, Heinrich Dingwerth, Anna Adelheid 12 Nov 1872 Pranger, Johann Ah, Margaretha Dingwerth, F. B. Harwerth, Catharina Elisabeth Pranger, Herman Harwerth, Margareth ---
Wennemann, Carl Slüter [Slueter], Francisca 28 Jan 1873 Wennemann, Ignatius Winterberg, Maria Catharina Slueter, Heinrich Schweppe, Maria Hundelt, Heinrich Slueter, Anna ---
Schulte, Johann Heinrich Nortrupp, Anna Maria 21 Jan 1873 Schulte, Johann Heinrich Brostermann, Gertrud Meyer, Gerhard Wilhelm Nortmann, Anna Margaretha Stümpel [Stuempel], Heinrich Geiner, Maria ---
Pranger, Conrad Wessendorf, Maria 4 Feb 1873 Pranger, Herman Bruns, Gertrud Smitz, Nicolas Wessels, Anna Margaretha Pranger, Stefan Sant Heinrich, Maria ---
Schröder [Schroeder], Francis Schroeder, Maria Catharina 4 Feb 1873 Schroeder, Heinrich Vogelsang, Maria Anna Schroeder, Georg Walker, Maria Elisabetha Schroer, Stefan Hundelt, Elisabetha ---
Bertke, Gerhard Rolwes, Anna 18 Feb 1873 Bertke, Heinrich Schneter, Maria Adelheid Olges, Heinrich Piggen, Gesina Keiter, Bernard Grelle, Gesina ---
Hartlage, Johann Gerhard Büscher [Buescher], Elisabetha 18 Feb 1873 Hartlage, Bernard Dennewald, Catharina Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Hartlage, Heinrich Lohmann, Maria ---
Knüwe [Knuewe], Stefan Kramper, Theresia 22 Apr 1873 Knuewe, Caspar Kukuk, Maria Francisca Kramper, Johann Heinrich Vierdagj, Anna Maria Brinkmann, Johann Schniederjans, Maria ---
Becker, Peter Zekar, Joanna 23 Apr 1873 Becker, Heinrich [Deceased] Steiner, Clara [Deceased] Zika, Jacob Not Listed, Joanna Schropp, Albert Hagspihl, Gertrud Bride & groom are from Belleville. Bride & her father's last names spelled differently.
Beske, Adolph Onigmann, Maria 29 Apr 1873 Beske, Caspar [Deceased] Pohlmeyer, Catharina Onigmann, Heinrich Pikmeyer, Maria Catharina Schmitt, Georg Onigmann, Elisabeth ---
Franke, Joseph Lüntker [Luentker], Maria 6 May 1873 Franke, Gerhard Vogelsang, Elisabetha Luentker, Gerhard Koster, Angela Franke, Heinrich Luentker, Anna ---
Schmersahl, Francis Conrad Krieger, Louisa 6 May 1873 Schmersahl, Gerhard Knüwer [Knuewer], Maria Krieger, Friederich Lohmann, Elisabeth Schmersahl, Herman Krieger, Maria ---
Trütken [Truetken], Heinrich Lohmann, Maria 27 May 1873 Truetken, Caspar Anton Rolwes, Maria Anna Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Truetken, Johann Lohmann, Anna ---
Kingler, Bernard Ulhorn, Carolina [Widow] 3 Jun 1873 Kingler, Gerhard Krahefange, Anna Maria Diecker, Herman Dietrich Bütmann [Buetmann], Catharina Adelheid Kingler, Anton Diecker, Anna ---
Behrmann, Heinrich [Widower] Kemper, Clementina 17 Jun 1873 Behrmann, Johann Rehmer, Catharina Kemper, Heinrich Schehrder, Margaretha Behrman, Gerhard Remer, Dina ---
Schlatmann, Georg Anton Harwerth, Margaretha 29 Jul 1873 Schlatmann, Bernard Heinrich Weissenberger, Louisa Harwerth, Wilhelm Schniederjans, Anna Adelheid Schroeder, Francis Harwerth, Adelheid ---
Fischer, Francis Xavier [Medical Doctor] Wagner, Helena 12 Aug 1873 Fischer, Francis Joseph Fischer, Francisca Wagner, Albin Schwitkostka, Nepomacena Rolwes, Heinrich Trentmann, Heinrich ---
Köller [Koeller], Bernard Crelle, Helena 2 Sep 1873 Koeller, Adam Schmocker, Maria Crelle, Josef Sant, Gesina Koeller, Gerhard Bertke, Gertrud Compare Grelle
Lager, Friederich Betke, Gertrud 11 Nov 1873 Lager, Theodor Deiters, Gesina Betke, Gerhard Lohmann, Adelheid Bergkötter [Bergkoetter], Heinrich Lohmann, Anna ---
Scherder, Ludwig Beske, Anna 11 Nov 1873 Scherder, Heinrich Gelsing, Catharina Beske, Heinrich Leising, Antonia Kötler [Koetler], Gerhard Beske, Paulina ---
Jaske, Heinrich Baalmann, Margaretha 13 Jan 1874 Jaske, Heinrich --- Baalmann, Herman --- Harwerth, Bernard Baalmann, Anna ---
Busch, Bernard Slüter [Slueter], Anna 10 Feb 1874 Busch, Johann --- Slueter, Heinrich --- Busch, Theodor Slueter, Catharina ---
Rolwes, Heinrich Geiner, Anna Maria 14 Apr 1874 Rolwes, Johann Gerhard --- Geiner, Herman Wilhelm --- Beelmann, Heinrich Rolwes, Catharina Groom is from Kleinstaven?, Germany
Franke, Bernard Rolwes, Catharina 5 May 1874 Franke, Gerhard --- Rolwes, Johann Gerhard --- Franke, Heinrich Rolwes, Adelheid Groom is from Osnabrück, Prussia; bride is from Vögen, Prussia. See Rolwes + Geiner marriage.
Lickenbrock, Bernard Scherder, Catharina 19 May 1874 Lickenbrock, Bernard Bisping, Francisca Telzing, Heinrich Wolking, Catharina Wesselkamp, Heinrich Jacobs, Maria Groom is from Ostenfelde, Prussia; bride is from Ankum, Prussia.
Schniederjans, Conrad Trentmann, Anna 9 Jun 1874 Schniederjans, Conrad Deters, Margaretha Trentmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Theresia Trentmann, Liborius Schniederjans, Maria ---
Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Heinrich Engelbert Janssen, Christina 18 Aug 1874 Huelsmann, Engelbert Wortmann, Carolina Janssen, Johann Vandre, Joanna Huelsmann, Christoph Schniederjans, Maria Groom is from St. Louis; bride is local.
Brökelmann [Broekelmann], Stephan Loxterkamp, Catharina 27 Oct 1874 Broekelmann, Stephan Hermes, An. Maria Loxterkamp, Bernard Harwerth, Clara Haselhorst, Anton Loxterkamp, Theresia Groom is from Westerloh, Prussia; bride is local.
Hoff, Johann Bernard Lintker, Anna Maria 26 Jan 1875 Hoff, Heinrich Dieker, Maria Anna Lintker, Heinrich Kasen, Maria Angela Hoff, Francis Lintker, Elisabetha Bride & Groom are from Hanover, Prussia
Hoff, Gerhard Heinrich Albers, Anna Francisca 26 Jan 1875 Hoff, Johann Georg Hoff, Maria Albers, Johann Herman Bösken [Boesken], Maria Hoff, Herman B. Albers, Maria Groom is from Lingen Prussia; bride is from Hanover, Prussia
Schulte, Wilhelm Ratke, Regina 27 Apr 1875 Schulte, Gerhard Baumker, Elisabeth Ratke, Gerhard Schmidt, Maria Schulte, Theodor Behrns, Elisabeth Groom is from Laer, Prussia; bride is local.
Harwerth, Johann Bernard Hundelt, Elisabeth 11 May 1875 Harwerth, Wilhelm Schniederjans, An? Hundelt, Georg Walke, Cla. Hundelt, Heinrich Harwerth, Adelheid ---
Cordes, Herman Bernard Schlüter [Schlueter], Maria Catharina 1 Jun 1875 Cordes, G. H. Gödeker [Goedeker], M. G. Schlueter, Jo. Heinrich Schweppe, Maria A. Cordes, Heinrich Felhelter, Maria Groom is from Haselune, Prussia; bride is local.
Thiemann, Wilhelm Baalmann, Anna Catharina 8 Jun 1875 Thieman, Johann Heinrich Walke, Maria Anna Baalmann, Gerhard Anton Harwerth, Maria Ca. Hundelt, Johann Heinrich Baalmann, Maria Theresia Groom is from Iburg, Hanover; bride is local.
Schmersahl, Herman Heinrich Plöger [Ploeger], Anna Maria 8 Jun 1875 Schmersahl, Gerhard Heinrich Knüwe [Knuewe], Maria Anna Ploeger, Bernard H. Kassen, Maria Ca. Schmersahl, Bernard Ploeger, Anna ---
Treie, Johann Heinrich Smrekar, Maria 8 Jun 1875 Treie, Johann H. Schaber, Helena Smrekar, Joseph Michelin, Maria Wegmann, Wilhelm Schroer, Anna Groom is from Herzlake, Hanover; bride is from Semic, Krain, (Unter), Oestreich [Austria]. Permission from Damiansville Parish.
Smrekar, Stefan Beske, Paulina 8 Jun 1875 Smrekar, Joseph Michelin, Maria Beske, Heinrich Leising, Antonia Smrekar, Mathias Rütter [Ruetter], Anna Groom is from Semic, Austria; Bride is from Geseke, Hanover, Prussia
Vöcker [Voecker], Bernard Bruns, Catharina 21 Sep 1875 Voecker, Heinrich Rothlübbe [Rothluebbe], M. A. Helming, Heinrich Lake, Catharina Trentmann, Heinrich Pranger, Maria Compare Foecker. Groom is from Lingen, Prussia; bride is from Haselunde, Prussia.
Beckmeyer, Heinrich Klekamp, Catharina 3 Oct 1875 Beckmeyer, Friederich Rosengarter, E. Klekamp, Francis Schweppe, G. Thiemann, Heinrich Buhrmann, Theresia Bride & Groom are from Laer, Prussia.
Wente, Heinrich Kriege, Maria 9 Nov 1875 Wente, Josef Westendorf, Maria A. Krieger, Friederich Lohmann, Elisabetha Thyen, Anton Bergheger, Elisabeth Groom is from Cincinnati, OH; bride is local
Trentmann, Heinrich Wickern, Barbara [Widow] 16 Nov 1875 Trentmann, Georg Buse, A. M. Oswingel, Christophor Panos, Anna Buhrmann, D. Trentmann, L. Groom is from Hanover, Prussia; bride is from Moravia, Austria.
Nienaber, Heinrich [Widower] Otten, Gesina [Widow] 23 Nov 1875 Nienaber, Heinrich Stusterschulte, Maria Winkler, Herman Heinrich Janssen, Tecla Nienaber, Stephan Otten, Margaretha Groom is from Bekum, Westfalia; bride is from Segel, Hanover.
