St. Clair County in the Census - French, territorial, federal, and state

The St. Clair County Courthouse completed in 1861

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Census Records

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The federal census is one of the first tools genealogists use to discover more about their ancestors. Taken every 10 years since 1790, this census is widely available on commmercial websites, some for free (keep reading). In addition to population schedules, special schedules were also compiled 1850-1880, e.g., agricultural, industrial, and mortality. Illinois, too, took censuses, as did the French long before statehood in 1818.

The Society has several censuses available:

The order in which St. Clair County villages and townships appear on the microfilm for 1810-1930 is provided in St. Clair County Research and Resources: A Genealogist's Guide. This tool is useful when name searches are unsuccessful and you want to browse a particular location.

Offsite, these 1920 extracts of Lithuanians and Russians for St. Clair County are online.

1930 federal census extracts with annotations are online, courtesy the St. Clair County US Gen Web Project Page.

1940 federal census digital images are free and browsable (offsite) on the National Archives website and some commercial sites. FamilySearch is coordinating a massive indexing project – click here to volunteer.

Offsite tools and guides for Illinois censuses:

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