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Proof of Death Index, [recorded] 1870-1880

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This index, compiled by Bob Buecher, was transcribed from microfilm of the books in the County Clerk's Office titled Proof of Death, Book A, 1870-1879; and Proof of Death, Book B, 1879-1880; 1882; originally published in SCCGS Quarterly 20:3, 1997. Reproduced with permission.

One death for 1882 is also recorded. Book A, 438 pages, records 1748 deaths; Book B contains 33 pages, 162 deaths.

Several deaths which occurred before 1870 are recorded. Very few deaths actually were reported to the clerk for this time period.

Later, and slightly overlapping the end of the 1870s, the county clerk's office began recording death certificates as required by law - these are transcribed on the SCCGS member website. Certificates were first issued beginning in late 1877 for St Clair. Be sure to check both sets of records if your ancestor died during the late 1877 - 1880 period.

Information in this index: name of the deceased, age shown in parenthesis, death date, page, and affidavit number. The entire record, available upon order, includes place of death in the county and the name and relationship of the person who reported the death; often a relative.

Pages and numbers that contain a B are found in Book B. The remainder of the entries are found in Book A.

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Order photocopies of the entire Proof: A 16 mm microfilm copy of the two Proof of Death Books A and B is located at the Belleville Public Library, under the library code Micro, A. C., R., StC, 929.373, Sa, Reel 105. In addition, the library has acquired photocopies of the original Proof of Death documents presently in seven 3-ring binders titled Proof of Death, Death Certificates and Poor Farm Death Copies 1843-1882, A.C., R. 929.377389 (some Proofs may not be extant).

The Belleville Public Library, 121 E. Washington St., Belleville, IL 62220 (phone: 618-234-0441) performs research and will make photocopies upon written request.

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