Sommer, Martin Schroer, Anna 8 Feb 1876 Sommer, Georg Schilling, Maria Schroer, Bernard Kuper, Adelheid Sommer, Francis Joseph Schroer, Adelheid ---
Kraienest, Gerhard Bernard Heinrich Tegeler, Anna Maria 15 Feb 1876 Kraienest, Gerhard Brandewie, Elisabeth Tegeler, Johann H. Posen, Elisabeth Weiss, Francis Timpe, Catharina Groom is from Neuenkirchen, Germany; bride is from Crefeld, Prussia
Beelmann, Heinrich Kinkler, Anna Christina 22 Feb 1876 Beelmann, B. Lake, H. Kinkler, G. Kraienfar, J. Beelmann, Johann Kahle, Helena Compare Kinkelaar
Kramper, Bernard Heinrich Geisen, Anna Ch. 16 May 1876 Kramper, B. Heinrich Möller [Moeller], M. A. Geisen, Friederich Deiters, Sofia Kramper, August Geisen, Catharina Groom is from Leiningen, Oldenburg; bride is local.
Pohlmann, Heinrich Heir, Gertrud [Widow] 18 Jul 1876 Pohlmann, Bernard Unverfert, Elisabeth Höpke [Hoepke], Theodor Lücksmann [Luecksmann], M. Finke, Th. Buhrmann, Angela Bride & groom are from Laer, Hanover.
Theismann, Benedict Brueggemann, M. C. [Widow of H. Brueggemann] 5 Jan 1877 Theismann, H. Schlange, A. Jugen, H. Abel, M. Kramper, B. Theismann, A. ---
Jaske, Heinrich [Widower] Arling, Catharina 8 May 1877 Jaske, Heinrich Osege, Catharina Arling, Heinrich Felt, Christina Baalmann, Anton Arling, Maria ---
Raecker, Heinrich Raecker, Maria 15 May 1877 Raecker, Anton Rübus [Ruebus], M. Raecker, Heinrich Minning, M. Raecker, Joseph Harwerth, Adelheid Bride & groom are from St. Louis, MO
Freitag, Caspar [Widower] Kahle, Maria Helena [Widow of Joseph Kahle] 15 May 1877 Freitag, Bernard Troener, A. C. Abelen, Herman Nordmann, Gesina Trentmann, Ludwig Kahle, Anna Catharina Groom is from Paderborn, Prussia; bride is from Segol, Prussia
Wessels, Heinrich [Widower] Wiebler, Adelheid [Widow] 5 Jun 1877 Wessels, Herman Janssen, Thecla Wangepold, Bernard Wangepold?, Adelheid Wessels, Herman Wessels, Anna Thecla Groom is from Esterwege, Prussia; bride is from Hesebuhl, Prussia
Koeller, Caspar [Widower] Lohmann, Carolina [Widow] 12 Jun 1877 Koeller, Adam Eidhof, Adelheid Janssen, Bernard Mueller, H. M. Koeller, Bernard Buescher, Gertrud Groom is from Hanghauser, Prussia; bride is from Lengerich, Prussia.
Koester, Herman Beelmann, Christina [Widow] 12 Jun 1877 Koester, Ch. Bigmeier, Th. Kinkler, G. Kraienfang, J. Huel, Bernard Kinkler, Theresia Groom is from Hanover, IL; bride is local.
Buescher, Johann Recker, Gertrud 9 Oct 1877 Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, M. E. Recker, Johann H. Baeumker, A. M. Buescher, Friederich Liborius Hundelt, Maria Groom is local; bride is from Laer, Hanover.
Daniel, Martin [Widower] Bertke, Catharina [Widow] 7 May 1878 Daniel, Heinrich Schuetzeueser/ Schuetzeneser, An. Lintker, Gerhard Kassen, M. A. Daniel, Ludwig Lintker, Anna Groom is from Matinghausen, Prussia; bride is from St. Louis, MO.
Poelmann, Theodor Ruetter, Anna 6 Aug 1878 Poelmann, Abel Terver, Margaretha Ruetter, Heinrich Klassmeier, Gertrud Poelmann, Anton Ruetter, Maria Groom is from Brual, Germany; bride is local.
Borgmeier, Johann Bertke, Anna born Olges 29 Oct 1878 Borgmeier, Heinrich Ludolph, Anna Eva Olges, Heinrich Pigen, Gesina Wessel, Gerhard Keiter, Elisabetha Groom is from French Village; bride is local.
Middendorf, Bernard Bergköter [Bergkoeter], Anna 29 Oct 1878 Middendorf, Herman Welb, Elisabetha Bergkoeter, Heinrich Detrs, Theckla Lohmann, Bernard Bergkoter, Catharina ---
Tiemeyer, Heinrich Recker, Catharina 29 Oct 1878 Tiemeyer, Mathias Pieper, Gertrud Recker, Anton Rübbusch [Ruebbusch], Maria Recker, Wilhelm Recker, Maria See Recker + Kahle & Gain + Recker marriages.
Recker, Joseph Kahle, Anna 29 Oct 1878 Recker, Anton Rübbusch [Ruebbusch], Maria Kahle, Heinrich Schütte [Schuette], Maria Recker, Johann Kahle, Lena See Tiemeyer + Recker & Gain + Recker marriages.
Gain, Francis Recker, Philomena 29 Oct 1878 Gain, Emanuel [Deceased] Bedulion, Anna Maria Recker, Anton Rübbusch [Ruebbusch], Maria Gain, Christian Recker, Cecilia Groom is from Belleville; bride is local. See Tiemeyer + Recker & Recker + Kahle marriages.
Otten, Johann Heinrich Beske, Gertrud 29 Sep 1878 Otte, Gerhard Pohlmann, Maria Catharina Beske, Caspar Pohlmeier, Catharina Lüchtefeld [Luechtefeld], Conrad Schwepenstede, Elisabeth Groom is from Laer, Germany; bride is local. Groom's & his father's last names spelled differently.
Schroeder, Francis Heinrich Buss, Maria 21 Jan 1879 Schroeder, Georg Walke, Elisabeth Buss, Johann Trentmann, Elisabeth Schroeder, Anton Buss, Theresia Groom is from Hanover, Germany; bride is local.
Buthe, Heinrich Schniederjans, Maria 11 Feb 1879 Buthe, Heinrich Witkop, Ver[onica?] Schniederjans, Conrad Viertag, M. Buthe, Joseph Ruttenfranz, Maria Groom is from Istrup, Germany; bride is local.
Lickenbrock, Joseph Scherder, Maria 18 Feb 1879 Lickenbrock, Bernard Goldstein, Elisabeth Scherder, Heinrich Jelsing, Catharina Lickenbrock, Theodor Geisen, Catharina ---
Schmitz, Heinrich Georg Koeller, Elisabeth 29 Apr 1879 Schmitz, Francis Joseph Wendel, Elisabeth Koeller, Caspar Corte, Gertrud Koeller, Gerhard Lehmkuhl, Louisa ---
Straeter, Theodor Truetken, Maria [Widow] 6 May 1879 Straeter, Anton Schnieders, Anna Maria Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Luettiken, Fred Lohmann, Anna Groom is from Langeneigen, Germany; bride is local.
Behrns, Herman Rolwes, Maria 6 May 1879 Behrns, Anton Hormann, Theresia Rolwes, Gerhard Keiter, Margaretha Behrns, Johann Rolwes, Adelheid Groom is local; bride is from unknown location in Germany.
Recker, Wilhelm Stumpf, Maria 27 May 1879 Recker, Heinrich Muening, M. A. Stumpf, F. Gabriel, Elisabeth Recker, Johann Stumpf, Anna Groom is from St. Louis; bride is local. Compare Raecker.
Scherder, Ludwig [Widower] Wente, Maria [Widow] 27 May 1879 Scherder, Heinrich Jelsing, Catharina Kriege, Friederich Lohmann, Elisabeth Bergheger, Heinrich Wesselkamp, Catharina Groom is from St. Louis; bride is local.
Fluke, Heinrich Koch, Clara 3 Jun 1879 Fluke, Ferdinand Arling, Clementina Koch, Hartman Duerberg, Maria Kemper, Herman Koch, Maria Groom is local; bride is from St. Louis, MO.
Hundelt, Heinrich Baalmann, Theresia 21 Oct 1879 Hundelt, Georg Walke, Clara Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina Baalmann, Henry Hundelt, Maria Groom is from Laar, Hanover; bride is local.
Ostmeyer, Friederich Schumacher, Anna 21 Oct 1879 Ostmeyer, Heinrich Niehaus, M. Anna Schumacher, Heinrich Vennemann, Catharina Albers, Friederich Schumacher, Catharina ---
Lindemann, Johann Korte, Maria Catharina 11 Nov 1879 Lindemann, Herman Gerhard Knuewe, Maria Angela Korte, Wilhelm Wegmann, Maria Catharina Korte, Johann Gerhard Wennemann, Maria Anna ---
Köller [Koeller], Gerhard Lehmkuhl, Maria Louisa 11 Nov 1879 Koeller, Caspar Korte, Gertrud Lehmkuhl, Diederich Schmidt, Gertrud Koeller, Wilhelm Böing [Boeing], Louisa ---
Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Anton Lange, Gertrud 18 Nov 1879 Huelsmann, Bernard Bäcker [Baecker], Gertrud Lange, Stephan Lange, Gertrud Huelsmann, Francis Franke, Gertrude Groom is from Laar, Hanover; bride is local.
Rickelmann, August Litteken, Magdalena 18 Nov 1879 Rickelmann, Herman Heinrich Strassenburg, Catharina Litteken, Joseph Francis Sommer, M. Anna Rickelmann, Theodor Sommer, Anna Elisabeth ---
Franke, Joseph Karlen, Rosalia Margaretha 13 Jan 1880 Franke, Gerhard Vogelsang, Elisabetha Klock, Nicolas Bastian, Theresia Franke, Bernard Klock, Emilia Groom is local; bride is from Belleville, IL
Schniederjans, Heinrich Raecker, Maria 13 Jan 1880 Schniederjans, Conrad Viertag, Maria Raecker, Anton Riebusch, Maria Viertag, Heinrich Raecker, Cecilia ---
Poelmann, Anton Geissen, Catharina 20 Apr 1880 Poelmann, Abel Terver, Margaretha Geissen, Friederich Deters, Sophia Winkler, Bernard Lohmann, Anna Groom is from Baual, Hanover; bride is local.
Markskors, Heinrich Stump, Anna 20 Apr 1880 Markskors, Heinrich Junker, Anna Maria Stump, Francis Gabriel, Elisabeth Küsteraden [Kuesteraden], Joseph Stump, Catharina Groom is from Dellbrück, Germany; bride is from Attendorn, Germany.
Otten, Herman Schomaker, Catharina 27 Apr 1880 Otten, Herman Winkler, Gesina Schomaker, Heinrich Wennemann, M. Catharina Otten, Wilhelm Schomaker, Theresia ---
Habrock, Johann Friederich Kocks, Catharina 25 May 1880 Habrock, Christian Lickenbrock, A. Maria Kocks, Johann Bernard Dingwerth, M. Catharina Lickenbrock, Theodor Dingwerth, Maria Groom is from Beckum, Germany; bride is local.
Trentmann, Liborius Lindemann, Maria 31 Aug 1880 Trentmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Theresia Lindemann, Herman Gerhard Knuewe, M. Angela Lindemann, Laurent Bernard Trentmann, Elisabeth ---
Daniel, Martin Wennemann, Elisabetha 15 Feb 1881 Daniel, Heinrich Schnitzmeier, M. Eva Peterswerth, Francis Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Anna M. Daniel, Ludwig Lüchtefeld [Luechtefeld], Louisa Groom is from Mantinghausen, Germany; bride is from Glane, Hanover.
Janssen, Johann Wilhelm Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Maria 8 May 1881 Janssen, Johann Van Ree, Johanna Huelsmann, Engelbert Bange, Catharina Huelsmann, Christian Janssen, Maria Groom is local; bride is from New Orleans.
