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Some SCCGS Collections and Acquisitions at the
Belleville Public Library

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Some SCCGS acquisitions at the BPL provided by our membership and special project dollars since 1997:

  • Donates a portion of membership dollars annually to the Belleville Public Library for genealogical materials.

  • Funded microfilming of Mount Hope Cemetery burial records. More info.

  • Green Mount Cemetery [Non-sectarian] Sexton's Records

  • Booker T. Washington Cemetery records, now at the BPL.

  • Zion Lutheran (Belleville) Church Registers

  • Probate microfilm acquisitions 1770s – circa 1964 completed (2005 – July 2010 ). Direct donations amounted to 33.6 % of the total project costs. A portion of membership dues funded the balance during this five-year project. Total reels purchased by the Society: 776.
    • Probate Record, Reels 1 – 125 Wills [originals
    • Non-Probated Wills, Rolls 1 – 28 [ majority are 1930s – 60s];
    • Probate Records of the Circuit Clerk, Rolls 1 – 623 [ primarily intestate case files but includes other public records before the probate court.]

  • Catholic Parish Registers through 1930, Diocese of Belleville, 170 rolls

  • Abstracts of Immaculate Conception Church records, Kaskaskia, late 1600s to 1900.

  • 68 rolls of probate-related microfilm (will record, guardianships, administrators records....), with permission of the Circuit Clerk's office

  • E. St. Louis city directories, 1887, 1898, 1900-1928, microfilm.

  • Funded the microfilming and acquisition of closed Baptist church records, Metro East Baptist Association;

  • Photocopied the Shiloh Methodist church records; published abstracts in volumes 22 and 23, (1999 and 2000) of the Quarterly.

  • Photocopied German Methodist church records, Belleville. Translated from German and Now Available from SCCGS.

  • Photocopied abstracts of St. Peter Cathedral, Belleville, Baptisms 1842-1900

  • Purchased Kaskaskia Manuscripts: A Calendar of Civil Documents in Illinois, 14 rolls complete with index.

  • Lebanon Advertiser Newspaper, 21 microfilm rolls

  • O'Fallon Progress Newspaper, all rolls available

  • Mascoutah Herald, all rolls available

The Belleville Public Library (BPL) is the depository for all SCCGS publications and acquisitions. Inquire at the library for specific references not shown on our website.

Link to the BPL website. Address: 121 East Washington St., Belleville, IL 62220           Phone: (618) 234-0441.

Early Family File
This file is composed of pedigree charts compiled for 125 families living in St. Clair County before 1850. The extent of information in each file varies and should be verified by other means. Now a benefit on our member site.

SCCGS Research Inquiries File (RIF)
Prior to 1997, SCCGS was fortunate to have a volunteer researcher. Realizing the value of some of the material in the Research Committee files, the chairman of the committee digested material from inquiries to the society for the past 20 years. Files that only asked for general policy or society information, or had a passing interest in "x" but had no research performed by the committee were destroyed. However, the name of the researcher and the family line of interest were retained in the above RIF. The remaining files were saved and the information in them digested for the RIF.

Member Surname Index File
Cumulative index to all family names being researched by SCCGS members. Contact information is updated when provided.

CD-Roms Census, immigration, vital stats, miscellaneous. Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Abstracts from early Belleville newspapers (various) 1840-1940 (A WPA project). 100 card catalogue file drawers with abstracts of St. Clair County political and business news, accidents, catastrophies, epidemics, elections, fires, mining, railroad, social and society news, Belleville residents (well-known and less so), and pioneers from around the county (to name a few topics).

Complete obituary index, early Belleville newspapers 18391940

Belleville Advocate and News Democrat Obituary Indexes 1940-present

Abstracts from East St. Louis newspapers (various) 1865-1936 (A WPA project). Similar to the Belleville abstracts in subject content but residents mentioned tend to be more prominent.

East St. Louis Journal Obituary Index 1889-1979

Freeburg Tribune Obituary Index 1904-1922 (ongoing); 1990-present

The Catholic Diocese of Belleville Messenger Obituary Index

Recent library acquisitions which require special cataloguing are not in the online catalog, so inquire at the desk or by phone for these!

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