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General Membership Information

Members receive a membership card once the application is processed. All applications take 4 to 8 weeks to fully process. Renewing members should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with their renewal, if a card is desired.

New membership applications received before September 30th will apply to the current calendar year (unless otherwise directed), and to the following year if received after September 30th.*
Renewal membership applications received before September 30 assures uninterrupted member website access.

All memberships expire December 31. Thank you for your patience!
March board 2016

SCCGS has no central office or office manager; applications take 4 to 8 weeks to complete the cycle from the post office box via the secretary, treasurer, then membership chair and finally, member web access volunteer, depending when the application arrives at the post office. Reports are generated around the first Thursday of each month and sent to all committees. Generally, mail is distributed twice a month.

Our publications team processes orders within about two weeks from time of receipt. Our volunteers appreciate your patience as they accomplish their tasks on your behalf.

The Quarterly, published 4 times per year, averages 60 pages per issue. Members receive all four issues for the calendar year they joined and may OPT-IN for a digital version in lieu of paper. Is your ancestor among the 200,000 references published in our Quarterly?

Members also receive ten issues of the Newsletter annually. Members may OPT-IN for a digital newsletter version in lieu of paper which is posted in the member website for all members.Queries by members may be submitted to the Newsletter Editor. Please include your contact information and SCCGS member number (located in upper right corner of the mailing label).

Surnames of your St. Clair County ancestors are posted on the "Let's Collaborate" webpage to facilitate collaboration with non-members. Surnames may be mailed with your application or e-mailed to Membership.

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Member Area Website Access

Click this
log-in link or log-in at the link on the main SCCGS home page. Enter your account information.

If your account is 'inactive', and eight weeks have passed since you mailed in your application, please e-mail our volunteer Membership Chair to confirm your application was received.

Forgot your password? Scroll down and read below.

When your account is activated, an e-mail from SCCGS' website will arrive "from" WordPress similar to this:

From: WordPress
Subject: [St. Clair County Genealogical Society - SCCGS] Your Username and Password

The body of that message includes access and a long link to the Member Area. Click the link. At the next screen, either write down the site-generated password shown on screen and use it for future access, or enter your preferred password in its place. Write down and save your password. Failure to do so will require the process to be repeated.

Important: All e-mails sent from the member website are sent through an automated system and appear similar to this example.

Members whose e-mail account requires a permission must set it to allow WordPress (wordpress@members.stclair-ilgs.org) to pass through.

You may go back and forth between the main site and the Member Area without logging in and out.

Please LOG OUT when finished.

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Forgot Username or Password?

Go to the the log-in screen and click the Forgot Your Password link provided. WordPress will send access directions to the e-mail address you provided to SCCGS within minutes. Be sure to check your spam folder. Click the temporary access link in the email. Once in the member site you must change your password - instructions are on the member site home page. If you still have problems, please use the Contact link for Membership at the top of this page.

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Return Mail Policy

Members shall reimburse the Society for postage it paid for returned regular publications that are to be remailed plus the cost of remailing. The Newsletter issues are posted on the member website and will not be remailed. The Quarterly will be held for one month and then returned to the general circulation (effective April 2014). The Post Office does not forward Third Class Bulk Mail, the classification used for SCCGS regular publications. Rather, the Post Office returns these to SCCGS by First Class mail and charges us accordingly. E-mail your new mailing address via Membership, or via your Account in the member website .

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