Wessel, Bernard Brüggemann [Brueggemann], Maria Anna 24 May 1881 Wessel, Gerhard Heinrich Van Der Haar, Elisabeth Brueggemann, Johann B. Diekmann, A. Maria Wessel, Johann Gerhard Diekmann, Anna Groom is from Fürstenau, Prussia; bride is from Söningen.
Rocklage, Bernard Mense, Catharina 31 May 1881 Rocklage, Gerhard Heinrich Gädker [Gaedker], M. Catharina Wegmann, Heinrich Meiners, Margaretha Lintker, Heinrich Wegmann, Louise Groom is from Iburg, Prussia; bride is from Osnabrück.
Korte, August Behrns, Theresia 31 May 1881 Korte, Johann Gerhard Schürmann [Schuermann], Elisabeth Behrns, Heinrich Stempel, Maria Korte, Gerhard Behrns, Elisabeth ---
Korte, Gerhard Buescher, Catharina 7 Jun 1881 Korte, Johann Gerhard Schürmann [Schuermann], Elisabeth Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Elisabeth Korte, August Buescher, Anna Groom is from Ankum; bride is local.
Vierdag, Fr. Heinrich Graf, Julia Maria 18 Aug 1881 Vierdag, B. Heinrich Rutenfranz, A. Christina Graf, Johann Holtgreife, Regina Rutenfranz, Bernard Klivhorn, Margaretha Groom is local; bride is from St. Louis, MO.
Buescher, Johann Brown (Braun), Sophia 18 Oct 1881 Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Elisabeth Braun, Ludwig Bastianest, Louisa Buescher, Liborius Korte, Elisabetha Groom is local; bride is from Peoria, IL.
Piffner, Georg Koch, Maria 8 Nov 1881 Unknown Unknown Koch, Herman Moss, Theresia Franke, Heinrich Wesselmann, Maria Bride & groom are from Fayetteville, IL
Otten, Herman Heinrich Müller [Mueller], Theresia 8 Nov 1881 Otten, Herman Winkeller, Gesina Mueller, Heinrich Dingwerth, Theresia Lehmkuhl, Bernard Otten, Theresia ---
Otten, Wilhelm Arling, Maria Angela 15 Nov 1881 Otten, Herman Winkeller, Gesina Arling, Heinrich Feld, Christina Otten, Bernard Arling, Theresia ---
Surmeier, Theodor Terveer, Anna 25 Apr 1882 Surmeier, Wilhelm Buss, Anna Terveer, H. Gerhard Ragenkötter [Ragenkoetter], M. Anna Surmeier, Heinrich Dingwerth, Maria ---
Mayer, Nicolas Rutter, Maria 19 Jan 1882 Mayer, Johann Welter, Anna Rutter, Heinrich Glasmeier, Gertrud Rutter, Bernard Mayer, Catharina Groom is from Kenosha; bride is local.
Behrns, Herman Stodtmann, Catharina 23 May 1882 Behrns, Anton Haermann, Theresia Stodtmann, Bernard Upmann, Elisabetha Behrns, Herman Bergenthal, Catharina Groom is local; bride is from Ankum.
Fleckenstein, Bernard Graf, Maria 5 Sep 1882 Fleckenstein, Conrad Aberesch, Elisabetha Graf, Johann Holtgreife, Regina Klefort, Friederich Vahlkamp, Ida Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is from St. Louis.
Hundelt, Johann Trentmann, Elisabetha 24 Oct 1882 Hundelt, Georg Walke, Clara Trentmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Theresia Buss, Theodor Hundelt, Maria ---
Albers, Bernard Lintker, Elisabetha 7 Nov 1882 Albers, Herman Bösker [Boesker], Maria Lintker, Gerhard Heinrich Trentmann, M. Clara Lintker, Johann Albers, Maria ---
Trütcken [Truetcken], Johann Kemper, Helena 14 Nov 1882 Truetcken, Caspar Anton Rolwes, Maria Kemper, Gerhard Aring, Christina Kemper, Herman Koch, Elisabetha ---
Behrmann, Georg Harwerth, Adelheid 16 Jan 1883 Behrmann, Johann Rehmer, Catharina Harwerth, Wilhelm Schniederjans, Adelheid Rehmer, Heinrich Harwerth, Anna ---
Wind, Heinrich Kroner, Christina 3 Apr 1883 Wind, Heinrich Schleper, Gesina Kinkelaar, Gerhard Kreienfang, Joanna Gesina Beelmann, Bernard Wessels, Margaretha Groom is from Ahnsen, Germany; bride is from Gelderland, Germany.
Janssen, J. Wilhelm Beckemeier, Elisabetha 3 Apr 1883 Janssen, Johann Van Reh, Johanna Beckemeier, Heinrich Dosenbach, Maria Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Heinrich Heier, Louise Groom is local; bride is from Perryville, MO.
Beelmann, Johann Kruse, Theresia 8 May 1883 Beelmann, Bernard Kuper, Angela Kruse, Heinrich Feld, Carolina Kruse, Bernard Beelmann, Anna ---
Grundmeier, Joseph Harwerth, Anna 15 May 1883 Grundmeier, Conrad Stümler [Stuemler], Elisabetha Harwerth, Wilhelm Schniederjans, Adelheid Remmert, Joseph Dingwerth, Maria Groom is from St. Louis (Thiele, Germany); bride is local.
Buescher, Anton Wesselmann, Maria 7 Jun 1883 Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Elisabeth Wesselmann, Joseph Flauaus, Elisabeth Buescher, Bernard Kramper, Maria ---
Fauke, Heinrich Rutenfranz, Maria 12 Jun 1883 Fauke, Ferdinand Aring, Dina Rutenfranz, Arnold Vierdag, Theresia Kemper, Herman Rutenfranz, Elisabetha ---
Sommer, Joseph Koch, Maria 31 Jul 1883 Sommer, Georg Schilling, Maria Koch, Hartmann Dieberger, Maria Sommer, Michael Koch, Elisabetha Groom is local; bride is from Darmstadt
Stümpler [Stuempler], Bernard Otten, Elisabetha 28 Aug 1883 Stuempler, Heinrich Linger, M. Helena Otten, Herman Winkeller, Gesina --- --- ---
Wingeler, Nicolaus Kolkmann, Catharina 30 Oct 1883 Wingeler, Johann Jerlinger, Barbara Kolkmann, Theodor Schulte, Maria Middendorf, Gerhard Kolkmann, Maria ---
Humpert, Heinrich Kring, Margaretha 8 Jan 1884 Humpert, Joseph Schweppenstedde, Elisabeth Raecker, Heinrich Mönning [Moenning], M. Angela Raecker, William Raecker, A. Maria Groom is from Enigerldr, Germany; bride is local.
Möller [Moeller], Johann Ploeger, Anna 5 Feb 1884 Plaggenburg, Johann Moeller, Anna Ploeger, Heinrich Kerssen, Catharina Ploeger, Heinrich Kahle, Maria ---
Dingwerth, Bernard Koch, Elisabetha 12 Feb 1884 Dingwerth, Heinrich Terveer, Maria Koch, Hartman Dieberger, Maria Koch, Georg Dingwerth, Maria Groom is local; bride is from Darmstadt
Sandheinrich, Georg Hülsmann [Huelsmann], Elisabetha 19 Feb 1884 Sandheinrich, Theodor Töpper [Toepper], A. Maria Huelsmann, Bernard Becker, Gertrud Baalmann, Anton Huelsmann, Louisa ---
Schütte [Schuette], Georg Lohmann, Anna 22 Apr 1884 Schuette, Francis Kramer, Clara Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Lohmann, Bernard Schuette, Francisca ---
Schöffler [Schoeffler], Wilhelm Beelmann, Helena 3 Jun 1884 Schoeffler, Heinrich Schniederjans, Helena Beelmann, Bernard Kuper, M. Angela Beelmann, Wilhelm Wübben [Wuebben], Maria ---
Lohmann, Bernard Otten, Anna 29 Jul 1884 Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Otten, Herman Winkeler, Gesina Sandheinrich, Johann Schomaker, Theresia ---
Lübbers [Luebbers], Georg Brüggemann [Brueggemann], Anna 19 Aug 1884 Luebbers, Gerhard Meyer, Mina Brueggemann, Heinrich Lüden [Lueden], Catharina Loescher, Carl Brueggemann, Catharina ---
Harwerth, Bernard Rothluebbers, Maria 13 Jan 1885 Harwerth, Wilhelm Schniederjans, An. Adelheid Rothluebbers, Heinrich Sumpmeier, Elisabetha Hundelt, Johann Rothluebbers, Elisabeth ---
Haverkamp, Francis Hundelt, Maria 21 Apr 1885 Haverkamp, Anton Hartmann, Elisabeth Hundelt, Georg Walke, Clara Haverkamp, Bernard Wegmann, Anna ---
Schulte, Heinrich Nienaber, Maria Anna 21 Apr 1885 Schulte, Johann Heinrich Klostermann, Gertrude Kroner, Gerhard Frese, Helena Pohlmann, Johann Heinrich Nienaber, Gesina ---
Dingwerth, Johann Franke, Gertrude 19 May 1885 Dingwerth, J. Ernest Klein, Maria Franke, Heinrich Lange, Maria Dingwerth, Heinrich Franke, Maria ---
Trentmann, Heinrich Heuer, Louisa 11 Aug 1885 Trentmann, Georg Heinrich Buse, Anna Maria Heuer, Heinrich Schweppe, Gertrud Trentmann, Heinrich Faust, Elisabetha ---
Surmeier, Heinrich Bergkötter [Bergkoetter], Catharina 10 Nov 1885 Surmeier, Wilhelm Buss, Anna Bergkoetter, Heinrich Deters, Thecla Bergkotter, Heinrich Borgmeier, Maria ---
Tipp, Heinrich Sommer, Anna Catharina 1885 Tipp, Gerhard Richter, Gertrud Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Littiken, Johann Sommer, Maria Marriage entry is between 10 Nov 1885 and 12 Jan 1886
Stolte, Gerhard Heinrich Feldt, Ida Theresia 12 Jan 1886 Stolte, Bernard Klumpe, Margaretha Hatlöm [Hatloem], Albert Hilgen, Margaretha Stein, Heinrich Stolte, Maria Groom is from St. Louis; bride is from Freren.
Bertke, Bernard Arling, Theresia 26 Jan 1886 Bertke, Gerhard Sander, Helena Arling, H. Heinrich Feldt, Christina Sandheinrich, Johann Arling, Carolina Groom is from Bowling Green, MO; bride is local.
Haverkamp, Bernard Rueter, Catharina 19 Oct 1886 Haverkamp, Anton Hartmann, Elisabeth Rueter, Wilhelm Naberhaus, Anna Rueschhoff, Friederich Rueter, Maria ---
Stolte, Heinrich Dingwerth, Maria 9 Nov 1886 Stolte, Wilhelm Waterloo, Angela Dingwerth, Heinrich Terveer, Maria Franke, Gerhard Stolte, Anna ---
Theismann, Benedict Höpper [Hoepper], Anna 11 Jan 1887 Theismann, Heinrich Schlange, Angela Hoepper, Heinrich Neuhaus, Francisca Holtkamp, Heinrich Theismann, Catharina Groom is from Freeren, Germany; bride is from Fayetteville
Middendorf, Gerhard Franke, Maria 24 May 1887 Middendorf, Friederich Korte, Adelheid Franke, Bernard Geiner, Catharina Franke, Heinrich Middendorf, Elisabetha ---
Baalmann, Heinrich Rothluebbers, Elisabetha 8 Nov 1887 Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina Rothluebbers, Heinrich Sumpmeier, Elisabetha Baalmann, August Wegmann, Margaretha ---
Rothluebbers, Heinrich Baalmann, Maria 8 Nov 1887 Rothluebbers, Heinrich Sumpmeier, Elisabetha Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina Rothluebbers, Johann Jacobs, Theresia ---
Rehmer, Heinrich Korte, Margaretha 10 Apr 1888 Rehmer, Ludwig Kemper, Catharina Korte, Gerhard Kersnor, Carolina Buss, Theodor Korte, Elisabetha Groom is from Lively Grove; bride is local.
Hummert, Theodor Wennemann, Gertrude 24 Apr 1888 Hummert, Bernard Lampe, Elisabeth Wennemann, Ignatius Peterswerth, Elisabeth Hummert, Bernard Wennemann, Maria ---
Wessel, Gerhard Heinrich Baalmann, Catharina 27 Nov 1888 Wessel, Gerhard Borgmeier, Anna Rutter, Heinrich Glasmeier, Gertrud Borgmeyer, Theodor Rutter, Gertrud ---
Franke, Gerhard Roeder, Theresia 12 Feb 1889 Franke, Joseph Terveer, Catharina Roeder, Jacob Haefner, Lucia Roeder, Heinrich & Wilhelm Franke, Anna & Francisca Huffeld Groom is local; bride is from Freeburg.
Beelmann, Wilhelm Köller [Koeller], Carolina 21 May 1889 Beelmann, Bernard Kuper, Angela Koeller, Caspar Korte, Gertrud Beelmann, Joseph Koeller, Maria ---
Kolbe, Friederich Stumpf, Angela 28 May 1889 Kolbe, Friederich Kroeger, Catharina Stumpf, Francis Gabriel, Elisabeth Schlattmann, Friederich Stumpf, Catharina ---
Lickenbrock, Theodor Arling, Carolina 12 Nov 1889 Lickenbrock, Theodor Hellinger, Maria Arling, H. Heinrich Feldt, Christina Loeske, Carl Timpe, Anna ---
Rueter, Johann Wilhelm Koch, Emilia 26 Nov 1889 Rueter, Wilhelm Naberhaus, Anna Koch, Hartman Dierberger, Maria Koch, Mathias Rueter, Maria Groom is local; bride is from Darmstadt, IL.
Baalmann, August Mense, Anna 14 Jan 1890 Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina Mense, Wilhelm Wegmann, Catharina Baalmann, Anton Rocklage, Maria ---
Dingwerth, Heinrich Köller [Koeller], Maria 11 Feb 1890 Dingwerth, Johann Ernest Klein, Maria Koeller, Caspar Korte, Gertrud Koeller, Wilhelm Lehmkuhl, Maria ---
Middendorf, Friederich Kruse, Catharina 11 Feb 1890 Middendorf, Friederich Korte, Adelheid Kruse, Heinrich Feldt, Carolina Kruse, Bernard Middendorf, Elisabetha ---
Franke, Heinrich Middendorf, Elisabetha 29 Apr 1890 Franke, Heinrich Lange, Maria Middendorf, Friederich Korte, Adelheid Franke, Bernard Klostermann, Louise ---
Wegmann, Wilhelm Kroner, Margaretha 29 Jul 1890 Wegmann, Gerhard Rothlübbers [Rothluebbers], Helena Kroner, Gerhard Kinkelaar, Gesina Wegmann, Johann Kroner, Maria ---
Borgmeyer, Theodor Kramper, Maria 21 Oct 1890 Borgmeyer, Johann Surmeier, Angela Kramper, Gerhard Wesselmann, Angela Kramper, Joseph Surmeier, Adelheid ---
Wennemann, Heinrich Behrns, Elisabeth 28 Oct 1890 Wennemann, Ignatius Peterswerth, Elisabeth Behrns, Bernard Wesselkamp, Elisabeth Behrns, Joseph Wennemann, Maria ---
Buescher, Heinrich Wennemann, Maria 11 Nov 1890 Buescher, Herman Heinrich Lohmann, Gertrud Wennemann, Ignatius Peterswerth, Elisabeth Buescher, Joseph Jacobs, Theresia ---
Mayer, Gerhard Feldt, Theresia 11 Nov 1890 Mayer, Caspar Rickelmann, Catharina Feldt, Herman Heinrich Löpker [Loepker], Maria Anna Mayer, August Feldt, Maria ---
Brinkmann, Heinrich Loeske, Elisabetha 7 Jan 1891 Brinkmann, Mathias Hollmann, Gertrud Loeske, Heinrich Höpper [Hoepper], Elisabeth Loeske, Carl Bieser, Clara Groom is from Glandorf, Germany; bride is local.
Stolte, Heinrich Gerhard Jansen, Friederica 15 Jan 1891 Stolte, Joch. Heinrich Bruns, Gesina Jansen, Johann Van Ree, Joanna Jansen, Conrad Kinkelaar, Maria ---
Sommer, Michael Kramper, Anna 7 Apr 1891 Sommer, Georg Schilling, Maria Kramper, Wilhelm Ratke, Maria Sommer, Georg Kramper, Catharina ---
Loesker, Carl Kock, Anna 14 Apr 1891 Loesker, Heinrich Höpper [Hoepper], Elisabetha Kock, Herman Wester, Maria Wesselmann, Joseph Kock, Theresia ---
Kramper, Joseph Surmeier, Adelheid 21 Apr 1891 Kramper, Gerhard Wesselmann, Angela Surmeier, Wilhelm Deters, Catharina Schroer, Johann Wesselmann, Catharina ---
Buescher, Liborius Buss, Theresia 23 Apr 1891 Buescher, Gerhard Rickelmann, Elisabeth Buss, Johann Trentmann, Elisabeth Buescher, Bernard Lintker, Theresia ---
Köller [Koeller], Heinrich Lüchtefeld [Luechtefeld], Gertrude 28 Apr 1891 Koeller, Caspar Korte, Gertrud Luchtefeld, Joseph Trutcken, Catharina Koeller, Wilhelm Straeter, Maria ---
Keiter, Bernard Kohnken, Helena 27 May 1891 Keiter, Bernard Jansen, Elisabeth Kohnken, Herman Olges, Maria Keiter, Joseph Gerdes, Angela Groom is local; bride is from Werpelo, Hanover, Germany.
Vollmer, Ferdinand Heinrich Rutenfranz, Elisabetha 24 Sep 1891 Vollmer, Jacob Sander, Johanna Rutenfranz, Arnold Vierdag, Theresia Rutenfranz, Bernard Herbig, Helena Groom is from Washington, IN; bride is local.
Wesselmann, Joseph Sandheinrich, Anna 10 Nov 1891 Wesselmann, Joseph Flauaus, Elisabeth Sandheinrich, Martin Bertke, Elisabeth Wesselmann, Gerhard Sandheinrich, Maria ---
Sandheinrich, Johann Wesselmann, Catharina 10 Nov 1891 Sandheinrich, Martin Bertke, Elisabeth Wesselmann, Joseph Flauaus, Elisabeth Flauaus, L. B. Sandheinrich, Maria ---
Mumme, Theodor Sandheinrich, Maria 17 Nov 1891 Mumme, Wilhelm Eldracher, Catharina Sandheinrich, Georg Baalmann, Maria Hummert, Heinrich J. Sandheinrich, Adelheid Groom is from Fredericktown, MO; bride is local.
Rothluebbers, Johann Rocklage, Maria 26 Jan 1892 Rothluebbers, Heinrich Sumpmeier, Elisabetha Rocklage, Bernard Ploeger, Catharina Rothluebbers, Bernard Rocklage, Anna ---
Buss, Theodor Sommer, Maria 23 Feb 1892 Buss, Johann Trentmann, Elisabetha Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Buss, Heinrich Richter, Elisabetha ---
Rocklage, Bernard Beelmann, Anna 31 May 1892 Rocklage, Bernard Ploeger, Catharina Beelmann, Bernard Middendorf, Margaretha Beelmann, Theodor Rocklage, Anna Groom is local; bride is from Lively Grove.
Luechtefeld, August Ratke, Maria 8 Nov 1892 Luechtefeld, Heinrich Peterswerth, Louise Ratke, Johann Stodtmann, Maria Luechtefeld, Joseph Kramper, Catharina ---
Hummert, Heinrich Sandheinrich, Adelheid 15 Nov 1892 Hummert, Bernard Schulte, Theresia Sandheinrich, Georg Baalmann, Maria Hummert, Bernard Sandheinrich, Maria ---
Bergkötter [Bergkoetter], Johann Westphale, Maria 16 Nov 1892 Bergkoetter, Heinrich Deters, Thecla Westphale, Heinrich Frischenmeier, Bernardina Bergkoetter, Bernard Westphale, Gertrude ---
Rickelmann, Theodor Rutter, Gertrude 17 Nov 1892 Rickelmann, H. Heinrich Strassenburg, Catharina Rutter, Heinrich Glasmeier, Gertrud Rickelmann, Johann Baalmann, Anna ---
Beelmann, Joseph Dingwerth, Elisabetha 21 Nov 1892 Beelmann, Bernard Kuper, Angela Koch, Hartmann Dierberger, Maria Koch, Mathias Wind, Thecla ---
Richter, Theodor Wienstroer, Maria 19 Sep 1893 Richter, Nicholas Brehemann, Elisabetha Wienstroer, Johann Daniel Dunnewald, Christina Pauk, Heinrich Wienstroer, Anna ---
Lüchtefeld [Luechtefeld], Joseph Reiss, Anton 24 Oct 1893 Luechtefeld, Heinrich Peterswerth, Louise Reiss, Anton Metzger, Juliana Luechtefeld, Heinrich Jacobs, Theresia ---
Wesselmann, Gerhard Lohmann, Maria 7 Nov 1893 Wesselmann, Joseph Flauaus, Elisabeth Lohmann, Heinrich Lager, Theresia Flauaus, Georg Friederich Lohmann, Anna ---
Winkler, Emil Lehmkuhl, Maria 21 Nov 1893 Winkler, Johann Georg Rehbehn, Catharina Magdalena Lehmkuhl, Barnard Müller [Mueller], Catharina Wunderle, Carl Lehmkuhl, Maria ---
Lintker, Johann Gerhard Rueter, Anna Maria 28 Nov 1893 Lintker, Gerhard Heinrich Trentmann, Clara Rueter, Heinrich Johann Schlueter, M. Theresia Rueter, Heinrich Lintker, Theresia Groom is local; bride is from Lively Grove.
Mense, Heinrich Rothluebbers, Maria 3 Apr 1894 Mense, Wilhelm Wegmann, Catharina Rocklage, Bernard Ploeger, Catharina Wegmann, Johann Rothluebbers, Anna ---
Schlattmann, Friederich Usselmann, Gertrude 8 May 1894 Schlattmann, Bernard Heinrich Müller [Mueller], Louise Usselmann, Heinrich Rutter, Louisa Otten, Bernard Baalmann, Gertrude Bride is from Lively Grove.
Richter, Anton Lange, Elisabetha 22 May 1894 Richter, Wilhelm Schummert, Maria Lange, Stephan Stoffel, Anna Lange, Heinrich Richter, Lizzette ---
Buss, Ludwig Lübbers [Luebbers], Euphemia 5 Jun 1894 Buss, Johann Trentmann, Elisabetha Luebbers, Girard Wüpken [Wuepken (Wobke)], Catharina Buss, Johann Richter, Louisa Groom is local; bride is from Missouri
Trentmann, T. Heinrich Schoffler, Elisabetha 18 Sep 1894 Trentmann, Ludwig Placke, Elisabeth Unknown Unknown Trentmann, Johann H. Fromme, Maria Groom is local; bride is from New York.
Beelmann, Francis Frischenmeier, Margaretha 18 Jun 1895 Beelmann, Bernard Kuper, Angela Frischenmeier, Francis Harwerth, Maria Kuper, Anton Westphale, Gertrude ---
Rueter, Heinrich Schniederjans, Maria 29 Oct 1895 Rueter, Heinrich Schlueter, Maria Schniederjans, Conrad Trentmann, Anna Schniederjans, Heinrich Buss, Elisabetha Groom is from Lively Grove; bride is local.
Dingwerth, Heinrich Baalmann, Margaretha 29 Oct 1895 Dingwerth, Johann E. Klein, Maria Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina Baalmann, Anton Lehmkuhl, Theresia ---
Lohmann, Gerhard Kramper, Catharina 12 Nov 1895 Lohmann, Gerhard Janssen, Carolina Kramper, Wilhelm Ratke, Maria Buescher, Joseph Kramper, Elisabeth ---
Pieke, Heinrich Feldt, Anna 4 Feb 1896 Pieke, Bernard Vornholt, Elisabetha Unknown Unknown Stolte, Bernard Knuewe, Maria Groom is from Vorhelm, Germany; bride is from New York & born 3 Oct 1876 per inserted note. Married by A. Pieke.
Fischer, August Stolte, Maria 19 May 1896 Fischer, Gerhard Hoff, Anna M. Stolte, Bernard Klumpe, Margaretha Stolte, Bernard Huelsmann, Anna Groom is from Ankum, Germany; bride is local.
Trentmann, Johann Beckemeier, Maria 15 Sep 1896 Trentmann, Ludwig Placke, Elisabeth Beckemeier, Heinrich Schwöppe [Schwoeppe], Catharina Trentmann, Bernard Pranger, Anna ---
Feldt, Heinrich Schmidt, Maria 10 Nov 1896 Feldt, Herman Heinrich Loepker, A. Maria Kroner, Gerhard Kinkelaar, Gesina Kroner, Anton Feldt, Maria ---
Hummert, Bernard Daniel, Maria A. 16 Feb 1897 Hummert, Bernard Schulte, M. Elisabeth Daniel, Ludwig Kroner, Maria Hummert, Francis Jacobs, Theresia ---
Arling, Heinrich Sandheinrich, Maria 24 Feb 1897 Arling, Heinrich Feldt, Christine Sandheinrich, Martin Bertke, Elisabeth Sandmeier, Francis J. Timpe, Anna ---
Sommer, Georg Lintker, Theresia 27 Apr 1897 Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Lintker, Gerhard Heinrich Trentmann, Clara Sommer, Michael Hoff, Francisca ---
Lintker, Bernard Sommer, Elisabetha 29 Apr 1897 Lintker, Gerhard Heinrich Trentmann, Clara Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Sommer, Michael Buss, Elisabetha ---
Lange, Heinrich Rueter, Maria 11 May 1897 Lange, Stephan Stoffel, Anna Rueter, Wilhelm Naberhaus, Anna Hartmann, Joseph Rueter, Anna ---
Wegmann, Johann Lange, Maria 3 May 1898 Wegmann, Gerhard Rothluebbers, Helena Lange, Stephan Stoffel, Anna Wegmann, Herman Lange, Anna ---
Korte, Johann Wennemann, Louisa 10 May 1898 Korte, Heinrich Rickelmann, Maria Wennemann, Ignatius Peterswerth, Elisabeth Wienstroer, Theodor Daniel, Anna ---
Buss, Heinrich Beelmann, Margaretha 14 Jun 1898 Buss, Johann Trentmann, Elisabetha Beelmann, Bernard Poelmann, Carolina Buss, Johann Beelmann, Catharina ---
Daniel, Bernard Hummert, Gertrud 23 Aug 1898 Daniel, Ludwig Kroner, Maria Wennemann, Ignatius Peterswerth, Elisabeth Daniel, Martin Korte, Louisa ---
Meyer, August Feldt, Maria 20 Sep 1898 Meyer, Caspar Rickelmann, Catharina Feldt, Herman Heinrich Loepker, Maria Feldt, Wilhelm Hummert, Elisabetha ---
Franke, Joseph Richter, Elisabetha 25 Oct 1898 Franke, Heinrich Lange, Maria Richter, Theodor Temborius, Josephina Franke, Bernard Richter, Clara Groom is local; bride is from (Johannesburg), St. Libory.
Biermann, Francis Knuewe, Maria 7 Feb 1899 Biermann, Heinrich Rothluebbers, Adelheid Knuewe, Stephan Kramper, Theresia Wegmann, Herman Knuewe, Francisca ---
Fangmeier, Joseph Koeller, Maria 27 Apr 1899 Fangmeier, Clement Lenhardt, Adelheid Koeller, Bernard Crelle, Helena Holtgrefe, Bernard Koeller, Carolina Groom is from Brockhaus, Germany; bride is local.
Harwerth, Georg Lange, Anna 2 May 1899 Harwerth, Bernard Hundelt, Elisabetha Lange, Stephan Stoffel, Anna Harwerth, Wilhelm Wegmann, Catharina ---
Beelmann, Wilhelm Behrmann, Catharina Margaretha 6 Jun 1899 Beelmann, Bernard Kuper, Angela --- Behrmann, Catharina Beelmann, Francis Behrmann, Anna ---
Fangmeier, Ludwig Bergkötter [Bergkoetter], Maria 7 Nov 1899 Fangmeier, Carl Bartholt, Maria Bergkoetter, Heinrich Deters, Thecla Fangmeier, Herman Middendorf, Maria ---
Kruse, Wilhelm Kroner, Carolina 20 Nov 1899 Kruse, Heinrich Feldt, Carolina Kroner, J. Gerhard Kinkelaar, Gesina Wind, Herman Kruse, Francisca ---
Korte, Heinrich Gerhard Schniederjans, Maria 28 Nov 1899 Korte, Gerhard Heinrich Middendorf, Sophia Adelheid Schniederjans, Heinrich Raecker, Maria Schniederjans, Heinrich Schniederjans, Anna Groom is from St. Louis; bride is local.
Bergkoetter, Bernard Koeller, Carolina 13 Feb 1900 Bergkoetter, Heinrich Deters, Thecla Koeller, Bernard Grelle, Helena Bergkoetter, Heinrich Koeller, Maria ---
Harwerth, Wilhelm Buss, Elisabetha 4 Sep 1900 Harwerth, Bernard Hundelt, Elisabetha Buss, Bernard Schlueter, Anna Harwerth, Heinrich Rueter, Elisabetha ---
Middendorf, Heinrich Beske, Maria 23 Oct 1900 Middendorf, Heinrich Schmidt, Elisabetha Beske, Adolph Onigmann, Maria Lohmann, Bernard Beske, Wilhelmina Groom is from Aschlage, Germany; bride is local.
Theismann, Anton Timpe, Anna 30 Oct 1900 Theismann, Albert Brueggemann, Anna Timpe, Wilhelm Feldt, Christina Theismann, Bernard Jaske, Anna ---
Schmitz, Heinrich Lickenbrock, Catharina 29 Oct 1901 Schmitz, Friederich Geiling, Maria Lickenbrock, Joseph Scherder, Maria Schmitz, Friederich Wesselkamp, Gertrude Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Fromme, Conrad Fangmeier, Anna 5 Nov 1901 Fromme, Joseph Schniederjans, Anna Fangmeier, Carl Barthold, Maria Fangmeier, Herman Fromme, Anna ---
Lohmann, Bernard Behrmann, Catharina 6 Nov 1901 Lohmann, Heinrich Lager, Theresia Behrmann, Johann Stümpler [Stuempler], Catharina Lohmann, Johann Behrmann, Maria ---
Behrmann, Heinrich Pranger, Anna 12 Nov 1901 Behrmann, Johann Stuempler, Catharina Unknown Unknown Behrmann, Herman Behrmann, Catharina ---
Schniederjans, Heinrich Luechtefeld, Louisa 13 Nov 1901 Schniederjans, Conrad Trentmann, Anna Luechtefeld, Joseph Truetcken, Catharina Luechtefeld, Anton Schniederjans, Elisabetha ---
Otten, Herman Rothluebbers, Maria 7 Jan 1902 Otten, Herman Winkler, Gesina Baalmann, Gerhard Harwerth, Catharina Lehmkuhl, Bernard Dingwerth, Margaretha born Baalmann ---
Trentmann, Bernard Franke, Anna 30 Apr 1902 Trentmann, Ludwig Placke, Elisabeth Franke, Heinrich Lange, Maria Franke, Bernard Lübken [Luebken], Elisabeth ---
Kramper, Johann Koeller, Maria 17 Jun 1902 Kramper, Wilhelm Ratke, Maria Koeller, Gerhard Lehmkuhl, Louise SandHeinrich, Georg Kramper, Elisabeth ---
Hoff, Heinrich Hummert, Elisabetha 5 Nov 1902 Hoff, Heinrich Albers, Francisca Hummert, Bernard Schulte, Theresia Hoff, Herman B. Hummert, Anna ---
Bosse, Bernard H. Buescher, Louisa 28 Apr 1903 Bosse, Conrad Fellhoelter, M. Elisabeth Buescher, Johann Braun, Sophia Huelsmann, Francis Buescher, Maria ---
Rutter, Georg F. Buescher, Carolina 12 May 1903 Rutter, Heinrich Glasmeier, Gertrud Buescher, H. Heinrich Lohmann, Gertrud Buescher, Joseph Mayer, Louisa ---
Lohmann, Heinrich Hufker, Gesina 26 May 1903 Lohmann, Heinrich Bertke, Maria Terveer, Johann Westhues, Charlotte Lohmann, Bernard Hufker, Gebina Groom is local; bride is from St. Louis born in Aschendorf, Germany.
Usselmann, Theodor J. Recker, Rosa M. 27 Oct 1903 Usselmann, Heinrich Rutter, Louisa Recker, Wilhelm Stumpf, Maria Usselmann, Heinrich Recker, Bertha ---
Fangmeier, Herman Hundelt, Maria 3 Nov 1903 Fangmeier, Carl Barthold, Maria Hundelt, Heinrich Baalmann, Theresia Fangmeier, Stephan Hundelt, Catharina ---
Sommer, Michael Kramper, Sophia 4 Nov 1903 Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Kramper, Heinrich B. Geissen, Anna Sommer, Heinrich Kramper, Anna ---
Sandheinrich, Georg Kramper, Elisabetha 10 Nov 1903 Sandheinrich, Martin Bertke, Elisabeth Kramper, Wilhelm Ratke, Maria Sandheinrich, Bernard Kramper, Anna ---
Rothluebbers, Francis Habrock, Maria 24 Nov 1903 Rothluebbers, Heinrich Sumpmeier, Elisabetha Habrock, Friederich Kocks, Catharina Rothluebbers, Bernard Habrock, Anna ---
Huelsmann, Francis Kruse, Francisca 19 Jan 1904 Huelsmann, Heinrich Jansen, Christina Kruse, Heinrich Feldt, Carolina Huelsmann, Johann Beelmann, Maria ---
Luebbers, Wilhelm Fromme, Margaretha 26 Jan 1904 Luebbers, Gerhard Schumer, A. Maria Fromme, Joseph Schniederjans, Anna Luebbers, Aloysius Fromme, Christina Groom is from Leopold, MO; bride is local.
Huelsmann, Johann Schniederjans, Anna 17 May 1904 Huelsmann, Heinrich E. Jansen, Christina Schniederjans, Heinrich Raecker, Maria Huelsmann, Conrad Schniederjans, Catharina ---
Behrns, Francis Daniel, Catharina 14 Jun 1904 Behrns, Anton Hohmann, Theresia Daniel, Ludwig Kroner, Maria Behrns, Anton Daniel, Gertrud ---
Buss, Johann Herman Jaske, Anna 22 Nov 1904 Buss, Bernard Schlueter, Anna Jaske, Heinrich Arling, Catharina Schroeder, Johann Jaske, Maria ---
Kinkelaar, Johann Behrns, Anna 23 Nov 1904 Kinkelaar, Bernard Dieker, Carolina Behrns, Herman Stodtmann, Catharina Dieker, Heinrich Behrns, Elisabeth ---
Behrmann, Heinrich Huelsmann, Christina [Widow] 14 Feb 1905 Behrmann, Johann Rehmer, Catharina Janssen, Johann Van Reh, Joanna Behrmann, Georg Stolte, Friederica born Janssen Groom is from Lively Grove; bride is local.
Sandheinrich, Anton Hummert, Anna 28 Feb 1905 Sandheinrich, Georg Baalmann, Maria Hummert, Bernard Schulte, Theresia Sandheinrich, Heinrich Hummert, Elisabetha ---
Richter, Heinrich T. Hoff, Emilia 2 May 1905 Richter, Theodor Temborius, Josephina Hoff, Bernard Lintker, Anna Hoff, Edward Richter, Ida ---
Marxkors, Francis Daniel, Anna 9 May 1905 Marxkors, Heinrich Stump, Anna Daniel, Martin Peterswerth, Elisabeth Marxkors, Heinrich Hummert, Elisabetha ---
Usselmann, Heinrich Knuewe, Clara 16 May 1905 Usselmann, Heinrich Rutter, Louisa Knuewe, Stephan Kramper, Theresia Usselmann, Ludwig Buthe, Maria ---
Trentmann, Heinrich Buthe, Maria 18 Oct 1905 Trentmann, Liborius Lindemann, Maria Buthe, Heinrich Schniederjans, Maria Buthe, Joseph Trentmann, Margaretha ---
Pranger, Herman Behrmann, Maria 24 Oct 1905 Pranger, Bernard Recker, Elisabeth Behrmann, Johann Stuempler, Catharina Behrmann, Herman Recker, Maria ---
Lehmkuhl, Gerhard Beelmann, Helena 30 Oct 1905 Lehmkuhl, Bernard Mueller, Catharina Beelmann, Bernard Poelmann, Carolina Beelmann, Bernard Lehmkuhl, Elisabetha ---
Luechtefeld, Anton Luebbers, Catharina 31 Oct 1905 Luechtefeld, Joseph Trütcken [Truetcken], Catharina Luebbers, Georg Brüggemann [Brueggemann], Anna Luechtefeld, Liborius Luebbers, Anna ---
Waller, August Behrmann, Catharina 16 Jan 1906 Waller, Bernard Grote, Catharina Behrmann, Georg Harwerth, Adelheid Behrmann, Johann Waller, Margaretha Groom is from Lively Grove; bride is local.
Schroeder, Johann Herman Beelmann, Catharina Joanna 21 Feb 1906 Schroeder, Francis Buss, Maria Beelmann, Bernard Poelmann, Carolina Schroeder, Georg Poelmann, Anna A. ---
Lohmann, Johann Huffke, Anna 12 Jun 1906 Lohmann, Heinrich Lager, Theresia Huffke, Herman Anton Terveer, Gesina Lohmann, Anton Terveer, Anna ---
Behrmann, Herman Beelmann, Maria 16 Oct 1906 Behrmann, Johann Stuempler, Catharina Beelmann, Johann Kruse, Theresia Behrmann, Georg Beelmann, Carolina ---
Wessel, Bernard Lager, Anna 17 Oct 1906 Wessel, Gerhard Borgmeier, Anna Lager, Friederich Bertke, Gertrud Sandheinrich, Bernard Wessel, Maria ---
Hartmann, Joseph Wegmann, Catharina 30 Apr 1907 Hartmann, Joseph Winter, Bernardine Wegmann, Gerhard Rothluebbers, Helena Harwerth, Heinrich Wegmann, Margaretha ---
Daniel, Martin Marxkors, Anna 5 Nov 1907 Daniel, Martin Lintker, Catharina Marxkors, Heinrich Stump, Anna Albers, Bernard Marxkors, Catharina ---
Sommer, Georg Joseph Koester, Maria C. 7 Jan 1908 Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Koester, Herman Kinkelaar, Christina Koester, Anton L. Sommer, Elisabeth ---
Luebbers, Bernard Recker, Maria 27 Feb 1908 Luebbers, Georg Webke, Catharina Recker, Heinrich A. Recker, Maria Recker, Heinrich A. Luebbers, Anna ---
Budde, Bernard Johann Truetcken, Anna Maria 15 Sep 1908 Budde, Wilhelm Mazander, Louisa Truetcken, Johann Kemper, Helena Budde, Friederich C. Truetcken, Josephina Groom is from Lively Grove; bride is local. Groom Bap at St Boniface, Fort Smith Diocese 13 May 1888.
Harwerth, Heinrich Habrock, Catharina 10 Nov 1908 Harwerth, Bernard Rothluebbers, Maria Habrock, Friederich Kocks, Catharina Behrmann, Johann Habrock, Helena Dispensation for 4th grade blood relationship.
Diecker, Heinrich Lampert, Rosa 12 Jan 1909 Diecker, Heinrich Albers, Anna Lampert, Conrad May, Margaretha Hemann, Wilhelm Diecker, Francisca Groom is local; bride is from St. Meinrad, IN.
Hoff, Eugene Buthe, Theresia 19 Jan 1909 Hoff, Herman Roehl / Rochl, Emma Buthe, Heinrich Schniederjans, Maria Hoff, Hugo Buthe, Cecilia Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Heger, Francis Wesselmann, Rosa 26 May 1909 Heger, Johann Steinmacher, Martha Wesselmann, Joseph Flauaus, Elisabeth Wigge, Johann F. Wesselmann, Cecilia Groom is from St. Louis, MO; bride is local.
Gramann, Anton G. Koch, Anna Maria 26 Aug 1908 Gramann, H. Schepperle, Theresia --- --- Gramann, Benedict Sommers, Elisabeth Bride Bap 10 Jan 1882 at St. Libory; married at St. Francis in Aviston, IL. Entry is in the index.
Recker, Georg Trentmann, Louisa 5 Oct 1909 Recker, Wilhelm Stumpf, Maria Trentmann, Liborius Lindemann, Maria --- --- Married at Our Lady of Perp Help, St. Louis, MO. Groom Bap 26 Oct 1883; bride Bap 24 Aug 1891 both at St. Libory.
Recker, Bernard Francis Schmersahl, Anna Carolina Ida 12 Jan 1910 Recker, Heinrich Recker, Maria Anna Schmersahl, Francis Krieger, Elisabeth Recker, Joseph Schmersahl, Bertha Married at Lively Grove, IL. Groom born 4 Oct 1886.
Hopp, Louis Hugo Trentmann, Gertrude 6 Jul 1909 Hopp, Michael Muehlheuser, Charlotte Trentmann, Heinrich Heuer, Louisa Scheiper, Friederich Trentmann, Elisabetha Groom is from Mascoutah; bride is local.
Leiwe, Heinrich Pieke, Anna [Widow of Heinrich Pieke] 28 Sep 1909 Leiwe, Theodore Alers, Anna Unknown Unknown Beelmann, Johann Stolte, Margaretha ---
Broeker, Heinrich B. Knuewe, Francisca 9 Nov 1909 Broeker, Ernest Bosse, Maria Elisabeth Knuewe, Stephan Kramper, Theresia Broeker, Conrad Buthe, Cecilia ---
Pfeiffer, Guy Heely, Birdie Elisabeth 25 Nov 1909 Pfeiffer, Anton Schmisserer, Maria A. Heely, Dan Quick, Susanna Heely, Louis Pfeiffer, Ivia Groom is from O'Fallon; bride is from East St. Louis.
Schniederjans, Liborius Luechtefeld, Catharina 1 Feb 1910 Schniederjans, Heinrich Recker, Maria Luechtefeld, Joseph Truetken, Catharina Tiemeyer, Heinrich Schniederjans, Rosa ---
Sandheinrich, Bernard Buescher, Elisabeth 12 Apr 1910 Sandheinrich, Martin Bertke, Elisabeth Buescher, Anton Wesselmann, Maria Sandheinrich, Martin Buescher, Crescentia ---
Emke, Heinrich Rothluebbers, Catharina 26 Apr 1910 Emke, Joseph Mohrmann, Margaretha Rothluebbers, Heinrich Baalmann, Maria Wiegmann, Wilhelm Rothluebbers, Elisabeth Groom is from Damiansville; bride is local.
Buescher, Bernard Daniel, Anna 10 May 1910 Buescher, Johann Brown, Sophia Daniel, Ludwig Kroner, Maria Daniel, Martin Buescher, Maria ---
Hundelt, Johann Georg Hummert, Elisabetha 24 May 1910 Hundelt, Johann Trentmann, Elisabeth Hummert, Theodor Wennemann, Gertrude Hundelt, Henry G. Hummert, Maria ---
Behrmann, Johann Hummert, Maria 14 Jun 1910 Behrmann, Georg Harwerth, Adelheid Hummert, Theodor Wennemann, Gertrude Behrmann, Wilhelm Wennemann, Bertha ---
Schrage, Johann L. Borgmeyer, Maria 28 Jun 1910 Schrage, Heinrich Ahrns, Elisabeth Borgmeyer, Theodor Kramper, Maria Schrage, Bernard Borgmeier, Ida ---
Sommer, Heinrich Dingwerth, Maria 25 Oct 1910 Sommer, Michael Stempel, Carolina Dingwerth, Johann Franke, Gertrud Dingwerth, Georg Sommer, Maria ---
Fangmeier, Louis Phillips, Maria born Wessels 22 Nov 1910 Fangmeier, Carl Barthold, Maria Wessels, Herman Kinkelaar, Margaretha Wessels, Wilhelm A. Weber, Maria ---
Luechtefeld, Liborius Terveer, Anna 25 Jan 1911 Luechtefeld, Joseph Truetken, Catharina Terveer, Anton Lohmann, Catharina Terveer, Alphonse Koeller, Catharina ---
Rothluebbers, Bernard Habrock, Anna 14 Feb 1911 Rothluebbers, Heinrich Sumpmeier, Elisabetha Habrock, Friederich Kocks, Catharina Rothluebbers, Wilhelm Habrock, Helena ---
Koesterer, Walter Beelmann, Carolina 2 May 1911 Koesterer, Ludwig Meiner, Clara Beelmann, Johann Kruse, Theresia Beelmann, Johann Koesterer, Maria Groom is from Freeburg, IL; bride is local.
Behrmann, Bernard Schoeffler, Maria 16 Apr 1912 Behrmann, Johann Stuempler, Catharina Schoeffler, Wilhelm Beelmann, Anna Behrmann, Georg Beelmann, Maria ---
Albers, Bernard H. Middendorf, Adelheid 23 Apr 1912 Albers, Bernard Lintker, Elisabeth Middendorf, Friederich Kruse, Catharina Middendorf, Friederich Albers, Maria Groom born 7 Nov 1886; bride born 11 Dec 1890.
Stein, Gerhard Kramper, Anna 30 Apr 1912 Stein, Herman Hilgen, Elisabeth Kramper, B. Heinrich Geissen, Anna Stein, Anton H. Poelmann, Anna Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Dieker, Theodor Behrns, Maria 20 May 1912 Dieker, Heinrich Albers, Anna Behrns, Herman Stodtmann, Catharina Behrns, Anton Diecker, Francisca ---
Johnson, Heinrich Behrmann, Catharina 12 Sep 1912 Johnson, Bernard Wolters, Maria Behrmann, Heinrich Kemper, Clementina Johnson, Wilhelm Behrmann, Josephina Groom is from Albers; bride is local.
Scheiper, Johann Joseph Sandheinrich, Anna 17 Sep 1912 Scheiper, J. H. Stridmann, Anna Sandheinrich, Georg Huelsmann, Elisabeth Scheiper, Francis J. Wesselmann, Maria ---
Stolte, Heinrich Conrad Buthe, Sophia 30 Apr 1913 Stolte, Gerhard Heinrich Jansen, Friederica Buthe, Heinrich [Deceased] Schniederjans, Maria Engelmeier, Herman Schniederjans, Cecilia Groom is from Breese, IL; bride is local.
Rueter, Wilhelm Hartmann Lampert, Theresia Susanna 25 Nov 1913 Rueter, Johann Koch, Emilia Lampert, Conrad May, Margaretha Rueter, Joseph Beelmann, Maria Groom is local; bride is from St. Meinard, IN.
Behrmann, Wilhelm Gerhard Koeller, Susanna Catharina 14 Jan 1914 Behrmann, Georg [Deceased] Harwerth, Adelheid Koeller, Heinrich Luechtefeld, Gertrud Koeller, Caspar Behrmann, Adelheid ---
Sommer, Bernard Anton Dingwerth, Maria Carolina 21 Apr 1914 Sommer, Martin [Deceased] Schroer, Anna Dingwerth, Jr., Heinrich Koeller, Maria [Deceased] Sommer, Johann C. Schmitz, Gertrud ---
Kramper, Joseph Friederich Buescher, Maria Catharina 12 May 1914 Kramper, Bernard Heinrich Geissen, Anna Buescher, Liborius [Named Friederich] Buss, Theresia Kramper, Bernard Buescher, Francisca ---
Hummert, Anton Bernard Schmitz, Gertrud Carolina 27 Oct 1914 Hummert, Theodor [Deceased] Wennemann, Gertrud [Deceased] Schmitz, Georg Koeller, Elisabeth [Deceased] Hummert, Martin Schmitz, Maria ---
Ostmeyer, Johann Georg Fromme, Christina 26 Jan 1915 Ostmeyer, Friederich Schumacher, Anna Fromme, Joseph [Deceased] Schniederjans, Anna Robben, Johann Fromme, Dorothea Groom is from Oakley, KS; bride is local.
Richter, Theodor Buthe, Maria Catharina 27 Apr 1915 Richter, Nicholas Roesmann, Elisabeth Schniederjans, Conrad Vierdag, Maria [Deceased] Otten, Wilhelm Behrmann, Adelheid ---
Mense, Otto Heinrich Jaske, Rosa Carolina 18 May 1915 Mense, Johann H. Hoff, Anna Jaske, Heinrich Arling, Catharina Mense, August Jaske, Catharina ---
Behrmann, Herman Bernard Specker, Emma Carolina 7 Sep 1915 Behrmann, Ludwig Lake, Maria H. Specker, Edward Grue (Kruey), Emma Specker, Johann Behrmann, Carolina Groom is local; bride is from St. Louis, MO.
Lammers, Heinrich Hoff, Theresia Veronica 28 Sep 1915 Lammers, Bernard [Deceased] Kolke?, Anna Buthe, Heinrich [Deceased] Schniederjans, Maria Schniederjans, Conrad Kolkmeyer, Anna ---
Buescher, Friederich Francis Beelmann, Maria 19 Oct 1915 Buescher, Anton Wesselmann, Maria Beelmann, Joseph Koch, Elisabeth Buescher, Anton Beelmann, Hulda ---
Middendorf, Herman Friederich Luebbers, Maria Wilhelmina 16 Nov 1915 Middendorf, Friederich Kruse, Catharina Luebbers, Georg Brueggemann, Anna Middendorf, Heinrich A. Luebbers, Elisabeth ---
Vogel, Francis Jacob Trentmann, Maria 1 Mar 1916 Vogel, Jacob Geisler, Charlotte Trentmann, Heinrich Heuer, Louisa Vogel, Johann Trentmann, Anna Groom is from Clayton, MO; bride is local.
Stein, Heinrich Anton Buescher, Maria Theresia 9 May 1916 Stein, Herman Hilgen, M. Elisabeth Buescher, Anton Wesselmann, Maria Wesselmann, Anton Stein, Elisabeth Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Wessel, Georg Gerhard Sommer, Maria 16 May 1916 Wessel, Bernard Brueggemann, Anna Sommer, Michael L. Kramper, Anna Wessel, Wilhelm Sommer, Catharina ---
Hummert, Martin Heinrich Wesselmann, Maria Elisabeth 30 May 1916 Hummert, Theodor Wennemann, Gertrud Wesselmann, Joseph Sandheinrich, Anna Hummert, Johann Sandheinrich, Elisabeth ---
Harwerth, Georg Bernard Rothluebbers, Elisabeth 19 Sep 1916 Harwerth, Bernard Hundelt, Elisabetha Rothluebbers, Heinrich Beelmann, Maria Hundelt, August Rothluebbers, Maria Dispensation for 3rd grade blood relationship.
Mueller, Friederich Weber, Maria Fr. Brig. 13 Feb 1917 Mueller, Johann Ploger, Anna Weber, Heinrich Fangmeier, Elisabeth Mueller, Heinrich Weber, Helena Groom is local; bride is from St. Libory (St. Louis, MO)
Lickenbrock, Carl Leo Middendorf, Anna Carolina 17 Apr 1917 Lickenbrock, Joseph Scherder, Maria E. Middendorf, Friederich Kruse, Catharina Lickenbrock, Adolph Middendorf, Catharina ---
Schuette, Herman Heinrich Buescher, Anna Crescentia 18 Apr 1917 Schuette, Georg Lohmann, Anna Buescher, Anton Wesselmann, Maria Schuette, Bernard Sandheinrich, Catharina ---
Hummert, Bernard Leo Brinkmann, Anna Maria 28 Nov 1917 Hummert, Heinrich Sandheinrich, Adelheid Brinkmann, Heinrich Loesker, Elisabeth Hummert, Georg Brinkmann, Maria Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Buescher, Leo Johann Sommer, Catharina Wilhelmina 30 Apr 1919 Buescher, Heinrich Wennemann, Maria Sommer, Michael G. Kramper, Anna Buescher, Heinrich Sommer, Elisabeth ---
Beelmann, Caspar Anton Wesselmann, Theresia Agnes 4 Jun 1919 Beelmann, Wilhelm Koeller, Carolina Wesselmann, Gerhard W. Lohmann, Maria Wesselmann, Anton Beelmann, Maria Groom is from Belleville; bride is local.
Hummert, Johann H. Beelmann, Anna Hulda 3 Sep 1919 Hummert, Theodor Wennemann, Gertrude Beelmann, Joseph Koch, Elisabeth Hummert, Walter J. Beelmann, Bertha ---
Lickenbrock, H. Wilhelm Schuette, Emma Catharina 22 Oct 1919 Lickenbrock, Joseph Scherder, Maria Schuette, Georg Lohmann, Anna Lickenbrock, Heinrich Schuette, Mathilda ---
Behrmann, Arthur H. Dingwerth, Maria Catharina 4 Nov 1919 Behrmann, Gerhard Lindemann, Margaretha Dingwerth, Heinrich Terveer, Maria Dingwerth, Wilhelm Behrmann, Louisa Groom is from Lively Grove; bride is local.
Bergheger, Bernard Koester, M. Christina 5 Nov 1919 Bergheger, Heinrich Brinkmann, Anna Koester, Herman Kinkelaar, Christina Koester, Herman Hummert, Agnes Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Habrock, J. Bernard Bergkoetter, M. Cecilia 12 Nov 1919 Habrock, Friederich Kocks, Catharina Bergkoetter, Johann Westphale, Maria Habrock, Anton Bergkoetter, Francisca ---
Kalkhoff, August Wesselmann, Elisabeth Cecilia 19 Nov 1919 Kalkhoff, August Gennekleier, Maria Wesselmann, Joseph Flauaus, Elisabeth Anna Gottlob, Johann Sandheinrich, Elisabeth Groom is from Kloppenburg, Oldenburg, Germany; bride is local.
Hummert, Heinrich J. Huelsmann, Francisca Christi. 21 Jan 1920 Hummert, Bernard Schuete, Theresia Kruse, Heinrich Feldt, Carolina Hummert, Bernard Behrmann, Maria Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Surmeier, Theodor Liborius Wennemann, Bertha Elisabeth 28 Jan 1920 Surmeier, Heinrich Bergkoetter, Catharina Wennemann, Heinrich Behrns, Elisabeth Surmeier, Bernard Wennemann, Gertrude ---
Middendorf, Heinrich Aloysius Korte, Mathilda Elisabeth 19 May 1920 Middendorf, Friederich Kruse, Catharina Korte, Johann [Deceased] Wennemann, Louisa Middendorf, Georg Korte, Maria ---
Lickenbrock, Joseph Theodor Mense, Anna Clara 2 Jun 1920 Lickenbrock, Theodor Arling, Carolina Mense, Johann Hoff, Anna Lickenbrock, Wilhelm Mense, Eleonora ---
Hummert, Georg Heinrich Behrns, Maria Catharina 27 Oct 1920 Hummert, Heinrich Sandheinrich, Adelheid [Deceased] Behrns, Herman Stodtmann, Catharina Behrns, Joseph Hummert, Agnes Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Kramper, Bernard Heinrich Zoeller, Josephina Emilia 9 Nov 1920 Kramper, B. H. [Deceased] Geissen, Anna Zoeller, Francis [Deceased] Strutz, Helena Kramper, Heinrich Jung, Edmina ---
Rueter, Joseph Johann Sandheinrich, Elisabeth Laurentia 10 Nov 1920 Rueter, Johann Koch, Emilia Sandheinrich, Johann Wesselmann, Catharina Sandheinrich, Johann Rueter, Elisabeth ---
Rothluebbers, Heinrich Gerhard Trentmann, Anna 12 Jan 1921 Rothluebbers, Heinrich [Deceased] Baalmann, Maria [Wife of Herman Otten] Trentmann, Sr. Heinrich Heuer, Louisa Otten, August Trentmann, Rosa ---
Hundelt, Johann Bernard Schroer, Maria Agnes 6 Apr 1921 Hundelt, Heinrich Baalmann, Theresia Schroer, Johann B. Rocklage, Anna Hundelt, Wilhelm Schroer, Laura ---
Lintker, Johann Gerhard Buss, Maria Elisabeth 20 Apr 1921 Lintker, Johann Rueter, Anna Buss, Heinrich Beelmann, Margaretha Buss, Laurent Lintker, Clara Dispensation for 3rd grade blood relationship.
Sommer, Bernard Anton Behrmann, Maria (Angela) 26 Apr 1921 Sommer, Martin [Deceased] Schroer, Anna Beelmann, Johann Kruse, Theresia Sommer, Johann Middendorf, Catharina Renewed dispensation of 3rd grade blood relationship [from 16 Jan 1918?].
Mueller, Heinrich (Joseph) Surmeier, (Catharina) Agnes 27 Apr 1921 Mueller, Johann Ploeger, Anna Surmeier, Heinrich Bergkoetter, Catharina Surmeier, Liborius Bergkoetter, Gertrude ---
Schneider, William Louis Rutter, Anna Maria Carolina 5 Oct 1921 Schneider, Carl Zoeller, Emma Rutter, Bernard [Deceased] Buescher, Anna Pagenkemper, Heinrich Rutter, Gertrud Groom was Baptized by Rev. J. H. Winkelmann at Camp Shelly, Miss on 8 Sep 1918.
Rutter, Anton Joseph Sommer, Elisabeth 26 Oct 1921 Rutter, Bernard [Deceased] Buescher, Anna Sommer, Michael G. Kramper, Anna Rutter, Anton Sommer, Anna ---
Vollmer, Conrad August [New Convert] Rueter, Elisabeth Maria 1 Jun 1922 Vollmer, Conrad Fenner, Elisabeth Rueter, Johann Koch, Emilia Rueter, Liborius Meyer, Theresia ---
Sandheinrich, Martin Otten, Anna Maria Theresia 6 Sep 1922 Sandheinrich, Georg Huelsmann, Elisabeth Otten, Herman Mueller, Theresia Sandheinrich, Georg Otten, Maria ---
Miller, Joseph Lester H. [New Convert] Franke, A. Mathilda 19 Sep 1922 Miller, Heinrich Frick, Ellen Franke, Heinrich Middendorf, Elisabeth --- --- ---
Buescher, Heinrich Anton Kramper, Francisca Maria 8 Nov 1922 Buescher, Liborius Friederich Buss, Theresia Kramper, Joseph [Deceased] Surmeier, Adelheid Luechtefeld, Wilhelm Buescher, Louisa ---
Hummert, Joseph Casimir Loesker, Maria Elisabeth 4 Apr 1923 Hummert, Bernard Daniel, Maria Loesker, Carl Koch, Anna Hummert, Alphonse Loesker, Elisabeth Groom is from Fayetteville; bride is local.
Lake, Bernard Clement Baalmann, Anna Catharina 3 Jul 1923 Lake, Bernard Rothluebbers, Anna Helena Baalmann, August Mense, Anna Lake, Johann Baalmann, Agnes ---
Tiemeyer, Aloysius Lickenbrock, A. Catharina 9 Jan 1924 Tiemeyer, Otto Heinrich Recker, Catharina Lickenbrock, Theodor Arling, Carolina Tiemeyer, Oscar Jaske, Catharina ---
Sandheinrich, Francis Koeller, C. Rosa 30 Jan 1924 Sandheinrich, Georg [Deceased] Huelsmann, Elisabeth Koeller, Heinrich Luechtefeld, Gertrud Sandheinrich, Georg Koeller, Louisa ---
Taylor, Albert John Wennemann, M. Gertrude 20 Feb 1924 Taylor, John Rosenkranz, Clara Wennemann, Heinrich Behrns, Elisabeth Wennemann, John Wennemann, Louisa Groom is from Tilden, IL & was Baptized on 20 Jan 1924 in Sparta, IL
Lickenbrock, Adolph Silvester Middendorf, (Elisabeth) Catharina 30 Apr 1924 Lickenbrock, Joseph [Deceased] Scherder, Maria Middendorf, Friederich Kruse, Catharina Middendorf, Anton Schmitz, Theresia ---
Arling, Martin H. Mense, Eleonora Flr.? 4 Jun 1924 Arling, Heinrich Sandheinrich, Maria Mense, Johann Hoff, Anna [Deceased] Arling, Heinrich Mense, Cecilia ---
Koesterer, Wilhelm Robert Baalmann, Maria 24 Sep 1924 Koesterer, Johann Bartel, Elisabeth Baalmann, Heinrich Rothluebbers, Elisabeth Lanter, Joseph Baalmann, Francisca Groom is from Freeburg, IL; bride is local.
Weber, Louis Francis Bergkoetter, Maria Thecla 15 Oct 1924 Weber, Heinrich Fangmeier, Maria Bergkoetter, Bernard Koeller, Carolina Weber, Herman Bergkoetter, Helena ---
Dintelmann, Oscar J. G. [New Convert] Richter, Anna Maria 4 Nov 1925 Dintelmann, Joseph [Deceased] Haussetter, Joanna Richter, Anton Lange, Elisabeth [Deceased] Richter, Wilhelm Lange, Mathilda Groom from Elkton, IL, Baptized at St. Pancreat in Fayetteville, IL on 27 Sep 1925; bride is local.
Luebbers, Anton Joseph Richter, Elisabeth Cl. 24 Nov 1925 Luebbers, Georg Brueggemann, Anna Richter, Anton Lange, Elisabeth Richter, Georg Luebbers, Maria Groom is from Fayetteville, IL; bride is local.
Mumme, Georg Lib. Bergkoetter, R. Gertrude 18 May 1926 Mumme, Theodor Sandheinrich, Maria Bergkoetter, Johann Westphale, Maria Hummert, Edward Bergkoetter, Carolina Groom is from Fayetteville, IL; bride is local.
Lohmann, Gerhard Wilhelm Mense, Cecilia Marg. 19 May 1926 Lohmann, Gerhard Kramper, Catharina Mense, Johann [Deceased] Hoff, Anna Mense, Hugo Kramper, Louisa ---
Mense, August Heinrich Sandheinrich, Catharina Maria 9 Jun 1926 Mense, Johann Hoff, Anna [Deceased] Sandheinrich, Johann Wesselmann, Elisabeth Mense, Hugo Sandheinrich, Hilda ---
Luechtefeld, Heinrich Victor Bergkoetter, Clara Catharina 16 Jun 1926 Luechtefeld, Joseph Reis, Antonia Bergkoetter, Johann Westphale, Maria Luechtefeld, E? Bergkoetter, Rosa Groom is from St. Louis, MO; bride is local.
Brodeur, Raymund Korte, A. Christina 30 Jul 1927 Brodeur, Arthur Millette, Cleophy? Korte, Johann [Deceased] Wennemann, Louisa Abbott, Timothy Korte, Louisa Groom is from Hartford, CT; bride is local.
Schulte, Theodor J. Lintker, Carolina K. 8 Nov 1927 Schulte, Gerhard Korte, Anna Lintker, Bernard Sommer, Elisabeth Sommer, Sylvester H. Schulte, Sophia Groom is from Germantown, IL; bride is local.
Luebbers, Urban Wennemann, Louisa 23 Nov 1927 Luebbers, Wilhelm Fromme, Margareta Wennemann, Heinrich Behrns, Elisabeth Wennemann, Herman Luebbers, Helena ---
Behrmann, Edward Habrock, Agnes 1 Feb 1928 Behrmann, Ludwig Lake, Maria Habrock, Friederich [Deceased] Kocks, Catharina Habrock, Anton Bauer, Helena ---
Buescher, Georg Beelmann, Bertha 15 Feb 1928 Buescher, Anton Wesselmann, Maria Beelmann, Theodor [Deceased] Dingwerth, Anna Sandheinrich, Liborius B. Beelmann, Clara C. ---
Sommer, Aloysius Lintker, Alvina 11 Apr 1928 Sommer, Joseph Beski, Catharina Lintker, Johann Rueter, Anna Mattern, Aloysius Lintker, Anna Groom is from Okawville, IL; bride is local.
Wienstroer, Anton Korte, Augusta 9 Jun 1928 Wienstroer, Gerhard Behrmann, Catharina Korte, Johann Wennemann, Louisa Wienstroer, Leo Korte, Louise Groom is from Lively Grove, IL; bride is local.
Kramper, Heinrich J. Lange, Mathilda 24 Oct 1928 Kramper, B. Heinrich Geissen, Anna Lange, Heinrich Rueter, Maria Lange, Alfred Sommer, Catharina ---
Joergens, Raymund Korte, Louise G. 10 Nov 1928 Joergens, Joseph C. Haderer, Rosa Korte, Johann Wennemann, Louise Wienstroer, Tony Wienstroer, Tony [Mrs.] Groom is from St. Louis, MO, born 19 Jun 1905, Baptized at St. Liborius in St. Louis 19 Oct 1928; bride is local.
Heckenkemper, Francis Dingwerth, Maria 10 Apr 1929 Heckenkemper, Francis Kahlmer, Maria Dingwerth, Heinrich Baalmann, Margareta Dingwerth, Bernard Nettemeyer, Veronica Groom is from Albers, IL; bride is local.
Sandheinrich, Georg M. Bertke, Alma 17 Apr 1929 Sandheinrich, Georg Kramper, Elisabeth Bertke, Liborius [Deceased] Kasperzick, Anna [Deceased] Bertke, Leo Sandheinrich, Maria ---
Bergkoetter, Anton Mense, Anna 1 Jun 1929 Bergkoetter, Johann Westphale, Maria Mense, Johann Hoff, Anna Mense, Hugo Bergkoetter, Rose ---
Weilmuenster, Carl A. [Non-Catholic] Swanner [Schwanner], Leona 9 Nov 1929 --- --- --- --- Luebbers, Bernard Dinelt, Maria Groom is 41 from Darmstadt; bride is from Stonefort, IL born 23 Sep 1895
Koeller, Liborius Pranger, Rosalia 26 Feb 1930 Koeller, Heinrich Luechtefeld, Gertrude Pranger, Herman Behrmann, Maria Pranger, Ambrose Koeller, Louisa Groom Bap 26 Aug 1906; bride Bap 24 Aug 1909.
Sommer, Heinrich Koeller, Louisa 14 May 1930 Sommer, Michael Kramper, Sophia Koeller, Heinrich Luechtefeld, Gertrud Koeller, Georg Sommer, Anton Groom Bap 25 Sep 1904; bride Bap 12 May 1904.
Mense, Hugo Sandheinrich, R. Hilda 4 Jun 1930 Mense, Johann Hoff, Anna Sandheinrich, Johann Wesselmann, Catharina Sandheinrich, Hugo Tiemeyer, Loretta Groom Bap 22 Nov 1905; bride Bap 19 Apr 1909.
Bertke, Cornelius Sandheinrich, Maria 24 Sep 1930 Bertke, Liborius Kasperzick, Anna Sandheinrich, Georg J. Kramper, Elisabeth Bertke, Urban Sandheinrich, Rosa ---
Dintelmann, Oscar Trentmann, Catharina 28 Apr 1931 Dintelmann, Georg Houstetter, Joanna Trentmann, Heinrich Frisch (Called Schoeffler), Maria Trentmann, Alfred Dintelmann, Amelia Groom from Darmstadt; born Aug 1903 in Fayetteville; Bap 30 Sep 1925; bride Bap 24 Oct 1908.
Wilke, Gerhard Sandheinrich, Martha 6 May 1931 Wilke, Bernard Behrmann, Anna Sandheinrich, Bernard Buescher, Elisabeth Behrmann, Laurent Sandheinrich, Emma Groom Bap 11 May 1906 in St. Rose, IL; bride Bap 18 May 1911
Kopff, Melton W. Rocklage, Hilda 26 Aug 1931 Kopff, Louis Kohne, Julia Rocklage, Bernard Behrmann, Maria --- --- Groom is from St. Louis, MO; bride is local.
Krupp, Albert Beelmann, Veronica C. 7 Oct 1931 Krupp, Jacob Viering, Anna Beelmann, Frank Donnel, Elisabeth Krupp, LeRoy Beelmann, Veronica Groom is from Belleville; bride is local.
Miller, Francis Luebbers, Helena 30 Dec 1931 Miller, Francis Hohe, Elisabeth Luebbers, William Fromme, Mary Miller, Joseph Luebbers, L Groom is from St. Louis, MO; bride is local.

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